Ways to Ensure Your Press Release Gets Published

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A press release lets the word out about your business and brand.

When you want more people to read your story, there is no better way than to write a compelling headline. After all, it is the first thing people read. If the headline puts them off, they will not read any further.

On the other hand, if it is a killer headline, your story will get traction. The journalists and public may click back to your website.  

Whether your story goes through a free press release distribution service or a through a paid service, the headlines matter.

Here are a few tips that can enhance your press release headlines.

Use Active Voice

Using active voice in the headline means that the subject is given importance and performs the action.

On the other hand, in a headline written in passive voice, the subject receives the action rather than perform it.

Active voice sounds better and engages the audience, whereas passive voice makes the sentence less appealing.

For example:

“The product XYZ guarantees excellent performance” in active voice sounds more appealing than “You will achieve excellent performance by using XYZ” written in passive voice because in the first sentence, the subject performs the action.

The headline must answer a question

The headline must boil down to what the audience wants to know. The banner must immediately coax the reader to go through the entire release.

Use alliteration

Using alliteration in a press release is a sure fire guarantee that the story will be in the readers’ minds long after they have gone through the release.

What is alliteration?

Alliteration is a literary strategy when two or more words are linked that impart the first consonant sound.

Some examples are

  • French fry
  • Super Size
  • Tough talk

Alliteration is catchy and easy to recall. This is a good reason why it is used in business and advertising.

Admittedly it will be very effective in a press release headline as well.

Once you get a feel on how to create a headline, the next focus must be on the following:

Include multimedia

Visual content is compelling and drives greater engagement.

A release with images and videos will draw more click-through compared to text only releases.

Even if you feel visuals are not important, include some screenshots, images, logos, and videos. It will make your release stand out.

Include contact info

When you provide contact details, editors, journalists and readers who want to know more about your story can follow up for more information.

Let the journalists know that you are ready to help them. You can ask them to feel free about getting in touch with you if they have any questions about the release.

Finally, when it is time to distribute your press release:

You can do that on your own website, but for better results use a press release distribution service.

If your budget is small, you may search for a cheap press release circulation service.

A cheap service can help you gain publicity, but there could be a trade off to the level of service you get for your press release. Therefore, it is vital to figure out your budget and the level of support you need.

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