Award-winning Jewelry Designer Galatea Releases The Mag Ring

Posted on July 29, 2019

A stylish no-grip | phone-grip! http://www.themagnetring.com
The No-Grip/Phone-Grip Quote:The No-Grip/Phone-Grip

Today award-winning jewelry design house Galatea releases another innovative product, the Mag Ring.

The phone grip world has been dominated by the idea of function only. With good reason, phones are essential and expensive. Because no one wants to drop these all-important devices that connect us to family and friends, work, and play, we tolerated the bulk and discomfort.    

But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer, thanks to the Mag Ring.

It provides a safe, comfortable, and fun way to secure your phone in your hand. The Mag Ring base has a powerful magnet embedded within it. A smooth low-profile metal disk is placed on the back of the phone or phone case. This creates a super-strong connection between the user and their phone. With a slight tug and the phone is released.

Product Availability

Currently, the Mag Ring is available on its website http://www.themagnetring.com.

About Galatea. The Mag Ring’s parent company, Galatea, is an award-winning jewelry design company and has numerous patent around the world. More info about Galatea is available at http://www.galateausa.com 
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