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How It Works

News Delivered Speedily

We help you create impactful news with our experience, our expertise, and the latest technology. Reach your PR to the audience you are aiming for at a dazzling speed. We can make it happen.

First Timer? No Problem!

Your first news release? Don't let the stress of inexperience get to you. Our PR professionals have done this a zillion times. They know how to create and distribute your PR in a manner that can get your brand riveting attention. Our brilliant wordsmiths are capable of delivering your message to your audience in a manner that they can easily grasp. We ensure that the core of your message is impeccably conveyed.

Get Your Anticipated Visibility and More:

Crafting a great press release is not the toughest part. Its objective will be accomplished if the desired visibility is achieved. We can help your PR get extended visibility with our powerful and creative SEO strategies without deviating from the stated rules and guidelines. You will be pleasantly surprised at the reach and prominence we achieve for your brand.

Create A Distinctive Identity

We do not just do the routine distribution and writing stuff. We create trackable URLs that can take your audience straight to topic-specific content. The best part is that these URLs are trackable. Our PR experts pick up the most efficient and effective mediums to boost your online presence and to create a unique identity.

Work the Multimedia Magic

We make the best use of captivating resources such as videos, images, graphics, and podcasts to exponentially enhance the exposure of your news. By including multimedia in your PR communications you can achieve a better level of audience engagement. We try all possible ways of creating the broadest platform for your news.

Your News On Sites, Channels That Matter

We choose the news websites and news channels that are most relevant to your business and industry and can create the best impact for your news. Find your news on the top local, regional, national, and international news websites, the world's most popular radio stations and TV channels websites, the leading trade, and news channels, and online news blogs where your business will be talked about.

Grab the Eyeballs of Top Media Professionals

As one of the top-rated PR distribution services, we figure prominently on the tracking list of leading journalists and bloggers. We will ensure that your news gets the attention of journalists keen to know more about your business and industry.

Need Facts and Figures? Get It In A Click

We believe it is your right to get detailed information about all the news sites where your press release has been distributed. We present this in the form of published links for added assurance. And yes, you can access traffic stats too. All the facts and figures are at your fingertips, literally. Just click!

Yes, You Can Measure Your Returns

We are a responsible PR distribution agency because we know you are keen to measure the impact of your news release. That's why we provide you with advanced mechanisms and transparent processes to track your PR. Know precisely what your news released has achieved for your business and brand using our simple, user-friendly processes.



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