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Why Choose Max Newswire?


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Get Seen

Widest Coverage

Our reputation and credibility will help you take your news to almost every media resource relevant to your business and industry. We take adequate care to ensure that your Press Releases are included in a wide cross-section of media websites, like leading national news websites, eminent regional news sites, popular local news websites, websites of leading radio stations and TV channels, trade and industry specific news sites, international news websites, online news blogs, and others.


We Guarantee Presence of Your News On Top 500 Sites

Get guaranteed inclusion of your press releases on the topmost news websites across the globe. We target all the relevant local, regional, and national websites and communication mediums like radio and TV. We are available at almost every fastest mode of communication, as we believe in providing the best help to our clients. We make our every clients satisfied by facilitating the best solutions for their business. That is why we choose best of the best communication mode to connect all over the world within least time. Contact us now for any assistance or partnership. We will be happy to serve our actions.


Want To Be More Social?

We Help Achieve Vibrant Social Media Presence

Social media websites are the places people throng nowadays. That is why you cannot ignore them. Max Newswire is laser-focused on the most popular social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Tumblr, and more. Compacting, we cater press releases distribution to full range of social communication platforms to make connections around the world to influence your business or brand. This makes our work promising as we focus on working to get better ways for our clients to be on social media platforms. We follow and grow with every social media trends so that the clients business flashes at the top!


We Turn The Spotlight On Your Blogs

Top bloggers are looked upon by readers as people of authority in their respective domains. The best bloggers can sway public decisions. We target these blog sites too, especially those dealing with topics that matter to your business. With us, you can reach your releases to top news bloggers. We have a presence on more than 100 online news blog sites.


Want More Attention?

We Send Out Your Message Loud And Clear

We take your news beyond the conventional channels and mediums. We truly take your news beyond the commonly targeted domains to the radio, print, and television mediums. Imagine the kind of exposure and reach your content can possibly get. And it won't cost you more than your usual budget. We make your message heard effectively and affordably as well.


We Give A Major Boost To Your SEO Strategy

Of what use is your breaking news to your organization if it is not available on the topmost search engines? With Max Newswire, you can have a guaranteed presence on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other top search engines. All the press releases on our site are optimized so that they are indexed and ranked for the relevant keywords by search engines. You can also add limited links of your Press Release that point back to your website. They can do wonders to your SEO strategy and outcome.


We Create Wider Brand Visibility

It is common for people to search for information about products and brands online before they make any buying decision. When they see the Press Releases distributed by us on leading mediums, it adds to the value and visibility of your brand. It can also boost your online reputation and establish you as an authority on your subject. We strategize press releases ranking so well that you could see the distribution on leading mediums. So search us and we will be there for you without any efforts. We have created our brand visibility at the top out of millions on this particular industry domain.


Want More Sales?

We Assure Greater Revenue Generation

Give a major push up to your revenue generating process with Max Newswire. When you distribute your PRs with us, you are assured of more indexed pages and significantly higher visibility online. The synergy of enhanced brand reputation and effects of SEO can drive more visitors, bring about more conversions, boost sales and generate profits in a smooth, continuous movement.


We Make A Visible Difference To Your ROI

Partner with Max Newswire to get more value for every dollar spend on your advertising process. We present an economical and powerful marketing tool that can create valuable exposure and ensure more sales. You will see a perceptible and positive difference in your ROI and without any doubts; the clients business will be a successful venture. A positive ROI will be at the clients end. We cater work after going through several steps of observation, which shows we are dedicated workers in our domain. Contact us, become our partner, and get your results with positive aspects.


We Ensure Easy Affordability

Discover a press release distribution service that incorporates all the features associated with a premium PR agency but will not cost you a bomb. Our low priced initial offers are aimed at helping you make an impactful start. We are a full-fledged press release distribution service offering a wide swathe of services at a fraction of what you would generally pay for services of such value and caliber.


Want More Insights?

We Provide Best Reporting Resources

We provide live links/URLs, Google Analytics, and Social media views including Blogosphere in fact, everything that you would associate with an agency that believes in transparent reporting. Our work includes immense details when it comes to presenting resources. Our team works to the core of the subject matter presented and come up with the best of solution for all PR perspectives. We promise to give transparent and real facts with results to the clients needs. Our work is not meant to be baseless or fact less, instead we present worthy results like no one else.


We Make Tracking Easy And Effective

Not sure if we have covered everything that we promised? You can track how your story has performed. Our detailed visibility reports for your Press Releases come with all the published links and detailed traffic stats. There is absolutely no room for ambiguity. However, yes we always put forward latest of the latest detailed reports of respective PR reports that are published to the links along with traffic stats. Trust us anytime and for anything regarding PR publishing and we are here to tell us the real story! We will not let our clients down in any sense.


Want The Best UX?

We Provide Powerful Time-Saving Tools

Think it is difficult to manage press release distribution and tracking? We understand your concern and that's why we bring the best available tracking tools that give you a detailed insight into performance parameters. It saves you time and hassles and gives an accurate picture effortlessly.


We Accelerate The Go-Live Process

Do you want to run a last minute marketing campaign or make urgent product announcements? Here, we can help! The client need not to worry as our low turnabout time makes it possible for your press release to go live in the quickest possible time. That is possible with our eminent Go-Live process where the team works efficiently to make one particular campaign go successfully in less time or according to the situation. It happens! We work to the best of our efforts. PRs would not go wasted


We Guarantee World-Class Customer Support

When you choose Max Newswire, you don't have to worry about customer support. Without a doubt, we are leagues ahead of others in this aspect, thanks to our unique ticket-based online customer support system. We have a record for time-bound resolution of your queries.