The Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Digital marketing trends are in a state of constant evolvement. Marketers must remain current with these changes to make the best use of these emerging trends and remain ahead of their competitors.

In 2018, we saw augmented reality, video content, voice search, press releases, and influencer marketing taking center stage in the marketing landscape. Know what’s in store for 2019.

Voice Search

Voice search is surging in popularity and will be the most preferred search option by next year say, experts. Voice-powered devices are being used to deliver messages, improve interaction and boost capabilities.

Improved Chats

Chatbots will dominate communications in 2019. They are already playing a key role in customer support. WhatsApp Business Messaging is also gaining in popularity and used for business messaging on a wide scale.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

Advertisements in this area are rising and used widely by many innovative marketers. It provides a great way of generating brand awareness. In 2019, AR and VT are clearly going to make a bigger splash.

Live Videos

Live videos have been trending right through 2018 and even earlier. The excitement of this medium remains unabated because of the convenience and affordability factors. It is also the best way of engaging instantly.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a great tool for anticipating future moves of customers based on current data. This is a remarkable tool that can be utilized to boost sales and profits across various industries. AI and machine learning are expected to become even bigger assets for marketers in 2019 and can penetrate more business sectors in the future.

Advanced Email Marketing

Email marketing will still be a force to reckon with in 2019 as marketers will look at this medium to engage with active subscribers and strive for a better outcome. Behavioral-based emails can be used to target potential leads and to spend less time on dormant contacts.

Push Notifications Using Web Browser

This is going to be one of the trends for 2019. The technology can be used for reaching leads in a more organized and powerful manner.

Content Personalization

Customers are always looking for relevant information. Marketers are satisfying the need for customized data through personalized content. It can prove to be a big booster for enhanced engagement.

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