How To Do A Press Release – This Isn’t The Only Thing To Know

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In today’s cut-throat world, doing business is not just about manufacturing a product and selling it. And it’s not just about doing a simple marketing campaign to publicize your business. The business world is a lot more complicated. Competition has gone stiffer and more creative. Almost every day, you must create atleast one out-of-box idea … Continue reading

How to Make Your Press Release Sound and Look Important?

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Before we go any further talking about creating a press release or a service, let’s talk about what this much-talked-about piece of content is not. It is not a guaranteed tool of marketing. Many businesses mistake it to be. And they expect “the moon” from it. An old wise saying goes, “never put all your … Continue reading

Addressing Key Distribution Issues before Creating a Press Release

Creating a Press Release

Your enterprise can adopt a wide gamut of online marketing tools to establish your presence across different platforms. Among all online initiatives that help you reach your target audience, a press release is probably the most cost-efficient and effective tool. Since a news release is not a paid advertisement, readers are likelier to appreciate the … Continue reading

Press Releases Still Matter During These Covid-19 Pandemic Times

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Creating a press release that is appropriate in the time of Covid-19 can be a challenging task. In these uncertain times when people are in a state of utmost anxiety, you must draw a line between the need to communicate about your brand without turning up as a company trying to capitalize on this difficult … Continue reading

Top Tips On How To Choose The Best Press Release Distribution Service

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Press releases have become one of the core elements of any digital marketing strategy for companies across all business sectors. To leverage the power and reach of a press release, you must know two things – How to write a powerful and attention-grabbing PR and how to choose the best PR distribution agency. Creating a … Continue reading

Free Press Release Submission Sites: Why You Need Them

how to make a press release

Press release is an important piece of content. Unless you put it right, you won’t reap the benefits from it. So, it is essential to put together a press release, which has the right format, attracts journalists, and means business. Your content must give an impression to the journalist that your event is important. Your … Continue reading

How Your Press Release And YouTube Channel Can Work Together

Youtube - Video Marketing

YouTube marketing is still a relative newcomer to the larger digital marketing landscape. While the video-sharing website has been around for well over a decade, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that companies and marketers began to truly explore its potential from a marketing standpoint. The landscape today for advertisements and other forms … Continue reading

How Images Enhance Your Press Release On Every Level

Studies show that human beings process images much more quickly than they do with text. From a digital marketing standpoint, it is easy to see what this can mean for your press releases and other efforts. The press release, in particular, can benefit from a multimedia approach on a number of levels. We are already … Continue reading

What Should My Press Release Say If I Have Nothing To Tell?

The question put forth in the title above sounds like an easy enough one to answer. After all, conventional wisdom probably tells you that if you don’t have anything interesting to say, then there isn’t much of a point in putting out a press release. This goes with the understanding of a basic press release … Continue reading