Arya Steakhouse To Open In Palo Alto This Summer

Arya Steakhouse, the Bay Area’s premier Persian steakhouse, is moving to Palo Alto this summer. The popular private dining facility is famous for its comfortable elegance, amazing cuisine, and personalized service. 

“Arya Steakhouse is moving to Palo Alto this summer after serving the culinary needs of residents in the Bay Area for over 15 years,” says the spokesperson for Arya Steakhouse. “Executive Chef Mike is committed to providing customers a wonderful dining experience every time they order steak from this popular facility. They want their guests to feel at home while enjoying a truly satisfying dining experience.”

Executive chef Mike Hashemi and Fera Hashemi have been proud owners of Arya Steakhouse for over ten years. The popular steakhouse has hosted many celebrations and parties for customers and delighted them with its amazing varieties of steaks. 

Mike is a master in Persian flavors and has introduced Persian cuisine along with his favorite dishes on one menu. Customers at Palo Alto are sure to enjoy his unique Persian specialties as well as fine steaks. He butchers his own halal meat and ages the steaks as well.

Arya Steakhouse is synonymous with fine steaks and Persian cuisine. Those who love steak and are in the mood to try something exotic and different can head to Arya Steakhouse in Palo Alto, sit back and enjoy their favorite comfort food.

As they butcher their own meat in-house, the quality and flavors are unique and delightfully different. Customers can find what they are looking for in the extensive menu designed carefully for their needs.

At Arya Steakhouse, customers are sure to find a range of delicious entrées, including steaks, chicken, beef, lamb, and seafood. There are many vegetarian options also available. They also offer a stunning selection of salads, soups, sides, appetizers, bread, and dessert to deliver a highly satisfying lunch or dinner experience.

The Arya Steakhouse menu caters to a variety of tastes. Still, they also focus on paying attention to detail in everything they offer – from their incomparable service to the impeccably crafted and tasteful decor. 

Arya Steakhouse aims to provide all its customers with a one-of-a-kind dining experience in a luxurious and comfortable setting. The prices of their products are reasonable to cater to all classes and sections of society.

Arya Steakhouse is committed to delivering the best dining experience to all its guests. Fera Hashemi is a broker as well as a managing partner. She has contributed to the restaurant’s design and style and plays a crucial role in managing the front of the steakhouse.

For more information, visit https://www.aryasteakhouse.com

About Arya Steakhouse:

Arya Steakhouse is a leading steakhouse in the Bay Area, now planning to move to Palo Alto. The steakhouse has been catering to the culinary needs of the Bay Area locals for over 15 years now. They are committed to providing guests with nothing but the best dining experience. Their vision is to make guests feel at home.

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Tim Xenos Takes Bevpax to New Heights of Success by Entering the US markets

Tim Xenos is the co-founder of Bevpax, an FMCG organization which has been leading innovation in the beverages industry. The company also works as a contract manufacturer partnering with global distributors for private labeling. Their range of Survive Satchels was awarded at the European Food and Beverage Program 2020 last year. The company's innovation in the area of pro-biotic and pre-biotic beverages has been commendable, and with their latest launch of cold brew coffee with oat milk in the US markets, Tim Xenos has been able to claim a larger global presence for his brand, Bevpax.

He expressed his happiness when Bevpax was awarded for innovation at the European Food and Beverage Program, saying, “It means now we’ve got recognition for the product itself. And it shows what buyers are looking for, which is immunity and hydration products that they can offer clients that are easy to consume.” The Survive Satchels that won the award are 7gm sachets available in a wide range of flavors, including Pomegranate, Orange, Mixed Berry, Banana and strawberry. Every sachet makes one 250ml drink which is best for serving one person.

Tim Xenos has been extremely active in promoting his brand, building new products under different brands, and even supporting client companies claim the market space through private labeling. Bevpax has established manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia. It gives them an upper hand in terms of manufacturing costs and ease of exporting their products through these countries because all countries have natural ports. All of these facilities are used for manufacturing both, Bevpax brand products as well as private labeling products. Tim Xenos is a co-founder at Bevpax and has always created a highly creative and innovation-friendly culture within the organization.

Bevpax was founded In 1998 after merging several smaller businesses into a single beverage-focused organization which provides R&D, brand development and packaging design services to its clients across the globe. Tim Xenos is a serial innovator who has been able to drive successfulness for the company through his market acumen and business expertise. At this time, Bevpax is the umbrella corporation housing 8 beverage brands which are Fito Water, Jelz, Le Café, RockiT, Survive, Te', Vio, and Hydra. Tim Xenos and Bevpax became the pioneer of many beverages sold under these brands. For example, the cold brew coffees sold under the Le Café brand are known to have commercialized cold brew coffees which were earlier limited to traditional Japanese homes and shops. Cold brews are still a growing trend and Tim Xenos has pioneered its way into the global markets.

There are few companies that can claim such high extent of innovation as Bevpax. Ever since he started with Bevpax more than two decades ago, he has regularly explored new opportunities and new markets for his products. At the same time, he continues to invest heavily in research and development of new beverages, which can be successful in existing markets where Bevpax already maintains a strong presence.

Private companies that partner with Bevpax for private labeling, manufacturing, and packaging design have benefit extensively from the company's services as well. Given Tim Xenos’ knowledge and experience in the market, he and his team are able to provide useful business insights to the companies which support business growth and successfulness. While Tim Xenos has been able to tick a gamut of achievements from his list of business goals, his attitude of never giving up and continually learning makes him the entrepreneur that can drive businesses like Bevpax to even more successfulness by readily adapting to market changes and responding to audience demands.

Tim Xenos and Bevpax’s most recent success was the organization’s entry into the US markets for the cold brew coffee products with oat milk. While the company has provided its services to private labeling companies in the US before, this is their first launch in the US markets as Bevpax. Tim Xenos has talked about their entry into the US markets and the new possibilities that it will build for the business. A new market also increases exposure to the target audience, which can help Bevpax create new products for their audience based on demand and feedback.

While Tim Xenos continues to lead the company to growth, a lot of credit goes to the people working in the company who have continually strived to achieve success by researching products, markets and audiences which define the brand.

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New report by iSeatz details major changes to rewards strategies at major banks

50% of major credit cards have pivoted their rewards strategy to accelerate point earning for food delivery purchases since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new whitepaper by PaymentsSource and iSeatz. The whitepaper - Banking Rewards & Dining: A Changing Landscape - details both sea changes in consumer spending and the resultant strategic shifts brands such as Mastercard, Citi, Capital One, and US Bank are making to leverage these new behaviors.

Download Banking Rewards & Dining: A Changing Landscape Here >>

“Travel earning and redemption has always been the gold standard of rewards products, however coronavirus has made it clear that a travel-only portfolio cannot sustain a card’s presence at the top-of-wallet during a pandemic,” said iSeatz CEO Kenneth Purcell. While usage of rewards points for travel has been gradually recovering, usage of loyalty-integrated food delivery has soared more than 100%. “Consumers are looking for ways to use their points that are convenient, safe, and provide everyday value.”

Food delivery in the US is a B industry
70% of Americans order takeout or food delivery
10% use a food delivery app more than once per week

The food delivery industry is expected to grow more than 20% in 2020, driven largely by lockdowns and concerns about the safety of in-person dining. Although Americans are returning to restaurants, usage of food delivery apps, and increased order frequency, is expected to remain post-pandemic. 60% of Americans now say they order takeout at least once per week, and orders of loyalty-integrated food delivery still remain nearly 35% above average despite more than 80% of restaurants being open for dine-in.

Additionally, the report dives into the trends driving dining-related rewards over the past five years, which kicked off with Capital One’s launch of the Savor card, specifically targeting high-spending foodies. Since then, major issuers have been in an arms race to deliver the most food-related bang for the cardholder buck. Chase partnered with Tock, and just last week announced enhancements to their partnership. Amex acquired reservation platform Resy in 2019. And since March other cards have, at a bare minimum, increased the earn acceleration for food purchases.

iSeatz launched point redemption for food delivery in early October, based on the belief that cardholders are craving new ways to use points that don’t require travel, and that simply amping up point-earn for dining-related spend won’t be enough for brands to maintain deep connections with their customers. iSeatz has powered point earning food delivery solutions for both IHG and Wyndham Hotels since spring 2019. The redemption solution will be the first of its kind and is now available for loyalty programs of any size, offering access to food at more than 150,000 restaurants, purchasable with loyalty currency. This will be the first of several new integrations aimed at brands who are looking for ways to engage their highest value loyalty members with non-travel offerings.

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GiangisKitchen.com to Launch Private Membership Group Featuring Exclusive Content

Award-winning blog GiangisKitchen.com, which features simple, delicious, elegant and nutritious recipes that can be created by anyone in just 30-45 minutes, has announced that it will be launching a private membership group.

The private membership group will offer members exclusive content each day of the week:

  • On Monday, the blog’s founder Giangi Townsend will share some very special tips and tricks for kitchen gourmets of all experience levels — from those who are brand new, to those of who have been cooking for many years.
  • On Tuesday, members can send in any question(s) that they would like Giangi to answer about cooking, menus, kitchen tools, shopping, and anything else.
  • On Wednesday, Giangi will answer all of the submitted questions in a live Q&A session.
  • On Thursday, Giangi will release the following week’s menu.
  • On Friday, Giangi will take an item from the following week’s menu and provide a live step-by-step cooking lesson.


In addition, members will be able to purchase GiangisKitchen.com cooking classes at 60 percent off the regular price.

The activities in the private membership group will be streamed live on Facebook. However, members who do not have a Facebook account can access all of the recorded material directly on the GiangisKitchen.com website in a special members-only section.

Membership in the private membership group costs .99 per month. However, to celebrate the launch, members who sign-up during the initial launch period will only pay .00 per month for the first year.

“We have received so many requests over the years for a members-only section, and finally we are thrilled to announce that it will soon be available,” commented Giangi, who was named Best Food and Lifestyle Blogger — Southwest USA by CV Magazine, and who recently launched the ebook Back to Basics: Cooking 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking.

More information on the new GiangisKitchen.com benefit-filled private membership group will be published on the website's blog in the near future.

For all other information on GiangisKitchen.com, including advertising, marketing and media inquiries, email giangi(at)giangiskitchen(dot)com or visit http://www.giangiskitchen.com. Facebook users are invited to follow Giangi’s Kitchen at: https://www.facebook.com/giangiskitchen

About GiangisKitchen.com

GiangisKitchen.com is a popular and award-winning blog that features simple, delicious, elegant and nutritious recipes, geared to everyone: working moms, dads, grandparents, empty nesters, teenagers, and anyone else with a desire to prepare a great evening meal for their family in just 30-45 minutes. Access GiangisKitchen.com is free, and no sign-up is required. The website also features money-saving offers and coupons, and is optimized for all screens including tablets and smartphones. Visitors can also subscribe to get a weekly recipe round-up delivered to their inbox.

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HealthyChildren.org Celebrates Halloween with Spooktacular Sweepstakes Event

HealthyChildren.org, the official American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) website for parents, celebrates Halloween by giving away ten 0 Visa gift cards in the site's Spooktacular Sweepstakes event.

Registered users of HealthyChildren.org may enter once each day during the event which runs October 22 through October 31, 2020. Winners will be drawn daily and announced on Facebook as they are confirmed. View the full contest rules.

About HealthyChildren.org
The only parenting website backed by 67,000 AAP member pediatricians, HealthyChildren.org offers trustworthy, up-to-the-minute health advice and guidance for parents and caregivers, along with interactive tools and personalized content. Registered users enjoy a customized home page featuring articles appropriate for their children by age, as well as a free monthly e-newsletter.

The site also offers a Find a Pediatrician service, an Ask the Pediatrician tool, a KidsDoc Symptom Checker, and more than 5,000 articles in English and Spanish.

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Victor Foods announces increased production capacity of their clean label hummus products to accommodate more grocery chains in the western USA

VICTOR FOODS is a Spokane-based company specializing in clean label hummus products. Winner of the best locally produced foods (not only hummus) in the Inland NorthWest consecutively for the past 8 years. While VICTOR FOODS products are not “officially certified” organic, organic chickpeas are the main ingredient. Being a clean label product, VICTOR FOODS hummus has:
NO preservatives,
NO blended or filler oils (canola, soy),
NO dairy,
NO gluten,

The authentic and delectable hummus flavors of VICTOR FOODS are, also, very low in lectins (anti-nutrients) due to a unique proprietary cooking process. To keep all the natural nutrients from degrading, VICTOR FOODS does not pasteurize their products.

“We take great care to ensure that we have the most clean label of any hummus brand,” Victor Azar, founder of VICTOR FOODS, declared passionately. “We replicate a home-made, hand-crafted product by soaking and cooking the beans correctly with a proprietary process.”

By not including filler oils, Victor’s hummus products have as little as half the calories of many other brands.”

For the past ten years, VICTOR FOODS has been serving independent stores and regional grocery chains throughout the Pacific NorthWest, USA. At this time, there is more capacity to accommodate additional grocery chains who appreciate offering a healthy, clean and tempting product to their evermore critical and demanding shoppers.

Article URL: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/popular-hummus-chickpea-brands-contain-153700047.html

Victor Foods Ad: https://youtu.be/pVExAX_TGwE

Victor Foods URL: https://www.victorfoods.com

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Sweet-Hart Deal! Hollywood’s Kevin Hart partners with Detroit Beverage Maker Nailah Ellis

Superstar comedian Kevin Hart is investing in Detroit beverage maker Nailah Ellis and Ellis Island Tea.

Ellis Island Tea is an all-natural beverage, handcrafted from a recipe inspired by Ellis’s Jamaican great-grandfather, who came to America through Ellis Island more than 100 years ago. Made with real herbs, including hibiscus, Ellis Island Tea is rich, red, smooth and flavorful.

The story always matters to Hart. An artist and an author, Hart knows an audience looks for truth and a way to connect. So, when Ellis introduced him to her family tea, he was intrigued.

The tea’s history and Ellis’s own backstory of starting with nothing at the age of 20, brewing tea in her mother’s kitchen and selling it from the trunk of her car around Detroit resonated with Hart. Hart’s own story is one of resilience and perseverance – working small clubs and honing his craft for years before becoming a bankable star who commands million-plus a movie.

“There were a lot of people pulling for Nailah,” said Hart, who was impressed by the Detroiter’s determination and hustle. “Her name just kept coming up and coming across my radar. So, I figured there had to be something to it.”

Ellis won BET’s Queen Boss business competition and her company’s growth has been chronicled in national media, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, MSNBC, The Financial Times, The Root 100 and Black Enterprise. Accolades and awards have poured in, but Ellis has always focused on building a business that endures.

Today, Ellis has her own Detroit beverage production facility and is the largest Black female beverage manufacturer in the United States. Her tea is an emerging national brand sold by retail giants Sam’s Club and Costco and airport concessioners across the country.

Hart’s investment comes at a critical time – Ellis Island Tea will be rolling out in Walmart this month and will soon debut in Target and CVS. With Hart’s backing, sleek new packaging, competitive pricing, and new e-commerce options, Ellis expects rapid growth.

Ellis has always given a nod to the man who inspired the recipe for Ellis Island Tea – her Jamaican Great-Grandfather Cyril Byron.

“Cyril’s story is one of a true risk taker. He came here with nothing but his dreams,” Ellis said. “He went on to become a head chef on Marcus Garvey’s Black Star Line and then the owner of Byron Caterers, one of the most successful Black-owned catering businesses in the Bronx.”    

Cyril was an optimist, an activist, an entrepreneur and a pragmatist, she said. When he passed down his tea recipe for future generations, Cyril said ‘This recipe is to be sold, not told.’

Hart also is a big believer in building for the future. The soon-to-be father of four has said that “You’re supposed to set up for the next generation…if you’re not doing that, you’re not doing your part.”

Ellis takes that seriously as well. She is building upon the dreams of her ancestors, hoping to pass on a legacy to her two young daughters. She’s also proud to be providing jobs for Detroiters like herself.

“We all need opportunity,” she said. “I’ve been given mine and now I’m paying it forward and providing that for others.”

Ellis Island Tea is the only Jamaican Sweet Tea made in America. It is an all-natural bottled tea made from hibiscus with a smooth, refreshing flavor. Ellis Island Tea comes sweetened with pure sugar cane and honey or in an unsweetened version that is crisp and tart.

When she founded her company back in 2008, Nailah Ellis realized a lifelong dream to become an entrepreneur. Brewing Ellis Island Tea continues a family legacy. The tea is based on a recipe created by her Great-Grandfather Cyril Byron, a Jamaican immigrant, chef and entrepreneur who told his family the recipe was to be “Sold, not told.” Ellis-Brown honors those words every day working from her company headquarters in Detroit where the tea is brewed.

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Oregon Fruit Products Debuts New Pantry Staple: Blueberries in 100% Blueberry Juice

With an 85-year track record of manufacturing high quality canned specialty fruit, Oregon Fruit Products LLC added to its range of canned fruit offerings with the release of Blueberries in 100% Blueberry Juice. Packed in 100% unsweetened, not-from-concentrate blueberry juice, the new Blueberries in Juice contain no added sugar and are a healthy and delicious way to get the daily requirements of fruit by eating the berries and drinking the juice.

Blueberries in Blueberry Juice are naturally rich in antioxidants and contain 13 grams of natural sugar. Enjoy the fruit straight out of the can or swap for fresh or frozen blueberries in a favorite recipe. The juice can also be poured right into a glass for drinking, frozen into cubes, or boiled down to a concentrated fruit syrup.

“Even grandma added a little sugar when she used to can blueberries,” says Lisa Klarp, national sales manager for Oregon Fruit Products. “But as Americans are cautioned to watch their sugar intake, we felt that packing the fruit in unsweetened juice would be a delicious way of delivering a lower-sugar option, without compromising flavor.”

Oregon Fruit sources the freshest and most flavorful blueberries and blueberry juice exclusively from the Pacific Northwest, just a few miles away from where they’re packed in Salem, Ore. Blueberries in Blueberry Juice contain Non-GMO Project Verified fruit and juice, are certified kosher, and preserved in 100% recyclable cans without a Bisphenol A (BPA) lining.

Blueberries in Juice is now available on Amazon for .54 for a 4-can pack of 14.5 oz cans.

Oregon Fruit Products LLC
Founded in 1935, Oregon Fruit Products offers a complete line of canned, frozen and shelf-stable premium fruit for consumers, foodservice operators, brewers and ingredients. The company is located in Salem, Oregon and can be found on the web at http://www.oregonfruit.com.

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Adversity Won’t Stop the Health & Wellness Mission of Assuaged, Inc.

During this unprecedented time when the world has seemingly shut down and we’ve retreated into our homes for cover, Assuaged, Inc. is going full speed ahead. Founders Cynthia and Thane Murphy have brought on dozens of interns from all over the globe this year to get their feet wet in marketing, social media content, research, data analysis and human resources for the health and wellness company. Working remotely, some students are earning college credit and others just want to gain experience in this rapidly growing industry.

“We are building an amazing community through Assuaged and having the energy and input of the younger generation only makes us stronger and better,” said Cynthia Murphy.

Assuaged is getting the word out in the hopes of expanding their community of like-minded and goal-oriented people with catchy rap videos about staying safe and healthy during the pandemic, inspirational docs about Cynthia Murphy’s battle with her disability and growing up ‘different,’ and animated explainer videos.

“The current pandemic really highlights the importance of prioritizing our own wellness,” explains Murphy. “Since it can feel like an overwhelming task, we offer support and resources that make it easy and enjoyable to integrate healthier options into daily life.”

Through their website and award-winning app, Assuaged offers hand-selected recipes, products and guides for their loyal following to heal and balance their own bodies with a plant-based lifestyle.

With commercial meat plants in jeopardy due to coronavirus outbreaks, Assuaged’s offerings are all the more meaningful as many people look for alternatives to meat-based and processed diets. Clients can fill out an online form and get a personally curated meal plan.

Assuaged specializes in helping clients with existing health conditions. Both the Murphy’s deal with their own physical and mental challenges – Thane’s struggle with PTSD and Cynthia’s physical and mental issues stemming from her rare craniofacial disorder, have been significantly relieved with an organic, vegan and low carbon footprint lifestyle.

Cynthia and Thane Murphy realize they couldn’t do this on their own. They would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the many people that make up the valued Assuaged community and help advance their mission:

Vasile Tiplea of Vabotu and Creative27 Celebrity Development Team, Alexander Harris & RaQuel Sanchez Kiss the Monkeys Celebrity Partners, Arnel’s Originals, PETA, Maharishi Ayurveda Products International (MAPI), Purium, Journalist Heidi Doerfert, Herbal Healers CBD, NutriAdmin, Barcroft, Born Different, The Mighty, Yahoo, eReleases, Thrive Market, Monday.com, Slack, HubSpot, Hubsnacks, Fiverr, G-Suite, Harvest, Pinterest, Design Pickle, and Rapper Keybeaux.

Curtis Roberts, Esq., Corporate Attorney, David Tyler Bennett Trademark Assets Attorney, Bonnie Hearn Hill and Hazel Dixon-Cooper Content Contributors and Best-Selling Authors, Dumisani Maraire Jr. of Red Carpet Series Celebrity Photographer, Amy Venner Hamdi, Pete Danielson, and Theresa Sanchez Marketing Advisors, Craig and Jenny D., Brand Influencer Partners, Ashley Woods Content Director, and Jason Ast of Qurate Tech, Technology Agency, Rebecca Baron of Carrot Campaign, Abigail the Advocate, Steve Adams, and Staness Jonekos at Eat Like a Woman.

Assuaged especially thanks the Global Unity Foundation and Ryan Long of City Summit and City Gala for bringing them where they are today. Ryan’s spirit and legacy shall live on, and Michelle Marie Matich, for continued advocacy and support.


Paola Marin Veites, Yugg Patel, Ruchika Anand, Jennifer Pagel, Melanie Reilly, Faith Ricca, Nazia Azamy, Travis Mallard, Sara Mahmood, Kevin Ahn, Marlee Septak, Ramin Khan, Edgar Lua-Torres, Ashley Ishibashi, Gauri Ganjoo, Sabrina Rodriguez, Tyquon Jackson, Jeremy Busto, Donna Cobb, Saba Ibraheem, Amanda Tsao, Ashley Sullivan, Monique Gaines-Harris, Molly Garcia, Sean Gallagher, Molly Cardosi, Gregory Sonnen, Veronica Guzman, Emawayish Haile, Eamon Bedford-Panori, My Vu Nguyen, Jennifer Poole, Davide Pigliacelli, Stephen Grover Grover, Namrata Borah, Ranya Pendyala, George Perkins, Aaron Qintian Qi, Wenting Zhu, Victor Schmitt-Bush, Jennifer Brozek, Ari Steinburg, Krishia Mae Brillantes, Holly Mossembekker, Addie Erickson, Varun Thachil, Sidra Qayyum, Anisha Marya, Anna Krebs, Mingyang Yuan, Vanessa Tortora, Rida Syed, Sree Maram, and Syed Bukhari.

To learn more about Assuaged, Inc. please click here.

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New Dallas-Area Restaurant to ‘Serve Great Food with Love and Gratitude’

A bold new dining spot has opened near Nebraska Furniture Mart (off Highway 121, north of Dallas). Seven Doors Kitchen & Cocktails serves chef-inspired shared plates and entrées and has opened its doors for business in the heart of The Colony’s Grandscape development.

Seven Doors, named for its collection of French colonial doors that appear throughout the restaurant, is the brainchild of highly successful husband and wife restaurateurs Kevin Brown and Dianna Lynn.

Brown has every confidence in North Texas’ resilient economy. “That’s one reason we chose this location. We build all of our unique restaurants to last the test of time, and look forward to our long-term commitment to North Texas’ people and economy.”

Dallas restaurant veteran Charles Bruen came on board early with Seven Doors as General Manager: to help shape, lead and bring to life its concept.

“The Dallas area is well-known for its vibrant restaurant culture and superb dining choices, and we are very much looking forward to Seven Doors becoming a part of that,” said Bruen. For summer, he recommends patio dining and one of their specialty drinks-on-tap: a Patio Punch or cold brew Aria Nitro coffee.

Lynn drives the staff and guest experience, which she knows is equally as important as the offerings on the menu created by their longtime associate Chef Jacob Quintana.
There is a neon “Wish You Were Here” sign on the patio, practically begging for selfies and a post.

Love and their enduring gratitude for the space and opportunity are imbued into everything they do, even the water they serve. Using a triple-purified Chrysalli system, water is served from carafes engraved with “Love” and “Gratitude.”

“Other positive vibes can’t be seen but are part of the restaurant’s DNA: subliminal phrases on the canvas underneath the paintings, and words of intention that were written on all walls by staff, prior to the interior being painted,” commented Lynn. “The safety and well-being of our guests and employees are of the utmost importance at Seven Doors. We take extra precautions to ensure this, especially during these times.”

Specials include:

Two-for-One 12-oz Herb Crusted Prime Rib (All Day Monday)
Happy Hour: Monday-Friday from 3-6:30p (Ongoing)
Late Night Happy Hour: Thursday-Saturday from 10p-closing (Ongoing)
Two-for-One Burgers (includes signature "70/30" Burger) (Limited Time)
Margaritas through July 5, 2020 (Limited Time)

Highlighted dishes are the 70/30 Burger with a beef-and-bacon blend; Man Candy, made with a thick center-cut bacon; and the not-to-be-missed “That Sushi Thing,” fresh Ahi Poke wrapped in rice, seasoned and lightly fried.

What: Seven Doors Kitchen & Cocktails
When: Open now
Where: 5774 Grandscape Blvd., The Colony, Texas 75056

Monday-Wednesday 11 am-9 pm
Thursday-Saturday 11 am-10 pm
Sunday 11 am-9 pm (Brunch Starting July 5, 2020 at 10 am)
Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 3 pm-6:30 pm
Late Night Happy Hour Thursday-Saturday 10 pm-Closing

Menu: Click Here
Phone: 972-410-0406


About Seven Doors Kitchen & Cocktails
Seven Doors Kitchen & Cocktails is the brainchild of husband and wife restaurateur team of Kevin Brown and Dianna Lynn. Seven Doors draws you in with the vibrant décor, which includes Seven French Colonial doors from the 1800s. Located in the heart of Grandscape, it is a modern American grill “serving great food with love and gratitude.” The menu features a wide range of made-to-order dishes that include sushi, shared plates, entrees, and desserts. Open daily for lunch or dinner indoors or on the patio. You can also enjoy happy hour in the beautifully appointed bar.

For more information visit: http://www.sevendoorskitchen.com
FB & IG: @sevendoorskitchen

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“Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 2020 Live Music Series at The County Line” benefitting San Antonio Food Bank is live again, starting June 4, 2020

The “Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 2020 Live Music Series at The County Line” will be live again in front of guests, starting June 4, on the patio of The County Line Bar-B-Q at 4334 Hyatt Place Drive (on IH-10 West between the Wurzbach and Huebner Road exits, near the Colonnade). Concerts begin at 6:30 and run until 8 p.m.

The series kicked off for its 19th year on March 5 with a packed crowd to Mario Flores, Gabe Garcia, Clay Hollis and Bri Bagwell. The series was suspended due to Covid-19 orders before the March 19 concert. Concerts were resurrected on May 7 as quaranstreamed live concerts for the month of May.

This music series that has always benefited the San Antonio Food Bank will run every Thursday evening from June 4 through July 30, 2020. The restaurant has been open for dining room service since May 1.

“Twenty years ago, County Line made a commitment to hold a music event that would benefit the San Antonio Food Bank—and we intend to keep it that way, even in this Covid world,” says Mike Crenwelge, GM of the IH-10 County Line. "And knowing the intense demand on our Food Bank right now, our support is more important than ever, with so many San Antonians out of work.” In 2015, the County Line was recognized by the S.A. Food Bank for raising food to feed over 1 million people since the music series started.

“We have seen a devastating economic impact from the COVID-19 virus and its domino effect into the lives of our neighbors and friends. The San Antonio Food Bank has worked tirelessly to meet the increase in demand for food and resources, but we depend wholeheartedly on the community to help us in this struggle. The County Line Music Series is an example of the support we desperately need. We are so humbled and grateful to be a part of it,” says Eric Cooper, CEO & President of the San Antonio Food Bank.    

Here is schedule for the rest of the summer, as of May 29:
6/4/2020 Gabe Garcia Band
6/11/2020 Chris Colston
6/18/2020 Mario Flores & The Soda Creek Band
6/25/2020 Brandon Michael Band

7/2/2020 Hayden Haddock
7/9/2020 Jade Maria Patek - 2019 TRR New Female Vocalist of the Year
7/16/2020 Tanner Sparks
7/23/2020 Clay Hollis
7/30/2020John Bauman

Sponsors of the series include Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram; Treaty Oak Distilling; Rebecca Creek Radio; Rebecca Creek/Enchanted Rock; Stolen X; Heaven's Door Whiskey; Comfort Air/Primo Plumbing; Ozarka and Pure Party Ice.

The County Line Bar-B-Q restaurant on IH-10 has been open for dining room service since May 1 with limited seating and social distancing as dictated by government standards—including masks and gloves for all staff. Tables will be available inside and outside; full bar and dining menus will be available. County Line will continue its robust to-go/delivery options seven days a week for lunch and dinner, with fresh smoked BBQ entrees off its menu, as well as most side dishes. Curbside delivery by masked and gloved staff will keep social distancing by putting order in car trunk or back seat; order to-go online. Delivery available through Uber Eats, Grubhub and Favor.

Visit https://countyline.com/san_antonio/ or County Line’s Facebook for updates, or call 210-641-1998 for information.

NOTE: Photos and recipes can be obtained (and tastings or interviews arranged) by contacting Jeanne Albrecht at 210-392-9047 or jca@jeannebiz.com

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Sonofresco Announces 20% Off New Coffee Roaster Purchases

Sonofresco has announced a special discount offer on all of its coffee roasters that will last through the month of May. For a limited time only, Sonofresco customers will receive a 20% discount on all Profile Coffee Roaster purchases. Along with the discount, every customer who takes advantage of this offer will also receive a free 46 lb. box of green coffee beans. The sale is on now through May 31, 2020.

Sonofresco's coffee roaster deal is only available for the purchase of a new coffee roaster. (leased roasters are not eligible for the discount). Shoppers can choose from more than 50 different varieties of beans including breakfast blends, espresso, organic, decaf, and other options from all of the most popular growing regions from around the world. Sonofresco coffee varieties available come from specialty growing regions, including Central America, Indonesia, Africa and Central America.

The Sonofresco Profile Coffee Roaster is ideal for coffee businesses of all sizes. From commercial operations to retail shops, home-based coffee business or hobby, Sonofresco's reliable, commercial grade coffee roasters are designed to consistently produce fresh roasted coffee. Every Sonofresco Profile Roaster purchase also includes a warranty that is good for up to one year from the date of purchase.

The offer is now live on the Sonofresco website and shoppers can place their order for the coffee roasters as of today. The discount offer will be automatically applied when the qualifying items are added to the shopping cart on the website.

To learn more about the Profile Coffee Roaster offer and other products available from Sonofresco, contact them directly via phone or the website contact form to inquire about availability. This offer is valid until May 31, 2020 and the special discount pricing and free coffee box shipments will no longer be available after the promotion has ended.

All orders will continue to ship via UPS as normal. Free bean offer is limited to supply on hand at time of order.

About Sonofresco: 

Based in Burlington, Washington, Sonofresco is a premier supplier of coffee roasters and roasting accessories. The company also offers more than 20 varieties of coffee beans, with customizable variety pack options that are shipped to order. All Sonofresco coffee roasters are proudly designed and built in the United States. The company’s specialty grade coffee beans varieties come from top growing regions around the world including Indonesia, Africa, and Central America. To learn more about Sonofresco, visit sonofresco.com.

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James Beard Foundation Now Accepting Scholarship Applications for 2020-2021 Academic Year

Now more than ever, we are reminded of the essential role that the food and beverage industry plays in our everyday lives and the value of shared experiences around a table. In keeping with its mission to nurture chefs and other leaders contributing to American food culture, the James Beard Foundation announced today its 2020-2021 Scholarship Program application period for aspiring and established culinary professionals.

As of 2019, the Foundation had awarded nearly million in financial aid to over 2,000 recipients and will award nearly 0,000 in 2020.

While eligibility requirements vary by opportunity, in general, applicants must be enrolled or planning to enroll in a culinary program at a licensed or accredited culinary school, hospitality institution, college, or university in fall 2020. International students may qualify for many of the scholarships and are encouraged to apply.

“Since the inception of our scholarship program in 1991, the range of food-related disciplines and educational opportunities has expanded greatly,” said Clare Reichenbach, chief executive officer of the James Beard Foundation. “With a number of scholarships, tuition waivers, and grants available this year, we are proud to support the ever-increasing interests of the next generation of culinary leaders.”

In response to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation also recently established the Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund to provide critical financial assistance in the form of micro-grants to independent food and beverage businesses in need.

The scholarship program is administered by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. (ISTS), an independent company that specializes in managing sponsored educational assistance programs. ISTS hosts the online application process, selects recipients and disburses awards. For more information about the program and to begin the application process, visit jamesbeard.org/scholarships. The deadline to apply is June 11, 2020.


About The James Beard Foundation

The James Beard Foundation promotes good food for good™. For more than 30 years, the James Beard Foundation has highlighted the centrality of food culture in our daily lives. Through the James Beard Awardsunique dining experiences at the James Beard House and around the country, scholarships, hands-on learning, and a variety of industry programs that educate and empower leaders in our community, the Foundation has built a platform for chefs and asserted the power of gastronomy to drive behavior, culture, and policy change around food. To that end, the Foundation has also created signature impact-oriented initiatives that include our Women’s Leadership Programs aimed at addressing the gender imbalance in the culinary industry; advocacy training through our Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change; and the James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards that shine a spotlight on successful change makers. The organization is committed to giving chefs and their colleagues a voice and the tools they need to make the world more sustainable, equitable, and delicious for everyone. For more information, subscribe to the digital newsletter Beard Bites and follow @beardfoundation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

The James Beard Foundation is a national not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in New York City.

To reach the James Beard Foundation for press inquiries, please contact:
Mary Blanton Ogushwitz
212 957 3005

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Coconut Bliss Launches New Plant-Based Ice Cream Flavor, Golden Banana Brownie Swirl

Coconut Bliss, a family-owned, dairy-free ice cream producer, is excited to announce the release of a new creamy plant-based ice cream flavor, Golden Banana Brownie Swirl, as part of its core line of indulgent ice creams. Fans can now find Golden Banana Brownie Swirl on the shelves of both major grocery retailers and independent stores across the U.S. and Canada, as well as online at coconutbliss.com, just in time for the spring and summer ice cream seasons.

Coconut Bliss’ Golden Banana Brownie Swirl is the newest release from Coconut Bliss’ core ice cream pint line, which includes 14 award-winning, plant-based flavors available in eco-friendly pint packaging. Made with bananas, chocolate and a hint of turmeric, this decadent new flavor is created with all organic ingredients. The addition of turmeric to Golden Banana Brownie Swirl adds multiple health benefits, as well as an earthy spice and rich color to the ice cream, with the aromatic spice complimenting the sweetness of the banana and chocolate ingredients.

“I’m confident that Coconut Bliss fans are going to enjoy and savor Golden Banana Brownie Swirl, and I’m so happy to be sharing this creation with them,” says Kim Gibson Clark, President and CEO of Coconut Bliss. “Coconut Bliss’ selection of plant-based ice cream flavors have been beloved by fans since 2005, and that legacy continues with the launch of Golden Banana Brownie Swirl. We had fun creating this unique flavor that beautifully melds fresh banana, gluten-free brownies, a ribbon of fudge and a hint of turmeric for a brilliant natural color and a balance of earthiness. I think our inspiration shines through in its full flavor profile. ”

Fans can also feel good about indulging in Golden Banana Brownie Swirl, with Coconut Bliss’ entire ice cream selection being USDA certified organic and made with ethically sourced, high quality ingredients. Coconut Bliss places a high priority on ingredient sourcing and transparency as part of its commitment to producing premium plant-based ice creams that are not only good for the planet, but are also delicious treats for the whole family to enjoy. Every Coconut Bliss product and flavor is also certified vegan and gluten-free.

Coconut Bliss boasts 20 flavors of ice cream pints, bars and cookie sandwiches flavors in its original award-winning core line of products. The company also recently launched four additional flavors as part of its new Everyday Bliss ice cream line—available at an everyday price point as an affordable non-dairy indulgence.

Golden Banana Brownie Swirl pints are available for purchase now. For more information on online orders and finding locations where Coconut Bliss is sold, visit Coconutbliss.com.

About Coconut Bliss:

Coconut Bliss is a dairy-free ice cream producer creating 100 percent plant-based flavors of ice creams. USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project verified, every Coconut Bliss product is also certified vegan and gluten free. All of Coconut Bliss’ ice cream pints, bars and sandwiches, as well as its entire Everyday Bliss line of ice creams, are also made with ethically produced ingredients of the highest quality. Subsequently, Coconut Bliss has received the Women’s Choice Award for America’s Most Recommended Frozen Dairy-Free Dessert for four years running. The woman-led company values social justice and sustainability, and has partnered with the Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation (WAND) to provide business opportunities for women in the Philippines. Family-owned and based in Eugene, Oregon, Coconut Bliss has been operating since February 2005.

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How RAM Pavement Shares Their Success With Their Community

The community here in the Carolinas has supported RAM Pavement since the beginning and to show their appreciation, they take as many opportunities to give back whenever they can. For the past six years, they have had the honor of being sponsors for Go Jen Go’s major event, Run Jen Run.

The Go Jen Go foundation is a non profit organization that is dedicated to assisting women who are affected by breast cancer. Today, the Go Jen Go Foundation provides over 0,000 in financial support each year to women and men fighting breast cancer in the greater Charlotte area. They offer financial assistance so that survivors can focus on their fight and not worry about things like whether or not they can pay rent, put gas in their car, or buy gifts for their families at Christmas. Go Jen Go hosts two annual events, the Run Jen Run 5k and Festival in March, and Cheers Jen Cheers, a family friendly tailgate party in October.

RAM Pavement is well known in the community for wanting to give back and this encouraged the Go Jen Go foundation to offer them the opportunity to be one of the sponsors for their major event, Run Jen Run. Apart from being sponsors, some of their employees participate in the 5k run and others simply come out to show their support to everybody participating in the race. To add to the festivities, RAM Pavement also brings out a pink tractor trailer and paving machine so kids can take a look at them and enjoy. The ability to be a part of and support such an amazing cause means a lot to them and it completes part of their mission statement.

A lot of their employees, friends and families have all been impacted by somebody with breast cancer. They believe it’s more than just filling potholes or doing a concrete repair, it’s about helping somebody with breast cancer, it’s about helping somebody be fed during the holidays or helping a veteran transition from military life to civilian life. In 2020 they plan on participating in an upcoming turkey drive in November, they’ve participated in this year’s Run Jen Run event and they’ll be doing volunteer work with Veteran’s Bridge (which is a Charlotte-based nonprofit organization that bridges the gap between veterans and their community). The work with Veteran’s Bridge may range from helping with a park clean up to having a call center focused on checking in with veterans to see how the transition from military life to civilian life is going.

At RAM Pavement, they have fostered a culture of giving back. They know that they wouldn’t be here if not for the community in which they work. From the technicians who do the grunt work all the way to the founder and CEO. Their desire to give – be it through volunteering, donating, or simply praying is what sets them apart as human beings. They look forward to many more years of serving their community.

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Annual NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting Returns to NYC, Celebrating New York State Wines at the Rainbow Room, March 31

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is pleased to announce that the 9th Annual NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting will take place on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 again at midtown Manhattan’s iconic Rainbow Room located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza on the 65th floor. Fifty wineries from the state’s wine regions including the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Long Island, and the Niagara Escarpment will participate and pour at this specially curated New York-centric event. Educational seminars, “meet & greets” with the winemakers, and more will also be featured throughout the course of the event.

NY Drinks NY celebrates New York wine with a series of educational tours and events throughout the year, culminating with a Grand Tasting of over 200 library and current vintage New York wines at The Rainbow Room. To date, participating wineries include the well-known Bedell Cellars, of Long Island; Fjord Vineyards, of the Hudson Valley, Anthony Road Wine Cellars, of the Finger Lakes; Arrowhead Spring Vineyards, of the Niagara Escarpment, and wineries new to the NY Drinks NY program this year, such as Suhru Wines, from Long Island; Forge Cellars, Nathan K. Wines, and Silver Thread Vineyards from the Finger Lakes, and more. In addition to wine, there will be a spread of New York cheeses, charcuterie and hors d'oeuvres all sourced from New York state producers based in the Finger Lakes.

An educational session for Consumers entitled “New York Wines from Corner to Corner,” will be held from 6pm to 8pm. The session will be moderated by Alexander Peartree, Tasting Director of Wine Enthusiast Magazine. An Industry Session, exclusively for members of the media, restaurants, and the wine trade takes place from 12pm to 4pm. (Note: All trade and media ticket requests will be subject to verification.) This year, trade seminars include “Library Rieslings,” a look at some of our state’s premier Rieslings with a minimum of five years of bottle age, moderated by Paul Grieco of Terroir Wine Bar; and “Burgundy Grapes In New York,” a dive into the still underrecognized world of New York Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Gamay Noir, moderated by sommelier Yannick Benjamin.

“We’re thrilled to be able to present a seminar with someone so keyed into both what’s going on in New York, and what consumers are drinking, as Alex is,” notes Paul Brady, New York Wine Brand Ambassador for the New York Grape and Wine Foundation. He continues, “This is a bit different from other large tastings I’ve been involved with, in that it’s an opportunity for all the dedicated NY Drinks NY trade attendees who have come on our familiarization tours or to our events, to meet up again with the wineries, and to check in on the wines that brought us all together in the first place.”

Tickets to the Consumer Session are on sale now, starting at . Special tickets are also available starting at 9 that include a Consumer Membership to The New York Wine & Grape Foundation. Membership benefits include access to events, educational webinars, discounts, New York wine information, and more. Additionally, a discounted ticket is available to current Consumer Members. Advance purchase for the event is highly recommended.

For complete details and to purchase tickets to the Tuesday, March 31 NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting, visit NewYorkWineEvents.com or NYDrinksNY.com.

About The New York Wine & Grape Foundation

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation promotes the world-class image of New York grapes and wines from our diverse regions to responsibly benefit farmers, producers and consumers through innovative marketing, research, communication, and advocacy. New York ranks third in wine production nation-wide and the wine industry contributes .3 billion annually to the state's economy. Learn more at NewYorkWines.org.

About New York Wine Events

New York Wine Events cultivates memories that last a lifetime through the unifying art of food and drink. We believe in the magic of treating yourself to the luxury and leisure you deserve, and strive to provide you with valuable information and education, so you can discover your new favorite wine, craft food or beverage. Attend one of our food and wine festivals, take a shuttle to the North Fork or the Hudson Valley for a wine tour, or educate yourself with the coverage we provide of New York’s food and drink scene. However you indulge — be it through adventure, celebration, or curiosity — we’re here to make it easy, affordable, and most importantly, fun. Learn more at NewYorkWineEvents.com.

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Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea Wins Prestigious Good Food Award

Ethiopian Kossa Kebena coffee from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea has won a 2020 Good Food Award. The Columbus roaster was the only Ohio coffee winner.

One of the top honors in the food industry, the award recognizes companies creating a better American food culture.

Winners rose to the top in a blind tasting of 1,835 entries from 43 states. Besides epicurean excellence, they showed a commitment to sustainable social and environmental practices.

Crimson Cup Innovation Lab Manager Joe Capatosto accepted the award Friday, Jan. 17 at a star-studded awards ceremony at the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center.

“It was an incredible honor to represent Ohio among the country’s top craft coffee and food companies,” he said. “Together, we are working to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for coffee and the farmers who grow it.”

This is Crimson Cup’s second Good Food Award. Ethiopian Kossa Kebena won in 2017 and was a 2019 finalist.

Crimson Cup sources the coffee from Ethiopia’s Limmu region.

“Kudos to Abdulhi Sherif, owner and manager of Ketim Plc., and the farmers of the region for producing such an exceptional crop year after year!” said Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert. “Their organic growing methods yield great-tasting coffee while building soil health for the next great crop.”

A member of the Kossa Geshe co-op, the 1,000-hectare farm was established in 2009 to safeguard part of the country’s remaining dense forest.

“The farm grows heirloom variety coffee trees at an altitude of 5,000 to 6,200 feet,” said Sustainability and Education Director Brandon Bir.

“The coffee is dry processed on raised beds, then given a light roast by Crimson Cup,” he said. “The result is an exceptional coffee with a syrupy body and tasting notes of bright fruit and sweet berries.”

Bir has worked with the farm since 2016 through Crimson Cup’s Friend2Farmer direct trade initiative. The roaster supports environmental, economic and social efforts to sustain crops and communities.

“We developed Friend2Farmer to connect farmers and coffee consumers,” Bir said. “Consumers pay more for exceptional coffee. When growers earn more, they can invest in farms and communities.”

Now in its 10th year, the Good Food Awards celebrate tasty, authentic and responsible foods. The 17 categories include: beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, cider, coffee, confections, elixirs, fish, grains, honey, oils, pantry, pickles, preserves, snacks and spirits.

Entries passed a rigorous vetting to confirm they met Good Food Awards standards emphasizing fairness and transparency from seed to plate or cup. These include environmentally sound agriculture practices, sourcing transparency and responsible relationships throughout the supply chain.

Ohio coffee lovers can enjoy Ethiopian Kossa Kebena at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in Clintonville, Upper Arlington and Tallmadge, Ohio. A 16-ounce drip coffee sells for .50, and a pour-over drink costs .75. On the Crimson Cup website, 12-ounce bags of Kossa Kebena retail for .50.

About Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Columbus, Ohio coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea is the 2019 Golden Bean Champion for Small Franchise/Chain Roaster and Roast magazine’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year. Since 1991, Crimson Cup has roasted sustainably sourced craft coffee in small batches. It sells coffee to consumers and distributes wholesale coffee beans.

Through its 7 Steps to Success coffee franchise alternative program, the company teaches entrepreneurs to run successful coffee houses. By developing a coffee shop business plan, entrepreneurs gain insight into how much it costs to open a coffee shop.

Crimson Cup coffee is available through over 350 independent coffee houses, grocers, college and universities, restaurants and food service operations across 38 states, Guam and Bangladesh. The company also operates several Crimson Cup Coffee Houses. To learn more, visit crimsoncup.com, or follow the company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Ziggi’s Coffee Signs Deal to Bring a Café Drive-Thru to Castle Pines

Ziggi’s Coffee (http://www.ZiggisCoffee.com), the rapidly-growing Colorado-based franchise known for its fast and friendly drive-thru coffee service, is excited to announce that its first franchisees, Steve and Jill Anderson, have teamed up with family members Michelle and Matthew Wiley to bring Ziggi’s Coffee to Castle Pines, Colorado.

Residents of the Castle Pines area, Michelle and Matthew Wiley will be overseeing the new store, located at the site of a former coffee shop in a bustling shopping center at 7298 Lagae Rd. off Castle Pines Parkway.

“I have been looking for an opportunity like this for a while, so when the location opened up, I knew it was right for us,” said Michelle. “I’m very excited to bring the Ziggi’s brand of quality products to Castle Pines and to provide a gathering place for the community.”

This is the fifth franchise agreement for the Andersons, who currently operate locations in Loveland and Johnstown, Colorado. Another location is planned for Parker, Colorado. that will be operated by Steve’s mother. For them, Steve says, it’s a true family affair.

“Our family loves doing business with the Ziggi’s family,” said Steve. “As the company’s first franchisees, we have become really good friends with the founders, Brandon and Camrin Knudsen, as well as the entire Ziggi’s team. They provide a tremendous amount of support. It’s been a really great experience.”

So great, that the family plans to continue opening additional units into the future. Thanks to the company’s streamlined and duplicatable process, they have found their rhythm working together as a family.

Steve says, “It’s been fantastic. We’re only two years into it and there’s still so much untapped potential.”

The new location will be transformed into a Ziggi’s Coffee café and drive-thru over the next several months and will culminate with a special Grand Opening celebration for the community.

Individuals who are interested in franchising with Ziggi’s Coffee can find more information at http://www.ZiggisCoffee.com/franchise and are encouraged to get in touch with the Franchise Team by filling out an online inquiry form.

About Ziggi’s Coffee
Ziggi’s Coffee, the leading specialty coffee shop and drive-thru franchise, was recently named a 2019 Colorado Business to Watch by Colorado Biz Magazine, for representing the state’s thriving business ecosystem and promoting valuable growth opportunities. Ziggi’s Coffee is dedicated to serving only the finest sustainably-sourced coffee, uniquely handcrafted drinks, and amazing, locally-made breakfast, lunch and snack options. Founded in 2004, the Colorado-based company is on a mission to elevate the standard of service within the coffee shop industry. From specializing in a variety of great-tasting coffee and food items to providing fast and friendly service, the Ziggi’s Coffee brand is focused on creating a positive experience that is faster, more authentic and convenient for the demand of consumers seeking higher-quality coffee and food options on the go. In addition to its distinctive menu and superior service, Ziggi’s Coffee is also committed to making a positive difference in the local communities it serves. With 21 existing locations nationwide, and 25 additional units in development, Ziggi’s Coffee is positioned to quickly grow its presence in a variety of communities across the U.S.
To learn more about Ziggi’s Coffee and its franchising opportunities, visit http://www.ZiggisCoffee.com/franchise or follow Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Spacesuits of the Future, Today: ILC Dover Continues its Leadership in This Market

ILC Dover, the company that outfitted the Apollo astronauts and all subsequent NASA manned missions including current flights to the International Space Station – has launched a line of spacesuits for the nascent commercial space industry.

“Fifty years after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon – wearing one of our spacesuits – commercial space travel is poised to open the universe to a generation of astronauts,” said Patty Stoll, director of space systems. “ILC Dover’s Astrospace division has the proven spacesuit technology to protect future explorers who will venture beyond the bounds of Earth.”

The two new spacesuits are for Extravehicular Activity (EVA) and Launch Entry and Abort (LEA). Named Astro™ EVA and Sol™ LEA, the spacesuits are ready for customers to order now. “ILC Dover Astrospace is not waiting for the future of space flight to come to us. We look ahead to 2020 as if it were 2030.”

Astro™ EVA spacesuit made its debut to lawmakers on Capitol Hill during a United Technologies event on July 25. The event showcased the innovation brought to life in collaboration with Collins Aerospace.

“We can’t afford not to advance space travel”

Stoll believes continued space exploration is imperative, and that ILC Dover and other commercial companies will play an increasingly important role. “From our very beginning, humans have wondered what’s beyond the horizon and traveled in search of resources. We are a growing population living on a finite planet in an infinite universe. We have so much yet to learn about our place in the universe and how to survive into the future.

“For the sake of future generations, we can’t afford not to advance space travel,” she said. “It’s exciting to think about the possibilities with NASA, private industry and entrepreneurs all working toward that future.”

Increasing Access to Space…

Commercial space ventures are already speeding up innovation and reducing costs, promising to increase access to space. “Just look at SpaceX’s reusable boosters and Virgin Galactic’s air launches,” said Fran DiNuzzo, CEO of ILC Dover. “Patty and her ILC Dover space systems team are leading the same kind of innovation in spacesuit technology, building upon ILC Dover’s decades of experience with NASA.”

ILC Dover’s commercial suits bring a new level of comfort, ease of use and functionality. To meet the needs of commercial customers, the suits are simple to maintain and stow and make efficient use of existing hardware and technology.

Decades ago, ILC Dover custom-tailored each spacesuit for individual Apollo astronauts. The new line of commercial suits has a modular design that brings off-the-rack simplicity to some of the most technologically complex “outfits” ever designed. It makes the suits easily adaptable to different size wearers, reducing costs for future spacesuit customers.

… And Keeping Space Travelers Safe and Comfortable

Commercial space flight promises to make space for accessible, but no less challenging for humans who leave the comforting embrace of Earth’s atmosphere. Launch and re-entry are the most dangerous segments of any flight, and when it comes “time to leave the capsule” – to walk in space or on an alien world – there is no margin for error.

ILC Dover’s spacesuit designs are proven by more than 250 space flights, six moon landings and over 3,000 hours of spacewalks. “As far we know, that’s a safety record unmatched by any other company in the universe,” quipped Stoll.

“A garment failure on Earth can be an embarrassing ‘wardrobe malfunction;’ in space it would be disastrous,” said Stoll.

What to Wear Aboard

LEA(Launch, Entry and Abort) suits protect wearers in case of an emergency during launch and when entering Earth’s – or another planet’s – atmosphere. “Our Sol™ LEA model is engineered for ease of cabin entry and exit, quick hook-up to cabin connections and maximum maneuverability to operate vehicle controls,” said Stoll. “Sol™ comforts the wearer during the forces of launch and reentry, protects in case of cabin depressurization or fire and helps ensure safety and ease of rescue in the event of a launch abort or water landing.”

What to Wear When Stepping Out (into space)

An EVA (Extravehicular Activity) suit, by comparison, is its own miniature spaceship. “It has to function as a little Earth, providing oxygen, comfortable temperature and protection from radiation and space dust and debris – everything our atmosphere does to make life on planet possible,” said Stoll. “Plus, it has to provide mobility, especially for walking on extraterrestrial surfaces.”

The Astro™ model incorporates such innovations as step-in rear entry to simplify the process of getting dressed to go outside. “You don’t travel millions of miles to stay indoors,” said Stoll.

“Building for What is Ahead, Not What is Now”

ILC Dover Astrospace also builds inflatable space habitats for orbital and extraterrestrial use, along with decelerators already used to land NASA craft on Mars and demonstrated to work with larger payloads. “Some may say my ILC Dover Astrospace team is living in the future,” said Stoll. “And that’s the point. Preparing for the Apollo moon landings taught us that space exploration is about building for what is ahead, not what is now.”

About ILC Dover
Recognized globally for our flexible containment solutions, ILC Dover serves customers in a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, personal care, food and beverage, chemical, aerospace, healthcare and government agencies. At ILC Dover, quality is a culture, not a measurement. Our customers will tell you that we cater to their every need and that we’re highly innovative, responsive, dedicated and competitive. We have been innovating since 1947. ILC Dover’s visionary solutions improve efficiency, safeguard workers and product, and prevent disasters – proof that we are on the front line of business excellence.

Engineering evolution Beyond Boundaries™.

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Thirteen is a Lucky Number for Three Brothers Bakery Owners

Janice Jucker considers this year to be the “bat mitzvah” of her diagnosis because she was diagnosed with breast cancer thirteen years ago. Janice and her husband Bobby consider themselves lucky because she survived. Every year since her diagnosis the family bakery, Three Brothers Bakery, has had a bake sale to benefit Susan G. Komen Houston because this organization gave her support during her journey. The local Komen office had another survivor call her, and she stayed with her throughout her journey and is still a friend today. Most importantly the Juckers know it is because of the research done over the last 30 years toward finding a cure for breast cancer is what enabled Janice to call herself a survivor.

Janice was the 10th person on her mother’s maternal line to be diagnosed with breast cancer and third on her mother’s paternal line, yet she tests negative for a genetic mutation that could be a cause. Her doctors tell her there must be a mutation, but they still do not know what it might be. Janice does participate in a genetic study at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. It is for this reason she continues to support Susan G. Komen Houston. Janice said “there is a direct correlation between breast cancer survivorship and the inception of Susan G. Komen. They know who is doing the cutting edge research and who can help people get the screenings they need, which is why it is my charity of choice in this fight against breast cancer.”

Throughout her journey, she learned that sometimes the treatment can be harder on the people around you than it is on you. Because of this revelation, she made light of the difficult situation and threw a surgery party for her husband, fifth generation baker Bobby Jucker, and sister in the surgery waiting room with more than 50 of their closest friends and family members in attendance during her 11-hour surgery. A friend made a sign in book, so she would know who came to support her loved ones and even had a place for an uplifting note to Janice from her “party” attendees.

Janice learned from this experience that “we do not realize how much people care about you until you are facing adversity. They want to help you, so let them.” She said to tell them what you need at this time in your life. It helps to give you a positive attitude and willpower, so accept the support and help of friends and family.

The Three Brothers Bakery bake sale goes on the entire month of October at all three locations and online. A portion of proceeds from the sales of their signature pink ribbon baked goods will be donated to Janice’s race fund supporting Susan G. Komen Houston. The three stores are located at:

4036 S. Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025
12393 Kingsride Lane, Houston, TX 77024
4606 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007
Online at 3brothersbakery.com

About Three Brothers Bakery

The traditions of Three Brothers Bakery began in Chrzanow, Poland circa 1825, and were preserved despite the family’s concentration camp imprisonment during the Holocaust. Their miraculous liberation, and subsequent move to Houston, brought Eastern European scratch baking traditions to 4036 S. Braeswood Blvd, 12393 Kingsride Lane, and 4606 Washington Ave where the owners are now proud to call themselves “memory makers who happen to be bakers®.” Perfecting the process for almost 200 years, each day the fifth generation scratch bakers produce mostly dairy-free breads and pastries, cookies, a full line of specialty dessert cakes and pies, as well as custom birthday, special occasion, wedding and groom’s cakes using only the highest quality ingredients.

The Three Brothers Bakery pecan pie was named “the Best Mail Order Pecan Pie America has to offer” by Country Living magazine multiple times; bakery owner, Bobby Jucker, competed in the popular ‘Food Network Challenge’ and has been seen on Food Network’s Outrageous Food and other national food shows. Three Brothers Bakery won “Best Mail-Order Pies 2012” from Bon Appetit, as well as Modern Baking’s “2013 Retail Bakery of the Year” and was part of The Knot’s “2010-2013 Best of Weddings” and “Hall of Fame” picks. In 2019, the bakery won the SBA’s Family-Owned Small Business of the Year by the Houston division. Three Brothers Bakery was named one of “America’s 20 Best Bakeries” by The Daily Meal in 2016 and in 2017 blue ribbon champion at the American Pie Council’s National Pie Championship for their key lime pie in that category, and in 2018, the bakery’s Pumpecapple Pie Cake was featured on BuzzFeed’s ‘Worth It’ web series.

In 2018, Three Brothers Bakery received the SBA Phoenix Award for Small Business Disaster Recovery and encourages everyone to “shop disaster zones” to help small businesses recover after natural disasters.

Follow Three Brothers Bakery on Facebook and Twitter for Houston area news, information and events.

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Dutch Bros Coffee launches annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with new Dutch Creed mug

Dutch Bros Coffee will launch its annual #BeAware campaign Tuesday, Oct. 1, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The company will donate from each custom “Be Aware” mug sold in October to the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and Albie Aware. The mugs feature a new design each year; for 2019, the hot pink insulated mug features a line from the Dutch Bros creed, “Too strong for fear.”

"Loving on our customers and communities is one of the key values we have at Dutch Bros," said Travis Boersma, CEO and co-founder of Dutch Bros Coffee. "We wholeheartedly support OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and Albie Aware because they're working to make our communities healthier and giving our friends, family and customers the support they need to beat breast cancer."

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute in Portland, Oregon, is one of the pioneers in personalized cancer treatment and research. Its mission is to advance the early detection of cancer, when the disease is the most treatable, and end cancer as we know it. Albie Aware assists individuals in the Sacramento, California, area facing or fighting breast cancer by providing life-saving diagnostic testing, patient advocacy, prevention education and compassionate support.

Dutch Bros began its annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in 2013. To date, the company has donated more than .3 million to the advancement of breast cancer research.

"The support of Dutch Bros and its customers is truly inspiring," said Rebecca DeBo, assistant vice president of development for the OHSU and Doernbecher Foundations. "The programs customers help fund are making a real difference in the fight against breast cancer. Through research and education, we know we are on the path to ending cancer as we know it."

To find a location near you, visit http://www.dutchbros.com/locations.

About Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Coffee is the country’s largest privately held drive-thru coffee company, with more than 350 locations and approximately 12,000 employees in seven states. The company is headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon, where it was founded in 1992 by Dane and Travis Boersma. Dutch Bros serves specialty coffee, smoothies, freezes, teas, a private-label Dutch Bros Blue Rebel energy drink and nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee. Its rich, proprietary coffee blend is handcrafted from start to finish.

In addition to its mission of speed, quality and service, Dutch Bros is committed to giving back to the communities it serves. Through its Love Abounds Foundation and local franchisees, Dutch Bros donates several million dollars to causes across the country each year.

To learn more about Dutch Bros, visit http://www.dutchbros.com, like Dutch Bros Coffee on Facebook or follow @DutchBrosCoffee on Instagram.

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Chiktopia Outsmarts Leading Fast Food Brands with the Latest Self-serve Technology

The new restaurant concept at Intu’s Lakeside, harnesses the latest technology to offer a counter-less restaurant environment with 100% kiosk and app ordering, giving customers the best possible user experience. The founders’ vision is for Chiktopia to be recognised as the Home of Better Chicken in the UK and beyond.

As a better chicken concept founded and advised by a group of senior industry figures and led by Alastair Gordon, formerly of Ole & Steen and Jamie’s Italian, Chiktopia’s mission is to marry outstanding taste with the latest technology to offer good value food that customers crave and advocate.

The Chiktopia menu comprises fried and grilled chicken burgers, tenders, skinny fries, salads, wraps, house sauces, vegan “chicken” and thick dairy shakes. The menu is highly portable and customisable and has been designed to work equally well for eat-in, take-away, the fast-growing delivery market and drive-thru.

The new concept and Kurve’s software platform that drives it, delivers a new level of customer experience within the British fast food sector through a blended digital and traditional customer journey of speed, service and choice through a slick, quick and visually captivating kiosk and mobile app interface.
100% self-ordering, with the option to pay cash, Chiktopia’s staff are fully focused on food preparation and table service rather than transaction. Leaving it well positioned between KFC and Nandos to challenge the UK’s fast food and QSR sector.

Steven Rolfe, CEO of Kurve said: “Kurve’s platform and intuitive, visually tempting kiosk interface means we’ve created an end-to-end customer experience of sensory delight, choice, convenience, comfort and speed to rival some of the biggest players in the fast food market, with the added addition of that all-important human element of table service.”
Kurve’s all-in-one platform provides Chiktopia with all the software requirements to enable a smooth and fast journey, and scalability and agility to support the operator’s future expansion plans.

Steven Rolfe explained “Chiktopia’s new concept has demanded the highest level of design to ensure its core objectives of a smooth and quick user experience at all points of the customer journey whether instore, mobile or online are met.
“In terms of the user experience, we all believe there is no other kiosk offering like it both visually, the ease and speed of use and for operational management.

“The software was tailored to handle Chiktopia’s meal deal ordering and upselling of its extensive selection of products for a truly quick and customisable order. Everything from drinks, portion size, sauces can be customised with no complications for the customer or kitchen.

“For those who want to pay cash, we’ve included a feature to enable customers to simply print a ticket with a QR code and take it to the Kurve till point where the transaction is processed immediately.

“It is also designed to sell more and increase revenue through its advanced and integrated Como CRM functionality. Apart from the normal profiling and identification screen, Chiktopia have included an invite a friend feature, business feedback and transaction history. With all customer and transaction data ubiquitously fed into the Kurve PoS.

“From an operational perspective, the Kurve’s built-in fast food kitchen management system offers multiple kitchen management screens together with bump bars, to manage the food, order packaging and manages the control point to ensure the right customer gets the right order.”

For press enquiries please contact eliz.wheeler@kurvekiosks.com / 07976 687058
For solution and product enquiries, please contact Steve Rolfe steven.rolfe@kurvekiosks.com / 07920 599086

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Ahipoki Introduces New Vegan and Gluten Free Option Across Arizona and California Locations

Ahipoki is excited to announce a new vegan and gluten free alternative to tuna, Ahimi. This plant-based poke bowl option appeals to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and poke bowl fans alike. Ahimi is made of five simple ingredients including tomatoes, water, soy sauce, sugar, and sesame oil. With its meaty texture similar to tuna, Ahipoki customers will now have a vegan option when building their own custom poke bowls, salads and even tacos.

Ahimi is served in a house made sauce with hint of sweet onion, garlic, ginger and umami flavors. The new alternative to seafood has a broad appeal, not just vegetarians but flexitarians and those seeking alternative poke options while maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With twenty-five total restaurants throughout California and Arizona, Ahipoki is the largest corporately owned poke chain in America.

More information can be found at http://www.ahipoki.com

About Ahipoki:
The Ahipoki concept was born out of the desire of a restaurant group wanting to bring a much needed health-conscious California inspired seafood restaurant with a south pacific flair to its customers. Health-conscious poke bowl lovers can sit down and relax in a laid-back atmosphere all while enjoying the fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian flavors coupled with a fresh fish experience normally found outside of a quick-serve restaurant.

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Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen Opening in Branson, Missouri

Southern-inspired, mouth-watering dishes created by Paula Deen and her family will soon be available to the visitors of Branson, MO. The stunning 15,696 square-foot restaurant opens Monday, September 2, on the north end of Branson Landing.

The family-style concept is sure to make everyone’s experience at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen meaningful and unique. Guests can help themselves to endless portions of delicious, southern food as they pass dishes around with family and friends in a setting that feels like home. Entree, side dish, and dessert recipes are pulled from the pages of Deen’s cookbooks, including favorites such as her southern fried chicken. In fact, when she visits her Family Kitchen locations, she enjoys making her way back to the kitchen to show them how it’s done.

“Opening a door to a new restaurant never gets old,” Paula Deen said. “I had the opportunity to visit Branson and I knew it would be a perfect fit .”

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen successfully captures the elegance and history of Savannah, Georgia. Deen’s first restaurant, The Lady & Sons, officially opened in downtown Savannah in January 1996. The thriving restaurant had its roots as a lunch delivery service out of Deen’s home beginning in 1989. Current Paula Deen Family Kitchen locations include: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Destin, Florida, Panama City Beach, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Branson, Missouri.

“I have been humbled and overwhelmed by the amazing success of Lady & Sons and Family Kitchen and look forward to this new partnership,” Deen said.

At Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen restaurant, guests enter and exit through a Paula Deen retail store. Deen has hand-selected every item to reflect Savannah’s rich cultural heritage and luxurious tastes, steeped in decades of her family’s culture. In the store, guests can purchase all of Paula Deen’s products, including cookbooks, aprons and cookware. Many of the products will be found exclusively in her retail stores.

“We are very excited to welcome Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen to Branson Landing. This is a fantastic opportunity for guests to enjoy the warmth and hospitality created by Paula Deen as we bring her kitchen to people in the Branson area. The restaurant’s unique family-style southern food is a great addition to the development and a perfect fit for Branson as a family vacation destination,” said Rick Huffman, President and CEO of HCW, LLC. Branson Landing is owned and operated by HCW, LLC.

The restaurant will bring more than 100 jobs to the area as well as sales tax revenue, which will contribute to the local economy.

To learn more about Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, visit http://www.pauladeensfamilykitchen.com.

# # #

Paula Deen Biography 
Paula Deen is a restaurateur, television personality, New York Times’ Best-Selling author, and American icon, living in Savannah, Georgia, with her husband, Michael Groover. After starting her professional cooking career with her home-based catering company, The Bag Lady, Paula opened a small restaurant at a Best Western motel, The Lady, which eventually became her flagship restaurant with Bobby and Jamie, The Lady and Sons, five years later. Following the immediate acclaim of her restaurant, she published her first cookbook, 1998’s The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cookbook, made an appearance on QVC, and in 1999, USA Today food critic Jerry Shriver named The Lady and Sons “International Meal of the Year.” Since then, she’s hosted multiple television shows, written 18 books, and opened eight new restaurants with two more on the way. Her newest book, Paula Deen’s Southern Baking, is set to come out in September 2019.

Paula has been fortunate to develop product lines for everything from the kitchen and home to clothing, beauty, games, and pet foods and treats. Ever grateful for all she has been blessed with, Paula and her family continue to give back to the community. In 2012, Paula launched The Bag Lady Foundation, supporting issues of hunger that affect women and families across the country.

About HCW 
HCW is a nationwide real estate property development, management and hospitality company with 
offices in Wichita, KS, Branson, MO and Phoenix, AZ. Our diverse portfolio spans from full-service hotels to entertainment districts. For more information about HCW please visit http://www.hcwdevelopment.com or call 417.332.3400.

About Branson Landing 
Branson Landing is a 5 million – 95 acre public/private project spanning 1.5 miles of waterfront on the beautiful Lake Taneycomo, adjacent to historic downtown Branson, owned and operated by HCW, LLC. Branson Landing is home to over 100 shops, restaurants, and attractions, as well as the Hilton Promenade Hotel and a .5 million water and fire spectacular, anchored by Bass Pro Shops and BELK.

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Shiver’s BBQ included in Southern Living’s South’s Best of 2020 Readers Poll

Residents of Homestead and Miami, Fl have known for years about the “not so hidden” gem that is Shiver’s BBQ. This year, Shiver’s BBQ has been selected as one of five nominees for Best Florida BBQ Restaurant in Southern Living’s South’s Best 2020.

Southern Living is currently searching for the South’s Best, in multiple categories and locations, by way of an online reader’s poll. The feature will run in the Southern Living magazine sometime in the spring. Voting is now open and will run through September 16, 2019.

You can register your vote for Shiver’s BBQ at Southernliving.com.

Shiver’s BBQ is a family-owned and operated restaurant in Homestead, Fl. Shiver’s has been serving authentic hickory smoked barbecue for over 65 years! Shiver’s specializes in slow smoked meats such as baby back ribs, pork spare ribs, beef ribs, chicken, beef brisket, and pork.

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Limited Service Hotels Have Potential to Offer Room Service Through Tech Integration, Research Shows

New research shows potential for hotels to offer on-location dining through tech partnerships, without the F&B overhead. The findings come from a new white paper commissioned by iSeatz, a technology company providing digital booking experiences that integrate with loyalty programs, titled The Future of Room Service.

The report focused on consumers interest and usage in three main areas: traditional room service, and both food delivery and grocery delivery while traveling. Key findings include: 

  • 50% of leisure travelers and 51% of business travelers were either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to order food delivery from hotels for additional loyalty points.
  • Seven in ten respondents have great interest in local food experiences when traveling.
  • ‘Ease and convenience’ are the key motivating factors for ordering both traditional room service and online food delivery.
  • 67% of business travelers and 48% of leisure travelers have already used a food delivery app on a recent trip.

The number of hotels offering room has declined by 40% in a two-year period ending in 2016. Profits from F&B departments at hotels that offer room service are substantially lower than F&B departments are limited service hotels. Food delivery apps such as DoorDash, Grubhub and UberEats have continued to grow at substantial rates.

Download the entire white paper here.

Two of the top five largest hotel chains have already embraced food delivery. In November 2017, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) was the first hotel brand to launch a food delivery partnership, allowing members to earn IHG points for food delivery with Grubhub. In April 2019, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts launched a similar partnership with DoorDash as a way to facilitate in-room dining at their limited-service hotels, which make up approximately 80% of the hotel group’s portfolio.

“We found that the interest in room service is still very high with travelers,” said Kenneth Purcell, CEO of iSeatz. “Hotels can facilitate their loyal guests’ dining needs through an asset-light tech partnership with a food delivery partner, instead of creating an expensive room service program.”

This whitepaper is the third survey produced by Phocuswright and iSeatz. In Spring 2018, Business Travelers’ Demand for Ancillary Services was published as a companion piece to Hotel Ancillaries: An Unexplored Opportunity which focused on the leisure traveler’s interest in ancillary products.

About iSeatz 
iSeatz is a New Orleans based technology company, focusing on bringing together global travel brands with supply partners via a curated booking experience. With clients such as American Express, Expedia, Air Canada, IHG Hotels, and Wyndham Hotels, the iSeatz OneView Platform processes more than B in transactions, and 150B loyalty points annually.

iSeatz recently launched a hotel-specific product, intended to streamline ancillary offerings, and allow deep integration into hotel loyalty programs. The Ancillary Management System (AMS) offers robust reporting and thirteen product modules which allow hotels to offer everything from rental cars to live event tickets through a seamless, mobile-enabled user experience.

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FUNacho to Introduce New Patented Dual Head, Gravity Fed Food Dispenser for C-Stores at NACS 2019

FUNacho, a global supplier of concession food dispensers and products including cheese, chili, and condiments, is announcing the commercial availability of its patented new chili/cheese sauce dispenser at NACS 2019. The innovative gravity-fed dispenser utilizes bottle type cartridges for product containment and produces superior extraction rates compared to bag type dispensers. Food products contained in FUNacho cartridges are shelf-stable with zero pathogenic concerns.

The new dispenser is simple to load with no hoses to position or connect. The operator removes the cap from the cartridge, places a new dispensing cap on, slides the cartridges into the dispenser, and closes the door. The unit is then ready to use.

The FUNacho gravity fed dispenser holds a total of 300 ounces of product and features dual dispensing heads in a 10-inch-wide footprint. Two 75 oz cartridges are situated side-by-side on a lower tray and dispense warmed cheese sauce and/or chili. Two additional cartridges can be stored and simultaneously pre-heated on an upper tray. When the lower cartridges empty, they are simply removed from the dispenser and replaced with the ready-to-serve product from the upper tray. All FUNacho cartridges are fully recyclable.

FUNacho will be exhibiting at the NACS Show 2019 being held October 1-4, 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. FUNacho will exhibit in booth #8816.

About FUNacho
FUNacho is a global supplier of concession food dispensers and products including cheese, chili, and condiments. The company offers a patented gravity-fed, dual head food dispenser that uses bottle type cartridges; as well as a peristaltic pump type dispenser that uses bagged product.

Products include cheese sauces in bags, cartridges and portion control cups, chili sauces in bags and cartridges, as well as nacho tortilla chips and various complementary condiments. Customers include c-stores, movie theatres, sports venues,200 and other businesses within the hospitality industry.

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Borgo Egnazia Partners With Blue Zones to Expand Wellness Programming

Borgo Egnazia, an award-winning destination located in Puglia, Italy, has just partnered with Blue Zones to offer a series of science-based wellness retreats focused on longevity beginning in September 2019. The breathtaking property set among thousand-year-old olive trees is already known for its innovative wellness programming which capitalizes on local traditions, the regional Mediterranean diet and their award winning spa. Now a new international certification confirms their approach: Borgo Egnazia is the first hospitality partner in the world who will offer Blue Zones Retreats certified by the Blue Zones Institute®.

BLUE ZONES® is a ?trademark of Blue Zones, LLC, and reflects the lifestyle, traditions and the environment of the world’s longest-lived people. ?Dan Buettner, Blue Zones founder, is a National Geographic Fellow and multiple New York Times bestselling author. He discovered five places in the world – dubbed blue zones – where people live the longest, and are healthiest: Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, California. Blue Zones, LLC works with communities, cities, and campuses all around the world to optimize their systems and surroundings so that healthier choices are easier. Their groundbreaking approach has had marked success in improving the health and well-being of large populations and entire cities. This will be the core of the brand-new retreats.

The Borgo Egnazia BLUE ZONES Retreats will feature evidence-based solutions from the world’s longest-lived people delivered in a practical format that makes healthy living easy and sustainable. Activities include health-conscious meals and cooking classes based on the Blue Zones findings; movement sessions in the Puglian countryside; innovative workshops; and unique evening events. The retreats will be available at Borgo Egnazia twice in 2019 from September 16 to 21, 2019 and again from November 18 to 23, and four times in 2020 (March 16 to 21, May 4 to 9, September 7 to 12, and November 9 ?to 14).

“Borgo Egnazia has always had a strong commitment in delivering ‘happiness’ to people, both for its guests and staff,” said Aldo Melpignano, Founder and Managing Director of Borgo Egnazia. “After creating several innovative wellness programs focused on happiness, we realized that we wanted to implement a deeper science-based approach to deliver meaningful wellbeing experiences. We are thrilled to have partnered with Blue Zones for these innovative retreats that will provide our guests a practical format that makes healthy living easy and more sustainable.”

The retreat’s programming is in line with Buettner’s concept of the Power 9, the nine lifestyle habits that all five blue zone areas have in common. Borgo Egnazia personnel have been extensively trained in these evidence-based principles so that participants can be immersed in the traditions of the world’s longest-living cultures.

The Power 9 are:

MOVE NATURALLY: Blue zones centenarians dwell in environments that push them to perform moving naturally, or simple daily physical activity.

PURPOSE: Waking up in the morning knowing your purpose is worth up to seven years of extra life expectancy.

DOWN SHIFT: Stress leads to chronic inflammation and is associated with every major age-related disease. The world’s longest-lived people focus on routines that help shed stress and cultivate calmer mindsets.

80% RULE: The practice of stopping eating when eighty percent full.

PLANT SLANT: The best-of-the-best longevity foods are leafy greens such as spinach, kale, beet and turnip tops, chard, and collards. Combined with seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans, these healthy options dominate blue zones meals all year long.

WINE AT 5: Whether it’s a toast at sunset or a get-together with friends for happy hour, it has been found that moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers, especially if they share those drinks with company.

BELONG: Attending faith-based services four times per month—no matter the denomination—adds up to fourteen years of life expectancy.

LOVED ONES FIRST: Those who have become centenarians almost always put their family first by keeping aging parents and grandparents nearby, committing to a life partner, and investing in their children.

RIGHT TRIBE: The world’s longest–lived people choose, or were born into social circles that support healthy behavior.

Wellness tourism has grown into a 9 billion market and continues to grow, growing at double the pace of regular tourism. Well-being travel now means more than just a luxurious spa or yoga classes by the pool, and hotels and resorts are beginning to expand the definition of this rapidly evolving industry. Borgo Egnazia is ahead of the curve with their new research-driven BLUE ZONES Retreats, which aims to send their guests home healthier and happier than when they arrived, as well as better equipped to handle the everyday stressors of modern life.

The Borgo Egnazia BLUE ZONES Retreats are priced at €6,665 per person (approximately ,470) for the September session, and €5,140 (approximately ,760) per person for November.

ABOUT BLUE ZONES LLC: Blue Zones® employs evidence-based ways to help people live longer, better. The company’s work is rooted in explorations done by Dan Buettner, a National Geographic Fellow and New York Times best-selling author who identified five cultures of the world—or blue zones regions —with the highest concentration of people living to 100 years or older. The original research and findings were released in the bestselling books The Blue Zones, The Blue Zones Solution, Thrive, and The Blue Zones of Happiness. Using original Blue Zones research, Blue Zones works with cities and communities to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to a city's environment, policy, and social networks. Participating communities have experienced double-digit drops in obesity and tobacco use and have saved millions of dollars in healthcare costs. For more information, visit http://www.BlueZones.com.

ABOUT BORGO EGNAZIA: Borgo Egnazia, an award-winning destination located in Puglia, Italy, is inspired by the shapes, materials, and colors of a typical Apulian village. In less than ten years, the property has gained a unique position as a high-end travel destination, becoming a worldwide symbol of Puglian hospitality. Since 2010, Borgo Egnazia has been working on an elevated concept of hospitality and wellbeing based on local and authentic experiences. The main goal has always been to deliver “happiness” to guests, focusing on meaningful, tailor-made experiences rooted in local traditions. The breathtaking property, set among thousand-year-old olive trees, is already known for this innovative wellness programming, which capitalizes on local traditions, the regional Mediterranean diet and their award-winning VAIR spa. Open year-round, Borgo Egnazia has 63 suites, 92 casette (small houses), 28 villas, diverse restaurants, two beautiful private beach clubs, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and the San Domenico Golf Club. For more information, visit ?http://www.borgoegnazia.com

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M. 917.353.0202 http://www.ja-pr.com ?| @japrnewyork

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Crimson Cup Opens Fourth International Coffee House in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Columbus, Ohio coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea has opened its fourth international coffee shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The new Crimson Cup Coffee House Dhanmondi South is located at Rangs Fortune Square, House 32, Road 2 in the city’s Dhanmondi area. It joins Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in the Banani and Dhanmondi neighborhoods.

“We’re excited to open a second Crimson Cup Coffee House in the Dhanmondi neighborhood of Dhaka,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “The managing directors, managing partners and investors have created another inviting space for Dhanmondi coffee lovers to enjoy espressos, café mochas, lattes and other coffee drinks.”

Crimson Cup Bangladesh is a joint project of Managing Directors Mohaimin Mostafa and Rehanur Rahman and Managing Partners Tareq Rafi Bhuiyan and Ayesha Rawshan Bhuiyan.

“Dhanmondi is a huge residential area with a multicultural population, and our existing shop in Dhanmondi 27 was not sufficient to keep up with demand,” Mostafa said. “Our second outlet in Dhanmondi makes it much easier for customers to reach us.”

Crimson Cup Coffee House Dhanmondi offers a wide range of handcrafted hot, iced and frozen espresso drinks as well as hot and iced teas. The shop also features a brew bar, where baristas hand-pour craft coffees discovered during Crimson Cup’s sourcing trips all over the world. Fresh-baked pastries round out the menu, and customers can also buy bags of fresh-roasted beans to brew at home.

Mostafa said the Crimson Cup Mocha, served hot or frozen, is the most popular drink among younger customers. More mature customers prefer traditional cappuccino and café latte drinks.

Mostafa and the Bhuiyans enjoyed Crimson Cup coffee while studying at The Ohio State University in Columbus. When planning for their chain of coffee houses, they reached out for support through Crimson Cup’s 7 Steps to Success coffee franchise alternative program.

Based on Ubert’s book, Seven Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry, the program teaches prospective business owners all they need to open a coffee shop. Hands-on consulting covers everything from writing a coffee shop business plan and finding the right location to choosing equipment, hiring and training staff, attracting customers and more.

As part of the 7 Steps program, the new shop’s team of managers and baristas underwent five days of intense training with Crimson Cup 7 Steps Trainer Steve Bayless and Innovation Lab Ambassador Nate Bell to prepare for the opening.

“We love every single aspect of Crimson Cup: the service standard, the quality of beans, relationships with farmers, the volunteer work for the community, new product ideas and so much more,” Rahman said.

After opening four coffee houses since 2015, the Crimson Cup Bangladesh team continues plans for expansion. Managers are looking for locations in the cities of Sylhet and Chittagong, the resort city of Cox Bazar, and other sections of Dhaka, including Mirpur. They are also exploring development opportunities in India, Nepal and Thailand.

About Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Columbus, Ohio coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea is Roast magazine’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year. Since 1991, Crimson Cup has roasted sustainably sourced craft coffee in small batches, sold directly to consumers and as wholesale coffee beans. Through its 7 Steps to Success coffee franchise alternative program, the company also teaches entrepreneurs to run successful coffee houses. By developing a coffee shop business plan, prospective entrepreneurs gain insight into how much it costs to open a coffee shop. Crimson Cup coffee is available through more than 350 independent coffee houses, grocers, college and universities, restaurants and food service operations across 37 states, Guam and Bangladesh, as well as the company’s own Crimson Cup Coffee Houses. To learn more, visit crimsoncup.com

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Houston Texas New Seafood Restaurant Cajun Seafood Boil Now Open and We Are Known For Our Famous Secret Juicy Special ™ Sauce

The Juicy Crab ® Cajun Style Seafood Boil Restaurant is headquartered in Atlanta, GA is proud to announce their first location in Houston, Texas; is now open as of June 2019. This seafood boil restaurant offers a unique foodie experience unlike no other.

The Juicy Crab seafood brand has been recognized from Best of Gwinnett twice over, by its readers. The Juicy Crab has been featured on Atlanta Eats CBS Network Peachtree TV. It is hosted by Food Network's judge; Steak Shapiro, a judge on 'Food Truck Face Off'. On the Atlanta Eats food review segment, Steak Shapiro mentions, "...it's all about the sauce".

Celebrities love to drop in The Juicy Crab ® of such likes of, Tyler Perry, Bravo's 'Atlanta Housewives', and VH1 'Love & Hip Hop ATL' TV shows. Others include; Waka Flocka Flame, Bernice King, Clinton Powell, Yung Joc, and Dwight Howard, to name a few. So a stop in The Juicy Crab ® and view their Famous Photo Wall is a must see for any fan.

History: The Juicy Crab ® story starts long before the opening of the Duluth, Georgia's first corporate restaurant in 2015. The Chen family's inspiration ultimately came from New Orleans and from the world travels of Grandfather Chen. Grandfather Chen was a sailor who traveled the world, learning many different styles and ways of cooking seafood. One of the main influences that every family member loved, was the New Orleans Style way of cooking seafood, and The Juicy Crab ® wants to share it with everyone.

The Juicy Crab ® tagline reads "Juicy Never Tasted So Good" ™. The Juicy Special™ sauce is a blend of secret seasonings will have any guest coming back for more! Todd Strickland, VP of Marketing and Franchise Sales states, 'We welcome you to sit at our family table and will always treat you like a part of our family'. Find more information about our brand at http://www.TheJuicyCrab.com

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LycoBiotic – New Powerful Prebiotic with Health Benefits for Gut, Liver and Skin Rejuvenation - Great for Hot Chocolate, Tea and Coffee

Lycotec Ltd, a Cambridge UK based company, http://www.lycote.com, has just published results of a clinical study on its new prebiotic, LycoBiotic™, which is 1,000 – 4,000 stronger than fibre. For this trial the company used different nutraceutical capsule and chocolate formulations, which were based on a proprietary composition of GA lycopene, specially developed for elderly persons and for those with metabolic syndrome, fatty liver and related conditions. The product was tested on 30 middle-aged patients with moderate obesity and lasted for 4 weeks. The trial was led by a multi-discipline team from three countries, including cardiologists and experts in gut microbiome, skeletal muscle, liver and skin health.

The findings of the team were that a daily intake of this lycopene could specifically, and in a dose-dependent manner, increase the abundance of Bifidobacteria, one of the main probiotics responsible for support of the immune system in the gut. These changes in the microbiome were accompanied by a reduction in markers of inflammation and oxidative damage in the blood, improvement of liver, skeletal muscle parameters and reversal of age-associated changes in skin: 

One of the most striking findings in the trial was that the prebiotic effect of LycoBiotic™ was observed with a daily dose as low as 7 mg of lycopene, whilst for fibre this would be 30 g. This discovery, as stated by Dr Ivan Petyaev, the founder and CEO of Lycotec, opens up new possibilities not only to develop new compact fortified functional bites, treats and snacks but also drink shots or small size beverage products with prebiotic properties. 
Based on proprietary technology, Lycotec has in fact already developed a number of products with LycoBiotic™ such as prebiotic chocolate, prebiotic ice cream and prebiotic milk, which can be added to a cup of tea or coffee without change to their taste.

The company is now looking for investment and partnership to transfer already developed LycoBiotic™ food and beverage prototypes to their industrial production, and to bring to the market these new functional products, set to improve not only gut, liver and skeletal muscle health but also to support and rejuvenate our skin.

For more information please contact: info(at)lycotec.com

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Teriyaki Madness to Celebrate Opening in Lombard, Illinois on June 3

Husband-and-wife franchisee duo Nik and Rita Patel are gearing up for the opening of the first Teriyaki Madness in Illinois, officially opening its doors in Lombard on June 3. The Seattle-style teriyaki shop will offer huge, satisfying bowls of addicting flavors made with high-quality ingredients, like all-natural marinated chicken, steak, salmon and tofu with fresh, stir-fried vegetables and a base of steamed white, brown or fried rice or Yakisoba noodles. 
The new Lombard shop is located at 795 E. Butterfield Road, nicely situated between Oak Brook Mall and Yorktown Mall, and near both residential areas and corporate offices, as well. It is the first of three planned locations for the Patels.

Longtime area residents themselves, Nik and Rita are inviting locals out to celebrate the opening of their Teriyaki Madness shop with events beginning June 2 through June 6. The schedule of events and primary giveaways are: 

  • June 2: This Sneak Peek training event gives customers the chance to try Teriyaki Madness’ famous chicken teriyaki bowls for FREE! The first 100 people between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and again between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. will be offered a free entrée with the option to purchase drinks for and appetizers for . This is a training exercise open to the public before officially being open for business.
  • June 3-5: Junior and Regular Chicken Teriyaki Bowls for ALL in-shop customers
  • June 4: Grand Opening celebration event kicks off at 10:30 a.m. and the first five customers who order an entrée will win free bowls for a year, while the next 20 customers who order an entrée will win free bowls for a month
  • June 6: from every regular bowl purchased will be donated to Sharing Connections


The Patels have always had a dream of opening a restaurant together. Nik, who moved to the U.S. from India in the late 1990s, works in the IT field and was looking to add a business to his portfolio that hadn’t yet entered the Chicago market. When Nik tried teriyaki for the first time, he was hooked and began searching for a concept to bring back to Illinois.

Enter Teriyaki Madness.

The delicious food coupled with Rita’s restaurant experience — she worked for Wendy’s for 10 years throughout college and beyond, eventually moving into a management role — made Teriyaki Madness the perfect fit for the Patels to bring to Lombard for Illinois’ first location.

“The day we tried Teriyaki Madness’ spicy chicken teriyaki, I knew I was a big fan of the brand,” Nik said. “Our food is delicious, addictive, and travels well. There is no heat lamp or hot-held food; everything is always made fresh with healthy ingredients and delicious house-made sauces, however a customer wants it. Once you have a bowl, you’ll crave another.” Nik said.

Rita added, "The leadership of [Teriyaki Madness CEO] Michael Haith and his team is amazing. We wouldn't have been able to open the shop at our pace and in our chosen location without the brand’s real estate, construction, operations, training, and marketing support, guidance, and patience.”

“As Teriyaki Madness continues in its mission to introduce mouthwatering, bold-flavors to as many new markets as possible, we couldn’t be more excited to officially establish a presence in Illinois with Nik and Rita’s Lombard shop,” said Haith. “The Patels bring excellent experience and know-how to our franchise family and we’re looking forward to supporting their success as Teriyaki Madness continues to expand beyond Lombard and throughout Chicagoland.”

For more information about Teriyaki Madness of Lombard, visit the restaurant’s official website, http://www.TeriyakiMadness.com.

Teriyaki Madness, a fast-casual teriyaki shop concept, is committed to unconditionally satisfying guests by offering delicious, made-to-order Teriyaki dishes prepared with fresh, all-natural ingredients served quickly and at a reasonable price in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The simple menu lets guests choose their protein, type of rice or noodles and desired vegetables for a fully customizable bowl made as healthy as the customer wants. The brand is dedicated to “Spreading the Madness” so everyone can experience the best teriyaki on earth. Teriyaki Madness was recently recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Franchise 500 company and by Franchise Business Review for their Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction award two years in a row. The brand also ranked on the top half of the Inc. 5000 list in 2017 with three-year sales growth of 171 percent. Teriyaki Madness was founded in 2003 and currently has franchise agreements for nearly 150 shops in the United States. Teriyaki Madness offers franchising opportunities nationwide for their concept to qualified single and multi-unit candidates. For more information, visit http://www.franchise.teriyakimadness.com or email franchise(at)teriyakimadness.com.

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True Terpenes to Testify at FDA Hearing on Hemp, Terpene Food Use

David Heldreth, Chief Science Officer for True Terpenes, will represent the expanding hemp and terpene markets at the Food and Drug Administration hearing on hemp May 31, 2019.

Terpenes are the compounds responsible for the scent and taste of plants such as lavender (linalool), rosemary (alpha-pinene) and hops (myrcene) and even cannabis. True Terpenes is a Portland, Oregon based company focused on utilizing botanically-derived terpenes to replicate the aroma, flavor and effects of cannabis. The lack of any actual cannabis allows their products to be food grade and utilized in food, drink and related products. This is because currently even hemp-derived terpenes are not technically allowed in food products.

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp production on the federal level and removed the plant and its derivatives from the controlled substances act. The farm bill also created a lot of unanswered questions, especially those related to human consumption of hemp products. The bill legalized cultivation, processing and possession of hemp, but left the FDA to regulate it as it does other food items.

Under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) and the 1992 Supplement Act it is against the law for a food or supplement to contain an item that was approved as a drug before it was available as a food item. Due to GW Pharmaceuticals’ approval for Epidiolex the FDA is currently blocking the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in food and related products.

The FDA has recently moved to exercise its authority to research a new regulatory framework for hemp products containing CBD, terpenes and other ingredients. The FDA says the goal of the public hearing is to obtain scientific data and information about the safety, manufacturing, product quality, marketing, labeling, and sale of products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds.

Heldreth said True Terpenes is attending the hearing in hopes of educating the FDA on how hemp is processed for terpenes, terpenes safety as food items and manufacturing standards for public safety.

“Steam distillation is a common technique that has been used for botanical extraction for thousands of years,” Heldreth said. “We recognize the FDA has concerns about cannabinoid extractions. The beauty with steam distillation is that it does not extract the heavier cannabinoids, but can extract terpenes from hemp for use in food, drink or industrial uses.”

Heldreth pointed to the True Grade system his company has devised as a model standard for the industry to adopt for consumer safety. While food grade is a designation regulated by the FDA and related laws, True Grade is representational of the toughest standards for cannabis inhalation products in the United States. Currently, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington each have independent regulations for the testing of pesticides, solvents, heavy metals and other contaminants. True Grade takes the strictest regulations from each state as the baseline to ensure True Terpenes’ products are safe and compliant.

The FDA is currently accepting written and digital comments for those who are unable to attend. Cannabis and hemp industry representatives are encouraged to contact True Terpenes for more information.

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The 14th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party On Governors Island “Countdown To The Twenties”


Each hour draws us not only nearer to the 100th anniversary of Prohibition and the rebellious Jazz Age it triggered but to the most glamorous and entertaining event of the summer – JAZZ AGE LAWN PARTY. June 15-16, 2019 Saturday & Sunday, August 24-25, 2019 Saturday & Sunday.

Enjoy our new LATER HOURS of Noon – 6 pm, reduced admission prices, Aperol Spritzes, cocktails, rosé, and gourmet picnicking.

And, of course, take in the finest Jazz Age entertainment and dancing in the world. 
Join us this summer as the clock winds down to this incredible and historic milestone. 
Our 14th year on Governors Island will be one for the ages!

Now celebrating our 14th year, the Jazz Age Lawn Party has awoken the vibrations of a timeless zeitgeist. Originating as a small gathering of friends longing for the simpler charms of a bygone era, the event has evolved into an international destination, the world’s most beloved and longest running event of its kind. The vibrant optimism and inventiveness of Jazz Age culture and its living legacy continue to resonate with generation after generation.

Governors Island becomes the backdrop for this cultural phenomenon for the fourteenth year this summer. This trip through time begins with a breezy ride aboard a ferry boat with breathtaking views of Manhattan and Lady Liberty en route to NYC’s hidden gem, Governors Island. Once ashore, a sprawling green awaits, nestled under a canopy of century-old trees, caressed by fresh sea air, surrounded by historic architecture—a dream where the clock stops, nestled right in the heart of New York Harbor.

Refreshing summer cocktails will feature APEROL SPRITZ, our signature cocktail, as well as Prohibition Distillery, makers of Bootleggers 21, the official gin and vodka of Jazz Age Lawn Party, crafted in Roscoe, NY. Chilled VieVité, Côtes de Provence Rosé, ice cold beer, lemonade, and soft drinks will also be on hand. Widely anticipated by flappers, sporting gents and tiny tots alike, the event has been revered year after year by The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vogue and countless media around the globe. Some of our fabulous new features include great new ticket package bargains, even shorter lines, gourmet food trucks, and other special surprises. As always, a delightful array of offerings abounds throughout the day.

PERFORMANCES: *MICHAEL ARENELLA AND HIS DREAMLAND ORCHESTRA is the world’s premier Jazz Age dance orchestra, specializing in the Hot-Jazz of the 1920s. Conductor, composer, musician, and crooner Michael Arenella presents a personally transcribed, one-of-a-kind songbook for your listening and dancing pleasure *DREW

*RODDY CARAVELLA AND THE CANARSIE WOBBLERS – this fun-loving dance troupe conjures the rebellious and exuberant spirit of Roaring ‘20s youth

*GELBER & MANNING BAND – feuding vaudevillian lovebirds quarrel, coo and make beautiful music together

*QUEEN ESTHER – paying tribute to jazz royalty of yore

*PETER MINTUN – world’s greatest piano man


*DANCE LESSONS turn you into an Oliver Twist who knows the hottest dance moves of the decade

*VINTAGE PORTRAITS – You Ought To Be In Pictures, perched upon one of our Paper Moons

*BATHING BEAUTIES AND BEAUS PROMENADE – pull that itchy wool number out of the mothballs and parade it for all to admire (For entry email: bluevoon@aol.com)

*1920s MOTORCAR EXHIBITION get up close and personal with flivvers and Tin Lizzies

*CHARLESTON DANCE CONTEST see who’s the Bee’s Knees in this lighthearted dance-off

*THE HIGH COURT OF PIE CONTEST (Sunday, August 25thonly) 
(For entry email: govislandpie@gmail.com)

*KIDLAND carnival games and prizes for juniors and Flapperettes



*TWO STAGES featuring the finest Jazz Age entertainment in the world all throughout the day 

  • Refreshing summer cocktails including APEROL SPRITZ - the signature cocktail of the Jazz Age Lawn Party and well as retro cocktails featuring PROHIBITION DISTILLERY’s infamous Bootlegger 21 vodka and gin, as well as Q SODA.


*HALF-PRICE Vievite’ Provencal Rose, by the glass or bottle, available in all “Rose Lover” and “Bonnie & Clyde” packages. ( a glass, a bottle!!)

*Also featured in all “Rose Lover” and “Bonnie & Clyde” packages: 
La Mere Poulard Butter Cookies, Ritter Sport Chocolate, Belvoir Lemonade, Kusmi Exotic Iced Tea, FOUND Sparkling Water and more surprises from our sponsors!

*RADEBERGER PILSNER presents a pop-up Beer Garden, featuring iced cold beer ON-TAP

*POP-UP BARBER SHOP by PRORASO, the Italian men’s grooming brand. Get a facial treatment or shave, right on the lawn!

*C.O. BIGELOW ROSE LOUNGE – Ladies will enjoy a respite from the Summer heat (fainting couch included) and a place to freshen up with roses, featuring some of Bigelow’s favorite rose-themed products: C.O. Bigelow’s new Iconic Collection Body Care in West Village Rose scent, cult classic Rose Salves and Rosewater Spritz Stations featuring Gülsha Ultimate Rosewater.

*GOURMET PICNIC MARKET featuring New York’s fanciest picnicking fare and gourmet food trucks along with sweet treats, ice cream, and old-time snacks. Plenty of old fashioned lemonade, soda, juices, water, and iced tea to whet your whistle 

  • PAPER MOON PHOTO BOOTHS - New and Improved this year, hosted by POP SHOP PHOTOBOOTH, will print your portraits ON-THE-SPOT to take home!


*CHILDREN’S PARADE – Sundays, June 16th (Father’s Day) and August 25th, 3 pm at the MAIN STAGE. 
Open to all adult-supervised children 12 and younger. 
Vintage-inspired kiddie-couture encouraged! 
Prizes for kids and Dads on Father’s Day! 
To participate, please bring your baby-faced beauties to the MAIN STAGE at 3 pm on the Sunday of each event weekend.

*VINTAGE CLOTHING VENDORS AND ARTISANS – a veritable village of timeless treasures and inspired creations to take home

*DREAMLAND GENERAL STORE – for your comfort and convenience offers picnic blankets, parasols, hand fans, assorted sundries & more

Facebook.com/JazzAgeLawnParty | Facebook.com/MADreamlandOrchestra Instagram: @JazzAgeLawnParty | @MADreamland Twitter: @JazzAgeNYC | @MADreamland #JazzAgeLawnParty #JALP2019

For Tickets, visit: http://www.JazzAgeLawnParty.TicketFly.com

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HOLLOWAY AMERICA Promotes Long-Time Director to President

HOLLOWAY AMERICA, a leading producer of stainless steel pressure vessels with 150 employees, recently welcomed long-time Director of Marketing Randy Colwell as its new president. Colwell took over the leadership position from David Simpson, who is now HOLLOWAY AMERICA’s chief executive officer.

Colwell has worked in the Springfield, Mo. stainless steel fabricationcommunity for close to 20 years. A 2002 graduate of Missouri State University, Colwell began his career as a sales engineer at Precision Stainless in 2000. In 2006, Colwell joined HOLLOWAY AMERICA. For the past 13 years, Colwell has been a key member of HOLLOWAY’s sales team in addition to his marketing and day-to-day management roles.

In his new role as President, Colwell will retain much of his day-to-day focus on sales and customer relationships and will gradually take on more management of high-level company operations from Simpson.

“For the past 13 years, I’ve had my sights set on growing HOLLOWAY as a leading provider of pharmaceutical tanks, equipment, and components. I want our product and service innovations to be top-of-mind across the industries we serve,” said Colwell. “I’m blessed to be part of a company where everybody shares that dedication to going above and beyond. I’m looking forward to continuing us down that path.”

Plans for Future Growth

HOLLOWAY AMERICA’s drive to grow as an innovative provider of stainless steel pressure vesselsand pharmaceutical tanks remains steadfast as its leadership transitions into a new era. “We’re as committed as ever to crafting and engineering product innovations that push industry boundaries. Our goal has always been to solve our clients’ problems in ways they never thought possible,” said Colwell.

He continued, “We’ll be debuting some of our latest innovations throughout 2019 at trade shows like INTERPHEX in New York City. Trade shows are always a great way to showcase our latest and greatest developments and meet new client partners who can benefit from them.”

An Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Ethics

In addition to its status as one of Missouri’s few certified companies in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s SHARP safety recognition program, HOLLOWAY AMERICA was recently presented a Better Business Bureau (BBB) TORCH Award for BBB Serving Eastern & Southwest Missouri & Southern Illinois. The award reflects HOLLOWAY AMERICA’s ongoing commitment to excellence in customer service, workplace standards, and quality products. HOLLOWAY AMERICA also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

“At HOLLOWAY, having an ethical approach to the experience our employees, customers, and suppliers have with our company is second nature,” said Colwell at the time of the award. “From exceptional career benefits for our 150 employees to personal relationships with our customers, the cornerstone of HOLLOWAY’s mission is to make life better for every person whose life we touch.”


HOLLOWAY AMERICA provides pressure vessel fabrication services and stainless steel pressure vessels for a multitude of applications and industries, from pharmaceutical to chemical to food and beverage. HOLLOWAY AMERICA partners with associations representing the steel fabrication and engineering industries, including ASME and ISPE, as well as holds an “R” Stamp Certificate of Authorization for repair and/or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

For more information about HOLLOWAY AMERICA’s Torch Award recognition or to learn more about its products and services, contact a representative at 417-863-0077 or by email at info(at)HollowayAmerica(dot)com.

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Susan Lord MD: Physician Burnout Can Be Relieved And Prevented By Using Food as Medicine

Holistic physician Susan Lord MD will speak on “Food as Medicine” at The American Meditation Institute (AMI) 31-credit hour CME conference for physicians and other health care providers, October 22-26, 2019 at the Cranwell Resort and Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts. Entitled “The Heart and Science of Yoga,” this year’s 11th annual comprehensive training on Yoga Science as holistic mind/body medicine is accredited by the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association to help identify, prevent and relieve physician stress and burnout.

At the upcoming conference, Dr. Lord will explain how Yoga Science can help physicians understand how what the mind-body needs to reestablish optimal balance and function. According to Dr. Lord: “This non-profit educational organization has been bringing together accomplished, dynamic medical professionals in support of physician wellness for 11 years. Collectively, The American Meditation Institute has taught thousands about how Yoga Science uses "food as medicine" to help heal the physical, mental and emotional imbalances in the human mind-body-sense complex. The practice of AMI Meditation and its allied disciplines optimize physiologic function from the cellular level on up––building health and resilience. As Hippocrates taught long ago, food actually is medicine. For most people, when they choose what to eat, they choose their state of health and balance.”

Dr. Susan Lord graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and is in private practice in Great Barrington, MA focusing on prevention and treatment through mindful living and lifestyle changes. From 1996-2007, she served as Course Director for the “Food as Medicine” program at the Center for Mind/Body Medicine in Washington, DC.

The entire “Heart and Science of Yoga” CME curriculum provides quality, comprehensive and evidence-based education to physicians and other health care providers. In addition to “Food as Medicine,” topics this year will include a comprehensive overview and instruction on AMI Meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, mantra science, yoga psychology, epigenetics and neuroplasticity, resilience, mind function optimization, Ayurveda, easy-gentle yoga, lymph system detoxification and how to use the chakra system as a diagnostic tool.

The dedication, enthusiasm, and teaching methodology of the entire AMI faculty create a dynamic and interactive, networking experience for their students. In addition to Dr. Lord, other presenters will include Leonard Perlmutter, AMI founder and conference director; Dr. Robert Schneider MD, Dean of the College of Integrative Medicine and Director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University; Anthony Santilli MD, board certified in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, PhD, Director of Research for the Kundalini Research Institute, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School; Renee Rodriguez-Goodemote, MD, Medical Director of the Saratoga Hospital Community Health Center; Jesse Ritvo MD, Assistant Medical Director, Inpatient Psychiatry, University of Vermont Health Center; Joshua Zamer, MD, Medical Director for Addiction Medicine at Saratoga Hospital Community Health Center and Chairman of the Department of Family Practice; Anita Burock-Stotts, MD, board certified in Internal Medicine; Kristin Kaelber MD, PhD, board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Janine Pardo MD, board certified in Internal Medicine; Gustavo Grodnitzky PhD, Chair of the AMI Psychological Education Committee; Jenness Cortez Perlmutter, faculty member of The American Meditation Institute, and Lee Albert, NMT, acclaimed neuromuscular therapist and gentle yoga instructor.

According to AMI founder and program director Leonard Perlmutter, “‘The Heart and Science of Yoga’ conference attendees can learn first-hand how to positively improve or eliminate the challenging symptoms of stress-related burnout and chronic complex diseases.” Joel M. Kremer, MD, who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology in Albany, New York and a recent AMI conference participant, is in full agreement. “This teaching has been an enormous benefit in my personal and professional life. I have less stress, more focus, and am able to serve my patients with greater clarity. It becomes surprisingly easy now to recognize the many clinical situations in which patients with somatic manifestations of 'dis-ease' could greatly benefit from Yoga Science.”

In addition to Dr. Kremer, numerous medical pioneers and healthcare professionals such as Dean Ornish MD, Mehmet Oz MD, Larry Dossey and Bernie Siegel MD have also endorsed AMI’s core curriculum. Following last year’s conference, Claudia Copelin DO from East Hartford, Connecticut said, “This was probably the best CME course I’ve ever attended. It provided useful information and practices that I can share with others, and taught me how to focus on my own health and well-being.”

About the American Meditation Institute 
The American Meditation Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization devoted to the teaching and practice of Yoga Science, meditation and its allied disciplines as mind/body medicine. In its holistic approach to wellness, AMI combines the healing arts of the East with the practicality of modern Western science. The American Meditation Institute offers a wide variety of classes, retreats, and teacher training programs. AMI also publishes “Transformation” a bi-monthly journal of meditation as holistic mind/body medicine. Call 518.674.8714 for a mail or email subscription.

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TEKLYNX International’s Robert Lenski Named to the 2019 Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain

TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider, today announced Solutions Engineer Robert Lenski has been named a 2019 Food Logistics Champions: Rock Star of the Supply Chain by Food Logistics. The esteemed list, featured in the March 2019 issue of Food Logistics magazine, recognizes influential individuals in the food and beverage industry whose achievements, hard work, and vision have shaped and attained milestones in safety, efficiency, productivity and innovation through the global food supply chain.

“I’m proud to be named a 2019 Food Logistics Champion: Rock Star of the Supply Chain because it’s testament to TEKLYNX’ keen ability to think outside the box, push boundaries, and forge strong relationships to ensure the continued advancement of barcode and RFID labeling within the global food supply chain,” states Lenski. “Our commitment to doing things the right way, eliminating re-work and ensuring accuracy result in vast improvements for companies throughout the food and beverage industry.”

A TEKLYNX team member for nearly a decade, Lenski has helped world-leading food and beverage companies successfully implement enterprise-level barcode labeling software solutions that improve labeling speed and efficiency. From labeling design to print, Lenski continuously leverages his expertise to transform disjointed labeling environments and systems into high-performing supply chain solutions that leverage a single, unified global platform – positioning food and beverage companies to better serve their customers.

TEKLYNX is the only barcode labeling solutions provider to offer subscription licensing – allowing food and beverage manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to start using TEKLYNX for a low cost of entry – while offering a portfolio of tiered solutions that are designed to grow with companies over time. To view the 2019 Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain list visit foodlogistics.com and to learn more about TEKLYNX barcode labeling software solutions visit teklynx.com.

About TEKLYNX International 
TEKLYNX International is the world’s leading barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider. An industry innovator for over 30 years, TEKLYNX helps companies operate smoothly and efficiently by implementing labeling solutions that streamline operations while staying ahead of industry-specific compliance and emerging regulations. TEKLYNX is world-renowned for its customer service; offering flexible purchase options, unparalleled service and support, and a comprehensive product offering that grows with companies over time. With operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, Latin America, China and Singapore, more than 750,000 companies in over 170 countries look to TEKLYNX integrated software solutions for their standard of success. Learn more by visiting teklynx.com, LinkedIn, Twitter @Teklynx, and Facebook.com/TEKLYNXInternational or call 888-629-4444. 

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NUCU Introduces Professional-Grade Premium Bakeware and Cookware at the 2019 International Home + Housewares Show

NUCU® a brand for the sophisticated home chef that enjoys creating meals and moments meant to be savored, will exhibit its superbly crafted collection of bakeware and cookware at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, March 2-5, in booth S4413. Built to last, NUCU products are constructed with premium materials and an enhanced design that make them both elegant and practical.

The professionally inspired NUCU product lines of bakeware and cookware are designed based on 145 years of experience in manufacturing baking and cooking equipment for the professional foodservice industry from its parent company Vollrath – a brand that is found in both the back and front of restaurants and hotels around the world.

NUCU Bakeware 
NUCU bakeware is light weight and strong and makes baking hassle-free. Made in America, the sheet pans and cookie sheet are constructed of 100 percent commercial-grade aluminum that provides even heat distribution. The gold, nonstick coating provides exceptional durability, ensures food doesn’t stick, is easy to clean, and helps prevent overbrowning compared to darker colored, aluminized steel bakeware. The sheet pans, cookie sheet, mats and accessories enhance baking and cooking results and are all dishwasher safe.

The collection includes the following products:

Gold-Coated Nonstick Sheet Pan 
Sizes: Small 9.5” x 13,” Medium 18” x 13,” Large 21” x 15” 
The Gold-Coated Nonstick Sheet Pans are ideal for baking cookies, roasting vegetables or freezing fruits and vegetables. A galvanized, non-rusting rod in the two larger sizes prevent the pans from warping in the oven. They are ideal for use at up to 450°F (232°C) and available with optional accessories like covers and cooling racks.

Gold-Coated Nonstick Cookie Sheet 
Sizes: 17” x 14” 
The 14 gauge, Gold-Coated Nonstick Cookie Sheet is great for baking multiple batches of cookies for years on end. It features an edgeless design, which allows the easy transfer of finished baked goods, and its silicone handle ensures a secure grip and can easily be removed for cleaning. It is ideal for use at up to 450°F (232°C).

Pastry and Baking Mats 
Sizes: Baking Mats fit small, medium and large sheet pans; Pastry/Baking Mats fit medium and large sheet pans 
The commercial-grade silicone Pastry and Baking Mats are designed for home use in convection and conventional ovens, refrigerators and freezers, and they are dishwasher safe. The mats are ideal for freezing foods, making candy or rolling pastries. Naturally nonstick, foods release quickly and easily without oiling or greasing the surface, making this a healthy baking alternative and more environmentally-friendly than parchment paper.

NUCU Cookware

The NUCU cookware collection is designed with commercial durability for the home kitchen. All pots and pans are manufactured with five layers of premium stainless steel and aluminum for exceptional heat conductivity and cooking performance. Each pan is fitted with riveted handles that ensure a long-lasting, secure fit to the cookware body – whether on a stove top or in the oven. The ergonomic, encapsulated handle of the NUCU sauce pots, sauté pans and fry pans is designed for maximum comfort and balance. NUCU cookware is NSF-certified, offers superior heat diffusion and works on all range types, including induction.

The collection includes the following products:

Stock Pot with Lid 
Sizes: 4-, 9.5- and 14-quart 
The Stock Pot is paired with a lid that makes the home chef’s life easier. First, the practical recessed lip of the lid, with a concave design, lets condensation fall back onto the food to keep the moisture level consistent. Second, the dimpled center allows the lid to be temporarily rested on the pan edge for stirring accessibility and venting.

Sauce Pot with Lid 
Sizes: 1.7-, 2.2-, 3.5- and 5.5-quart 
The Sauce Pot is ideal for simmering meat or vegetable stocks, slow-cooking soups, chili and stews, and boiling pasta. The 5.5-quart features a helper handle with ample space between handle and cookware body for safe handling and room for potholders.

Flat Sauté Pan with Lid 
Sizes: 2.2-, 3.5- and 4.5-quart 
The Flat Sauté Pan can withstand years of heavy use in the home kitchen and is perfect for a variety of techniques including: browning, sautéing, searing, sir frying and poaching.

Curved Sauté Pan 
Sizes: 2.2-, 3.5- and 5.5-quart 
The Curved Sauté Pan is a cross between a fry pan and a sauce pot and offers maximum versatility whether making a sauce, a stir-fry or sautéing vegetables. The 5.5-quart features a helper handle with ample space between handle and cookware body for safe handling and room for potholders. Lids are sold separately.

Natural and Nonstick Fry Pans 
Sizes: 8-, 9.5-, 11- and 13-inch 
The Natural or Nonstick Fry Pans feature flared sides and a flat bottom to make flipping contents easy. Lids are sold separately.

NUCU is available for sale at nucu.com and at specialty retailers in New Jersey, Georgia, Iowa and Wisconsin.

About NUCU 
NUCU® offers consumers a line of professionally inspired bakeware and cookware manufactured by The Vollrath Company, LLC, a leading manufacturer of products for the commercial foodservice industry. The brand makes Vollrath’s professional-grade craftsmanship available for purchase online and at select retailers in a collection designed for the sophisticated home chef. For more details, visit nucu.com.

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Joseph Phelps Vineyards Appoints La Place de Bordeaux

Joseph Phelps Vineyards is pleased to announce that its flagship wine Insignia and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon will be internationally distributed outside of North America by prestigious Bordeaux négociant houses CVBG, DUCLOT and JOANNE.

“We are delighted to partner with these three internationally-renowned négociants and we are confident that they will further expand global distribution of Insignia and Joseph Phelps Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon,” stated Mike McEvoy, Vice President, Director of Sales of Joseph Phelps Vineyards. “As we enter our 47th year of winemaking excellence, we look forward to working with CVBG, DUCLOT and JOANNE to increase our international exposure.”

Founded in 1973, Joseph Phelps Vineyards is a family-owned wine estate. First produced in 1974, the now iconic Joseph Phelps Insignia is Napa Valley’s original proprietary blend of red Bordeaux varieties. Joseph Phelps controls and farms nearly 400 acres of vines throughout the Napa Valley and 100 acres of vines on the western Sonoma Coast.

In a joint statement the négociants said: “Joseph Phelps was one of the great visionaries of the Napa Valley and the Phelps family has largely contributed in making the Napa Valley one of the most prestigious wine regions.

“Insignia and Joseph Phelps Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon have known an extremely large success in the US market where they are recognized by critics, professionals and consumers as leaders. We want to extend this success outside the US. Our three companies, CVBG, Duclot, and Joanne, feel honored and privileged to take the international presence and reputation of these legendary names further.”

The 2016 vintage releases of Insignia and Joseph Phelps Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon will be available internationally beginning in September 2019 through the three négociants. Phelps will continue working with exclusive importers for representation of other select wines from the Joseph Phelps portfolio.


About Joseph Phelps Vineyards 
Joseph Phelps Vineyards is a family-owned winery committed to crafting world class, estate-grown wines. Founded in 1973 when Joe Phelps purchased a former cattle ranch near St. Helena, the winery now controls and farms 390 acres of vines in Napa Valley on eight estate vineyards in St. Helena, the Stags Leap District, Oakville, Rutherford, Oak Knoll District, Carneros and South Napa. In pursuit of an ideal location to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, in 1999 the Phelps family purchased land near the town of Freestone on the western Sonoma Coast, planted 100 acres of vineyards, and built a dedicated winery. Phelps is best known for its flagship wine, Insignia, a Napa Valley blend of red Bordeaux varieties first produced in 1974. The winery offers a variety of tasting and culinary experiences seven days a week by prior appointment. More information can be found at http://www.josephphelps.com.

About the négociant houses

CVBG: A major Fine Wine house renowned for its unparalleled distribution network, state of the art warehousing, and cutting-edge information system, CVBG is committed to bringing added value and innovation to its loyal customers and the estates that entrusted it with their wines. http://www.cvbg.com

DUCLOT: A major distributor of top wines since 1886, the Duclot Group owns a stock of several million bottles and large formats. Duclot belongs to the Moueix family, owners of Petrus in Pomerol via their holding company Videlot. http://www.duclot.com

Maison JOANNE: As export leader with a stock of several million bottles of Fine Wines, Maison Joanne has developed a vast worldwide network of distributors, carefully chosen for their ability to ensure optimal promotion of each and every wine. Founded in 1862, Joanne remains family owned and is run by the 6th generation of the Castéja family. http://www.joanne.fr

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Real Food Blends Launches 2nd Annual 12 Days of Holiday Magic Campaign

Real Food Blends, makers of 100% real food meals for people with feeding tubes, and the company that started a real food revolution in the medical community, is giving back this December with its 2nd annual 12 Days of Holiday Magic campaign. As a way to thank customers for their overwhelming support, the company will be giving away cases of meals and Visa gift cards every day for 12 days, as well as donating a percentage of their website sales to a different charity related to the tube feeding community each day.

“This has been an amazing year for Real Food Blends, capped off by the launch of our much-anticipated Turkey, Sweet Potatoes & Peaches meal and the growth of our Facebook community to over 100,000 people; and none of this would be possible without the continued support and advocacy of our customers,” said Tony Bombacino, Co-Founder and CMO of Real Food Blends. “The 12 Days of Holiday Magic campaign is just one small way to show our appreciation for our customers who spread the word about the power of real food and nutritional variety for people with feeding tubes each and every day. They’ve given us so much and we’re honored to give back during the holidays.”

Each day during the 12 Days of Holiday Magic

  • The company will highlight a different customer story on their Facebook page, with that person receiving a free Variety 12-Pack of Real Food Blends meals and a Visa gift card as a thank you for sharing their story.
  • One random person from the company’s Facebook community will receive a free Variety 12-Pack of meals.
  • One random person from the company’s Facebook community will receive a Visa gift card.
  • The company will donate 5% of its website sales to a different charity that supports a condition or disease that can lead to a person needing a feeding tube.

“Our customers have always been so generous with sharing their stories and telling us about their experience with Real Food Blends. Their kind words inspire us every day,” said Julie Bombacino, Co- Founder and CEO of Real Food Blends. “That’s why it’s so important to us to shine the spotlight on them during the holidays, both as our way to thank our customers for their support and to offer support to everyone in our Facebook community -- although our feeding tube journeys might be very different, we’re all in this together.”

Real Food Blends' 12 Days of Holiday Magic starts today and goes through December 24, 2018. More details can be found on the company’s Facebook page, Facebook.com/RealFoodBlends and at RealFoodBlends.com/HolidayMagic.

To learn more about Real Food Blends meals, which feature 100% real food for people with feeding tubes and contain no preservatives, corn syrup, soy, dairy or nuts; visit RealFoodBlends.com.

Real Food Blends makes 100% real food meals for people with feeding tubes. Born from Julie & Tony Bombacino’s love for their own tube-fed son and a belief that we all deserve real food and nutritional variety, the meals are free of corn syrup and preservatives, are shelf-stable and covered by many insurance plans. With millions meals sold, they are available nationwide through DMEs, medical supply and home infusion companies or direct via RealFoodBlends.com and Amazon.com.

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Great American Cookies® to Treat Customers to One Free Cookie on National Cookie Day -- Dec. 4

"The holidays are officially here and Great American Cookies is thrilled to treat America to one of our famous and delicious original chocolate chip cookies," said David Kaiser, Executive Vice President of Great American Cookies. "Great American Cookies is your one-stop holiday bake shop and we believe that everyone deserves a little sweetness this season. Mark your calendar for Dec. 4 and join us in celebrating National Cookie Day."

From holiday-themed Cookie Cakes to dozens of delicious cookies in a variety of flavors, it's no wonder the holidays is one of the biggest times of the year for Great American Cookies. Cookie Cakes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be personalized with an endless combination of designs, colors and unique messages. Customers may place their order online at www.greatamericancookies.com and pick it up at a nearby store location. For ease of shopping, customers may also customize and select a Cookie Cake in the days leading up to holidays, or on the actual holiday. Great American Cookies always makes sure there are enough Cookie Cakes to go around and they can be ready in minutes.

For more information about Great American Cookies and store locations, visit www.greatamericancookies.com, follow Great American Cookies' national Twitter handle, @Gr8AmCookies, or become a fan of the brand on Facebook at www.facebook.com/greatamericancookies.

* Available on Dec. 4, 2018 only at participating Great American Cookies locations. Receive one free regular chocolate chip cookie per person. No purchase necessary.

About Great American Cookies® www.greatamericancookies.com
Founded in 1977 on the strength of an old family chocolate chip Cookie recipe, Great American Cookies has set the standard for gourmet Cookie sales in a fun, celebratory environment. For over 35 years, Great American Cookies has maintained the heritage and integrity of its products by producing proprietary Cookie dough exclusively from its plant in Atlanta. Great American Cookies is known for its signature Cookie Cakes, trademark flavors and menu of delectable products baked fresh in store. Great American Cookies currently operates in mall-based locations across the United States, as well as internationally in BahrainChileGuamMexicoPuerto RicoSaudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Checkit Real-Time Operations Management to boost US Foodservice Business

Santa Fe Springs, CA. October 2018. Checkit, the leading provider of Real-Time Operations Management and Food Safety solutions, today announces the launch of its US operations.

Checkit’s technology provides a proven way to address the needs of organizations to ensure that the work of staff is performed consistently, easily and to a high standard. It achieves this by creating intuitive, easy to use mobile applications to replace traditional pen and paper checklists, and by using Internet of Things sensors to replace routine monitoring.

Checkit allows businesses to build solutions rapidly, with no software coding or complex IT projects.  It gives managers unprecedented insights out of the box, using operational KPIs and analytics derived from the millions of data points it continually gathers.

Checkit has established a base of clients with global businesses including Compass, Sodexo and the Merlin Group, as well as working with leading UK businesses such as John Lewis Partnership and Center Parcs.  With its US operation up and running, its aim will be to bring this experience to food service chains, hotels and contract catering and soft FM, with a focus on helping them to improve

  • Revenue– by more consistently delivering intended service experience & freeing up time to focus on customers
  • Productivity – by automating repetitive checks and the streamlining of front-line work & improving management efficiency
  • Risk  – from improved compliance, enforcement and visibility

Checkit USA will operate out of a sales and service base in Santa Fe Springs, California, and will have access to the infrastructure and resources of its corporate parent, Elektron Technology plc, which has a well-established US operation.

According to German Casillas, Vice President of Americas: “We see great potential in the United States market. There is a clear need, with many operations still poorly served by unsuitable or paper-based operational systems.  We estimate that US food service market alone has the potential to develop to be worth over billion annually as technology adoption grows.”

To find out more get in touch on 1-833-44-CHECK (833-442-4325) 

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Global Food Processing Equipment Market to Surpass USD 74 Billion in Next Five Years, Says Meticulous Research

The global food processing equipment market will grow at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2017 to 2022 to reach USD 74.019 billion by 2022, according to the latest publication from Meticulous Research®. The global food processing equipment market is driven by the increasing consumer demand for processed food, focus on food safety and safety of workers, growing need to increase productivity, increasing focus of food manufacturers to reduce production cost, and government support to promote food processing sector. In addition, emerging economies such as Latin America, South East Asia, and Africa provides significant opportunity for the manufacturers in the global food processing equipment market. However, high cost of equipment and increasing inclination towards consumption of minimal processed food restrict the growth of this market to some extent.

Key Market Segments to Watch

The global food processing equipment market is mainly segmented by type into meat, poultry, and seafood processing equipment (cutters and grinders; smokers, massagers, and tumblers; mixers; tenderizers; killing and defeathering equipment; slicers; evisceration equipment; cookers, roasters, and grillers; deheading and gutting equipment; filleting equipment; and others), bakery processing equipment (ovens and proofers; dough mixers; moulders and sheeters; dividers and rounders; depositors; and others), beverage processing equipment (brewery equipment; filtration equipment; carbonation equipment; blenders and mixers; and others), dairy processing equipment (pasteurizers; homogenizers; separators; evaporators and drying equipment; membrane filtration equipment; and others), chocolate and confectionary processing equipment (depositors; formers; coating and spraying systems; mixers; coolers; and others), fruit and vegetable processing equipment (juice extractors; peelers, cutters, and pulpers; dryers; evaporators; and others), and other food processing equipment (cereal & grains processing equipment, fat & oil processing equipment, snacks food processing equipment, and others).

Browse in-depth Report on https://www.meticulousresearch.com/product/food-processing-equipment-market-forecast-2022/

Meat, poultry, and seafood processing equipment to dominate the food processing equipment in 2018

The large share of meat, poultry, and seafood processing equipment is mainly attributed to increasing demand of processed meat products due to growing global population, urbanization, and consumer preference for protein-rich food products. However, chocolate and confectionary processing equipment market is expected to witness fastest growth during the forecast period. The rapid growth of this market is attributed to increasing focus of manufacturers on quality products manufacturing, integration of innovative processes, product innovation, building & maintaining strong brand of products, and optimization of traditional processes in this field. Also, once considered luxury products in some developing nations, chocolate and other sweets have become more attainable and attractive as living standards in these countries increase, ultimately driving demand for chocolate and confectionery processing equipment.

Regional Market Growth Trends

Geographically, the global food processing equipment market is segmented into North America (U.S. and Canada), Europe (Germany, France, Italy, U.K., Spain, The Netherlands, and RoE), Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, Australia, and RoAPAC), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and RoLATAM), and Middle East & Africa.

Food Processing Equipment Market

Asia-Pacific region is expected to hold the largest share in the global food processing equipment market in 2018, followed by Europe, and North America. The major share of this region is mainly attributed to increasing demand of processed food products in emerging and developing countries including India, China, Indonesia, and Thailand; and increasing investments from major food processors. This region is witnessing tremendous growth for food and beverages industry, primarily due to the increasing urbanization, health awareness, and disposable income; as a result, numerous food and beverage firms in this region are transitioning from manual to mechanical food processing in order to increase output and develop new products, which ultimately drives the food processing equipment market.

Speak to Analyst @ https://www.meticulousresearch.com/speak-to-analyst/?cp_id=3588

Top Companies in the Food Processing Equipment Market

The key players operating in the global food processing equipment market are Bühler AG (Switzerland), Marel HF (Iceland), GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft (Germany), Bucher Industries AG (Switzerland), John Bean Technologies Corporation (U.S.), The Middleby Corp (U.S.), Heat and Control Inc. (U.S.), SPX Flow Inc. (U.S.), Alfa Laval AB (Sweden), Nichimo International Inc. (Japan), Krones AG (Germany), Paul Mueller Company (U.S.), Key Technology Inc. (U.S.), and Tetra Pak International S.A. (Switzerland).

These vendors employed various strategies to expand their product and application offerings, global footprint, and augment their market share. The key strategies followed by most companies in the global food processing equipment market were acquisitions and expansions.

Key questions answered in the report-

  • Which are the high growth market segments in terms of equipment type and regions/countries?
  • What is the historical market for food processing equipment across the globe?
  • What are the market forecasts and estimates from the period 2015-2022?
  • What are the major drivers, restrains, and opportunities in the global food processing equipment market?
  • Who are the major players in the global food processing equipment market and what share of the market do they hold?
  • Who are the major players in various countries and what share of the market do they hold?
  • What are the competitive landscapes and who are the market leaders by sub-region in the global food processing equipment market?
  • What are the recent developments in the global food processing equipment market?
  • What are the different strategies adopted by the major players in the global food processing equipment market?
  • What are the geographical trends and high growth regions/ countries?
  • What are the local emerging players in the global food processing equipment market and how do they compete with the global players?

Download Sample Report @ https://www.meticulousresearch.com/download-sample-report/?cp_id=3588

About Meticulous Research®

Meticulous Research® is founded in 2010 and incorporated as Meticulous Market Research Pvt. Ltd. in 2013 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956. Since its incorporation, the company has become the leading provider of premium market intelligence in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

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