Some Helpful Tips To Get Your Press Release In Front Of A Wider Audience

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As a newbie, you want to make a newsworthy announcement to arouse the interest of journalists and media outlets.

You desire that your business gets decent coverage and a great deal of earned media and visibility.

What is the best way out?

Naturally, you have no other option but to use an effective press release distribution service. 

Make sure the information you plan to distribute is newsworthy. You cannot compromise on this score.

So get a grip on what makes for a newsworthy story.


Current information or events that have just happened are newsworthy. It is news because it is fresh.


People are more impacted by news close to their homes – so local events and happenings arouse higher interest among the audience

Divergence and disagreements

When there are conflicts on ideas and policies, they attract attention by highlighting the problems we face.

Human interest

The audience is interested in people. If anyone in your business accomplishes something noteworthy like winning a tennis tournament or if anyone among your staff gets recognition for developing a new gadget, it can become an exceptional story.  


People are interested in information that can help solve their problems. If your new launch of a service or product has unique functionalities and is different from competition will clear advantages – it will make for compelling news.

The next step is to craft the press release.

Press releases are all about narrating a story.  If you have never written one, consider using a professional writing service. Any good writer can do it, but to give the narrative a professional touch hiring one can be a sound decision.

Once you are done with writing your press release, the next course of action is to send it.

To get coverage in relevant media, you must do some research as to which primary outlets serve your industry. One way is to submit your story to each outlet manually.

But to scale up your reach, you must make use of one of the online press release sites. These services have the wherewithal to effectively deliver your release to scores of outlets – something that you cannot do on your own.

When you pay to an online press release distribution service, you are spending money to access their contacts and channels.

Do not fall for cheap distribution, because top class service does not come cheap.

Look for a service, which by add-ons, will give you better value for money.

A paid service can deliver you the following benefits.

  •  Broad reach to hundreds of traditional and digital outlets
  •  Will deliver comprehensive analytics reports
  •  Has a database of subscribing journalists who look at the service as a key source of newsworthy information
  •  Online service is user-friendly, search-friendly and allows multimedia

If you are looking for a good service from online press release sites, select one that offers targeting options, analytics, video embedding, and multimedia attachments.

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