Apple iOS 13 Comes Loaded With Features and Updates For iPhone And Ipad

Apple just released iOS 13 which will make iPhones work faster and enhance the security features as well. Apple iOS 13 comes with the advanced QuickPath keyboard which is gesture-based. There are new tools for photo-editing, a dedicated dark mode and ways of keeping unknown callers away. It also has new Maps tools besides the … Continue reading

Team India Led By Captain Kohli’s Brilliant Unbeaten Knock Wins Comfortably By 7 Wickets

Team India captain made it look easy as he got going yet again at Mohali this time. His unbeaten 72 off 52 balls helped India surge ahead of South Africa comfortably with an over and seven wickets to spare. India was pursuing a not-so-easy to chase the target of 150 in the second T20. The … Continue reading

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Re-Election Gamble Might Not Succeed as Exit Polls Show a Tight Finish

Counting has started to know the winner of Israel’s extraordinary general election but there are exit poll projections already available. It shows a tight race between Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and former military chief, Benny Gantz. The right-wing Likud party is going neck and neck with the centrist Blue and White Party according to the … Continue reading

Personalization, Performance, and Privacy – The 3P That Digital Marketers Must Focus On

A lot has been said and written about the stunning growth of the digital marketplace. The markets have been extensively researched but there has been scarce information about those who use digital services. There could be three types of users who could drive the market ahead in the future. Those who will be seen at … Continue reading

Drone Attack on Saudi Arabia Facilities Trigger Surge in Oil Prices

A shocking twin attack on the Saudi Arabian oil facilities that destroyed more than five percent of the global oil supply has sent the oil prices surging by a hefty 20 percent across the globe. The drone attacks took place on Abqaiq, the site of Aramco’s largest oil processing plant. Following the attack, Brent crude, … Continue reading

Facebook Updates Its Community Values As Survey Are Doubtful of The Security of their Data

Facebook is facing a major trust issue with nearly 60 percent of users affirming that they do not expect the social media giant with their data in a poll conducted by NBC News and Wall Street Journal. The platform’s reliability and reputation have taken a huge beating after several privacy issues were exposed over the … Continue reading

Google to Treat Nofollow Link Attribute As a ‘Hint’ For Ranking

Google announced on Tuesday that the nofollow link attribute will not be taken as an attribute for ranking but will be treated more as a hint for the purpose. The company will also add two new link attributes for sponsored and user-generated links. The decision comes in the wake of Google’s decision to allow link … Continue reading

New Launches and Updates Announced By Apple at Its iPhone 11 Event

Even as iPhone sales are looking southwards, Apple has chosen to bet on its iconic brand. At a well-attended press event held on Tuesday to largely stick to its smartphone playbook with new models announced at a closely watched press event on Tuesday at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple showcased the iPhone 11 Pro … Continue reading

The Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Digital marketing trends are in a state of constant evolvement. Marketers must remain current with these changes to make the best use of these emerging trends and remain ahead of their competitors. In 2018, we saw augmented reality, video content, voice search, press releases, and influencer marketing taking center stage in the marketing landscape. Know … Continue reading

Rafael Nadal Claims His 19th Grand Slam Title With the U. S Open Win While Serena Misses Her Record Again

Rafael Nadal defeated Danill Medvedev to win his fourth U.S Open Singles final on Sunday after a grueling battle that swung both ways until the decisive final set. Nadal won 7-5, 6-3, 5-7, 4-6, 6-4, with his less experienced rival digging in heroically for four hours and 50 minutes. This was Nadal’s 19th Grand Slam … Continue reading