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Press Release Writing Services

At Max Newswire, we believe press release writing is just as important as targeted media distribution. It is crucially important for your materials to reach the right sources. Our network of 250+ websites and 100+ social media pages ensures that will happen. At the same time, how that message is crafted is just as necessary to keep in mind. After all, what is the point of reaching the right people and media sources, if you don't know what you want to say?

We can provide you with a foundation for success that begins with expertly-crafted press releases. There are a number of things you can keep in mind to that end.

Writing Your First Press Release?

The seeming simplicity of the press release is almost deceptive. There is an art to writing actionable, compelling press releases. We can help you create press releases that will hit all the necessary marks for successful marketing. Our experience will help you craft lean, informative press releases. We will help you trim away the fat, leaving nothing but a message your core audience will respond to:

  • Convey a powerful message: Language matters. The words we choose are key. Our press releases will convey your singular message with the best possible choice of words.
  • Understand the power of the press release: If you have underestimated the importance of PRs in the past, we can change your perspective in the present. Generate buzz for new products. Keep your target audience aware of what you currently have to offer. PRs create awareness and can complement virtually any marketing campaign.
  • Building relationships: We don't need to be the only ones with relationships with hundreds of media hubs, websites, and social media pages. Our services are designed to help you establish and nurture these relationships on your own.

Press Release Services Built Around Your Business

We can fine-tune any existing PRs you have. We can also craft a fresh press release from the ground up. No matter what you need in the way of press release writing services, we can help:

  • Meeting three major goals simultaneously: You want to attract new customers, engage current customers, and tantalize potential prospects. A press release is one of your most effective tools for achieving exactly that. The ROI of the best press releases cannot be accurately measured. You're doing so much more than just putting some keywords into a template.
  • Built for all forms of media: Press releases can be found in all forms of media. This includes print media, journalism, television, and social media. Your PRs will find relevant sources and hubs in all of those areas, as well as in others.
  • An eye for structure: How the press release is constructed is crucial. You need an engaging headline, properly-placed links within the text, contact information, and more. Any worthwhile press release will also end with a call-to-action that's too good to ignore.

Press release writing service is just one element of what we do at Max Newswire. Everything comes down to fostering your trustworthiness and authority. Regardless of your specific business, nothing communicates more effectively than a press release.

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