Door, Frame, Hardware Distributors Migrating to SFH Cloud™

ATLANTA, GA – March 25, 2022 – Software for Hardware has recently implemented and introduced cloud based services to SFH customers. Since the beginning of 2022, SFH has migrated distributors to SFH Cloud™ nearly every week of the new year. 

Cloud technology improves staff productivity and company profitability. SFH Cloud™ provides easier access to data and software through any internet connected device. 

Distributors that have migrated to SFH Cloud™ have already experienced improved system performance, reliability and predictable expenses. Lisa Oxman, “We developed SFH Cloud™ in response to clients who recognized the value of cloud software. This year, it seems that recognition is quickly spreading across our entire customer base.” 

Cloud environments also provide system redundancy, consistent backup procedures, and state-of-the-art cyber security technology. Maintaining your data and software in the cloud dramatically reduces the risk of system downtime or a security breach.

Michael Schecter, Director of IT Services, “Often the hardest part of migrating to a better IT environment is the pain and downtime during the conversion. We’ve engineered a process to migrate customers over the weekend with no  staff downtime.” 

SFH provides the best product and tech support in the industry. SFH Cloud™ takes that support even higher as it enables Support staff to more quickly jump into customer accounts to diagnose and resolve issues.

For more information on Software for Hardware estimating, drawing and project management tools  simply visit https://softwareforhardware.com/ or contact info@softwareforhardware.com 

Based in Atlanta, GA since 1998, Software for Hardware provides software to commercial door, frame and hardware distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Nearly 1,000 door industry professionals rely on Software for Hardware to improve their business efficiency, client responsiveness, and bottom line profitability. As a result, Software for Hardware has become the fastest growing software in the industry and the software of choice for door distributors.

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World Estimating saves up to 60% in house expense

World Estimating Services is a Dallas, Texas-based construction estimating company. This company has been providing accurate and practical estimating and takeoff services to its clients for decades. Over the years this estimating company has earned a renowned status among contractors, engineers, project owners, and other construction-related clients. As once stated by one of its clients “our construction company has been acquiring lumber takeoff services from World Estimating Services for quite some time. Their services have always proved to be highly helpful and thus we trust in W. E. S. for our construction help.” – Mark Temseal, owner of 96 Lumber Company.

Now as the construction season is coming around the corner World Estimating Services is looking to facilitate construction companies and other related customers. The plan is to help their customers in carrying out the construction work with ease along with a game-changer 30% off on all quotes for estimation. This discount is offered in every estimating service at World Estimating Services such as sitework estimating services and electrical estimating services. World Estimating has already lowered the inhouse estimation expense of around 1200 contractors in North America.

“Our decision to provide this discount is to facilitate the construction season with its smooth and pacing work. We value in benefiting construction all around the United States of America.” As stated by Nathaniel James while talking to us “We understand that during the construction season everything is going in a pacing manner. Contractors are busy beyond what they can manage with more and more new construction projects. We are making sure that they won’t have to delay their work just because they do not have estimates.”

World Estimating Services has valued accuracy with the utmost care ever since it has been offering its construction estimating services or any other service like quantity takeoff services. With its offer to provide estimating and takeoff services with the 40 percent estimator cost, the company intends to make its services even more rewarding than before. While a former client giving his testimonial stated that “We have been W. E. S.’s client for years and have availed electrical estimating services and mechanical estimating services. Our experience with the installation of the electrical and mechanical systems through the services provided by W. E. S. is highly advantageous. We hope to continue working with the construction estimating services.” – Henry Footing, MEP Contractor.

While talking further with Nathaniel James we learn that they offer their customers facilities more than just their sitework estimating services, construction takeoff services, or any other services. He told us about the first experience customers have as they approach our website. As a reputed construction estimating company the facilities provided at World Estimating Services include:

  • Accuracy is our number one concern. We make sure that the highest level of accuracy is ensured in our services
  • Material rates we include in our estimating services are recorded as updated and zip-code based 
  • Chat and email support is available while we also facilitate calls by expert estimators 
  • Our services are apt for budget feasibility, bidding, and estimating profit margin
  • Material quantity is presented along with detailed specifications while labor with their working hours

About the Firm


World Estimating Services is a reputed estimating company with a huge team of estimators and a vast pool of customers. With their team of expert estimators, they offer these estimating and takeoff services for their customers:

  • Construction Estimating Services
  • Construction Takeoff Services
  • Material Takeoff Services
  • Quantity Takeoff Services
  • Concrete Estimating Services
  • Electrical Estimating Services
  • Mechanical Estimating Services
  • Sitework Estimating Services
  • Lumber Takeoff Services
  • Opening Estimating Services
  • Drywall Takeoff Services
  • Finishing Estimating Services
  • Duct Takeoff Services
  • and more

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Software for Hardware Announces Conclusion of Record-Breaking Year

ATLANTA, GA – December 30, 2021 – Software for Hardware introduced software for door, frame and hardware distributors in 1998 and has evolved the platform through 14 major version releases. In 2021, Software for Hardware expanded the software engineering team and accelerated product development. As a result, SFH delivered new technology, increased customer satisfaction, and grew revenue by 20%.

New Technology

In 2021 Software for Hardware introduced SFH Cloud™. SFH Cloud provides DFH distributors the full functionality of SFH without the need to maintain an onsite server, operate daily backups and provide cyber security. Also in 2021, Software for Hardware introduced several technology integrations including Allegion Overtur™ and Oracle NetSuite™. Both of these integrations are currently in use with SFH clients. In addition, SFH released an upgrade to the platform with version 14.1.   

Customer Satisfaction 

Software for Hardware has prioritized customer service for decades. In 2021, Software for Hardware implemented several initiatives to deliver even higher customer satisfaction. Actions included: creation of the SFH Customer Council, implementation of daily customer service surveys, and expansion of the P3 program.  As a result, on the factors: Knowledge Level, Desire to Help and Sense of Urgency, customers rate satisfaction 4.9 on a 5.0 scale.  

Beyond statistical metrics, generating actual business results for clients remains the real goal. For example, Building Specialties, purchased the SFH software and reported immediate results. Before Software for Hardware, Building Specialties used Excel to manage most projects. The General Manager, Chris Caudell, led the SFH implementation designed to increase staff productivity and improve project management efficiency. 

Chris stated that Building Specialties landed a Million project that would not have been possible without Software for Hardware and the support of the SFH Training and Tech Support staff.  “I did a lot of research before we purchased SFH, and I think the payback will continue to grow for us.”

Software of Choice

The combination of industry leading technology and customer support have driven strong new customer acquisition and revenue growth. In 2021, revenue grew 20% during a time of great uncertainty within the distribution and wholesale industry.  Small to midsize distributors are making Software for Hardware their software of choice for configure, price, quote and project management. While economic outlook remains difficult to predict, door frame and hardware distributors know that leveraging technology to increase productivity and profitability remains a consistent and predictable strategy.

For 2022, expect Software for Hardware to announce more leading technology developments and new services to help door frame and hardware distributors more easily manage and grow their businesses.

For more information on Software for Hardware products and services simply visit https://softwareforhardware.com/ or contact info@softwareforhardware.com 

Based in Atlanta, GA since 1998, Software for Hardware provides software to commercial door, frame and hardware distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Nearly 1,000 door industry professionals rely on Software for Hardware to improve their business efficiency, client responsiveness, and bottom line profitability. As a result, Software for Hardware has become the fastest growing software in the industry and the software of choice for door distributors.

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Living On The Côte d'Azur is first French Riviera real estate portal with Personalized Service

Living On The Côte d’Azur, the new Dutch real estate portal, is offering the best real estate properties on the French Riviera for those looking for premium real estate purchases. The portal has been launched by the Dutch couple Ab and Jolanda Kuijer who are ‘Living on the Côte d’Azur’ themselves.

“We are proud to offer to our clients a large portfolio with the best real estate properties on the French Riviera,” says Ab Kuijer. “We have carefully created a list of top listings that include existing apartments, renovated villa’s, extreme luxury penthouses and new constructions. You can be sure of finding the kind of property you are looking for in South of France when you register with us.”

Living On The Côte d’Azur is a real estate brand from The Creative Tribe in The Netherlands and operated by the experienced Dutch couple who have been Living On The Côte d’Azur themselves since 2007. Real estate buyers can not only look forward to accessing some of the top listings with ease but can also enjoy service with a personal guidance and honest advice.

Buyers and investors looking for a property at one of the most desirable addresses in the region can activate personal service with Living On The Côte d’Azur and get started. 

The real estate company has a multi-lingual team to provide high-quality assistance to prospective buyers by offering selection and scheduling of visits. The team also offers a solid network for financing and fiscal structure.

This reputed property portal has tied up with many leading and established real estate players on the French Riviera. The site has a wide range of properties that include luxury villa listings, penthouses, new apartments, and lots more.

Real estate buyers can connect with Living On The Côte d’Azur through a WhatsApp call (0033770186203) or a video meeting to share their needs and ideas about their housing needs and budget. The company then scans the region to find suitable properties for sale in the area, both online and off-market. 

Customers are provided a fairly comprehensive list of properties that match their demand. They are presented with the location of the properties they have shortlisted before taking the discussion to the next stage.

Property buyers can find the best listings on Living On The Côte d’Azur, including top ones from the Greater Saint Tropez area, Greater Cannes Mougins area, Greater Antibes Juan Les Pins area, Greater Nice Area, and Greater Monaco Area. The portal also has listings of international properties from Monaco, Portugal, Ibiza, Italy, and Mauritius.  

For the best quality in real estate and service, visit www.livingonthecotedazur.com.

About Living On The Côte d’Azur:

Living on the Côte d’Azur is a real estate portal that connects with all brokers and real estate agents in the South of France and some international real estate destinations as well. After living for 15 years on the French Riviera, the couple knows the local players in the field well enough to help them finalize deals quickly. 

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Migration To The NC Mountains Brings Buyers to THE BOULDERS As It Releases Stunning View Homesites At The Estates

Hendersonville, NC – April 16, 2021 – As the masses are looking to escape cities and head for the mountains, high-end communities like The Boulders in the mountains of Western North Carolina have become the go-to place to relocate.  With the severe lack of inventory in the area, buyers are hungry for new construction in a community that offers quality and convenience.  Gorgeous high-end homes have been built by residents throughout the gated mountain community, with five more custom homes under construction and at least three more on the drawing boards.

As the real estate market is soaring and buyers are coming off the sidelines and heading to the mountains of Asheville & Hendersonville NC, now is the perfect time to purchase a lot, even if building is in the future. With nearly 70 percent of the lots sold from its first four phases, the most dramatic homesites were saved for last – The Estates.  Rising in elevation with views to the west, south and/or east, each of the 11 lots are unique. Two have already been scooped up prior to officially marketing these one-of-a-kind homesites.  Estate lots start in the mid 0,000s, while 14 lots of beautiful mountain, partial and wooded lots priced from ,9000 to 9,900 are also available. 

The North Carolina mountains are a draw for those looking for nature, adventure, four mild seasons and access to art, culture, dining and mountain view lots to build their dream home. Hendersonville & Asheville rank high up on ‘where to visit, live and retire’ lists. But finding the right location is a consideration – how to balance living in the mountains without being remote and having quick access to medical, culture art and dining.  While mountain communities with glorious views and nature’s serenity are typically ‘off the beaten path’ and synonymous with long, winding commutes up mountain roads, The Boulders is a rarity – gorgeous views and convenient location. Situated on the north end of Hendersonville and the southern end of Asheville, in just 6 minutes you’re on Hendersonville’s Main Street, the Asheville airport is 10 minutes away and in 25 minutes you’re in downtown Asheville. 

When building in the mountains where slope and vistas come into play, the most effective approach is securing a lot first and then designing a house that fits the land and how you want to live. Once a you find the perfect homesite, design a home that considers the terrain, exposure and view. Read what to consider when buying land in the mountains. At The Boulders, there is no required time to build which offers freedom and flexibility to do when you’re ready.

The challenge for many relocating to the region is the lack of inventory and new construction. To build their dream home, buyers can select a homesite and use their own builder and house plan. Many of the area’s top builders have built luxury custom homes for residents, such as Osada Construction, Living Stone and Buchanan Construction. 

For a simpler approach, opt for The Boulders semi-custom Cottage Collection – mountain inspired homes with open floor plans that embrace outdoor living and maximize views. Exterior elevations are designed so no two homes look the same, and interiors can be customized.  The Boulders is a welcome departure to the cookie cutter community, where homesites with gorgeous panoramic views and nature provide the backdrop for a lifestyle and luxury mountain home that embodies individuality and style.

Whether a primary or second home, its location close to medical and shopping makes it perfect for boomers and retirees looking for a locale to stage their ‘second act.’ For families, top rated schools and close proximity to parks, recreation and amenities make it ideal. As a second home, the close proximity to Charlotte, Atlanta, Charleston and other drive markets, and one exit from the Asheville Airport makes The Boulders a great mountain getaway. 

With elevations soaring to 2,750 feet, the master planned community embodies nature with 25% of the land preserved in green space. Architectural guidelines reflect the community’s design aesthetics from arts and crafts to traditional, timber frame and mountain contemporary. The community has city water, electric, natural gas and fiber optic cable. 

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm or by appointment. GPS: 279 Randy Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28791; 828.333.4230, Live@TheBouldersNC.com, https://thebouldersnc.com

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EverSeal Roofing Reviews Their Referral Program

You won’t have to sell anything, do any of the work, or take on any liability…

Simply Make the Connection and Collect Your Commission!

Sign up now at everseal.com/partnersignup

Simple. Easy. Fun.

  • If you ever come across flat roofs, low-slope roofs, or commercial roofs…
  • If you have any connections with property owners or managers…
  • If you simply want an easy way to make some extra money…

Then you could make hundreds if not thousands of dollars with EverSeal Roofing’s Referral Program.

And it’s easier than you think…

But before I explain how it works and why we’re doing this, you might be asking yourself…

“Who or what is EverSeal?”

That’s an excellent question. EverSeal is a high-tech, specialty roofing company. They permanently seal flat and low-slope roofs with a unique, liquid-applied roof sealant system. Their system is guaranteed for 50 years. And it costs thousands less than a typical roofing project. 

It also eliminates the need to replace or repair the roof altogether. EverSeal works on flat roofs of all types and sizes ranging from small patio roofs to hotel chains to industrial manufacturing facilities.

“OK, so why is EverSeal offering to pay referral rewards?”

Simply put. They need your connections!

Your part will be to:

  1. Refer roofs to EverSeal that are flat or low-slope.
  2. Make sure the owner or manager actually wants an estimate and wants to be contacted by EverSeal.
  3. Enter that owner/managers info into your online partner portal.

That’s it!

Now that lead is permanently associated with you. You don’t have to do any selling, closing, or scheduling. Just make the connection, they do the rest, and you get a commission when the job is complete.

“If I did this, how much could I actually make?”

Based on EverSeal’s finders fee, if you referred a ,000 job, your commission would be 0.00. If you referred 3 jobs like that per month, you could earn ,250.00. If you did that consistently for a year, you could make ,000.00. 

Not bad for simply making connections!

But some of their larger jobs are upwards of 0k. Your commission on a job like that would be ,500.00. If you referred 1 job like that every 3 months, you could bring in ,000.00 in a single year … just by making referrals!

Of course, you don’t have to refer multiple jobs. You can always refer one job, collect your check, and be done. It’s completely up to you.

“How do I get paid?”

Through your portal, you can watch the progress of the sale as they quote the job, follow up with the client, and finally schedule the project.

You can also easily track your commissions and earnings. Once the job is completed, you’ll receive a check or direct deposit (however you prefer) sent straight to your info on file.

“Why would someone want an estimate from EverSeal for their roof?”

Well first of all, they may have a leak. Or they may be coming to the end of their current warranty. Or they may be selling their property.

Maybe their previous roofer went out of business. Or maybe they’d just prefer to be done dealing with their flat roof for good.

In any event, getting an estimate from EverSeal is a no-brainer. In addition to our 50 year guarantee and significant cost savings, EverSeal also offers unrivaled benefits like the benefits listed below. EverSeal is:

  • 100% Tax Deductible – (for immediate financial savings)
  • 100% Seamless – (making it virtually impossible for water to leak in again)
  • Energy Efficient – (savings upwards of 35% every single month on energy bills)
  • Not a Roof Coating – (so you don’t have to coat and recoat your roof year after year)
  • Hail Resistant – (helping prevent unnecessary insurance claims)
  • Ponding Water Proof – (staying 100% water-repellent to protect you and your valuable assets)
  • Strength-Reinforced – (transforming the weakest most vulnerable areas of the roof into the strongest)
  • Used by FedEx, Holiday Inn, and Avis Car Rentals
  • And much, much more…

“How do I find flat roof owners and managers to get in touch with?”

Ideally, you’re a person who is already in touch with building owners and managers.

Typically, that means you are either a…

REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL: Like a real estate agent, broker, property manager, maintenance manager, etc…

— or a —

SERVICE PROFESSIONAL: Like a roofer, commercial HVAC technician, commercial painter, commercial plumber, christmas light installer, etc…

If you fall into either of these categories, you’ll have a solid network of building owners and managers whom you can help and then get paid commissions for. You may even be seeing them on a regular basis already.

“Why is EverSeal paying people money like this?”

EverSeal already spends 5% of their budget advertising on sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more. But they still want to expand their reach.

Apparently they said in a meeting, “Why not offer local people in our communities the same money we’re paying large advertising platforms online?”

We think it’s a good way to reward people for helping local building owners while also growing EverSeal’s business at the same time.

“What do I need to do to be a part of this program?”

Whether you only want to refer one job or you want to refer hundreds of jobs, all you need to do is sign up today.

After signing up and creating your free online portal, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to request Free and Instant online estimates for building owners and managers and earn commissions on every single job.

To submit a new lead, simply log into your partner portal, input the contacts name, roof address, email, and phone. And that’s it.

That lead is now permanently associated with you. EverSeal will take care of contacting the client and all other responsibilities from there.

If you have more questions, you can learn more about EverSeal and their 50-year system at everseal.com or you can call them directly at (833) 203-7325.

But before you do anything else, sign up today. 

EverSeal only accepts 25 local applicants per territory. And you’ll need to fill out a short application to get started. It only takes a couple minutes and it’s completely free.

After that, they’ll be in touch with you to help to make sure you’re as successful as possible and answer any questions you may have.

Click here to sign up now at everseal.com/partnersignup

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EverSeal Roofing Reviews and How to Save On Flat Roof

EverSeal Roofing Reviews and Tips.

Got a leak?

Wondering what to do with your flat roof?

Want to know the smartest way to save money and ensure security for decades to come?

DON’T replace or repair your roof.

A little confused?  Here's an explanation.

Repairs are only short-term fixes.

Repairs may work for a short time. But all it takes is one rusty screw, a cracked joint or a loose seam to start another leak all over again. Most flat roofs have thousands of these “weak links”. Soon you’re patching patches until eventually your roof is no longer effective and you have to do something more permanent. Over time, cheap repairs become very expensive only delaying the inevitable need for a permanent solution.

Replacing your roof is costly.

Having to replace your roof costs A LOT of money. Additionally, one of the reasons so many flat roofs fail is because they are made up of hundreds of different pieces, glued together like a big jigsaw puzzle. Each piece is connected to another which creates a seam (or a “weak link”) meaning you have hundreds of ways for your roof to start leaking again. Flat roof materials degrade, crack and thin over time. That’s why most flat roofs leak and why they need to be replaced every 10–20 years.

Save yourself the problems and the expenses.

The EverSeal Roofing system permanently seals your flat or low-slope roof. It's guarnateed for 50 years, saves you thousands of dollars, and eliminates the need to replace (or repair) your roof alltogether.

It forms one solid piece; there are no seams so there are no “weak links” like other roofs. There’s virtually no way for water to get through our system. The EverSeal Roofing system is the best way NOT to worry about your roof again.

The EverSeal Roofing system uses the same technology NASA uses to protect their billion-dollar rockets. Our system’s key component is quartz, which is so durable it’s virtually incorruptible. It’s applied in a rubberized format so it can move and adapt to any surface creating a tight bond.

And you’re protected by our 50-Year Warranty.

If you’re interested in scheduling an inspection or getting started right away, you can visit EverSeal's website at everseal.com or call them direct at (833) 203-7325.

To see reviews, visit their website at everseal.com or search "EverSeal Roofing" on google and view their verified reviews!

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Mineheart Announces Launch of New Wall Art Prints Created By Top Designers

Mineheart, the creators of wallpapers and art pieces that spell creativity and adventure, will be launching three more wall art collections over the next three months leading to Christmas. The reputed luxury wall art creators known for injecting a sense of wonder into everyday spaces and objects and crafting extraordinary stories through their creations has in total 91 new designs awaiting launch. 

“We are delighted to announce that we are introducing three new designer wall artcollections over the next few months,” says the Commercial Director for Mineheart. “The new designs will be available on our website in the next few weeks. It is our mission to create a design wonderland, where everyday objects are more than just functional, they contain stories, love, art, and poetry.”

Mineheart is a brand synonymous with luxury wall art. They are committed to creating a playground for creativity and adventure, where fantasy meets design and dreams meet industry. Launch of 91 new wall art designs has been planned in the coming months.

  • Chad Wys collection 2020 Collection

Black graffiti over brown eye  

  • Michael Banks 2020 Collection –

  • Young and Battaglia Collection 2020 - 

 The lady with the invisible face

That Day Framed Print

These are the 5 new designer wall print collectionsthat Mineheart will be launching soon. Connoisseurs of luxury wall art can access these designs from the official Mineheart website in a week's time. 

The Illinois-based Chad Wys is a creative expert, known for his experimentation in composition, color, and form. His inspiration comes from a mix media that he used to create a complimentary and at other times purposefully contradictory, or even destructive color palette.

Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia of Young & Battaglia studio focus their creativity on interiors, gardens, lighting, furniture, and accessories. The founding partners of Mineheart have won numerous and international recognition. They have participated in exhibitions worldwide and acclaimed as one of the top 10 design studios. Their work has been published in many leading design magazines, and have made it to prestigious shows and collections such as the V&A museum and the MOMA.

Kirin Young a.k.a K. Young, is a Bangkok-based artist, graphic designer, and photographer who grew up in the UK and moved to Thailand to work as a model. He studied Multimedia Design at Bangkok University and has over 15 years of experience in TV, film, and online platforms. K. Young draws inspiration from anywhere, including art, buildings, feelings, nature, light, and lots more. 

Himitsuhana, a research photography expert specializes in projecting the inner relation between photography and painting. Her source of inspiration is the Pre-Raphaelites painters and the Liberty style. She believes that photography is more than a technique or having expensive equipment.  It has nothing to do with the camera, but the eye that stands behind the camera. Himitsuhana has worked as a designer for storybooks, fashion and served the entertainment sector as well.

Those looking for the latest additions to the wall prints collection from Mineheart can look up the New Arrivals and Newest Additions menu on the website. 

For more information, visit www.mineheart.com 

About Mineheart:

Mineheart was founded in 2010 by Brenden Young and Vanessa Battaglia to provide a platform for young, upcoming, and creative artists and designers for showcasing their unusual ideas and unique styles. The platform encourages creative freedom and allows designers to explore their imagination to the fullest. 



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Kennedy Nhliziyo – A Real Estate Agent and Motivational Speaker

Many of you know that Kennedy Nhliziyo is the founder of Kulula Express Ltd and also a motivational speaker. However, these are not the only reasons why he is an inspiration. Another profession he is into is being a real estate developer.

Yes, apart from running his own company and his personal blog, he also deals in buying and selling of properties. His travel company, Kulula deals with travel and car bookings in South Africa and has been a successful company running for 10 years.

As Kenny Nhliziyo gained success in this field, he has been motivating the public with success related tips as well. In his motivational blog, he shares his own experiences in the professional world. This leaves us with many key takeaways from his life.

Kenny Nhliziyo says that inspiration arises out of motivation, which in turn originates from your innermost needs and wants. What is even more important during venturing a task is having an objective in mind. It may be gaining profits, growth, or awareness, any initiative you undertake must have an objective behind it. This objective itself becomes your motivation and inspiration to move forward.

Kenny Nhliziyo also says that being in a motivational state brings something more refreshing in your life. Giving yourself positive certifications is important to get going in life, towards the achievement of your goals.

In one of his older posts, he says that progress and success don’t just come to you. It takes energy, motivation, and serious action to reach that stage. The road to it starts from discovering the direction that’ll lead yourself to achieving your objectives. As you train yourself, learn from past experiences, and finally release your potential, you come to the final step of achieving your goals.

From his motivational log, understand the true meaning of inspiration and motivation, which contribute to your achievement of success.

While his travel company, Kulula Express remains on a standstill amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Kennedy Nhliziyo has not stopped moving forward. While his company promises to resume flying from November 2020, Kennedy Nhliziyo continues to inspire people and run this business of real estate as well.

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Explore the Area’s Finest Backyards and Outdoor Spaces on the 2020 Austin Outdoor Living Tour

While Austin lends itself to residents enjoying time outdoors all year around, it’s the spring and early summer months that make outdoor living in central Texas the reason so many live here.

The Austin Outdoor Living Tour is returning for a second year to celebrate the outdoor spaces Austin residents enjoy year-round – right in their own backyards. Organized and hosted by the Modern Architecture + Design Society (the group behind the annual Austin Modern Home Tour), this summer tour gives landscape architects and designers the unique opportunity to showcase their skill and talent to the community in which they work. In turn, the self-guided tour gives the community a rare chance to explore some amazing outdoor spaces in their area, while asking questions and engaging the minds behind the design.

“This is a lighter, shorter tour than our annual Modern Home Tour,” says James Leasure, founder of the Modern Architecture + Design Society. “But the principle is the same: come see these amazing spaces. Meet the designers and builders that created them. Get ideas and find inspiration for your own outdoor living space.”

Participants and neighborhoods featured on the 2020 Austin Outdoor Living Tour include:

  • A brand-new outdoor space by Shelter Home Building in the Zilker neighborhood that features an infinity edge pool, spa, cold tub, and incredible yard space.
  • A shared outdoor space with a Mediterranean feel for a four-unit “compound” in Barton Springs, designed by Native Edge Landscape, that features xeric plantings, an outdoor kitchen with storage, and a custom entry Koi Pond.
  • An outdoor space designed by Austin Outdoor Design in the Northwest Hills that gets inspiration from Mexican architect Luis Barragan (and the bright personality of the owners) to create an Austin-inspired take on modern Mexican Architecture and outdoor living.
  • A front outdoor space in Central East Austin, designed by Open Envelope Studio, that reconciles that dual existence of the yard to function as both entry way and living space, while retaining privacy for the owners.
  • A second Austin Outdoor Design project, located in St. Edwards, boasting all the best features for year-round outdoor living, like a custom pool, stone patio framed in steel, a 32” grill built into a limestone countertop, benches with custom cushions, and a fireplace.


NEW SAFETY RULES IN PLACE: In response to COVID-19, the Austin Outdoor Living Tour will have several new rules and policies in place. Tickets will be limited for this event. Entries at each home will be controlled to allow for social distancing in the outdoor spaces. Face coverings are a requirement for all visitors; no one will be allowed entry without a mask covering the nose and mouth. No children under age 12 will be allowed to enter. This year’s tour will be zero contact, including interactions with front door staff and throughout the yards.

Participants on the 2020 Austin Outdoor Living Tour will open their spaces for viewing from 9AM – 1PM on Saturday, June 20, 2020. Tickets to this year’s event are LIMITED. Details on pricing and ticket availability, as well as all rules and regulations for the 2020 Austin Outdoor Living Tour can be found at http://mads.media/atxoutdoor2020/.

About the Modern Architecture + Design Society: Based in Austin, Texas, the Modern Architecture + Design Society was founded by James Leasure in 2010 as Modern Home Tours, to introduce modern architecture and living to people across the nation. Through fun and informative self-guided home tours in dozens of cities across the USA and Canada, the group invites people into some of the most exciting examples of modern architecture and design in the nation. With carefully selected architects, neighborhoods and architecture, the MA+DS Home Tours are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Not only will you learn about the cutting edge of home design while on our tours, but you might even get an idea or two for your next home project!

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Automated Marketing Services Support Businesses in Difficult Times

Atlanta – As more businesses across the country worry about maintaining customers and keeping the doors open during the COVID-19 pandemic, a variety of digital marketing services and support can help companies reach more potential customers in  an effective manner. ThinkZILLA Consulting,  an innovative branding and digital transformation agency, is helping small to mid-size public and private businesses employ marketing automation, website updates and relevant marketing channels for digital transformation during challenging times.

Certified as a woman-owned small business (WOSB) by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and as a certified minority business enterprise through the National Minority Supplier Development Council, ThinkZILLA Consulting helps small businesses to Fortune 500 companies implement digital solutions to support business awareness and growth. From the technology to healthcare industries and from education to energy, ThinkZILLA simplifies the marketing process for businesses across industries, allowing them to focus on business management.

“To meet the needs of companies across the country, we have expanded our team so we can serve as your outsourced digital marketing and branding partner, helping with everything from expanded reach to crisis communications,” said Dr.Velma Trayham, CEO of ThinkZILLA. “We enjoy helping businesses reach their goals by becoming more visible online, crafting the perfect messaging and connecting with our network of more than a million media partners to share their mission and message.”

With innovative solutions to solidify strong customer perceptions, ThinkZILLA Consulting’s services include: cultural branding to prompt more customers to identify with company culture and message; digital marketing including email marketing, search engine marketing (SEO), social media outreach, videos and mobile applications; public relations to manage reputation and boost consumer confidence to enhance credibility; business partnerships to leverage strategic marketing and help companies achieve their objectives, among others.

Beyond efficiency and greater reach, the benefits of digital marketing include greater personalization, which significantly increases customer engagement, new leads and the ability to measure effectiveness of efforts. Social media is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to reach more people across the globe, and 90 percent of consumers have communicated with a brand via social, according to a recent survey

With its growing team of experts across marketing platforms, ThinkZILLA is A Plus rated by the Better Business Bureau and recently partnered with Grady Health System as part of the prestigious George Mentor Protégé Association. The company is a member of the Atlanta Business League and the Atlanta Press Club as well as a premier Google partner.

“With a focus on value and solving complex problems, we are authentic and thoughtful when it comes to delivering solutions and helping our clients transform and innovate,” Trayham added. 

About ThinkZILLA Consulting Group 

ThinkZILLA specializes in multicultural branding, digital engagement, influencer marketing, experiential events and partnership creation. Making brands more relevant, ThinkZILLA builds meaningful connections between brands and consumers. For more information on ThinkZILLA or to schedule a consultation, please visit https://thinkzillaconsulting.com/ 

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Jorge L. Guerra Jr. Elected to Lead Nation’s Largest Local Realtor Association

The MIAMI Association of Realtors (MIAMI) has elected Jorge L. Guerra Jr. as its 2020 chairman of the board. He and the 2020 MIAMI leadership boards will be installed today at MIAMI’s 2020 Inaugural Celebration at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood.

“I’m honored to lead our association as it celebrates 100 years of service to Realtors, the home buying and selling public and South Florida,” Guerra Jr. said. “For 100 years, the MIAMI REALTORS have worked to protect homeownership rights, improve communities and benefit consumers. In 2020, the MIAMI association will continue helping MIAMI members achieve the highest level of professionalism and deliver the highest level of service to the real estate customers of our members.”

Guerra Jr. is the president and chief executive officer of Real Estate Sales Force (RESF) and has been responsible for the firm’s strategic direction and growth since its inception in 2005. Guerra Jr.’s brokerage leverages the latest technology to aggressively market properties worldwide.

Guerra Jr.’s extensive experience as a former agent, the founder, and owner of a thriving brokerage, an association executive, and a highly regarded keynote speaker has equipped him to remain on top of emerging issues and trends impacting the future of real estate.

In addition to serving as 2020 Chairman of the MIAMI REALTORS, Guerra Jr. has also held the following positions: 2018 President for the MIAMI REALTORS Residential Board of Governors, 2019 Florida Top 50 Broker Vice-chair and 2019 Chair for the National Association of Realtor’s Emerging Business and Technology forum.

Guerra Jr.’s brokerage is leading the revolution in today’s evolving market – betting on technology, social media, branding, and training has paid off tremendously for RESF and the results speak for themselves, the firm has expanded to over 450 agents with offices throughout South Florida.

Guerra Jr. has won several prestigious awards including the LBA “Firm of the Year,” Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce Rising Star Award and the BASF Platinum award for “Best Broker of the Year” in the division of Personal Achievement for 2006, 2007, 2008 and again in 2018. Among his most recent achievements, Guerra Jr. was named one of 50 Real Trends Game Changers of 2019, as well as the Top 500 Power Broker Report for RIS Media and The Top 1000 brokerages listed in the 2018 Swanepoel Mega 1000 – among others.

Recognized as a forward-thinking real estate expert as it pertains to digital marketing – Guerra Jr. has served as a keynote speaker at a number of national and international high-profile industry events that include: MIAMI Rock the Market, Florida Realtors Convention, National Association of Realtors (NAR) Convention, NAR’s Tech Edge, Xplode Conference, NAHREP National Convention, Inman Connect Miami, Inman Connect NY, Women’s Council of Realtors and Imocionate in Spain.

Guerra Jr. serves as an executive board member and education chair for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, which works to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership.

Guerra Jr. is an active member of the community and resides in Coral Gables along with his wife, Dinorah, and two children, Dominic and Alec.

Announcing the 2020 MIAMI Corporate Board

Joining Guerra Jr. are: Chairman of the Board-Elect Jennifer Wollmann, CPS, C2EX of BHHS EWM Realty; 2019 Chairman of the Board Jose Maria Serrano, CCIM, C2EX of New Miami Realty Corp.; Secretary Mark Sadek, CIPS of The Keyes Company; Treasurer George C. Jalil, RAA, TRC of First Service Realty, Real Living; Commercial President Fernando Arencibia, Jr., C2EX; Residential President Alberto Carrillo of RelatedISG International Realty; Broward-MIAMI President Sharon R. Lindblade, CIPS, GRI, PMN, PSA, C2EX of Century 21 Hansen Realty; JTHS-MIAMI President David Abernathy, e-PRO, C2EX of Waterfront Properties & Club Communities; YPN MIAMI President Peter Ortega, C2EX of Keller Williams Miami Beach; Commercial President-Elect Stephen R. Rigl, MBA, SIOR, CCIM of Binswanger-Gateway Partnership; Daniel A. Guerra of Fortune International Realty; Broward-MIAMI President-Elect Patrick Simm, ABR, CRS, GRI, e-PRO of Keller Williams Realty Partners SW; JTHS-MIAMI President-Elect Bill Mate of Paradise Real Estate International; YPN MIAMI President-Elect Bethany Martinez, SRS of RelatedISG International Realty; Director Ines Hegedus-Garcia, C2EX of Avanti Way Realty; Director Ron Shuffield of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty; Director Natascha Tello, CDPE, CIAS of Keller Williams Realty (Level 5 Leadership); Director Matey Veissi, CRS, CIPS, TRC, RSPS of Veissi & Associates, Inc.; Director Moe Veissi of Veissi & Associates, Inc.; Director Christopher Zoller, CRS, C2EX of EWM Realty International.

Teresa King Kinney, CAE, CIPS, GRI, RCE, TRC serves as the CEO for the MIAMI Association of Realtors.

About the MIAMI Association of Realtors

The MIAMI Association of Realtors was chartered by the National Association of Realtors in 1920 and is celebrating 100 years of service to Realtors, the buying and selling public, and the communities in South Florida. Comprised of six organizations, the Residential Association, the Realtors Commercial Alliance, the Broward-MIAMI Association of Realtors, the Jupiter Tequesta Hobe Sound (JTHS-MIAMI) Council, the Young Professionals Network (YPN) Council, and the award-winning International Council, it represents 52,000 total real estate professionals in all aspects of real estate sales, marketing, and brokerage. It is the largest local Realtor association in the U.S. and has official partnerships with 222 international organizations worldwide. MIAMI’s official website is http://www.MiamiRealtors.com

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Plano Overhead Garage Door Company Achieves A First In Its Industry

Plano Overhead Garage Door is the first company with over 5 employees to earn certification for all of its technicians. In order to pass the rigorous exam their technicians studied as a team over the past 4 months. They spent in excess of 30 hours in meetings studying over 400 pages of material in their Service Technician Manual, as well as tackling a wealth of content provided by I.D.E.A.

Certification isn’t required in Texas, and less than 5% of garage door companies in Texas employ I.D.E.A. Certified technicians. Driven to achieve the highest standards in the industry, Plano Overhead Garage Door felt that certification for all its technicians was a necessary step. All its service technicians are now certified nationally by the I.D.E.A. which means they’ve been classroom tested, professionally field trained, Google Verified, background checked, drug tested, and are fully insured full-time employees.

Plano Overhead Garage Doo r continually invests in their people and processes in additional ways. Recently the company invested in Surewinders, a new technology that enables technicians to safely and quickly tighten and unwind torsion springs. This expensive tool will help employees avoid bodily injuries that were not uncommon with older technologies. They have also invested in software that sends a text message with a picture and bio of their technicians when customers schedule an appointment. Customers also have access to recent reviews written about their installer. In addition, a link enables home owners to track the technician in real time on Google Maps when on route.

Since 1977, Plano Overhead Garage Door technicians have provided award-winning service, repairs, and installations in the Dallas area. Among their many accolades they have garnered the Consumers’ Choice Award for multiple consecutive years. In addition to superior service the company only installs top product lines from the leading suppliers of both garage doors and garage door openers.

Nick McGregor, the company’s CEO, is especially proud of their 17 technicians having succeeded in preparing and passing their certification exams. McGregor explains,“ We now have the best customer experience, the most advanced tools, and the highest quality of technicians available. It’s really special to be able to provide all these things to our customers at competitive prices.”

About Plano Overhead Garage Door:

Operating since 1977, Plano Overhead Garage Door services the Collin and Dallas County areas of North Texas. They service and inspect garage doors, repair existing and install new garage doors and openers. The company provides free estimates and same day appointments. All technicians are background checked, drug tested, fully insured, company trained, and are held accountable when it comes to taking care of their customers.

For more information, Visit Plano Overhead Garage Door at https://planooverhead.com/.

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Stertil-Koni USA Notches Record Sales in 2019: Product Engineering, Customer Service and Local Expertise Fuel Expansive Growth Strategy

Stertil-Koni, the recognized leader in hydraulic bus lifts and truck lifts, today announced that it achieved record sales in 2019, further boosting its presence in both the municipal and private sectors of the heavy duty vehicle lift market in the U.S. and Canada.

Driving its performance, noted company President, Dr. Jean DellAmore, have been three key success factors. “First,” he explained, “we are true specialists – entirely focused on the design, manufacture and service of heavy duty vehicle lifts.

“Second, Stertil-Koni is dedicated to exceptional product engineering that in turn directly translates into unparalleled lift performance, durability and safety. And third, our customers are supported by a world-class, highly trained network of distributor companies each of which has an average tenure of 15 years, is exclusive to Stertil-Koni in its respective geographic territory and embodies our vision to ensure the highest level of customer care in the industry.”

“The result,” DellAmore added, “is a unique combination of global product expertise fused with intensive, locally delivery customer support.”

The story, however, does not end there. Stertil-Koni has also grown by virtue of a strategy that continues to build on its legacy strength – Mobile Column Lifts – and has expanded in recent years by diversifying its offerings to significantly reshape the inground heavy duty vehicle lifting market.

Two key additions to the Stertil-Koni product line exemplify this approach. “Our DIAMONDLIFT,” DellAmore continued, “is a high-pressure, low-volume telescopic piston lift capable of lifting up to 105,000 lbs. in a three-piston configuration and setting new standards for inground lifts.”

It has proven itself to be ideal for a variety of workshop situations with features that include:

  • Electronic synchronization for maximum safety and convenience;
  • Mechanical locking system utilizing hardened, nitro carburized locking rod for maximum protection;
  • Touch-screen, finger-tip control console for ease-of-use;
  • Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Gold Certification from the industry’s leading third-party watchdog; and a
  • Continuous Recess movable lifting system – ideal for low-clearance vehicles.


Stertil-Koni also achieved significant success in 2019 with strong sales of the industry’s original, ultra-shallow, full-rise, axle-engaging scissor-style ECOLIFT. Noted Peter Bowers, technical sales manager for Stertil-Koni, “ECOLIFT is available in a two- , three- and four-scissor configuration with an ALI-certified lifting capacity of 30,000 lbs. per scissor. It is ideal for installation in both retrofit and existing workshops – and that helps account for its widespread use.”

ECOLIFT is differentiated by its ultra-shallow pit design – only 34 inches – and delivers wheels-free lifting, electronic synchronization and Continuous Recess along with a free-standing console for easy access and quick service.

Concluded DellAmore, “Stertil-Koni’s success really reflects our values and the way that we treat our closest friends and families. Simply put, we care deeply about the Stertil-Koni customer and we try to make that shine through everything we do and the manner in which we treat our customers.”

“Looking ahead, there is much more for Stertil-Koni to accomplish in 2020 and our energy is laser-focused on delivering new enhancements and heightened levels of support to our customers across North America.”

About Stertil-Koni
Stertil-Koni is the market leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, notably bus lifts and truck lifts, and proudly serves municipalities, state agencies, school bus fleets, major corporations, the U.S. Military and more. Stertil-Koni's breadth of products meets all ranges of lifting needs and includes portable lifts such as Mobile Column Lifts, 2-post, 4-post, inground piston lifts, platform lifts, and its axle-engaging, inground, scissor lift configuration, ECOLIFT. The company’s innovative, inground telescopic piston DIAMONDLIFT is now available with an optional Continuous Recess system, ideal for low clearance vehicles. Stertil-Koni USA is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland with production facilities in Europe, The Netherlands, and Streator, IL.

Contact: Paul Feldman, Paul.Feldman@Stertil-Koni.com, 410-643-9001

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Truth or Consequences Dares to Be Durable with Penetron Technology

The renovation, repair and upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, were officially completed in January 2020. PENETRON ADMIX was used to ensure durable concrete structures for the plant to better serve a growing community.

The town of Truth or Consequences (or “T or C” as locals call it) is the administrative and economic center of Sierra County in southern New Mexico. With mild winter weather and warm summers, the town of about 7,500 inhabitants has a large contingent of year-round retirees, but it is also a popular tourist destination. The town’s historic district, the numerous hot springs and mineral baths, Elephant Butte Lake State Park and Caballo Reservoir, the Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway, and the recently completed Spaceport (30 miles east of T or C) define its vibrant tourist-based economy.

“Why the strange name? In fact, the town of Truth or Consequences was originally named ’Hot Springs,’ due to all the natural hot springs in the region. The current name came about when a game show host back in the 1950s dared any town in the USA to change their name to the same name as the TV show,” explains Christopher Chen, Director of The Penetron Group. “Our town in New Mexico took the dare – and changed the town name to Truth or Consequences. A more recent challenge was to find a suitable waterproofing solution for the recent repairs, expansion and upgrades to the town’s wastewater treatment plant. Penetron was chosen as their preferred solution.”

Renewing an Aged WWTP
The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that serves the T or C community is over 40-years old. Because many of the plant’s process components had reached the end of their design life, and other parts of the treatment processes needed increasing levels of attention to maintain the desired level of performance. The WWTP was operating at approximately 70% of its original design flow (1.06 MGD), where previously it had operated at almost 95% of design flow. In addition, the anticipated, more stringent nutrient limitations for nitrogen and phosphorus meant that the existing treatment processes needed to be improved, and the growing demand for the reclaimed wastewater would also require further process upgrades.

Upgrading Concrete Elements
“All these issues were addressed simultaneously with a comprehensive renovation and upgrade program for the wastewater treatment plant to provide increased capacity and produce higher quality wastewater effluent,” notes Christopher Chen.

An engineering report showed that many of the original concrete elements of the original T or C wastewater treatment plant needed extensive repairs or outright replacement (and enlargement). These WWTP elements included the headworks, grit chamber, aeration oxidation oval, two clarifiers, and disinfection system.

“Initially, a competitive solution was specified by the consulting engineer at Smith Engineering,” adds Christopher Chen. “However, after reviewing the cost benefits and local technical and on-site support available from Penetron, the specification was revised to PENETRON ADMIX SB instead.”

Reducing Concrete Permeability
The concrete structures in a wastewater treatment plant are continually exposed to an aggressive environment that includes chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, disinfectants, an array of toxic compounds and even the chemicals added during the plant’s treatment processes. Adding PENETRON ADMIX SB to the concrete mix reduces concrete permeability, increases chemical resistance and enables self-sealing of new hairline cracks to enhance the durability of these key concrete components. Delivered in pre-measured soluble bags, PENETRON ADMIX SB was added by Bartoo Ready Mix to over 1,200 cubic yards (920 m3) of concrete.

“The T or C project was a success thanks to the on-site support by our local Penetron expert and Penetron’s success in dozens of previous wastewater treatment plant upgrades across the country,” concludes Christopher Chen.

The Penetron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives and distribution channels.

For more information on Penetron waterproofing solutions, please visit penetron(dot)com or Facebook(dot)com/ThePenetronGroup, email CRDept(at)penetron(dot)com, or contact the Corporate Relations Department at 631-941-9700.

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Dubai Property Investment – hausandhaus.com pick on Dubai’s current top property investments

With a myriad of top developers having many off plan offerings in the market, many buyers are perplexed when it comes to spending their hard earned cash. The confusion stems from a huge variety of payment plans and options, and with releases almost on a daily basis it can be hard to keep up with the developments which will be the most popular once completed, and those that will give the best returns. To save any confusion we have hand-picked our current favorite Dubai investments from the very best developers. We have based our selection on reputation, location, successful past projects, value for money and build quality. This is an unbiased view, with no favoritism towards any particular company or brand. We always maintain that by giving rational, honest and transparent advice – clients will be happy to return.

Eden at The Valley  | by Emaar

Emaar’s first venture in this location, the strategic position of this development is close enough Dubai’s major landmarks to be a success – but far enough to offer some tranquility to the hustle and bustle of the city. These 3 and 4 bedroom luxury townhouses start at very attractive rates and the payment plan is generous with a 30 month post-handover mechanism. Very much focused on families, this development will benefit from lush parks and green areas, shopping close by at The Pavilion and the classic infrastructure that makes Emaar one of the most respected developers.

Eden by Emaar Prices from AED 1,168,888

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Marina Vista  | by Emaar

One of the most anticipated projects, Emaar’s foray into beachfront living will make a positive impact on the local hotspot of Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and JBR shoreline. From 1 to 4 bedroom apartments, classic Emaar styling and all buildings having a close proximity to water, this is one project not to miss. With multiple payment options, a 100 % DLD fee waiver and 2 year post-handover payment plan up for grabs, what is not to like? Whether an investment or to live, you will not be disappointed with what is on offer here…

Emaar Beachfront Starting from AED 1,200,888

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

Ruba Villas at Arabian Ranches III  | by Emaar

Arabian Ranches and Ranches 2 conjure mental images of perfectly executed housing and lifestyle. These incredible success stories for many Dubai expats are now offered in a more affordable package – Arabian Ranches 3. Contemporary, clean and amazing value 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses, Emaar have really hit the nail on the head with this exciting project. Sublime build and facilities, one of the real ‘wow’ plusses of this development will be the kid-friendly lazy river which circles the perimeter. Starting at 1.4m, this is a fantastic opportunity to grab your slice of the dream family playground. 

Arabian Ranches III by Emaar 3 BR’s from AED 1,400,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate  | by Select Group

With an enviable waterfront position in Dubai Marina, one of the best specifications and 5* service within the residence, Jumeirah Living Marina Gate will most certainly live up to the hype. With an expected April 2020 completion date, 100 % DLD fee waiver, 4 year post-handover payment plan and competitive pricing, it is not surprising that there is already limited availability. 

Select Group have really upped the game with this masterpiece – give us a call today to make your reservation.

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Expo Golf Villas 5  | by Emaar

EXPO 2020. There is no hotter buzzword today in Dubai. These prime 3 and 4 bed limited premium villas are as close to the action as you can get – how does a few minutes to the site sound? – making them an exciting investment prospect for the next year and beyond. The layouts and finish of these properties are centered around families and with supporting, extensive infrastructure in the surrounding area – make this an incredible proposal. The Championship Golf Course and Al Maktoum airport are literally minutes away… book your spot with the haus team today! 

Expo Golf Villas 5 Starting from AED 1,077,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

Signature Livings  | by Green Group

If the UAE’s first solar powered residential apartment building, eco-friendly and contemporary design in the popular Jumeirah Village Circle sounds tempting… read on. With a choice of studio’s and one bedroom apartments and one and two bed penthouses, and starting at a budget friendly AED 425,000 – this is a gem of a project. Not only that but with a Q2 expected delivery date, a show home on site, and impeccable build quality; all genuine reasons why this is fast becoming a sell-out development. Boasting up to date features such as smart phone enabled temperature control, Bluetooth enabled sound systems and smart coffee machines in the lobby – The Green Group have genuinely raised the bar with this one. 

Signature Livings by Green Group Prices from AED 425,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

If you require factual, current and professional investment advice from a company that cares about your money as much as you do – then get in touch. Our team of off-plan specialists will give honest, clear and tangible advice that has your best interests at heart. Whether you are looking for an entry level apartment, or a panoramic view penthouse overlooking the Arabian Gulf – we are confident that our approach is consistent so that you get the best possible guidance. Get in touch today and let us make your money work for you…easy.

Dubai Property Investment Consultant:

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

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New Utah Rail Manufacturing Site Rolls on Penetron Technology

The grand opening of Stadler Rail’s new US headquarters and manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, in September 2019 marked a further milestone in the Swiss company’s rapid expansion in the US market. PENETRON ADMIX was used to waterproof the foundation elements of the sprawling site.

Founded in 1942 by Ernst Stadler in Zurich, Switzerland, as an engineering office, the company first converted trams and small rolling stock to battery operation before moving up to the manufacture of battery- and diesel-powered locomotives three years later. In 1989, Peter Spuhler took over the company, which had 18 employees at the time. By focusing on regional and suburban market segments with complete vehicle concepts based on rail modules tailored to specific needs, the company continues to grow rapidly. Today, Stadler Rail has over 10,500 employees and maintains a global manufacturing and service network in dozens of countries around the world.

Rapid Growth Thanks to Product Flexibility
“Stadler has been building all kinds of trains – high-speed trains, regional trains and trams – for over 75 years,” adds Christopher Chen, Director of The Penetron Group. “The opening of the company’s newest train manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, underlines their incredible growth and ability to develop modular and tailor-made rolling stock very quickly.”

The 230,000 square-feet (21,000 m2), million facility is less than two miles from the Salt Lake City International Airport. Situated on a 62-acre site, the facility comprises multiple halls (each about 45,000 square feet/4,100 m2) and was completed in about 18 months by the Wadsworth Construction Company.

Making Concrete Resistant to Deterioration
The concrete used for the facility’s raft slab, or frost-protected shallow foundation, was supplied by American Eagle, the project’s ready-mix supplier. Treated with PENETRON ADMIX to protect against the groundwater levels at the site, the concrete is now resistant to concrete deterioration caused by chemical attack, freeze-thaw cycles and corrosion, while withstanding hydrostatic pressure at the site.

“Added to concrete during batching and unaffected by climatic conditions, PENETRON ADMIX can significantly increase concrete durability and service life,” explains Christopher Chen. “Once the admixture is mixed in, it becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix. Thanks to the non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracts, the concrete now has the ability to self-heal and seal any micro-cracks, pores and capillaries that may occur in the future.”

The Penetron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives and distribution channels.

For more information on Penetron waterproofing solutions, please visit penetron(dot)com or Facebook(dot)com/ThePenetronGroup, email CRDept(at)penetron(dot)com or contact the Corporate Relations Department at 631-941-9700.

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Dubai Off Plan Properties: This Is What Professional Investors Do

Why sell off plan?

Property development is expensive so developers and their banks/financiers require some assurance that the units they are going to build will be sought-after by purchasers. Selling early offers a hedge against market correction or market competition. Developers assess commercial risk and will try to remove uncertainty – even at the cost of speculative profit.


Why buy off plan?

Developers are making a hedge while investors are making a call that the market will rise. It is a fact that since Dubai allowed foreigners to purchase Freehold property, almost every residential property investor who has taken a long-term view has made a sound investment, subject to the inevitable peaks and troughs that always appear along the way.


How do I form an investment strategy?

There is no easy answer as its mainly a matter of personal choice. Your budget will be one of the biggest influences though you must also consider your exit strategy, plus the length of time you plan to hold your investment and the cost of holding. The strategies are:


  • Buy to Sell (Flip)

Pay your deposit, make the instalments and sell your contract before completion.


  • Buy to Hold (Let)

Let the property on completion and collect the rental income, pay running costs and retain the profit.


Where to buy?

This has to be a matter of personal choice and your budget, to a large extent, will determine what and where. However, there are three categories to consider:


  • Established areas

The advantage here is that there should always be a ready market for either a re-sale or letting, however capital growth is generally restricted to the mood of the local market.

  • Projects From Reputed & Trusted Developers

Here are some top trending off plan projects in Dubai

Expo Golf Villas by ΕMAAR

Beachfront Living Marina Vista By EMAAR

Madinat Jumeirah Living Dubai by DUBAI HOLDING

  • Up–and-coming developments

Normally close to or within an established area where, for any number of reasons, the circumstances of the district are about to improve.

  • Future development areas

Buyers are making the greatest speculation and the view has to be that the district will become an up-and-coming area before ultimately turning into an established area.


When to buy?

Forecasting any market is always a difficult judgement call and the purchase of an off plan property is no exception – ultimately there are no guarantees.

Most investors like to buy at a time when prices are thought to be on the rise, or preferably when they are on a slow steady increase. Purchasers can then forecast the capital growth during the time they hold the property and plan a strategy rather than during a period of falling markets or very steep inflation.


When to hold and when to sell?

If you are looking to buy to flip, then it must be remembered that most buyers are looking for a property to occupy in the short term and not something that is unavailable to move into for a number of years. We advise placing a property for re-sale approximately three quarters of the way through the build programme or when it is possible for purchasers to walk into the property and see the aspect, size of rooms and general ambience of the completed scheme.

You still may not achieve the full value but you will, if purchased wisely (subject to market conditions), make a good profit on the amount paid to date.


What are the advantages of buying off plan?

For the purchaser, the potential upside of buying properties off plan is considerable. By purchasing at the earliest opportunity, the time difference between initially securing the contract with a fixed price against the value at completion can be significant and this upside is your instant profit.

Furthermore, by securing your unit(s) in the earliest phase, you can secure the style and type of property that matches your investment criteria and, in some instances, can influence the direction and specification of the finished property(ies). Looking at the pure financial implications of the transaction, you are paying a deposit and further instalments to purchase the property whilst enjoying the inflationary trends on 100% of the capital value.

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Ramtech Completes Modular Building for Temporary Flying Squadron Facility at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, OK

Design-build commercial modular construction firm Ramtech Building Systems of Mansfield, Texas has announced that the company has completed a 17,284 square foot Temporary Flying Squadron Facility for the 33d Flying Training Squadron at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma. Procured using a five-year operating lease, the single-story modular building complex will be used for pilot training as part of a program aimed at increasing the graduation rate to address the shortage of pilots that currently exists within the U.S. Air Force. Ramtech worked with the 71st Mission Support Group and ASRCC, Vance AFB's Base Operations Support contractor to develop the project. The L-shaped relocatable modular building provides space for eight training classrooms, 15 offices, four operations rooms, a squadron briefing room, conference room, and a reception area. The facility's exterior was designed with R-Panel metal siding and a TPO membrane roof. The interior utilizes vinyl covered gypsum on the walls and a combination of carpet tiles, vinyl composition tile, and sheet vinyl for the flooring. The heating and cooling of the facility is accommodated by 14 Bard Exterior Wall Mount ducted air-conditioners. As part of the design-build contract, Ramtech was responsible for providing all of the office and classroom furniture throughout the building along with the site development including the building pad, the extension and connection of all utilities, and the fire sprinkler and alarm systems.

Located 90 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, Vance Air Force Base is the northernmost Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training base in the Air Education and Training Command. The base has 1,200 active duty and reserve military along with 1,300 civilian employees that support approximately 500 student pilots in their training pipeline. In order to meet the current shortage of pilots in the Air Force, Vance has been tasked with increasing its pilot output by about 30 percent by 2021.

About Ramtech Building Systems 
Since 1982 Ramtech Building Systems has been providing innovative relocatable modular buildings and permanent modular construction for commercial companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and healthcare providers throughout the Southern United States. As a vertically integrated design-build construction company, Ramtech provides full in-house design, a manufacturer direct product, and complete site construction services all within a single-source solution. Ramtech can offer facilities built using permanent modular construction on both a pier and beam or concrete slab foundation. Both options combine the best of off-site manufacturing and on-site construction techniques to produce a building faster and with less cost, but identical in the look, functionality, and life expectancy of a completely site-built structure. By emphasizing a value engineering approach, Ramtech has successfully completed over 4,000 diverse projects of all sizes. For more information, visit the company's website at RamtechModular.com

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Oldcastle Infrastructure Expands its Footprint with Granite Precasting & Concrete Inc. Acquisition

Oldcastle Infrastructure™ is part of the Building Products division of CRH, the largest building materials company in North America. Oldcastle Infrastructure has acquired Granite Precasting & Concrete, Inc., a leading manufacturer of water management and utility solutions located in Bellingham, Washington.

Founded in 1985, Granite manufactures a full portfolio of concrete products including manholes, catch basins and storm water products along with products to serve the energy and communications segment. The acquisition of Granite expands our presence and customer base in the growing Northwest Washington market. The acquisition enhances our exposure to the water management segment, a key growth area, while adding capacity to improve customer service to our existing energy and communications customers.

“We welcome and look forward to working with Granite’s employees and customers,” said Rick Jones, Oldcastle Infrastructure, Area General Manager for Pacific Northwest. “With more than 30 years high quality manufacturing experience and best in class customer service, Granite enhances our ability to service all Western Washington’s infrastructure product needs. To maintain the exceptional customer service that Granite is known for, we look forward to having Granite’s employees join our team and continue the company’s success now as a part of Oldcastle Infrastructure.”

Key Granite employees will assume combined roles with Oldcastle Infrastructure:

Matt Vaughn, currently President at Granite Precast, joins as Director of Operations PNW reporting to Rick Jones.

Doug Salisbury, currently Vice President of Sales and Design at Granite Precast, joins as Sales Manager for Auburn and Bellingham operations, reporting to Rick Jones.

Kyle Salisbury, currently Vice President Operations, Granite Precast, joins as Plant Manager Oldcastle Infrastructure Bellingham, reporting to Matt Vaughn.

About Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure is the leading provider of building materials, products and services for infrastructure projects to several market sectors nationwide, including: Building Structures, Communications, Energy, Transportation and Water. For more information, visithttp://www.oldcastleinfrastructure.com.

Oldcastle Infrastructure is part of CRH’s Building Products division. CRH is the leading building materials business in the world, employing c.90,000 people at c.3,700 operating locations in 32 countries. It is the largest building materials business in North America, the largest heavyside materials business in Europe and has a number of strategic positions in the emerging economic regions of Asia and South America.

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World of Modular 2019 Conference a Record-Setting Success

The Modular Building Institute’s (MBI’s) 2019 World of Modular attracted a record crowd of over 1,000 attendees from more than 20 countries.

The event featured more than 30 breakout sessions focused on a range of topics such as manufacturing efficiencies, engineering and design of modular buildings, legal, insurance, and regulatory issues, case studies, and business development topics.

In addition to the breakout sessions three-time Super Bowl Champion and leadership expert Darren Woodson, and Economist Anirban Basu gave keynote speeches.

MBI recognized Bostjan Jevsek, CEO of IteraSpace, and Paul Bonaccorsi, Managing and Operations Director of Intelligent Offsite, as Volunteers of the Year for co-chairing and spearheading the formation of MBI’s European Council.

Chris Peterson, President of Satellite Shelters, Inc., was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award which recognizes an individual’s commitment to MBI and the commercial modular building industry.

MBI also inducted Gerry Holthaus, Chairman of the Board of WillScot, into the Hall of Fame for his 25 years of service to the industry.

The Awards of Distinction contest highlighted 125 modular projects with winning entries from the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Chile, Poland, Burkina Faso (West Africa), South Africa, South Korea, and Australia.

NRB, Inc.’s Adi Development - Valera Sales Center won Judge’s Choice, Greatest Renovation, and Best of Show for Green Buildings. Horizon North took home the honors for Best of Show in the Relocatable Buildings category while a healthcare project by Axis Constructon and NRB, Inc won Best of Show in the permanent Construction category.

Plans are already underway for next year’s World of Modular Conference to be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Golf Resort in Orlando, Florida from March 9 - 12, 2020.

About MBI

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the international non-profit trade association serving the commercial modular construction industry for over thirty-five years. As the Voice of Commercial Modular Construction™ MBI promotes the advantages of modular construction while advocating for the removal of barriers that limit growth opportunities. Through its long-standing relationships with member companies, policy makers, developers, architects and contractors, MBI has become the trusted source of information for the commercial modular construction industry. For more information on MBI and World of Modular, please visit our website: http://modular.org/

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Gilbane-Hunt Named Construction Manager for Worcester’s Canal District Ballpark

Gilbane-Hunt, a Joint Venture, has been named construction manager for the Canal District Ballpark, new home of the Red Sox Triple-A affiliate in Worcester, Massachusetts. This multi-purpose, publicly owned Triple-A ballpark, located in Worcester’s Canal District, will accommodate approximately 10,000 fans upon completion in 2021.

Gilbane has considerable ballpark experience having completed numerous projects at the iconic Fenway Park. In addition, Gilbane maintains a long-standing relationship with the city of Worcester, having delivered over 20 projects including the Sports and Recreation Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the Worcester Trial Court Complex, Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital, and the North High School. Nationally, LA-based AECOM Hunt, has completed nine Triple-A facilities across the country and 30+ Major League ballparks. Worcester City Manager, Edward Augustus, commented, "The Gilbane-Hunt team’s impressive resume of work both nationally, and locally here in Worcester, really speaks for itself.”

“We’re thrilled to be selected as the builder of this new ballpark that will mark the next phase in the storied history of the Red Sox Triple-A team and bring significant change to the face of downtown Worcester,” said Steve Duvel, vice president and principal-in-charge for Gilbane. “We’re looking forward to breaking ground in July and having the ballpark open for the 2021 baseball season.”

The planning, design and construction process for the Canal District Ballpark is a mutual endeavor between the Worcester Redevelopment Authority (WRA), the City of Worcester and the Worcester Red Sox. The WRA has engaged D’Agostino Izzo Quirk Architects to provide design services and Skanska USA Building, Inc. to provide owner’s project management services.

About Gilbane Building Company 
Gilbane provides a full slate of construction and facilities-related services – from pre-construction planning and integrated consulting capabilities to comprehensive construction management, general contracting, design-build and facility management services – for clients across various markets. Founded in 1873 and still a privately held, family-owned company, Gilbane has 48 office locations worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.gilbaneco.com.

Gilbane has served as a leading construction manager in Massachusetts since 1946 serving private and public clients throughout the Commonwealth including PTC, Reebok, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Babson College, Google, and Northeastern University to name a few. For more information, visit Gilbane’s website at http://www.gilbaneco.com/boston.

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San Francisco Restaurant Avoids Rising Rent by Purchasing Building with SBA 504 Loan from TMC Financing

TMC Financing, a commercial real estate lender specializing in SBA 504 loans for growing businesses, helped owners of Plow to secure .5 million in total project cost through the SBA 504 loan program. The funds were used to purchase a 4,000 square foot mixed-use property in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.

Plow is owned by the husband and wife team of Joel Bleskacek and Maxine Siu, who fittingly met at a restaurant close to 20 years ago. In 2010, while on a break from the restaurant scene, Joel and Maxine discovered a vacant architect studio within their own neighborhood of Potrero Hill and took a leap of faith. Armed with a shared love for food and wine, the pair signed a lease to open their own restaurant, Plow.

According to Joel and Maxine, Plow is a tribute to timeliness recipes accompanied with California cooking and warm hospitality. The restaurant is an extension of their home where they often entertain friends and family. Gayot recognized Plow’s welcoming feel and said walking into the restaurant felt like coming home.

After learning about the low down payment and low interest rate of the 504 loan, Joel and Maxine knew that owning was within reach and knew it was something they needed to do. However, in the Bay Area, it’s not always that easy. The owners didn’t want to let go of their property but Joel and Maxine remained persistent. After four years, they agreed to sell. Joel and Maxine purchased the building they were previously leasing with only a 10 percent down payment by utilizing the SBA 504 Program.

“Owning the property gives us long term security for Plow,” explains Joel. “We have peace of mind knowing that the building is ours. We don’t have to worry about increased rent or losing our lease.

“Owning also encourages us to make improvements to the building, as those improvements become equity in the long run,” continues Joel.

The acquired property, located at 1297-1299 18th St in San Francisco, is comprised of the restaurant space, five apartment units and two garages. The restaurant occupies 75 percent of the property, Joel and Maxine collect rent on four of the residential units and Plow uses the remaining square footage for storage and office space.

“Working with TMC was fantastic. Even though we had a fair amount of experience in the real estate world, they were very patient and willing to take the extra time to make sure we understood each step of the process,” states Joel.

Joel and Maxine have a lot of feats to be proud of, including opening a neighborhood gem that regularly has over an hour wait, being coined one of the best brunches in SF, getting added to the list of 100 things you must eat in SF before you die, and being a part of SF’s greatest hits list. TMC is proud to have played a part in their most recent feat of purchasing an official home for Plow.

About TMC Financing

TMC is an SBA Premier Certified Lender and has funded projects worth more than billion across California and Nevada, resulting in the creation of an estimated 60,000 jobs. TMC has worked with restaurant owners and business leaders for over 35 years. TMC can help you find the financing that is best to purchase a building or equipment for your restaurant or business. For more information about SBA 504 loans, contact a TMC Financing Loan Expert.

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Livesay & Myers, P.C. Announces New Senior Associate

Livesay & Myers, P.C. proudly announces the promotion of attorney Caitlyn Stubbs to the position of Senior Associate.

Ms. Stubbs works in the Fredericksburg office of Livesay & Myers, P.C., and represents clients in Fredericksburg, Stafford and surrounding areas.

Originally from Iowa, Ms. Stubbs earned her college degree from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania before moving on to attend Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University. Upon graduating from law school in 2013, Ms. Stubbs relocated to Northern Virginia. She worked as a family law and criminal defense attorney at a firm in Woodbridge, Virginia before joining Livesay & Myers, P.C. in January 2015. Since then she has practiced exclusively family law.

In just three years with Livesay & Myers, P.C., Ms. Stubbs has grown into one of the preeminent family law attorneys in the Fredericksburg-Stafford area. Her courtroom skills, attention to detail and tireless work ethic have consistently translated into positive results for her clients, who have rewarded Ms. Stubbs with a large number of outstanding reviews and testimonials online. She was named a Super Lawyers Virginia Rising Star in 2018–2019, and currently holds a 10.0 rating from Justia.

About Livesay & Myers, P.C.

Livesay & Myers, P.C. is a fast-growing family law firm with offices in Fairfax, Arlington, Manassas, Fredericksburg and Leesburg, Virginia. The firm was founded in 2003 by partners James Livesay and Kevin Myers. By 2016, the firm had made the annual Virginia Lawyers Weekly list of Virginia’s Largest Law Firms, debuting at #64 (and moving up to #63 in 2017 and #60 in 2018). Livesay & Myers, P.C. appears in the 2018 and 2019 Editions of the U.S. News & World Report listing of Best Law Firms as a Tier 2 firm in Family Law for the Washington, D.C. region.

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RSS Email Newsletters Put PRWeb on your site Landscape Development Inc. Opens Sacramento Division

Landscape Development Inc. (LDI), the industry-leading landscape services company, is excited to announce the opening of a new Sacramento Division. Answering to client requests and a growing housing market, this new office expands the company’s service territory well into Northern California.

Dudley Mallinson has been appointed division president, tasked with broadening LDI’s service territory and client base. The new division will offer the same core services as provided throughout the California and Nevada company network, including construction, maintenance, landscape architecture, earth services, preconstruction and design-build services.

“I am thrilled to rejoin the LDI family and build on the success of my colleagues. The LDI brand stands for quality, innovation, trust and reliability, and I am excited to bring these traits to the many unique landscaping opportunities Sacramento and Northern California have to offer,” Dudley said. “The decision to expand our presence into Northern California is a logical step in growing the company, while improving customer service to our existing clients along the Interstate 5 and Highway 99 freeway corridor, as well as into the overall Bay Area suburban market.”

Dudley holds a graduate degree in landscape architecture from Sheffield University, England. He moved to California in 2000 to work at LDI as a project manager and was a key contributor to the steady growth of the company. Over the past 20 years, his career has spanned a truly diverse project portfolio, requiring expertise in design, estimation, preconstruction and project management.

“This expansion is an exciting time for LDI and, along with recent maintenance acquisitions, marks another great milestone for the company. I am thankful for the opportunity to include the LDI brand as part of Sacramento’s continued rejuvenation and growth and look forward to seeing our trucks and uniforms all around our state’s capital,” said CEO Gary Horton.

The new offices are located at 2255 Cemo Circle in Gold River, Calif., 95670. Mr. Mallinson may be reached by phone at 916-491-0858 and email at dmallinson@landscapedevelopment.com.

About Landscape Development Inc. (LDI) 
Landscape Development, Inc. is the industry-leading, integrated site and landscape services company serving all of California. From site design through construction, protection and maintenance, we provide personal, capable solutions for your site needs. Our collaborative team turns your vision into reality. We are exceptionally enthusiastic Green Industry professionals, dedicating our careers to working on your behalf. We’re licensed architects, skilled craftsmen, erosion control technicians, and exacting managers. From design to management to emergency site response, we’ve got you covered, 24/7, 365 days a year.

For more information, please visit landscapedevelopment.com

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Fyoosion Startup Launches Direct To Consumer (DTC) Business Model

Almost every company now has a presence on social media. If your company doesn’t have one, you are clearly in an ever decreasing minority.

At the same time, the power and reach of social media must be leveraged properly to get the best out of such engagements. It is a fact that while many companies use social technologies, just a few actually achieve the full potential benefit.

Engage With Your Audience More Effectively

To know about the full advantage of social technologies, you must know how to engage with the right audience in the right place. Social media engagement can be used to create more relevant and profitable relationships with customers. The reach of these services are immense and not having a presence on social media is akin to giving the race to your competitors on a platter.

Social media integration can easily increase productivity according to online marketing experts. You can increase staff efficiency by as much as 25 per cent through social media integration.

Social networks for staff members can make the workforce more dynamic and productive. It can also train them to work in an online social environment. Communicating through a social network with colleagues can provide the necessary experience for effective social media engagement and also helps you communicate better with customers.

Establish a Better Communication Platform with Business Partners

One of the least explored areas of social media integration is connecting with the network of suppliers, dealers and clients. Just a handful of companies have the technology to be entirely self-sufficient in communication systems. Social media can provide the ideal platform to communicate with other companies. It can help achieve high efficiency in business-to-business which goes way beyond with emails and calls. Social media integration such as Fyoosion can help establish cross-company private social networks.

Social media integration can be brought to any site with built-in comments feature. It can be used to initiate product reviews or add comment streams, post blogs and lots more.

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Real Estate Blockchain Platform METRUMCOIN Announces Pre-sale

METRUMCOIN — is a new generation digital Real Estate market platform that unites B2B, C2C and B2C into a single worldwide net designed for simplicity of use.

About the platform

METRUMCOIN —  a multifunctioning, multilevel platform based on the Blockchain technology with the use of iDeals (the next generation of smart contracts). The platform is capable of bringing any participants’ business processes to life.  The main purpose of the platform is to remove geographical, bureaucratic and transactional barriers, while uniting all participants within a single digital space for the international RE market. It substantially simplifies the activities of buyers, brokers, investors, developers, construction companies, and all those who consider the RE business their lifestyle. We are making the market available in just a few clicks. Transparency, speed and safety are in METRUMCOIN’s DNA.

About the project

The idea of METRUMCOIN project belongs to Mr. Telman Abbasov, a specialist with more than 25 years of real estate experience, and the President of the World Council of Developers and Investors FIABCI 2015-2017. The project was presented to the public at significant industry events such as "MIPIM-2017" in Cannes and "BlokTex-2017" in Kuala Lumpur. It has sparked great interest among RE specialists, as well experts from the IT industry. A team of highly qualified RE specialists determines company strategy. In addition, leading international experts assist METRUMCOIN. In 2017, we obtained a patent, which protects our methodology for attracting investments in real estate objects with the help of crypto-instruments.

Why to participate?

Real Estate allows quick and safe capital investment. Unlike other assets, RE assets do not devalue. We are offering unprecedented opportunities for conducting business both online and offline. Never before has conducting deals and transactions in the RE market been so easy!  But that’s not all. Early participants of the project are guaranteed a 20% discount for purchase of METRUMS token.

Every single investment you make is your personal contribution towards the evolution of the RE market in the 21st century, as well as contributing to the project that will forever change the way business is conducted. 

For further information about our project and technical details of the platform we recommend looking at the Roadmap  and White paper.

Join METRUMCOIN’s pre-sale, and become the key to global RE market transformation

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