Press Releases Still Matter – Only the Approach Has Changed

press release for new business

A press release announcement is an important part of any company’s business strategy. It is an official story delivered to journalists or members of news media for the purpose of disseminating newsworthy information related to your company. This can be launch of a new product, an important event or change in leadership. A press release … Continue reading

Press Release for New Business: Is The Inverted Pyramid Style Best?

press release for new business

Started a new business? You must be excited to publish a press release announcing your arrival in the world of business. Don’t forget to use the basic knowledge of writing a spellbinding press release amidst the excitement. The press release is important for new businesses. It can give your business the much-needed publicity, grab a … Continue reading

How to Create Powerful Business Press Releases

Create Powerful Business Press Releases

A press release is a precious piece of content. It can attract media like a flower that attracts honeybees. Journalists can extract a lot of juicy information from this piece of content and create a successful coverage. The only condition is that your content must be written in the right format and sent to the … Continue reading

What A Press Release Will Do For Your Small Business

The press release remains an equalizer in the world of marketing. Huge companies obviously have the resources necessary to produce and distribute press releases. However, the same can be said for small businesses just like yours. At the end of the day, with such considerations as social sharing and viral videos, the truth is that … Continue reading