Why should You Associate with Online PR writing Services

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Press releases are vital to the overall public relations strategy of any business organization. Although a press release is basically a brief account or summary of a past or upcoming event that needs to be shared with intended audiences, it can also be used as a marketing tool. Reputed PR writing services can be hired … Continue reading

How to Make a Press Release Create Buzz For Your Business?

How to Make a Press Release

A press release won’t promise to take your company to the cover of Forbes, but yes, it can pretty well spread the word about your brand and business everywhere. And who knows? Your business might find an esteemed place in the Forbes one day! It all starts with publicity – for the right reasons and … Continue reading

Press Releases Still Matter – Only the Approach Has Changed

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A press release announcement is an important part of any company’s business strategy. It is an official story delivered to journalists or members of news media for the purpose of disseminating newsworthy information related to your company. This can be launch of a new product, an important event or change in leadership. A press release … Continue reading

How to Make a Press Release – A Guide on Getting Your PR Right

How to Make a Press Release

Everyone wants to remain abreast of the latest happenings in their areas of interest. With the increasing dominance of digital technology in every sphere of life, it is not surprising that people prefer to read news online. Businesses are aware of the fact that they are more likely to connect with their audience if they … Continue reading

Is Using Free Press Release Submission A Good Move?

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A press release is great for connecting with the media and making your brand presence felt among the journalists, influencers, and bloggers associated with your industry. Don’t view a press release as merely an information-sharing tool. It’s more powerful than that. However, you must know how to get your press release distribution right to maximize … Continue reading

Get Approved As A Google News Source And Ramp Up Your Brand Reputation

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What is the right PR strategy? It is more than just press release distribution with an objective to announce a newsworthy event like the launch of a new product, or to raise brand awareness. To run an extremely effective PR campaign, you must walk the extra mile. After all, you need to attract decisive media … Continue reading

2 Essential Things to Consider When Sending a Press Release

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It’s nice to have a well-written press release on your table or desktop, waiting to create the breaking news. However, a press release doesn’t just reach the media and become an overnight sensation. You must strategize the release of your content. If sent at the wrong time and to the wrong people, your press release … Continue reading

Macerits of Hiring A Global Press Release Distribution Agency For Your News Story

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Are you a newly launched startup looking at ways to create a buzz in the market despite your limited resources? It’s not easy, but it’s certainly doable. You can get widespread press coverage for your business through press releases. It is a simple, cost-effective, and proven way of reaching your message to a targeted audience. … Continue reading

Craft Your Press Release For Effective Branding & Superior Credibility

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A press release is a tool created to announce something newsworthy in the most effective manner. The basic objective is that your story must get wide coverage and get noticed by the target audience. If you are a newbie this may sound simple. But it is not. The whole business of crafting a press release … Continue reading