Why Choose RCIC Immigration Services Dubai?

Moving home to another country is considered to be one of the most stressful tasks as it requires lots of money and hard work. But you can decrease your stress level by taking help of a reliable and affordable immigration partner who ensures that your immigration process is a smooth one.

There are several immigration consultants in Dubai, among them RCIC immigration services Dubai provides quick and dependable immigration service to various countries. As you know, there are many fraud consultants out there, but you will be surprised to see that there are hardly any RCIC complaints available in the RCIC review section.

Here are some RCIC immigration services reviews that will help you understand the company better.

Who are RCIC Immigration Services?

Based in Clover Bay Tower, Business Bay, RCIC immigration services, Dubai is one of the most professional organizations that provide premium quality and unbiased services to customers from different countries. They have an excellent team of highly qualified professionals who ensure making the immigration process as stress-free as possible. You can get in touch with them through email or phone calls. They are top-voted immigration consultants who got extensive positive RCIC reviews on their website and other social media sites. If you check their site thoroughly, you will get relaxed and happy as they got hardly any RCIC complaints.

Vision of RCIC Immigration Consultants

RCIC immigration services Dubai aims to provide transparent, fair, and ethical immigration services in order to make your journey smooth and hassle-free. If you check the RCIC review section, you will notice that clients from various countries rated their service as best and high-standard. They hardly have any RCCI complaints on their RCIC complain section as they strictly follow international immigration regulations.

What Makes RCIC Immigration Consultants Better from Others?

They are a renowned immigration consultant that offers premium quality service at affordable prices. Continue reading to know why they are best.

  • Transparency– They offer accurate and trustworthy immigration services, ensuring a higher level of transparency, openness, and fair handling. RCIC immigration services reviews reflect their reliability and transparency.
  • Integrity– If you are looking for RCIC complaints, then you will not get disappointed because they have only positive RCIC reviews and ratings on their site. The company serves a professional, impartial, and high-standard immigration service, ensuring a reliable and seamless journey.
  • Commitment–Their professional team strives to deliver excellent immigration services as their key priority is customer satisfaction. You can go through RCIC immigration services reviews to make sure you are choosing the best consultant for your journey.


For Which Countries They Provide Immigration Services?

Here is the list of countries for which they provide immigration services.

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Denmark

Because of their vast knowledge and experience in immigration, they have been praised by numerous clients in their RCIC reviews. Customer satisfaction is their top priority; that’s why they always respond to every RCIC complain, if any and resolve it as soon as possible.

Services Offered

They help to apply for different kinds of visas including–

  • Visit visa
  • Student visa
  • Immigration visa
  • Second citizenship visa
  • Work Permit

Why is RCIC Immigration Services Dubai Best?

The consultants of RCIC immigration are extremely professional and cooperative. They never provide any false information, nor they give any fake assurances of visa approval. Their transparency of work is the reason why they got lots of positive RCIC reviews on their site. You can contact their experts if you face any problems while applying for a visa. Their customer support team handles every RCIC complain carefully and efficiently.

If you have availed of their services, you can write an RCIC review so that others can also understand the benefits of their services.

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INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR Publishes 2021 Japan Executive Team Rankings

NEW YORK - 23 April, 2021 - Today, Institutional Investor Research announced results of their 9th Annual Japan Executive Team survey, revealing Japan’s leading CEOs, CFOs, Investor Relations Officers, and Investor Relations programs that best uphold corporate governance standards and facilitate investment into their company. A total of 100 companies attained a published position in the categories listed above to become an Honored company, and 81 of those companies were granted the coveted Most Honored Company recognition by ranking in 2 or more of these categories. 

Results highlights 

The following companies clinched All-Star status, achieving a first place clean sweep in the combined rankings across four categories for Best CEO, Best CFO, Best Investor Relations Professional and Best IR Program in their respective sectors in the 2021 Japan Executive Team survey, published today by Institutional Investor Research (II Research).

ANA Holdings (Transportation (Air, Land, Sea)); Asahi Group Holdings (Beverages, Food & Tobacco); Daikin Industries (Engineering & Machinery); Daiwa Securities Group (Insurance & Other Nonbank Financials); HOYA Corp. (Electronics/Precision Instruments (including Imaging & Semiconductor Precision Equipment)); ITOCHU Corp. (Trading Companies); Mizuho Financial Group (Banks); Nidec Corp. (Electronics/Components); Nippon Steel Corp. (Metals & Technical Materials); Sony Corp. (Electronics/Consumer); Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. (Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals).

The companies with the highest weighted score are: Asahi Group Holdings, Nidec Corp., Sony Corp. and Daikin Industries.

This year, Daiwa Securities stood out as achieving #1 in their sector as well as topping the leaders table for 2021’s top research provider.

715 investors and portfolio managers and analysts from 298 voter firms participated in this survey, nominating a total of 510 companies across 25 sectors. The companies were rated on several core areas, including Financial Disclosure, Services & Communication, and ESG. When presented with the added attributes of CEO and CFO, we can see that while there was an increase in votes for these positions, there was also more scrutiny.

1. Emerging trends identified:

Electronics/Components, Engineering & Machinery, and Electronics/Precision Instruments garnered the most attention this year.

2. Feedback on ESG: 

Has risen in importance with 38% of the buy side saying it was of greater importance year on year, mirroring the market sentiment and the shift in importance to the social aspects of ESG.

3. IR performance attributes: 

Investment professionals were presented with six IR performance attributes to help assess the quality of IR, the two most important ones emerged to be ‘Timing to Market (Timeliness)’ in Financial Disclosure and ‘Productivity of NDR/Conferences/Calls in Services & Communication.

Michael Clemons, Sales Director for Japan, says “2020 was a challenging year across the globe with no exception in Japan. It was very much a level playing field for the IR departments to be reaching out to investors across Zoom and other online platforms. As a positive result of the challenges, we saw a doubling in voters to 715 as well as yet another record year of 33,000 votes versus 19,000 in 2020. Utilizing data will be tantamount for the “new normal” as companies continue to defend their top positions or regain them.”

For the full list of published winners, please visit https://www.institutionalinvestor.com/research/10984/The-All-Japan-Executive-Team

Marketing License

Institutional Investor owns the copyright to all survey and awards logos. Speak with us to acquire access to the Institutional Investor award or award logo to share your winning position in the 2021 Japan Executive Team ranking across your website content, advertisements, communications, marketing collateral, and more. Please contact marketing@iiresearch.com.

You may share your position across social media if you tag @Institutional Investor Research.

Benchmark Data and IR Perception Analysis

To request further information on how you can use survey data to market your firm internally or externally, or deeper analysis of survey data, please contact Michael Clemons, Japan Rep, II Research, on +81 (0)50 5532 1664 or michael.clemons@institutionalinvestor.com.

About Institutional Investor Research

For 52 years Institutional Investor has consistently distinguished itself among the world’s foremost media companies with ground-breaking journalism and incisive writing that provides essential intelligence for a global audience. In addition, Institutional Investor offers highly-respected proprietary benchmark research and rankings; Institutional Investor Research provides independent sell-side and corporate performance research and rankings and aims to be the first-choice and independent validation source of qualitative market intelligence for all three sides of the investment community. Institutional Investor Research has a global presence, spanning Europe, Asia Pacific, the US and Latin America.

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Joel Emery Tareo Capital- Best Investment Manager

Tareo Capital is a newly developed Digital Advisory Pte. Ltd, currently offering consulting services in investment management, health care and technology fields. Joel Emery Tareo Capital is the Chief Executive Officer of the management firm with offices in Singapore, New York and London. Tareo Capital Joel Emery is competent in global healthcare and technology including Block chain and digital investing. Joel is dedicated to discover vivid technologies and is actively investing his venture capital as well as public traded fund, for the cause. His expertise has made him the CEO of the most profitable mining operation around the globe.

Tareo Capital management is currently operating from 152 West 57th St. 21st Fl., New York City, New York, 10019, United States. The company is generating revenue of 3 MN USD with 16 employees in team. Joel Emery is heading Tareo with his immense experience and visionary mindset. Tareo Capital Management is currently using technologies of Proofpoint, Apache HTTP Server, Rackspace, GoDaddy and DNS.

Joel Emery Tareo Capital is launching funds with his vision to discover disruptive technologies and businesses in global healthcare and technology sectors, keeping the blockchain in focus. Currently, Joel Emery Tareo is dedicating his energies into the development of its smart cities fund. Through Tareo Digital Advisory, Joel serves as CEO of Lion Crypto Terminal and advises on other STOs/ICOs.
He also started running an advisory business with MeFy, Clean Energy and Lion Trading Terminal, out of Singapore. After Joel's influence, Mefy is changing the healthcare delivery channel globally while Lion Trading Terminal is actively narrowing the gap between investment managers and digital investing.
Tareo Capital Joel Emery has also been a Senior Vice President, Senior Analyst, and Co-Portfolio Manager at Alger Management and worked from Apr 2012 to Feb 2015, even before starting Tareo. He has served at TIAA-CREF Investment Management from March 2006 to April 2011, lastly being the Managing Director and Portfolio manager. Joel Emery used to be the Principal at Carlson Capital from April 2011 to Nov 2011 and Highside Capital Management from Apr 2004 to Feb 2006.
Joel has earned his MBA in Finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and his BS in Political Science from State University of New York at Plattsburgh. He owns volunteer experience at Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco as Chief Finance Officer. Joel Emery Tareo is a CFA charter holder, CFA Institute member, and a NYSSA member as well.

Joel has decades of industry experience making him stand out among the others. Tareo Capital Joel Emery is extending its hands into healthcare and technology fields by proving visionary consulting services. With his experience of more than a couple of decades in the industry, Joel EmeryTareo is providing consultations in both of the targets sectors. Companies looking for an expansion or emerging out among the competitors can easily get consultation at Tareo.

Tareo Capital Joel Emery is gradually becoming a globally acknowledged name for investment management consultation. The team at Tareo is well experienced and is expelling to its fullest. With office at New York City, Tareo Capital is turning every rock to mark its presence globally. Under the leadership of Joel Emery, Tareo Capital is sure to expel.

Joel Emery Tareo has a strong focus on stock selection, whereby he and his experienced team adopt a detailed and rigorous analysis to select the stocks that form a part of the fund. Tareo Capital Joel Emery over the years has maintained a mix of both high growth stocks and value picks in his portfolio. He is known to spot the businesses that can grow massively over the long-term despite having any short-term shortcoming.

As a fund manager, Tareo Capital Joel Emery, prefers to stay invested with leaders and potential leaders with a healthy and sustainable business model. His team focuses on fundamentals and seeks to avoid taking exposure based on day-to-day developments. Joel Emery Tareo Capital has made no mistake in identifying companies that are willing to change and evolve through better research and differentiation.

Joel EmeryTareo, the chief exceutive officer at Traeo capital management is a qualified professional who has vast knowledge of sophisticated financial products and well know how to make money from them. It is his invaluable experience in money management, extensive contacts in the investment industry and access to detailed information, which together with in-house expertise, allows him to make informed timely decisions on behalf of investors.

Being a renowned name in Investment management industry Joel Emery Tareo has a plethora of roles and responsibilities.

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Mr. Frederick W. Newcomb: A Legendary Investment Tycoon









Mr. Fred Newcomb has been the owner and President of Newcomb & Company and a registered securities principal over the course of a half century, has created numerous startling innovations in the investment world, stirring observers and participants to call him a “legendary investor”. Newcomb & Company, a broker/dealer and member firm of the NASD/FINRA, specialized in financial services institutional and mutual fund building, development and sales, investment banking, wholesale syndications and the development of investment pools for large financial institutions and international government agencies. The firm also served as a consulting firm in the financial services and general business industries. Mr. Newcombs accomplishments in investment banking have ranged from arranging the financing of Samsungs entry into the computer market in the United States in the commercial arena, to the creation and sales of investment companies in the mutual fund, insurance, hedge fund and venture capital industries.

Prior to froming Newcomb and Company, he was President of AIM Financial Services, a provider of software, systems, data processing and mutual fund transfer agency services to the financial services industry. Prior to AIM, Mr. Newcomb was employed by Putnam, where he was Vice President of the Putnam Daily Dividend Trust and Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing for Putnam and Eberstadt, initially doubling assets through working in the areas of load mutual fund distribution through broker/dealers, the introduction to no load institutional and retirement markets and the creation of the bank market for the Putnam Funds, which then became one-half of Putnams half billion asset base. Prior to Putnam he was Director of Marketing for the Scudder Funds for eleven years.

In the insurance industries, he served in several management positions at NEL Equity Services Corp. including national sales manager for equity products, a broker/dealer and distributor for New England Life Insurance Company, the firm that acquired Mr. Newcomb's first financial services industry employer, Loomis Sayles & Company, where he was an officer of the Loomis Sayles Funds.

A pioneer of the mutual fund industry, Mr. Newcomb was one of the founders and directors of the No Load Mutual Fund Association, where he served as President. He also was a director and Executive Committee member of the National Investment Company Services Association as well a member of the Investment Company Institute and the Investment Counsel Association. His industry firsts include: the first cash management system for individuals and corporations of money market funds; the first wire transfer between unaffiliated investment companies; the inclusion of 403(b) plans placed into ERISA; the first mutual fund 401(k) plan filed and produced under ERISA; and the first international mutual fund management company merger, involving Loomis Sayles Canadian & International Fund and Scudder International Investments Fund.

As part of his practice at Newcomb & Company, Mr. Newcomb combined investment banking and financial services by building the Advantage Trust Funds for Great American First Bank, the Sierra Trust Funds for Great Western Bank, sold the original Pro Funds to the American Medical Association to create AMA Funds and did the consulting analysis for the sale of Stein Roe and Farnham to Liberty Mutual Financial Services. He provided the original consulting for the formation of the Morgan Stanley Mutual Funds, built the Alexander Hamilton Life Variable Annuities and restructured the investment company services structure for Riggs Bank of Washington, DC. Mr. Newcomb has also built international and foreign fund portfolios outside of the United States.

An integral part of Mr. Newcomb’s work has been the reorganization of the structure and operation of mutual funds and their service support systems to ensure stronger compliance, reduce costs, provide superior service and to increase sales and assets. The background and experience to do this work was at the many fine and prestigious investment firms in his earlier career that provided Mr. Newcomb with the opportunity to create, build, sell, deliver and support what became billions of dollars of industry assets as an NASD/FINRA Registered General Securities Principal and Registered Representative licensed to sell securities. 

Mr. Newcomb is a graduate of Boston University with a double degree in English and American Literature, attended the University of Maine School of Management and is a graduate of the Career Life Underwriting School. He has served on the Board of Directors of the US Boston Funds and Board of Advisers of General Defense Systems and other various companies.

As senior advisor to some of the largest investment company groups, Mr. Newcomb has always been a popular speaker for conferences and broadcast appearances and now under current conditions to smaller groups on his style of macro analysis as an overlay to micro applications and real world practical business acumen.


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FEI to Host Top Regulators From SEC, FASB and PCAOB at Annual Corporate Financial Reporting Insights (CFRI) Conference

Financial Executives International (FEI), the association of choice for CFOs and other senior-level finance executives, will hold its 39th Annual Corporate Financial Reporting Insights (CFRI) Conference. For the first time, the event will be hosted virtually on November 2,4,9,11,16 and 18. As with prior years, FEI continues to host an exclusive speaker roster, providing CFRI attendees with invaluable access to business-critical information regarding financial reporting trends, strategies, and tools. Attendees can earn up to 24.5 CPE credits after registering here: https://www.financialexecutives.org/Events/Conferences/Corporate-Financial-Reporting-Insights-Virtual-Con/Info/Register.aspx.

Sessions will be conducted by financial leaders from major organizations such as American Express, Crowe, Deloitte, EY, Facebook, Google. IBM, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Merck, Microsoft, PayPal, Pfizer, PepsiCo, and PWC. These presenters will be joined by key representatives from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

Conference Chair Aaron Anderson, Treasurer for PayPal Holdings, Inc. and member of FEI’s Committee on Corporate Reporting, said, “We are operating in unprecedented times of economic, societal, and personal disruption. To effectively lead our organizations and people through these challenges, we must come together as a profession and share experiences, gather insights, and ultimately take action. To this end, no conference can match CFRI in terms of caliber of speakers and relevancy of topics. We are confident that professionals who attend the conference will walk away empowered and equipped with strategies to succeed personally and professionally.”

Mark Zandi, Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics and Alex Gorsky, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Johnson & Johnson will deliver impactful insights through keynote and interviews on November 9 and 16 respectively.

“This year, CFRI will focus on training financial leaders on how to not only manage but embrace the post-pandemic business environment. With engaging keynotes exploring the pandemic’s impact moving into 2021, from the state of the profession to leadership perspectives, including the presidential election and what might unfold in the U.S. and global economies. Corporate Financial Reporting Insights rounds out an agenda with first-rate experts across various fields of relevance ranging from regulators to tech scientists, and may be the single-most important conference for financial professionals this year,” said Andrej Suskavcevic, CAE, president and CEO of FEI and FERF.

The CFRI conference is made possible through the support of the Financial Education & Research Foundation, and the event sponsors, including Diamond Sponsor Microsoft; Platinum Sponsors Deloitte, EY, Kaplan, KPMG, OneStream, PWC, and Workiva.

Agenda and Registration Details
Visit the CFRI website for the complete agenda, speaker biographies and registration details regarding both in-person and livestream attendance. Additionally, join the Twitter conversation at #FEICFRI2020.

About FEI
Financial Executives International (FEI) is the leading advocate for the views of corporate financial management. Its more than 10,000 members hold policy-making positions as chief financial officers, treasurers and controllers at companies from every major industry. FEI enhances member professional development through peer networking, career management services, conferences, research and publications. Members participate in the activities of more than 65 Chapters in the U.S. FEI is located in Morristown, NJ. Visit http://www.financialexecutives.org for more information.

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Ideanomics Reports 1066 EV Sales Activity for Q3

New York October 16, 2020 - Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) announced its Mobile Energy Global (MEG) division’s sales activities for the month of September and Q3 2020. For the period starting September 1, 2020, through September 30, 2020, MEG delivered a total of 423 units. For 3Q 2020, the period starting July 1, 2020, through September 30, 2020, MEG delivered a total of 626 units. The company also invoiced an additional 440 units in Q3, which are pending expected delivery.


Total Units Delivered – Q3 2020



“We are very pleased that our MEG business experienced sequential growth, month over month, throughout Q3, and the 440 units pending delivery gets Q4 off to a strong start. This growth, fueled by a combination of previously announced deals and new deal origination, along with improvements in our operational efficiency, helps us achieve our goals for 2020 and sets the stage for growth at scale going into 2021,” said Alf Poor, CEO of Ideanomics.


About Ideanomics

Ideanomics is a global company that facilitates the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and supports next-generation financial services and fintech products. Our electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global (MEG) provides group purchasing discounts on commercial electric vehicles, EV batteries and electricity, as well as financing and charging solutions; we refer to this business model as sales to financing to charging (S2F2C). Ideanomics Capital provides fintech services that include intelligent and innovative solutions powered by AI and blockchain. Together, MEG and Ideanomics Capital provide our global customers and partners with more efficient solutions for a greener economy.

The company is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Qingdao, and operations in the U.S., China, Ukraine, and Malaysia.



Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains certain statements that may include "forward looking statements". All statements other than statements of historical fact included herein are "forward-looking statements." These forward-looking statements are often identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "believes," "expects" or similar expressions, involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, and include statements regarding our intention to transition our business model to become a next-generation financial technology company, our business strategy and planned product offerings, our intention to phase out our oil trading and consumer electronics businesses, and potential future financial results. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, they do involve assumptions, risks and uncertainties, and these expectations may prove to be incorrect. You should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this press release. The Company's actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of a variety of risks and uncertainties, such as risks related to: our ability to continue as a going concern; our ability to raise additional financing to meet our business requirements; the transformation of our business model; fluctuations in our operating results; strain to our personnel management, financial systems and other resources as we grow our business; our ability to attract and retain key employees and senior management; competitive pressure; our international operations; and other risks and uncertainties disclosed under the sections entitled “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” in our most recent Form 10-K and Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and similar disclosures in subsequent reports filed with the SEC, which are available on the SEC website at www.sec.gov.. All forward-looking statements attributable to the Company or persons acting on its behalf are expressly qualified in their entirety by these risk factors. Other than as required under the securities laws, the Company does not assume a duty to update these forward-looking statements.


Investor Relations and Media Contact

Tony Sklar, VP of Communications

55 Broadway, 19th Floor New York, New York 10006

Email: ir@ideanomics.com


Valerie Christopherson / Lora Wilson

Global Results Communications (GRC)

+1 949 306 6476


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Ideanomics Reports 503 EV Units Processed for July & August an Increase from Q2

Ideanomics Announces MEG's July and August Activity

203 Units Delivered in July and August

­ 557 Units Invoiced in July and August


NEW YORK – Sep 15, 2020 – Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) ("Ideanomics" or the "Company") is pleased to announce its Mobile Energy Global (MEG) division's activity from the period starting July 1, 2020, and ending August 31, 2020.

MEG activities during the period of July 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020 were as follows:

Vehicle Type

Units Invoiced

(pending expected delivery)

Units Delivered

Heavy Trucks









"Units Delivered" refers to vehicles which have been delivered to customers, and Ideanomics has obtained the delivery notes. "Units Invoiced (pending expected delivery)" refers to customer orders where sales invoices have been issued and units ordered are still pending expected delivery. Delivery dates vary according to the type of vehicle and manufacturer availability.  

The US GAAP accounting treatment for the anticipated revenue from the above orders will not be finalized until the order transactions complete. Consequently, the revenue may be reported on a Gross or Net basis and some portion may be deferred to future accounting periods.


About Ideanomics

Ideanomics is a global company that facilitates the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and supports next-generation financial services and fintech products. Our electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global (MEG) provides group purchasing discounts on commercial electric vehicles, EV batteries and electricity, as well as financing and charging solutions; we refer to this business model as sales to financing to charging (S2F2C). Ideanomics Capital provides fintech services that include intelligent and innovative solutions powered by AI and blockchain. Together, MEG and Ideanomics Capital provide our global customers and partners with more efficient solutions for a greener economy.

The company is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Qingdao, and operations in the U.S., China, Ukraine, and Malaysia.

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Reflexis ONE for Banking Platform Selected by Top U.S. Bank

Reflexis Systems, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent workforce management and execution solutions for multi-site businesses in retail, food service, hospitality and banking, announced today that a second top U.S. bank has selected Reflexis ONE™ for Banking to transform their branch operations.

Reflexis ONE for Banking provides a best-in-class solution for branch staffing optimization and mobile tools for improved employee engagement. The solution simplifies work for branch employees and increases time spent directly with customers, driving productivity and improved client outcomes.

Banking executives have realized the value in looking outside of their industry for best practices to optimize branch performance, and they have found that retailers have overcome many of these same challenges. Reflexis has worked with the world’s largest retailers since 2001 to drive workforce efficiency, effectiveness and productivity and is uniquely well positioned to help banks adopt many of these learnings.

With AI and machine learning powered forecasting, automated schedule optimization and mobile-first Employee Self-Service, banks can ensure they have the right staff in the right place at the right time to improve client engagement. In addition to driving staffing efficiencies, the Reflexis ONE for Banking platform increases employee engagement and satisfaction in the scheduling process.

“Reflexis is thrilled to welcome a second top U.S. bank to our roster of more than 275 forward thinking banks, retailers, food service companies and hotels,” said Brett Friedman, Chief Revenue Officer at Reflexis.

“We’re confident that Reflexis ONE for Banking will streamline labor scheduling and branch operations processes, as we’ve done for our retail customers since 2001,” said Brian Wallace, General Manager of Banking at Reflexis. “This will improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiency, employee satisfaction and sales effectiveness across their national network of banking centers.”

About Reflexis Systems, Inc.
Reflexis Systems is the leading provider of intelligent workforce management, execution and communication solutions for multi-site organizations in retail, food service, hospitality and banking.

The Reflexis ONE™ intelligent work platform is used by our customers across the globe to simplify execution, improve communication and optimize labor decisions. Today, over 275 leaders in retail, food service, hospitality and banking are leveraging Reflexis ONE™ to achieve measurable improvements in customer engagement & associate productivity and retention.

Reflexis Systems is privately held and headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts and has offices in Atlanta, Columbus, London, Düsseldorf, and Pune (India), with additional sales presence across Europe and Latin America. For further information, please visit http://www.Reflexisinc.com.

Reflexis: Unleash the Power of Your Store Associates.

Follow Reflexis on: LinkedIn | Blog | Twitter | YouTube

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BLUEFIN, LLC a Subsidiary of Mantis Innovation Group, LLC Partners with Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC

O2 Investment Partners, LLC (http://www.o2investment.com) is pleased to announce that through Mantis Innovation Group, LLC (http://www.mantisinnovation.com), Bluefin, LLC has acquired and partnered with Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC (http://www.crenshawconsultinggroup.vpweb.com) and its leadership team to enhance both companies’ service offerings, geographic presence, and talented employee group.

Miah Dancy, President of BLUEFIN, LLC, commented, “We are excited to welcome Crenshaw to BLUEFIN. Crenshaw has been an exceptional business for many years, providing expert solutions to its clients. We value its longstanding success, and we commit to providing its team of dedicated employees the resources they need to grow that success even further. Vickie Crenshaw brings exceptional technical expertise to our management team, and we look forward to working closely with her to continue providing superior service to Crenshaw’s customers.”

Crenshaw has a long history of providing the highest quality roof consulting services to a wide variety of customers in both the public and private sectors, including city, county, and state agencies, school districts, as well as major U.S. insurance carriers. The entire Crenshaw team will join BLUEFIN’s staff, and Crenshaw’s owner, Vickie Crenshaw, PE, RRO, RRC, will remain an owner in the combined business and become a Senior Vice President within the BLUEFIN organization.

Vickie Crenshaw commented, “Crenshaw is very proud of the legacy we have established and nurtured over the past 16 years. We view this transaction as an opportunity to continue growing, and we welcome the chance to provide an expanded service offering to our clients. Culturally, this is an excellent fit for us, and we are excited for our future with BLUEFIN.”

Joe Vallee of O2 Investment Partners added, “The addition of Crenshaw Consulting Group creates tremendous opportunity for both BLUEFIN as well as the broader Mantis Innovation Group platform. When combined, Crenshaw adds focused expertise in design services and creates an opportunity for Mantis to provide additional software-enabled services to improve facility performance and reduce operating and capital costs. Vickie and her team have built an exceptional business, and we look forward to accomplishing great things together.”

About Mantis Innovation Group, LLC:

Mantis Innovation Group, LLC is a technology-driven firm employing proprietary software and data analytics to improve facility performance. Mantis’ service offering includes electricity and natural gas procurement; proactive roof, pavement, and envelope management; roof design and quality assurance; demand management; energy monitoring; and solar / renewable implementation. Mantis is headquartered in Houston, TX, with additional operations in Dallas, Texas; Waco, Texas; Coppell, TX; Trenton, New Jersey; Burlington, MA; West Springfield, MA; King of Prussia, PA; Harrisburg, PA; and Brunswick, ME.


BLUEFIN is the nation’s leading provider of facility asset management and facility energy consulting services to clients with large facility footprints. BLUEFIN delivers an innovative portfolio approach to asset management that significantly reduces costs while improving facility performance.

About Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC:

Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC is a design, engineering, and consulting firm specializing in roof systems, waterproofing, exterior wall systems, lab analysis, forensic investigation, quality assurance, and construction observation. Crenshaw has expertise in complex site-specific plans and specifications for renovation, re-roofing, repair, and maintenance jobs.

About O2 Investment Partners:

O2 Investment Partners is a Midwestern based private equity firm that seeks to acquire majority interests in lower middle market B2B services, technology, and select niche industrial companies. The firm invests in businesses with earnings growth potential and a clear path to the creation of shareholder value.

O2 invests with a view toward partnering with management to build and grow the business and take it to its next stage of development. This requires not only a clear vision and strategic plan to create shareholder value, but a close partnership and alignment of interest with management.

Additional information is available at http://www.mantisinnovation.com http://www.bluefinllc.com http://www.crenshawconsultinggroup.vpweb.com http://www.o2investment.com

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Commonwealth Collaborates with JPMorgan Chase to Boost Emerging Technology Innovations for Financially Vulnerable Americans

Today, Commonwealth and JPMorgan Chase announced their collaboration to address the challenges and opportunities that emerging technologies present to lower- and moderate-income people’s financial lives. As part of the two-year initiative, Commonwealth will conduct research, understand and document the financial landscape for financially vulnerable people, examining usage patterns of emerging technologies with a focus on how they garner trust.

Emerging technology is already shaping the financial landscape, and COVID-19 has only accelerated its disruption. 64% of financial services executives expect to become mass adopters of AI and 77% expect AI to be an essential driver across the industry within two years. Lower-income workers are already experiencing barriers to financial services. Commonwealth data shows 43% of lower income workers do not have a savings account. But as fintechs and social impact innovators progress towards folding technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics into their products, a major risk exists.

If the needs of financially vulnerable, lower- and moderate-income Americans are not addressed, our financial system will become even more fractured. But if they are, the financial landscape could shift to include new people and drive widespread financial security and opportunity.

“Emerging technology will play a central role in the post-COVID economy--but the question is, will this hurt or help America’s most financially vulnerable?” said Commonwealth Co-Founder and Executive Director Timothy Flacke. “A time of disruption provides an opportunity to include new people in the financial system--but only if technology is intentionally designed and distributed based on a thorough understanding of the needs and aspirations of these customers.”

This initiative builds on Commonwealth’s prior work with JPMorgan Chase, which tested savings tools for lower-wage workers. Commonwealth will research, understand and document the financial landscape for financially vulnerable people, examining usage patterns of emerging technologies with a focus on how they garner trust. The initiative will examine how emerging technologies can address acute financial challenges faced by financially vulnerable people during COVID-19, and on the path to recovery.

Data will be disaggregated by race, gender and age, and will consider the role of place, recognizing that economic disruptions often have different impacts across communities. As part of this effort, fintech and nonprofit innovators will field test research findings on the ground with their financially vulnerable consumers to produce more accurate, nuanced insights.

Commonwealth will produce tools and resources that inform and influence fintech and social impact innovators to harness the power of emerging technologies like big data analytics and artificial intelligence in a way that addresses the needs of financially vulnerable Americans--transforming the landscape for decades to come. Importantly, the project will include discussions and collaboration with key stakeholders, fintechs and experts in emerging technology and ultimately findings will be disseminated through digital assets and events including a private stakeholder convening and a public webinar.

Commonwealth has a long track record of helping financially vulnerable people build savings and financial security. For the past 20 years, the organization has built innovative solutions that make people financially secure and work towards financial opportunity for all, helping people accumulate over B in savings.

For more information on Commonwealth’s work, visit http://www.buildcommonwealth.org.

About Commonwealth
Commonwealth strengthens the financial opportunity and security of financially vulnerable people by discovering ideas, piloting solutions, and driving innovations to scale. For nearly two decades, Commonwealth has designed effective innovations, products, and policies enabling over 750,000 people to accumulate more than billion in savings. Commonwealth understands broad changes require market players to act. That’s why we collaborate with consumers, the financial services industry, employers, policy-makers and mission-driven organizations. The solutions we build are grounded in real life, based on our deep understanding of people who are financially vulnerable and how businesses can best serve them.

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Offshore Protection: Why Covid-19 May Leave Assets Exposed

PANAMA CITY – July 31 2020 – Living in an a time of uncertainty makes future proofing your assets essential. Having a financial plan in place guarantees you will not be left unprepared for what tomorrow might bring. 

Forming an offshore protection strategy is about securing your assets for the future. Today it is easier than ever to secure that future using an overseas account. An offshore bank account gives you privacy, spreads your risk, and diversifying your assets. Offshore Protection provides the offshore strategies you need to survive tomorrow.

Financial diversification is to ensure all your eggs are not held in the same basket. The solution; have more than one basket. Offshore diversification strategies spread your eggs across several accounts, in different currencies and countries. Offshore diversification is the single most effective strategy to safeguard your wealth for tomorrow.

Having your assets in a separate banking system provides a measure of security that protects against domestic issues such as currency fluctuation, political uncertainty and economic downturn. 

Forming an offshore trust or creating a LLC is also used as means to protect assets that may be exposed to unnecessary levels of risk. They provide additional levels of protection, confidentiality and security through proper offshore structuring that separates an individual from a group of assets.

Uncertainty is perhaps the greatest destabilising force that can break havoc on banks, markets and the economy. Without the assurances of tomorrow people lose their trust in institutions. While accounts, trusts and currency can help to minimise the damage of any uncertainty, perhaps the greatest tool for freedom is a second passport.


A second passport gives you the freedom to chose your future whatever the circumstances by ensuring you more travel options and most importantly a second country where you are treated like a first class citizen.

Your life is exposed to unnecessary levels of risk when it is kept all together within a single single banking institution, currency denomination or geographical area. The consequences can be sudden and devastating. The current crises is might just be an early warning sign of whats to come. Everything happens in cycles and the last downturn of 2008 the entire world felt the repercussions of an unstable banking industry. What uncertainty might be around the corner?

An offshore protection plan is about preparation. Preparing yourself for whatever may come by creating a strategy that suits your individual circumstances and the needs of the day.

About Offshore Protection

Offshore Protection is an offshore service and law centre based in Panama City and has helped thousand of clients since 1996 specialising in multi-jurisdictional offshore solutions. 

Offshore Protection offers everything you need to secure your offshore future, including company formations, offshore accounts, financial licenses, crypto licenses, offshore trusts and foundations as well as second passports. Offshore Protection has over 20 years of experience conducting business in over 35 jurisdictions offering tailor-made offshore solutions.

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SafeSend Announces Technology Collaboration with Thomson Reuters™

SafeSend today announced a strategic agreement with Thomson Reuters™ to help tax professionals drive firm efficiency, elevate client service, and eliminate various labor-intensive aspects of completing professional tax preparation engagements.

The alliance will have the organizations collaborate to build a technology integration that will fully streamline the process that starts at final review and sign-off of completed tax returns, offers an intuitive, and self-guided client experience, and ends with the firm’s receipt of electronically signed e-file authorization forms. Users of Thomson Reuters market leading UltraTax CS™ and GoSystem Tax RS™ tax preparation solutions will benefit from the newly enabled workflow integration that tightly links to the award winning SafeSend Returns assembly, delivery, and e-sign solution.

SafeSend Returns customers that license UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS have been utilizing the SafeSend Returns technology to digitally assemble final returns, securely deliver them to clients, and automatically collect e-signatures. SafeSend Returns currently supports 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120s and 1065 returns prepared in both Thomson Reuters’ tax packages. The new agreement paves the way for an enhanced automated process for how completed tax returns flow directly from UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS to SafeSend Returns creating a more seamless process and adding additional time savings with every return.

“Automation is in our DNA, and we’re thrilled to partner with a world class organization like Thomson Reuters that has set the bar for sophisticated workflow solutions and digital process innovation,” said Scott Fleszar, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, SafeSend Returns. “The firms we engage with that are using UltraTax CS or GoSystem Tax RS are progressive and have high expectations of their technology providers for cloud based solutions that save them time, allow them to work from anywhere, and offer a secure, high-end client experience. The new seamless integration coupling SafeSend Returns with UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS will allow firms to optimize all areas of their tax practice.”            

“If the past several months have taught us anything, it is that operational flexibility, employing digital processes, and relying on cloud based solutions are critical if firms wish to remain viable and avoid client service disruptions amidst the new normal,” said Steve Dusablon, President and CEO, SafeSend Returns. “Offering direct integration from UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS to SafeSend Returns provides another opportunity for progressive firms to bring efficiency to the last mile of tax engagements. And circumvent operating challenges brought on by Covid-19.”

The agreement represents the cooperation of two market leading technology providers coming together to add value and make the tax preparation process easier for their mutual customers. “Thomson Reuters has a proven track record of cloud-based product innovation, collaborating with leading organizations across the profession, and leveraging process automation technology,” said Dusablon. “We are guided by a common vision – laser focus on helping firms optimize workflows and delight their clients with innovative technology. Our alliance will unlock additional value for our mutual customers.”    

About SafeSend Returns
SafeSend Returns, a SafeSend cPaperless solution, is the multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award. Built on innovative technology, SafeSend Returns has redefined the way accounting firms digitally assemble and deliver tax returns for their clients. SafeSend Returns eliminates the manual and labor-intensive elements many tax departments experience producing client ready tax returns prepared in CCH Axcess™, CCH ProSystem fx™, Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS™ and Thomson Reuters GoSystem Tax RS™ saving firms per return. With over fifty percent of the Top 300 accounting firms using SafeSend Returns, we are the premier tax return assembly and delivery solution of progressive firms.

SafeSend cPaperless is also the developer of foundational products for the accounting profession including TicTie Calculate and SafeSend, the complete bi-directional document exchange system. Visit safesend.com to learn more about our digital solutions. ###

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ChargeAfter is First Fintech to Launch Visa Installments in the U.S. and Signs Strategic Partnership to Integrate with Cybersource

ChargeAfter, the leading technology platform for Multi-lender Point of Sale Financing today announced a partnership with Visa to integrate with the Cybersource payment management platform. ChargeAfter is also launching Visa’s installment solutions on the ChargeAfter financing platform in the US.

The strategic partnership enables Cybersource’s merchants worldwide to now access and offer consumers more choice and flexibility in the way they pay through personalized point of sale consumer financing. With its global reach, modern capabilities and commerce insights, the Cybersource digital platform offers payment management capabilities to merchants and acquirers in over 190 countries and territories around the world.

With the launch of Visa’s installment solutions on the ChargeAfter platform, participating U.S. merchants can offer their customers an installment payment experience at checkout using a Visa card they already have in their wallet. Eligible Visa cardholders will have the option to divide their total purchase amount into smaller, equal payments over a defined time period. 42nd Street Photo and Tire Agent are already offering Visa’s installments solutions to their US buyers through ChargeAfter.

“As COVID-19 continues to change retail as we know it and drive more shopping online, merchants are adapting to the new realities of online payments; offering alternative payment methods for consumers who are expecting affordable financing options to help them complete their purchases now and pay later,” said Meidad Sharon, CEO of ChargeAfter. “Our collaboration with Visa is a giant leap forward in bringing quick, convenient, accessible, and safe payments to consumers when and where they are ready to purchase - online or in-store. By combining ChargeAfter’s financing platform with Visa’s solutions, we have created a powerful network for multi-lender Point-of-Sale Financing.”

This announcement follows Visa’s investment in ChargeAfter and partnership that was announced in February 2020 to distribute point of sale financing through Visa’s global network of acquirers, gateways, and financial institutions. Working together, the companies aim to further the distribution of consumer financing tools and help merchants drive higher transactions, and approve upwards of 85% of POS financing applications.

“We’re delighted to continue the momentum of our collaboration with ChargeAfter and bring innovative solutions to our clients globally to help them meet an increased consumer demand for simple and flexible payment options,” said Shahar Friedman, Head of Visa Innovation Studio, Tel Aviv. “Through our global collaboration efforts, we aim to make it easier for merchants and acquirers to use Visa’s Cybersource and installment solutions to offer a range of personalized financing options to their consumers at the point of sale, empowering their customers to manage their payments in a way that works best for their unique needs.”

About ChargeAfter
ChargeAfter is a leading multi-lender financing platform connecting retailers and lenders to offer shoppers personalized financing options at the checkout.

With its data-driven decisioning engine and network of global lenders, ChargeAfter delivers the most relevant financing offers to consumers from multiple lenders based on credit type – resulting in credit approvals for up to 85% of customer applications. ChargeAfter streamlines the distribution of credit into a single platform that retailers can implement swiftly both online and in-store. The company’s growing lender network offers seamless integration to lenders seeking to grow their customer base while expanding into new retail markets.

ChargeAfter investors include PICO Venture Partners, Propel Venture Partners, Visa, MUFG, BBVA, Synchrony Financial, and Plug and Play VC.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, ChargeAfter has offices in Dallas, New York, and Tel Aviv.

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Financial advisors and the benefits of hiring

The best way to avoid financial blunders is keeping an advisor on your side. The light they pass would redeem yourself from even a miniature size financial blunders and assist you to stick to the financial investment that ripe better in the future. But do not underestimate the process of hiring a financial advisor. Since the choices are high, it is often baffling and people settle down with low caliber options. The key strategy to end up with financial advisor is understanding what questions you should ask them. The bitter truth is, clients in the need of financial advisor aren’t aware of basic questions while finding, interviewing and choosing right financial advisor. Since the financial goals and needs are different for everyone, it is mandatory to understand those basic questions and effectually carry out the hiring process. 

Why hiring a financial advisors are prominent?

The financial advisors avail numerous things to their clients. These are one of the major reason to be considered hiring them. Some of the benefits experienced after hiring a financial advisor are listed as follows. 

  • Understand market trends and make plan accordingly:

The financial advisors are professionals who keeps their eye on overall financial matters around the world. They even update themselves with a miniature sized change in the finance sectors. Since they update themselves with market trends, they have the potential to frame effectual plan. 

  • Stay stress-free:

Managing business finances is often a stressful job and novice’s struggles more. When you have financial advisor on your side, your ships moves as you have mapped and there is no reason to jump ship. It is the best way to stay stress free. 

Choosing a financial advisor:

It is mandatory to understand why you should not stick with wrong advisor. The wrong financial advisor would leads you to financial disasters that would bring chaos to you and your financial security. Do not get forged by flashy signs, smooth marketing campaigns and their gimmick advertisements. The basic understanding about the questions you should ask before hiring a financial advisor such as Financial advisor feesis prominent. 

  • How often do the financial advisor meet their clients?

How often your financial advisor meets their clients regularly is a prominent thing to look after. Not every day is same, when time changes things around us also change. So, time may arise when you have to change any of your financial plans or update them with the current trend and this is when you need your financial advisor the most. Ensure that your financial advisor is willing to meet you with regular interval of time and update your investment portfolio as per your specific needs. If the financial advisor is not up to regular meeting or becomes hard to reach when you needed them the most, you think the advisor is worth hiring? No time to think and make a better decision. 

  • Sample financial plans they have prepared before:

Before hiring a financial advisor, ask them some samples of financial plans they have prepared before. Any financial advisor can share a financial plan they have made for some clients by removing client specific information. Scrutinizing their previous plans would bring out an idea of how effectual their plans are and paves a way to make well informed decision. It allows you to how the financial advisor tracks and measures their results as well as see if the results are in the favor of client’s goals. Ask yourselves about How much money should you have before hiring a financial advisor?and how effectually they work to multiply the capital investment. 

  • Compensation of your advisor:

The cost for financial advisoris a prominent thing to look after. An advisor is usually compensated in different ways. The most common way is to receive commission in return of their services in the market. The next way some advisor gets compensation is, paid by a fee on percentage of clients total assets which is under the management of the advisor. In this method, the advisor gets their pay from annual basis and in general, it lies between 1% to 2.5%. There are many more methods available. But make sure about the compensation that your financial advisor works. It should be satisfied by your needs. Another thing to keep your eye on is the hidden charges. In general, hidden charges are applied on the time of billings. Discussing about charges and checking the financial advisors bill is considered mandatory. 

  • Credibility and certification:

The credibility and certification of the financial advisor is a prominent thing to look after. The certified financial planner goes under vigorous training that molds their skills and they have passed the complex test. Their training and exams enlightens them to shine in the carrier. Sticking to the licensed is one thing shouldn’t be forgotten. 

  • Years of expertise:

The years of expertise of advisor on the field is also prominent thing to look after. Try to stick with the experienced financial advisor since their experience must have thought many things. Instead of sticking to a novices, it is better to consider financial advisor who is in the field at least for three years. Many people asks 

Is it worth paying a financial advisor 1 %?But the service of veterans are more valuable than you think. 

  • Service and products offered:

The advisor and firm you have hired must suits all your specific needs. When you need someone to assist you with investing, they must also shows up some light in arena such as asset management etc. 

When you need assistance assessing your current circumstances and frame a specific plans to reach various goals, there is definitely a role of financial advisor kept empty on your side. The sphere of influence of advisor encompasses retirement, college needs, tax strategies, risk management and other similar arenas. Professional finance company.

When you need assistance in both financial planning and investment advice, then seek a wealth manager. With the years of expertise on the field, they shows you some light in comprehensive planning and portfolio management. 

Asking these questions might aids you fish out the best wealth management firms around you. Once you hire the best financial advisor on your side, you can procure all the benefits listed above.

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AmeriCash Loans Launches a Website Promising an Improved Customer Experience

New year, new (and improved) website. In June 2020 AmeriCash Loans invited customers to explore its brand-new website. The launch of the new AmeriCashLoans.net unveils a completely retooled digital experience.

Understanding the need for faster speeds and improved navigation, AmeriCash Loans’ new website features a modern design that lets customers quickly find and access important information. The lender’s commitment to its customer-first approach was a driving force behind the redesign, which promises faster loading speeds on all user platforms. It’s the latest in AmeriCash Loans’ efforts to meet its customers’ needs while exceeding their expectations.

“We are so excited to launch the new AmeriCashLoans.net for a better customer experience” says an AmeriCash Loans company spokesman. “The website design was created to give our customers access to the application, informative blogs, and new additional information in a clean format that is easy and fast to navigate.”

Although the web address remains the same, “AmeriCashLoans.net,” customers can expect a dramatically different look with the new minimalistic design and the addition of new pages. They can seamlessly discover everything from nearby physical locations, customer reviews, and new financial content.

Best of all, loading times are faster than ever. No matter if customers access the website on tablets, mobile devices or desktop computers, they can experience reliable speed as they click through the site and log into their customer portal. If a question ever arises, customers can contact a customer support representative directly through the forum on the website or simply access their phone and e-mail at the bottom of each webpage.

The new and improved AmeriCashLoans.net is designed for everyone in mind, from applicants to returning customers, to curious minds looking for information through the variety of blogs offered on the AmeriCash Loans website. These educational blogs provide key insights on a range of topics. The blogs are a go-to resource for anyone interested in learning more about the lender’s products and services, how to save money, tips on making (and sticking to) a budget, notices about events happening in the community, and giveaways.

Strong community ties are another part of what sets AmeriCash Loans apart. During the 2019 holiday season, the lender sponsored several drives in the communities in which it resides, including a “Stuff the Bus” event to collect nonperishable food items ahead of Thanksgiving and a “Christmas Wish” event to help a local Chicago family’s Christmas wish come true.

About AmeriCash Loans

AmeriCash Loans has come a long way since it opened the doors to its first location in Des Plaines, Illinois, in 1997. From expanding to include online applications to opening neighborhood stores in more than 60 convenient locations, AmeriCash has continually strived to change and adapt to best meet the needs of its customers. As this lender keeps growing, the website will keep evolving and updating to ensure a top-notch experience to new and repeat customers.

Consumers can apply for loans in person at a location near them, or online at http://www.AmeriCashLoans.net/Apply. Questions? Call 888-907-4227 to speak with an experienced representative.

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Kennedy Nhliziyo – A Real Estate Agent and Motivational Speaker

Many of you know that Kennedy Nhliziyo is the founder of Kulula Express Ltd and also a motivational speaker. However, these are not the only reasons why he is an inspiration. Another profession he is into is being a real estate developer.

Yes, apart from running his own company and his personal blog, he also deals in buying and selling of properties. His travel company, Kulula deals with travel and car bookings in South Africa and has been a successful company running for 10 years.

As Kenny Nhliziyo gained success in this field, he has been motivating the public with success related tips as well. In his motivational blog, he shares his own experiences in the professional world. This leaves us with many key takeaways from his life.

Kenny Nhliziyo says that inspiration arises out of motivation, which in turn originates from your innermost needs and wants. What is even more important during venturing a task is having an objective in mind. It may be gaining profits, growth, or awareness, any initiative you undertake must have an objective behind it. This objective itself becomes your motivation and inspiration to move forward.

Kenny Nhliziyo also says that being in a motivational state brings something more refreshing in your life. Giving yourself positive certifications is important to get going in life, towards the achievement of your goals.

In one of his older posts, he says that progress and success don’t just come to you. It takes energy, motivation, and serious action to reach that stage. The road to it starts from discovering the direction that’ll lead yourself to achieving your objectives. As you train yourself, learn from past experiences, and finally release your potential, you come to the final step of achieving your goals.

From his motivational log, understand the true meaning of inspiration and motivation, which contribute to your achievement of success.

While his travel company, Kulula Express remains on a standstill amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Kennedy Nhliziyo has not stopped moving forward. While his company promises to resume flying from November 2020, Kennedy Nhliziyo continues to inspire people and run this business of real estate as well.

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How has DeletePersonalInformation.com Saved Online Reputation of Many People?

There’s no doubt about the fact that the internet has made life extremely easy for us. However, apart form enjoying its benefits, many of us also face a downside – damage of privacy and reputation. While the former requires us to delete personal information from Google, the latter can be solved by removing articles, complaints and reviews from the internet.

Yes, that’s right, even if you’re not the publisher, if any post or link involves your name without your consent, you have the right to get the link edited or deleted. Doing it by yourself might be a hassle, which is why, you need an online reputation management team.

One such professional team that works upon saving online reputation and privacy of individuals is Delete Personal Information

When Do You Need an ORM Firm Delete Personal Information from Google?

Your personal information consists of your name, personal contact details, residential address, personal photographs, bank details, and passwords. It is freaking out when you type your name on the google search bar for fun and actually find your profile visible in the search results page.

The reason why it is a problem is because the dark web can misuse this information for anything. This may include hacking of your accounts on social media, hacking of your credit card from online shopping sites which lead to theft and circulation of information among criminals.

Sometimes, your name on the internet is a lot more than just display of personal information. When it’s up on a news or PR website tainted with an accusation, it leads to spoiling of your reputation. There can be many ways in which the internet spoils your reputation:

  • You could be having a criminal record – which may be false, partially true or true
  • If you’re a professional, you could be having bad reviews
  • Your visibility on a porn site also comes under a negative link since it is illegal
  • Any other news about you that is negative and can damage your reputation

Merely deleting social media profiles may not be enough if your personal information is already there in the dark web. You surely won’t have control over the external site where article about you is written. People say that contacting the website owner is the first step you should take.

Thus, approaching a professional online reputation management firm will help you get all your personal information deleted permanently from the internet.

About DeletePersonalInformation.com

DeletePersonalInformation.com is a website where you’ll find a team of lawyers and agents working hard to protect your identity and reputation on the web. You can approach them for the following solutions:

  • Remove your name from the internet
  • Delete your photograph from google images
  • Remove negative links from google search
  • Delete criminal records from the internet
  • Remove negative articles from google
  • Delete bad reviews from the internet
  • Remove complaints from google

When it comes to personal information being uploaded on the web without your consent, it is a matter of security and privacy concern. However, when there are negative articles and complaints that speak against you or your brand, it is a question of your reputation.

Deletepersonalinformation.com gives priority to both the above problems – privacy & security, as well as reputation management. Let’s now take a look at how the company works for you.

How Does DeletePersonalInformation.com Work to Solve Your Problems?

Many individuals have been approaching this ORM firm for the sake of their privacy, security and reputation. Severe cases like hacking of credit cards and websites have also been registered with them since they have professional lawyers working for them.

The organization has removed plenty of links from the internet, reported sources who have been hacking personal information and provided justice to those who’s accounts have been hacked and cards have been stolen.

All you have to do is provide with the following information:

  • The problem you’re facing
  • The links which you need either deleted or edited
  • In case of hacking, provide the link of the site which has been hacked

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about their fees. Their policy is to get your job done first, after which you can pay them according to the quality of service received. This is why many people trust deletepersonalinformation.com for their privacy and reputation.

Contact Us:

BY PHONE :                    +91 955-510-5353; +91 956-950-7789
By Email:                         support@deletepersonalinformation.com
Text Us! On WhatsApp: +91 955-510-5353; +91 956-950-7789
Website :-                        https://deletepersonalinformation.com/

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Ideanomics Receives 300 Unit EV Order from Didi City

NEW YORK, Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) announced that its subsidiary Mobile Energy Global (MEG) has secured an order from Didi City CP, a licensed city operator of Didi Chuxing (DiDi). Didi is the world's leading mobile transportation/ride-share platform, similar to Uber, and serves over 550 million users across Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

The order is for a total of 300 electric vehicles (EVs) and valued at RMB 30 Million, or USD 4.2 Million. The order will be fulfilled with either Dongfeng E70 or Geely Emgrand EV 500 models and, subject to final negotiations with manufacturers, financing, government licensing, etc., delivery of EVs to Didi City CP is expected to commence later this month.

About Ideanomics

Ideanomics is a global company focused on facilitating the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and developing next generation financial services and Fintech products. Its electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global (MEG) provides group purchasing discounts on commercial electric vehicles, EV batteries and electricity as well as financing and charging solutions. Ideanomics Capital includes DBOT ATS and Intelligenta which provide innovative financial services solutions powered by AI and blockchain. MEG and Ideanomics Capital provide our global customers and partners with better efficiencies and technologies and greater access to global markets.

The company is headquartered in New York, NY, and has offices in Beijing and Qingdao, China.


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GBAF Publications launches a series of new websites

The new sites launched by GBAF Publications Ltd are Asset Digest – A financial portal focussing on the need of education of Income producing assets, investing and Wealth Management.

Companies Digest – A business portal focussing on the latest developments and innovations made by companies across the globe.

Wealth Tribune – A Financial Portal focussing on the latest developments and innovations in wealth management, retirement and helping entrepreneurs build wealth.

Economy Standard – Global Financial Portal focussing on the economy and economics of various countries and regions across the globe.

Business Express – A Business portal focussing towards helping start-ups and established businesses expand.

These portals are created to expand the media foothold of GBAF Publications Ltd and take its overall holdings to 8 portals covering various niches. All these sites will cover news, Analysis, Opinion, Interviews, Deals, Video and much more giving each individual user a unique experience. We also welcome companies and individuals to submit editorials which are non commercial in nature in these websites for a limited period. If you have an interesting article idea, please contact our news team at news@gbafmag.com 

The pervasive nature of the internet has brought almost every aspect of human life within the reach of every brand. That should be good news for brands across the board, but it is not that simple. If you are a brand representative trying to get your brand’s voice out there, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Since communication has gotten easier, it has also gotten more complex. Today, there are more platforms and media formats than there have ever been before. Newer platforms and formats keep emerging every day. As a result, audiences have rapidly decreasing attention spans. This has left brands wrestling to fit their message into as tiny a space as possible.

The first challenge is that people have started going to great lengths to avoid being bombarded with ads. This is what makes the portals run by GBAF Publications unique. You will not find intrusive ads disturbing the user experience. So ahead and visit one of our portals for more information.

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ScoreData Announces Close Of Series A Financing from Impact Venture Capital

ScoreData announced today the close of their Series A financing from Impact Venture Capital, a leading Silicon Valley venture firm with offices in Burlingame, and Sacramento, CA.

Impact Venture Capital has a unique approach to sourcing and developing early stage companies. With their global corporate network, they have successfully identified, invested in, and helped to grow, market leading technology companies.

"ScoreData is reinventing how customers and businesses engage with each other. With ScoreData’s predictive applications driven by its ScoreFast AI/ML platform, companies in the financial services, insurance, and healthcare markets will be able to anticipate customer needs, and offer more personalized solutions for their customers,” said Jack Crawford, Founding General Partner of Impact Venture Capital. “We were very impressed with the ScoreData team, their passion, and their innovative approach to building the next generation of AI/ML powered customer engagement platform.”

In the post-Covid19 era, ScoreData empowers indebted individuals and institutions to work together to negotiate their monthly payments (personal loans, insurance claims payments and reimbursements, and healthcare loans) directly with each other.  With increasing unemployment, wage cuts and a decelerating business environment borrowers and debtors are increasingly unable to make payments.

ScoreData helps solve this problem by helping consumers negotiate better deals with their creditors while also ensuring that institutional loss ratios are minimized. We use advanced AI and machine learning to match consumer propensities to pay while optimizing the return on institutional portfolios.

“ScoreData is delighted to be partnering with Impact Venture Capital. We were very grateful for their steadfast support all through the Covid19 lockdown, their deep diligence across our customers and partners, and their insights into markets, and their extensive corporate network,” said Vas Bhandarkar, CEO of ScoreData Corporation. “We partnered with Impact Venture Capital because they deliver value, beyond capital infusion, helping us forge partnerships with market leading organizations.”

Among existing investors participating in the round were RecruitGroup, and Asha Jadeja Motwani.

“We are pleased to participate in the round. ScoreData has built outstanding customer engagement solutions for Recruit Group for our businesses in Tokyo,” commented a spokesperson for Recruit Co., Ltd, Tokyo.

About ImpactVC

Impact Venture Capital is a Silicon Valley-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests alongside corporate venture groups and top tier investors in seed-stage technology startups with a focus on artificial intelligence applied to cybersecurity, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, digital health, and other fast-growing industry sectors.

About ScoreData

As businesses of the twenty-first century digitize their business processes, ScoreData Corporation helps re-invent how they engage with customers across the omni-channel using AI and patented dynamic machine learning. ScoreData delivers cloud-native predictive self-service customer engagement solutions to the BFSI and Healthcare industries. Businesses lose billions of dollars because the right customers are not matched to the most optimal agents (bots or humans) empowered with the right actionable tools. As a result, they have sub-optimal outcomes, leading to business losses, and low net promoter scores.

ScoreData's award-winning ScoreFast™ platform solves these problems by combining external data sets and historical data sets, predictively matching agents, to deliver optimally designed offers/advice to these empowered customers. ScoreData uses advanced ranking, matching, nudge and negotiation algorithms to empower both agents and customers to complete these financial transactions. ScoreData is the only predictive analytics company that combines patented dynamic machine learning and AI, with robust algorithms using econometrics that drive business results which are consistently profitable.

ScoreData pricing is performance based, and thus they are the most cost-effective solutions in the industry.

ScoreData Corporation is a privately held company based in Palo Alto, California with customers in the US, Japan, and India.

For more info contact:

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Good Steward Financial Company, LLC Announces New Services for Nonprofit Establishments

Good Steward Financial Company, a virtual bookkeeping and CFO service provider in Burlington, NC, is now working with nonprofits to help these establishments stay on top of their finances. Jasmine Simpson, Chief Executive Officer at Good Steward Financial Company, is working with her team to help nonprofits effectively manage organization finances to ensure missions are able to be carried out.

“Nonprofit leaders often lack the accounting knowledge needed to effectively perform bookkeeping duties for their organization,” explains Simpson. “These groups rely on donors, fundraising events, and grants for their continued operation, and the proper recordkeeping that comes along with it can be tedious and time-consuming. When organizations fail to keep required records, they are unable to show they qualify for an exemption and may lose their tax-exempt status. Nonprofits work hard to serve a mission that they believe in, and these great causes shouldn’t be interrupted by financial administrative tasks. My firm is here to help these groups keep doing what they love without having to deal with the burden of financial records. It is our mission to serve those who serve others.”

To learn more about how nonprofits can use the assistance of Good Steward Financial Company to stay on top of payroll, bookkeeping, and more, please visit: https://ub.goodstewardfinancialco.com/good-steward-nonprofit/

About Good Steward Financial Company
As a company with expertise in virtual bookkeeping, Good Steward Financial Company specializes in helping businesses and nonprofits stay on top of their finances while hitting important deadlines. The firm’s diverse services include:

  • Payroll Assistance
  • Accurate Bookkeeping
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Part-Time CFO Services


The work carried out by this organization is based on the foundation of its core values: professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. With staff members having specialized expertise to better serve clients, Good Steward Financial Company provides personal and professional attention to each and every project it faces. The company also boasts an excellent response rate, with competent advice and fast-acting personnel. The quality of the service the team provides reflects the high standards set by each individual staff member.

To learn more about Good Steward Financial Company, LLC, please visit: https://www.goodstewardfinancialco.com/

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Pulse360 Unveils Game-Changing Meeting Documentation Solution For Financial Advisors

Pulse360, a remote-ready workflow software solution for financial advisors, today announces the unveiling of its patent-pending, enterprise-level Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite. Designed to combat workflow inefficiencies and make advisory meeting notes 10x’s more efficient, Pulse360 fixes real-time, remote, and in-person working issues by addressing all aspects of the meeting documentation process - from preparation to follow-ups. Available immediately, advisors can use Pulse360 to prepare for meetings, save and send well-documented notes, and create efficient follow-ups, all through one easy-to-use platform.

“The future of work is now, and this solution is truly a game-changer for financial advisors,” said Anand Sheth, CEO and Founder of Pulse360. “After spending more than two decades in the wealth management industry, I understand the pain points professionals in my field continue to face today. It takes hours, sometimes days, to create detailed agendas, send notes and summaries to clients, creating a waste of valuable practice time while creating a backlog in client communication. That is why we developed our solution to help advisors streamline meeting documentation, win back precious time for their practice and vastly improve the client experience.”

Today, Broker/Dealers and Registered Independent Advisors (RIAs) can take full advantage of Pulse360’s early access offerings: The basic package, which includes the ability to use micro-templates to save time on documentation and integrates with industry-leading CRMs, such as Redtail and Wealthbox, is per month for a limited time. The premium package, which includes the basic functionality, along with a digital notepad and Salesforce integration, and the ability to create annual meeting summaries in as little as 20 seconds, is per month for a limited time.

“In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we work has changed, and it’s imperative that financial advisors work smarter, not harder,” continued Sheth. “We’ve made our software available today for that need, so they can now work better with enterprise-grade, cloud-based notes.”

The Pulse360 software can be implemented into financial advisors’ workflow in a matter of minutes, which can help them immediately demonstrate their value to customers and colleagues clearly, in written format. Pulse360 can help them with their fiduciary regulations with a secure, efficient, reliable suite of services.

About Pulse360
Pulse360 was created to vastly improve the way financial advisors operate their businesses. Our remote-ready SaaS suite can make every aspect of fiduciary meeting prep and documentation 10X more efficient. The Company was founded in 2019 by Anand Sheth and James Hill. The Company is headquartered in Riverside, CA. Tim Jenkins, a co-founder of SendGrid and former alumni of Techstars, is on the Board of Advisors.

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New Startup Surges From Global Shutdown

At a time when employers are shifting to work from home platforms, remote staffing companies are ushering in the advancements in cloud computing, business management software, and other remote working solutions that can save companies from going bankrupt and help keep the economy afloat.

Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, recently reported that working remotely will save U.S. employers over Billion a day in lost productivity due to COVID-19. Many other studies predict that the number of remote workers will continue to increase long after the pandemic is over.

Business management tools like Salesforce, Time Doctor, Trello, GoToMeeting and more have seen exponential growth over the past years but many small and mid-sized companies have still failed to get on board. These same platforms increase productivity and collaboration across teams whether working in the office or remotely. Clark Staff CEO, Zack Williamson was quoted saying, “Most companies have already been on the fence about remote staffing for years but now the global pandemic is giving them that extra push and I guess that puts us in the right place at the right time.”

Clark Staff is a newly launched brand and a wholly owned subsidiary of The Lead Tree Intl. Inc. with offices in the US, UK and Clark Freeport Economic Zone of the Philippines. To find out more information regarding their remote staffing solutions contact Russell Meiselman at Russell@ClarkStaff.com or visit https://clarkstaff.com.

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Institutional Investor Unveils 2020 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings

(TOKYO, April 16, 2020) – Today, Institutional Investor Research announced results of their 8th Annual All-Japan Executive Team survey, revealing Japan’s leading CEOs, CFOs, Investor Relations Officers, and Investor Relations programs that best uphold corporate governance standards and facilitate investment into their company. A total of 99 companies attained a published position in the categories listed above to become an Honored company, and 61 of those companies were granted the coveted Most Honored Company recognition by ranking in 2 or more of these categories. 

Results highlights 

A joint achievement this year as four companies across four different sectors attain the same highest weighted score across the 99 Honored companies. The winning sectors covered Beverages, Food & Tobacco, Electronics/Components, Electronics/Consumer and Electronics/Industrials (including Semiconductors). All four of the Most Honored Companies also attained first position in the ESG category.

New entrant Aisin Seiki Co. entered the Auto Parts sector for the first time emerging number One. In the Construction sector, the Honored Companies were completely different from last year’s, whilst in the Chemicals sector, Nissan Chemical jumped to 1st place with almost double the points of the number two. In the hotly contested sector Electronics/Industrial, Hitachi climbed to number one from number two last year, underscoring their increased efforts in investor engagement.

As the competition for capital intensifies, corporates are finding it increasingly more difficult to get investors’ attention. This, coupled with the changing corporate access landscape and relationships between the buy-side, sell-side and corporates; corporates are finding investor engagement becoming more competitive. Nonetheless, 349 investors and portfolio managers and analysts from 189 voter firms participated in this survey, nominating a total of 490 companies across 24 sectors.

For the first time, to calibrate the CEO score, we asked questions on their credibility, leadership and quality of communication. To determine the best CFO, we added the scores given to the CFO’s ability in capital allocation, financial stewardship and quality of communication. In awarding companies the best IR Programs, investors assessed based on 3 broad categories of disclosure, ESG and overall services & communications.

“The current investor environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Companies need to be agile to adjust to the new landscape and this includes not only to respond to the increasingly challenging business environment but also to position themselves well to tap into the capital markets, should they need to. In engaging with investors, many have turned to online platforms or conference calls, this means reaction of your audience is more difficult to gauge. Your messages need to be clear, concise and ask for feedback more often,” said Cara Eio, Head of Asia Pacific, Institutional Investor Research. 

The 2020 All-Japan Executive Team Most Honored Companies* List 

*A business that earns a top-three position in one of the four categories — Best CEO, Best CFO, Best IR Professional and Best IR Company — is deemed an Honored Company. To earn the designation of Most Honored Company, it must achieve two or more top-three appearances; rank is determined by weighted score wherein each first-place position is worth three points; second place, two; and third place, one. Most Honored Companies are listed above Honored Companies regardless of score. When a tie exists in the weighted score, companies are ordered according to the number of ranked positions they receive in their industry sectors.

To view the 2020 All-Japan Executive Team Most Honored Companies List, click https://www.institutionalinvestor.com/research/9956/Honored-Companies

Complete results can be found at www.institutionalinvestor.com/research. 

To share your winning position in the 2020 All-Japan Research Team ranking in your website content, advertisements, communications and marketing collateral, please contact marketing@iiresearch.com

About Institutional Investor Research

Institutional Investor Research provides independent sell-side and corporate performance research and rankings and aims to be the first-choice and independent validation source of qualitative market intelligence for all three sides of the investment community. Institutional Investor Research has a global presence, spanning Europe, All-Asia, the US and Latin America.

For more information contact Michael Clemons, Japan Rep, II Research, at +81 050 5532 1664 or michael.clemons@institutionalinvestor.com


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Citisoft Announces New Leadership in UK Practice

Citisoft, a global investment management consulting firm, has announced the hire of David Higgins as Managing Director in their UK practice.

Citisoft’s portfolio of asset management clients continues to expand globally and David’s hire will strengthen the firm’s overall presence in Europe. Under David’s leadership, Citisoft plans to expand its delivery team based in London and capitalize on the firm’s longstanding reputation as a consulting leader in the UK financial services market.

“We’re excited to announce David’s hire to strengthen and broaden our presence in Europe. We continue to see both UK-based and global asset managers search for an experienced consulting partner as their operating models and technology rapidly evolve,” said Tom Secaur, COO of Citisoft. “David’s experience and leadership will help us meet the needs of our clients and the broader market while continuing to grow our global presence.”

David joins Citisoft with over 20 years of experience in asset management technology and operations. From 2005-2010, David was a consultant in Citisoft’s UK practice. Since that time, David has assumed senior responsibilities working for RBC, HSBC, Merian Global Investors, and Aviva Investors as the Head of Global Transformation, Operating Model and Suppliers.

“David’s 20+ years of experience in our space, coupled with his knowledge of the UK marketplace and pre-existing knowledge of Citisoft make him the perfect candidate to lead our UK practice,” said Paul Migliore, CEO of Citisoft. “We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to bring David back to the firm in a senior leadership position. Under David’s leadership, we look forward to expanding our delivery team in the UK and providing on-the-ground service and experience to our global clients.”

This announcement follows the opening of Citisoft’s first Canadian office in 2018. Since that time, the firm has seen steady growth in both their client-base in North America as well as the number of clients in need of a consulting partner with deep experience in global markets. Citisoft has operated in London since 1986 and this key hire will capitalize on both Citisoft’s expertise in the UK as well as the firm’s need to meet the needs of clients with growing global footprints.

About Citisoft

Citisoft is a global consulting firm dedicated to servicing the investment management industry. Our staff and management bring credibility and hands-on knowledge to every facet of our client relationships, backed by a history of successful partnerships with leading investment management firms and industry service providers. With our deep understanding of all aspects of the investment management process, our clients benefit from our ability to identify industry trends and accurately assess their effects. Through our Advisory and Delivery services, we offer a full complement of consulting capabilities ranging from strategy formation through guiding and implementing successful business change. Learn more at http://www.citisoft.com.

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Data Media Associates Extend Patient Billing Solutions with Pay by Text from Everyware

Everyware is redefining healthcare payment processing and patient engagement by offering Pay by Text with two-way messaging that helps companies collect more payments. They are invested in giving health organizations and medical billing companies the best new way to connect, collect and reduce barriers to payment.

Data Media Associates, LLC (DMA), known and trusted for over 40 years for offering the latest ways to streamline the statement-to-payment process, is dedicated to helping providers get paid. Now, DMA will elevate its multifaceted payment solution suite even further by offering Everyware’s Pay by Text and two-way messaging solution into their mix.

“We’ve known text communication and billing were on the rise and have been planning to extend our SMS services for some time now. So we’re very excited to bring this new pay by text solution to our providers and their patients.” - Cleve Shultz, President, Data Media Associates.

The best healthcare billing organizations today already offer a mobile billing option. The forward-thinking ones, however, recognize growing demand for business-to-consumer texting. This includes billing via text message and accepting SMS payments alongside paper or other methods. Sending an invoice text ahead of a paper statement, following up with automatic reminder text, alerts and gives patients the chance to take care of their bill from their phone easily.

“Our healthcare clients have been surprised to be able to connect with patients they couldn’t contact by other means. With pay by text they hit the bullseye, got paid, and even re-engaged with patients wanting to schedule new appointments.” - Larry Talley, CEO & Founder, Everyware

With more people looking for frictionless, contactless payment methods to avoid touching cash, mail and plastic, Everyware’s Pay by Text is growing fast because it gives patients a way to pay from anywhere.

About Everyware

Everyware is a conversational payment gateway enabling Pay by Text and two-way messaging with customers. Making text communication a part of the purchase process improves the customer experience and helps companies get paid faster. Get started with Everyware for Healthcare, watch the Everyware Pay by Text video and follow Everware on Linkedin for the latest updates.

About DMA

Data Media Associates (DMA) LLC, founded in 1975 by Bob Murphy, is one of the largest independently owned and operated print and mail businesses. DMA services the medical community across the country with print and mail services for patient statements, collection letters, paper claims, and special notes. Service also features acceptance of electronic claims which are processed in real time, giving an immediate electronic remittance to submitted claims. To learn more, visit http://www.dma.us.

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Smart2Pay Adds Ant Financial’s HUABEI Credit Card To Its Payments Portfolio

Smart2Pay, the company with the world's largest coverage of online alternative payment solutions, has added Huabei credit solution to its 200+ payment methods portfolio.

With this new feature, Smart2Pay offers its Merchants an additional means to tapping into the Chinese market, besides the popular methods like Alipay, Wechat Pay and UnionPay that Smart2Pay already offers.

Huabei is Ant Financial’s virtual credit card for its Chinese users. Some internal shareholders estimated that, of Alipay’s 900 million Chinese users, more than half have created Huabei accounts. Huabei literally means ‘just spend’ and is generally perceived as a microlender.

Huabei may be used for all online and offline purchases via Alipay wallet. Users of Alipay can set Huabei as their default payment option, meaning that their purchases are first made with credit before funds are debited from their Alipay account. As well, when Huabei is used to shop, the user must return the amount of the payment on the 9th of the next month. There is an interest-free period of up to 41 days. Merchants offering Huabei can see conversion increase by up to 40%.

Huabei was launched in April 2015 by Ant Financial as a way for users of its wallet solution Alipay to fund purchases on ecommerce platforms run by Ant Financial’s affiliate, Alibaba group, such as Tmall and Taobao. Huabei’s main user base is made up of individuals born after the 80s and 90s, accounting for around 80% of the total users. Since Huabei’s launch, Ant Financial has been expanded the service to more online and offline merchants.

James Flinterman, CEO of Smart2Pay: We are proud to add Huabei via Alipay to our already extensive Chinese payment methods portfolio. We constantly improve and expand our services in direct relation to market dynamics. We are confident that, with this latest addition, our Merchants and partners will successfully expand further their business in a very digitally-oriented and lucrative market like China.

About Ant Financial’s Alipay

Alipay is a mobile payment method founded by Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group in 2004 and which allows users to create a digital wallet to store, top up and pay online or in store for products and services. It is one of the most popular methods of payment in China and is also available in many Asian markets, as well as in Europe, US and Canada.

Ant Financial’s chairman and CEO Eric Jing said on Alibaba’s 2019 Investor Day, held in Hangzhou, that Alipay (900m users) and its international e-wallet partners (300m users) have collectively served around 1.2 billion users worldwide.

About Smart2Pay

Smart2Pay offers a single API for all payment services to international Merchants, covering credit card and local payment options throughout the world! By using Smart2Pay, you will be offering the preferred local method of payment to your global Customers, thus significantly boosting your sales!

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Nomura and Daiwa are joint No. 1 on Institutional Investor’s 27th Annual All-Japan Research Team Survey

Even with the uncertainty of the markets in the current situation, a light shines with excellence among Japanese sell-side researchers, as demonstrated by the leaders of the All-Japan Research Team Survey.

Daiwa Securities Group and Nomura achieve joint first place this year on Institutional Investor's exclusive annual firm-based rankings of Japan’s best sell-side analysts, weighted by commissions paid by the street.  

Both companies have a total of 28 firm-based positions as well as 32 (Daiwa) and 26 (Nomura) analyst positions. Mizuho Securities claims third place with 25 firm-based positions, closely followed by SMBC Nikko Securities which came in with 23 firm-based positions. Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Co. follows in fifth place to round out this year’s winners.

J.P Morgan accomplishes sixth place on both rankings and earns the title of this year’s highest ranking non-domestic firm. UBS and Citi, two other non-domestic firms, closely follow suit in seventh and eighth positions on both rankings.

14 firms are represented in this year's results, with Daiwa Securities jumping 3 spots to be equal first in the Team Leaders Table weighted by commission. Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley staged a comeback jumping two spots to fifth place whilst international brokers UBS, BofA Securities and Jefferies showed improvement.

“The Japanese brokers continue to consolidate their positions as we enter the second year of MiFID II,” said Cara Eio, Head of Asia Pacific, II Research. “We also saw an increased interest in II’s ranking results from the buy side as access to research becomes more selective.”

The 2020 All-Japan Research Team reflects the opinions of more than 800 portfolio managers and analysts at 365 institutions that collectively manage an estimated .1 trillion in Japanese equities and billion in Japanese fixed income. 

A total of 160 firm positions and 164 analysts appear on this year's roster, which is limited to the top three squads in each sector, plus runners-up where applicable. The full report names 784 researchers, representing 30 entities, who met minimum-vote and other eligibility criteria.

Complete results can be found at www.institutionalinvestor.com/research. 

For more information contact Cara Eio, Head of Asia Pacific, II Research, at +852 2912 8051 or cara.eio@institutionalinvestor.com.

To share your winning position in the 2020 All-Japan Research Team ranking in your website content, advertisements, communications and marketing collateral, please contact marketing@iiresearch.com

About Institutional Investor Research

Institutional Investor Research provides independent sell-side and corporate performance research and rankings and aims to be the first-choice and independent validation source of qualitative market intelligence for all three sides of the investment community. Institutional Investor Research has a global presence, spanning Europe, All-Asia, the US and Latin America.

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Kabbage Launches Kabbage Insights™, Allowing Small Businesses To Take Control of Their Cash Flow With Just a Few Clicks

Kabbage, Inc. today launched Kabbage Insights, a fully automated tool that calculates and predicts cash-flow patterns to help small businesses identify cash surpluses and deficits. With the launch, Kabbage addresses one of the most vexing problems faced by small business owners. The new product comes just one month after the public launch of Kabbage Payments™, continuing the company’s rapid innovation to build a suite of integrated products that simplify cash-flow management for U.S. small businesses.

In less than 10 minutes, any small business can connect their real-time financial data to Kabbage Insights and access an analysis of their company’s historical, current and future cash-flow 24/7. The product continually evaluates the transaction activity of a customer over a 90-day period and organizes it in an easy-to-understand dashboard, allowing customers to quickly visualize their net growth without taking the time to calculate it themselves. Kabbage’s customer base of over 220,000 small businesses has immediate access.

As a leader in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence for small businesses, Kabbage Insights produces personalized forecasts to predict the future cash position of a business. Customers can then set a desired low-balance threshold and receive automated alerts if accounts are predicted to dip below it, empowering small businesses to identify, act upon and prevent cash deficits before they occur.

Paired with the Kabbage Small Business Revenue Index, Kabbage Insights is also the first product available that allows small businesses to compare their company’s performance to similarly-sized businesses operating in their state and industry. The result is an unparalleled cash-flow tool that’s free for small businesses, helping them to anticipate changes, benchmark their growth, plan ahead and make more confident business decisions like when to cut expenses, invest or borrow.

With Kabbage Insights, small businesses can:

  • Review cash-flow on the go via the intuitive mobile dashboard.
  • Analyze daily performance and review money movement at a glance.
  • Borrow strategically with forecast data to inform funding decisions.
  • Save time, as studies show 91 percent of small business owners spend as many as 20 hours per week manually calculating cash flow.


“As a small business owner for many years, I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out whether I’d have the cash to pay my various expenses, including payroll at the end of the month and it’s been a mission of mine to solve this ubiquitous problem for all small business owners ever since,” said Kabbage CEO Rob Frohwein. “Kabbage is pleased to launch Insights, taking on this burden for small business owners and providing them with cash flow analyses that large enterprises have at their fingertips. We will continue to level the playing field for the small business owner.”

About Kabbage

Kabbage, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, is a data and technology company providing
small businesses cash flow solutions. Its suite of products includes Kabbage Payments, helping small businesses get paid and access the money they earn faster, Kabbage Funding, providing access to flexible lines of credit in minutes, and Kabbage Insights, a powerful and predictive tool to calculate cash flow. To date, Kabbage has provided more than 220,000 U.S. small businesses access to over billion of working capital. Kabbage is funded and backed by leading investors, including the SoftBank Vision Fund, BlueRun Ventures, WildCast Venture Partners, Thomvest Ventures and others. All Kabbage U.S.-based loans are issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC. Kabbage Payments, LLC, a subsidiary of Kabbage, Inc., is a registered Payment Service Provider/Payment Facilitator sponsored by Fifth ThirdBank, N.A., Cincinnati, OH. For more information, please visit http://www.kabbage.com.

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AcctTwo To Be Gold Sponsor and Exhibitor at the SaaStr Annual 2020 Conference

AcctTwo, one of the nation’s leading providers of Sage Intacct’s cloud accounting software and managed accounting services announced today that the firm is a gold sponsor of the SaaStr Annual 2020 Conference taking place on March 10-12 at the San Jose Convention Center.

“We are proud to sponsor the SaaStr Annual 2020 Conference. We are dedicated to the SaaS start-up vertical and will be showcasing our MAS for SaaS solution – a comprehensive turnkey accounting outsourcing service designed specifically for SaaS companies on the Sage Intacct platform,” said Chris Price, SaaS Vertical Leader and Director of Professional Services at AcctTwo.

With a dedicated SaaS vertical, AcctTwo has proven its dedication to software and technology companies in the U.S. The firm has partnered with nearly 200 software and technology companies to transform finance and accounting with financial management, expense management, and budgeting software, as well as MAS (managed accounting services).

The SaaStr Annual 2020 Conference is a three-day event that brings together more than 15,000 global SaaS founders, executives, and venture capitalists for a series of high-quality content sessions and networking opportunities. Across five stages, more than 300 SaaS leaders will share their hard-earned, personal learning experiences, and actionable insights to help scale up and grow your company faster. SaaStr also facilitates Q&A’s, mentoring sessions and more than 1,000 brain dates (speed dating for tech) throughout the conference.

About MAS for SaaS

MAS for SaaS is a comprehensive turnkey accounting outsourcing service made specifically for the industry on the Sage Intacct platform. MAS for SaaS offers:

  • Real-Time SaaS Specific Reports, Dashboards, and Metrics including CMRR, CAC, and Churn
  • Virtually Unlimited Capabilities as you go from Start-Up to Scale-Up to Enterprise
  • Superior Insights into Business Performance
  • Automated Revenue Recognition in accordance with ASC 606
  • Risk Free Trial – You Can Cancel Anytime within the First 90 Days


For more information, please visit http://www.accttwo.com/mas-for-saas.

About SaaStr

SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders and entrepreneurs dedicated to sharing the best learnings, insights and practices around building and scaling SaaS businesses. Founded in 2012 by serial enterprise entrepreneurs Jason M. Lemkin and Mallun Yen, SaaStr has grown into a social community of more than 500,000 SaaS founders and executives with over 3,000,000 monthly views, and two major industry conferences. SaaStrs goal is to help every SaaS entrepreneur get from to 0M ARR with less stress. Learn more at SaaStr.com.

About AcctTwo

AcctTwo is focused on delivering the future of finance and accounting to its customers. AcctTwo has three main solutions – Cloud Accounting Software, Managed Accounting Services, and Software Development, all built around Sage Intacct’s best-in-class financial applications. Our dedicated team of over 100 people has helped nearly 1,000 organizations optimize finance and accounting through software implementations, accounting outsourcing, and consulting. AcctTwo has been recognized by Sage Intacct as its Partner of the Year from 2014 – 2018 and by our customers as a leader in overall satisfaction and popularity through their reviews on G2.

AcctTwo is headquartered in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit http://www.accttwo.com or call 713-744-8400.

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Avitus Group Launches Tax Expert Forum Topic: What Do You Mean I Have to Pay?! Keeping Your Footing on Shifting Tax Laws; Training Highlights Latest Business Trends

“The tax laws introduced during the past two years have been some of the most significant in the last 30+ years. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 is also still not fully settled and more refinements are coming. In this training, I provide a quick rundown on all of the most impactful changes for this year’s tax filings,” says Director of Avitus Group Tax Services Scott Stevenson.

The Avitus Group Expert Forum, What Do You Mean I Have to Pay?! Keeping Your Footing on Shifting Tax Laws, is available online at no charge. Avitus Group tax experts are also available for follow up questions. Stevenson's training focuses on three main takeaways: 1. How to prepare yourself for the latest updates in tax law; 2. How you can use tax planning to your advantage in future years; 3. What you need to know if you’re selling products in more than one state.

“During the past year, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners gain critical business insights and practical solutions without ever leaving their office,” says Avitus Group Chief Revenue Officer Travis Bruyere. “We’re excited to begin 2020 with a strong topic that should be at the core of every business: tax planning and preparation.”

Visit the Avitus Group Expert Forum registration page to sign up for live, monthly trainings with Q&A opportunities. Registration is required for the live trainings and capacity is limited to 200 attendees. Registration is open until capacity is met.

Avitus Group is a nationwide business services company headquartered in the Denver Metro Area. Services include tax planning and preparation, information technology, co-employment, marketing and branding services, payroll and much more. Additional Expert Forum topics can be found here, including: Actionable, Subtle IT Changes that Make a Big Difference; How to Recruit the Best Employees for your Business, and Cut the Confusion: Make Digital Marketing Meaningful.

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Freedom Financial Network Closes Fifth Securitization, Four Times Oversubscribed

Freedom Financial Network (FFN), the parent company of Freedom Financial Asset Management, has closed its fifth securitization, placing 4 million of rated notes, four times oversubscribed by investors.

The securitization highlights the continued shift of the loan mix towards FFN’s growing FreedomPlus program. For the first time, fully 100% of the collateral has come from FreedomPlus, which provides primarily debt-consolidation personal loans to consumers.

Total securitization issue
The company’s latest securitization brings its total issuance across all five transactions to more than .9 billion. FFN has originated more than .7 billion of FreedomPlus loans to date and over .4 billion in total loans on its Freedom Financial Asset Management (FFAM) platform.

Consistent with its previous securitizations, announced in 2018 and 2019, underwriting the most recent transaction were Credit Suisse, which served as the lead manager and structuring agent, and SunTrust, which served as a joint book runner. In addition, this securitization is bringing in 29 unique investors.

The Class A, Class B and Class C fixed notes were rated A3 (sf), Baa3 (sf) and Ba3 (sf) by Moody’s. The Class A, Class B and Class C fixed-rate notes were rated A (high) (sf), BBB (high) (sf) and BB (low) (sf) by DBRS Morningstar, Inc. The Class A, Class B and Class C fixed-rate notes were rated A (sf), BBB (sf) and BB (sf) by Kroll.

Groundbreaking market differentiators
“The market differentiators we have created and put in place for FreedomPlus are driving our continued success,” says Joseph Toms, president and chief investment officer at FFAM. “From the start of the FreedomPlus program in 2013, it has made loan payments directly to creditors to provide consumers with convenience as well as the financial discipline to become debt-free. FreedomPlus was the first lender in the industry to offer this program, facilitating debt consolidation and payoff for consumers.”

Today, approximately 70% of FreedomPlus loans leverage this ability to pay creditors directly, by far the highest percentage in the industry, according to Toms. The FreedomPlus program also offers discounts to applicants with a co-borrower and for those with more than ,000 in retirement funds.

“The success of this securitization, with 100% FreedomPlus collateral, demonstrates the compelling nature of Freedom’s growing product suite. It serves as one more point of confirmation that we have created a solid, long-term lending platform that works for both consumers and investors,” says Toms. “With transactions such as these, we can look forward to a long road of helping consumers improve their financial health and wellness.”

FFAM offers personal loans to help consumers consolidate their debt, lower interest rates and convert revolving debt into lower-cost, more consumer-friendly installment loans. Using a combination of process, technology and analytics, along with a focus on human interaction to hear directly from consumers about their financial needs, FFAM provides long-term risk-adjusted returns for investors in consumer lending.

Freedom Financial Network (http://www.freedomfinancialnetwork.com)
Freedom Financial Network is a family of companies providing innovative solutions that empower people to live healthier financial lives. For people struggling with debt, Freedom Debt Relief offers a custom program to significantly reduce and resolve what they owe more quickly than they could on their own. FreedomPlus tailors personal loans to each borrower with a level of customer service unmatched in the industry. For consumers enrolled in qualifying debt relief programs, ConsolidationPlus offers loans that accelerate debt settlements and enable them to be free of the debts sooner. Bills.com offers a resource site with simple tips, advice and tools to help consumers make smart financial decisions.

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, FFN also operates an office in Tempe, Arizona. The company employs more than 2,400 and has been voted one of the places to work in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Phoenix area for several years.

Contact: Michael Micheletti, mmicheletti@freedomfinancialnetwork.com, 415-359-6985

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Homeopaths and Pharmacists Collaborate to Release First and Only X-energy CBD Water

Silver Springs Water, Inc. facilitated the wellness project that combined the health benefits of CBD and alkaline water for maximum health benefits through homeopathic methodologies.

Alkalized water has a high pH, facilitating negatively charged ionized water at bottling, which introduces antioxidants into the body’s system with a quick absorption rate. While alkalized water has been a homeopathic product for a long time, X-energy CBD Water is the very first alkalized water that also includes CBD.

X-energy CBD Water is the culmination of research and collaboration between Silver Spring Water, Inc., and pharmacists, homeopaths, and hemp experts spanning years. Each bottle contains an average of 10mg of CBD extracted from hemp seed and integrated into X-energy CBD Water through serial dilution and rapid agitation. Hemp is not simply added to water, it is infused into the water through this process.

Pure CBD Hemp, which is a cannabinoid that contains under 0.3% THC, is no longer a controlled substance and does not need approval by the FDA. Although “homeopathic” products are not strictly governed by the FDA, claims of health benefits of CBD are. Health benefits, including inflammation reduction, stress and anxiety relief, seizure reduction, ease digestion and more from CBD are not approved by the FDA and are purely anecdotal. Alkalized water has been found to have anti-aging properties, support the immune system and increase skin health. When combined with CBD, these benefits may be enhanced.

People taking X-energy CBD Water have done so for a wide range of purposes. Their claims of success are based on how it is ingested, and at which quantities and intervals. Direct comments from users recommend drinking the bottle in 2-3 minutes for a quick energy boost. If the goal is “general” body maintenance, one to two bottles a day are recommended. If the goal is significant improvement in overall health, immunity, or to address specific issues, drinking 2-3 bottles each day is recommended to get the necessary negative ion and CBD energy intake to meet accelerating health and wellness goals.

For more information on X-energy CBD Water, call 877-453-6223 or visit www.xenergywater.com.

Robert Quinn, PharmD, FAAO, ABAAHP

Co-Founder, President; Kohana Pharmacy and Center for Regenerative Medicine

181 Tank Farm Road Ste 120

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Office (805) 542-0864

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Dubai Property Investment – hausandhaus.com pick on Dubai’s current top property investments

With a myriad of top developers having many off plan offerings in the market, many buyers are perplexed when it comes to spending their hard earned cash. The confusion stems from a huge variety of payment plans and options, and with releases almost on a daily basis it can be hard to keep up with the developments which will be the most popular once completed, and those that will give the best returns. To save any confusion we have hand-picked our current favorite Dubai investments from the very best developers. We have based our selection on reputation, location, successful past projects, value for money and build quality. This is an unbiased view, with no favoritism towards any particular company or brand. We always maintain that by giving rational, honest and transparent advice – clients will be happy to return.

Eden at The Valley  | by Emaar

Emaar’s first venture in this location, the strategic position of this development is close enough Dubai’s major landmarks to be a success – but far enough to offer some tranquility to the hustle and bustle of the city. These 3 and 4 bedroom luxury townhouses start at very attractive rates and the payment plan is generous with a 30 month post-handover mechanism. Very much focused on families, this development will benefit from lush parks and green areas, shopping close by at The Pavilion and the classic infrastructure that makes Emaar one of the most respected developers.

Eden by Emaar Prices from AED 1,168,888

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Marina Vista  | by Emaar

One of the most anticipated projects, Emaar’s foray into beachfront living will make a positive impact on the local hotspot of Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and JBR shoreline. From 1 to 4 bedroom apartments, classic Emaar styling and all buildings having a close proximity to water, this is one project not to miss. With multiple payment options, a 100 % DLD fee waiver and 2 year post-handover payment plan up for grabs, what is not to like? Whether an investment or to live, you will not be disappointed with what is on offer here…

Emaar Beachfront Starting from AED 1,200,888

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

Ruba Villas at Arabian Ranches III  | by Emaar

Arabian Ranches and Ranches 2 conjure mental images of perfectly executed housing and lifestyle. These incredible success stories for many Dubai expats are now offered in a more affordable package – Arabian Ranches 3. Contemporary, clean and amazing value 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses, Emaar have really hit the nail on the head with this exciting project. Sublime build and facilities, one of the real ‘wow’ plusses of this development will be the kid-friendly lazy river which circles the perimeter. Starting at 1.4m, this is a fantastic opportunity to grab your slice of the dream family playground. 

Arabian Ranches III by Emaar 3 BR’s from AED 1,400,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate  | by Select Group

With an enviable waterfront position in Dubai Marina, one of the best specifications and 5* service within the residence, Jumeirah Living Marina Gate will most certainly live up to the hype. With an expected April 2020 completion date, 100 % DLD fee waiver, 4 year post-handover payment plan and competitive pricing, it is not surprising that there is already limited availability. 

Select Group have really upped the game with this masterpiece – give us a call today to make your reservation.

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Expo Golf Villas 5  | by Emaar

EXPO 2020. There is no hotter buzzword today in Dubai. These prime 3 and 4 bed limited premium villas are as close to the action as you can get – how does a few minutes to the site sound? – making them an exciting investment prospect for the next year and beyond. The layouts and finish of these properties are centered around families and with supporting, extensive infrastructure in the surrounding area – make this an incredible proposal. The Championship Golf Course and Al Maktoum airport are literally minutes away… book your spot with the haus team today! 

Expo Golf Villas 5 Starting from AED 1,077,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

Signature Livings  | by Green Group

If the UAE’s first solar powered residential apartment building, eco-friendly and contemporary design in the popular Jumeirah Village Circle sounds tempting… read on. With a choice of studio’s and one bedroom apartments and one and two bed penthouses, and starting at a budget friendly AED 425,000 – this is a gem of a project. Not only that but with a Q2 expected delivery date, a show home on site, and impeccable build quality; all genuine reasons why this is fast becoming a sell-out development. Boasting up to date features such as smart phone enabled temperature control, Bluetooth enabled sound systems and smart coffee machines in the lobby – The Green Group have genuinely raised the bar with this one. 

Signature Livings by Green Group Prices from AED 425,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

If you require factual, current and professional investment advice from a company that cares about your money as much as you do – then get in touch. Our team of off-plan specialists will give honest, clear and tangible advice that has your best interests at heart. Whether you are looking for an entry level apartment, or a panoramic view penthouse overlooking the Arabian Gulf – we are confident that our approach is consistent so that you get the best possible guidance. Get in touch today and let us make your money work for you…easy.

Dubai Property Investment Consultant:

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

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ACM admits five partners, announces additional promotions

ACM LLP (ACM) has announced five new partner admissions effective January 1, 2020.

Erin Breit, Audit Partner, joined ACM in 2005, devoting her full attention to ACM’s Employee Benefit Plan and Nonprofit Practices. She works closely with her employee benefit plan clients to help them navigate complex compliance issues, including service provider changes, plan mergers, spinoffs, terminations and Form 5500 Preparation. She works with her nonprofit client to tell their story through their financial statements while ensure compliance with accounting standards. Erin received her Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Bachelor of Science, Accounting and Operations Quality Management from the University of Maryland. Outside of work, you’ll find Erin devoting time to her philanthropic interests, spending time with her daughter and husband, or working on her latest craft project.

Jessica Friedly, Audit Partner, spends 100% of her time in ACM’s Employee Benefit Plan Practice. In the 14 years she has been at ACM, she has acquired vast knowledge and experience auditing defined benefit plans, health and welfare plans, and defined contribution plans, including 11-K audits and 403(b) plans. Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts, Accounting from the University of Denver. She is a Colorado Native and an avid sports fan and the mother of two young boys.

Scott Norquist, Tax Partner, began his public accounting career in 2006. He has spent most of his career serving the real estate industry; upon joining ACM two years ago he has continued that focus in the real estate and hospitality industries. Some of Scott’s areas of specialty are cost segregation studies and syndicated real estate partnerships. He has performed many cost segregation studies that have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax and strives to structure real estate deals in a way that is both tax efficient and practical. His Master of Taxation Degree is from the University of Denver and Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Public Accounting is from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. When not working you will find him traveling with his husband, working on his Land Cruiser or serving on various nonprofit and philanthropic boards.

Jason Slavsky, Tax Partner, has spent five years at ACM. Jason specializes in providing tax compliance, planning, and consulting services to closely held businesses and their owners. He leverages his broad range of experience working with clients across a variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing and distribution, to identify innovative ways to reduce his clients tax burdens. Jason’s Master of Taxation Degree is from the University of Denver and Bachelor of Science, Accountancy, is from the Arizona State University. When not at work, Jason is spending time with his wife and daughters.

Tim Stueven, Audit Partner, is responsible for preparing, executing, and completing audit and other attestation engagements. He believes in building strong relationships with his clients, which is why he communicates with his clients year-round, not just during the annual audit. He splits his time between ACM’s Corporate and Employee Benefit Plan Practices. Tim joined ACM after finishing his degree at the University of Northern Colorado and has spent his entire career at the firm. He coaches his two sons’ soccer teams, regularly takes family bikes rides, and looks forward to Friday pizza and movie night with his family.

ACM’s newly admitted partners agree that the people at ACM are the key to their success and happiness. They expressed appreciation for ACM’s culture and the opportunity to continue shaping that culture while delivering exceptional client service.

“Our newest partners represent the talent and commitment of ACM’s partner group,” said ACM President and Managing Partner, Stacey (Hekkert) Duke. “Team members like Erin, Jessica, Scott, Jason and Tim join ACM to take advantage of significant growth opportunities and they stay because they have the ability to further impact firm culture and growth. We welcome them as Partners and look forward to the future.”

The Firm announced the following additional promotions:

Marc Furton - Audit Director
Abbey Hagerman - Director
Michael Malody - Tax Director
Michelle Welch - Client Accounting Services Director
Melissa Fifer - Chief People Officer
Brooke Hipp - Chief Marketing Officer
Scott Walker - Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Baran - Senior Tax Manager
David Gantos - Senior Audit Manager
Megan Grozdanich - Senior Tax Manager
Megan Hanneman - Senior Manager
Curtis Forney - Audit Manager
Elise Huppert - Tax Manager
Jim Mohrbacher - Audit Manager
Jessica Wambsgans - Audit Manager
Seva Kouremetis - Event Manager

The firm promoted an additional 15 people below manager.

ACM LLP (ACM) is the largest locally owned and committed public accounting firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Northern Colorado, Boulder and Laramie, WY. ACM provides assurance, tax and consulting services to the Rocky Mountain Region’s entrepreneurial and middle market companies along with their owners, as well as public companies, governmental and philanthropic organizations. The firm’s membership in the BDO Alliance USA and relationship with BDO USA, LLP enhances its personal client approach with the resources of one of the world’s leading accounting services organizations.

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China Chang Ming Mining Signs with Star Global Group to Expand Global Business

(Ankang, China) On August 26, 2019, Chang Ming Mining hosted the signing ceremony between Ankang hanbin district Chang Ming mineral products Co., Ltd. and Star Global Group.  Around 300 representatives attended the ceremony including Shaofeng Wang, Chief Engineer of the Ankang Development and Reform Commission, Huachu Tang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Biying Ecological Holding Group, Jing, Li CEO of Starr Global Group (SGG), Jeff Zhou, MD of investment banking, Jinjun Lu,President of Ankang Henan Chamber of Commerce. Tianzhi Huang, Hanbin District President of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce. Zhongming Ding

Chairman of Chang Ming Mineral Products Co., Ltd., Zhuobin Ren, Chairman of Chang Ming Industrial Management Holding Group of the United States, Haiyang Zhang, president of the company’s US listing operation in charge of Chang Ming’s US listing.

Zhongming Ding, Chairman of Chang Ming Mineral Products Co.Ltd.delivered a welcome speech and introduced the market prospects and business philosophy of Chang Ming Mining to guests at the ceremony. He also explained his outlook on the direction and goals of Chang Ming Mining after entering the US capital market.

Jinjun Lu, President of Ankang Henan Chamber of Commerce, congratulated the successful partnership of the two global companies.

Haiyang Zhang, President of Shaanxi Chang Ming Mining’s US listing service gave a speech on Ankang District Chang Ming Mining Products Co., Ltd.’s US OTC market listing and future development plans.

Jing, Li, CEO of Star Global Group, shared her good experience on Chang Ming Mining's field trip and vision on their cooperation. She also expressed her confidence in their partnership.

Mr. Zhongming Ding, Chairman of Ankang Chang Ming Mining and Ms. Li Jing of SGG signed the strategic partnership agreement. The audience gave a lot of applause to the signing parties.

Mr. Huachu Tang, chairman of the board of directors of Biying Ecological Holding Group, congratulated Chang Ming Mining on its successful signing and shared his vision and analysis on the prospects of mineral resources.

Chang Ming Mineral Products Co., Ltd. was established in Ankang hanbin district, Shannxi Province in October 2010.  It is a privately-owned company with shareholder structures. It is a key commercial investment enterprise assigned by Ankang city government to allow private owners to buy and operate local mines. The company mainly operates mineral processing, sales and vanadium mining businesses, with a registered capital of 390 million RMB.  Chang Ming Mining obtained the mining right through a public bidding and registration process.

It legally completed registration, photographing, water and successfully completed the government registration by the Development and Reform

Commission. The environmental assessment, water protection, forestry, and safety supervision departments all gave Chang Ming construction approvals.  Chang Ming is now in the mining construction and exploring period. The mining area is about 2.06 square kilometers and the average amount of vanadium can reach 0.815 %. The company's total reservation report shows the ore reserves are 60.94 million tons with a value of approximately 9.14 billion RMB, and the value of vanadium pentoxide is about 84.43 billion RMB.

On March 3, 2019, Chang Ming Mining successfully listed on the Nasdaq OTC market in the US.  The stock trading symbol is CMIM and the opening stock price was 1.08 US dollars.

The second-largest shareholder of Ankang Chang Ming Mining is Biying Ecological Holding Group, a US-listed company. Its core business is ecologically efficient agriculture, and its star products are "four treasures" walnuts, rich in "calcium iron zinc selenium". Biying Ecological Holding Group focuses on the technical aspect of the walnut planting and production field, development of walnut processing industry, walnut industry's culture and industrial chain. Their pioneer "small walnut" project is being promoted in China.

In addition to Chang Ming Mining, which is a mining integration platform, Biying Ecological Holding Group also owns LOONG new energy vehicles. LOONG vehicles rely on the core technology of super-capacitors and extenders which LOONG developed independently. After three years, it successfully built a matrix horizontal augmentation engine and negotiated with major operators and local governments to cooperate in the construction of a new energy automotive industrial park. LOONG strives consistently to achieve greater breakthroughs and development.

Another major innovative business of Biying is HSDK Entrepreneurship Hospital, which helps businesses solve problems. The hospital carries out diagnosis and treatment for companies. Wastak also creates practical solutions, support systems, and works to resolve business difficulties to help more companies succeed. Their aim is to build and expand more global business.

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Energy Marketing Conferences announced the winner of the “Leadership and Integrity Award at its 12th semi-annual conference.

Energy Marketing Conferences announced the winner of the “Leadership and Integrity Award". The nominees were retail energy companies who have exemplified fine leadership qualities, the highest level of ethics, and benefit their customers, community, environment as well as internal stakeholders.  The award was sponsored by Everlast Energy.


The 10 nominees for the award were: Abest Power and Gas, Agway Energy Services, Arcadia Power, CleanChoice Energy, LE Energy, Liberty Power, Mega Energy, RRH Energy, Tomorrow Energy, and Town Square Energy. 


The winner of the award was Tomorrow Energy as announced at the Energy Marketing Conference on September 12th 2019 at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City.   Sean Figaro, of Tomorrow Energy accepted the award.


Past winners of the award were: UGI Energy Services (2017), USG&E (2016), North American Power (2015), Chief Energy (2014), and IDT Energy (2013).


“All the nominees for the Leadership and Integrity Award were exemplary companies of leadership and integrity,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of Advanced Energy Capital, LED Plus and of Energy Marketing Conferences, “All of these companies showed leadership in how they excelled in hands-on customer service. They were all patrons to their communities and companies we can all be proud of. Paul Keene, CEO of Tomorrow Energy rose above everyone else."


“Tomorrow Energy implemented an 18 month transition plan that has completely remade the business, including a move of the business to Houston, a hiring of a new team of industry veterans, and a significant shift in business strategy that resulted in a rebranding.   They built a new organization with a 100% focus on renewables.  They not only totally rebranded the products. They also transformed the company culture, values, and ethics,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC and CEO of TrustedTPV.


The Energy Marketing Conference is the largest gathering of retail energy professionals in North America.   

There were 50 exhibitors, 6 interactive panels, 8 executive workshops, more than 50 speakers, a networking breakfast, a luncheon and a vibrant networking reception with live music.  The keynote was Rich Blaser, CEO Infinite Energy and Citizens for Energy Choices.



The next Energy Marketing Conference will take place at the Hyatt Regency Downtown in Houston Texas on March 3, 2020.  It will be another fantastic networking opportunity and will be filled with a packed agenda of learning.


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Self-Directed IRAs on the Rise in Light of US-China Trade War, According to IRA Financial.

IRA Financial Group & IRA Financial Trust Company, a leading financial technology self-directed IRA and 401(k) plan provider & self directed IRA custodian, has experienced a surge in demand from retirement account investors seeking to better diversify their retirement assets in light of the recent volatility in the equity markets. “We have seen a growing trend of retirement account Investors turning to alternative assets in light of the continued trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies,” stated Adam Bergman, President of the IRA Financial Group & IRA Financial Trust Company.

According to Mr. Bergman, “the U.S.-china trade dispute has made a great case for the self-directed IRA as a diversification tool for many retirement account holders. IRA Financial makes investing in alternative asset investments quick and easy by being the market’s first mobile application that allows clients to be onboarded and invest in alternative asset investments 100% electronically straight from their mobile device.

IRA Financial Group & IRA Financial Trust Company’s self-directed IRA and solo 401(k) plan platform allows investors to invest in IRS approved alternative asset investments for as little as a few hundred dollars a year with no account valuation fees primary advantage of using a self-directed IRA to make private IRS approved alternative asset investments, such as real estate, is that one can diversify their retirement assets and invest in what one knows and trusts. In addition, with a self-directed IRA generally all income and gains associated with the IRA investment grow tax-deferred or tax-free in the case of a Roth IRA.

IRA Financial Group is the market's leading provider of self-directed retirement plans. IRA Financial Group has helped thousands of clients take back control over their retirement funds while gaining the ability to invest in almost any type of investment, including real estate, cryptocurrency, and private business investments.

The IRA Financial Trust Company, a self-directed IRA custodian, was founded by Adam Bergman, a partner with the IRA Financial Group. Mr. Bergman is a leading expert on the taxation of retirement funds and has authored multiples articles on how to use a self-directed IRA to buy cryptocurrencies.

Adam Bergman, IRA Financial Group partner, has written seven books the topic of self-directed retirement plans, including, “How to use Retirement Funds to Purchase Cryptocurrencies, “The Checkbook IRA”, “Going Solo,” Turning Retirement Funds into Start-Up Dreams, Solo 401(k) Plan in a Nutshell, Self-Directed IRA in a Nutshell, and in God We Trust in Roth We Prosper.

To learn more about the IRA Financial Group please visit our website at http://www.irafinancialgroup.com or call 800-472-0646.

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Ideal CU Pays Out ,200 to Youth Attending Summer Money Talks Program

Ideal Credit Union recently hosted two sessions of its award-winning “Money Talks” financial literacy program in July, attracting 42 students from around the metro area. The unique peer-to-peer program, led and taught by high school-age Ideal CU Student Credit Union employees, teaches students the building blocks of personal finance: budgeting, savings and investments, credit, and money management tools. Students in attendance ranged in age from 16 to 22 years and came from a number of communities, including Rochester, Minneapolis, Blaine, Rosemount, Bayport, Mahtomedi, Inver Grove Heights, Oakdale, Maplewood, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, Hudson and more.

“Having the skills to manage money is critical to a successful financial future,” stated Ideal CU President/CEO Brian Sherrick. “The overall objective of the Money Talks program is to provide valuable financial education to students via their peers so they have the knowledge to make informed and conscious money decisions.”

Participants earned a 0 cash stipend for completing the day-long course and passing the “I’m Financially Ready” exam. All students must establish a Savings Account with Ideal before completion of the course in order to receive the 0 stipend. Approximately 454 students have been through the “Money Talks” financial literacy program since its inception in 2013. To date Ideal CU has awarded ,400 in cash payouts to students completing this program.

Ideal CU offers a suite of student financial products to help youth build their financial future, including Free Student Checking, a Student Savers CD and a unique Credit Builder loan to help establish that all-important credit rating.

Ideal CU has operated a student-run branch at Tartan High School in Oakdale, MN, since January 2013. Located in the DECA school store, the Ideal CU Student Credit Union is an innovative approach in business education, teaching students the basic principles and practices of the financial services industry. The “Money Talks” educational series, developed in partnership with Tartan DECA students and school leaders, is held several times throughout the school year for Tartan students. Summer sessions are open to interested students from other locations throughout the metro and western Wisconsin.

Founded in 1926, Ideal Credit Union is a member owned financial institution that is dedicated to providing financial services driven by a sincere and personal interest in the needs of our employees, members and community. Ideal CU offers a complete range of services, including a full suite of digital banking products, savings, checking, loans, mortgage productsexclusive VIP member paybackbusiness servicesinvestment services and more. Offices are located in Eagan, Hugo, Inver Grove Heights, North St. Paul, Stillwater and Woodbury. Visit idealcu.com for details and directions. Ideal has been voted “Best Credit Union in the East Metro” 3 years in a row by readers of the Stillwater Gazette and was named a 2018 Star Tribune Top 150 Workplace. Equal Housing Lender. 

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Cornerstone Research Announces Promotions to Senior Vice President and Principal

Cornerstone Research, a leading provider of economic and financial consulting and expert testimony, has advanced four senior staff to the role of senior vice president: Alexander “Sasha” Aganin, Samid Hussain, Darwin Neher, and Fernanda Schmid. Ms. Schmid also serves as the firm’s general counsel. In addition, the firm promoted four to principal: Sara Champion, Sean Kruskol, Jean-Philippe “JP” Poissant, and M. Scott Wilson.

“It is a tremendous pleasure to recognize the important contributions of these eight remarkable individuals,” said Michael E. Burton, Cornerstone Research’s president and CEO. “They not only demonstrate impeccable skill and leadership in a wide variety of client matters, but also show deep commitment to their colleagues, serving as dedicated advisors, mentors, and team members.”

Senior Vice President 
Alexander “Sasha” Aganin leads Cornerstone Research’s financial institutions practice. A recognized authority in finance subjects, Dr. Aganin focuses on securities matters and bankruptcy disputes, as well as antitrust matters related to financial markets and institutions. He is based in Silicon Valley.

Samid Hussain heads the firm’s consumer fraud and product liability practice. Dr. Hussain has significant experience in a variety of industries, including airlines, automobiles, genetically modified crops, herbicides, high tech, oil and gas, and telecommunications. He is based in New York.

Darwin Neher has extensive experience with class certification and matters at the intersection of finance and antitrust. Named a leading competition economist by Who’s Who Legal, Dr. Neher addresses many of the firm’s challenging economics cases. He is based in New York.

Fernanda Schmid is general counsel of Cornerstone Research, managing the firm’s legal, compliance, and business risk matters. She is based in Los Angeles.

Sara Champion specializes in labor, employment, and antitrust and competition matters, with particular expertise in healthcare. Dr. Champion consults on a range of class certification, liability, and damages issues. She is based in Chicago.

Sean Kruskol analyzes large, complex datasets related to commercial litigation and accounting disputes. Mr. Kruskol’s expertise includes issues related to accounting and auditing, forensic accounting investigations, data analytics, and damages. He is based in Chicago.

Jean-Philippe “JP” Poissant evaluates complex accounting, professional liability, executive compensation, valuation, corporate governance, and financial distress issues. Mr. Poissant’s experience also includes analysis of loss causation and damages in disclosure cases. He is based in Los Angeles.

M. Scott Wilson consults on matters involving financial institutions, securities markets, market microstructure, insurance products, and valuation. Dr. Wilson analyzes a range of class certification, liability, and damages issues in Rule 10b-5, Section 11, and Section 12 matters. He is based in Boston.

About Cornerstone Research

Cornerstone Research provides economic and financial consulting and expert testimony in all phases of complex litigation and regulatory proceedings. The firm works with an extensive network of prominent faculty and industry practitioners to identify the best-qualified expert for each assignment. Cornerstone Research has earned a reputation for consistent high quality and effectiveness by delivering rigorous, state-of-the-art analysis for thirty years. The firm has 700 staff and offices in Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Washington.

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The Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC (“EMC”) announced today that it has already produced five free “Virtual Seminars” for the retail energy industry.


EMC now offers five Webinars or “Virtual Seminars” on its website for viewing and is planning many more. The five include:

1.      “HOW TO CONTAIN THE EPIDEMIC OF CHURN IN RETAIL ENERGY” – Run by Jack Doueck, CEO of LED PLUS USA.  This webinar shows retail energy providers how to reduce churn and increase customer retention simply and cost-effectively.


2.      “RETAIL ENERGY REGULATORY TRENDS – WHAT’S NEW, WHAT’S COMING SOON, and WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ABOUT IT” – run by Frank Caliva of P.R. Quinlan.  This webinar shows which states are most welcoming to progress in deregulation and which to avoid.



3.      “BOOST YOUR CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE USING MACHINE LEARNING” – run by Dr. Madalasa Venkatraman of TEG Analytics.  This webinar educates the audience on how to use AI and machine learning to increase CLTV.


4.      “THE LATEST AND GREATEST IN RETAIL ENERGY M&A” – run by Jack Doueck and Larry Leikin of Energy Marketing Conferences. This fantastic panel discussion is among Justin Courtney of Stephens investment bank, Nathan Kroeker, CEO of Spark Energy, Harold Marx of NRG, David Mirza of Medtractions, and Phillip Wills of Pulse Power.



5.      “EFFECTIVE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT TECHNIQUES FOR SUCCESSFUL CUSTOMER RETENTION” – run by Jack Doueck and Larry Leikin of Energy Marketing Conferences.  This panel discussion features Kevin McMinn of Crius, Alan Schwab of Genie Retail Energy, Bill Kinneary of Powervine Energy, Ty Benefiel of MeterGenius, Dan Seaman of Optimus and Bruce Shields of Data Communications Management.

EMC is planning many more Virtual Seminars for the coming weeks and months.  The next one is August 20th entitled: “A Software Strategy for Managing Disruptive Change.”  EMC advertises its webinars online through its social media network, at its conferences, as well as on its website and to its email list of approximately 15,000 retail energy professionals. 



The Virtual Seminars are available on EMC’s website as a free and valuable educational tool for the industry.  


“Our mission in Energy Marketing Conferences is twofold: education and networking. Our two semi-annual conferences offer the absolute best opportunities for networking in the retail energy industry.  The conferences are packed with more than 50 speakers, 10 executive workshops and 6 interactive panels – all learning opportunities,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of the Energy Marketing Conferences. “We will now reach out online to a much larger audience and provide people who aspire to have careers in retail energy with valuable information to help them innovate and succeed.”


Who should attend: CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s and CFO’s of retail energy suppliers should tune into these virtual seminars.   “We ran an EMC Virtual Seminar in June of 2019 and it generated great traction. Jack and Larry did everything they promised. We received great exposure through national press releases, social media, the EMC website and email blasts to the whole retail industry,” said Nishant Jairath, of TEG Analytics. “Thank you to EMC for hosting this great educational series for Retail Energy!”


“EMC crafted this series of Webinars to appeal to all levels of retail energy companies including: CEO’s, CMO’s, COO’s, CFO’s as well as managers of divisions, retention managers, sales managers, channel partner managers, customer service personnel and IT professionals,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC. “This program is the first of its kind in the industry and we are excited that it is already off to a great start.”


The next Energy Marketing Conference will take place at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City on September 12th 2019.  CLICK HERE to register for the largest retail energy event ever.


ABOUT Energy Marketing Conferences:

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences LLC is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.  The EMC Monthly e-Newsletter goes out to more than 15,000 retail energy executives each month with important articles written by industry professionals. The EMC Virtual Seminars are the newest program of EMC, designed to help educate the industry on a host of topics – free of charge.   



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Energy Marketing Conferences Announces its Next Free Educational Virtual Seminar for the Retail Energy Industry

Tuesday July 9th at 11:00am EST, EMC will be runining a free Virtual Seminar entitled: “Retail Energy Regulatory Trends – What’s New, What’s Coming Soon, and What You Should Do About It."  It is sponsored by P.R. Quinlan.  

Feeling like all the regulators are pointing their fingers at you? The onslaught of new rules and enforcement actions issued by Public Service Commissions is hard to keep up with and can drive marketers crazy. While new regulations can seem to come out of nowhere, the truth is there are patterns we can identify and use to predict what might be coming next – and how to prepare. 

This seminar will identify positive and negative regulatory trends that you can expect to spread throughout North American markets in the next several years. We will then outline a four-step process you can use to stay on top of your obligations, out of trouble, and focused on growing your business.

The presenter: will be Frank Caliva III.  As president of P.R. Quinlan, Frank helps energy companies understand and respond successfully to public policy opportunities and challenges. Frank and his team have over three decades of experience in retail electricity, natural gas, and clean energy markets, with specific experience working in retail energy markets in more than 21 U.S. states and three (3) Canadian provinces, P.R. Quinlan’s team of professionals provides reliable and informed regulatory and political insight; drafts and delivers testimony in both regulatory and legislative venues; and builds issue coalitions and alliances with other stakeholders on a regular basis.

Who should attend: CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s and CFO’s of retail energy suppliers should tune into this seminar. 

Click HERE to see EMC’s Virtual Seminar page.


Click HERE to register for free.

The next Energy Marketing Conference will take place at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City on September 12th 2019.  CLICK HERE to register for the largest retail energy event ever.

ABOUT Energy Marketing Conferences:

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences LLC is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.  The EMC Monthly e-Newsletter goes out to more than 15,000 retail energy executives each month with important articles written by industry professionals. The EMC Virtual Seminars are the newest program of EMC, designed to help educate the industry on a host of topics – free of charge.  Visit https://energymarketingconferences.com/ for more information.


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The Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC (“EMC”) announced today that it will produce a series of free “Virtual Seminars” for the retail energy industry.

New York, NY: The Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC (“EMC”) announced today that it will produce a series of free “Virtual Seminars” for the retail energy industry.


EMC will advertise them as “Cyber Tuesdays” online through its social media network, (using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), at its conferences, as well as on its website and to its email list of approximately 15,000 retail energy professionals. 


EMC will send out links to the Virtual Seminars after the event takes place so that thousands of retail energy professionals can access the Virtual Seminars free of charge.


EMC will have the Virtual Seminars available on its website as a free and valuable educational tool for the industry.  


The purpose of the Virtual Seminars is to provide a valuable branding opportunity to the Virtual Seminar Sponsors as well as to educate the retail energy industry on a variety of important topics.


The Virtual Seminars will all take place on Tuesdays, hence the term “Cyber Tuesdays”.


“There are more than 100,000 retail energy professionals in the competitive energy industry. Our semi-annual conferences attract between 600 and 700 attendees each time.  Where are the other 99,000 professionals going for information, education, and inspiration?” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of the Energy Marketing Conferences. “EMC will now reach out to a much larger audience and provide people who aspire to have careers in retail energy with valuable information to help them innovate and succeed.”


The next Virtual Seminar will be 30 minutes and will take place on Tuesday June 25th at 11:00am EST and it is entitled “Boost Your CLTV (“Customer Lifetime Value”) using Machine Learning'. It is sponsored by TEG Analytics. The speaker will be Dr. Madalasa Venkataraman, the Chief Data Scientist.  The discussion will center around how retail energy providers can improve the lifetime value of their customers using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and it promises to be an enjoyable and educational seminar. 

Who should attend: CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s and CFO’s of retail energy suppliers should tune into this seminar.  “We are excited to team up with EMC to produce this valuable Virtual Seminar,” said Arvind Nagpal, Founder & CEO, TEG Analytics. “These are exciting times for retail energy professionals to drive profitable growth for their business using the power of AI and ML enabled decision support platform.”

“EMC will be crafting this program to appeal to all levels of retail energy companies including: CEO’s, CMO’s, COO’s, CFO’s as well as managers of divisions, retention managers, sales managers, channel partner managers, customer service personnel and IT professionals,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC. “This program is the first of its kind in the industry and we are excited to make it happen.”


Click HERE to register for FREE.


Log into https://energymarketingconferences.com/virtual-seminars/ to see a list of other planned Virtual Seminars that you can participate in free of charge from the comfort of your office or home.

The next Energy Marketing Conference will take place at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City on September 12th 2019.  CLICK HERE to register for the largest retail energy event ever.


ABOUT Energy Marketing Conferences:

Energy Marketing Conferences

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences LLC is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.  The EMC Monthly e-Newsletter goes out to more than 15,000 retail energy executives each month with important articles written by industry professionals. The EMC Virtual Seminars are the newest program of EMC, designed to help educate the industry on a host of topics – free of charge.  Visit https://energymarketingconferences.com/ for more information.


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Energy Marketing Conferences announced the winners of the “2018 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award”, the “2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award” and the “2018 Vendor of the Year Award”

Energy Marketing Conferences announced the winners of the “2018 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award”, the “2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award” and the “2018 Vendor of the Year Award”.

The three awards were presented at its eleventh semi-annual Retail Energy Marketing Conference held at the Houston Hyatt Regency Downtown in Houston, Texas on April 2nd 2019.  

The Energy Marketing Conference featured a sell-out crowd of more than 600 attendees, 45 sponsors, a sold-out exhibit hall packed with 50 of the best exhibitors, more than 50 well-known industry professionals speaking on six interactive panels, ten executive workshops, a networking breakfast, luncheon and reception with live music.

The conference was the largest gathering of retail energy professionals in North America ever.

The panels included: “Successful Channel Partnerships”; “Show me the Money: How Distributed Resources make everyone more profitable”, New Competitive Markets: Foreign and Domestic”, Blockchain and Other Emerging Technologies in Retail Energy”, and the CEO Round Table focused on growth, expansion and overcoming obstacles that are in the way.

Sponsored by LED Plus USA and TrustedTPV, the nominees for the 2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award were: Agway, Direct Energy, Eligo Energy, Engie, Griddy, Just Energy, and NRG.  And the winner was Griddy. Emily Cipes accepted the award on behalf of the company.

 “The nominees for the Most Innovative Marketer Award were all extremely creative, but the industry selected Griddy for its overall value proposition for customers. They clearly broke the mold,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC and CEO of TrustedTPV.

Sponsored by Arise Digital Marketing, the nominees for the 2018 REP of the Year Award were: Constellation, Eligo Energy, Engie, Just Energy, NRG, Shell and Tomorrow Energy.  The winner was NRG and all its brands.  Kelly Fay accepted the award.

“The seven nominees for the REP of the Year Award are all leaders in the field, but NRG has proven again that their portfolio of brands led the retail energy industry across the board in so many categories,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of Advanced Energy Capital, LED Plus and Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC.  

Sponsored by Crius Energy, the nominees for the 2018 Vendor of the Year Award were: EC Infosystems, energy Services Group, Feller Law Group, Powwr, the Retail Energy Supply Association, Shell Energy, TrustedTPV, and Znalytics.  The winner was RESA – the Retail Energy Supply Association.

The nominees and winners of all three awards were voted on by the industry itself as EMC teamed up ERCG to produce a first-ever industry vote on the awards,” said Doueck. “This was a democratic process and Larry and I wish congratulations to all the nominees on a great 2018”.

The next Energy Marketing Conference takes place on September 12th at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City.

To watch the video from a previous Energy Marketing Conference in New York click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDQTi2lhXek

About Energy Marketing Conferences:

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.

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Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC announced today the nominees for the “2018 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award”, the “2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award” and the “2018 Vendor of the Year Award

Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC announced today the nominees for the “2018 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award”, the “2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award” and the “2018 Vendor of the Year Award”.

The three awards will be presented at its tenth semi-annual Retail Energy Marketing Conference being held at the Houston Hyatt Regency Downtown in Houston, Texas on April 2nd 2019.  

The theme of the Energy Marketing Conference will be ‘Relationships vs. Transactions’ and it will feature 45 sponsors, a sold-out exhibit hall packed with 50 of the best exhibitors, more than 50 well-known industry professionals speaking on six interactive panels, 10 executive workshops, a networking breakfast, luncheon and reception with live music.

More than 600 attendees from all over the country are looking forward to hearing over 50 panelists and speakers.  The conference will be the largest gathering of retail energy professionals in North America.

The panels include: “Successful Channel Partnerships”; “Show me the Money: How Distributed Resources make everyone more profitable”, New Competitive Markets: Foreign and Domestic”, Blockchain and Other Emerging Technologies in Retail Energy”, and the CEO Round Table focusing on growth, expansion and overcoming obstacles that are in the way.

The breakfast, luncheon, breaks and cocktail reception have all been designed to allow participants to maximize their learning and networking opportunities.

Sponsored by LED Plus USA and TrustedTPV, the nominees for the 2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award are: Agway, Direct Energy, Eligo Energy, Engie, Griddy, Just Energy, and NRG.

 “The nominees for the Most Innovative Marketer Award have all created new programs, differentiated products offerings, bundled services, and overall improved customer experience,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC and CEO of TrustedTPV.

Sponsored by Arise Digital Marketing, the nominees for the 2018 REP of the Year Award are: Constellation, Eligo Energy, Engie, Just Energy, NRG, Shell and Tomorrow Energy.  

“The nominees for the REP of the Year Award are seven companies who have exemplified real leadership in the retail energy industry,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of Advanced Energy Capital, LED Plus and Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC.  

Sponsored by Crius Energy, the nominees for the 2018 Vendor of the Year Award are: EC Infosystems, energy Services Group, Feller Law Group, Powwr, the Retail Energy Supply Association, Shell Energy, TrustedTPV, and Znalytics.  

The nominees and winners of all three awards were voted on by the industry itself as EMC teamed up ERCG to produce a first-ever industry vote on the awards,” said Doueck. “This was a democratic process and Larry and I wish congratulations to all the nominees on a great 2018”.

This promises to be an event that can’t be missed for professionals in the retail energy space.

To view the agenda - click here: https://energymarketingconferences.com/houston-2019/

To register for the Energy Marketing Conference visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/energy-marketing-conference-houston-tx-tickets-50833090141?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

To watch the video from a previous Energy Marketing Conference in New York click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDQTi2lhXek

To watch the video from a previous Energy Marketing Conference in Houston, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaPRmzrpM3o

About Energy Marketing Conferences:

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.


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AEC provides a ,500,000 factoring facility for Canadian-based property maintenance company

Advanced Energy Capital provided a factoring line for Pristine Property Management, Ltd (PPM) to enhance their working capital position. Pristine Property Maintenance is a mid-size company that has years of experience providing grounds-keeping and landscape maintenance services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Their focus and expertise lies largely in the grounds and snow and ice maintenance for condominium townhomes and municipal properties.

  The 1,500,000 facility was completed and funded on January 17, 2019 and provided significant working capital over and above Pristine’s incumbent lender’s line of credit.

“As a company that invoices in advance of our service and under long term contracts, we needed a capital provider who was comfortable with our operating history to structure a working capital facility that provides us the ongoing capital to propel PPM to the next level.” said Adam Watson, CEO of Pristine.

“Adam’s cooperation, history of corporate success and blueprint for long term growth made our job easy in closing and funding this cross-border transaction” Reported Richard Rudy, Principal at AEC.  “We look forward to a long term relationship with Adam and PPM as they continue to execute on their business plan” said Steven Feldman, Managing Director of AEC.

About AEC:
AEC is a commercial finance company which provides working capital financing ranging from 0,000 to ,000,000 to small and middle market manufacturers, distributors, and service companies nationwide. Based in New York, AEC is committed to helping businesses increase their capacity for business transactions. AEC’s programs provide companies with capital in a fraction of the time it would take to process a loan through the bank and in many cases provide significantly higher proceeds than the traditional factoring companies and asset-based lenders, while taking on assignments the traditional commercial finance market ignores.

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NJ Lenders Corp. Senior Loan Officer Sandy Davis Recognized as One of National Mortgage News’ Top Producers for 2018

NJ Lenders Corp. is proud to announce that their very own Senior Loan Officer, Sandy Davis, was recognized as one of National Mortgage News’ Top Producers for 2018. Out of 500,000 licensed Mortgage Loan Originators in the nation, only 400 made the list, with Davis being one of them.

“I know that buying a home is the largest investment anyone will make. It is my duty to inform my clients and give them 100% of my attention and guide them through the entire mortgage process, from start to finish,” said Davis.

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of the Top Producers program which ranks mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers who work at depository, nonbank and mortgage brokerage firms in the United States. They’re ranked by their dollar volume for the year, but are also recognized for the number of loans they closed.

National Mortgage News compiles the list based on information that’s supplied from the 2017 loan production. The people who submitted data for the survey range from loan officers all the way to company president, while banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, and mortgage brokerages are all represented.

With over 13 years of experience in home financing, Sandy Davis has also been recognized as a Five Star Mortgage Professional for 2015 and 2014. Sandy has also been awarded the Top 1% Mortgage Originator in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine consistently year after year since 2011. In addition to running a successful business, Sandy is a proud mom of six wonderful children!

If you want to learn more about Sandy Davis, or if you’re thinking about purchasing or refinancing, you can contact her through her website http://www.sandy.njlenders.com or call her directly at 973-670-9702.

About NJ Lenders Corp. 
Founded in 1991, NJ Lenders is a leading NJ-based residential mortgage banker that is privately owned and licensed. The company currently originates first mortgage loans in NJ, NY, CT, PA, VA, MD, and FL. With 11 offices and over billion in closed mortgage loans, many of their Mortgage Loan Originators are recognized nationally as the best in their field. The company has competitive rates and fees with a wide variety of mortgage programs to select from.

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Argos Risk Proudly Announces Partnership with Magic-Wrighter

Argos Risk, a leading provider of Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI) solutions for managing and monitoring the financial viability and overall health of third-party relationships, is excited to announce its Affiliate Partnership with Magic-Wrighter. Magic-Wrighter has been recognized as a payments industry leader and is the longest-standing independently owned ACH service provider in the U.S. They will now market Argos Risk’s flagship solution, AR Surveillance to financial institutions, businesses, municipalities and schools who have selected them as their payments technology partner.

“Unlike most third-party service providers, Magic-Wrighter is truly a single-source partnership for all electronic payments solutions including integrated processing for ACH solutions that are core agnostic and affordable,” said Stephen Harding, National Sales Executive, of Magic-Wrighter.

“We are excited,” stated Bob Wright, President/CEO and founder of Magic-Wrighter, “about the Risk Management Services that Argos Risk brings to the payment industry. We look forward to presenting these Risk Mitigation services to our financial institution partners to help them with evaluating their customer relationships as well as their ongoing regulatory compliance needs.”

AR Surveillance gathers and monitors information from 32+ Million companies and utilizes 10,000+ data points to assign easy-to-understand risk scores in third-party relationships. It automatically generates and sends alerts about significant changes to those organizations; such as key executive changes, lawsuits, liens, mergers, acquisitions and other material news and events. Over 500,000 alerts have been delivered to our users with 7.5 Million updates annually.

“Processing ACH payments open companies up to an undeniable amount of risk and requires safeguards to manage and mitigate third-party risk. AR Surveillance enables ODFIs to receive alerts, monitor, and quickly and easily evaluate the current business viability of any ACH/RDC originator,” said Lori Frank, President and CEO of Argos Risk. "We are looking forward to working with Magic-Wrighter and helping their customers solve the challenges of keeping their risk limits current and in alignment with the business health of the originator relationships," added Frank.

About Argos Risk 
At Argos Risk, we are experts in financial risk management services and fulfill a need for timely and comprehensive risk mitigation knowledge. We provide innovative and affordable subscription services that help companies manage the risks associated with their third-party relationships such as ACH/RDC originators, vendors, and direct and indirect lending clients. For additional information, visit http://www.argosrisk.com.

About Magic-Wrighter 
Established in 1982, Magic-Wrighter has been recognized as a payments industry leader and is the longest-standing independently owned ACH service provider in the U.S. Over 700 financial institutions, 4,000 businesses, 500 municipalities and 5,000 schools have selected Magic-Wrighter as their payments technology partner. Magic-Wrighter’s NACHA and PCI/DSS Level 1 certifications ensure payment data is secure and eliminates the worries associated with payment processing compliance. Magic-Wrighter’ s multi-channel payment solutions help its clients gain access to new markets, improve account retention, and create new opportunities. To learn more about Magic-Wrighter, visit http://www.magicwrighter.com.

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Tony Bice, Finance Made Easy is finalist in The Adviser Better Business Awards 2019

Tony Bice, Finance Made Easy recently was honored as one of the finalists in the category of Best Finance Broker by the Better Business Awards 2019.

Tony has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has a Diploma in Financial Planning. He is also a member of the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Industry Association).

Tony has a background in Finance and Banking, having spent 20 years working in senior management with the Commonwealth Bank. He then spent the last 8 years, again in senior management, working for two of the largest Aggregators in Australia – Lawfund, and Firstfolio, and more recently has accepted a role as an Area Director with Firstfolio overseeing/managing the groups key Mortgage Brokers. He has been a Mortgage Broker for the past 8 years and as a Director of Finance Made Easy is responsible for the overall growth of the company’s sales and operations.

About The Adviser Better Business Awards

The Adviser’s Better Business Awards is the peak event for mortgage and finance brokers.

A packed single-day conference will provide insights to attendees on how to drive your business forward through every market cycle, reach more clients and harness the latest marketing techniques to ensure you grow your volumes year-on-year.

In the evening, the industry’s best will stand and be recognized at the Better Business Awards – Australia’s biggest state-based awards for brokers.

About The Adviser

Since its inception, over a decade ago, The Adviser has become the pre-eminent and most respected media brand in the mortgage and finance broking industry.

Covering the latest news as well analysis and trends, The Adviser is where mortgage and finance brokers turn for news. The Adviser also produces a series of podcasts for brokers as well as events to celebrate the work done by Australian mortgage and finance brokers.

View More Here - https://www.theadviser.com.au/breaking-news/38637-revealed-the-finalists-for-the-better-business-awards-2019

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Million Dollar Resumes

Million Dollar Resumes

Million Dollar Resumes (www.milliondollarresumes.com) is the new source of resumes, cover letters, and other job search documents for Senior Executives

Jan 2019, USA:  Million Dollar Resumes provides top-level executive resumes and cover letters services with proven and assured results. Million Dollar Resumes is one of the prominent resume writing services in the industry.

Million Dollar Resumes’ cover letter and resume writing services empowers executives and corporate officers around the world with winning career-changing interviews. Their resumes and cover letters consistently produce superior results for their clients.

At Million Dollar Resumes, Greg Faherty, a top 10 certified professional resume writer (CPRW) with more than 19 years of experience, writes your executive resume, cover letter, CV, federal resume, and any other documents you need for your job search.

Million Dollar Resumes helps executives achieve success by facilitating more interviews and decreasing the employment search process by providing superior, professionally written resumes and cover letters that stand out from the competition. Owner and writer Greg Faherty is among the top certified professional resume writers in the country, with more than 9,000 resumes to his credit. He specializes in creating top-performing job search documents that propel his clients to the next level of their careers.

In addition to resumes and cover letters, Million Dollar Resumes also offers LinkedIn profiles, executive biographies, and any other job search document today’s discerning executives need to outdo the competition.

For more information, a free resume analysis, or to see executive resume samples, visit https://milliondollarresumes.com/. You can also call them at 845-942-1198 or email them at info@milliondollarresumes.com


About the company

Million Dollar Resumes is dedicated to providing exceptional results for executives and corporate officers around the world. Greg Faherty, owner and Certified Professional Resume Writer, has extensive experience writing resumes for executives and corporate officers in various industries, including the technology, security, sales, operations, finance, non-profit, and academic sectors. At Million Dollar Resumes, all your resumes, cover letters, CVs, federal resumes, and any other documents you need for your job search are individually prepared.


Contact Details:

City – Garnerville

State – NY

Country – USA

Zip code – 10923

Phone Number – 845-942-1198

Website: https://www.milliondollarresumes.com/

Company Email IDinfo@milliondollarresumes.com


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MyBankTracker Announces Best of Banking Awards for 2019 - Chase, Axos Bank and Alliant Credit Union Among the Best Banks

MyBankTracker.com, a leading financial comparison site that matches consumers to their perfect bank, announced its annual Best of Banking Awards for 2019. The editorial staff analyzed and compared top financial institutions and products throughout the United States across various categories.

MyBankTracker.com increased the number of honors in years past from seven to 13 with additions like the best finance apps, investing tools and robo-advisors. Selections were made by evaluating criteria such as benefits, fees, interest rates, ATM access and other factors.

“When we curated our awards years ago, the focus was on banks,” said Jason Reposa, CEO and co-founder of MyBankTracker.com. “However, with the financial space constantly evolving we decided to change the awards in our tenth year. Now, we not only honor the best banks, but also a variety of financial products that help consumers manage their money on a daily basis such as apps, automated services, and loans.”

Chase took home the award for the best national bank because of its full range of deposit accounts, credit cards, extensive financial services, and investment offerings. The large branch and ATM network and mobile apps also played a part. The best online bank award went to Axos Bank for its free rewards and high-interest checking account, unlimited domestic ATM fee refunds, and no overdraft fees.

Alliant Credit Union was named the best credit union for 2019 for its availability nationwide, lenient membership eligibility requirements, low fees, and competitive interest rates. Four geographic winners were given the honor of best regional bank. Popular Bank received the award for the Northeast with BBVA Compass winning in the South. In the West, Bank of the West received the honor with Huntington Bank taking home the award in the Midwest.

“We’re on a mission - changing the way consumers bank. For years, they had to fit their needs into whatever a bank offered. Now, with tools like the Best of Banking Awards, they can find products to best fit their situation. MyBankTracker.com is putting consumers first,” Reposa noted.

Staff also examined the checking, savings and CD accounts at the biggest traditional banks, online banks, and credit unions to determine which was superior in its product group. Multiple winners were announced in numerous product categories including checking accounts, savings accounts, personal loans, certificates of deposit (CDs), money market accounts, credit cards, brokerages, robo-advisors, money-management apps, tax apps and automatic savings/investing apps. To see the full list of winners and runners-up, visit MyBankTracker.com/banking.

“We want consumers to grow their money in 2019 and decrease charges with features like no-fee accounts - ultimately maximizing their returns. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, so research is key. Not everyone has the time, so our awards can help get consumers on the right financial track to save money in the new year,” Reposa said. “Our advice? Be present. Review your statements. Educate yourself about paying your future you. You’ll likely end up with more money in your pocket.”

The awards were chosen based on various criteria to include fees, interest rates, ATM access and perks. For more information on the methodology and participating banks, visit MyBankTracker.com/banking.

About MyBankTracker 
MyBankTracker.com is an independent financial comparison site to help consumers make smarter banking and financial decisions. The company’s mission is to match consumers with their perfect bank account and other financial tools. MyBankTracker provides and tracks in-depth information on more than 5,000 banks, credit unions, and financial products. Using a combination of technology and money-management expertise, the site equips users with easy-to-use tools to compare interest rates, fees and requirements for deposit accounts, credit cards, and various loans. Follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.

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Ascert Releases Visa-Confirmed Driver

For companies that want to do pre-certification testing for Visa transactions, Ascert has released the latest version of its Visa Test Driver.

The VersaTest Visa Driver is now listed by Visa as a validated ADVT Online Host simulator and has been tested to ensure that it conforms to the most recent set of Visa specifications. This can be an extreme time saver in pre-certification or ongoing system testing.

“We are very pleased that Visa has officially confirmed the capabilities of our latest Visa driver,” said Mike Wainwright, Business Development Director, Ascert UK. “This provides additional certainty for our customers when simulating and testing Visa transactions that their systems are operating accurately.”

Companies using the Visa Driver have their choice of an on-premise solution, or a subscription to the popular cloud-based testing system, Ascertified (http://www.Ascertified.com). A growing number of companies have created a hybrid of both test options, thereby increasing flexibility for both internal users and external partners.

Ascert's VersaTest family of testing and certification products?can assist any organization looking to add increased value to their operations. All of Ascert’s test drivers work with industry standard tools such as Jenkins, Quality Center, Docker and others. To find out more about Ascert products and standard test interfaces visit the Ascert web site or contact a local Ascert office.

About Ascert:? 
Ascert is recognized as a leading provider of premier testing software solutions. Ascert was founded in 1992 to provide automated software testing solutions that help companies measure the performance, reliability and scalability of their mission-critical back-end servers and applications. With over 100 clients worldwide, Ascert's products and services are used at some of the world's most successful companies.

Off-the-shelf simulators for Ascert’s VersaTest product include solutions for EFT testing, POS testing, stress testing, ATM testing, Fraud testing, IFX testing, EMV/chip card testing, ISO8583 testing and 3270 & 6530 terminal testing. Ascert’s custom simulators have been used for testing air traffic control systems and biometric payment systems. Ascert delivers flexible solutions that are either customer site installed or accessed via Ascert’s Remote Testing Services. Ascert's products assist testing professionals across industry segments to better manage their testing processes and environments through an end-to-end tool set.

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Platinum Risk Advisors Launches the Ultimate 10-Minute Outsourced CECL Solution for Banks and Credit Unions

Platinum Risk Advisors (PRA) announces the launch of Loan Portfolio Analytics (LPA), an innovative outsourced solution to assist banks and credit unions in complying with the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) accounting standard. Dubbed the “10-minute CECL Solution,” LPA brings the industry’s first fully outsourced analytics tool for adopting and complying with CECL that also provides its users with valuable insights into the inherent risk in their loan portfolios and the performance of their loan officers.

Issued in June 2016 by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), CECL is the new “expected loss” accounting model for estimating the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) to replace the current “incurred loss” model. CECL compliance takes effect in 2020 for SEC-filing and other banks considered a Public Business Entity under FASB standards, and in 2021 for all other financial institutions.

LPA is a complete outsourced solution that maps between the bank or credit union’s data processing system and PRA’s platform, enabling lenders to: 

  • Calculate the ALLL using three widely accepted methods under CECL as well as the lender’s existing methodology. PRA’s clients can evaluate which method or combination of methods for calculating CECL works best for them.
  • Generate various reports and graphs to assess the inherent risk in their loan portfolios as well as the performance of their loan officers.
  • Obtain valuable insights from a team of CPAs, former bankers, actuaries, and risk management consultants. PRA’s clients will obtain verifiable evidence to support the subjective adjustments in their ALLL calculations as well as strategies on how to manage and price for risk within their loan portfolios.

The 10-Minutes CECL Solution

The impact of PRA’s loan portfolio analytics platform is immediate as lenders will spend less than 10 minutes a month to receive the valuable information provided by PRA’s solution. The LPA platform is stored on a SSAE#16 SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant hosting solution that will keep a client’s borrower and institutional data confidential.

“LPA is the ultimate loan portfolio risk management tool for lenders,” says co-founder Toby Lawrence. “To our knowledge, it is the first CECL solution developed using the assistance of actuaries and provides users with additional information on risk, growth and profitability as well as loan officer performance." That’s a key point because as Lawrence explains, “with PRA’s solution, board of directors and senior management can finally have the information they have always wanted to strategically evaluate and manage their institution’s lending functions.”

As a CPA who was both a former senior partner in two of the nation’s largest certified public accounting firms, and a bank president and CEO, Lawrence knows first-hand how long and wide this industry gap has been, until now.

By understanding the concerns banks and credit unions would struggle with to implement and transition to CECL; the uncertainties surrounding what data is needed, what upgrades or new systems will be required and if existing internal staff will have the time to comply with CECL, served as the launch pad for the LPA platform versus the finish line to fully address the impact of CECL to each institution’s capital position and future earnings.

For a comprehensive sampling of LPA’s capabilities and a comparison to other CECL solutions, visit http://www.CECLadvisors.com. To schedule an individual or group demonstration contact Toby Lawrence at (319) 202-4365.

About Platinum Risk Advisors

Platinum Risk Advisors combines more than 100 years of expertise and experience across accounting, regulatory, lending, actuarial science, risk management, loss reserve setting and model development.

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China Customer Relations Centers Announces Plans to Go Private and Return to A-share Market in China

Chinese government has implemented policies to encourage companies to return to A-share market. With the fast growth of China’s economy, China concept stock’s privatization is increasing in 2018 after a number of companies including WuXi AppTec, Mindray and Cheetah mobile went private to China’s A-share market.

On November 11, China Customer Relations Centers, Inc. (CCRC) has announced plans to go private to A-share market in China. 

CCRC’s announcement has led to more discussions by the capital market on privatization. Earlier this year, General Office of the State Council of China quoted China Securities Regulatory Commission’s (CSRC) policy during National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference that based on China’s law and market policy, they encouraged innovative companies to issue stocks in China, especially industries with new technologies and strategies such as biotech, cloud computing, AI and high-tech manufacturing.  

On October 19, 2018, CSRC announced during its press conference that they have taken steps to help restructure work including making reasonable prices to protect small and medium sized investors; actively supporting quality overseas listed companies to list in A-share market and treating overseas companies the same as domestic entities as well as eliminating barriers to entry.

Sources say, call centers and third-party providers of e commerce customer services are industries supported by Chinese government. This industry is labor-intensive with light assets and high tech. CCRC has advantages in this field. 

Based on Chinese internet research data, the total market size of Chinese domestic call center is about 630 billion RMB or 91.1 billion dollars in 2017. Because of the large industry size and the market stability, its annual growth rate is about 8.4% and after 2020, it is estimated to be 5.5%. Currently, call center system is transitioning from local servers to cloud servers. Cloud call centers has become the majority of this growing market.

Many industry experts consider CCRC an absolute pioneer in China’s call center and e commerce service third party provider industry, especially during this era that Chinese government encourages domestic listing of quality overseas companies. The business model will be easier to be recognized by investors in the A-share market than Nasdaq. It will also provide more growth in value in the future.




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Gingkoo Shares Its Vision to Empower Economy by Using Blockchain at the UN GA

(Oct 30, 2018 New York) Gingkoo Technology of Shanghai presented its vision on being a leading blockchain company in China during the Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains Forum at the 73th UN General Assembly.  Gingkoo’s founder and CEO William Zuo gave a speech on how blockchain has been applied to the economy at the global conference in New York.

                                      Gingkoo founder William Zuo speaks at UN

Representing Georgia, France and Germany, the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development invited experts from government and private sectors to provide insight into blockchain technologies and the potential impact on development.  Blockchain technologies are critical to finance the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Gingkoo’s founder, William Zuo shared his vision on blockchain with government officials, experts and entrepreneurs. He pointed out that blockchain technology should serve society from five tiers of the economy: government, financial institutions, large corporations, small and medium size enterprise (SME) and individuals. 

Zuo says, “Blockchain should have two core values: one is the trust machine, with trust by coding and programming.  The other is to build the next generation value internet.”

Gingkoo, the Shanghai based fintech company has successfully applied blockchain technology to serve government and financial institutions clients worldwide.

In Guangzhou, Gingkoo has guided local government in adopting a blockchain solution to improve government affairs and transparency, which has been awarded as the top 10 Blockchain Application by China Ministry of Information and Industry. They also created a garbage classification solution by using blockchain+IOT technology for the local governments. The company deployed a food traceability project from northern china to address the problem of food safety concerns in China.

In the financial services arena, Gingkoo’s cases include payment and tax solutions, supply chain finance and Regtech solutions. Gingkoo’s clients include major commercial and central banks such as HSBC, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and UBS etc.

As the biggest solution provider for CIPS, China cross border payment system of China central bank, Gingkoo has been a key player to support the country’s  one Belt one Road Initiatives and to develop blockchain-enabled cross-border, cross-currency and cross-asset payments and logistics solutions, which could revolutionize the supply chain finance sector worldwide.  

Meanwhile, David Ritter, CEO of Penta and co-founder of Gingkoo, Florie Zheng joined the meeting and shared Penta’s work progress on blockchain.  Penta, a public chain, is leading the solution of identity issues for the homeless population in US west coast cities. In July 2018, Penta was the first blockchain crypto startup to complete acquisition of shares of AXS listed Australian IOT tech Company, CCP Technologies, using Penta’s PNT Cryptocurrency.

(L-R)  Florie Zheng, David Ritter of Penta at UN

Zuo pointed out the other advantage of blockchain is to resolve the trust issue among SME. Gingkoo has used blockchain technology in Xiamen City to help SME financing and individual credit information sharing. This case was one of the first successful attempts in its field and was shared by Zuo at the Berlin World Bank SME Financing Summit in Nov. 2017. 

As Gingkoo aims to be the first blockchain application solution provider in China, Zuo shared his vision on the future of blockchain, “I think blockchain should be green, inclusive and productive. I think everyone in the future will deserve opportunity of the blockchain.” His speech has been applauded by hundreds of attendants at the UN event.

On September 4 and 5, Wiliam Zuo gave a speech as an honored guest at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s first ever Blockchain Policy Forum in Paris, which was considered one of the high-level discussions with a range of public officials and private leaders from all over the world.

William Zuo Gingkoo CEO speaks at OECD Blockchain Policy Forum in Paris

OECD Picture

About Gingkoo and Penta

Gingkoo Technology (www.gingkoo.com) is a Shanghai based leading Blockchain technology company established in 2014. It helps build complete blockchain solutions in banking, financing and government.  Gingkoo has raised about 23 million dollars or 160 million RMB led by Zhongnan Investment Group (SZ.000961). 

As a member of China's Ministry of industry and information and the National Standardization Management Committee, Gingkoo Technology participates in the formulation and compilation of several national standards of blockchain, and several district chain experts have been selected as members of the ISO/TC307 international standard specialist group. Gingkoo is the first company to receive the prestigious Million RMB Award for Blockchain from the Shanghai municipal government, recognizing Gingkoo’s outstanding contributions to blockchain development. In explaining their decision for the award, the government cited Gingkoo’s credit chain as a groundbreaking project that enables SMEs to gain access to credit.

Penta (www.penta.global) is a joint project of permissionless chain by Gingkoo and an American team. The goal of Penta is to achieve a fast-decentralized infrastructure compared to ETH and EOS. Penta has raised 30 million dollars in private funding, invested by crypto funds including Draper Dragon, Node Capital, Block VC and LD Capital.

Video http://webtv.un.org/search/cryptocurrencies-blockchains-%E2%80%93-a-new-boost-for-sdg-financing/5841823227001/?term=BLOCKCHAIN&lan=english&sort=date

Image courtesy of UN and OECD



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KryptoGraphe is proud to be the first Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager to be GDPR compliant!!

Dallas, TX: KryptoGraphe is pleased to announce that its cryptocurrency portfolio manager is compliant with the GDPR regulations. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most comprehensive EU data privacy law in decades. Besides strengthening and standardizing user data privacy across the EU nations, it will require additional obligations for all organizations that handle EU citizens’ personal data, regardless of where the organizations themselves are located.

The new regulations are designed to better reflect the interconnected nature of our world regarding consumer’s right to privacy, protection of personal data, and business usage of personal data across the European Union.

The team at KryptoGraphe has updated the app to implement the data protection and privacy policies.

  • An updated Terms of Access and Privacy Policy to ensure transparency.
  • The personal data of the user is anonymized.
  • There is a provision to update the personal data
  • The users are now able to export their personal information.
  • The personal data will be deleted from the app’s records should the user choose to close their account.
  • In case of a breach of security, all users will be notified within 72 hours.

Download the app for free at:

Google Play Store

App Store

Our partner and compliance administrator from Hummingwave, Amit Singh says: “KryptoGraphe has been trusted by thousands of its users with their cryptocurrency portfolio information due to its security, privacy, and transparency. Implementing GDPR makes these features so much more visible to users. Recent enhancements let users export their data in a machine-readable format to be used in any other system and to delete their account should they choose to.”

KryptoGraphe encourages safe investing and aims to provide a secure platform to track all cryptocurrency investments.

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Insuranks looking for big name investors to join and disrupt the insurance market

Insuranks.com, the international startup technology company and marketplace platform is looking forward towards complete disruption of the insurance industry by continuously improving the insurance experience of all sides of the industry.  Insuranks is aiming towards creating as many simple, transparent, accessible, fast, reliable, secure and friendly user experiences for insurance consumers, agents, brokers and carriers. It currently has over 70 listed insurance companies and over 12,000 insurance agents on board.

The new Israeli technology startup is allowing consumers (also named Insurankers on the friendly platform) to request and compare quotes and purchase their insurance online with over 230 supported insurance types, manage it and later rank the level of service that they received from their chosen insurers.  Insurankers rank anything from customer service and claims experience to emotional intelligence, listening skills, trustworthiness, dedication and more in depth factors that are important to look for in an insurance service provider. Those rankings aggregate in to what is called Insuranks Score, an average ranking of all user rankings submitted for each insurance service deliverer. This ranking is displayed all around the platform for the benefit of the users, so when they get quotes they can find all the information they need about the insurance provider and make a wiser and more educated decision. Or when they simply browse through insuance companies and agents or look for the top 10 insurance companies and agents for over 230 insurance categories that the platform supports. It becomes the insurers reputation all around the platform.

On the other hand, it also provides full information on companies and agents and allows agents and brokers to deliver quotes online through the carriers they work with via the easy to use marketplace platform. The agents insurance marketplace is fast, reliable and user friendly and contains a stream of insurankers that are waiting for agents to give them bids and quotes for their insurance needs. Agents can also  manage their sold policies and clients online via desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

With a mission to create maximum remarkable insurance experiences worldwide while making insurance simple and accessible to anyone regardless of levels of income, education or location, Insuranks is now looking for big name investors and sponsors to support their efforts and become the ultimate one-stop shop for all insurance needs while offering consumers, agents and carriers the best insurance experience that they can possibly receive online.


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Stankevicius MGM joins Congress-Realty as Leading PR and Advertising Partner

Congress the Real Estate 2018 together with Stankevicius MGM has prepared an exciting investment event with presents and new business opportunities for participants worldwide.

About the event

The organizers of Congress the Real Estate 2018 are preparing a worthy event to attend for investors. The event will cover crypto-assets, overseas properties, museum pieces, different investment projects, possibility to purchase gold bullion, possibility to deal with stock exchanges, IT-technology projects, developer’s programs. Event’s participants will as well include insurance companies, tax consultants, and lawyers. Representatives and delegations from over 20 countries will come to the Congress.

Each year the congress offers innovative technologies and conveniences for guests and participants. Among the offers, you can find the matching opportunity of the first online exhibition of the Congress on the platform by Online Expo. The exhibition makes direct contact between the visitor from around the world and participating company on the platform, Online Expo.

About Stankevicius MGM

Stankevicius MGM is the leader in PR and advertising field. The firm has consulted Fortune 500 companies and international small and medium-size enterprises. Stankevicius MGM has provided successful PR campaigns for ICO clients in result of raising over 300 million dollars for blockchain projects

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MedicareFAQ & EIP COO accepted into Forbes Finance Council

David Haass joins other Forbes Finance Council members, who are hand-selected, to become part of a curated network of successful peers and get access to a variety of exclusive benefits and resources, including the opportunity to submit thought leadership articles and shorttips on industry-related topics for publishing on Forbes.com.

Forbes Councils combines an innovative, high-touch approach to community management perfected by the team behind Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) with the extensive resources and global reach of Forbes. As a result, Forbes Council members get access to the people, benefits and expertise they need to grow their businesses — and a dedicated member concierge who acts as an extension of their own team, providing personalized one-on-one support.

I’m excited and honored to have been accepted into the Forbes Finance Council. I’m humbled to be given the opportunity to represent Elite Insurance Partners and MedicareFAQ. I look forward to being part of this prestige community of successful and like minded entrepreneurs.

Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, says, “We are honored to welcome David Haass into the community. Our mission with Forbes Councils is to curate successful professionals from every industry, creating a vetted, social capital-driven network that helps every member make an even greater impact on the business world.”

For more information about Forbes Finance Council, visit https://forbesfinancecouncil.com/. To learn more about Forbes Councils, visit https://www.forbescouncils.com

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UK Cards and Payments Market Share and Growth Forecast to 2022

MarketDataForecast’s ‘UK Cards and Payments Market’ report provides the insight into various payment cards market trends and growth opportunities in the UK along with the complete information about different types cards in the market. It also offers an epitomized assessment about the competitors in the market, influential marketing strategies, customer purchase patterns, adopted payment methods in the e-commerce industry and significant government regulations associated with the UK cards and payments market. Our report unfolds many existing opportunities with reliable information about the different types of cash transactions, volumes of cardholders, market share, current accounts, growth in the number of cards, credit cards outstanding balances, transactional values, details of the issuers along with available banking schemes and futuristic analysis of overall cards and payment market in the UK.
Mobile payments inhibit the cards and payments industry in the UK
The banking industry in the United Kingdom is undergoing a rapid shift from regular branch services to digital services in the recent times. According to British Banker’s Association, the mobile payments accounted around 340 million in 2015, which is a 55% increase compared to 120 million in 2014. Likewise, the internet payments have witnessed tremendous growth in the same year.
Debit cards dominate the payment card market in the UK
The number of debit cards is estimated to cross 104 million by 2021 from the current value close to 100 million. Many basic bank accounts were opened in the previous years with the aid of prominent banks like Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, Co-operative Bank, HSBC, TSB, and Santander, offering a free charge accounts.
Prepaid Cards Market is growing steadily
The UK prepaid market is growing steadily and estimated to cross GBP 40 billion by 2020 with a compound annual growth rate more than 5%. The main factors driving the market are the incorporation of these cards by both the government and corporate organizations.
Gift card market is predicted to grow rapidly by 2020 as they are used in many business organizations to reward their employees. The UK government also encourages the use of prepaid cards to distribute pensions, child benefits, job seekers’ allowances and so on.
Visa and MasterCard focus on contactless technology in the UK
Card providers like Visa and MasterCard are also concentrating more on the technology of contactless card payments. Visa, however, is also extending this technology to the mobile devices and wearables. On the other hand, MasterCard is completely focusing on the contactless debit cards to enhance its market presence. Retailers in the UK are gradually shifting to contactless POS terminals. According to the United Kingdom Cards Association, as of February 2017, there were more than 478,000 bank-owned contactless POS terminals in the market. The growth rate was comparatively higher than the earlier year by around 44% and predicted to occupy entire POS terminals market in the UK by 2020.
Moreover, the investments in the card setup and the increasing adoption of contactless payments are expected to propel the card payments market in the US amid tough competition. Some of the dominating companies in the market: Lloyds Bank, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Ulster Bank, Barclays, First Direct, Santander UK, Bank of Scotland, M & S Bank
The Scope of the Report:
• The functioning of the UK cards and payments market and complete analysis of the market drivers
• It provides conventional and contemporary information about payment cards of the UK and market predictions till 2022
• It details the emerging payment solutions and their economic, regional and business impact on the cards and payments industry of UK
• Detailed information about existing market leaders, their strategies and government policies driving the payment cards market
Key Questions Answered by the Report:
• What is the adoption rate of UK Cards and Payments market and different types of cards in circulation?
• Who are the leading card issuers, scheme providers, and third-party providers influencing the US payment cards market?
• What are the growth opportunities provided by the alternative payment options in the UK market?
• How are the emerging technologies and new product launches affecting the local cards and payments market of the country?
Reasons to Purchase the Report:
• Enhance the decision-making with the comprehensive information about trends, conventional statistics, and forecast for next five years
• Understand the competitive landscape in the UK cards and payments industry and their marketing strategies
• Unfold hidden growth opportunities with the use of data about emerging transitions in the market and customer transactional behaviors
• Broaden the insight about regulatory policies and frameworks that impact UK cards and payments market
Inquire before buying @ https://www.marketdataforecast.com/market-reports/UK-Cards-and-Payments-Market-6847/inquire
About Market Data Forecast:
Market Data Forecast is a firm working in the areas of market research, business intelligence and consulting. We have rich experience in research and consulting for various business domains to cater to the needs of both individual and corporate clients. A few key business areas that we handle with excellence include business process improvement, corporate financing and decision making based on market research, assisting in developing appropriate strategy and providing consultancy based on extensive research.
Contact Us:
Abhishek Shukla
Sales Manager Market
Data Forecast Direct Line: +1-888-702-9626
Mobile: +91 998 555 0206
Mail: abhishek@marketdataforecast.com

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Integrated Ventures Announces a Purchase of Bitcoin Mining Equipment and Sets an Initial Annual Revenue Target of 1.1 Million

50 units of model L3+ Antminer with Bitmain Technologies. Total value of this purchase order is ,800.00 and the delivery is scheduled for the middle of November.

45 units ofodel L3+ Antminer with Bitmain Technologies. Total value of this purchase order is 5,716.00 and the delivery is scheduled for the end of November.

10 units of model S9 Antminer with Bitmain Technologies. Total value purchase order is ,706.00 and the delivery is scheduled for the the middle of December.

50 units of model A4 Dominator with Innosilicon Technology LTD. Total value of this purchase order is ,000.00 and the delivery is scheduled for the middle of November.

5 units of BitcoLab Model (8 GPUs). Total value of this purchase order is ,500.00 and the delivery is scheduled for the middle of November.

Upon a timely delivery and full deployment, including an installation and setup, Bitcolab's Bitcoin mining operations are expected to generate approximate .1 million in annual revenue. Factoring in the general expenses including electricity and hosting, EBITDA from the Bitcoin Mining Operations is projected to be at 0,000 thousand per year.

The Company anticipates placing an additional purchase order for 340 units in early January after completing the installation and 60 days testing of incoming units.

Steve Rubakh, CEO of Integrated Ventures, Inc comments: “This fully paid purchase clearly indicates our confidence and the commitment to aggressively pursue opportunities in crypto currency market. With the recent market price of ,250.00 per Bitcoin, the mining business is extremely profitable. We are very excited about our clean balance sheet, cash on hand and a manageable convertible debt level of ,500.00. Our current financial position is allowing the Company to execute the launch of mining operations at such rapid pace and we are confident about hitting our revenue targets and building BitcoLab into a national mining powerhouse. We look forward to updating the investment community and shareholders with further progress."

About Integrated Ventures, Inc: The Company is focused on acquiring, launching and operating companies, primarily in the technology, mobile applications and healthcare transportation sectors.

For more details about please visit www.zebpay.com

About BitcoLab, Inc: This wholly owned subsidiary is pursuing opportunities in crypto currency sector with focus on bitcoin mining, hosting, pooling, manufacturing and distributing of own brand of mining equipment and the development of blockchain based applications for financial markets.

For more details about BitcoLab, Inc , please visit www.zebpay.com.

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