Direct Logistics Services Takes Numero Uno Position In Limo and Car Services

Gregory Sclafani, CEO of Direct Logistics Services, has steered his business to success even in the face of some tough competition. Mr. Sclafani has developed an innovative system that has enabled Direct Logistics Services Inc. to lead the race by a significant distance in the industry.

“We are the largest limo and car service, committed to serving most of the European individuals coming in through all airports in the five boroughs of New York City and New Jersey,” says Gregory Sclafani about his company. “We provide transportation to and from the airport to the hotels and hotels back to the airport. Our success comes from our team’s deep understanding of the tricks and trades of the transportation business.”

The company’s top vendors and suppliers are associated with leading brands such as KLM Airlines, Expedia, and booking.com. According to Sclafani, the success his company enjoys is to a significant extent due to his own expertise and the immense knowledge Charles Sclafani brings to this business.

Direct Logistics Services provides limousine and car service to the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, and the tri-state area. A different division of the same company also provides service and towing solutions for the same areas.

The company also has earned a reputation for assisting in social causes. They provide public parking in the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island. Mr. Sclafani has been associated with the transportation industry for a long time. His business has been running smoothly and enjoying great success.

He has mastered this industry and has taken his business to a level that is now listed on Dun and Bradstreet and several chambers of commerce organizations throughout the tri-state area.

Mr. Sclafani, with his significant knowledge of the transportation industry, also provides consulting services to trucking companies, limo and car services, and towing companies in the broader transportation industry.

For more information, visit https://limocarserviceli.com/ or contact Mr. Sclafani on toll-free number 877-501-8770

About Direct Logistics Services Inc.

Mr. Gregory Sclafani is regarded as the wizard of the transportation and logistics industry. Mr. Sclafani is the owner and CEO of Direct Logistics Services Inc. He has played a key role in taking this corporation to great success and tremendous recognition in the transportation industry. This organization has several divisions handling various responsibilities, such as corporate transportation, airport pickup and drop, prom night services, Long Island Wineries trips, and town car services. Mr. Sclafani is also active in politics. He is on the re-election committee for the third congressional district of New York, the House of Representatives. Mr. Sclafani has two daughters, Vanessa and Cassandra. Both have had great academic times through college and graduate school. They both are very successful in their careers.

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Arya Steakhouse To Open In Palo Alto This Summer

Arya Steakhouse, the Bay Area’s premier Persian steakhouse, is moving to Palo Alto this summer. The popular private dining facility is famous for its comfortable elegance, amazing cuisine, and personalized service. 

“Arya Steakhouse is moving to Palo Alto this summer after serving the culinary needs of residents in the Bay Area for over 15 years,” says the spokesperson for Arya Steakhouse. “Executive Chef Mike is committed to providing customers a wonderful dining experience every time they order steak from this popular facility. They want their guests to feel at home while enjoying a truly satisfying dining experience.”

Executive chef Mike Hashemi and Fera Hashemi have been proud owners of Arya Steakhouse for over ten years. The popular steakhouse has hosted many celebrations and parties for customers and delighted them with its amazing varieties of steaks. 

Mike is a master in Persian flavors and has introduced Persian cuisine along with his favorite dishes on one menu. Customers at Palo Alto are sure to enjoy his unique Persian specialties as well as fine steaks. He butchers his own halal meat and ages the steaks as well.

Arya Steakhouse is synonymous with fine steaks and Persian cuisine. Those who love steak and are in the mood to try something exotic and different can head to Arya Steakhouse in Palo Alto, sit back and enjoy their favorite comfort food.

As they butcher their own meat in-house, the quality and flavors are unique and delightfully different. Customers can find what they are looking for in the extensive menu designed carefully for their needs.

At Arya Steakhouse, customers are sure to find a range of delicious entrées, including steaks, chicken, beef, lamb, and seafood. There are many vegetarian options also available. They also offer a stunning selection of salads, soups, sides, appetizers, bread, and dessert to deliver a highly satisfying lunch or dinner experience.

The Arya Steakhouse menu caters to a variety of tastes. Still, they also focus on paying attention to detail in everything they offer – from their incomparable service to the impeccably crafted and tasteful decor. 

Arya Steakhouse aims to provide all its customers with a one-of-a-kind dining experience in a luxurious and comfortable setting. The prices of their products are reasonable to cater to all classes and sections of society.

Arya Steakhouse is committed to delivering the best dining experience to all its guests. Fera Hashemi is a broker as well as a managing partner. She has contributed to the restaurant’s design and style and plays a crucial role in managing the front of the steakhouse.

For more information, visit https://www.aryasteakhouse.com

About Arya Steakhouse:

Arya Steakhouse is a leading steakhouse in the Bay Area, now planning to move to Palo Alto. The steakhouse has been catering to the culinary needs of the Bay Area locals for over 15 years now. They are committed to providing guests with nothing but the best dining experience. Their vision is to make guests feel at home.

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RtistiQ launches Singapore's first online NFT-driven art marketplace

SINGAPORE – 29 September, 2021 – RtistiQ, a mobile app and website art marketplace, is the first in Singapore and Southeast Asia to leverage technologies such as blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and near field communication (NFC) for art authentication. With artists from approximately 29 different countries across the globe on board, the online marketplace now houses approximately 2,500 art assets and US million worth of merchandise value. The brand has been building a vibrant community of artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, soon galleries and art professionals. 

Traditionally, artists would have physical representations of their artwork at on-site galleries. However, the global pandemic has pivoted the scene towards online representations where artists are increasingly looking for a trustworthy platform to showcase their artwork. RtistiQ is an artist-friendly marketplace that not only provides artists with an online platform for sales, but also addresses their concerns such as untrackable provenance, the absence or delayed royalties received, copyright infringement, and the lack of transparency in the primary art marketplace. As such, the number of artists onboarding RtistiQ has been doubling each month since April and has more than 200 artists on board currently. 

Jothi Krishnan Menon, co-founder and CEO of RtistiQ said, “The goal of the platform is to create a complete end-to-end solution for our artists and their work. Using technologies that have been established and heavily utilised in other industries, like blockchain, augmented reality and NFC, we are looking to reshape the art market. We want to give peace-of-mind to art buyers from around the world when it comes to authenticity, as well as provide artists from across the world the opportunity to reach a wider audience for their art.” Additionally, Rtistiq is expected to build up a portfolio of over 1500 artists onboard from more than 50 countries and 20,000 artworks by March 2022 

Providing another sales avenue for artists 

A significant and recurring concern for artists across the globe is their inability to insure their financial future by benefiting from royalty rights schemes. Artists often could not benefit from the royalties as it is very difficult for the artists to track the changes in ownership of their artworks. Recently, the New York Times investigated a dispute between artists and the Artist Pension Trust, a company that promises to provide artists with financial security. However, more than 140 artists did not receive sales or payouts, and many of them were not even able to locate their artwork. This mishap is a common occurrence in the art industry, clearly highlighting the importance of ensuring tampering proof records. Additionally, provenance tracking provided by blockchain registration would prevent the sale of forged or stolen artworks. 

RtistiQ uses an NFT-based tokenisation to represent any form of artwork; this transparent attribution to the creator acts as a digital signature for authentication and provides provenance tracking. This is further aided by the unique blockchain account of each artist, which digitises the Certificate of Authenticity (COA), thereby giving artists a better control over their artwork sales but also assuring collectors of the work’s authenticity. Additionally, using tamper-evident NFC stickers, artists can easily create a physical-digital link to their creation that can be scanned using an NFC-enabled mobile device.

According to Siberia-born and US-based artist, Aleks Rosenberg, the pandemic presented an opportunity for online galleries to be legitimised as well as democratise access for lesser known artists to showcase their works. However, the multimedia artist said that based on his personal experience, the more established platforms already had a roster of thousands of artists and the ones who got preferential algorithm treatment were the ones who were already established. As he only had small successes in selling a few pieces, he sought opportunities elsewhere. He was first intrigued by RtistiQ’s use of blockchain to secure the authenticity of his artwork before deciding “to invest my time and energy into RtistiQ because of the personal outreach by my curator who took the time to help understand, organise and promote my work on the platform,” shared Rosenberg. This blend of tech-enabled features on the platform and the hands-on high-touch approach from its curators help to maximise the artist’s experience. 

RtistiQ digitising the art purchase experience 

RtistiQ takes pride in enhancing buyers’ experience by being one of the first art applications to integrate AR projection. Research by Hiscox revealed that the biggest concern of hesitant online buyers was not being able to know if their desired artwork was truly represented on-screen. The lack of ability to simulate and digitise the art purchasing experience amongst existing art marketplaces in Asia is a huge drawback for buyers. RtistiQ helps address these concerns by offering their users an immersive experience with the artworks. 

The rapidly growing art market in Singapore and the rest of Asia, despite having many established art collectors, is still driven by first-time buyers and individuals looking to decorate their homes and office spaces. The integration of immersive art technology such as AR actualises the artwork for potential buyers on the pretext of their own space. This enhances the digital art purchase experience by aiding potential buyers with visualisations of their desired artwork. 

To find out more about RtistiQ, please visit https://art.rtistiq.com/en/

About RtistiQ 

RtistiQ is an online art marketplace leveraging innovative technologies such as Blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and near field communication NFC technologies. Founded in 2019, RtistiQ was the vision of a group of Technology & Finance specialists with a profound passion for art. Blockchain and NFC are some of the technologies reshaping the art market. By enabling these innovative technologies on the platform, we address issues such as the lack of transparency in the art market, forgery, copyright infringement, untrackable provenance, and overdue royalties. We aim to empower our artists and our collectors equally by providing a secure and transparent environment for passion-driven transactions. Combined with Augmented Reality, it enhances the art experience multifold in a digital economy. 

For further information, on behalf of RtistiQ, please contact:

Shannen Tan

Rhuby Elizabeth Ayao-ao

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Haute Residence Welcomes Sebastian Acosta To Its Exclusive Real Estate Network

Haute Residence is pleased to welcome Sebastian Acosta to the exclusive Haute Residence Network as its representative in the real estate market of the Brickell Key and Brickell areas of Miami, FL.

Sebastian Acosta is a highly respected real estate agent, speaker, and book author. He has mastered this business thanks to hard work, strong ethics, and full dedication to his profession. He has consistently been a top producing agent in every company he has been with since he started in this business. Sebastian has helped buy and sell over 350 properties since 2013. Book author of "Make Millions with Foreclosures and Short Sales" (2008) and recent best selling new business book on Amazon (2018-2020) "The Million Dollar Listing Social Media."

Visit Sebastian Acosta's Haute Residence profile: https://www.hauteresidence.com/member/sebastian-acosta/

Visit Sebasitan Acosta's website: https://www.sebastianacosta.com/


Designed as a partnership-driven luxury real estate portal, Haute Residence connects its affluent readers with top real estate professionals, while offering the latest in real estate news, showcasing the world’s most extraordinary residences on the market and sharing expert advice from its knowledgeable and experienced real estate partners.

The invitation-only luxury real estate network, which partners with just one agent in every market, unites a distinguished collective of leading real estate agents and brokers and highlights the most extravagant properties in leading markets around the globe for affluent buyers, sellers, and real estate enthusiasts.

HauteResidence.com has grown to be the number one news source for million-dollar listings, high-end residential developments, celebrity real estate, and more.

Access all of this information and more by visiting http://www.hauteresidence.com

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Xpress Care Gains The Confidence And Trust Of Patients With Its Quality Medical Services

Xpress Care, the urgent care clinic located in Pentagon City, has set the benchmark for quality medical services at its clinic. The premier walk in clinic Arlington, VA is the preferred destination of patients looking for fast and effective healthcare delivered by qualified medical professionals.

“We are committed to providing you with urgent and comprehensive health care on a walk-in basis without needing an appointment,” says the spokesperson for Xpress Care. “Our goal is to treat all our patients with the utmost quality and efficiency. You can walk in at a time of your convenience without an appointment and even if you are not a regular patient of our clinic.”

The most popular and reputed walk in clinic Arlington VA provides a wide range of healthcare services that include diagnosis, lab tests, vaccinations, STD tests, and others. Patients can get any lab tests done without having to visit their regular physician.

Patient convenience is at the core of all activities at Xpress Care. They welcome regular patients as well as first-timers to their clinic to get treated for common health conditions such as allergies, asthma, minor burns, cold and cough, fever and flu, sore throat, sprains, headache, diarrhea, cuts, rashes, and infections.

Xpress Care makes it easy for patients to access their quality healthcare processes by offering facilities such as extended working hours. The clinic is open to all patients on all days of the week and on weekends and holidays too. The walk in clinic Alexandria, VA also offers lab testing and on-site X-ray facilities. The in-house pharmacy makes it easy for the patients to buy the prescribed medications without having to visit outside facilities.

Patients are seen by a relevant doctor quickly without having to suffer the inconvenience of waiting in long queues which are commonly seen in most primary healthcare clinics. The quality care offered by Xpress Care does not stop here. The in-house team of doctors can also facilitate the next step in the treatment process by helping patients connect with specialists and other follow-up appointments.

The onsite services from Xpress Care include the following:

  • In-house pharmacy
  • Laser hair removal
  • Occupational medicine
  • Laboratory testing
  • Occupational medicine
  • Skin enhancement services

Patients who suspect they have an STD infection and are hesitant to get tested because they do not trust external agencies with their confidential and private medical information can visit Xpress Care for getting tested. At this walk in clinic Arlington, VA, they can be sure of getting tested in a hassle-free manner. The clinic makes use of the latest and most advanced testing tools and processes to provide highly accurate and error-free results in the quickest possible time.

At Xpress Care, STD testing is rapid and anonymous with the added convenience of discreet and confidential billing. The clinic abides by all the updated federal and state laws, including HIPAA. They take the privacy needs of all patients seriously. Patients can avail of the same day testing and treatment facility offered at Xpress Care.

For more information, visit http://xpresscarenow.com

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Dr. Guy Cappuccino Offers SmartLipo, A Smart Way to Lose Excess Body Fat

Dr. Guy Cappuccino, the board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, is offering the SmartLipo system too. It offers all the benefits of conventional liposuction and many other additional benefits as well.

“Our clinic is delighted to offer SmartLipo, a highly advanced liposuction process that ensures seamless results,” says Dr. Guy Cappuccino. “SmartLipo is minimally invasive and is the best option available for easy removal of excess body fat. With our unmatched expertise in the area of cosmetic surgery, we can provide the best solutions under one roof for all your beauty related problems.”

With technology in the field of liposuction improving continually, thousands of men and women in the United States are opting for this procedure every year. The traditional method of liposuction offers many benefits. The introduction of SmartLipo has undoubtedly made it easier for patients to attain their beauty goals. With SmartLipo, they can enjoy the skin tightening benefit as well, which is a huge plus point of this process. Patients looking for the best lipo surgery near me can contact Dr. Guy Cappuccino.

The Maryland-based board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Guy Cappuccino, has performed numerous liposuction procedures to date and is regarded as the best surgeon for liposuction Maryland. A personal consultation with the surgeon can help patients determine the right procedure for attaining their aesthetic goals.

According to Dr. Cappuccino, the SmartLipo procedure is in high demand among women as it can treat the problem areas that affect most women such as the abdomen, breasts, hips, knees, neck, face, and chin. Depending on the areas to be treated and the size of the treatment, the procedure can be completed in around two hours.

The growing popularity of SmartLipo can also be attributed to the fact that it is a highly safe process and can be carried out under local anesthesia in most cases. There are advanced delivery systems that ensure accurate monitoring of skin temperature and ensure that the levels of energy delivered are safe for the patient.

Dr. Cappuccino adds that with the SmartLipo laser, plastic surgeons can ensure a higher level of precision in their fat removal efforts. The laser must simply be aimed at fat cells to melt them. They can then be easily removed from the body using a tiny cannula.

The cannula makes fat removal easier than before. It also reduces the chances of scarring and there are smaller incisions on the skin than what appears when traditional liposuction procedures are used.

Dr. Cappuccino highly recommends SmartLipo for women battling excess fat issues that simply refuse to budge despite stringent exercising and dieting. There are many other ways of losing body fat but it is only with Smart Liposuction procedure that patients can enjoy the additional benefit of skin tightening. This is achieved because of the specialized laser wavelengths that result in the development of collagen fibers in the skin. It promotes tissue coagulation that results in tightening of the loose skin in the treated areas.

With less swelling, fewer bruising, lower recovery times, and more effective results, there is no doubt that SmartLipo scores over all other ways of losing excess body fat. Patients can return to their routine faster. They also love the fact that they can get a personalized body shaping solution that helps meet their beauty goals.

For more information, visit http://www.drcappuccino.com/

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Sharing is Caring, PPE from Vietnam to UK - Rainbow bags for homeless people

News Press Release
“Sharing is Caring! PPE from Vietnam to UK!!, Rainbow bags to homeless people.!!!”
The Brighton based hotel group, who own the Charm Hotel & Spa has supported the NHS, frontline workers, homeless people, and local Charities during the Coronavirus pandemic by donating personal protective equipment. The group have also offered 80 rooms of accommodation across their 3 hotels in the City. Most heart-warming, the management and staff have come in to produce breakfast rainbow bags for homeless people in Brighton & Sussex and gone out to distribute them daily.
The Golden Lotus Investment group which owns the hotels has rallied to support hospital trusts by providing vital equipment including masks, gowns, goggles and gloves to the NHS and frontline workers including care homes and others on the frontline of caring for those who might have contracted the Covid-19 virus. PPE has also been donated to some Care homes and charities in Sussex including Chestnut Tree House, nr Arundel and St Barnabas House in Worthing.
The hotel group has dedicated its resources during this lockdown which has affected its business like the rest of the country to support those impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19 by joining forces with a manufacturer in Vietnam, where the owners come from and who are producing PPE as the outbreak continues to put a strain on the NHS, Care Homes, Charities, frontline workers and those in need in Brighton and around Sussex.
Vietnam was regarded as highly vulnerable, given its long border and extensive trade with China, densely populated urban areas, and limited healthcare infrastructure. But Vietnam’s cost-effective containment strategy resulted in only 352 confirmed cases and no deaths in a population of almost 100 million people. The country was among the first to lift virtually all domestic containment measures.
Leo Nguyen, Managing Director of the group of Hotels, said: “Vietnam has been very lucky so since the outbreak of Covid-19, our priority here has been the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our customers and our local communities in Brighton and all over Sussex and our contribution is to say thanks to the awesome NHS staff and all those front line workers who have remained focussed on doing the right thing for all of us.”
Sam Jones from the procurement Unit of Surrey & Sussex Health care NHS Trust said, “We have received the boxes of PPE from the Charm Hotel, so thank you very much for the generous donation. We did not realise there would be so much. It was a very nice surprise.”
Jo Bacon, Corporate & Gifts Fundraiser for St Barnabas said, “We are so grateful for your very kind and generous donation of PPE for our Care Teams at Chestnut Tree House and St Barnabas House – thank you so much. “
The hotel group also offered the UK Gov Covid 19 Response team use of 80 rooms from their 3 hotels in the City, The Charm Hotel & Spa, The Sea Spray and the Topps Hotel in Regency Square for healthcare staff and key workers.
NHS workers are putting in so much and deserve support and recognition. These are extraordinary times. We are all just thinking on our feet and this is one way we could help.


Bedroom Suites at the Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton start from £90 and include breakfast which is an impressive affair at the Charm. The buffet selection includes fresh juices, pastries, fruit, and waffles, while you can order hot dishes such as eggs Benedict and a full English breakfast off the menu. For the Charm Suite Spa package, the price is £70 (two sharing) with a 30% discount. For more information and to book
• Call the hotel on +44 (0)1273 021 085,
• visit the www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk, follow the hotel on
• Facebook@thecharmbrighton.co.uk and on
• Twitter@charm_hotel.

For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on 07850 736544 or email ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk


The Charm, Brighton is a sensational new luxury boutique hotel, now with a new Spa Suite in the heart of Kemptown, Brighton. The hotel offers designer living in a traditional setting and the recent refurbishment has transformed the 200-year-old building into a stylish and modern hotel with a reassuringly classic ambience. Each room in the elegantly refurbished historic building has been thoughtfully designed to provide all our guests with the most comfortable and restful hotel VIP experience. Our inspirational interior designers have created a delightful and luxurious look and feel, enhanced by ethereal and original artworks in every room.
The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa, 20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK Tel +44 (0)1273 021 085 Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk

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Medpricer Rebrands as Conductiv™, Unveils Category-Defining Integrated Purchased Services Optimization Suite

Conductiv™, formerly Medpricer, unveiled its new brand and integrated suite for purchased services cost optimization today with the launch of Conductiv Platform™, Conductiv Services™ and Conductiv Contracts™. The rebrand positions Conductiv, the leading end-to-end third-party services optimization company, to broaden its offerings and expand into new markets.

“Third-party services optimization has emerged as a top target for supply chain and finance executives looking to implement cost-saving initiatives,” said Chris Gormley, CEO of Conductiv. “Third-party services include purchased services as well as IT, construction, clinical, HR, marketing and administrative categories. Conductiv’s proprietary spend database shows that organizations spend 22 to 54 percent of their non-labor expenses on third-party services, representing a crucial, untapped source of margin improvement – especially with Conductiv’s ability to drive savings of 24 percent, on average.”

Conductiv empowers supply chains by integrating its technology and proven category expertise – including analytics driven by artificial intelligence, marketplace insights and express contracting negotiation capabilities – onto one integrated cloud-based platform. Its sourcing automation technologies enable members to engage with their own spend data, determine the competitiveness of their contracts, optimize group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts, unite business stakeholders, create transparency on services spend, and accelerate the speed of identifying and implementing cost savings.

Conductiv’s integrated third-party services optimization suite consists of:

  • Conductiv Platform™, a sophisticated, purpose-built procurement automation platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Drawing insights from large and comprehensive data sets on supplier quality, pricing and service regions, this predictive analytics engine works to maximize savings and gain end-user engagement while minimizing operational risks.
  • Conductiv Services™, a sourcing service that brings in more than 15 years of proven strategic sourcing results. Conductiv Services offers deep category insight, proven sourcing processes, program development and stakeholder governance delivered to meet an organization’s bespoke needs. Unlike traditional consultants, Conductiv Services are boosted by Conductiv Platform to provide specialized, data-driven insights that enhance savings based on the organization’s opportunity areas.
  • Conductiv Contracts™, a first-of-its-kind GPO that works alongside any primary GPO and accelerates the time for organizations to source, negotiate and implement contracts with third-party service providers. Membership is free and open to all organizations regardless of primary GPO affiliation. Conductiv soft-launched its GPO to its customers in April and launches publicly today with inaugural members that include Hennepin Healthcare, McLaren Health Care and Pandion Optimization Alliance.


“We see Conductiv’s rebrand and new positioning as a gamechanger for Pandion,” said Jeanie Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Pandion Optimization Alliance, which serves 17 hospitals and their related health systems in New York state. “Conductiv’s technology alone will allow our members to have greater visibility and control of a significant spend area of spend. In addition, Conductiv Contracts will enable our healthcare systems to partner with our local purchased service providers to not only improve quality and cost, but also increase jobs, within their communities. We are thrilled to be an inaugural member.”

The capability to source contracts from domestic and diversity businesses has emerged as a driving force post-pandemic, as more organizations seek ways to support local communities and improve regional economies. Conductiv Contracts’ technology-enabled sourcing process ensures that suppliers of local, regional and national presence can now compete equally for business within their respective markets.

“With access to a portfolio of local and regional suppliers, Conductiv Contracts gives us the opportunity to better support our local community and unite stakeholders across our organization in our choice of outsourced services,” said David Bueby, Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain Management of Michigan-based McLaren Health Care. “In addition, with greater transparency on our third-party services spend, we’re able to accelerate the speed of our RFPs and negotiations. We’re excited to be an inaugural member of Conductiv Contracts as we aim to increase transparency into spend data and better assess the competitiveness of our own third-party contracts.”

“Hennepin Healthcare has had a very successful relationship with Medpricer and we are looking forward to continuing and expanding our best practice journey with Conductiv,” explained Luis Valadez, Sr. Director of Supply Chain, of Minneapolis-based Hennepin Healthcare. “As healthcare changes, supply chain is looked at to ensure value and to be at the forefront of driving results. Our continued relationship with Conductiv will ensure we meet these goals. We are excited to be a part of this new offering.”

More than ever, organizations must urgently solve financial gaps with minimal impact to their future operations and local communities. Conductiv’s solutions optimize 22-54% of non-labor operating costs, helping executives solve those financial challenges with immediate impact.

For more information, please visit https://conductiv.com.

About Conductiv
Conductiv™, formerly Medpricer, empowers supply chains to optimize their third-party services. As the only end-to-end third-party lifecycle improvement company, Conductiv™ shares its strategic sourcing expertise and category best practices with multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, government, real estate, transportation and education. The company has led more than 700 bids for more than 120 organizations, exceeding billion in contracted value. Member projects have generated 0 million of documented savings or an average savings value of 24% to date. To learn how supply chains are transforming their savings strategy, visit https://conductiv.com.

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Dr. Guy Cappuccino Throws Light On The Possible Risks and Problems Arising From Tummy Tuck Procedure

Dr. Guy Cappuccino, the board-certified cosmetic surgeon and one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Maryland, has shared detailed information about the popular tummy tuck process. Abdominoplasty, as the procedure is medically known, is a surgical procedure aimed at removing excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall.

“If you are planning to undergo tummy tuck surgery to get rid of the excess skin and fat from your abdomen area, it is recommended that you consult an experienced surgeon so that you can get the right answers to all your questions,” says Dr. Cappuccino. “The benefits of the procedure can be many but you should also know that there are some downsides too. We have conducted numerous abdominoplasty surgeries in our clinic and have the expertise to ensure that your tummy tuck surgery goes off smoothly and successfully.”

Dr. Guy Cappuccino’s clinic is known for providing affordable tummy tuck in Maryland but before they go ahead with the surgery, they run several checks to determine if the patient is the right candidate for tummy tuck surgery. According to Dr. Cappuccino, the best candidates are men and women with a relatively good body shape but are battling excess fat deposit and/or loose abdominal skin that won’t go away despite following stringent diet and exercise regimen.

Surgeons also discourage patients who have a plan for future weight loss from undergoing abdominoplasty. Women who have plans for pregnancies in the future must also wait as the pregnancy and childbirth process can negate the benefits gained by tummy tuck surgery in Mount Airy.

According to Dr. Cappuccino, tummy tuck surgery is done under general anesthesia. The procedure involves making incisions from the hip bones and close to the pubic area and also around the navel. The abdominal muscles are then pulled together after separating the skin from the muscles and stapled together to create a firm and narrower abdomen. The separated skin is stretched over the tightened muscles and the excess skin is removed.  The surgery also involves relocating the navel to make it look natural.

Depending on the complications and the individual needs and health conditions of the patient, the abdominoplasty surgery can last for two to five hours to complete. Dr. Cappuccino states that recovery time can vary from one patient to another and may take anywhere from two weeks to two months. No strenuous activity is permitted during the recovery time. The patient is allowed to return to routine life within a week or two after the surgery.

Based on the numerous affordable tummy tuck in Maryland procedures completed by the clinic of Dr. Guy Cappuccino, the plastic surgeon has identified the specific risk areas associated with abdominoplasty. Scarring and asymmetry are two of the most common problems that patients report. Loose skin and a feeling of numbness are also commonly seen but in a relatively lesser number of patients.

According to the star plastic surgeon, post-operative complications such as infection and blood clots are also reported but very rarely. His clinic treats infection issues with drainage and antibiotics. The risk of blood clots is minimized by asking the patient to start moving around as soon as possible after the surgery.

In some patients, there are instances of poor healing which can result in the appearance of scars. This may necessitate a second surgery. All risks and problems associated with tummy tuck surgery in Mount Airy can be reduced by following the instructions of the surgeon to the last word.

For more information, visit http://www.drcappuccino.com/

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Xpress Care Now Offers Tips To Enhance Body Immunity

Xpress Care Urgent Care Clinic, the Arlington doctors office known for providing urgent and comprehensive health care on a walk-in basis without having to book an appointment, has offered some valuable tips on how to boost body immunity. These tips can be extremely helpful especially in these tough times when the world is engulfed in a major health crisis.

“We are all in the midst of a global health crisis and there has never been a better time to find ways of boosting the immune system of our body,” says the spokesperson for Xpress Care. “While we specialize in providing diagnosis facilities and treatment for a wide range of health conditions, we also want our patients to remain fit and healthy at all times. Our well-researched tips can help boost body immunity and ensure that the body is ready to deal with all types of potential health issues smartly.”

The health care experts at Xpress Care believe that reducing stress is one of the most aspects of an effective immune system. This is often overlooked by most patients but this is something that everyone should focus on. Stress is an indispensable part of everyone’s life in the modern world. Knowing how to manage it so that it does not affect the health of the patients can help them deal with it better.

Xpress Care Urgent Care Clinic recommends indulging in activities like mild exercise and medication to keep the mind at ease and the body adequately rested to manage stress effectively.

Another effective way of boosting body immunity is to get enough sleep. The health experts at Xpress Care say that it takes a good night’s sleep to allow the body to rejuvenate and boost immunity so that it can fight potential diseases and infections. If the body is allowed to get proper rest and recharge every night through deep and uninterrupted sleep, it can stay healthy. At least seven to eight hours of good sleep is recommended.

The Alexandria doctors office suggests a daily exercise regimen to keep the body’s immune system functioning at peak efficiency. At least a few minutes of moderate physical activity is highly essential to keep the immune system’s function at its best. There is a word of caution here. Do not overdo it or get carried away by the workout process of others. Too much of exercise can create undue stress on the body and have a detrimental effect on health.

Xpress Care experts also recommend maintaining a healthy weight which is not an easy thing to do while staying at home. However, by remaining focused on achieving the ideal level of body fitness, it is possible to keep bodyweight close to what experts recommend. It is important to stay away from refined and processed food as well as deep-fried food items and sweets. Eating green vegetables and fresh fruits as well as nuts and seeds can go a long way in building a robust immune system.

For more information, visit https://www.xpresscarenow.com/

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Arlington VA Immediate Care Identifies the Important Health Situations When Patients Must Visit An Urgent Care Center

Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic, the Arlington-based urgent care clinic that offers high-quality medical assistance without an appointment has revealed clear signs that indicate that a patient might need to visit an urgent care clinic. The premier urgent care clinic is reputed for its customer-centric services such as convenient timings‚ highly qualified and experienced doctors, and a host of other features that make them the best place to seek medical relief for all non-life-threatening medical conditions.

“There are times when you need immediate medical attention but you are not able to get an appointment with your family physician fast,” says the spokesperson for Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic. “We have shared key signs that would indicate that you need to visit the nearest urgent care clinic. These signs can help in preventing a simple health issue from getting worse by seeking quick and timely medical assistance from an urgent care clinic near you.”

Patients suffering from extreme pain due to a fall and injury know that the condition is not life-threatening but they need immediate medical assistance. Such painful conditions are difficult to deal with as it can cause severe anguish and constant discomfort. The problem can be resolved by visiting the nearest Arlington urgent care center which works extended hours and even on weekends and holidays.

Patients feeling sick and restless for no apparent reason also must consider visiting an urgent care clinic. Cold, cough, and congestion can make patients feel down and out. Many might dismiss it as a minor issue but if not treated properly and on time, the condition might get aggravated to something more serious. Patients having persistent cough and cold can visit the Arlington urgent care center without an appointment, see the relevant doctor, and get treated for their condition quickly.

Minor cuts and burn injuries may not appear serious at first. Patients suffering from such conditions might think that some home remedies will help them overcome the pain and discomfort caused by the cut or burn. However, the risk of an infection developing because of cuts and burns is high. It is highly recommended that patients facing a similar situation visit the Pentagon urgent clinic medical care facility to get treated for the health condition without having to go through the hassle of seeking an appointment and waiting in long winding queues.

According to the doctors at Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic, working professionals with scarce time to attend to personal health often run the risk of aggravating a simple medical condition to a complicated one by putting off seeing their family physician or primary healthcare professional. Visiting an urgent care clinic is the best option for such individuals as they can plan the visit at their convenience without having to compromise on their professional commitments and duties.

The services of Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic are easy to use as patients can simply walk in without an appointment to get treated for their medical condition. All they have to do is provide the details of the medical condition after which a relevant physician will see them and attend to their condition in the quickest possible time.

For more information, visit    https://www.arlingtonvaimmediatecare.com/

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Courtyard by Marriott Hilton Head Island, SC is open for business

Courtyard Hilton Head Island Open for Business

Situated in the heart of Hilton Head Island on the southern South Carolina coast, the new Courtyard Hilton Head Island (79 Pope Avenue) celebrated its opening Tuesday, March 24th. The newest property to open on the island, the 115-room Courtyard Hilton Head Island is owned by Southeastern Development and managed by LBA Hospitality.

“We’re thrilled to add another exceptional property to our growing South Carolina portfolio,” said Farrah Adams, Chief Operating Officer of LBA Hospitality. “Hilton Head is a globally recognized destination for business and leisure travel, as is the highly respected Courtyard brand. This is a perfect fit.”

The new Courtyard Hilton Head Island offers a sleek, contemporary design with pops of coastal colors such as sunshine yellow and ocean blue. The latest lobby design where guests can enjoy an open and modern environment out of their rooms offers the brand’s newly introduced media pods with free Wi-Fi, power outlets and a flat screen TV. The spacious guestrooms and suites also feature a design that is intuitive and thoughtful, offering flexible, yet comfortable space that enables complete technology engagement. Guests also enjoy free Wi-Fi and Smart TVs streaming Netflix and YouTube TV in-room with access to a 24-hour fitness center. For outdoor space, there’s a spectacular rooftop swimming pool alongside the rooftop bar surrounded by tropical cabanas to soak in the daytime sun and evening sunsets. Guests will enjoy a panoramic view of the island and the Atlantic Ocean from this space and can relax at one of the poolside firepits. The Bistro is currently offering grab-and-go selections for our guests, as well as Starbucks Coffee and cocktails from our bar area. Be assured that we are committed to providing our guests and associates a safe and clean hotel environment. For business meetings and celebrations, the hotel features 960 square feet of space.

With recent events of the pandemic, we are taking all of the necessary precautions to protect the safety and wellbeing of our guests and associates. We are working closely with Marriott Corporate, following the guidelines of the CDC and working with the local and state health officials for our hotel.

The hotel is a short walk to the beach where guests can enjoy a stroll in the sand or a visit to the popular Coligny Beach Park area. Conducting business while you stay with us? We are a quick commute to Lockheed Martin, Sodexho, Flurida, MC, Black Rock, RBC Financial Group and other area businesses. Consistently ranked one of the top islands in the Continental U.S. by Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler magazines, Hilton Head Island is awash in outdoor opportunities. From family beach time, bike explorations and kayaking expeditions to fishing excursions, historical sightseeing and boutique shopping, there’s something for everyone.

For more information and reservations at Courtyard Hilton Head Island, visit http://www.courtyardhiltonheadisland.com or call the hotel direct at (843) 802-2180.

About Southeastern Development
Originated in 1987, Southeastern Development, headquartered in Augusta, GA is a multi-facet development company operating throughout the Southeast for over 30 years. The company develops multi-family, retail, hotel and major residential planned development communities. For information, visit http://www.southeastern.company


About LBA Hospitality

Established in 1973, LBA Hospitality is one of the leading hotel management, development and consulting companies in the U.S. With an extensive portfolio of hotels located in the Southeast and Southwest, the company is a recognized leader developing and operating the most respected brands under franchise licenses of Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide and InterContinental Hotel Group. For more than four decades, LBA Hospitality has continued to set a higher standard in hotel development, management and guest satisfaction, resulting in sustained, profitable growth for owners. For more information, visit http://www.lbahospitality.com.


About Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard is the hotel brand of choice for ambitious and enterprising guests who see business travel as a driver of personal fulfillment and professional growth. Courtyard provides opportunities for guests to pursue both their personal and professional passions on the road. With more than 1,200 locations in over 54 countries and territories, Courtyard is proud to participate in Marriott Bonvoy, the new name of Marriott’s travel program replacing Marriott Rewards®, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®, and Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG). The program offers members an extraordinary portfolio of global brands, experiences on Marriott Bonvoy Moments and unparalleled benefits including earning points toward free hotel stays and nights toward Elite status recognition. To enroll for free or for more information about the program, visit MarriottBonvoy.com. For more information or reservations, visit courtyard.marriott.com, become a fan on Facebook or follow @CourtyardHotels on Twitter and Instagram.

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As Sales Bottom Out, Restaurants Start Down the Long Road to Recovery

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been devastating for the restaurant industry. April was the first month entirely affected by the stay-at-home guidelines and the results show it. Same-store sales for restaurants dropped by 55% during the month year over year; something unheard of for the industry in many decades. This update comes from Black Box Intelligence™ (formerly TDn2K™) data from over 50,000 restaurant units and billion in annual sales.

Same-store traffic for the month also dropped by 55%, as many consumers saw their daily routines upended, concern for the virus escalated at the national level and income of millions of Americans was hurt by the crisis.

“As bad as the results were in April, the latest Black Box Intelligence data suggests that the worst of the sales decline is behind us and we are now starting the long road towards recovery,” said Victor Fernandez, vice president of insights and knowledge for Black Box Intelligence. “During the last two weeks of March restaurants lost 67% of their sales year over year, but since then the decline in same-store sales improved by 20 percentage points. By the last 2 weeks of April sales decline slowed down to 47% year over year.”

“Obviously, we are still far from an ideal situation for the industry,” added Kelli Valade, CEO and president of Black Box Intelligence, “but the improvement in recent weeks is a testament to the resourcefulness and grit of restaurant operators who adapted and shifted quickly to this new restricted environment and have begun to turn things around.”

Limited-Service Brands Fare Much Better; Fine and Family Dining Hurt the Most
As would be expected, brands that traditionally conduct a significant portion of their business through off-premise sales and have the lowest price points are best positioned to face the current challenges. By the last week of April, quick service same-store sales were down less than 2.0% year over year. Fast casual’s sales were down by 30% by the last week of the month, having recovered by 20 percentage points from where they were by the end of March.

Those brands that rely more on dine-in experiences continue to navigate a much tougher scenario. By the last week of the month, full-service restaurants were still reporting lost sales of 62% year over year. Though much better than the 77% sales drop reported for the end of March, these are still problematic results for these companies.

Within the full-service sector of the industry, fine dining and family dining have been the segments hurt hardest by the pandemic. Their improvement over the last month is much smaller compared with the rest of the industry and they continue to see sales loss in the 75% to 85% range in recent weeks.

Guest Checks Growing Rapidly for Limited-Service Brands
As restaurant operations shifted towards off-premise only and limited service began capturing a bigger percentage of overall restaurant sales in recent weeks, an interesting phenomenon started occurring in relation to average guest check. While spending per guest decreased year over year for full-service brands, surely a reflection of lost beverage sales and probably also the effect of guests skipping pricier items or even reduced menu offerings by restaurants, the opposite has been true for limited-service brands.

In the case of quick service, average check has been growing by almost 20% year over year during the last 2 weeks of April. The growth for fast casual also accelerated significantly at 16% for the same period.

Off-Premise Alcohol Sales Providing Little Lift for Restaurants
So far, allowing restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption has had small positive impact on lost beverage sales in states in which it has been authorized. For example, same-store beverage sales for casual dining in Texas, Nebraska, Arizona, Connecticut and California (states that allow off-premise alcohol sales and were the best performers on alcoholic beverage sales growth) were all within -92% to -94% for the last week of April. Although better than the -98% national change in alcoholic beverage sales for casual dining, this represents only marginal improvement.

Huge Off-Premise Sales Growth Has Not Been Enough
For full-service restaurants, which typically had less than 15% of their sales coming through off-premise, the shift caused by covid-19 has meant massive growth in those channels. As restaurants have been focusing their efforts in expanding their off-premise offerings and consumers have started receiving some aid from stimulus checks and expanded unemployment benefits, combined sales growth in to-go, delivery and drive-thru topped 200% year over year by the end of April. The problem is, even this enormous growth is not enough to offset the huge hit from lost dine-in sales for concepts that were designed with that sit-down experience in mind.

For limited-service brands, it was common for off-premise to represent more than half of their total sales, so sales growth has been much more moderate given the larger base. But even these brands are reporting to-go, delivery and drive-thru sales growing at a pace nearing 25% year over year. This growth has not been able to offset the total decline in sales yet, but in the case of quick service it has lifted the segment to recoup most of the lost revenue.

Regions with Biggest Number of Cases Continue to Be Hardest Hit
The regions with the worst restaurant same-store sales during April continue to be those that have seen the biggest number of covid-19 cases: New York-New Jersey, California, the Western region and New England. Same-store sales were worse than -60% for all of these regions during the month.

The best performing regions based on restaurant sales were the Southeast, Southwest, Mountain Plains and the Midwest. Sales growth was better than -55% year over year for these regions during April.

Reopening Will Be Uneven and Course of the Economy Remains Unclear
The damage to the economy has been significant. Growth declined in the first quarter and is headed for a huge drop in the current period. Estimates range from -20% to a high of -40%. “The unemployment rate remains on target to reach the 20% range,” stated Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economic Advisors and Black Box Intelligence economist. “But businesses are starting to reopen, though slowly and extremely unevenly. There doesn’t seem to be a uniform plan that states and localities are following to determine what should be opened and when. That means the process of reopening the economy will not be smooth and is likely to take many months.”

“There are also two critical factors that we know little about,” continued Naroff. “The first is how consumers and workers will react to having businesses open. Will they be willing to go to stores, restaurants and workplaces? If not, how long and what will it take to get them comfortable again? The second, and maybe even more critical question is what will happen if there is an uptick in new cases and deaths. The extent of any resurgence will determine whether a new lockdown is required. If that happens, the implications are dire as much of what was accomplished by the social distancing and government support programs would be wiped out. Until we have better answers to these questions, the course of the economy after the initial recovery will remain unclear.”    

Looking Ahead – Reopening Dining Rooms
“The data suggests full-service restaurants need dining rooms to reopen if they are to speed up their path to recovery,” said Fernandez. “Even fast casual brands, with almost half of their sales typically coming from dine-in sales, could use the boost from guests being allowed to dine in again. However, there are many questions related to states easing up restrictions. Among them, are restaurants going to reopen immediately if the capacity limitations are severe and are guests going to return immediately?”

Early data from a the newly launched Black Box Intelligence Restaurant Recovery Sales Flash shows that in Texas for Saturday, May 2 (the second day restaurant dining rooms were allowed to reopen in the state but at only 25% capacity), same-store sales for full-service restaurants was -36%, which is almost 30 percentage points better than the decline in sales recorded at the national level for that day.

Additionally, data from Texas and Georgia (both allowing dining rooms to be open in some capacity May 1), revealed that, on average, full-service restaurant operators only opened dining rooms in about 40% of their locations in Texas and 31% of them in Georgia.

Black Box Intelligence™ (formerly TDn2K) is the leading data and insights provider of workforce, guest, consumer and financial performance benchmarks for the hospitality industry. The Black Box Intelligence product suite is the industry standard for operators seeking to achieve best-in-class performance results. With the largest and most reliable set of real restaurant data in the marketplace, Black Box Intelligence currently tracks and analyzes more than 300 companies, over 2.8 million employees, over 50,000 restaurant units and billion in annual sales revenue. Black Box Intelligence is also the producer of the Global Best Practices Conference held annually in Dallas, Texas.

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(W)right On Communications further strengthens digital marketing and PR capabilities with two new hires

San Diego public relations agency, (W)right On Communications, welcomes new digital design and hospitality and tourism talent to its team with the recent hiring of Senior Visual Strategist Rick Tinney and Communications Strategist Licia Walsworth.

Tinney brings nearly 20 years of experience in graphic design and digital marketing in addition to his industry expertise which will assist the agency’s technology public relations and healthcare and life sciences public relations practices.

Prior to joining (W)right On Communications, Tinney was Digital Marketing Manager for Tealium where he served for six years leading graphic and identity design, branding direction, video production, web design and management, UI/UX design, analytics and front-end development.

Walsworth also brings over 20 years of progressive communications, sales and hospitality experience to (W)right On. A natural leader and gifted program manager, Walsworth was awarded Manager of the Year in 2016 and the Cultural Warrior Award in 2018 in her previous director role with Omni Hotels and Resorts. She has worked with major convention properties and global brands as well as beachfront destination properties and contributes substantially to the agency’s hospitality public relations programs.

Prior to her significant hospitality industry experience, Walsworth spent six years at Timex Group USA where she led marketing, advertising and merchandising for all Timex retail stores. Walsworth also developed learning systems for in-store staff as well as conceiving and implementing a customer service brand training tool resulting in increased sales.

“Rick and Licia are wonderful additions to our agency family,” says Julie Wright, president and founder of (W)right On Communications. “Apart from being great teammates, they each bring deep technical skills and industry knowledge that will add even more value for our clients.”


About (W)right On Communications, Inc.

Founded in 1998 with client partners coast to coast, (W)right On Communications is an award-winning integrated strategic communications firm with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and Vancouver, B.C. With a mission to elevate the agency experience for its client partners, employees and the industry plus a focus on creative and measurable results, (W)right On Communications serves organizations in complex and unpredictable business environments working with business innovators, hospitality and tourism leaders and the not-for-profit and public sector. For more, see http://www.wrightoncomm.com.

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Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic Becomes the Preferred Doctor Clinic Near Arlington VA

Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic, the leading walk-in healthcare service is fully equipped to provide the best possible medical care while making patients convenience their top priority. It is the preferred doctor clinic near Arlington VA of most patients seeking quality medical care at affordable prices.

“Patient convenience is our top priority and we make sure that they get fast and hassle-free medical care every time they walk into our clinic,” says the spokesperson for Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic. “We are happy to state that our services are easy to use because you can simply walk in without an appointment. Our extended working hours mean that you don’t have to take time out from your busy schedule to take care of your health.”

The popular doctor medical clinic near Arlington offers its services on all days of the week, including holidays. Patients can take advantage of their extended working hours and schedule their visit without their daily professional and personal routines being adversely affected.

Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic is reputed for its faster and more cost-effective medical services. The doctor clinic near Arlington VA has emerged as an excellent alternative to traditional emergency room treatment.

The leading Pentagon doctors office is fully equipped to provide the best quality medical care for various types of common illnesses that are not life-threatening. The clinic serves the medical care needs of patients of all age groups.

Patients can look forward to a professional quality treatment delivered by the best healthcare professionals for a range of medical conditions and symptoms at the Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic. The reputed healthcare facility that’s conveniently located has a great track record for providing prompt relief from medical conditions such as:

  • Headache and migraine-related pain‚
  • Dizziness
  • Insect and animal bites
  • Cuts‚ contusions, and other types of injuries
  • Boils and burns
  • Allergic conditions‚ asthma and other breathing-related problems
  • All types of pain including back pain
  • Colds, cough, sore throat‚ sinus‚ fever, and flu
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Ulcers, and acidity-related issues
  • Diarrhea‚ constipation‚ nausea‚ vomiting
  • Pain of the abdomen
  • Rashes‚ Lyme disease, and skin problems

Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic also offers high-quality diagnostic services. Patients can get tested for almost all medical conditions at their premium-quality and fully-functional testing facility without an appointment or having to see a physician.

Over the years, this clinic has emerged as one of the leading laboratory testing services in Arlington where you can get any lab test quickly and get accurate results which can pave the way for further treatment and care. The lab test services offered include STD testing also. The sophisticated STD blood test panel makes use of the latest sophisticated equipment and processes.

Many patients use the confidential and private STD testing offered by Arlington VA Immediate Care Clinic as they are sure of discreet testing in a hassle-free manner. Patients can get tested for all types of sexually transmitted diseases without any hassle and quickly too. They can take the test without having to visit their doctor.

Patients can schedule any STD test without an appointment by simply walking in at their convenience. They can choose any lab test, and get tested after making the payment using the convenient self-pay facility offered by the lab.

STD testing facilities are also available on all days of the week and on holidays too with the convenience of extended hours.

For more information, visit https://www.arlingtonvaimmediatecare.com

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Xpress Care Offers Urgent and Comprehensive Healthcare At Affordable Prices

Xpress Care Clinic, the leading Arlington, VA based urgent care center is offering quick and quality healthcare services at prices that are significantly lower than what they have to pay at a regular medical office. The premier walk in facility offers a range of other patient-friendly features aimed at providing patients the best value for their money.

Xpress Care, the walk-in clinic known for its comprehensive healthcare and diagnostic services, is the preferred healthcare facility of many patients looking for fast and quick healthcare service. They can get treated at this walk in clinic for various types of common medical conditions that are not life-threatening in nature.

“We are happy that patients trust us to provide them the kind of medical care they prefer for various types of common ailments,” says the spokesperson for Xpress Care. “We recommend that you visit Xpress Care to get treated for your health ailments and get a first-hand experience of our facilities and services. We also provide excellent lab testing and STD testing facilities.”

With life becoming more busy and stressful for most people and families in modern times, it is not unusual for them to suffer from various types of health problems. As they have to deal with stress and tension on the professional as well as personal fronts, their immunity level dips down and they become susceptible to various types of ailments.

According to Xpress Care, the walk in clinic offers quick and quality healthcare services to patients in and around Arlington, VA area. The convenient location of the clinic makes it easy for patients to visit them for seeing a physician or for using their diagnostic facilities.

Xpress Care Urgent Care clinic offers its services on all days of the week including on weekends and holidays. They operate extended hours so that patients can schedule their visits to the clinic without disturbing their routines or compromising on their professional commitments.

Xpress Care Clinic’s medical services can be accessed even by patients who do not have any medical insurance. By offering their medical services at reasonable rates, they make sure that their facilities can be availed by all sections of the society.

Patients visiting the clinic are generally seen by a relevant doctor within just 30 minutes.

For more information, visit https://www.xpresscarenow.com/

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San Francisco Bay Area-based Lifestyle Agencies af&co. and Ellipses Merge

Fresh on the heels of the successful launch of its partner branding and creative services agency, Carbonate, the evolution of af&co. (formerly Andrew Freeman & Co.) continues. The award-winning agency has officially announced its merger with Ellipses Public Relations, becoming one full-service communications agency. Operating as af&co., the 17-person firm is headquartered in downtown San Francisco and specializes in lifestyle, hospitality, food and beverage marketing and public relations, serving the Bay Area and beyond. Andrew Freeman continues his role as president and chief executive officer, and Ellipses founder and CEO Diana Haven fills a new chief operating officer position at the growing agency.

“Our two agencies have been close collaborators and referral partners for some time, and Diana and I have been friends for 15 years," said Freeman. “The merger of our two firms was the next step in the evolution and growth strategy for af&co. In addition to having amazing connections with the media, Diana and the team she has brought with her have deep experience in digital strategy, consumer packaged goods marketing and lifestyle public relations. This move gives us the opportunity to not only expand our offerings to new market segments but solidifies our place as one of the leading lifestyle firms in the Bay Area and nationally. As af&co. celebrates its 15th anniversary, the time was right and the combined talent of our teams is incredible. This is truly a merger of the minds and takes full advantage of our respective strengths as leaders and entrepreneurs.”

“It’s been incredible to watch both of our businesses thrive over the years, and this merger makes perfect sense. We’ve each built successful and respected agencies, and I feel the joining of the two is a game-changer for the Bay Area’s lifestyle PR and marketing industry. The merger is an incredible move for us, our teams and our clients, and I’m very excited to help lead the business into the 2020s and beyond,” said Haven.

About Andrew Freeman

A native of New Jersey, Freeman learned the restaurant business by working through the ranks at several legendary New York venues. At Windows on the World, Andrew was vice president of public relations and marketing and responsible for its relaunch after the World Trade Center bombing in 1992. At the Russian Tea Room, Andrew opened the Cabaret which became the toast of the town after only six months. He also spent six years as vice president of public relations for the Rainbow Room, working with restaurant legend Joe Baum. Prior to opening af&co., Freeman was vice president of public relations and strategic partnerships for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. He spent ten years with Kimpton, launching over 40 hotels and restaurants as well as the global brand. During his tenure there Andrew helped spearhead the LGBT travel program, which has garnered numerous awards and positioned Kimpton as one of the top companies for LGBT employment in the country. In 2002, Kimpton became the first hospitality company to receive a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

A dedicated philanthropist, Andrew sits on the boards of CUESA, Dress for Success San Francisco and The Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation. He is a former board member of Meals on Wheels San Francisco, the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Anti-Defamation League, and was an advisor for the American Airlines LGBT Committee. From 2016 to 2019, af&co. has been named by the San Francisco Business Times as one of the Top 50 LGBT-Owned Businesses in the Bay Area.

About Ellipses and Diana Haven

Ellipses was founded in December 2007 after Haven’s 15-year career in public relations and television, which took her from promoting the performing arts in the early 1990s to working with tech clients in the “dot-com boom” of the late 1990s, then to TechTV as booking manager and producer from 1999 to 2002. Prior to Ellipses, she was the public relations director at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay from 2003 to 2007. Her award-winning efforts, which included an outdoor concert series, celebrity chef and culinary classes, and an annual silent auction, contributed to significant increases in top-line revenue and international acclaim for the resort by driving annual media impressions from 600 million in 2003 to 1.2 billion in 2005.

A boutique agency headquartered in Oakland, Ellipses has represented more than 100 clients in the hospitality, travel, food, beverage and special events industries, launching over 40 restaurants and destinations throughout the greater Bay Area including The Culinary Institute of America at Copia, Fog City, Dumpling Time, La Marcha, Urban Putt, Lord Stanley, Niku Steakhouse and the Butcher Shop by Niku. Clients moving with Ellipses to af&co. include OCHO Candy, The Berkeley Boathouse and Altamirano Restaurant Group.

About af&co.

Celebrating its 15th year in 2020, af&co. is an innovative lifestyle marketing and media relations agency with clients across the country. The af&co. team has launched over 150 restaurants and hotels, provided ongoing marketing, public relations, and operations consulting for more than 200 others, and created unique culinary events of all sizes, from intimate dinners to food and wine festivals of over 10,000 people. In early 2020, af&co. launched Carbonate, a brand strategy and creative services agency. af&co. and Carbonate are known for bringing a fresh approach with bold results, with an emphasis on hotels, restaurants, food, wine, spirits, travel, and destinations.

Among the agency’s current clients are 4505 BBQ, Bluestem Brasserie, Duende, E & O Kitchen and Bar, Evolution Hospitality (Vespera on Ocean/AC Santa Clara/AC Sunnyvale), Golden Gate Restaurant Association, Gott’s Roadside, Mr. Espresso, One Market, Palette, Perbacco and barbacco, Ramen Nagi, River Terrace Inn, Roman Spa & Hot Springs, TCHO Chocolate and Virgin Hotels SF. For a complete list of current and past clients, please visit http://www.afandco.com.

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Nurse Consultant Diana Buck, RN, BSN, CNOR, Joins Medical Consulting Group

Medical Consulting Group (MCG) welcomes Nurse Consultant Diana Buck, RN, BSN, CNOR, to its team of ambulatory surgery center (ASC) experts.

Diana comes to MCG with 10 years of surgical experience, six years within an ASC setting, and an extensive background in nurse management. She will serve MCG clients by guiding clinical directors towards licensure and accreditation and equipping them with the tools they need to successfully manage an ASC.

For more information about Diana and her team at Medical Consulting Group, visit MedCGroup.com or contact their main office at (417) 889-2040.

Medical Consulting Group, LLC

For more than 30 years, Medical Consulting Group has served practices, ASCs, and medical device manufacturers across the U.S. and Canada that are looking for customized business solutions and strategies. MCG’s services include practice and ASC consulting and development, as well as management of operations, revenue cycle, and clinical and regulatory compliance. They also specialize in multi-media marketing, digital and website services, and e-learning programs to help physicians and facilities learn to use and integrate technology. Learn more at MedCGroup.com.

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USA Top Docs Wants To Know Who Your Top Doc Is - Nominate A Top Doc, Today!

Hey, America! We want to hear from YOU!

Do you have a favorite doctor or dentist that you believe deserves formal recognition?

USA Top Docs currently reviews and approves providers in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas and Washington.

If you live in any of these 14 states and have a Top Doctor in mind, you can let us know who they are by leaving a suggestion here:


Once we receive your suggestion, we will invite your doctor to submit a formal application for review. Our selection committee will then review the doctor's application to ensure they meet a number of criteria - including but not limited to:


  • Verification of licenses and credentials
  • Years in practice
  • Board certification review
  • Review of malpractice insurance
  • Continuing education requirements
  • Patient reviews


The 2 questions asked the most frequently about how we select our healthcare providers are:

1. How do you select your Top Doctors / Top Dentists?
2. Do doctors/dentists pay to be selected?

The answers are simple. We use a qualification process to select our Top Doctors/Dentists and NO, they cannot and do not pay to be approved.

USA Top Docs use a comprehensive qualification questionnaire, research & an in depth screening process. Doctors & Dentists are either invited to complete a qualification questionnaire or request to apply.

The qualification questionnaire involves information about education & training, years in practice, continuing education, licensing, publications, charitable work, professional & administrative appointments and achievements.

Once received, USA Top Docs verifies each component listed to ensure the doctor/practice meets our pre-set criteria.

These include:

  • Board Certification is required if deemed by the specialty
  • “Minimum years in practice” standards used as quality of care increases with years of experience
  • Malpractice & License review to ensure no serious medical malpractice or board actions have taken place
  • Patient reviews are collected and compiled


After this section of our review process, an internal group of members whom collectively have over 40 years working within the medical field review each applicant anonymously and thoroughly to then decide whether or not to approve a provider.

If a healthcare provider is approved they are notified via postal mail and email. If a provider does not qualify on “Minimum years in practice” alone their application is held until they meet that requirement. Doctors & Dentists are then re-reviewed annually (12 months after approval) to ensure they continue to qualify as a “Top Doctor” or “Top Dentist”.

For more information, please visit https://usatopdocs.com/ or email info@USATopDocs.com

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To Meet Patient Demands, Manhattan Mental Health Counseling Opens Third Location

Manhattan Mental Health Counseling, a psychotherapy private practice in New York City that accepts insurance, has opened a new location to keep with increasing demand from patients. Since being founded in 2014, the organization has enjoyed significant growth, with both new and repeat customers seeking help from its therapists.

“Manhattan Mental Health Counseling was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to therapy,” explains founder Natalie Buchwald, “Providing insurance-based psychotherapy is only one part of that. Equally important is ensuring we have enough staff to provide patients with their care in a timely manner.”

Situated at 216 East 45th Street, Suite 1101- just a few blocks from the Chrysler Building - the new office features a beautifully-designed interior with seven state-of-the-art therapy rooms. It’s intended, above all else, to be both cozy and aesthetically pleasing, in order to ensure patients remain comfortable and relaxed. Patients interested in booking at the facility can reach the Appointment Coordinator at 212-960-8626.

The new location will be helmed by Mechelle Turner, LMHC a relationally-focused, trauma-informed licensed therapist. Her multifaceted, collaborative approach to therapy integrates holistic care, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy, and focuses on unearthing the root cause of emotional distress. She holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Intercultural studies as well as a Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree.

“I’m incredibly pleased that Manhattan Mental Health Counseling has taken off to this extent, and that we’ve already been able to help so many people,” says Natalie. “I hope this expansion makes our services even more accessible and allows even more New Yorkers to enjoy better overall mental health.”

Manhattan Mental Health Counseling is a full-service psychotherapy private practice based in New York. We provide specialized care at an affordable price by accepting many of the insurances which are popular in New York.

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Naples Hotel Group is now managing the Best Western Naples Inn & Suites

The Naples Hotel Group, a leading Florida Hotel Development and Management Company, is now managing the Best Western Naples Inn & Suites located at 2329 9th Street N in Naples, FL. The company was awarded the management contract with new ownership, CT BW Naples Borrower LLC.

The tropical-themed hotel emblemizes the management company’s hometown well featuring lush gardens, tropical ponds and waterfalls with two outdoor swimming pools and relaxing hot tubs. The hotel sits along US-41 less than a mile from Naples’s iconic white sand beaches and three miles to the dining and shopping of 5th Avenue. The Naples hotel features 110 studio, one-and two-bedrooms suites featuring full kitchens.

This is Naples Hotel Group’s first Best Western franchise and brings its managed hotel portfolio to 14 hotels. The hotel is being brought into the company’s portfolio under the leadership of Phil Tandett, Executive Vice President of Operations.

Naples Hotel Group’s corporate office is located in Naples, FL. The Bou-Sliman family, owners of the Florida development and management company, had owned hotel assets in Naples from 1996 to 2016 prior to starting the management company.

About Naples Hotel Group
Naples Hotel Group is a hotel development and management company founded in 1999. Naples Hotel Group has achieved superior results and has a proven ability to enhance the performance of hotels through the use of their experience, responsiveness and extensive resources. NHG, based in Naples and Clearwater, prides itself on building long-term relationships with quality people and organizations. To learn more visit http://www.napleshotelgroup.com.

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International Jet Celebrates 40 Years of Private Charter

On September 25, 2019 International Jet celebrated 40 years of private charter jet services. The company has been based out of Centennial Airport in Centennial, Colorado since 1980 and is the longest tenured company at the airport. International Jet has a unique and varied history. Aside from flying celebrities and private passengers for business and personal private charter, the company has flown missile codes to air bases around the country for the military, cancelled checks for banks, and even once flew a gorilla—BeBe—to the Cincinnati Zoo. International Jet has also flown over 10,000 AirLife flights over a twenty-five year period. Since 1991, International Jet has flown the Dream Chaser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In 2014 the company was honored with NBAA’s Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leadership.
The 40th celebration was September 25, 2019 at the International Jet offices and hangar at Centennial Airport.

Early Roots

In 1979 Lynn Krogh and Bill Milam began the company in Long Beach, California. The first plane was a 1975 Cessna 421 Turbo Prop. Business was good and in February of 1980 the company acquired a Lear 24 and moved the operation to Denver, Colorado, where space was rented from Tiger Air. During this time International Jet flew a lot of cargo flights for Emery Air Freight and Purolator.


In June of 1980 we added a Lear 25 and became the first charter Lear Jet at Centennial Airport. Our first hangar, today’s maintenance hangar, was built shortly after arriving in Denver. Today, International Jet is the longest tenured company at Centennial Airport.

We flew cargo for several years and at one point we even operated a helicopter charter. Long-time Denver residents might remember Mike Silva, pilot of the KCNC-TV helicopter. He was the first pilot for the International Jet helicopter charter services—Shy Charter.

During this time we also had a military contract to fly missile launch codes to the different air bases throughout the United States.

Transition To Passenger

Brian Smith joined International Jet in 1989 as the company was transitioning to more passenger charters. Columbia Air Life (later became HealthOne) became a long-time customer in the early '90s. Over a twenty-five year period International Jet flew more than 10,000 medical transplants using twelve to fifteen different planes.


Groundbreaking Event

In 2002, we broke ground on the current building at Centennial Airport and it opened in 2003. A series of large aircraft were added in the mid-2000s as International Jet became a completely passenger charter company.


In 2008 Brian became a full partner in the business.

Dream Chaser and Make-A-Wish

At International Jet we believe in giving back to the community and we put those beliefs into action. Five times one of our jets has been turned into the Dream Chaser, or "like a Lifesaver," as the kids say, and we do our best to make a few dreams come true by taking some of the kids on a flight to remember. This year (2019) we flew Make-A-Wish Foundation kids from Denver, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque and Los Angeles. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) honored International Jet Aviation Services and the Make-A-Wish Foundation as co-recipients of NBAA's 2014 Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leadership.

Clouds Of Fun!

We’ve flown a lot of interesting and wonderful people over the years, including: Neil Armstrong, Pat Bowlen, Johnny Cash, Jack Nicklaus, Julia Roberts and Oprah Winfrey. We look forward to flying them, other superstars, executives and families for another forty years.


It’s all been possible because of the great people who made International Jet their home—some for a short while, others for years. We couldn’t have accomplished it without you! Come celebrate with us. Follow the link below to confirm your reservation.

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Strange but efficient ways to customer satisfaction and loyalty at the Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton


Have you ever wondered what it takes to deliver customer service and satisfaction in the hospitality industry? It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't …” … please all the people all of the time” It really so much applies to our industry.
In order to be successful in hospitality it is not just enough to attract new customers we also must concentrate on retaining existing customers implementing effective policies of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the hotel industry customer satisfaction is largely hooked upon quality of service. This approach focused on customer satisfaction can improve customer loyalty, thus increasing the positive image of the tourist destination. Hence, exploring the importance for customers of hotel attributes in hotel selection is indispensable. Research on the topic of guest satisfaction, which translates into the consideration of whether customers will return to a hotel or advise it to other tourists, is pivotal to the success of the hospitality business.

Massaging, Manicure & Pedicure at the Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton


The Charm Hotel Spa Suite with the Deluxe Hot Tub


At the Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton and its sister hotel The Sea Spray, the focus is on delivering superior hospitality allowing guests to relax and create memorable moments throughout their stay. The hotel is committed to building meaningful, personal relationships with guests and a “Yes We Can” attitude to ensure the satisfaction of every guest. The Charm features solutions that are empathetic to the challenges of modern travel, including the 100% guest Satisfaction guarantee.
To remain competitive, hotels are now expected to deliver exceptional customer service whenever and wherever customers contact them, whether it’s on social media, mobile apps or through traditional channels. At the Sea Spray and the Charm Hotel, as well as in most hospitality, technology is rapidly changing the way business is done. Although the fundamental qualities of great customer service remain the same, the way it needs to be delivered has already changed so we make sure all our staff are trained to be able to cope.
Leo Nguyen, the General Manager of both hotels said, “We are always striving to continuously improve our customer experience, and it is fantastic to have our long-term commitment recognised by so many guests.” He added “This is testament to our team of great staff who are firmly committed to our vision of delivering both excellence and service to our customers.”
Remarkable service pays dividends by increasing loyalty and word of mouth buzz. Customer service has always been a prerequisite to success in the hotel industry, but in this social media era where everyone acts as a publisher, there is additional marketing value to being remarkable. Getting the basics right, but also looking to create talk ability. Social media raises the stakes for customer service and at the Charm and the Sea Spray we have found that social media savvy consumers who are happy with our customer service seem to spend more with us getting involved in other activities in the hotel and recommending the hotel to other people.
Just to emphasise what has helped the Charm Hotel and Sea Spray staff deliver customer service, starts with knowing that the guest experience begins long before they arrive at the front desk to check in for their stay. A mobile-friendly website offers visual appeal and social proof of the experience that they will enjoy at the hotel.

We also actively solicit and respond to guest feedback by accepting and promoting our online reviews and showing other travellers that we value the opinion of our guests and that we are willing to go the extra mile to deliver superior customer service.

Next is connecting with guests on a personal level. This also begins before our guests arrive at the front desk. We utilise technology in the form of social media to reach out to our guests prior to their stay and learn a little bit more about them. Customised booking forms also help you gain insight about the people who will be staying at your hotel. While our guests are staying with us, we make sure to add small touches and details that personalise the experience. Guests will remember those experiences for years to come, and they will significantly improve their overall opinion of our property and help convince them to return.

Monitoring guest feedback and responding to it accordingly it’s important that we take note of what improvements could be made in the future based on those responses. It will also show future guests that we genuinely value their input.

Bedroom Suites at the Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton start from £90 and include breakfast which is an impressive affair at the Charm. The buffet selection includes fresh juices, pastries, fruit and waffles, while you can order hot dishes such as eggs Benedict and a full English breakfast off the menu. For the Charm Suite Spa package, the price is £70 (two sharing) with a 30% discount. For more information and to book
• Call the hotel on +44 (0)1273 021 085,
• visit the www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk, follow the hotel on
• Facebook@thecharmbrighton.co.uk and on
• Twitter@charm_hotel.
Sea Spray Brighton Luxury Hotel
Featuring a shared lounge and free WiFi, Sea Spray Luxury Hotel in Brighton & Hove is a 6-minute walk from Brighton Pier. The property is situated 500 metres from The Royal Pavilion. Brighton Dome is an 8-minute walk from the guest house. The rooms in the Hotel are equipped with a kettle. Each room comes with a private bathroom with free toiletries, while some rooms come with a patio. Guest rooms in Sea Spray are fitted with a TV and a hairdryer. A buffet breakfast is served each morning at the property.
• Call Sea Spray on +44 1273 684966
• Email – seaspray@brighton.co.uk
• Sea Spray Hotel – New Steine, Kemptown Brighton BN2 1PD

For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on 07850 736544 or email ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk

The Charm, Brighton is a sensational new luxury boutique hotel, now with a new Spa Suite in the heart of Kemptown, Brighton. The hotel offers designer living in a traditional setting and the recent refurbishment has transformed the 200-year-old building into a stylish and modern hotel with a reassuringly classic ambience. Each room in the elegantly refurbished historic building has been thoughtfully designed to provide all our guests with the most comfortable and restful hotel VIP experience. Our inspirational interior designers have created a delightful and luxurious look and feel, enhanced by ethereal and original artworks in every room.
The Charm – Luxury Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa, 20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK Tel +44 (0)1273 021 085 Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk


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Charitable Kids’ “Olympics” Hosted at Ford Center at The Star

More than 500 students visited The Star in Frisco, Texas on July 22nd to culminate their summer activities. Students competed in a day of friendly games between nine of the local Kids ‘R’ Kids of greater Dallas area schools. The students also spent the summertime working - from dance-a-thons, odd jobs, talent shows, carnivals, and more - raising money for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

While 2018’s event raised approximately ,000 for Scottish Rite Hospital, this year's proceeds exceeded that at a total of ,442.

“It's truly heartwarming to see Kids 'R' Kids students working so hard to give back and further the work of the hospital,” said Stephanie Brigger, VP of Development for Scottish Rite Hospital. “Since the opening of the new Scottish Rite for Children Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center in Frisco, the support we receive from our community is fundamental in continuing our mission of providing world-class medical care regardless of any family's ability to pay.”

The day’s schedule began with the national anthem, sung by an alumni patient of the Children’s Hospital and a check presentation of the funds raised for the hospital. The games were facilitated by The Gym Station and included Soccer Shootout, Sack Races, 50-Yard Dash, and a Football Obstacle Course. The event ended with the announcement of the winning teams and presentation of trophies; the overall game winner, the most team spirit and the Grand Trophy for the most funds raised.

“The children have been working enthusiastically toward this day all summer,” said Tammy Huff, owner of Kids ‘R’ Kids Legacy West and West Frisco. “This wonderful experience instills core values that last a lifetime.”

About Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies
Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies provides a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children (ages 6 weeks to 12 years) to bloom into responsible, considerate, and contributing members of society. With over 170 locations in 15 states, Kids ‘R’ Kids International is a family owned and operated organization that ranks in the top 10 nationwide for franchised early childhood education centers. The local area Dallas/Fort Worth locations can be found on dfwkidsrkids.com

About Consumers’ Choice Award:
Established in 1987, the Consumers’ Choice Award® identifies and promotes businesses that deliver customer service excellence. The Consumers’ Choice Award® has retained a leading independent research firm to conduct surveys in U.S. cities; Atlanta, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dallas. The winners are determined by consumers and not by a panel of judges. The survey covers a broad range of categories of interest to both the public and business communities. Its purpose is to publicly identify those establishments that have been voted by consumers as being their choice for excellence. The Consumers’ Choice Award® is a most prestigious tribute to local businesses that serve their communities well. The program is encouraged by all levels of government and by business leaders. Find out more about The Consumers’ Choice Award by visiting http://www.consumerschoiceaward.com/

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Emerald Hospitality Associates, Inc. and Nimbus Investment Fund, LP Expand Ohio Footprint

“We are thrilled to be expanding our footprint in our home state of Ohio. This is Emerald Hospitality’s 5th Ohio hotel with a 6th slated to open in Worthington later this year,” said Pavente. “The Hampton Inn Madison represents our 8th Hampton Inn/Hampton Inn & Suites and brings our total portfolio to 25 open hotels with 2 additional new builds scheduled to open by the end of this year” comments Pavente.

The Hampton Inn Madison is conveniently located at exit 212 off Interstate 90, allowing for easy access to local businesses and corporations. This Madison, OH hotel is minutes from the shores of Lake Erie and Geneva on the Lake, as well as many other attractions in the tri-county area. Nestled in the heart of Ohio’s wine country, there are over 30 award-winning wineries along with the Vines and Wines Wine Trail. Travel over both the longest and shortest covered bridges in the US, explore antique shops, cozy up by our outdoor fire pit, enjoy fine dining, family-friendly eateries as well as unique museums.

Every Hampton by Hilton guest will enjoy the brand’s signature free, hot breakfast with healthy options; On the Run™ breakfast bags; and free WIFI in every room. Hampton continues to lead the pack in terms of guest experience, with guest happiness being the number one priority, backed by the 100% Hampton Guarantee™.

Hampton Inn Madison is part of Hilton Honors®, the award-winning guest-loyalty program for Hilton’s 17 distinct hotel brands. Hilton Honors members who book directly through preferred Hilton channels have access to instant benefits, including a flexible payment slider that allows members to choose nearly any combination of Points and money to book a stay, an exclusive member discount that can’t be found anywhere else and free standard WIFI. Members also enjoy popular digital tools available exclusively through the industry-leading Hilton Honors mobile app, where Hilton Honors members can check-in, choose their room and access their room using a Digital Key.

For more information or to make reservations, please visit Hampton Inn Madison or call +1 440-307-4450.

About Emerald Hospitality, Inc.
Founded in 1999, Emerald Hospitality Associates is a Westlake-based, full-service hotel management and development company that provides a wide range of specialized hospitality industry services to hotel and restaurant investors. Emerald currently operates 25 properties in ten states, consisting primarily of Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt branded products. For more information, visit http://www.emeraldhospitality.comLinkedIn and Facebook.

About Nimbus Investment Fund, LP
Founded in 2011, Nimbus Investment Fund is a Cleveland, Ohio based company. Its focus is to pursue investments in the hotel acquisition space. For information, contact Art Borowski, Chief Financial Officer at 440-239-9848 or ABorowski@EmeraldHospitality.com.

About Hampton by Hilton
As the number one ranked lodging franchise for the past 10 years, according to Entrepreneur®, Hampton by Hilton, including Hampton Inn by Hilton and Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton, serves value-conscious and quality-driven travelers at more than 2,490 properties in 27 countries and territories. High-quality accommodations and amenities, such as complimentary WIFI, free hot breakfast, and On the RunTM breakfast bags, contribute to Hampton by Hilton ranking as a leader in its segment. Hampton by Hilton Team Members deliver friendly, authentic, caring, and thoughtful service defined as Hamptonality, with guest happiness being the number one priority, backed by the 100% Hampton Guarantee™. Hilton Honors members who book directly through preferred Hilton channels have access to instant benefits. For more information about Hampton by Hilton, visit http://www.hampton.com or newsroom.hilton.com/hampton, and connect on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.

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Little Sparrows Technologies Receives FDA Clearance for an Innovative, Portable Medical Device for Treating Infant Jaundice

Little Sparrows Technologies, a neonatal medical device startup committed to promoting the well-being of newborns, announced today it has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the bili-hut™. The bili-hut is an innovative ultraportable neonatal phototherapy system that leverages a bassinet-like design to treat hyperbilirubinemia, commonly known as neonatal jaundice. The device features a unique curved light emitting diode (LED) illumination canopy that delivers high-intensity blue light phototherapy. This highly portable device allows newborns to effectively undergo jaundice treatment anywhere – at home or in a hospital setting.

“Neonatal jaundice is very common and is often diagnosed when a newborn is almost ready for discharge from the hospital or after the baby is home for a few days, requiring longer hospital stays or readmittance,” said Dr. Donna Brezinski, CEO and founder, Little Sparrow Technologies. “Phototherapy treatment typically occurs in NICUs, which separates newborns from their mothers who are bonding and establishing breast feeding. The bili-hut provides the best possible start for jaundiced babies by enabling treatment at the mother’s side, whether in the hospital or at home.”

Neonatal jaundice is a transitional phenomenon which affects three out of five newborns in their first weeks of life. Jaundice causes a yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes in newborns and typically subsides within a few days. In newborns with severe jaundice, blue light phototherapy is required to prevent irreversible neurologic injury.

Jaundice is also one of the most common diagnoses associated with infant readmission to a hospital in the first month of life. In the United States, it is estimated that 100,000 infants develop severe jaundice, costing the healthcare systems 0M annually for hospital-based care. Hospital phototherapy devices can be daunting for new parents and extended hospital stays are often stressful and expensive.

Invented by Dr. Brezinski, a neonatal-perinatal specialist, the bili-hut is capable of delivering hospital intensity phototherapy at the parent’s bedside in either the postpartum room or at home, presenting a new, innovative and cost-effective approach to addressing the challenges of treating jaundice. With the bili-hut doctors can improve the quality of care for infants by maintaining a close relationship with parents while helping to reduce emergency room visits and readmissions.

The bili-hut will be on display at the Little Sparrows Technologies booth #133 at the 2019 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans, October 26-28.

For more information on the bili-hut, visit http://www.little-sparrows-tech.com.

About Little Sparrows Technologies
Founded in 2013 by Harvard Medical School affiliated doctors, Little Sparrows Technologies offers an innovative approach for treating jaundice. The bili-hut™ is a cost-effective phototherapy device that uses blue LED lights in a reflective bassinet that is capable of operation on battery power. It is simple to use and collapsible for easy transport. Little Sparrows has received two phases of funding from the NIH’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, and The World Health Organization included the bili-hut in its Compendium of Medical Devices for Global Health. Little Sparrows Technologies was the winner of a 2018 Patents for Humanity Award. The company offers solutions to support hospitals, US pediatrician offices and international implementations. For more information, visit http://www.little-sparrows-tech.com.

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Dr. Rupa Jolly Highlighted in Volunteers of America Announcement

New Orleans dentist Dr. Rupa Jolly, wife of Dr. Tarun Jolly of Tarun Jolly Enterprises, was highlighted in a Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana announcement naming board members for 2019. The mention of her membership with the organization sheds light on her commitment to its humanitarian work.

Dr. Rupa Jolly is one of fourteen officers on the Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana Board of Directors, which includes two members who are new to the board this year. In her work with the organization, Dr. Jolly assists in advancing its mission of making positive changes in the community by providing humanitarian services to underserved populations.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue serving Volunteers of America and my community," Dr. Jolly said regarding her retainment as a board member. "It's important to give back for the sake of those whose basic needs might otherwise be left unfulfilled."

Volunteers of America serves more than 1.5 million Americans from offices across the country each year. Services include, but are not limited to, housing assistance, assisting the homeless, behavioral and mental health services, veterans, family-focused treatment and substance abuse disorders. Dr. Rupa Jolly also regularly collaborates with Tarun Jolly Enterprises in assisting Dr. Tarun Jolly with addressing community needs in the healthcare, real estate, hospitality industries and beyond.

For more information on Tarun Jolly Enterprises and the nonprofit work of Drs. Tarun and Rupa Jolly, interested parties are encouraged to visit http://www.tarunjollyenterprises.com, contact the office at (504) 324-2155, or visit Tarun Jolly Enterprises at 643 Magazine Street, Suite 402 in New Orleans, LA. 70130

Boilerplate: An entrepreneurial operation with business operations spanning multiple industries, Tarun Jolly Enterprises serves the New Orleans area by promoting investments in healthcare, real estate and hospitality for the advancement of public health, particularly in battling America's opioid epidemic. By merging business with philanthropy, the company encourages dynamic solutions that improve lives now and into the future.

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Medical Staffing Solutions Merges with TotalMed to Combine Top Talent and Open Positions With Market-Disrupting Technology

TotalMed, a nationwide clinical travel solutions and MSP services provider, announced today Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC merged with TotalMed. The merger expands TotalMed’s healthcare offerings by increasing access to jobs and talent nationwide.

TotalMed Holdings is a family of brands that includes Staffency for Managed Services, Rapid Staff for job action response, and TotalMed for clinical and non-clinical contingent staffing solutions. Through their advanced technology, powered by AI, TotalMed provides their clients and contingent workers with a marked advantage: they can match requisitions to available qualified candidates and present them to hiring managers faster than any other solution available today.

This merger will combine Medical Staffing Solutions’s extensive talent pipeline with TotalMed’s expertise and next-level job pairing technology.

“Both TotalMed and Medical Staffing Solutions share similar visions -- it’s a perfect cultural fit. The two companies align on their core values and are dedicated to hiring reliable, trustworthy, and motivated healthcare professionals. Together we are stronger and better,” TotalMed CEO Sejal Shah said.

Medical Staffing Solutions will continue to grow its business and expand its nationwide PRN and government contingent staffing services. Owners Melanie Theriac, RN, and Joanie Reneer RN, BSN, will be integral leaders in spearheading the company's continued success.

The transaction closed on August 13. The terms were not disclosed.

Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC

A top ten, nurse-owned, and award-winning staffing agency, Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC, is passionate about healthcare and dedicated to helping healthcare professionals fulfill their purpose. As one of the largest and fastest-growing healthcare staffing firms in the United States, Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC is respected by caregivers, clients, and industry professionals around the nation.


TotalMed, an award winning healthcare staffing firm, is headquartered in Appleton, WI., with satellite offices in Sacramento, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Nashville, and Pinehurst. It staffs facilities in every state through a range of divisions and has aggressively grown year-over-year in each of the past 11 years.

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Everest Rehabilitation Hospital Holds Ribbon Cutting in Temple, Texas

Everest Rehabilitation Hospital cuts the ribbon at their grand opening for their newest inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation hospital to serve Central Texans for years to come.

The 36-bed, 41,000 square foot, modern rehabilitation hospital is located at 23621 SE H.K. Dodgen Loop (Loop 363), across from Temple College in Temple, Texas. The hospital provides comprehensive rehabilitative services and around-the-clock nursing care to patients overcoming a variety of debilitating illnesses and injuries such as spinal cord impairment, amputations, complex orthopedic conditions, brain injuries, strokes and neurological disorders.

Everest’s 6-acre campus includes a large outdoor mobility courtyard and two large therapy gyms as well as an in-house pharmacy, indoor and outdoor dining halls and a HydroWorx pool whereby an underwater treadmill and jets create buoyancy to produce low-impact resistance to better serve their patients.

The project represents a million-dollar investment in the Central Texas region and employs more than 100 people directly. Each of Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals are designed to quickly expand by 18 additional inpatient rooms should the market dictate the need.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be able to provide a state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation hospital and a remarkably trained staff for the benefit of Central Texans,” said Jay Quintana, CEO and co- Founder of Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals. “Through specialized care, our patients will have a much better opportunity to regain independence and restoration of function after they have experienced an injury. Our physician-led team of rehabilitation therapists provide one on one therapy, five to seven days a week, daily medical visits by rehab physicians and a strong nurse patient ratio that contributes to the optimal outcomes.”

About Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals, LLC 
Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, is a specialty physical rehabilitation hospital company focused on providing high quality, physical rehabilitation care. Everest is passionate about patient care; striving to create healing and nurturing environments for all patients that not only meet their medical needs but address their emotional and social needs as well. Patients are guided through the necessary steps to reclaim daily life, recover function, and return to an optimal quality of life by combining the latest treatments, technologies, and research with a unique interdisciplinary team approach involving the patient and family from day one. Everest provides the highest level of care available to patients with disabilities caused by injuries or illnesses, or from traumatic accidents.


Jay Quintana, CEO/ Co-Founder 

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Ovation Fertility Announces Addition of New Off-Site Lab Director, Diane Wright, PhD, HCLD/CC

Ovation® Fertility is pleased to announce that it has added a new off-site laboratory director, Diane Wright, PhD, HCLD/CC, who will be responsible for the operation, administration, technical and scientific oversight of client start-up laboratories as well as existing client laboratories seeking to upgrade or expand their operations. As an off-site lab director, she works both remotely and on-site to advise clients in the employment of qualified laboratory staff members, provides training and guidance to each laboratory’s team, and records and reports procedural outcomes.

In her exemplary career in reproductive science, Dr. Wright has designed, constructed and managed IVF laboratories in both academic hospital and private practice settings, gaining extensive experience with regulatory agency inspections of IVF facilities.

“Dr. Wright is a deeply experienced laboratory director who has worked alongside some of IVF’s highly regarded pioneers,” said Nate Snyder, Ovation’s chief executive officer. “By combining Dr. Wright’s expertise with Ovation’s proven processes and ongoing collaborative research efforts, we will bring the industry’s best practices into more laboratories, improving the quality of fertility care for even more physicians and people seeking IVF treatment.”

Prior to joining Ovation as an off-site laboratory director, Dr. Wright was the founding director of Aspire Fertility Laboratories, where she designed and oversaw construction of three private laboratory facilities. She previously spent 15 years as director of Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center’s laboratories, where she served as an assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School and served on MGH’s Partners Human Research Committee (IRB), the MGH Tissue Banking Committee, and the Division’s Ethics and Quality Assurance Committees. Dr. Wright also spent three of these years working as an off-site laboratory director for the IVF and andrology/endocrinology laboratories at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, supporting The Infertility and Reproductive Medicine Center.

“All Ovation lab directors are impressive, high-caliber scientists, and that was an important factor in choosing this next phase of my career,” Dr. Wright said. “Having worked as both an off-site and on-site lab director, I know that the key to success is having a good team, and I know I’ll have that with Ovation. We each have a commitment to improve patient outcomes, and the combined knowledge the team brings to this effort is unprecedented, in my experience.”

Dr. Wright earned her undergraduate degree in biomedical science from Texas A&M University in College Station, then went on to earn a Master of Science degree in physiology of reproduction from the same university. She then earned a PhD in biomedical sciences at one of the early outstanding entities for IVF embryology training in the United States, The Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, associated with Eastern Virginia Medical School/Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia – the same program responsible for the first IVF child born in the United States in 1981.

About Ovation® Fertility

Ovation Fertility is a national network of reproductive endocrinologists and scientific thought leaders focused on reducing the cost of having a family through more efficient and effective fertility care. Ovation’s IVF and genetics laboratories and affiliated practices work collaboratively to raise the bar for IVF treatment, with state-of-the-art, evidence-based fertility services that give hopeful parents the best chance for a successful pregnancy. Physicians partner with Ovation to offer their patients advanced preimplantation genetic testing. Ovation also provides donor eggs that come with a Euploid Embryo Guarantee®, as well as secure frozen egg, embryo and sperm long-term storage; consultative services to help IVF laboratories improve quality and performance; and fertility preservation programs that enable more women to freeze their eggs and build future families. Learn more about Ovation’s vision of a world without infertility at http://www.OvationFertility.com.

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Dr. Kanani Is Encouraging Patients To Book Back-To-School Dental Checkups Soon

The summer season is in full swing, but children and students will soon be heading back to school. Trusted Woodland Hills dentist Dr. Kaveh Kanani wants to encourage patients and families to get a head start on booking their back-to-school dental checkup appointments. Dr. Kanani is currently offering an exclusive free consultation deal to new patients.

Scheduling a back-to-school dental checkup isn't only for the oral health of the child; some schools require back-to-school dental visits for specific grades. Additionally, back-to-school dental checkups are an excellent way to ensure that younger patients' teeth are staying healthy. Dr. Kanani encourages patients to make their child's back-to-school appointment early in the summer to avoid the August rush. Additionally, scheduling soon can help ensure you get the appointment time that works best for you.

Dr. Kanani also encourages patients to plan their back-to-school dental checkups as these checkups can lead to early detection of problems. If a child has a cavity or other disease, that can lead to pain, trouble eating, difficulty speaking, and absence from school. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, dental disease causes children to miss more than 51 million school hours each year.

During a child's back-to-school dental visits, Dr. Kanani will clean the child's teeth, check for cavities, and ensure the child is maintaining good oral health with consistent brushing and flossing habits. The appointments typically do not last longer than an hour. 
Additionally, Dr. Kanani reminds patients that caring for their children's' oral health stretches beyond scheduling back-to-school dental checkups. Parents can take care of their children's teeth throughout the year by following a few reminders from Dr. Kananani.

Parents watch how much sugar their children are consuming. Most children love sweet foods, and while it would be difficult to ban them from enjoying sugary snacks thoroughly, it is possible to limit their consumption. Additionally, it's essential for parents to help their children eat at least three healthy meals a day. Healthy foods can have an enormous impact on a child's oral health. Healthy snacks may include grains, milk, cheese, raw vegetables, yogurt, and fruit. For parents with children who eat in the school's cafeteria, it's a good idea to review healthy, balanced food choices with them before the first day of school. Children should also be brushing twice a day, during the morning and at night, and flossing at least one time every day.

For parents with children who will be playing contact sports during school, it's essential to start getting them used to keep on a properly fitted mouthguard. Wearing a properly fitted mouthguard can protect the child's teeth from any damage or harm in the event of an accident.

Dr. Kanani encourages parents and families to make back-to-school dental checkup appointments before the summer is over. Additionally, for new patients, Dr. Kanani is currently offering an exclusive free consultation. During this free consultation, Dr. Kanani will determine if there are any oral health issues to be aware of with your child and if your child should be seen by the dentist more than once a year.

About Dr. Kanani 
As one of the most innovative dentists in Greater Los Angeles, Dr. Kanani's objective is to help patients regain their smiles and their confidence through groundbreaking, non-invasive treatments such as complete dentures, partial dentures, and dental implants. Dr. Kanani has been utilizing non-invasive treatment methods to heal patients suffering from many dental issues, including loss of teeth. Individuals in Los Angeles and Woodland Hills who are looking to get dental implants done can make an appointment with Dr. Kanani today by calling (818) 962-1141, or visiting http://www.woodlandhillsdentalspa.com.

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Takeda Selects Shot@Life for Annual Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, Supporting Immunization and Universal Health Coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, which helps expand access to life-saving childhood vaccines globally, is proud to share an expanded partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, to enhance disease surveillance systems and strengthen immunization programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. These efforts are critical to achieving Universal Health Coverage as part of the Sustainable Development Goals and providing every child the opportunity for a healthy future. Takeda’s vision to serve patients, wherever they are, drives its increased commitments to disease prevention, capacity building, and access to healthcare in developing and emerging countries. This commitment is clear in its 550 million yen pledge (over US$ 5 million) to Shot@Life.

“Vaccines are one of global health’s biggest success stories, saving millions of lives,” said Kathy Calvin, President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation. “We’ve made important progress to date, but we can’t stop now. We have to protect the progress we’ve made and strengthen healthcare and immunizations for millions of children in need. Takeda’s ongoing commitment will help track and respond to the spread of disease and protect children.”

Takeda’s partnership with the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign will strengthen health systems in Sub-Saharan Africa through improved disease surveillance and data utilization enabling effective immunization planning and outbreak response. 
Strong disease surveillance systems are critical to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), given that they provide governments and public health decision makers with the data they need to ensure that all people and communities have access to health services. This data is particularly important in the context of infectious disease outbreaks, during which government officials must act quickly and decisively to prevent the spread of disease. Even when countries have robust immunization systems overall, relatively weak surveillance systems can compromise the delivery of life-saving vaccines. Strengthened health systems, management and evaluation approaches, and improved policies can help address critical gaps in national immunization systems. These measures help ensure that every child receives life-saving vaccinations, moving countries closer to achieving UHC.

Takeda’s support of global health programs does not end with their support of the UN Foundation. In early June, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited became the first private sector company to announce a financial commitment to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s Sixth Replenishment. The pledge, consisting of JP¥ 1 billion (approximately US$ 9 million) over five years, builds on Takeda's previous contribution to the Global Fund, and is an important demonstration of how we must all step up the fight to achieve health and well-being for all.


About Shot@Life 
Shot@Life is a grassroots advocacy campaign of the United Nations Foundation that champions global childhood immunization as one of the most effective ways to save the lives of children around the world. We rally members of the public, members of Congress, businesses, and civil society partners — through public education, grassroots advocacy, and fundraising — to support and invest in the global childhood immunization programs. Go to ShotAtLife.org to learn more.

About the United Nations Foundation 
The United Nations Foundation acts as a strategic partner to help the United Nations mobilize the ideas, people, and resources it needs to drive global progress and tackle urgent challenges. We focus on issues at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, build initiatives across sectors to solve problems at scale, and engage citizens who seek action. Founded in 1998 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner, the UN Foundation works with philanthropic, corporate, government, and individual partners. Learn more at: http://www.unfoundation.org.

About Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited 
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TSE:4502/NYSE:TAK) is a global, values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical leader headquartered in Japan, committed to bringing Better Health and a Brighter Future to patients by translating science into highly-innovative medicines. Takeda focuses its R&D efforts on four therapeutic areas: Oncology, Gastroenterology (GI), Rare Diseases, and Neuroscience. We also make targeted R&D investments in Plasma-Derived Therapies and Vaccines. We are focusing on developing highly innovative medicines that contribute to making a difference in people's lives by advancing the frontier of new treatment options and leveraging our enhanced collaborative R&D engine and capabilities to create a robust, modality-diverse pipeline. Our employees are committed to improving quality of life for patients and to working with our partners in healthcare in approximately 80 countries and regions. For more information, visit http://www.takeda.com

Takeda's Global CSR Program, its flagship CSR activity, makes multi-year commitments in partnership with key global stakeholders. The Program is rooted in the company’s patient-centricity and dedication to disease prevention and the improvement of access to healthcare that transforms people's lives in developing and emerging countries. Since its launch in 2016, the Global CSR Program has been delivering tangible results, contributing significantly to global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Results range from expanding patient’s access to quality diagnosis and treatment, including immunization, in disease-endemic countries to training health workers and strengthening health systems worldwide. For more information visit https://www.takeda.com/corporate-responsibility/

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STAYCATION UK - Summer by the Seaside

The luxury boutique Charm Hotel & Spa in Brighton is the perfect catalyst to get one started on planning that perfect summer vacation by the sea, from indulgent retreats to the City’s major attractions.  This hotel offers luxury on its own terms, ensuring independently spirited travellers create unforgettable moments to last a lifetime.  Also, many families enjoy staying at the Charm with its variety of family suites on offer that caters for all types.


Located just off the seafront in the heart of Brighton’s Kemptown district, the Charm represents a modernist interpretation of the luxury boutique hotel.
With a name like the Charm, it comes as no surprise that intimacy, tranquillity and comfort are a given at this very modern seaside boutique hotel with spectacular views over the Palace Pier, the beach and the Sea at every turn. Total relaxation is top-of-mind, with plenty of options to cosy up with a loved one at the Deluxe Hot Tub in a private garden, the luxurious Steam Room or try out many of the other options available in the Spa Suite like a manicure/pedicure room as well as a massage treatment space. For those eager to explore Brighton, staff at the hotel will happily point you towards other favourite spots in the City, from the British Airways i360 to the Royal Pavilion.

Having only just celebrated its 3rd anniversary, the meticulously restored Grade 11 listed building is a chic retreat where style is born from architectural simplicity to a mix of traditional with the contemporary and offering guests a truly luxury boutique hotel providing the best of both worlds: a quiet and romantic setting in Brighton, yet just round the corner from the City's plethora of great restaurants, shops and activities. Much effort went into preserving the architecture and design led by a team of three women, architect Linda Turner, interior designer Emma Kewley and artist collaborator, Ruthie Martin whose paintings are proudly displayed all-round the hotel including the bedroom suites. The team believe that having a woman led design team has resulted in a focus on guest enjoyment and together they wanted to increase the opportunities for relaxation and indulgence for guests and the local community at large.


Female Design Team of Interior Designer Emma Kewley, Artist Collaborator Ruthie Martin and Architect Linda Turner


The Charm Spa Suite also offers a selection of exclusive signature treatments and several beauty services including manicure and pedicure. In the City, guests can experience the melting pot of cultures that Brighton has to offer, a vibrant multicultural city. These influences make the city of Brighton & Hove a fascinating place to wander and explore.

In the Charm Spa Suite with the Luxury Deluxe Hot Tub in a Private garden

General Manager, Leo Nguyen said, “For summer bookings from two nights or more and to experience the benefits of the Spa suite, guests will be offered special rates if you book directly with the hotel”

Bedroom Suites at the Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton start from £90 and include breakfast which is an impressive affair at the Charm. The buffet selection includes fresh juices, pastries, fruit and waffles, while you can order hot dishes such as eggs Benedict and a full English breakfast off the menu. For the Summer Spa package, the price is £70 (two sharing) with a 30% discount. For more information and to book call the hotel on +44 (0)1273 021 085, visit the www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk, follow the hotel on Facebook@thecharmbrighton.co.uk and on Twitter@charm_hotel.

For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on 07850 736544 or email ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk

The Charm, Brighton is a sensational new luxury boutique hotel, now with a new Spa Suite in the heart of Kemptown, Brighton. The hotel offers designer living in a traditional setting and the recent refurbishment has transformed the 200-year-old building into a stylish and modern hotel with a reassuringly classic ambience. Each room in the elegantly refurbished historic building has been thoughtfully designed to provide all our guests with the most comfortable and restful hotel VIP experience. Our inspirational interior designers have created a delightful and luxurious look and feel, enhanced by ethereal and original artworks in every room.
The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa, 20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK Tel +44 (0)1273 021 085 Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk

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Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions Welcomes New Surgeon

Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions, a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery, is pleased to welcome Dr. Michelle R. Sieffert, M.D. to its team of skilled medical professionals.

Dr. Sieffert specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, breast, and body. She received her medical degree at the University of Arizona College of Medicine and completed her integrated plastic surgery residency at Wright State University’s Boonshoft School of Medicine. She will be joining the practice on August 1, 2019 from the Wright State University’s Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She has earned recognition from her peers and mentors for her commitment to improving her patients’ self esteem and quality of life.

Dr. Sieffert does not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to patient care, and strongly believes in the power of education to help people make informed decisions about their surgical and cosmetic care. She aims to walk with each patient through their surgical journey as a team - educating them about the changes occurring in their bodies, addressing their specific concerns and desires, discussing their available options, and designing a plan that is tailored to their specific needs.

Dr. Sieffert will be providing comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive surgical care for the Columbus community at a variety of locations. She specifically focuses on facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, breast surgery, body contouring, breast reconstruction, skin cancer removal/reconstruction, and trauma reconstruction. With the addition of Dr. Sieffert, the practice will begin accepting insurance for those reconstructive procedures she performs.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions invites you to visit their website at donaldsonplasticsurgery.com or call them at 614-442-7610 to schedule your personal consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Sieffert.

Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions is a medical practice that offers patients advanced cosmetic procedures, as well as non-surgical treatments, in a welcoming environment. The 10 year old practice is led by Dr. Jeffrey H. Donaldson, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has completed specialty and subspecialty training from leading institutions across the nation, and Dr. Michelle Sieffert, a highly-regarded surgeon in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, breast and body. The practice performs facial rejuvenation procedures, breast augmentation, body contouring, reconstructive surgery, and more.

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National Hospitality Architecture Firm three Debuts “New Level of Luxury” Clubhouse for Horseshoe Bay Resort

A new luxury clubhouse just west of Austin, Texas, is the latest high-profile hospitality project by three, the acclaimed national architecture firm renowned for creating memorable emotional connections through design. The addition of the dynamic amenity and event space is part of the million renovation of Horseshoe Bay Resort – one of the largest golf resorts in the country – which is nearing completion after two years of work on its hotel, golf courses and facilities, dining venues, and meeting spaces.

Designed by three, the new luxe Cap Rock Members Club – Clubhouse capitalizes on expansive views of the hill country and Robert Trent Jones, Sr.-designed golf courses at the resort. Working in partnership with landscape architect Coy Talley of Talley Associates, three has conceived the Cap Rock site as a destination complex, says the firm’s principal and senior designer, David C. Fowler, AIA, NCARB. The experience comprises four separate buildings that together offer Horseshoe Bay Resort members an array of improved amenities, anchored by its main clubhouse with a dining room and bar area, a swimming pool, and two golf buildings. A celebratory opening event is in planning for later in 2019.

This major commission for the popular Horseshoe Bay Resort represents the latest win for three, known for their expertise in boutique hospitality and country club projects that “elevate client properties to a new level of luxury.” Most recently, the firm completed The Cellars at Pearl, a complex of high-end loft residences in San Antonio, Texas, which local developers have described as “unprecedented for both its quality and price point.” Other upscale, market-leading developments by three include the award-winning Hotel Emma, credited for anchoring the burgeoning growth in downtown San Antonio.

“The Cap Rock Members Club – Facilities are designed with every last detail in mind, starting with the guest’s arrival,” says Fowler. “Our work at three is always grounded in the principle of creating spaces that inspire a sense of wonder.”

With this goal in mind, three re-sculpted the entry sequence, transforming a parking lot into a winding drive lined with Texas Oaks and offering glimpses of panoramic views framed by the new buildings, capturing the essence of the Cap Rock site in the heart of the Hill Country. Set on an outcropping interspersed with car-sized boulders, the main clubhouse building faces southwest maximizing sunset viewing for guests enjoying the restaurant, bar area and decks. The design draws in sunlight and outdoor scenery with slender roof openings and gently angled floor-to-ceiling windows. Three large rock-spire sculptures separate the entry, bar area, and dining room, all with fireplaces.

“Everything traveling golfers value is found here in a truly distinct and elevated presentation,” said Bryan Woodward, Horseshoe Bay Resort’s managing director. “The investment we have put into these renovations has elevated the quality of our golf to a national level and has made the overall golf experience more fun for our guests.”

Other amenities of the development include a golf pro shop, a pool building featuring men’s and women’s locker rooms along with a bar with grille kitchen, and a golf pavilion for events — with modern glass overhead doors to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Texas Lueders Limestone, a native charcoal-gray stone wraps all of the clubhouse buildings, complementing the existing vegetation and rock outcroppings. Other materials used for the soft-modern design include clear-coated exposed structural steel and stained wood ceilings to imbue the clubhouse with warmth and regional character.

The sprawling, 7,000-acre Horseshoe Bay Resort offers 400 guestrooms, suites and condominiums, views of scenic Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, and four championship golf courses designed by World Golf Hall of Fame members Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jack Nicklaus. A spa and health club and several restaurants round out the resort’s attractions. With the addition of the Cap Rock Members Club – Golf and Pool Amenities, resort members and guests enjoy an expanded, luxurious experience that aims to captivate the next generation of resort members from the nearby Austin community.

For interviews and images, contact Belén Cusi, 646-838-1033 or belen@ccsullivan.com.

About three
Based in Dallas, three specializes in providing creative design solutions in the hospitality, country club, senior living and residential spaces. Their innovation and inspiration is buoyed by strong, lasting, personal relationships with clients and consultants. Notable projects include the award-winning Hotel Emma in San Antonio, TX; the magazine-rated Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel; and the Monte Rei Country Club in Portugal. More at http://www.threearch.com

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Located off the seafront in the heart of Brighton’s vibrant Kemptown district, The Charm Hotel & Spa luxury boutique hotel is within walking distance of many of the city’s major attractions, including the Palace Pier, the Royal Pavilion, shopping in the North Laines, the British Airways i360 which gives you a great aerial view of Brighton, the West Pier, the Beach and the SeaLife centre. And for those arriving by train, it’s also a wheelie case friendly 15-minute walk from Brighton station.  The area has plenty of character, with its grand seafront crescents and elegant squares, and there’s a lively village feel, with independent coffee shops, restaurants, wine bars and quirky shops right on its doorstep.
This June, The Charm Hotel & Spa Brighton, the upscale, full-service luxury boutique hotel which was  listed on Traveler's 2017 "Hot List," in the UK - the insider's guide to the newest, hottest hotels, restaurants, spas and nightclubs across the UK is celebrating its 3rd anniversary since it was launched by the Golden Lotus Group as its first property in the City. 
Since then, the Group have bought and renovated the Sea Spray Hotel, Brighton and have moved to extend the Charm Hotel by acquiring the hotel that was next door to the Charm which has had a major refurbishment to add another 9 bedroom suites to the hotel as well as a new Charm Hotel Spa Suite.  It now offers 34 rooms over 4 floors, which range from Compact Doubles to the super-swish sea-view King Balcony Suites. Original features such as elegant marble fireplaces and ceiling cornicing have been blended with luxurious modern touches. There are rich fabrics and wallpapers, gilt mirrors and individual artwork throughout, while guests benefit from organic toiletries, goose feather down pillows and duvets and comfy Hypnos beds. The suites also have Free Wi-Fi, Samsung TVs, Nespresso coffee machines and beautiful freestanding baths.
The Spa is designed for guest enjoyment as well as the local community who are welcome to come in, relax and enjoy. It encompasses a luxurious Steam Room to accommodate guests, clients and romantic couples, top range quality and deluxe Hot Tub in a lush private garden, a manicure/pedicure room as well as a massage treatment space. To complete the Spa Suite the interior focus is on serenity with textured tiling, aqua colours and plants with unique artwork and soft furnishings creating a calming atmosphere to help you chill out and relax. The Spa offers the perfect place to reenergise and rejuvenate and works wonders for those wellbeing, health and fitness goals. You will need to book to avoid disappointment and get the special discount from the Summer Spa package.
The Charm Hotel’s environmental sustainability is championed through eco-friendly policies within the hotels. The group’s philosophy is to become a more environmentally conscious business while technological improvements are allowing it to protect the environment and be economically efficient at the same time. 
“We strive for sustainability across all areas of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, in environmental sustainability, personal sustainability and community sustainability,” explains General Manager, Leo Nguyen.
Bedroom Suites at the Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton start from £90 and include breakfast which is an impressive affair at the Charm. The buffet selection includes fresh juices, pastries, fruit and waffles, while you can order hot dishes such as eggs Benedict and a full English breakfast off the menu. For the Summer Spa package, the price is £70 (two sharing) with a 30% discount. For more information and to book call the hotel on +44 (0)1273 021 085, visit the www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk, follow the hotel on Facebook@thecharmbrighton.co.uk and on Twitter@charm_hotel.
For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on 07850 736544 or email ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk
The Charm, Brighton is a sensational new luxury boutique hotel, now with a new Spa Suite in the heart of Kemptown, Brighton. The hotel offers designer living in a traditional setting and the recent refurbishment has transformed the 200-year-old building into a stylish and modern hotel with a reassuringly classic ambience. Each room in the elegantly refurbished historic building has been thoughtfully designed to provide all our guests with the most comfortable and restful hotel VIP experience. Our inspirational interior designers have created a delightful and luxurious look and feel, enhanced by ethereal and original artworks in every room.
The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa, 20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK Tel +44 (0)1273 021 085 Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk      www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk


Relaxing In the Deluxe Hot Tub


Inside One of the bedroom suites


Perfect place to reenergise and rejuvenate


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Joshua Mansour, MD: 1 of 40 Oncology Rising Stars and Emerging Leaders Under Age 40

Joshua Mansour, M,D. is one of forty of the nation’s most promising young oncology professionals who was recognized during the 2nd annual ‘40 Under 40 in Cancer’ awards event June 1 in Chicago, supported by The Lynx Group™, McGivney Global Advisors, Upstream Partners, and Swim Across America, celebrating the contributions that individuals under the age of 40 are making to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

“Early-career leaders in oncology—clinicians, researchers, businesspeople, advocates—are making an enormous impact on patients and the cancer community, but many of these individuals have not had the opportunity to be widely recognized,” said event spokesperson and cancer survivor Jennifer Hinkel. “40 Under 40 in Cancer is an effort to highlight the contributions of these rising stars.”

“These individuals are tomorrow's driving force in innovation,” added Brian Tyburski, President and CEO, The Lynx Group™. “Their achievements are crucial, well deserved, and should be applauded by all. We’re proud to partner with McGivney Global Advisors, Upstream Partners, and Swim Across America in honoring these 40 individuals for their outstanding achievements and contributions within their respective roles in the cancer continuum.”

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Mansour stated, “I am honored to be included in this esteemed group of people. Although awards are sometimes presented individually, these accomplishments are rarely, if ever, done alone. My career thus far has been greatly impacted by several mentors and supporters along the way, in a multitude of different facets of my life. I would not have received this award without them. We all as a team, along with countless institutions and organizations around the world, are working as hard as possible to continue to have an impact and improve upon how we treat and care for our patients.”

Nominations came from across the country and represented the following categories:

Clinical and Patient Care Professional 
Biopharma, Diagnostics, and Devices 
Research, Science, and Technology 
Government, Regulatory, and Payer 
Patient, Advocacy, and Policy.

Winners of the 2019 “40 Under 40 in Cancer” awards were selected by a panel of judges and include the following:

Amanda Kramar, Association of Community Cancer Centers 
Ashley Glode, PharmD, BCOP, University of Colorado–Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 
Ashton Gatewood, BSN, RN, CPH, Oklahoma City Indian Clinic 
Chelsea Boet, Spectrum Health 
Cory Batenchuk, Verily Life Sciences 
Dan Fredeman, MEM, Daiichi Sankyo 
David Hyman, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 
Deanna Martinez, Strategix, A Division of The Lynx Group 
Gretchen Smythe, Ipsen 
Jenna Patel, Regeneron 
Jennifer Wong, AstraZeneca 
Jeremy Schafer, PharmD, MBA, Precision for Value 
Jesse Dresser, Frier Levitt, LLC 
Jocelyn Longo, RN, BSN, Ascension Sacred Heart Cancer Center 
Joshua Mansour, MD, Stanford University 
Justin Birckbichler, Founder, ABSOT (A Ballsy Sense of Tumor) 
Kevin Hays, Savarino Companies, LLC 
Kip Cross, MBA, Gilead Sciences/Kite 
Kristin Marie Ferguson, DNP, RN, OCN, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital 
Kyle Smith, Check15 
Leticia Iten, MSW, Cancer Resource Center of the Desert 
Mackenzi Pergolotti, PhD, OTR/L, Select Medical 
Marc Aron Korobkin, JD, Lacuna Loft 
Matt Hellmann, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 
Megan May, PharmD, BCOP, Baptist Health Lexington 
Michael Joseph DeLeo III, Southern New Hampshire Health/Foundation Medical Partners 
Monica Bryant, Esq, Triage Cancer 
Nisha Lakhi, MD, FACOG, Richmond University Medical Center 
Quinn Nazarewycz, MSc, QED Therapeutics 
Rachel Murphy-Banks, MA, Tufts Medical Center 
Raiza Torres, Memorial Cancer Institute 
Robert DePriest, Walgreens 
Ryan Becerra, The University of Texas at Austin 
Scot Niglio, MD, MS, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 
Scott Huntington, MD, MPH, MSHP, Yale University 
Sean Rinella, MPH, University of Wisconsin–Madison 
Stephanie A. Fajuri, JD, Cancer Legal Resource Center 
Stephen Rosenberg, MD, Moffitt Cancer Center 
Tiffany Kendig, PT, DPT, MPH, CLT, Kessler Rehabilitation 
Xavier Keutgen, MD, FACS, University of Chicago Medical Center

An earlier version of this story may be found on PRWeb at: https://www.prweb.com/releases/award_celebrates_40_of_oncologys_rising_stars_and_emerging_leaders_under_age_40/prweb16350142.htm

About Joshua Mansour, MD:

Dr. Joshua Mansour is a board-certified hematologist/oncologist working and in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and cellular immunotherapy in Stanford, California. In June 2019 he was a recipient of the ‘40 Under 40 in Cancer’ award. Abstracts, manuscripts and commentaries by Dr. Mansour have been published in more than 100 esteemed journals and media outlets including US News & World Report, Canada Free Press, Today’s Practitioner, Physician’s News, and KevinMD. He has given countless presentations at conferences and other institutions, and he has helped design and implement clinical studies to evaluate current treatment plans, collaborated on grant proposals and multi-institutional retrospective studies that have been published. Recently Joshua Mansour. M.D. was featured on Fox Television. 

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First Luxury CBD Store Debuts Flagship Location In New York City

The 420: An Entertainment Hospitality Company today announced the launch of its first CBD-focused retail concept in Manhattan’s luxury shopping district, SoHo. The 420: A CBD Store will be the first luxury CBD shopping experience in New York City and feature a collection of premium, hand-selected products from top CBD and emerging luxury brands against a backdrop of bespoke art installations.

The 420: A CBD Store will officially open its doors at 145 Greene Street (on the corner of Greene Street and W Houston Street) on June 01st, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. EST.

Premium CBD products across all categories will be available at The 420: A CBD Store, including medicinal tinctures, topical pain relief, beauty, sex, beverages, and pet products. Established brands include Toast, Lord Jones, Saint Jane, Select, Vertly, Quim Rock, Heirloom, Mark 3 CBD, Bona Vida, Green Roads, Hora, Dr. Kerklaan, Pure Kana, Green Helix, The Good Patch, and Life Elements. Emerging brands include WELIV and Tonic. Pet brands offering lines of pet-friendly treats and tinctures include Bona Vida, Toast, Tonic and Green Helix.

“Over the next several years, our company will be taking a big stake in large-scale, cannabis-related hospitality entertainment across marquee locations throughout the world,” said The 420: An Entertainment Hospitality Company Founder and Chief Executive Officer Robert Frey. “We believe CBD retail is the best place to begin to elevate the consumer experience. The space is ready for a new dimension of immersive luxury retail. We aim to provide the consumer with both established and undiscovered brands plus education through high quality seminars.”

“We are thrilled to launch our first The 420: A CBD Store retail experience in SoHo, with planning already underway for six additional New York City locations in Times Square, Chelsea, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side and the Lower East Side,” said Eddie Miller, Co-Founder of The 420: An Entertainment Hospitality Company.

Frey continued, “For new consumers just entering the category, we will provide clarity through education and clear merchandising. We want newbies to enter the CBD fold with confidence. As our The 420: A CBD Store locations roll out through New York City, we intend for our ‘Consciously Curated’ stamp to become the trusted seal of approval for CBD consumers.”

The 420: A CBD Store’s flagship SoHo location was designed by Pinzon/Frey Interiors and features multiple original full-scale art installations commissioned from local artists Lite Brite Neon Studios, Oscar Lett and Christian Plaza. The store’s interior boasts mid-century modern furniture, antiques and modern custom designed fixtures as well as a collection of fantastical finds that were acquired throughout New York City, including retailers like Vander Most Moderne, Olde Good Things and Dobbin St. Vintage Co-op.

The 420: A CBD Store will be open Monday through Sunday, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. EST. For more information, please visit http://www.the420.com and http://www.instagram.com/the420cbd.

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Brain Sentinel Diagnostic Services LLC Receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient for the SPEAC System

Brain Sentinel Diagnostic Services LLC announced that it has received an Innovative Technology contract from Vizient, Inc., the largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the country. Brain Sentinel Diagnostic Services is an independent diagnostic testing facility that provides the SPEAC® System. The new multi-year contract began in April 2019 and is based on a recommendation of the SPEAC System by clinical experts in this category who serve on one of Vizient’s member-led councils. Vizient awards Innovative Technology contracts for technologies that demonstrate an ability to enhance clinical care and reduce the risk of harm to patients or providers, while simultaneously raising the standard of patient care and safety.

The SPEAC System is a FDA cleared, first-of-its-kind, monitoring system advancing surface electromyography (sEMG) as a biomarker for seizures with a positive motor component. The technology monitors patients via a lightweight, wireless monitor worn on the belly of the biceps to continuously record, analyze, and report sEMG signals of motor events. The continuous objective, physiological signal-based data captured by the SPEAC System may assist providers with diagnostic decisions for their patients.

Additionally, the System will alarm to alert caregivers of sEMG signals that may be associated with generalized tonic-clonic (GTC) seizures, the most dangerous seizure type. In a clinically validated, published study, the SPEAC System’s GTC seizure detection algorithm demonstrated equivalent sensitivity with the gold standard, video EEG, in detecting GTC seizures.

The struggle to gain control over seizures is real for patients with refractory seizure disorders. It can be difficult for physicians to obtain quantitative seizure data from a home environment. Harnessing continuous sEMG data coupled with in-depth event analysis, audio-recordings of alarmed events, and seizure alerting allows patients to “speak” to their providers in a way not possible before. The SPEAC System’s wireless sEMG Monitor is typically worn for months at a time, increasing the likelihood of capturing seizure events and improving diagnostic yield for physician review. “The SPEAC sEMG Monitor can be worn by the patient for much longer periods of time than what current inpatient and ambulatory seizure diagnostic technologies offer today,” said Chris Fashek, CEO of Brain Sentinel. “The SPEAC System fits seamlessly in the diagnostic pathway for people living with epilepsy.”

The SPEAC System is used in acute care facilities to record sEMG data for physician’s review. Simultaneously it can alert nurses within an average of 5.3 seconds from the onset of a GTC seizure [Halford, 2017], a life-threatening event that can go unnoticed even by specially trained staff [Malloy, 2018]. The SPEAC System/Monitor may continuously capture important diagnostic data to inform clinicians about seizure events while the patient is admitted to a med-surg unit, cardiac care unit, Emergency Department, and even in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit.

At the end of each SPEAC prescription period, a clinical impressions report, prepared by an ABPN-Certified Epileptologist, is delivered to the referring physician. The summary report of physiological data gathered over an extended time frame is yet another tool for physicians to help guide therapeutic decision-making, prioritize surgical candidacy, and confirm efficacy of a prescribed treatment plan.

The SPEAC System may also be used for continued outpatient monitoring where the diagnostic data may be helpful to help prioritize high value epilepsy surgery candidates, to evaluate post-craniotomy patients to ensure seizure freedom, and to foster prompt post-discharge follow-up, enabling the physician to identify potential problems that could lead to readmission or other complications.

“We are excited and thrilled the SPEAC System has been designated by Vizient as an Innovative Technology,” said Fashek. “We aim to help Vizient members better serve their patient population suffering from uncontrolled epilepsy and raise the standard of seizure care that leads to improved patient outcomes.”

“Hospitals and providers are continuously looking for innovative solutions that demonstrate an ability to enhance clinical care or patient safety, and those that improve an organization’s care delivery and business model,” said Debbie Archer, Director of Procurement and leader of the Vizient Innovative Technology program for suppliers. “After a full review of the SPEAC System, Vizient’s member council agreed this solution offers an incremental benefit over other products and recommended it for an innovative technology contract.”

Vizient represents a diverse membership base that includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and non-acute health care providers and represents approximately 0 billion in annual purchasing volume. Through its Innovative Technology Program, Vizient works with member-led councils and task forces to review potentially innovative products. If it is determined that a product is innovative, Vizient may award a contract outside of the competitive bid cycle.


Brain Sentinel Diagnostic Services LLC is a privately held Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility based in San Antonio, Texas specializing in robust and reliable diagnostic monitoring for patients living with seizure disorders. The company provides the FDA De Novo cleared SPEAC® System: The Sensing, Portable sEMG, Analysis and Characterization System. The SPEAC System is the first non-EEG, physiological signal-based epilepsy monitoring and alerting system available by prescription. The company is accredited/certified by The Joint Commission and is focused on delivering world class service for patients, caregivers, and providers.

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This NJ Top Dentist Believes Communication Is Crucial Between Doctor & Patient

At Stiles Dental Care, founder and NJ Top Dentist, Dr. William H. Stiles leads his practice by following the Golden Rule of Dentistry: form a trusting, long-lasting relationship with each patient. By following this rule, Dr. Stiles is able to change a patient’s life by creating the smiles of their dreams. This is what pushes him to provide top rated services at each appointment.

“While it’s important for dentists to listen to patients to understand what’s desired, it’s equally crucial for patients to listen to their dentists so they understand what options are being suggested,” says Dr. Stiles. “This attention to detail creates an appealing smile and great results.”

His Medford, New Jersey based practice is outfitted with cutting-edge technology including a CEREC machine, which is the latest 3D innovation providing single-visit crowns, inlays, and onlays.

“This one-appointment CEREC crown means no messy impressions, no temporary crown, no second injections, and less time in the dental chair,” Dr. Stiles explains.

To stay abreast of emerging technologies, Dr. Stiles has completed more than one thousand hours of continuing education courses at some of the country’s most prestigious institutions such as Spear Education, Dawson Academy, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Stiles says, “We want you to be confident knowing that we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians. We pride ourselves on providing the care you need to keep your smile healthy.”

To learn more about this NJ Top Dentist and Stiles Dental Care, please click here: https://njtopdocs.com/nj-dentists/williamstilesdmd/.

About Us 
NJ Top Dentists is a division of NJ Top Docs. NJ Top Docs is a comprehensive, trusted and exclusive healthcare resource featuring reviewed and approved Top Doctors and Dentists in New Jersey online in an easy to use format.

NJ Top Docs only reviews and approves providers based on merit after they have been extensively vetted.

NJ Top Docs is a division of USA Top Docs which allows patients to meet providers online before making their appointment.

For more information, please click here to contact us or visit http://www.NJTopDocs.com.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Two Ovation IVF Patients to Travel to Washington D.C. for RESOLVE Advocacy Day

Ovation® Fertility, in collaboration with its partner physicians at Texas Fertility Center and Fertility Answers in Louisiana, has selected two IVF patients to receive the 2019 Advocacy Day Grant. This grant ensures that the fertility patient perspective will be represented on Capitol Hill by covering the cost of their travel to Washington, D.C., to meet with legislators on RESOLVE Advocacy Day, May 15-16, 2019.

Advocacy Day, organized by RESOLVE in partnership with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), brings the infertility community together to talk to members of Congress about important issues, such as increased access to family-building options and financial relief.

“When our lawmakers develop legislation that affects fertility care, no opinion carries more weight than that of the women and men who need advanced assisted reproductive technology to grow their families,” says Nate Snyder, Ovation’s chief executive officer. “Ovation is proud to partner with some of America’s top fertility specialists to ensure that our IVF patients’ voices are heard on Capitol Hill.”

To apply for the grant, which covers expenses for each patient and a guest, applicants submitted their fertility stories in written, video or photo collage format. The grant winners were selected by an independent, 12-person committee, and all entries will be carried by the Ovation delegation to be passed along to legislators.

Brittany Beckendorf was selected to receive the Texas Fertility Center Advocacy Day Grant. She will attend a day of lobbying workshops with Kaylen Silverberg MD, TFC’s medical director, who will accompany her in her meetings with Congressional representatives. Beckendorf was chosen to receive the grant after sharing her story about using IVF to overcome polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis, and give birth to a healthy baby boy.

“I have been able to conceive naturally once in 2009, and that was it,” Beckendorf says. “Lawmakers need to know that our bodies aren't just well-oiled machines. Things change and can break. It's hard for someone who can conceive naturally to understand this, but I think that putting a face with the issue makes this all the more real. This is not a one-size-fits-all process; every person with infertility takes a different path to conception. More injections, more medicine, more blood draws, and multiple implantation attempts. It's important for people to see the toll it takes on you, not only financially, but physically and mentally. The more we talk about it, the more aware people become, and real, honest discussions can occur.”

The Fertility Answers Advocacy Day Grant recipient, Hannah Beck, is currently undergoing IVF with husband Jonathan in an effort to conceive their first child. To overcome her PCOS, insulin-resistance and extensive endometriosis, Hannah was forced to switch careers to get insurance coverage for the fertility care she needs. Beck will accompany Fertility Answers’ Medical Director, John Storment, M.D. to share her perspective on changes needed in legislation affecting fertility care.

“Infertility is a medical issue that affects so many, but most cannot afford to treat it,” Beck says. “The fertility medications cost a large sum, and even with medical insurance, they are rarely covered. Many insurance policies do not offer any assistance with paying for fertility treatments, and that standard needs to change. My infertility story is similar to so many others, and it is my passion to advocate for myself and for those who have dreams of starting a family, but are financially unable to do so.”

About Ovation® Fertility

Ovation Fertility is a national network of reproductive endocrinologists and scientific thought leaders focused on reducing the cost of live birth through more efficient and effective fertility care. Ovation’s IVF and genetics laboratories and affiliated practices work collaboratively to raise the bar for IVF treatment, with state-of-the-art, evidence-based fertility services that give hopeful parents the best chance for a successful pregnancy. Physicians partner with Ovation to offer their patients advanced preimplantation genetic testing. Ovation also provides donor eggs that come with the world’s first Euploid Embryo Guarantee®, as well as secure frozen egg, embryo and sperm long-term storage; consultative services to help IVF laboratories improve quality and performance; and fertility preservation programs that enable more women to freeze their eggs and build future families. Learn more about Ovation’s vision of a world without infertility at http://www.OvationFertility.com.

About Texas Fertility Center

Texas Fertility Center (TFC), one of the nation’s leading full-service infertility practices, provides advanced infertility and reproductive endocrinology services to patients throughout Texas, the southwestern United States and the Americas. For more information, please visit http://www.txfertility.com.

About Fertility Answers

Established in 2002, Fertility Answers is dedicated to helping couples build families throughout Louisiana with innovative treatment focused on infertility and reproductive disorders. Fertility Answers offers comprehensive reproductive services, including egg freezing, in vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination (IUI), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), ovulation induction, fibroid removal, PCOS treatment, pre-implantation genetic screening and diagnosis, endometrial ablation and tubal reversal surgery. With locations in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Fertility Answers strives to provide the highest quality fertility healthcare in a caring environment. For more information, visit http://www.fertilityanswers.com.

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Texas Fertility Center Announces 2019 Recipient of RESOLVE Advocacy Day Grant

Texas Fertility Center (TFC) is proud to announce Brittany Beckendorf is the 2019 recipient of the Advocacy Day grant. She received the grant after submitting her moving story about overcoming polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis to give birth to a healthy baby boy.

As the recipient, this TFC patient and a guest will be able to attend RESOLVE Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., on May 15-16.

The grant, which Ovation® Fertility co-sponsored, required applicants to submit their fertility story in written, video or photo collage format. To make the final selection, an independent, 12-person panel with a background in infertility reviewed all the submissions.

Brittany will attend RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2019 with a Texas Fertility Center doctor

Brittany and her guest will attend RESOLVE Advocacy Day with Kaylen Silverberg MD, the medical director of TFC. Dr. Silverberg, who regularly attends this annual event, is renowned for being a champion of accessible fertility care. He believes that it is important for fertility specialists to do their part to change the way our country views infertility.

According to Dr. Silverberg, “We received a wonderful response to our request for Advocacy Day grant submissions. Each hopeful parent has a unique story to share about infertility. We can only provide one grant, but we can share the stories of all applicants in a different way. Brittany and I will bring their stories to share with the Texas Congressional delegation.”

During her trip to Washington, D.C., Brittany and her guest will attend lobbying workshops. Dr. Silverberg and other experienced advocates will lead these classes to teach attendees how to effectively lobby. After the training, Brittany and the other attendees will represent the infertility community and speak to members of Congress.

“We firmly believe that every fertility patient has a story to tell. Texas Fertility Center is honored to give another deserving patient the chance to share her story on Capitol Hill for the benefit of all infertility patients,” Dr. Silverberg said.

Read Brittany's story here

Last year’s RESOLVE Advocacy Day grant recipient was Erin Steward, also a TFC patient. Her story about struggling to conceive her daughter and her efforts to have a second child secured her place as the 2018 grant recipient.

About Texas Fertility Center

Texas Fertility Center (TFC), one of the natioAn’s leading full-service infertility practices, provides advanced infertility and reproductive endocrinology services to patients throughout Texas, the southwestern United States and the Americas. Since 1980, TFC has been recognized nationally and internationally for outstanding pregnancy rates, leading-edge laboratory procedures and innovative research programs. For more information, please visit http://www.txfertility.com.

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Luxury boutique hotel, The Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton gets rave reviews in the UK national press

“Luxury boutique hotel, The Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton gets rave review in the UK national press.” The UK’s biggest selling newspaper, The Sun travel writer Olivia Brett says the venue is "A bucketful of seaside Charm" with the staff "really making the place."

The Deluxe Hot Tub in a Private Garden at the Charm Spa Suite

She said: " The newly extended refurbished listed hotel and spa is a perfect postcard character without skimping on modern - day luxuries. The upscale rooms have been restored to their original glory, with high ceilings, Victorian cornices, retro chic furniture and quirky art. The King Suite has a sea-view balcony that looks out over the grand crescents and elegant squares.

With the hotel located in the heart of Brighton’s Kemptown and offering a cooked breakfast which is an impressive affair at the Charm with the buffet selection including fresh juices, pastries, fruit and waffles, while you can order hot dishes such as eggs benedict and a full English breakfast off the menu or continental buffet, she invites readers to also try out Brighton’s thriving food scene to provide lunch and dinner including seafood at the Regency and visiting the Fairydust bakery. Brighton’s nightlife is also on the doorstep, less than a minute’s walk to St James Street. The sea is less than a minute away and Brighton Palace Pier beckons as well as the Sealife centre. King George’s extraordinary zany Royal Pavilion is about 5 minutes’ walk away from the hotel and for a stunning bird’s eye view of the City and beyond, there is the British Airways i360 Observation tower. Shopping for clothes, antiques and jewellery is available in the narrow, winding cobbled streets of the North Laines with plenty of restaurants, cafes, bistros, all within walking distance of the Charm.

The King Suite lit up complete with luxurious Comfy Hypnos bed with goose feather down pillows.

The positive review mentions the hotel’s extensive expansion including the addition of Spa facilities, with a steam room, manicure/pedicure room and a deluxe hot tub in a private garden. With a bottle of prosecco, it is perfect for romantic couples or a group of friends to relax before enjoying a night on the tiles in Brighton. These facilities are also open and available to the local community to visit and enjoy. The luxury boutique hotel in the centre of Brighton has been expertly renovated with luxurious, modern details, but still retains its original Victorian charm. General Manager of the Charm Hotel and Spa, Brighton Leo Nguyen said,” We are very delighted with the positive review in the biggest selling national newspaper in the UK. The hotel and spa at the Charm is busy and so is the sister hotel, The Sea Spray just a few doors down the road where customers are also invited to come in and use the facilities available at the Charm, so it’s a good idea to try and book so you will not be disappointed."

The Steam Room in the Spa Suite at the Charm Hotel, Brighton.

The Sun travel writer also asks readers to “Check in and check it out” with rooms starting from £90 to include breakfast. Hour long hot tub or steam room sessions are from £70 per couple. For details, call 01273 021 085 or visit thecharmbrighton.co.uk For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on (+44) 07850 736544 or email ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk

The Charm, Brighton is a sensational new luxury boutique hotel, now with a new Spa Suite in the heart of Kemptown, Brighton. The hotel offers designer living in a traditional setting and the recent refurbishment has transformed the 200-year-old building into a stylish and modern hotel with a reassuringly classic ambience. Each room in the elegantly refurbished historic building has been thoughtfully designed to provide all our guests with the most comfortable and restful hotel VIP experience. Our inspirational interior designers have created a delightful and luxurious look and feel, enhanced by ethereal and original artworks in every room. The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa, 20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK Tel +44 (0)1273 021 085 Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk

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New Online Resource Center Offers Tools in Support of the Collaborative Work of Healthcare Leaders

The American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) and the American Hospital Association (AHA) today launched a collection of digital resources to spark collaboration within organizations and across the health care field, Leadership Evolve. The dynamic resources, carefully curated from AHA and AAPL’s collective work in physician leadership, were developed specifically to address the contemporary challenges that health care leaders face as they move to transform health care delivery within their organizations. The first subjects to be covered under Leadership Evolve are framed around two key issues, dyad leadership which builds upon the successful model piloted jointly between AHA, AAPL and AONE, and workforce well-being. Through a series of self-guided activities, health care professionals can explore topics including interpersonal qualities and behaviors; organizational factors; and personal, professional and organizational wellness. An interactive inventory checklist personalizes tools, prioritizing those most relevant for the individual user. A third area of focus for Leadership Evolve within the coming year is population health.

“The only way physician leaders can truly transform the delivery and quality of health care is to transform leadership in health care,” said Peter Angood, MD, FRCS(C), FACS, MCCM, president and CEO of AAPL. “Our strategic alliance with AHA is reflective of how leadership must evolve to transform health care to keep pace with emerging health trends among various populations, changes in federal regulations of health care, new innovations and industry trends. We are pleased to have partnered with AHA on Leadership Evolve.”

"Leadership Evolve represents a combined effort to prepare contemporary health care leaders to transform the current delivery system and the workforce to meet the demands of an ever-changing field,” said Jay Bhatt, DO, MPH, MA, FACP, senior vice president and chief medical officer, AHA. “AHA has been focused on building a common language for leadership and fostering a culture of shared values across clinical and administrative leadership. We are excited to expand our efforts to Lead Well, Be Well and Care Well in collaboration with AAPL on Leadership Evolve.”

To learn more, visit https://leadershipevolve.org.

About the American Association for Physician Leadership® 
The?American Association for Physician Leadership®?is the only professional?organization?dedicated to providing?education, career support and advocacy to support physician leaders?as they create?transformative solutions?within the?rapidly evolving field of?health care.?Founded in 1975 as the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE), the nonprofit association?has educated thousands of?physicians?worldwide?and has?members in 46 countries?at varying stages of their careers. The association is known for its award-winning magazine,?the?Physician Leadership Journal, its continuing medical education (CME) courses, and its Certified Physician Executive (CPE) certification program.?Based in Tampa, Fla.,?the association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing education credits, and by the Certifying Commission in Medical Management to award CPE certification. Learn more at?physicianleaders.org.

About the AHA 
The AHA is a not-for-profit association of health care provider organizations and individuals that are committed to the improvement of health in their communities. The AHA is the national advocate for its members, which include nearly 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks and other providers of care. Founded in 1898, the AHA provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends. For more information, visit the website at http://www.aha.org.

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The New World of Medical Tourism TV Series Features World Class Facilities

There is a rapidly increasing wave among Americans dissatisfied with the rising costs of the US healthcare system that have been heading abroad for medical procedures. In excess of 1 million Americans go overseas for procedures every year according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And now, some American companies are considering outsourcing medical tourism as a healthcare option. For one company, HSM, outsourcing medical care has saved the company nearly million in healthcare costs in just 5 years. Close to 250 of HSM's employees have traveled abroad so far for medical tourism procedures, and more are scheduled to go.

And as more patients explore cost-effective ways to spend dwindling healthcare dollars overseas, finding those clinics, spas, hospitals, doctors and procedures that can be trusted becomes vital. The New World of Medical Tourism serves as an international platform where reliable information related to safety and quality at healthcare facilities around the world is shared on trusted news and information networks to empower patients and enhance their experience before, during and beyond their procedure, surgery, healthcare or wellness event.

In the United States, a typical knee replacement would have cost more than ,000. In Costa Rica, the procedure costs half that amount at ,531. In North Carolina, a gastric sleeve surgery would have cost about ,000, but in India, the procedure comes to less than ,000. Both are performed in state of the art hospitals.

As major players in the healthcare reform debate and feud, the medical tourism industry not only remains open for business, but is thriving in countries as diverse and exotic as Thailand, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia and countless others. And through the research and information provided in each episode of The New World of Medical Tourism, patients can realize the benefits of affordable and quality healthcare safely armed with the information they need to make wise, productive decisions.

For example, one featured facility that will be showcased is EVEX Medical Corporation, which owns and operates a chain of hospitals in the charmingly cosmopolitan country of Georgia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. And from Tbilisi, EVEX Medical Corporation operates a wide range of outstanding regional, referral, and specialized hospitals, as well as outpatient centers that offer local and international patients a wide range of quality procedures and treatments at remarkably reasonable costs, including Liver Transplantation, Cardiac Surgery, Bariatric Surgery and even Plastic surgery. And world class surgeons from world renowned facilities as diverse as Glen Eagles in Singapore and Bumrungrad International have been featured.

But The New World of Medical Tourism goes beyond just educating it's international viewers on their Medical options. It includes special features and stories on facilities that include high quality Dental Offices and world class Wellness Spas and Retreats as well…helping travelers learn what physical healing, spiritual healing, and cuisine and art experience options are available to them as well. The world is moving lightning fast and keeping up doesn't generally include taking a moment to breathe. So, it's no surprise that the retreat trend continues to grow: According to the Global Wellness Institute worldwide wellness was a .2 trillion industry in 2017, with 9 billion dedicated to "wellness tourism."

For 2019, people are once again turning to well-being retreats for a chance to escape, unplug, reset and start anew. And the definition of "wellness" continues to expand: "We have noticed a spike in travel requests that are spearheaded by a keen interest in wellness and spirituality," says Sarah Casewit, co-founder of Naya Traveler, an international, women-run company that specializes in custom itineraries.

"People's understanding of wellness goes well beyond a fancy spa and an infinity pool: [It's] a wholesome, all-encompassing theme that explores the healing elements of physical treatments, as well as spirituality, cuisine and art, within the cultural context."

That's why The New World of Medical Tourism will be uncovering 11 holistic wellness retreat destinations around the world -- with offerings from TED-style talks to ancient shamanic rituals -- designed to help people relax, heal and get inspired, including Cala De Mar in Ixtapa Zihuantanejo, Mexico and Santani in Dumbara Sri Lanka.

With a global audience reached via CNN International and other global television and digital distribution, The New World of Medical Tourism travels around the world to help people live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Check your local listings for exact time/dates.

For More Info Contact:
Lisa Meyers 305.974.1346

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Soroka Celebrates the Spirit of Innovation Honoring Lifesaving Work

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center (AFSMC) will host the Spirit of Innovation at Soroka Gala, during its seventh annual benefit dinner on April 3, 2019, at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. More than 400 guests are expected to attend. The event will celebrate Soroka Medical Center’s successes in fostering scientific and medical innovation in the service of saving lives, positioning Soroka as a leader amongst Israeli hospitals and worldwide. The Gala will raise funds to support the new Negev BioBank, as well as acquire urgently needed equipment for its Genetics Institute.

Soroka Medical Center is currently working to develop the Negev BioBank (NBB), a joint initiative of the Soroka University Medical Center (SUMC) and the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU). This project, which began in November of 2018, is the first large-scale, population-based genetic archive in Israel. The NBB will create valuable research opportunities that are expected to yield powerful insights into early detection, disease prevention, and breakthrough treatments that will save lives in Israel and globally. Dr. Yasmeen Abu-Fraiha, one of Soroka's young doctors recently included in Forbes "30 Under 30" list will speak about the important genetic research project she initiated through her NGO GENESIS to prevent genetic diseases in the Middle East, especially within the Bedouin community.

“Soroka is a growing force for innovation in cancer care, integrating breakthrough research and technology,” remarks Professor Itzhak Avital, head of the Legacy Heritage Oncology Center and the Dr. Larry Norton Institute at Soroka Medical Center, “Soroka’s relationship with Ben Gurion University and its proximity to Israel’s cyber hub in Be’er Sheva, place it at the center of forward-thinking talent.”

The evening will honor three innovators in their own realms. Dr. Julie Ratner, Ed.D. will receive the Healthcare Champion Medal of Honor. Dr. Ratner is the founder of the Ellen Hermanson Foundation, which helps breast cancer patients and their families cope with the physical and emotional aspects of breast cancer. This important foundation serves the East End of Long Island, by advocating for education on early detection and ensuring access to state-of-the-art comprehensive cancer treatment for the underserved.

“We’re all here to make the world in a better place,” states Dr. Julie Ratner, Ed.D. founder Ellen Hermanson Foundation. “Our collective determination has changed the medical landscape by providing state-of-the-art treatment along side a supportive environment to help women thrive through their recovery, regardless of their means.”

Edward A. Oates will receive the Visionary Award for technology and innovation. Mr. Oates co-founder of Oracle Corporation is a pioneer in the technology and music industries. Rock Your Business, his latest endeavor, brings world-class talent to corporations while providing team building and leadership workshops. Jewelry designer Orna Simkhai will receive the Inspired Leadership Award. Ms. Simkhai is the founder of Shema-Or, a jewelry line that incorporates prayer with precious metals and gems. Shema-Or serves as a model for businesses that seek to meld creativity and compassion with a focus on giving back.

Live bidding will provide attendees with a plethora of exciting items to reward their charitable contributions. Limited edition prints will be up for grabs from the History of the Star of David Artwork series, signed by artist and filmmaker Marc Bennett. This engaging art explores the historical evolution of the Star of David as a symbol of perseverance. Bennett has generously committed to donate a percentage of worldwide art sales to support Soroka’s lifesaving mission. Soroka Medical Center has commissioned Bennett to create a permanent installation of the History of the Star of David, which will become the focal point for Soroka’s new comprehensive cancer center’s healing garden, set to be unveiled later this summer.

“The History of the Star of David powerfully reflects the complexity, beauty and strength of Jewish peoplehood and the State of Israel,” remarks Ido Aharoni, former Ambassador and Consul General of Israel. “I believe it is more than just an engaging work of art, but will become a timeless and vivid cultural landmark at Soroka Medical Center, serving as a symbol of life and hope for our future.”

Other items to be auctioned include; a VIP trip to Israel with a focus on the Negev and a four-day retreat to the exclusive Jumby Bay resort in Antigua. Throughout the evening Silicon Valley rock n’ roll sensation CHOC’D will entertain guests, led by honoree Edward A. Oates. Speakers will also highlight other funding opportunities tied to innovations currently underway at Soroka including the establishment of the Legacy Heritage Oncology Center and Dr. Larry Norton Institute at Soroka. With the help of its generous supporters Soroka’s new comprehensive cancer center is set to become the most advanced cancer treatment facility in the Middle East. The Gala will conclude with an intimate after-party mixer featuring an opening performance by Mr. Oates and music by renowned DJ and author Hannah Bronfman, who will be signing copies of her book Do What Feels Good.

Tickets are available for purchase at gala(at)soroka.org via the web at soroka.org/gala and soroka.org/mixer via email gala(at)soroka.org or call 914-725-9070


American Friends of Soroka Medical Center is a New York State 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. AFS is a community of individuals, Families, foundations and businesses dedicated to supporting the vision and lifesaving work of the Soroka Medical Center. AFS educates the U.S. public about Soroka’s medical treatment, research and global impact and cultivates philanthropic funding to ensure Soroka can achieve its goals. http://www.soroka.org

Soroka Medical Center is Israel’s leading healthcare institution. Located in Be’er Sheva, it is the sole medical center in the entire Negev, one of the country’s most diverse and fastest-growing areas. Soroka serves over 1.2 million residents, including over 400,000 children, in a region that comprises 60% of Israel’s land. With two medical schools, a proven record of producing groundbreaking research and life-saving treatments and an extraordinary staff, Soroka offers exceptional healthcare for all, regardless of race, religion, or politics. This unique institution, founded in 1959, exemplifies a deep commitment to outstanding medical care, peaceful coexistence in action and medical research that has a global impact. http://www.soroka.org

The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Soroka opened in February of 2019, which includes the Legacy Heritage Oncology Center for the Negev and the Dr. Larry Norton Institute now serving more than 18,000 cancer patients every year at Soroka, including 750 children. Soroka’s new Comprehensive Cancer Center will ensure that its patients will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, treatment and technologies. By leveraging Soroka’s connection with Ben Gurion University and its location in the burgeoning technology hub of Be’er Sheva, the new comprehensive cancer care center at Soroka is set to be the most advanced cancer treatment facility in the Middle East.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb and Concerto HealthAI Announce Strategic Agreement

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Concerto HealthAI, a market leader in oncology-specific Real-World Data (RWD) and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled insight solutions for Real-World Evidence (RWE) generation, today announced a multi-year strategic agreement that will cover a diverse range of cancers, integrate multiple data sources, and apply AI and machine learning to accelerate clinical trials, enable robust protocol design and generate insights for precision treatment and improved patient outcomes.

Bristol-Myers Squibb will use Concerto HealthAI’s Real-World Data and novel AI insights platform, eurekaHealth™, to accelerate insights through novel health economic outcomes and clinical development synthetic control arm studies. With this agreement, the companies will advance the use of RWE for regulatory purposes, validate clinical application of AI solutions and execute clinical studies to advance patient care.

“With the increasing importance of Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence, healthcare providers and regulators need to have confidence in the credibility and accuracy of the data sources and methods of evidence generation,” said Jeff Elton, Ph.D. and CEO of Concerto HealthAI. “Our agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb is a recognition that we have reached a pivot-point for RWE – it is not just a tool for generating insights into the current standard of care, but a field in its own right that can lead to optimization of current treatments and new therapeutic innovations.”

“At Bristol-Myers Squibb, we have seen the value of Real-World Data in our efforts to discover, develop and deliver medicines for patients,” said Jeff Conklin, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Insights and Analytics at Bristol-Myers Squibb. “This strategic agreement with Concerto HealthAI – a leader in AI solutions for precision oncology – reinforces our commitment to pursue data science to accelerate disease insights, advance novel study concepts and achieve precision in treatment, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.”

“Concerto HealthAI’s singular mission,” said Dr. Elton “is to partner with leading medical societies, healthcare providers and life science companies to bring together data, technology and talent to enable new RWE insights and improve the use and broaden the beneficial impact of cancer therapies for patients. The strategic agreement between Bristol-Myers Squibb and Concerto HealthAI reflects both how far the field has advanced and its high near-term potential.”

Recently, the 21st Century Cures Act accelerated adoption of RWE-based approaches to clinical trials and post-approval studies. In December 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reinforced its commitment to expanding use of RWD in studies, and to preference where RWE would be used for key decisions – by issuing a framework to assess RWE in regulatory decisions and approvals. Concerto HealthAI integrates data from sources including CancerLinQ®, a platform that collects and analyzes real-world data from patients at practices nationwide and delivers knowledge back to physicians and researchers. CancerLinQ® is developed and operated by CancerLinQ LLC, a nonprofit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). As an exclusive licensee, Concerto HealthAI works closely with CancerLinQ to broaden the use of RWE for pre- and post-approval studies.

About Concerto HealthAI 
Concerto HealthAI is a technology leader in definitive Real-World Data (RWD), Precision Evidence and AI solutions for oncology. Our mission is to accelerate improvements in clinical outcomes for cancer patients through our partnerships, unique real-world data assets, leading AI-based technologies, and the world’s top outcomes research and data science talent. For more information, visit us at http://www.concertohealthai.com. Concerto HealthAI is a SymphonyAI company. eurekaHealth is a trademark of Concerto HealthAI.

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LIV Fertility Center Celebrates New Parents After 15 Year Struggle with Infertility

Devastated to discover the medical complications that kept them from conceiving for 15 years, LIV Fertility Center new parents, Iqbal and Kim, are now celebrating the birth of their baby boy after successful IVF in Mexico.

Like so many other couples around the globe, the journey to parenthood for Iqbal and Kim — was not easy. Over a decade of trying to conceive in the United States, the couple had no success and it left them emotionally, physically and financially exhausted.

But after all of those long years of medical difficulties and infertility, their story-book journey — was just beginning.

Success Rates with IVF Mexico —

“We help patients make well-versed decisions and can provide guidance to help them achieve their dreams of parenthood. You never have to endure infertility alone,” stated Dr. Francisco Velez, Medical Director of LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. “We were honored to be a part of Iqbal and Kim’s journey. To have them come back to the clinic and celebrate with our team is indescribable. To see them holding a child in their arms is an incredibly emotional feeling.”

The LIV Fertility Center is the first and only fertility clinic in Puerto Vallarta dedicated to advanced fertility care and women’s wellness — and is now the only licensed lab to offer MicroSort Mexico. The clinic prides itself on being transparent with patients by providing the most current information about treatment options along with the probability of a successful pregnancy associated with each option.

When asked about the IVF success rates, Lead Embryologist Karla Martin del Campo, gave a brief statement. “Because all our data comes from within our own laboratory, considering our advanced technology, expertise, progressive reproductive techniques, and overall experience, our pregnancy success rate is exceptionally high. By providing personalized, evidence-based success rates to patients, we aim to help couples move through the IVF process with as much clarity as possible.”

Iqbal and Kim Celebrate Miracle Baby —

It was more apparent than ever. Iqbal and Kim needed a break — an escape from the hurt and pain. They needed each other. “There was no hope for us, so we ended up in Puerto Vallarta for vacation,” stated Iqbal Singh.

The couple arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2018 for a much-needed getaway. Little did they know, that getaway would help give them a miracle baby. Exploring the sites and taking a stroll, the couple walked past the LIV Fertility Center. In that moment, Iqbal and Kim, made a decision that would change their entire lives. They decided to take a tour of the LIV Fertility Center and see if the clinic could offer anything they had not already tried. Overwhelmingly impressed with their first visit, the couple never looked back.

“Here we met one of the best best teams ever. If I say start from the reception room to the doctors to the cleaning crew, they were the best and we were so impressed. We decided right away,” stated Kim Mahal. Iqbal added, “when we entered the clinic, it was a beautiful place, immaculate shiny place that gives you hope that it’s going to be okay.”

Today, Iqbal and Kim, are celebrating their 4-month-old baby boy Gursaz — and a love for each other that never faded. The couple returned to the clinic to thank the team members that made it possible — and to show off their handsome bundle of joy!

In an exclusive interview, the couple tells all the ins and outs of IVF in Mexico — from the beginning of their journey to the experience with the LIV staff to the cleanliness of the fertility clinic all the way to the loving heartbeat of their new family. It’s a journey you must see for yourself!

Watch the Entire Iqbal and Kim Interview Now

About LIV Fertility Center 
The LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta is a renowned, world-class fertility center that embraces affordability, technical expertise, proven successful outcomes, and the ability to exceed the challenges for every individual case of infertility. Infertility is one of life's most difficult encounters — medically and emotionally. The LIV team is continually striving to implement new infertility technologies and a management structure to embrace patients on their journey to parenthood. The world-class laboratory precisely reflects in the pioneering treatments of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Egg Donation, Embryo Cryopreservation, Assisted Hatching, and Gender Selection. LIV invites you to revel in a unique cultural experience in Puerto Vallarta with its year-round stunning climate, gorgeous pristine beaches and a dazzling array of world-class attractions.

LIV Fertility Center Mission 
Adhering to a set of core values that characterizes our beliefs, the LIV Fertility Center’s mission is to provide affordable, trustworthy and successful fertility support to those we serve on all facets of the globe.

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The impact of TripAdvisor hotel review scores on the luxury boutique Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton

Trip Advisor reviews of the Charm Hotel & Spa in Brighton has put it at Number 7 in the Top 10 hotels in Brighton & Hove which is a massive achievement after just two years with customer intimacy, creating an emotional connection with guests, building loyalty and attention to detail by the staff cited by many guests as the reason why they keep returning to the hotel. The ultimate goal is to go for the top position and time will tell.

Currently with 738 TripAdvisor reviews, of those 616 view the hotel as excellent, 111 as very good, 10 average and 1 as poor, with location, cleanliness, service and value and most importantly staff as the key decisions why they score the hotel highly on TripAdvisor.
While we know that travel reviews influence traveller decisions—95% of travellers report using travel reviews regularly to make booking decisions, the impact of reviews on hotels goes much further than just making the final cut. For instance, a Cornell study found that a one-point increase in reputation (based on a five-point scale) may result in a hotel’s ability to raise room rates up to 11.2%. A Trust You heat mapping study found that given equal prices travellers are 3.9 times more likely to choose a hotel with a higher review score. And, even when hotel prices are increased for hotels with better review scores, travellers are more likely to book the hotel with the higher score despite the higher rate. In fact, 76% of travellers said they were willing to pay more for a hotel with higher review scores.

Understanding the nuance of these correlations however as TripAdvisor score vs. TripAdvisor popularity ranking, timeframe in which the review was written, brand, geographic market can be challenging.
With the recent extension and addition of nine suites and the new “Charm Spa Suite, the Suite is designed for guest enjoyment as well as for the local community who are welcome to come in, relax and enjoy. The Suite encompasses a luxurious Steam Room to accommodate guests, clients and romantic couples, top range quality and deluxe Hot Tub in a lush private garden, a manicure/pedicure room as well as a massage treatment space. To complete the Spa Suite the interior focus is on serenity with textured tiling, aqua colours and plants with unique artwork and soft furnishings creating a calming atmosphere to help you chill out and relax.
Beyond that, the Charm’s desirable location in Kemptown, Brighton makes it a convenient start point for exploring the City, with the Palace Pier, the Beach, the Royal Pavilion, Shopping in the North Laines, the SeaLife Centre all within 4 minutes walking distance away.
A recent PhoCusWright study revealed the impact reviews have on travellers’ decision-making: These show that
• 83% of respondents indicated that reviews help them pick the right hotel
• 80% read at least 6 – 12 reviews prior to booking
• 53% won’t commit to a booking until they read reviews
General Manager of the Charm Hotel and Spa Brighton Leo Nguyen said, "Whether you're looking for a great value hotel in a popular city like Brighton & Hove, a luxurious beachfront splurge, or a romantic getaway, you can see that hundreds of reviews and opinions from the TripAdvisor community has picked the Charm as the place to enjoy your stay in Brighton and our great staff will give you a fabulous welcome that will inspire and help you enjoy your amazing trip."
The impact of a hotel’s ranking, review score, and percentage of 5- star reviews each have a positive influence on the number of bookings. It is said that if the share of 5-star reviews increases by 10%, the number of bookings increases by 10.2% in the UK and Europe. Also, if the average review score of the hotel improves by 10%, the number of bookings increases by 2.2% in the UK and Europe.
There is an introductory offer for the new “Charm Spa Suite” of FREE One hour of Spa treatment worth £70 for a minimum of 2 nights stay in the Hotel with EITHER the luxurious Steam Room or the Deluxe Hot Tub. Please contact the hotel directly for this very special deal. This offer is only valued till the end of March 2019.
For more information about the Charm and the Spa Suite checkout www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk or call 01273 021 085. Rooms at the Charm & Spa start at £90 and include breakfast.
Follow the Hotel on Facebook@theCharmbrighton.co.uk, Twitter@charm_hotel.co.uk For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on (+44) 07850 736544 or email ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk
The Charm, Brighton is a sensational new luxury boutique hotel, now with a new Spa Suite in the heart of Kemptown, Brighton. The hotel offers designer living in a traditional setting and the recent refurbishment has transformed the 200-year-old building into a stylish and modern hotel with a reassuringly classic ambience. Each room in the elegantly refurbished historic building has been thoughtfully designed to provide all our guests with the most comfortable and restful hotel VIP experience. Our inspirational interior designers have created a delightful and luxurious look and feel, enhanced by ethereal and original artworks in every room.
The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa, 20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK Tel +44
(0)1273 021 085 Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk

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“Female Led Design Team” excel with innovative approach at the Charm Hotel, Brighton”

The Charm Hotel, Brighton has made significant progress to empower women in entrepreneurship. Establishing the idea when it first set up in the UK in June 2016 Female Entrepreneurship has been central to its success, achieving more gender balance in Sussex entrepreneurship. The Charm, the upscale, full-service luxury boutique hotel which was listed on Traveler's 2017 "Hot List," in the UK - the insider's guide to the newest, hottest hotels, restaurants, spas and nightclubs opened across the UK has now undergone an extensive expansion including the addition of luxurious Spa facilities as well as 9 new luxury suites enhancing and transforming this listed Brighton boutique hotel The new “Charm Spa Suite” which was officially opened for business in December 2018 is a good example of where the hotel owned by the Golden Lotus Group has carried this forward.

The design was led by a team of three women, architect Linda Turner, interior designer Emma Kewley and artist collaborator, Ruthie Martin whose paintings are proudly displayed all-round the hotel including the bedroom suites. The team believe that having a woman led design team has resulted in a focus on guest enjoyment and together they wanted to increase the opportunities for relaxation and indulgence for guests and the local community at large. The Suite is designed for guest enjoyment as well as for the local community who are welcome to come in, relax and enjoy.

The Suite encompasses a luxurious Steam Room to accommodate guests, clients and romantic couples, top range quality and deluxe Hot Tub in a lush private garden, a manicure/pedicure room as well as a massage treatment space. To complete the Spa Suite the interior focus is on serenity with textured tiling, aqua colours and plants with unique artwork and soft furnishings creating a calming atmosphere to help you chill out and relax. Emma Kewley, Interior Designer at Interior Folk has previously worked with the owners on other hotel renovation projects in Sussex, explained “The new interior fuses contemporary fabrics and colours with traditional, period features, epitomising elegance with a modern-day style.


The spa areas focus on serenity with textured tiling, aqua colours and planting creating a sense of well-being. There’s an array of unique artwork by artist collaborator, Ruthie Martin and soft furnishings taking inspiration from the hotel’s urban and beach side surroundings.” Linda Turner, Architect, comment: “The renovation of a listed building is always challenging, requiring a sensitive and open-minded approach in order to retain the essence of the original building, whilst also updating it for modern requirements. This project with its female led approach has allowed us to create an environment that fuses both the traditional and modern aesthetic with a light sensitive touch.”

Leo Nguyen, The General Manager of the Charm said, “This strategic investment to support women to realise their full potential is not only the right thing to do, but also critical to Brighton’s economic prosperity. We are proud to make this investment and more to come in 2019.” There is an introductory offer for the new “Charm Spa Suite” of FREE One hour of Spa treatment worth £60 for a minimum of 2 nights stay in the Hotel with EITHER the luxurious Steam Room or the Deluxe Hot Tub. Please contact the hotel directly for this very special deal. This offer is only valued till the end of March 2019. For more information about the Charm and the Spa Suite checkout www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk or call 01273 021 085. Rooms at the Charm & Spa start at £90 and include breakfast. Follow the Hotel on Facebook@theCharmbrighton.co.uk For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on 07850 736544 or email ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk

The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa,

20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK

Tel +44 (0)1273 021 085

Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk

Website - www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk


Emma Kewley, Interior Folk, hello@interiorfolk.com / 01798 874293 / www.interiorfolk.com

Linda Turner, Architect, nature ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN / 01273 710056 / Mb. 07966 039832 / www.inature.co.uk

Ruthie Martin, Artist Collaborator is https://www.ruthien.co.uk/

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The Charm, Brighton Unveils Stunning New Spa for extensive expansion for the Elegant Luxury Boutique Hotel

The hotel has acquired the adjacent property and has undertaken a major refurbishment to add the new “Charm Spa Suite”.

The “Charm Spa Suite” is designed for guest enjoyment as well as the local community who are welcome to come in, relax and enjoy. The Suite encompasses a luxurious Steam Room to accommodate guests, clients and romantic couples, top range quality and deluxe Hot Tub in a lush private garden, a manicure/pedicure room as well as a massage treatment space. To complete the Spa Suite the interior focus is on serenity with textured tiling, aqua colours and plants with unique artwork and soft furnishings creating a calming atmosphere to help you chill out and relax.

The design was led by a team of three women, architect Linda Turner, interior designer Emma Kewley and artist collaborator, Ruth Martin whose paintings are proudly displayed all around the hotel including the bedroom suites. The team believe that having a woman led design team has resulted in a focus on guest enjoyment and together they wanted to increase the opportunities for relaxation and indulgence for guests and the local community at large.

The addition of 9 luxury bedroom suites and transformation of the breakfast room and public areas completes the renovation works all aiming to elevate the customer experience.

Emma Kewley, Interior Designer at Interior Folk has previously worked with the owners on other hotel renovation projects in Sussex, comments on the importance of the design. Emma explained “The new interior fuses contemporary fabrics and colours with traditional, period features, epitomising elegance with a modern-day

style. The spa areas focus on serenity with textured tiling, aqua colours and planting creating a sense of well-being. There’s an array of unique artwork by artist collaborator, Ruth Martin and soft furnishings taking inspiration from the hotel’s urban and beachside surroundings.”

Commenting on the refurbishment, General Manager, Leo Nguyen said: “The investment demonstrates our continued commitment to the growth and transformation of our portfolio in Sussex. The renovation of The Charm Hotel provides a taste of what’s to come over the next year as we increase hotel development and elevate the customer experience.”

Linda Turner, Architect, comment: “The renovation of a listed building is always challenging, requiring a sensitive and open-minded approach in order to retain the essence of the original building, whilst also updating it for modern requirements. This project with its female led approach has allowed us to create an environment that fuses both the traditional and modern aesthetic with a light sensitive touch.”

There is an introductory offer for the new “Charm Spa Suite” which officially opened beginning of December 2018 of FREE One hour of Spa treatment worth £60 for a minimum of 2 nights stay in the Hotel with EITHER the luxurious Steam Room or the Deluxe Hot Tub. Please contact the hotel directly for this very special deal. This offer is only valued till the end of March 2019.

For more information about the Charm and the Spa Suite visit checkoutwww.thecharmbrighton.co.uk or call 01273 021 085. Rooms at the Charm & Spa start at £90 and include breakfast. Follow the Hotel on Facebook@theCharmbrighton

For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on 07850 736544 or email




The Charm, Brighton is a sensational new luxury boutique hotel, now with a new Spa Suite in the heart of Kemptown, Brighton. The hotel offers designer living in a traditional setting and the recent refurbishment has transformed the 200- year-old building into a stylish and modern hotel with a reassuringly classic ambience. Each room in the elegantly refurbished historic building has been thoughtfully designed to provide all our guests with the most comfortable and restful hotel VIP experience. Our inspirational interior designers have created a delightful and luxurious look and feel, enhanced by ethereal and original artworks in every room.

The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa, 20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK Tel +44 (0)1273 021 085 Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk

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LiveWall Living Walls Enliven the Healing Landscape at HOPE Tower

Hackensack Meridian Health Jersey Shore University Medical Center includes two LiveWall® Living Walls in the landscaping of the HOPE Tower. Hope Tower is the new 5 million, 300,000-square-foot outpatient care facility on the east campus of Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, N.J. The two green walls, totaling 514 square feet, were installed with the LiveWall® Outdoor Living Wall System, the green industry’s most sustainable, durable and low-maintenance living wall system.

“Guided by a patient-centered approach to care, and understanding that a sense of well-being and peace of mind are essential to healing, we set out to create an environment for holistic care that is beautiful, welcoming, accessible, and convenient,” said Kenneth N. Sable, M.D., MBA, FACEP, regional president, southern market, Hackensack Meridian Health. “From thinking about how patients and their families enter the building and what they see as they do, to selecting colors and materials, to designing the process of care and clinical workflow – every decision we made in the design of HOPE Tower was to enhance the patient experience and promote healing.”

“The green walls are essential,” said Drew Smithson, chief operating officer, Jersey Shore University Medical Center. “They transform highly visible exterior walls, which would be otherwise unremarkable, into vertical gardens that are an integrated part of the whole landscape.”

The two living walls each measure 22 feet 8 inches wide x 11 feet 3 and 3/8 inches high. Everyone who enters HOPE Tower from the parking garage walks along a corridor with floor to ceiling windows and sees the ground level green wall in a garden courtyard that is being established with a green roof. The living wall partially covers the exterior wall of a linear accelerator (technology used in precise radiation treatment of cancers). Rather than the cold, institutional feeling of a blank, gray wall, patients, their families and visitors are invited into HOPE Tower with a welcoming, calming view of sun-splashed greenery.

Plants are getting established on the other green wall, which is taking shape as part of the green roof landscape on the outdoor terrace that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean on the tenth floor. The green wall will soften the appearance of the exterior red brick wall. With the green wall, all four directions on the terrace will have visual interest and appeal.

“By extending the landscape up the sides of the structural walls, the green walls complement the landscape design and bring a vertical element to the spaces that make the landscapes more complete,” said Chris Cirrotti, vice president and principal in charge, Dewberry, the exterior civil engineering and landscape architecture firm for the HOPE Tower project.

Jersey Shore University Medical Center
Hackensack Meridian Health Jersey Shore University Medical Center is a not-for-profit teaching hospital and the only Level II Trauma and Level II Pediatric Trauma Center in Monmouth and Ocean counties. It is home to K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. With more than 1,200 physicians and dental staff in 60 specialty areas, the medical center’s team provides quality care in a patient-centered, environmentally friendly setting. The team’s commitment to excellence has earned Jersey Shore University Medical Center numerous accolades, including being named #4 in New Jersey.

The medical center’s clinical research program and commitment to medical education is evident through an affiliation with Hackensack Meridian School for Medicine at Seton Hall University. The medical center serves as an academic center dedicated to advancing medical knowledge, training future physicians and providing the community with access to promising medical breakthroughs.

Designed with a healthy regard for plants, LiveWall® is the patented living wall system that achieves simplicity and sustainability in harmony with nature. LiveWall is the result of four years of R&D by the professionals who created LiveRoof®, the superior green roof system. LiveWall green wall solutions are engineered with horticultural and structural features specific for indoor and outdoor environments. LiveWall supports plants as nature intended — roots growing down, stems and leaves growing up. With unsurpassed versatility to grow a diversity of plant types, LiveWall transforms ordinary walls into inspiring, thriving vertical landscapes that are simple to install and easy to maintain. Follow LiveWall on LinkedIn, like LiveWall on Facebook, and for more information call 877-554-4065.

Link to Project Photos: LiveWall Hope Tower
Link to Project Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A715YgLZqQ

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METAPHYSICAL at the Airliner November 29th!

About Artist : 

METAPHYSICAL  is featured on DJ Don D's the Funky Dope Records IL-Fated "Fire" ep vinyl release. Born in Pasadena and raised in the Central Valley (Goshen, the city of Visalia, Dinuba, the city of Tulare, the city of Reedly and the city of Hanford) of California, METAPHYSICAL a.k.a. Philip Singer, first turned 2 rhyming as a young child. 
Back in the day, METAPHYSICAL was known as "Phil Fresh" An aspiring 19-year old emcee. Phil Fresh gained a following by performing in local talent shows and M.C. battles. Phil Fresh's biggest moment was getting airplay with his single, "Back In Time" on the radio station B95fm in 1990.
 In 1994 a car accident put him in a coma for two weeks. Hospitalized for 6 months he had 2 relearn how 2 walk and talk again. Inspired with another chance @ life, METAPHYSICAL is now a non-fiction storytelling emcee on the lyric. The song RHYME FLOW from the "Fire" ep release is on the Lower Merion Films "Teacher of the Year" movie now on DVD. 
Rude Boy Magazine, an up and coming magazine gives METAPHYSICAL a mention in the November 2014 edition(rudeboymag.com/metaphysical-mind-blowing-messages). Combining his words with precisely produced beats 2 form mind-blowing messages with songs, get your minds ready for METAPHYSICAL!
For music, music videos, downloads, artist bio and upcoming show information go to www.reverbnation.com/metap7

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Checkit Real-Time Operations Management to boost US Foodservice Business

Santa Fe Springs, CA. October 2018. Checkit, the leading provider of Real-Time Operations Management and Food Safety solutions, today announces the launch of its US operations.

Checkit’s technology provides a proven way to address the needs of organizations to ensure that the work of staff is performed consistently, easily and to a high standard. It achieves this by creating intuitive, easy to use mobile applications to replace traditional pen and paper checklists, and by using Internet of Things sensors to replace routine monitoring.

Checkit allows businesses to build solutions rapidly, with no software coding or complex IT projects.  It gives managers unprecedented insights out of the box, using operational KPIs and analytics derived from the millions of data points it continually gathers.

Checkit has established a base of clients with global businesses including Compass, Sodexo and the Merlin Group, as well as working with leading UK businesses such as John Lewis Partnership and Center Parcs.  With its US operation up and running, its aim will be to bring this experience to food service chains, hotels and contract catering and soft FM, with a focus on helping them to improve

  • Revenue– by more consistently delivering intended service experience & freeing up time to focus on customers
  • Productivity – by automating repetitive checks and the streamlining of front-line work & improving management efficiency
  • Risk  – from improved compliance, enforcement and visibility

Checkit USA will operate out of a sales and service base in Santa Fe Springs, California, and will have access to the infrastructure and resources of its corporate parent, Elektron Technology plc, which has a well-established US operation.

According to German Casillas, Vice President of Americas: “We see great potential in the United States market. There is a clear need, with many operations still poorly served by unsuitable or paper-based operational systems.  We estimate that US food service market alone has the potential to develop to be worth over billion annually as technology adoption grows.”

To find out more get in touch on 1-833-44-CHECK (833-442-4325) 

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