Julia Hair Celebrates 5th Anniversary With More Promotions

This promotion will be held from May 6, 2022, to May 8, 2022. In addition, they will also provide jewelry gift boxes as fifth-anniversary gifts. Julia combines style, fashion, and quality with women's hair, so whenever you have Julia's virgin hair, you will have a good understanding of the boldness of fashion and life, because they believe in "bringing beauty to the world". They always prefer women as their main customers and use special designs to carry warmth, love, and elegance. The use of this name represents the brand's pursuit of perfection and clarity. Choose Julia's hair to make you beautiful forever.

Julia's 5th Anniversary Sale Let's take a look at all our offers:

All wigs can enjoy a 50% discount+an additional 16% discount (code: JULIA).

Exclusive discount JULIA also enjoys multiple benefits.

  1. Place an order to get a necklace gift worth, and double the points;
  2. Newly registered customers will get 500 points;
  3. Participate in a new product spike. Check immediately!
  4. All kinds of clearance products are waiting for you.

With the best quality and best service, the product series have received stable evaluation and feedback from customers. Julia is the most famous brand among modern women. Customized service keeps it in the leading position in the market. Their main products include Julia headband wig, Julia ombre wig, Julia hair bundles, Julia u part wig, glueless HD lace wigs, Julia curly wig, Julia frontal wig, and Julia human wigs.

Meanwhile, in order to provide more products for customers to choose from, Julia Hair is committed to exploring new styles and colors of wigs. Julia Hair has its own hair factory, which can manufacture new wig kinks, such as a v part wig with body wave, deep wave, a wide range of brown wigs, and a new series of front stitching-in.

Julia Hair Anniversary will be officially opened on May 6th, and Admiral JuliaHair.com will offer more discounts, gifts, and wig series. Come and join us.

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Importance of Customer Reviews For Businesses

Often companies ponder over the significance and importance of customer reviews. The fact is customer reviews act as social proof, and around 90% of people read reviews online before making a purchase. As per the company, The Consumers Review, the reviews have the power to influence the consumers’ decision and thus are highly significant for a company and must form an integral part of any company’s marketing plan.

As per the company, there are various benefits of customer review for consumers and businesses. After reading the consumer review, the customers can make more informed purchasing decisions. On the other hand, it helps companies to gain credibility and serve the customers better. 

According to The Consumers Review, digitization has changed the way customers behave, and the emergence of online platforms has provided consumers with a platform to share their feedback about a product and service in just a few clicks. Traditionally, personal recommendations and word of mouth were the only ways to collect reviews about a product or service, but today the consumer relies on user-generated content to make informed purchasing decisions. As per them, reviews can impact the sales of any business as prospective customers consider the online reviews posted by like-minded customers before making a purchase decision. The customer reviews and ratings help the shoppers to validate their purchase decisions. 

As per The Consumers Review, online customer reviews act as social proof, and positive reviews help the business gain trust and credibility. In fact, in their opinion, positive reviews serve as a badge of trust and quality, and prospective customers are more likely to trust the reviews posted by strangers in comparison to traditional advertising. The reason being user-generated content is unbiased is perceived to be more authentic. According to them, customer reviews encourage people to interact with your business, and as a result, it increases companies’ profitability. They further add that a negative review will bar many more prospective customers from making a purchase if a positive review brings new customers.

They also add that prospects often turn to reviews and ratings when they are in the final stage of decision-making. The customer reviews help them make the final choice, and positive reviews make them feel more confident about their decision. They add that prospects influenced by reviews are even willing to spend extra to buy products.  

The Consumers Review believes that companies can leverage customer reviews in many ways, such as creating better customer experiences, managing customer satisfaction, improving their products and services, and retaining customers. 

Customer trust is the most valuable asset for any brand. According to The Consumers Review, one of the most important ways to build trust is to make your customers your brand ambassadors by displaying their reviews. The importance of customer reviews can be gauged from the fact that prospects trust reviews and ratings, the way they trust recommendations from their family and friends, and customers today have become more skeptical of traditional advertising and marketing.

According to The Consumers Review, customer reviews provide valuable insights about a product or service. The companies can leverage these customer insights to improve their products and services by fixing the flaws. The information gathered from customer feedback tells the companies what is working well in a product and how they can improvise the product to create better customer experiences.

Another benefit of the consumer review is that it helps companies to measure customer satisfaction. As per The Consumers Review, there is a direct connection between a company’s performance and customer satisfaction. The higher the customer satisfaction, the better a business will perform. According to them, loyalty and customer satisfaction directly influence companies’ profitability and market share. Happy customers will give positive reviews about the brand, and it will, in turn, encourage more people to buy products from that business resulting in increased profitability and higher market share. The company further adds that negative reviews provide brands with an opportunity to show they are listening. Resolving the issues faced by customers will not only turn them into loyal customers but will also help a business improve its products and services.

Benefits of customer reviews for businesses also include improved SEO and search engine rankings. The user-generated content is organic in nature, and search engines value such content. Companies with more positive reviews are considered to be better than the competition and get higher rankings in search engine results. According to The Consumers Review, search engine algorithms understand the importance of customer reviews and takes them into account while determining rankings. The consumer review means a business is reliable and legit, and positive customer reviews improve the search engine rankings of a business. Search engines crawl websites to decide their ranking in search engine page results. User-generated content such as customer reviews and ratings increases click-through rate and improves your search engine rankings. They further explain that user-generated content is authentic, genuine, and likely to contain highly relevant keywords related to your business which search engines can crawl, and this, in turn, will improve rankings. Positive reviews will improve your rankings for targeted keywords. 

As per The Consumers Review, one can understand the importance of customer reviews from the fact that they can help a business bring in new customers. Online reviews play a crucial role in bringing in new customers, especially for local companies. When it comes to decisions like where to eat, where to go, what to do, positive reviews and higher ratings easily influence a prospect’s decision. They are more likely to choose a business based on ratings and reviews even if they have never heard about it before and vice-a-versa.

According to The Consumers Review, customer reviews are very powerful as they come from real people and can affect a business as they impact their bottom line. They further add that customer reviews act as social validation for a product and increases awareness about the brand. The consumer review not only helps prospective customers in making informed purchasing decisions but also provides valuable insights to companies.


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Stefan Intson - The founder of Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd

After completing his Master's in Business Administration, Stefan Intson co-founded Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd. He is also a beverage professional and looked forward to starting something that would benefit the people. Billions of litres of beverages are consumed each day across the world, and Stefan Intson wanted to provide them with a healthy option to drink instead of the regular sugary beverages available. He is also the producer of the famous YAMAS ice tea in Greece. YAMAS Ice Tea is owned by YAMAS IKE. The distinct flavour of ice tea has become so famous among the people that the company is now expanding its borders to Europe.

It’s Founding:

Stefan Intson, along with his co-founders, laid the foundation of Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd in 1998. Many small businesses were merged together to create Bexpax, which solely focused on beverage and tasks related to it, including brand development, packaging design, Reaearch& Development, etc., to customers across the globe. There are 8 brands of beverage that are under Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd– Te', Fito Water, Le Café, Jelz, RockiT, Survive, Vio, and Hydra. Stefan Intson is known to be the mastermind behind the commercialization of cold brew coffees.

What Does it Manufacture?

Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd was co-founded by Stefan Intson on the belief to provide people with something healthy to drink. The range of beverages produced by the company is pre biotic and pro biotic, which promote a healthy lifestyle. Ever since it was founded, the company has been manufacturing healthy beverages and has become quite famous. Stefan Intson and his company continually come up with new healthy beverages. Cold brew coffee with oat milk is the latest addition to their line of beverages in the American markets. Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd has quickly gained name and fame in the international markets.


The company is also known for outsourcing its services to global distributors for private labelling. One such product outsourced by them was Survive Satchels. The range of products received an award last year in 2020 in the European Food and Beverage Program. Delighted by his achievement, Stefan Intson revealed that Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd would continue coming up with innovative and healthy products. The award-winning Survive Satchels are available in 7gm sachets in a variety of flavours, including Banana, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Orange, and Mixed Berry.

Global Market Presence

The beverages created by Stefan Intson and his company Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd have quickly gained fame in the global markets. Besides taking care of Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd, Stefan Intson also extends his support to his clients who collaborate with the company for private labelling. Several facilities of Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd have been established in countries like Australia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This enables the company to manufacture at a lower price and offer their products at pocket-friendly prices without compromising with the quality.

Stefan Intson refuses to take all the credit for the growth of Bexpax for himself. He praises his team and the employees of Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd, who continually strive to come up with new and innovative beverages that are loved by the people. Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd has grown and reached heights of success under Stefan Intson.

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Kotlyar's Auction: Leading online auction website

Looking for elite goods auction site and marketplace? Kotlyar’s Auction offers endless opportunities to businesses. Electric trading platform is something innovative offering fair competition and uniform trading platform. They are one-stop solution for people in Israel and worldwide. For more expansion, they can become rewarding choice for vendors. They disable geographical restrictions. Offering best features ensures seamless transaction. Starting from availing valuable piece for buyers to achieving global platform for improved trade ROI for sellers, they are qualified choices.

History of Kotlyar’s Auction:

Their commercial experience is a result of coming up with creative approach for businesses. Intense research and analytics are backbones of creation. With passing time, they have matured to emerge as unified platform. Trading antiques, raw materials, gold, real estate, and precious stone becomes seamless with them. 

Continuous research has developed detailed insights on bidders and vendors. The international market consists of endless names. Get more information and register at  https://kotlyars.com/en/users/registration

Mission of Kotlyar's Auction:

Their mission is promotion of digital markets offering quality jewelry, extravagant, precious stones, and real estate. We endeavor to evolve and provide a space for cooperating businesses from various parts. We are primarily focused on the Israel Diamond Exchange- the advanced and largest center of diamond worldwide. Seamless trading is their prime agenda. Any owners of precious and antique piece can contact them to acquire global visibility.

Objective of Kotlyar's Auction:

This is made with the objective to bring businesses and traders together, keeping the ethics intact on professional service. Adhering to a stringent confidentiality policy along with individual approach for every client, they aim to be the need for the auctioneers and purchasers.

Their Dutch and Classical Bidding include:

It is the ultimate platform for trading luxurious property and auction luxury goods. This provides opportunity to trade via digital bidding without any intermediaries. The users require registering to put their property or goods into Dutch or Classic Auctions. With them, sellers are available from different parts of the world.

Even buyers enjoy several advantages too. Once registered and selected, they can check auction authors and purchase after creating the application and own a luxurious product. This platform becomes beneficial for fanatics with zeal to collect antiques. You are just one step away from getting access to Kotlyar's Auction, To Register on Site:  https://kotlyars.com/en/users/registration

  • Gemstones
  • Jewelry 
  • Art Objects 
  • Real Estate 
  • Antique 
  • Water Transport  
  • Cars  
  • Precious Metals

Products offered at Online Shop:

  • Gem Stones
  • Jewelry
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Antiques
  • Arts

Services offered:

  • Brokerage Services: They can be your associate in brokerage field. They endow professional assistance. Their experts to sell products worldwide. We help you will find rare colored diamonds which our experts examine at first. The brokers are available in the IDE office. You can come to enter the contracts and acquire help to choose a reliable patron.
  • Sales and Distribution: We are a solution for several large companies like law firms and other distributors who depend on us for their trading functions. We handle the selling of their precious stones. We proffer assistance in agent registration and organize their transactional service.
  • Online Auctions: We offer the digital platform to create a trading space for bidders and sellers for different services and goods. The two models of auction, including Dutch and classic, help people from other parts of the world participate. Buyers and sellers from the different parts of the globe can become a part of this digital bidding. This is where you can find modern art and fine art auctions online. Kotlyar’s Auction is the ultimate place for the business who wants to trade their luxurious goods and consumers ' who are searching for luxury items. Get in touch with us to know in detail.
  • Online Tenders 

Want to know more about their services? Register On 


Packages: https://kotlyars.com/en/packages

Trading precious components become seamless with their presence. Call us anytime for queries.


Phone/WhatsApp: +919353782377

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Marketplace for Elite Goods Kotlyar’s Auctions Helps Businesses Find Attractive Offers to Expand Reach

Israel – October 28, 2020 – Marketplace for Elite Goods Kotlyar’s Auctions, is the best place for businesses to find exciting and unlimited opportunities. The reputed and reliable electronic trading platform has become a reliable online auction website for trading and exploring newer markets.

“Kotlyar’s Auctions organizes all types of auctions including tenders, sale online store, classic auction, and Dutch auction. Their operating overheads are low because of the form of the conducts. It also ensures that very little time is needed for processing transactions. This marketplace has emerged as an advanced and modern business tool for entrepreneurs looking to explore new business opportunities.”

“Already created universal market services, which include various types of services on the market, will be available on the platform.

As industries evolve and markets move to the next stage of digitalization, the demand for unhindered access to standard infrastructure components and capabilities grows.”

Kotlyar Auctions, a marketplace meeting the new expectations of e-commerce customers in Israel and around the world, starting October 25, 2020, for all willing sellers and buyers, is launching free sections on the site, such as Yachts, Speed Boats, Ships, Luxury Cars. Retro Cars, Luxury cars and motor sports cars. Investment property, plots or individual real estate, commercial property. Space items, collectibles.

This marketplace, available at https://kotlyars.com, will include over 100 retailers and up to 100,000 items to be listed for free.

A key objective of this reputed electronic trading platform is providing the setting for a fair competition in the market and the creation of a unified platform for trading. The site allows business owners to deal in a reliable and secure manner and also profitably.



The site does business only with registered and proven suppliers and buyers from all over the world and those with an impeccable reputation in the global markets. Kotlyar’s Auction is focused on becoming an industry leader and is supported in its endeavor by a team of highly qualified professionals and staff members. The business operations are powered by advanced equipment and modern information technology. 

“We will do everything in our power to ensure that website members succeed, because when they succeed, things will change for the better.”

To Register on Our Site: https://kotlyars.com/en/users/registration

For Instruction and terms: https://kotlyars.com/en/offer

Packages: https://kotlyars.com/en/packages

For Tenders: https://kotlyars.com/en/tenders


Phone/Whatsapp: +919353782377

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Spain and 9 other teams premiere soccer jerseys

We all like soccer jerseys, I don't know why. But that's how it is. It doesn't matter if we like football or not. Football shirts are the new basic wardrobe for new generations. With this in mind, adidas has designed new camisetas de futbol for nine European teams that play UEFA Euro 2020: Germany, Wales, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Scotland and Sweden. These new camisetas de futbol combine football and art with hand-made designs, instead of using digital tools.

Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director of camisetasfutboleses.com, commented: “It was a unique challenge to develop a line of shirts that would successfully convey the raw emotion and unifying effect of football. But starting the creative process focused on hand drawings allowed us to be more direct, human and emotional in what we created. We are delighted with an end result that really manages to unite the worlds of art and football. ”

The first shirt will be released on November 12, and will be available in two versions: the authentic one and a replica. These new https://www.camisetasfutboles.es/">camisetas de futbol have a new technical detail in the hem that make them much more ergonomic. They also have another important detail, and it is a special stamp designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UEFA football competition.

The new camisetas de futbol baratas for Spain are an abstract representation of the national flag, with deep red and burgundy tones, with glitch pixel effects. On the neck there is special detail, puts 1920, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first shirt of the Football Federation of Spain. The look is completed with the pants and the socks in a deep blue with the bands in powerful yellow. And well, regardless of your nationality, you can choose the one that grinds you the most. The long-sleeved shirts of Spain's first kit cost 99.95 euros and the short-sleeved one, 89.95 euros. And you can catch them on the web https://www.camisetasfutboles.es/.

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These are the most valued soccer jerseys

The sporting successes of the teams are very attractive for the big companies of the most varied branches of industry. And a good showcase are their soccer jerseys. https://www.camisetasfutboleses.com/ Thus, the magnet that attracts the attention of these companies are the players who play in those clubs, being in many cases even greater in the decision to place high sums of money - and their sponsorship - in them.

In this way, Camisetas de futbol, as well as all the merchandising of what surrounds a club, is one of the accessories that sports fans look for in the best way as proof and identity sign with their favorite team, as well as the way to express your feelings towards one or the other accordingly. In this way, from camisetasfutboleses.com we show you which are the most valuable.

The power of selling cheap soccer jerseys in club income

In the British teams, as is the case with Chelsea, their economic health depends quite little on what happens on the field every weekend, as evidenced by the millionaire contracts with the Nike sports brand and Yokohama.

These two big brands are the ones that sustain the economic stuff of the other powerful club in London, the Arsenal, in a great way, even though this year the ‘Gunners’ have changed to the Adidas firm.

Thus, these look on their soccer jerseys, although according to sales it seems easy to explain the interest of these two teams to be present in the elastic. It is true that the sale of soccer jerseys has become a priority for clubs across Europe because the revenue generated is necessary to increase the potential of their templates at https://www.camisetasfutboleses.com/.

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The Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC (“EMC”) announced today that it has already produced five free “Virtual Seminars” for the retail energy industry.


EMC now offers five Webinars or “Virtual Seminars” on its website for viewing and is planning many more. The five include:

1.      “HOW TO CONTAIN THE EPIDEMIC OF CHURN IN RETAIL ENERGY” – Run by Jack Doueck, CEO of LED PLUS USA.  This webinar shows retail energy providers how to reduce churn and increase customer retention simply and cost-effectively.


2.      “RETAIL ENERGY REGULATORY TRENDS – WHAT’S NEW, WHAT’S COMING SOON, and WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ABOUT IT” – run by Frank Caliva of P.R. Quinlan.  This webinar shows which states are most welcoming to progress in deregulation and which to avoid.



3.      “BOOST YOUR CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE USING MACHINE LEARNING” – run by Dr. Madalasa Venkatraman of TEG Analytics.  This webinar educates the audience on how to use AI and machine learning to increase CLTV.


4.      “THE LATEST AND GREATEST IN RETAIL ENERGY M&A” – run by Jack Doueck and Larry Leikin of Energy Marketing Conferences. This fantastic panel discussion is among Justin Courtney of Stephens investment bank, Nathan Kroeker, CEO of Spark Energy, Harold Marx of NRG, David Mirza of Medtractions, and Phillip Wills of Pulse Power.



5.      “EFFECTIVE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT TECHNIQUES FOR SUCCESSFUL CUSTOMER RETENTION” – run by Jack Doueck and Larry Leikin of Energy Marketing Conferences.  This panel discussion features Kevin McMinn of Crius, Alan Schwab of Genie Retail Energy, Bill Kinneary of Powervine Energy, Ty Benefiel of MeterGenius, Dan Seaman of Optimus and Bruce Shields of Data Communications Management.

EMC is planning many more Virtual Seminars for the coming weeks and months.  The next one is August 20th entitled: “A Software Strategy for Managing Disruptive Change.”  EMC advertises its webinars online through its social media network, at its conferences, as well as on its website and to its email list of approximately 15,000 retail energy professionals. 



The Virtual Seminars are available on EMC’s website as a free and valuable educational tool for the industry.  


“Our mission in Energy Marketing Conferences is twofold: education and networking. Our two semi-annual conferences offer the absolute best opportunities for networking in the retail energy industry.  The conferences are packed with more than 50 speakers, 10 executive workshops and 6 interactive panels – all learning opportunities,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of the Energy Marketing Conferences. “We will now reach out online to a much larger audience and provide people who aspire to have careers in retail energy with valuable information to help them innovate and succeed.”


Who should attend: CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s and CFO’s of retail energy suppliers should tune into these virtual seminars.   “We ran an EMC Virtual Seminar in June of 2019 and it generated great traction. Jack and Larry did everything they promised. We received great exposure through national press releases, social media, the EMC website and email blasts to the whole retail industry,” said Nishant Jairath, of TEG Analytics. “Thank you to EMC for hosting this great educational series for Retail Energy!”


“EMC crafted this series of Webinars to appeal to all levels of retail energy companies including: CEO’s, CMO’s, COO’s, CFO’s as well as managers of divisions, retention managers, sales managers, channel partner managers, customer service personnel and IT professionals,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC. “This program is the first of its kind in the industry and we are excited that it is already off to a great start.”


The next Energy Marketing Conference will take place at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City on September 12th 2019.  CLICK HERE to register for the largest retail energy event ever.


ABOUT Energy Marketing Conferences:

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences LLC is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.  The EMC Monthly e-Newsletter goes out to more than 15,000 retail energy executives each month with important articles written by industry professionals. The EMC Virtual Seminars are the newest program of EMC, designed to help educate the industry on a host of topics – free of charge.   



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RSS Email Newsletters Put PRWeb on your site BitcoinTaxes Announces Import Support for the Latest Release of TurboTax Online

CoinsTax, LLC, the owner of BitcoinTaxes (https://bitcoin.tax/) have announced that it has teamed up with TurboTax Online® from Intuit®. BitcoinTaxes now has a report that enables users to import their cryptocurrency capital gains directly into TurboTax Online. The combination of BitcoinTaxes and TurboTax Online will save even a casual trader a substantial amount of time in preparing their taxes.

Now the IRS has opened e-filing, taxpayers who purchase the 2018 Premier and above versions of Intuit’s TurboTax Online will have access to a new Cryptocurrency section. With a few clicks, capital gains transactions can be uploaded directly into Form 1040 Schedule D.

Colin Mackie, CEO of CoinsTax, said “We are working with TurboTax Online to make filing crypto taxes much easier. Until now, tax preparation software has provided limited cryptocurrency support. The new Cryptocurrency section in TurboTax Online with its import from Bitcoin.Tax will save everyone a lot of time.”

BitcoinTaxes significantly reduces the work involved for traders to calculate their crypto taxes, especially when using multiple exchanges, such as Coinbase, Gemini, and Poloniex. The service provides the ability to import trading data directly from major exchanges into the user’s account. Capitals gains and income reports are calculated and available to download for use with tax software or sending to a user’s accountant.

BitcoinTaxes has provided more information and instructions on how to import using TurboTax Online, which can be found on their website at:


A free, limited version of BitcoinTaxes is available at https://bitcoin.tax/signup. Paid versions of BitcoinTaxes start at .95 per tax year for up to 1,000 transactions. Getting started with BitcoinTaxes is easy for even non-technical users and new customers can follow the 7 Easy Steps Guide to use their account.

About CoinsTax, LLC – Launched in 2014, BitcoinTaxes was the original do-it-yourself tax calculation software for the active cryptocurrency trader. The system is proved as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and is a leader in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency tools segment of Fintech.

For more information about the company, please go to the CoinsTax website at https://coins.tax.

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NYSE : PCG Long Term Shareholder Notice: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing at PG&E Corporation

Certain directors of &E Corporation are under investigation over potential breaches of fiduciary duties. 

Investors who are current long term investors in PG&E Corporation (NYSE: PCG) shares, have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation at mail@shareholdersfoundation.com or call +1(858) 779 - 1554.

The investigation by a law firm for investors in NYSE: PCG stocks follows a lawsuit filed against PG&E over alleged securities laws violations. The investigation on behalf of current long term investors in NYSE: PCGstocks, concerns whether certain PG&E directors are liable in connection with the allegations made in that lawsuit.

The plaintiff alleges that the defendants made false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose that PG&E had failed to maintain electricity transmission and distribution networks in compliance with safety requirements and regulations promulgated under state law, that consequently, PG&E was in violation of state law regulation, that PG&E's electricity networks would cause numerous wildfires in California, and that as a result of the foregoing, Defendants' statements about the Company's business and operations were materially false and misleading at all relevant times.

Those who purchased shares of PG&E Corporation (NYSE: PCG) have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Shareholders Foundation, Inc. 
Michael Daniels 
3111 Camino Del Rio North - Suite 423
92108 San Diego 
Phone: +1-(858)-779-1554 
Fax: +1-(858)-605-5739 

About Shareholders Foundation, Inc.
The Shareholders Foundation, Inc. is a professional portfolio monitoring and settlement claim filing service, , which does research related to shareholder issues and informs investors of securities class actions, settlements, judgments, and other legal related news to the stock/financial market. Shareholders Foundation, Inc. is in contact with a large number of shareholders and offers help, support, and assistance for every shareholder. The Shareholders Foundation, Inc. is not a law firm. Referenced cases, investigation, and/or settlements are not filed/reached and/or related to Shareholders Foundation. The information is provided as a public service. It is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied upon.

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Fyoosion Startup Launches Direct To Consumer (DTC) Business Model

Almost every company now has a presence on social media. If your company doesn’t have one, you are clearly in an ever decreasing minority.

At the same time, the power and reach of social media must be leveraged properly to get the best out of such engagements. It is a fact that while many companies use social technologies, just a few actually achieve the full potential benefit.

Engage With Your Audience More Effectively

To know about the full advantage of social technologies, you must know how to engage with the right audience in the right place. Social media engagement can be used to create more relevant and profitable relationships with customers. The reach of these services are immense and not having a presence on social media is akin to giving the race to your competitors on a platter.

Social media integration can easily increase productivity according to online marketing experts. You can increase staff efficiency by as much as 25 per cent through social media integration.

Social networks for staff members can make the workforce more dynamic and productive. It can also train them to work in an online social environment. Communicating through a social network with colleagues can provide the necessary experience for effective social media engagement and also helps you communicate better with customers.

Establish a Better Communication Platform with Business Partners

One of the least explored areas of social media integration is connecting with the network of suppliers, dealers and clients. Just a handful of companies have the technology to be entirely self-sufficient in communication systems. Social media can provide the ideal platform to communicate with other companies. It can help achieve high efficiency in business-to-business which goes way beyond with emails and calls. Social media integration such as Fyoosion can help establish cross-company private social networks.

Social media integration can be brought to any site with built-in comments feature. It can be used to initiate product reviews or add comment streams, post blogs and lots more.

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