Google Offers More Options for Websites to Preview Content on Google Search

Content previews are used by people to decide if the results offered by Google are relevant to their query. These include text snippets apart from other types of media. Factors considered include the content type and the device used.

Looking for recipe results on Google to decide your menu? Thumbnail images will help you make a better decision than text. This is just one instance of useful preview content.

The previews are automatically generated to help users know clearly why the results search relevant and why visiting the links may help achieve the search objectives. Google wants users to have an enhanced experience with search results, new settings are being offered for webmasters. Earlier, the options were limited. Either a text snippet was allowed or it wasn’t. The new methods can make preview content more tuned to user needs. This is achieved by using Meta tags and HTML.

Robots Meta Tags

The robots Meta tag is added to an HTML page’s <head>, or specified via the x-robots-tag HTTP header. The ones available for managing preview content for a page are:

  • “nosnippet”
  • “max-snippet:[number]”
  • “max-video-preview:[number]”
  • “max-image-preview:[setting]”

Meta Tags Preview settings will be effective somewhere in late October 2019. The global rollout may take another week.

According to Google, the new data-nosnippet HTML attribute can be used to control the showing of textual snippets. The availability of preview content might influence the availability of some Search features. By limiting previews, your content might not be seen in some areas.

The AMP format offers specific benefits. Thumbnail images can be presented more prominently in search results and Google Discover feed. They can help drive more traffic to articles of the publisher. Publishers can use Meta Robots settings to denote max-image preview if they are not comfortable with the use of larger thumbnail images.

Content owners from all over the world can access these new options and the results they get will be the same that Google displays globally. More detailed information can be accessed from the developer documentation on Meta tags.

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