Google Offers More Options for Websites to Preview Content on Google Search

Content previews are used by people to decide if the results offered by Google are relevant to their query. These include text snippets apart from other types of media. Factors considered include the content type and the device used. Looking for recipe results on Google to decide your menu? Thumbnail images will help you make … Continue reading

Personalization, Performance, and Privacy – The 3P That Digital Marketers Must Focus On

A lot has been said and written about the stunning growth of the digital marketplace. The markets have been extensively researched but there has been scarce information about those who use digital services. There could be three types of users who could drive the market ahead in the future. Those who will be seen at … Continue reading

Facebook Updates Its Community Values As Survey Are Doubtful of The Security of their Data

Facebook is facing a major trust issue with nearly 60 percent of users affirming that they do not expect the social media giant with their data in a poll conducted by NBC News and Wall Street Journal. The platform’s reliability and reputation have taken a huge beating after several privacy issues were exposed over the … Continue reading

Google to Treat Nofollow Link Attribute As a ‘Hint’ For Ranking

Google announced on Tuesday that the nofollow link attribute will not be taken as an attribute for ranking but will be treated more as a hint for the purpose. The company will also add two new link attributes for sponsored and user-generated links. The decision comes in the wake of Google’s decision to allow link … Continue reading

The Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Digital marketing trends are in a state of constant evolvement. Marketers must remain current with these changes to make the best use of these emerging trends and remain ahead of their competitors. In 2018, we saw augmented reality, video content, voice search, press releases, and influencer marketing taking center stage in the marketing landscape. Know … Continue reading