Apple iOS 13 Comes Loaded With Features and Updates For iPhone And Ipad

Apple just released iOS 13 which will make iPhones work faster and enhance the security features as well. Apple iOS 13 comes with the advanced QuickPath keyboard which is gesture-based. There are new tools for photo-editing, a dedicated dark mode and ways of keeping unknown callers away. It also has new Maps tools besides the customizable Memoji avatars. The iOS 13 is yet another attempt to take on Android 10 but the Google OS powers about 90% of the phones worldwide. Apple has more than a fight on its hands. It is crucial for Apple to get buyers engaged on its iOS 13 OS. Its iPhones sales are sluggish when compared to its competitors.

However, Apple’s latest iPhones do not match Android when it comes to key features like support for 5G speeds, They have matched Android in the camera features with the standalone night mode that gives some great camera shots. Apple allows you to stop unknown calls with a single button. The feature will only allow calls from your contacts and also from numbers in your mail and messages. All other calls are diverted to voicemail.

With iOS 13, users can now view and connect to available networks or devices without having to open settings. The keyboard now allows you to type a word by simply tracing it. The dark mode feature replaces the usual light screen with a dark screen in iOS 13. The Photos app has also changed significantly with organizing pictures now easier than before. You can also use the tools on videos which is pretty impressive. The iOS 13 has been opened up to allow custom fonts inside apps which add to the flexibility of the device.

The Find My Friends and Find My iPhone features have been combined into a single Find My app. Users can now find lost devices for other people too. Apple has also introduced a new privacy feature called Sign In with Apple. You can log into various accounts and apps without revealing your email address. This is an effective way of protecting users from apps looking to track them. Apple iOS13 will also block location tracking apps.

Apple offers a sticker pack of Memoji which puts a thumbnail of user’s face into the message apps. A high level of customization is now possible. The new iOS 13 allows the iPhone to stream audio to twin pairs of AirPods with
AudioSharing tool. The famous Siri gets an audio update in iOS 13 with sounds becoming smoother and natural. The gaps will be lesser and the sound modulations more human-like. Other key features of Apple iOS 13 include personalization shortcuts, handing off call or music from the iPhone to HomePod, new fonts for mails, a new gallery view with support for shared folders, reminders with the ability to tag someone and lots more.

These new tools will make the Apple iPad more productive too.
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