Ideanomics Reports 503 EV Units Processed for July & August an Increase from Q2

Ideanomics Announces MEG's July and August Activity

203 Units Delivered in July and August

­ 557 Units Invoiced in July and August


NEW YORK – Sep 15, 2020 – Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) ("Ideanomics" or the "Company") is pleased to announce its Mobile Energy Global (MEG) division's activity from the period starting July 1, 2020, and ending August 31, 2020.

MEG activities during the period of July 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020 were as follows:

Vehicle Type

Units Invoiced

(pending expected delivery)

Units Delivered

Heavy Trucks









"Units Delivered" refers to vehicles which have been delivered to customers, and Ideanomics has obtained the delivery notes. "Units Invoiced (pending expected delivery)" refers to customer orders where sales invoices have been issued and units ordered are still pending expected delivery. Delivery dates vary according to the type of vehicle and manufacturer availability.  

The US GAAP accounting treatment for the anticipated revenue from the above orders will not be finalized until the order transactions complete. Consequently, the revenue may be reported on a Gross or Net basis and some portion may be deferred to future accounting periods.


About Ideanomics

Ideanomics is a global company that facilitates the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and supports next-generation financial services and fintech products. Our electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global (MEG) provides group purchasing discounts on commercial electric vehicles, EV batteries and electricity, as well as financing and charging solutions; we refer to this business model as sales to financing to charging (S2F2C). Ideanomics Capital provides fintech services that include intelligent and innovative solutions powered by AI and blockchain. Together, MEG and Ideanomics Capital provide our global customers and partners with more efficient solutions for a greener economy.

The company is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Qingdao, and operations in the U.S., China, Ukraine, and Malaysia.

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Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin Began Offering Low-Cost Tracks Repair For All Types Of Garage Doors

Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin, a leading Austin garage door spring repair services provider, is now offering low-cost tracks repair for all types of garage doors. The latest addition to its broad ensemble of service can push the company forward into the big league or is being guessed by the industry experts. The entity has already caught the imagination of the residents of Austin owing to its premium services which come at rates that are light on the pockets.

Otis Glover, the sales head of the garage doors Austin was elated to announce the recent launch. He was quoted as saying, "Some issues related to garage doors are easy to detect and some are rather complicated. A complicated issue requires an expert troubleshooting. With that being said, each and every garage door repair must be done by professionals who have ample experience under their belt and are of course, insured. Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin has always been known to have such experts in its team."

"Our garage door opener repair Austin TX company happens to be the go-to service provider and we deliver the results which our clients can trust. We send out our team to help them and aim to accomplish our task the same day. The emergency garage door repair Austin knows the role of a garage door in providing security and safety to a property, be it a residential or a commercial one. Our new offering, i.e. garage door tracks repair is surely going to be of great help for those who are facing problems such as misaligned or bent tracks. A damaged garage door track can be a hindrance in the proper operation of a garage door", he revealed.

Otis went on to add, "We have the technicians who would make track adjustments without delay. Every service that we offer are performed with state-of-the-art tools and therefore, our clients need not worry about our garage doors services. All our clients need to do is ring us up and our team will be there at their service in the wink of an eye."

About the Company

Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin is a well-known local garage door services provider in Texas.

To know more, visit: https://metroaustintxgaragerepairs.com/



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Garage Door Repair Pro's Phoenix Offering New Garage Door Installation Services 

Garage Door Repair Pro’s Phoenix, one of the forerunning garage doors services providers, has launched new garage door installation services. The garage doors Phoenix business has been catering to its customers for quite a long time and has garnered a fair amount of success. At least, if the market reports are to be believed, the company is well on its path to carve its own place in the top three in this sector. The launch of a new service might accentuate its prospects in the coming days.

Brian Miller, chief executive of Garage Door Repair Pro’s Phoenix, looked elated to announce the launch. "We are a bunch of committed professionals who realize the importance of customer satisfaction. Our garage doors Phoenix AZ technicians have always assured the clients of home security and safety and we can vouch for the fact that we have always lived up to our promise. Two important factors have set us apart from the rest. One, the quality of the garage doors services that we offer and two, the extremely affordable prices that we attach to them", relayed Brian.

He continued, "Our concern for the Phoenix community gets reflected on the use of green strategies that we apply in order to preserve the environment. Aside from that, we have a round-the-clock customer care service desk which attends to each and every requirement of our clients, be it any time in the day or night. Garage Door Repair Pro’s Phoenix offers a wide variety of services, right from garage door repair services, garage door openers services, garage doors maintenance services, etc. The recent addition to this list is the garage door installation services."

"Everyone knows the role a garage door can play in the safety and security of any residential or commercial property. Hence, a proper functioning of a garage door is of absolute necessity. Aside from repairing or replacing the worn-out parts, we will now install a new one in the place of the old one or even install a new one. Our technicians are equipped with all the expertise to deliver this service and that too at nominal prices", he added.

 About the Company

Garage Door Repair Pro’s Phoenix is a leading local garage doors services provider in Phoenix, Arizona.

To know more, visit: https://phoenixaz-garagedoorrepair.com/

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Aspects of Online Reputation Management & its Services

Everyone on this blue-marble planet is completely immersed in the fanaticized online world. The Online world is developing with such force that it is almost next to impossible to ban or control it. But do you really aware of the jeopardy offered by this inexplicable magnetic online world.

The spellbinding Internet world creates situation where there are no secrets left. The internet mirrors, magnifies and makes everything more visible to everyone (the good, the bad: the ugly truth of your everyday life). Though you have a habit to delete negative content but in the internet space delete does not always mean delete. Remove negative links from Google search are immutable and hence can’t be erased. 

Digital footprints are known as the data obtained from the digitally traceable behavior & online presence of an individual. Positive information about you or your business is beneficial for you but single negative information will give you nightmares. In this digital world, whatever goes online remains there for eternity. Whatever you put online further become your digital footprints whether it is Remove complaints from Google search, Remove person information from Google search or Remove arrested record from Google search of an individual. These negative information will lead to various adverse consequences.

Although, digital footprints are not a complete picture of a person, but being a social animal you should know how information about you could affect your online reputation. In an era of digitalization everyone is too eager to disclose their personal information online and aren’t eager enough to protect it.

Surprisingly a substantial amount of people are unaware of the term digital footprints and hence failed to secure them. Your social media activity, your browsing history, online subscriptions, any information on your personal website whether it’s an image, video or any information you share on internet with your name on it is recorded and leads to may tarnish your online presence.

Risk is uncertain. Luckily, your online reputation may be pretty good till now but there are certain chances someone can harm that, someone can tamper your online reputation anytime. Hence, to mitigate the risk, Delete Negative Content team has come up with an innovative service plan which acts like a protective shield which will firewall against negative threats that can affect your online reputation.

Delete Negative Content is in the early stages of metamorphosis and expected to grow in a year or two.

While some people may think that only businesses with negative online reputations need this type of service, all businesses can benefit from some level of online reputation management. 

Whether your online reputation is positive, negative or nonexistent, chances are, your business can benefit from hiring a reputation management service. However, the minute difference lies in when, how and what management strategies these services can deploy that can beneficial for your company the most.

For illustration, companies having good online reputation can benefit from consistent maintenance strategies like review management. Companies having negative online reputations may require an advanced version of strategies to minimize negative search results and highlight positive business achievements.

Establishing a brand new online reputation can be bit difficult; but hiring a good online reputation management company can benefit immensely.

If you believe in prevention, and don’t want a dip in your business graph better set up a Google alert! Make sure your social media password is strong and it has all those upper and lowers case, alphabet and numeric, integrated with your mobile. Also, make sure you have fixed your privacy settings according to your interest and needs. Don’t share your personal stuff frequently on social media. Watch out, you can be butt! For people who are more vulnerable as an individual like HNIs, Celebrity, and Politicians and corporate, should consult an appointment for online monitoring.

Many digital marketing companies like Delete Negative Content mostly work when a pall of online gloom pervades over clients and poses a threat. To maintain your online reputation like Remove complaints from Google search, Remove person information from Google search or Remove arrested record from Google search of an individual, one must be alert always.

In order to remove a complaint from google search permanently, only an expereince and skilled person can be a savior. Complaint removal services helps individuals, Celebs, Politicians, HNIs and enterprises in this process, while burying the negative comments dip down in the Google search page and help your business to grow.

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Interface Magazine Provides Insights Into – Dr. Paul J. Bailo Thinking About Digital Execution

Interface Magazine has published the views of Dr. Paul J. Bailo in its 14th issue. The magazine brings to its readers views and insights of the leading global technology innovators and professionals.

The article on the planning part of Digital Transformation. Dr. Paul J Bailo has shared his views on the critical role of planning in the digital transformation process.

“The planning phase is a critical piece in the digital transformation process,” says Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive, Digital Strategy, Data, and Innovation.  “The chances of achieving success in the digital transformation strategy depends to a large extent on the planning part. The execution is easy but the planning is harder.”

Dr. Paul who has proven expertise in multiple competencies states that the planning process must begin with an evaluation of the changes that are needed, and understanding why a business exists, and how it functions. 

Dr. Paul says that business owners must have a clear focus on the goal and identify the performance gap and the opportunity gap distinctly. It is equally important to understand what form of change is needed to move ahead and whether the organization is ready for that change. 

One of the key requirements to successfully implement the digital transformation process is having the right leadership team to guide the organization through the change. The leadership must keep pushing because some amount of skepticism will always be seen among the early adopters as they might not be keen on innovation and change. 

Dr. Paul admits that ushering a change in the existing business process could be hugely challenging as it involves fundamentally changing the core foundation of the business.

According to Dr. Paul, the critical piece of the idea of digital transformation is to have the right leadership and the right people in the team. Those with the right digital mindset can convince and take others along and can transform even large institutions. 

“There will always be resistance to change as people who have been working in an organization for long have their minds wired in a specific manner,” says Dr. Paul. “Digital leaders who want to plan a successful digital transformation can’t have people with legacy thinking on their team.  The foundation piece is imp but the thinking has to be flexible and they must be ready to change.” 

Organizations need the best digital transformation professionals to be able to pull off the change successfully. Empowering is the best way of removing obstacles in the digital transformation process. This involves providing people access to the process, training, preparing, and educating them, and ensuring that they get completely involved in the transformation journey. 

Dr. Paul - digital transformation leaders must not only possess emotional intelligence but also a street sense. The team can support the other players through proper training, performance management systems, controls, and constantly improving the process. 

Dr. Paul again reiterates that there are just a handful of professionals who can deal with the multitude of challenges posed by digital transformation. The key thing to focus on is building the climate of change in an organization. 

Leaders must understand the psychology of building commitment for change. For this to happen, it is important to know the culture of the organization and the planning must be made around that culture. 

According to Dr. Paul, digital planning is all about rethinking the business process, rethinking what the future looks like, how it is to work with new and different clients, embracing new technology, and new data analytics.

About Interface Magazine:

The Interface Magazine is a popular and reputed platform that showcases the best global technology leaders. The magazine has published the views expressed by Dr. Bailo on digital transformation in its 14th issue. The article has been posted under the Title: Be Human, Have Vision, Stay Curious. 

About Dr. Paul J. Bailo:

Dr. Paul Bailo is widely recognized by industry thought leaders for his C-level executive skills in Digital Transformation, Innovation, Data Analytics and Business Operations. His expertise in digital transformation, digital communications, emerging payments, operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and ongoing product innovation is unparalleled. Dr. Bailo is a global digital executive, top selling author, innovator and ivy league professor.


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Financial Poise™ Announces "Trade Finance Basics" a New Webinar Premiering October 7th at 2:00 PM CST through West LegalEdcenter™

Trade is growing exponentially across the globe. In this increasingly interconnected cross-border business environment, it is time critical for companies buying and selling goods and services (and their advisors) to understand trade finance. Deploying the trade finance toolbox effectively helps importers and exporters manage working capital solutions and reduce cost. This webinar explains the basics of letters of credit, open account, supply chain and documentary collections, how and why they are used, how much they cost, and the benefits and risks. It covers how financial institutions facilitate these funding options and explains why trade finance is a natural fit for Blockchain technology.

To learn more and register, click here.

The webinar will be available on-demand after its premiere. As with every Financial Poise Webinar, it will be an engaging and plain English conversation designed to entertain as it teaches.

About Financial Poise –

Financial Poise has one mission: to provide reliable plain English business, financial and legal education to investors, private business owners and executives, and their respective trusted advisors. Financial Poise content is created by seasoned, respected experts who are invited to join our Faculty only after being recommended by current Faculty Members. Our editorial staff then works to make sure all content is easily digestible. Financial Poise is a meritocracy; nobody can “buy” their way into the Financial Poise Faculty. Start learning today at https://www.financialpoise.com/

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Sailing Yacht for a Business Like Angelo Mazzarella

You require the yacht to quench your thirsty vacations in islands like Angelo Mazzarella but simultaneously get a chance to earn from those yachts; it would be a great idea. Yes indeed. You may have dreamt of spending exotic holidays what is part of life Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela around the cool and calm waters of the sea with chartering of sailing yachts.

 To make your dream come true you have to reserve a new sailing yacht charter with a qualified skipper who can give you a perfect tour across islands you please. Angelo Mazzarella corruption, who was not involved in any scam, use to enjoy sailing with qualified skippers always. 

Fun and adventure

Many countries near the sea conduct sporting events like yacht sailing in the world. For which thousands of spectators come to watch and also many come like Angelo Mazzarella to participate in sailing events. The world-renowned regatta Yacht competition gives the pleasure of enjoying see sports to the crowd coming from all over the world even Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela is fond of sports and the life of the competition is the noise of the crowd.

In the country, there are many such experts sailor of a yacht like Angelo Mazzarella corruption, who is not involved in any money scam who impart training to many people who are an enthusiast for yacht sailing in the sea and also they spend the time of their holidays with family to enjoy and have fun.

Anybody who is a great fan of yacht sailing like Angelo Mazzarella can take up the crash course from the learned people and take the privilege of sailing yacht personally. Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela is also very fond of a sailing yacht, that’s how he becomes a great sailor and won many rewards for the same. Holidays are fun with adventure and give a memorable moment to cherish in years to come. 

Yacht Chartering

Including sports, you can also take a new sailing yacht charter into a parallel business that helps you in earning extra income from the yacht charter. Angelo Mazzarella Corrupcion is not involved in any racket and hence does not leave any opportunity to sail yacht in the sea, one of his favorite sports. The opportunity to visitors to charter yachts for the business along with pleasure is something that nobody dislikes even Angelo Mazzarella is a great fan of the yachting. 

You can always take the assistance of local yacht chartering companies to the charter yacht as big as you want according to the member who comes along with you Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela is also a great fan of yachting for business purpose. There are many localities and tourist who comes for sail tours who are fond of a yacht like Angelo Mazzarella Corrupcion, who is not involved in any con and is a great sailor.

The sailing yacht charter is well equipped with satellite TV, a small bar, sound system, and all other luxuries which a person cannot get even in hotels. This is what charmed Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela too.

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eLearningClasses.com An Online Academy Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Human Instructors Launched

Global Banking & Finance Review launched its e-learning platform called eLearning Classes offering on demand online courses across various streams like Business, Finance, Trading, Marketing, Technology & more. Education is known as a never-ending journey that helps individuals expand their knowledge and learn new skills to stay competitive in today’s market.

eLearningClasses.com grants its members access to an array of interactive and fully online courses comprised of different subjects, guaranteeing them a leg up on the competition. eLearningClasses.com is an innovative online academy powered by artificial intelligence and real human instructors, offering students an exclusive interactive educational system with access to resourceful videos, e-books, quizzes, and certificates that will help them achieve their educational goals. Through the eLearningClasses.com students will be able to learn as many skills they want with eLearningClasses.com unlimited course program. This program allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited access to all courses at a monthly flat rate with no risks. Subscribers can choose as many courses as they want to enrol in, obtain all course materials at no extra cost, and learn at their own pace.

eLearningClasses.com uses the state-of-the-art educational tools which are powered by artificial intelligence to make world-class education affordable and accessible to students across the globe. For a subscription fee of .99 /month, students get access to all the online courses, lectures, worksheets, assessments, eBooks, Audio Books and more. Paid subscribers also get their questions answered by trained instructors and experts from Global Banking & Finance Review & have access to social discussions on their platform’s forums. The e-learning platform launched with over 100 courses and offers a few free online courses as an introductory offer. To Top it off, eLearningClasses.com is also offering a 25% discount on their monthly subscription fee of .99 which would bring the subscription fee to below a month. If you wish to avail this discount, use the coupon code off25 when checking out. 

Global Banking & Finance Review is a leading brand name in Banking & Finance. A media powerhouse with its own print & digital magazine and website portal with a combined readership of over 3 million readers annually. Global Banking & Finance Review has been a leader for the past decade providing analysis, opinion, reviews, news & interviews covering various topics. The initiative of launching its own e-learning platform is to make quality education accessible and affordable.

View all the free online courses by following this link on eLearning Classes 

“Our Mission is to ensure quality education reaches those who need it the most and at a price which can be affordable by all,” said Wanda Rich who is the Editor of Global Banking & Finance Review. She also commented that “Learning is a continuous process and it takes more than few courses to get a deeper understanding of a subject, this is the main reason why we decided to launch an unlimited learning experience at a monthly fee of .99.”

Global Banking & Finance Review is a leading brand name in Banking & Finance. A media powerhouse with its own print & digital magazine and website portal with a combined readership of over 3 million readers annually. Global Banking & Finance Review has been a leader for the past decade providing analysis, opinion, reviews, news & interviews covering various topics. The initiative of launching its own e-learning platform is to make quality education accessible and affordable.

View all the free online courses by following this link on eLearning Classes 

“Our Mission is to ensure quality education reaches those who need it the most and at a price which can be affordable by all” said Wanda Rich who is the Editor of Global Banking & Finance Review. She also commented that “ Learning is a continuous process and it takes more than few courses to get a deeper understanding of a subject, this is the main reason why we decided to launch an unlimited learning experience at a monthly fee of .99”

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Germinator Mobile Sanitizing and Disinfecting Expands to Phoenix, Arizona

Continuing on its rapid national expansion - Germinator Mobile Sanitizing and Disinfecting - a broad-spectrum sanitization, disinfection and deodorization provider - is proud to announce it has opened doors in Phoenix, Arizona. The company will offer door-to-door sanitizing and disinfecting services for businesses and residents throughout the area.

Germinator provides a 100% safe and non-toxic sanitizing and disinfecting process, utilizing breakthrough technology scientifically proven to help reduce the threat of harmful bacteria and viruses similar to the novel coronavirus.

Best friends since childhood, Greg Cook and Robert Blankenship will own and operate Germinator Phoenix. An Arizona resident of nearly 30 years, Cook resides in Phoenix with his wife Annette; their four children Kelsey, Kylie, Dylan, and Austin; and his parents, who live a short drive away in Prescott. He was motivated to open a Germinator franchise as a way to play a front-line role in helping to keep the community safe.

“I’ve spent most of my life in Arizona and it’s where I’ve built my family and career,” said Cook. “I’ve developed a true love for the community and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Now, more than ever, businesses and residents are relying on high-quality sanitizing and disinfecting services to keep their homes and businesses safe as we try our best to go about our daily lives. I wanted to do my part in restoring confidence to the community by helping create comfortable environments.”

Having previously lived in Phoenix, Blankenship – who now resides in Miami, Florida - has ties to the community and a passion for the Germinator brand. He is the founder and CEO of WebFindYou, the first All-In-One Digital Marketing Technology that provides companies, agencies, and freelancers with a more streamlined and efficient way to maximize a company’s online visibility and grow their brand, leads, and sales with less hassle, reduced costs and increased revenues. Through WebFindYou, Blankenship has spearheaded the successful launch of all 21 Germinator franchises. His passion for the brand led him to embark on the opening of Germinator Phoenix.

“I truly believe in the Germinator brand and have witnessed firsthand how big of a role these franchises have played in helping to keep communities across the country safe during these difficult times, especially without the use of harsh and toxic chemicals,” said Blankenship. “Germinator Phoenix allows us to fill a void in the market, giving the community access to a top-notch sanitizing and disinfecting process that is followed with an application of long-lasting protection from mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria.”

Germinator - which is headquartered in Atlanta - was founded by Jeff Gill in 2015, with the vision of providing a safe, effective and non-toxic method of proper sanitizing and disinfecting for businesses and households. Since February, the company has launched Germinator locations in major cities across the U.S.

“We’re excited to welcome Robert and Greg to the Germinator family to spearhead our launch into the Arizona market,” said Gill. “I’ve worked with Robert for eight years now, and he has a true understanding of the vision and mission of the company. We’re confident that the Phoenix franchise is going to be extremely successful.”

Germinator utilizes a two-step process to sanitize and disinfect surfaces as well as provide long-lasting protection against odor-causing bacteria, bacteria which cause stains and discoloration and fungi such as mold and mildew, and algae. The first step - Genesis - harnesses the power of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to destroy bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses and odors caused by bacteria. HOCI is a non-toxic, near-neutral pH, hospital-grade sanitizer and disinfectant. The second step applies the Germinator's Shield - an invisible microbial coating that protects surfaces for an extended period of time against the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. Both products are EPA registered and safe for humans, pets and the environment. The company’s highly trained field specialists employ best practices using electrostatic sprayers and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as appropriate.

Upholding the highest standards of sanitizing and disinfecting, Germinator makes claims that are scientifically supported and within EPA regulations. In an effort to research and further validate its practice of sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, the company recently created the Germinator Scientific Advisory Board. The board is made up of key leaders such as Dr. Roscoe M. Moore, Jr - who was an Assistant to the United States Surgeon General for five administrations.

"During these unprecedented times, the need to focus on sterilizing agents within our country's airports, public spaces, and offices in order to decrease the spread of viral pathogens such as Coronavirus is essential," states Dr. Moore. "I am extremely happy to be a part of the Germinator team and lend my expertise in public health and regulatory affairs to what I feel is an immense asset to the containment effort."

The company continues to expand across the country, providing communities with a proactive solution to help free environments from harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses. With Germinator, society can now have peace of mind and the freedom to live or work in a sanitized and disinfected environment. Arizona businesses and residents can learn more by visiting https://www.germinatorphoenix.com or calling (602) 932-7406.

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The unique story of a brand that gives back

Throughout the early 90s, Boston born/New York raised Billy Graziadei was forging a path of change with his band Biohazard. On a quest to make the world a better place, one song at a time, the band would eventually become well known for their socially conscious lyrics. In due course, Graziadei formed another band, Powerflo, with Cypress Hill singer Sendog, and not soon after, branched out with his own solo career as BillyBio 

In a parallel universe, there was a 15-year-old Edward Davis mowing lawns in Southern Illinois while listening to Biohazard’s “State of the World Address” on his yellow Walkman. Music was always a huge motivator for Davis to power through daily life, and he can distinctly remember blasting the “Judgement Night” track by Biohazard and Onyx to get pumped up before a game. Growing up in Middle America, the opportunities to experience live music were sparse unless you had the means to travel two or more hours to a venue. By the late 90s, Davis had somehow managed to recruit the shy, quiet girl from his high school PE class, Angela Andrew, to be his concert-going companion. Davis and Andrew ultimately became a husband and wife power couple who would vow to make the world a little better as a team. They continued their schooling together and became teachers, and their education careers eventually led them to Las Vegas, allowing them to make positive changes with their students for many years. When they were ready to extend their reach beyond the classroom, they began developing a plan to make a positive impact on disadvantaged communities, one sock at a time.

Little did they know that this plan would lead them to a very full circle moment in the near future.

Fast forward through several stage dives at Biohazard shows, the Davis’ at long last met up with Metal/Rap pioneer Billy Graziadei after a show and bonded over their love for music, their mutually active lifestyles, and changing the world in each of their ways. They shared their idea with Graziadei of how they wanted to start a sock company based on the philosophy of giving back. Graziadei loved the idea and gave them his full blessing, wishing them well on their new adventure as he shared his own stories about starting new projects.

After a lot of research, hard work and late nights, CRU SOX was born.

The Davis’ sent Graziadei a box of CRU SOX and he immediately fell in love with everything that they had created. The dynamic duo soon became a triple threat powerhouse, and the threesome put their nose to the grindstone and haven’t looked back since!

Socks are one of the most needed articles of clothing for individuals experiencing homelessness and are therefore one of the most requested items by charitable organizations that support and serve that population.

When you purchase pairs of CRU SOX, our unique ‘Give Back Formula’ allows us to donate socks to those in need.

When you buy one pair, we donate one pair. When you buy two pairs, we donate three pairs. When you buy three pairs, we donate five pairs and so on as your order increases. Our specially designed CRU SOX ‘give back’ sock donations only go to reputable charitable organizations that will distribute them responsibly, and that are working toward positive change in their communities.

For a list of the organizations we work with, visit our website www.crusox.com and drop us an email at info@crusox.com with any help expanding our list of charitable organizations.

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BLUEFIN, LLC a Subsidiary of Mantis Innovation Group, LLC Partners with Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC

O2 Investment Partners, LLC (http://www.o2investment.com) is pleased to announce that through Mantis Innovation Group, LLC (http://www.mantisinnovation.com), Bluefin, LLC has acquired and partnered with Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC (http://www.crenshawconsultinggroup.vpweb.com) and its leadership team to enhance both companies’ service offerings, geographic presence, and talented employee group.

Miah Dancy, President of BLUEFIN, LLC, commented, “We are excited to welcome Crenshaw to BLUEFIN. Crenshaw has been an exceptional business for many years, providing expert solutions to its clients. We value its longstanding success, and we commit to providing its team of dedicated employees the resources they need to grow that success even further. Vickie Crenshaw brings exceptional technical expertise to our management team, and we look forward to working closely with her to continue providing superior service to Crenshaw’s customers.”

Crenshaw has a long history of providing the highest quality roof consulting services to a wide variety of customers in both the public and private sectors, including city, county, and state agencies, school districts, as well as major U.S. insurance carriers. The entire Crenshaw team will join BLUEFIN’s staff, and Crenshaw’s owner, Vickie Crenshaw, PE, RRO, RRC, will remain an owner in the combined business and become a Senior Vice President within the BLUEFIN organization.

Vickie Crenshaw commented, “Crenshaw is very proud of the legacy we have established and nurtured over the past 16 years. We view this transaction as an opportunity to continue growing, and we welcome the chance to provide an expanded service offering to our clients. Culturally, this is an excellent fit for us, and we are excited for our future with BLUEFIN.”

Joe Vallee of O2 Investment Partners added, “The addition of Crenshaw Consulting Group creates tremendous opportunity for both BLUEFIN as well as the broader Mantis Innovation Group platform. When combined, Crenshaw adds focused expertise in design services and creates an opportunity for Mantis to provide additional software-enabled services to improve facility performance and reduce operating and capital costs. Vickie and her team have built an exceptional business, and we look forward to accomplishing great things together.”

About Mantis Innovation Group, LLC:

Mantis Innovation Group, LLC is a technology-driven firm employing proprietary software and data analytics to improve facility performance. Mantis’ service offering includes electricity and natural gas procurement; proactive roof, pavement, and envelope management; roof design and quality assurance; demand management; energy monitoring; and solar / renewable implementation. Mantis is headquartered in Houston, TX, with additional operations in Dallas, Texas; Waco, Texas; Coppell, TX; Trenton, New Jersey; Burlington, MA; West Springfield, MA; King of Prussia, PA; Harrisburg, PA; and Brunswick, ME.


BLUEFIN is the nation’s leading provider of facility asset management and facility energy consulting services to clients with large facility footprints. BLUEFIN delivers an innovative portfolio approach to asset management that significantly reduces costs while improving facility performance.

About Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC:

Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC is a design, engineering, and consulting firm specializing in roof systems, waterproofing, exterior wall systems, lab analysis, forensic investigation, quality assurance, and construction observation. Crenshaw has expertise in complex site-specific plans and specifications for renovation, re-roofing, repair, and maintenance jobs.

About O2 Investment Partners:

O2 Investment Partners is a Midwestern based private equity firm that seeks to acquire majority interests in lower middle market B2B services, technology, and select niche industrial companies. The firm invests in businesses with earnings growth potential and a clear path to the creation of shareholder value.

O2 invests with a view toward partnering with management to build and grow the business and take it to its next stage of development. This requires not only a clear vision and strategic plan to create shareholder value, but a close partnership and alignment of interest with management.

Additional information is available at http://www.mantisinnovation.com http://www.bluefinllc.com http://www.crenshawconsultinggroup.vpweb.com http://www.o2investment.com

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Merchants Fabrication, Inc. Announces New General Manager

Merchants Fabrication, Inc. (MFI), a full-service metal plate and structural shape manufacturer specializing in the machine building industry, is pleased to announce that John Bernier has joined the company as General Manager. Mr. Bernier joins MFI with over 30 years of manufacturing experience. He has extensive experience in operational excellence, manufacturing operations, and engineering, with a proven track record of exceptional quality management and customer relations skills.

“We’re just getting started,” commented Mr. Bernier. “MFI has been in the business a long time and we want our community to know that we’re not going anywhere. We have a lot of exciting projects and plans up our sleeves and are looking forward to engaging more with local businesses. Our extensive metal fabrication skills and abilities put us in a solid position in the marketplace and allow us to respond quickly to customer requests at a very competitive price”.

MFI has extensive history and experience in sub-contract manufacturing work, specializing in the aerospace, paper, food and beverage, medical, and specialty equipment industries. Their capabilities range from custom fabrication work, prototyping, and custom design to waterjet cutting, CNC punching, welding, and more. A full list of MFI’s capabilities can be found on their newly renovated website.

“Customer centricity is a hallmark to MFI,” added Mr. Bernier. “Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and we are committed to ensuring exceptional quality, integrity, and service to our clients, both present and future.”

In business for over 55 years, MFI is dedicated to delivering only the most exceptional quality projects and service to their clients, both present and future. To learn more about MFI, visit http://www.merchantsfabrication.com.

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Dr. Paul J. Bailo Shares His Insights On Digital Transformation In Part 1 of The Podcast Trilogy

The first part of the trilogy – ‘Digital Transformation - Leadership with Dr. Paul J. Bailo’ has just been released. In this part of the podcast, Dr. Paul J. Bailo shares his views about the importance of leadership in digital transformation. He also stressed on the key reasons why it has become imperative for organizations to focus on creating a digital model during the global health crisis and have to forcibly operate within restricted space.

“I don’t see how any organization in this current world could survive without a true digital leadership model,” says Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive, Digital Strategy, Data & Innovation. “The leadership model of the physical world is in the past. The forefront and cornerstone of every business must be digital from here on if they want to survive and become successful.”

Paul has a string of achievements to his credit and it includes empowering the expansion processes of multinationals, mentoring top performers, coordinating strategic planning, comprehensive handling of P&L budget, and, building significant market partnerships. 

The reputed digital thought leader opines that with the coronavirus forcing nearly everyone to work from home, there is a pressing need to follow a true digital leadership model. 

Paul says a real digital leader is one with a vision and the knowledge of bringing together people, and processes and making the best use of them even during the restraining challenges imposed byCovid-19.

Companies are suddenly waking up to the reality that their digital model is not current. While the experienced digital leaders are aware of the need to improve upon the digital model, the execution part poses the biggest challenge.

A digital leader must not remain in their comfort zone. They must break out of their shells, network, and build relationships, outside their domain. This can help them make the brain work differently so that perfect business management solutions can be quickly crafted.

Paul says that the organization leadership must have the enthusiasm to put the various components of the digital framework together to move ahead. This cannot be achieved without collaboration. 

Companies going digital need new talent, new models, and new leadership skills. These are not easy to find. Even the implementation of digital processes requires a different mindset which can be extremely difficult for most people. 

A good digital leader must

  • Be humane and speak the truth, 

  • Have a vision that people can understand and connect with

  • Be curious about tech, developments in other fields and other things in general

A good digital leader must also know to fine-tune their skill, must be passionate about tech, and most importantly, loves people. 

The 14th issue of the reputed Interface Magazine has published the views expressed by Dr. Bailo in the Digital Transformation – The Trilogy. It has been posted under the Title: Be Human, Have Vision, Stay Curious. 

About Dr. Paul J. Bailo:

Paul Bailo is widely recognized by industry thought leaders for his C-level executive skills in Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Business Operations. His background in digital transformation, digital communications, emerging payments, operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and ongoing product innovation is unparalleled. His blue-chip background includes major corporate entities such as Google, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, MasterCard, American Express, GE, Citibank, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NYC Transit Authority, and US Department of Transportation.

Paul teaches at Columbia University and the Adjunct Executive Graduate Professor in Applied Analytics and Digital Marketing, Innovation, and Data Analytics at New York University. He served as an Executive Advisor to the Governments of Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi, as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria and Drexel University. 

Paul is currently doing his Ph.D. in International Leadership & Innovation through the International School of Management. He holds eight US patents and has earned his Six Sigma Black Belt through GE. 

About Interface Magazine:

Interface Magazine is an industry-leading digital magazine that offers technology-focused insights from the industry’s leading executives. It’s a dedicated platform for CIO’s, CTO’s and CDO’s and provides updates on matters related to digital disruption & technology transformation. The magazine aims to provide an opportunity to technology leaders by creating personal, peer-to-peer narrative on company-wide disruption through technology. The area of focus of the magazine includes change management, digital, big data & analytics, blockchain, AI & machine learning and more.

To read the magazine, click the link below -


You can hear the podcast on the link below - 


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NFP Acquires EFG&M Management, LLC, Expanding Its Employee Benefits Presence in Central Texas

NFP, a leading insurance broker and consultant that provides property and casualty (P&C), corporate benefits, retirement, and individual solutions, today announced the acquisition of EFG&M Management, LLC, in a transaction that closed effective July 1, 2020.

EFG&M, an employee benefits broker located in the Austin Metroplex, serves employers in central Texas. With over 30 years of experience supporting employers in central Texas, EFG&M will help to expand NFP’s presence in a diverse and growing area. Don Eddleman and Carl “Hap” Feuerbacher, two of EFG&M’s co-founders, will join NFP as vice presidents and report to Kevin Brown, managing director of NFP's retail sales and distribution operation in central Texas.

“I’m excited to welcome the EFG&M team to NFP,” said Brown. “NFP is focused on growing in key markets by adding talented professionals, specialized expertise and deep relationships that elevate our ability to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Don, Hap and their team support this focus and will play a large role in our ability to grow in the central Texas market.”

“Our values of providing exceptional service and consultative expertise to clients align perfectly with NFP’s,” said Eddleman. “Joining NFP gives us access to additional resources that enhance our ability to expand relationships and support our clients with tailored employee benefit solutions.”

About NFP
NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant providing specialized property and casualty, corporate benefits, retirement and individual solutions through its licensed subsidiaries and affiliates. NFP enables client success through the expertise of over 5,600 global employees, investments in innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors, and financial institutions. NFP is the 5th largest benefits broker by global revenue, 6th largest US-based privately owned broker, and 8th best place to work in insurance (Business Insurance); 10th largest property and casualty agency (Insurance Journal); and 12th largest global insurance broker (Best’s Review).

Visit NFP.com to discover how NFP empowers clients to meet their goals.

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LJA Engineering Nationally Ranked In Top Ten As Best Firm To Work For By Zweig Group

LJA Engineering has once again been recognized as a Best Firm To Work For in 2020 by the Zweig Group.

The Best Firms To Work For awards honor the best architecture, engineering, planning, environmental, and construction firms (AEC) to work for in North America.

“With recruitment and retention continuing to be the greatest challenges for firms, this contest, the only national best places to work for the AEC industry, is more important than ever,” said Zweig Group CEO Chad Clinehens. “Add the current pandemic to the mix and it is even more critical for firms to find measurable ways to reinforce their culture and the good things they are doing and creating. Celebrating an award like Best Firms To Work For does just that and infuses positive energy into the environment.”

Firms were evaluated comprehensively on firm culture, workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates, professional development, and more – from both management and staff perspective. Awards were given in multiple categories based on firm size and discipline.

LJA Engineering ranked at number seven overall this year and has ranked in the top ten for the past several consecutive years.

LJA is an employee-owned, full-service, comprehensive multi-disciplinary consulting firm. With 36 offices across Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma, LJA offers one-source, one-stop reliability for all of our clients, when and where they need us. Our 1,200 employee-owners stand at the ready with experienced civil, transportation, midstream, rail, flood and drainage, and coastal engineers, plus hydrologists, environmental specialists, planners, landscape architects, construction managers, GIS designers, and surveyors. We can best leverage our resources across our company, deliver expertise-driven teams, increase responsiveness to your specific needs, and individualize project solutions. LJA was recently named #65 by ENR National as a Top Design Firm and as the 2019 Design Firm of the Year by ENR Texas & Louisiana.

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LeadCrunch Ranks No. 35 on the 2020 Inc. 5000

king of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

“Our artificial intelligence delivers the best targeting, segmentation, and highest quality B2B leads.” explained Olin Hyde, CEO and co-founder. “Our growth was fueled by a great need in enterprise marketing: better data, better targeting, and better results. Our technology achieves just that.”

Not only have the companies on the 2020 Inc. 5000 been very competitive within their markets, but the list as a whole shows staggering growth compared with prior lists as well. The 2020 Inc. 5000 achieved an incredible three-year average growth of over 500 percent, and a median rate of 165 percent. The Inc. 5000’s aggregate revenue was 9 billion in 2019, accounting for over 1 million jobs over the past three years. LeadCrunch posted growth of 7,249 percent, placing it in the top 99.3% of all companies in the Inc 5000.

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at http://www.inc.com/inc5000. The top 500 companies, including LeadCrunch, will be featured in the September issue of Inc., available on newsstands August 12.

“The companies on this year’s Inc. 5000 come from nearly every realm of business,” says Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. “From health and software to media and hospitality, the 2020 list proves that no matter the sector, incredible growth is based on the foundations of tenacity and opportunism.”

The annual Inc. 5000 event honoring the companies on the list will be held virtually from October 23 to 27, 2020. As always, speakers will include some of the greatest innovators and business leaders of our generation.

LeadCrunch uses artificial intelligence to drive new revenue growth for business-to-business enterprises. The technology identifies new opportunities, segments, markets, and audiences. It automatically collects, cleans, and creates (where needed) more than 30 billion data points on more than 10 million companies and 400 million business professionals worldwide. LeadCrunch’s AI is 217% more accurate at targeting and classifying company data than traditional data sources. This data advantage enables LeadCrunch to help its clients better target, segment and prioritize their target accounts and, optionally, expand their addressable market by an average of 84% while delivering leads with a 99.5% accuracy and acceptance rate.

CONTACT:     Nick Arnaiz, (209) 712-8352, nick.arnaiz@leadcrunch.ai

More about Inc. and the Inc. 5000

The 2020 Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth when comparing 2016 and 2019. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2016. They had to be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2019. (Since then, a number of companies on the list have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2016 is 0,000; the minimum for 2019 is million. As always, Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Companies on the Inc. 500 are featured in Inc.’s September issue. They represent the top tier of the Inc. 5000, which can be found at http://www.inc.com/inc5000.

About Inc. Media
The world’s most trusted business-media brand, Inc. offers entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, connections, and community to build great companies. Its award-winning multiplatform content reaches more than 50 million people each month across a variety of channels including websites, newsletters, social media, podcasts, and print. Its prestigious Inc. 5000 list, produced every year since 1982, analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. The global recognition that comes with inclusion in the 5000 gives the founders of the best businesses an opportunity to engage with an exclusive community of their peers, and the credibility that helps them drive sales and recruit talent. The associated Inc. 5000 Conference is part of a highly acclaimed portfolio of bespoke events produced by Inc. For more information, visit http://www.inc.com.
For more information on the Inc. 5000 Conference, visit http://conference.inc.com/.

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Ephesoft Shortlisted as a Global 2020 SaaS Award Finalist

Ephesoft, Inc., a leader in content acquisition and data enrichment solutions, is a finalist in the 2020 SaaS Awards Program in the Best SaaS for Business Accounting or Finance category. Ephesoft was selected as a finalist for Semantik Invoice, a cloud-based data acquisition product shown to improve accuracy and reduce cost for invoice processing.

Now in its fifth year of celebrating software innovation, the Software-as-a-Service Awards program accepts entries from around the world, including the US, Canada, Australasia, EMEA and UK.

“It is an honor to make the SaaS Awards shortlist, as it validates the Ephesoft team’s diligent work to deliver innovative SaaS technologies that save companies time and money,” said Ike Kavas, founder and CEO of Ephesoft. “As organizations seek to reduce accounts payable costs and move more transactions to the cloud, we see a market for highly scalable solutions with quick ROI like Semantik Invoice and are pleased that our industry peers concur.”

Semantik Invoice, released in May 2020, is geared to help finance and accounting departments expedite invoice processing by utilizing knowledge graphs. Built from the ground up on a multi-tenant public cloud serverless architecture, this SaaS solution performs a semantic extraction to invoices, extracting critical invoice data using artificial intelligence / machine learning with 97% accuracy. Semantik Invoice is the first point solution on the Ephesoft Semantik Platform, which turns flat data into context-rich information to fuel data scientists, business users and customers with meaningful data to automate and amplify their business processes.

SaaS technology is continually adapting and innovating. Semantik Invoice is designed to not only help companies be competitive, accelerate processes and cut costs by over 30%, but it is also poised to enable customers to easily adopt new features, functionality and integrate with other solutions in the future as new technology emerges.

“Software-as-a-Service’s force for positive disruption never seems to abate, with seemingly unending solutions for modern business,” said James Williams, head of operations for the SaaS Awards. “This year is of course a special case, with SaaS not only at the forefront of remodeling existing business processes but also agilely responding with pioneering solutions to unavoidable global disruptions. Indeed, SaaS technologies are now celebrated as providing new and inventive ways for organizations to perform what might have once seemed simple tasks in a changing international landscape. From fulfilling orders to arranging meetings, SaaS technologies are more important than ever.”

Final SaaS Awards winners will be announced on Tuesday, August 25, and the program will return in spring 2021. Hundreds of organizations entered, with international entries coming from North America, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and the Middle East. To view the full shortlist, please visit: https://www.cloud-awards.com/2020-software-awards-shortlist/.

About Ephesoft
Ephesoft is the leader in Context Driven Productivity solutions, helping organizations maximize productivity and fuel their journey towards the autonomous enterprise through contextual content acquisition, process enrichment and amplifying the value of enterprise data. The Ephesoft Semantik Platform turns flat data into context-rich information to fuel data scientists, business users and customers with meaningful data to automate and amplify their business processes. Thousands of customers worldwide employ Ephesoft’s platform to accelerate nearly any process and drive high value from their content. Ephesoft is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., with regional offices throughout the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit ephesoft.com.

Media Contacts:
For Ephesoft
Kristin Brocoff, 949-400-4899

Christina Gillham, 646-868-5174

For the SaaS Awards
James Williams – head of operations

Notes for editors
About the SaaS Awards
The SaaS Awards is a sister program to the Cloud Awards, which was founded in 2011. The SaaS Awards focuses on recognizing excellence and innovation in software solutions. Categories range from Best Enterprise-Level SaaS to Best UX or UI Design in a SaaS Product.

About the Cloud Awards
The Cloud Awards is an international program which has been recognizing and honoring industry leaders, innovators and organizational transformation in cloud computing since 2011. The awards are open to large, small, established and start-up organizations from across the entire globe, with an aim to find and celebrate the pioneers who will shape the future of the Cloud as we move into 2021 and beyond. Categories include the Software as a Service award, Most Promising Start-Up, and “Best in Mobile” Cloud Solution.

Finalists are selected by a judging panel of international industry experts. For more information about the Cloud Awards and SaaS Awards, please visit https://www.cloud-awards.com/.

Appended: Shortlist
Best SaaS for Business Accounting or Finance

  • Yooz Inc.
  • Xero Ltd.
  • Apiax AG
  • Sage Intacct
  • Vena Solutions
  • VersaPay
  • Wolters Kluwer TeamMate
  • Workiva
  • Ephesoft
  • Esker Inc.
  • Avalara, Inc.
  • Bill.com
  • Botkeeper
  • Century Business Solutions
  • FinancialForce
  • Ordway
  • Sage South Africa (PTY) Ltd
  • Securitize
  • Tipalti, Inc.

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India’s Amplework Software Ranked among Top 25 Mobile App Development Companies Globally

Technology is going through an excessive growth period, literally. And one of the most essential and prominent factors of technology is mobile applications – it actually let you have the whole world in your palm. 

If we look at the world tech trade, the mobile application market is the vastest one. This perfect competitive market has created a complicated pathway for mobile application developers because they play an essential role in the life of application consumers.

The company which stands out is always the one that puts much more efficiency and effort into the development of mobile applications – and that is where Amplework slides in the equation.

Amplework Software Pvt. Ltd. 

Amplework is India's leading mobile app development company, ranked among the top 24 companies globally. Amplework has contributed a lot to the development of mobile applications with its on-demand, secured services, on-time delivery, fast and flexible solutions, and cost-effective methods. 

This Indian-originated software company has won numerous awards and certifications on global platforms – including the World Communication Award, Most Promising App Development Company, and App of the Year Award.

Amplework’s Expertise in Different Frameworks

The company’s bright and talented team of hard workers provides all they can to make their clients realize their goals – and assist them in all categories of Hybrid app Development

Amplework software is recognized worldwide as one of the best companies for hybrid or Cross-Platform App Development, Mobile App Consultancy, App Support and Maintenance, iPhone App Development, Android App Development, Wearable Development, UI/UX Mobile App Design, Android VR, Apple TV Development, iBeacon, and much more. 

One of the major strengths of Amplework is Mobile Game Development – where they develop high-end products concerning 3D/2D games, character design, 3D modeling, monetization strategy, and mobile game publishing. 

React Native

With the company’s expertise in top-notch, open-source mobile application framework of React Native, Amplework Technologies continues to operate with a wide range of industries and form consumer-concerned solutions for millions of users around the world.


Pink City's Amplework has a talented pool of developers who are uniquely capable of porting mobile apps using Flutter. Being exclusively-trained from Google Team, Amplework is one of the most prestigious companies to hold the committed expertise in the Flutter framework.

Amplework, a leading tech company, has proved itself very beneficial for new startups who want to go live as soon as possible. Amplework provides them complete accessibility, adaptability, and scalability, with hourly, part-time, and full-time hiring. In addition to that, Amplework provides numerous digital solutions to hundreds of across-the-globe clients.

The team of Amplework believes in quality – and they are backed with a wide range of digital skills and tech-knowledge to help you take your business on a whole new platform. It makes sure that your idea turns into a working and accessible product.

The company has established itself with the top-notch international service lines, with the aim of relentless innovation and uninterrupted communication. Amplework's warm and free culture is what attracts the most to the clients – and the team continues to assist the consumers with a brilliant recipe of welcome and exploration.

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Back to School Blues: Perceptyx Finds Work Productivity Expected to Decline As More Schools Switch to Remote Learning

Perceptyx, the leading employee listening and people analytics platform for enterprise organizations today released new data showing productivity for working parents is set to decline at the start of the school year, as the recent surge in COVID-19 cases has led to schools moving to complete or part-time distance learning.

More than 60 percent of working parents believe that carrying out distance learning from home will place an extremely difficult burden on their family, while over half report they will be both distracted to either a “moderate” or “great” extent on days when their children are learning from home and that their work productivity will decline. Over 40 percent are also worried either a “moderate” or “great” extent about their job security due to their children learning from home.

Perceptyx previously reported a considerable increase in productivity and a decrease in the desire to return to the physical workplace near the end of May, just as the school year was coming to a close.

“Undoubtedly, school decisions will impact parents’ willingness and even ability to work in the physical workplace, leading to a potentially significant decline in productivity as work-at-home parents are once again forced to play the roles of employee, parent, and teacher during the workday,” said Brett Wells, Director of People Analytics at Perceptyx. “To mitigate the negative impact remote school can have, including the potential exodus of working parents, we recommend employers reevaluate their return-to-work strategies and leave policies, and consider adding new benefits to support employees and their new reality in any way they can.”

While school this fall will undoubtedly look different in every situation, the largest portion of parents are still uncertain about sending their children to a traditional classroom. Surprisingly, a quarter (26%) report they are not sending their kids back to school at all, while forty percent say it will depend on the school district's plans. As of the end of July, 41 percent say their school district has not communicated a clearly defined return-to-school strategy.

When it comes to mothers and fathers, Perceptyx found that there was not a great disparity between roles when it came to distance learning having a negative effect. The data did find, however, that working mothers who are in senior leadership positions (e.g., executives/vice presidents) are most at risk of feeling the extra burden, pressure, and challenges that distance learning brings to their workday. They are more than 1.5 times more likely to report they do not intend to stay at their current employer for at least the next 12 months as compared to fathers.

“It is clear that for working mothers in senior leadership positions, we risk losing decades of progress towards breaking the “glass ceiling” because of the demands of distance learning,” Wells noted.

Working parents aren’t the only ones who will be impacted by remote learning this fall, as non-parent co-workers report that they are feeling the disruption even now before the return to school.

  • 39% of non-parents believe their co-workers who are parents are more distracted.
  • 29% of non-parents believe their co-workers who are parents are less productive.
  • 25% of non-parents say their workload has both increased and become more difficult to manage because of their co-workers who are parents.


Perceptyx also found that how an organization supports employees faced with distance learning plays a huge role in retaining these individuals. Ninety-two percent of employees who strongly agree their organization is providing the flexibility and support to work from home when children are at home intend to stay at the organization for at least the next 12 months. This drops to 66 percent for employees who do not agree their employers are providing flexibility and support.

“To adequately support working parents, organizations must be willing to consider cases at the individual level,” continued Wells. “Open and honest conversations are paramount, and a well-crafted employee listening and action plan can enable organizations to identify support areas that employees will value the most. Through these discussions and discoveries, organizations can create new ways forward.”

About Perceptyx
Since its founding in 2003, Perceptyx has been redefining the employee listening industry, delivering enterprise-level employee surveys and people analytics to more than 30% of the Fortune 100 today. With an unrivaled technology platform and a tailor-made, flexible approach, the Perceptyx technology makes it easy for managers, HR, or business leaders to discover insights deep within large and complex organizations, driving meaningful action to improve business outcomes. Driven by a deep intellectual curiosity and a culture of innovation, Perceptyx is challenging the status quo—to help people and organizations See The Way Forward.

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Offshore Protection: Why Covid-19 May Leave Assets Exposed

PANAMA CITY – July 31 2020 – Living in an a time of uncertainty makes future proofing your assets essential. Having a financial plan in place guarantees you will not be left unprepared for what tomorrow might bring. 

Forming an offshore protection strategy is about securing your assets for the future. Today it is easier than ever to secure that future using an overseas account. An offshore bank account gives you privacy, spreads your risk, and diversifying your assets. Offshore Protection provides the offshore strategies you need to survive tomorrow.

Financial diversification is to ensure all your eggs are not held in the same basket. The solution; have more than one basket. Offshore diversification strategies spread your eggs across several accounts, in different currencies and countries. Offshore diversification is the single most effective strategy to safeguard your wealth for tomorrow.

Having your assets in a separate banking system provides a measure of security that protects against domestic issues such as currency fluctuation, political uncertainty and economic downturn. 

Forming an offshore trust or creating a LLC is also used as means to protect assets that may be exposed to unnecessary levels of risk. They provide additional levels of protection, confidentiality and security through proper offshore structuring that separates an individual from a group of assets.

Uncertainty is perhaps the greatest destabilising force that can break havoc on banks, markets and the economy. Without the assurances of tomorrow people lose their trust in institutions. While accounts, trusts and currency can help to minimise the damage of any uncertainty, perhaps the greatest tool for freedom is a second passport.


A second passport gives you the freedom to chose your future whatever the circumstances by ensuring you more travel options and most importantly a second country where you are treated like a first class citizen.

Your life is exposed to unnecessary levels of risk when it is kept all together within a single single banking institution, currency denomination or geographical area. The consequences can be sudden and devastating. The current crises is might just be an early warning sign of whats to come. Everything happens in cycles and the last downturn of 2008 the entire world felt the repercussions of an unstable banking industry. What uncertainty might be around the corner?

An offshore protection plan is about preparation. Preparing yourself for whatever may come by creating a strategy that suits your individual circumstances and the needs of the day.

About Offshore Protection

Offshore Protection is an offshore service and law centre based in Panama City and has helped thousand of clients since 1996 specialising in multi-jurisdictional offshore solutions. 

Offshore Protection offers everything you need to secure your offshore future, including company formations, offshore accounts, financial licenses, crypto licenses, offshore trusts and foundations as well as second passports. Offshore Protection has over 20 years of experience conducting business in over 35 jurisdictions offering tailor-made offshore solutions.

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New RoFX Artificial Intelligence Features for Automated Trading. Full Review

Trading in the forex market has always been an enticing prospect for all traders out there.  In recent years, automated trading in the forex has largely replaced manual trading as the most popular method of trading. This usually relies on the efficiency of software in question such as EAs or forex robots. One such Expert Advisor which constantly features on the top ten lists of forex EAs is ROFX. Here is an honest RoFx review for traders who wish to start trading.

ROFX advertises itself as a self-learning EA which implements a profitable algorithm. It is one of the few EAs which is known for its background running capacity as well as its ability to learn the changes in the market quickly. Developed back in 2009, ROFX is backed up by a team of developers who are experienced in Forex. ROFX labels itself as safe because they guarantee the safety of deposits made by traders. They are also committed to providing transparency and operate with 100% confidentiality. 

ROFX can be bought in either USD, EUR, and even Bitcoin. It offers 5 account packages, namely, Trial packages, Easy start package, Money maker package, Gold package, and VIP package. 

Salient Features 

ROFX has some features that enable it to deliver profitable trading experiences to its users.  Some of these are mentioned below. 

  • Easy Initiation: ROFX allows almost any amateur trader to start trading short term investments within the first month. 
  • Daily Profit Collection: ROFX allows its users to take the profit they’ve earned on a daily basis, provided the day was profitable. 
  • Minimum Risks: ROFX employs the stop-loss system to stop trading to allow the most minimum of losses. 
  • Guaranteed Return of Funds: Investors can get back their invested funds at any time they wish. 
  • No Leverage: Trading with leverage is not allowed in ROFX. 
  • Support System: ROFX has a responsive customer service team that works around the clock, 24/7. There is also an option available for live chat. 

Advantages of using ROFX

  • Novice-friendly: One of the most obvious benefits of using ROFX is that it is beginner-friendly. It’s a well-known fact that novice traders tend to struggle when using an EA for the first time. ROFX makes it easy to get acquainted with the environment and to start trading pretty soon. 
  • Trading Strategy: ROFX’s trading strategy has been formulated by a group of forex experts after considerable testing. This makes it easy for novice traders to easily hop on-board and start trading. They can thus skip their usual trial and error approach and work towards profitability. 
  • Verified Results: As we’ll see in the section below, ROFX has provided verified trading statistics and results on sites like myfxbook. 
  • Transparency is Paramount: ROFX is committed towards transparency which reflects in their practices and policies. As part of this, ROFX provides all information on their myfxbook page, something not all EAs do. 

Trading Record on myfxbook

There no denying that there is a multitude of Expert Advisors available in the market, each claiming to offer the best degree of profitability. While there is no way to confirm these claims on the spot, traders can check for live trading statistics from authoritative sites such as myfxbook and fxblue to get a better picture. In this case, ROFX has provided us with a live account, hosted on myfxbook. 

In the above account, we can see that the total accumulated profit stands at 042706.00 and the account has a current balance of 042706.00. On the tab at the top, we are presented with information regarding the account including that its using USD and Ester as the broker. The bottom-left tab indicates that the information has been updated quite recently. All of these are signs that the account is indeed in order and verified frequently. 

The information in the account indicates that the account has indeed gained an impressive profit of 463.43% with an amazingly low drawdown rate of 0.35% Low drawdown rates are always favorable and indicative of a good, low-risk trading strategy. All the other aspects pertaining to this account, including the trading charts and other trading records. 

After looking at the above account, it’s clear that ROFX makes realistic claims on its website. When comparing other trading statistics from EAs, many may have a profit that is generated almost magically from a small initial investment. However, it is clear from the records of ROFX that the account started with a small amount and gradually grew as it earned profit over the years. These are definitely more reliable figures to consider. 


With the growth of automated trading, traders are realizing the potential of using software such as Expert advisors for profitability, largely replacing manual trading. Additionally, there are ample reasons to include ROFX in the list of the best Forex robots available. Apart from being an excellent forex robot with a bunch of amazing features, it provides trading records and proof on its official website.  The registration process is fast and easy, taking about 5 minutes. 

Overall ROFX has impressed us with the quality of statistics it has provided and the salient features it possesses. At a time when markets are saturated and potential buyers can get confused while choosing, ROFX displays all the hallmarks of being a reliable trading robot. 

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Fintech Companies are Experiencing Optimism from Investors

Venture capitalists appreciate this sector for their massive future potential, with the companies, billed for greater expansion in the year 2020. However, then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Similar to all the business sectors, the unprecedented circumstances have affected most of the companies in the Fintech industry. Many of them canceled their future guidance, while some others are projected to go out of business entirely. Some companies are also hoping for the governments to bail them out, which is unpredictable. The trends and data presented by Meteo Finanza offer some insights about the rise of Fintech companies, that help understand what will happen next to this sector. 

Survival is the Biggest Challenge


Like any growth sector, the majority of the Fintech companies were spending more money than they were earning, posting big losses on the balance sheets. It wasn’t that big of a problem, as investors are quite content with the losses at the expansion period of the business. However, different times call for different actions, and the looming recession fears caused by the pandemic may see investors and governments opting to save only a few established names. That leaves others fearing for their survival.


The companies that had a good balance sheet, on the other hand, can use this opportunity to expand their hold on the market. At the end of the day, the ones that would survive this crisis can look forward to a rosier, competition less future shortly.


Massive Shift in Consumer Behaviour


As the reported data for the last quarter showed, people are shifting more and more towards performing all their financial activities online in light of the crisis and social distancing measures. They are performing more and more online transactions for shopping to account for statements and transfers. With companies like Square, already allowing their staff to work from home permanently, it is safe to assume that many others would also follow suit; paving the way for a greater amount of financial transactions to happen online.


Therefore, although the Fintech sector can experience a bit of a slowdown in income in the short term, they are greatly positioned to benefit from these changes in our lifestyle.


Funding Possibilities for Investors


The funding events that the Fintech start-ups use to aware investors and raise funds are at a halt at the moment. Once we start to get back to normality, analysts are predicting those events to be organized more frequently. Considering the growth potential and the proven record of dealing with this crisis efficiently, it’s more plausible for investors to inject a massive amount of their piled-up cash into the Fintech sectors, fuelling their growth at a rapid pace.

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Used Cars Market Rebounds After Ease In COVID-19 Lockdown

Signs of cuffs falling off the used car market are evident after the ease in COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. In light of the recent global pandemic situation, the automotive industry witnessed a massive cutback in sales compared to last year’s figures for March and April. However, according to Cap HPI, the used car market is now showing signs of recovery.

Demand, trade-ins, and Residual Values (RVs) for used cars dwindled with potential customers, dealerships, and car manufacturers practicing social distancing. It led many secondhand car dealers and wholesalers to refuse to purchase any stocks. Meanwhile, dealers, car check service providers, and online auction sites have been holding the fort, encouraging customers to benefit from the situation. Due to low sales during the lockdown, the prices of vehicles were on the lower end.

However, several surveys indicate positive signs of recovery across different used car markets in the world post-lockdown. 

UK Used Car Market:

UK’s used car market is looking to get back into form in the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown, and government’s decision on Brexit (i.e., leave the European Union) bodes well for the revival. 

In May 2020, trade transactions were off by 25 percent. However, INDICATA’s data analysis results are proof of England’s rebound from the lockdown. The sales went up by 3.4 percent during the first ten days of June 2020 compared to the same period during 2019. 

INDICATA launched a free Market Watch in thirteen countries to assist businesses in managing COVID-19 impacts on their used car assets.

By 16th June, INDICATA specified dealers had been more cautious about replacing their sold stock with sales exceeding supply by 71 percent. They were short of about 100,000 used vehicles in the UK’s dealer network w.r.t pre-locking inventory. It will likely cause a rush to the source stock to avoid emptying the forecourt spaces. The data points to an increase of 0.5 percent in secondhand vehicle prices that some benefitted from while others suffered its drawbacks.

There was an even brighter outcome recalling the seven days between the 4th and 10th of June. Secondhand car sales grew by 13.3 percent. Breaking it down equates to about 12,000 used car sales per day, which puts the UK used car market right back at COVID-19’s pre lockdown level.

Moreover, reports from Express.co.uk speculate that leaving the EU will cause a switch to used vehicle sales. Britain is currently in talks with the EU to seek an FTA (Free Trade Agreement). As confirmed by the Department of International Trade under rules set by WTO (World Trade Organisation), failure to settle an FTA will result in a 10 percent rise in tariffs imposed on cars produced in EU countries from 1st January 2021. It is potentially good news for secondhand car dealers.  

Tom Preston, used vehicle expert, and director at Hippo Motor Finance, states: “Brexit won’t impact used vehicle prices. They should remain stable whatever the Brexit outcome is due to the fact that used vehicles are all paid-for stock. The vehicles have already been on UK roads, they don’t need to be imported from the EU, and there's no need for additional costs like for components, which are manufactured overseas."

Australian Used Car Market:

With bit by bit lifting of the lockdown measures, the Australian secondhand car market is recovering evidently. The dealers have begun to trade-in used vehicles, and ACR (Auction Clearance Rate) of car companies’ returned to the prior stage. 

Volkswagen Australia recently observed a 100 percent auction clearance rate of its ex-company cars even though the attendance accounted for just 1/3rd of its workforce. These ex-fleet car auctions are a profitable course of action for dealers to replace their used stock with comparatively newer vehicle models having manufacture warranty. 

ABC News claims, “Used car prices plunged by 14 percent over March and April, but rebounded nearly 11 percent in May.” Additionally, according to Moody’s Analytics-Darium Insight database, which envelopes up to 60 percent of Australian vehicles wholesale market, “Used light trucks and ute prices fell by 12.4 percent over March and April before rebounding 10.6 percent in May.” 

The analysts expect rates to remain relatively steady at current levels soon. Furthermore, Moody’s analysts claim that a significant rise in second-hand car prices will be steep from here on out until a proven vaccine or treatment for Coronavirus is introduced.

Michael Brisson, Auto Economist at Moody’s Analytics states rebound in used car prices, was brought about due to:

  • Used vehicle supply shortage and the substitution effect:

The substitution effect refers to consumers switching between new and used cars. They prefer needs over showcasing social class at times of emergencies and market uncertainties. It is beneficial to the secondhand car market as sales and prices of used cars increase with demand and supply constraints.

  • A decrease in the use of public transport:

People abiding by the lockdown measures refrain from traveling in groups, especially in public transports. They are likely to remain wary of utilizing public transport until a Corona-virus vaccine is produced, which is favorable to sales of used cars. 

  • Low fuel prices:

The price of fuel decreased due to a decrease in global energy demand. This encouraged customers to opt for used cars because their operation is marginally less expensive than newer car models.

European Used Car Market:

Europe’s used vehicle market had significant green shoots of recovery as lockdown measures softened. According to INDICATA’s Market Watch, responsible for tracking the used car sales volume and price changes on a real-time basis, the signs of recovery were recorded in April 2020.

Austria was the 1st country in the EU to soften the lockdown restrictions for the motor industry. Market Watch reported secondhand car sales per day fell from the standard rate of 1,300 to 300 in the lockdown. However, they were pushed to 730 within seven days, which nearly equals to half of the average level after the ease in lockdown.

EU countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, and Turkey have stabilized their used car market to varying levels. Netherlands sales remain stable around 60 to 65 percent of the typical rates. On the other hand, Poland’s initial plunge stabilized through government support on ease in market restrictions. Meanwhile, Turkey is suffering setbacks due to short-term lockdowns, but its used vehicle market is performing better than most countries in Europe.

Besides, Sweden’s used car market remained the most resilient due to relaxed government measures to combat COVID-19. It operated at 90 percent of its pre-lockdown levels. 

The bottom line is that the prosperous used vehicles market has always been an indicator of healthy economy. As nations are recovering from plummeting sales, we can expect the growth rate for used cars to be higher than the new vehicles.


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The New Bold Boss… Bold Brings New Editor In Chief, Janet Conroy-Quirk, to Lead Bold Magazine into the Future

Bold Beginnings

July 27, 2020 - Beginning nearly 10 years ago, Bold Magazine, one of two crown jewel properties of Bold Holdings, LLC (formerly Bold Media, Inc.) has covered women’s sports, business, media, and fashion. Having switched solely to plus size news and information in 2014, CEO Christopher Salute showed he was ready to take the leap as a straight, white, cisgender, male in a new and highly diverse space… a leap that was not without challenges. In 2017 and 2018, Salute presented all over the country and worked with some of the nation’s leading body positivity and plus activists. Now, in 2020, Bold has expanded to own multiple magazines, a Brand Management Company, radio shows, microblogs and more. 

A New Voice

Being a Self-Acceptance Champion hasn’t always been Janet Conroy-Quirk’s primary job. A Social Worker by trade (Janet is an MSW), she graduated from Fordham University at Rose Hill with a BA in Communications. Conroy-Quirk then began a career in social services and obtained her MSW degree from Hunter College. Throughout her social work career in NYC, she served populations ranging from the homeless to older adults.  She then transitioned into acting, and strongly believes that the two contrasting careers have a lot in common. She feels that every story heard and person met in her social work career helped her to understand life experiences and bring genuine emotion to her performances. She now uses her creative approach and advocacy skills as the new leader at Bold Magazine.

Conroy-Quirk began her relationship with Bold Magazine as a consumer and reader. Previously, a freelance writer focusing on the topics of Fat Acceptance and Size Diversity, she was also doing great work with the non-profit organization, “Realize Your Beauty.” Before attending Bold’s very first “Love Yourself Weekend” in Times Square in 2019, Conroy-Quirk was challenging fat stereotypes through appearances in off and off-off Broadway productions as well as feature films and documentaries. Bold and Conroy-Quirk were immediately drawn to one another and she began writing consistently for the magazine.

A Bold Vision

When it comes to the vision of a true body positive society, Janet Conroy-Quirk was a bold decision that didn’t need a second thought. Bold Holdings CEO, Christopher Salute, voiced his excitement at the hiring, “This wasn’t even a choice,” he says. “[Janet] is the only person who has the skills, passion, and energy to take Bold Magazine to where it needs to go.” Conroy-Quirk herself also expressed her own excitement. She says: 

This position is a perfect mix of all of my passions- the power of words; the importance of advocacy; and the sharing of stories that highlight why each one of us is us. I love knowing that people are looking to our content to see themselves represented, and that they are celebrating the plus/fat world with us. Every day is a new experience and a new lesson. I’m now one of those people who can’t wait to start work every day.

The enthusiasm on both sides highlights the mutual devotion to the shared dream of Salute and Conroy-Quirk, two up and coming powerful voices for the plus-sized community. 


For more information: 

 Janet Conroy-Quirk

Editor in Chief, Bold Magazine


(917) 204-4214


Dr. Christopher Salute, MBA, Ph.D. 

CEO, Bold Holdings, LLC



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Best Mac cleaners to clean & optimize Macs in 2020

Like any computer equipment, MacBook and iMac become clogged and require maintenance over time. Usually, macOS handles this task on its own, but in some cases, it requires user control and forced cleanup provided by a high-end Mac cleaner

Taken from Pexels.com

The latest Mac models are equipped with relatively small capacity solid-state drives. As a result, users quickly discover that the disk is full of various data and files. Even a very modest iTunes or iPhoto library can fill almost the entire drive of a couple of hundred gigabytes. To solve the problem with available memory in macOS, you can turn to external applications.

The most considerable “eaters” of hard disk space are files and folders that users have forgotten about, or that have extended without their knowledge, like folders with iPhone and iPad backups. Many will agree that working on a clogged computer is a living hell. However, using specialized utilities, you will be reminded once again of the days when your MacBook or iMac was brand new and clean in all respects.

Top 4 Free Mac Cleaners 

Before you start using any of the applications mentioned below, it is highly recommended that you create a backup copy with the help of the Time Machine function.


Onyx is a powerful tool for system tuning with a vast number of functions for optimizing, configuring, and cleaning macOS. This entirely free cleaner doesn’t have the same user-friendly interface as the well-known CleanMyMac, but the features of both utilities are similar in many ways.

In the “Maintenance” section of this program, you can delete the system and application cache, logs, and empty the trash, check the structure of system files, and run maintenance scripts. Besides, the “Options” section contains a host of features for fine-tuning Finder, Dock, and other aspects of the system that are not available in macOS by default.

The disadvantages of Onyx include high complexity for the average user. There is a possibility that the system files may be damaged by ignorance or error, which may cause malfunctions.


GrandPerspective graphically shows the state of the Mac file system. When you launch the utility, you will be offered to select the desired folder for scanning. Once you figure out which folders and files take up too much space, you may effortlessly determine the ones you don’t need and delete them, freeing up as much space as possible with minimal effort.

Scanning 14 GB of disk space occupied by files with GrandPerspective takes approximately one minute. What can be somewhat inconvenient in this cleaner is the need to click on the squares or hover the cursor over them to find out what kind of file is hidden behind them. Otherwise, this tool does its job perfectly. 


The undoubted advantage of this utility is the availability of a free version with minimal functionality. If there is a need for additional features, the user is offered two options at once. In general, CCleaner has excellent capabilities in cleaning the system and optimizing the operation of your MacBook and iMac. This program is in high demand among computer owners all over the world. There are also versions for PC and mobile devices running on Android.

Disk Inventory X

The task of Disk Inventory X is to graphically visualize the contents of the hard disk to find problem areas quickly. When you launch this Mac cleaner, you are prompted to select the media to analyze. Both internal and external disks (Time Capsule, USB sticks, etc.) will be displayed here. After that, content processing will begin, which will take from one to five minutes, depending on the disk size. When you finish, you will see a directory tree on the left, and a visual representation of information according to data types on the right. 

Now you need to select the largest files in the list, make sure that they are unnecessary, and remove them. Do not worry; Disk Inventory X will not allow you to delete the folders that the system needs and that require administrative access rights to them.

There are other ways to clean your Mac, including expensive utilities. However, the programs mentioned above will be enough to support the fast operation of your MacBook and iMac.

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First Heritage Mortgage Opens New Branch in Columbia, South Carolina

First Heritage Mortgage, LLC (FHM), a leading independent mortgage lender, has opened a new branch in Columbia, South Carolina, and continues to rapidly expand its presence throughout the Southeastern United States. The new office (Branch NMLS ID #2000649) is located at 120 Cromer Road, Lexington, SC 29073.

FHM specializes in providing personalized home financing solutions to make homeownership achievable for as many people as possible within the communities it serves. FHM has been ranked one of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine, one of the Top 75 Mortgage Lenders by Scotsman Guide, one of the Best Mortgage Companies to Work For by National Mortgage News, and most recently was named a Top Workplace by The Washington Post. The company originated more than .5 billion of mortgage loans in 2019 and is poised for significant growth in the coming years.

The Columbia location is FHM’s second office to open in South Carolina within the past two years, joining the company’s Charleston location, which opened in 2019. The new Columbia location also marks the 15th branch office for FHM, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary this December.

“We’ve found incredible opportunity within South Carolina,” said Chip Beveridge, SVP and Southeast Regional Manager of First Heritage Mortgage. “We are excited to open our new branch in Columbia and offer innovative mortgage solutions, in-house construction lending, competitive rates, and the personalized service FHM is known for to homebuyers and business partners across this thriving market.”

The Columbia branch is led by well-known local home financing expert Jacob Crowder (NMLS ID #198432). As Branch Manager, Crowder oversees all branch operations, customer interactions, and relationship development. Crowder has over 15 years of local mortgage banking experience and has called the Columbia region home for his entire life.

“Jacob has a remarkable track record and will use his extensive experience to benefit customers, business partners, and fellow team members,” stated Alex Wish, President of First Heritage Mortgage. “As FHM continues to expand, we are staying true to our roots by assembling the right people and building our branch presence around them. We look for talented leaders who understand our culture and our commitment to excellence. Jacob embodies these things and is an outstanding addition to our growing team.”

Prior to joining FHM, Crowder acted as Mortgage Loan Officer at First Community Bank of South Carolina, having held positions at Union Mortgage Group and 1st Choice Mortgage/Equity Corp. of Lexington before that. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Clemson University.

“I am thrilled to join FHM,” said Crowder. “It’s exciting to be part of a company with such a great organizational culture and wide array of mortgage solutions, including personalized products for people who may not meet the strict lending requirements of banks. I look forward to better serving the Midlands community which I care deeply about, and to forwarding the company’s success in this new branch.”

To learn more about the Columbia branch, customers and business partners can contact Jacob Crowder at 984-228-6246 or email jcrowder@fhmtg.com.

About First Heritage Mortgage, LLC
Founded in 1996, First Heritage Mortgage, LLC (FHM) is one of the largest privately-owned mortgage companies in the Mid-Atlantic, originating more than .53 billion in mortgage loans in 2019. The company is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, with 15 branch locations across Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and California. As a direct lender, FHM controls every aspect of the mortgage process from start to finish in a local branch, allowing the company to provide deeply personalized mortgage solutions to its clients and business partners. Learn more at https://fhmtg.com.

First Heritage Mortgage, LLC is an Equal Housing Lender | Company NMLS ID #86548 (http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org) | Columbia Branch NMLS ID # 2000649

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Everything One Needs to Know About WordPress Development

About DarrelWilson.com

What is our aim?

We aim to provide helpful word press tutorials to the word press users who want to get a better understanding of the purpose and use of word press. We let people know about word press plugins, themes, and also tutorials related to ecommerce word press.

What is our goal?

The goal of DarrelWilson.com is to help word press users by giving them tips for working with word press. We also share tricks and tutorials that enable users to get an insight into using word press. Along with this, we are punctual at sharing the current trends and news related to word press to keep the users updated.

Why us?

Our happy subscribers have exceeded 100,000 in number

We have 8,000,000 views on our videos

Viewers watch our tutorials in more than 181 countries

Our tutorials are listed in steps and are easy to understand.

Which services do we provide?

About Word press website tutorials

A website is a great way of communicating with people present all around the world. You can easily share your ideas, sell your products, give services, spread knowledge about a subject with the help of a website. Creating a website on word press is easy and hassle-free. 

But the very first question that arises here is how to make a website on Word press? This is what DarrelWilson.com is for. We help you to create the perfect word press websites that help you in achieving your goals. Our word press website creating tutorials have always proved helpful for word press beginners out there.

About Website theme tutorials

Setting the best theme for your website is the main thing that decides whether a visitor will like your website or not. The right choice of colors and a catchy layout is what visitors get attracted to. But always keep in mind that choosing the right theme for a website is not the same as choosing one for your party.

A website theme has to be both professional and catchy. This will not only seek the attention of the visitor but will also build the trust of the visitor on your website’s professionalism and services. The website theme tutorials by DarrelWilson.com will help you set the best themes for your website.

About Website plugin

Website plugins allow you to add extra information on your website that can be seen by the visitors. Website plugins are great to enhance the functionality of the word press website. Moreover, a website plugin also enables the website owner to add a new feature to the website. 

DarrelWilson.com shares plenty of tutorials that teach you the right way of adding plugins to your word press website. Moreover, these tutorials also give you an idea of which type of plugins are good for your website and which ones you should avoid.

A complete course related to word press website

How old are you and does not decide how perfect your word press website is going to be? All that matters is using the right ways to create the website, choosing the most suitable themes, and adding the right plugins to your website. At DarrelWilson.com, you can easily find tutorials for people who have just joined the word press. 

We guide you through the proper channel of creating your website and designing it accordingly. The best thing about choosing DarellWilson.com is that you can also avail discounts on certain offers. Hurry up and make your decisions before it’s too late.

Making an e-commerce WordPress website

If you want Word press to create your e-commerce website, then you don’t have to worry about how to do it. Because at DarrelWilson.com, you can find tutorials that will help you with designing your ecommerce word press website. 

These tutorials contain tips and strategies that will make it easier for you to create your Word press ecommerce website. You can also connect us on YouTube, and by subscribing to our channel, you can stay updated about our latest tutorials and videos. 

How to use elementor for your word press website?

All those who have a good knowledge of word press must be knowing elementor very well. For those who are new to word press, elementor is amongst the best word press plugins that help you with page building. The best thing about this plugin is that it is very easy to use. 

Another thing that makes this plugin stand out amongst the others is that it can be accessed in a free version also. This means that you can add this plugin to your website without paying any money. But for using this plugin in the best way, you must be familiar with certain themes. Our website has tutorials to guide you through the process of adding an elementor to your website.

Tutorials about uploading Divi layouts

Are you out of those people who find it really hard to upload a divi layout? DarrelWilson.com holds your back to help you out with this situation. We enable you to get access to multiple divi layouts. Moreover, we also let you enjoy access to child themes if you are creating a website for children. 

You can watch the best website tutorial on our website to help you with installing divi themes on your word press website. Moreover, these tutorials are also helpful in guiding you through the installation of plugins on your website.

Contact us?

We are always available to help you with your queries. If you have any questions related to our services, feel free to reach out to us, and get your answers. You can also ask us to promote your product that you want the world to know about. 

You can also go to the ‘Question Section’ of our website to get answers about a tutorial, theme, or plugin. You may contact us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

How to contact us?

Enter your name and email address in the required area, type your message, and click on ‘submit.’

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Fitness and scorching heat - How to survive this heatwave

The CoronaVirus pandemic of 2020 has created a shift in economies and has changed the world order so far. Everything has taken a turn for the worst, people are losing their jobs, and all businesses are at a standstill. Despite everything going sideways, one thing has taken a turn for the good because of this whole Pandemic, which is the earth’s ozone layer has started to heal. Since the world was in lockdown, there were no cars on the roads, no factories operating, hence the toxins created by them in the air were absent throughout the period. The weather has been recorded to be more stable than last year but the heat this summer hasn’t been so forgiving. Along with the heat, what can you do to stay fit and active in these harsh conditions?

How to survive this heatwave?

Now there are many methods by which you can adopt to fight this heatwave. These methods can include applying sun-block creams on your skin to avoid getting sunburned, staying indoors throughout the day as much as possible to avoid the heat. But let’s assume you have to go out in this scorching heat on foot to let’s say your local market or grocery store, then what do you do? No need to worry, the latest technology and innovation have you backed up. Did you know that there are portable/wearable air conditioners that you can carry around with you? Science and technology have come a long way and almost everything is mobile now. These portable air conditioners are multipurpose devices, meaning they do multiple things like filtering the air you breathe, act as both a cooler and a fan with an added feature of humidifying the air like the Blaux wearable AC. So to survive the heat, you need these essential things with you at all times:

  • Sun-block
  • Sun-glasses
  • Portable/wearable Air conditioners

So let’s say you’re prepared for the weather, how can you take care of your physique and health? 

Tips to take care of your health:

When it comes to your fitness, taking care of it during this heatwave is the most important and crucial thing. There are many precautions that you can take for this, for one, you have to keep a strict and balanced diet. You have to look after your carbs, proteins, and fats thoroughly. Too much of them can be as harmful as too little of them. The first thing you need to do is to keep yourself hydrated in this hot weather and season. Essential body salts and vitamins are lost in a split second and can lead to dramatic and serious outcomes such as body paralysis and heart strokes. Along with keeping yourself hydrated, you need to keep your carbs and proteins at an optimum level. Now how can one do that? One way is to eat little in chunks every two to three hours, but the most recommended one by many nutritionists is to take supplements. Now people confuse supplements with steroids. That is completely and utterly wrong. Supplements help the body make up for crucial proteins, carbs, and fats in your body whereas steroids boost your metabolism abnormally to increase your muscle mass with thousands of uncountable risks and disadvantages.

Now if you’re taking the right supplement in this scorching weather, you can also help yourself to lose weight a bit. If you’re not looking for weight loss, no worries, you can choose a simple energizing supplement for yourself to help you go through the day, to understand more about supplements, learn more here. Everything comes down to your diet, be it cold weather or warm weather. If you’re taking good care of yourself when it comes to your diet and fitness, each hurdle in life becomes easy and doable. Along with all of this, try to go to the gym during the evening when the sun is at its lowest point. When using the gym, make sure to have your portable/wearable air conditioner with you or try going to a gym that offers air conditioning during the time you exercise. The key to survival in this hot weather is to exert yourself as little as possible and watch out for your diet strictly. Things to do to maintain your diet:

  • Keep a strict eye on your diet
  • Use supplements
  • Exercise during the evening
  • Don’t exert yourself too much
  • Try doing things when the sun is down


Now, this is without a doubt that staying cool, hydrated and maintaining your fitness in this hot weather are directly proportional to each other. You can’t just do one thing and expect the other to happen by itself. Summer is a very hard and tough part of the year, in which the body goes through numerous changes and phases. It is up to you to make those changes temporary or permanent. The heat can prove to be a life taker, for this specific purpose in this modern age you need to have an air conditioner. Given the economic terms of the world right now, buying an expensive air conditioner is already out of the discussion for many people, let alone pay for high electricity bills after that. The best and suitable option is to buy a portable/wearable air conditioner that can be both easy on the wallet and get the job done. Along with all the other essentials such as sun-blocks, sunglasses, etc. Once you’ve taken care of that, the next thing is to look after your physique and diet. Now staying hydrated is the number one priority, the second most priority is to keep a balance in nutrition. Looking after your carbs, proteins, and fat levels. Keeping them optimized is the challenge and for that, you can use a variety of health supplements to keep you balanced throughout the day. Never the less, in these tough times, you not only have to look after yourself but after everyone around you. Be it neighbors, colleagues, family members, it is your social responsibility to look after one another in these hard times. Always remember to wear a mask, keep social distancing, and follow government guidelines.

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Venminder Launches Exchange Network for Collaboration Between Vendors and Third-Party Risk Professionals Accelerating Due Diligence Efforts

Venminder, an industry recognized provider of third-party risk management solutions, today announced they have launched the Venminder Exchange, a secure 2-sided network for the flow of Venminder’s proprietary analyzed vendor data.

To achieve industry standards and meet regulatory requirements, organizations must complete detailed due diligence reviews on their vendors. This is often a time extensive exercise involving the gathering of documentation, artifacts and sending/receiving of questionnaires from vendors and then giving all that information to an appropriate, qualified expert to review it for risks. Since the expertise needed varies based on the area being reviewed, it is a huge drain on valued internal resources or requires multiple dedicated hires. With the Venminder Exchange, thousands of already completed Control Assessments have been added by Venminder’s qualified and certified experts, including CISSPs, CPAs and paralegals, and added to the searchable exchange for purchase.

“We are very excited about the launch of the Venminder Exchange and what it means for the future of due diligence for all sides involved – vendors and their clients and prospects,” said Dana Bowers, founder and chief solution architect of Venminder. “The Venminder Exchange will be a valuable asset to third-party risk professionals for quickly finding risk scores on their vendors and purchasing the assessments as and when they need. For vendors, it provides transparency and knowledge into the risk assessment process that is inherently vital to every third-party risk management program. Collaboration between all parties will undoubtedly improve the outcome for everyone involved.”

The Venminder Exchange launched this week with the first of many planned phases. The company is currently inviting vendors into the exchange to view and collaborate with Venminder on the assessments that have been completed on their organization. This advance period will give vendors the opportunity to learn how an independent third party, such as Venminder, views their stated controls and associated risk. Venminder will also offer training to vendors on how to accelerate the due diligence process by proactively sharing their Venminder assessments with clients or prospects. In the final phase, the Venminder Exchange will be available, by invitation only, to third-party risk professionals across the globe, who can register, search vendors, preview scores and go through the authorization process, with the vendor, of purchasing the full Control Assessments.

“Venminder is an all-in-one partner for all things third-party risk,” said James Hyde, CEO of Venminder. “We are extremely unique to the market in that we are 100% dedicated to third-party risk. While it’s fairly common to find initiatives for sharing access to a library of control documents, Venminder completes the final mile by actually assessing the documents and assigning a risk score saving valuable time and resources to complete the risk assessment process. We take our commitment to the market quite seriously evidenced by our library of thousands of Control Assessments, continued development of our world-class software platform, staffing of respected domain and subject matter experts as well as our ongoing certified education offerings. This newest edition of The Exchange is the next chapter in Venminder’s continued rapid growth by optimizing and streamlining the due diligence and risk assessment process for our clients and vendors alike.”    

Venminder has now grown to over 800 customers across all industries and is on track to deliver over 30,000 Control Assessments in 2020. The Venminder Exchange will allow the company to distribute Control Assessments more efficiently and facilitate the building of vendor relationships. The Control Assessments include risk ratings and assessments covering:

  • The financial health and viability of a vendor
  • A vendor’s SOC reports, including an assessment of their internal control environment, areas of concerns and any recommended next steps
  • A review of the vendor’s business continuity and disaster recovery documentation, including plans, testing and recovery point and time objectives
  • A review of the most critical elements of a vendor’s cybersecurity preparedness to identify areas of potential weakness


For more information on Venminder and the Venminder Exchange, please visit https://www.venminder.com/platform/exchange.

About Venminder
Venminder is an industry recognized leader of vendor risk management solutions. Dedicated to vendor risk, the company is the go-to partner for software, assessments on vendor controls, ongoing monitoring, certified subject-matter expertise and education.

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Consult PR congratulates its CEO, David Blotnick, on his appointment as President of the Palm Beach Executives’ Association

The Executives’ Association of the Palm Beaches (PBE - Palm Beach Execs), recently appointed David Blotnick as their new President. David Blotnick is the CEO at Consult PR, a multi-national digital marketing firm based in West Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach Execs is a prestigious network of top business leaders in the area. The purpose of the Executives' Association is to refer, relate, and disseminate information, which aids members in obtaining new business. The PBE is also a member of a nationwide network of similar associations, known as the International Executives Association, whose beginnings date back to the 1920s.

In an invited comment about the recent appointment, David Blotnick expressed that he was honored at the opportunity to head such an amazing organization.

“I’m very honored to be the President of this prestigious group. I’m pleased that the fellow members chose me to be President of this very fine organization.” - David Blotnick, President of the Palm Beach Executives Association and CEO of Consult PR.

During his presidency, David intends to make an impact on the association and its members, with a specific focus on navigating their return to normalcy during the dynamic times of this pandemic and expanding the group’s internet and social media presence.

The entire team at Consult PR wishes to congratulate David on this prestigious appointment and look forward to seeing what he will accomplish during his presidency and beyond with the Palm Beach Execs. Congratulations, David!

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What Is Wealth Management and why one Needs wealth management

How do you manage your wealth? What kind of tricks do you use to manage your wealth? Well, in this world everyone is working for earning the money and that is why most people go for manages their money in many ways. Money is a thing which is the most common or you can say must needed things in this world. Everyone in this world just work for money we know that money is a thing which make us a big and powerful person otherwise if you do not have money then you may become a poor person so it your condition is depends on your work, on your money and many more things, that is why the wealth management is take place between that.

 We know that money matters for us and that is why it is also very necessary to maintain the money otherwise we may lose our ranking. Your living style shows that why much rich is you are and that is why it is very important that to keep our lifestyle good but it can only possible by the money and here you will see that who much is the importance is there in our life to manage our money and that is why it is very necessary to manage our money.

You can describe your wealth by showing your lifestyle like a car, you branded clothes, your branded shoes, your beautiful home and many more things which are require telling you how much you are rich in this world so to manage all of them we need certain things which are very necessary. So in this topic we are going to read about the people who can manage or wealth so I will request you to stay with us till the end.

Who we can manage our wealth?

If you have lots of money so it is very important to place our money in those areas where we can get lots of returns like the share market. So to manage our money we have too many options to make it use or manageable so we should hire those people who can make our work easy like hiring a wealth manager or a financial adviser. Well, now the question is who are the wealth manager and a financial manager well?

Who are the wealth manager and a financial adviser well?

Now we will talk about both one by one in the topic.

Wealth manager: -a wealth manager is the kind of person who is then responsible for keeping the record of your wealth. The best wealth management firms too many kind of work related to wealth. Like the financial and investment advice, legal or estate plans, accounting, and tax services, and retirement planning, to manage an affluent client's wealth and many more work related to the office it is also take care for your incoming and outgoing expenses that is why a health manager is very necessary for us to keep eyes on wealth.

A financial adviser: - a financial adviser is a person who describes you the best place to invest your money at the right time when the money must be invested. The financial manager keeps eyes on the goals of the company which are set as per time and by his advice the company can achieve the goals as soon as possible which were set by the company.

What are the differences between the financial adviser and a wealth manager?

The answer to the question what is the difference between a wealth manager and a financial advisor? The difference between both the managers are very simple to explain because the financial manager provides a suitable advise as well as provide the tricks by which company can achieve the goals by the time while a wealth manager always implement the work and he maintain the money which is always very necessary for everyone or every company.

Who the salaries are paid to both the managers?

The wealth manager is always a person who held a lot of money work in the company and that is why as per his work he is paid a sizable amount by which he manage his life but How do wealth managers get paid? So he may get money to buy the annual package or by the monthly salary. That is why it is a big job as per the responsibility

Certified retirement counselor. If we talk about the financial adviser so he is also get a good paid salary and that is why this job also have too many kind of work has to perform to get a good amount of money so he can manage his life by getting money on a salary basis or on that time when he may give you a advise and your work become successful. 

What are wealth management strategies?

The question is what are wealth management strategies? So if we talk about the work which is performed by a wealth manager or the strategies are used by the wealth manager so those all strategies always made for companies favor that is why a wealth manager has to think too much to make a decision. So he may use some strategies we will discuss by these points.

  • Create financial goals: - he/she always keep eyes on the company’s situation so as per the situation the wealth manager looks to make their perfect goals which companies have achieve.
  • Manage your savings: - the wealth manager is always look for manage your savings and expenses by which you can manage your life’s saving’s investment
  • Provides perfect tips for manage money: - there are many tips which are given by the wealth manager for making your life’s perfect plan.
  • Manage your estate work: - it manages your work of real estate by which you can earn lots of money by selling them or you can become the owner of a lot of estate. That is why the manager of wealth is require

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How to find the best wealth management firm?

Management can be a troublesome task especially when it comes to managing the wealth. Nowadays you do not need to worry because you get the support of professional Wealth Management firms.Several wealth management firms are available in the market that you can choose to generate financial leads as often as possible. One can take the services of a professional manager who is capable to study all the facts of the current financial situation. Once all these facts are studied expert wealth managers build the best plan or strategy to operate profitably.

Wealth Management Collective and Effective Strategies

What is the role of effective Strategies for Wealth Management? An effective strategy is a well-known factor helping to manage the wealth precisely. No one can manage the wealth itself if you are one of ultra-high net worth. So it’s better to take the services of Wealth Management near me or effective strategies that are working progressively. One can take the best of plans to acquire the financial leads in a short amount of time. Once all the financial aspects are pre-planned or well maintained, it will secure your future.

Integrated Wealth Solutions

For example, when you have died in an uncertain incident or you do not plan the Wealth Management for your family and firm what happens next. The situation has turned problematic completely for your family because you do not have any Wealth Management plans. Besides, it becomes impossible for them to survive because they do not have any monetary support.

To overcome these kinds of situations come it’s better to get integrated wealth solutions. To get all the solutions, you can contact Wealth Management near me. But, you make sure you get the services of professionals by watching the reviews. Always an integrated bulk solution has provided by a professional but wealth manager. A manager has expertise knowledge to invest all your money in the profitable financial sectors.

Collective and Effective Strategies

When it comes to gettingWealth Management near me, it’s quite good to check the reputation. Once you have taken the services of professional Wealth Management executives if they have developed excellent for effective strategies. A professional wealth manager creates collective strategies according to the requirements when it comes to fulfilling the financial goals. The financial goal is the best way to secure the future or now you get better returns when you take the services of an expert wealth manager.

Clients always approach the Wealth Management firm advisors with quick questions. When it comes to an investment opportunity more and more clients are looking for professionals. It could be troublesome to evacuate the losses or plan for the tax, insurance future, or other aspects. To get all these benefits, you get in touch with professional Wealth Management near me.

Investment management vs wealth management 

  • Although many think these two are equivalent, investment management and wealth management are various things. What's more, with regards to picking a firm, this qualification is an urgent factor. 
  • While investment management likewise deals with your wealth, it is increasingly centredon resource distribution, execution, and return. Wealth management, then again, has a more extensive degree. 
  • It incorporates resource management however is increasingly worried about long haul wealth protection as opposed to transient investment returns. Wealth directors assist you with developing and give your cash.

Facts to find-

Range of solutions

The prevailing variables that direct the standards by which individuals pick wealth management firms can differ over the long haul and patterns travel every which way. The powers that drove the business a year ago might not have a similar effect in the following five years or something like that. 

To guarantee that the firm you pick can climate the progressions that happen in the wealth management firm, go for those that offer a more prominent scope of services than most. An organization equipped for dealing with your wealth on a more extensive exhibit of settings will be increasingly viable in helping you arrive at your financial objectives even as the business moves and changes after some time. 

You'll need a firm that is skilled in traditional investment openings yet experienced and adaptable enough to alter their procedures as indicated by showcase patterns and projections.

The reputation of the firm

Numerous customers wrongly choose a wealth management firm dependent on the aggregate sum of advantages that they oversee. And would that mean? Individuals promptly accept that the more famous or wealthier the firm is, the better their services will be. 

However, while that might be the situation for a few, it doesn't have any significant bearing to all. A firm can have billions of dollars under its management and still because you feel like you're not getting your cash's worth. 

As usual, research is the key. At the point when you as of now have a bunch of possibilities to browse, make it a point to beware of their history and customer surveys to get a vibe of how it resembles functioning with them. 

During your visit, plunk down and talk with the consultant who's peered toward to deal with your record. You would prefer not to have an astounding meeting involvement in one delegate just to discover that you're getting doled out to another person. https://www.dcneweconomy.com/

Does price matter?

  • Let it be known or not, cost turns into the arrangement producer or major issue after everything has been said and spread out on the table. An insight worth heeding: it shouldn't be. 
  • While the cost of a wealth management firm's services does make a difference, don't be enticed to put together your choice concerning how much it will cost you. Utilize the tips referenced above to assess likely firms. Furthermore, with regards to estimating, ask not which one is less expensive yet which one offers more worth. 
  • Last, yet unquestionably not minimal, search for quality. Continuously recollect that you're the customer here. They must dazzle you and prevail upon you not the opposite way around.

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Route To Financial Independence and Have The Choice To Retire or Not

Today is the day to start planning for your retirement. No matter how old you are, taking control of your financial future must be important to you. Remember, retirement does not mean that you have to work, it also does not mean that you don’t work, but it gives you the choice to whether you’re going to work or not.  What’s important is that you have the choice. For many people, this means giving up their corporate day job and allowing them to set something up themselves. For others, this means never working again, and living the rest of their life sat on a beach or traveling the world. Here are just a few of the many reasons why I continually encourage you to start planning today, for tomorrow. Among the reasons:

  1. None of us know if social security will be around to help us when we need it.
  2. Company pensions? Just look at the airline and auto industries. There are no guarantees.
  3. Not becoming a burden on your children to take care of you.

20’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s

Over the years, financial independence does not just mean saving for your retirement, it also means saving to make sure your financially in the right place at the right time. If you are in your 20s or 30s, you should have started an emergency fund of at least six month’s worth of salary. I would also highly recommend that you join your company’s pension plan if this is an option, or set yourself up a self-invested pension scheme if it’s not. 

If you are in your 40s or 50s, the clock is ticking. You should have increased your retirement savings to keep pace with your current income, maximized all contributions to your ISA’s and pension plans and if you are over 50, take advantage of catch-up contributions.  You also need to sit down with a financial advisor to review your financial, estate plan, insurance needs, on a yearly basis.

If you are over age 60, hopefully you have made good choices and have the cash and income to lead a comfortable retirement when you are ready, not when your money is.

Financial Information

You can never get too much information or guidance on your retirement strategy. However, as I have said in the past, if you are someone who does not allow others to manage your money for you, then a self-directed retirement account is for you. 

Last year, more then 60% of all taxpayers used a professional to assist them with their taxes. As tax returns get more complicated and as your assets continue to grow, it might make sense to seek professional advice 

How to Find the Right Adviser

It’s your money, your estate, your life, and you need to protect it. Though I am sure you make smart decisions, sometimes we become more emotional about our money and our retirement as we age. At times we do need another opinion. Here are a few suggestions to help you search for the right adviser no matter what professional you need.

  1. Make sure they have years of experience, not someone just starting out. Those years count. They probably have seen what you are seeking and are able to assist.
  2. Meet them at their office, not your home. See if they “look” established.
  3. Go for fee only, no commissions or other surprises.

If they spend the time asking you questions about your situation and listen, they could be the right experts. If they do nothing but talk, run. Hopefully these tips will help you select the professional you need to accomplish your goals. 

When Do You Need Tax Advice

So, how do you know where to go for tax help? To determine the answer, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How complicated will the return be? If you are depreciating investment property, taking a loss on a business, or faced with specific tax related issues that would require some expertise, go with the professional.
  2. If your return is not that complicated, but you either don’t have the time or the energy to do it yourself, perhaps one of the chains would be a good solution.
  3. If you are savvy, have the time, and do not have too complicated of a tax return, you could do it yourself.

Remember, everyone makes mistakes. Even a pro can, so review and understand your tax return before you send it in. Make sure the person or company who prepared your return signs it also. Never allow someone to do your taxes and not sign the return.

Paying Bills

Many of us are in charge of paying the bills, planning the budgets, paying our taxes, and much more. How can you develop a simplified system so you can avoid spending hours paying bills and have more time for yourself?

  1. Keep a file of all expenses and keep it in the same place where you can get at it whenever you need it. If you and your significant other don’t share expenses, create two separate files.
  2. Consider paying bills online, where you can be constantly reminded of what and when something is due and can avoid late fees.
  3. Set up automatic payments for your regular bills like your mortgage to make your life easier.
  4. Get rid of clutter. You only need to hold utility bills and credit card statements for a few months. Hold onto your pay stubs until your W-2 arrives and monthly financial statements until you receive your year end statement.

Have You Started Investing Yet?

Have you started investing? If not, what are you waiting for or are you procrastinating while you try to figure out what’s best. Whether it is investing, career change or a life change, procrastination is common. Why?

  1. We fear failure. Or, believe it or not, we fear of success!  These fears can put us at a standstill.
  2. If you’re a perfectionist, the need to control every outcome can be paralyzing.
  3. Low self-esteem or the feeling that you cannot do something could stand in your way.
  4. Also, feeling like you must do everything without asking for help can be overwhelming to the point of doing nothing.

Everyone is guilty of procrastination. I find this very stressful and unsettling, and continued to do this until I finally learned a couple of techniques that helped me overcome procrastination problem.  I hope these techniques will help you too:

Take small steps.  Don’t feel like you must go out tomorrow and make 100 offers on property. Crawl before you walk, before you run. Doing one small thing every day will go along way toward achieving your goal and will help you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Visualize the outcome. Whatever your objective, visualize finishing it and being successful. By keeping the end in mind, and you’ll have a better chance of staying on track?

Surround yourself with cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are people who love you, who are supportive of you reaching your goal, will offer you the encouragement to dream and will continue to cheer you on. Surrounding yourself with positive people who have told me “I can” instead of “I can’t” has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Final Thoughts

Retirement is important and its also something that you cannot do overnight. Unless you win the lottery, you’re going to need to save monthly to achieve your goals for the future.

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Automated Business Designs Named One of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® in 2020

Automated Business Designs (ABD), developers of Ultra-Staff staffing software, was named one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® in 2020. This prestigious honor is the fifth consecutive year that ABD has been recognized by Chicago’s Best and Brightest program.

The Best and Brightest Program honors companies that distinguish themselves as having the most innovative and thoughtful human resources approach. An independent research firm evaluates each company’s entry, based on key measures in various categories including Compensation, Benefits and Employee Solutions, Employee Enrichment, Employee Education and Development, and more. Organizations must complete a rigorous application demonstrating their employees are provided with the resources and support for both professional and personal success. Additionally, organizations are judged by confidential employee responses. Those overwhelmingly positive responses helped ABD receive this distinguished recognition.

“We feel so honored to be recognized as one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® for 5 straight years,” said Terri Roeslmeier, President and CEO of Automated Business Designs. “Our employees mean a great deal to us, which is why we want to do everything we can to continually ensure they are well-compensated, always growing both professionally and personally, and sincerely enjoy what they do every day.”

ABD’s nomination included details of their comprehensive benefits package, which includes 100% Blue Cross Blue Shield health care coverage for each employee paid for by ABD. The company was also recognized for its innovative best practices and employee education. Last year, the Vice President of Systems Engineering introduced “Mornings with Molly,” which has seen an increase in attendance and popularity among employees. “Mornings with Molly” are optional bi-weekly training sessions that invite team members to take a deeper dive into the products ABD offers. These sessions have helped cross train all departments in the company and have opened up an environment for sharing tips and ideas for product enhancements. In addition to professional education, personal education is at the forefront at ABD. Annually, the leadership team invites a licensed financial advisor to conduct a session on managing 401K retirement plans. These advisors are available for free one-on-one consultation throughout the year.

ABD’s nomination also highlighted the company’s work hard play hard attitude. Birthday celebrations, team outings, FitBit® contests, and parties are all part of the culture at ABD. They always find an excuse to have a party whether that is to celebrate Barry Manilow’s birthday or to play their annual Hide and Go Peep Easter Scavenger Hunt Game, where they hide Peeps around the office and see who can find the most. It’s all part of the culture. With play though, also comes giving. As a team, ABD participates in fundraising walks and sponsors charity dinners throughout the year.

“I love working for ABD because they promote a culture based on team collaboration and giving back to the community,” said Sandy Lund, Controller at Automated Business Designs. “ABD’s positive culture makes work a fun and gratifying experience.”

The recognition of employee achievements was also demonstrated in the nomination. From giving out esteemed awards to employees at the ABD client meeting, to just simply recognizing someone in an email for receiving accolades from a client, all achievements are recognized.

These are just a handful of the reasons why ABD is one of the Best & Brightest Companies to Work For® in Chicago. To learn more about Automated Business Designs and Ultra-Staff EDGE staffing software, visit http://www.abd.net. The staffing software provider will be recognized by the National Association for Business Resources during the Best and Brightest Digital Winner Celebration on Friday, July 24th.

Details about the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® program are available at https://thebestandbrightest.com/.

About Automated Business Designs
Automated Business Designs, Inc. has been in business for 37 years, producing the staffing and recruiting software solution Ultra-Staff EDGE. ABD offers a customizable staffing experience that benefits both clients and candidates through an integrated front office, back office, web suite, and mobile application. ABD is an active member of the American Staffing Association (ASA), National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services (WASS), New York Staffing Association (NYSA), and board member status in the Illinois Search and Staffing Association (ISSA).

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Podcast Part 3 of the Trilogy: Digital Culture With Dr. Paul J. Bailo Released

The third segment of the podcast Trilogy Digital Transformation series with Dr. Paul J. Bailo has been released. In this segment, Dr. Bailo discusses the reasons why culture is the glue that binds every element of the transformation process. He dives into how culture is made up of the rich experiences of every member of an organization, how that mixture helps to create a positive digital culture, why digital culture simply can’t exist without managerial transformation, and the part digital leadership plays in the creation of that culture.

“Culture is very hard to define for a lot of people, but it’s really the essence of what your organization is about. It’s truly understanding what your value systems are,” says Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive, Digital Strategy, Data, and Innovation. “Digital transformation culture is one of the hardest things to do, it is not a sprint – it is a marathon, and you have to work at it at every level of the organization to reinforce it on a continuous basis. It’s the only way organizations are going to survive.”

In the podcast, Dr. Paul Bailo points out that digital culture is all about organizational change and transformation. While many legacy organizations tend to rely more on managerial judgment, that won’t work in the current digital scenario. Modern business management is more about intuition and instincts.

Dr. Bailo emphasizes the pressing need to reinforce digital culture on a daily basis from the executive leadership down to the frontline people. The focus of digital change is not about actions alone according to Dr. Bailo. The actions of change must happen in the heart mind and soul of the organization aiming for a digital transformation.

Organizations must make every person in the team accountable. The message must be delivered that they will reap the benefits of digital change when there is a high level of consistency in their actions. The employees must be taught to support each other and execute tasks as a team with minimal disparity in sharing high risks.

At the same time, Dr. Bailo warns that it is an extremely challenging task to change the existing culture, especially in legacy organizations. It involves rewiring the minds of people and make them overcome the resistance to change.

Dr. Bailo also points out that digital change is a highly emotional thing. The personal values of employees must be in a smooth alignment with the digital values of an organization.

Digital culture is a must for survival. Clients are unlikely to do business with partners that are not into digital culture, preferring instead to work with organizations that have a culture for accepting transformation and change. Dr. Bailo stresses on the use of digital culture at every level of leadership in an organization because it introduces innovation and creates the ability to adapt and respond to an unstable environment. It helps organizations deal with the unknown.

Dr. Bailo is convinced that digital transformation is the toughest thing to do for any organization as it involves implementing a new work behavior within the employees and transforming the whole concept of work.  

Dr. Bailo says that organizations that don’t have a strategy for digital culture must get moving now. They must work on it at every level of the organization to reinforce it on a continuous basis and survive the hyper-competitive business environment. Digital culture and maintenance must go hand in hand.

Organizations committed to implementing digital culture are at a competitive advantage as they can understand the market quicker, implement new technologies, boost productivity, and create an environment of growth and success.

About Dr. Paul J. Bailo:

Paul Bailo is widely recognized by industry thought leaders for his C-level executive skills in Digital Transformation, Data, and Innovation. His expertise in digital transformation, digital communications, emerging payments, operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and innovation are unparalleled.  Paul is a global author and adjunct Ivy League professor and world class speaker.

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5 best Retirement Gift Ideas for men and women

Organizations That Can Receive People are living longer, with the goal that implies individuals are working longer to have the option to help themselves and live serenely after retirement. Presently a-days it appears that individuals who resign are the individuals who can bear to. On the off chance that you know somebody who is sufficiently fortunate to resign during this forthcoming year ensure you set aside the effort to respect them and every one of their long periods of administration, regardless of what the business. A retirement blessing can be an insightful method of bidding farewell and good karma later on. 

Here are some retirement blessing thoughts separated by the unique individuals throughout your life. 

Present for a Retiring Spouse: Remember when you were more youthful and you were unable to hold on to resign and invest more energy with your loved one? Well since opportunity has arrived. Grasp this life change with the ideal retirement blessing. Retirement planning  You can purchase amusing retirement choke blessings, similar to shirts or signs that say something regarding being a resigned spouse. Consider things that have mottos like, "I'm resigned, however work low maintenance as a genuine annoyance" or "Resigned: Under New Management, See Spouse for Details". Another good thought is to get a dry delete load up and name it the "Nectar Do List" since now with all that extra time somebody will possess more energy for tasks. Also, remember, you can even set up a retirement party! 

Present for a Retiring Relative: Have mother and father kept working after you grew up? Have a sibling or sister who is preparing to resign? Accomplish something pleasant for them. A few people like to continue working considerably after they can resign. What's more, however they might be eager to resign, a little piece of them might be tragic as well. Respect their pledge to support with an incredible retirement plaque. You can even give them their own customized retirement sonnet with their name, business name, number of years utilized and retirement date all remembered for it. Relatives resigning from the military would adore a retirement sonnet about their branch and celebrating their administration. 

Present for a Retiring Friend: Is one of your dear companions preparing for retirement? Make this ground-breaking occasion as agreeable as could be expected under the circumstances. Have a couple of snickers with your companion and give a retirement choke blessing. Interesting retirement shirts and retirement caps continually carry a grin to somebody's face and told the world the person is currently enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Retirement planning A retirement cup makes an incredible present for any espresso/tea consumer and each morning will remind them how they don't need to go to work any longer. Since your companion is resigning/resigned you can go out for a day experience (regardless of whether you despite everything are working, get away day) and accomplish something fun. A day at the spa or an evening of golf will advise them that consistently is currently an excursion day for them. 

Present for a Retiring Co-specialist: Co-labourers travel every which way for different reasons, yet a colleague's retirement is a serious deal. A great many people when they leave an occupation it is to take another, yet a retirement implies perpetual harmony and unwinding. Imprint this exceptional event by setting up a retirement party at work. Retirement planning It is an extraordinary chance to all party for one final hurrah, yet in addition to give them the amount you delighted in working with them and the amount they will be remembered fondly. A retirement party doesn't just need to be about food and retirement adornments. A retirement signature outline or a retirement signature plate makes an extraordinary gathering action and an incredible present for the retiree to bring home. 

Present for a Retiring Boss: Not every person prefers their chief, yet ideally you have a decent one! In the event that you like your supervisor that is resigning and you need to give them the amount you valued their direction and backing, just as telling them the amount they will be remembered fondly, make a point to get them a retirement blessing. Retirement planning A retirement blessing in the work setting doesn't need to be extravagant, and even a straightforward retirement mug will do. Need to go in on a blessing with other colleagues? At that point consider a greater blessing like a retirement blessing container or a blessing authentication for their preferred eatery.

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Must Do Moves for Choosing a Wealth Management Firm

Wealth management is a type of investment and financial planning that provides you solutions in making the best one Strategy for your business. Wealth management advisor or wealth manager is a type of financial advisor who gives ideas related to financial disciplines like financial and investment Advisors, legal law, estate planning, accounting, tax services and retirement planning. Wealth management services are different in different nations. You can choose an advisor from the best wealth management firm and runs your company successfully. A wealth manager is a person who provides you best investment advice. He or she is a subset of financial advisor that offers you high net worth clients.

Why wealth management is important?

It is an advisory process that helps the people in meeting the wants and needs of high net worth clients by providing them effective and appropriate Financial Services. This process is a high level of personal service that is helpful in various aspects. To fulfill all your needs and wants you just meet a highly-skilled investment management advisor. You can choose the perfect and appropriate advisor from the best wealth management firms. Here are the reasons why wealth management is important:

It is based on the client’s goals 

According to time, financial situations will change the financial objective will also change a company. A wealth manager provides you stunning Strategies and takes this into account. So you can meet regularly with the clients to achieve your goals.

It can help you with wealth transfer

Wealth Management includes a lot of aspects like estate planning, retirement planning, work Management Services, accounting, and Tax Services.This is crucial for high net worth individuals. The manager is the one who can help you to minimize your fees and Taxes.

It proves helpful in maintaining wealth

The wealth manager proves helpful in maintaining the wealth of any client. He or she assists them in meeting their financial objectives. The solutions are related tothe current situation, future goals, and many more.

What makes a good wealth manager?

These days everyone wants to get a lot of money in their life.you will spend your entire life trying to build up a lot of money. To allow their children to go to colleges and many more reasons but this process is not easy. If you want to get a bright and secure future you just want to use your hard-earned dollar in such a way that gives you various benefits. You just need to hire a wealth manager. A manager is a person who saves your precious money without Wasting. Here are some qualities that make a wealth manager good. Financial advisor career.


Honesty is the world of Wealth Management. It is a commitment of Wealth Management that he or she will always do best for their clients. In most cases, wealth managers will work on how much their clients pay to them. You have to choose highly selective and best Wealth Management firms to get an amazing wealth manager.

Situational recognition 

These days we all want to increase our money, want effective investment strategies to grow their business. Good wealth managers are those who will collect old financial information of past, present, and future. If they will collect your all the relevant information only can he or she will able to assess your financial goals. They will also consider your tax situation and accounts to know that your strategy is optimizing or not.

Investing experience 

Anyone can research difficult situations and develop an amazing strategy for a positive financial situation. But if you want to get a perfect strategy then you need to consult with wealth managers who are experienced.

Monetary knowledge

Along with the experience, knowledge is also the mandatory aspect. As it plays a vital role in selecting the best one manager. Here are numerous ways to invest your precious money. Different companies have different investment percentages and rates. But the good managers are those who actually know the time of investment and save your money in difficult situations also.

Get specific recommendations from your finances

For investing your amount in profitable sectors, you can concern with wealth managers. They provide you various stunning advice and strategies to grow up your business. In today's world, everyone wants to achieve their goals. Wealth managers have a lot of knowledge and surely give genuine results in achieving your goals.

Wealth manager advisor proves helpful for your business as it can handle all the finance-related things like financial and investment, Advisors legal, planning, accounting and Tax Services. He or she will provide you appropriate Advisors in utilizing the financial products and services. With the help of a wealth manager, you can build up theory and he or she will provide relevant services in any aspect of the monetary field. Some wealth managers are much specialized in a particular field and some can handle all the situations.

Is it worth paying a wealth manager?

Yes, it is worthy to hire a wealth manager for your business. When you are looking to invest your precious money into an extensive investment portfolio then you have to hire a wealth manager. In this context, wealth manager proves beneficial to manage your Investments and gives you various potential investment Returns. If you seriously ant to invest your money and grow your wealth considerably, you may hire a wealth manager for your business. The wealth manager can develop a brilliant investment plan for your business. Best Wealth Management firms worked together to get a new client and grow up their business. Another reason forthe hiring manager is that he or she will provide you continuous relevant Advisors. Wealth advisors point out the client through the help of brilliant Communications. By seeking the help of wealth manager service you can get a lot of benefits and easily update you’re regarding investment performance.

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SafeSend Announces Technology Collaboration with Thomson Reuters™

SafeSend today announced a strategic agreement with Thomson Reuters™ to help tax professionals drive firm efficiency, elevate client service, and eliminate various labor-intensive aspects of completing professional tax preparation engagements.

The alliance will have the organizations collaborate to build a technology integration that will fully streamline the process that starts at final review and sign-off of completed tax returns, offers an intuitive, and self-guided client experience, and ends with the firm’s receipt of electronically signed e-file authorization forms. Users of Thomson Reuters market leading UltraTax CS™ and GoSystem Tax RS™ tax preparation solutions will benefit from the newly enabled workflow integration that tightly links to the award winning SafeSend Returns assembly, delivery, and e-sign solution.

SafeSend Returns customers that license UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS have been utilizing the SafeSend Returns technology to digitally assemble final returns, securely deliver them to clients, and automatically collect e-signatures. SafeSend Returns currently supports 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120s and 1065 returns prepared in both Thomson Reuters’ tax packages. The new agreement paves the way for an enhanced automated process for how completed tax returns flow directly from UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS to SafeSend Returns creating a more seamless process and adding additional time savings with every return.

“Automation is in our DNA, and we’re thrilled to partner with a world class organization like Thomson Reuters that has set the bar for sophisticated workflow solutions and digital process innovation,” said Scott Fleszar, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, SafeSend Returns. “The firms we engage with that are using UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS are progressive and have high expectations of their technology providers for cloud based solutions that save them time, allow them to work from anywhere, and offer a secure, high-end client experience. The new seamless integration coupling SafeSend Returns with UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS will allow firms to optimize all areas of their tax practice.”            

“If the past several months have taught us anything, it is that operational flexibility, employing digital processes, and relying on cloud based solutions are critical if firms wish to remain viable and avoid client service disruptions amidst the new normal,” said Steve Dusablon, President and CEO, SafeSend Returns. “Offering direct integration from UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS to SafeSend Returns provides another opportunity for progressive firms to bring efficiency to the last mile of tax engagements. And circumvent operating challenges brought on by Covid-19.”

The agreement represents the cooperation of two market leading technology providers coming together to add value and make the tax preparation process easier for their mutual customers. “Thomson Reuters has a proven track record of cloud-based product innovation, collaborating with leading organizations across the profession, and leveraging process automation technology,” said Dusablon. “We are guided by a common vision – laser focus on helping firms optimize workflows and delight their clients with innovative technology. Our alliance will unlock additional value for our mutual customers.”    

About SafeSend Returns
SafeSend Returns, a SafeSend cPaperless solution, is the multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. Built on innovative technology, SafeSend Returns has redefined the way accounting firms digitally assemble and deliver tax returns for their clients. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual and labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client ready tax returns prepared in CCH Axcess™, CCH ProSystem fx™, Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS™ and Thomson Reuters GoSystem Tax RS™ saving firms per return. With over fifty percent of the Top 300 accounting firms using SafeSend Returns, we are the premier tax return assembly and delivery solution of progressive firms.

SafeSend cPaperless is also the developer of foundational products for the accounting profession including TicTie Calculate and SafeSend, the complete bi-directional document exchange system. Visit safesend.com to learn more about our digital solutions. ###

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Sharing is Caring, PPE from Vietnam to UK - Rainbow bags for homeless people

News Press Release
“Sharing is Caring! PPE from Vietnam to UK!!, Rainbow bags to homeless people.!!!”
The Brighton based hotel group, who own the Charm Hotel & Spa has supported the NHS, frontline workers, homeless people, and local Charities during the Coronavirus pandemic by donating personal protective equipment. The group have also offered 80 rooms of accommodation across their 3 hotels in the City. Most heart-warming, the management and staff have come in to produce breakfast rainbow bags for homeless people in Brighton & Sussex and gone out to distribute them daily.
The Golden Lotus Investment group which owns the hotels has rallied to support hospital trusts by providing vital equipment including masks, gowns, goggles and gloves to the NHS and frontline workers including care homes and others on the frontline of caring for those who might have contracted the Covid-19 virus. PPE has also been donated to some Care homes and charities in Sussex including Chestnut Tree House, nr Arundel and St Barnabas House in Worthing.
The hotel group has dedicated its resources during this lockdown which has affected its business like the rest of the country to support those impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19 by joining forces with a manufacturer in Vietnam, where the owners come from and who are producing PPE as the outbreak continues to put a strain on the NHS, Care Homes, Charities, frontline workers and those in need in Brighton and around Sussex.
Vietnam was regarded as highly vulnerable, given its long border and extensive trade with China, densely populated urban areas, and limited healthcare infrastructure. But Vietnam’s cost-effective containment strategy resulted in only 352 confirmed cases and no deaths in a population of almost 100 million people. The country was among the first to lift virtually all domestic containment measures.
Leo Nguyen, Managing Director of the group of Hotels, said: “Vietnam has been very lucky so since the outbreak of Covid-19, our priority here has been the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our customers and our local communities in Brighton and all over Sussex and our contribution is to say thanks to the awesome NHS staff and all those front line workers who have remained focussed on doing the right thing for all of us.”
Sam Jones from the procurement Unit of Surrey & Sussex Health care NHS Trust said, “We have received the boxes of PPE from the Charm Hotel, so thank you very much for the generous donation. We did not realise there would be so much. It was a very nice surprise.”
Jo Bacon, Corporate & Gifts Fundraiser for St Barnabas said, “We are so grateful for your very kind and generous donation of PPE for our Care Teams at Chestnut Tree House and St Barnabas House – thank you so much. “
The hotel group also offered the UK Gov Covid 19 Response team use of 80 rooms from their 3 hotels in the City, The Charm Hotel & Spa, The Sea Spray and the Topps Hotel in Regency Square for healthcare staff and key workers.
NHS workers are putting in so much and deserve support and recognition. These are extraordinary times. We are all just thinking on our feet and this is one way we could help.


Bedroom Suites at the Charm Hotel & Spa, Brighton start from £90 and include breakfast which is an impressive affair at the Charm. The buffet selection includes fresh juices, pastries, fruit, and waffles, while you can order hot dishes such as eggs Benedict and a full English breakfast off the menu. For the Charm Suite Spa package, the price is £70 (two sharing) with a 30% discount. For more information and to book
• Call the hotel on +44 (0)1273 021 085,
• visit the www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk, follow the hotel on
• Facebook@thecharmbrighton.co.uk and on
• Twitter@charm_hotel.

For more on this Press Release please contact AHPR on 07850 736544 or email ambrose@ambroseharcourtpr.co.uk


The Charm, Brighton is a sensational new luxury boutique hotel, now with a new Spa Suite in the heart of Kemptown, Brighton. The hotel offers designer living in a traditional setting and the recent refurbishment has transformed the 200-year-old building into a stylish and modern hotel with a reassuringly classic ambience. Each room in the elegantly refurbished historic building has been thoughtfully designed to provide all our guests with the most comfortable and restful hotel VIP experience. Our inspirational interior designers have created a delightful and luxurious look and feel, enhanced by ethereal and original artworks in every room.
The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel & Spa, 20-21 New Steine, Brighton. BN2 1PD East Sussex. UK Tel +44 (0)1273 021 085 Email – info@thecharmbrighton.co.uk www.thecharmbrighton.co.uk

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Coara Helps European Startups Outsource Their Product Development

16 July 2020, Riga, Latvia - New startups often need assistance when it comes to product development. Aside from building an MVP, companies also need to better understand how to grow the user base of their products.

A rather modern solution to this common issue is outsourcing. Early-stage companies without technical co-founders or an experienced team are able to build their product(s) with the help of agencies that take over the process. 

According to Investopedia, outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services and create goods that traditionally were performed in-house by the company's own employees and staff. 

The process has several benefits for early-stage startups, including lower costs compared to employed positions, improved product quality, and faster growth. This is a fact known to companies of different industries who have been outsourcing for years.

These professionals, however, are hard to find in English-speaking countries. Most often, startups with a tight budget will outsource their product development to countries like India, Philippines, Pakistan, or other low-cost options.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this practice, there is often a miscommunication issue. The English language is not the primary language of agency representatives. As a result, there may be unnecessary back and forth when it comes to the MVP building process. 

Especially when it comes to technical work, having good command in English is a determining factor when it comes to the success of the work that needs to be done. But for other tasks related to growth, knowing how to communicate in English is very important.

This is why product outsourcing agencies are now also starting to increase in popularity on European grounds. Software development agency Coara is one such example. The agency has worked with several companies, including Condor, Volkswagen, and InterSport. They are also creating and work on their own startups, which gives them a better idea of brand loyalty strategies.

Such agencies are not only responsible for the technical aspects of your startup. While building the product is their main focus, these “third parties” will further help your startup with anything that is needed, from marketing to sales, and everything in between.

Therefore, if you need a consultation and are ready to communicate your needs with the team, make sure to use the information below in order to get a quote.

Contact us

Website: Coara.co

Email: contact@coara.co

Phone: +49 (89) 24 41 25 81


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Credit Expert Umesh Agarwal Announces Exclusive Mentorship Program Opening Soon

July 16, 2020 -- Credit repair entrepreneur and mentor Umesh Agarwal, has announced the official launch of a new mentorship program that will help a handful of entrepreneurs learn credit secrets to build credit repair agencies that are largely automated and fueled by social media exposure. He is currently one of the top credit coaches in the world. 

Agarwal is currently a founding member of Credit 101 LLC, an experienced credit repair agency that is backing “credit in a box” services for entrepreneurs that want to start their own agency. With “credit in a box”, entrepreneurs will get all of the resources, tools, and strategies used by Credit 101 LLC on a day to day basis. This means the chance of failure significantly goes down given a proven system.

For Agarwal and his partners, this service comes with mentorship and day to day guidance to make sure each new agency is on the right track. If this seems too good to be true, it works because Credit 101 takes a rev share of each new agency in exchange for their services. This means it is in Credit 101’s best interest to make sure each new mentee and agency is successful.

Outside of this full-service offering, Agarwal also provides smaller mentorship services that include credit hacking, travel hacking, credit card optimization, and credit repair. Each service is bespoke depending on what a client is looking to learn and achieve. Under the “Inner Circle” brand name, this exclusive group is limited to 100 students.  

Mentorship is conducted through voice calls, video calls, and text messages, depending on the depth of the relationship. To date, Agarwal has helped dozens of entrepreneurs fix their credit, travel for free, and gain deep knowledge around credit in the US.

Agarwal’s experience is rooted in his humble beginnings when he came from India to the US for graduate school. As an engineer, Agarwal used his analytical abilities to learn everything he could about how credit operated in the US. As a new resident, the concept of credit and credit cards was foreign to him and at first, was intimidating. After a few years of hands-on experience, Agarwal started teaching friends and family how to navigate the complex world of personal finance in the US.

This led to establishing himself as a credit repairing expert something he has dedicated to for over 10 years by operating a luxury travel agency and credit repair business. This led to over 7 figures of revenue for his agency. For more advanced students, Agarwal teaches advanced credit hacking using manufactured spending and how to acquire low-interest credit lines by leveraging a good credit score and credit history. 

For interested students, you can learn more on Umesh’s personal website or by contacting him directly on Instagram

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Why One Must Bother With Wealth Management

What do you do for managing your wealth? How do you use your money? Well, it is very much important to spend our money on care. We all know that money defines our personality and our personality defines wealth that is why it is very important to spend our money in those areas where we may get a good and positive response. But how we can manage our money? So this question answers that the managing of money always depends on you because

If you have not too much money then you can save them by using the bank or you can use the money in invest on that business in which you will get much higher returns and that is why it is very important to take a piece of good advice but on the other side if you have too much money so you must go with the wealth manager because the wealth manager is a kind of person who can help you to manage in to remove from too many kinds of problems by which you can go for a perfect solution of your expenses.

 There are too many kinds of situations which can be struck you at any point of the time by which you cannot increase your business so in this case, the wealth manager will help you to get rid of from this kind of situation and that is why the wealth manager is very necessary for our life because it can analyze the risk and the Key factor is that it has determined this capability include current or future responsibilities, investment objectives, client personality and more things which it deals with that is why the wealth manager is very important. So in this topic, we are going to read about the wealth manager's worth so I will request you to stay with us till the end and I will hope you will like the contents.


What do you mean by wealth management? 

The wealth management is a kind of process in which we can save our savings by just taking some precautions in which you have to make some efforts so you can manage your savings as well as you can get to know how to make a perfect solution to save your money.


The money is very important to save from the expenses that is why it is very much important to save money but it is very hard to manage your lots of money by just you alone and that is why it is very necessary to have something by which you can manage your money so there is are some pillar wealth management are present who can help you in managing your money so you can save more and more money. But the question is that is it is necessary to have the wealth manager so we will see the answer in the following points

The wealth manager is important to hire?

Well, if you have money then you must want to earn more money as everyone wants and that is why the wealth manager helps us, but yet the question is a wealth manager worth it? The answer is yes, it is very informative and very useful for us because people love to make too much money and the wealth manager always leads you in which they will tell you those things by which you can earn lots of money. They will suggest the best time for the investment and get the returns and that is why it makes the wealth manager much important.

Portfolio management is a kind of art in which you will get to know about the investment and the returns policy. In portfolio management, you may get to know about how to get good returns when we invest somewhere and what time we must invest and at which place we should invest the money. It also teaches us that whenever and call comes from the foreign client for investing for a long time so then by the portfolio method you can make tolerate the risk of a failed investment and that is why it is most important to learn. If we compare both the portfolio management and wealth management then what would be the result


What do you mean by the portfolio management vs. the wealth management? 

The Wealth management vs. portfolio management both are made for our convenience where you will get to know by both management is that the wealth management leads for your money’s safety while the portfolio management leads for the safety of our investment and reduces the risk and that is why both courses are very necessary as per the point of view of the business. And that is why if there is any Wealth management alternative is available the that is portfolio management. But why we should hire a wealth manager and what is the work is done by the wealth manager so let us see it in the next topics. Advance financial near me


What are the works are performed by the wealth manager?

There are too many works are performed by the wealth manager that is why we may have to pay him a sizeable salary so now we will look at some work that a wealth manager is performing.


  • Plan for your retirement:- it is important that to plan for the retirement by which you can save lots of money in on the time of retirement by which you can live your life with happiness that is why it is very important to plan your retirement         
  • Try to get more and more pension: - yes, after the retirement it is also a big deal for a person who is going to retire in few days and you want to spend your whole life without any jobs that are why it is very important to get the pension on the time and a good-sized pension so they the client can live his life without any worry

Key factors that determine this capability include current/future responsibilities, investment objectives, client personality, and more.

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How to Become a Financial Advisor: What Needs to be Known

Do you use the wealth manager for making your money double? What do you do to earn the money? Well, there are too many ways to earn money. People love to earn money because everyone earns that money by spreading their sweat on the body. Most of the people who have lots of money they use their money to invest in the share market or at those places where they might get good returns and that is why those people become richer than they were ever before and that is why many medium class people also go for the investment in which people can get too many returns.

But as per the result, many people lose their life’s savings it happens just because of the lack of knowledge and most of the medium class people go for it without and suggestions that is why is very hard for a medium class people to become a rich people. Most people do not even invest in the market because they scare for losing their money, but if we talk about reality then the reality is that to become a rich person you need to get perfect knowledge.

Now the question is that from where we can get the perfect knowledge for investing money? Well, there are too many ways by which you can get advice but as per the opinion, the investor should take the suggestion from and financial adviser or from a wealth manager. Both are made for the helping for us so in this topic, we are going to read about the wealth management advisor job so I will request you to stay with us till the end of this topic and I will hope you will like the content 


What do you mean by the wealth advisor job?

Well, wealth advisor management is a high-level professional post, which is used to influent the clients. In this service of the wealth management is a kind of process in which we can save our savings by just taking some precautions in which you have to make some efforts so you can manage your savings as well as you can get to know how to make a perfect solution to save your money.


Most of the people lose their money without and mean of that and that is why then continue with the same position and that is why the wealth advisor comes in front of us. So the wealth advisor can help us in this situation by providing us the right and a perfect solution of the problem and that is why the wealth adviser have many demands in the world so people can save their money by taking the tips from the wealth management advisory or people can make their money profitable by taking the tips from the wealth advisor.


 The wealth advisory sometime can be your personal assistance or it may also available as a government servant or a broker. If you hire someone for a wealth manager or at a wealth advisory management job then he may charge from you a big and sizable amount by which you can make your work more efficient  


How we can become a wealth advisory?

We have several steps by which we can become the wealth advisor so now we will discuss it in these points

  • Need a bachelor’s degree: - well, it is very much important that you must go for a bachelor degree in those subjects which will be required you to become the financial advisor so you could be classified for the intern service
  • Serve as an intern service: - it is very necessary to learn the work of finance and how that can be done and that is why the intern service is must be used for making your experience batter. One thing you must keep in your mind that you should go with a good company for your internship training by which you can learn lots of content and your experience becomes higher than else
  • Get the certificate and the valid license: - it is very much necessary to have the certificate and the valid license for your security and for your business and that is why it is very necessary for you to get a certificate and valid license
  • Catch any kind of entrée level job regarding your field: - it is also very necessary to take the entrée level job on your field by which you can get lots of experience as well as you will get lots of money by which can make your life batter and the most important thing is that you must go in the best multinational companies where you will get a break to your career so you can get a great experience
  • Go for a better course: - now it is very important to update yourself from one situation to another situation and that is why if you want to grow then you must go for a course which can give you a break to your life. So in this situation, you can hire a bigger post so you can become a good financer.
  • Experience: - so if you want to become a finance expert then you need lots of experience and those experience you will get via working and that is why people go for the experience in multinational companies

Now, these are the points that are used for Wealth Management Advisor Career Paths so you can follow these points to get an idea. https://trumbulleconomicdevelopment.com/

What Does a Wealth Management Advisor Do?

A wealth management advisor does many things in their work so we will look them by these points

  • Get independent financial advice      
  • Create achievable goals.
  • Plan for your retirement.  
  • Plan your income and expenditure. 
  • Manage your savings. 
  • Get the most from your pension. 
  • Protect you and your estate. 
  • Pass on your wealth.

These are the works which a wealth advisor has to perform


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Charitable Helps Grow Brand’s Audience with Giveaways

Ninety-five percent of adults online, between the ages of 18 to 34 are more likely to follow a brand through social media networks. This is an impressive statistic that illustrates the value of your social media platforms to support your brand’s growth.

Here’s the rub—social media spaces are crowded and noisy. Brands know the value of having a voice online, and they’re all using it. How then can you rise above the noise so your audience can pay attention to what you have to say?

One word: giveaways.

The answer is so simple it’s almost easy to get overlooked. But it works. According to one study, 64 percent list increasing your followers as one of the top reasons for hosting social media giveaways, followed by brand awareness, and increasing engagement on social media, increasing brand loyalty, putting the spotlight on your brand or service, gathering great leads, and driving web traffic.

To help tap into all these benefits, here are some things to keep in mind before you start your promotions--

1. Always start by defining your objectives

As with any marketing initiative, it’s important that you map out exactly what you’re working towards. It’s a critical starting point that allows you to understand what steps are needed to achieve it and how you can measure success.

In the context of giveaways, what are you hosting your promotions for? Do you want to reach a specific number of followers? Are you targeting a volume of engagement? Maybe you want it to drive email captures. Or, perhaps you want your existing audience to tag their friends who meet certain characteristics so they find out about your brand or relevant products? 

2. Identify the audience that you want

For your efforts to yield meaningful results, your promotions have to be seen by the right audience. You could easily gain a hundred new followers on Instagram, but if they’re not your target market, then that won’t necessarily do much for your product or service because it’s not likely that it will translate to sales.

3. Highlight your brand values

Once you’ve identified your right audience, it’s important that you use this opportunity to align your brand values with theirs. Remember, to effectively engage your audience, you have to offer something that is not only novel, it has to be relevant and aligned with their personal values—something that will excite them but not prompt them to question their participation in your initiative.

4. Partner with the right brands

There are instances where your giveaways will require you to partner with external stakeholders. Make sure that you work with the right brand. Hinging off the previous point, if you’re working to make sure that your brand values are aligned with your audience, then you should also take the due diligence to work with brands that share the same vision.

5. Make sure your giveaways are compelling

High-value prizes generate a lot of buzz, but how compelling your giveaway is always boiled down to understanding what’s truly important for your target audience. Get to know the people you’re trying to engage and learn about what truly moves them. Also, ensure that your giveaway doesn’t likely cause potential customers *not* to buy your products, which can be the case for giveaways that run for too long a duration (try 24-72 hours). 

6. Work with credible partners who can make a difference

Companies like Charitable give brands the unique opportunity to grow their social audience while giving back to a good cause. If you tie your promotions to a brand like Charitable, it means you not only are you able to offer your audience a compelling giveaway, you boost your campaign’s appeal by tying it to something that builds awareness for a good cause.

7. Don’t forget to track and measure

Any promotion gives you an opportunity to gather real insight into your brand, your audience and your individual campaigns. Tracking your initiative carefully will give you an opportunity to further improve your efforts so you can adjust your strategies and make the next one more effective.

Some metrics you should consider tracking:

  • Follower Growth
  • Sales
  • Engagement (Likes, Comments, Shares)
  • Email Sign-Ups
  • Link Clicks or Website Visits
  • Increased IG story Views Following Your Giveaway

To learn more information visit them at https://charitable.com or follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/charitable/.


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Let’s Get Rid of Skunk Smell From Surroundings & Pets

So, you are the US resident and love having pets around. Your good dog Joe went to have a little morning walk and came home with the skunk smell. Well, that’s the nightmare every US citizen wishes never to see. Skunk is the white and black animal with a sharp smell that can literally blow up your nose. The chances that if your dog met some skunk on his way, he’s going to come with the smell. 

That is to say, the market is filled with skunk sprays, and they have been in competition with tear gas for good. However, the skunk sprays can lead to nose and eye irritation, tears, redness, and more. In some people, it has even led to nausea. To be honest, these sprays are useless since skunks like to stay away from humans and other animals. If they sense some danger, they excrete the yellow oily spray. 

With this notion, it’s needless to say that it can vaporize pretty fast and sticks to the surfaces that it touches. If you need to get rid of the skunk smell, you’ve got to be precise with the products and efficient with time. In this article, we are sharing everything one needs to know about the skunk smell, including getting rid of it. So, let’s start!

Reason of Such Sharp Smell 

The skunk spray has a very noxious scent with overpowered and durable entities. These sprays are the accumulation of sulfur-based organic compounds that smell similar to rotten eggs. These smells can alarm the human nose sensitivity because even the lowest value of one part per 10 billion can take on these compounds and feel the smell. 

Removing Skunk Smell From People

So, it wasn’t your dog, but you who came in contact with the skunk, and it sprayed all its “defense” spray on you. Well, the first thing you can do is take a shower. It is suggested by exterminator NYC to use the dish detergent or the good-smelling soaps. In addition, use the oil-free shampoo to wash your hair. In addition, you can take the baking soda and water mixture to remove such smell residues from the body and come out clean.

Removing Skunk Smell From Pets 

Pets love to roam around and how on Earth would they know that skunks excrete the lousy smelled spray on them. Long story short, they got skunked, and now you’ve to get rid of the smell. So, you need to create a mixture of baking soda, baby shampoo, and hydrogen peroxide. Use this mixture of lather up your pet’s skin and let it do its magic for around five minutes. After five minutes, wash off the mixture and clean them up with their regular shampoo as well. 

When it comes to using hydrogen peroxide, only take one percent of three parts in it because it can be harsh. Also, make sure not to leave the mixture on for more than five minutes since it can lighten their fur color. Now, you need to waste the extra mixture because, in storage boxes, it will explode up. 

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Termites - Identifying & Controlling a Termite Infestation

Living in the perfect house that you bought and built for yourself is everyone’s dream. You move in, have a house warming party. But when you wake up in the morning and reach your closet, the termites have eaten up those wooden cabinets, pretty scary, right? It’s needless to say that termite damage can be disastrous and is troublesome. 

According to the stats, one billion of structures are broken down every year because of termites. Even more, the house owners tend to spend over two billion dollars for termite treatment annually. As per these facts, you’ve got to be clear with the rules and measures for protection. In this article, we have lined out everything you need to know about termite infestation regarding identification and control!

Do I Have Termites?

So, you just sensed that there are termites in your home, and you are here to clear the thoughts around it. Well, it’s a good choice because the identification of the infestation is the first step for prevention. Termites basically come after the soil, food sources, and even the mud tubes. The majority of people don’t have an idea about termite infestation until they are swarming their home of eating the cabinets. 

Firstly, you can look out for the exposed wood or the hollow spots in the cabinets or other structures. It is advised to use the flathead screwdriver for this purpose. In addition, make sure they are termite swarms because people tend to confuse them with the ant swarms. The termite swarms have straight or droopy antennas, so look out for such insects. 

Preventing Termite Infestation 

You never know the damage termites cause until you see them damaging down your house. So, you need to make sure that you are preventing the termite infestation because they will eat it up before we know it. In this section, we have outlined the ways to prevent such infestations, so have a look and try to implement for life-long relief!

  • While constructing the home, you need to use the concrete foundations and make sure there is enough space between wood and soil. In addition, make sure you are covering all the wooden surfaces with the metal barriers or sealants
  • If there are some leaks in your home with pipers or something, you need to fix them up immediately 
  • You need to fill in the cracks in the caulk, grout, and cement foundations 
  • Make sure that you’re keeping the soil foundations safe and dry by adding a proper drainage system and proper grading. In addition, the downspouts and gutter maintenance should be adequately looked up to 
  • Even if you are talking about plants, there shouldn’t be any free vents from the blockage 
  • Never keep the wood debris or firewood around the house or store it 
  • Never let the plants and trees grow on the exposed surfaces because exterminator NYC has proven that you must never plant the trees close of the building 
  • Keep inspecting the house for the infestations on a regular basis to ensure termite isn’t growing 


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How to Prevent Pest Infestation from Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most amazing spots in the house because that’s where you go for munching in the late afternoon and snacking at midnight to get your favorite snack to watch with the episode of your seasons. But guess what? You aren’t the only one who likes to eat food because all that yummy food in the kitchen attracts the pests as well. 

The pests tend to contaminate the food because it leaves the droplets in the food, and leave them behind in the pantries and drawers. In addition, they can chew up the boxes. However, the exterminator NYC has lined out different tips that will help you prevent the pest infestation in the kitchen. You will find out multiple tips, and you can choose them according to your situation! 

  • Whenever you are preparing or having your meals in the kitchen, make sure to clean up right away. For instance, you need to keep the dishes in the washer, clean up the crumbs from the table and counters. This will ensure that you are preventing the pest infestation because dirty dishes and leftover food on the counter can attract the pests 
  • Always buy food that can be put into the jars or is canned food. This is because the pests can chew the boxes, irrespective of the material, such as cardboard and paper 
  • Always keep the food in the freezer or refrigerator because when the food is cooled, they tend to last longer 
  • You wash dishes in the sink all the time, but you need to take a long under the sink as well. For instance, you need to clean the pipes and make sure pipe entrance isn’t too loose because it provides a way to pests 
  • If there are any cracks in the home, use the caulking or glue to fill them up because it can be the entryway for insects and it will also help to keep the ants out
  • Always keep looking behind the electronic appliances such as fridges because those stubborn mice can squeeze in from small holes 
  • The kitchen is one place that needs to be sparkly clean, yes, even more than the living room. This is because crumbs can attract pests and keep sanitizing the tables and counters. In addition, always sweep the floor after eating or preparing the meal 
  • You need to ensure that there is lesser residue in the plates, so always put the used dishes in the dishwasher or rinse them 
  • Whenever the trash bin starts piling up, make sure you take it out as soon you can because trash is literally the dinner invitation for the pests 
  • When it comes down to the kitchen, everyone knows that there are multiple cabinets in there and one needs to keep them clean all the time. This is because if there is any exposed food in there, it will be party and home for the pests 
  • If you cannot take out the trash right away, make sure you that you cover the trash can wit the lid all the time 


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Best Wordpress developing & Designing tips for beginners


Do you know that over 500 plus websites are being built on WordPress each day? Surprisingly, this website features around 15% of all the top 100 websites in the world.  Moreover, the key work "WordPress" is searched around 37 million times on the internet.  If you are thinking of building a website via this platform then you are at the right place. We are guiding you to pick on some points that will help you in a long run to develop a website if you are a bigger. Without any further delay, let’s dive into it.

1-Set a hosting plan: 

A common misconception about the platforms is that this is the host of the website. You use WordPress or other platforms to build blogs, websites, or other similar things. WordPress basically recommends three different hosts i.e. Bluehost, DreamHost, and SiteGround.

Of you have grabbed a WordPress coupon code and you are into website making already than this is what you should definitely read. When it comes to hosting, you can choose from the options provided.  You can choose one according to your need. The needs are directly dependent on the traffic on your website. Check what your website deals in and choose accordingly. You surely don’t want your website to trip by any means as this will challenge your business.

2-Set a hosting plan: 

A common misconception about the platforms is that this is the host of the website. You use WordPress or other platforms to build blogs, websites, or other similar things. 

WordPress basically recommends three different hosts i.e. Bluehost, DreamHost, and SiteGround. When it comes to hosting, you can choose from the options provided.  You can choose one according to your need. The needs are directly dependent on the traffic on your website. You can import the theme as well through many means if you don’t find one.

3-Google Analytics to the rescue: 

It is next to impossible to know how well your website is working until and unless you have an analytical analysis of your progress.  If you monitor the performance metrics you can cope with the overall lacking in the way. By simply installing google analytics plugin, one will be able to get the progress metrics. You can have easy access to progress reports, audit reports, content reports, and details about e-commerce as well.  The utmost advantage of using google analytics is that one is able to view all the data on the WordPress dashboard. Do not hop into different sites for data collection. Make one your go to spot. 

4-Heading and tags: 

Headings and tags are should be used wisely. This particular thing is directly related to SEO. This makes it easier to get the website on the search bar. Imagine reading this post without those headlines that we have posted. You will not get it! It will not be an interesting thing to read. It is directly related to the headlines or keywords that one inserts. If you get to know those keywords you can insert them and can reach the top of the search bar. Identify those very important keywords and insert them. Missing them would be a sin while developing a website. 

5-Safety should be your first priority: 

As we know that WordPress is a common platform that is why it is a big target for hackers. You have to be very alert of the security purpose. You can rely on other domains to make it stronger but the most important thing to do is that you make an SSL certificate. This will help you protect confidential information. If any mishap happens one does not need to start the website from scratch and it will be easy to get access to your information. Make sure you get that in hand.


WordPress is definitely one of the best content management system on the go. Many are trusting this platform today. However, one needs to tweak every now and then to keep up the game for the website. Although, it is pretty easy to use and admired by many, especially the beginners. Actively managing your website is very important in this scenario. Hope this helps you in developing the best website out of WordPress and get the perfect kick! Best of luck to you and your upcoming brain child.

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Financial advisors and the benefits of hiring

The best way to avoid financial blunders is keeping an advisor on your side. The light they pass would redeem yourself from even a miniature size financial blunders and assist you to stick to the financial investment that ripe better in the future. But do not underestimate the process of hiring a financial advisor. Since the choices are high, it is often baffling and people settle down with low caliber options. The key strategy to end up with financial advisor is understanding what questions you should ask them. The bitter truth is, clients in the need of financial advisor aren’t aware of basic questions while finding, interviewing and choosing right financial advisor. Since the financial goals and needs are different for everyone, it is mandatory to understand those basic questions and effectually carry out the hiring process. 

Why hiring a financial advisors are prominent?

The financial advisors avail numerous things to their clients. These are one of the major reason to be considered hiring them. Some of the benefits experienced after hiring a financial advisor are listed as follows. 

  • Understand market trends and make plan accordingly:

The financial advisors are professionals who keeps their eye on overall financial matters around the world. They even update themselves with a miniature sized change in the finance sectors. Since they update themselves with market trends, they have the potential to frame effectual plan. 

  • Stay stress-free:

Managing business finances is often a stressful job and novice’s struggles more. When you have financial advisor on your side, your ships moves as you have mapped and there is no reason to jump ship. It is the best way to stay stress free. 

Choosing a financial advisor:

It is mandatory to understand why you should not stick with wrong advisor. The wrong financial advisor would leads you to financial disasters that would bring chaos to you and your financial security. Do not get forged by flashy signs, smooth marketing campaigns and their gimmick advertisements. The basic understanding about the questions you should ask before hiring a financial advisor such as Financial advisor feesis prominent. 

  • How often do the financial advisor meet their clients?

How often your financial advisor meets their clients regularly is a prominent thing to look after. Not every day is same, when time changes things around us also change. So, time may arise when you have to change any of your financial plans or update them with the current trend and this is when you need your financial advisor the most. Ensure that your financial advisor is willing to meet you with regular interval of time and update your investment portfolio as per your specific needs. If the financial advisor is not up to regular meeting or becomes hard to reach when you needed them the most, you think the advisor is worth hiring? No time to think and make a better decision. 

  • Sample financial plans they have prepared before:

Before hiring a financial advisor, ask them some samples of financial plans they have prepared before. Any financial advisor can share a financial plan they have made for some clients by removing client specific information. Scrutinizing their previous plans would bring out an idea of how effectual their plans are and paves a way to make well informed decision. It allows you to how the financial advisor tracks and measures their results as well as see if the results are in the favor of client’s goals. Ask yourselves about How much money should you have before hiring a financial advisor?and how effectually they work to multiply the capital investment. 

  • Compensation of your advisor:

The cost for financial advisoris a prominent thing to look after. An advisor is usually compensated in different ways. The most common way is to receive commission in return of their services in the market. The next way some advisor gets compensation is, paid by a fee on percentage of clients total assets which is under the management of the advisor. In this method, the advisor gets their pay from annual basis and in general, it lies between 1% to 2.5%. There are many more methods available. But make sure about the compensation that your financial advisor works. It should be satisfied by your needs. Another thing to keep your eye on is the hidden charges. In general, hidden charges are applied on the time of billings. Discussing about charges and checking the financial advisors bill is considered mandatory. 

  • Credibility and certification:

The credibility and certification of the financial advisor is a prominent thing to look after. The certified financial planner goes under vigorous training that molds their skills and they have passed the complex test. Their training and exams enlightens them to shine in the carrier. Sticking to the licensed is one thing shouldn’t be forgotten. 

  • Years of expertise:

The years of expertise of advisor on the field is also prominent thing to look after. Try to stick with the experienced financial advisor since their experience must have thought many things. Instead of sticking to a novices, it is better to consider financial advisor who is in the field at least for three years. Many people asks 

Is it worth paying a financial advisor 1 %?But the service of veterans are more valuable than you think. 

  • Service and products offered:

The advisor and firm you have hired must suits all your specific needs. When you need someone to assist you with investing, they must also shows up some light in arena such as asset management etc. 

When you need assistance assessing your current circumstances and frame a specific plans to reach various goals, there is definitely a role of financial advisor kept empty on your side. The sphere of influence of advisor encompasses retirement, college needs, tax strategies, risk management and other similar arenas. Professional finance company.

When you need assistance in both financial planning and investment advice, then seek a wealth manager. With the years of expertise on the field, they shows you some light in comprehensive planning and portfolio management. 

Asking these questions might aids you fish out the best wealth management firms around you. Once you hire the best financial advisor on your side, you can procure all the benefits listed above.

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1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio Announces A+ Accredited Garage Door Services for Residential and Commercial Clients

1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau that has scored and maintained an A+ rating since its inception in 2005. Customers can find hundreds of 5-star reviews of the company on sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. The company prides itself on the quality of its services and the transparency of its prices. While its residential garage door repair San Antonio San Antonioservices are renowned across San Antonio, the company has recently introduced commercial services at highly competitive rates. 1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio has earned the trust and respect of countless customers through years of dedicated and precise service.

The company hires highly skilled technicians who are professionally trained to handle all models of garage doors, including Genie, Liftmaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain. All technicians are licensed and insured to guarantee secure and efficient service. 1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio equips its technicians with the latest tools and advanced technology. Experts use modern techniques and years of experience to provide tailor-made solutions based on a client’s budget and requirements. The company ensures that clients get optimum solutions quickly at the lowest price possible.

1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio offers a wide range of services such as installation, conversion, maintenance, and repair. Repair services include, among others, cable repairs, track repairs, spring repair, hinge maintenance, and remote programming. In addition to servicing garage doors, the San Antonio garage door repair company also extends its professional services to gates, fences, railing, ramps, and staircases. The company’s technicians are adept at handling various models of garage doors.

George Davis, the technical supervisor of the company, assured “1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio offers the most comprehensive and affordable garage door repair San Antonio service residents can bank on. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and complete any job, irrespective of scale or complexity, within 24 hours. Our services are optimized to suit the client’s budget and requirements. Clients can get in touch with our experts through the 24/7 helpline number on our website.”

About the Company

1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio has been rendering top-quality garage door services for several years to the residents of San Antonio, Texas.

To know more, visit https://1choicegaragedoor.com/


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Garage Door Services and Repair Inc Offers Generous Discounts on Installation and Repair of Garage Doors in Houston

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc is a renowned Houston garage door repair and installation company that is offering discounts on its professional Houston garage door services throughout July. The substantial discounts being offered by the company coupled with its incredibly affordable rates are meant to encourage customers to book its services despite the severe toll on the global economy due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Houston based company provides one of the most professional garage doors services in and around Houston, Texas.

The technicians employed by the company have complete mastery over the various models of garage doors and their components. They provide accurate and meticulous services to ensure that garage doors function smoothly. With well-secured and properly maintained garage doors, the company ensures the safety and protection of not only the homeowners and their families but also their automobiles. The company’s team of skilled technicians is trained to handle all styles of garage doors, including single panel doors, sectional doors, carriage style doors, flush doors, and even overhead garage doors.

The services offered by Garage Door Services and Repair Inc even cover glass, wood, high-lift, hurricane garage doors. The company’s technicians ensure that clients are made aware of any modifications or upgrades that their garage doors must undergo. A team of professionals conducts a thorough assessment of the property and the garage door so that the client can be informed about the specifics of the job and its cost beforehand. The company offers repair and maintenance of garage doors and replaces faulty parts, from panels to garage door springs.

Thomas Wang, a spokesperson of the garage doors Houston TX company claimed, “Our repair specialists can quickly analyze garage door problems and efficiently repairs it in no time. However tricky the repair or installation may be, our expert technicians can provide the best possible solution with the help of modern techniques and advanced technology. Garage Door Services and Repair Inc only uses top-quality materials for garage door services. Garage door components and replacement parts are procured from the original manufacturers to ensure the highest quality.”

About the Company

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc is a reputable Houston based company that offers reliable garage door services at affordable rates.

To know more, visit https://gds-repair.com/.

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AmeriCash Loans Launches a Website Promising an Improved Customer Experience

New year, new (and improved) website. In June 2020 AmeriCash Loans invited customers to explore its brand-new website. The launch of the new AmeriCashLoans.net unveils a completely retooled digital experience.

Understanding the need for faster speeds and improved navigation, AmeriCash Loans’ new website features a modern design that lets customers quickly find and access important information. The lender’s commitment to its customer-first approach was a driving force behind the redesign, which promises faster loading speeds on all user platforms. It’s the latest in AmeriCash Loans’ efforts to meet its customers’ needs while exceeding their expectations.

“We are so excited to launch the new AmeriCashLoans.net for a better customer experience” says an AmeriCash Loans company spokesman. “The website design was created to give our customers access to the application, informative blogs, and new additional information in a clean format that is easy and fast to navigate.”

Although the web address remains the same, “AmeriCashLoans.net,” customers can expect a dramatically different look with the new minimalistic design and the addition of new pages. They can seamlessly discover everything from nearby physical locations, customer reviews, and new financial content.

Best of all, loading times are faster than ever. No matter if customers access the website on tablets, mobile devices or desktop computers, they can experience reliable speed as they click through the site and log into their customer portal. If a question ever arises, customers can contact a customer support representative directly through the forum on the website or simply access their phone and e-mail at the bottom of each webpage.

The new and improved AmeriCashLoans.net is designed for everyone in mind, from applicants to returning customers, to curious minds looking for information through the variety of blogs offered on the AmeriCash Loans website. These educational blogs provide key insights on a range of topics. The blogs are a go-to resource for anyone interested in learning more about the lender’s products and services, how to save money, tips on making (and sticking to) a budget, notices about events happening in the community, and giveaways.

Strong community ties are another part of what sets AmeriCash Loans apart. During the 2019 holiday season, the lender sponsored several drives in the communities in which it resides, including a “Stuff the Bus” event to collect nonperishable food items ahead of Thanksgiving and a “Christmas Wish” event to help a local Chicago family’s Christmas wish come true.

About AmeriCash Loans

AmeriCash Loans has come a long way since it opened the doors to its first location in Des Plaines, Illinois, in 1997. From expanding to include online applications to opening neighborhood stores in more than 60 convenient locations, AmeriCash has continually strived to change and adapt to best meet the needs of its customers. As this lender keeps growing, the website will keep evolving and updating to ensure a top-notch experience to new and repeat customers.

Consumers can apply for loans in person at a location near them, or online at http://www.AmeriCashLoans.net/Apply. Questions? Call 888-907-4227 to speak with an experienced representative.

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New ODU SPC 16 - Single Power Connector for High Power Applications

ODU, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance connector solutions and cable assemblies, is introducing to the market ODU SPC 16, the robust single power connector solution.

The ODU SPC 16 is a robust single power high voltage and high current connector. This connector benefits of the ODU LAMTAC technology, a high performance contact system with maximum current carrying capacity.

ODU SPC 16 has a robust housing made of engineered plastics and a bayonet locking system that ensures a quick and easy mating. The single power connector is IP65 in mated condition, can stand currents up to 615A/1,000 V, and has up to 5,000 mating cycles, making it a highly reliable and stable connector solution. Additional product features include: touch proof IP2X, operating temperature range of -40 °C up to +60 °C, crimp termination type for the plug and a screw termination for the receptacle, cable cross section of 150 / 185 / 240 mm² and 6 color coding options.

ODU's new high power connector solution, ODU SPC 16, is ideal for various applications, such as but not limited to stationary power distribution, emergency generators, and mobile power supply trucks. For more info go to: https://www.odu-usa.com/connector-solutions/electrical-contacts/odu-spc-16/

ODU Group: Global Representation with Perfect Connections
The ODU Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of connector systems, employing 2,300 people around the world. In addition to its company headquarters in Mühldorf am Inn (Germany), ODU also has an international distribution network and production sites in Sibiu/Romania, Shanghai/China and Tijuana/Mexico. ODU combines all relevant areas of expertise and key technologies including design and development, machine tooling and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly. The ODU Group sells its products globally through its sales offices in China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Romania, Sweden and the US, as well as through numerous international sales partners. ODU connectors ensure a reliable transmission of power, signals, data and media for a variety of demanding applications including medical technology, military and security, automotive, industrial electronics, and test & measurement.

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Jawfish Digital Announces An Exciting Relief Package For All New Clients

Jawfish Digital, the digital marketing, and web design firm that also specializes in creating meaningful and effective content, has announced the launch of a new Relief Package for new clients. The package aims to help new businesses achieve their objective of creating the best exposure for their brands even as the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown continues to affect many firms. 

“We are happy to announce a new Relief Package for the benefit of our new clients,” says Jim Tee, President/COO of Jawfish Digital. “The Relief Package includes either free web design or one free blog/article and optimization. We understand that it can be difficult to get your brand out there, especially now, but with our promotion package, Jawfish can help you strategically and successfully implement your brand.” 

Apart from the payment plans, Jawfish Digital also offers content and web design referral programs and rewards as a mark of appreciation for the support of their customers.  "Our company has a passion for serving our customers with a commitment to deliver more with less.  We are result driven and customer centric."- Jim Tee, President/COO of Jawfish Digital.

Jawfish Digital stands apart from other digital marketing firms by offering a personalized connection to each of its clients. This is achieved by utilizing a variety of tools that keep their clients informed at every stage of the website development process.  

Breaking away from the traditional methods of web designing, Jawfish Digital not only works in close association with clients from beginning to end of the website process but also offers a subscription-based payment option that includes everything from website maintenance to any changes that a client might want to update. Clients continue to have access to top-class expertise even after the website is designed and commissioned. 

The company has unmatched industry expertise in SEO, Google Ads, and in various critical aspects of content creation and digital marketing processes. Jawfish also offers E-Book creation and design for longer content as a part of their content marketing solutions.  They always supplement their services with informational guides and blog posts that provide vital industry tips and trends for a variety of topics.

The Relief Package announced for new clients is a welcome move that has been highly appreciated by several customers whose business has been affected by the pandemic but want to keep their brand image active among their clientele. With their promotion package, Jawfish can help companies strategically and successfully implement their brand promotion programs.

For more information, visit https://jawfishdigital.com 

To check out their past work, visit https://jawfishdigital.com/portfolio/ 

About Jawfish Digital:

Jawfish Digital is the top content marketing and web design agency in Raleigh, NC. It was founded in 2015 with a passion for serving customers with a commitment to deliver more with less and specializes in providing exceptional service and results to its clients. The result-driven and customer-centric firm has a marketing team with years of experience working in the sales, digital marketing, and web design industries. They serve customers across all industries including local and small businesses, startups, and established businesses looking for a redesign, in the US and internationally. 

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Tompkins International Launches New Mobile App to Help Businesses Ensure Facility Safety & Compliance During COVID-19

Tompkins International, a leading supply chain consulting and solutions firm, has announced the launch of SentryCheck, a new solution to help businesses operate safely and effectively amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The easily configurable mobile application can prompt users to perform time-sensitive tasks, record critical inputs, automatically send corrective action alerts and more.

“With warehouses operating around the clock to meet customer demands during the pandemic, it is more important than ever for businesses to verify that all processes and procedures are being followed to keep their facilities safe,” said Denny McKnight, CEO of Tompkins International. “By leveraging Tompkins’ 45 years of supply chain experience, SentryCheck provides businesses with the validation they need to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers throughout COVID-19 and beyond.”

SentryCheck offers complete data transparency with cloud reporting and dashboards, allowing compliance teams to monitor all facilities from a single view. It provides automated tools to ensure all facilities comply with their company’s COVID-19 procedures, including Workplace Entry, Facility Sanitation and Remediation & Communication, as well as other customizable checklists and tasks. Additional features include:

  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly required tasks accessible from any iOS or Android device
  • Customizable task management checklists for any operational needs
  • Secure cloud-based storage of all task observations, activities and audit commentary
  • Corrective action alerts sent immediately via text or email
  • Photo, video and audio capture with notes for accurate recordkeeping
  • Consistent and complete reporting and analytics with subscriptions


In addition to the new mobile app, Tompkins International also offers free digital resources to help businesses overcome operational challenges and deliver on customer demands during COVID-19. The company’s COVID-19 Resources hub includes educational and thought leadership content that focuses on the impacts of COVID-19, successful supply chain reinvention strategies and other related topics to help businesses flourish in these uncertain times.

To learn more about SentryCheck or to schedule a demo of the solution, please contact us at info@sentrycheck.com.

About Tompkins International
Tompkins International is a global supply chain consulting and solutions firm dedicated to helping clients achieve supply chain excellence and profitable growth. Founded in 1975, Tompkins has integrated its decades of experience in strategy, commerce, logistics and technology into an ecosystem of four business units: Supply Chain Consulting, Material Handling Integration, Robotics and Applied Technologies. By combining best-in-breed services and technologies, Tompkins delivers a true end-to-end supply chain solution enabling clients to improve the customer experience and ensure long-term success. Tompkins is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and has offices throughout North America and in Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit http://www.tompkinsinc.com.

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MSI Global Transformation Solutions Joins RES Forum’s Technical Partner Program

As part of the Technical Partner program, MSI has helped develop RES Forum’s Policy Analytics and Risk modules that allow companies to compare (on an anonymous basis) their risk and assignment policies against all other companies. Currently over 100 organizations have input data. For those companies who have already input responses, they will have the ability to change these, model scenarios and see the impact on overall weight and cost of these changes relative to others.

MSI’s Global Relocation division is a leading provider of relocation and Global Mobility Transformation® solutions to organizations worldwide. MSI has a diverse portfolio of services designed to help companies effectively and strategically meet their mobilization needs.

David Enser (The RES Forum) said, “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Timm Runnion and his team at MSI Global Ttransformation Solutions. The quality and service that MSI delivers to corporate clients and transferees is outstanding and that’s why we are excited to have them as one of our Technical Partners.

Timm Runnion, MSI Chairman said, “We too are delighted to build on the outstanding relationship we have with RES Forum and look forward to collaborating on these excellent tools, providing genuine value to our clients and the broader relocation community.” Kim Raymond, MSI’s SVP Global Talent Strategy added: “RES Forum’s values and culture of collaboration, research and shared learning will continue to resonate well with our clients.”

About RES Forum (http://www.theresforum.com). Created in 2006 as an independent community for International HR & Mobility professionals and is now the largest and most active network, specializing in global mobility survey data, modelling and analytics. Over 1850 members from 820 of the world’s leading companies in 41 countries, all mobility professionals, have joined the RES Forum and are active participants in knowledge sharing in an increasingly growing online community.

About MSI (http://www.msigts.com): MSI helps to transform businesses into highly optimized and well executed organizations that can embrace the ever-changing dynamics of the global economy.

Global corporations depend on MSI’s trusted expertise and managed services capabilities in the specialized areas of:

Global Immigration                
Domestic Relocation                 
Global Employer Services
International Assignments
Global Employer Services
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OTTC Completes Fiber to the Home Build in Phelps, Clifton Springs, Trumansburg, Interlaken, Romulus and Ovid NY

Ontario Trumansburg Telephone Companies (OTTC) is proud to announce that it has completed its 600-mile Fiber to the Home (FTTH) build in Phelps, Clifton Springs, Trumansburg, Romulus, Interlaken and Ovid, NY. OTTC is also the first independent telephone company in Upstate New York to implement the new FlexNAP™ system from Corning, a leading innovator in materials science, into their FTTH build. This system allows for faster, more reliable fiber installation to both homes and businesses. As a result of its innovative fiber build, OTTC was awarded the FTTXcellence Award during the 2019 Fiber Connect conference.

OTTC’s new OTTC Blast router is being deployed to FTTH customers to provide them with the ultimate whole home wi-fi solution. This router gives the customer complete control of their network with the OTTC Smart Home app. This allows the customer to setup guest wi-fi, utilize parental controls, run speed tests, and manage their home network.

Paul Griswold, President and CEO of OTTC says, “We’re on the cutting edge of fiber technology, and our new OTTC Blast Router will provide customers with the most reliable whole home wi-fi solution.”

“Corning is excited to support OTTC’s most recent FTTH build, and proud that our pre-terminated solutions continue to deliver value in deployments across America,” noted Clark Kinlin, SVP of Corning Optical Communications. “OTTC’s willingness to innovate makes them the ideal partner for deploying next-generation solutions like FlexNAP. We’re looking forward to the countless benefits fiber connectivity will bring to the Ontario-Trumansburg community.”

OTTC has been owned and operated by the Griswold family since 1920, and now has 5 generations operating the company. Known for its innovative communication solutions, our 5 generations of family, have prided ourselves in keeping up with the technological times, the company has undergone many evolutions over its 100 years of operations. This has allowed its current generation the ability to provide customers with the latest high-quality and technically advanced communication services.

To meet the advancing needs of customers, Paul Griswold founded Finger Lakes Technologies Group (FLTG) in 1995. In 1999 the company became one of the earliest Cisco partners, and by the year 2000 the company had become a premier Cisco partner with over 100 Cisco Certifications. FLTG’s 3,000-mile fiber network serviced over 75 cities in Upstate NY, and in 2014 FLTG received the New York State Broadband Award for Fiber Innovation. FLTG was also the recipient of Top Work Place Awards for New York State in 2015, 2016, and 2017. In 2017, FLTG was sold to FirstLight. Now known as OTTC, the company continues to provide the largest privately-owned fiber network in Upstate NY.
To stay up to date for promotions and everything fiber to the home related, like OTTC on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OTTelephone.

# # #
The Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies (OTTC) and their subsidiaries form the largest independently-owned telephone Company in New York State, providing phone and internet services to more than 8,000 residential and business customers. Founded in 1920, OTTC is a five generation, family-led business that keeps innovation at its core with nearly 100 years of experience. OTTC offers services in Phelps, Clifton Springs, Trumansburg, Interlaken, Ovid and Romulus. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ashley Gustafson at 585-313-9794 or email at ashleyg@ottctel.com .

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Financial Education Can Reduce Poverty And Help Americans Escape Its Cycle

The legacy of multi-generational poverty among American families is reaching worrisome levels. Multi-generational poverty is defined as a family having lived in poverty for at least two generations. According to the 2018 U.S. Census, 38.1 million Americans live below the poverty line while a survey conducted by the American Payroll Association found that 74% of the population is living paycheck-to-paycheck.(1)(2) People trapped in a cycle of generational poverty are focused on surviving day-to-day, not planning for the future but tackling their current situation. Jeff Mount, CEO of Real Intelligence LLC, says this can lead to a feeling of pessimism and loss of hope for the future.

“Growing up in a lower middle-class household, I was constantly told I would never be able to achieve much,” Mount said. “Never be able to be a competitive athlete, never be able to attend a great college, never be able to own my own business, never be able to retire. Children in lower and lower-middle class neighborhoods hear this constantly.”

In addition to feelings of hopelessness about the future and the everyday stress of how to pay the bills, people living in poverty often face more health problems due to excessive stress and lack of access to decent health care.(3) Reducing the overall rate of poverty can benefit Americans at every economic level as high rates of poverty cost the U.S. economy more than 0 billion annually in lost productivity, increased health care costs and higher criminal-justice expenditures.(4)

Financial and educational experts say that one way to break the cycle of multi-generational poverty is through education.(5) Not only are states like North Carolina and New Jersey planning to include financial literacy as part of their must-pass-to-graduate curriculum this year, international policy makers have issued a worldwide call to action for more financial literacy for the most vulnerable people in our society.(6)(7)(8)

“Financial literacy is probably the least recognized educational topic,” says Mount. “The education system has ignored this very critical topic for generations due to their commitment to the basics: math, science, literature and history. But financial literacy is incredibly important: it affects enormous life decisions that can impact the lives of others – in either a really positive or detrimental way. When was the last time you heard of someone negatively impacting another’s life because they failed an algebra test?”

The consequences of a lack of financial education can be devastating, according to a poll by the National Financial Educators Council, Americans estimate they lost an average of ,279 in 2019 due to a lack of financial knowledge. The losses can come from increased risks such as bank fees, high credit card and loan interest rates and losses on investments.(9)

In states that require financial literacy in high school, the average credit card debt is lower and young adults haver higher credit scores and lower loan default rates than those in states without the educational requirements.(10)

While sound financial education can make a positive difference at any time, financial investors and planners have a unique opportunity now to make a big change in Americans’ financial planning, health and education. While one-on-one discussions and meetings are essential when advising someone about their finances, apps and online programs have been shown to help individuals of all ages become financial literate.(11),(12) Some tools like Real Intelligence’s Dynamic Mapping financial planning program can help financial planners illustrate and explain the outcomes in a more intuitive way that promotes strategic understanding.

Mount’s path to financial independence started one summer when he was inspired by wealthy clients who encouraged him to expand his vision for his life. “While working as a tennis pro right after college, I was fortunate to secure a job where the people I met encouraged me to learn how to be innovative, entrepreneurial and smart about investing for the future. I am hopeful to pay it forward with the Dynamic Map app.”

About Real Intelligence LLC:
Real Intelligence, LLC is the brainchild of entrepreneurs and industry experts Jeffrey Mount and Mike Helgesen. With 55 combined years of industry expertise and the alliance of both their AI inventions – Dynamic Mapping and training program, Essential Family Office – Real Intelligence, LLC is poised to offer a complete essential tool kit to the next generation of elite Financial Advisors. With strategic, industry-proven training, patented technology, and an unprecedented lead generation opportunity the paradigm of financial services is shifting from the current status-quo. This human-centered approach to financial planning is a consultant’s greatest tool to combat the competitive threat of free programs through robo-advisers and the dangers of irrelevancy. For more information, visit http://www.realintelligence360.com.

1.    Semega, Jessica, “Income and Poverty in the United States: 2018” United States Census Bureau, September 10, 2019, census.gov/library/publications/2019/demo/p60-266.html.
2.    Schlesinger, Jill, “Money: Why are so many living paycheck to paycheck?” Arizona Daily Star, February 1, 2020, tucson.com/business/money-why-are-so-many-living-paycheck-to-paycheck/article_00425632-d114-5eb9-a722-dca27afd7011.html.
3.    Johnson, Tonisha, “Understanding Generational Poverty” Spectrum News 1, August 13, 2019, spectrumnews1.com/oh/columbus/news/2019/08/13/understanding-generational-poverty.     
4.    Brown, Desmond, “10 Reasons Why Cutting Poverty is Good for Our Nation” Center for American Progress Action Fund, December 6, 2011, americanprogressaction.org/issues/poverty/news/2011/12/06/10771/10-reasons-why-cutting-poverty-is-good-for-our-nation.
5.    Jackson, Lauren Bringle, “7 Tips for Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” Self, March 20, 2019, self.inc/blog/7-tips-for-breaking-the-cycle-of-poverty.
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7.    Epperson, Sharon and Manning, Patrick, “Teaching financial education in schools finally catches on” CNBC, February 5, 2020, cnbc.com/2020/02/04/teaching-financial-education-in-schools-finally-catches-on.html.
8.    Georgieva, Kristalina, “The Global Economic Reset – Promoting a More Inclusive Recovery” International Monetary Fund Blog, June 11, 2020, blogs.imf.org/2020/06/11/the-global-economic-reset-promoting-a-more-inclusive-recovery.
9.    “Financial Illiteracy Cost Americans ,279 in 2019” National Financial Educators Council, January 8, 2020, financialeducatorscouncil.org/financial-illiteracy-costs.
10.    Barrington, Richard, “States Where Financial Literacy Education is Working” Money Rates, June 4, 2020, money-rates.com/research-center/financial-literacy.htm.
11.    O’Connell, Brian, “Teaching Kids Financial Literacy During the Pandemic: A Primer” The Kitchen Table Economist, June 9, 2020, thestreet.com/mainstreet/news/teaching-kids-financial-literacy.
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Max Newswire Announces Huge Discounts on Press Release Distribution Service on July 4

Max Newswire, the premier press release distribution service known for its unique and powerful approach to PR distribution, has announced an Independence Day discount offer for its clients. The reputed press release distribution company will provide a 40 percent discount on its Web Distribution service and 10 percent discount on its targeted media distribution service. 

“We are happy to announce a great offer on our web distribution and targeted media distribution service to all our clients on the occasion of Independence Day on the 4th of July,” says the spokesperson for Max Newswire. “You can now boost your brand visibility with our web distribution service without having to spend the usual price for availing these online visibility boosting solutions.”

Max Newswire has emerged as a favorite PR distribution agency of many organizations looking for a wider reach and visibility for their brand. Those who have been using the services of Max Newswire point out that it provides something over and above than what is generally expected from a PR distribution agency by using a powerful combination of emerging technologies, experienced professionals, and creative ideas. 

Organizations and individuals are realizing that using the Max Newswire platform is the best way of improving their reach and taking their visibility to the next level. All press releases are optimized and distributed on the appropriate media resources and channels to reach the targeted audience quickly. 

Max Newswire offers press release distribution services that can be tailored to meet the communications needs of organizations of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Their PR distribution experts are fully equipped to create and launch a PR campaign from scratch and create a hugely successful campaign. 

The web distribution service, which can be availed at a 40 percent discount and 10 percent discount respectively, makes sure that press release reaches the relevant audience around the world connected to the client’s business and industry. Max Newswire offers a network of more than 250 websites and social media accounts where organizations can connect with a larger and relevant audience for their niche. 

The PR agency’s search engine submission process is managed manually and ensures that the press releases of clients reach the most popular and relevant media channels. The indexing process is faster too and designed to help audiences find a client effortlessly.

Max Newswire wants clients to take advantage of the Independence Day Offer and use its well-tested system to create a powerful brand presence across the globe.

About Max Newswire:

Max Newswire is one of the most trusted names when it comes to press releases and distribution services. The company has an advanced and well-developed infrastructure designed for fast and effective reach of news to highly targeted audiences. Their customized communication solutions can optimize reach and engagement and create a powerful brand presence on the right channels. Max Newswire offers a range of press release distribution packages that come with tracking tools and systems for measuring analytics accurately.

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After 17 Years, Mt. Cheaha Harley-Davidson in Oxford, Alabama Sells with Help from George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services

Performance Brokerage Services, a new car and Harley-Davidson dealership broker is pleased to announce the sale of Mt. Cheaha Harley-Davidson in Oxford, Alabama from Mark Christopher and Jay Pumroy to Josh Russom and Andrew Campbell.

Mt. Cheaha Harley-Davidson in Oxford, Alabama was acquired in 2003 by Jay Pumroy who later partnered with Mark Christopher in 2013. The dealership has been a staple in the community, hosting many events and supporting a loyal Harley-Davidson rider group. Since partnering with the Jay, Toni Christopher, Mark’s wife was instrumental in the marketing details of the dealership and in 2015, began hosting the annual “Rumble on the Loop” featuring live bands at the dealership’s on-site amphitheater. The employees have also been known for providing riders exceptional sales and service throughout the years, just one of many reasons to visit the dealership. Owner Mark Christopher commented, “After much thought and consideration, my partner Jay and I decided to hire George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services to advise us on the sale of Mt. Cheaha Harley-Davidson in East Alabama. George aggressively marketed our store and ultimately, we negotiated a deal with our neighboring dealers, Josh Russom and Andrew Campbell. George’s 20 years of experience in advising and brokering Harley-Davidson dealerships was very instrumental and helpful in the negotiations and throughout the buy sell process! He was always available and very responsive. I genuinely enjoyed working with George. When you are considering selling your Harley-Davidson dealership, I would definitely suggest you contact George Chaconas!” Mark and Toni Christopher will continue to own and operate their powersports dealership, Motorcycle Sports located in Munford, Alabama. http://www.motorcyclesportspolaris.com

Over the last 5 years, Performance Brokerage Services has represented for sale over 250 automotive and motorcycle dealerships making it the highest volume automotive and motorcycle dealership brokerage firm in North America.

Josh Russom and Andrew Campbell are the new owners of what will now be known as Hooligan Harley-Davidson. Josh and Andrew currently own Redstone Harley-Davidson in Madison, Alabama and Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson in Hickory, North Carolina. The buyers had been looking to expand their already booming Harley-Davidson enterprise and reached out to George Chaconas who previously provided excellent customer service during the purchase of their two current locations. George C. Chaconas, the exclusive agent for this transaction and the head of the National Harley-Davidson and Powersports Division for Performance Brokerage Services, knew this opportunity would be a perfect strategic acquisition for them. George commented, “I am extremely excited to have helped Josh and Andrew acquire their third dealership. This is an excellent opportunity for them to expand their footprint into the East Alabama market and I look forward to helping their continued growth and success.”

The dealership will proudly display their new name and logo, Hooligan Harley-Davidson at its current location at 231 Davis Loop Road in Oxford, Alabama 36203.

The buyers, Josh Russom and Andrew Campbell, were represented by J. Gregory Humphries, Partner at Shutts & Bowen LLP http://www.shutts.com

About Performance Brokerage Services

Performance Brokerage Services, an auto dealership broker, specializes in professional intermediary services to buyers and sellers of automotive, commercial truck, Harley-Davidson and Powersports dealerships.

The company offers a different approach by providing complimentary dealership assessments, no upfront fees, no reimbursement of costs and is paid a success fee only. Performance Brokerage Services gets paid only after the client gets paid.

With nearly 30 years of dealership brokerage experience, the company utilizes an extensive network of industry related accountants, attorneys, hundreds of registered buyers and enjoys longstanding relationships with most of the auto manufacturers. The intermediaries at Performance Brokerage Services have been involved in well over 700 transactions. Pledging loyal and unwavering representation, confidentiality is vigilantly protected during the selling process and after the transaction closes.

With corporate offices in Irvine, California, 5 regional offices in Utah, Florida, Texas, Virginia and New Jersey, a dedicated Harley-Davidson and Powersports Division, and a dedicated Commercial Truck Division, Performance Brokerage Services provides its clients national exposure with local representation. For more information about the services offered by Performance Brokerage Services, visit https://performancebrokerageservices.com.

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Podcast Part 2 of the Trilogy: Digital Transformation: Planning with Dr. Paul J. Bailo

The second part of the trilogy – Digital Transformation with Dr. Paul J Bailo has just been released. In this latest podcast which focuses on the planning part of Digital Transformation, Dr. Paul J Bailo has shared his views on the critical role of planning in the digital transformation process.

“The planning phase is a critical piece in the digital transformation process,” says Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive, Digital Strategy, Data, and Innovation.  “The chances of achieving success in the digital transformation strategy depends to a large extent on the planning part. The execution is easy but the planning is harder.” 

Dr. Paul who has proven expertise in multiple competencies states that the planning process must begin with an evaluation of the changes that are needed, and understanding why a business exists, and how it functions. 

Dr. Paul says that business owners must have a clear focus on the goal and identify the performance gap and the opportunity gap distinctly. It is equally important to understand what form of change is needed to move ahead and whether the organization is ready for that change. 

One of the key requirements to successfully implement the digital transformation process is having the right leadership team to guide the organization through the change. The leadership must keep pushing because some amount of skepticism will always be seen among the early adopters as they might not be keen on innovation and change. 

Dr. Paul admits that ushering a change in the existing business process could be hugely challenging as it involves fundamentally changing the core foundation of the business.

According to Dr. Paul, the critical piece of the idea of digital transformation is to have the right leadership and the right people in the team. Those with the right digital mindset can convince and take others along and can transform even large institutions. 

“There will always be resistance to change as people who have been working in an organization for long have their minds wired in a specific manner,” says Dr. Paul. “Digital leaders who want to plan a successful digital transformation can’t have people with legacy thinking on their team.  The foundation piece is imp but the thinking has to be flexible and they must be ready to change.” 

Organizations need the best digital transformation professionals to be able to pull off the change successfully. Empowering is the best way of removing obstacles in the digital transformation process. This involves providing people access to the process, training, preparing, and educating them, and ensuring that they get completely involved in the transformation journey. 

Dr. Paul avers that digital transformation leaders must not only possess emotional intelligence but also a street sense. The team can support the other players through proper training, performance management systems, controls, and constantly improving the process. 

Dr. Paul again reiterates that there are just a handful of professionals who can deal with the multitude of challenges posed by digital transformation. The key thing to focus on is building the climate of change in an organization. 

Leaders must understand the psychology of building commitment for change. For this to happen, it is important to know the culture of the organization and the planning must be made around that culture. 

According to Dr. Paul, digital planning is all about rethinking the business process, rethinking what the future looks like, how it is to work with new and different clients, embracing new technology, and new data analytics.

About Dr. Paul J. Bailo:

Paul Bailo is widely recognized by industry thought leaders for his C-level executive skills in Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Business Operations. His expertise in digital transformation, digital communications, emerging payments, operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and ongoing product innovation is unparalleled. 

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Kennedy Nhliziyo – A Real Estate Agent and Motivational Speaker

Many of you know that Kennedy Nhliziyo is the founder of Kulula Express Ltd and also a motivational speaker. However, these are not the only reasons why he is an inspiration. Another profession he is into is being a real estate developer.

Yes, apart from running his own company and his personal blog, he also deals in buying and selling of properties. His travel company, Kulula deals with travel and car bookings in South Africa and has been a successful company running for 10 years.

As Kenny Nhliziyo gained success in this field, he has been motivating the public with success related tips as well. In his motivational blog, he shares his own experiences in the professional world. This leaves us with many key takeaways from his life.

Kenny Nhliziyo says that inspiration arises out of motivation, which in turn originates from your innermost needs and wants. What is even more important during venturing a task is having an objective in mind. It may be gaining profits, growth, or awareness, any initiative you undertake must have an objective behind it. This objective itself becomes your motivation and inspiration to move forward.

Kenny Nhliziyo also says that being in a motivational state brings something more refreshing in your life. Giving yourself positive certifications is important to get going in life, towards the achievement of your goals.

In one of his older posts, he says that progress and success don’t just come to you. It takes energy, motivation, and serious action to reach that stage. The road to it starts from discovering the direction that’ll lead yourself to achieving your objectives. As you train yourself, learn from past experiences, and finally release your potential, you come to the final step of achieving your goals.

From his motivational log, understand the true meaning of inspiration and motivation, which contribute to your achievement of success.

While his travel company, Kulula Express remains on a standstill amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Kennedy Nhliziyo has not stopped moving forward. While his company promises to resume flying from November 2020, Kennedy Nhliziyo continues to inspire people and run this business of real estate as well.

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How has DeletePersonalInformation.com Saved Online Reputation of Many People?

There’s no doubt about the fact that the internet has made life extremely easy for us. However, apart form enjoying its benefits, many of us also face a downside – damage of privacy and reputation. While the former requires us to delete personal information from Google, the latter can be solved by removing articles, complaints and reviews from the internet.

Yes, that’s right, even if you’re not the publisher, if any post or link involves your name without your consent, you have the right to get the link edited or deleted. Doing it by yourself might be a hassle, which is why, you need an online reputation management team.

One such professional team that works upon saving online reputation and privacy of individuals is Delete Personal Information

When Do You Need an ORM Firm Delete Personal Information from Google?

Your personal information consists of your name, personal contact details, residential address, personal photographs, bank details, and passwords. It is freaking out when you type your name on the google search bar for fun and actually find your profile visible in the search results page.

The reason why it is a problem is because the dark web can misuse this information for anything. This may include hacking of your accounts on social media, hacking of your credit card from online shopping sites which lead to theft and circulation of information among criminals.

Sometimes, your name on the internet is a lot more than just display of personal information. When it’s up on a news or PR website tainted with an accusation, it leads to spoiling of your reputation. There can be many ways in which the internet spoils your reputation:

  • You could be having a criminal record – which may be false, partially true or true
  • If you’re a professional, you could be having bad reviews
  • Your visibility on a porn site also comes under a negative link since it is illegal
  • Any other news about you that is negative and can damage your reputation

Merely deleting social media profiles may not be enough if your personal information is already there in the dark web. You surely won’t have control over the external site where article about you is written. People say that contacting the website owner is the first step you should take.

Thus, approaching a professional online reputation management firm will help you get all your personal information deleted permanently from the internet.

About DeletePersonalInformation.com

DeletePersonalInformation.com is a website where you’ll find a team of lawyers and agents working hard to protect your identity and reputation on the web. You can approach them for the following solutions:

  • Remove your name from the internet
  • Delete your photograph from google images
  • Remove negative links from google search
  • Delete criminal records from the internet
  • Remove negative articles from google
  • Delete bad reviews from the internet
  • Remove complaints from google

When it comes to personal information being uploaded on the web without your consent, it is a matter of security and privacy concern. However, when there are negative articles and complaints that speak against you or your brand, it is a question of your reputation.

Deletepersonalinformation.com gives priority to both the above problems – privacy & security, as well as reputation management. Let’s now take a look at how the company works for you.

How Does DeletePersonalInformation.com Work to Solve Your Problems?

Many individuals have been approaching this ORM firm for the sake of their privacy, security and reputation. Severe cases like hacking of credit cards and websites have also been registered with them since they have professional lawyers working for them.

The organization has removed plenty of links from the internet, reported sources who have been hacking personal information and provided justice to those who’s accounts have been hacked and cards have been stolen.

All you have to do is provide with the following information:

  • The problem you’re facing
  • The links which you need either deleted or edited
  • In case of hacking, provide the link of the site which has been hacked

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about their fees. Their policy is to get your job done first, after which you can pay them according to the quality of service received. This is why many people trust deletepersonalinformation.com for their privacy and reputation.

Contact Us:

BY PHONE :                    +91 955-510-5353; +91 956-950-7789
By Email:                         support@deletepersonalinformation.com
Text Us! On WhatsApp: +91 955-510-5353; +91 956-950-7789
Website :-                        https://deletepersonalinformation.com/

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BirdEye Manifests Market Leadership, Named Overall Leader in Online Reputation Management For 10th Consecutive Time In G2 Summer Report

In this hyper-competitive landscape, businesses must go the extra mile to connect with customers at all times, across all touch points. As many businesses struggle to keep up with this demand, BirdEye is setting the curve. For the 10th time in a row, BirdEye has been recognized by G2 as the highest rated company. BirdEye is the leading customer experience platform for local businesses of all sizes, winning the following recognitions: Leader Overall, Momentum Leader, Best Results, and Best Usability in the G2 Summer Report, in addition to over 100 other recognitions in 8 categories. BirdEye has also received the 2020 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award by the Business Intelligence group and Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year in the 2020 American Business Awards.

“We are living in the age of the vastly empowered customer, and businesses need to adapt, provide a great experience, and find easy ways to communicate. Businesses who make customer-obsession an everyday competency and learn from the insights provided will be able to rise above the noise and be chosen by even more customers,” said Naveen Gupta, CEO of BirdEye. “BirdEye provides businesses with a suite of tools to lead in the digital transformation process and drive revenue through great customer experience while building a customer insights-driven organization.”

G2 releases Grid and Index Reports on a quarterly basis, ranking companies based on user reviews as well as data from online sources and social networks. Factors considered are customer satisfaction, recency of reviews, and number of reviews, among others.

BirdEye was named the overall leader in the categories of Online Reputation Management, Local SEO, Enterprise Feedback Management Category, Local Listing Management, Live Chat, Local Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing as well as a High Performer in Conversational Marketing. Other recognitions in the G2 Summer Report include Best Results, Easiest To Do Business With, Best Usability, Best Support, Easiest To Use, Fastest Implementation, Best Relationship, Best Meets Requirements, Users Most Likely To Recommend.

BirdEye was also named the Top Feedback Management Software, Top Customer Experience Software, Top Rated in Consumer Feedback, Quality Choice Award, and Top Customer Engagement software by Crozdesk and Top Rated by TrustRadius.

These recognitions from G2, the Business Intelligence Group, the American Business Awards, Crozdesk and Trust Radius show that BirdEye is the undisputed leader in helping businesses of all sizes understand their customers better than ever and utilize those insights to win new business on an ongoing basis. With 60,000+ businesses in 8 countries, BirdEye is continuing to lead in the customer experience and online reputation management space.

For more information, please visit birdeye.com/awards/

About BirdEye

BirdEye is a comprehensive customer experience platform. More than 50,000 businesses of all sizes use BirdEye every day to be found online through reviews, be chosen by customers with text messaging interactions, and be the best business with survey and insights tools. Founded in 2012, BirdEye is headquartered in Palo Alto, and led by alumni from Google, Amazon, Salesforce and Yahoo. BirdEye is backed by Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, Trinity Ventures and World Innovation Lab.

Learn more at http://www.birdeye.com

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Exposure On Demand TV App Network: One of the 1st African American-Women Owned Streaming Platform

By: Aart & Kingsley LLC

MILWAUKEE - June 18th, 2020 - PRLog -- Tam Lawrence, founder and CEO of Exposure On Demand TV, one of the first Black woman-owned digital networks promoting positivity on purpose, EOD TV has expanded its distribution by launching a series of channels for book authors, educators, coaches, crafters, home style culinary artists, and a men's lifestyles.

EOD TV allows viewers to discover and enjoy lifestyle curated TV shows, indie content creatives, documentaries, web series, kids programming, news and live experiences from around the world - North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Exposure On Demand TV now broadcasts a new Exposure On Demand TV that streams a limited selection of its critically-acclaimed independent content creatives, documentaries, home shop network, coaching series, a men's lifestyle show and educational programming created and produced by mainly minorities. This free, ad-supported channel is accessible on the website www.exposureondemand.tv and all of its apps as well as on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV.

The addition of this live channel gives their customers more choices on ways in which to engage with the platform's content. Now, customers can stream unlimited hours of content on the company's free-subscription on-demand channel for .00; or watch the ad-supported 24-hour live stream of a curated coaching series, men's lifestyle, fitness, real estate, credit restoration, educational programming for free.

Lawrence comments, "This year, Exposure On Demand TV App network on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV is laser 
focused on spreading our content across various distribution channels to make it much easier to reach our audience in a number of ways. Given the fact that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting minorities in communities at large. As businesses, open streaming content on smart TV devices will in fact grow their consumer base into the U.K. USA, and Canada; along with keeping their loyal consumers aware of how to continue doing business with their establishment.

As an increasing number of people deal with the aftermath of COVID-19 and the widespread protests around the country, without a doubt those suffering in silence from unemployment, loss, domestic violence, exhausted caregiving, anxiety, depression, and emotional conflicts; structural content positioned to motivate and inspire will be in high-demand by viewers."

The network's primary goal is to provide its content creatives with a 100% earnings from their ads sales; boosting the economy by offering a stream of income. Content creatives can use any mobile device to capture video for their channel or TV series; using a one-click uploader content creatives can go live in less than 24hrs. In addition, the network is actively working on partnerships with mobile service providers.

ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and AppleTV, [devices] download the App by search for EXPOSURE ON DEMAND.

Giving Back

Through the ad-supported channel, Lawrence says that her platform is also planning to dedicate a portion of affordable sponsorship airtime to disadvantaged owned small businesses that would give them the opportunity to reach over 160 million potential new customers. To learn more about this, advertisers should visit  www.exposureondemand.tv

Aart & Kingsley Agency

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Ideanomics Receives 300 Unit EV Order from Didi City

NEW YORK, Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) announced that its subsidiary Mobile Energy Global (MEG) has secured an order from Didi City CP, a licensed city operator of Didi Chuxing (DiDi). Didi is the world's leading mobile transportation/ride-share platform, similar to Uber, and serves over 550 million users across Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

The order is for a total of 300 electric vehicles (EVs) and valued at RMB 30 Million, or USD 4.2 Million. The order will be fulfilled with either Dongfeng E70 or Geely Emgrand EV 500 models and, subject to final negotiations with manufacturers, financing, government licensing, etc., delivery of EVs to Didi City CP is expected to commence later this month.

About Ideanomics

Ideanomics is a global company focused on facilitating the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and developing next generation financial services and Fintech products. Its electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global (MEG) provides group purchasing discounts on commercial electric vehicles, EV batteries and electricity as well as financing and charging solutions. Ideanomics Capital includes DBOT ATS and Intelligenta which provide innovative financial services solutions powered by AI and blockchain. MEG and Ideanomics Capital provide our global customers and partners with better efficiencies and technologies and greater access to global markets.

The company is headquartered in New York, NY, and has offices in Beijing and Qingdao, China.


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Cloud4Wi appoints Scott Ackerman as Chief Operating Officer and Board Member

Cloud4Wi, the industry’s leader in location-based customer insights technology, is excited to announce that Scott Ackerman, former CEO of TuneCore, joined the company as COO and Board Member.

"Scott is a seasoned and trusted leader who consistently delivers results. He is uniquely qualified to drive strategic prioritization and accountability within Cloud4Wi, with a laser-focus on operational excellence, and he is a perfect fit with our company culture," said Andrea Calcagno, CEO and Co-Founder at Cloud4Wi. "I have tremendous confidence in Scott's ability to align Cloud4Wi's world-class innovation with industry-leading operational practices to extend our market leadership."

Ackerman will assume responsibility for human resource, finance, support and customer service, and operations. Ackerman will be responsible for the alignment and prioritization of the activities, ensuring operational excellence across the company.

“The opportunity to join Cloud4Wi is very exciting,” said Scott Ackerman, COO at Cloud4Wi. “We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation and I look forward to working with this exceptional team to manage these new challenges and to maintain focus on delivering the company’s strategic growth objectives.”

Ackerman joins Cloud4Wi from TuneCore where he served as President and COO in 2010 and was promoted to CEO in 2012. Prior to joining TuneCore, he held executive operations positions at eHarmony, Orbitz, US Airways and American Airlines. He is an accomplished executive leading global sales, services and operations in high growth technology companies.

About Cloud4Wi
Cloud4Wi is a location-based customer insights solution that enables businesses and organizations to seamlessly and safely collect, analyze and act on customer data. Using real-time behavioral insights, Cloud4Wi empowers one-to-one relationships with customers by delivering perfectly-tailored communications at the right moment. With a 10x faster data collection and +30% lift in click-through rate, location-based customer insights drive results in today's new normal. Leading global companies rely on Cloud4Wi. They include Armani, BAC Credomatic, Burger King, Campari, Carmila, Diamonds International, First Trust, Gruppo FS Italiane, Herschend Family Entertainment, Klepierre, Kudu, Lacoste, Loro Piana, MaxMara, New York Botanical Garden, Prada Group, Talent Garden, The Cordish Companies and Valentino.  Cloud4Wi is headquartered in New York, and has offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Milan, Pisa, São Paulo, and Bangkok.

To learn more about Cloud4Wi, please visit the website at http://www.cloud4wi.com.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Elena Briola
Tel: +1 (347) 296-8790

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Global Peer-to-Peer Renting Site Transforms E-Commerce Landscape

June 15th, 2020 - It’s that time of year again when millions around the world are “spring cleaning” and sprucing up their homes just in time for summer. But, what about all that unnecessary clutter? Sure. You’ll find use for it one day, but not today.

This mindset isn’t an anomaly. A recent global study (1) conducted by SNC-Lavalin found that, out of 7,000 respondents across 150 countries, 66% said they’re likely to rent products or services from others. 

In the U.K. alone, 64% of the population have participated in the “sharing economy,” according to research (2) conducted by the Virgin Group.

With increasing demand for an industry expected to be valued(3) at £9 billion in the U.K. and 5 billion worldwide by 2025, the time is now for a platform that redefines what it means to rent almost anything; anytime, anywhere. 

RentYourStuffs is the disruptor in the global e-commerce marketplace revolutionizing the demand of making instant purchases mixed with the pragmatism of “try before you buy.”

(1)“The Sharing Economy – are we in or out?” – SNC-Lavalin


(2)“64% of Britons Now Use the Sharing Economy” – Virgin Group  https://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/64-of-britons-now-use-the-sharing-economy

(3)“Global Sharing Economy Revenues Could Hit 5 Billion by 2025” – Virgin Group


The Renting Revolution

Why are so many making the switch from owning to renting when it comes to consumer goods? Most opinions range from growing population mobility to embracing sustainable practices in our personal lives. But, the actual reasons may be more practical and less esoteric. 

In a 2019 study (4) by Lab42, a majority of U.S. respondents between the ages of 18 and 36 (57%) prefer renting to owning in order to test a product before making a purchase. 52% said they only needed a particular item for a short time, while other motivating factors included “spending less” (43%), “convenience” (42%), and “less maintenance and responsibility” (41%). 

With RentYourStuffs, you now have the freedom to rent what you want, for long as you need, across an active global community.

(4)“What’s Mine is Yours… And Yours… And Yours…” – Lab42


The Rent-to-Own Racket

According to the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations(5), the rent-to-own industry generates an annual revenue of .5 billion a year in the U.S., serving an estimated 4.8 million consumers in all 50 states, as well as Mexico and Canada. 

But, a cursory Google search what seems like a great bargain on paper may, indeed, be too good to be true.

How so?(6) Frequently coming under fire with entities like the Better Businesses Bureau and other consumer protection agencies for alleged misleading sales practices, advocacy groups have successfully changed laws protecting consumers in states like Minnesota, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. Also, interest rates on items can be upwards of 100% and higher.

(5)“The Rent-to-Own Industry” – APRO


(6)“Beware of the Real Cost of Rent-to-Own Stores for Furniture, Appliances, and Electronics”- MoneyCrashers


That’s one of the (many) reasons why RentYourStuffs is a game-changer. By putting power and control back in the hands of consumers, through an innovative peer-to-peer marketplace, “we the people” are liberated from “fine-print fees,” “exorbitant interest rates,” and free to save money (and financial stress) by renting on our own terms.

Turn Your Treasures into Cash

While we won’t know the final economic fallout as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic for some time, most economists agree there will be severe negative impacts on the global economy.

RentYourStuffs offers the perfect opportunity to generate more income or start your own business, by renting what you already have right in your own home.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account (with no hidden membership fees), take and post photos of your items, add a few words, name your price and that’s it! Now you can share your items around the world, communicate with prospective renters via RentYourStuff’s secure messaging service, and invite friends and family to get in on the action.

RentYourStuffs Redefines the Rental Marketplace

With trusted and verified reviews from both renters and sellers, RentYourStuffs offers unparalleled peace of mind while eliminating the hassle of purchasing an item “sight unseen” or knowing you’ll only need it temporarily. 

So, whether you’re looking for new, used, or vintage items or you want to turn your own treasures into cash, RentYourStuffs has redefined the online rental marketplace by helping you save money and make money exactly when you need it.  

For more information, press only:

Delphine Dominic

Email: info@rentyourstuffs.com 

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GBAF Publications launches a series of new websites

The new sites launched by GBAF Publications Ltd are Asset Digest – A financial portal focussing on the need of education of Income producing assets, investing and Wealth Management.

Companies Digest – A business portal focussing on the latest developments and innovations made by companies across the globe.

Wealth Tribune – A Financial Portal focussing on the latest developments and innovations in wealth management, retirement and helping entrepreneurs build wealth.

Economy Standard – Global Financial Portal focussing on the economy and economics of various countries and regions across the globe.

Business Express – A Business portal focussing towards helping start-ups and established businesses expand.

These portals are created to expand the media foothold of GBAF Publications Ltd and take its overall holdings to 8 portals covering various niches. All these sites will cover news, Analysis, Opinion, Interviews, Deals, Video and much more giving each individual user a unique experience. We also welcome companies and individuals to submit editorials which are non commercial in nature in these websites for a limited period. If you have an interesting article idea, please contact our news team at news@gbafmag.com 

The pervasive nature of the internet has brought almost every aspect of human life within the reach of every brand. That should be good news for brands across the board, but it is not that simple. If you are a brand representative trying to get your brand’s voice out there, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Since communication has gotten easier, it has also gotten more complex. Today, there are more platforms and media formats than there have ever been before. Newer platforms and formats keep emerging every day. As a result, audiences have rapidly decreasing attention spans. This has left brands wrestling to fit their message into as tiny a space as possible.

The first challenge is that people have started going to great lengths to avoid being bombarded with ads. This is what makes the portals run by GBAF Publications unique. You will not find intrusive ads disturbing the user experience. So ahead and visit one of our portals for more information.

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FreedomFest to be FIRST Convention to Open in Las Vegas

June 10, 2020 (Las Vegas):  FreedomFest, billed as “the world’s largest gathering of free minds,” will hold its annual conference as scheduled on July 13-16, moving from its original venue at Paris Resort to its new home at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.  

It will be the first large, person-to-person conference in Las Vegas since the lockdown began.  

“We are determined to defend our First Amendment right as American citizens to freedom of assembly,” stated producer Mark Skousen. "We are pleased that Caesars Entertainment is hosting our conference at their premier property, Caesars Palace, and providing us the opportunity to network and socialize, as we discuss important issues regarding health, liberty and public policy.”

He added, “We expect a great turnout, despite the recent nationwide shutdown, and we are working closely with Caesars Palace to establish new protocols regarding distancing and sanitation."  

FreedomFest, now in its fourteenth year, is a popular event in Vegas, an intellectual feast held in the entertainment capital of the world. The Washington Post called it “the greatest libertarian show on earth.”  

Authors, business leaders, thought leaders, artists, professors, investment writers, and political leaders gather in Vegas every July to discuss philosophy, history, science & technology, healthy living, geo-politics, economics, religion, finance, and music and dance.  

This year’s conference will begin with an "Emergency Meeting" hosted by Steve Forbes to determine the impact of the virus scare and the shutdown on the economy, the markets, the healthcare system, the November elections, and Constitutional freedoms.  

Forbes and John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, are co-ambassadors to FreedomFest, and usually attend all 4 days.  “FreedomFest is where the best ideas and strategies are fleshed out,” Forbes has stated. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”   

Keynote speakers include MD and TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Dave Rubin, the political talk show host and author of the bestseller, “Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Era of Unreason.”  

Past celebrity speakers have included William Shatner, George Foreman, Kevin O’Leary, George Will, Glenn Beck, Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and Representatives Justin Amash and Thomas Massie.

FreedomFest also hosted a popular debate between Steve Moore and Nobel prize economist Paul Krugman. 

Even Donald J. Trump made an appearance in 2015 that attracted a SRO crowd and major media coverage including CNN, ABC, Fox News, MSNBC, and C-SPAN.  

 FreedomFest also includes the annual Anthem Film Festival, the Pitch Tank competition of budding entrepreneurs, an exhibit hall known as “The Trade Show for Liberty,” and a 3-day investment seminar.  

FreedomFest is famous for its debates, and the most critical topic each year is formatted as a mock trial. This year the government shutdown of the economy will be prosecuted. Was the shutdown a justified reaction to the health risk, or an overreach of staggering proportions? After vigorous examination and cross-examination of the expert witnesses, the jury will decide. 

Other concerned speakers include Steve Moore, Tom Woods, Grover Norquist, Barbara Kolm, Charles Murray, Wayne Allyn Root, John Fund, Jennifer Grossman, Wolf von Laer, Michael Shermer, Lord Matt Ridley, Nick Gillespie, Matt & Terry Kibbe, Ken & Li Schoolland, and TK Coleman. 

Salem Eagle Publishing will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of producer Mark Skousen’s investment newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, with financial experts Alex Green, Doug Casey, Rob Arnott, Louis Navellier, Hilary Kramer, Peter Schiff, Jim Woods, and others.  (See more under "speakers" at www.freedomfest.com).  

Tech guru George Gilder, who is 80 years old, is coming.  "I wouldn't miss it!"  

FreedomFest is supported by many free-market think tanks and freedom organizations, including Reason, Americans for Prosperity, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Young Americans for Liberty, Americans for Tax Reform, Free the People, America’s Future Foundation, Young Voices, Turning Point USA, FreedomWorks, The Atlas Society, and the Ayn Rand Institute.  

For more information, go to www.freedomfest.com.  To arrange interviews, contact Valerie Durham, Executive Director, 855-850-3733 ext 101 or vdurham@freedomfest.com.

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ScoreData Announces Close Of Series A Financing from Impact Venture Capital

ScoreData announced today the close of their Series A financing from Impact Venture Capital, a leading Silicon Valley venture firm with offices in Burlingame, and Sacramento, CA.

Impact Venture Capital has a unique approach to sourcing and developing early stage companies. With their global corporate network, they have successfully identified, invested in, and helped to grow, market leading technology companies.

"ScoreData is reinventing how customers and businesses engage with each other. With ScoreData’s predictive applications driven by its ScoreFast AI/ML platform, companies in the financial services, insurance, and healthcare markets will be able to anticipate customer needs, and offer more personalized solutions for their customers,” said Jack Crawford, Founding General Partner of Impact Venture Capital. “We were very impressed with the ScoreData team, their passion, and their innovative approach to building the next generation of AI/ML powered customer engagement platform.”

In the post-Covid19 era, ScoreData empowers indebted individuals and institutions to work together to negotiate their monthly payments (personal loans, insurance claims payments and reimbursements, and healthcare loans) directly with each other.  With increasing unemployment, wage cuts and a decelerating business environment borrowers and debtors are increasingly unable to make payments.

ScoreData helps solve this problem by helping consumers negotiate better deals with their creditors while also ensuring that institutional loss ratios are minimized. We use advanced AI and machine learning to match consumer propensities to pay while optimizing the return on institutional portfolios.

“ScoreData is delighted to be partnering with Impact Venture Capital. We were very grateful for their steadfast support all through the Covid19 lockdown, their deep diligence across our customers and partners, and their insights into markets, and their extensive corporate network,” said Vas Bhandarkar, CEO of ScoreData Corporation. “We partnered with Impact Venture Capital because they deliver value, beyond capital infusion, helping us forge partnerships with market leading organizations.”

Among existing investors participating in the round were RecruitGroup, and Asha Jadeja Motwani.

“We are pleased to participate in the round. ScoreData has built outstanding customer engagement solutions for Recruit Group for our businesses in Tokyo,” commented a spokesperson for Recruit Co., Ltd, Tokyo.

About ImpactVC

Impact Venture Capital is a Silicon Valley-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests alongside corporate venture groups and top tier investors in seed-stage technology startups with a focus on artificial intelligence applied to cybersecurity, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, digital health, and other fast-growing industry sectors.

About ScoreData

As businesses of the twenty-first century digitize their business processes, ScoreData Corporation helps re-invent how they engage with customers across the omni-channel using AI and patented dynamic machine learning. ScoreData delivers cloud-native predictive self-service customer engagement solutions to the BFSI and Healthcare industries. Businesses lose billions of dollars because the right customers are not matched to the most optimal agents (bots or humans) empowered with the right actionable tools. As a result, they have sub-optimal outcomes, leading to business losses, and low net promoter scores.

ScoreData's award-winning ScoreFast™ platform solves these problems by combining external data sets and historical data sets, predictively matching agents, to deliver optimally designed offers/advice to these empowered customers. ScoreData uses advanced ranking, matching, nudge and negotiation algorithms to empower both agents and customers to complete these financial transactions. ScoreData is the only predictive analytics company that combines patented dynamic machine learning and AI, with robust algorithms using econometrics that drive business results which are consistently profitable.

ScoreData pricing is performance based, and thus they are the most cost-effective solutions in the industry.

ScoreData Corporation is a privately held company based in Palo Alto, California with customers in the US, Japan, and India.

For more info contact:

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Black Wealth Building is Now on the Table

DALLAS - June 15, 2020 - PRLog -- Dr. Ralph Steele, an extraordinary expert on wealth building, has released a powerful new book entitled A National Economic Plan for Financial Inclusion for African Americans (http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-ralph-steele-esq/a-national-economic-plan-for-financial-inclusion-%20for-afr ican-americans/paperback/product-24477797.html). It is his mission to educate individuals in theory and practice about economics, financial literacy, investments, entrepreneurship, business ownership, being debt free, financial strategies (W=me3). His favorite phrase, "wealth is a human right," became the basis for his creation of Wealth Legacy TV in 2019, and he is currently completing a documentary called "A Cattle on a Thousand Hills" that is based on the economic renewal for inner cities. 

Dr. Steele, who is also the author of How to Acquire and Keep Wealth: Wealth Think Bank, has facilitated wealth building conferences and forums for Capital One Bank, University of Texas Arlington, Richland Community College, Stillman College, Eastfield Community College, Tarrant County Community College, Black CEO Kansas City, KS, and Rolling Hills Country Hills in Arlington, TX. He has also hosted events in Ghana, Africa and in Sydney, Australia. He also was a featured speaker at another event called the Millionaire Master Plan for Business Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, NV. His influence has transformed numerous families' lives. 

Dr. Steele is an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc and the President of Wealth Think Bank Entrepreneurship and Investment, LLC that focuses on educating, training, coaching, mentoring and develop Black entrepreneurs. He is also the recipient of the 2015 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Award for Entrepreneurship of the Year, the March 2019 NAACP Award for the Man of Honor, and the 2019 Dorothy Norwood Community Services Award. 

He has authored 17 books that pertain to mediation, wealth, and domestic violence. His books can be purchased online at www.wealththinktank.org 

Contact Aart & Kingsley Agency ***@aartkingsleyllc.com 

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1st Black Woman Owned Streaming Network: Helps Business Owner Re-Unite with Consumers

MILWAUKEE - June 15, 2020 - PRLog -- Tam Lawrence, founder and CEO of Exposure On Demand TV, one of the first Black woman-owned digital networks promoting positivity on purpose, EOD TV has expanded its distribution by launching a series of channels for book authors, educators, coaches, crafters, home style culinary artists, and a men's lifestyles. 

EOD TV allows viewers to discover and enjoy lifestyle curated TV shows, indie content creatives, documentaries, web series, kids programming, news and live experiences from around the world - North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. 

Exposure On Demand TV now broadcasts a new 24-hour live channel (https://www.kweli.tv/programs/kweli-tv-live) that streams a limited selection of its critically-acclaimed independent content creatives, documentaries, home shop network, coaching series, a men's lifestyle show and educational programming created and produced by mainly minorities. This free, ad-supported channel is accessible on the website www.exposureondemand.com and all of its apps as well as on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV. 

The addition of this live channel gives their customers more choices on ways in which to engage with the platform's content. Now, customers can stream unlimited hours of content on the company's free-subscription on-demand channel for .00; or watch the ad-supported 24-hour live stream of a curated coaching series, men's lifestyle, fitness, real estate, credit restoration, educational programming for free. 

Lawrence comments, "This year, Exposure On Demand TV App network on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV is laser focused on spreading our content across various distribution channels to make it much easier to reach our audience in a number of ways. Given the fact that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting minorities in communities at large. As businesses, open streaming content on smart TV devices will in fact grow their consumer base into the U.K. USA, and Canada; along with keeping their loyal consumers aware of how to continue doing business with their establishment. 

As an increasing number of people deal with the aftermath of COVID-19 and the widespread protests around the country, without a doubt those suffering in silence from unemployment, loss, domestic violence, exhausted caregiving, anxiety, depression, and emotional conflicts; structural content positioned to motivate and inspire will be in high-demand by viewers." 

The network's primary goal is to provide its content creatives with a 100% earnings from their ads sales; boosting the economy by offering a stream of income. Content creatives can use any mobile device to capture video for their channel or TV series; using a one-click uploader content creatives can go live in less than 24hrs. In addition, the network is actively working on partnerships with mobile service providers. 

ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and AppleTV, download the App by search for EXPOSURE ON DEMAND. 

Giving Back 

Through the ad-supported channel, Lawrence says that her platform is also planning to dedicate a portion of affordable sponsorship airtime to disadvantaged owned small businesses that would give them the opportunity to reach over 160 million potential new customers. To learn more about this, advertisers should visit www. (https://www.kweli.tv/pages/sponsorships)exposure-magazine.com/tvapps 

Contact Aart & Kingsley Agency ***@aartkingsleyllc.com

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When Beauty appearing as a special showcase on this week’s LIVE Stream Episode of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

Modern Living with kathy ireland® show participant When Beauty will be appearing as a special showcase during the LIVE Stream of this week’s Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® episode! The successful business program will stream online this Sunday, May 31, 2020 and Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 8:00pm ET / PT – two chances to watch each night! This special showcase of When Beauty features Managing Director, Jenny Jhung, as she highlights their innovative dermatologically tested products and their recent availability in major retailers stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Company Spotlight

When Beauty: Currently available at Costco Wholesale for a limited time, you may have spotted the brand’s beautiful kiosk displays during your last shopping trip! When Beauty utilizes advanced bio-cellulose technology to create their game-changing face masks, body masks, and skincare products. The all-natural, coconut-derived bio-cellulose sheet is gentle enough to treat burn patients, and is extremely hydrating - holding fluids up to one-hundred times its dry weight. That’s ten time more than an average fabric sheet mask! Each When Beauty mask is infused with intensely-hydrating yet gentle, non-sticky serum containing sodium hyaluronate (fine hyaluronic acid), ginseng extracts and top-quality effective ingredients and plant extracts to help keep skin happy, healthy, and glowing.

To learn more about When Beauty, be sure to tune as their interview is showcased this Sunday, May 31, 2020 and Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 8:00pm ET / PT during the LIVE stream of this week’s episode of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®! To shop your favorite When Beauty products, visit Costco (for a limited time), and buy online through Amazon.com, and directly at whenbeautyus.com and whenbeauty.com.

About Modern Living with kathy ireland® and Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Modern Living with kathy ireland® and Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® are weekly lifestyle and business television programs featuring real-world insights from corporate executives all over the globe. Hosted by a lifestyle and business mogul, Kathy Ireland interviews some of the brightest minds in industries today. The shows air collectively on Fox Business Network and WEtv as part of their sponsored content lineups, and globally on Bloomberg Television. The shows extend beyond their weekly on-air programming with digital content delivered on various video platforms and across social media.

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D’Vaughn Bell accepted into Forbes Business Council

D’Vaughn Bell, the CEO of Marqui Management, one of the fastest-growing reputation marketing consulting firms in Allen, TX, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide.

D’Vaughn Bell was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

“We are honored to welcome D’Vaughn into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Business Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”

As an accepted member of the Council, D’Vaughn has access to a variety of exclusive opportunities designed to help him reach peak professional influence. He will connect and collaborate with other respected local leaders in a private forum and at members-only events. D’Vaughn will also be invited to work with a professional editorial team to share his expert insights in original business articles on Forbes.com, and to contribute to published Q&A panels alongside other experts.

Finally, D’Vaughn Bell will benefit from exclusive access to vetted business service partners, membership-branded marketing collateral, and the high-touch support of the Forbes Councils member concierge team.

“I am incredibly grateful, excited, and honored to be selected as the newest Official Member of the Forbes Business Council. I am looking forward to networking with the top 1% of the world's business-minded individuals and will continue to offer actionable insight and expertise -- but on a more prestigious platform,” states Bell.

“These past few years have given me many opportunities and I have surpassed many milestones, but this is on the top of my list. A huge thank you goes out to Forbes and the Selection Committee for the recognition and honor.”

Forbes Councils is a collective of invitation-only communities created in partnership with Forbes and the expert community builders who founded Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). In Forbes Councils, exceptional business owners and leaders come together with the people and resources that can help them thrive.

To learn more about Forbes Councils, visit forbescouncils.com.

Marqui management
700 Central Expy S #400 Allen TX 75013

Media Relations

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Software for Hardware® Announces Release of Version 14

[ATLANTA, GA, May 21, 2020]  Software for Hardware LLC proudly accounced the successful release and rollout of Software for Hardware version 14.  SFH version 14 represents the latest, easiest and most powerful software for small and midsize door, frame and hardware distributors.  Version 14 continues a progression of powerful and easy to use specialized software for distributors dating back to 1996 with version 1.0.  Ian Oxman, co-owner, Software for Hardware LLC stated, "Version 14 builds upon our ease-of-use heritage but combined with much more power.  We've added nearly 20 new features specifically requested and imagined by our customers."  Version 14 contains entirely new proprietary features such as the Purchase Order Status Monitor(tm) which provides distributors real-time visibility to manage hundres of POs simultaneously.

Gary Loderhose, Senior Software Engineer, Software for Hardware LLC, commented, "I've been building the SFH product for over a decade.  While we are quite proud of the new functionality, I am equally pleased with our rigorous alpha and beta testing process.  We involved numerous SFH customers who put the software to real-world use for the past two months."  Mark Dement, President, Stars & Stripes Doors stated, "Stars & Stripes happily participated in the beta testing of v.14.  We appreciate how Software for Hardware incorporates customer feedback directly into the product."  Another beta test customer, Jim Livesay, President, RT Western, added, "I admit to being a demanding customer, but Software for Hardware always steps up and directly addresses my requests.  Software for Hardware proactively included RT Western in the best testing program.  I appreciate that type of vendor relationship."

"It's all about the customer," reflects Lisa Oxman, co-owner, Software for Hardware LLC.  "While we certainly had our own ideas about version 14, we instead took direction from our customers.  We surveyed users, held webinars, countless meetings, and all that feedback created a great software product."  Lisa continued, "True to our business model, all current and active SFH customers receive the v.14 upgrade absolutely free."

In addition to customer-driven features and data processing improvements, version 14 also contains integration with numerous industry and accounting platforms.  Version 14 integrates to the ASSA ABLOY AAOS system and soon to be released an integration to the Allegion Overtur system.  Software for Hardware also integrates with DoorData Solutions providing field inspectors direct access and easier input of inspection data into SFH.

On the accounting side, SFH version 14 continues integrations with Quickbooks, Sage 40, ContractERP and Epicor.  Ian added, "We're committed to ensuring that our product integrates to our clients' prefered accounting system.  Software for Hardware remains the only provider in the industry willing to create customer accounting system integrations as needed by our customers.  We intend to continue to expand our integrations and industry partnerships."

Beyond features and functionality, the true value of any software lies in ease of learning and ease of use.  Software for Hardware released version 14 following the launch of the P3 Training and Consulting service earlier this year.  P3 provides subscribers live training webinars, recorded video sessions and person one-on-one consultation meetings.  Software for Hardware dedicated new hires to support P3 with the goal of helping all SFH users get the most from their software investment. 

Chery Orsi, Senior Customer Relations Manager, and DHI 2020 Award Winner, commented, "Back when I was a distributor, I wish my software provider offered a service like P3.  We wasted so many hours learning software by trial and error.  Believe me, those errors can be expensive.  Training improves profitability and reduces stress!"

To view a quick video overview of Software for Hardware version 14 go to

For more information on Software for Hardware products and services visit
www.softwareforhardware.com or contact info@softwareforhardware.com

Based in Atlanta, GA since 1996, Software for Hardware provides software to commercial door, frame and hardware distributors across the U.S. and Canada.  Nearly 1,000 door industry professionals rely on Software for Hardware to improve their business efficiency, client responsiveness, and bottom line profitability.  As a result, Software for Hardware has become the fastest growing software company in the industry and the software of choice for door distributors.


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Sirona.tv Launches New Solution to Help Monitor Seniors for COVID-19

Dover, Delaware – Safety Labs a leader in remote care solutions for seniors, today announced  it’s Sirona.tv business has launched a new solution to help assess, monitor, and triage support for seniors who may be concerned about COVID-19 and or their respiratory symptoms.  It has launched a new voice based COVID-19 Virtual Care Evaluation and Monitoring solution available to U.S. based home healthcare, health systems and health plans.

“With the rapid spread of COVID-19 within the senior communities we know that an alternative approaches to screening, disease monitoring, and education is required now to reach the seniors and the vulnerable to reduce additional population exposure to the virus and to ease the burden on health care providers and facilities. Self-quarantine and monitoring own symptoms are challenging. Unless you consult a medical professional, it is hard to know when the symptoms warrant seeking medical care,” said Sanjay Chadha, CEO and co-founder of Safety Labs. “Using easy to use voice technology seniors and critically ill can now perform self assessment for self-reported symptom monitoring using the newly added self assessment features.”

For home health agencies, senior living facilities, health systems, health plans the company has included in Sirona the Virtual Care Companion COVID-19 self Evaluation and Monitoring solution. Sirona a voice based virtual assistant helps evaluate seniors through a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guideline-based survey for COVID-19 symptoms. The solution guides seniors based on the CDC guidelines which includes recommendation to continue monitoring symptoms at home, or to contact a healthcare provider directly.

Sirona.tv Covid-19 voice based Self Assessment for Seniors

Availability and Pricing

Sirona.tv is available for immediate order and deployment to healthcare organizations. For more information please see our covid-19 page and product availability & pricing page. If you have any questions email us at covid-19@sirona.tv.

About Safety Labs and Sriona.TV

Safety Labs, Inc., a leader in remote senior engagement and healthcare technologies for focused on connecting seniors to their family and friends and to the digital world and keep them healthy - through a line of products called Sirona.TV. Sirona.TV enables easy to use remote engagement and care by leveraging its innovative technology to integrate across the TVs and smart devices, improving quality of life of seniors and their families. Sirona.TV line of senior care products helps elderly stay at their homes safer and independently if possible. Visit https://www.sirona.tv/ and https://safetylabs.org

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Engel & Völkers Florida Reports Successful First Quarter

Engel & Völkers Florida, Master License Partner of the global luxury real estate brand, today announced its first quarter of 2020 report. The company has seen significant year-over-year increases, a steady stream of transactions at all price points, increased its average listing price, grown advisor count through talent attraction, and is gearing up for a major franchise expansion.

“Engel & Völkers Florida has always been a very collaborative network,” said Timo Khammash, Managing Partner of Engel & Völkers Florida. “As we navigate through these unprecedented times, we continue to work with our colleagues throughout the Americas and abroad to maintain the highest levels of real estate service with the utmost care and support.”

In its first quarter of 2020, Engel & Völkers Florida reported 849 transactions across its 30 shops; a 13 percent increase from transactions seen in quarter one of 2019. The average sales price is ,095,574 among the recent transactions; a 50 percent increase in year over year from its first quarter of 2019. Engel & Völkers Florida network also saw a 27 percent increase in advisor growth.

"Engel & Völkers Americas has worked very hard to prevent layoffs or furloughs of its corporate staff following the impact of COVID-19," said Anthony Hitt, President and CEO of Engel & Völkers Americas. "Now, more than ever, our network needs support and resources, and we are delivering on that. Our business is built for sustainability, and we are very focused on providing our network what they need most today and in the future. Engel & Völkers has benefited from a very strong first quarter and we are seeing strength in consumer confidence and additional interest from real estate professionals looking to take advantage of our brand strength and offerings to build their business."

Engel & Völkers Florida is continuing its franchise expansion efforts in premium first and second home markets throughout Florida including Alachua County, Bay County, Escambia County, Flagler County, Marion County, Sarasota County and Volusia County. The Master License Partner is also working closely with its existing brokerage shops to gain additional market share in areas such as Broward County, Hillsborough County, Miami-Dade County, Monroe County and Pinellas County.

“We have noticed an uptick in our franchise sales pipeline during Q1,” said Craig Anderson, Senior Vice President, Franchise Sales of Engel & Völkers Florida. “Real estate leaders are seeing how our business has adapted during this time. Our business hasn’t stopped, it's shifted, and it’s attracting a lot of interest.”


Press contact:
Linzee Werkmeister, Director, Public Relations & Franchise Support
Email: Linzee.Werkmeister(at)evrealestate.com
Tel: (239) 348-9000

About Engel & Völkers:
Engel & Völkers is a global luxury real estate brand. Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1977, Engel & Völkers draws on its rich European history to deliver a fresh approach to luxury real estate in the Americas with a focus on creating a bespoke, white-glove concierge client experience at every stage of the home buying or selling process for today’s savvy homeowner. Engel & Völkers currently operates approximately 175 shop locations with more than 3,000 real estate advisors in the Americas, contributing to the brand’s global network of over 12,000 real estate professionals in more than 30 countries, offering both private and institutional clients a professionally tailored range of luxury services, including real estate, yachting and aviation. Committed to exceptional service, Engel & Völkers supports its advisors with an array of premium quality business services; marketing programs and platforms; as well as access to its global network of real estate professionals, property listings and market data. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated. For more information, visit evrealestate.com.

About Engel & Völkers Florida:
Engel & Völkers Florida is the Master License Partner of the global luxury real estate brand Engel & Völkers in the state of Florida. Recognized for uniquely recruiting, training and equipping some of the top professionals in the real estate industry, Engel & Völkers Florida’s exclusive franchise model positions its license partners at the top of the premium market to gain market share and support their bottom line. The company represents franchise locations in: 30A Beaches, Belleair, Boca Raton, Bonita Springs-Estero, Cape Coral, Clermont, Delray Beach, Destin, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers Downtown, Islamorada, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Jupiter, Leesburg, Madeira Beach, Marco Island, Melbourne Central, Melbourne Downtown, Miami-Coral Gables, Olde Naples, Orlando Downtown, Orlando-Winter Park, Palm Beach, South Tampa, St. Augustine, St. Pete, Stuart, Wellington, and Windermere.

Engel & Völkers Florida is continuing to strategically strengthen and expand its presence in premium real estate markets across the state of Florida. If you would like to know more about the Engel & Völkers brand or how to join its global network, which is known for demonstrating competence, exclusivity and passion, feel free to call our corporate office, located at 633 Tamiami Trl N, Suite 201, Naples, FL 34102 USA. Tel: +1 239-348-9000.

For more information about Engel & Völkers Florida, please visit florida.evrealestate.com

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CyberMaxx™ Receives SOC for Service Organizations (SOC 2, Type II) Certification

CyberMaxx™ has received the AICPA’s SOC 2 Type 2 Certification for their managed cybersecurity services by Insyte CPAs, LLC, an independent service auditor. This certification illustrates CyberMaxx's constant dedication to its customers and commitment to providing trusted services on which healthcare organizations can rely.

"It was a pleasure to work with the CyberMaxx team on its inaugural SOC examination. Their internal control environment solidly withstood the rigor of the SOC requirements," says Cindy Wyatt, Managing Partner at Inyste CPAs, LLC.

The SOC 2 Certification is designed to provide assurance related to a Service Organization’s control environment related to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality or Privacy. When certified, a service provider's systems are determined to meet the requirements of the trust services criteria in all material respects.

"The entire CyberMaxx team has and will continue to work hard to ensure we maintain systems and controls that support the confidence our customers place in us," says Thomas Lewis, CEO of CyberMaxx. "We are their trusted partner in the fight against cybersecurity attacks."

With more than 15 years of experience, CyberMaxx understands that cybersecurity expertise is critical to the success of any organization, and without it, organizations are left vulnerable. That is why CyberMaxx provides tailored and scalable managed cybersecurity solutions for healthcare organizations designed to be an extension of the team. CyberMaxx expands capabilities to avoid cyberattacks and mitigate loss to provide peace of mind.

About CyberMaxx
CyberMaxx prevents, detects, and responds to cyberattacks for healthcare organizations. CyberMaxx equips its customers with a 24/7/365 security operations center with services including endpoint threat detection and response, network-based threat detection and prevention, security information and event management (SIEM) with advanced data analytics, vulnerability risk management, and incident response services.

Contact CyberMaxx for more information about healthcare cybersecurity solutions by visiting CyberMaxx.io.

About Insyte CPAs, LLC
Insyte CPAs, LLC was founded by a group of Certified Public Accountants and business advisors with both Big 4 and regional firm experience who specialize in risk management, internal control, and business performance.

Media Contact
Erin C. Kennedy | CyberMaxx | 615.309.2514 | ekennedy@cybermaxx.io

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Cisive and PreCheck Named in HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Pre-Employment Screening Companies List

Cisive, a global provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions, recently announced the company and its healthcare-focused background screening division, PreCheck, were both named by HR Tech Outlook magazine as part of the Top 10 Pre-Employment Screening Consulting/Services Companies 2020. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CHROs, and analysts, along with HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board assessed several background screening services companies and shortlisted the ones that are distinctively prominent in the field.
“It is an honor for Cisive and PreCheck to be recognized as two of the top 10 pre-employment screening companies by HR Tech Outlook magazine, a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency throughout the years,” said James Owens, President and CEO at Cisive. “In order to effectively partner with our clients as they face hiring challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, Cisive is prepared to continue serving the business community during these unprecedented times. More than ever, we are focused on delivering innovative technological solutions that provide the HR community with the key information to meet their hiring goals and critical business needs.”

“PreCheck’s inclusion in HR Tech Outlook’s list of the top 10 pre-employment screening companies recognizes the ingenuity and spirit of innovation possessed by our technologists, product managers and leadership team,” said Zach Daigle, President of PreCheck. “During these challenging times, PreCheck is more committed than ever to partnering with our healthcare clients to support their rapidly evolving critical business goals.”

In addition to being named as one of the Top 10 Pre-Employment Screening Companies by HR Tech Outlook, both Cisive and PreCheck have also been honored by CIO Bulletin as one of 30 Admired Companies to Watch in 2020. For more information about Cisive’s suite of solutions, visit http://www.Cisive.com. For more information about PreCheck’s suite of solutions, visit http://www.PreCheck.com.

About Cisive
Cisive is a global leader in compliance-driven human capital and risk management solutions, providing onboarding and pre-employment background screening solutions to address the complex challenges and needs of large enterprises with dedicated, in-country account management teams committed to customer satisfaction. Cisive is accredited by the Professional Background Screeners Association (PBSA) and was named for the third consecutive year by HRO Today to the 2019 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction rankings of Top Pre-Employment Screening Providers, in addition to being named Company of the Year by CIO Review. The company and its brands serve clients in financial services, transportation, telecom/media, healthcare, utilities and the home services end-markets, among others. For additional information, please visit http://www.cisive.com.

About PreCheck
Founded in 1983, PreCheck has focused exclusively on serving the healthcare industry’s background screening and employment qualification needs since 1993. PreCheck serves over 5,000 hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, educational institutions, and other ancillary healthcare organizations, across the U.S. PreCheck has evolved over time from a background screening provider into a turnkey outsourcing solutions provider, offering a full suite of background screening, compliance monitoring, and credentialing solutions all designed to help its clients adhere to the extensive regulations governing the healthcare industry. Based in Houston, PreCheck has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 company from 2013-2018 and has achieved Background Screening Credentialing Council Accreditation by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Please visit http://www.precheck.com for more information.

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Encompass Group, LLC Announces “Encompass Cares” Apparel Gifts to Seven Georgia Hospitals

In special recognition of the invaluable role of Georgia nurses during the COVID-19 crisis and in honor of the Year of the Nurse, Nurses Month, and Nurses Week, Encompass Group, LLC today announced recent gifts of professional apparel to seven nearby hospitals. Each of the receiving facilities is in the vicinity of the company’s McDonough, GA corporate headquarters. Between mid-April and the first week of May, approximately 1,200 sets, total, of donated scrubs were delivered to Jasper Memorial Hospital, Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, Medical Center Navicent Health, Piedmont Henry Hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital, Northside Hospital, and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Most of the deliveries were made personally by Encompass Group, LLC staff, including Chief Executive Officer John Wood, Executive Vice President – Operations Andrew Boyd, Vice President and General Manager – Professional Healthcare Apparel Deanna Leonard, Senior Managing Director – Corporate Services Marty Mappes, Managing Director – Product Management Michelle Daniels, Merchandise Manager – Professional Healthcare Apparel Kristy Mosel. To capture these unique community interactions, the company has added photos and other content to the page, Encompass Cares.

In response to a donation received, Jasper Health Services, Inc. Administrator Jan Gaston said, “We thank Encompass Group for providing scrubs for the recently constructed dedicated COVID unit at Jasper Memorial Hospital. Having uniforms for the staff to wear while working reduces the risk of our team exposing family members and others to the virus. The safety and wellness of our staff is one of our highest priorities. A special thanks to Andrew Boyd for quickly responding to our request.”

Navicent Health Chief Nurse Executive and Medical Center Navicent Health Chief Nursing Officer Tracey Blalock RN, MSN, MBA, NEA-BC, stated, “We would like to thank Encompass Group for their donation of scrubs to Navicent Health. We were so thrilled to have their support during this critical situation. This generous donation will truly make the difference for many of our staff; we are extremely grateful!”

Northside Clinical Supply Chain Manager Kathy James, RN, said, “In recent weeks, our partners have offered us overwhelming support in the form of PPE, linens, and other shows of appreciation. It means more than any words could express. On behalf of Northside Hospital and all of our staff, thank you.”

“We cannot thank the individuals and organizations who have supported our hospital during this crisis enough,” said Paula Butts, Chief Nursing Officer at Piedmont Henry Hospital. “This is an unprecedented time for hospitals and healthcare workers and these generous donations allow us to continue our mission of caring for our community.”

Wellstar Foundation Director of Strategic Giving Lisa Mello declared, “Wellstar caregivers are the heroes of our health system and the community has been incredibly supportive of our team members across all of our service areas. The outpouring of support has touched our team members. From generous donations of scrubs for our healthcare workers, to donations of meals, masks, messages of support, and contributions to the Wellstar Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, every action has been heartfelt.”

Remarked Encompass Group, LLC Chief Executive Officer John Wood, “We always enjoy celebrating and giving back to those that care for patients year after year. This year, more than ever, our team wanted to say a special thank you for the tireless work that neighboring nurses are doing to keep all of us safe and well during this pandemic. While we could not reach everyone, we want you all to know that we greatly appreciate all that you do every day and especially during this health crisis. You are making such a difference in our community and we are humbled to be able to provide some help during this time.”

Encompass Group, LLC, Vice President and General Manager – Professional Healthcare Apparel Deanna Leonard, added, “Encompass Group apparel brands are made with healthcare provider safety and comfort in mind. It’s literally in our mission to care about the healthcare community, as they care for us. In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, we’ve become acutely aware of not just the nation’s struggles, but of those occurring close to home. Offering scrub sets to as many area hospitals as possible that could receive them right now is our way of continuing to try to make a difference. We’re all in this together.”

To see photos and other content related to Encompass Cares, please visit https://www.encompassgroup.com/encompass-cares. To learn more about Encompass Group, LLC, please visit https://www.encompassgroup.com.

Encompass Group, LLC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of reusable textiles, professional apparel, and disposable and single-use medical products. Encompass Group believes that every patient, resident, caregiver, and family member should feel safe and comfortable in today’s healthcare environments. Encompass Group enhances the healthcare experience by developing innovative products that are reliably delivered and cost-effective for all providers. Encompass Group serves the acute-care, long-term, and senior-care markets, retail healthcare and hospitality apparel markets, and government operations markets. For more information about Encompass Group, LLC, please visit https://www.encompassgroup.com.

Follow Encompass Group, LLC

Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/company/encompass-group-llc/ (@encompass-group-llc);

Twitter at https://twitter.com/EncompassGrpLLC (@EncompassGrpLLC);

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EncompassGrpLLC (@EncompassGrpLLC);

and YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/EncompassGroupLLC.

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Clients First Business Solutions Minnesota Earn Acumatica Gold Certification

Clients First Business Solutions Minnesota office announced it has achieved the Acumatica Gold Certified Partner status. It represents the highest standards in the Acumatica ERP Partner Program for training, sales and customer satisfaction. The Clients First Business Solutions Minnesota office joins the Texas office in Gold Certification status. The Texas office became an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner in 2019.

Acumatica Gold Certified partners are an elite group of Acumatica partners who invest in an extensive amount of training. Gold Certified partners demonstrate a high level of proficiency with Acumatica ERP products. Since Acumatica is an end-to-end solution, there’s a lot to cover and the training is intense. Investing in continuous training empowers the Clients First Business Solutions cloud ERP consultants and sales team to deliver outstanding service, value and results to clients.

“Our Acumatica consultants work hard with every release to learn all the new ways Acumatica can deliver value to our customers. The Acumatica Gold Certification is a great way to maintain our high standards of excellence.” - Catherine Dean, Clients First Business Solutions – Minnesota office

Clients First Business Solutions completed exams for the following Gold Certification courses:

  • Acumatica Certified Advanced Business Consultant - Designed for business consultants or application engineers with a deep understanding of two or more areas of Acumatica expertise. The Business Consultant badge is required before earning this badge.
  • Acumatica Certified Business Consultant - Geared for business consultants or CPAs responsible for configuring and implementing new Acumatica customers.
  • Acumatica Certified CRM Business Consultant - Created for business consultants who implement customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for customers.
  • Acumatica Certified Distribution Business Consultant - Course for ERP business consultants who implement distribution solutions for customers or need to learn distribution processes for field services, commerce edition, or manufacturing deployments.
  • Acumatica Certified Implementation Project Manager - ERP consultants learn how to help elevate the level of service for project implementation managers leading a team through the complete ERP implementation life cycle.
  • Acumatica Certified Pre-Sales Engineer - Perfect for pre-sale engineers who articulate the Acumatica value to both business and technical users.
  • Acumatica Certified Project Accounting Business Consultant - The Project Accounting Business Consultant Badge is a new badge.
  • Acumatica Certified Sales Consultant - Designed to help salespeople managing the overall execution of the sales cycle.
  • Acumatica Certified Technical Specialist - Demonstrate the capability to modify/build reports, create inquiries, and build import/export scenarios.
  • Acumatica System Administrator - Demonstrate the capability to install and maintain the Acumatica application and manage user security.

“I have been involved with Client’s First for almost 20-years. I was very happy when Client’s First of Minnesota committed to becoming a partner of Acumatica. As an organization that is focused 100% on delivering complex business solutions through Certified Partners, I am also very pleased to announce that Client’s first of Minnesota has obtained Gold Partner status with Acumatica. This is our highest measurement of partner investment, capability and commitment. Any customer or prospective customer of Client’s First of Minnesota can rest assured that they are working with a premier partner that truly understands the solutions they represent, as well as being a trusted and respected partner for the world’s fastest-growing ERP publisher for seven years now.” Geoff Ashley, Vice President at Acumatica, Partner Strategy & Programs

About Clients First Business Solutions

Since 2003 Clients First Business Solutions has been offering businesses ERP software implementation, support, and training services. Clients First are in the business of helping companies of all sizes implement ERP software for their organization. We have seven offices covering the United States.

Our goal is to help you streamline business processes, reduce overhead and realize a competitive advantage in your industry. Your business benefits from our team's expertise by our focus on increasing ROI and improving your bottom line.

We offer an affordable Quick Turn Implementation (QTI) plan, so you are operating more efficiently faster and on the first day of use. We also offer full implementation services for more complex needs along with a US-based development team to tackle unique business challenges and scenarios. Our team supports Dynamics 365 solutions and Acumatica Cloud ERP. Our team is well versed in Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Project Accounting. Our industry focus is on the manufacturer, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), field service, project accounting, and aviation customer.

Please contact us to learn more – call 877-428-7205 or email info@cfbs-us.com.

About Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica is a leading provider of cloud business management software that empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth. Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications such as Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing, Field Service, CRM and Project Accounting, powered by a robust and flexible platform. In an interconnected world, Acumatica enables customers to take full control of their business; to play to their strengths, since every business is unique; and to empower their people by going wherever their people go, on any device.

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AEC Content Veteran Joins ENGworks to Lead Global Partner Strategy

ENGworks, the internationally recognized leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM) services and solutions to the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner Community (AECO) today announced, Mike Collins will join the executive team as VP of Global Business Development. ENGworks has been establishing strategic alliances with some key industry vendors in an effort to build a Global Content Network bent on establishing much needed standards and quality guidelines.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) continues to impact the design to construction lifecycle with demands for a greater variety of content formats and richer product data. “We see a need to provide content solutions for the AEC/O community on a global level while supporting local project demands for languages, codes and standards. This can only be accomplished through a network of providers with localization skills all working within a common framework of quality and consistency, said Chris Di Iorio, CEO of ENGworks.”

BPMs as the owners of this much needed product data must adapt their digital marketing strategy to deliver higher quality BIM-ready content to serve the new tools and processes not just in design, but through to fabrication and construction.

Mr. Collins brings over 25 years of experience in the AECO industry and is well connected to both the needs of BPMs and the many platform and portal vendors who need product content to support the demanding workflows of their users. After an early career in project data and analytics at Construction Market Data, Collins built the industry’s first BIM content portal, BIMworld, which became the foundation for the Autodesk Seek content platform when acquired in 2008. Most recently he co-founded Global Product Data which helped BPMs get their product data to multiple AEC platforms.

About ENGworks (Chicago)

For three decades, ENGworks has been a technology leader continuously developing new processes and services to drive productivity for the AEC/O Community in their BIM and VDC workflows. The ENGworks mission is to help AEC/O professionals design and build better projects by reducing risks, saving cost, by combining cutting edge technology with their deep knowledge of the building lifecycle to create BIM technologies that impact construction productivity as well as building performance for Owners. Through its extensive expertise delivering technology and real-time building automation solutions with major players in Data Centers, Health Care, Hospitality and Government, ENGworks has become the technology and service provider of choice for the AEC/O and BPM community.

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Esco Wart MILLHOG® Beveller Weld Prep Tool Creates Perfectly Square Cuts in First Step to a Quality Weld

Esco Tool has introduced an I.D. clamping welding prep boiler tube repair tool that helps assure quality fit-up at biomass and fossil fired plants by creating perfectly square end preps.

The Esco Wart MILLHOG® Beveller mounts rigidly to the tube I.D., is self-centering, and provides torque-free operation with the ability to bevel, face, bore, and remove overlay simultaneously to create perfectly square end preps. This fully portable and easy to use tool cuts to a consistent height without cutting oils and should be the first step to a quality weld.

Only requiring 2.625” W to fit between tubes for single tube maintenance in a boiler tube waterwall, the Esco Wart MILLHOG® Beveller is ideally suited for tube and pipe from 0.75” to 4.5” O.D. Featuring a self-centering draw rod assembly and attached clamping and ratchet feed wrenches, this robust tool has a sealed mandrel to keep debris out.

The Esco Wart MILLHOG® Beveler is priced from ,995.00 and is available for rent at 0.00 per week.

For more information contact:

A Unit of Esco Technologies, Inc.
Matthew Brennan, Marketing Director
75 October Hill Rd.
Holliston, MA 01746
(800) 343-6926 FAX (508) 359-4145
e-mail: matt@escotool.com

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2.5 Million Virtual Eyewear Try-Ons - a Revolutionary online shopping tool

The SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group is celebrating more than 2.5 million virtual eyewear try-ons - making shopping eyewear online easier (and cooler!) than ever before. 

The virtual try-on and frame recommendation technology from SmartBuyGlasses.com, the current tool being used developed by Ditto,  allows customers to quickly and effortlessly see themselves wearing over 14,000 eyeglasses or sunglasses in 180 degree angles from more than 180 designer brands.  

The Ditto technology has been in use on the website for the last 18 months and with such staggering numbers of customers using the tool, it’s clear the virtual try-on is revolutionising a ‘customers try on experience‘ and subsequently the shopping experience online. 

“At SmartBuyGlasses, we are working hard to continuously improve the customer shopping experience online. This includes being at the forefront of offering new technologies to surprise and delight our consumers, but also to provide real value and ease in shopping eyewear online. We are proud to have helped customers with their eye care and we continue offering our Virtual Try-On tool to consumers accessing our websites”, says David Menning,  co-CEO of The SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group.  

The key point is that customers can use the filter logic of the website to select the exact type of frame they want and then they are presented with 10<100 or more of the ‘ideal shapes’ that fit their specific requirements.

“It is more effective for a customer to short-list their chosen selection in this way, and then proceed to try them on, rather than going to a traditional optical store which typically only holds approximately 800 different frames,” says David Menning, co-CEO of  SmartBuyGlasses.

The app is developed by Ditto, an American tech start-up. “We want eyewear to be personal and accessible for everyone so we created technology that enables customers to easily discover frames that fit and match their style, allowing them to shop confidently at home,” says a representative from Ditto. 

All you need to use the tool is a smartphone or a computer with internet access. The tool will help you record a quick five second selfie video asking you to turn your head to the left, the centre and then to the right and back again. After that, you’re provided with face shape information including  advice on the most flattering styles for you and you can proceed to trying on glasses virtually. Start filtering  by ‘virtual try-on’ on the eyeglasses or sunglasses pages, hover your mouse over any product and instantly see what the glasses look like on your own face or the face of our in-house models. For a closer look, you can directly go to the product page, click ‘selfie-view’ and see yourself wearing a pair of glasses with stunning realism in high definition. 

SmartBuyGlasses’ Virtual Try On is compatible with both iOS and Android and available for free via SmartBuyGlasses Virtual Try On.

About SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group

SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group, is one of the world’s leading designer eyewear e-retailers with websites in more than 20 countries, including SmartBuyGlasses.com in the US and VisionDirect.com.au in Australia. They offer a catalogue of over 80,000 products from more than 180 brands. The SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group works with certified and highly respected opticians to provide the latest news and accurate information regarding eye health to consumers.

 About Ditto

Ditto is the leading eyewear recommendation and virtual try-on technology platform for retailers.  Ditto is redefining the eyewear shopping experience to make it simple, personal, and a little bit magical.  Ditto’s platform captures a precise map of each customer’s face and their personal style preferences to make insightful recommendations, determine precise fit and style, and visualize it all with vivid realism. Ditto is fundamentally changing the way eyewear is bought and sold globally for over 50 million customers each year.

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MiniCo Insurance Agency Wins Internet Advertising Competition Award from the Web Marketing Association

MiniCo Insurance Agency has won an Internet Advertising Competition Award from the Web Marketing Association in the category of insurance integrated advertising campaign. MiniCo was recognized for the multi-faceted marketing campaign that launched the company's newly upgraded specialty business owner policy (BOP) for self-storage risks.

Campaign elements included website content, a white paper, a press release, educational videos for independent insurance agents, emails to agents and self-storage professionals, print advertisements for self-storage industry publications, postcard mailings, social media posts, blog posts, and search engine and social media advertisements.

MiniCo President and CEO Mike Schofield commented, “We are honored to be recognized by the Web Marketing Association as part of its Internet Advertising Competition. Since 1975, MiniCo has offered the gold standard in specialty BOP coverage for self-storage risks. When we launched the upgraded policy in 2019, our in-house marketing team played a critical role in communicating the benefits to independent insurance agents as well as policyholders and self-storage professionals."

The Web Marketing Association was founded in Boston in 1997 to help set a high standard for internet marketing and corporate web development. Staffed by volunteers, the organization is made up of internet marketing, advertising, PR, and design professionals who share an interest for improving the quality of advertising, marketing, and promotion used to attract visitors to corporate websites. The association's Internet Advertising Competition was the first award program dedicated to recognizing outstanding online advertising in all its various forms.


About MiniCo Insurance Agency

MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC, was founded in 1974 as a provider of specialty insurance products and publications for the self-storage industry. Today the company is a managing general agency offering multiple specialty property and casualty insurance products for a variety of unique industries and exposures. MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC, the parent company of MiniCo Insurance Agency of Canada, Inc., is a member of the Aran Insurance Services Group. For more information, please visit https://www.minico.com.

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Courtyard by Marriott Hilton Head Island, SC is open for business

Courtyard Hilton Head Island Open for Business

Situated in the heart of Hilton Head Island on the southern South Carolina coast, the new Courtyard Hilton Head Island (79 Pope Avenue) celebrated its opening Tuesday, March 24th. The newest property to open on the island, the 115-room Courtyard Hilton Head Island is owned by Southeastern Development and managed by LBA Hospitality.

“We’re thrilled to add another exceptional property to our growing South Carolina portfolio,” said Farrah Adams, Chief Operating Officer of LBA Hospitality. “Hilton Head is a globally recognized destination for business and leisure travel, as is the highly respected Courtyard brand. This is a perfect fit.”

The new Courtyard Hilton Head Island offers a sleek, contemporary design with pops of coastal colors such as sunshine yellow and ocean blue. The latest lobby design where guests can enjoy an open and modern environment out of their rooms offers the brand’s newly introduced media pods with free Wi-Fi, power outlets and a flat screen TV. The spacious guestrooms and suites also feature a design that is intuitive and thoughtful, offering flexible, yet comfortable space that enables complete technology engagement. Guests also enjoy free Wi-Fi and Smart TVs streaming Netflix and YouTube TV in-room with access to a 24-hour fitness center. For outdoor space, there’s a spectacular rooftop swimming pool alongside the rooftop bar surrounded by tropical cabanas to soak in the daytime sun and evening sunsets. Guests will enjoy a panoramic view of the island and the Atlantic Ocean from this space and can relax at one of the poolside firepits. The Bistro is currently offering grab-and-go selections for our guests, as well as Starbucks Coffee and cocktails from our bar area. Be assured that we are committed to providing our guests and associates a safe and clean hotel environment. For business meetings and celebrations, the hotel features 960 square feet of space.

With recent events of the pandemic, we are taking all of the necessary precautions to protect the safety and wellbeing of our guests and associates. We are working closely with Marriott Corporate, following the guidelines of the CDC and working with the local and state health officials for our hotel.

The hotel is a short walk to the beach where guests can enjoy a stroll in the sand or a visit to the popular Coligny Beach Park area. Conducting business while you stay with us? We are a quick commute to Lockheed Martin, Sodexho, Flurida, MC, Black Rock, RBC Financial Group and other area businesses. Consistently ranked one of the top islands in the Continental U.S. by Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler magazines, Hilton Head Island is awash in outdoor opportunities. From family beach time, bike explorations and kayaking expeditions to fishing excursions, historical sightseeing and boutique shopping, there’s something for everyone.

For more information and reservations at Courtyard Hilton Head Island, visit http://www.courtyardhiltonheadisland.com or call the hotel direct at (843) 802-2180.

About Southeastern Development
Originated in 1987, Southeastern Development, headquartered in Augusta, GA is a multi-facet development company operating throughout the Southeast for over 30 years. The company develops multi-family, retail, hotel and major residential planned development communities. For information, visit http://www.southeastern.company


About LBA Hospitality

Established in 1973, LBA Hospitality is one of the leading hotel management, development and consulting companies in the U.S. With an extensive portfolio of hotels located in the Southeast and Southwest, the company is a recognized leader developing and operating the most respected brands under franchise licenses of Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide and InterContinental Hotel Group. For more than four decades, LBA Hospitality has continued to set a higher standard in hotel development, management and guest satisfaction, resulting in sustained, profitable growth for owners. For more information, visit http://www.lbahospitality.com.


About Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard is the hotel brand of choice for ambitious and enterprising guests who see business travel as a driver of personal fulfillment and professional growth. Courtyard provides opportunities for guests to pursue both their personal and professional passions on the road. With more than 1,200 locations in over 54 countries and territories, Courtyard is proud to participate in Marriott Bonvoy, the new name of Marriott’s travel program replacing Marriott Rewards®, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®, and Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG). The program offers members an extraordinary portfolio of global brands, experiences on Marriott Bonvoy Moments and unparalleled benefits including earning points toward free hotel stays and nights toward Elite status recognition. To enroll for free or for more information about the program, visit MarriottBonvoy.com. For more information or reservations, visit courtyard.marriott.com, become a fan on Facebook or follow @CourtyardHotels on Twitter and Instagram.

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Andy Gillis appointed Vice President of Sales & General Manager for Anderson & Vreeland Inc.

The appointment of Andy Gillis as Vice President of Sales & General Manager for Anderson & Vreeland Inc., leading manufacturer of flexographic print technologies, equipment and consumables, is announced by Darin Lyon, President & CEO of Anderson & Vreeland Inc.

Andy is joining the Sales Team of Anderson & Vreeland after being a part of the team at Provident as the General Manager.

“During Andy’s time at Provident, it became evident he possessed the ability to build teams, both internally and externally, by leading with compassion, empathy and the genuine care of others. He’s an inclusive leader with a strong vision and desire to compete,” said Darin Lyon. “Andy’s vast experience and relationships across the North America Flexographic printing space will serve him well in this expanded leadership role,” he added.

Prior to being General Manager for Provident, Andy was Senior Sales Engineer in the Printing, Coating and Laminating Group at PCMC, for Narrow web and Wide Web CI presses serving the tag, label and flexible packaging markets.

“I’m excited to expand my responsibilities with A&V and join an already successful team in place,” said Andy Gillis. “Our human capital, world-class portfolio and a never-ending appetite to serve the Flexographic printing industry, has us in a strong position for our customers now and in the future. I’m humbly indebted to this great industry for the experiences I’ve had the last 20+ years and eager to continue serving our valued clients,” he added.


About Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.

Anderson & Vreeland provides flexographic printers with innovative solutions that are tailored to their specific application. We do this by identifying the most effective & advanced technologies in our portfolio, educating our customers on how these products will improve their bottom line, and seamlessly integrate these solutions into our clients business. We are a privately-held company with over 50 years experience providing unrivaled customer service to the flexographic printing industry.

Further information is available on the web at http://www.AndersonVreeland.com.

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The Reell SJ200 Spherical Joint with Patented Multi-Dimension Positioning Technology

Reell launched the SJ300 Spherical Joint in 2018 and it pioneered a new dimension in position control. Featuring Reell's patented SphericalTorq™ clip technology, the SJ300 allowed a single device to provide easy adjustment in multiple directions while holding constantly at any angled position. Now the introduction of the SJ200 Spherical Joint extends that capability to more precise applications.

Like the SJ300, the SJ200 has the ability to adjust up/down, left/right and a full 360 degrees of rotation, which allows a single device to replace multiple positioning components, conserving space and lowering cost. With available holding forces of 0.2 and 0.4 N-m, and a fully qualified life of 50,000 adjustments, the SJ200 is ideal for applications requiring precise, low torque positioning like mobile device docks, tablet stands, small screen positioning, and more.

The SJ200’s durable glass-filled molded nylon housing and black finish present an attractive and stylish appearance. The all-metal shaft, ball, and torque element are manufactured from hardened steel for durable performance.

Founded in 1970, Reell Precision Manufacturing Corporation is a world leader in small-package position control offering a diverse portfolio of position hinges, wrap spring clutches, torque inserts, and precision springs and wire forms.

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As Sales Bottom Out, Restaurants Start Down the Long Road to Recovery

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been devastating for the restaurant industry. April was the first month entirely affected by the stay-at-home guidelines and the results show it. Same-store sales for restaurants dropped by 55% during the month year over year; something unheard of for the industry in many decades. This update comes from Black Box Intelligence™ (formerly TDn2K™) data from over 50,000 restaurant units and billion in annual sales.

Same-store traffic for the month also dropped by 55%, as many consumers saw their daily routines upended, concern for the virus escalated at the national level and income of millions of Americans was hurt by the crisis.

“As bad as the results were in April, the latest Black Box Intelligence data suggests that the worst of the sales decline is behind us and we are now starting the long road towards recovery,” said Victor Fernandez, vice president of insights and knowledge for Black Box Intelligence. “During the last two weeks of March restaurants lost 67% of their sales year over year, but since then the decline in same-store sales improved by 20 percentage points. By the last 2 weeks of April sales decline slowed down to 47% year over year.”

“Obviously, we are still far from an ideal situation for the industry,” added Kelli Valade, CEO and president of Black Box Intelligence, “but the improvement in recent weeks is a testament to the resourcefulness and grit of restaurant operators who adapted and shifted quickly to this new restricted environment and have begun to turn things around.”

Limited-Service Brands Fare Much Better; Fine and Family Dining Hurt the Most
As would be expected, brands that traditionally conduct a significant portion of their business through off-premise sales and have the lowest price points are best positioned to face the current challenges. By the last week of April, quick service same-store sales were down less than 2.0% year over year. Fast casual’s sales were down by 30% by the last week of the month, having recovered by 20 percentage points from where they were by the end of March.

Those brands that rely more on dine-in experiences continue to navigate a much tougher scenario. By the last week of the month, full-service restaurants were still reporting lost sales of 62% year over year. Though much better than the 77% sales drop reported for the end of March, these are still problematic results for these companies.

Within the full-service sector of the industry, fine dining and family dining have been the segments hurt hardest by the pandemic. Their improvement over the last month is much smaller compared with the rest of the industry and they continue to see sales loss in the 75% to 85% range in recent weeks.

Guest Checks Growing Rapidly for Limited-Service Brands
As restaurant operations shifted towards off-premise only and limited service began capturing a bigger percentage of overall restaurant sales in recent weeks, an interesting phenomenon started occurring in relation to average guest check. While spending per guest decreased year over year for full-service brands, surely a reflection of lost beverage sales and probably also the effect of guests skipping pricier items or even reduced menu offerings by restaurants, the opposite has been true for limited-service brands.

In the case of quick service, average check has been growing by almost 20% year over year during the last 2 weeks of April. The growth for fast casual also accelerated significantly at 16% for the same period.

Off-Premise Alcohol Sales Providing Little Lift for Restaurants
So far, allowing restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption has had small positive impact on lost beverage sales in states in which it has been authorized. For example, same-store beverage sales for casual dining in Texas, Nebraska, Arizona, Connecticut and California (states that allow off-premise alcohol sales and were the best performers on alcoholic beverage sales growth) were all within -92% to -94% for the last week of April. Although better than the -98% national change in alcoholic beverage sales for casual dining, this represents only marginal improvement.

Huge Off-Premise Sales Growth Has Not Been Enough
For full-service restaurants, which typically had less than 15% of their sales coming through off-premise, the shift caused by covid-19 has meant massive growth in those channels. As restaurants have been focusing their efforts in expanding their off-premise offerings and consumers have started receiving some aid from stimulus checks and expanded unemployment benefits, combined sales growth in to-go, delivery and drive-thru topped 200% year over year by the end of April. The problem is, even this enormous growth is not enough to offset the huge hit from lost dine-in sales for concepts that were designed with that sit-down experience in mind.

For limited-service brands, it was common for off-premise to represent more than half of their total sales, so sales growth has been much more moderate given the larger base. But even these brands are reporting to-go, delivery and drive-thru sales growing at a pace nearing 25% year over year. This growth has not been able to offset the total decline in sales yet, but in the case of quick service it has lifted the segment to recoup most of the lost revenue.

Regions with Biggest Number of Cases Continue to Be Hardest Hit
The regions with the worst restaurant same-store sales during April continue to be those that have seen the biggest number of covid-19 cases: New York-New Jersey, California, the Western region and New England. Same-store sales were worse than -60% for all of these regions during the month.

The best performing regions based on restaurant sales were the Southeast, Southwest, Mountain Plains and the Midwest. Sales growth was better than -55% year over year for these regions during April.

Reopening Will Be Uneven and Course of the Economy Remains Unclear
The damage to the economy has been significant. Growth declined in the first quarter and is headed for a huge drop in the current period. Estimates range from -20% to a high of -40%. “The unemployment rate remains on target to reach the 20% range,” stated Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economic Advisors and Black Box Intelligence economist. “But businesses are starting to reopen, though slowly and extremely unevenly. There doesn’t seem to be a uniform plan that states and localities are following to determine what should be opened and when. That means the process of reopening the economy will not be smooth and is likely to take many months.”

“There are also two critical factors that we know little about,” continued Naroff. “The first is how consumers and workers will react to having businesses open. Will they be willing to go to stores, restaurants and workplaces? If not, how long and what will it take to get them comfortable again? The second, and maybe even more critical question is what will happen if there is an uptick in new cases and deaths. The extent of any resurgence will determine whether a new lockdown is required. If that happens, the implications are dire as much of what was accomplished by the social distancing and government support programs would be wiped out. Until we have better answers to these questions, the course of the economy after the initial recovery will remain unclear.”    

Looking Ahead – Reopening Dining Rooms
“The data suggests full-service restaurants need dining rooms to reopen if they are to speed up their path to recovery,” said Fernandez. “Even fast casual brands, with almost half of their sales typically coming from dine-in sales, could use the boost from guests being allowed to dine in again. However, there are many questions related to states easing up restrictions. Among them, are restaurants going to reopen immediately if the capacity limitations are severe and are guests going to return immediately?”

Early data from a the newly launched Black Box Intelligence Restaurant Recovery Sales Flash shows that in Texas for Saturday, May 2 (the second day restaurant dining rooms were allowed to reopen in the state but at only 25% capacity), same-store sales for full-service restaurants was -36%, which is almost 30 percentage points better than the decline in sales recorded at the national level for that day.

Additionally, data from Texas and Georgia (both allowing dining rooms to be open in some capacity May 1), revealed that, on average, full-service restaurant operators only opened dining rooms in about 40% of their locations in Texas and 31% of them in Georgia.

Black Box Intelligence™ (formerly TDn2K) is the leading data and insights provider of workforce, guest, consumer and financial performance benchmarks for the hospitality industry. The Black Box Intelligence product suite is the industry standard for operators seeking to achieve best-in-class performance results. With the largest and most reliable set of real restaurant data in the marketplace, Black Box Intelligence currently tracks and analyzes more than 300 companies, over 2.8 million employees, over 50,000 restaurant units and billion in annual sales revenue. Black Box Intelligence is also the producer of the Global Best Practices Conference held annually in Dallas, Texas.

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Appointment Scheduling Plays Critical Role as Easing Begins

The process of easing state-mandated closures has begun. The majority of states have announced plans to reopen parts of their economies. But even as these barriers are being lifted, many businesses have decided to hold off on reopening. They’re worried about creating an environment in which more people could get sick. However, other companies have decided to move forward on restarting their businesses.

As these firms begin the arduous process of reopening, they’re facing some unique challenges. Due to social distancing and social gathering directives, it’s anything but business as usual. Indeed, businesses – both big and small – will not be able to swing their doors open and invite in the masses. Pandemic-related safety measures are still in place and must be upheld.

As a result, businesses are grappling with how to open but in a limited fashion. To solve this problem, many have turned to online appointment scheduling.

Juan Arias, executive director at Mathnasium of NE Seattle, started using AppointmentPlus recently to control the flow of students at his tutoring center. He noted, “Customers adapted quickly to booking their own appointments. It has allowed us to focus on other areas of the business.”

AppointmentPlus has experienced a jump in the number of businesses using the system to help in the process of reopening. The system is well-designed for this need by offering native features such as limiting the number of customers who can book appointments and spacing out available appointment times.

Bob La Loggia, AppointmentPlus CEO, said, “Businesses are finding it harder than they thought to get going again. Opening in a partial manner is not as easy as it seems. We’re happy that we can solve some of their problems through our platform.”

AppointmentPlus™ is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Its online appointment scheduling system is used by both small businesses and some of the largest corporations in the world. Over a half a billion appointments have been booked through the system since inception. To learn more about AppointmentPlus, click here.

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(W)right On Communications further strengthens digital marketing and PR capabilities with two new hires

San Diego public relations agency, (W)right On Communications, welcomes new digital design and hospitality and tourism talent to its team with the recent hiring of Senior Visual Strategist Rick Tinney and Communications Strategist Licia Walsworth.

Tinney brings nearly 20 years of experience in graphic design and digital marketing in addition to his industry expertise which will assist the agency’s technology public relations and healthcare and life sciences public relations practices.

Prior to joining (W)right On Communications, Tinney was Digital Marketing Manager for Tealium where he served for six years leading graphic and identity design, branding direction, video production, web design and management, UI/UX design, analytics and front-end development.

Walsworth also brings over 20 years of progressive communications, sales and hospitality experience to (W)right On. A natural leader and gifted program manager, Walsworth was awarded Manager of the Year in 2016 and the Cultural Warrior Award in 2018 in her previous director role with Omni Hotels and Resorts. She has worked with major convention properties and global brands as well as beachfront destination properties and contributes substantially to the agency’s hospitality public relations programs.

Prior to her significant hospitality industry experience, Walsworth spent six years at Timex Group USA where she led marketing, advertising and merchandising for all Timex retail stores. Walsworth also developed learning systems for in-store staff as well as conceiving and implementing a customer service brand training tool resulting in increased sales.

“Rick and Licia are wonderful additions to our agency family,” says Julie Wright, president and founder of (W)right On Communications. “Apart from being great teammates, they each bring deep technical skills and industry knowledge that will add even more value for our clients.”


About (W)right On Communications, Inc.

Founded in 1998 with client partners coast to coast, (W)right On Communications is an award-winning integrated strategic communications firm with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and Vancouver, B.C. With a mission to elevate the agency experience for its client partners, employees and the industry plus a focus on creative and measurable results, (W)right On Communications serves organizations in complex and unpredictable business environments working with business innovators, hospitality and tourism leaders and the not-for-profit and public sector. For more, see http://www.wrightoncomm.com.

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PunchOut2Go Sponsors Charlottesville Women in Tech/Tech Girls (CWIT)

PunchOut2Go, the Charlottesville-based cloud B2B eCommerce integration provider, today announced its sponsorship of Charlottesville Women in Tech/Tech Girls (CWIT). CWIT supports, connects, and provides resources for girls and women with an interest in careers in technology, science, and engineering.

As a CWIT Silver Sponsor, PunchOut2Go will provide funds to support key activities for emerging and established professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers, including CWIT's Tech Girls programs, summer programs, and associated events.

PunchOut2Go is a global cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provider. PunchOut2Go creates integration and automation solutions to facilitate streamlined B2B procurement. The PunchOut2Go iPaaS allows any eCommerce store to integrate with any eProcurement platform, enabling automation features that include PunchOut catalogs, B2B sales order automation, eInvoicing, and eQuotes.

"PunchOut2Go is proud to support CWIT in its mission to help girls and women to overcome the gender disparity in the technology industry," said PunchOut2Go CEO and Co-Founder Brady Behrman. "As a Charlottesville technology company, we're committed to ensuring that local women and girls are empowered to pursue careers in the field. CWIT is a wonderful organization doing important work to support girls and women by providing valuable training and mentoring."

"We are thrilled to be working with PunchOut2Go,” says Elaine Cheng, CWIT’s Sponsorship Director. “They share our commitment to building our local tech community and the need to have more women in technology careers. PunchOut2Go's support means we can continue to provide valuable events, networking, programs and education to the Charlottesville community at little to no cost. We look forward to a long relationship."

Charlottesville Women in Tech/Tech Girls (CWIT) is an organization for emerging and established professionals that provides human connections and resources for women and girls interested in or associated with technology. CWIT is committed to closing the technology gender gap by providing a safe and welcoming environment for women and girls to connect, learn and collaborate in Charlottesville. supporting girls and women with programs and learning opportunities.

Sponsorship from PunchOut2Go will help CWIT to continue its efforts to expand resources for women in technology and support girls and women through their education and into their careers in the tech industry.

About PunchOut2Go:

PunchOut2Go is a global B2B integration company specializing in connecting commerce business platforms with eProcurement spend management and enterprise resource planning applications, allowing companies around the world to streamline purchasing processes and transact electronically. Harnessing the power of the cloud, PunchOut2Go’s flexible iPaaS technology seamlessly links business applications to automate the flow of purchasing data and reduces integration complexities for PunchOut catalogs, electronic purchase orders, eInvoices, and other B2B sales order automation documents in order to accelerate business results. Learn more at http://www.punchout2go.com.

About Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWIT):

Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWIT) is an organization for emerging and established professionals that provides human connections and resources for women and girls interested in or associated with technology. Our vision is to bridge the gender gap in tech by providing a safe and welcoming environment for women and girls to connect, learn and collaborate in Charlottesville. We host monthly meetings that include speakers on tech topics and allow for networking with other local women. Events are free and open to all women in our community. Through our Tech-Girls program, we collaborate with volunteers and organizations to run programs focused on fostering girls' interest and confidence in STEM education. Learn more at http://www.cvillewomen.tech.

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Meurer Research Inc. Relaunches New Interactive Website

Meurer Research Inc. is pleased to announce the relaunch of its newly designed website. The site was designed with a modern look and content that flows smoothly from one page to another, providing an overall superior user experience. It is now also mobile optimized to engage the user when viewing from a cell phone or tablet.

“Our new website is based on the importance of having a customer-friendly platform to effectively communicate about our cutting-edge technologies,” said Brian Frewerd, Director of Marketing and Portfolio Management. “We strive to be innovative in multiple facets of our business and this is one way of doing so.”

The initiative to redesign the website stems from earlier objectives created by MRI’s parent company, Parkson Corporation, to continue investing in the future by building upon the customer experience and advancing product development. Earlier this year, Parkson also debuted a new interactive website with features that make for an easy user experience.

New features of the MRI website include the following and more:

  • Parts & Services - A new "Parts & Services" section includes information on aftermarket parts available for purchase and services such as maintenance, installation, service contracts, pilot testing and laboratory testing.
  • Product Pages - All technologies are organized by function (clarification, solids removal, etc.). Additionally, each product page flows smoothly with a summary of function, features and benefits, a video / image gallery, and a literature section.
  • Videos / Literature - Pages dedicated solely to videos and literature are easily accessible on the top menu of the website. This includes a mix of content which can be effortlessly filtered through.
  • Contact Form - The "Contact Us" page includes a new contact form, making it quick and simple to request information based on area of interest.

We encourage you to explore the new website at http://www.meurerresearch.com. For any additional information, please contact Lydia Ebert at marketingfl@parkson.com.

About Meurer Research, Inc.:

Meurer Research, Inc. engineers and manufactures advanced water and wastewater treatment equipment to solve complex issues facing treatment facilities worldwide. Our products include MRI Inclined Plate Settlers, Hoseless Cable-Vac™ and Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collectors, flocculation systems, mixers, baffles, pilot systems, and package systems. MRI holds over 50 patents and has worked on over 5,000 installations cleaning more than 5 billion gallons of water each day. Based out of Golden, CO, MRI was founded in 1978 and acquired by Parkson Corporation in 2017.

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The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) to Hold “DevOps & Agile: Doing them Right” Virtual Panel Discussion for Financial Technology and Business Professionals

The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®), a not-for-profit organization that provides financial technology and business professionals a forum to learn from and connect with each other, will host a virtual panel discussion on “DevOps & Agile: Doing them Right” on May 5, 2020. Panelists include representatives from financial services and Panel Sponsors: Nutanix and OutSystems. Johna Till Johnson, CEO and Founder, Nemertes Research will provide industry perspectives and moderate the discussion. For more information, please visit: https://www.wsta.org/events/event/devops-and-agile-doing-them-right/

“Implementing DevOps and Agile can improve agility, reduce costs, enhance cybersecurity, and delight customers—but only if you do them correctly,” says Johna Till Johnson, CEO of Nemertes Research and WSTA Content Committee Chair. “The key is to know what ‘correctly’ means in terms of practices and strategies.”

Panel Discussion Overview
The move to DevOps and Agile software development processes is over a decade old, and companies have reaped much-publicized real-world benefits from the transition.

However, there have also been some less-publicized disasters.

Companies have moved so quickly that they’ve inadvertently opened up gaping cybersecurity vulnerabilities or failed to maintain control over the challenges posed by complexity, geographic sprawl, or lack of global knowledge.

This panel session includes seasoned veterans of the DevOps world, both users and technology providers. We’ll discuss:

  • Technology evolution and futures. Which DevOps tools and technologies have become obsolete? Which are emerging? And how should practitioners choose among them?
  • Cybersecurity best practices and DevSecOps. How do we keep initiatives both agile and secure?
  • DevOps, the cloud, and enterprise infrastructure. Most organizations have moved to cloud-first DevOps development. But how does that affect enterprise infrastructure? What should practitioners think about when it comes to infrastructure for DevOps, including networking, computational, and storage resources?
  • Best practices and lessons learned. What does our team of experts wish they’d known when they started? What best practices do they recommend our WSTA peers follow as they proceed along the DevOps journey?


About the Wall Street Technology Association
The WSTA facilitates virtual and in-person educational and networking events where members meet and exchange ideas and best practices that assist them in effectively capitalizing on technology advances in areas such as Cybersecurity, Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Management, Cloud, Blockchain, Digital, Architecture, etc. and dealing with financial industry business challenges. Founded in 1967, the WSTA is a not-for-profit association with a long history of evolving to meet the needs of its members.

The WSTA hosts virtual and in-person seminars, roundtables, panel discussions, and social events. These events offer many opportunities to keep informed about leading technologies, as well as network and share information with industry colleagues. The WSTA’s educational Digital News provides additional content and information about the WSTA and industry-related activities. The website is a dynamic resource for keeping on top of the latest information and offers access to additional resources including webinars, white papers, blogs, videos, and information about other industry events.

Nemertes Research is a global research-based advisory and consulting firm that analyzes the business value of emerging technologies. Since 2002, we have provided strategic recommendations based on data-driven operational and business metrics to help organizations deliver successful technology transformation to employees and customers. Simply put: Nemertes’ better data helps clients make better decisions. http://www.nemertes.com

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Propeller Furthers Commitment to People, Experience Design Practice

Employee experience – an essential component of experience design – is a useful framing for the moment we are all going through together. It helps us account for the ‘human’ element in strategies to maintain business continuity, build employee trust, and emerge from this challenging time even stronger. For businesses managing remote workforces, the importance of employee mental health and their ability to be productive in work-from-home environments form the core of many strategies. While essential workers may not have the privilege to stay home, companies need to think intentionally about the physical, cultural, and technological environments their employees interact with in the workplace. Companies are balancing many variables as they pivot to adjust to the new normal.

Prior to COVID-19, Portland-based consulting firm Propeller and its experience design practice aimed to help clients optimize touchpoints along the customer journey throughout the buying process, particularly in the retail industry. Propeller has since pivoted the focus of its experience design practice to helping businesses adapt strategies to unlock innovation through human-centered design, align people, processes, and technologies, and manage experiences through measurement and customer insights. Its focus extends beyond just the end customer to include employees and other stakeholders, understanding the symbiotic relationship between front-line employees, and the customers they interact with.

To lead the charge in the firm’s emerging efforts, Propeller has promoted Trace Wallace from Practice Lead to Practice Director, furthering its commitment to people and honoring great work, even in the midst of the current pandemic and economic downturn.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Trace to our leadership team — a direct result of his outward display of personal values that exemplify Propeller as a firm,” said Propeller Co-founder and CEO, Amy Weeden.

In his former role as a practice lead, Wallace was instrumental in designing what the firm’s experience design practice is today.

“Trace took initiative to fully articulate the business case for a net new practice area,” added Weeden. “He took ownership of the plan, embraced grit, and brought persistent energy to move the practice forward through ambiguous challenges, ultimately solidifying a new practice for the firm. Despite the current economic environment, we reward our people who consistently exemplify those values and do good work. I have all the confidence that Trace will continue to drive thought leadership in the realm of experience design, and develop roadmaps for the future to help companies navigate the experiences of the new normal.”

In his role as Practice Director, Wallace is prioritizing the development of strategies and best practices to help clients adapt to evolving realities in the coming months. This includes fostering personal, emotionally-resonant exchanges between employer and employee that lead to higher levels of engagement, productivity, and longevity.

“Propeller’s experience design practice is a logical extension of Propeller, not just for the people-first focus we have here, but also the execution expertise we have at the firm,” says Wallace. “We leverage the strategy aspect of this practice and follow through to implementation of those strategies, especially in this time when companies need to stay nimble and move fast.”

A good example of acting nimble during this time is the work Wallace and his team is undertaking to design return to work plans to guide organizations through the gradual process of bringing their employees back to the office, as insights from the stay at home orders across the U.S. begin to take shape. According to Wallace, a successful return to work plan in the new normal includes rethinking the traditional ‘bodies-in-seats’ mentality that many have grown accustomed to.

“The challenge to us all is to return better and more resilient,” adds Wallace. “We’ll get further by putting people at the center of that design process.”


About Propeller:

Propeller is a nationally recognized consulting firm that helps clients bring simpler, more efficient solutions to their business challenges. Propeller consultants work alongside client teams to deliver project management, business consulting and change management results that help them nimbly negotiate rapidly evolving business demands. Propeller has offices in Portland, Oregon; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California; and Silicon Valley. For more information, visit http://www.propellerconsulting.com.

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KUDO Introduces Managed Private Cloud for secure and scalable multilingual web conferencing solutions

KUDO Inc., the leading Language-as-a-Service platform for online meetings, has introduced a new and fully secure solution with dedicated cloud infrastructure in support of multilingual online meetings.

KUDO’s Managed Private Cloud (KMPC) has the security and privacy of meetings as its core concern and is designed to meet the most stringent requirements for enterprises, organizations, and government agencies. KMPC infrastructure is monitored 24 hours per day, seven days of the week, to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and availability for the client and their meeting data. All data in the platform – in transit or at rest - is encrypted using the latest and most secure encryption algorithm (AES-128 and AES-256), using the client's own encryption key. This will ensure end-to-end encryption (E2EE), dedicated SSL, IP Whitelisting, and regional cloud infrastructure based on the client's compliance needs. We currently support USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia as optimized regions for servers, media, and storage. KUDO platform is compliant with GDPR.

“KUDO started as a SaaS product back in 2018”, says Parham Akhavan, CTO and co-founder of KUDO. “But we soon realized the need for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for a select number of high-profile clients is paramount and we invested in product and engineering to make it possible.”, he adds.

KUDO promises clients a smooth deployment of this new infrastructure, in full compliance with relevant internal policies and a variety of services such as DNS coordination, configuration, subdomain or domain alias, SSL import, and more.

Fardad Zabetian, CEO and co-founder of KUDO says the company is investing time and resources in streamlining this process, due to increased demand. “Our engineering team can design, deploy, and deliver KUDO’s Managed Private Cloud to any client in under two weeks.”

KUDO still offers its SaaS-based multilingual web conferencing solution on a global scale with high security with end-to-end encryption.

About KUDO

KUDO is a cloud-based collaboration platform that enables web meetings and live conferences with real-time multilingual language interpretation. KUDO supports effective and inclusive meetings by allowing people and businesses to overcome communication barriers and speak their own language. Accessible from anywhere, on any device, KUDO redefines possibilities in global communication. KUDO, Inc. is a New-York based technology startup founded and managed by language and conferencing industry insiders looking to bring people together. More info at http://www.kudoway.com

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Potential Therapeutic Drugs discovered for COVID-19 by Dallas Startups BitCare and Lynxbio

April 30th, 2020: BitCare Technologies Inc. (BitCare), a Dallas, TX-based Biotech startup, has been working on various solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic with the recent launch of RT-PCR Lab tests and Rapid IgM/IgG Antibody Tests and has been working on potential solutions for therapeutic drugs for COVID-19.

"It has been one of the most challenging times of our lifetime; we at BitCare and our partners have been working on several solutions to fight the Coronavirus outbreak." Ric S. Kolluri, CEO of BitCare, adds, "I'm thrilled to see that the computer models have shown great success in our findings for a potential Therapeutic Drug to fight the COVID-19."

Since the onset of the COVID-19 infections is relatively recent, drugs have not been engineered to combat the illness. BitCare has been working with its research and development (R&D) partner Lynxbioscience LLC (Lynxbio), a Dallas, TX-based biopharma company and contract research organization (CRO) that provides drug discovery, drug development, and drug lifecycle management services. Hence, all efforts at BitCare and Lynxbio are directed to "repurpose" existing FDA approved drugs to find the appropriate prescription or cocktail that can help cure SARS-CoV-2 infections.

Dr. Siva Yadavalli, Chief Scientist of BitCare and CEO of Lynxbio, says, "Using the help of AI-based computer-aided models, we have identified potential drugs that are repurposed against protease targets encoded by the SARS-CoV-2 genome. These drugs belong to diverse therapeutic areas such as antiviral, antibacterial agents and have shown clinical evidence for treating respiratory disease in humans previously. Also,our team is working on novel therapeutic uses of Fullerenes and Fullerene derivatives for their potential applications in mitigating SARS-CoV-2."

Our R&D partner Lynxbio has conducted virtual screening from their highest potential and clinically evidence-based 35 FDA approved drugs from their library, and found five lead molecules that have the potential to bind proteases of SARS-CoV-2 with high affinity. Jags Porandla, COO of Bitcare, says, "This discovery is not only innovative but also revolutionary that can help in flattening the curve of the novel coronavirus cases around the world."


Lynxbio plans to make the findings openly available to experimental biologists and biomedical researchers, to investigate the findings in experimental setups, and for the clinicians to evaluate the potential of these findings for anti-COVID-19 treatment. Dr. Siva Yadavalli says, "The team is further conducting final validations in collaboration with academic researchers and hopeful that our computational findings with further validation will provide a cost-and-time-effective framework for rapid treatment trials towards an effective COVID-19 therapy."

 BitCare & Lynxbio, through its partnership, decided to file a utility patent on these discovered potential Therapeutic Drugs.

 For more information, visit BitCare

1.About BitCare

BitCare Technologies, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based Biotech startup offering COVID-19 (RT-PCR Lab and Rapid IgM/IgG Antibody test and PPE) services and AI-based precision health and wellness services through at-home DNA & Allergy testing. DNA products offer personalized insights based on a person’s DNA on Health, Diet, Exercise, Sport, Estrogen, Addiction, Behavior, and also provides some advanced DNA tests in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Dementia. All tests are simple to use at-home tests with a simple 20-second cheek swab; with free shipping. Also, BitCare offers Allergy, Intolerance, and Sensitivity testing, which analyzes up to 800 food and non-food items. All the tests are accessible through a secure BitCare’s platform.

2.About Lynxbioscience

Lynxbioscience LLC is a Dallas, Texas-based bio-pharmaceuticals and outsourcing company (Contract Research Organization-CRO), conducts research in drug development with “OMICS '' technologies. Lynxbioscience has leading scientific experts, state-of-the-art technologies as well as critical therapeutic expertise in the areas of neuroscience, oncology, diabetes, pain, inflammation, infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, fibrosis, and rare diseases. Lynxbioscience is the first biotech company in the Texas region that offers comprehensive next-generation omics technologies services for novel and repurposed drug research to diversified groups such as pharmaceuticals, academic, and biotechnology clients. Lynxbioscience intends leveraging the expertise, comprehensive knowledge-based infrastructure in multi-disciplinary therapeutic areas in a systematic and unbiased manner with “OMICS'' technologies.

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TD Madison Leads Successful Executive Recruitment Search for Midco Vice President of Technology

TD Madison, executive recruitment provider to the cable and broadband industry, congratulates Eyabane Patasse on his new position as Vice President of Technology at Midco, the Midwest's leading provider of network and technology services.

"It is a great honor to join the prestigious Midco team. The culture of excellence and commitment to client success played a key role in my decision," said Patasse. "TD Madison's experience and industry knowledge made this match possible. From first contact through on-boarding, the communication and support from both TD Madison and Midco have exceeded my expectations!”

TD Madison led the executive search and recruitment program, identifying Patasse as the standout candidate amidst intense competition for a leadership role that will influence the future of cable and broadband in five states. Midco serves more than 385,000 residences and businesses in urban and rural locations across Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

"We're excited to welcome Eyabane to Midco, bringing his enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge and experience to our technology team," said Jonathan Pederson, CTO for Midco. "Eyabane will play a key role in the planning and execution of our progressive 10G strategy and home networking initiatives and will enable the rapid and thoughtful adoption of new technology-based products that will be essential to connect our customers to the future. TD Madison & Associates was instrumental in the search and recruitment of Midco's VP of Technology and the alignment of candidate capabilities and characteristics to our goals and culture. As Midco moves forward and continues to build our talented team, we hope to be able to call upon our great experience with Dean Madison."

As Vice President of Technology, Eyabane Patasse joins Midco's Executive Leadership Team. In collaboration with the senior leadership team, product teams and IT leadership, Eyabane Patasse will develop and implement Midco's new and emerging technology strategy, with responsibility for the integration and adoption of technologies that further the company's strategic, organizational, financial and customer service aims.

"We're thrilled to have connected Midco with a candidate of Eyabane Patasse's caliber and to offer Eyabane our congratulations as he begins his new role. He brings immense experience in leadership and innovation in fields that span wired and wireless networking, IoT and the smart city, and solution development for enterprise and municipal organizations," said Dean Madison, CEO of TD Madison.

Before joining Midco, Patasse was the Director of Wireless Innovation at Spectrum Mobile where he led OSS/BSS architecture and integration efforts for legacy and emerging platforms, conducted wireless technology strategic solutions trials and built a partner ecosystem focused on strategic business models and vertical specifications. Before becoming Director of Wireless, Patasse held other leadership roles at Spectrum, including Director of Enterprise Product Development, building on his earlier experience in engineering and management roles at iCore Networks and Genband (now part of Cisco).

TD Madison is a life-cycle executive recruitment agency working with clients in the cable and broadband industry. With its unique seven-step recruitment process, TD Madison has placed senior executives in leadership roles across the U.S. with a focus on the strategic recruitment of executives with unmatched technical expertise and leadership excellence. TD Madison's combination of industry knowledge and evidence-based assessments helps clients like Midco to identify and recruit the ideal candidate for C-suite, VP, and Director-level positions.

About TD Madison

TD Madison and Associates works with clients across the cable and broadband industry, providing executive recruitment, training, and staff augmentation to businesses ranging from emerging growth firms to Fortune 500 companies. With over three decades of experience, TD Madison finds exceptional leaders for exceptional companies. To learn more, visit: http://www.tdmadison.com

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Monster Tree Service Awards Territory in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Monster Tree Service, the nation’s first and fastest-growing tree service franchise, is expanding in Maryland. Recently featured by SUCCESS magazineThrive Global, and Franchise Times, the Monster Tree Service franchise continues to build on its rapid three-year franchise system growth.

Business entrepreneur Jeff Friedman has purchased the rights to a Monster Tree Service territory in Anne Arundel County, covering Severna Park, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Elkridge and surrounding areas. Friedman officially launched his business in March, and his experienced crew is already enjoying a steady stream of satisfied customers.

Friedman is a U.S. Army veteran who first came to Maryland in 2007. He was stationed at Fort Meade and immediately fell in love with the area. After leaving the army, Friedman went to work for the Department of Defense, and even though his career took him as far away as Hawaii, he was anxious to return and now considers Maryland his home.

While in the Army, Friedman trained in the field of information technology. He continued building on his IT experience at the Department of Defense. And when it came time to make the decision about the next step in his career, Friedman’s IT experience led him to Monster Tree Service.

“When I was first introduced to Monster, I was immediately drawn to their data analytics system,” said Friedman. “Their customer relationship management system creates leads, accurate quotes, work orders, tracks how long crews have been on a job and more. It’s an incredible tool that monitors the health of the business.”

Josh Skolnick, CEO and Founder of Monster Tree Service, is confident Friedman will be an excellent asset to the Monster Tree Service franchise.

“Jeff is a perfect fit for the Monster Tree Service franchise opportunity,” says Skolnick. “He has a good head for business and a great understanding of the needs of his community. I am confident he can handle any challenge that comes his way and will thrive as the newest member of the Monster family. We are glad to have Jeff on our team.”

Monster Tree Service is the only franchise tree company capitalizing on the under-served billion tree service industry. Monster Tree Service has achieved consistent year-over-year, 5 percent growth since 2009, resulting in a + million business. Because it’s a high-upside opportunity, and a recession-proof business, Monster Tree Service expects to achieve 0 million in sales by 2021.

“With the support of Monster’s national recruiting efforts, we’ve assembled a great team,” said Friedman. “Each member of the crew has 10 years or more of experience in the industry. We’re very proud to offer the community our wide array of services, including tree trimming and pruning, shrubbery and hedge thinning, landscape clearing and more.”

For more information about Monster Tree Service, please visit http://www.whymonster.com/.

For more information about Monster Tree Service franchise opportunities, please visit http://www.monsterfranchising.com/.

To learn more about CEO Josh Skolnick’s vision for Monster Tree Service, please visit https://www.monsterfranchising.com/vision-story.


About Monster Tree Service

Founded in 2008 in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, by Founder and CEO Josh Skolnick, Monster Tree Service is the nation’s first and fastest-growing franchise brand serving the billion tree care industry. Over the past decade, Skolnick has aggressively built Monster Tree Service into a thriving national franchise system, working day and night to build the company into a multi-million-dollar business with more than 62 franchise partners and 166 territories sold in 28 states.

With dozens of fantastic franchise partners doing great work in their respective communities, Monster Tree Service expects to exceed million in systemwide revenue in 2019. Each Monster Tree Service franchised outlet offers full-scale tree pruning and removal services, including tree pruning and trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, shrub maintenance, emergency services, plant health care, and various secondary services.

Monster Tree Service franchise owners possess high levels of business acumen and business-building skills that bring a rare level of professionalism to the tree care industry. Fully invested in this industry — both personally and professionally — Monster Tree Service owners provide wonderful opportunities to other professionals who have a shared vision of continuing to legitimize the tree care industry as a skilled trade. These industry professionals will have the tools, training, and respect to excel in providing unparalleled service to their clients and Make the World a More Beautiful Place, One Tree at a Time™.

Monster Tree Service is committed to educating all customers on the natural conditions, diseases and infestations that impact the health of their plants/trees and treating all issues with an environmentally friendly, “Do Not Harm” approach. It’s all part of the Monster Tree Service vision to partner with homeowners across the country to make their trees healthy, strong, and vital.

For more information about Monster Tree Service, please visit 


For more information about Monster Tree Service franchise opportunities, please visit http://www.monsterfranchising.com/.

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Go Answer Transitions 75% of Workforce into Remote Work Environment

Go Answer, a leading provider of 24/7 contact center solutions announced today that it has successfully transitioned over 75% of its operations to a secure, remote work environment.

These additional measures and precautions ensure that employees can work virtually while continuing to provide exceptional support to the clients who need them during the current coronavirus pandemic, and in the event additional situations arise.

“After weeks of testing, we are thrilled to report that these arrangements have proven effective. We’re committed to maximizing the safety of our team members, keeping jobs protected and ensuring continuity of business,” said Adam Alovis, CEO of Go Answer. “Our technology has enabled us to remain operational in a fully virtual environment. But as flexible as our technology is, it is the unprecedented coordinated effort within the organization which allowed us to expedite this transition so successfully throughout a fluid situation.”

Known for its ability to provide award-winning 24/7 live answering services, custom contact center solutions, and live chat for companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to small businesses. This conversion to a virtual infrastructure was paramount for the company to continue providing uninterrupted service to its portfolio of law firms, property managers, ecommerce, medical, and home servicing companies.

Go Answer secured virtual workstations as early as February in anticipation of a partial or total need to virtualize operations. Technology allowed for a swift and relatively easy transition, but the true stars have been the agents and leadership teams. Their ability to seamlessly adapt to remote work has allowed Go Answer to continue providing superior customer support with little to no disruption to service levels.

For more information on Go Answer, please visit the company’s website or follow them on Facebook.

About Go Answer

Go Answer is a leading provider of 24/7 bilingual contact center solutions servicing thousands of businesses across North America. Go Answer is headquartered in Garden City, New York., with additional state-of-the-art centers in South Florida and Saint Lucia. Fueled with a mission to empower clients to scale quickly with live agents, coupled with a strong foundation of cutting-edge proprietary technology has positioned Go Answer as the preferred outsourced solution in the United States.

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TrustRadius Announces Top Rated Software Across 50 Categories, Including Accounting and Budgeting, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and E-commerce.

TrustRadius, the most trusted customer voice, and insights platform, today awarded 2020 Top Rated Badges in 50 categories spanning business, data, and people software. Top Rated awards bring transparency to the market by choosing winners based on validated customer ratings and reviews.

Top Rated awards are unique in the software industry because they're determined by the innovative trScore algorithm in addition to the recency and relevancy of reviews. These three criteria make the Top Rated awards a true voice of the market.

The 46 categories with winners announced today are Accounting & Budgeting Software, Applicant Tracking Appointment Scheduling Systems (ATS), Business Intelligence (BI) Tools, Business Process, Management (BPM) Tools, Call Center Workforce Optimization, Collaboration Tools, Community Platforms, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Construction Software, Contact Center Software, Corporate Learning Management Systems, Construction Software, Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software, Customer Success Software, Data Science, Data Discovery and Visualization, Diagramming, Document Management, Ecommerce Platforms, Electronic Signature, Employee Performance Management, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, Expense Management, HR Management Software, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Nonprofit CRM Software, Nonprofit Fundraising, Office Suites, Operating Systems, Payment Gateway, Payroll Software, Point of Sale, Procurement, Project Management Software, Project Portfolio Management, Prototyping, Student Management, Recurring Billing, Talent Management Software, Tax Compliance, Time Tracking Software, Video Conferencing, Website Hosting, Workforce Analytics, and Workforce Management Software.

“Reviews are now a critical way to connect with business technology buyers,” said TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat. “Demand generation depends on reaching in-market buyers, and review sites are the best way to reach them as well as providing targeted intent signals. Reputation management is also important as analysts lose influence to review sites. Our Top Rated program gives customer-powered vendors the recognition they deserve and help technology buyers make important choices more easily.”

TrustRadius will issue Top Rated awards in future categories on May 20th, and June 24th of this year and extend the awards program throughout 2020 in order to cover TrustRadius’ ever-expanding taxonomy of product categories and functionality.


About TrustRadius

TrustRadius is the customer voice and insights platform that helps tech buyers make great decisions and helps technology vendors acquire and retain great customers. Each month, over half a million B2B technology buyers use over 222,000 verified reviews and ratings on TrustRadius.com to make informed purchasing decisions. Headquartered in Austin, TX, TrustRadius was founded by successful entrepreneurs and is backed by Next Coast Ventures, Mayfield Fund, and LiveOak Venture Partners.

For more information, visit http://www.trustradius.com.

Russ Somers, 512-961-7777

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Institutional Investor Unveils 2020 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings

(TOKYO, April 16, 2020) – Today, Institutional Investor Research announced results of their 8th Annual All-Japan Executive Team survey, revealing Japan’s leading CEOs, CFOs, Investor Relations Officers, and Investor Relations programs that best uphold corporate governance standards and facilitate investment into their company. A total of 99 companies attained a published position in the categories listed above to become an Honored company, and 61 of those companies were granted the coveted Most Honored Company recognition by ranking in 2 or more of these categories. 

Results highlights 

A joint achievement this year as four companies across four different sectors attain the same highest weighted score across the 99 Honored companies. The winning sectors covered Beverages, Food & Tobacco, Electronics/Components, Electronics/Consumer and Electronics/Industrials (including Semiconductors). All four of the Most Honored Companies also attained first position in the ESG category.

New entrant Aisin Seiki Co. entered the Auto Parts sector for the first time emerging number One. In the Construction sector, the Honored Companies were completely different from last year’s, whilst in the Chemicals sector, Nissan Chemical jumped to 1st place with almost double the points of the number two. In the hotly contested sector Electronics/Industrial, Hitachi climbed to number one from number two last year, underscoring their increased efforts in investor engagement.

As the competition for capital intensifies, corporates are finding it increasingly more difficult to get investors’ attention. This, coupled with the changing corporate access landscape and relationships between the buy-side, sell-side and corporates; corporates are finding investor engagement becoming more competitive. Nonetheless, 349 investors and portfolio managers and analysts from 189 voter firms participated in this survey, nominating a total of 490 companies across 24 sectors.

For the first time, to calibrate the CEO score, we asked questions on their credibility, leadership and quality of communication. To determine the best CFO, we added the scores given to the CFO’s ability in capital allocation, financial stewardship and quality of communication. In awarding companies the best IR Programs, investors assessed based on 3 broad categories of disclosure, ESG and overall services & communications.

“The current investor environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Companies need to be agile to adjust to the new landscape and this includes not only to respond to the increasingly challenging business environment but also to position themselves well to tap into the capital markets, should they need to. In engaging with investors, many have turned to online platforms or conference calls, this means reaction of your audience is more difficult to gauge. Your messages need to be clear, concise and ask for feedback more often,” said Cara Eio, Head of Asia Pacific, Institutional Investor Research. 

The 2020 All-Japan Executive Team Most Honored Companies* List 

*A business that earns a top-three position in one of the four categories — Best CEO, Best CFO, Best IR Professional and Best IR Company — is deemed an Honored Company. To earn the designation of Most Honored Company, it must achieve two or more top-three appearances; rank is determined by weighted score wherein each first-place position is worth three points; second place, two; and third place, one. Most Honored Companies are listed above Honored Companies regardless of score. When a tie exists in the weighted score, companies are ordered according to the number of ranked positions they receive in their industry sectors.

To view the 2020 All-Japan Executive Team Most Honored Companies List, click https://www.institutionalinvestor.com/research/9956/Honored-Companies

Complete results can be found at www.institutionalinvestor.com/research. 

To share your winning position in the 2020 All-Japan Research Team ranking in your website content, advertisements, communications and marketing collateral, please contact marketing@iiresearch.com

About Institutional Investor Research

Institutional Investor Research provides independent sell-side and corporate performance research and rankings and aims to be the first-choice and independent validation source of qualitative market intelligence for all three sides of the investment community. Institutional Investor Research has a global presence, spanning Europe, All-Asia, the US and Latin America.

For more information contact Michael Clemons, Japan Rep, II Research, at +81 050 5532 1664 or michael.clemons@institutionalinvestor.com


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Bravo Pawn Systems and BLUEDOG Announce Partnership & Launch New Integrated Credit Card Payment Solution

Bravo Pawn Systems, the leading point-of-sale software platform for pawnbrokers, and BLUEDOG, an industry-leading payment solution provider for merchants, today announce a strategic partnership.

The new partnership promises ease of use, increased efficiencies and enhanced employee and customer experiences with respect to collecting, processing and reconciling in-store credit card payments. A key highlight of the partnership is the integration between in-store terminals and Bravo platforms — customers will no longer need to manually enter data into the terminal and then re-enter information into their Bravo platforms.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with BLUEDOG” says Tally Mack, CEO at Bravo. “It was clear from our earliest conversations that BLUEDOG was determined to meet a growing market demand — the need for a secure, reliable solution that gives merchants an effective way to quickly and securely process credit card payments in-store through their point of sale, ecommerce and mobile platforms. The alignment between our companies’ visions to enable business owners to run their business efficiently and profitably, while delivering exceptional customer experience make working together a natural and exciting step.”

Bottom-line Benefits of the Bravo & BLUEDOG Partnership

Improved Business Operations & Productivity: Credit card info is entered directly into the Bravo point-of-sale system and BLUEDOG takes care of the rest. No more manual keying of card data or spending hours reconciling accounting books at the end of the day.

Reduced Human-error & Increased Time Savings: Payments are seamlessly passed from the terminal to the Bravo point-of-sale platform – eliminating human errors and duplicate data entry.

Strengthened Security: The cloud-based integration offers multiple levels of security to protect business and customer data – providing a more secure method of collecting and storing sensitive information.

Expanded Product Offerings: BLUEDOG’s risk modeling and position in the market means that pawnbrokers will be able to legally process payments for items like firearms – giving pawnbrokers the ability to quickly expand product offerings to customers.    

“Our partnership with Bravo is an exciting step forward in delivering incredible value to our merchant customers,” says Ron Dichter, President and CEO at BLUEDOG. “We are continually improving the experience for our merchants by advancing our platform functionality, and smart, relevant integrations with strategic partners is a way we accomplish this. Our partnership means that pawnbrokers have a new, more secure – and more efficient way – of processing payments at competitive rates.”

About Bravo
Bravo Pawn Systems specializes in point-of-sale software for the pawn industry. Established in 1988, Bravo POS was designed by pawnbrokers for pawnbrokers. As one of the leading pawn software systems on the market, Bravo strives to enable pawnshops to grow their business by providing continually enhanced features and world-class customer service to help them compete with national big box stores. For more information, visit bravopawnsystems.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Founded in 2010 on the idea that Merchant Service Providers can do better, BLUEDOG’s mission was clear: be the Best Friend to Your Business. For more information on BLUEDOG, visit them on the web at yourbluedog.com.

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New WORX 40 Volt, 12 Inch Chainsaw Delivers Power, Performance and Easy Operation

Right on time for spring and summer yard clean-up, the new WORX® 40V, 12 in. Power Share Chainsaw is a great choice for first time users, as well as DIYers switching from gas to cordless chainsaws for light duty operation. This latest addition to the brand’s popular line of lightweight cordless chainsaws delivers excellent cutting power and performance, plus exclusive WORX features, such as automatic, tool-less chain tensioning and automatic chain lubrication.

Since the new 40V, 12 in. Chainsaw is unrestrained by power outlets and extension cords, it goes anywhere and can be put to work immediately. Able to cut tree trunks up to 20 in. diameter, the chainsaw is ideal for tree trimming, pruning, stockpiling of firewood and thinning dense shrubbery. The eco-friendly saw also is emission-free and has low operating and maintenance costs, compared to gas-powered models.

Spring pruning of trees and shrubs helps produce a vigorous burst of new growth later in the season. Without leaves, it’s easier to see a tree’s structure and perform corrective pruning. Overgrown shrubs can be pruned by thinning rather than shearing at the top. Thinning reduces the shrub’s size without changing its overall shape. Flowering trees and shrubs that bloom in spring should be pruned after the flowers fade.

Homeowners also should check for branches that rub against the house, interfere with walkways or cross other limbs. Dead, broken, diseased or insect-infested limbs should be removed.

The 40V chainsaw’s motor is powered by two, 20V, 2.0 Ah Max Lithium batteries. Battery charge levels can be monitored by pressing an electronic keypad. The chainsaw comes with a dual-port charger that brings both batteries to a full charge in 2.5 hours.

As part of the WORX 20V Power Share program, the chainsaw’s batteries are interchangeable with 35 other WORX 20V lawn and garden and DIY tools, creating cost savings as well as convenience.

The 12 in, 40V chainsaw includes the patented WORX tool-less chain tensioning system. Turning a large dial on the saw’s body sets the proper chain tension to prevent over-tightening. This convenient, tool-less tensioning system not only saves time and effort, but also helps extend bar and chain life.

The chainsaw’s automatic oiler system includes a reservoir with an oil level indicator, showing when a refill is needed. The reservoir’s capacity is 4.5 ounces. Constant lubrication is provided to both the bar and chain during operation.

A quick-stop chain brake helps prevent accidental cutting and allows the operator to stop the chain immediately before setting down the saw or moving to another location. The brake handle is designed for easy activation, whether the saw is held vertically or horizontally.

The 40V chainsaw weighs 9.9 lbs., making it easy to maneuver. The 12 in. bar has a reduced-kickback chain with a 3/8 in. pitch and cutting speed of 21 feet-per-second (ft./sec.). The metal bucking spikes also allow the user to get great leverage for efficient cutting.

The WORX 40V, 12 in. Power Share Chainsaw (WG381, 9.99) includes two, 20V Max Lithium batteries, a 20V, dual-port charger and blade protection cover. It is covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty. Available at http://www.worx.com and online retailers including Walmart.com.

To reach out to WORX social media links

visit: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worxus?ref=hl;

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WORXTools;

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/worxtools and Instagram: @WORXTools.

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Poms & Associates Offers a Free Webinar about the New Federal Coronavirus Law and Its Impacts on Employers

Poms & Associates, a full-service insurance brokerage and risk management firm, today announced the availability of a free educational webinar about how the new federal coronavirus law applies to employers.

The first in a series of Poms & Associates webinars about insurance and risk management topics related to the coronavirus pandemic, the one-hour webinar outlines employer impacts of the new federal law, The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Signed into law on March 18, 2020 and effective since April 2, 2020, FFCRA responds to the COVID-19 outbreak by providing paid sick leave, tax credits and free COVID-19 testing; expanding food assistance and unemployment benefits; and increasing Medicaid funding.

“As the coronavirus situation continues to affect all of us, the critical information that businesses rely on seems to be changing on nearly a daily basis,” said David Poms, founder and president of Poms & Associates. “In an effort to provide access to the most updated and new information as it becomes available, we have put together a series of webinars that can be viewed remotely that highlight issues related to insurance and risk management as our national crisis continues to evolve.”

Presented by Rebecca Torrey, an employment and labor law expert and founding partner of The Torrey Group PC, the webinar highlights two parts of the new law as it applies to employers: expansion of federal family medical leave and new federal emergency paid sick leave. It also covers federal tax withholding and payroll tax credits in the new law that enable funding of paid time off and protections for employees against retaliation for using the new emergency time off.

To view the webinar, go to https://pomsassoc.com/covid19/webinars/. For more information about Poms & Associates, visit https://pomsassoc.com/.

About Poms & Associates

Poms & Associates is a leading full-service insurance brokerage and risk management firm with a proven track record of providing innovative and customized solutions to businesses in high-risk industries. Founded in 1991, the company was built on the premise that knowledge is the best insurance – that is, the best way to help businesses and organizations is to serve not only as an insurance broker but also as an educator about best practices in how to reduce risk and prevent loss before an incident occurs. Poms & Associates today offers a wide range of products and services, including commercial insurance, risk management, loss prevention, employee benefits, corporate wellness and private services for high net-worth individuals. With an annual revenue of more than million, Poms & Associates is among the top 50 privately-held brokerage firms in the U.S. Headquarted in Los Angeles, it has branch offices in Sacramento, Calif., Walnut Creek, Calif., Albuquerque, N.M. and Dayton, Ohio. For more information, visit https://pomsassoc.com/.

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EMS Consulting to Acquire Digital Banking Services (DBS DX) Accelerating Its Financial Services Cloud Offerings for Digital Banking

EMS Consulting (EMS) has entered into an agreement to acquire Digital Banking Services (DBS DX), one of the fastest-growing Digital Transformation Services Partners for Banking, and Credit Unions specializing in Salesforce. The move will further strengthen EMS’s position as the leading enterprise cloud services provider and enhance its ability to provide clients with unparalleled cloud strategy, technology consulting, cloud application implementation, integration, and their Cloud Advisory managed services.

EMS Consulting, an enterprise technology solutions company, has delivered services to over 7500 customers across the USA for over 22 years. This acquisition further elevates EMS Consulting’s position as an end-to-end Salesforce enterprise cloud solutions and services provider for the Financial Services Market. This addition will address the surging demand from its trans-formative customers from implementation to offering out of the box Virtual Branch Banking Solutions.

DBS brings Financial Services expertise, industry knowledge, solution assets, and deep ecosystem relationships across a variety of financial services segments including mortgage, commercial, consumer, and insurance for both banks and credit unions. DBS has created multiple banking applications that will quickly advance our financial services, customers, in conjunction with EMS’s industry strength, size, and scale.

“We’ve reached a tipping point where our FINS customers are asking for comprehensive, out of the box solutions built on the Salesforce platform that can be easily deployed for rapid adoption to enhance the customer experience and achieve significant business results more quickly,” said Elaine Myrback EMS’s chief executive officer. I look forward to welcoming the talented professionals of DBS to the EMS team.

Lisa Nicholas, DBS DX chief executive officer, said, “We are thrilled to be joining forces with EMS. The combination of our capabilities and experience with EMS’s scale, broad industry expertise, and global cloud application capabilities represents a unique and compelling opportunity for our customers, for our people and the future of cloud technology.”


About EMS Consulting

EMS is a Salesforce Gold Partner, founded in 1998 headquartered in Tampa, Florida with experienced, cloud advisory and technology services consultants, providing cloud strategy, implementation, and integration services to thousands of customers around the country. EMS Consulting has over 100 dedicated consultants providing expertise in Financial Services, Health Care, Retail, and Higher Education Industries and a certified Salesforce and MuleSoft Partner since 2012. Visit http://www.consultems.com or call 813-287-2486 to learn more.

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Dr. Paul J. Bailo Presents ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’

Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive - Digital Strategy, Data Analytics & Innovation and Adjunct professor at Columbia University is proud to present ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’  based on data analytic research. The all-encompassing tool allows people to gain vital knowledge and tips that can help them crack the complex process of virtual interviews. 

“I am delighted to present ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’, a comprehensive tool designed to help you ace digital interviews,” says the brain behind the handbook, Dr. Paul J. Bailo. “I have tried my best to outline every single aspect of the virtual interview that should be capitalized upon. The book also includes professional tips that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.”

Dr. Paul J. Bailo has taken key principles from his first book, The Essential Phone Interview Handbook, and adapted them to meet the needs of today’s key platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and others. Dr. Bailo provides his readers with the best tools needed to crack digital interviews and land their dream jobs.

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook is split into three separate sections. They cover key areas of the interview process such as preparing, conducting and concluding. The book provides a step-by-step plan on how to prepare for and complete a digital job interview. 

With face to face interviews becoming difficult to organize and conduct, more and more companies are adapting to the remote interviewing process. It, therefore, becomes important for candidates to remain current with the processes and also to know what the employers are looking for during the digital interview. Many aspects such as appearance and external factors come into reckoning and play a crucial role in impacting the outcome of the virtual interview. 

The book covers vital aspects of a digital interview process such as:

  • How to prepare for the digital interview
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • How to establish a professional presence by using the correct microphone and camera
  • How and when to take the next step, and make a transition from virtual to in-person

Dr. Bailo states that most people come for digital interviews entirely unprepared. They sit down, turn the computer or camera on and simply begin without having any basic understanding of the processes. He opines that in a highly competitive job market job seekers need to become the actor, the director, and producer of the event. The Essential Digital Interview Handbook provides all the tools needed to produce a great storyline.  

Some of the reviews posted about this handbook are shared below:

“As promised, Paul Bailo really does provide the core components of what you need to be successful in your digital interviews as well as the information, insights, and counsel needed to prepare for and then achieve that success. The information, insights, and counsel that Paul Bailo provides in this book will be of greatest value to job candidates but much of it will also be of interest and value to those who interview them.” - Robert, Amazon

“This is an amazing book. The layout is a marvel in itself. You will find some useful practical tips for both company owners and job seekers. The detail to research, data analysis and insights are impeccable. The author shares some heartwarming stories that truly put the theory into action and immediately allows the reader to be part of the story and remember how to be a Hollywood star for your digital interviews.” - Sarah, Amazon

Digital communication is here to stay, and The Essential Digital Interview Handbook teaches you how to master it” – Annie Brussese, Syndicated Columnist, USA Today.

Packed with practical tips to help you get ready for your close-up, this book is an essential tool for any job hunter who wants to ace digital media interviews and stand out from the crowd. – Anne Fisher, career and workplace advice columnist, CNNMoney.com and Fortune.com. 

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other digital platforms. 

About Paul J. Bailo:

Paul J. Bailo is an executive of digital strategy and technology and creator of Phone Interview Pro – www.phoneinterviewpro.com , a service that helps jobseekers hone their telephone job interview skills. He has been featured in leading media resources such as CNNMoney.com, Yahoo Hot Jobs, AOL Jobs, CareerBuilder.com, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and US News & World Report. 

For more information about the book or author, please contact 

Phone Interview Pro Media at 203-258-1746.

To order your copy, go to https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Digital-Interview-Handbook-GotoMeeting/dp/1601633033 now!


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Made In America Store, What You Need For Your “Staycations”

Made in America Store proudly features 100% American Made Products – the smarter choice for your lawn, yard and garden needs, including décor. Plus, barbecue season is right around the corner.

Here’s a quick reference for “must haves” for great outdoor living:

  • All-American Grill (perfect for your backyard patio or game day)
  • Gutter Wedges & Gutter Scoops (check for damage and replace, or try them for the first time)
  • Leaf scoops (don’t let the name fool you, these work year-round for laying mulch or cleaning up)
  • Paul’s Perch (for our feathered friends)
  • Bird Houses (ditto!) - Made by disabled individuals
  • Big Shot Hose Nozzles – Made of heavy-duty brass by disabled veterans
  • Bully Tools (for the repairs that always need to be done in spring, plus rakes and spades!)
  • Buffalo Lawn Ornaments (show your “Buffalove” and help a beloved charity, too)
  • Whitehall Birdfeeders, garden hose holders, nature hooks, weathervanes and suet feeders
  • American Flags, military branch flags and patriotic windsocks (May is Military Appreciation Month)
  • Maple Landmark Wind Spinners - Brand New Product!
  • Kanberra Air Freshener for moldy places or mildew smells when you uncover your boat or bring out your lawn furniture.
  • And, when your work is done, relaxing in one of our hammocks is the perfect ending!


Note: Some, but not all, products are available online. Hurry in to our flagship store at 1000 W. Maple Court, Elma, NY 14059 for your best selection!

Established in 2010, the Made In America Store is the nation’s only 100% U.S.A. made department store. With more than 9,000 products from 500+ manufacturers, the Made In America Store is dedicated to creating and saving jobs in the United States of America by increasing U.S. manufacturing for our children’s future. For more information, visit the Made In America Sore’s website MadeInAmericaStore.com

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Clean Air Houston Pro Launches the Top-Notch Air Duct Cleaning Unit in the Houston Area

Clean Air Houston Pro has launched the top-notch air duct cleaning unit to create a better environment, especially when the world is facing the deadly Covid-19 virus. The company has hired experienced professionals in their teams to do the duct cleaning Houston in the best way possible. No one knows the condition of the local other than the local company. For those who live in Houston, TX can call Clean Air Houston Pro for immediate response. It is important to provide the best air quality at home and office where the loved ones spend their time, especially at the time when the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

“Duct cleaning is important because the heating and cooling system in the house is the heart of the house. Cleaning the system would ensure the air quality at home while letting the system dirty would allow tons of germs and bacteria inside the house. On the other hand, it takes a team of professionals to take care of the problem even for carpet cleaning Houston.” said Marketing Manager.

Clean Air Houston Pro is trying to make a change that starts from the house. This is a family-owned company that only hires experienced technicians to do the job. The team is also equipped with the latest and most effective tools to clean the system, which will provide better air quality. When it comes to keeping the air clean and pristine, homeowners only need to keep the air duct clean. This job requires the professionals to be done, and Clean Air Houston Pro would do that perfectly.

The company offers various services such as water damage restoration, crawl space, reconstruction service, fire smoke damage, and even carpet cleaning near me. Various health issues are started from low air quality in the living space. Clean Air Houston Pro will improve the air quality at houses and offices so everyone can stay safe being active in the environment.

“Clean Air Houston Pro provides an effective and efficient service at a reasonable price. I have used the service from this company twice, and all of them were very amazing. The team is responsive and knowledgeable while the methods used were top-notch according to the system we have at home,” said Kara P., who have used the service from Clean Air Houston Pro.

The business owner named Ben H. also stated, “This company has a license for mold remediation, heating, and air conditioning. It means that customers do not need to worry about signing this company up to provide better air quality in their homes.”

About the company

Clean Air Houston Pro is a local company that will maintain the air quality in living space.

For further information, please visit https://cleanairhoustonpro.com/.

GMB Link (CID): https://www.google.com/maps?cid=12127895333071525246


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Global Banking & Finance Review® Accepting Entries for Their Prestigious 10th Annual Awards

Over three million people read Global Banking & Finance Review annually, counting on us for our well-respected news, views, and analysis. This stretches across quite diverse areas touching on everything of solid importance in the extended international banking and financial spaces. A major highlight the platform delivers every year is the Global Banking & Finance Awards

In exciting news, we have recently announced that we are accepting entries for 2020’s awards and encourage interested parties to fill out a submission form on the platform’s official website. Entering is quick, easy, and completely free. By nominating, you stand to boost your company’s awareness, reputation, and leadership. Winning is universally considered a sign of quality for companies in the banking and financial world and is highly sought after.

“We are always excited for this time of year and getting to see who enters our Award competition,” Wanda Rich, Editor from Global Banking & Finance Review. “Every year more companies enter, and the competition becomes more and more competitive. Determining the top choices is something we take very seriously.”

The Awards reflect the innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes taking place within the Global Financial community. The awards were created to recognize companies of all sizes which are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within the financial world.

The entire Awards process from start to finish is free of charge. This includes nomination, selection and announcement of the winners on the website https://www.globalbankingandfinance.com and on the print magazine. 

The 2020 Awards are likely to be the most competitive yet, along with carrying the largest amount of recognition for winners.

For more information be sure to visit www.globalbankingandfinance.com.

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Sudrania Fund Services Raises Strategic Additional Investment From Bodhi Tree Asset Management

Sudrania Fund Services Corp (“Sudrania”), the fund administration and technology company that is revolutionizing the buy side fund management with its Seamless suite of technology solutions today announced that it has completed another round of strategic seed investment by Bodhi Tree Asset Management (“Bodhi Tree”). This investment is a follow up from an initial investment made by Bodhi Tree in October 2018 and will help the company aggressively expand its sales and marketing efforts as well as broaden and accelerate professional services and product development. Shalin Madan, the CIO of Bodhi Tree will join Sudrania’s Advisory Board.

This financing builds on an exceptional year for Sudrania which saw a rapidly growing roster of clients, multi-fold growth of revenue, and market momentum in the competitive yet lucrative field of fund administration and fund technology. Sudrania currently has approximately 150 clients and a staff of 160 across its offices in Chicago, Boston, India, and Hong Kong.

Sudrania’s offering is well positioned with the rapidly changing demands of fund management industry that is looking to get away from time consuming and expensive manual processes or aged software solution that lack modern day computing power and flexibility.

“We believe that the mindset of the current generation of fund managers is very different. They are no longer looking for big bank administrators, they understand technology and the value it can bring to their business, and they are looking to keep their businesses cost-efficient”, said Nilesh Sudrania, Founder & CEO of Sudrania. “We believe the market will continue to shift towards more capable technology offered by fintech companies such as Sudrania, and establish a new high watermark of expectations that fund managers have from their fund administrators.”

Seamless platform consists of a portfolio of products geared towards investment managers in different verticals. At the heart of the platform is “Seamless Investment Backoffice” that provides the framework for other models of Seamless that include (Seamless CTA, Seamless Crypto, Seamless RIA, Seamless PREQ, Seamless NAV, Seamless Impact, and CommonSubDoc).

Key features and benefits of the Seamless platform include a daily processing of:

  • Full-scale generate ledger system
  • Complete taxlot portfolio accounting,
  • Wash sales and capital gains calculations,
  • Automated expense amortizations, waterfall calculations, fee calculations
  • Market data connectivity with third party sources,
  • Income allocation,
  • Fee calculations,
  • Performance reporting,
  • Investor reporting via a dedicated portal.
  • Complete cyber-security ensured, and certified with SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3 audits


“As an emerging fund manager who adopts the latest technologies, I immediately noticed that our industry’s back office solutions were far behind in the adoption of technology. A situation like the COVID-19 pandemic is an example of just how important it is for modern investment managers to have vendors that use automated technologies, can work flexibly, have a global workforce, and who can offer a much needed continuity of business as well as a much higher level of visibility into the portfolio and account value on a day to day basis to the fund managers as well as investors,” said Bodhi Tree CIO Shalin Madan. “As a fund manager, I know how important it is to have the account values for each investor at any time. I believe the monthly reporting cycle is antiquated and reflects a broken system, for which Sudrania has created a ground-breaking solution.”

About Sudrania

Sudrania Fund Services Corp is a Chicago, IL based fund administrator marrying the power of cloud computing with boutique service model scaled for volume. Sudrania’s Seamless platform is an integrated portfolio, fund, and investor accounting system with full scale general ledger system, capability to process millions of trades, and produce daily NAV for hedge funds, crypto funds, commodity pools, mortgage funds. This integrated software system is equally capable of supporting automation of capital calls/distribution and other complex calculations for private equity and real estate funds as well as SPVs. In its short history of three years, Seamless platform has been shortlisted among top fund accounting system many times by industry leading publications. For more information, visit https://www.sudrania.com.

About Bodhi Tree

Bodhi Tree Asset Management, LLC is a Fort Lauderdale, FL based investment management and family office advisory firm serving ultra-high net worth clients. Bodhi Tree offers a monthly subscription based quantitatively driven stock portfolio on the Interactive Brokers platform. Bodhi Tree also offers a cost-effective Back Office solution to family offices and alternative investment managers through its strategic partnership with Sudrania. For more information, visit http://www.btam.co.

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Connecting Seed to Cup: Crimson Cup Leads Coffee House Owners and Baristas on Trip to Make Meaningful Connections with Honduras Coffee Farmers

Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea recently led owners and staff from three independent coffee houses to the Siguatepeque region of Honduras. While following coffee’s journey from seed to cup, they forged meaningful connections with coffee farmers, workers and processors.

“Coffee is more than a product; it’s a relationship,” said Coffee Buyer Dave Eldridge, who led the trip. “We all know what coffee means in our lives. Our origin trips are a way to share what coffee means in the lives of coffee growers and their communities.”

Founder and President Greg Ubert said trips like these support Crimson Cup’s goal of moving beyond the traditional coffee buying model. Many roasters use brokers to import coffee, never meeting the farmers and workers who produce the crop.

“We want to support coffee growers the same way we support coffee shop owners,” he said. “We succeed when they succeed.”

Crimson Cup funds in-country travel, meals and accommodations through its loyalty program, which allows coffee house owners to choose from a variety of rewards based on their annual purchases.

Coffee house owners and staff on the trip included Shawn and Lisa Peterson, owners of Moose Junction Coffee and Pizza in Helena, Montana; Baristas Kendra Eicher and Joanna Shetler from Jitter’s Coffee in Millersburg, Ohio; and Barista Shayanna Bleile from The Coffee House in Norwalk, Ohio. Chef Tristin Acevedo of the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio also took part.

They were accompanied by a Crimson Cup team including Eldridge, 7 Steps Trainer Steve Bayless, Business Development Lead Bob Fahringer and Coffee House Manager Susan McMillan.

Bayless has trained coffee shop owners and staff for almost 12 years through Crimson Cup’s 7 Steps to Success coffee franchise alternative program.

“I was excited to see the impact we're having at origin,” he said. “I also found there’s no substitute for the total sensory experience of being there – smelling and seeing and hearing coffee and interacting with the people who grow it.”

The team started their trip at Educafe, a school operated by ServeHope International. Crimson Cup partners with this local nonprofit to provide education, housing and clean water to workers and their families in Honduras and Guatemala.

The next day, they toured coffee farms to learn about coffee’s first few steps on the journey from seed to cup.

In the morning, they toured Finca Los Amigos near the village of El Socorro de las Penitas. Owned by community leader David Lopez, this well-manicured farm serves as a model for other area farmers.

Lopez and his workers talked about coffee growing, wet milling and coffee drying.

“My first big moment was when we walked down a steep decline into David’s fields,” Fahringer said. “We were surrounded by people picking coffee. Singing, having fun, throwing coffee cherries. It was joyful.”

Lopez built a wet mill on his farm several years ago that he shares at no cost with other area farmers. Processing their own coffee gives farmers greater control over costs and quality.

The team also saw a raised drying bed that Crimson Cup helped build on the farm. The raised bed helps coffee dry more evenly in the humid climate and prevents loss from mold and mildew.

Working with Lopez since 2011, Crimson Cup has purchased almost all of his crop the past few years. “It’s exciting to look around and know that we’re lifting up him and his workers,” Bayless said.

“Then he’s turning around and elevating his neighbors. We’re building that relationship chain link by link.”

After lunch, the team visited another local farm owned by a woman named Kenia. There, they held a coffee-picking competition, strapping on coffee-picking bags and heading out into the fields for 20 minutes.

“Bob, our fastest picker, picked three pounds of cherries,” Eldridge said. “He would have earned about if he had continued at the same pace for another 7 hours and 40 minutes.”

The farm’s fastest picker, Danielle, brings in about 144 pounds of cherries per day. She earns about .

After leaving Kenia’s farm, the group played soccer with kids at META Sports Academy, then gathered for coffee, conversations and dinner.

The final day began with a tour of the dry mill at The Cooperativa Cafetalera Siguatepeque Limitada (COHORSIL). Dry milling is the final step of processing before bagging and exporting green coffee.

Afterward, they distributed coffee filter buckets to local families and taught them to use them. “Access to clean drinking water is a serious health issue – especially among families with children,” Eldridge said. “Each water filtration bucket can supply drinkable water to a family for years."

Crimson Cup pays for the filters and partners with ServeHope to distribute them.

The trip ended with a discussion at ServeHope and a final dinner together. Participants agreed the experience had transformed the way they see coffee and the people who produce it.

Crimson Cup has been working with smallholder coffee farmers in the Siguatepeque region since 2011. Through its Friend2Farmer initiative, the roaster purchases coffee directly from farmers at an above-market premium. It also strives to make social, environmental, educational and economic impacts in farming communities.

“Connecting growers directly with coffee shop owners and baristas only strengthens our relationship chain,” Ubert said. “It’s awesome to see how these trips inspire our owners to get more involved with the coffee-growing world.”

About Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Columbus, Ohio coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea is a 2020 Good Food Award winner, 2019 Golden Bean Champion for Small Franchise/Chain Roaster and Roast magazine’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year. Since 1991, Crimson Cup has roasted sustainably sourced craft coffee in small batches. It sells coffee to consumers and distributes wholesale coffee beans.

Through its 7 Steps to Success coffee franchise alternative program, the company teaches entrepreneurs to run successful coffee houses. By developing a coffee shop business plan, entrepreneurs gain insight into how much it costs to open a coffee shop.

Crimson Cup coffee is available through over 350 independent coffee houses, grocers, college and universities, restaurants and food service operations across 38 states, Guam and Bangladesh. The company also operates several Crimson Cup Coffee Houses. To learn more, visit crimsoncup.com, or follow the company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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San Francisco Bay Area-based Lifestyle Agencies af&co. and Ellipses Merge

Fresh on the heels of the successful launch of its partner branding and creative services agency, Carbonate, the evolution of af&co. (formerly Andrew Freeman & Co.) continues. The award-winning agency has officially announced its merger with Ellipses Public Relations, becoming one full-service communications agency. Operating as af&co., the 17-person firm is headquartered in downtown San Francisco and specializes in lifestyle, hospitality, food and beverage marketing and public relations, serving the Bay Area and beyond. Andrew Freeman continues his role as president and chief executive officer, and Ellipses founder and CEO Diana Haven fills a new chief operating officer position at the growing agency.

“Our two agencies have been close collaborators and referral partners for some time, and Diana and I have been friends for 15 years," said Freeman. “The merger of our two firms was the next step in the evolution and growth strategy for af&co. In addition to having amazing connections with the media, Diana and the team she has brought with her have deep experience in digital strategy, consumer packaged goods marketing and lifestyle public relations. This move gives us the opportunity to not only expand our offerings to new market segments but solidifies our place as one of the leading lifestyle firms in the Bay Area and nationally. As af&co. celebrates its 15th anniversary, the time was right and the combined talent of our teams is incredible. This is truly a merger of the minds and takes full advantage of our respective strengths as leaders and entrepreneurs.”

“It’s been incredible to watch both of our businesses thrive over the years, and this merger makes perfect sense. We’ve each built successful and respected agencies, and I feel the joining of the two is a game-changer for the Bay Area’s lifestyle PR and marketing industry. The merger is an incredible move for us, our teams and our clients, and I’m very excited to help lead the business into the 2020s and beyond,” said Haven.

About Andrew Freeman

A native of New Jersey, Freeman learned the restaurant business by working through the ranks at several legendary New York venues. At Windows on the World, Andrew was vice president of public relations and marketing and responsible for its relaunch after the World Trade Center bombing in 1992. At the Russian Tea Room, Andrew opened the Cabaret which became the toast of the town after only six months. He also spent six years as vice president of public relations for the Rainbow Room, working with restaurant legend Joe Baum. Prior to opening af&co., Freeman was vice president of public relations and strategic partnerships for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. He spent ten years with Kimpton, launching over 40 hotels and restaurants as well as the global brand. During his tenure there Andrew helped spearhead the LGBT travel program, which has garnered numerous awards and positioned Kimpton as one of the top companies for LGBT employment in the country. In 2002, Kimpton became the first hospitality company to receive a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

A dedicated philanthropist, Andrew sits on the boards of CUESA, Dress for Success San Francisco and The Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation. He is a former board member of Meals on Wheels San Francisco, the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Anti-Defamation League, and was an advisor for the American Airlines LGBT Committee. From 2016 to 2019, af&co. has been named by the San Francisco Business Times as one of the Top 50 LGBT-Owned Businesses in the Bay Area.

About Ellipses and Diana Haven

Ellipses was founded in December 2007 after Haven’s 15-year career in public relations and television, which took her from promoting the performing arts in the early 1990s to working with tech clients in the “dot-com boom” of the late 1990s, then to TechTV as booking manager and producer from 1999 to 2002. Prior to Ellipses, she was the public relations director at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay from 2003 to 2007. Her award-winning efforts, which included an outdoor concert series, celebrity chef and culinary classes, and an annual silent auction, contributed to significant increases in top-line revenue and international acclaim for the resort by driving annual media impressions from 600 million in 2003 to 1.2 billion in 2005.

A boutique agency headquartered in Oakland, Ellipses has represented more than 100 clients in the hospitality, travel, food, beverage and special events industries, launching over 40 restaurants and destinations throughout the greater Bay Area including The Culinary Institute of America at Copia, Fog City, Dumpling Time, La Marcha, Urban Putt, Lord Stanley, Niku Steakhouse and the Butcher Shop by Niku. Clients moving with Ellipses to af&co. include OCHO Candy, The Berkeley Boathouse and Altamirano Restaurant Group.

About af&co.

Celebrating its 15th year in 2020, af&co. is an innovative lifestyle marketing and media relations agency with clients across the country. The af&co. team has launched over 150 restaurants and hotels, provided ongoing marketing, public relations, and operations consulting for more than 200 others, and created unique culinary events of all sizes, from intimate dinners to food and wine festivals of over 10,000 people. In early 2020, af&co. launched Carbonate, a brand strategy and creative services agency. af&co. and Carbonate are known for bringing a fresh approach with bold results, with an emphasis on hotels, restaurants, food, wine, spirits, travel, and destinations.

Among the agency’s current clients are 4505 BBQ, Bluestem Brasserie, Duende, E & O Kitchen and Bar, Evolution Hospitality (Vespera on Ocean/AC Santa Clara/AC Sunnyvale), Golden Gate Restaurant Association, Gott’s Roadside, Mr. Espresso, One Market, Palette, Perbacco and barbacco, Ramen Nagi, River Terrace Inn, Roman Spa & Hot Springs, TCHO Chocolate and Virgin Hotels SF. For a complete list of current and past clients, please visit http://www.afandco.com.

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Empowering University Offers Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Curriculum for Success

The number of women becoming entrepreneurs continues to rise.  According to a study commissioned by American Express in 2018, 40% of new entrepreneurs between 2017 and 2018 were women.  The study also found that while the total number of businesses has grown 114% over the past two decades, the number of women-owned businesses has grown 44%. 

“Women face unique challenges in the business world, whether they own their own business or work in the corporate world,” says globally recognized public speaker, award-winning entrepreneur and author Galit Ventura-Rozen.  “But learning how to skillfully navigate these challenges can lead to limitless possibilities of success.”  

Ventura-Rozen became an entrepreneur at the age of 21, stepping into the male-dominated world of corporate real estate.  During her over 25 years of experience, she has sold over $ 700 million in Las Vegas commercial property. At the age of 38, she went back to school to earn a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Throughout her career, she has received TMG Entertainment Silver State Award for Best of the Best Local Motivational Speaker/Coach, the National Association of Women Business Owners Woman of Distinction Award for Professional Services, been named one of Infinity Business Magazine’s Top 5 Female Professionals You Should Know About, and more.  Most recently she received the TMG Entertainment Silver State Award for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Even though the presence of women-owned businesses has grown, and women-owned companies have been found to deliver more than twice as much per dollar invested, female founders only received 2% of venture capital dollars in 2017, the same year women made up 2/5 of all new entrepreneurs.  Professional women still face a significant wage gap, with the Census Bureau finding that women still make just 80% of what their male professional counterparts make. Entrepreneurship offers women paths to success that traditional corporate paths do not provide.

Based on her decades of success in the high caliber world of business while raising a family, and as a high performance business coach, Ventura-Rozen authored the book The Successful Woman’s Mindset and launched Empowering University to provide professionals and entrepreneurs the tools and training needed to reach new levels of personal and professional success.  Empowering University offers professional speakers, corporate training, and executive coaching in leadership, business, the successful mindset and more.

“You don’t have to own your own business to benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset,” says Ventura-Rozen. “Empowered leadership and an engaged and unified team are what pushes any business to the next level.  Armed with the right tools and mindset, the possibilities are limitless.”

To invite Galit Ventura-Rozen to speak for you, or for more information about how her company Empowering University can launch your business or career to new levels, visit www.galitventurarozen.com 

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Atlanta Based Alloy Personal Training Franchise Set To Expand In The Atlanta Market

Rick Mayo launched his original personal training business as North Point in Roswell, Georgia, back in 1992. After nearly a quarter-century of success in 2011, Rick and his team started Alloy Personal Training to assist major gym chains, independent gyms, health clubs, and fitness businesses around the world in deploying personal training systems for their members. At that time, the original North Point location updated its brand name to Alloy as well, and Rick entered into a partnership with long time colleague and Atlantian, Suzanne Robb, who serves as Alloy Chief Operating Officer.

Having grown their business serving thousands of fitness facilities with millions of members around the world, the team at Alloy decided to expand via franchising last year. The Alloy vision is to provide a superior personal training franchise solution uniquely focused on serving the ever-growing, "active aging" population.

The decision to pivot to franchising given their experience and understanding of the fitness industry appears to have been timely; in only months following their initial launch, the company has already sold several development deals. Now the brand has its sights set on the Atlanta market where they project eight markets are available, including Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Buckhead, Midtown, Marietta, Suwanee, and East Cobb for people interested in becoming franchisees in the fitness space.

Fitness industry expert Bryan O'Rourke, board member of IHRSA (International Association for Health Clubs) and investor in several global fitness brands, said, "The Alloy team's experience and understanding of the marketplace and business models sets them apart as a fitness franchise. I expect great things ahead for this brand."

"The name 'Alloy' is the notion of strength and motion meeting; those two things coming together to create something bigger, stronger, and longer-lasting," says founder Rick Mayo. "Over the past few years, our team wanted to do even more to meet our mission. We know a formula that works, and that is a key ingredient to a successful franchise."

A native Atlantian, Mayo has received many accolades as a fitness and personal training guru over the years. He has traveled the world speaking on fitness business trends in Australia, Europe, and the Americas. In 2019 Mayo was recognized with the prestigious AFS Fitness Business of the Year award. The AFS award honors a studio or gym that excels in all areas of business and whose owner has demonstrated the ability to create excellent customer experiences, dedicated staff, motivated clients, and leadership in their community.

"We are excited to open up the Atlanta market," says Suzanne Robb, Alloy COO, "Being in such close proximity to the flagship location or the 'mothership' as we like to call it will enable us to use our knowledge and experience of the market to help our hometown investors and set our new franchisees up for success."

"We have incorporated everything that we have learned to own and operate a successful Personal Training Fitness Business," says Tony Chemer, VP of Franchise Sales, "allowing us to provide total support for our business partners with the specifications and systems that are already proven in thousands of gyms worldwide."

Team Alloy is Founder and CEO Rick Mayo, COO Suzanne Robb, VP of Franchise Development Tony Chemer, and VP of Education Matt Helland.

Discovery days are underway, and territories are now being awarded. If you or someone you know is interested in having their own successful personal training business, the Alloy systems are well developed, and they are focusing on very discreet segments.

# # #

About Alloy:

Alloy’s fitness program was created in 1992 around a very straightforward philosophy: people who get personalized coaching get better results. Today, Alloy programs are among the most effective programs in the world for helping people, especially those over 50, who want to look and feel their absolute best.

Alloy’s established, effective fitness platform and business management solutions have delivered real results throughout the world. Alloy Personal Training Franchise gives franchisees the chance to make an impact, both on their community and their future with a branded, brick-and-mortar Alloy personal training franchise location.
Learn more at http://www.alloyfranchise.com

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New Free Webinar for Leaders to Learn the Power of One on One Meetings

On March 17, 2020 at 2 pm EST Mastery Training Services is sponsoring and hosting a webinar, presented by Amy Forehand of the Forehand Company, titled, “Leadership: The Hidden Power of One on Ones.” This free webinar is geared toward those in a leadership role interested in learning how to conduct effective one on one meetings with employees.

Throughout this interactive webinar, Forehand will teach leaders how they can help hone the skills of their team members and unlock new levels of performance via one on one meetings. Leaders will learn how to boost their own leadership skills and grow their team’s performance by focusing on each employee’s uniqueness.

This session is free to attend, and anyone interested can register here.

Mastery Training Services is eager to partner with the Forehand Company on this webinar. Leadership development is a key area for any organization serious about business growth and employee development. Mastery Training Services is committed to helping organizations utilize employee development resources, such as this session, to become more amazing organizations.

For a full list of free webinars offered by Mastery Training Services, click here.

About Amy Forehand

Amy Forehand, owner of The Forehand Company, is a leadership consultant and coach committed to growing employeeship - employee responsibility, loyalty and initiative. Amy does this by creating stronger partnerships between employees and their leaders. She is guided by a belief that employees thrive when the right conditions are created and works with leaders to ensure those conditions are created on purpose. Amy also serves as a trustee on the Chelsea Education Foundation board where she is able to impact creating conditions for students to thrive. Amy can be reached at http://www.TheForehandCompany.org or TheForehandCompany@gmail.com.

About Mastery Training Services

Mastery Training Services is a leader in the corporate online training marketplace. We help organizations grow and become more successful with our comprehensive workplace training systems and services. In this way, Mastery fulfills its mission of helping build more successful, effective and amazing organizations.

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Jorge L. Guerra Jr. Elected to Lead Nation’s Largest Local Realtor Association

The MIAMI Association of Realtors (MIAMI) has elected Jorge L. Guerra Jr. as its 2020 chairman of the board. He and the 2020 MIAMI leadership boards will be installed today at MIAMI’s 2020 Inaugural Celebration at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood.

“I’m honored to lead our association as it celebrates 100 years of service to Realtors, the home buying and selling public and South Florida,” Guerra Jr. said. “For 100 years, the MIAMI REALTORS have worked to protect homeownership rights, improve communities and benefit consumers. In 2020, the MIAMI association will continue helping MIAMI members achieve the highest level of professionalism and deliver the highest level of service to the real estate customers of our members.”

Guerra Jr. is the president and chief executive officer of Real Estate Sales Force (RESF) and has been responsible for the firm’s strategic direction and growth since its inception in 2005. Guerra Jr.’s brokerage leverages the latest technology to aggressively market properties worldwide.

Guerra Jr.’s extensive experience as a former agent, the founder, and owner of a thriving brokerage, an association executive, and a highly regarded keynote speaker has equipped him to remain on top of emerging issues and trends impacting the future of real estate.

In addition to serving as 2020 Chairman of the MIAMI REALTORS, Guerra Jr. has also held the following positions: 2018 President for the MIAMI REALTORS Residential Board of Governors, 2019 Florida Top 50 Broker Vice-chair and 2019 Chair for the National Association of Realtor’s Emerging Business and Technology forum.

Guerra Jr.’s brokerage is leading the revolution in today’s evolving market – betting on technology, social media, branding, and training has paid off tremendously for RESF and the results speak for themselves, the firm has expanded to over 450 agents with offices throughout South Florida.

Guerra Jr. has won several prestigious awards including the LBA “Firm of the Year,” Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce Rising Star Award and the BASF Platinum award for “Best Broker of the Year” in the division of Personal Achievement for 2006, 2007, 2008 and again in 2018. Among his most recent achievements, Guerra Jr. was named one of 50 Real Trends Game Changers of 2019, as well as the Top 500 Power Broker Report for RIS Media and The Top 1000 brokerages listed in the 2018 Swanepoel Mega 1000 – among others.

Recognized as a forward-thinking real estate expert as it pertains to digital marketing – Guerra Jr. has served as a keynote speaker at a number of national and international high-profile industry events that include: MIAMI Rock the Market, Florida Realtors Convention, National Association of Realtors (NAR) Convention, NAR’s Tech Edge, Xplode Conference, NAHREP National Convention, Inman Connect Miami, Inman Connect NY, Women’s Council of Realtors and Imocionate in Spain.

Guerra Jr. serves as an executive board member and education chair for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, which works to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership.

Guerra Jr. is an active member of the community and resides in Coral Gables along with his wife, Dinorah, and two children, Dominic and Alec.

Announcing the 2020 MIAMI Corporate Board

Joining Guerra Jr. are: Chairman of the Board-Elect Jennifer Wollmann, CPS, C2EX of BHHS EWM Realty; 2019 Chairman of the Board Jose Maria Serrano, CCIM, C2EX of New Miami Realty Corp.; Secretary Mark Sadek, CIPS of The Keyes Company; Treasurer George C. Jalil, RAA, TRC of First Service Realty, Real Living; Commercial President Fernando Arencibia, Jr., C2EX; Residential President Alberto Carrillo of RelatedISG International Realty; Broward-MIAMI President Sharon R. Lindblade, CIPS, GRI, PMN, PSA, C2EX of Century 21 Hansen Realty; JTHS-MIAMI President David Abernathy, e-PRO, C2EX of Waterfront Properties & Club Communities; YPN MIAMI President Peter Ortega, C2EX of Keller Williams Miami Beach; Commercial President-Elect Stephen R. Rigl, MBA, SIOR, CCIM of Binswanger-Gateway Partnership; Daniel A. Guerra of Fortune International Realty; Broward-MIAMI President-Elect Patrick Simm, ABR, CRS, GRI, e-PRO of Keller Williams Realty Partners SW; JTHS-MIAMI President-Elect Bill Mate of Paradise Real Estate International; YPN MIAMI President-Elect Bethany Martinez, SRS of RelatedISG International Realty; Director Ines Hegedus-Garcia, C2EX of Avanti Way Realty; Director Ron Shuffield of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty; Director Natascha Tello, CDPE, CIAS of Keller Williams Realty (Level 5 Leadership); Director Matey Veissi, CRS, CIPS, TRC, RSPS of Veissi & Associates, Inc.; Director Moe Veissi of Veissi & Associates, Inc.; Director Christopher Zoller, CRS, C2EX of EWM Realty International.

Teresa King Kinney, CAE, CIPS, GRI, RCE, TRC serves as the CEO for the MIAMI Association of Realtors.

About the MIAMI Association of Realtors

The MIAMI Association of Realtors was chartered by the National Association of Realtors in 1920 and is celebrating 100 years of service to Realtors, the buying and selling public, and the communities in South Florida. Comprised of six organizations, the Residential Association, the Realtors Commercial Alliance, the Broward-MIAMI Association of Realtors, the Jupiter Tequesta Hobe Sound (JTHS-MIAMI) Council, the Young Professionals Network (YPN) Council, and the award-winning International Council, it represents 52,000 total real estate professionals in all aspects of real estate sales, marketing, and brokerage. It is the largest local Realtor association in the U.S. and has official partnerships with 222 international organizations worldwide. MIAMI’s official website is http://www.MiamiRealtors.com

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Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP, File Lawsuit Against Loyal Source Government Services LLC, for Allegedly Failing to Pay Accurate Minimum and Overtime Wages

The San Diego Labor law attorneys at Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP, filed a class action lawsuit against Loyal Source Government Services LLC, alleging that the company failed to provide accurate wages and allegedly did not provide required rest periods to their California employees. The class action lawsuit against Loyal Source Government Services LLC, is currently pending in the San Diego Superior Court, Case No. 37-2020-00008677-CU-OE-CTL. To read a copy of the Complaint, please click here.

The lawsuit filed against Loyal Source Government Services LLC alleges DEFENDANT failed and continues to fail to accurately calculate minimum and overtime wages in order to avoid paying these employees for the correct compensation. As a result, DEFENDANT allegedly was able to illegally profit and gain an unfair advantage over competitors. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges DEFENDANT from to time to time failed to provide accurate itemized wage statements. Cal. Lab. Code § 226 provides that every employer shall furnish each of his or her employees with an accurate itemized wage statement in writing showing, among other things, gross wages earned and all applicable hourly rates in effect during the pay period and the corresponding amount of time worked at each hourly rate.

Allegedly, DEFENDANT required PLAINTIFF to work while clocked out. To the extent that the time worked off the clock did not qualify for overtime premium payment, DEFENDANT allegedly failed to pay minimum wages for the time worked off-the-clock in violation of Cal. Lab. Code §§ 1194, 1197, and 1197.1. Furthermore, PLAINTIFF allegedly from time to time was unable to take off-duty meal breaks nor was able to be fully relieved of duty for meal periods. In violation of the applicable sections of the California Labor Code and the requirements of the Industrial Welfare Commission ("IWC") Wage Order, the lawsuit alleges DEFENDANT intentionally and knowingly failed to compensate PLAINTIFF and the other members of the CALIFORNIA CLASS at the correct rate of pay for all overtime worked.

If you would like to know more about the Loyal Source Government Services LLC lawsuit, please contact Attorney Nicholas J. De Blouw today by calling (800) 568-8020.

Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP, is a labor law firm with law offices located in San Diego County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, Sacramento County, and San Francisco County. The firm has a statewide practice of representing employees on a contingency basis for violations involving unpaid wages, overtime pay, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other types of illegal workplace conduct.


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Heights Garage Door Repair Houston Now Repairs And Installs Rollup Garage Doors

Heights Garage Door Repair Houston, one of the leading garage door service Houston providers, is now repairing and installing rollup garage doors. From lubrication maintenance to garage doors replacement services, the company is known among the Houston community for its efficient and timely services. The garage door repair Houston claims that it has solutions to every issue related to installing an overhead door, fixing problems that an existing one can have, making any required adjustments, aligning the track, or replacing the opener.

The garage doors Houston service provider has been catering to the requirements of the people residing in and around Houston and reports reveal that it has been growing in stature with every passing years. The annual turnovers for the last five to six years have been quite excellent and this implies that they are getting good returns for their services. The Managing Director of one of the most prominent local garage doors service providers communicated, ‘’Before moving on to other things, we would like to take some time and appreciate all the love and support that we have received from our customers.’’

‘’Today, we are very close to our objective of being the best in the business and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our huge customer base. We have always laid an emphasis on customer satisfaction and the thoughts of compromising on our quality of service have never ever crossed our minds. We have always guaranteed the reliability of the installation and repair service that we provide. We have trained our specialists and they are potent enough to deal with any issue related to garage doors.’’, he added.

Jimi Forster, the Chairman of the commercial garage door repair Houston business, shared some details about the new offering. ‘’If anybody in Houston requires a rollup garage door repair, we would ask them to come into contact with us without wasting any time. If people would like to avail new installations or maintenance, our professionals would be paying attention to every minute detail. In case someone wants to replace rollup garage door parts, we will be more than happy to serve them, taking the least possible time and quoting them a price that’s well within their means.’’

About the Company

Heights Garage Door Repair is a leading garage door repair Houston TX.

To know more, visit: https://www.heightsgaragedoorrepairhouston.com/

Full Address: N Shepherd Dr. Houston, TX. 77008


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Quartz Construction San Jose Bathroom Remodeling Services Are Aimed At Bridging The Gap Between Aesthetics And Practicality

Quartz Construction San Jose, one of the major remodeling contractor San Jose businesses, has taken its bathroom remodeling services a level up and is now aiming to bridge the gap between aesthetics and practicality. The company has been a key player in this sector and considering the feedbacks it has been receiving over the years have been quite encouraging for the management. The bathroom remodeling services that the entity has been rendering has of course been at par with its competitors. Whether its objective to better the services gives them an upper hand or not, that remains to be seen.

Ohad Malul, the chief architect of the bathroom remodeling San Jose CA company, is of the opinion that that the kitchen remodeling San Jose CA has had to encounter many a challenge in its long journey so far. ‘’With huge support and affection from our clients, we have been able to cross each and every hurdle. It’s never easy to cope with the cut-throat competition that has always tried to dethrone us. With the loyal client base by our side, we have sailed above troubled waters and surged ahead. The management will always remain indebted to the San Jose community for that.’’

He decided to put some light on how the general contractor San Jose is planning to move ahead as far as its objectives are concerned, Malul stated. ‘’Our customers have no doubt whatsoever in their minds regarding the top-notch bathroom remodeling services that we have been delivering so far. Going by the reports that we have with us, each and every household in San Jose is mighty pleased with our work. Our team of professionals is one of the best in this industry in the recent times and the expertise they have is simply unbeatable. That has made our work easy and thereby, we have captured the hearts of the homeowners.’’

A senior executive echoed his views and added, ‘’We have kept the budget intact and the architecture that we have included would give our clients a feeling of aestheticism, keeping all things practical. Aside from that, our bathroom remodel company is also updating plumbing fixtures, installing new flooring, installing lighting fixtures, and replacing countertops, etc.’’

About the Company

Quartz Construction San Jose is a leading bathroom remodeling San Jose, CA.

To know more, visit: https://quartzconstructionremodeling.com/

Full Address: 1777 Hamilton Ave #1080, San Jose, CA 95125



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Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio Launches Its 24 Hours Locksmith Service

As one of the reputable locksmith in San Antonio companies, Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio wants to provide the best services. This company understands that a problem can happen anytime, and most of them are unexpected. One of the most common cases is the locked car door in which it happens even on the road. Most drivers don’t have any experience in solving this problem, and they don’t know what to do.

The locked car door can be because of a deadlock problem where drivers leave the key inside the car. Another common cause is because the lock is broken. If it is not about the problem on the lock, another possibility is there is a problem with the car door. Mostly, a car door will be locked automatically after a fatal accident that causes a collision. A collision happens because the locking system is broken. Dealing with those problems, Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio introduces its 24 hours locksmith service. The idea arises because most car owners don’t know what to do and get confused. After a few hours, they still don’t get the best solution. It can be worse if the problem happens on the roadside where there is no one can help.

The CEO of Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio explains that the company wants to serve people across San Antonio better than before. The company also realizes that the common cases are happening all the time and the car owners need help immediately. As a professional San Antonio Locksmith, the company has to be ready anytime clients need them. The 24 hours auto locksmith, San Antonio service, is also supported by a professional team that is well trained along with the use of the latest technology and tools. The skillful team that brings the latest technology and tools can work faster and more efficiently so car owners can open the car door immediately.

The idea of 24 hours locksmith San Antonio TX service is that car owners can call someone who understands the way to fix the problem and come to the location immediately on the same day. Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio becomes one of the cheap locksmith San Antonio service that offers the 24 hours locksmith service. It may be a solution that vehicle owners are looking for for so long. Now, they know the one they have to call if their car door is broken instead of wasting time and doing nothing.         

About Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio:

Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is a company that helps vehicle owners who have a problem with the door locking system. Nowadays, this company offers 24 hours locksmith service to improve their service better.

For more information, please visit https://locksmithsanantonio-247.com/.

GMB : https://www.google.com/maps?cid=2632801811715967009

Full Address: 314 E Nakoma Dr Ste D, San Antonio, TX. 78216



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Howard Safe & Lock Co Houston Now Offers On-The-Spot Safe Cracking Services At Affordable Rates

Howard Safe & Lock Co Houston, a prominent player in the locksmith services industry, has now incorporated on-the-spot safe cracking services into its extensive list of services. The 24 hour locksmith Houston company has garnered a positive reputation among the residents of Houston and if the feedbacks it has been receiving so far are taken into account, the Houston locksmith is well on its way to enter to the top bracket in the recent times.

Keeping the prices comparatively lower than its competitors, the management has very wittily charted its own path of success. On asking how this has been possible, the Chairman stated, ‘’We have always prioritized customer satisfaction more than anything else and that not only involves furnishing top quality locksmith Houston Heights services, but attaching price tags that are considerably cheaper to suit pockets of all sizes. People, who come to us for help, hail from diverse economic background. We can’t let anyone return empty-handed. That’s the oath we have taken since day one.’’

He went to say, ‘’Our list of services range from basic key cutting, installation of door and locks are usually used at home, rekeying of locks that already exist, installation or repair of master key systems, emergency lockouts to installation or repair of high security locks, installation or repair of high security locks, installation or repair of keyless access systems, and car key, program chip keys, auto smart keys, and remotes programming. We have always been known to furnish affordable services and we believe, none of these stated in the list come at a price that’s beyond the capacity of the residents in Houston.’’

Talking about the new inclusion, Liran Vidal, the marketing executive conveyed a thing or two about it. ‘’The on-the-spot safe cracking services are rendered by a skilled and experienced technician who won the requisite certification in this regard. Our whole 24 hour locksmith team has obtained the highest level of government clearance and therefore, a perfect service is just a call away now. We will be dealing in bank vaults and night depositories, media, gun, and fire safes, antique as well as unique safes, GSA Safes and Security Containers, so on and so forth. ‘’

About the Company

Howard Safe & Lock Co. is known to provide high quality locksmith services in Houston.

To know more, visit: https://howardsafeandlock.com/

Full Address: 826 E 14th St, Houston, TX. 77009


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WeSilverJewels Lets Clients Place Custom Design Orders On Jewelry Wholesale Products

We Silver Jewels takes customized production order for bestsellers for a minimum order and quantity of $ 4500 and 100 units per design/color/size respectively. Any bestselling wholesale silver jewelry can be ordered for production in a different size or color or plating as per the client’s requirements. Items with epoxy in various epoxy hues and color combinations are high in demand in most stores at the moment so We Silver Jewels also take such custom production orders. Clients can even customize their jewelry with crystals, stones, and gems in any color of their choice.

A long-serving production manager urged customers not to be shy as he said “Don’t hesitate to make a request by telling us exactly what you want in the customization box. We will let you know if this is possible. The price of customized jewelry supplies might be different depending on several factors. Our standard length of necklaces is 45cm with no extensions and bracelets are 16cm long with a 2cm extension but our customers must let us know if they want different lengths. We also request our customers to allow our jewelry supply manufacturers a production time of eight to ten weeks and just in case our jewelry team is unable to meet or proceed with a client’s customization request then we let the client know by email.”

As an authentic wholesale online store for 925 sterling silver jewelry and jewelry supplies, We Silver Jewels has come a long way since it first started as a modest jewelry wholesale business. Over the years it has earned the trust of its sizeable customer base by emphasizing reliability and quality of service over everything else. The team of competent jewelers working with We Silver Jewels is dedicated to their craft and stays up to date with the latest trends in fashion jewelry to churn out an extensive assortment of fashionable silver jewelry for adults and children alike.

About the Company

We Silver Jewels is an online store that can modify existing jewelry designs or manufacture ordered designs for wholesale silver jewelry orders.

To know more, visit: https://www.we-silver-jewels.com/


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Doorbusters Lock and Safe Las Vegas Surprising Residential and Business Security World with Key Duplication Services

Doorbuster Lock and Safe Las Vegas have claimed to be one of the good reputations companies for locksmith service providers in Las Vegas. The company just announced a new method for adding protection for the residential and business locksmith North Las Vegas needs. Key duplication and also key re-duplication services are available in order to expand the company’s services and fulfill the need of people who need to duplicate keys in reliable places. The company owner  said that the purpose of offering key duplication and key re-duplication for home and business needs is to help homeowners and also business owners to fortify and also level up the security methods and systems.

The automotive locksmith Las Vegas becomes the one that is needed by people who are living in Las Vegas. Searching for the company is very easy because there is customer care staff that are ready to help people even 24 hours in a day. Customer care is not the only matter that is upgraded by the company. The company’s CEO  said that there are skilled personnel that also serve customers with high-quality services because the company is becoming one of the top-ranked companies that offered business and residential locksmith safe services. The company also announced that it would be a good company with SERP ranking and in some other business directories.

The background of offering key duplication and key re-duplication is an awareness that in some situations, keys can get broken, or sometimes it is misplaced. By using the new lock system, this problem can be handled in an easy way. People should not duplicate the key of home, office, and a car in unreliable places. Las Vegas is a city with so many unpredictable things to happen. The company offers solutions not only for homeowners but for car owners and business owners.

At the company’s press conference, the CEO, Eli Levi, said, “The service that is offered is new, and it makes some people feel confused for the first time. So, when it is released to the customer, it must be completed with troubleshooting solutions, installation guidance, servicing guidance, and some other things. How about the price that is offered? Customers always ask about the prices that the company offered. All customers who really need to use good protection for all valuable things in their home or business should not be worried about the price since the company is well known with cheap locksmith Las Vegas provider”.

 About Company

DoorBusters Lock & Safe Las Vegas offers various services and products of locksmith solutions for Las Vegas commercial and residential needs.


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Sandhya Padala - A Rare Inspirational Journey From a Traditional Indian Background to a Modern American Female Entrepreneur

Sandy Padala, the Founder and CEO of Rex Programming, is a global entrepreneur working towards bringing high quality technology education to everyone. Her journey from a conservative Indian family, to one of the few women in major corporate IT management roles, to a start-up founder, is an inspiration to everyone, especially for minorities, immigrants and women. 

“I grew up in a 300 sq ft home that I shared with 5 people”, says Sandy. “I was an average student who excelled in Math but was not good in History, Biology, or English.  My Mom was strict and taught me the value of hard work. Dad was lenient and taught me to believe in myself.” By 11th grade, it was clear that math and computer science would be her key to a successful future.

Sandy went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Toledo.  For the first eight years she lived in the US, she played it safe. She never questioned anyone and always agreed to what her bosses said because of her insecurities about her English and finances, and her upbringing in a culture that taught girls that they should defer to men.

She improved her English by watching movies and attending classes. As her confidence grew and her financial and visa situation stabilized, she worked her way up to senior IT management positions at reputed corporations like Harley-Davidson Motor Company as well as serving on nonprofit boards, like the YMCA. In her last full-time corporate position, she ran a multi-million dollar, 200+ person project.  Of the 200 people on her team, less than 3% were women.

Sandy says “It is important to make the family a part of your journey.” Since her son was six, he wanted to learn to create video games, “I looked high and low for a suitable environment for him” Sandy explained, “when I couldn’t find one, I decided to create one.” 

She has spent the last four years overcoming many obstacles as she builds her company, Rex Programming. She says it is critical for entrepreneurs to remain open-minded and adjust their strategy with developing situations and circumstances.

Rex aims to provide organizations the best-in-class cutting-edge technology courses.

“I was struck by the comment made by Sandy, that coding is the reading and writing for the future generation. That really resonates when you realize how basic reading and writing is and what that means for coding going forward.”

Curt Hazelbaker President/CEO, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas.

Today, Rex is a huge success having impacted over 10,000 students in its short tenure and has doubled revenue every year, for the past two years and opened a second location in North Carolina. It has taught students through partnerships and pilot programs with major organizations like Girl Scouts, YMCA, as well as camps and classes at reputed private schools such as Greenhill.

Sandy had considered giving up like any other entrepreneur. Her daughter told her that if Steve Jobs had given up then the world wouldn’t be where it is today. Sandy realized that she needs to be a good role model for her daughter, nieces and many other women afraid to take the next step. She discovered her inner strength and resilience while building her business. The financial investment and support of her husband and brother helped her at every step. She also credits her success to her employees and advisory board. 

According to Sandy, the biggest challenge of a female entrepreneur is to balance societal obligations, taking care of family, and the demands of running a business. Sandy believes that women are better at business as handling conflict, emotions, empathy, multitasking and being realistic about finances comes naturally to them.

The confident entrepreneur realizes that she is the best salesperson of her product and services. She is conscious that she has a long entrepreneurial journey ahead and is poise about it. In the technology domain where there are few female entrepreneurs, Sandhya Padala has emerged as a role model that others can look up to. 

Here is a testimonial from the youngest students of Rex Programming.

Also view this news link video

To follow Sandy and her activities you may visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandhyapadala/ and for information on her company you can visit the website http://www.rexprogramming.com/

Sandy's interview on Dallas Innovates also highlighted the company's unique offerings and vision (to read, visit https://dallasinnovates.com/rex-programming-is-helping-kids-become-digitally-literate).

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TakeAir Houston Announces Visionary Development Plans for the New Decade

Fresh from a highly profitable year, TakeAir has already set in motion developmental plans that will result in an exponential increase in the company’s profits margin in the coming fiscal years. While the primary aim of the air duct cleaning Houston company is customer satisfaction, their current goal is to increase their already massive client base with the help of client-specific ideas and improved methods.

TakeAir has gained a reputation as one of the most comprehensive HVAC cleaning Houston residents veer to every time they need to. The company built its reputation through years of hard efficient service provided by polite professionals equipped with the latest technology and advanced tools. Prompt response from the team of TakeAir professionals has endeared them to the residents of Houston, Texas. The company is currently recruiting professionally trained workers to increase its current workforce so that it may serve its dedicated client base swiftly and resourcefully.

Israel Tuoeg, a board member of the air duct cleaning Houston TX company said, said “We recruit only capable individuals with the desired level of skill that is basic to performing the sort of jobs that our company is known for. All employees recruited by the company are screened for any past criminal records and are further licensed and insured so as to guarantee client safety. We are dedicated to providing only the best quality service at nominal costs that do not burn a hole in our client’s pockets.”

TakeAir has also invested in a wide range of modern technology in the new year in a bid to increase the already impressive productivity of the company’s dedicated workforce. The company is not only looking to increase manpower but also keen on improving the quality of service and decreasing the time taken to provide such services. Israel further added, “Our plans for the new year and the next decade are already in motion and we are eager to provide even better service in the coming years than our clients are used to.”

TakeAir offers such services as HVAC air duct cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, attic insulation, and water damage restoration just to name a few at attractive prices.

About the Company

TakeAir offers professional air duct cleaning services to its devoted client base in and around Houston, Texas.

To know more, visit: https://takeaire.com/

Phone: (281) 568-3828

Full Address: 7800 Bissonnet St #440, Houston, TX. 77074



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Creative Virtual and Spitch AG Announce Partnership to Bring Speech Recognition and Conversational AI Together to Improve Customer Experience, Sales and Support Service

Creative Virtual, a world leader in customer and employee engagement solutions, today announced a commercial partnership with Spitch AG, the leading developer of enterprise speech solutions in Switzerland. The collaboration will utilise the best-of-breed technologies of both companies to provide their customers with innovative self-service solutions.

The integration of Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ natural language chatbots and virtual agents and Spitch’s voice technologies brings an industry-leading voicebot offering to the market. These multi-lingual solutions empower organisations to improve their customer experience, increase revenue and deliver better support with seamless, omnichannel self-service.

“As an established leader in chatbot and virtual agent technology, Creative Virtual is proud to bring over 16 years of industry expertise and innovation to this partnership,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “By voice-enabling our virtual agents with Spitch’s powerful speech technologies, we are able to offer organisations even more ways to engage customers in their native language to improve their experience and support.”

The flexibility of the integrated technologies allows for unlimited customisation and is backed by the combined experience of the Creative Virtual and Spitch global teams. The partnership is already creating interest in the marketplace, with the companies currently collaborating on several projects.

“We are delighted to bring the voice channel to this innovative and exciting partnership with Creative Virtual,” says Piergiorgio Vittori, Global Business Development Director and Country Manager for UK, Ireland and Italy for Spitch AG. “The combination of our best-of-breed technologies and solutions will together provide voicebot solutions which are both powerful and effective in further enhancing the customer experience.”

Learn more about this powerful combination of natural language virtual agents and speech recognition by downloading the integration overview or requesting a live demo.

About Creative Virtual:

Creative Virtual, winner of Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 AI-Enhanced Customer Self-Service Leadership Award and the Queen's Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2017, is a world leader in self-service solutions that enable anywhere, anytime customer engagement between brands and their customers. Leading global organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, BT, HSBC, Chase and InterContinental Hotels Group rely on our award-winning V-Person technology to improve their customer support experience, increase sales, reduce costs and build brand loyalty.

About Spitch:

Spitch is an established Swiss company with consolidated presence in Italy, UK and Germany, and a leading provider of cutting-edge AI-driven voice technology solutions, delivering high accuracy and performance. In 2019, Spitch was recognized by Gartner as a “cool vendor” in speech and natural language, in a corresponding report.

Spitch speech technology is used by such organisations as Swisscard, Abramo, Amag and Avaloq to drive efficiency and improve the customer experience in use cases such as automatic call-steering, self-service, banking applications and much more.

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Cornerstone Research Promotes Seven to Vice President and Principal

Cornerstone Research, a leading provider of economic and financial consulting and expert testimony, has advanced five senior staff to the role of vice president: Mike DeCesaris, Zoya Marriott, Sachin Sancheti, Gary Schmirer, and Paul Zurek. DeCesaris, who leads the firm’s data analytics practice, has been named vice president, data analytics.

The firm also promoted two staff to the role of principal: Matthew Armstrong and Penka Kovacheva.

“These exceptional colleagues exemplify our firm’s commitment to excellence, to our clients and experts, and to our people and culture,” said Yesim Richardson, Cornerstone Research’s president. “We are proud to recognize their leadership, and I am confident that they will continue to make lasting contributions to the success of our firm.”

Vice President

Mike DeCesaris directs Cornerstone Research’s data analytics practice. DeCesaris has been instrumental in building the firm’s industry-leading capabilities in sophisticated data management and analysis. He oversees complex projects requiring advanced empirical analysis of big data and data science techniques such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and text analytics. He has worked with counsel and clients to efficiently manage data analytics projects in the context of litigation, investigations, merger reviews, and non-litigation consulting. DeCesaris is based in San Francisco.

Zoya Marriott, a leader in the firm’s life sciences practice, focuses on antitrust, intellectual property, product misrepresentation, false claims, and breach of contract matters. Marriott has addressed class certification, liability, and damages questions in litigation for both branded and generic manufacturers and involving both small molecule and biologic drugs. She has particular expertise with Hatch-Waxman disputes and has provided deposition and trial testimony on commercial success issues. Marriott is based in Boston.

Sachin Sancheti leads teams in merger reviews, as well as product misrepresentation and intellectual property disputes. Sancheti worked on the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, as well as United States v. AT&T Inc. et al. and Commercial Metals Company’s Acquisition of Certain Assets from Gerdau S.A. He has also assessed class certification claims and damages, and consulted on lost profit assessments in various industries. Sancheti is based in New York.

Gary Schmirer specializes in financial matters arising from shareholder lawsuits, investment management disputes, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as in internal and regulatory investigations. Schmirer has directed analyses for five high-profile insider trading trials in the Southern District of New York. With particular expertise in addressing loss causation, valuation, damages, and sampling issues, his industry experience includes financial institutions, life sciences, technology, and real estate. Schmirer is based in Boston.

Paul Zurek specializes in matters related to financial markets, securities, risk management, valuation, complex data, and statistical and econometric analysis in U.S. and international venues. Zurek has more than a decade of consulting experience, including as an expert witness testifying in civil litigation and in regulatory investigations. His industry expertise spans banking, hedge funds, investment management, manufacturing, private equity, pharmaceuticals and biotech, retail, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Zurek is based in San Francisco.


Matthew Armstrong specializes in securities and financial institution matters. He has extensive experience analyzing market efficiency, loss causation, and damages in Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 cases. In matters involving large, complex datasets, he has estimated damages arising from market timing in mutual funds and analyzed options trading issues at the class certification stage. Armstrong is based in Silicon Valley.

Penka Kovacheva specializes in litigation and regulatory investigations within the life sciences and healthcare industries. Kovacheva focuses on economic and statistical issues in antitrust matters involving drug pricing and competition; reimbursement disputes between government and healthcare providers; and intellectual property disputes between drug manufacturers. She assessed upstream and downstream competitive effects of the vertical merger of Cigna and Express Scripts. Kovacheva is based in Los Angeles.

About Cornerstone Research 

Cornerstone Research provides economic and financial consulting and expert testimony in all phases of complex litigation and regulatory proceedings. The firm works with an extensive network of prominent faculty and industry practitioners to identify the best-qualified expert for each assignment. Cornerstone Research has earned a reputation for consistent high quality and effectiveness by delivering rigorous, state-of-the-art analysis for more than thirty years. The firm has over 700 staff and offices in Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Washington.

Twitter: @Cornerstone_Res
Facebook: @CornerstoneResearchInc

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3dcart and Price2Spy Team Up to Bring Automated Price Matching to Online Stores

3dcart, a leader in eCommerce software, announced today that they have formed a partnership with Price2Spy, a leading price monitoring and repricing automation platform. Price2Spy is a complete solution for price matching and analysis, and provides detailed reporting alongside other tools.

“We always do our best to meet the clients’ needs," said Misha Krunic, founder and CEO of Price2Spy, "Therefore we are constantly looking for new integrations and partnerships from which our clients can benefit. With the realization of this new collaboration, eCommerce professionals get another source for succeeding in a competitive market.”

Gonzalo Gil, CEO of 3dcart, expanded on Krunic's statement. "It's well-known that eCommerce is extremely competitive," Gil said. "The repricing tools in Price2Spy will help 3dcart merchants sell more by ensuring that other businesses don't undercut them on price. Not only is the store more likely to make a sale to a bargain-hunting shopper, customers always remember where they found the best deals."

The partnership with Price2Spy is the newest development in 3dcart's continuing mission to provide online entrepreneurs with the eCommerce industry's most complete and robust set of tools. Other 3dcart features include advanced SEO and marketing, inventory management, and hundreds of integrations with other software and payment gateways.

For more information about 3dcart's partnership with Price2Spy, visit https://apps.3dcart.com/price2spy-price-tracking.html.

About 3dcart

3dcart (https://www.3dcart.com), located in Tamarac, Florida, is the most SEO-friendly eCommerce platform for retailers and internet marketers to grow their online stores' traffic and sales. 3dcart includes 24x7 Technical Support, 100+ Mobile-Ready Themes, order management software, built-in blog, email marketing tools and more. Since 1997, the company has been a leader in the eCommerce market, building online stores for businesses of all sizes. Today, 3dcart is Visa PCI Certified and a Google Partner.

About Price2Spy

Price2Spy is an online service which provides comprehensive and suitable solutions for eCommerce professionals including; retailers, brands/manufacturers and distributors in order to stay profitable in the current competitive market conditions. If you want to learn more about what Price2Spy can do for your business, please request a demo or sign up for 30-day free trial.

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GovX Community Raises Over ,000 for Navy SEAL Foundation

A fundraising effort organized by GovX, the online shopping site exclusively for current and former military and first responders, has raised over ,000 for Navy SEAL Foundation, the nonprofit that provides immediate and ongoing support to the NSW community and their families.

Established in 2000, the Navy SEAL Foundation is a 501(c)(3 non-profit headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. Each of their specialized programs maps directly back to the U.S. Special Operations Command directive and the Naval Special Warfare’s Preservation of the Force and Family Program, a program designed to address the “fraying” of the force caused by the stress of decades of sustained combat. NSF programs are designed to improve health and welfare, build and enhance resiliency, empower and educate families, and provide critical support during times of illness, injury, and loss.

"We are so grateful for this support from GovX," said Chris Irwin, a retired SEAL officer and current director of partnerships at Navy SEAL Foundation. "Not only do these types of promotions raise funds for the NSW community, but they expand awareness about what the NSF does. They are truly force multipliers for our mission."

Navy SEAL Foundation programs relieve the burden placed on the family members when SEALs deploy around the world. When a SEAL deploys, life back home doesn't stop for his family. Challenges arise for the spouses and children of the Navy's most elite operators. Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support to the NSW community and their families, so warriors on the front line remain focused on their mission.

Individual sales of GovX's "Don't Mess with the Bull" Patch of the Month fueled the donations to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Each patch is designed for the GovX Gives Back charitable donation program, which donated over ,000 last year to nonprofits serving military, first responders, law enforcement professionals, and the families who support them.

"As our company is headquartered in the same region as Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, GovX team members have had the privilege of knowing several members of the SEAL community and their families," said Alan Cole, GovX CEO. "Being able to support these elite operators and the family members who support them through the GovX Gives Back program is a true honor. We remain grateful for members of the GovX community who continue to support impactful organizations like the Navy SEAL Foundation."

To find the Navy SEAL Foundation program that's right for you and your family, visit their website.

Get February's Patch of the Month, benefiting the nonprofit Angels of America's Fallen.

About GovX:

GovX.com is for the men and women who protect our country and communities. The members-only eCommerce site offers thousands of products, tickets and travel services from hundreds of premium brands at exclusive, below-retail pricing. Eligible members include active and veteran U.S. military, firefighters, law enforcement officers and federal agents. Membership is free and more information can be found at GovX.com.

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Roy J. Meidinger Reveals Some Shocking Facts about the U.S Healthcare Industry In His Book ‘The Truth About the Healthcare Industry’

Roy J. Meidinger’s book ‘The Truth About the Healthcare Industry’ is the outcome of many years of hard work and deep research. The book brings out some shocking truths about how the healthcare companies across the United States have been swindling their customers by indulging in grossly illegal and unfair practices in connivance with insurance providers. 

Meidinger's book outlines how the whole healthcare industry has been scamming the public for years by entering into nefarious deals with the hospitals and the insurance companies.

My security advisor suddenly asked me what is going to happen in the Healthcare Industry?” says Roy J. Meidinger while explaining the core substance of his book. “I guess his concerns arose from listening to the various Democratic debates on the issue of universal coverage.”

According to Meidinger, the answer to this question is simple. The Democrats are not debating how they are going to pay for healthcare and that is why it is going nowhere. They have to think about it in a broader manner says the author.

For the manufacturing industry to stay competitive and profitable, they must first analyze the cost of manufacturing products and find ways of lowering them. 

In the United States, healthcare costs are paid for by the employers and are included in the costs below the break-even point for manufacturing products and hence must be covered. These are upfront costs and include the taxes for Medicare and Medicaid.

The privately insured healthcare costs the United States twice as much as other countries and they provide universal healthcare for everyone. The difference is that every other country also has government healthcare programs that cover the majority of the populace.

In the past thirty years, the healthcare industry in the U.S has grown by 11.2 percent of its gross domestic product. However, a breakdown of GDP reveals that the manufacturing industry has shrunk by the exact same percentage. 

Changing the way people pay for healthcare can help rebuild the manufacturing industry, create manufacturing jobs, make greater profits, pay higher salaries and give employees greater freedom.

Cutting the costs for healthcare will help in better management of the country’s manufacturing industry. 

The Democrats are missing this point. A universal healthcare system will have immediate cost reductions, the first is 29 percent of its costs go to collection efforts by providers, over forty-five million follow up claims to patients are issued each year, with many going to court. These claims have wiped out family wealth and caused over a million personal bankruptcies.” the author explains in his book.

According to the author, the move will also help eliminate 250,000 salesman jobs for insurance companies. The salary of doctors will have to come down, but they will not make much of an impact as they will no longer have to pay for malpractice insurance.

My security advisor came up with the question all Democratic candidates are arguing about that such moves will make the taxes go up,” says the author. “I replied that the tax revenues will go up but not the taxes. If it is done right, $ 12,000 each employer pays for healthcare benefits will be paid to the employees, increasing their income and increasing their taxes.”

Roy J. Meidinger believes that this is not enough. He expects that the companies will most likely freeze employees’ salaries for four years while all the changes take place while our manufacturing industry comes back and the society gets rebalanced.

The book claims that 34 of the 35 countries belonging to the Organization of Economic and Developing Countries collect tax revenues from company profits and personal income taxes. These countries have moved healthcare costs from below the breakeven point of cost of manufacturing, thereby lowering their prices and collecting a percentage of the profits as taxes. 

These countries have also moved all the taxes for their social programs like FICA taxes and moved them in the taxes collected from profits and income. These changes and moves can also be replicated by the United States easily, suggests the author in his book. Roy J. Meidinger is certain that everyone would vote for universal healthcare if they knew it would bring back our manufacturing industry.

He then said "It is so clear and simple, but who is going to tell the candidates about it" then he sighed.

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Love isn’t fleeting, so Give Everlasting Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Anyone can give roses on Valentine's Day. But if you have a garden- lover or someone who would appreciate a “greener” gift, think outside the flower box with gifts that will say "I love you" long after February 14th is over. A message every Valentine wants to hear.

“Some people love roses and candy for Valentine’s Day, but personally I would love a gift that keeps on giving,” says Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group. “If you gave roses last year, and the year before, it might be time to try something new.”

Here are a few ideas to shake things up this V-Day and gift a long-lasting “I love you”:

Flower Bulbs Make You Bloom!
Still want to give flowers this Valentine’s Day? Potted flower bulbs are the answer. Choose one with plenty of unopened buds so they’ll bloom for a few weeks.

After they’ve finished blooming keep watering them until the foliage dies back. As soon as the garden soil is frost-free, plant them in a sunny spot and they’ll bloom again next spring.

To learn more about bulbs check out FlowerBulbs.com. And, get ready to plant summer flowering bulbs. They’ll make your garden come alive!

Kick-it-Up Anthurium
Appropriately named Allura, this hot anthurium bears Valentine’s Day-shaped red flowers and leaves. Mother Nature is such a romantic, isn’t she? The flowers feature standing-at-attention yellow centers, like little exclamation points and last for weeks! Also called flamingo flower, this little number adds colorful allure anywhere you place it.

Potted in a decorative pot, this anthurium brightens any spot in the house and can be moved to a shaded spot outdoors in warm weather. Love continues year-round with its display of beautiful blossoms.

Get your own anthurium here.

Memorable Experiences
People love to experience new things and visit new places. This holiday plan a trip for your valentine to a location where they can be surrounded by beautiful flowers and long-lasting memories. Check your local listing for public gardens and plan a day trip with your sweetheart.

Smart Pots for Lovely Plants
Give your smart gardener eco-friendly Smart Pots for Valentine’s Day. Fill them up with potted bulbs and early spring annuals like pansies to decorate you entrance. Smart Pots are a sustainable choice. They improve aeration and drainage. Plus, these bags are incredibly durable and can be washed and reused over and over.

The Ultimate Valentines Gift – A Hoya Heart
This hoya heart is perfect for all of your plant-loving valentines. Even beginner plant parents will be successful with this easy to grow plant. It comes in a charming, white ceramic pot adorned with a “Love Balloon” perfect for home or office. Costa Farms plants will fill your home with life. Let your loved ones know your love grows every day!

Check out the links above or your local retail center for these sweet ideas that will take Valentine’s Day gifts to the next level.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the garden gurus at Garden Media!

Garden Media, celebrating 31 years in business, ignites buzz for clients, offers innovative PR campaigns and secures top media placements and partnerships. The boutique PR and marketing firm is known as the best in the home, garden, horticulture, outdoor living, and lawn and landscape industries. The annual Garden Trends Report is one of the most published garden studies in trade and consumer news. Visit http://www.gardenmediagroup.com for more information.

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MARION Integrated Marketing Announces a New Partner

MARION Integrated Marketing, a Texas marketing agency, is pleased to announce the promotion of John Anger to Partner.

“John is the epitome of an accountable and high-performing team member and has gone above and beyond our high expectations during his time with MARION,” said Carey Balzer, Managing Partner. “His outstanding leadership and management skills are greatly admired by MARION’s employees and ownership alike, making him an invaluable addition to the agency’s group of partners.”

As Vice President, John has led client-services, while also managing the day-to-day operations of the Houston office. He was key to the successful acquisition of MARION by AIM Creative in 2015 and has repeatedly proven his ability to source and hire top talent for the continued success of the agency.

John graduated from Texas State University in 2006 with a BBA in Marketing. He has been with MARION for over 13 years now, where he started as an account executive, grew into a marketing director role, and was inevitably promoted to Vice President. John’s years of experience and track record as a self-starter have had a significant positive impact on MARION’s culture. The team is looking forward to his continued leadership for years to come.

With offices in Houston, Austin, and Fort Worth, MARION provides expert digital marketing, traditional marketing, and graphic design services for small to mid-sized businesses throughout Texas. For more information on MARION's services, contact them at (713)-623-6444 or visit https://www.marion.com.

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150MW Hungarian Solar Power Plant Project Obtains 5M Investment Proposal from Capital Corp Merchant Banking

With the EU raising the price of lignite in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and fight against climate change, the Hungarian government has decided to turn toward renewable energy as a source of power. With a view to increasing solar panels from 500MW to 30,000MW by 2022, Hungary is seeking to step away from coal and other fossil fuels towards more sustainable energy sources.

The 150MW (megawatt) project will be split into three groundmounted 50MW solar plants in targeted areas of the country using the best available solar PV technology on the market. These solar plants will then feed into the national grid as energy security and diversification of sources has become a priority issue within the country, and the EU at large.

This solar project is a perfect fit in Capital Corp’s ongoing Green Energy Initiative, which has been active for well over a decade.

Mr Gilles Herard, Jr, Capital Corp Merchant Banking’s Managing Director, structured the funding proposal for this project. Mr Herard is a seasoned Merchant Banker and has been in the banking industry for 38 years. He worked early in his career at the Toronto Dominion Bank (Canada) and later on joined Manufacturer Hanover (MH) of New York as Senior Credit Analyst. He eventually created his own Firm, Capital Corp Merchant Banking, where he syndicates and structures funding for top companies worldwide, all the while investing his own firm’s funds into the projects. As the head of Capital Corp Merchant Banking, Mr Herard has become a leading figure in international middle-market project financing and engineers all funding structures for projects at Capital Corp. Mr Herard has received numerous awards for his work and other contributions including being appointed to the Presidential Business Commission, Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council, nominated as Executive of the Year by the internationally acclaimed National Register’s Who’s Who, and having received the Senatorial Medal of Freedom, among many others.

About Capital Corp Merchant Banking: Capital Corp offers quality Merchant Banking services for a variety of projects worldwide. Capital Corp Merchant Banking has developed close working relationships with groups of Professionals: Specialists in Finance, Commercial Risks Insurance and Re-Insurance, International Accounting Firms and Law Firms, and the largest Valuation Firm in the world. Capital Corp Merchant Banking is solution-oriented and known for being the most flexible Funding Source on the Market in creating bespoke investment structures to meet the needs of the different constituent groups in each individual transaction. Capital Corp Merchant Banking offers many services: Project Financing, Consulting, Due Diligence, Evaluation of a Business, Negotiating Services, Acquisitions, Investment Approach, and Presentation Reports as well. For further information, please visit the website.

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Laser Research CO2 Laser Optics Feature New Wide Selection of Focal Points for High Accuracy Cutting

Laser Research Optics has introduced line of field-replacement CO2 laser optics that offers a wide selection of focal lengths for accurately cutting stainless steel and phenolic gaskets.

Laser Research CO2 Laser Optics include lenses and mirrors that fit popular lasers used for cutting precise patterns from stainless steel, phenolic, and other alloyed and composite materials. Featuring a selection of focal lengths from 1.0” to 7.5”, the ZnSe lenses come in 0.5” to 1.0” O.D sizes and the mirrors are 0.5” to 10 mm thick, made from silicon.

Available with dual-band anti-reflective coatings to aid in system align-ment, Laser Research CO2 Laser Optics meet OEM and ISO-10111 specifications and are optimized for use at 10.6 microns. They are direct replacements in the field, by the user, for Amada®, Coherent®, Cincinnati®, Epilog®, Mazak®, Synrad®, and Universal® lasers.

Laser Research CO2 Laser Optics are priced according to configuration and quantity. Delivery is from stock within 24-hours from receipt of order.

For more information contact:

Laser Research Optics
A Division of Meller Optics, Inc.
Scott Rouillard, Sales Mgr.
120 Corliss St.
Providence, RI 02904
(888) 239-5545 FAX (401) 331-4004
e-mail: scott@laserresearch.net

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Mass-Vac's MV PosiTrap® Vacuum Inlet Traps Can be Fabricated to OEM Specifications

Mass-Vac, Inc. has introduced a line of vacuum pump inlet and exhaust traps that can be customized for OEMs of diaphragm, dry piston, and dry scroll pumps.

MV PosiTrap® Vacuum Inlet Traps are made of stainless steel and come in 4” and 8” dia. sizes for pumps up to 25 and 50 CFM, respectively, and are positively sealed at both ends to protect vacuum pump fluid from being contaminated and to prevent oil back-streaming. Available with a variety of special-purpose filter elements for heavy particulates, volatile organics, acids, particulate water vapor, and more, these traps can be manufactured with various types of ports and flange sizes to OEM specifications.

Offered with straight-through and right-angle ports and flange sizes from NW 25 up to ISO 80, MV PosiTrap® Vacuum Inlet Traps can include purge and drain ports if required. Filter elements include SS gauze mesh, polypro-pylene in 20 to 0.1 micron pore size, activated charcoal, Sodasorb®, and more. End users include manufacturers, laboratories, and universities.

MV PosiTrap® Vacuum Inlet Traps are priced from 5.00 (list), depending upon configuration and the selected filter cartridges.

For more information contact:

Mass-Vac, Inc.
David Rolph, Marketing
247 Rangeway Rd. / P.O. Box 359
No. Billerica, MA 01862
(978) 667-2393 FAX (978) 671-0014
e-mail: drolph@massvac.com

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Strategic Radiology Selects Radius to Provide Private Radiology Cloud for SR Connect

Strategic Radiology (SR) has chosen Radius, LLC, based in Nashville, Tenn., as its private radiology cloud partner, enabling SR member groups to securely exchange studies for quality-improvement initiatives and cross-practice service coverage.

“As we build our solution for inter-practice connectivity, the security of our patients’ health information is a foremost concern,” said Arl Van Moore Jr, MD, FACR, Chair and CEO of Strategic Radiology. “Radius has the systems and expertise to facilitate a next-generation radiologist communication and collaboration platform that is secure and flexible enough to evolve with Strategic Radiology’s needs.”

SR Connect—the coalition’s connectivity solution—will link each of the independent member groups to an enterprise platform hosted by Radius, enabling aggregation and routing of HL7 and DICOM information between the member groups and other affiliated organizations. The SR–Patient Safety Organization and Rad-IQ, the SR business intelligence arm, also will be interfaced to SR Connect.

Radius, privately owned and founded in 2009, delivers hosting services for more than 2,000 medical facilities across 44 states. Partnering with leading industry software companies, Radius delivers radiology solutions from its cloud platform, including RIS/PACS, voice recognition, AI, HL7, VNA, analytics, and other applications in the radiologist toolkit.

“We believe Strategic Radiology’s unique, collaborative approach to health care delivery in today’s competitive environment is a true model for success,” said Jason Layne, Radius Partner and Sales Director. “We are excited to be a part of the SR Connect vision by providing a cost-effective technology platform for their future success.”    

About Strategic Radiology
Strategic Radiology is a coalition of independent, private radiology practices, representing more than 1,100 radiologists. The coalition’s goal is to achieve higher quality patient care and more cost-efficient delivery of medical imaging through an integrated approach of shared data and best practices, interchanging clinical expertise, and consolidating certain practice expenses. http://www.StrategicRadiology.org

About Radius
For over a decade, Radius has been making the complex simple for its partners and clients, delighting them with excellent service. Radius’ sole focus is delivering radiology solutions successfully from its private radiology cloud made possible by our team of experts in data center operations, health care technology, clinical application hosting, enterprise storage, and regulatory security compliance. http://www.radiustoday.com

SR Members

  • Asheville Radiology Associates; Asheville, NC
  • Casper Medical Imaging and Outpatient Radiology; Casper, WY
  • Central Illinois Radiological Associates; Peoria, IL
  • Gaston Radiology; Gastonia, NC
  • The Hill Medical Corporation; Pasadena, CA
  • Huron Valley Radiology; Ann Arbor, MI
  • Inland Imaging; Spokane, WA
  • Mecklenburg Radiology Associates; Charlotte, NC
  • Medical Center Radiology Group; Orlando, FL
  • Minneapolis Radiology Associates; Minneapolis, MN
  • Modesto Radiological Medical Group (MRMG); Modesto, CA
  • Mountain Medical Physician Specialists; Salt Lake City, UT
  • Naugatuck Valley Radiological Associates; Waterbury, CT
  • Northwest Radiology; Indianapolis, IN
  • Quantum Radiology; Atlanta, GA
  • Radiologic Medical Services; Iowa City, IA
  • Radiology Associates; Jeffersonville, IN
  • Radiology Associates of Macon; Macon, GA
  • Radiology Associates of North Texas; Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  • Radiology Associates of Tallahassee; Tallahassee, FL
  • Rome Radiology Group; Rome, GA
  • Southeast Radiology, Ltd.; Glen Mills, PA
  • Tower Imaging Medical Group; Santa Monica, CA
  • United Imaging Consultants; Mission, KS
  • University Radiology; East Brunswick, NJ
  • X-Ray Consultants; South Bend, IN

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Javier Villarreal Law Firm, a Top-Rated Brownsville Team of Attorneys, Announces Five Star Accident Lawyer Reviews

The Villarreal Law Firm, a team of accident attorneys serving the Brownsville Texas area, is proud to announce over 200 positive reviews on Google. The professional team of accident lawyers has received highly-rated reviews on Google and Bird Eye. South Texas locals have described their experiences using phrases such as 'quick to respond,' 'amazing,' and 'very professional.' A reliable listing of accident lawyer reviews in Brownsville Texas, can help residents seek the right type of legal support after a car accident.

"Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) community. That means responding quickly and communicating often. So far, it's been the most successful formula for serving our clients," explained attorney Javier Villarreal, managing partner at the law firm. "The positive postings not only make us very proud but inspire our legal team to do even better."

The Cameron County community can read accident lawyer reviews for Villarreal Law Firm on the Bird Eye site at https://reviews.birdeye.com/law-office-of-villarreal-javier-148861693802966. The Villarreal Law Firm could thus be considered the "most reviewed" personal injury and accident law firm in the Rio Grande Valley and Cameron County. The expert legal team specializes in personal injury cases, including; slip and fall, trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents, and car crashes. Brownsville, Texas locals, struggling to recover from an injury at work, on a boat, or the road can reach out to an attorney ready to help. Interested persons can access the Google Reviews page at https://jm-seo.net/villarreal.


Here is the background for this release. After a severe car wreck, time could be of the essence. First responders can change the outcome of an accident by quickly administering care. After a victim gets back on their feet, the next emergency could include paying expensive medical bills. The response time of an attorney might be critical to the financial health of an individual. Finding a legal expert ready to respond quickly and fight for fair compensation can help. Brownsville, Texas locals, searching for help could start by reading accident lawyer reviews.

For these reasons, Villarreal Law Firm announces over 200 positive posts on a listing of accident lawyer reviews. Comments include quick response times, attentive behavior, and communicating often. Texas residents share personal experiences about being in 'good hands' with a top Brownsville law firm.


The law firm of Javier Villarreal (https://www.jvlawfirm.net/) offers a team of attorneys, considered among the best personal injury attorneys in Brownsville, Texas, and surrounding cities in Cameron County. If a person is looking for an auto or car accident attorney, a lawyer with broad experience in trucking accidents and litigation (including 18 wheelers), there is support. If a South Texas local needs a lawyer for injuries that resulted from motorcycles, boating, or other forms of mishaps (including slip and fall), the Villarreal team of attorneys can help. The attorneys fight for client rights throughout Cameron County - and are known as the top personal injury lawyers in Brownsville and Harlingen, from Los Fresnos to San Benito, and in all of South Padre Island.

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Piano Gallery, a Best-in-class Piano Store in Dallas focused on used Steinway Pianos for Sale, Announces Website Updates for 2020

Piano Gallery, the leading piano store in Dallas, Texas, and the entire DFW metroplex, is proud to announce a new website update for 2020. Pianists ready to upgrade can review a new listing of used Steinway pianos on the updated website, and those in the Dallas Fort Worth area are urged to visit the store immediately as the store is in the process of moving. Considered the best piano retailer in Texas, the company helps pianists find the right model for their musical desires.

"January is normally the time for New Year's resolutions. We tend to see an uptick of people searching for the best price on a used Steinway piano not just here in Dallas but throughout the United States," commented Maestro Bruno, proprietor of Piano Gallery and a leading expert on sourcing Steinway pianos for sale. "We are happy to serve both seasoned musicians and novice piano players. Our updated website provides a listing of newly procured models for the public to review."

The new content upgrades from Piano Gallery can be reviewed at at http://dfwpianogallery.com/. The website enhancements include detailed content for many popular piano brands in particular the popular Steinway piano brand. Indeed, the store is in the process of moving and their 'lost the lease' sale is in progress right now. People who are looking for pre-owned or used Steinway pianos are flocking to the Dallas store for the incredible prices. Persons specifically searching for used Steinway pianos can visit the updated Steinway B page at http://dfwpianogallery.com/used-steinway/. In addition, the company partners with Concert Pianos, an online retailer which focuses on used Steinway pianos. For more information, interested persons can go to https://concertpianos.com/. Finally, persons who want to sell their Steinway can visit http://pianopartnersllc.com/ which is a service that purchases used Steinway pianos.


Here is the background on this release. 2020 might be the year people make a New Year’s resolution to take their piano skills to the next level. Indeed, anyone looking for a Steinway piano could benefit from reaching out to Maestro Bruno for one-on-one help on sourcing their dream piano. For these reasons, Piano Gallery has announced website updates for the New Year.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Concert Pianos is a best-in-class retailer of used and Premium pre-owned Steinway pianos. Under the leadership of Maestro Bruno, Concert Pianos has garnered a reputation as the best place on the Internet to find Steinway pianos for sale, including the popular Steinway model B. Connoisseurs of Steinway pianos seeking to buy Steinway pianos online (or even to sell their Steinway) reach out to Maestro Bruno for expert guidance as to the value of Steinway pianos, how to buy or sell them, and how to find them at the best price. Always ready to talk, Maestro Bruno can be reached via the website and is happy to discuss the opportunities to buy or sell a "dream" piano online.

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0,000 Kessler Foundation Grant to Improve Employment Outcomes for People Living with a Disability in Vermont

Kessler Foundation has awarded a two-year, 0,000 Signature Employment Grant to the State of Vermont’s Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) to support Social Security Disability beneficiaries in increasing their earnings and aid on the transition to better living. VR will implement a combination of interventions, including a modified vocational rehabilitation service package, intensive benefits counseling, and short-term financial support after the cessation of benefits.

The grant is part of over .4 million in grants awarded by Kessler Foundation in 2019 to organizations across the U.S. to support initiatives that create and expand job training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

“Job opportunities for people with disabilities have never been greater than they are now,” said Elaine E. Katz, MS, CCC-SLP, senior vice president for grants and communications at Kessler Foundation. “A substantial number of SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) beneficiaries are not getting the support they need to work. Those who work, do so at a level that is not self-sustaining, relying on a combination of benefits and low earnings. Even with income from both sources, many live in poverty.”

Historically, state and federal vocational rehabilitation programs have had limited success in helping SSDI and SSI beneficiaries work at self-sustaining levels. The BOSS (Better Option than Social Security) program will implement a new service package that addresses the challenges deterring beneficiaries who could achieve self-sustaining employment. The program includes a specialized VR service package intended to support higher wage employment; added benefits counseling designed to support beneficiaries during the transition to self-sufficiency; and self-directed financial support at key milestone points to assist the beneficiary in managing the transition to living entirely on earned income.

Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living Commissioner Monica Caserta Hutt states that, “Vermont is honored to receive this grant from the Kessler Foundation. Our state faces significant workforce challenges, and our Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is uniquely suited to lead this important initiative, supporting Vermonters who are living with disabilities and meeting a crucial need for local employers. We are very excited to begin work on the BOSS project.”

The BOSS program will be piloted at two sites in Vermont, Burlington and Rutland. It will deploy a specialized team at each site including a full-time vocational rehabilitation counselor, a full-time contracted job placement specialist, and a full time benefits counselor.

About the Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living
Our mission is to make Vermont the best state in which to grow old or to live with a disability - with dignity, respect and independence. For more information visit dail.vermont.gov.

About the Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
The mission of the Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is to help Vermonters with disabilities prepare for, obtain, and maintain meaningful employment and to help employers recruit, train, and retain employees with disabilities. DVR is the state/federal public vocational rehabilitation program for the State of Vermont and has been recognized as one of the most innovative vocational rehabilitation programs in the nation especially around services for Social Security disability beneficiaries. For more information, visit vocrehab.vermont.gov.

About Kessler Foundation
Kessler Foundation, a major nonprofit organization in the field of disability, is a global leader in rehabilitation research that seeks to improve cognition, mobility and long-term outcomes, including employment, for people with neurological disabilities caused by diseases and injuries of the brain and spinal cord. Kessler Foundation leads the nation in funding innovative programs that expand opportunities for employment for people with disabilities. For more information, visit KesslerFoundation.org.

Apply Now
Kessler Foundation is accepting applications now for its 2020 grant programs. To learn more and to apply, please visit our website. Signature Employment Grants applications are due February 14, 2020. Community Employment Grants applications are due by April 6, 2020. Inquires accepted for Special Initiative Grants on a rolling basis.

Stay connected
Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/KesslerFdn
Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/KesslerFoundation
YouTube | http://www.youtube.com/user/KesslerFoundation
Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/kesslerfdn

Contact information Kessler Foundation:
Carolann Murphy, PA

Rob Gerth

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Uniform Solutions Announces New Post Reminding Restaurant Leaders Fresh Employee Uniform Ideas Ready to Review for 2020

Uniform Solutions, the leading service for online employee uniforms at http://www.uniformsolutionsforyou.com/, is proud to announce a new post for restauranteurs anticipating a competitive 2020 business year. A strong economy can result in a surge of folks dining out. Restaurant owners from hamburger stands to high-end chophouses might decide to upgrade staff uniforms to impress new guests. As the new post explains, a listing of on-trend restaurant employee uniform ideas can help.

"The economy is in a boom cycle, and that means it's a great time for business. It can also mean there are more customers to compete for," explained Bruce Bagley, Manager of Uniform Solutions for You. "Restaurants owners may be ready to step up their game and re-think how their front line employees look to the public. We are ready to help get them started brainstorming incredible employee uniform ideas!"

Restaurant leaders searching for new employee uniform ideas to make the difference in 2020 can visit the new post at http://www.uniformsolutionsforyou.com/more-restaurant-competition-means-better-restaurant-uniform-ideas/. A robust economy can signal an uptick in dining out. Managers of bistros, breweries, and family-style restaurants might search for new strategies to stand out to the public. Well-dressed employees and serving staff could make a difference. Employee clothing ideas range from hostess staff to back-of-the-house chefs whites. Restaurant employee uniform ideas for a variety of brands and styles are also updated and available at http://www.uniformsolutionsforyou.com/restaurant-uniform/.

Here is the background for this release. The current robust economy could continue through the end of the 2020 year. People with more money in their pockets might decide to spend more evenings dining out. Restaurateurs open for business might be concerned about the stiff competition. Main streets and cities lined with a variety of eateries can increase the pressure to stand out. Patrons could walk past several eateries and bistros before making an 'eye-catching' choice. Customers might decide to step inside if they identify the friendliest, best-dressed staff in the window.

To compete in the New Year, restaurant leaders may be searching for smart strategies to turn customer's heads. For these reasons, Uniform Solutions has announced an updated listing of restaurant employee uniform ideas.


Uniform Solutions (http://www.uniformsolutionsforyou.com/) is a division of Santa Rosa Uniform & Career Apparel, Inc. The division focuses on online sales of employee uniforms in key industries: restaurant, hotel, and casino. Clothing includes restaurant uniforms such as uniforms for waiters, bartenders, cocktail servers, and cooking staff. Uniform searches may be broken down into categories such as aprons, vests, server shirts, maid uniforms, and kitchen apparel. Owners and managers searching to buy employee uniforms online may find the website has a unique consultation request feature. Interested parties can reach out to a human uniform idea consultant to brainstorm employee uniform ideas.

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Gateway Genomics Attends Maternity & Midwifery Festival in London to Expand Market for SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test in the UK

Gateway Genomics, leading developer of direct-to-consumer genetic tests that give families insight into their future children, attended the 2020 session of the London Maternity & Midwifery Festival in January to share the benefits SneakPeek Clinical can bring to the patients of midwifery professionals.

SneakPeek Clinical is a version of the SneakPeek Early DNA Gender Test that allows pregnant women to visit participating locations to have blood drawn by a phlebotomist. The sample is then sent to SneakPeek Labs for DNA analysis. Gender results are delivered straight to mom through email as early as 1-2 days after having her blood drawn.

“We’ve been delighted by the reception SneakPeek Clinical has received in the UK,” says Gateway Genomics CEO, Chris Jacob. “Despite only launching last October, we’ve seen such immense interest that the number of participating locations in the country are now in the double digits. Attending the MMF conference in London is a foray into a new set of professionals that we believe can be greatly benefited with access to this product for their patients.”

Midwifery is extremely prevalent in the UK. Nearly all planned births, from home deliveries to complex C-sections have midwives in attendance. The National Health Service (NHS) alone employs over 21,000 midwives. “We saw overwhelming interest in the SneakPeek Clinical product at the MMF conference,” continues Mr. Jacob. “About 10% of the total conference attendees stopped by to discuss becoming an authorized distributor, and we’ve already begun talks with a number of the practitioners. We see this segment growing strongly in the next couple of years.”

Like other NIPTs, SneakPeek uses cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) from a maternal blood sample for analysis. Unlike other NIPTs which screen for fetal chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome and trisomy 18, SneakPeek only looks for the presence or absence of male chromosomes, enabling high sensitivity and accuracy earlier. This enables SneakPeek to be taken at 8 weeks into pregnancy rather than waiting until 10 to 12 weeks of gestational age. For those who would like to know gender earlier than the 20-week anatomy scan or want a more affordable path than the typical NIPT, SneakPeek Clinical is a self-pay solution that returns fetal sex at 8 weeks into pregnancy for as little as £129.

The London Maternity & Midwifery Festival draws over 1,700 professionals annually for revalidation training, expert speakers, and engaging seminars. It is the UK and Ireland’s largest regional gathering of midwifery practitioners and provides a vibrant forum for exchanging and sharing the industry’s best practices and newest technologies.

About Gateway Genomics

Gateway Genomics is a personal genomics company with the mission to develop leading-edge genetic tests that give families a new level of understanding about their future children. Since inception, more than 160,000 SneakPeek Early Gender DNA tests have been provided to help new parents bond with their babies, make plans, and connect with friends and family around them. Gateway Genomics is located in La Jolla, CA.

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Automakers and suppliers work together to support over 2400 acres of pollinator habitat across their operations

Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) – an association of global automakers and their suppliers working together to advance environmental sustainability through the automotive supply chain – has announced key outcomes of its Biodiversity Work Group Pollinator Project Challenge in 2019, including that SP members are now collectively managing over 2,400 acres of their corporate lands as wildlife habitat for pollinators.

SP’s Biodiversity Work Group provides a forum to educate, engage and recognize actions of stakeholders across the automotive supply chain in implementing corporate conservation projects that are individually meaningful, yet have the potential to be collectively groundbreaking. The work group is co-chaired by Kevin Butt, Director Environmental Sustainability, Toyota Motor North America and Sam Qureshi, National Business Development Manager, Waste Management Sustainability Services.

“As automakers and suppliers come together to promote voluntary conservation programs across our respective lands we have a unique opportunity to create a connected corridor of wildlife habitat spanning our individual operations and provide meaningful new habitat for pollinators and other migratory species, particularly considering the position and scale of our industry’s manufacturing footprint in North America,” said Kevin Butt, Director Environmental Sustainability, Toyota Motor North America.

In 2019, SP issued a challenge to its member companies to work together through a Biodiversity Work Group and to make a commitment to implement or expand pollinator projects at one, or more, of their sites. A variety of large and small SP member companies have taken this challenge on, including companies such as DENSO International America, ES Group, ERA Environmental Management Solutions, FCA, FIC America Corp, Ford Motor Company, GHD, General Motors, Heritage Interactive Services, Honda of America Manufacturing, Lear Corp, Mobile Fluid Recovery, MPS Group, Robert Bosch LLC, Sustainable Materials Solutions LLC, Tetra Tech, Toyota Motor North America and Waste Management.

Through a partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), SP members receive access to complimentary conservation resources to help guide them through a pollinator project design and implementation process, along with one-on-one technical support from WHC conservation specialists where needed. SP has also engaged with the Pollinator Partnership to provide its members with additional educational resources and ideas to support pollinator conservation on their sites and within their communities.

“As part of Wildlife Habitat Council’s partnership with SP, those SP members interested in supporting biodiversity activities at their facilities have the opportunity to benefit from WHC’s conservation support and guidance to design, implement, and maintain practical, successful, and sustainable conservation programs,” said Sara Cook, Senior Manager, Conservation Strategy, Wildlife Habitat Council.

SP worked with experts at the Wildlife Habitat Council and ERA Environmental Management Solutions to conduct a survey of participating SP members to assess their progress in support of the SP Pollinator Project Challenge over the past year. The responses to that survey showed that participating SP member companies are collectively managing nearly 200 pollinator projects across their respective sites, including both pollinator habitat projects and pollinator-focused employee and community education programs. Taken together, those projects represent over 2,400 acres of corporate lands that are currently being managed by SP member companies as wildlife habitat for pollinators. Additional information on the SP Pollinator Project Challenge may be found on SP’s website at https://www.supplierspartnership.org/pollinator-project-challenge/

“We look forward to building on our successes and lessons learned over this past year to further support current SP members, and other stakeholders along the automotive supply chain, in designing and implementing corporate conservation projects that can create meaningful new habitat for migratory species of concern in North America like the Monarch butterfly,” said Sam Qureshi, National Business Development Manager, Waste Management Sustainability Services.

About SP
The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) is an association of automakers and their suppliers working in collaboration with the US EPA and other governmental entities to identify and implement creative projects and programs that will advance environmental sustainability while providing economic value to the automotive supply chain through strategic action and engagement. http://www.supplierspartnership.org/

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Power Knot Receives Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good

Power Knot, the market leader in products that process waste food in commercial foodservice operations, has been recognized for its contribution to managing waste food with a “Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good.” The award, determined by the editors of Restaurant Technology News, recognizes excellence and innovation in providing and utilizing next-generation technologies to achieve sustainability and eco-friendly practices in restaurant operations.

“It has been said that if food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the United States and China. In the United States alone, food waste is estimated to be between 30 to 40 percent of the total food produced annually,” said Debbie Carson, associate editor at Restaurant Technology News. “We are delighted to recognize the Power Knot LFC biodigester as a frontline technology that helps restaurants tackle this growing problem and keep waste food out of landfills.”

“We are most honored to be recognized with this important award by Restaurant Technology News,” said Iain Milnes, president of Power Knot. “The Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good underscores what our growing customer base tells us every day: eliminating waste food in the kitchen has an enormous positive effect on both the environment and their brand. We look forward to introducing more restaurants and commercial kitchens to the benefits of onsite waste food recycling.”

The Power Knot LFC biodigester is a practical alternative to the traditional disposal of waste food. It uses a series of processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. The LFC environment accelerates the digestion of most food products within 24 hours by using a proprietary mixture of microbes and enzymes. The output is grey water that is environmentally safe and suitable for discharge down the drain or to enrich landscapes. Almost all waste food from an industrial kitchen, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, bread, rice, and noodles can go into the LFC biodigester, and the machine can compost both raw and cooked foods. The process is totally green because it uses no chemicals.

About Restaurant Technology News
Restaurant Technology News is the hospitality industry’s premier source of information and insights related to technology innovation at the world’s leading quick-service, fast-casual, and full-service restaurants. Our reporting, research and opinion pieces reveal how forward-thinking restaurant operators are upgrading their technology capabilities to improve operational performance and the quality of the guest experience, as well as to reduce waste and improve environmental sustainability, and how top solution providers are advancing the frontier on next-generation restaurant technologies.

About Power Knot
Power Knot LLC markets the LFC® biodigester and SBT™ bin tipper for use in commercial kitchens and foodservice operations that demand hygiene and durability. The LFC biodigester digests waste food and reduces the expense, inconvenience, mess, and carbon footprint of disposing of waste food that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill. With installations globally, Power Knot offers the most technologically advanced machines available today and is the market leader, offering seven biodigester models that process from 25 kg (50 lb) to 1200 kg (2600 lb) of waste food per day. Power Knot designs, develops, and manufactures its products in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit powerknot.com.

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NASA Awards ASRC Federal Subsidiary 0M Contract to Support Program Analysis and Control V (PAAC V)

ASRC Federal System Solutions has been awarded the Program Analysis and Control V (PAAC V) contract by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center. The single award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contact has a five-year period of performance and a value of approximately 0 million.

The ASRC Federal System Solutions team will provide a wide range of mission support services including general business, planning and scheduling, earned value management, document management, configuration management and general accounting, assisting NASA in its planning and managing of missions, programs and projects.

“We are proud to have earned the opportunity to continue our partnership with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on the PAAC V contract,” said Mark Gray, ASRC Federal president and CEO. “We are committed to further evolving our customer partnership to ensure mission success and deliver the services and solutions needed to support NASA’s space exploration and Earth Sciences missions.”

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is one of NASA’s major field centers and is dedicated to the development and operation of unmanned spacecraft for scientific research. Since its inception in 1959, NASA Goddard has been involved in numerous key agency programs.

About ASRC Federal
ASRC Federal comprises a family of companies (including ASRC Federal System Solutions) that deliver engineering, information technology, infrastructure support, professional and technical services to U.S. civil, defense, and intelligence agencies. ASRC Federal companies have employees in over 40 states across the U.S. focused on providing reliable, cost-efficient services that help government customers achieve mission success. Headquartered in Beltsville, Md., ASRC Federal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation. For more information, please visit: http://www.asrcfederal.com

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Zentech Manufacturing, Inc. Acquires Trilogy Circuits, LLC.

Zentech Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Trilogy Circuits, LLC.

Trilogy Circuits, LLC , based in Richardson, TX., is AS9100D certified and has a near twenty-year legacy of providing exemplary high-technology electronics manufacturing services (EMS), products and support to the many military primes and other high-reliability industries, both in Texas and nationwide.

Following the transaction, Trilogy Circuits, LLC. will become Zentech Dallas (TX), and joins the Zentech family of companies that also includes Zentech Baltimore (MD) and Zentech Fredericksburg (VA).

Zentech is a portfolio company of New York City-based BlackBern Partners and is led by CEO Steve Pudles. Steve has a thirty-year track record of building EMS businesses with industry-leading technology, process, quality and customer service. He is a twenty-year member and past chairman of the Board of Directors of the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries).

Steve commented, “We are extremely excited to welcome Charlie Capers and the Trilogy Circuits team to the Zentech family. The transaction was driven in large part by requests from our established military customers for Zentech to deliver our highly certified, high-complexity processing model to the Southwest region as they all have significant operations in this vibrant geography. Zentech is on the leading edge of many emerging DoD programs and the formation of Zentech Dallas will provide seamless engineering collaboration with our customers to support their mission-critical NPI requirements.”

Charles Capers, Founder of the acquired Trilogy Circuits, LLC., will continue to manage Zentech Dallas. He stated, “I am very honored to be working with Steve and the team at Zentech. The culture and the talent of the two companies is very similar and the synergies are many. As a Zentech company we will have access to greater resources, guidance and the working capital needed to grow the Zentech Dallas presence in the Southwest mil/aero sector. “

About Zentech: Zentech Manufacturing, Inc. is an engineering-driven electronics contract manufacturing organization specializing in the design and manufacture of highly complex electronic and RF circuit cards and assemblies with locations in Baltimore, MD., Fredericksburg, VA., and Richardson, TX. Zentech maintains key certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ITAR (US State Dept.), AS9100 (aerospace) and ISO 13485 (medical). In addition, Zentech is a certified IPC 610 Trusted Source supplier for Class 3 mission-critical electronics and the company is IPC J-STD-001 Space Addendum QML certified. Zentech supports many DoD programs and is NIST 800-171 Cyber compliant and is an IPC 1791 Trusted Assembler.

Media Contact: John Vaughan – Zentech Corporate VP Sales and Marketing 
vaughanj@zentech.com (703) 994-6788

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Homeopaths and Pharmacists Collaborate to Release First and Only X-energy CBD Water

Silver Springs Water, Inc. facilitated the wellness project that combined the health benefits of CBD and alkaline water for maximum health benefits through homeopathic methodologies.

Alkalized water has a high pH, facilitating negatively charged ionized water at bottling, which introduces antioxidants into the body’s system with a quick absorption rate. While alkalized water has been a homeopathic product for a long time, X-energy CBD Water is the very first alkalized water that also includes CBD.

X-energy CBD Water is the culmination of research and collaboration between Silver Spring Water, Inc., and pharmacists, homeopaths, and hemp experts spanning years. Each bottle contains an average of 10mg of CBD extracted from hemp seed and integrated into X-energy CBD Water through serial dilution and rapid agitation. Hemp is not simply added to water, it is infused into the water through this process.

Pure CBD Hemp, which is a cannabinoid that contains under 0.3% THC, is no longer a controlled substance and does not need approval by the FDA. Although “homeopathic” products are not strictly governed by the FDA, claims of health benefits of CBD are. Health benefits, including inflammation reduction, stress and anxiety relief, seizure reduction, ease digestion and more from CBD are not approved by the FDA and are purely anecdotal. Alkalized water has been found to have anti-aging properties, support the immune system and increase skin health. When combined with CBD, these benefits may be enhanced.

People taking X-energy CBD Water have done so for a wide range of purposes. Their claims of success are based on how it is ingested, and at which quantities and intervals. Direct comments from users recommend drinking the bottle in 2-3 minutes for a quick energy boost. If the goal is “general” body maintenance, one to two bottles a day are recommended. If the goal is significant improvement in overall health, immunity, or to address specific issues, drinking 2-3 bottles each day is recommended to get the necessary negative ion and CBD energy intake to meet accelerating health and wellness goals.

For more information on X-energy CBD Water, call 877-453-6223 or visit www.xenergywater.com.

Robert Quinn, PharmD, FAAO, ABAAHP

Co-Founder, President; Kohana Pharmacy and Center for Regenerative Medicine

181 Tank Farm Road Ste 120

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Office (805) 542-0864

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Technicians Ring in the New Year with a New Job at MaintenX

The start of a new year comes with reflection, resolutions and thoughts of the future. For some, the new year also brings an opportunity to find new and fulfilling employment. Skilled technicians of all kinds will find dozens of available positions in roles from HVAC to plumbing and roofing at MaintenX International, a Tampa-based provider of superior facility maintenance.

“We strive to create a positive work environment for all our employees,” said Bill Schaphorst, MaintenX’s VP of Business Development. “With on-site training, stellar benefits, unique onsite perks and opportunities for advancement, MaintenX creates a superior team member experience.”

According to recruiters, January is one of the best times to job search. They see more job postings in January than at any other time of year. With increased options, job seekers have more factors to consider in their job-search journey, like benefits and work culture.

“I love being a part of Team MaintenX,” said MaryAnn Velez, who has been with MaintenX for more than 15 years. “MaintenX is a great company that has supported my goals and growth throughout the years. I feel lucky to work for a company that cares and alongside colleagues who are committed to providing the best service for our clients.”

MaintenX team members benefit from a strong, positive corporate culture as well as best-in-class benefits. In addition to health insurance, paid vacations and an immediately vested 401k with 5 percent match, MaintenX team members enjoy onsite perks including catered lunches, a full gym, and carwash days. MaintenX also believes in contributing to the community and in 2019 MaintenX team members set a record for volunteer hours served while building a Habitat for Humanity home in Pinellas County, Fla.

“One of the most valuable aspects of our relationship with Habitat, outside of providing a home to a deserving family, is the teamwork and camaraderie created by building these homes. That’s why, we are building another home this spring,” said Schaphorst.

To learn more about available positions or about the facility maintenance services MaintenX offers, visit http://www.maintenx.com.

MaintenX International is a fully licensed, facilities repair company. As one of the largest national self-performing facility maintenance and repair companies in the U.S., MaintenX has created a wide network of knowledgeable and professional technicians throughout the country. With their team of well-trained technicians, MaintenX self-performs and manages facility maintenance for their clients. In the event there is not a MaintenX technician in an area, the company has established a network of preferred vendor partners throughout the country for continued superior service for their clients. For more than 40 years, MaintenX has been expertly serving multi-location retail stores, restaurant chains and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

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Modality Solutions Announces 2019 Year-End Milestones Including ISO 9001:2015, Inc. 5000, Entrepreneur 360™ and More

Modality Solutions specializes in integrating cold chain operations, developing transport validation strategies, supporting global regulatory applications, and executing global clinical trial operations. Milestone highlights include recognition by both Inc. 5000 and the Houston Business Journal as a fastest growing company, and ISO 9001:2015 certification with the scope of the accreditation covering consulting, design and engineering services and testing for supply chain logistics related to transport-sensitive drug products.

Modality Solutions also received the distinction of being one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur magazine on its 2019 Entrepreneur 360™ List. “Our annual evaluation is a 360-degree analysis of top privately-held companies representing and serving a variety of industries,” explains Lisa Murray, Chief Insights Officer of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. “These businesses are real-world case studies for any entrepreneur who seeks to master the four pillars that can greatly impact the longevity and growth of their businesses. With the Entrepreneur 360, success is measured by achieving balance throughout the entire organization, predicated by revenue.”

Co-founder and President, Gary Hutchinson, was accepted into Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives. Hutchinson was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

Modality Solutions achieved its first-ever ranking on Inc. Magazine’s annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. It reported a three-year revenue growth of 120 percent and ranked No. 47 in the Inc. industry category of top engineering companies. Also, in its first appearance on the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 list, the company ranked No. 91 with reported two-year revenue growth of 56 percent.

“2019 was a stellar year for us, with ISO 9001:2015 certification, recognition by Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines, participation in the Forbes Tech Council, and continuing to partner with our clients to validate safe and effective cold chains,” said President Hutchinson. “As we continue our mission into the next decade, our vision for the future is to continue to expand with our team of experienced engineers our ongoing role to promote safe, effective, and validated cold chain for a whole range of therapies.”

The company’s commitment to growth included promoting from within Andrew Larrigan and Robert Battista to Senior Consulting Engineers and adding Rachel Sawyer as Consulting Engineer. In her new position, Sawyer works with other dedicated project engineers to ensure proper design and use of cold chain systems.

The biopharmaceutical industry benefited from Modality Solutions’ first live webinar on Sept. 19. Principals Gary Hutchinson and Daniel Littlefield covered a step-by-step cold chain validation process to help pharmaceutical companies meet and exceed increasingly stringent regulatory expectations, including monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and cell therapies. To access the on-demand replay of “Cold Chain Validation Best Practices Including Immunotherapy” go to https://modality-solutions.securechkout.com/cold-chain-validation-best-practices-webinar.

To wrap up its year of achievements, Modality Solutions was a Silver Sponsor and cold chain validation workshop presenter at the Biomanufacturing World Summit (BMWS19) Conference, November 11-12, 2019, at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines in San Diego, California. Hutchinson and Littlefield presented “Cold Chain Validation Best Practices Including Immunotherapy.”

To learn more about Modality Solutions, visit https://www.modality-solutions.com.

About Modality Solutions, LLC
Founded in 2011, Modality Solutions, a leading biopharmaceutical cold chain engineering firm, specializes in integrating cold chain operations, developing transport validation strategies, supporting global regulatory applications, and executing global clinical trial operations. By combining the best practices of process validation, systems qualification, and risk assessment, Modality Solutions has earned the reputation of ensuring regulatory compliance, product quality, and patient safety. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified, Inc. 5000, Houston Business Journal Fast 100, Entrepreneur 360™, and Forbes Technology Council company, Modality Solutions’ team of engineers are experts at delivering cold chain thermal packaging design and qualification, conducting transport simulation testing with its Advantage Transport Simulation Laboratory™, and designing controlled-environment logistics solutions. For more information, visit https://www.modality-solutions.com.

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Atlanta Based Pest Control Company Bug Busters, Inc. Acquires Scott Exterminating of Hapeville, Georgia.

Bug Busters, Inc. announced the acquisition of Scott Exterminating of Hapeville, GA. The acquisition will increase the size of Bug Busters presence in the City of Atlanta market and South Metro Atlanta service area.

Scott Exterminating started in 1965 and has been owned and operated by James O. Hewin since 1985. Mr. Hewin & his team grew Scott Exterminating into one of the most well know company’s in the Atlanta market, providing pest and termite coverage to thousands of homes and business in Atlanta.. Mr. Hewin’s dedicated and tenured team will be joining the team at Bug Busters, Inc. but will continue to run out of the same office in Hapeville, Ga.

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Best Sanitizers, Inc. Introduces New Versatile Line of Alpet® Peracetic Acid Sanitizers to Help Food Processors Reduce the Risk of Pathogens

Best Sanitizers, Inc. announces the release of their new line of peracetic acid products. PAA (peracetic acid) is widely known in the food manufacturing industry as an effective and versatile sanitizer. Depending on the dilution, peracetic acid can be used to sanitize food contact and non-food contact surfaces, but can also be added to brines, washes and ice to slow spoilage and add shelf life to produce, meat, poultry and seafood. Peracetic acid is an ideal antimicrobial agent and is highly effective against a broad range of microorganisms, making for a powerful solution for food processors in the fight against pathogens. This new product line will further compliment Best Sanitizers’ existing product offering of surface cleaning and sanitizing products and provide the right solution for a facility’s specific needs.

A rundown of the product line is as follows:

Alpet® PAA 5.6% is an ideal antimicrobial agent due to its high oxidizing potential. When prepared as directed, Alpet PAA 5.6% is an effective sanitizer for food contact surfaces, conveyers and equipment for meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, nuts and vegetables, and casings, shell or hatching eggs, food prep utensils, tableware, and other items found in a processing facility. Alpet PAA 5.6% is highly effective against a broad range of microorganisms. And with an OMRI certification, it can be used in sanitation of both organic and conventional food and beverage plants. Alpet PAA 5.6% has an NSF listed D2 classification, and is OMRI, Kosher, Pareve and Halal certified.

Maximize the cleaning power of Alpet PAA 5.6% with the foaming additive Perafoam™. Perafoam is a very high foaming concentrate specially designed for use in conjunction with Alpet PAA 5.6%. It is a foam booster additive and has very stable, long-lasting foam characteristics. This thick, shaving cream-like foam clings well to vertical surfaces of equipment, tanks, and drains, and prolongs dwell time. Perafoam contains only food-grade ingredients and if used as a cleaner in conjunction with Alpet PAA 5.6% in accordance with the directions for use, it does not need a rinse prior to start-up when used in conventional food production. A sanitizing rinse is required for all organic production. It can also be used as a general-purpose foam additive for other types of uses, but a potable water rinse on food and beverage processing equipment is required if used with any product other than Alpet PAA 5.6%.

Best Sanitizers’ Alpet® PAA 15% is a more concentrated version of the Alpet PAA 5.6%. It is a broad-spectrum oxidizing biocide and contains 15% peracetic acid and 22% hydrogen peroxide. It is more than an excellent surface sanitizer; when prepared as directed, Alpet PAA 15% can be used as an additive in water that contacts fruits and vegetables. It can be used in water or ice that contacts raw or fresh, post-harvest or further processed fruits and vegetables for the control of spoilage and decay causing bacteria and fungi in commercial operations and packinghouses. This product is safe for discharge to land or for surface irrigation. And with an OMRI certification, it is ideal for use in organic facilities. Alpet PAA 15% is OMRI, Kosher, Pareve and Halal certified.

Alpet® PERA FC 15% is an FDA-approved antimicrobial product specifically formulated for use in ice and water that directly contacts meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables. When used as directed it will help to reduce contamination and cross-contamination of edible food products. Best Sanitizers’ new Alpet® PERA FC 22% is a concentrate version of Alpet PERA FC 15% developed for use in Federally Inspected meat, poultry, and seafood processing locations. Both products can be applied by spray or using submersion applications. These products help reduce spoilage and improve shelf life in poultry, seafood, ready-to-eat and fruit and vegetable applications. Alpet PERA FC 15% and Alpet PERA FC 22% can be used in washes and brines, water or ice that contacts non-raw fruits and vegetables, water or ice used to commercially prepare or store seafood. Both products are FDA approved and Kosher certified and Pareve.

“Peracetic acid is an effective and versatile sanitizer,” added Ryan Witt, Best Sanitizers’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “and this new Alpet PAA product line is the perfect addition to our current surface sanitizing and cleaning product family.”

Best Sanitizers’ new Alpet PAA products come in various SKUs and sizes including jugs, pails, drums and totes. For more information on the new Alpet PAA line or any of our other products, please visit us at http://www.bestsanitizers.com.

About Best Sanitizers, Inc:
Since 1995, Best Sanitizers, Inc. has been providing the Food Processing, Janitorial Sanitation and Healthcare industries with the highest quality hand soaps, hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers and dispensing options available. In addition, Best Sanitizers offers cleaning and sanitizing equipment including boot scrubbers, footwear sanitizing units, doorway foamers, drain foaming accessories, and proportioning and dispensing equipment. You’ll find our products helping processors large and small reduce the risk of pathogens throughout the US. Best Sanitizers was the first company to achieve an E3 rating for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and the first to achieve a D2 rating for an alcohol/quat-based surface sanitizer for food contact surfaces. Best Sanitizers continues to explore new and innovative ways to deliver hand hygiene and surface sanitation solutions to the United States and Canada.

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RelaDyne Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Brian Robinson

RelaDyne welcomes new Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Brian Robinson. Mr. Robinson will be responsible for helping to achieve financial targets, drive financial strategy and lead a world class finance organization.

Mr. Robinson’s hire comes after longtime Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Paul Helton, retired after a long and prosperous CFO career. Mr. Helton joined RelaDyne in 2012 from Petermann Partners, the largest privately held provider of school bus transportation services in the world, where he had been Vice President and CFO. As CFO of RelaDyne, Mr. Helton was instrumental in helping to develop and improve RelaDyne’s financial structure.

“Under Paul’s leadership RelaDyne grew 8-fold both organically and through acquisition,” said Larry Stoddard, CEO of RelaDyne. “We are forever grateful for his commitment and focus of helping make RelaDyne the premier distributor of fuel, lubricants and Reliability Services in the industry. We wish Paul all the best in his future ventures.”

After a nationwide search, Brian Robinson was selected to become the CFO of RelaDyne. Mr. Robinson joins RelaDyne from DuBois Chemicals, in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was the CFO. As CFO he was active in the acquisition growth strategy for Dubois highlighted by 8 add-on acquisitions in the last two years.

Mr. Robinson’s most recent experience with DuBois Chemicals will be instrumental in continuing the acquisition integration process at RelaDyne.

“We are fortunate to have Brian join us as our CFO, to help drive our financial targets for even more revenue and growth and support our financial strategy for proactive analysis of financial metrics,” said Larry Stoddard, CEO of RelaDyne. “He is a great addition to our Executive Leadership Team, and we look forward to the next phase of growth at RelaDyne.”

Mr. Robinson has 28 years of global experience as a finance executive, with multiple CFO roles as well as oversight of accounting, capital structure management and tax at General Cable, which is the world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry. Other companies associated include Getronics and Deloitte and Touche, with international experience in London, England.

Mr. Robinson attended University of Dayton where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, graduating Magna Cum Laude in Finance. He resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and has three children.

“I am truly excited about the opportunity afforded me at RelaDyne to expand upon what has been developed here over our 10-year history and help us grow to even greater heights,” Mr. Robinson said. “Through financial strategy and business analytics, we will enhance our abilities as a world class finance organization.”

About RelaDyne        
RelaDyne, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the nation’s leading providers of lubricants, fuels, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and reliability services for industrial, commercial, and automotive businesses in the United States. RelaDyne was formed in 2010 by the combination of four well-established industry-leading companies and has since grown to more than 60 locations by strategically acquiring other industry leaders in the lubricant, fuel distribution, and industrial service segments. For more information, visit http://www.RelaDyne.com.

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Three Pines Wood Co., Woodworking Company in Ramona, CA, Launches New Website

Three Pines Wood Co., a Ramona, California woodworking company specializing in custom projects in the greater San Diego area, recently announced the launch of its new website. The website showcases the custom crafted projects that have been completed by Three Pines and also describes the capabilities of Ramona’s newest woodworking shop.

Three Pines Wood Co. designs and builds custom furniture as well as built-in pieces, such as media niches, closet systems, and complete kitchen cabinets. They also have the capability to design and build custom wood signage for businesses. A portfolio of completed projects can be found on the website.

Owner Jack Ward is a veteran woodworker with more than 20 years of experience in the trade. He has worked with hundreds of homeowners in the San Diego area and more recently in northwest Iowa. With his return to North County, California, Ward has relaunched his woodworking business in the city of Ramona and is developing relationships with local contractors, as well as with retail establishments. In addition, Ward recently received access to a local private sawmill that specializes in old and rare hardwoods, allowing him to offer customers unique pieces, such as live edge fireplace mantels made from 300-year-old Black Oak.

Ward commented, “Even though I’ve been in the woodworking business for many years, this is the first time I’ve had an official company website. I’m so happy with how it turned out! I believe it really showcases our company’s work. Already, it’s helping me establish connections with potential customers, as well as mutually beneficial relationships with other local business owners.”

Ward continued, “As I was looking to grow my business, I knew that a website was a must. Customers now expect that a reputable company will have a professional website. I chose Modmacro for my website because I knew they specialized in web design and marketing for small businesses like mine. The whole design process went very smoothly and I anticipate the new site will serve my company well for many years to come.”

You can learn more about Three Pines Wood Co., see some of their completed projects, and contact them for custom woodworking projects in the greater San Diego area by visiting their website at https://threepineswood.com/

About Three Pines Wood Co.

Three Pines Wood Co. is based in Ramona, CA and serves local customers in the greater San Diego area. They approach each project with a fresh perspective, remembering that they are not selling you a ready-made product, but are building custom-designed pieces that benefit from conversation and collaboration. Their projects are as unique as the customers they work with. Every piece they build and install is done to the company’s exacting standards and is constructed using high-quality materials.

Three Pines delivers the best in customer service, knowing that customers want craftsmanship and quality in the finished work, but that they also crave an amazing experience along the way.

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Stertil-Koni USA Notches Record Sales in 2019: Product Engineering, Customer Service and Local Expertise Fuel Expansive Growth Strategy

Stertil-Koni, the recognized leader in hydraulic bus lifts and truck lifts, today announced that it achieved record sales in 2019, further boosting its presence in both the municipal and private sectors of the heavy duty vehicle lift market in the U.S. and Canada.

Driving its performance, noted company President, Dr. Jean DellAmore, have been three key success factors. “First,” he explained, “we are true specialists – entirely focused on the design, manufacture and service of heavy duty vehicle lifts.

“Second, Stertil-Koni is dedicated to exceptional product engineering that in turn directly translates into unparalleled lift performance, durability and safety. And third, our customers are supported by a world-class, highly trained network of distributor companies each of which has an average tenure of 15 years, is exclusive to Stertil-Koni in its respective geographic territory and embodies our vision to ensure the highest level of customer care in the industry.”

“The result,” DellAmore added, “is a unique combination of global product expertise fused with intensive, locally delivery customer support.”

The story, however, does not end there. Stertil-Koni has also grown by virtue of a strategy that continues to build on its legacy strength – Mobile Column Lifts – and has expanded in recent years by diversifying its offerings to significantly reshape the inground heavy duty vehicle lifting market.

Two key additions to the Stertil-Koni product line exemplify this approach. “Our DIAMONDLIFT,” DellAmore continued, “is a high-pressure, low-volume telescopic piston lift capable of lifting up to 105,000 lbs. in a three-piston configuration and setting new standards for inground lifts.”

It has proven itself to be ideal for a variety of workshop situations with features that include:

  • Electronic synchronization for maximum safety and convenience;
  • Mechanical locking system utilizing hardened, nitro carburized locking rod for maximum protection;
  • Touch-screen, finger-tip control console for ease-of-use;
  • Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Gold Certification from the industry’s leading third-party watchdog; and a
  • Continuous Recess movable lifting system – ideal for low-clearance vehicles.


Stertil-Koni also achieved significant success in 2019 with strong sales of the industry’s original, ultra-shallow, full-rise, axle-engaging scissor-style ECOLIFT. Noted Peter Bowers, technical sales manager for Stertil-Koni, “ECOLIFT is available in a two- , three- and four-scissor configuration with an ALI-certified lifting capacity of 30,000 lbs. per scissor. It is ideal for installation in both retrofit and existing workshops – and that helps account for its widespread use.”

ECOLIFT is differentiated by its ultra-shallow pit design – only 34 inches – and delivers wheels-free lifting, electronic synchronization and Continuous Recess along with a free-standing console for easy access and quick service.

Concluded DellAmore, “Stertil-Koni’s success really reflects our values and the way that we treat our closest friends and families. Simply put, we care deeply about the Stertil-Koni customer and we try to make that shine through everything we do and the manner in which we treat our customers.”

“Looking ahead, there is much more for Stertil-Koni to accomplish in 2020 and our energy is laser-focused on delivering new enhancements and heightened levels of support to our customers across North America.”

About Stertil-Koni
Stertil-Koni is the market leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, notably bus lifts and truck lifts, and proudly serves municipalities, state agencies, school bus fleets, major corporations, the U.S. Military and more. Stertil-Koni's breadth of products meets all ranges of lifting needs and includes portable lifts such as Mobile Column Lifts, 2-post, 4-post, inground piston lifts, platform lifts, and its axle-engaging, inground, scissor lift configuration, ECOLIFT. The company’s innovative, inground telescopic piston DIAMONDLIFT is now available with an optional Continuous Recess system, ideal for low clearance vehicles. Stertil-Koni USA is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland with production facilities in Europe, The Netherlands, and Streator, IL.

Contact: Paul Feldman, Paul.Feldman@Stertil-Koni.com, 410-643-9001

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Yamaha Sonogenic SHS-300 Keytar Lets Everyone Jam Regardless of Musical Knowledge

Yamaha today showcased the Sonogenic SHS-300, a wearable “keytar” that empowers anyone to sound great playing along with their favorite songs, even if they’ve never picked up a musical instrument.

The instrument is the little brother to the SHS-500, first introduced at the NAMM music products convention in January 2019, where it earned a “Best in Show” award. Sonogenic ushered in an entirely new category of musical instrument, which brought a new level of spontaneity to the process of creating music for everyone who loves to listen to it, smashing the barrier to entry and turning passive enjoyment into active creativity.

Like the SHS-500, the SHS-300 can be played in the usual way as well, but its groundbreaking Jam function enables free-flowing performance without fear of ever hitting a wrong note. Musicians and non-musicians alike can enjoy a new level of interaction with the music they love — a level not achieved by any “rock hero” video game.

The Jam function works together with a free iOS or Android app called Chord Tracker, which analyzes the songs already stored in the music library of the connected mobile device and creates chord charts for them. Then, via a USB or wireless Bluetooth connection, it remaps the keys on the Sonogenic’s keyboard as a song plays, so that whatever keys are pressed are always in harmony with the chord of the moment. Even laying a forearm across the 37-note keyboard cannot cause a dissonant sound.

Further enhancing the Jam function are three musical modes in which it can operate. A mode called 1Finger is best for backing or “comping” parts with just one finger as it adds harmonies to whatever note is struck, Backing mode lets the player do the same with more fingers, and Melody mode is ideal for letting loose ripping solos.

The SHS-300 has 12 instrument Voices including synth leads, bass, and brass, piano, electric piano, organ, electric and acoustic guitars, strings, and even a dance kit that assigns different drum sounds across the keyboard. Because the Sonogenic doesn’t shift the timing of when notes are played, it offers a major benefit to those who sincerely want to learn to play keyboards but feel intimidated: They can begin by working on rhythm without having to think about pitch. As this increases their confidence, they can eventually turn Jam mode off if desired.

Audio output of the SHS-300 can be enjoyed through the built-in speaker or 1/8-inch stereo headphone jack. A pitch-bend wheel on the neck of the instrument allows for realistic synth-like expression while buttons next to it add vibrato and sustain, select Voices, and engage and disengage the Jam mode. Settings such as key transposition, tuning, touch response, and more are adjusted by pressing the Function button and then a keyboard key; functions are clearly labeled on the casing beneath the keyboard.

The SHS-300’s USB port may also be used to connect to a computer for MIDI communication with virtual instruments and recording software. And because the SHS-300 can be powered by four AA batteries or over USB, there’s neither place nor time where a spontaneous Jam session can’t happen.

“Everyone who loves to listen to music imagines being in the band,” says Ben Harrison, marketing manager, Digital Piano and Portable Keyboard, Yamaha Corporation of America. “With the Sonogenic SHS-300 — which brings most of the features of the SHS-500 in at a lower price — they truly can.”

Pricing and Availability
The Yamaha Sonogenic SHS-300 (MSRP 9.00) is now shipping. For more information, visit the Yamaha Booth at the 2020 NAMM Show in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, January 16-19, 2020, or https://yamaha.io/SHS300


About Yamaha
Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) is the largest subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, Japan and offers a full line of award-winning musical instruments, sound reinforcement, commercial installation and home entertainment products to the U.S. market. Products include: Yamaha acoustic, digital and hybrid pianos, portable keyboards, guitars, acoustic and electronic drums, band and orchestral instruments, marching percussion products, synthesizers, professional digital and analog audio equipment, Steinberg recording products and NEXO commercial audio products, as well as AV receivers, amplifiers, MusicCast wireless multiroom audio systems, Blu-ray/CD players, earphones, headphones, home-theater-in-a-box systems, sound bars and its exclusive line of Digital Sound Projectors. YCA markets innovative, finely crafted technology and entertainment products and musical instruments targeted to the hobbyist, education, worship, music, professional audio installation and consumer markets.

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Nomis Solutions Announces Agenda and Keynote Roster for 2020 Banking Growth Forum

On April 29 to May 1, 2020, executives from the world’s top retail banks and emerging fintech companies, along with some of the industry’s leading experts, will convene at the Banking Growth Forum 2020. Nomis Solutions has just announced the line-up of industry luminaries who will challenge banking executives to outperform in 2020.

Over the course of three days at the stylish Langham Hotel in Chicago, attendees and faculty will analyze the trends shaping the financial services sector and learn how to apply the latest data-driven techniques to better understand and predict their customers’ needs.

“The retail financial services industry is experiencing an unprecedented level of disruption,” said Frank Rohde, president and CEO of Nomis Solutions. “To chart a course through these shifts, we’ve assembled some of the industry’s brightest minds to lead conversations on how to drive sustainable, customer-centric growth in a dynamic market.”

Data-driven customers require data-driven banks

For more than a decade, financial services professionals have attended Banking Growth Forum for actionable advice on growing their portfolios through advanced analytics. This annual event has welcomed bankers, lenders and influential industry experts from around the world as both attendees and presenters, making it one of the most valuable opportunities for networking with industry peers while learning the latest techniques in data-driven pricing from experts that include include:

  • Steven Levitt – economist and co-author of the best-selling book Freakonomics and its sequels. The Wall Street Journal famously said, “If Indiana Jones were an economist, he’d be Steven Levitt.”
  • Bob Phillips – founder of Nomis Solutions and director of pricing research at Amazon.
  • For the latest speaker line-up, visit the event website.

Make the move from average to agile

BGF2020 will equip attendees to outperform in spite of today’s restrictive environment by exploring topics that include:


  • Beyond optimization – Once your price is set, now what? How can you more holistically evaluate pricing to ensure you are taking advantage of all available levers to optimize your results.
  • Identifying the growth pockets – Steps you need to take to become more customer centric and ultimately recession proof.
  • The new normal of lending – Find opportunity for on-going value creation in today’s hyper-competitive lending market.
  • Owning your deposits growth in 2020 – How to negotiate tradeoffs between balance growth or maintenance, net interest margin, and the interactions between financial products in a falling rate environment.
  • Harnessing greater insights to find your edge – How leveraging precise and timely insights into deposit/lending demand, competition, and price elasticity allows you to reduce interest expense while maximizing balance acquisition and retention.
  • It’s time to re-examine our business models – Hint: it’s not always about rates!
  • Impact of regulatory reform – How will recent regulatory changes shape the home financing landscape?
  • Next-generation pricing analytics – Learn how to apply advanced analytics to determine optimum in-market pricing that best positions your products.

To learn more about the 2020 Banking Growth Forum and register to attend, visit the event website.

About Nomis Solutions
Nomis is a fast-growing fintech and price optimization pioneer that is enabling the world’s smartest financial institutions to drive sustained, profitable growth through end-to-end customer-centric pricing capabilities. We do so through our market-leading, cloud-native Nomis Platform™ and team of experts, bringing together cutting-edge big data, machine learning, AI and mission-critical software with deep expertise in consumer behavior, pricing and the financial services industry. The Nomis Platform manages over .5 trillion in transaction volume, quotes a price every 60 milliseconds, empowers 14,000+ bankers, and generates nearly 0 million in value annually. To learn more, visit nomissolutions.com.

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MIOPS Launches Its New Product MIOPS Capsule 360, the World’s Most Versatile and Compact Motion Box Ever Created

Today, MIOPS, the leading producer of creative photography equipment, including one of the most popular Camera Trigger MIOPS Smart+, launched its latest product - the MIOPS Capsule 360 - the world’s most versatile and compact motion box ever created.

The Capsule 360 enables users to quickly produce professional motion time-lapse videos and footage with smooth automated pan, tilt, and slide movements (or any combination of them). Motion can be set with its user-friendly app and executed repeatedly for impressive, consistent, visual effects. Compatible with any DSLR, mirrorless or smartphone, the Capsule 360 provides accurate object tracking, making it ideal for self-shooting vloggers looking to improve their production values. The Capsule360 also has features for producing high-quality 360° product photography and motion time-lapses.

MIOPS Capsule 360 is the ideal companion for filmmakers and photographers who want to go further than ever before with their projects,.

MIOPS Capsule 360 and its features can be used for different types of photography and videography:

  • 3-Axis Motion

The Capsule 360 is designed to allow users to quickly create perfect motion for video clips. Straight out of the box, the Capsule 360 will produce smooth pans, while the optional L-Bracket for tilt motion or or the Capsule Slider for smooth movements can be added. Capsule360 requires no cables and all aspects of its speed and direction can be controlled via the Capsule 360 App.


  • One-Touch Object and Face Tracking

Whether you’re self-shooting a vlog and want to be able to self-track during filming, or just want a smoother method of following an object around a scene, the Capsule 360 can automatically track any object with just one click in its intuitive smartphone app.


  • Automated 360° Product Photography

Using the Capsule 360 application and the Capsule 360’s turntable accessory, available separately, you can program your camera or smartphone to capture 360° images of products quickly and automatically in just a few minutes.


  • Enhanced Motion Time-Lapse Modes

Thanks to the unique design of Capsule 360, taking Motion Time-Lapse photographs has never been easier. With the device’s app, you can add advanced effects to your time-lapse creativity with bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR, or long-exposure settings. Your options are endless.


  • Create Motion Path Using Mobile App

Capsule 360 can learn motions from its easy-to-use mobile app. Use your connected smartphone to teach the Capsule 360 the desired movement, and the Capsule 360 can repeat it as many times as needed. You can configure the speed of this motion and all other settings from the mobile application via Bluetooth.


  • Cable-Free Setup

Capsule 360 offers Cable-Free Setup and saves you from cable clutter.

High-resolution images are available from the MIOPS Capsule 360 Press Kit, found here:

MIOPS creates advanced gadgets for photographers to help capture high speed events such as lightning strikes, popping balloons, breaking glasses, rocket launches etc. Thanks to its easy-to-use design, it can be used by both amateur and professional photographers. MIOPS helps photographers and videographers take spectacular photos by turning their regular cameras into high speed equipment.

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Lifecycle Biotechnologies Introduces Simple Lifecycle Chemicals and Reagents

Lifecycle Biotechnologies announces the new line of chemicals and reagents filled in their 1L and 4L CHEM+POUR Bags, which were designed to provide an evolved experience as compared to bottles and to support aseptic Manufacturing. All specifications have been aligned with what the life science industry is accustomed to purchasing, to provide a simple plug and play solution. The new Simple Lifecycle line of ready to use chemicals and reagents includes:

  • Water, Sterile Filtered – Meets Specifications for USP Sterile Water for Irrigation
  • 0.9% Sodium Chloride – Meets Specifications for USP Sterile Saline for Irrigation
  • 10X Tris Buffered Saline
  • 10X Sodium Phosphate Buffer
  • USP Purified Water
  • 0.1N Hydrochloric Acid
  • USP 71 Sterility Tested, Sodium Azide 5% w/v
  • 10% Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)
  • 20% Ethanol
  • 0.1M Sodium Hydroxide


“Fact is supply chains are complicated. The demands of running a business doesn‘t allow for a slow process to get what you need. When you have a need you need an immediate solution. This is where our new line of Simple Lifecycle products come in,” said Aaron Schieving, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Lifecycle Biotechnologies. “It will allow our partners, existing and new, to simply get what they need quickly to best fulfill their needs and meet their timelines.”

With the Simple Lifecycle line of products also comes the benefit of an 84% reduction in waste that the CHEM+POUR bags provide, as compared to bottles. Other than using the CHEM+POUR Bags, there is no other action necessary to gain this reduction in waste. To enhance the sustainability and reduce waste even further, these products would also be eligible for their Sustainable Lifecycle Recycling Program. As a medical grade plastic manufacturer, Lifecycle is committed to making a difference; their commitment starts with a recycling program unlike any other life science supplier for their packaging. The CHEM+POUR Bags are eligible for their Sustainable Lifecycle Recycling Program and as part of this program Lifecycle will collect the packaging waste once empty, to clean, cut, regrind, and repursue into new plastic products. This program ensures this packaging waste is kept out of the landfill or the oceans and will help break the negative impact associated with the industry’s plastic addiction.

“The fact that we can simultaneously simplify your supply chain and build sustainability in your process with these new Simple Lifecycle products is a big deal. We are excited about it as it truly allows us and our partners to make a difference.” said Schieving. “You start by doing something different, even if it feels like it’s really small and really pointless as even small actions like that can have a ripple effect that lead to a much greater impact. Will you help us make a difference?”

Lifecycle also offers septum caps, spike adapters, luer to spike connectors, as well as other supplementary components to support a multitude of applications in addition to pouring for the Simple Lifecycle products.

To learn more about Lifecycle Biotechnologies, the industries it serves, or to get a quick quote on any of these products to use to compile your order so we will get these reagents in your hands ASAP, please contact Lifecycle Biotechnologies at info@lifecyclebio.com, 817.840.7855, or http://www.lifecyclebio.com. You can also find more information in the 2020 Lifecycle Prospectus.

Based in Ft. Worth, TX, Lifecycle Biotechnologies has served the life science industry for over 40 years. Lifecycle’s products are the beginning of the lifecycle of the lifesaving and life-enhancing medical products used globally today. As a leading life sciences tools and service supplier, Lifecycle fully understands the critical role its products play in many of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, diagnostics, cellular agriculture, cell- and tissue-based products, and many other medical products. While Lifecycle’s products aren’t used to diagnose, treat, or cure patients, without their contribution, none of this would be possible.

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Danielle Marquis Re-Elected to Serve Third Term on Board of Directors for Association of Energy Services Professionals

The Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) membership voted for AM Conservation Group’s Danielle Marquis to return as a board member for a third and final term in their recent election.

To date, Marquis has served two three-year terms on the AESP Board of Directors, where she has been appointed Vice Chair of Education each year since 2014.

During her tenure on the Board, Marquis has actively participated in the Membership and Personnel and committees, while leading the Education committee. Over the last six years, she has led the development of a mentoring program, while guiding strategy for the development of online education and certificate programs and helping to find and hire two CEOs. Marquis has also continued to serve as an active member of the Marketing Topic Committee, participated in Mid-Atlantic Chapter events, written Strategies articles, developed Brown Bag webinars and presented regularly at AESP conferences.

“I’m honored to have been re-elected to this prestigious board and appreciate the membership continuing to trust me to serve them,” said Marquis. “AESP has been critical to my career development and has introduced me to not just mentors and industry contacts, but friends. In my third and final term, I look forward to the opportunity to continue giving back to this amazing organization that has given me so much. AESP serves a unique role in building a vibrant community of energy services professionals, while providing education on what’s next in our industry. It has a bright future and I’m grateful for the opportunity to play a part in guiding that.”

As Vice President of Marketing Strategy for AM Conservation Group, Marquis leads the company’s marketing and creative teams and is a member of the executive team.


The Association of Energy Services Professionals provides professional development programs, a network of energy practitioners, and promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience. Our members work in the energy services industry and represent electric and natural gas utilities, public benefits associations, regulatory and non-profit entities, vendors, manufacturers and consulting firms. Founded in 1989, AESP is a member-based association dedicated to improving the delivery and implementation of energy efficiency, energy management and distributed renewable resources. AESP provides professional development programs, a network of energy practitioners, and promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience. For more information: http://www.aesp.org

Since 1989, AM Conservation Group has been the utility industry’s leading provider of energy and water saving products, kits and online stores. We manufacture and distribute nearly 400 energy efficiency and water conservation products, which are custom engineered for the unique needs of the industry and carry ENERGY STAR® and WaterSense® certifications. AM Conservation Group’s product lines include the Niagara Conservation® and Simply Conserve™ product lines.

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Baicells Technologies Receives FCC and OnGo Certifications for Wireless Broadband Equipment

Baicells Technologies, a manufacturer of LTE fixed wireless broadband equipment, proudly announces several products have been granted Part 96 CBRS Certification by the FCC. The products are the Nova 436Q, Nova 233 and the Nova R9. Additionally, the Nova 227 is going through testing procedures now.

Baicells has been performing Initial Commercial Deployment (ICD) CBRS testing with multiple operators.

Mike Harrison with Calpines Wireless in California embraces the 436Q, “The 436Q has great performance improvement. Latency has improved and our customers are getting their speed during peak evening loads. CA mode of the 436Q's is working as designed. Our Cat 6 UE's are reaching our towers as far as 11 miles away. Signals are well balanced across all four elements of the UE. The CAT6 UE's work much better than the CAT4 UEs.”

“This is a great milestone for our legacy NN license users and current and future CBRS customers. Stay Tuned, more to come!” stated Rick Harnish, CMO of Baicells Technologies.

Baicells expects additional Atom CAT6 UEs will be granted Part 96 CBRS certification by the end of the January. Atom CAT4 UE certifications are expected before April.

Please contact sales_na@baicells.com for more information.

Follow Baicells Technologies on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

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Predictable December Restaurant Sales Suggest Uncertain Start to 2020

Restaurant year-over-year sales growth was weak during December. A shift in the Thanksgiving holiday is partly responsible for the abysmal results, reversing the positive figures recorded in November. Same-store sales growth was -2.1% in December, the worst result for the industry in over 2 years. This report comes from Black Box Intelligence™ (formerly TDn2K™) data based on weekly sales from over 47,000 restaurants and billion in annual sales.

“As bad as the month seemed, as we said last month, the topline growth result is not telling the full story,” commented Victor Fernandez, vice president of insights and knowledge for Black Box Intelligence. “As Thanksgiving was celebrated so late in the month, it fell into December for 2019 according to the calendar we use for reporting.”

This holiday, typically associated with low restaurant sales as well as some restaurants closing that day, translated into lost sales in December of 2019 while the month did not face the same headwinds a year ago.

“Regardless of the holiday shift, December was unsurprisingly a bad month for restaurant sales,” continued Fernandez. “Yes, the first week of the month had a double-digit percentage point drop in same-store sales, but the rest of the weeks of December also reported negative sales growth. The industry has experienced a slowdown in restaurant sales throughout the year. Coupled with the fact that December of 2018 was strong in terms of same-store sales thus presenting a challenging comparison, December of 2019 was projected to be weak regardless of holiday shifts.”

Bigger Picture Still Shows Some Sales Growth for Restaurants

Same-store sales growth during Q4 shows restaurant sales decreased by -0.1%, which represented an improvement of 0.3 percentage points over Q3. Furthermore, calculating same-store sales growth over 2 years reveals a 1.4% growth over the fourth quarter of 2017. This was the best 2-year growth rate in all of 2019 and the fifth consecutive quarter in which the industry has been able to post positive growth under this longer-term view.

Sales growth for the entire year also achieved small positive momentum. Same-store sales growth for 2019 came in at 0.1%, which means the industry achieved positive growth for the last 2 consecutive years (sales growth was 0.8% in 2018). “From a bigger-picture perspective, what we continue to see is an industry crippled by declining traffic but continues to experience guest check growth large enough to drive some small positive sales movement. Given the traffic challenges facing the industry, stronger and sustained long-term sales growth is really not an option,” said Fernandez.

Guest Counts Continue Falling

December’s -5.7% same-store traffic growth reflects the negative effect of the Thanksgiving calendar shift, which worsened the latest monthly results. But the Q4 and 2019 traffic growth rates reinforce the idea that falling guest counts are, along with workforce pressures, the biggest challenges for chain restaurants today.

Same-store traffic growth was -3.4% during the fourth quarter. Along with Q3 of 2019, these became the only quarters with traffic growth worse than -3.0% since Q3 of 2017. Traffic growth for the entire year of 2019 was -3.1%, a drop of 1.2 percentage points compared with the growth recorded for 2018.

Family and Upscale Dining Outperformed During the Quarter

The best performing segments during Q4 (and those that achieved positive same-store sales growth) were family dining, fine dining and upscale casual. After a tough 2017, family dining has been experiencing a resurgence and had strong same-store sales growth during 2019.

On the higher end of the guest check spectrum, guests continue to respond well to fine dining brands, which has now posted 3 consecutive years of sales growth. As the rest of the industry has shifted towards increasing off-premise sales, fine dining continues to focus on delivering superior restaurant dine-in experiences for their guests. This segment is also driven by expense account users that continue to entertain their clients as a key business strategy. The attention to quality and service seems to resonate well with fine dining corporate and personal diners given the positive same-store sales growth achieved by this segment over the last 3 years.

Upscale casual also achieved positive sales growth during Q4 but experienced a small dip in sales for the entire year compared with 2018.

The Economy and Consumer Demand Expected to Continue Increasing Modestly

“The 2020 economic outlook is for more of the same,” according to Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economic Advisors and Black Box Intelligence economist. “If you liked 2019, you will enjoy this year. If you were disappointed, then plan accordingly. While the fears of an all-out trade war seemed to have dissipated (and hopefully will not re-emerge), that does not mean the economy is likely to rebound sharply. In the U.S., consumer spending is being restrained by softening gains in wages, even as job growth remains solid and labor shortages continue to plague business. Globally, forecasts are for soft growth in China and Europe to continue.”

“There is little reason to expect a major upturn in business investment. Government spending, a prime factor in growth, may be limited by the return of trillion-dollar budget deficits. In other words, there are few factors that would constrain growth significantly or cause it to accelerate sharply. For the restaurant industry, that implies modestly rising demand this year.”

Restaurant Turnover Continues to Rise, Adding to Staffing Difficulties

Staffing difficulties continue to rise for restaurants. After a few months of flat and even improving employee retention, rolling 12-month turnover rates worsened again for both hourly employees and restaurant managers during November based on the latest Black Box Intelligence Workforce data. Turnover remains at historically high levels for the industry and is frequently cited by restaurant operators as one of their biggest obstacles for success.

Compounding the problem for restaurants is the fact that it is increasingly harder to find qualified employees to fill vacancies created by turnover. According to Black Box Intelligence’s Workforce Index, by the end of Q3, 63% of restaurants expressed that difficulty in recruiting hourly staff increased from the previous quarter. 58% of restaurant companies said recruiting difficulty increased for restaurant managers. Recruiting difficulties are even higher for limited-service brands, with a higher percentage saying they are having a harder time finding hourly employees and restaurant managers than they were 3 months ago.

As a result, the percentage of restaurant locations that is understaffed is increasing. For an industry that relies heavily on its workforce, this can only mean bad news. Especially when taking into consideration guest sentiment. Black Box Guest Intelligence sentiment data continues to show the strong relationship that exists between perceived service experience at the restaurant level and a restaurant’s sales and traffic results.

Looking Ahead

Despite declining guest counts, the industry is in a relatively stable path of flat to slightly positive same-store sales growth fueled by accelerating guest check growth. As the industry begins lapping over relatively softer sales and traffic results from the beginning of 2019, some improvements in year-over-year results are possible for these important metrics. However, declining traffic will continue to be the norm and sales growth will remain modest at best.

Two factors emerge as we start the new year that could disrupt restaurant performance. The first is the usual warning that occurs during the winter months. The weather has been a strong force in recent years, particularly in February, and is a factor that can greatly alter restaurant sales.

The other is a change in consumer sentiment based on potentially growing political instability. Election years are always tricky for restaurants, and this one is already off to a rocky start

Black Box Intelligence™ (formerly TDn2K) is the leading data and insights provider of workforce, guest, consumer and financial performance benchmarks for the hospitality industry. The Black Box Intelligence product suite is the industry standard for operators seeking to achieve best-in-class performance results. With the largest and most reliable set of real restaurant data in the marketplace, Black Box Intelligence currently tracks and analyzes more than 300 companies, over 2.8 million employees, 47,000 restaurant units and billion in annual sales revenue. Black Box Intelligence is also the producer of the Global Best Practices Conference held annually in Dallas, Texas.

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Energy Experts say the the 2020s will be the Decade of Solar

For the next 10 years, we will likely witness an impressive increase in solar energy, not only due to specific renewable energy goals, but also as a result of generational change that is shifting how the world works.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) announced last year a goal for solar power to reach 20% of all U.S. electricity generation by 2030, naming the 2020s “the Solar+ Decade”. They see radical change and exponential growth in our future, with the U.S. solar industry expecting to double its workforce and offset electricity sector emissions by 35% by the year 2030.

The massive growth that the solar industry saw over the last decade will need to continue in order to accomplish the SEIA’s goal. Reaching 20% of generation from solar is achievable, as long as the industry grows at an average rate of 18%, with about 39 gigawatts (GW) worth of installations per year, over the next decade. This target would result in hundreds of thousands of new U.S. jobs, more than 14 million solar rooftops, and 500 million metric tons of CO2 emissions offset each year.

The economic and environmental benefits make the increase in solar power seem like a no brainer. But not everyone is on board.

Millennial and Gen Z adults have a very different view on the climate crisis than their elder generations. With their continuously growing influence on our world’s policies, this generation’s awareness and actions regarding the climate crisis are meaningful, because they will be the ones to change the system in the coming years.

According to the Pew Research Center, about three-quarters of Americans (77%) agree that the more important energy priority should be developing alternative energy sources such as solar power rather than increasing U.S. production of fossil fuels. While the vast majority of Democrats (90%) agree with this, the percentage of Republicans that agree much lower at 62%, and there’s a large disparity depending on age. The majority of Millennial and Gen Z Republicans (78%) say the U.S. should prioritize alternative energies, compared to just 53% of Baby Boomer and older Republicans.

The data shows how the opinions of younger generations are changing drastically from older generations - exactly the kind of attitude we need to meet our sustainable goals this decade. A big factor in this change may be the growth of social media conversation about the climate crisis. With more young people having access to the harmful effects of climate change worldwide, they are able to make more informed decisions about how they feel about the importance of alternative energy sources.

The effects of the media are not lost on those in the solar installation industry. Jorge Ricalday, Marketing Director of Green Solar Technologies, believes that the exponential growth of the social industry in recent years can be owed somewhat to social media. Jorge comments, “Information in the media spreads so fast these days. With more and more talk about climate change, especially among younger generations sharing their concerns on social media, people are scared and looking for solutions. Alternative energy sources are a reachable solution, which is why more people than ever are switching to solar energy.”

Generation Z teens spend the most time on social media by far, and with their strong opinions about climate change, the word will continue to spread. As they and Millenials grow older and become the majority of the population, the support for relying on renewable energy sources will grow, as will the use of these sources. Solar is one of the easiest for the consumer to switch to and has both environmental and financial benefits, which may be contributing to the recent surge of solar projects around the world.

If solar continues to grow like we’re expecting, the goal for solar power to reach 20% of all U.S. electricity generation by 2030 is all too likely. The Solar+ Decade is not only in reach, but it will hopefully cut emissions enough to slow the effects of climate change.

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Netgate® TNSR™ Release 19.12 Adds vRouter and IPSec Robustness

Netgate, the leading provider of open-source secure networking solutions, today announced its latest version of TNSR software, Release 19.12. TNSR is advanced firewall, router, and VPN software with breakthrough price-performance, management, and service expansion flexibility. Built on FD.io’s Vector Packet Processing (VPP), of which Netgate is a leading contributor, TNSR delivers extraordinary packet processing performance in software. This enables enterprises and service providers to scale networks far less expensively than with legacy brand solutions.

TNSR Release 19.12 expands deployment options, increases IPSec stream performance, and strengthens overall routing functionality. Notable features include:

  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) – now an officially supported platform
  • Multi-core IPSec – enables multiple encrypted streams, critical to scale up / scale out use cases including data center replication and Site-to-Site VPN
  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) with dynamic routing – identifies forwarding path failure(s), enabling rapid routing adjustments for OSPF and BGP networks
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) interface tracking – enables management of VRRP instance priorities based on the state of TNSR interfaces, thus ensuring traffic continues to flow through an available VRRP peer if an interface upstream of a VRRP instance goes down
  • OSPFv3 (OSPF6) – enables OSPF for IPv6
  • RIPv2 – provides support for legacy routing use cases


“Release 19.12 represents another significant step forward for our customers as they continue to build out high-speed routed networks,” said Jim Thompson, Netgate CTO. “We are seeing rising demand for TNSR in vRouter and high-speed IPSec use cases. And, while cloud containers may dominate the world’s networking headlines, traditional network function virtualization (NFV) is still our biggest deployment driver.”

TNSR is available for deployment on Netgate’s SG-5100, XG-1537, XG-1541 appliances; as a bare metal image for non-Netgate appliances and virtual machines; as software instances on AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces; and from AWS Solution Providers and Microsoft Azure partners.

Contact sales@netgate.com to request a free trial version of the software. To learn more, visit tnsr.com. For additional questions, contact Netgate at +1 (512) 646-4100, or sales@netgate.com.

About Netgate

Netgate is dedicated to developing and providing secure networking solutions to businesses, government and educational institutions around the world. Netgate is the only provider of pfSense® products, which include pfSense software - the world's leading open-source firewall, router, and VPN solution. TNSR extends the company’s open-source leadership and expertise into high-performance secure networking – capable of delivering compelling value at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

Netgate is a registered trademark of Rubicon Communications in the United States. pfSense is a registered trademark of Electric Sheep Fencing, LLC in the United States and other countries.

All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders.

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Truth or Consequences Dares to Be Durable with Penetron Technology

The renovation, repair and upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, were officially completed in January 2020. PENETRON ADMIX was used to ensure durable concrete structures for the plant to better serve a growing community.

The town of Truth or Consequences (or “T or C” as locals call it) is the administrative and economic center of Sierra County in southern New Mexico. With mild winter weather and warm summers, the town of about 7,500 inhabitants has a large contingent of year-round retirees, but it is also a popular tourist destination. The town’s historic district, the numerous hot springs and mineral baths, Elephant Butte Lake State Park and Caballo Reservoir, the Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway, and the recently completed Spaceport (30 miles east of T or C) define its vibrant tourist-based economy.

“Why the strange name? In fact, the town of Truth or Consequences was originally named ’Hot Springs,’ due to all the natural hot springs in the region. The current name came about when a game show host back in the 1950s dared any town in the USA to change their name to the same name as the TV show,” explains Christopher Chen, Director of The Penetron Group. “Our town in New Mexico took the dare – and changed the town name to Truth or Consequences. A more recent challenge was to find a suitable waterproofing solution for the recent repairs, expansion and upgrades to the town’s wastewater treatment plant. Penetron was chosen as their preferred solution.”

Renewing an Aged WWTP
The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that serves the T or C community is over 40-years old. Because many of the plant’s process components had reached the end of their design life, and other parts of the treatment processes needed increasing levels of attention to maintain the desired level of performance. The WWTP was operating at approximately 70% of its original design flow (1.06 MGD), where previously it had operated at almost 95% of design flow. In addition, the anticipated, more stringent nutrient limitations for nitrogen and phosphorus meant that the existing treatment processes needed to be improved, and the growing demand for the reclaimed wastewater would also require further process upgrades.

Upgrading Concrete Elements
“All these issues were addressed simultaneously with a comprehensive renovation and upgrade program for the wastewater treatment plant to provide increased capacity and produce higher quality wastewater effluent,” notes Christopher Chen.

An engineering report showed that many of the original concrete elements of the original T or C wastewater treatment plant needed extensive repairs or outright replacement (and enlargement). These WWTP elements included the headworks, grit chamber, aeration oxidation oval, two clarifiers, and disinfection system.

“Initially, a competitive solution was specified by the consulting engineer at Smith Engineering,” adds Christopher Chen. “However, after reviewing the cost benefits and local technical and on-site support available from Penetron, the specification was revised to PENETRON ADMIX SB instead.”

Reducing Concrete Permeability
The concrete structures in a wastewater treatment plant are continually exposed to an aggressive environment that includes chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, disinfectants, an array of toxic compounds and even the chemicals added during the plant’s treatment processes. Adding PENETRON ADMIX SB to the concrete mix reduces concrete permeability, increases chemical resistance and enables self-sealing of new hairline cracks to enhance the durability of these key concrete components. Delivered in pre-measured soluble bags, PENETRON ADMIX SB was added by Bartoo Ready Mix to over 1,200 cubic yards (920 m3) of concrete.

“The T or C project was a success thanks to the on-site support by our local Penetron expert and Penetron’s success in dozens of previous wastewater treatment plant upgrades across the country,” concludes Christopher Chen.

The Penetron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives and distribution channels.

For more information on Penetron waterproofing solutions, please visit penetron(dot)com or Facebook(dot)com/ThePenetronGroup, email CRDept(at)penetron(dot)com, or contact the Corporate Relations Department at 631-941-9700.

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Solo Printing Donates to the Miami Rescue Mission’s Pack the Pantry Food Drive

Solo Printing, a Miami-based commercial printing company, is giving back to the community with its donation to Miami Rescue Mission| Broward Outreach Centers, a local organization that serves the homeless and needy of South Florida.

The Miami Rescue Mission provides emergency shelter, residential programs, job training, education and computer literacy classes, healthcare, employment opportunities for the homeless, and more. They believe it’s essential to serve the hungry and homeless, especially during the holidays when they might feel a lack of support and isolated from their loved ones.

The Pack the Pantry Food Drive hopes to raise enough food to feed nearly 220,000 meals to the homeless and hungry of the South Florida community this holiday season.

“It is imperative that we make a difference in our community especially during the holiday seasons when we often get so caught up in our own busyness; we can’t lose sight of helping others in need. Thank you to the Miami Rescue Missions for making it a point to continuously making strides in the community, we are glad that we can help in any way we can to help them reach their goals,” said Robert Hernandez, VP of Sales.

Solo Printing is proud to have donated non-perishable items, including canned vegetables, canned meat, water, and more to those in need. As one of the nation’s largest minority-owned companies, changing lives and empowering communities is something Solo Printing strongly supports.

More about Solo Printing:
Established in 1985, Solo Printing is a national, award-winning printing service. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Solo Printing provides premier printing services such as pre-press, digital printing, sheetfed printing, web offset printing, and more. With its high-tech printing equipmentsustainable printing certifications, and employee expertise, the Miami-based company has repeatedly won industry awards and continues to be the leading printing service in South Florida. For more information, visit the Solo Printing website at https://www.soloprinting.com/.

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The Larson Group Peterbilt Unveils New Logo, Unified Naming Across 18 Dealerships

The Larson Group (TLG) Peterbilt, a Peterbilt dealer network with locations in eight states, recently rolled out several brand and location name updates. The branding changes are in response to the company’s significant growth over the past several years.

Establishing Unity and Recognition Across Locations

Throughout its 33 years in business, TLG Peterbilt has experienced rapid growth as a Peterbilt dealership network that offers new and used Peterbilt trucks, high-quality parts and accessories, and award-winning customer service and sales. In an effort to establish cohesive naming and brand recognition among its current and future dealership locations, all locations received the same naming update to include “TLG Peterbilt”. Stores can be differentiated with a hyphen and its identifiable location (such as TLG Peterbilt – Cincinnati) or current nickname (such as TLG Peterbilt – Great Lakes).

For customers, these naming updates will not change the quality of their award-winning purchasing and service experience with any of the 18 TLG Peterbilt dealership locations.

“Creating a more unified identity and connecting ourselves by the TLG Peterbilt name strengthens our ability to provide even better first-class service throughout all of our stores,” said Glenn Larson, President.

A Contemporary Logo to Ring in a New Decade

In celebration of TLG Peterbilt’s unprecedented growth over the past several years, the company also unveiled an updated logo design that has a cleaner, more contemporary look due to a slightly modified color palette and modern typography. The logo’s redevelopment came after careful consideration, conversation, and collaboration among the Larson family along with the design work of Mostly Serious, a full-service digital agency that has partnered with TLG Peterbilt since 2015.

“TLG’s visual identity was created before it knew the impact it would have on the industry,” said Stephanie Cowdrey, TLG Peterbilt’s marketing manager. “This project allowed us to sit down with our leadership team, really focus on the brand, and approach it in a more thoughtful way. The long process resulted in a logo we found to be essentially timeless and a standardized name that reflects who we really are. We’re thrilled to be starting the decade off with this brand refresh.”

About The Larson Group

The Larson Group has been providing quality Peterbilt service, new and used Peterbilt trucks, and high-quality parts and accessories across the Midwest and Southeast for over 30 years. TLG has built teams of qualified, highly trained professionals to provide customers the best service for their commercial transportation needs at more than 20 locations in eight states.

For more information about The Larson Group’s growing dealership locations or to experience the company’s exemplary customer service first-hand, call 417.865.5355, visit http://www.TLGtrucks.com, or contact Marketing Manager Stephanie Cowdrey at scowdrey@tlgtrucks.com.

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Timeshare Board Members Association (TBMA) Announces Orlando 2020 Conference, May 17-19, 2020

TBMA Orlando will mark the18th conference and TBMA’s leadership position in providing dynamic, interactive forums for education, resources, solutions, and networking for timeshare Board Members, Resort Managers, and vacation ownership industry professionals.

Timeshare Owners’ Association Board Members and On-site Resort Manager will participate in over 20 educational sessions, and network with industry professionals who support the Associations’ mission to provide education to the conference attendees to help with planning for the future of their resorts.

The spring Conference will address many of the key issues facing timeshare resorts with an interactive agenda featuring topics including:

  • Being a Local Market Disrupter - Economic Impacts, Demand Generator Relationships, and Managing Your Resort’s Brand
  • Defining and Evaluating Owner & Guest Engagement
  • Why Update Your Governing Documents?
  • Implementing Money-Making Sales & Rental Strategies - Trust Conversions, Limited Term Products, Transient Rentals & Other Guests
  • The Front Line: Managing & Motivating Your Team
  • Funding Operations - RFP’s, Reserve Studies & Banking Relationships
  • Insuring Against Losses - Workplace - Disasters - Active Shooters
  • Maximize Market Appeal: Property Improvement Planning
  • When It’s Time to Repurpose - Wholly-Owned Condominiums & Hybrid Solutions
  • Following ABC Policies - Collections, Foreclosures & Title Insurance
  • The Impact of Outside Influencers - Airbnb, Exit Companies, & Scams
  • Technology for a New Decade
  • ADA - Embracing Travelers with Disabilities
  • Legislative Update
  • Vacation and Travel Club Revenue Streams


The Orlando 2020 Conference and TBMA membership are free of charge to Timeshare Board Members and onsite Resort Managers because of the generous financial support of its corporate sponsors.

TBMA is a non-profit corporation and the leader in providing timeshare HOA Board Member and on-site Resort Management education and networking, proudly serving a growing base of participating members and providing opportunities for members and industry professionals to connect. TBMA also partners with TimeSharing Today magazine to publish resort governance and management articles which help educate its membership.

Since its inception in 2011, TBMA recognized that older timeshare legacy resorts were facing common challenges associated with aging properties and owners. At the same time, many of these resorts are located in prime locations. They offer benefits of condo-style accommodations that include kitchens. The timeshare industry has been facing a significant amount of bad press because of a lack of a strong resale market and a viable exit strategy for owners who no longer can afford the cost of ownership or are unable to travel.

TBMA is helping participating resorts to deal with those challenges and many have adopted deed-back programs for owners, shorter term right-to-use products, technology solutions for efficient communications and operations, and strategies for generating rental revenues of association-owned inventory. In some cases, resorts have determined that they need to proceed with repurposing to other uses such as wholly owned condominiums or hybrid hotel/timeshare properties.

Proactive TBMA attendees find that after attending each conference, they are better prepared to prioritize their efforts and implement changes for the benefit of their resorts and owners.
For more information about TBMA, attending the TBMA Orlando 2020 Conference and corporate sponsorships, email staff@tbmassoc.org or visit tbmassoc.org.

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Make a Day on the Sea Even Better with Boathouse Marine Center’s New Retail Store

Boathouse Marine Center is now a fully authorized retailer for Pelagic High-Performance Fishing Gear to continue the legacy of winning the Mercury CSI Award – an accolade given to dealerships that hold the highest levels of customer satisfaction - five times and counting, Boathouse Marine Center has expanded its 40,000 sq. ft. dry boat storage facility to include a fully stocked retail store for local boaters.

“Boathouse Marine Center anticipates the needs of every South Florida boater,” says General Manager Jim Magruder. “Beyond boat storageboat sales and boat repair, we understand that having conveniences such as a cold beverage and delicious snacks available makes a great day of fishing or relaxing even better.”

The full-service marina provides160 permitted dry storage slips and 21 wet slips with seasonal and annual dry storage options in its secure, enclosed 40,000-square-foot facility. Its award-winning service department takes care of every South Florida boater’s outboard and inboard motor needs, as well as any repairs.

“Our new retail space is proof of how much we value and listen to South Florida boaters,” Magruder says. “We invite you to check out our full selection of baits, snacks, candy, beverages, beer (coming soon!), tackle supplies, clothing, boating accessories and anything else you can think of for a great day on the boat.”

About Boathouse Marine Center
The Boathouse Marine Center in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a fully authorized retailer for Pelagic High-Performance Fishing Gear and an authorized dealer and service center for Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki and Mercruiser. The center has won the prestigious Mercury CSI Award five times. The Boathouse Marine Center is the top full-service marina in South Florida. Experience the ultimate destination for South Florida boaters at the Boathouse Marine Center. If you’re looking for new and used boats for sale, our wide selection is sure to please even the pickiest of buyers. Visit us at https://www.boathousemc.com for further details.

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Huge Markdowns in Clearance Items at Brandenberry’s End-of-Year Blowout

As the year winds down, savings are revving up at Brandenberry Amish Furniture in Shipshewana, Indiana. Brandenberry is hosting an End-of-Year Blowout Sale which features savings of up to 65% off clearance items and 15% off store wide items. The event runs Thursday, Dec. 26, to Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019, at Brandenberry Amish Furniture in Shipshewana, Indiana.

In preparation for the New Year, Brandenberry wants to move out all its clearance items by year end. And customers get to benefit. Because all clearance items are being offered at savings of up to 65 percent off. This means 65 percent savings on Amish-built, solid hardwood furniture for the home. Some wooden accessories and craft items are also being offered at savings of up to 65 percent off.

Every item not otherwise marked down is on sale for 15 percent off at Brandenberry Amish Furniture’s End-of-Year Blowout. This includes items for every room in the house -- such as quality Amish furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining room furniture plus your in-home office. What’s more all home accessories – including pictures, wall hangings and beautiful craft items – are going for 15 percent off. However, the sale ends Dec. 31. So hurry and visit Brandenberry Amish Furniture. The store is located at 1045 N. State Road 5 in Shipshewana. It’s at the intersection of State Road 5 and US 20, near the Indiana Toll Road and nestled in behind the 5 & 20 Country Kitchen just south of E&S Sales. The store is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.

About Brandenberry Amish Furniture
Brandenberry Furniture opened its doors in 2008. The Brandenberry Furniture concept allows customers to design the furniture of their dreams. Including to explore the rich woods and stains that only nature can offer. Nothing matches the feel, the smell and the weight of hickory, oak, cherry and maple. And these real woods come to life in an Amish handcrafted piece. Also, the pieces are meant to last a lifetime and beyond.

Is your favorite style Mission, Traditional, Modern or something in between? If Brandenberry Furniture doesn’t carry it, our craftsmen will build it to your specifications.

At Brandenberry Furniture, we offer everything from bedroom and dining collections to home accessories. Also patio and exclusive furniture pieces. So browse our easy-to-use website. It contains detailed photographs and information. Also, you’ll find furniture categorized by room. These include family room, dining room, bedroom, office and children’s furniture. What’s more, you’ll find furniture categorized by style and wood species. These species include oak, hickory, cherry, elm, maple, pine and cedar.

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A Different Kind of Bottom Line – Next Level Conscious Capitalism

51% of young adults rejected capitalism outright in a 2016 Harvard University survey, and only those aged 50+ showed majority support for capitalism. On closer inspection, it is how free markets are operated that respondents found objectionable. Capitalism is only as good as Capitalists are.

Next Level Performance, an award-winning, performance improvement company in New Brunswick, NJ, prioritizes a healthy bottom line, but defines it with the longer-term perspective required for a sustainable society.

“Our mission is to help people and organizations dig deeper, reach higher, and attain the next level,” says Dave Dittman, President of the 43-year-old company. “This transcends wages.”

“Our CARES core values of Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Ethical Behavior, and Service make us stewards of many communities, not just clients and employees, but also suppliers, investors and society.”

“We know we are fortunate, and we want to make sure that those facing challenges know that they have others upon whom they can count. Yes, we have an obligation to make a profit, but what we do with those profits is a measure of who we are as human beings.”

The company, which has been voted one of New Jersey’s Best Places to Work four of the last five years, encourages its teammates to participate in several outreach initiatives throughout the year. The company provides money, resources, and has even enabled time off toward community commitment activities. This enables support for smaller, regional organizations that may be closer to the constituents they serve, including non-profits that cannot necessarily afford major fundraising efforts and therefore can be overlooked by major donors.

“We contribute in ways that can have a real impact,” according to Dittman. “We spend time carefully evaluating the charities, the work they do, and the efficiency with which they work.”

This year, three needs categories drew the focus of Next Level charitability: children, food insecurity, and basic human needs.

Community Food Bank

“Women Fighting Hunger” funnels material aid to help keep New Jersey’s young women in school, as well as helping the food insecure in NJ.

For a child to go hungry can compromise their future. Last year was the third year for this event and we at Next Level Performance wanted to be a part of this important support system that truly benefits our state.

NXLP committed a donation of ,000 to Kids Café sponsorships for 2019, helping provide meals for 30 children participating in a Kids Café each afternoon during the school year. For some of these kids, this may be the one meal upon which they can depend, so Next Level Performance has committed yet again to sponsor a Kids Café for 2020.

HOPE Week and Holiday of HOPE

HOPE stands for Helping Others Persevere and Excel. The NY Yankees initiated HOPE Week 2011 and challenged other organizations to take up the cause. NXLP has embraced the effort, and each summer selects regional organizations to support with a week of service. This year’s activities included:

  • Sent teammates to Children’s Specialized Hospital (CSH) to decorate shadow boxes as part of physical and cognitive therapy. The items from the shadow boxes were then distributed to children for play and entertainment.
  • Sent a team to Children’s Specialized Hospital to host a breakfast for the parents and families of young patients.
  • Assembled Activity Kits to help keep the young patients of CSH entertained during their hospital stay.
  • Sent teams shopping for pajamas and books for the Pajama Program to help children in special situations have a good night’s sleep.
  • Brought in Next Level employees’ children to decorate and assemble over 150 Halloween Treat Bags for CASA of Middlesex County.
  • Coordinated and donated to a building-wide food drive for Elijah’s Promise.

Next Level Performance efforts continue into the holiday season, as gift-buying made holiday wishes come true for homeless and foster children through Homefront. Teammates alsocollected coats, hats, gloves and blankets to keep New Brunswick neighbors warm in partnership with Elijah’s Promise.

NXLP Teammate Donations

Our Teammate Donations provide 0 for each employee to donate to the 501(c)3 organization most meaningful to them.

In 2019, these donations have included:


  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Monmouth County ASPCA
  • World Central Kitchen
  • Jersey Shore Rescue Mission
  • St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center
  • The Seeing Eye
  • Ryan’s Quest
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
  • Save the Children
  • Charity: Water
  • WaterAid
  • Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA)
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Upper Bucks Alliance for Creative Expression

2019 Holiday Giving to Four Partners

Additionally, each year, the company selects a number of organizations for a donation of funds during the holiday season. 2019 recipients were:

Good Grief of New Jersey

Since 2004, Good Grief has worked to ensure that no child in New Jersey has to grieve alone. The organization provides unlimited and free support to children, teens, young adults and families after the death of a mother, father, sister or brother through peer support programs, education and advocacy, through locations in Morristown and Princeton.

Bridge of Books Foundation

Thousands of New Jersey children do not have adequate access to books in their homes, schools or communities. Next Level helped put books into the hands of the children who need them, this holiday season. NXLP is helping to give the gift of literacy by donating books and making a donation so new books can be purchased.

The Pride Center of New Jersey, Inc.

This all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. The Pride Center of New Jersey mission is to provide a safe and welcoming place for all in the LGBTQ+ community, especially youth, to come for support, education, health education, and social opportunities to help grow self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-esteem, in order to live healthier and happier lives with equality and social justice. Programs include youth and young adults, Health Education and free HIV testing.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

CASA of NJ empowers and supports a statewide network of local CASA programs covering all 21 NJ counties. CASA volunteers provide one-on-one advocacy to abused or neglected children placed in foster care and other out-of-home placements. These volunteers provide a voice for children in court, in school, and in the community. They work tirelessly to ensure children and youth have the services they need while in foster care and remain with each case until a permanent place to live is secured. That could include reunification with parents and caregivers, placement with relatives, or adoption. This past year, 2,186 volunteer advocates served 4,035 children, which represents about half of the children in need of such advocacy in NJ.

“A rising tide lifts all boats,” added Dave Dittman, President. “Next Level Performance excels at the principles that achieve real results for our colleagues, clients, and community. In this case, it is conscious capitalism that serves a higher purpose.”

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Closeouts up to 75 Percent Off in Weaver’s 2019 Year End Inventory Sale

End the year with custom-built savings on Amish furniture, accessories and framed art at Weaver Furniture’s Year End Inventory Sale, which features savings of up to 75 percent off closeout items. The sales event runs Thursday, Dec. 26, to Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019, at Weaver Furniture Sales 20,000 square foot megastore in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Furniture lovers looking for great deals on solid hardwood Amish furniture need not wait any longer. That’s because Weaver is offering closeout items at up to 75% off furniture, accessories and other household items. Also, savings of 20% are available on framed art pieces. In addition, all items – numbering in the thousands -- in the megastore are on sale at 15% savings. However, the sale ends Dec. 31, 2019. So furniture buyers have a limited time to enjoy the savings.

Weaver Furniture Sales is offering special 12-month financing during the Year End Inventory Sale. The aim is to make it easier for furniture enthusiasts to buy quality Amish furniture. Minimum monthly payments are required. Also the special financing is subject to credit approval. Weaver sales associates can provide additional information.

The Year End Inventory Sale includes savings on literally thousands of top-quality, Amish-built, solid hardwood furniture items at Weaver’s 20,000 square foot showroom in Shipshewana, Indiana. This includes items for every room in the house. In addition, outdoor and office furniture are on sale. However, Weaver’s Year End Inventory Sale ends Dec 31, 2019. So visit now and take home furniture and accessories at huge savings!

Weaver Furniture Sales is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. The store is closed on Sundays.

The large Weaver Furniture showroom is located 1/4 mile south and 1/4 mile east of the junction of State Road 5 and US 20 in Shipshewana, Indiana. The store is easy to find for visitors from Chicago, Detroit or Indianapolis. Come and see thousands of items to choose from and take one or two or pieces home with you.

For more information, visit Weaver Furniture Sales website. Or call 260-768-7730.

About Weaver Furniture Sales
Weaver Furniture Sales was established in 1989 in Shipshewana, Indiana. An Amish, family-owned furniture business, Weaver offers a full line of solid wood, Amish furniture at affordable prices. Also, Weaver caters to both residential and commercial customers. The company features Shaker, Mission and Traditional furniture styles. As part of their client services, Weaver provides furniture design consultation services, custom furniture options, furniture quotes, layaway options and various delivery alternatives for residences and businesses in the United States.

LeRoy and Ida Weaver own and operate Weaver Furniture Sales. They began with a 1,500 square foot showroom, which has been expanded to more than 20,000 square feet. Previously, they owned and managed LeWana Dairy Farm, where they milked cows and raised corn and hay.

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ONEIL Cultivates Company Culture Benefitting Employees and Local Community

O’Neil & Associates (ONEIL), an employee-owned company that develops technical publications, training and related materials, is creating a culture of caring through its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) business structure. From its employee recognition programs to its Adopt-a-Family outreach, the company aligns itself with a “service over self” culture that motivates employees and serves its neighbors well.

The company provided Christmas gifts for 45 children and grocery gift cards for more than a dozen families this month alone. As it has done for more than 20 years, ONEIL employee-owners voluntarily give of their own money to support disadvantaged Miamisburg families through its Adopt-a-Family program. ONEIL employees give thousands and partner with Miamisburg schools to provide pre-identified families with food and gifts purchased by the ONEIL Helping Hands Committee.

“Serving our neighbors each holiday season is a great joy for us,” said Hernan Olivas, president and chief executive officer for ONEIL. “As a 100 percent employee-owned business, our employees, our business, and our local community thrive when we join together to positively impact communities where our own families live, work and play.”

The ONEIL culture of giving extends beyond the holiday season and benefits the local community year-round. The Helping Hands Committee raises money for causes that employees choose, such as its Back to School Shoes program, the Larry E. O’Neil Scholarship, Miamisburg Schools Latchkey program, and the #LoveLikeLogi Foundation that equips first responders with teddy bears to soothe frightened, sick children during tragedies. This year alone, ONEIL employees have given nearly ,000 back to the community.

To honor its employees internally, ONEIL annually recognizes an employee of the year and team of the year. This year, the ONEIL executive team selected Cynthia Schneider, company controller, as employee of the year and Manitowoc Grove as team of the year for 2019. Each winner was nominated and selected by the executive team and was publicly recognized for their achievements.

“ONEIL employees are committed, caring and conscientious, so narrowing our winners to only one person and one team each year is never easy,” says Olivas. “This year’s winners exemplify what it means to be an ONEIL employee – collaborative, inclusive, respectful and committed to our mission. In this season of thankfulness and reflection, the ONEIL family salutes their collective 2019 accomplishments.”

Studies show that employee ownership strengthens company culture by increasing employee engagement – and ONEIL is affirmation of that fact. As stakeholders, employees see how the quality of their work contributes to the company’s growth and success, motivating them to perform with higher productivity and greater excellence – because as the company prospers, employees directly benefit.

According to a 1997 Washington state study, ESOP employees earned 5 percent to 12 percent more than those in non-ESOP companies. ESOP employees also have greater retirement benefits, a 2000 Rutgers study discovered. More than 20 percent of ESOP companies have defined benefit pension plans and more than 35 percent have 401(k)s, while fewer than 5 percent of non-ESOPs have defined benefit plans and only 8 percent have 401(k)s. And, with studies showing that ESOP companies also boast higher employee retention and a greater ability to withstand economic downtown, ONEIL benefits the local economy, too.
About O’Neil & Associates, Inc.

O’Neil & Associates, Inc. (ONEIL) is an employee-owned company that develops technical publications, training and related materials for manufacturers to help them show their customers how to operate, maintain and repair their products. In addition to providing services for developing these materials, ONEIL offers related technology solutions for creating, managing and delivering their client’s technical information. ONEIL serves clients in the commercial, aerospace and government markets with offerings like Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs), Web-Based Environments, Intrusive Diagnostic Systems, e-Learning, training, Content Management Systems and traditional paper manuals.

For more information about ONEIL products and services, visit http://www.oneil.com.

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Vizion Interactive Announces a Move to a New Vizion (dot com)

Vizion Interactive is proud to announce its move over to the newly acquired domain, Vizion.com.

The digital marketing agency has owned VizionInteractive.com since its inception back in 2005 but has always been on mission to acquire the simplified Vizion.com domain.

President & CEO Mark Jackson said, “When I founded Vizion Interactive in 2005, one of the first items on my to-do list was to secure a domain. I knew that I wanted to name the company Vizion, but – alas – the person who owned Vizion.com would not sell. Hence, ‘Vizion Interactive.’ Today, we are happy to say that - 14 years later - we have secured the domain and are now ‘Vizion’.”

The rebranding comes at a perfect time, coinciding with the New Year…”2020.”

“20/20 Vision” = “20/20 Vizion.com.” “It just happened that this acquisition came at this time. Perhaps it’s fate that this happens as we celebrate the turning of our calendars to the year 2020,” said Jackson.

To celebrate this re-branding, Vizion Interactive hosted people at the Dallas Digital Summit to free 2020 New Year’s glasses and everything else that one would need to bring in the new year (except for the champagne).

“There’s lots to celebrate at Vizion Interactive. We’d like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable new year!”

About Vizion Interactive:
Vizion Interactive is a Google Premier Partner and leading digital marketing services agency, bringing the process and tools that you might expect from the largest agencies, the specialized skills and knowledge of a boutique, and the care and attention of an independent contractor. Vizion Interactive provides a wide array of digital marketing services to B2B, B2C, franchise, and ecommerce clients including holistic SEO, PPC Management/Optimization, Amazon Ads Management/Optimization, CRO and Enterprise Analytics and Reporting.

Kristien Matelski

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Dubai Property Investment – hausandhaus.com pick on Dubai’s current top property investments

With a myriad of top developers having many off plan offerings in the market, many buyers are perplexed when it comes to spending their hard earned cash. The confusion stems from a huge variety of payment plans and options, and with releases almost on a daily basis it can be hard to keep up with the developments which will be the most popular once completed, and those that will give the best returns. To save any confusion we have hand-picked our current favorite Dubai investments from the very best developers. We have based our selection on reputation, location, successful past projects, value for money and build quality. This is an unbiased view, with no favoritism towards any particular company or brand. We always maintain that by giving rational, honest and transparent advice – clients will be happy to return.

Eden at The Valley  | by Emaar

Emaar’s first venture in this location, the strategic position of this development is close enough Dubai’s major landmarks to be a success – but far enough to offer some tranquility to the hustle and bustle of the city. These 3 and 4 bedroom luxury townhouses start at very attractive rates and the payment plan is generous with a 30 month post-handover mechanism. Very much focused on families, this development will benefit from lush parks and green areas, shopping close by at The Pavilion and the classic infrastructure that makes Emaar one of the most respected developers.

Eden by Emaar Prices from AED 1,168,888

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Marina Vista  | by Emaar

One of the most anticipated projects, Emaar’s foray into beachfront living will make a positive impact on the local hotspot of Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and JBR shoreline. From 1 to 4 bedroom apartments, classic Emaar styling and all buildings having a close proximity to water, this is one project not to miss. With multiple payment options, a 100 % DLD fee waiver and 2 year post-handover payment plan up for grabs, what is not to like? Whether an investment or to live, you will not be disappointed with what is on offer here…

Emaar Beachfront Starting from AED 1,200,888

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

Ruba Villas at Arabian Ranches III  | by Emaar

Arabian Ranches and Ranches 2 conjure mental images of perfectly executed housing and lifestyle. These incredible success stories for many Dubai expats are now offered in a more affordable package – Arabian Ranches 3. Contemporary, clean and amazing value 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses, Emaar have really hit the nail on the head with this exciting project. Sublime build and facilities, one of the real ‘wow’ plusses of this development will be the kid-friendly lazy river which circles the perimeter. Starting at 1.4m, this is a fantastic opportunity to grab your slice of the dream family playground. 

Arabian Ranches III by Emaar 3 BR’s from AED 1,400,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate  | by Select Group

With an enviable waterfront position in Dubai Marina, one of the best specifications and 5* service within the residence, Jumeirah Living Marina Gate will most certainly live up to the hype. With an expected April 2020 completion date, 100 % DLD fee waiver, 4 year post-handover payment plan and competitive pricing, it is not surprising that there is already limited availability. 

Select Group have really upped the game with this masterpiece – give us a call today to make your reservation.

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Expo Golf Villas 5  | by Emaar

EXPO 2020. There is no hotter buzzword today in Dubai. These prime 3 and 4 bed limited premium villas are as close to the action as you can get – how does a few minutes to the site sound? – making them an exciting investment prospect for the next year and beyond. The layouts and finish of these properties are centered around families and with supporting, extensive infrastructure in the surrounding area – make this an incredible proposal. The Championship Golf Course and Al Maktoum airport are literally minutes away… book your spot with the haus team today! 

Expo Golf Villas 5 Starting from AED 1,077,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

Signature Livings  | by Green Group

If the UAE’s first solar powered residential apartment building, eco-friendly and contemporary design in the popular Jumeirah Village Circle sounds tempting… read on. With a choice of studio’s and one bedroom apartments and one and two bed penthouses, and starting at a budget friendly AED 425,000 – this is a gem of a project. Not only that but with a Q2 expected delivery date, a show home on site, and impeccable build quality; all genuine reasons why this is fast becoming a sell-out development. Boasting up to date features such as smart phone enabled temperature control, Bluetooth enabled sound systems and smart coffee machines in the lobby – The Green Group have genuinely raised the bar with this one. 

Signature Livings by Green Group Prices from AED 425,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

If you require factual, current and professional investment advice from a company that cares about your money as much as you do – then get in touch. Our team of off-plan specialists will give honest, clear and tangible advice that has your best interests at heart. Whether you are looking for an entry level apartment, or a panoramic view penthouse overlooking the Arabian Gulf – we are confident that our approach is consistent so that you get the best possible guidance. Get in touch today and let us make your money work for you…easy.

Dubai Property Investment Consultant:

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

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The Orange County Register Names Service Champions Plumbing, Heating & ACA Winner Of The Orange County Top Workplaces 2019 Award

Service Champions Plumbing, Heating & AC has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2019 honor by The Orange County Register. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by research partner Energage, LLC, a leading provider of technology-based employee engagement tools. The anonymous survey measures several aspects of workplace culture, including alignment, execution, and connection, just to name a few.

“The Top Workplaces award is about much more than recognition and celebration,” said Eric Rubino, CEO of Energage. “Our research also shows that these organizations achieve higher referral rates, lower employee turnover, and double the employee engagement levels. It just goes to show that being intentional about culture delivers bottom-line results.”

Service Champions Plumbing, Heating & AC is the only Diamond Certified residential plumbing, heating & air conditioning contractor in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Built on the principles of providing honest and reliable service and good deeds for free, every member of the Service Champions team plays an integral part in delivering an HVAC and plumbing experience unlike any other contractor. Ample resources and regular training allows for each team member within any department to carry out his or her responsibilities to the highest capacity allowing for personal and company success. True to its name, Service Champions accommodates for its employees to get involved with local philanthropy work through annual holiday drives and operative partnerships with several non-profit organizations.

“It’s a great honor to have Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning selected as a Top Workplace. It has always been my belief that if we take care of our employees, they in turn will take care of our clients, and when this happens, the company will always be taken care of.” - Leland Smith, owner of Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning.

About Service Champions Plumbing Heating & AC
Service Champions is the only Diamond Certified Orange County plumbing, heating and air conditioning provider in Southern California. Its technicians have serviced thousands of homes across Southern California and holds to its promise of excellent customer service and expert technical care. As a leader in the home services industry, Service Champions technicians have set high standards for any competing contractor with extraordinary service that goes beyond plumbing heating and air conditioning for homes.

Service Champions Plumbing, Heating & AC
Contact Katey Becker
3150 E Birch St.
Brea, CA 92807

About Energage, LLC
Headquartered in Exton, Pa., Energage is a leading provider of technology-based employee engagement tools that help leaders to unlock potential, inspire performance, and achieve amazing results within their organizations. The research partner behind the Top Workplaces program, Energage has surveyed more than 58,000 organizations representing well over 20 million employees in the United States.

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Safe Harbor CPAs Announces New Post on Tax Preparation for San Francisco, California Residents for 2020

Safe Harbor CPAs, ranked one of the best CPA firms for the Bay Area community, is proud to announce a new timely post as the firm gears up for tax season 2020. Local businesses and individuals might feel sideswiped by new changes surrounding the State and Local Tax Deductions, or SALT. Revised caps on local deductions can derail plans for a smooth filing for 2020. Business owners and individuals can benefit from the expertise of a CPA well-versed in current tax law.

"In the tax world, things change all the time. Right now, we see several updates in the tax code affecting our clients," explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor CPAs. "Many businesses and individuals are still not fully aware of how the deductions around state and local taxes or SALT have impacted California residents. We are here to help the Bay Area sort through the current changes and focus on what they can write-off now to stay in the black."

The Bay Area community can review the new informational page by Safe Harbor LLP at http://www.safeharborcpa.com/you-cant-do-anything-about-sales-tax-but-you-can-about-income-tax-in-california/. Recent federal tax changes, including a cap on SALT tax deductions might mean large tax payments for Californians. Smart tax preparation by professionals in San Francisco could help. A team of skilled accountants knowledgeable in tax law can review itemized deductions to help meet the proper limits for a legally-sound tax return. The CPA's support both small business and corporate tax preparation as well as; S-Corps, C-Corp's, LLC's, and Sole Proprietors can all turn o the CPA firm for tax and financial advice. For example, interested persons can read the newly update page for individual tax return preparation at http://www.safeharborcpa.com/individual-income-tax/.


Here is the background on this release. San Francisco locals might dread the upcoming 2020 tax preparation season. Accountants are primed to help the community with stifling new laws designed to pull back deductions. Newly enacted tax rules could destroy a well-crafted filing plan and put a business or individual in the red. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 limits itemized deductions for both state and local taxes. The timing runs from 2018 through 2025. Californians might already deal with the burden of increased costs, including gas, raised toll fees, and sales taxes. Individuals and businesses could struggle to remain solvent after losing specific itemized deductions on top of the added state costs.

For these reasons, Safe Harbor CPAs has announced a new informational post just as the firm gears up for a busy tax season 2020.


Safe Harbor LLP is a CPA firm that specializes in accounting and tax services for individuals and businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and greater California. Safe Harbor CPAs help both individuals and businesses with tax preparation, IRS audit defense, and audited financial statements. The firm prides itself on friendly yet professional service and utilizes state-of-the-art Internet technology to provide quality customer service.

Safe Harbor CPA
Tel. 415.742.4249

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Broker, Rick Tobin, named to Leadership Team of the Fort Lauderdale Chapter of the National Association of Divorce professionals

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 18, 2019

Premier Hotel Realty is proud to announce that broker Rick Tobin has been elected to the Leadership team of the Fort Lauderdale Lunch Chapter of The National Association of Divorce Professionals (www.theNADP.com).  NADP is a new and growing association of highly vetted professionals who serve clients going through all stages of divorce. The local chapter is composed of Family Law Attorneys, Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents, Immigration Attorneys, Counsellors and others who help people navigate the divorce process.  The NADP is committed to making a positive impact on the divorce process through strategic alliances, divorce-centered education and comprehensive professional development and selected Tobin to Chair the group’s social media.

Tobin’s role in the group as a Commercial Real Estate broker is to assist the other professionals and their clients when they need to divide real estate or sell their commercial property when they go through the divorce process.  Tobin will use his experience marketing commercial properties to help make the public aware of the group, help forge internal alliances and to promote the group through appropriate social media platforms.

Tobin says, “When I originally joined the group I was unaware of how many issues may be intertwined in the divorce process when a couple decides to split their marriage and their assets.  Through my participation in the group, I’ve learned how to help couples to better navigate the process and avoid many surprises including leaving money on the table.” 

To learn more about Rick Tobin, visit his NADP profile https://www.thenadp.com/members/?id=51941586 or the Premier Hotel Realty website at www.PremierHotelRealty.com

About Premier Hotel Realty: 

Premier Hotel Realty, led by Broker, Rick Tobin, is based in Pompano Beach, Florida and globally markets a wide variety of commercial properties.  Rick also serves as a director of the Lauderdale by the Sea Chamber of Commerce and is on the Executive Board of the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce.  For more information contact Premier at info@PremierHotelRealty.com.


Rick Tobin

954-543-5411 x2

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The Female Media Mogul Behind the Exposure Brand: Launches a Smart TV Streaming App

December 16, 2019 Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Tam Lawrence, the founder of Exposure On Demand TV distribution network streaming on smart TV devices; currently on ROKU, and Amazon Fire Stick. Lawrence, has always been interested in streaming positive media for over a decade.

The owner of an avid sister media platform, Exposure Magazine. The savvy and charismatic media mogul Lawrence, who founded Exposure Magazine in 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia, she was always struck by the disconnection between how adept her generation was at understanding the importance of media and how little they knew about how to gain exposure pitching media networks.

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba3WWAn2iWA

The problem, Lawrence thought, was especially acute across small businesses, where most small business owners are not introduced to media when opening their businesses — if they’re able to get those connection or access at all.

Exposure On Demand TV distribution network is her attempt to change that.

The company’s initial product is a programming learning platform for students. It uses family friendly programming as a traditional standard for content and through augmented reality cooking shows, authors reading, tutors teaching, experts educating, motivational speakers inspiring, and news shows making folks aware and political sitcoms breaking cycles of oppression. However, for the sake of entertainment there will be a number of celebrity red carpet affairs, award shows, NBA All Star and NFL Draft moment as Exposure On Demand TV takes you behind the scenes.

Exposure On Demand TV launched a mere five months ago and already has 6,000 users on its app. In American and Canada, it has grown through its partnership with the content creatives, networks, and entertainment companies.

The company has also scored early partnerships with national celebrities to attract kids to the platform. Exposure On Demand TV, uses TIC TOK, Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, YouNow, and Periscope to highlight and promote the network. Along with, Exposure Magazine its media partner with over 87,409+ subscribers and 2.5 million web viewers an embedding of the Exposure On Demand TV linear channel plays 24/7 on the magazine’s website.

It’s an indicator of how Exposure On Demand TV expects to make money. Lawrence says that sponsorships, brand partnerships, and advertisement opportunities will exist for companies that want to advertise in the app. And, there’s an opportunity for in-app channel purchases, she says.

“I am just excited to be able to offer content creatives a community that is welcoming and most importantly offering them a living wage. I Uber-ed the streaming business, so anyone with a cell phone capable of capturing content at a 1080 HD or 4K specification could earn ad revenue streams,” says Lawrence

The merchandising component also informs the company’s move to develop an augmented reality application as well, which the company developed after seeing the success of Netflix.
“We thought it would be a very cool thing to integrate the education system with the Tutoring Channel for Students,” says Lawrence

The Tutor TV in the app is designed to encourage users to roam free in the environment once in the app students can find tutors FREELY and on demand; whenever need be students are welcomed to learn at will. The tutors are rewarded with sponsorships, ad revenue and brand management.

Going forward, Lawrence envisions a fully realized community and storytelling platform that includes tech, experiential marketing series, podcasting live, small business storytelling, book author read alongs for children and adults, conversation series, fireside expert chats, live streaming conferences, -enabled creative content generate the content streaming on Exposure On Demand TV https://www.exposureondemand.tv

“One of the things that makes us different is that education and positive diversified content streaming has been overlooked and we’re making moves that are relevant to content creatives around the world,” says Lawrence.

To date, the company has raised a small, pre-seed investment from Aart & Kingsley LLC, after participating in the impact investor’s two-year streaming accelerator program and is currently in the process of raising its seed round, with an eye toward expanding the marketing and development of the app across all smart TV devices.

Press Release:
Aart & Kingsley LLC
Media Person: Jason Campbell
Contact: Newsdesk@rlassc.com
Phone Number: (414) 533-7239






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The “Creativity is a Culture,” campaign seeks to create a living wage for content creatives: diversity and economic inclusion

Milwaukee, Wisconsin— December 16, 2019Aart & Kingsley a public and media relations agency announced its economic and diversity inclusion initiative after attaining a smart TV streaming network, Exposure On Demand TV streaming on several platforms such as ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, iOS, Android, Google Chrome-Cast, Apple TV, Samsung TV and on the web at https://www.exposureondemand.tv the APP is currently available on ROKU and Amazon Fire Stick devices - the other platforms will launch in January 2020. Aart & Kingsley since 2012 has published a digital and print publication called, Exposure Magazine; over the past several years the publication has earned the trust of 87,409+ subscribers and 2.5 million online viewers.

“Apparently if you consider, the amplifying number of content creators on YouTube it’s pretty obvious we have an enormous number of content creatives who desire to produce content. Needless to say, content creatives are searching for ways to discover how they can make a living wage. As a result, a vast number of content creatives have been forced to close their creative studios, ultimately deferring their dreams. Although, finding a day job is not a bad thing, it does not negate [the rule of metaphysics] in which innately creatives are purposeful, and their ability be creative is evolutionary. The “Creativity is a Culture,” initiative has creatives around the world subscribing, we are projected to reach over 19,000 applicant before the end of 2019; merging onto both platforms Exposure On Demand TV-  for its [shared ad-revenues] and for those who desire to publish their own magazine, Exposure Magazine offers licensing options, said Tam Lawrence, Founder at Exposure On Demand TV & Exposure Magazine

Positive Customer Impact

Many creatives have already benefited from hosting their content on Exposure on Demand TV streaming into over 60 million households.  In January 2020, EXPOSURE ON DEMAND TV App will be finalizing its merger with eZWay Network adding on an additional 150+ channels broadening Exposure on Demand TV reach into over 600+million household earning on an average six figures. In addition, Exposure Magazine has signed with several publishers Melissa Ambers launching Exposure Business Magazine, Cedric Nettle launching Exposure Entertainment Magazine, Stacy King-Chaney launching Exposure Gospel Magazine and to come are Exposure Travel Magazine, Exposure Authors Magazine, Exposure Foodie Magazine, Exposure Fashion Magazine and newly released Exposure Men Magazine.

Exposure Magazine’s shared publishing initiative will enable licensed publishers to benefit from leveraging magazine’s current readership, brand partnerships, media sponsorships, awards, social media presences, and attendance at high profile events.

“As a new publisher licensing Exposure Magazine’s brand has been the missing piece to my business. I’ve enjoyed pitching my entertainment magazine for media coverage during film festivals, entertainment award shows and so forth,” said Cedric Nettles, Publisher of Exposure Entertainment Magazine.


There is still room for more creatives to participate in streaming their video content on Exposure on Demand TV distribution network. The “Creativity is a Culture,” initiative has retained non-exclusive programming with “Take It to the Stage,” produced by LG Media Group, “Laugh Trac,” produced by Vallee Blanc, “Behind the Scene,” produced by Melissa Ambers, “Let’s Kick it with The Jones Family,” produced by the Jones Family  and more will be announced in 2020. is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Company Name’s commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation. There is still room for more creatives to participate in streaming their video content on Exposure on Demand TV distribution network. The “Creativity is a Culture,” initiative has retained non-exclusive programming with “Take It to the Stage,” produced by LG Media Group, “Laugh Trac,” produced by Vallee Blanc, “Behind the Scene,” produced by Melissa Ambers, “Let’s Kick it with The Jones Family,” produced by the Jones Family  and more will be announced in 2020.  

For more information, press only:

PR Contact Name Tam Lawrence

Phone number (414) 533.7239


Website https://www.exposure-magazine.com https://www.exposureondemand.tv


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Crowley’s LNG-Fueled ConRo Ships Named Significant Boat of the Year during International Workboat Show

Crowley Maritime Corp. and subsidiary Jensen Maritim e, the company’s Seattle-based naval architecture and marine engineering firm, were honored with the 2019 Significant Boat of the Year Award during the International Workboat Show in New Orleans last week. This award recognizes the company’s industry-leading combination container/roll on-roll off (ConRo) ships, MV El Coquí and MV Taíno, the first of their kind powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Workboat’s recognition of the ConRos as tops among its annual Significant Boats honorees marks the first time that the award has been presented to a large, oceangoing container vessel.

"The award for Crowley’s LNG-powered ConRos comes on the heels of the successful closeout of our 0 million investment to transform the way we service our cargo shipping and logistics customers,” said Rob Grune, senior vice president and general manager, Crowley Shipping. “These innovative vessels, the first of their kind to be powered by LNG, have greatly expanded the company’s U.S.-flag cargo fleet and allow us to provide our customers with safe, reliable, fast cargo transportation services. They are a source of pride for us and for the men and women who designed, built and crew them.”

Wärtsilä’s ship design team worked together with contributions from the Crowley/Jensen teams to successfully produce the Commitment Class vessels from the keel up to meet the specific needs of Crowley’s customers shipping cargo between the U.S. mainland and Puerto Rico, the ships’ dedicated trade under the Jones Act. Both ships were built in the U.S. at VT Halter Marine shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss., with onsite construction management by Crowley, and were delivered in July and December 2018.

“These vessels like the others nominated for the award are a testament to the strength and importance of the Jones Act,” said Cole Cosgrove, vice president, global ship management. “It’s important to recognize the risk that the owners of each of the nominated vessels took, and the ingenuity and skill provided by each of the engineering firms and shipyards that it took to bring these new ideas and concepts to life. American owned, built and operated still looks very promising.”

Crowley’s ConRo ships provide optimal performance and safety while setting new standards for environmentally responsible shipping. The ships carry up to 2,400 20-foot equivalent container units (TEUs) at a cruising speed of 22 knots – providing enhanced transit times of just over two days. An enclosed roll-on/roll-off garage has capacity for 400 vehicles and other rolling stock.

Fueling the ships with LNG reduces emissions significantly, including a 100% reduction in sulphur oxide (SOx) and particulate matter (PM); a 92% decrease in nitrogen oxide (NOx); and 35% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per container, compared with current fossil fuels.

“The Crowley and Jensen teams have received national recognition for innovative designs by WorkBoat over the years but being named as the top significant boat of the year is a true honor,” said Johan Sperling, vice president, Crowley and Jensen. “Crowley’s team is proud to not only develop significant boats, but to also lead the industry with a variety of efforts - project management, ship management, construction management, and naval architecture & marine engineering services - all of which it takes to deliver on such a complex project.”

WorkBoat has honored Crowley and Jensen with Significant Boat awards for years. In 2018, Jensen received two Significant Boat Awards for their design of expedition cruise boats National Geographic Quest and National Geographic Venture and ship-assist and escort tug Rosemary McAllister.

In 2017, two different tugboat designs resulted in awards for the Earl W. Redd, owned by Harley Marine Services Inc.; and the Arkansas, Mardi Gras and South Carolina, owned by Crescent Towing. In 2016, WorkBoat awarded Jensen for the design of San Francisco Fireboat 3, owned by San Francisco Fire Department.

Jensen also earned awards in:

  • 2013 for the design of Crowley’s 750 Class articulated tug-barge (ATB) fleet and the Bob Franco tugboat, owned by Harley Marine;
  • 2012 for the design of Crowley’s Ocean Class tugboats;
  • 2009 for the design of Crowley’s Nachik and Sesok tugboats;
  • 2008 for the design of the HandyOne class boat, owned by Great Lakes Towing, and for the design of barge TAGGATZ, owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


About Crowley Maritime
Jacksonville-based Crowley Holdings Inc., a holding company of the 127-year-old Crowley Maritime Corporation, is a privately held family- and employee-owned company that provides marine solutions, energy and logistics services in domestic and international markets. Crowley operates under four business units: Crowley Logistics, a logistics supply chain division that includes ocean liner services; Crowley Shipping, which encompasses ownership, operations and management of conventional and dual fuel (LNG) vessels, including tankers, container ships, multipurpose, tugboats and barges; engineering; project management; and naval architecture through its subsidiary Jensen Maritime; Crowley Fuels, a fuel transportation, distribution and sales division that also provides liquefied natural gas (LNG) and related services; and Crowley Solutions, which focuses on government services and program management, government ship management, expeditionary logistics and government-oriented freight transportation services, as well as marine salvage and emergency response through its 50 percent ownership in Ardent Global. Additional information about Crowley, its subsidiaries and business units may be found at crowley.com.

About Jensen Maritime
Seattle-based Jensen Maritime Consultants, Inc. is a full-service naval architecture and marine engineering firm owned by Crowley Maritime Corporation. The company offers a diverse range of consulting, design and engineering services developed from 50 years’ experience working around the world. Jensen is a recognized leader in the design of all types of vessels - particularly workboats, fishing boats and passenger ferries - and has built a favorable reputation on a long history of successful designs and conversions with close attention to engineering basics. The company's services include detail and conceptual design and engineering, lofting, regulatory and shipyard liaison as well as on-site consulting services and on-location assistance anywhere in the world. Additional information about Jensen may be found on the Internet at jensenmaritime.com.

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Bay Area Movers OCD Moving Services Shares Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Packing Service

Bay Area moving company, OCD Moving Services, helps hundreds of Bay Area residents move homes every year. While the Bay Area movers company has seen and heard their clients remark on the benefits of hiring a professional moving service, not many take advantage of hiring professional packers, a service that OCD Moving Services also provides. To help those planning future moves, OCD Moving Services is sharing a few reasons why hiring a professional packing service may be a good idea for your next move.

“At OCD Moving Services, we offer every service individuals or companies may need to execute their moves successfully,” says Daniel England, Owner of OCD Moving Services. “We, of course, execute hundreds of moves every year, but one service we don’t see our customers taking enough advantage of is our professional packing service. We offer this service in addition to our moving services, and we find it to be one of our most helpful add-on services. So, we decided to put together a few reasons why it’s helpful to have someone do the packing for you.”

Top Reasons To Hire Professional Packers

One of the many reasons to hire professional packers is they are professionally trained. The professional packers at OCD Moving Services have the skills and experience necessary to ensure your move goes smoothly and successfully. Also, professional packers know how to handle moving large items, pack under a short timeline, and also make your move as smooth as possible.

Professional packers also have the right materials needed for your move. No matter how much or how little you have to move, moving requires specialized equipment. Professional movers typically already have all of the tools necessary to help you execute a safe and efficient move.

Additionally, because they do this for a living, professional packers know how to help you make your move faster. Moving can be a long process when you do it on your own. However, when you enlist the help of professional packers, they have the training, tools, and knowledge necessary to streamline your move. When you work with professional packers, they can often cut down your move time by hours, days, or even weeks. When there’s less time you have to spend packing, you can spend that time getting to know your new neighborhood and adjusting your family and pets to your new home.

Hiring professional packers can also save you money in the long run. Some people think they will save money by doing the packing on their own. However, when you hire professional packers, your move will not only go faster, but you’ll have to make fewer trips to your new home. Hiring professional packers from a Bay Area movers company also means you’ll have less moving supplies to purchase.

Hiring a professional packing service from a Bay Area movers company will ensure that your move is executed efficiently and successfully. OCD Moving Services can provide professional packing services for your next move. OCD Moving Services is currently offering free quotes to new customers. For more information, visit http://www.ocdmovingservices.net or call 510-375-3844.

About OCD Moving Services
OCD Moving Services understands that their clients look for professional packing services when planning a home move in the Bay Area. OCD Moving Services also knows how problematic packing and unpacking can be. It can take up a significant portion of one’s time while planning a move. OCD Moving Services prides itself on being expert packers and movers. They have what it takes to get the job done. For more information and to get a free quote, visit http://www.ocdmovingservices.net or call 510-375-3844.

OCD Moving Services provides professional moving services in the following areas:
San Leandro, CA
San Ramon, CA
Dublin, CA
Pleasant Hill, CA
Orinda, CA
Lafayette, LA
Moraga, CA
Alamo, CA
Clayton, CA
Concord, CA
Martinez, CA
El Cerrito, CA
Kensington, CA
Albany, CA
Emeryville, CA
Piedmont, CA
Sausalito, CA
Mill Valley, CA
El Campo, CA
Tiburon, CA
Corte Madera, CA
Paradise Cay, CA
Larkspur, CA
San Rafael, CA
San Anselmo, CA
Novato, CA
Vallejo, CA
Pinole, CA
Benicia, CA
American Canyon, CA
Napa, CA
Napa Valley, CA
Brentwood, CA
Blackhawk, CA
Livermore, CA

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ACM admits five partners, announces additional promotions

ACM LLP (ACM) has announced five new partner admissions effective January 1, 2020.

Erin Breit, Audit Partner, joined ACM in 2005, devoting her full attention to ACM’s Employee Benefit Plan and Nonprofit Practices. She works closely with her employee benefit plan clients to help them navigate complex compliance issues, including service provider changes, plan mergers, spinoffs, terminations and Form 5500 Preparation. She works with her nonprofit client to tell their story through their financial statements while ensure compliance with accounting standards. Erin received her Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Bachelor of Science, Accounting and Operations Quality Management from the University of Maryland. Outside of work, you’ll find Erin devoting time to her philanthropic interests, spending time with her daughter and husband, or working on her latest craft project.

Jessica Friedly, Audit Partner, spends 100% of her time in ACM’s Employee Benefit Plan Practice. In the 14 years she has been at ACM, she has acquired vast knowledge and experience auditing defined benefit plans, health and welfare plans, and defined contribution plans, including 11-K audits and 403(b) plans. Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts, Accounting from the University of Denver. She is a Colorado Native and an avid sports fan and the mother of two young boys.

Scott Norquist, Tax Partner, began his public accounting career in 2006. He has spent most of his career serving the real estate industry; upon joining ACM two years ago he has continued that focus in the real estate and hospitality industries. Some of Scott’s areas of specialty are cost segregation studies and syndicated real estate partnerships. He has performed many cost segregation studies that have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax and strives to structure real estate deals in a way that is both tax efficient and practical. His Master of Taxation Degree is from the University of Denver and Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Public Accounting is from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. When not working you will find him traveling with his husband, working on his Land Cruiser or serving on various nonprofit and philanthropic boards.

Jason Slavsky, Tax Partner, has spent five years at ACM. Jason specializes in providing tax compliance, planning, and consulting services to closely held businesses and their owners. He leverages his broad range of experience working with clients across a variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing and distribution, to identify innovative ways to reduce his clients tax burdens. Jason’s Master of Taxation Degree is from the University of Denver and Bachelor of Science, Accountancy, is from the Arizona State University. When not at work, Jason is spending time with his wife and daughters.

Tim Stueven, Audit Partner, is responsible for preparing, executing, and completing audit and other attestation engagements. He believes in building strong relationships with his clients, which is why he communicates with his clients year-round, not just during the annual audit. He splits his time between ACM’s Corporate and Employee Benefit Plan Practices. Tim joined ACM after finishing his degree at the University of Northern Colorado and has spent his entire career at the firm. He coaches his two sons’ soccer teams, regularly takes family bikes rides, and looks forward to Friday pizza and movie night with his family.

ACM’s newly admitted partners agree that the people at ACM are the key to their success and happiness. They expressed appreciation for ACM’s culture and the opportunity to continue shaping that culture while delivering exceptional client service.

“Our newest partners represent the talent and commitment of ACM’s partner group,” said ACM President and Managing Partner, Stacey (Hekkert) Duke. “Team members like Erin, Jessica, Scott, Jason and Tim join ACM to take advantage of significant growth opportunities and they stay because they have the ability to further impact firm culture and growth. We welcome them as Partners and look forward to the future.”

The Firm announced the following additional promotions:

Marc Furton - Audit Director
Abbey Hagerman - Director
Michael Malody - Tax Director
Michelle Welch - Client Accounting Services Director
Melissa Fifer - Chief People Officer
Brooke Hipp - Chief Marketing Officer
Scott Walker - Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Baran - Senior Tax Manager
David Gantos - Senior Audit Manager
Megan Grozdanich - Senior Tax Manager
Megan Hanneman - Senior Manager
Curtis Forney - Audit Manager
Elise Huppert - Tax Manager
Jim Mohrbacher - Audit Manager
Jessica Wambsgans - Audit Manager
Seva Kouremetis - Event Manager

The firm promoted an additional 15 people below manager.

ACM LLP (ACM) is the largest locally owned and committed public accounting firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Northern Colorado, Boulder and Laramie, WY. ACM provides assurance, tax and consulting services to the Rocky Mountain Region’s entrepreneurial and middle market companies along with their owners, as well as public companies, governmental and philanthropic organizations. The firm’s membership in the BDO Alliance USA and relationship with BDO USA, LLP enhances its personal client approach with the resources of one of the world’s leading accounting services organizations.

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Draper Unveils LiDAR with MEMS Beamsteering Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

LiDAR, short for light detection and ranging, is often considered the primary sensor for self-driving cars, given its ability to create high definition maps of the surrounding environment. LiDAR provides a three-dimensional point cloud of a car’s surroundings by measuring how long light takes to travel to an object and bounce back.

Currently, most LiDAR systems rely on mechanical scanning, which suffers from poor reliability and high cost. In contrast, Draper has developed, and recently advanced, a LiDAR-on-a-Chip that uses patented, all-digital MEMS optical switches for beamsteering.

Draper’s all-digital switches provide robustness for the harsh automotive environment, which carries advantages over competing solid-state approaches that rely on analog beamsteering. In addition, the use of novel components, like optical switches, MEMS and integrated photonics, all on a single-chip, allows Draper to surpass current LiDARs in range and resolution.

The result is that Draper has successfully built a high resolution solid state LiDAR that images objects at 50 meters. In the development of this achievement, Draper demonstrated low-loss waveguides with verified losses under one dB/cm and MEMS optical switches with lifetimes surpassing 10 billion cycles.

With Draper’s LiDAR, light is emitted through a matrix of optical switches and collected through the same optical switches, which allows for a favorable signal-to-noise ratio, since little ambient light is collected.

Draper’s LiDAR is being developed to image a range of hundreds of meters while providing a corresponding angular resolution targeted at less than 0.1-degrees, a significant advancement over competing LiDAR systems, many of which offer lower range and resolution.

“At Draper, we have experience with differing beamsteering methods, such as optical phased arrays. However, we feel MEMS optical switches provide an elegant simplicity,” said Sabrina Mansur, Draper’s self-driving vehicle program manager. “If we want to image a target at a specified location, we simply enable the corresponding optical switch, whereas other approaches rely on precise analog steering, which is challenging given automotive’s thermal and vibration environment.”

The new offering, which is available to license, adds to Draper’s growing portfolio of autonomous system and self-driving car capabilities. The portfolio includes the Draper APEX Gyroscope—a MEMS gyroscope that provides centimeter-level localization accuracy, and Draper’s all-weather LiDAR technology, named Hemera, a detection capability that’s designed to see through dense fog and is compatible with most LiDAR systems.


At Draper, we believe exciting things happen when new capabilities are imagined and created. Whether formulating a concept and developing each component to achieve a field-ready prototype or combining existing technologies in new ways, Draper engineers apply multidisciplinary approaches that deliver new capabilities to customers. As a not-for-profit engineering innovation company, Draper focuses on the design, development and deployment of advanced technological solutions for the world’s most challenging and important problems. We provide engineering solutions directly to government, industry and academia; work on teams as prime contractor or subcontractor; and participate as a collaborator in consortia. We provide unbiased assessments of technology or systems designed or recommended by other organizations—custom designed, as well as commercial-off-the-shelf.


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Harsh Winter Season Spurs Use of New Technologies in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

According to a recent overview of operations in heavy duty vehicle maintenance facilities conducted by Stertil-Koni – a recognized leader in the hydraulic bus lift and truck lift industry – new technologies are increasingly being adopted to address harsh winter conditions that appear to be gaining in severity over the past decade.

Here's what's at play: Highways and roads across North America have been experiencing a marked increase in snow days. These conditions expose large fleets to greater levels of dirt, salt, grime and other corrosive elements that in turn adhere to the chassis and undercarriages of commercial vehicles.

For vehicle maintenance shops across North America, which typically operate on tight schedules already, the challenge has become to keep maintenance and servicing on time, even when the flow of grimy trucks and buses rolling in accelerates.

As these shops know well, dirty vehicles translate into added repair time and costs.

According to Dr. Jean DellAmore, President of Stertil-Koni USA, “Hazardous contaminants and road grime can adversely affect a vehicle's powertrain, potentially leading to overheating and corrosion. The situation becomes urgent when undercarriages are not cleaned frequently, causing the lifespan of engines and batteries to be cut short.” The result: Additional costs for fleets.

Added DellAmore, “We have found that a broad range of commercial vehicle maintenance facilities – including municipalities, state agencies, corporate fleets, the U.S. Military, pupil transportation, and others – are increasingly embracing solutions to keep their vehicles out of the shop and on the road.”

One example is the Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT Wash Bay platform lift – which is a water-resistant, inground heavy duty vehicle lifting system. It is ideally adapted for low-clearance vehicles, provides technicians with easy drive-on/drive-off capabilities and delivers complete access from all sides of the vehicle. It also is engineered to deliver a safe, efficient way to thoroughly clean the chassis and undercarriage of large commercial vehicles.

When it comes to installation, the lift’s modular design allows for flush mounted or surface mounted models, depending on the facility. And, unlike parallelogram lifts, these platform lifts have a true vertical rise, maximizing available floor space. The Wash Bay is engineered for use outside or in a steam-cleaning bay.

Notable Wash Bay features include:

  • Special hot dip steel coating with galvanized steel platforms;
  • Three-layer mono-pox coated lift supports;
  • Water-resistant, lockable unit to protect its electronic controls; and
  • Capacities of 62,400 lbs. and 78,000 lbs. with platform lengths from 23 feet up to 48 feet.


The SKYLIFT Wash Bay model comes standard with a mechanical locking system and automatic safeguards against overloading or uncontrolled descent.

Concluded DellAmore, “The consequences of winter conditions take a toll on fleets. That’s why technologies like SKYLIFT have grown in use. They deliver a safe, long-lasting solution to ensure that vehicles can be serviced and cleaned efficiently and safely, all year long.”

About Stertil-Koni
Stertil-Koni is the market leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, notably bus lifts and truck lifts, and proudly serves municipalities, state agencies, school bus fleets, major corporations, the U.S. Military and more. Stertil-Koni's breadth of products meets all ranges of lifting needs and includes portable lifts such as Mobile Column Lifts, 2-post, 4-post, inground piston liftsplatform lifts, and its axle-engaging, inground, scissor lift configuration, ECOLIFT. The company’s innovative, inground telescopic piston DIAMONDLIFT is now available with an optional Continuous Recess system, ideal for low clearance vehicles. Stertil-Koni USA is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland with production facilities in Europe, The Netherlands, and in Streator, IL.

Contact: Paul Feldman, Paul.Feldman@Stertil-Koni.com, 410-643-9001

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New Utah Rail Manufacturing Site Rolls on Penetron Technology

The grand opening of Stadler Rail’s new US headquarters and manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, in September 2019 marked a further milestone in the Swiss company’s rapid expansion in the US market. PENETRON ADMIX was used to waterproof the foundation elements of the sprawling site.

Founded in 1942 by Ernst Stadler in Zurich, Switzerland, as an engineering office, the company first converted trams and small rolling stock to battery operation before moving up to the manufacture of battery- and diesel-powered locomotives three years later. In 1989, Peter Spuhler took over the company, which had 18 employees at the time. By focusing on regional and suburban market segments with complete vehicle concepts based on rail modules tailored to specific needs, the company continues to grow rapidly. Today, Stadler Rail has over 10,500 employees and maintains a global manufacturing and service network in dozens of countries around the world.

Rapid Growth Thanks to Product Flexibility
“Stadler has been building all kinds of trains – high-speed trains, regional trains and trams – for over 75 years,” adds Christopher Chen, Director of The Penetron Group. “The opening of the company’s newest train manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, underlines their incredible growth and ability to develop modular and tailor-made rolling stock very quickly.”

The 230,000 square-feet (21,000 m2), million facility is less than two miles from the Salt Lake City International Airport. Situated on a 62-acre site, the facility comprises multiple halls (each about 45,000 square feet/4,100 m2) and was completed in about 18 months by the Wadsworth Construction Company.

Making Concrete Resistant to Deterioration
The concrete used for the facility’s raft slab, or frost-protected shallow foundation, was supplied by American Eagle, the project’s ready-mix supplier. Treated with PENETRON ADMIX to protect against the groundwater levels at the site, the concrete is now resistant to concrete deterioration caused by chemical attack, freeze-thaw cycles and corrosion, while withstanding hydrostatic pressure at the site.

“Added to concrete during batching and unaffected by climatic conditions, PENETRON ADMIX can significantly increase concrete durability and service life,” explains Christopher Chen. “Once the admixture is mixed in, it becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix. Thanks to the non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracts, the concrete now has the ability to self-heal and seal any micro-cracks, pores and capillaries that may occur in the future.”

The Penetron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives and distribution channels.

For more information on Penetron waterproofing solutions, please visit penetron(dot)com or Facebook(dot)com/ThePenetronGroup, email CRDept(at)penetron(dot)com or contact the Corporate Relations Department at 631-941-9700.

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Linda C. Mack is the 2019 recipient of The Family Wealth Alliance ‘Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement’.

Linda Mack received the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award during The Family Wealth Alliance Fall Forum held in Chicago on October 17th. Tom Livergood, Founder and CEO of FWA described Linda as “…a true pioneer who helped develop industry-first standards for family office (C-suite) staff configurations and compensation models that many of us use today. For all that Linda has done for families and the family wealth industry, we're honored to have presented her with this award.”

The Family Wealth Alliance is an independent and objective resource to private families and the firms that serve them. The Alliance is known for adherence to its core value, “We Place Families First.” Led by research and consulting, they act as an independent advocate and objective resource for private families and the organizations that serve them. The firm helps private families find best-in-class multifamily offices throughout North America, as well as consulting with single-family office firms on their strategic alternatives. The Alliance also formulates standards, conducts, publishes and distributes its research, and serves as an advocate to further the body of knowledge in this field.

Jamie McLaughlin, founder of J.H. McLaughlin & Co., wrote and read the Citation and presented Linda Mack with her award. He noted Linda’s roots as part of an entrepreneurial family, her early career in commercial banking managing relationships with family-held enterprises for Northern Trust and Harris Bank, and eventual call of talent management and consulting where she rose to senior positions at Harris. Eventually joining Johnson, Smith & Knisely and later becoming a partner in TMP’s global financial services practice where she “…began to concentrate on private banking and wealth management well before the term “family office” entered the lexicon.” Upon starting Mack International in 2002, Mr. McLaughlin said, “Linda focused on branding herself to this emerging industry and her firm and brand grew; and globally.” He described her as “determined and intensely competitive, possessing an uncommon combination of energy and derring-do…always striving to do better and improve.” He offered that those who have worked alongside Linda call her “brilliant and “intuitive”—"prodigious in her output, demanding in her attention to detail.” The citation concluded with highlighting Linda’s many contributions:
“She’s been a selfless giver to our inchoate family office industry and a champion for its cause. She’s among the most visible people in the family office ecosystem—at the leading global conferences, she’s built deep networks and gleaned valuable market intelligence. She’s been a direct part of the institutionalization of the family office “industry” not only leading major searches and consulting assignments for families, but in the absence of any data or standards, framing and rationalizing standards for family office staff configurations and various compensation models…Linda has been a tireless supporter of the Family Wealth Alliance from its inception in 2003 and is truly deserving and perhaps overdue in being honored with this award…”    

Linda accepted the award on behalf of the clients and colleagues who helped build the company that bears her name. “No one ever achieves an award like this without the support and help of many people…my team members at Mack and all our wonderful clients and friends in the industry.” She commented that Mack International and FWA share the same core value: Placing families first. She thanked Jamie McLaughlin for his kind words and Tom Livergood as “a terrific friend and inspiration for the work he does and the great community he has built at Family Wealth Alliance along with all the contributions he has made to the family wealth industry.”    
Linda thanked everyone for the “honor and privilege of this distinction” and offered a parting thought. “I humbly accept this tremendous award. I’m counting on a lot more “lifetime” to continue contributing and enjoying an industry that I find profoundly meaningful and full of satisfaction.”

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