Google September 2019 Core Update Rolls Out And The Impact Is Beginning To Show Slowly

The Google September 2019 Core Update was rolled out on the 24th of September This is the third time that Google has published an update to its core algorithm this year and we are only in September. According to Google, the Core Update will apply to all markets and search indexes globally. The changes are … Continue reading

Google Offers More Options for Websites to Preview Content on Google Search

Content previews are used by people to decide if the results offered by Google are relevant to their query. These include text snippets apart from other types of media. Factors considered include the content type and the device used. Looking for recipe results on Google to decide your menu? Thumbnail images will help you make … Continue reading

Google to Treat Nofollow Link Attribute As a ‘Hint’ For Ranking

Google announced on Tuesday that the nofollow link attribute will not be taken as an attribute for ranking but will be treated more as a hint for the purpose. The company will also add two new link attributes for sponsored and user-generated links. The decision comes in the wake of Google’s decision to allow link … Continue reading

Study Reveals That More Than 50% Google Searches Do Not Lead To a Click on Other Content

Google clickstream data released by SparkToro founder Rand Fishkin reveals that 50.33% of Google searches ended without the visitors clicking on any organic or paid search results.  An earlier study was done in the first quarter of 2019 also revealed that 49% of the searches on Google were zero-click. In the first quarter of 2016, … Continue reading