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Web Distribution

Our web distribution service ensures that your press releases and similar materials reach all relevant points around the world. Your news needs to reach sources connected to your business and industry. To that end, we offer a network of more than 350 websites. These are websites and social media hubs with deep ties to the larger audience you are ultimately trying to reach.

With our web distribution service, we guarantee you will reach that larger audience.

Let's break down everything we will do for your business.

Connect Your Information To A Global News Network

We don't want you to simply meet your marketing/communicating goals. Instead, we want to show you how to exceed those goals in dramatic fashion:

  • Multifaceted services for a complex marketing landscape: We will help you build awareness, while simultaneously generating positive, organic media coverage. Meeting these goals also means guiding conversions at a consistent rate. Our network of 350 websites will acquire the new, enthusiastic audience your business needs.
  • Objectives built around your business: We are not applying a one-size-fits-all approach. We work closely with businesses to build their objectives. These short-term and long-term goals are built around the particulars of their business and industry.
  • The power of multimedia: Visual content drives action. Such content powers conversions. We can show you exactly how to benefit from multimedia in your materials.
  • Powerful membership benefits: Our tools and insights will be at your disposal. Tell us how you want to see them used.
  • Track your results: Actionable insights into all marketing/communicating endeavors are essential. Our reports give you both audience engagement and overall performance data.

How To Get Attention From Media Sources And Influencers

Good media coverage amplifies a story. It adds vital credibility from a third party to your message. We promise better pickup of your stories than other providers. Furthermore, our reputation as a trusted source for press releases is matchless:

  • Comprehensive sources: Your press releases need to go out on a number of levels. We have relationships with the top local, national, and international websites for news.
  • Working with influential journalists: Max Newswire meets clients' goals because we work with the best in the media and elsewhere. Our network has writers, bloggers, and others who have specifically requested news from industries such as yours.
  • A powerhouse distribution network: Your news will run through one of the most powerful PR distribution networks in the world.

Ready To Reach New Audiences With Your Content?

Successful multichannel promotion involves hitting several important objectives. You want to enhance your online visibility. At the same time, you must increase your traffic, your search ranking, and your authority. Our network of media hubs, influencers, and other sources will accomplish all of these things:

  • Boosting visibility in every way: Our syndication network includes all leading online and news sources. Posting through our news network drives discoverability of your brand. Our network allows your PRs and other content to reach mobile audiences, as well.
  • The vastness of social media: Tens of thousands of users across Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites are ready to find and engage your content. We guarantee a straightforward connection to such accounts.
  • Targeted campaigns: We break down our resources into very specific cultures and/or demographics. We want your content to reach the most ideal possible audience.
  • Going international: Your materials will be distributed to sources all across this world. This expands your potential audience reach on a profound, game-changing level.

Let's Go To The Next Level Together

Boosting online visibility is within your grasp. Standing out from the crowd is not as difficult as it might seem. Our range of web distribution services can be effortlessly tailored to meet whatever objectives your business may have.

If you're ready to get to the next level, we're ready to extend our network to you.



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