Google September 2019 Core Update Rolls Out And The Impact Is Beginning To Show Slowly

The Google September 2019 Core Update was rolled out on the 24th of September This is the third time that Google has published an update to its core algorithm this year and we are only in September.

According to Google, the Core Update will apply to all markets and search indexes globally. The changes are aimed at improving content evaluation. The websites that were not receiving their deserving ranking will not be able to rank better.

For webmasters and SEO marketers who have been affected by any recent Google update, the company had this to say, “We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can.” It is obvious from the past experiences that Google doesn’t offer any clear-cut advice regarding what to do after a Core Update. What webmasters are saying is that Google
considers four key aspects while doing a website audit. They are content and quality, expertise, presentation, comparison with key competitors.

As far as the latest Google September 2019 Core Update is concerned, the SEO community has not reported any major impact till now. It is important to note that the rollout began only late Tuesday and it will take a few days for the process to be completed in all respects. Some websites have posted comments saying that they are experiencing the impact of Google September 2019 Core Update now.

A few websites reported ranking improvements across many keywords but little change in traffic. Some said that this core update is by far the slowest they have seen as the last one was completed in just two days. There were a few who reported a dip in traffic.

While some movement is happening now, it will take some time for the full impact of the Core Update to realize according to Webmasters and leading SEO specialists.

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