How a Well-Written Press Release Can Boost Your Brand Image and Reach

A press release is a great way to get coverage across multiple media channels. Even in 2021 when there are numerous tech-driven ways of hitting your marketing goals accurately, companies have still not given up on the humble press release and there are very solid reasons for doing so. A well-written press release can not … Continue reading

Why A Press Release Service Is The Best Way To Spread The News About Your Brand

Press Release Service

A press release, by definition, is an official news story released by an organization to announce an important development to those who are following your brand. However, over the years, the role of a press release has transformed dramatically. It is now a powerful marketing tool and an indispensable component of the marketing strategy of … Continue reading

What Is The Best Time To Send Out A Press Release?

Eager to share a new or newsworthy announcement with the world at large? Few tools remain as effective in this day and age as the press release. While building a good press release is certainly more complex than it was thirty years ago, owing to everything we can do with technology, the basic concept of … Continue reading

Which Is Better For Your Press Strategy: Media Pitch or Press Release

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What is the difference between a media pitch and a press release? Some people will tell you that there is no significant difference. The argument being that they both exist to serve the same basic purpose. To a certain extent, this opinion is not necessarily wrong. Both can be effective at promoting a brand. In … Continue reading

What 5 Basic Questions Should A Press Release Answer

It is not difficult to understand why press releases are more important than ever. The genius of the press release lies in its ability to be a flexible means of conveying information to the world at large. It is the most efficient and, arguably, the most effective tool in the world of digital marketing. In … Continue reading

Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From A Press Release

What do you have in your digital marketing toolkit? It seems likely that you have a website and social media. It also seems fair to assume you are aware of such concepts as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the benefits of blogging. All of those things are crucial for just about any business imaginable. However, … Continue reading