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To submit a press release for distribution, you must first have an account with us. Simply click on the sign up tab and complete the online form. You will be registered as a member immediately. We will send you an activation email to your registered email address. The account can be activated by clicking on the activation link. It is that simple.

There are many reasons why signing up for our services will be more than worthwhile for you. The key reason is that you are guaranteed coverage for your PR on the top 250+ targeted news sites. You can be sure that more people will read your press release when it is distributed through us. We assure the widest coverage for your content on all media channels across the board to maximize your ROI.

We also assure optimum coverage on all the top social media channels where there is a constant and significant presence of your potential audience. In fact, with us you simply cannot miss your targeted audience because of our guaranteed broadest reach. We also guarantee best exposure for your news on all the leading search engines and premier news outlets.

If you are not too sure of how to write a press release in the right format and type, just leave the job to our experts. They will spare you the trouble of having to create a PR from scratch. What's more, our press release writing services are available at an affordable price. So don't delay spreading that breaking news just because you have problems writing a PR. Call us now and we can set the ball rolling right away.

Sure, we can. We provide our clients a comprehensive publishing report with all the live links of sites where their PR has been published. The sample report is posted on our website. We make sure your news is prominently figured on the best and specifically targeted media resources. Maximum visibility is what we assure all our clients and that too at an affordable price.

We make the publishing process extremely fast as your press release is processed immediately on submission and edited within the hour. The whole process from submission to publication is generally completed within one business day. In the event of any correction needed, we will contact you for necessary action.

We always send a confirmation email when the press release is published on Max Newswire. Rejections happen when the press release you send to us does not meet the editorial standards or content format. You will get an email notification about every status change. We will also inform you of the revisions needed. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in getting your PR right.

For your information, every press release distributed by us comes with a statistics page. The report tab opens up to all the detailed stats you need such as the live links where the PR has been published. You can view a sample of stat report on our website.

Our Knowledge Center Section is the best place to know how to write press releases like a pro. It is important that you provide us with the press release content in the relevant format to get approved for publication. Please note that this is a paid service.

The free trial offer we provided in the past is not available now. You can buy our basic PR distribution package to test our services.

Our detailed report will also have information on live links of all the online resources where your press release has been published.

We serve your publicity needs better than other PR agencies. Your news and events get a greater exposure across various mediums when you choose us as we are better connected with all the key global resources that matter.

Pricing is another area where we fare significantly better than others as we charge less than half than press release agencies for a single press release. Our multiple subscription packages are also very economical that what others charge for a similar package.

We guarantee broader exposure across various mediums and platforms as we have the best PR professionals working for us. They know how to take your news to relevant mediums to maximize spread. We target all key social media channels and blogs relevant to your business and industry. You can find tens of thousands of Google indexed pages of your press release.

We also provide live links report that allows you to check and confirm the places where your news has been published along with Google title search. Others do not even offer a fraction of the features and quality of services that we offer.

Of course we guarantee publication. You will get live links as proof of publication of your news on all major newspapers, radio, and TV news websites, hundreds of blogs and social media platforms, totaling to more than 250. We target these sites after lots of research. These are the most likely places where you can find readers interested in your type of business and industry. You can easily reach news about your organization to them and there is a good chance that they could become your clients in the future.

You can definitely use the services of any number of press release distribution agencies but we recommend that you try Max Newswire first. We are listed with all major directories and search engines and hence have a far enhanced reach that most other agencies. With us, you can be sure that your news will reach your targeted audience and potential readers as well and that too at a price that won't harm your budget a wee bit. In fact, you will not find the need to use any alternative or additional news distribution service after you have chosen us.

Yes, we will because Max Newswire guarantees the widest coverage for your news releases. We will submit your news on all the major online social media outlets. This includes Facebook, Delicious, Twitter, and other high-traffic social media networks that are popular among today's readers. As mentioned earlier, we also guarantee publication of your press release across all major global newspapers, radio, and TV news websites.

We make sure that your press release will remain on all the newspaper, radio, and TV news websites where we have published them for a minimum of 4-12 months. Some websites retain news releases for lifetime.

Of course, it is possible. You can use our service to send one or more than one press release for different websites.

The only reason for this happening is that your payment could be under process. We request you to please wait for some more time and check the credit in your account. You should be able to submit your Press Release smoothly after this. If you had waited for PayPal to redirect you automatically to Max Newswire after making the payment at PayPal.com, this problem would not have arisen. We have to get information from PayPal to credit your account and this can take a few hours. We regret any inconvenience caused to you.

Make sure you click on "Return to Max Newswire.com" or wait for the site to redirect you to our website automatically as this will complete the payment process and your payment will be credited in your account immediately.

Yes, it can help add value to your website. Getting backlinks from authority news websites can boost search engine rankings and help in improving online visibility and traffic. It can do wonders to your brand name and image too.



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