How to Create Powerful Business Press Releases

Create Powerful Business Press Releases

A press release is a precious piece of content. It can attract media like a flower that attracts honeybees. Journalists can extract a lot of juicy information from this piece of content and create a successful coverage. The only condition is that your content must be written in the right format and sent to the … Continue reading

How Small Businesses Can Earn Media Attention With The Right Press Release

Are press releases still relevant in 2019? Some would argue that they are not. However, we would argue in turn that press releases are more relevant than ever. Those who say otherwise are likely thinking in the past. The press release of thirty years ago has evolved to a significant degree. So while it is … Continue reading

How Will You Determine The Success Of A Press Release?

How to Do a Press Release

One of the most appealing benefits of a press release is its flexibility as a marketing tool. This is expressed in many ways. For example, a press release can be an effective means of communicating news and announcements for almost any business. The press release is also flexible in the sense that it is no … Continue reading