Personalization, Performance, and Privacy – The 3P That Digital Marketers Must Focus On

A lot has been said and written about the stunning growth of the digital marketplace. The markets have been extensively researched but there has been scarce information about those who use digital services. There could be three types of users who could drive the market ahead in the future.

Those who will be seen at the top end of the market, using their high income and spare money to buy exclusive and premium brands.

Those who are already in the market for some time now and want to be part of the growing market along with the many newcomers.

Those who use digital space carefully and in limited amounts because of their lack of socioeconomic mobility.

Digital marketers must make an attempt to decode these categories and make the right moves based on their needs to make the most of the opportunities each one of them offer. Research on the subject makes it abundantly clear that marketers will have to deal with a truly broad profile of buyers categorized according to their buying patterns, socioeconomic conditions, and preferences. Marketers have to deal with many challenges and overcome them to achieve the best outcome.

Apart from the traditional aspects such as socioeconomic conditions and
demographics, marketers also have to study factors like the readiness of consumers to do online purchase and transactions, the devices they prefer, the state of affairs of the telecom set-up and others. Marketers have to take into account factors such as hyper-localization which means they will have to focus on providing local content. This can help them target the small and medium businesses and they, in turn, can target their local markets and consumers. The availability of multiple channels ensures the availability of digital media round the clock.

Marketers can connect with their consumers 24/7 which is precisely the kind of marketing environment that digital marketers thrive in. With consumer profiling already taken care of on various aspects, marketers can target their audience using a variety of marketing strategies. In today’s marketing world, to be able to achieve their goals, brands must focus more closely on performance marketing options available on digital platforms.

It is important to get a good ROI on digital ads especially in view of the fact that instances of ad frauds are high. Privacy is another area that marketers need to focus on while promoting on digital platforms. While the preference is performance marketing most of the times, it demands the collection of more detailed data with a greater level of accuracy. The stress on privacy is clearly highlighted by the fact that physical movements and purchases can be easily tracked using trackers such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

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