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Editorial Guidelines

Max Newswire stringently follows the specified editorial guidelines of press release (PR) distribution. Our editorial team reviews all the PRs submitted on our website meticulously before they are distributed to ensure that a standard structure, format, and style is adhered to scrupulously. Our team also makes sure that only newsworthy information is provided through the content and no attempt is made to promote, market, or advertise the product, directly or indirectly.

Our policies strictly dictate that only those PRs that meet our exacting editorial rules and standards are published. PR content, in our view, must contain a brief and accurate description of news telling the world about an announcement related to your organization, business, or industry. It can also be about an upcoming event such as a product launch, a seminar/conference, a key appointment, or updates.


A PR is released to announce the details of an important event that has already happened in the recent past or is scheduled to happen soon. It is absolutely essential that your PR must be newsworthy, which means it must be about a recent event that is of interest to your readers and or followers. The title and the summary must reflect the essence of the subject.

Avoid Direct Address

The PR must be written in a strictly professional language. Superlatives, jargon, hype, or exclamatory words must be avoided. The use of direct address does not fit in the format of a good PR, and it must be restricted only to quotations from the company or official representative.

The Language

As a PR is an official announcement made by the company about a past or an upcoming event, it must be presented in a professional manner and format. Also, the audience must never be addressed directly. Avoid using words that do not fit into a professional conversation or discussion, such as jargons, superlatives, or exclamations. The only direct address allowed in a PR is in the form of a quotation from a company official or spokesperson authorized to do so.

The Length

The standard or suggested length of a PR is 450 to 800 words. It is highly unlikely that a PR of a shorter length will find favor among leading publications and news websites. At Max Newswire, we make sure that the PR we publish is error free in terms of spelling and grammar. If the PR necessitates the inclusion of acronyms common to your industry or business sector, make sure that such acronyms or terms are defined clearly to clear any confusion that your readers might have about the same.

Use of Key Words

We allow the display of tagged key words in PRs. Key words may include the name of your organization or brand, the core theme of the PR, or any other relevant information. The key words you use are picked up by top search engines and RSS feeds of various journalists and can help your PR get greater visibility.

>Embedded Links

Max Newswire allows embedding of specific links in a PR such as a website or video file or link to an email address. These are embedded in the main body of the PR content in the form of HTML links. It must be noted that the email link will not get protection from an anti-spam blocker.

Legal Aspects

The onus of providing correct, updated, and precise information in the PR is on the client or the customer. You will be solely responsible for all the claims made in the PR. References to legal and criminal matters must compulsorily be supported by relevant documents and must be attested as per stated procedures by the competent authorities.

Contact Details

The PRs submitted to us for distribution must include your physical address, verifiable email address, and valid contact number. The details must be posted in the contacts tab of the PR.


The headline should sum up the purpose of the press release and must be short and to the point. Words in the headline should not be capitalized apart from the first letter and any names, brands, or other proper nouns.

A short summary of 250 characters at maximum must follow the headline and must not have any links. It must include your company’s name and key words to be found on search engines. The first paragraph may be the only part of your release that some people read, so it needs to state your identity and highlight the announcement.

Must Meet Overall Policies

PRs should not promote a business model or practice that is deemed as unacceptable or is not in accordance with Max Newswire’s overall marketing and business policies. The decision about whether a PR meets the accepted industry standards will be taken at the sole discretion of our experts.

Rules Regarding Spam

We make sure that the PRs we process and publish are 100 percent spam free. The format of the PR disqualifies the use of promotional words and phrases such as “Call Us,” “Click Here,” and similar phrases. Use of capitals, exclamation marks, italics, bold words, and so on aimed at promoting your brand are strictly prohibited in a PR.

Content Specifications

PRs, being official announcements about newsworthy events, must steer clear of content that is even mildly suggestive of malicious intent. The tone and tenor of the content must not create or promote any kind of negativity such as hatred, bigotry, racism, or violence. It must also not be targeted to motivate any form of religious leanings. The PR must not depict or even hint at any type of religious affiliations or show any bias on the basis of gender, language, sexual orientation, or others.

If we are unable to post your PR for some reasons beyond our control, then we will refund the amount for that PR.

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