How To Write A Press Release For New Business

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It is quite a hard task to start a new business. Add to that the pressure of spreading the word about it to your consumers and media, and you have the perfect stress soup.

What is a press release, you say?

A Press Release (PR) is content that lets people know about a company or organization’s news or event. It is also called a media release or news release.

Real world use

There are many benefits to be enjoyed with this concept. With a press release out, you would be able to get the requisite coverage on media sites, enjoy the building up of reputation, improve your google ranking, and, best of all, get that much-needed traffic to your site.

Look, a PR is not a magic wand. The very first one is not going to magically place your company on top of all others, but it is indeed quite a powerful tool that will propel you into the stratosphere of the business world – if done right.

Template for PR

Now let’s say you want to send out a press release for new business. Starting a brand new company is exciting news in the very first. If you write it right and spread it right, you will see a jump in recognition factor real soon.

How you go about it is:

Before you start with its creation, you must ensure that your content is news-worthy. In the case of a new business, it is. Also, if possible, tie your news with a trending topic so that more people open the link to your PR and read it.

Now, write a superb headline. It should be short and succinct, and juicy enough to grab eyeballs.

You can follow that up with a strong lead line. If possible, get a report factoid there to add credibility.

Then it is time to write the body which gives the details of the news. You should add some worthy quotes next. If you have any exciting links or multi-media elements, you can place them below the quotes. Now, add the contact details.

Bring it all to an end with your company’s boilerplate.

Your PR is done!

Once you are done with creating this incredible PR, you should aim for global press release distribution. In the interconnected world of today, it’d be a shame to not get clients from all over the world.

For this, you should seek help from an established press release distribution organization, one like Max Newswire.

Not only will you be able to secure perfect media distribution from them which will ensure the reach of your PR to all relevant audiences, you can also get the best possible written content for your PR from them too if you feel you won’t be able to write a good one.

Getting your PR written by them will free you or employees from this onerous task and you can concentrate on core company matters. Leave it all to the experts and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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