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Create Impactful News


Reach To Your Most Relevant Audience


Measure The Impact


Create Impactful News

Want to share the latest telling development in your organization with your targeted audience? Come to Max Newswire. We have the technology, the experience, and the ability to take your news to a wider audience at super speeds.

First Timers Get A Helping Hand

Are you handling a press release for the first time? Do not worry; we can offer help. We have one of the best content professionals specializing in PRs to help you draft your content in a manner that is simple yet riveting. Our professionals work efficiently with words that make every reader possible to read and understand easily. The contents are catchy, informational, well researched, formatted, and easily articulated. Reading is fun, but with PR content the readers will get apt and to the informational news.


Widest Visibility Guaranteed

Creating compelling press releases is not enough. You must also back up the effort with a strong and powerful search engine optimization strategy to be able to achieve your PR objectives. At Max Newswire, we know how to use SEO in the right manner to get your PR high ranking on all leading search engines. We also make sure that there is absolute compliance with all the latest SEO and algorithm guidelines while formulating our SEO plans. In short, we will take care of everything to get your news the greatest possible visibility.


Make Your Presence Felt

Our PR and SEO experts can create URLs that can take the readers directly to the content you want them to read. The best part is that these URLs are trackable. We make it easy for readers to find news specific to your industry. To make it a successful venture, we choose the most efficient medium to present the best of services so that the readers get an instant glimpse of the same. Our integrated team works the best for making the clients presence making sure it will be a successful venture.


Manage Multimedia Expertly

We can improve the impact of your press release content exponentially by using videos, images, graphics, and podcasts. Take the level of interaction with your audience to a different level by including multimedia in your communications. We work to create useful results when it comes to communication because we understand the power of proper communication. It is essential in todays time. Therefore, we cater the best of communication for the spread of press release and influencing the business or brand simultaneously.


Reach To Your Most Relevant Audience

When you choose Max Newswire for your press release distribution, you are assured of guaranteed inclusion of your content on the most relevant websites. Our clients prefer us because we guarantee exposure of your news to all the top local, regional, national, and international news websites. Your news will also be on the world’s top radio stations and TV channels websites. We also ensure publication on industry-relevant trade and news channels, online news blogs, and others.

Reach The Best Media Professionals

Your news will grab greater attention as our PR distribution service is one of the most reputed names in the industry and ranks high on the tracking list of leading journalists and bloggers. Rest assured that your news will attract the attention of top journalists specializing in your subject and industry.


Leverage The Power of All Potential News Resource

Max Newswire is the guaranteed gateway to be on the most relevant and popular online news channels in the quickest possible time. We can help your news reach the best regional, national, and international news websites as well as the best radio stations and TV channels that are focused on your business sector.


We Follow Regulations Stringently

Our tech-savvy professionals are the first ones to get information about any algorithm changes. Consequently, we are the among the first PR distribution agencies to incorporate these changes in our distribution processes. You are at zero risk of getting de-indexed or being reported for spamming when you choose Max Newswire for your PR distribution.


Your News Will Be All Over The Right Place

We help you share the relevant information with your eager audience on top social media channels by virtue of our strong and vibrant presence on these mediums. We make sure your news will be trending on top industry-specific Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and other powerful social media websites.


Widest Coverage Better Results

Max Newswire is the best resource for ensuring the widest publicity for your news. Our PR specialists work hard to boost your brand visibility and online reputation by making sure that your news is on the best websites, blogs, and social media websites relevant to your industry.


Measure The Impact

We do not just publish PRs; we provide you with the mechanisms to track them and measure their impact. Our transparent processes, user-friendly flowcharts, and simple reporting structure make tracking your releases easy and hassle-free. Because we understand the importance, that everything should have a tracking to know the impact of the PRs on readers. Our team work profusely in this situation and come up with results that would cater our clients in the best ways. Making an impact is the real goal and getting it out is one of the most important aims of working.


State-of-the-Art Console

Our sophisticated and one-of-its-kind press release management console is designed for easy release and management of press releases. We work to make every PR easy in reading and understanding, captive. Our design team works with every detail when managing the PRs. From layouts, pattern, formatting, etc. is done keeping the readers perspective in mind so that it should relate to the matter. Designing of a Press Release is essential as it shows what type of PR is it. So our designers make sure it represents the message in a way the client wants.

Get All The Facts And Figures At Your Fingertips

Max Newswire believes in transparency, and our detailed visibility report is a part of our transparency policy. You will be provided names of all the news sites where your press release has been distributed. For added assurance, we also offer all the published links and traffic stats that would leave no room for doubt about our processes. Our advanced working rooms are dedicated just for you to make the best reach of press releases.


Detailed Publication Information

Our comprehensive report with names of all the news websites where your news has been published can be used for tracking media outlets and for following up post-release strategies with leading journalists and bloggers. This gets easier to see PRs getting clicks to read. We have a core team that works for this section efficiently so that the PRs which are strategized gets the best of reading from the readers through the web. Publication of PR under our actions serves the clients detailed information according to the need and requirements. Every clients needs are different, so our team understands it efficiently and works accordingly.