Facebook Updates Its Community Values As Survey Are Doubtful of The Security of their Data

Facebook is facing a major trust issue with nearly 60 percent of users affirming that they do not expect the social media giant with their data in a poll conducted by NBC News and Wall Street Journal. The platform’s reliability and reputation have taken a huge beating after several privacy issues were exposed over the past two years. Just last week it emerged that
user passwords were stored by FB in plain text. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has assured that the issues will be addressed by early March but there are many reasons for skepticism among users. Data breach instances have been unusually high here.

A large percentage of those surveyed also felt that social media works toward dividing people. A very high percentage of respondents also felt that social media is a waste of time. More than half the respondents were of the opinion that social media have on spreading lies than on promoting truth.

Most users also disapproved of the regulation of SM initiated by the government. However, it is unlikely that these users will move away from the FB platform.

Meanwhile, Facebook has defined its latest update to its Community Standards – “the guidepost for what is and isn’t allowed on Facebook”. This has become imperative with the social media network taking the flak for all the instances of misinformation, fake and hate speech happening on the social network. “The goal of our Community Standards is to create a place for expression and give people a voice. Building community and bringing the world closer together depends on people’s ability to share diverse views, experiences, ideas, and information. We want people to be able to talk openly about the issues that matter to them, even if some
may disagree or find them objectionable…….”

Facebook says it wants to give a voice to everyone a voice but will be adding new elements that will act as guideposts for deciding on removal and restriction of The new community values provide Facebook the ability to decide on the types of activity and content it will act against. But many are skeptical about its ability to enforce the rules. FB handles a colossal volume of reports from its 2.4 billion users every day.

However, Facebook aims to provide additional oversight on exactly why it takes action and the questions its moderators will pose for restricting content.

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