Xpress Care Offers Urgent and Comprehensive Healthcare At Affordable Prices

Posted on April 24, 2020

Xpress Care Clinic makes it easy for patients to access quality healthcare at affordable prices.

Xpress Care Clinic, the leading Arlington, VA based urgent care center is offering quick and quality healthcare services at prices that are significantly lower than what they have to pay at a regular medical office. The premier walk in facility offers a range of other patient-friendly features aimed at providing patients the best value for their money.

Xpress Care, the walk-in clinic known for its comprehensive healthcare and diagnostic services, is the preferred healthcare facility of many patients looking for fast and quick healthcare service. They can get treated at this walk in clinic for various types of common medical conditions that are not life-threatening in nature.

“We are happy that patients trust us to provide them the kind of medical care they prefer for various types of common ailments,” says the spokesperson for Xpress Care. “We recommend that you visit Xpress Care to get treated for your health ailments and get a first-hand experience of our facilities and services. We also provide excellent lab testing and STD testing facilities.”

With life becoming more busy and stressful for most people and families in modern times, it is not unusual for them to suffer from various types of health problems. As they have to deal with stress and tension on the professional as well as personal fronts, their immunity level dips down and they become susceptible to various types of ailments.

According to Xpress Care, the walk in clinic offers quick and quality healthcare services to patients in and around Arlington, VA area. The convenient location of the clinic makes it easy for patients to visit them for seeing a physician or for using their diagnostic facilities.

Xpress Care Urgent Care clinic offers its services on all days of the week including on weekends and holidays. They operate extended hours so that patients can schedule their visits to the clinic without disturbing their routines or compromising on their professional commitments.

Xpress Care Clinic’s medical services can be accessed even by patients who do not have any medical insurance. By offering their medical services at reasonable rates, they make sure that their facilities can be availed by all sections of the society.

Patients visiting the clinic are generally seen by a relevant doctor within just 30 minutes.

For more information, visit https://www.xpresscarenow.com/

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