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Features and Benefits


More Targeting Options For Enhanced Reach

Reach your news to more countries across diverse geographical destinations with our wider range of targeting options.


Faster Indexing With Search Engine Submissions

We ensure faster indexing with our manual search engine submission service to top social media websites.


Spam-Free Distribution Guaranteed

You can enjoy spam-free distribution experience with our high quality distribution services.


Powerful Multi Modal Solutions

We offer innovative multi-modal delivery solutions to improve reach of your news.


A Dedicated News Room Just For You

Benefit from our advanced news room dedicated just for you and at zero cost.


Reach Larger Number Of Media Contacts

We provide our clients a comprehensive list of media contacts to facilitate wider reach.


Get Guaranteed Proof Of Distribution

We provide details of resources where your press release has been distributed


RSS Feed Submission

Our premium RSS Feed Submission Service helps you best to get super ranking in top search engines.


MEvery Press Release Accompanied By Custom Media List

Get a unique, bespoke media list for every press release from our media contacts database.


Reaches Your News To Key National News-Specific Sites

We make sure your news reaches all the top national news sites relevant to your business.


We Cover Radio and TV News Channels Websites Too

We go beyond the conventional destinations to distribute your news to relevant radio and TV news sites.


Our Outreach Extends to Trade and Industry News Sites

Your news will be distributed to news sites relevant to your trade and industry for greater impact.


We Also Cover Regional/Local News Sites

Our distribution service ensures that your news reaches regional and local audience too through local news sites.


We Distribute To International News Sites

Overseas audience will learn about your news as we cover all major international news sites as well.


We Take Your News To Blogs Too

We cover every resource where your news can create value. Our distribution covers relevant blog sites too.


Get A Solid Presence On Social Media

You can share your news with your audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with our Social Media sharing feature.


Our Editors Review Your News

Our editors and information professionals will review you news to ensure that its presented in the right way for best impact.


We Bring SEO Value To Your News

We can boost your ranking and bring SEO value to your news. Get improved search engine ranking effortlessly.