Get Professional Immigration Services from the Leading Immigration Agency Global Migrate Dubai

About Global Migrate

Global Migrate is one of the most famous names in the immigration industry. They have been providing comprehensive immigration and visa services for the people interested in visiting the countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. With the help of trained professionals, they have established themselves among the best immigration consultants in the gulf country. The impeccable services have helped in positive Global migrate feedback. You can do a simple Google search and see the Global migrate UK reviews and Global migrate UAE reviews. In fact, Global migrate Qatar reviews are also outstanding.

Why choose Global migrate UAE?

The Global migrate review is a testimony of the quality services provided. We all know how challenging it is to get a visa for any purpose. The mental trauma that people experience due to long waiting time and last-minute rejections is known to everyone. However, with Global migrate, you can be rest assured of quality service in the least possible time. Below are a few attributes that help in positive Global migrate UK reviews or Global migrate UAE reviews and why you should choose them!

  • Hassle-free service

Global Migrate provides hassle-free immigration and visa services. You need not be worried about long queues, their team of experts processes all the documents. There are a lot of laws pertaining to specific countries. They have experts who are aware of these things and ensure smooth service. This helps in good Global migrate feedback.

  • Affordable

Global Migrate provides one of the most affordable immigration services to the people. The charges are very reasonable. They don’t demand exorbitant processing fees. You can search Global migrate review, and you will find that most people have appreciated them for the affordable immigration services. Even most Global migrate Qatar reviews contain special praise of the affordability.

  • Quick service

Delivering immigration services in the least possible time is one of the USP of Global migrate Dubai. They have links with top officials from the countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, who work at the backend for a quick documentation process, which helps to save time immensely.

  • Dedicated support

Global Migrate support team is available round the clock via phone calls and emails. You can ask queries related to your immigration process, the current status, etc., and they provide them swiftly. Their advisors are highly trained for any assistance. It also helps in a positive Global migrate feedback.

The services offered by Global Migrate

Global Migrate primarily deals in two things. These are the immigration and student visa services. Given below are brief details about them:

  • Immigration services

Global Migrate provides a plethora of immigration services for the people. Immigration facilities are provided for the countries such as UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They have staffs who are hired with country-specific information about the laws. They believe in integrity, honesty, and transparency in their work. The types of immigration services include permanent residency, employer-based sponsorship programs, family class immigration services, etc. Global Migrate UK reviews and Global migrate UAE reviews have emphasized the timely delivery of their immigration services.

  • Student visa services

Nowadays, the demand for student visas has increased manifold for the countries, especially Canada and United Kingdom. Every year, thousands of students prefer to take admission To renowned colleges for higher studies. For those who want to enhance their career profile, foreign education has become essential. Global migrate feedback about their services related to a student visa is very good. They provide a student visa for regular degree courses and skill-based courses. They also offer counseling related to which college or institute would be best to improve their resume.

Global migrate reviews

Global migrate reviews are excellent on the online sources. Global Migrate, undoubtedly is the go-to immigration agency. You can do a Google search to see Global migrate UK reviews or Global migrate UAE reviews. Get accurate Global migrate feedback and contact on their helpline number to avail immigration services for your favorite destination.

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American High School Plans Launch of a New Fully Virtual Reality Powered Campus

American High School, an online virtual school for Grades K-12 that has been at the forefront of the online education revolution in the U.S. for over 18 years, has announced the launch of a new campus. The school management is working with the reputed Victory XR Academy to make this dream project become a reality.

“We are delighted to announce that we have plans to launch a new VR campus in the near future,” says Dana Delane-Williams, the owner and founder of American High School. “We are committed to revolutionizing education, and this is yet another step in that direction. This move will also help students to access quality education regardless of their location”.

Dana Delane-Williams is a reputed name in the field of education. She has been working hard to introduce new and innovative educational pathways for nearly two decades now. She is the only African-American woman in the country to start an online virtual school for Grades K-12. 

The brand new fully virtual reality campus is being launched in collaboration with the Victory XR Academy. The objective is to provide classrooms with a new immersive platform. The virtual campus will help create a collaborative environment that will allow students and teachers to interact virtually. They can seamlessly and smoothly hold discussions, host question-answer sessions, and collaborate on various topics.

The proprietary curriculum of AHS, its virtual learning management systems, and high-quality educational services are designed to enable personalized learning for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. AHS works with over 150 plus public or private schools throughout the United States. Its presence is in more than 27 countries globally.

Evidently, this virtual education platform is rapidly gaining wider acceptance, not only in the United States but worldwide. AHS partnerships have more than doubled – from 23 to 58 partners. The growing popularity of the school has resulted in increased exposure. Unsurprisingly, AHS has also registered an impressive revenue growth of 50 percent plus over the previous cycle.

AHS provides a well-rounded and excellently planned online/virtual curriculum for Grades K-12. These courses are fully accredited by leading agencies such as Cognia (formerly AdvancED and SACS). The school is also accredited by AI (Accreditation International).

Students of AHS get an opportunity to earn a high school diploma from an accredited school – the minimum credentials they need to make it big in life. This diploma is fully recognized upon graduation. 

AHS also offers an Individual Course Program that allows students to make up credits within six to eight weeks and graduate on time. This includes online credit recovery and online summer school for Grades 6-8.

According to Dana Delane-Williams, a diverse student population participates in AHS programs. They include athletes, gifted, homeschoolers, actors/actresses, Olympians, traditional, at-risk, remedial, and/or those experiencing problems in the traditional classroom.

For more information, visit https://www.americanhighschool.education/

About American High School

American High School (AHS) is a comprehensive online/virtual learning school that delivers accredited, affordable, college preparatory, Honors/AP, Gifted, virtual reality, adult education, and career-based online education for Grades K-12 to students throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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American High School Announces 60 Scholarships for Students to Work in a New VR Program in Science and History

American High School, one of the pioneering online virtual school that has revolutionized online education in the United States and internationally with its online virtual school for grades K-12, is giving away 60 scholarships this year. According to the school management team, these scholarships will be given to students to participate in a Online Virtual Reality Science and/or History course using Virtual Reality (VR) and the VR Goggles.  The students selected will be given their own VR Goggles to keep and will have access to a one semester course utilizing VR.

“We are happy to announce that we are offering 60 scholarships to deserving students to work in a new and innovative Virtual Reality environment in our Science and History courses,” says Dana Delane-Williams, the owner and founder of American High School. “These Online courses are aimed at making learning highly engaging and immersive. The school management team’s aim is to provide an authentic learning experience for the students who will be enrolled into the online VR courses.

According to the AHS Management team, students will work with a series of Science projects and labs during this online VR course. These may include dissection units involving frog, pig, dogfish, feline, squid, and starfish. Students will also take virtual field trips to visit places, such as the Triceratops Ranch.

According to the spokesperson, all online classes are aligned to the Common Core Standards. AHS aims to make learning engaging, interactive, and authentic for the students.

American High School’s online virtual History classes aim to generate a love for history in students by utilizing VR and AR (Augmented Reality) with an exhibit surrounding Civil Rights and other topics. Students will experience and learn about famous Civil Rights Activists from the 1700s to the 1900s in a new and powerful medium by bringing the students back in time, utilizing AR and VR. 

Students will also explore exhibits of 12 luminaries throughout the online history course. They may include Dred Scott, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver, Madam CJ Walker, Jesse Owens, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ruby Bridges. 

This program is provided through our partner, Educate & Elevate a Florida 501c3, a nonprofit focused on providing low-income students with access to high-quality educational and athletic scholarships.

Dana Delane-Williams is a pioneer in the field of virtual education. She has been working hard to introduce new and innovative educational pathways for nearly two decades now. She is the only African-American woman in the country to have started an online virtual school for grades K-12 in 2002.  

American High School plans to launch a VR campus to make learning online more engaging and interesting, rather then simply memorizing and reading from textbooks.  We will take students into the action, into history, and utilize the latest technology available for a more immersive educational experience.  The new immersive platform will be used to create a friendly and collaborative environment to faciliate virtual interaction between students and teachers.

AHS works with over 150 plus public, private, charter schools and institutions throughout the United States and internationally. It has a presence in over 27 countries globally.

For more information, visit https://www.americanhighschool.education/

About American High School

American High School (AHS) is a comprehensive online/virtual learning school that delivers accredited, affordable, college preparatory, Honors/AP, gifted, virtual reality, adult education, and career-based online education for Grades K-12 to students throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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TPC Training Launches New Corporate Brand Identity to Strengthen and Simplify Company Positioning

Today TPC Training, the leader in workforce management solutions, unveiled a new brandmark that more clearly represents the company’s comprehensive offerings and value to customers. After an evaluation of the company’s brand identity, the corporate mark was redesigned to better reflect its evolution, including recent acquisitions and investments.

Designed to serve as an umbrella across all TPC platforms and brands, the new logo incorporates three colors to demonstrate the triad of Training, Performance, and Compliance offerings available from TPC. The new brand mark also reflects forward movement and growth that customers experience by using TPC products. Recently acquired brands, JADE Learning, National Environmental Trainers, and Simutech Multimedia now include “A TPC Company” as a tagline. Intelivert, acquired in 2019, has now merged with TPC workforce and mobile forms software. eFoodHandlers, acquired last month, will also undergo a brand refresh in 2021. The company’s new LMS platform, FUSION, carries the designation “A TPC Solution.” The main TPC website remains at tpctraining.com

“We have evolved to be more than a training company, and our previous brandmark didn’t reflect that,” said Derek Dunaway, CEO at TPC. “The new logo allows for the integration of the entire TPC family of products under one roof and captures the sweeping growth we have experienced and the new initiatives on the horizon. We continue to innovate and expand our offerings by tapping into the strength of all our products, and the updated TPC brand image conveys that we are a complete solution for today’s workforce.”

In recent months, TPC announced the launch of FUSION, an all-in-one SAAS-based platform that allows access to industrial skills and safety training libraries, digital simulations, performance tools and compliance solutions. New bundles of TPC curriculum, such as Qualified Electrical Worker and Multi-Craft Technician programs that incorporate multiple product lines are in development and will be available via FUSION. The FUSION platform will also serve as the foundation of a streamlined compliance and certification solution portal planned for the coming year.

“While the excellent products and services that we offer haven’t changed, we knew the timing was ideal to go forward with a fresh look,” said Rebecca Oistad, VP Marketing at TPC. “The new visual identity presents the company as modern and evolving while better communicating TPC’s strengths.”

About TPC Training
TPC is the leader in workforce training, performance, and compliance solutions. Featuring the industry’s deepest library of technical and safety training content, as well as software solutions to manage workforce operations, TPC helps companies maximize the full potential of their workforce, dramatically improve productivity, reduce downtime, and keep teams safe. For more information, please visit tpctraining.com.

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Primary ka master- A complete guide for Teaching Aspirants

Teaching jobs are the very first choice of qualified youth as they are one of the finest career options to pursue. In a country like India, where opportunities are already slim, only consistent and guided efforts are more likely to excel. Preparing for any competitive exam is not an easy nut to crack and hence, Primary ka master is here to fetch the required assistance to aspirants in need.

Resource collection, optimum study plan, tips & tricks, on-time notifications and all other vital requirements are managed at Primary ka Master. In order to ease the competitive pressure of aspiring candidates, expert guidance is at a pebbles throw.

Primary ka master, Uttar Pradesh is the number one education portal among teaching aspirants that currently caters for different competitive exams under various levels. Primary ka master shikshamitra news also helps candidates stay updated with any exam related government order and update. Check out what we provide to our aspirants:

  • Jubilant study material
  • Sincere Q&A approach
  • Helpful exam tips & strategies
  • Exam Notifications & Recruitments
  • Latest UPTET news
  • Basic Shiksha Parishad News
  • Shikshamitra News

All of these can be availed only on primary ka master.

Primary ka master is always committed to keep its content updated & aspirant friendly with state of the art personalized distribution pedagogy. Currently, primarykamaster.co.in houses a couple of important sections covering diversified streams of examination.

Primary ka Master: UPTET and LT Grade Exams News & Preparation Website

Primary ka master helps teaching aspirants to turn their dreams into reality and encourage them to get their dream in government sector. It provides latest UPTET news, LT Grade news, BTC news, basic shiksha news, basic shiksha parishad, shikshamitra news, current affairs, study materials, notes, preparation tips and other popular Govt exam notifications to help aspirants to crack the govt job exams with best preparation.

Primary ka master provides study resources for UPTET, LTgrade, BTC news recruitment starting from exam notifications, eligibility criteria,  step-by-step guide on how to apply online, admit cards, results, syllabus, exam pattern, pay scale and easily crack preparation strategies for all teaching jobs.

Latest UPTET news & Updates:

UPTET is a state-level teacher eligibility test conducted by UPBEB (Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board) to shortlist candidates for appointment as teachers in schools of Uttar Pradesh. This is a state level Teacher Eligibility test which is conducted every year. Candidates preparing for UPTET must need to be aware of the complete syllabus of UPTET before starting their preparation. So, one can get all the news related to UPTET exam only on Primary ka master including its exam pattern, subject wise syllabus, step by step guide on how to apply online for all shikshamitra.

Latest UP LT grade exam and Basic Shikshamitra News:

UP LT Grade 2020 stands for Uttar Pradesh Licentiates Teacher Grade. Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) conducts the exam of UP LT Grade. Candidates preparing for UP LT Grade might be looking for the complete syllabus of UP LT Grade Teacher in order to crack the exam. On Primary ka master, aspirants can get UP LT Grade exam pattern and subject-wise syllabus for all the subjects.

UPTET Notification 2020 is expected to be released anytime soon. Along with the notification, UPTET application form 2020 is also likely to be released anytime soon. However, the UPTET exam is likely to be conducted in February 2021. For more news follow and subscribe primary ka master, and get on time UPTET news, basic shiksha news, basic shiksha parishad, shikshamitra news and much more. So stay tuned to Primary ka master and get ready to fly high.

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Local Nonprofit Calls for Artists and Storytellers to Share the Story of Fort Lauderdale through Blind-Accessible Geocaching Initiative

In 2018, architect, urban planner activist and urban farmer Michael Madfis launched the Fort Lauderdale-based nonprofit Civic Engagement Corporation.  

“Too often the community gets left behind in the process of urban planning,” says Madfis.  “The purpose of this initiative is to reconnect people with place through hands-on historical, environmental and social justice educational initiatives led by community members.”

Madfis closed his architecture firm after 25 years in 2010, after being declared legally blind with just 2% of his field of vision remaining.  This shift came a year after he launched urban farming project Broward County Food Systems Cooperative, in which he leveraged his urban planning and architecture skills and connections to cultivate sustainable urban gardens and food forests in Miramar, Dania Beach, and Fort Lauderdale in collaboration with other nonprofits and community organizations.  The Civic Engagement Corporation is deeply rooted in this genre of grassroots organizing and ecology, committed to inclusion and empowerment of the 250,000 visually impaired people in Broward County.

Pedestrian mobility is a fundamental vehicle of the nonprofits’ impact on community cohesion in Fort Lauderdale.  Getting people out of their cars and onto the street is essential for street-level retail businesses and interpersonal engagement.  It is also the best suited pace for local history, environmental, and social justice education, with slow mindful movement through the spaces often taken for granted.  Madfis sees the blind as the perfect ambassadors to bring mindful observation and education to the public.  Already, the Civic Engagement Corporation has put this into process through a series of educational walking tours led by blind tour guides, including an Urban Walking Tour and a Brewery Tour.  

The nonprofit’s newest project takes this a step further: a blind-accessible geocaching game installation in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.  The game centers around five murals painted on public buildings with adjacent tactile displays along the sidewalk to describe the images.  The installation will include audio direction cues and an accompanying smartphone app with an audio description and explanation of each mural narrated by a blind storyteller.  Clues for the game are hidden in the artwork and accompanying tactile and audio elements, and players will be able to leave their own marks on the game for others to stumble across.  The artwork will tell the story of Fort Lauderdale channeled through the Hero’s Journey, with local characters and stories integrated into the game, bringing history to life.  At the same time, this installation will create pedestrian movement, interaction, and economic activity for the area, and bring the blind people of Broward County out of isolation and into the community.

The Civic Engagement Corporation is currently seeking out local artists and storytellers to come together and share their visions and ideas for the display, as well as community members who have pieces of local history, stories, and characters to share.  The nonprofit is also seeking local videographers to document the project’s entire development process for social media so that other communities can be inspired by and recreate this project.

To be a part of this geocaching initiative, schedule a walking tour, or otherwise get involved with the Civic Engagement Corporation, visit www.civicengagementcorporation.org.


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Clean Air Task Force Founder Armond Cohen to Speak at Dickinson College

The founder and executive director of the Clean Air Task Force (CATF), Armond Cohen, will explore practical solutions to fight climate change in virtual public lecture from Dickinson College. The talk, “Hedgehogs and Foxes: Toward Climate Pragmatism,” will take place via livestream on Monday, Oct. 12, at 7 p.m. EDT. A link to view the lecture will be available at https://www.dickinson.edu/cohen.

Cohen’s lecture is part of The Sam Rose ’58 and Julie Walters Prize at Dickinson College for Global Environmental Activism, which was presented to Cohen earlier this year. The 0,000 prize is given annually to an individual or organization that makes a defining difference and advances responsible action on behalf of the planet, its resources and people.

Cohen, widely recognized for his thought leadership on climate, draws his lecture’s title from the philosopher Isaiah Berlin, who cited a fable about two kinds of thinkers: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” Cohen will explain how “hedgehog” thinkers embrace single solutions to problems, while “foxes” see complexity, contingency and risk. Cohen will argue that climate pragmatism embraces multiple strategies and technologies, and a variety of market and policy approaches, to find what works.

Since its founding in 1996, CATF has been a leading force in reducing air pollution and climate pollutants from the nation’s power plants, industries and vehicles. Drawing on his roots as an environmental lawyer, Cohen has led CATF in campaigns to limit emissions from coal power plants and diesel engines. CATF has also led efforts to spur interest in “firm” renewable energy, like superhot deep geothermal energy and next-generation nuclear energy. In addition, CATF’s work led to the first-ever federal “price on carbon,” which provides a tax credit for capturing and storing carbon dioxide underground.

Cohen joins a distinguished group of prior recipients of the Rose-Walters Prize, including the Natural Resources Defense Council; Our Children’s Trust, the advocacy organization representing 21 young plaintiffs in the landmark federal climate change lawsuit Juliana v. United States; Brett Jenks, CEO of conservation nonprofit Rare; environmental activist, author and journalist Bill McKibben; Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Kolbert; award-winning actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo; Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives and former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson; and award-winning nature photographer James Balog.

About Dickinson College
Dickinson is a highly selective private liberal-arts college of 2,300 students and a national leader and innovator in sustainability education. Students are challenged through classroom studies, living laboratories, service learning, student-faculty research and study abroad to build the knowledge and skills that are needed to create a sustainable world. Opportunities for hands-on learning include working with community groups to protect local watersheds and air quality, learning about solar energy, growing food on the college’s USDA-certified organic farm and producing biogas from food waste. Sustainable practices and values are underscored by a commitment to climate neutrality, green building practices, socially responsible investment and diverse community engagement. Dickinson’s achievements and leadership have earned the highest recognitions from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Sierra Magazine, the Sustainable Endowments Institute, The Princeton Review and Second Nature. https://www.dickinson.edu.

About Clean Air Task Force
Clean Air Task Force is a nonprofit environmental organization of scientists, engineers, MBAs, policy experts, lawyers and communications professionals in offices across the U.S. We work to safeguard against the worst impacts of climate change by catalyzing the rapid global development and deployment of emerging and proven low-carbon energy and other climate-protecting technologies through research and analysis, legal advocacy, promoting thought leadership and partnership with the private sector. For more information, please visit https://www.catf.us.

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NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc. (NBIS) Announces Expansion of Insured Risk Management Resources & ITI Training Partnership

As a leading provider of Risk Management & Insurance Solutions, NBIS is expanding risk management resources, training modules and service partnerships. Every policyholder has access to our Risk Management Support System (RMSS™) and able to take advantage of resources and partnerships developed to support the safety culture, manage & reduce claims and increase compliance with industry regulations & standards.

NBIS partners with each policyholder to provide RMSS™ risk management resources and solutions, now with expanded offerings. The following highlights what is available:
    1.    Contract Management Assistance – customized contract review and language modifications based on best in class
        industry defense practices from our in-house claims leaders.
            a.    Expanded to include over 20 variations of contracts applicable in all 50 states.
    2.    Exclusive Partnerships and Services – additional services to support operations including dash camera purchase
        program, an immediate driver alert system for lane departure and collision avoidance and a telematics system to
        purchase and deploy.
    3.    An Exclusive new partnership with Industrial Training International (ITI) and the ITI Learning Hub which
         a.    Expanded relationship will power the NBIS RMSS platform offering insureds over 1,000 learning content titles
                from ITI and its partners such as The Crosby Group and Liebherr.
         b.    Through this partnership, ITI learning solutions will be available to insureds at substantial discounts. Solutions
                include live in-person and live online courses, online learning, VR simulation and more across subjects
                pertaining to cranes, rigging, lift planning, rigging engineering, heavy equipment and specialized transport.
    4.    Safety & Equipment Checklists – long standing section including pre-trip resources for heavy industry equipment to
        prevent wear and tear/equipment failures and avoid minor FMCSA violations.
         a.    Expanded to include frequently used checklists for crane assembly & disassembly, chain, hook and sling
                inspections, driver assessment and collision cost calculators.

“We are proud to serve our insureds with resources and tools that promote safety culture within their own companies” Bill Smith, NBIS EVP advised, further adding “having training solutions to meet the needs of their employees and partnerships that are turn-key to implement and provide immediate value”.

Want to learn more about NBS and the Risk Management Support System? Contact us today at 870.866.RMSS

To learn more about NBIS’ insurance solutions, visit us on the web: http://www.NBIS.com

Media Contact for NBIS: Lisa McAbee, Marketing Director – (770) 257-1707 lmcabee@nbis.com    

About NBIS
NBIS is the Premiere provider of Insurance & Risk Management Solutions to the heavy construction industry and the exclusively endorsed provider for the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA). Providing coverage and Risk Management Services that works for you to prevent losses and give your company the best fighting chance in the event of a claim. For more information about NBIS, please visit: http://www.NBIS.com

About Industrial Training International (ITI)
Founded in 1986, ITI is the world's foremost provider of educational and technical solutions for users of cranes, rigging, and load handling equipment through the following delivery methods: Instructor Led Training at Customer Locations and ITI Training Centers, Live Online and On-Demand Courses through the ITI Learning Hub Virtual Reality Crane & Equipment Simulations, Professional Consulting & Field Services, And Training Curriculum & Reference Materials through the ITI Book store. ITI serves thousands of customers across the globe spanning dozens of industry verticals, with offices and training centers in the USA, Canada, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. For more information about ITI, visit http://www.iti.com.

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Entrepreneur Launches One of the First Black Woman-Owned K-12 Virtual Schools to Create History

Meet Dana Delane-Williams, the owner and founder of American High School, an online virtual school for grades K-12 that has been leading the way in online education in the U.S. for over 18 years. She has made history as one of the only African American women in the country to accomplish this and has committed herself to revolutionizing education to ensure that she gives kids the minimum credentials they need to succeed in life – their high school diploma.

As the effects of the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to rage on, almost all areas of everyday life have been changed. This truth has led to a paradigm shift in the way we work, interact, and educate students in the U.S. and worldwide. The traditional is now untraditional, with the old path, replaced by a new direction, our new norm.

How it all began

Dana began her foray into teaching classes online while she was an instructor at the University of Kentucky in 1996. It was in 2002 that she created her very first online high school for grades 9-12 with the 24 credits required to graduate, and catering to the homeschool market.

Dana has continued her efforts in creating new and innovative educational pathways since 2002. She has since expanded the school offerings to over 350 online courses to include an accredited online middle school for grades 6-8 and an online elementary school for grades K-5. She went on to create an online adult high school diploma program for those adults who needed to earn their high school diploma for work or college.

She even received NCAA approval, which allows student-athletes who plan to play sports in college on scholarship to attend her NCAA approved school. She continued to innovate and created a Dual Diploma program, in 2016, for her international partner schools/organization’s that allows students to earn a U.S. High School Diploma along with their home country diploma.

American High School (AHS) is a comprehensive online/virtual learning school that delivers accredited, affordable, college preparatory, Honors/AP, Gifted, virtual reality, adult education, and career-based online education for Grades K-12 to students throughout the U.S. and Internationally.

Additionally, the school’s online/virtual platform allows public or private schools or organizations, the ability to create their own virtual schools or programs without a significant initial investment. It’s literally a virtual school in a box that can be deployed within 7-14 days.

AHS’s proprietary curriculum, learning management systems, and educational services are designed to facilitate individualized and personalized learning for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. AHS works with over 150 plus public or private schools throughout the United States and in over twenty-seven countries worldwide.

It is evident that the platform is rapidly gaining a wider acceptance. AHS has doubled its partnerships which has grown from 23 to 58 partners at present. The growing popularity of the school has resulted in its increased exposure. The school growth now has a presence in 37 countries compared to 17 countries earlier. Consequently, the revenue has also registered an impressive growth of over 50 percent over the previous cycle.

American High School offers the following in online education:

  • Provides an excellent, well-rounded, proven online/virtual curriculum for Grades K-12.
  • Fully accredited by leading agencies such as Cognia (formerly AdvancED and SACS). AdvancED is the unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). As well as accredited by AI (Accreditation International).
  • Students earn a high school diploma online from an accredited school. The diploma is fully-recognized upon graduation.
  • Individual Course Program allows students to make up credits within 6 – 8 weeks and graduate on time. Includes online credit recovery and online summer school for grades 6-8.


  • A diverse student population participates in the AHS programs including athletes, gifted, homeschoolers, actors/actresses, Olympians, traditional, at-risk, remedial, and/or those experiencing problems in the traditional classroom.

AHS has opened new offices in our local Plantation FL area recently. As a part of its growth plans, AHS has partnered with Bianca’s Kids (biancaskids.org) with a 10,000 dollar scholarship donation, to make their unique way of teaching even more accessible to other students. Established in 2010, Bianca’s Kids (“BK”) is a 501(c)3 approved, New Jersey based, award-winning nonprofit organization that grants wishes to foster, sick and needy children.

Students can enroll online at AmericanHighSchool.org or by contacting an Enrollment Specialist at 866-936-9654.

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Animatronics Industry Giant Launches Education Company focused on STEM

If you’ve been to a popular theme park, you’ve seen one of Garner Holt’s creations. The impressive technique of magically bringing fantasy characters to life is what makes us all feel like we’ve escaped reality and can fully embrace the fun of being part of the story.

Imagine that same magic applied to learning about science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This is precisely what Garner Holt Education through Imagination has done. Where other STEM or STEAM programs may be successful with separate subject focal points, the unique aspect of animatronics not only seamlessly blends science, technology, engineering, art, and math but represents over 50 distinct and promising careers.

Combining animatronics with the concept of a makerspace, Garner Holt Education through Imagination has designed and implemented the ideal STEAM learning environment for schools, appropriately named, AniMakerspace. These custom designed AniMakerspaces bring a level of fun and entertainment to learning complex scientific concepts and are a step up from the traditional makerspace.

AniMakerspaces are like a miniaturized version of Garner Holt Productions, and by learning from their experts, Education through Imagination is able to use that knowledge to design very powerful and effective learning experiences.

The AniMakerspace gives students the opportunity to practice different models of design thinking through hands-on experiences that enliven the continuously evolving relationship between science, engineering, robotics, manufacturing, and automation.

The most rewarding thing for any educator is to see kids enjoy learning and AniMakerspaces are what gets kids excited to come to school. The best thing about AniMakerspaces is that no matter what career students go into, they are learning the valuable 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

Help us get one in every school in America and make learning magical.

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Fashion Meets Mental Health On World Mental Health Day

SECRETS UNVEILED” is a virtual fashion presentation for World Health Day.  The event will occur  on October 10, 2020 from 5pm-7pm via Youtube. It will feature 15 year old celebrity designer, Egypt Ufele, CEO of Chubiiline and Bullychasers.  The fashion show calls for a movement to shift from shame and embarrassment and address the pain within by using OUR VOICE to walk in OUR TRUTH. The true ingredients to the fashion show is to help save more lives, to remind our men and women that it is okay to express themselves and that “YOUR LIFE MATTERS”.   

This is an opportunity for the men, women, teen and child models to walk for Mental Health Awareness and for Sexual Abuse Survivors. The fact that models are walking to bring light to many who are dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders is a way to encourage others that they are not alone.  “SECRETS UNVEILED” will also pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman by presenting a Wakanda scene and photo exhibition  of children and adults who support their hero “Black Panther”.  When asked why this fashion show was so important to her, Rip The Stigma Founder Elise Antoine stated "As a two time suicide survivor and sexual abuse survivor, I want this fashion show to shine a light on those  who are struggling in silence. To encourage them and let them know  that giving up is not an option”.

Fellow designers presenting and showing  support for the event are Mary More-Shanghai Fashion,, Gwendolyn Wells-Shulmite Modest Apparel, Nora Seay-Pain In The Seam and Larry Underwood-House of Underwood. The event sponsors are Youme’s Events and 8 At The Table.

Tickets are .00 and available via Eventbrite


Please watch Rip The Stigma’s past event: https://youtu.be/4LUK4iyBz8g

About Egypt Ufele

Egypt Ufele was born and raised in Queens NY. She is 15 years old.  Egypt is a Humanitarian, Fashion Designer, a Child Prodigy, Anti-Bullying Activist, Author of two books,  a UN Youth Ambassador, CEO of Chubiiline fashion line, CEO of Bullychasers Non-Profit Organization, Host of the International Teen Summit, Motivational Speaker and a full time high school student with and “A” grade. Egypt changed the game when she overcame being bullied through creativity, intelligence and grace  by becoming the youngest designer, at the age of 10, to present an all-inclusive fashion line for NYFW. Intent on helping others to achieve their dreams, Egypt empowers  people of all ages to dream, set goals and achieve. Her gentle demeanor belies her firm resolve as she crushes the fashion industry with iconic fashion and sassy looks for children, plus-size women, men and boys. www.chubiiline.com

About Rip The Stigma

Rip The Stigma, a non-profit organization founded in 2016 by Elise I. Antoine. A grassroots movement encouraging individuals with mental health challenges to speak up and share their stories in order to peel off the stigma attached to mental health.  We provide mental health education, resources, support, and suicide prevention to individuals who are struggling with mental illness. We advocate for mental health awareness while creating a safe space in our society to share your stories and discuss suicide. https://www.ripthestigma.org

For Press inquiries please contact

Rip The Stigma via Sandra Florent  solodovepublicrelations@gmail.com


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Virdition Announces “Students in Motion USA” Online Creative Arts Competition for Talented Young People Nationwide

Virdition, a social networking company for the entertainment industry, announces the first annual ‘Students in Motion USA’ national online creative arts competition. Talented student performers from across the U.S. are invited to enter and compete remotely from home. The national bracket-style competition, Students in Motion (SIM) is open to all performers ages 5 to 18 to compete online for a grand prize ,000 scholarship and cash prizes while helping parents and teachers at the same time.

In addition to a grand prize scholarship starting at ,000, 73 starting cash prize winners will be named. The term “starting cash prizes” means that the competition’s cash prizes will grow as the competition grows. The SIM main competition is free to enter and audience voters can vote to support their favorite student talent at no cost.

The Students in Motion USA competition is a unique online talent competition open to talented young people in the performing arts including:

  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Artists/painters
  • Poetry/spoken word
  • Drama
  • Dance


Virdition’s student talent competition is designed to help performing arts schools and teachers earn money for classroom supplies by offering opportunities to become affiliate partners of the competition and share their competition link with student audiences on social media. Similarly, it helps parents of student contestants earn money in the form of tips and possibly earn ad commissions along the way for school supplies and clothing. Most important, it gives students opportunities to compete for a scholarship and cash prizes.

Virdition provides students with essential tools for success from the start. Upon successfully registering, every contestant receives a free limited portfolio on the Virdition platform. The portfolio is attached to their voting page for audiences, entertainment industry professionals, and people in their social media networks to view.

“As a contestant, your portfolio is your chance to tell your story and showcase your talent,” says Virdition founder and CEO Will Quinones.

“The ‘Students in Motion’ competition invites industry professionals from major entertainment companies whose jobs are to find tomorrow’s stars, to look view our contestants in action. With that in mind, a portfolio acts as each student’s talent resume in the entertainment field, to which you will add your biography (BIO), audio, video, and images for review,” Quinones says.

How the Students in Motion competition works:

SIM will not have formal judges for this competition. Votes will be tallied from each student’s social media account supporters. Entry costs are free for the main state and wildcard competition, while individual category fees are each.

Qualifying Round – 50 state winners
This SIM competition is entirely online voter-based. In order for a contestant to move on from the qualifying round to the bracket round, they are required to earn the highest number of online votes among all contestants in their state. Qualifying states must have three or more active contestants.

Wildcard Winners

Fourteen Wildcards will be included in the bracket round of 64 contestants, so contestants who don’t win their state still have a chance to advance as a wildcard.

Bracket Round of 64

Once a contestant wins their state by votes or wildcard, he or she will then advance to the bracket round to compete head to head against other state winners. To advance to the next bracket round, contestants must beat their opponents by having the highest number of votes at the end of the round. By winning a bracket round, contestants not only win the bracket round’s posted cash prize but they also advance to the next level of competition. Votes renew back to zero in each round so contestants that advance from round to round will start on a level playing field.

Best-In Category Competitions

During the entry process, contestants may also compete in one or more of 10 “Best-In” category competitions for a starting cash prize of 0 and a trophy. These Best-In awards categories will run parallel to the main competition and will end when the main bracket competitions end. Even contestants who are eliminated in any round of the main competition can continue to share and compete in their Best-In category or categories to the end of the competition and remain eligible to win cash prizes in each category entered.

Best-In category competition fees are .00 per category. Entries are closed for these categories after completing registration to the main bracket competition. The Best-In categories include:


  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Art/Painting
  • Poems/Spoken Words
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Kids 5 to 7
  • Kids 8 to 11
  • Teens 12 to 15
  • Teens 16 to 18


As September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Virdition chose to launch a SIM fundraiser to benefit St Jude Children’s ® Research Hospital in conjunction with the official launch of the “Students in Motion” Competition.

Since founder Danny Thomas opened St. Jude in 1960, the facility's ongoing mission has been to advance cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. No child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay. SIM is committed to reaching its fundraising goal of ,000. To learn more about the fundraiser and to make a contribution, visit the Students in Motion Creative Arts Competition’s St. Jude fundraising website.    

For more information about the competition and tp register, visit the “Students in Motion” website. To learn more about other talent competitions, visit the Virdition platform, email willq(at)virdition(dot)com or call 813.477.2177.

About Virdition

Founded in 2009 by Will Quinones, Virdition is a virtual auditioning and competition networking site for the entertainment industry. Quinones developed Virdition (virtual audition) to give talented individuals everywhere unique online functionality to showcase their talents, build their portfolios, find opportunities to present their talents, compete with others and achieve success.

Developed for performers and agents, the Virdition online platform fills a void for talented musicians, performs, actors and models to gain visibility among agents and agencies looking for fresh, new talent without the demand for costly and time-consuming travel to audition locations. To learn more about how Virdition’s contest entry and audition platform works, view the “Understanding our Competition Bracket” video.

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HRMP to Exhibit at Self-Insurance Institute of America Virtual National Conference

HRMP, a leading provider of administrative service support and reinsurance to group insurance carriers, is proud to announce that it will be an exhibitor at the Self-Insurance Institute of America's 40th Annual National Conference and Expo to be held as a virtual event October 12-15, 2020.

Founded in 1990, HRMP offers third-party administrative and reinsurance support to underwriters, insurance carriers, and reinsurers in partnership with A.M. Best “A” rated carriers and reinsurers.

The Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA), works to protect and promote the business interests of companies involved in the self-insurance and alternative risk transfer industry. SIIA members include self-insured entities, third-party administrators, captive managers, excess/stop-loss/reinsurance insurers, and other service providers. The organization provides its members with informational and educational resources as well as networking opportunities and legislative/regulatory representation.

HRMP President Jim Mange commented, “HRMP is proud to support the Self-Insurance Institute of America at its upcoming conference. We have been an exhibitor at SIIA events for many years, and we are excited to participate as the association launches its first virtual national conference. HRMP sincerely appreciates the important benefits SIIA provides for its members.”

Founded in 1990, HRMP, LLC, is a distinctive third-party administrator positioned to offer creative solutions to underwriters, insurance carriers, and reinsurers. Our unique solutions include back office or run-out administration, auditing services, life conversions, and more. HRMP, LLC, is a member of the Aran Insurance Services Group. For more information, visit https://www.hrmp.com/.

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Growing Accolades from Inc 5000 and the NMSDC for Minority/Woman Owned Translation Company in Driving Health Equity

High quality, culturally relevant language access isn’t always readily available for the 25 million+ people in the United States who are LEP (Limited English Proficient) patients. For those that do obtain access, the standards set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are proposed to further weaken. Deeper connections require a holistic approach to language that includes adapting for tone, images, colors, symbols, religion, politics, gender, diets, humor level, sequence of information, acronyms, untranslatable puns, idioms and medical terms that don’t exist in the target language.

While there are thousands of language service providers worldwide, CQ fluency’s unique proprietary processes and strong commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) are making the company stand out and win accolades. For the seventh consecutive year, CQ fluency, whose mission is “improving lives,” is recognized on the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies” list. This announcement comes on the heels of recently being named a Corporate Plus member by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. Both recognitions are a testament to CQ fluency’s comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion – embracing a multicultural workforce, creating an inclusive workplace culture, being integrated in their communities and leveraging diverse suppliers. All these factors contribute to CQ fluency’s ability to help the world’s largest health and life science organizations engage the hearts and minds of their often-misunderstood diverse patients.

Elisabete Miranda, President & CEO of CQ fluency shared, “We are honored to receive recognition from Inc. 5000, and the NMSDC and want to be sure that our ‘purpose’ receives acknowledgement, not just our growth.” Elisabete added, “As a Minority and Woman owned Business Enterprise (MWBE), diversity isn’t simply a company policy – diverse is what we are, and inclusive work naturally derives from that. For over 20 years we have worked towards improving the lives of underserved populations through communication, with a goal to contribute to the fight toward inclusive health equity for all.”

D&I strategies are valuable ingredients in overcoming adversity. Through the unprecedented events of 2020, CQ fluency’s well-known agility and flexibility was evident through their commitment and responsiveness in the face of adversity. To continue to serve their clients in a more expansive and immediate way in the face of COVID-19 by transitioning to a full-remote team overnight, implementing a 24/7 task force for critical translation needs, waiving rush fees, maintaining a full staff with no lay-offs or furloughs and hiring additional staff.

CQ fluency focuses on providing language solutions for Fortune 500 health and life science companies with services that provide LEP patients with access to critical health information, addressing the multicultural dimensions of non-adherence, and helping drive diversity in clinical trials.

About CQ fluency:

CQ fluency is a global company that offers a full suite of culturally relevant translation services for life sciences and health in over 170 languages. We are on a mission to improve lives– with subject matter experts who leverage their Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to blend meaning and feeling to cultivate real human connections. We combine human expertise with customized technology to help organizations effectively communicate to an increasingly diverse domestic population and navigate the global marketplace. Our clients include pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, hospitals and health agencies. More about CQ fluency can be found on our website at http://www.CQfluency.com

About Inc. Media:

The world’s most trusted business-media brand, Inc. offers entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, connections, and community to build great companies. Its award-winning multiplatform content reaches more than 50 million people each month across a variety of channels including websites, newsletters, social media, podcasts, and print. Its prestigious Inc. 5000 list, produced every year since 1982, analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. The global recognition that comes with inclusion in the 5000 gives the founders of the best businesses an opportunity to engage with an exclusive community of their peers, and the credibility that helps them drive sales and recruit talent. The associated Inc. 5000 Conference is part of a highly acclaimed portfolio of bespoke events produced by Inc. For more information, visit http://www.inc.com.

About NMSDC:
The National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. established in 1973, is a vital link between major corporations and minority business enterprises (MBEs). Each year, member corporations have reported billions of dollars spent with Council-certified Minority Business Enterprises. Serving the United States, the Council is one of the 23 regional affiliates of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. for more information about NMSDC visit http://www.nmsdc.org

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Students with Disabilities Facing Remote Learning During COVID-19 Need Help, But the Recommendations in a Recent Brief Fall Short

A brief published earlier this summer by ExcelinEd provides recommendations to education policy leaders for the delivery of special education services during the COVID-19 school closures.

Professor Elizabeth Kozleski of the Stanford University reviewed Special Education and Distance Learning: Supporting Students Through the Pandemic. She concludes that it offers only minimal support for policymakers in funding the research and development work that lies ahead as remove education continues for students with disabilities.

The brief notes Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ statement that the core features of implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Act must remain in place and that no waivers for the delivery of special education services are allowable. It also notes that families and advocates are deeply worried about learning progress and loss of learning because of the national pandemic. In response, the brief provides four sets of what it labels “best practices” for school and district leadership.

Professor Kozleski explains that these recommendations come up short, in part because they assume that current knowledge among school professionals is sufficient to make the desired special education and technological leaps. In fact, the necessary knowledge and capacity are barely emerging. Further, the recommendations do little to address the unequal distribution of resources in schools, which include access to well-prepared teachers and related services personnel qualified to teach students with disabilities, particularly using distance learning approaches.

Given these concerns, coupled with the lack of research anchoring its recommendations, the brief offers little to policymakers or practitioners currently struggling to make distance learning work during the pandemic.

Find the review, by Elizabeth B. Kozleski, at:

Find Special Education and Distance Learning: Supporting Students Through the Pandemic, written by Patricia Levesque and published by ExcelinEd, at:

NEPC Reviews (http://thinktankreview.org) provide the public, policymakers, and the press with timely, academically sound reviews of selected publications. NEPC Reviews are made possible in part by support provided by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice: http://www.greatlakescenter.org

The National Education Policy Center (NEPC), a university research center housed at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education, produces and disseminates high-quality, peer-reviewed research to inform education policy discussions. Visit us at: https://nepc.colorado.edu

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Personal Tech Concierge Simplifies Life for Seniors

Did your computer update and now something doesn’t work?  Virus on your smartphone?  Is your car’s technology a bit overwhelming to understand?  Did you buy a new device or program and just cannot for the life of you figure it out?  Printer won’t talk to your laptop?  These are all common problems that a personal tech concierge can help you solve and improve your tech literacy along the way.

Instead of calling the Geek Squad or dropping hundreds of dollars for an Apple Genius, you can stay home and get a personalized solution fast.  Work with a personal tech concierge to address your unique problem in your best learning style and find a solution on your budget.

“My job is teaching people how to use new technology based on their specific challenges, questions, and complaints, and to identify the best, easiest, and most cost-effective solution,” explains New Jersey-based personal tech concierge Steven Kohn, of SJK Consulting.  “I also provide follow-up instructions and other reference resources at the end of each session.”

Tech concierges like Kohn can work with clients in person, or remotely.  Unlike common technology resources found at Best Buy, The Apple Store, and other retailers whose motive is sales, education and simplifying are always at the forefront of Kohn’s services.  If the goal is to learn how to troubleshoot, or how to use a specific program or device, he will work with each client based on their needs and learning style.  As technology grows increasingly complex each day, Kohn’s objective is to make it as transparent as possible while his clients reap the benefits that it provides.

“Steven helped me fix my 12-year-old computer over the phone,” said customer Sheila Danzig.  “If he can teach this 72-year-old woman how to be computer-savvy, imagine what he can do for you!”

Kohn also assists with installation and setup of devices, malware and virus remediation, and a long list of other repair and maintenance services for PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices with all operating systems.

Another offering in his arsenal enables his clients to save tons of money by “cutting the cord” – essentially replacing expensive cable TV with state-of-the-art streaming devices and services. “I called Steve to help us become a cable free home. He suggested the equipment, installed it, and explained, with great patience, how to make the most of it. We are now saving monthly dollars,” explains client Jeffrey Wallach.  Kohn says, “Customers can often cut their cable bill in half by cutting the cord.”

On the subject of state-of-the-art, Kohn also help you make your home “smart“. In a “Smart Home” you can control things like security access, lighting, temperature and even home theater devices through voice commands or with automation. His client, Douglas Weiss said, “Steve has helped us turn our home into a Smart Home. He recommended equipment, helped us install it, and debugs issues when they arise.”

“Mr. Kohn has encyclopedic knowledge of the tech field, and he is a good and patient teacher,” reviews customer Lucille Uhlman.  “He says that there is a solution to every problem, and, so far, he’s right.”

For educational, cost-effective solutions to tech woes, contact Steven Kohn and SJK Consulting at 862-234-5646 or info@sjkconsulting.net.

Client Lucille Uhlman is happy with her new found knowledge from SJK Consulting

Steven Kohn explaining Smart TV features to Jeff and Jane Scheetz

Steven Kohn teaching new iPad features to Jeff and Jane Scheetz

In-Person visits are safe as all parties wear masks

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Instructional Technologies Inc. Offers New and Updated Hours of Service Online Courses for Fleets

Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), providers of training solutions for the transportation industry, today announced its 2020 HOS Change Management Package to help fleets address Hours of Service rule changes that take effect on September 29, 2020. The offering includes an updated PRO-TREAD Hours of Service online course, a free training video that covers the changes in driving regulations, a webinar discussing practical applications, and a printable poster to provide information on the new rules to drivers, managers and dispatchers.

“Hours of Service is one of the most critical training topics for every fleet because HOS violations are the most frequent cause of out-of-service fines,” said Nathan Stahlman, COO at ITI. “Even if all of your drivers use compliant Electronic Logging Devices, of the top 20 violations in over two million roadside inspections in 2020, five were related to ELD issues. That’s why fleets need to provide training to their drivers about the HOS rule changes immediately, and updated training going forward. With our HOS Change Management Package, ITI is making important information for drivers, managers and dispatchers about the changes available in an easily accessible and understandable way.”

The new 2020 Hours of Service rules from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) pertain to short haul operations, sleeper berth, 30-minute off-duty breaks, and adverse driving conditions. All portions of the ITI 2020 HOS Change Management Package explain these changes.

  • The PRO-TREAD updated Hours of Service online course includes the 2020 HOS changes. Current clients can assign the course via the Sentix learning management system. Course progress and completion is tracked and documented in the Sentix LMS.
  • The short course, 2020 Hours of Service Changes is available through Sentix for current ITI clients. Fleets that are not clients can access the course free as a video but it will not include documentation of completion. It is ideal for managers, driver managers, dispatchers and other support personnel.
  • ITI is also hosting a webinar – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FMCSA’S NEW HOURS OF SERVICE RULES – at 10 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.The live 30-minute program, featuring ITI’s Senior Training Specialist Roy Broomfield, will include a complete overview of new Hours of Service rules and examples to help understand exactly what the changes mean for fleets and drivers, and a question and answer period. Registered participants will also have access to a video of the presentation. REGISTER HERE


The 2020 HOS Change infographic is available free as a printable poster to anyone that registers for either the webinar or the free video course.

About Instructional Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 1995 and based in Vancouver, Washington, Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) is the leading provider of online training to the transportation industry. The company’s commitment to training is based on the principles of mastery learning, accurate and automated record keeping, and up-to-date information that ensure personnel have been effectively trained and detailed records kept. ITI makes fleets and warehouses safer and more profitable through its large PRO-TREAD® and ClearDrive™ libraries, On Ramp™ ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training) for CDL schools, and its Sentix® learning management system. Transportation and logistics companies choose ITI because of its automated learning management system, custom training capabilities, flexible lesson methodologies, and engaging 3D animations that improve retention, ensure subject matter mastery and lower the total cost of training. For more information, please visit http://www.instructiontech.net

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Financial Poise™ Announces "Trade Finance Basics" a New Webinar Premiering October 7th at 2:00 PM CST through West LegalEdcenter™

Trade is growing exponentially across the globe. In this increasingly interconnected cross-border business environment, it is time critical for companies buying and selling goods and services (and their advisors) to understand trade finance. Deploying the trade finance toolbox effectively helps importers and exporters manage working capital solutions and reduce cost. This webinar explains the basics of letters of credit, open account, supply chain and documentary collections, how and why they are used, how much they cost, and the benefits and risks. It covers how financial institutions facilitate these funding options and explains why trade finance is a natural fit for Blockchain technology.

To learn more and register, click here.

The webinar will be available on-demand after its premiere. As with every Financial Poise Webinar, it will be an engaging and plain English conversation designed to entertain as it teaches.

About Financial Poise –

Financial Poise has one mission: to provide reliable plain English business, financial and legal education to investors, private business owners and executives, and their respective trusted advisors. Financial Poise content is created by seasoned, respected experts who are invited to join our Faculty only after being recommended by current Faculty Members. Our editorial staff then works to make sure all content is easily digestible. Financial Poise is a meritocracy; nobody can “buy” their way into the Financial Poise Faculty. Start learning today at https://www.financialpoise.com/

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eLearningClasses.com An Online Academy Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Human Instructors Launched

Global Banking & Finance Review launched its e-learning platform called eLearning Classes offering on demand online courses across various streams like Business, Finance, Trading, Marketing, Technology & more. Education is known as a never-ending journey that helps individuals expand their knowledge and learn new skills to stay competitive in today’s market.

eLearningClasses.com grants its members access to an array of interactive and fully online courses comprised of different subjects, guaranteeing them a leg up on the competition. eLearningClasses.com is an innovative online academy powered by artificial intelligence and real human instructors, offering students an exclusive interactive educational system with access to resourceful videos, e-books, quizzes, and certificates that will help them achieve their educational goals. Through the eLearningClasses.com students will be able to learn as many skills they want with eLearningClasses.com unlimited course program. This program allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited access to all courses at a monthly flat rate with no risks. Subscribers can choose as many courses as they want to enrol in, obtain all course materials at no extra cost, and learn at their own pace.

eLearningClasses.com uses the state-of-the-art educational tools which are powered by artificial intelligence to make world-class education affordable and accessible to students across the globe. For a subscription fee of .99 /month, students get access to all the online courses, lectures, worksheets, assessments, eBooks, Audio Books and more. Paid subscribers also get their questions answered by trained instructors and experts from Global Banking & Finance Review & have access to social discussions on their platform’s forums. The e-learning platform launched with over 100 courses and offers a few free online courses as an introductory offer. To Top it off, eLearningClasses.com is also offering a 25% discount on their monthly subscription fee of .99 which would bring the subscription fee to below a month. If you wish to avail this discount, use the coupon code off25 when checking out. 

Global Banking & Finance Review is a leading brand name in Banking & Finance. A media powerhouse with its own print & digital magazine and website portal with a combined readership of over 3 million readers annually. Global Banking & Finance Review has been a leader for the past decade providing analysis, opinion, reviews, news & interviews covering various topics. The initiative of launching its own e-learning platform is to make quality education accessible and affordable.

View all the free online courses by following this link on eLearning Classes 

“Our Mission is to ensure quality education reaches those who need it the most and at a price which can be affordable by all,” said Wanda Rich who is the Editor of Global Banking & Finance Review. She also commented that “Learning is a continuous process and it takes more than few courses to get a deeper understanding of a subject, this is the main reason why we decided to launch an unlimited learning experience at a monthly fee of .99.”

Global Banking & Finance Review is a leading brand name in Banking & Finance. A media powerhouse with its own print & digital magazine and website portal with a combined readership of over 3 million readers annually. Global Banking & Finance Review has been a leader for the past decade providing analysis, opinion, reviews, news & interviews covering various topics. The initiative of launching its own e-learning platform is to make quality education accessible and affordable.

View all the free online courses by following this link on eLearning Classes 

“Our Mission is to ensure quality education reaches those who need it the most and at a price which can be affordable by all” said Wanda Rich who is the Editor of Global Banking & Finance Review. She also commented that “ Learning is a continuous process and it takes more than few courses to get a deeper understanding of a subject, this is the main reason why we decided to launch an unlimited learning experience at a monthly fee of .99”

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Taskade: All-in-One Collaboration Platform Launches Free Real-time Workspace for Remote Teams and Y-Combinator Startups during COVID-19

The first all-in-one real-time organization and collaboration platform Taskade launches free upgrades for teams and individuals. This week, the team behind Taskade announced they are removing the limitations on the number of projects and tasks for all free accounts. Taskade users will now be able to create unlimited projects, templates, and invite an unlimited number of collaborators into their workspaces, all for free.

Following its debut at Y-Combinator’s demo day, Taskade set out on a mission to make remote collaboration simple. The platform helps remote teams stay competitive in the modern workplace by cutting down unnecessary friction in planning, organizing, and decision making, says Taskade CEO John Xie.

While remote teams can cherry-pick the tools they work with, the number of options available on the market makes for some really tough decisions. More often than not, trying to juggle several solutions means that meaningful, focused work takes a back seat.

Now that the need for remote collaboration tools has soared due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Taskade's offering seems like a sound proposition. Instead of adding yet another brick to the wall, the company takes a step back and combines document outlining and editing, visual mind mapping, video conferencing and task management in one, simple and elegant tool.

Apart from the upgraded free package, the platform offers two paid tiers for small businesses and enterprise-grade clients. Their unlimited plan ( per user) removes the cap on storage space for files and attachments. It also unlocks priority support and custom onboarding. The enterprise package is priced individually and adds extended security, control, and support.

If you have used tools like Asana, Trello, Todoist, Zoom, Notion, Microsoft Teams or Slack, you will feel at home as Taskade combines all the essential ingredients needed for remote collaboration into one simple tool. Another good news is that it’s available on all popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and as a browser extension and syncs in real-time.

Last year, the company secured a M seed investment from Y-Combinator and Grishin Robotics.

”We believe Taskade is fundamentally changing remote team collaboration by providing one tool that teams need to get work done effectively. Taskade provides a real-time, device-agnostic and cross-platform experience to end-users. We are excited to be part of the journey with the Taskade team,” said Dmitry Grishin, managing partner at Grishin Robotics.

If you’re interested in taking the app for a spin, head over to https://www.taskade.com/ to create a free account. You can also download Taskade’s mobile and desktop apps for all your devices at https://www.taskade.com/downloads/.

About Taskade

Based in San Francisco and Singapore, Taskade is a real-time organization and collaboration platform for remote professionals and distributed teams who want to stay competitive in the modern environment. Taskade helps its customers get work done together, faster and smarter by providing one tool for tasks, notes, mind mapping, and video conferencing, in one remote-first platform. Some of its happy customers include teams at Uber, Shopee, Capital One, YCombinator, Lyft, Compass, Activision, Booking.com and Transferwise.

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Learning Sciences Corporation Ranks 66th in Software Industry, 535th on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing U.S. Businesses After Three-Year Revenue Growth of 862%

Learning Sciences Corporation has secured its reputation as a national leader with an international impact in workforce education with its ranking of #66 in the Software Industry and #535 of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies in America, achieving a three-year growth in revenue of 862%.

The Inc. 5000 list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. The Inc. 5000 recognizes private companies using a complicated set of quantitative metrics of growth and revenue. The 2020 Inc. 5000 achieved an incredible three-year average growth of over 500 percent, and a median rate of 165 percent, aggregate revenue was 9 billion in 2019, accounting for over 1 million jobs over the past three years.

Founded in 2008 by company President Peter Ranzino, Learning Sciences Corporation is a learning and development company providing expertise in the design, development, and deployment of workforce web-based training programs for each employee’s skill sets. The learning experiences created are authentic, interactive, and accommodate multiple learning styles.

The company hosts access to client courses, tracks, and maintains critical training data, for over 100,000 employees of its national client base each week.

Learning Sciences' approach to customized platforms and technological advances in the training environment has led to their continual 12-year growth in a variety of industries in both private and public sectors.

In Entertainment, Television, Film, and Sports Broadcasting, clients include NBC Sports and its Summer and Winter Olympic Broadcasts, the IATSE Training Trust Fund, Fox Corporation, Fox Sports, FX, Disney Films and its umbrella of numerous production companies, like Lucas Films and General Hospital, NBC Universal, 21st Century Fox, and ABC.

Petrochemical and manufacturing clients include Citgo Petroleum, Phillips 66, Conoco Phillips, and British Petroleum. In the public sector, the State of Louisiana utilizes customized training and testing platforms in numerous executive, state, civil service, and law enforcement agencies including the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH), Louisiana State Police (LSP) and Office of the Attorney General (AG), among others. Louisiana State University, professional, and trade associations also utilized Learning Sciences software and programs.

“We focus on optimizing our clients’ workforce, advancing their organization and its performance. Our ability to develop individual skills, then cultivate and grow that skillset is the key to our client’s success in an ever-changing business climate,” said Peter Ranzino.

“We have been fortunate to work with and for some of the world’s smartest companies and the brightest minds in business. What we learn from these companies and their executives has been invaluable to our success,” he added.

Learning Sciences management team operates a variety of learning and technology disciplines. Ranzino credits client referrals as their main source of new client acquisition, acknowledging that their software and learning development team members have earned a reputation for being customer-centric providing authentic, interactive learning experiences customized to each clients' needs, which are result-driven, and cost-efficient to deploy. Their corporate culture embodies research-based design principles, best practices for workforce training, content mastery, and proven quality assurance standards.

The team members Ranzino recruits and employs are highly skilled Instructional Designers with doctoral degrees in Instructional Technology, Graphic and Web Designers versed in learning methodologies, and IT professionals deploying best industry practice. The company’s methodology identifies and qualifies the skills and management acumen for any workforce position, tactical or strategic.

Learning Sciences Core Competencies:

  • Instructional Design & Analysis
  • Instructional Writing
  • Curriculum Development
  • Custom Content Development
  • Learning Management of Systems Analysis & Configuration
  • Learning Technology Development & Deployment
  • Training Data management & Hosting
  • Learning Mobile Application Development


Peter Ranzino, Managing Partner Bio/Photo Link: https://www.learningsciencescorp.com/peter.html

Learning Sciences Corporation congratulates the 5000 independently owned companies and employees who made the 2020 Inc. 5000.

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Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Opens 113th Worldwide Franchise Location

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools has announced the opening of its 113th worldwide franchise location in Atlanta’s upper westside. Located in the shopping area of Westside Village at Moores Mill, along Marietta Boulevard and Coronet Way, Aqua-Tots Westside Village is now serving families in West Atlanta, Midtown and Buckhead. They officially opened their doors on Monday, August 17, 2020.

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools has been the leader in the swim instruction industry since 1991, offering comprehensive swim curriculum for children as early as four months old. With over 100 locations in 14 countries, families all over the world experience the dedicated, year-round, indoor swim facilities where their children can become safe and confident swimmers by completing the proven Aqua-Tots curriculum.

The 4,500 sq. foot swim school is the sixth Aqua-Tots location in Georgia and fourth Atlanta area location for Franchise Owners Andrew George, Jesse Rhodenbaugh and Tommy Fisher, who also own locations in Alpharetta, Briarcliff and Roswell, Georgia.

“We’re excited to serve the families of West Atlanta, Midtown and Buckhead,” said Franchise Owner Jesse Rhodenbaugh. “This year’s pandemic has caused many parents to work from home. Children are also at home, and they are bored. This has resulted in an increased rate of drowning all over the country. In fact, 69% of children who drown are not expected to be in or near a pool at the time of an incident. We are very proud to offer families in Atlanta a year-round place to equip their children with the water safety skills they need for a lifetime.”

According to the National Institutes of Health, “Consistency in formal swim lessons reduces the risk of drowning by 88% among children ages one to four years old.” That’s an encouraging reality since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional, injury-related death among children ages one to four.

Aqua-Tots Westside Village is committed to keeping families safe, healthy and comfortable when attending swim lessons. As such, they have implemented the Aqua-Tots Full Circle of Safety to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their swim school. These procedures focus on a modified swim school environment for the health of their families and staff, safety of their lessons and cleanliness of their facility. Preventative measures include social distancing in the lobby, hand sanitizer stations, enhanced cleaning procedures, masks for swim school staff and temperature checks for staff prior to each shift.

Additionally, a properly maintained and sanitized pool is still considered a safe environment for children and families. According to the CDC, “There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities should inactivate the virus in the water.” The Aqua-Tots pool contains a commercial sanitation and filtration system which maintains the proper chlorinated levels.

For a limited time, those who enroll in monthly swim lessons will receive a free swim lesson to get started. Aqua-Tots Westside Village is open seven days a week and encourages families to reserve a spot in small group (4:1 ratio), semi-private (2:1 ratio) or private (1:1 ratio) lessons before classes fill up. Aqua-Tots Westside Village will also feature the Special Needs Aquatic Program (S.N.A.P.), which tailors lessons to each child’s special needs and abilities, Fast Track, which serves as a jumpstart to lessons, and birthday parties.

Aqua-Tots Westside Village is now hiring front desk staff and swim instructors. To apply, please contact Aquatic Manager Ally Gibson at westsidevillageam@aqua-tots.com. If you’d like to learn more about Aqua-Tots Westside Village or to pre-enroll in swim lessons, visit aqua-tots.com/atlanta-westside-village or call (770) 927-8155.

About Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools serves over 100 communities worldwide, offering dedicated, year-round, indoor swim instruction, community outreach and drowning prevention education to children of all abilities from four months to 12 years old. As the world’s largest swim school franchise, their hand-selected instructors are passionate about teaching children how to remain safer in and around the water, using tried and true curriculum, 29+ years in the making and trusted worldwide to teach 2.9 million swim lessons annually. To learn more, visit http://www.aqua-tots.com.

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Phoenix Recovery Academy Officially Opens Enrollment for Alternative Learning Environment

For two years; organizers, advocates, and supporters have been tirelessly working towards opening a high school for young people who need an alternative learning environment that supports their recovery from substance use disorder. On that foundation and mission, the Phoenix Recovery Academy (operating as a program under Phoenix Foundation of Maryland) is now officially opening enrollment for the 2020-2021 academic year.

“This school will be a light in the dark,” says Sara Varga, Head of School for Phoenix Recovery Academy. “Seeing the culmination of the hard work and dedication of the community volunteers, including our board members, means lives will change, and hope will be afforded to so many families worried right now,” concludes Varga.

Phoenix Recovery Academy will be accepting rolling admissions with an inaugural first day scheduled for August 31. This non-public high school will service adolescents grades 9 through 12, is tuition-based with scholarships available, and is open to students who are as serious about their education as they are about their recovery from substance use disorder.
Applications can be filled out online at http://www.phoenixrecoveryacademy.org or e-mail svarga@phoenixrecoveryacademy.org .

More on Phoenix Recovery Academy:
Founded in 2020, Phoenix Recovery Academy serves central Maryland and beyond. Located at 117 E. Church St. in Frederick, Maryland, the Phoenix Recovery Academy is the first recovery high school to serve Maryland in 20 years. The Phoenix Recovery Academy models itself as a place of education while being a critical support structure for adolescents to succeed in their recovery from substance use disorder. Phoenix Recovery Academy and similar schools allow students an alternative to a traditional high school setting; a setting where they work towards their personal goals in recovery, while continuing their education.
Find more information online at http://www.phoenixrecoveryacademy.org.

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MediaVillage Announces 0 Million Investment Goal to Advance Industry Diversity and Education Programs

After more than a decade of research to identify key drivers of sustained growth of advertising-supported media, and presentations to more than 1,000 industry leaders, MediaVillage and AdvancingDiversity.org are announcing today a 0 million 10-year investment goal to expand the industry’s activation of diversity and educational programs. The 0 million goal represents a commitment to generate, by 2030, 50% growth in advertising revenues and to achieve 50% industry-wide diversity representation.

Based on data from its research on the impact of cultural shifts on business growth, MediaVillage developed and launched diversity and equality initiatives in 2011 as Women in Media Mentoring Initiative and, with industry funding, has since implemented diversity programs focused on gender equality (WomenAdvancing.org) in 2013, diverse employee retention (1stFive.org) in 2014, masculinity management (The Future of Men) in 2016, ageism (The Age of Aging) in 2018, and the Advancing Diversity Council Hall of Honors in 2017.

Last January, based on MediaVillage research, the Advancing Diversity Council was formed to Advance Diversity from Advocacy to Activism through funding of several proven industry initiatives and programs. These programs were recently announced in conjunction with the creation of the Media and Advertising Industry Advancing Diversity Fund.

MediaVillage research has identified educational programs as a key contributor to diversity advancements. MediaVillage founder Jack Myers reports: “Business growth today requires a strong foundation of new majority talent; integration of diverse talent across capabilities and responsibilities; and dedicated commitment to easily accessible and user-friendly learning tools.” Myers adds, “The advertising and media industry under performs in each of these essential resources vs. most major industry categories, and it has failed to effectively and collectively activate, expand and communicate the successes.”

Myers, the nation’s leading practicing Media Ecologist, has been on a mission for more than a decade to advance the media and advertising community’s investments in diversity and education. “Our funding commitment reflects the community’s decade-long recognition that there are institutional and systemic failures in advancing diversity to which the industry has clearly not sufficiently responded. But the corporate community has not stood still. Thanks to a decade of industry investment and development, MediaVillage has in place the strategies, market intelligence, relationships, resources, communications tools, capabilities, team and credibility to profoundly move the needle measurably and quickly forward,” Myers noted. “With billions invested in technology advances, it’s finally hitting home that media and advertising growth will lag without meaningful investments in diversity and education.”

What’s Next for Advancing Diversity and Education Initiatives at MediaVillage

Over the past two years, Myers has been pounding on the message of diversity and education, generating funding support, and ramping up capabilities at his MediaVillage home base. More than 150 media industry companies, agencies, organizations, educational leaders, journalists, and subject matter experts currently contribute to MediaVillage educational content and Advancing Diversity initiatives. Myers often uses the MediaVillage subscriber base of 20,000 influencers to advance activist positions on diversity issues. MediaVillage hosts several well-known columnists who write on a spectrum of issues impacting the industry and an educational archive of more than 14,000 original, exclusive and continually updated articles, podcasts, videos and reports. MediaVillage is underwritten by membership fees.

U.S. advertising investments by marketers, excluding investments with Google, Facebook and Amazon, have declined steadily for two-decades and are forecast to decline an average 1.5% annually to 2025 (impacted by Covid-19). An AdvancingDiversity.org industry diversity census published earlier this year established media industry ethnic diversity at 14% among senior-level professionals and 24% among junior-level team members. Black professionals represent 6.5% of industry employees, with Black males representing only 1.6%

MediaVillage was founded in 2009 by Myers, a long-time industry consultant and executive at Metromedia Outdoor, ABC Radio and CBS-TV, with original funding from 12 media companies and agencies. Notes Myers: “MediaVillage is the only organization that represents all industry constituencies and is dedicated solely to industry growth in a rising tide model.“

Among MediaVillage’s newest initiatives:

  • As part of Myers’ series of Leadership Conversations, the MediaVillage Media Education Summit will take place on August 13 at 1:00pm ET. The webinar’s theme, “The Future of Media, Marketing, Advertising & Journalism Education – for Industry Professionals, Educators, Students & Job Seekers,” will feature Dean Mark Lodato, S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University; Dean Gracie Lawson-Borders, Howard University, Cathy Hughes School of Communications; Andrea Press, Media Studies Department Head, University of Virginia; plus a special keynote address.
  • As part of the organization’s 10-year 0 million investment goal, it has launched an AI-based search tool at MeetingPrep.com to serve the knowledge needs of educators, job seekers, brand managers, and professionals across the media and advertising ecosystem.
  • MediaVillage’s new Watch, Listen and Learn platform provides member companies with audio and visual learning tools and resources for the creation and delivery of educational content to multiple under-served communities including brand executives, educators and students.


Currently, MediaVillage is home to more than 100 independent educational and diversity focused websites, many underwritten by leading companies and organizations, including the Ad Council, Association of National Advertisers, A+E Television Networks, a4/Altice, Active International, Ampersand, AT&T Media, Cadent, Comcast, Crown Media, Discovery Communications, DISH Media, Female Quotient, IPG, NBCU, National Public Media/NPR, Nielsen, NY Interconnect, Outfront, Pandora, Publicis Media, She Runs It, Spectrum Reach, Standard Media Index, UPtv/Aspire, Verizon, Vevo, ViacomCBS, Walt Disney Company, and The Weather Channel.

For more information, visit https://www.mediavillage.com/about-us/

For interviews with Jack Myers, or a copy of a White Paper on “The Case for Education & Diversity as Tools for Business Growth on Marketing & Media,” please contact Diane Stefani at diane.stefani19@gmail.com.

About MediaVillage:
MediaVillage is the media and advertising community’s leading education and diversity activist. Through our collective impact approach, we implement effective and cost efficient B2B growth solutions. For the past decade, MediaVillage, in collaboration with partners across the marketing ecosystem, has been developing innovative strategies for generating growth through education and diversity programs. Today, more than 150 companies, organizations and industry leaders are MediaVillage members. Follow @mediavillagecom (Twitter) @MediaVillageCom (Facebook) @advdiversity

About Jack Myers:
Jack Myers is founder of MediaVillage and is the nation’s leading Media Ecologist, a practice founded by Marshall McLuhan and advanced by his mentee, and Jack’s mentor, Dr. Neil Postman. For more than 40 years, Jack has been singularly dedicated to identifying, developing, and introducing solutions to the challenges confronting media companies. He’s a noted expert on generational and gender shifts, the impact of technological advances on business economics, and the dynamics of business growth and decline. His background includes executive roles at CBS Television, ABC Radio, Metromedia Outdoor, Television Production Partners, and UTV Cable Network. Follow @jackmyersbiz

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New Turnkey Project-Based Learning Resources for High School STEM Teachers

July 27, 2020, MIT BLOSSOMS, an international education initiative founded in 2008 to encourage high school STEM teachers to pursue more active, student-centered learning, has recently enlarged its focus to support those teachers in moving to Project-Based Learning. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an emerging teaching/learning strategy. The traditional teaching/learning model has students passively “receiving content” from the teacher, practicing with homework, memorizing for the next exam and then – tragically – often forgetting it all.  PBL offers a substantially different experience where the teacher helps students form small teams and then challenges each team to work on a demanding problem over the course of weeks.  The ideal problem is socially important, located in the real world -- preferably in the students’ community, and requires mature application of STEM knowledge.  The complexity of the problem is such that it has no right or wrong answer, a situation often troubling to students used to formulaic learning.  Rather, the team must devise its own procedures for problem framing, formulation, and resolution. In the course of this effort, where now the teacher is mentor or coach, students experience discovery learning -- in sharp contrast to taking lecture notes.  They also must develop 21st Century skills involving cooperation, collaboration, conflict resolution and reaching out to local professionals who work in the domain of the assigned problem.  The team’s problem resolution is typically presented in a final written report and public oral presentation, often with local stakeholders attending.  It is a learning exercise that these students will likely never forget!  

Yet imagine the challenge for a teacher to design and operate such a PBL project over the course of three to five weeks, while still having to prepare and give lectures for other required topics.  This huge teacher preparation “start-up cost” (in terms of time and energy) is certainly one reason why many high school STEM teachers hesitate to try PBL, although they may want to. Our new MIT BLOSSOMS PBL units are designed for just such a teacher – someone who wants to give PBL a try, but is not sure just how to get started.  The first five MIT BLOSSOMS PBL units listed below:

Each of these units is developed to provide a teacher with all the resources and scaffolding needed to lead a three to five-week classroom project. To begin, each unit kicks off from a BLOSSOMS video lesson, thus providing the teacher with anchoring content and clear direction. Teachers have informed us that one of the most useful scaffolds provided in these units is the “Project Calendar,” which offers a detailed, flexible day-by-day schedule for the unit.  This calendar includes downloadable resources to lead the project, such as lesson plans, teacher notes, slide presentations, student handouts, homework assignments, etc. -- thus removing myriad hours of preparation time for teachers who might not try PBL without such scaffolding.  Other valuable resources provided with each of the five BLOSSOMS units include “Video Teacher Guides,” “Summative Assessments,” “Project-Based Learning Tools,” “Teacher Questions/Answers about PBL”, and a discussion of “Common Student Concerns During PBL.”  

Education professionals are looking forward to using these new PBL resources.  According to Michael Lauro, Associate Executive Director of the Atlantis Charter High School in Fall River, Massachusetts, “We have learned much from collaborating with the MIT BLOSSOMS team over the past three years.  We think we have played some role in helping BLOSSOMS define their PBL capabilities, and we look forward to using in our classrooms these five new PBL exercises in the coming academic year.”

Financial support was generously provided to MIT BLOSSOMS by the US OPEN EDUCATION RESOURCES FOUNDATION INC of Ruckersville VA, Lincoln H. Miller, Jr., founder and president.

All content from BLOSSOMS is OER, Open Education Resources, freely available to all.  

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GoReact Launches New Features for Online Courses

This week, GoReact—the #1 video-based assessment tool for online curricula—announced four extensions to its video coaching technology for higher education.

GoReact allows students to record themselves demonstrating their level of competence and makes those recordings available to instructors for comment, peer review, and formative assessment. These new capabilities will give students and educators enhanced options for videos to be recorded.

In these times, it’s essential to have as many high-quality options for online education as possible. The recently released tools from GoReact are paving the way for a more flexible, engaging, and equitable learning experience.

“These tools are a timely response to increased demand for video assessment that works with previous classroom models, as well as emerging online and hybrid approaches,” said Brent Bingham, GoReact’s Chief Strategy and Product Officer. “Knowing that educators and students are already coping with so much change right now, we designed these features to be simple, intuitive, and easy to implement.”

The new features include:

Extended Multi-Camera Support: GoReact recording sessions can now host up to nine participants. This feature also allows for more camera angles during presentations, student teaching, performances, and skill demonstrations.

Screen Capture: Presenters can share their computer screen during GoReact recordings. This feature seamlessly allows instructors and students to share documents, images, YouTube videos, applications, and so much more.

Picture-in-Picture: Presenters can overlay the feed from their webcam while simultaneously sharing their computer screen. That means that instructors can still see student presenters while they present what is on their screen when using GoReact’s new screen capture.

Mobile Friendly: To create a more equitable experience, students can now record and leave feedback in GoReact from a mobile browser. Students can join group recordings, leave peer feedback, and view an instructor’s feedback from their smartphones.

As instructors prepare for the upcoming fall semester, these four features are now live and available to users in all regions.

About GoReact
GoReact is a Utah-based learning technology company that facilitates video observation, coaching and assessment for rapid skill development and improvement. It’s an incredibly popular platform used in more than 600 colleges and universities worldwide. Visit us at goreact.com or find us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

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VertiMax Announces New Accredited Virtual Training Certification

VertiMax, the world leader in sports performance, functional, and rehabilitative training systems, announced their new virtual certification set to release in July 2020.

VertiMax, firmly committed to supporting and educating the Sports Performance and Fitness community, has created a new virtual certification to support customers and distributors around the world in using VertiMax Platforms and Raptors.

Influenced by recent changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, VertiMax understands that high-quality virtual training has become a necessity for the global sports performance and fitness marketplace. The VertiMax Digital Certification is already approved by the American Council of Exercise, for 0.6 credits and VertIMax is currently in the process of submitting the course to be pre-approved through NASM and AFAA as well.

VertiMax will continue to offer its more hands-on in-person certifications, which were launched in 2019, through its team of accomplished Master Trainers. The American Council on Exercise and NASM has accredited the in-person certification courses and will extend credits to professionals for the new digital certifications as well.

"The Sports Performance and Fitness community are seeking educational opportunities during this time. Adding to their knowledge base, bringing more value to their training and advancing their resumes are all great attributes to attending digital education courses'" Says Jessie Ehren, VertiMax International Training Coordinator. "Attendees will learn training skills and programming with an accredited course conducted by our U.S. Master Trainers."

"This new wave of learning has driven the team to launch its virtual VertiMax Certification Course earlier than planned," says Bryan K. O'Rourke, an executive and investor in VertiMax through his private equity fund Vedere Ventures. "With live events being postponed and canceled, VertiMax took the opportunity to convert the full-day, in-person course with the help of Inspire360 as the host platform along with video tutorials, articles, slides, and assessments."

VertiMax offered digital support throughout the shutdown via their training App, which covers multiple sports and includes in-season and off-season training. "As schools and facilities were forced to close and group gatherings were limited, parents of athletes and fitness enthusiasts sought ways to continue their own or their athletes' training journeys," says Al Marez, COO of VertiMax. "With the support of the VertiMax App, individuals who did not have the experience and elite knowledge were able to coach and conduct their own VertiMax workouts. VertiMax thanks everyone who has adjusted to the new changes and continues to keep performance and fitness a focus as we keep a positive mindset. See you back on the field and court in no time!”

Gary Oleinik, Director of Sales and Marketing of Perform Better UK, said, "As we adapt to unprecedented times, the need for solid online training resources is higher than ever. Virtual training allows us to better serve our clients by adding the value of education when selling top sports performance technology like the VertiMax range."

"VertiMax Certified virtual training supports our customers to the highest level post-sale by providing them with all the tools needed to be a successful Vertimax user," said Oleinik. "We at Perform Better pride ourselves on implementing the best cutting-edge sports tech available and support our clients with the highest quality sports science support. That is what VertiMax offers."

The VertiMax App contains 100's of videos, fitness workouts, and pre-season/in-season/off-season sports programming is available onsite or by downloading on your iOS or Android App Store.

For more information and to register visit https://www.vertimax.com/education.

# # #
About VertiMax

VertiMax provides sports, functional, and rehabilitative training solutions to fitness facilities, training centers, and high school and college athletic programs, including for use by student and professional athletes at home or on the field. Thousands of US high schools and 80% of D1 universities utilize VertiMax technologies and platforms, including their portable Raptor product. Over 40% of professional US sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, among others, utilize the technology extensively.

To learn more, visit http://www.vertimax.com or follow @VertiMax on major social networks.

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Financial Education Can Reduce Poverty And Help Americans Escape Its Cycle

The legacy of multi-generational poverty among American families is reaching worrisome levels. Multi-generational poverty is defined as a family having lived in poverty for at least two generations. According to the 2018 U.S. Census, 38.1 million Americans live below the poverty line while a survey conducted by the American Payroll Association found that 74% of the population is living paycheck-to-paycheck.(1)(2) People trapped in a cycle of generational poverty are focused on surviving day-to-day, not planning for the future but tackling their current situation. Jeff Mount, CEO of Real Intelligence LLC, says this can lead to a feeling of pessimism and loss of hope for the future.

“Growing up in a lower middle-class household, I was constantly told I would never be able to achieve much,” Mount said. “Never be able to be a competitive athlete, never be able to attend a great college, never be able to own my own business, never be able to retire. Children in lower and lower-middle class neighborhoods hear this constantly.”

In addition to feelings of hopelessness about the future and the everyday stress of how to pay the bills, people living in poverty often face more health problems due to excessive stress and lack of access to decent health care.(3) Reducing the overall rate of poverty can benefit Americans at every economic level as high rates of poverty cost the U.S. economy more than 0 billion annually in lost productivity, increased health care costs and higher criminal-justice expenditures.(4)

Financial and educational experts say that one way to break the cycle of multi-generational poverty is through education.(5) Not only are states like North Carolina and New Jersey planning to include financial literacy as part of their must-pass-to-graduate curriculum this year, international policy makers have issued a worldwide call to action for more financial literacy for the most vulnerable people in our society.(6)(7)(8)

“Financial literacy is probably the least recognized educational topic,” says Mount. “The education system has ignored this very critical topic for generations due to their commitment to the basics: math, science, literature and history. But financial literacy is incredibly important: it affects enormous life decisions that can impact the lives of others – in either a really positive or detrimental way. When was the last time you heard of someone negatively impacting another’s life because they failed an algebra test?”

The consequences of a lack of financial education can be devastating, according to a poll by the National Financial Educators Council, Americans estimate they lost an average of ,279 in 2019 due to a lack of financial knowledge. The losses can come from increased risks such as bank fees, high credit card and loan interest rates and losses on investments.(9)

In states that require financial literacy in high school, the average credit card debt is lower and young adults haver higher credit scores and lower loan default rates than those in states without the educational requirements.(10)

While sound financial education can make a positive difference at any time, financial investors and planners have a unique opportunity now to make a big change in Americans’ financial planning, health and education. While one-on-one discussions and meetings are essential when advising someone about their finances, apps and online programs have been shown to help individuals of all ages become financial literate.(11),(12) Some tools like Real Intelligence’s Dynamic Mapping financial planning program can help financial planners illustrate and explain the outcomes in a more intuitive way that promotes strategic understanding.

Mount’s path to financial independence started one summer when he was inspired by wealthy clients who encouraged him to expand his vision for his life. “While working as a tennis pro right after college, I was fortunate to secure a job where the people I met encouraged me to learn how to be innovative, entrepreneurial and smart about investing for the future. I am hopeful to pay it forward with the Dynamic Map app.”

About Real Intelligence LLC:
Real Intelligence, LLC is the brainchild of entrepreneurs and industry experts Jeffrey Mount and Mike Helgesen. With 55 combined years of industry expertise and the alliance of both their AI inventions – Dynamic Mapping and training program, Essential Family Office – Real Intelligence, LLC is poised to offer a complete essential tool kit to the next generation of elite Financial Advisors. With strategic, industry-proven training, patented technology, and an unprecedented lead generation opportunity the paradigm of financial services is shifting from the current status-quo. This human-centered approach to financial planning is a consultant’s greatest tool to combat the competitive threat of free programs through robo-advisers and the dangers of irrelevancy. For more information, visit http://www.realintelligence360.com.

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11.    O’Connell, Brian, “Teaching Kids Financial Literacy During the Pandemic: A Primer” The Kitchen Table Economist, June 9, 2020, thestreet.com/mainstreet/news/teaching-kids-financial-literacy.
12.    McNamee, Paige, “Briefcase babies: How financial apps are helping kids learn about much more than money” Finextra, June 10, 2020, finextra.com/the-long-read/42/briefcase-babies-how-financial-apps-are-helping-kids-learn-about-much-more-than-money.

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Medpricer Rebrands as Conductiv™, Unveils Category-Defining Integrated Purchased Services Optimization Suite

Conductiv™, formerly Medpricer, unveiled its new brand and integrated suite for purchased services cost optimization today with the launch of Conductiv Platform™, Conductiv Services™ and Conductiv Contracts™. The rebrand positions Conductiv, the leading end-to-end third-party services optimization company, to broaden its offerings and expand into new markets.

“Third-party services optimization has emerged as a top target for supply chain and finance executives looking to implement cost-saving initiatives,” said Chris Gormley, CEO of Conductiv. “Third-party services include purchased services as well as IT, construction, clinical, HR, marketing and administrative categories. Conductiv’s proprietary spend database shows that organizations spend 22 to 54 percent of their non-labor expenses on third-party services, representing a crucial, untapped source of margin improvement – especially with Conductiv’s ability to drive savings of 24 percent, on average.”

Conductiv empowers supply chains by integrating its technology and proven category expertise – including analytics driven by artificial intelligence, marketplace insights and express contracting negotiation capabilities – onto one integrated cloud-based platform. Its sourcing automation technologies enable members to engage with their own spend data, determine the competitiveness of their contracts, optimize group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts, unite business stakeholders, create transparency on services spend, and accelerate the speed of identifying and implementing cost savings.

Conductiv’s integrated third-party services optimization suite consists of:

  • Conductiv Platform™, a sophisticated, purpose-built procurement automation platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Drawing insights from large and comprehensive data sets on supplier quality, pricing and service regions, this predictive analytics engine works to maximize savings and gain end-user engagement while minimizing operational risks.
  • Conductiv Services™, a sourcing service that brings in more than 15 years of proven strategic sourcing results. Conductiv Services offers deep category insight, proven sourcing processes, program development and stakeholder governance delivered to meet an organization’s bespoke needs. Unlike traditional consultants, Conductiv Services are boosted by Conductiv Platform to provide specialized, data-driven insights that enhance savings based on the organization’s opportunity areas.
  • Conductiv Contracts™, a first-of-its-kind GPO that works alongside any primary GPO and accelerates the time for organizations to source, negotiate and implement contracts with third-party service providers. Membership is free and open to all organizations regardless of primary GPO affiliation. Conductiv soft-launched its GPO to its customers in April and launches publicly today with inaugural members that include Hennepin Healthcare, McLaren Health Care and Pandion Optimization Alliance.


“We see Conductiv’s rebrand and new positioning as a gamechanger for Pandion,” said Jeanie Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Pandion Optimization Alliance, which serves 17 hospitals and their related health systems in New York state. “Conductiv’s technology alone will allow our members to have greater visibility and control of a significant spend area of spend. In addition, Conductiv Contracts will enable our healthcare systems to partner with our local purchased service providers to not only improve quality and cost, but also increase jobs, within their communities. We are thrilled to be an inaugural member.”

The capability to source contracts from domestic and diversity businesses has emerged as a driving force post-pandemic, as more organizations seek ways to support local communities and improve regional economies. Conductiv Contracts’ technology-enabled sourcing process ensures that suppliers of local, regional and national presence can now compete equally for business within their respective markets.

“With access to a portfolio of local and regional suppliers, Conductiv Contracts gives us the opportunity to better support our local community and unite stakeholders across our organization in our choice of outsourced services,” said David Bueby, Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain Management of Michigan-based McLaren Health Care. “In addition, with greater transparency on our third-party services spend, we’re able to accelerate the speed of our RFPs and negotiations. We’re excited to be an inaugural member of Conductiv Contracts as we aim to increase transparency into spend data and better assess the competitiveness of our own third-party contracts.”

“Hennepin Healthcare has had a very successful relationship with Medpricer and we are looking forward to continuing and expanding our best practice journey with Conductiv,” explained Luis Valadez, Sr. Director of Supply Chain, of Minneapolis-based Hennepin Healthcare. “As healthcare changes, supply chain is looked at to ensure value and to be at the forefront of driving results. Our continued relationship with Conductiv will ensure we meet these goals. We are excited to be a part of this new offering.”

More than ever, organizations must urgently solve financial gaps with minimal impact to their future operations and local communities. Conductiv’s solutions optimize 22-54% of non-labor operating costs, helping executives solve those financial challenges with immediate impact.

For more information, please visit https://conductiv.com.

About Conductiv
Conductiv™, formerly Medpricer, empowers supply chains to optimize their third-party services. As the only end-to-end third-party lifecycle improvement company, Conductiv™ shares its strategic sourcing expertise and category best practices with multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, government, real estate, transportation and education. The company has led more than 700 bids for more than 120 organizations, exceeding billion in contracted value. Member projects have generated 0 million of documented savings or an average savings value of 24% to date. To learn how supply chains are transforming their savings strategy, visit https://conductiv.com.

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National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Announces Winner of National Writing Award

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) proudly announces that University of Richmond School of Law Professor Leigh Melton, JD; Amanda Bird, Esq.; and Lauren Ritter, Esq., are the recipients of the 2020 John J. Regan Writing Award for their article, “Observing the NOTICE Act,” published in the Spring 2019 NAELA Journal. (View PDF version of the article.)

Watch the Regan Award video.

In making the selection, the NAELA Journal editorial board members note that the article thoroughly covers Medicare's arcane requirement of three-day inpatient admission to a hospital as a prerequisite for coverage of skilled nursing care and how this requirement continues to inflict untold financial hardship on elderly patients who have unwittingly consented to nursing home care believing it would be paid, or worse, deprived them of medically necessary care if they declined to consent knowing that Medicare would not provide coverage as a consequence of the "admission" being classified as "for observation" as opposed to "inpatient." The article helps elder and special needs law practitioners to understand that just doing a better job of providing "notice" of the situation does nothing to remedy what is still an unacceptable situation.

The Regan Writing Award was established in 1996 in memory of John J. Regan — a long-time NAELA member and Fellow, and a pioneer in elder law — and is meant to encourage quality submissions to NAELA Journal from NAELA members and non-members.

NAELA Journal is a publication of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. It covers substantive elder and special needs law topics including preservation of assets, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, disability, health insurance, tax planning, conservatorships, living trusts and wills, long-term care planning, housing and nursing home issues, elder abuse, fraud recovers, age discrimination, and retirement.

Members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) are attorneys who are experienced and trained in working with the legal problems of aging Americans and individuals of all ages with disabilities. Upon joining, NAELA member attorneys agree to adhere to the NAELA Aspirational Standards. Established in 1987, NAELA is a non-profit association that assists lawyers, bar organizations, and others. The mission of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys is to educate, inspire, serve, and provide community to attorneys with practices in elder and special needs law. NAELA currently has members across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit NAELA.org, or to locate a NAELA member in your area, visit NAELA.org/findlawyer.

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Barnstone Studios Announces the first Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship Winners

They’re students, eager to learn more than they’re getting in high school art classes. They’re moms, who put their art studies on hold for a few decades to raise their kids. One is a retired veteran, wanting to develop his skills and teach art classes at a senior care facility. They come from three nations, and cities literally spanning the country. And all nine are the first recipients of Barnstone Studios’ Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship.

Winners will receive the complete recorded drawing series taught by the late Myron Barnstone, recognized as a leader in bringing classical drawing and design back into mainstream art education. The Barnstone Method classes include an Introduction to Drawing, the Fletcher Palette Control and Color series, Figure Drawing, and the Golden Section, a key component of traditional training learned by master artists through the centuries. Winners will also receive three months of one-on-one mentoring from a Barnstone Master Guide, an elite group of distinguished Barnstone Studios alumni.

Cat Barnstone Szafran, Barnstone Studios Director, said she was thrilled with both the number of people applying for the Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship for its initial launch, and the caliber of the applicants.

“We intended to provide two scholarships for this first quarterly award,” Szafran said, “but so many people donated to the fund to honor Gwendolyn, and support Myron’s legacy too, that we were able to select nine deserving applicants.”

Gwendolyn Stine was already an artist before she began studying with Barnstone at his studio in Coplay, Pennsylvania. The Barnstone Method skills she learned took her art to a completely new level, and earned her national acclaim and numerous awards. Her original pieces are held in private and permanent collections across North America. Before her death on March 11 of this year, Stine was both a Barnstone Master Guide, and a Master Instructor in the Drawing & Painting studio at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona.

June 21, the day the nine winners were notified they were the first to receive the Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship, would have been Stine’s 60th birthday.

Scholarship winners are: Evgenia Asimomyti of Victoria, Australia; Greggy Bazile of Boston, Massachusetts; Analese Bernhardt of Baltimore, Maryland; Gwendlyn Domingo of Cupertino, California; Holly Goeckler of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania; Andy Harris of Bristol, England; Jeffrey S. Lee of San Diego, California; Patrick Meyers of Bucyrus, Kansas, and Harriet Pearson of Leicestershire, UK.

The Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship will be awarded quarterly, and is supported by the generous donations of patrons. Also, a percentage of the sale of all original Barnstone art and prints goes directly into the scholarship fund. Browse the Barnstone galleries here. https://shop.barnstonestudios.com/artwork/

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall scholarship awards, and must be received by midnight on September 12. For more information, and to enter the competition or donate to the scholarship, click here. https://www.barnstonestudios.com/education/gwendolyn-stine-scholarship/

Barnstone Studios at 202 A East Main Street, Thurmont, Maryland, is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of fine art, and helping to make art education accessible to all who desire to develop their talent and enrich their lives. Additional information about Barnstone Method classes, the Patreon program, private coaching from Barnstone Master Guides, original works or limited edition prints and other related products is available online at BarnstoneStudios.com, or by calling 301.788.6241.

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The Summit Learning Program: Big Promises, Lots of Money, Little Evidence of Success

Virtual learning and personalized learning have been at the forefront of education reform discussions for over a decade. One leader of this sector, Summit Public Schools, has been backed by almost 0 million philanthropic dollars from the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the Gates Foundation, and others. Summit Public Schools has aggressively marketed its Summit Learning Platform to schools across the United States since 2015. As a result, the Summit Learning Program is now one of the most prominent digital personalized learning programs in the United States.

In Big Claims, Little Evidence, Lots of Money: The Reality Behind the Summit Learning Program and the Push to Adopt Digital Personalized Learning Platforms, Faith Boninger, Alex Molnar, and Christopher M. Saldaña, of the University of Colorado Boulder, provide a thorough analysis of Summit Public Schools, an 11-school charter network operating in California and Washington. Summit Public Schools began marketing its proprietary Summit Learning Program to potential “partner” schools in 2015 as a free, off-the-shelf, personalized learning program; it is now used in nearly 400 schools nationwide.

The marketing message of Summit Learning Program trades on the alleged success of the Summit Public Schools. Summit claims to have developed a “science-based” personalized learning model of teaching and learning that results in all of its students being academically prepared for college. It further claims that its students succeed in college and are prepared to lead successful, fulfilled lives. These successes, it claims, are the result of its unique approach to personalized learning and the use of the digital platform at the heart of its approach.

None of these claims made by Summit Public Schools have been confirmed by independent evaluators. In fact, other than scant bits of self-selected information provided by Summit itself, Boninger, Molnar and Saldaña found no evidence in the public record that confirms the claims. Nor did Summit Public Schools provide the information that the authors solicited in a California public records request.

Despite the lack of evidence to support the claims made by Summit Public Schools, the Summit Learning Program has been adopted by nearly 400 schools across the country. While Summit has offered positive anecdotes and some selected data, there is no solid evidence that “partner” schools are experiencing the promised success; to the contrary, there have been a number of reported incidents of problems and dissatisfaction. Further, the student data collected pursuant to the contracts between Summit and these partner schools presents a potentially significant risk to student privacy and opens the door to the exploitation of those data by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and possibly by unknown third parties—for purposes that have nothing to do with improving the quality of those students’ educations.

Virtual education and personalized learning are at the top of the education reform agenda in large measure because of hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and advocacy by philanthropic organizations (e.g., the Gates Foundation), large digital platforms (e.g., Facebook and Google), and venture capitalists anxious to access the school market.

Exacerbated by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the country are struggling to find safe ways to educate their students. The rapid spread of the Summit Learning Program, despite its risks and lack of transparency, provides a powerful example of how policymakers are challenged when faced with a well-financed, self-interested push for schools to adopt digital personalized learning programs. Boninger, Molnar and Saldaña provide policymakers with recommendations to protect the public interest by establishing oversight and accountability mechanisms related to digital platforms and personalized learning programs.

Find Big Claims, Little Evidence, Lots of Money: The Reality Behind the Summit Learning Program and the Push to Adopt Digital Personalized Learning Platforms, by Faith Boninger, Alex Molnar and Christopher M. Saldaña, at:

This research brief was made possible in part by the support of the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice (greatlakescenter.org).

The National Education Policy Center (NEPC), a university research center housed at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education, produces and disseminates high-quality, peer-reviewed research to inform education policy discussions. Visit us at: https://nepc.colorado.edu

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Real Estate Educator Evie Brooks explains 11 Panama Investing Benefits on ESPN Cover Your Assets Radio Show

Former “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Trainer and Real Estate Educator Evie Brooks explained 11 Panama investing benefits in an “All Things Panama” interview on ESPN 1500 AM Cover Your Assets with Host Todd Rooker last weekend. With over 24 years of domestic and international real estate investing experience in 13 countries and 30 states, Brooks emphasized; “This trend of investing in Panama is an ongoing phenomenon that will continue for quite some time in both real estate and agriculture.”

Host Todd Rooker kicked off this educational interview by sharing; “During the global pandemic, Brooks continues to close deals every week,…not surprising. Primarily due to the soaring demand for organic smart farming investments, avocados, limes, mangoes and more, in Panama where 85% of the food is imported.”

As an educator, Rooker asked Brooks about her “boots on the ground” VIP Tours. Brooks explained; “Many are interested in Panama because it’s an emerging market where people can find additional cash flow from investment properties, gain a second income by starting a new company, invest in organic farms, find a second career in real estate as a whole, and/or retire in a tropical paradise community that speaks English, and is cheaper than living in most major metropolitan areas.”

When asked about what makes Panama so appealing, Brooks replied; “It's all about the bottom line for me, I'm always looking at how to take anything and turn it into an asset with multiple streams of income and exit strategies.” Brooks then expanded on the top 11 reasons why Panama and why now:

1. Tax Benefits – Panama has been referred to as the “next Singapore” because it’s very business friendly with low taxes designed by the government to attract people to move there and/or invest.

2. Don’t have to be a resident to invest – The Panama residency process is appealing to expatriates and retirees, but you don't even have to be a citizen to invest in real estate.

3. U.S. Currency and Protected Territory – All transactions are done using the U.S. dollar, and Panama is a U.S. protected territory.

4. Substantially Lower Prices - Panama real estate prices are typically 25-50% less for the same quality in most major U.S. cities, and the standard of living is more affordable.

5. Strong GDP (Gross Domestic Product) – Over the last 10 years, the Panama GDP before COVID-19, has been between 5.6% and 11.3%.

6. Tropical Paradise – Brooks’ VIP Tours focus on popular areas about 2 hours from Panama City, where the weather has tropical breezes and warm weather year-round.

7. Big City in Paradise – Panama City includes many things anyone would find in a major city, including metros, an international airport, and a new Johns Hopkins Hospital.

8. Panama Canal Expansion – This expansion started in 2016. A new cruise terminal is currently planned to open this winter, along with the anticipated completion of the 4th Panama Canal Bridge in 2023.

9. Hard-to-find Organic Farm Investments – Based on the global population growth estimates of 8.5 billion by 2030, Brooks explained that USDA certified organic farming is a growing investment area with smart greenhouses and long-term investments in trees.

10. Pre-Construction Investments with Low Deposits – Brooks also has access to pre-construction loans where “you put down a very small deposit 10% 20% or 30%, depending on where in the construction it is and then you hold until it's finished."

11. Lock Up and Leave – Investors can also lockup a property and leave it for long periods of time. Brooks’ company can “maintain your unit.” Properties can also be used as vacation rentals or a second home.

VIP TOURS: To learn more, Brooks added, “If you will go watch a very short video on eviebrookspanama.com, I've got two very substantial offers there. And as soon as you sign up for the video for free with your email, I’ll send you information to schedule a free one-hour consultation with me. But if you watch it all the way through, there's also a cash offer for this VIP educational tour to join us for this boots on the ground event that has a maximum of 14 people. We’ll pick you up at the airport, educate you on the country, take you to some of the best restaurants, and then review your goals and different strategies to make money. If you're looking to get involved with some of these projects or just become an expat, it’s a worthwhile experience. You can find out how to become an expat, find a place to rent, and experience Panama. We are truly 'All Things Panama'. And that's what we do.”

Media Contact
Liz H Kelly, 310-987-7207

ABOUT - Evie Brooks (Atlanta, GA and Veracruz, Panama) is an elite Real Estate Investment Educator, Keynote Speaker, Investor, Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur and former Advanced Trainer for “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, who now specializes in Panama real estate and organic agriculture investments. As a disclaimer, Brooks and her employees and affiliates are not investment or tax advisors, and do not offer investment advice. To learn more, visit https://eviebrookspanama.com

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International Internship Grant Allows Broward College Students to Participate on a Virtual Internship

5 high achieving students from Broward College (Florida) will complete a 1-month Virtual Internship this summer, after receiving funding from the Armstrong International Internship Grant exclusively offered to Broward College students. The Grant was funded by David Armstrong, former president of Broward College and current board advisor to Virtual Internships. His grant will cover the program fee for the 5 selected recipients to intern with an internationally-based company through Virtual Internships’ program.

The 5 awarded students include:
Ariana Martinez, a film major
William Zachary Dean, a biology major
Annie Villalta, a rising senior at College Academy High School planning to major in political science or economics
Kyle Ozuna, an international relations major
Gia Marquez, a chemical and biomedical engineering major

Recent Virtual Internship program participants have been placed with global small-to-medium enterprises (SME’s) and nonprofits, such as Karen Hilltribes Trust - a community-based organization supporting the Karen people of Thailand.

“Internships provide students with valuable workplace skills and experience for their future careers,” said Armstrong. “Through Virtual Internships, these students will also receive global and international business experience that should enhance their world view and career opportunities. The students at Broward College receive an outstanding academic experience, and these diverse grant recipients will no doubt improve their life and work experience through their internships.”

Due to COVID-19, 2020 has seen a massive push towards remote working for employees and interns alike. Organizations such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook will host thousands of worldwide interns through remote and virtual internships this year.

“I feel very honored to have won this scholarship as it helps me participate in a wonderful opportunity to work in the field I eventually want to have a career in,” says Martinez of winning the scholarship.

About starting his internship, Ozuna says he is “most excited to put into action lessons that I have been taught and apply them into the real world. Also, [I’m excited for] the opportunity to be able to step out of my comfort zone to try something new.”

“I am excited to meet professionals with completely different cultures than myself, to begin to learn how they think. I think meeting people is wonderful, especially people who are so different than I am and who are also professionals within their fields. I think the most exciting part will be making lifelong connections with other respected professionals in my field,” says Dean.

When asked what she hopes to accomplish during her internship, Villalta says, “I hope to gain work skills that will potentially boost my employability. I also hope to gain cross-cultural skills that will help me communicate with those who are different from me.”

“I’d like to increase my skills in written communication and problem-solving as well as mastering software and platforms relevant to my career field. Be able to adapt and gain an international perspective and most importantly, be able to demonstrate my potential as a Dominican Woman in STEM,” says Marquez.

Virtual Internships is grateful for its partnership with Broward College and its fundamental belief in the positive outcomes of academic and professional development programs of international nature. Additionally, we thank David Armstrong for his vision and generous support, allowing more students to have the opportunity to gain professional and international experience.

About Virtual Internships
In addition to these 5 students from Broward College, Virtual Internships will be supporting over 1,000 students from around the world to complete a remote international internship this summer. Students wanting to gain global work experience can complete an internship from the comfort of their own home, working 20-30 hours per week for 1-3 months. Virtual Internships’ program follows the highly-regarded National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Career Readiness Competencies framework.

High school students can also access the program through Virtual Internships Foundations programming, which is a structured 4-week part-time internship and career-exploration experience. Those interested in learning more can visit Virtual Internships' Website

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Renaissance Releases K–12 Focus Skills to Help Educators Predict and Mitigate COVID-19 Learning Gaps

Renaissance, a global leader in pre-K–12 education technology, has released Focus Skills tailored for each state to help educators bring students up to speed quickly following the extended school closures caused by COVID-19.

Determined through extensive research to be the skills most critical for accelerating learning and closing learning gaps, Focus Skills unlock student understanding of key ideas in the subjects students are studying. Identified as key skills within Renaissance’s learning progressions—the path students take as they move from a novice to an expert level of understanding, according to the standards of each state—Focus Skills are essential for student progression and are prerequisites for learning future skills. Focus Skills are also transferrable skills that help students achieve success in adjacent domains and subjects.

Though the acquisition of any new skill affects learning, Focus Skills are the smaller subset of key building blocks that are vital for furthering learning. By prioritizing mastery of Focus Skills, educators can help students develop the essential knowledge and skills to move to the next level. To help educators create a triage plan for their students this fall to bring them up to speed, Renaissance has released a collection of Focus Skills assets, including:

  • Interactive visualizations of each state’s Focus Skills and domains, with the ability to drill down into specific skill details, offering quick insight into key skills students may have missed in previous years.
  • A research brief explaining the importance of Focus Skills and how they inform teachers as they decide how to best help students recover from learning disruptions and get back on track for the new academic year.


“When students return to school this fall, educators across the country will encounter the greatest diversity of skill levels they’re likely to have seen in their careers,” said Dr. Katie McClarty, VP of research and design at Renaissance. “Knowing which skills to prioritize will go a long way toward mitigating learning losses. We believe that Focus Skills will be a critical piece of making that work manageable and help us understand where students need additional support.”

Educators can access Renaissance’s Focus Skills at http://www.renaissance.com/focus-skills.

In addition to making Focus Skills widely available, Renaissance is conducting new research to answer questions like “Without summative testing data, what information do we have about how students performed this spring?” and “How will students perform when they come back to school in the fall?” The answers to these questions will shed greater light on the true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on K–12 education.

About Renaissance

As a global leader in assessment, reading, and math solutions for pre-K–12 schools and districts, Renaissance is committed to providing educators with insights and resources to accelerate growth and help all students build a strong foundation for success. Renaissance solutions are used in over one-third of US schools and in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Renaissance portfolio includes Star Assessments, for reliable, accurate insights into K–12 student learning; myIGDIs, for accurate assessment of early learning; myON, to increase students’ access to high-quality reading materials; Accelerated Reader, to support independent reading practice; Freckle, for teacher-led differentiated instruction; and Schoolzilla, to give educators actionable insights into trends in student attendance and achievement. For more information, visit http://www.renaissance.com.

Press contact:

Ken Stoflet
Communications Specialist
(715) 424-3636 ext. 2332

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Rex Academy is offering Free Coding Content this Summer for 10 weeks

Rex Academy, the reputed academy that’s known for providing schools and organizations the best-in-class cutting-edge technology curriculum, has announced that it is offering free coding content for kids this summer. The Academy mainly licenses its standards aligned curriculum to K-12 schools, they also offer online week long summer camps, school year online weekly hour long classes for individual kids and at partnered schools in the USA, and IT job training skills for adults. The initiative has come at the right time as kids and adults are stuck at home due to the Covid19 pandemic and have free time but nothing concrete to do. 

“We are delighted to announce that our online coding classes (private, group, self-paced) for kids this summer have a great start” says the spokesperson for Rex Academy.  “We are committed to bringing high-quality, online, self-directed computer science curriculum to all K-12 students. Rex online coding classes during this summer will help students take a step ahead of their peers towards their technology skills.”

Rex Academy is offering a 10 week, 45 minutes of free daily coding content this summer. If you are a parent or represent a non-profit organization interested in this free daily coding content, please sign up here:


Rex Academy was founded in 2014 by Sandhya Padala, a Master’s Degree holder in Computer Science and an IT Professional with over 15 years of experience. She started the Academy after quitting her job from Harley Davidson as a Technology Design Director. 

The Academy started with a few classes and camps but started building a curriculum gradually and partnered with local schools and organizations. In 2019 Rex Academy started developing its own coding learning portal which is designed to be both fun and educational.

Rex Academy offers the best online coding classes for kids age seven and above. Over 10,000 students have enrolled in their programs. It has successfully completed over 200 Summer Camps. More than 15 organizations are partnered with Rex.

CEO of Rex, Sandy believes that to succeed in the increasingly technology-driven world, every student must learn how computers think. Rex Academy’s mission is to provide high-quality, online, self-directed computer science curriculum to all K-12 students by licensing curriculum directly to schools. 

Here’s what Curt Hazelbaker President/CEO, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas had to say about this initiative:

“I was struck by the comment made by Sandy, that coding is the reading and writing for the future generation. That really resonates when you realize how basic reading and writing is and what that means for coding going forward.” 

Programming is sheer magic and a universal language”, says Rex Academy CEO Sandy Padala. “Kids can develop a passion for it quickly. It becomes an outlet for their creativity and helps hone problem-solving skills. In many ways, programming is the new literacy that every kid must learn in this digital world. The earlier they are introduced to it, the easier it becomes for them to pick it up.”

Today, Rex is a huge success having impacted over 10,000 students in its short tenure. It has taught students through partnerships and pilot programs with major organizations like Girl Scouts, YMCA, as well as camps and classes at reputed private schools such as Greenhill.

For more information, visit:


About Rex Academy:

Rex Academy , a Texas LLC, is an Educational Technology Company founded in October 2014 by CEO Sandhya Padala. The idea for Rex Academy came about due to her desire for her eight-year-old to learn computer programming. 

When it comes to learning to code, it is important to choose the right place that can impart this critical skill for this generation in a simple, fun and engaging manner. Rex Academy is the best place to learn online coding skills. Some of the key benefits of enrolling kids in Rex Academy are that the classes are fun and engaging, it teaches critical and analytical thinking and improves communication skills, it teaches kids to create games, mobile apps, animations, websites, and build software applications. The courses are 80 percent project-based and aligned with National Education standards like TEKS, CSTA and K12CS. The Academy offers multiple ways to learn - self-paced, one on one and small group sessions.

Couple of testimonials from our students.


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Rabbi and Cantor Steven Blane continues to offer his take on America with his new EP release Dancing with Angels

"Dancing with the Angels" is the title track from Steven Blane’s recent EP (5 song) release. It was inspired by a quote by Congressman and Civil Rights Leader Elijah Cummings whose passing affected him profoundly and is meant as a tribute to his humanity and selflessness. It is also symbolic of Blane’s take on humanity and how kindness in life will ultimately serve as the great arbiter of entrance into the world to come.

The themes of each song span a wide array of topics as Blane draws his inspiration from his experience of the world around him. "Worse" is a song about depression and it’s immobilizing effects framed in an uptempo musical progression. "My New Record" is a commentary on the recording business- such as it is. "The Shopping Mall" is an observation of our economy and the drastic transition that is not too subtly unfolding. "Gin Fizz" is about, well Gin Fizz.

The EP is full on Americana- just guitar, bass and fiddle. According to Singer/Songwriter Blane, "I completed the recordings, mixing and mastering pre-Pandemic. But somehow- four of the tracks seem prescient. "

You can find links to the EP here.

About Sim Shalom and Rabbi Steve Blane

Sim Shalom is an interactive online Jewish Universalist synagogue which is liberal in thought and traditional in liturgy. Created in 2009 by Rabbi Steven Blane on Manhattan's Upper West Side, Sim Shalom offers a means of connecting the unconnected.

Rabbi Blane is also the founder and director of the Jewish Spiritual Leader's Institute,
http://www.jsli.net, the online professional rabbinical program and of the Union of Jewish Universalist Communities-ujuc.org.

Sim Shalom, a non profit 501 © (3) tax-exempt organization, nurtures a Jewish connection through its mission of innovative services, creative education and dynamic outreach to the global community.

Rabbi Steve also continues to pursue his love of Americana music and creates songs based on themes of his experience of the world. For information on his Singer Songwriter career visit here.

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Reports Claiming Charter-School Benefits Hampered by Methodological Issues

Two recent reports attempt to tease out some less-studied charter-school impacts. One asks whether levels of student misbehavior range lower in Pennsylvania charter schools compared with traditional public schools. The second asks whether the competitive threat from new charters alters how public school principals in Texas allocate campus budgets.

University of California, Berkeley professor Bruce Fuller reviewed Are Charter Schools Safer Than District-Run Schools? Evidence from Pennsylvania and Effects of Charter School Competition on District School Budgeting Decisions: Experimental Evidence from Texas. The first report is published by the Reason Foundation, and the second is distributed by the Annenberg Institute at Brown University as part of its EdWorkingPaper series. Researchers at the Reason Foundation authored both reports.

The first study describes how rates of reported low-incidence student infractions are lower in charters, on average. Analyses that include some statistical controls continue to yield results favorable to charters. The author concludes, “The public charter school sector advantages suggest that increasing access to public charter schools in Pennsylvania could improve school climate outcomes for students.”

But the report concedes that the controls included in the regression models are limited and that the results are correlational, not causal. As Professor Fuller notes, it remains unclear whether these differences stem from selection of certain kinds of families into charters or from distinct organizational practices. The lower incidence rate in charter schools pertains to campuses in Philadelphia County, serving large shares of disadvantaged elementary and high school students, but not in other parts of the state.

The second report aims to show that competition from the opening of an imagined nearby charter school can increase principals’ preference for budget autonomy and change how they allocate campus budgets to differing positions and instructional resources. The authors assert that their study offers “experimental evidence” that “anticipated charter school competition has large negative effects on school leaders’ reported spending on certain categories of support staff.”

Yet Professor Fuller explains that few statistically significant effects, including any impact of the hypothetical “treatment,” could be discerned from the study for either of the two outcomes. In addition, generalizability of any findings from this paper is low, because only eight percent of Texas principals chose to participate in the statewide survey.

Overall, Professor Fuller concludes, the two reports pose provocative questions about the possible advantages of charter schools, worth testing empirically, while falling short in building evidence to back their claims.

Find the review, by Bruce Fuller, at:

Find Are Charter Schools Safer Than District-Run Schools? Evidence from Pennsylvania, written by Corey A. DeAngelis and published by the Reason Foundation, at:

Find Effects of Charter School Competition on District School Budgeting Decisions: Experimental Evidence from Texas, written by Corey A. DeAngelis and Christian Barnard and distributed by the Annenberg Institute at Brown University EdWorkingPaper Series, at:

NEPC Reviews (http://thinktankreview.org) provide the public, policymakers, and the press with timely, academically sound reviews of selected publications. NEPC Reviews are made possible in part by support provided by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice: http://www.greatlakescenter.org

The National Education Policy Center (NEPC), a university research center housed at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education, produces and disseminates high-quality, peer-reviewed research to inform education policy discussions. Visit us at: https://nepc.colorado.edu

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The Drucker Institute Launches Bendable, a System for Lifelong Learning

The Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University announced today the launch of its community-based lifelong learning system, Bendable.

It will make its debut in South Bend, Indiana, in close partnership with the St. Joseph County Public Library and with support from the Mayor’s Office.

Bendable allows residents of all ages and backgrounds to easily acquire new knowledge and skills through online courses as well as in-person learning opportunities. The system helps individuals find the learning resources that are just right for them. In most cases, content on the Bendable platform is free for the end user.

The Drucker Institute plans to expand Bendable to another 10 to 15 cities over the next five years.

“For too many people, learning ends when they finish their formal schooling,” said Rick Wartzman, head of the Drucker Institute’s KH Moon Center for a Functioning Society. “Increasingly, however, economic opportunity—as well as dignity—hinges upon lifelong learning. Bendable is a system that makes the most highly relevant kinds of learning radically accessible for all of a city’s residents.

“As we launch Bendable,” Wartzman adds, “our ultimate aim is to forge a ‘city of lifelong learning,’ making South Bend more resilient in the face of a fast-changing economy—and now, COVID-19.”

Google.org and Walmart.org provided the lead funding to develop Bendable.

A highly collaborative team created the system over the past two and a half years: IDEO designed the user experience. Carbon Five built the digital platform. Credly put together Bendable’s badging and credentialing regime. And FSG developed an evaluation framework that will help guide day-to-day decision-making and longer-term goals.

The system in South Bend features more than 1,000 learning resources from 18 local and national content partners. They include Cell-Ed, Common Threads, the Drucker Institute, edX, Forever Learning Institute, GCFGlobal, Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Indiana University South Bend, the IT Sector Partnership, Ivy Tech, Khan Academy, La Casa de Amistad, LRNG, Penn Foster, Sokanu, South Bend Code School, Study.com and Venues Parks & Arts.

“Many of the resources you’ll find on Bendable are geared toward learning for work. Some are geared toward helping you improve your and your family’s everyday life. And some are just fun,” said Sarah Zaner, the Drucker Institute’s senior director of lifelong learning. “We’ve tried to put together a learning ecosystem that has real breadth and depth, while still making sure that everything being offered is tailored specifically for the needs and interests of a particular community.”

In South Bend, the St. Joseph County Public Library will administer and steward Bendable. A wide range of local stakeholders—businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions, neighborhood associations and other grassroots groups—also have committed to offering a variety of Bendable-related programming and activities.

“We co-designed Bendable with the people of South Bend, and they will continue to shape what Bendable becomes,” said Lex Dennis, the Drucker Institute’s director of lifelong learning. “Bendable is truly community bred, fed and led.”

Among the features on Bendable are Community Collections—personal playlists of learning resources (classes, TED Talks, podcasts, books, etc.) on a particular subject that are put together by South Bend residents. Career Collections are sets of learning resources, curated by local employers, that are aimed at preparing people for some of the most in-demand jobs in South Bend. As users successfully complete Career Collection courses, they will receive digital badges to mark their progress.

For more information, please visit https://www.drucker.institute/programs/bendable/.

About the Drucker Institute
The Drucker Institute is a social enterprise based at Claremont Graduate University. Its mission is strengthening organizations to strengthen society. Its programs help corporate, nonprofit, government and community leaders manage with courage. For more, visit http://www.drucker.institute.

About Claremont Graduate University
Founded in 1925, Claremont Graduate University is one of a select few American universities devoted solely to graduate-level education. The university is a founding member of The Claremont Colleges, which include Pomona College, Pitzer College, Claremont McKenna College, Scripps College, Harvey Mudd College and Keck Graduate Institute. CGU is comprised of seven schools, offering 86 degree and certificate programs. CGU offers a unique transdisciplinary perspective encouraging students to explore issues and education across academic disciplines. CGU is home to the Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management and the annual Kingsley and Kate Tufts Poetry Awards. For more information, visit http://www.cgu.edu

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University of Michigan MCity and Florida Polytechnic University Become Members of The International Alliance for Mobility Testing & Standardization

The International Alliance for Mobility Testing & Standardization (IAMTS) announced today that the alliance has gained two academic institutions with the onboarding of the University of Michigan MCity and Florida Polytechnic University. With these new additions, IAMTS is now a global, membership-based alliance of more than 20 stakeholders in the testing, standardization and certification of advanced mobility systems and services.

MCity is a public-private research partnership led by the University of Michigan which brings together industry, government, and academia to advance connected and automated vehicle safety, sustainability, and accessibility for the benefit of society through research funding, testing and development facilities, and technology deployments.

“We are pleased to join the International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization,” said Huei Peng, director, MCity. “The work of the IAMTS is critical and will ensure that we coordinate internationally. I’d like to thank SAE ITC and the IAMTS Executive Committee for their leadership in organizing this group.”

Florida Polytechnic University is the newest public state university in the state of Florida. As a polytechnic, the university is focused on STEM and has recently formed the Advanced Mobility Institute as a premier research organization focused on autonomous vehicle validation and verification.

“The progress of autonomous vehicle technology is gated by the ability of the industry to solve the critical safety and validation challenges. I have been involved with IAMTS since its early foundational stages and it is quite exciting to see the progress the organization has made in the past year,” said Dr. Rahul Razdan, senior director at Florida Polytechnic University. “We are pleased to accept IAMTS invitation for membership and plan on contributing to moving the state-of-art forward in this field.”

For more information about IAMTS, including membership, please visit: http://iamts.org or contact info@iamts.org.

About The International Alliance for Mobility Testing & Standardization (IAMTS)
IAMTS is an SAE ITC (Industry Technologies Consortia) program (http://www.sae-itc.com). The SAE ITC team specializes in establishing and managing consortia by providing proven processes, tools and resources. ITC enables public, private, academic and government organizations to connect and collaborate in neutral, pre-competitive forums thus empowering the setting and implementation of strategic business improvements in highly engineered industries globally. Learn more at https://www.sae-itc.com/iamts.

About SAE International
SAE International is a global association committed to advancing mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity. By engaging nearly 200,000 engineers, technical experts and volunteers, we connect and educate mobility professionals to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions. We act on two priorities: encouraging a lifetime of learning for mobility engineering professionals and setting the standards for industry engineering. We strive for a better world through the work of our philanthropic SAE Foundation, including programs award-winning programs like A World in Motion® and the Collegiate Design Series™. More at http://www.sae.org.

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The Imagine Learning Language Advantage™ is Featured in “Behind the Scenes” with Laurence Fishburne

Imagine Learning, a Weld North Education company and leading educational technology developer of supplemental adaptive curriculum for PreK through eighth-grade students, announces that its digital curriculum and the impact it has on students is being featured in an award-winning documentary series.

“Today, educators are seeking unique and creative ways to better engage with students,” shares host Laurence Fishburne, as he introduces the newest segment of “Behind the Scenes.” Featuring Imagine Learning’s engaging digital curriculum, the segment explores the importance of language development for all students and the value of leveraging technology to accelerate learning. The documentary will air on exclusive public television affiliates and promoted via commercials on primetime Fox networks and other regional primetime airings including CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Discovery, and CNN Headline News in the top 100 cities.

In these unprecedented times of nationwide school closures, Imagine Learning understands that equipping teachers with the digital tools they need to reach all students is more critical than ever. The Imagine Learning Language Advantage™ promotes rigorous and equitable development of language that accelerates learning across all subjects, transforming students into stronger and more confident learners.

“Imagine Learning is committed to helping districts navigate the shift between teaching students at school to a remote learning environment, ensuring every child, especially those most-at-risk, stays on-track,” shares Jeremy Cowdrey, CEO of Imagine Learning.

Discover how Imagine Learning ignites engagement, maximizes personal relevance, amplifies confidence, and inspires breakthroughs for all learners in this new segment at https://behindthesceneslf.com/ptv-segments/ “Learning Solutions” video.

# # # #
About Imagine Learning:
Imagine Learning is a leading educational technology company providing equity of access to learning through supplemental digital curriculum for PreK through eighth-grade students. Our adaptive suite of Literacy, Reading, Math, and Assessment solutions are powered by the Imagine Learning Language Advantage™, a theory of action that promotes rigorous and equitable development of language, enabling students to have deeper comprehension, engagement, and enjoyment of learning. Over 3.5 million students, nationwide benefit from Imagine Learning programs to accelerate their learning. Learn more at https://www.imaginelearning.com/

Imagine Learning LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/imagine-learning
Imagine Learning Facebook https://www.facebook.com/imaginelearning
Imagine Learning Twitter https://twitter.com/ImagineLearning

Related Links:
https://behindthesceneslf.com/ptv-segments/ “Learning Solutions” video

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Former University of Illinois President Robert Easter Joins The 2Blades Foundation Sustainability Council

“We’re honored and thrilled that Bob will be working with us, given his distinguished career in academia as both an administrator and agricultural faculty member, his consultations with high-level policymakers, and his experience as a grain and livestock farmer,” said 2Blades President Diana Horvath. “He understands what we do and how we fit into efforts to feed the additional 2 billion people who will live on the earth by the year 2050.”

“I was introduced to work of the 2Blades Foundation about three years ago,” Easter said, “and I have been impressed by their genuine commitment to use the modern tools of genetic improvement to address age-old problems such as yield improvement, disease resistance, and sustainable storage of harvested food in crops critical to the nutrition of those with limited resources globally. It is a noble calling and I am delighted to have this opportunity to contribute in any way that I can.”

Dr. Easter was appointed president-designate of the University of Illinois in March 2012, and became the university’s 19th president in July 2012 until his retirement in 2015. Before becoming president, he spent his entire, nearly 40-year career as a senior administrator and faculty member on the university’s Urbana-Champaign campus, where he earned his doctorate in animal science in 1976. He was interim chancellor from 2009-2011, serving as chief executive officer of the 42,000-student campus, and also served as interim provost and interim vice chancellor for research. He presently holds the rank of President and Professor Emeritus.

From 2002-2009, he was dean of the nationally ranked College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. Before that, he served as head of the Department of Animal Sciences, where he has been a faculty member since 1976. An expert in livestock feeding, Easter has co-authored a book on livestock production and has written more than 90 peer-reviewed articles, 11 book chapters, and numerous papers for conferences and industry publications. He also has spoken to audiences in the U.S. and 30 foreign countries on livestock feeding.

In 2006, he was appointed by President George W. Bush to the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD), and was appointed as chair of BIFAD in 2007. He also is a Fellow of the American Society of Animal Science, as well as a member of the American Society of Agriculture and Biological Engineers and the Farm Foundation Roundtable. He holds an honorary doctorate from Iowa State University. Easter was also a member of the British Society of Animal Science during his research career.

The 2Blades Foundation, based in Evanston, Illinois, and with offices and laboratories in the United Kingdom, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 2Blades establishes and manages development programs addressing significant unsolved crop disease problems in collaboration with leading research institutions around the world in both the public and private sectors.

Visit the 2Blades website at http://www.2blades.org and follow 2Blades on Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook

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MatchMySound Partners with GIA Publications and ACDA to Launch Online Singing Solution for Choirs

MatchMySound, along with GIA Publications and American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), announced today the launch of My Choral Coach, an integrated music creation platform that provides instant feedback and guided practice for choral directors and their singers.

With My Choral Coach, choral members can sing their part of a piece of music into their computer and the platform will give them real-time feedback on their pitch, rhythm, and tempo. Choral directors can then assess progress and offer input via the messaging component.

“When you combine our technology with the strength and resources of GIA and ACDA, choral groups will have an engaging solution that will keep them making music during this difficult time,” said David Smolover, CEO of Accelerando, which owns MatchMySound. “Our team has designed an easy-to-use platform that works for all choirs, regardless of age or proficiency.”

My Choral Coach will also enable choral groups to create virtual choirs, in which individual singers will record their part in a video, and choral directors can then edit those files into an overall mix. ACDA Executive Director Tim Sharp notes: “While the result isn’t a substitute for in-person choirs, My Choral Coach allows us to hear each singer individually, and to coach musicians on how they fit into the overall performance, even when they can’t hear their fellow singers.”

My Choral Coach will expand the offering in June to include mobile apps for iOS and Android. Choral directors interested in using My Choral Coach for their choral groups can visit http://www.mychoralcoach.com or email info@matchmysound.com for more information on how to implement this new music creation, performance, and feedback platform.

About Accelerando
Accelerando is a music education company that specializes in music assessment technology. Its flagship practice and feedback technology, MatchMySound, powers the apps Achieve Music, MusicFirst’ s Practice First, Piano Adventures’ Sightreading Coach, My Choral Coach, and Marching Band Pro. A respected technology innovator, the company has license agreements with worldwide leaders in music education, including Noteflight, Alfred Music, and Piano Adventures. Accelerando also works with School of Rock, one of the world’s largest music lesson providers. The company recently developed Songley, an app that is transforming the relationship between performing artists and their fans. The company’s mission is to make learning fun, exciting, and affordable, and proudly serves its solutions to publishers, schools, private teachers, student musicians, and hobbyists worldwide.

About American Choral Directors Association
American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) is a professional association of 18,000 choral conductors who represent more than 1 million singers across the country. ACDA members conduct and teach a range of choirs, including school and university-based choirs, community choral groups, professional ensembles, and music in worship. ACDA's mission is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy. Learn more at http://acda.org.

About GIA Publications, Inc.
Founded in 1941, GIA Publications, Inc. is a family-owned company with more than 7,000 choral and instrumental editions in print, as well as hymnals, recordings, a licensing division, and a wide variety of music education resources. In 2013, the esteemed choral publisher Walton Music became part of GIA. Learn more at http://www.giamusic.com.

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CCI TheDegreePeople.com Providing FREE Document Evaluations for Foreign Essential Workers and First Responders for the Month of June

The mad rush to file work visas is here, and to help essential workers and first responders get on the job in haste we are offering free document evaluations for those with a foreign degree.  

An estimated 6 million immigrants already work essential jobs and immigrants make up one-sixth of the overall US health care workforce.  New proposed legislation recaptures visas for health care workers and expedites processing of temporary and permanent work visas for health care workers and essential business workers.  At the same time, increased demand for and high turnover rate for first responders have far exceeded what the US workforce can provide.  Essential businesses – especially those along the food supply chain – have increased hiring to meet overwhelming demands.

The HEROES Act, which is currently circulating through the legislature, prompts visa applicants to move fast to file.  This legislation would expedite temporary and permanent work visa processing for health care workers.  It also includes extending work authorization for undocumented workers in essential industries including health care, farm workers, food processors, and first responders.  The Department of Homeland Security would be directed to relax regulations governing H-2A and H-2B visas as well.

The related proposed Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act that is set to recapture 40,000 green cards for nurses and physicians limits time to file to 90 days after the termination of the President’s COVID-19 emergency declaration.  Similar limits to file under these expedited and relaxed conditions is expected.  That means it’s time to file.  

CCI TheDegreePeople.com is here to help our essential workers and first responders.  For the entire month of June, we are offering FREE document evaluation for those applying for these jobs with foreign degrees.

For more information, visit our website www.TheDegreePeople.com.  For a free review of your visa case visit www.ccifree.com.  We will respond to you in 48 hours or less.

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Optimal’s Guide to Online Schools Spotlights Affordable Community Colleges with Online Degrees for Uncertain Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted higher education to an unprecedented extent. College campuses are shut down and there are still many questions about whether they will be able to open in the fall. With the future of higher education and the economy more uncertain than ever, many students are rethinking the traditional model of a brick-and-mortar education and considering the benefits and safety of online degrees.

Online community colleges offer an affordable option for students who want to begin their education path at home and bypass the unpredictability of what the fall semester may bring. Additionally, this choice can eliminate the financial strain of a four-year, on-campus degree at a traditional university, an important consideration as students face an uncertain economy.

To assist students in finding the best option for their individual needs during this time, Optimal (formerly SR Education Group) is releasing the 2020 Best Online Community College Rankings on Guide to Online Schools. The rankings include a nationwide best overall community college ranking, as well as 41 individual state rankings.

The methodology for the rankings incorporates many factors important to the success of a community college, including retention rate, graduation rate, and the variety of programs available. Additionally, the rankings weigh the percent of students enrolled in online degrees specifically, as an indicator of the success of the college’s distance education program. These data points were all collected by the National Center of Education Statistics. Optimal researched 550 community colleges, and gave each a score based on these factors. Only schools that scored 70% or higher were included on the rankings. In order to be considered for a ranking list, community colleges need to be regionally accredited and offer at least one fully online associate degree.

"The entire education system is in an unprecedented time of upheaval and the economy is in rapid decline. Students are scared and are looking for options. Optimal wants to help these students by providing quality, affordable degree options that can be completed entirely online, allowing people to stay safe and close to family," said CEO Sung Rhee. “We understand that many people are facing hardship right now and cannot pay top-dollar for an education. We hope that our resources provide a path forward during this trying time."

The average price of the community college degrees on our ranking lists is approximately ,000 annually, providing significantly cheaper options than traditional, campus-based degrees.

About Optimal™
Optimal helps prospective students make informed, data-driven decisions to improve their collegiate experience and their post-college careers. The company provides over 85,000 in-depth student reviews and college rankings for every major based on alumni salaries and manually researched tuitions. Optimal’s tools and services provide accessible and transparent financial data regarding cost and earning potential that give students educational paths that lead them to success, without burdening them with insurmountable debt. https://www.optimal.com

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Connecticut Retirement Advisor Nahum Daniels Early Off the Block with Pioneering Online Services During Covid-19

Responding to the lockdown/quarantine regulations caused by the Coronavirus, Certified Financial Planner Nahum Daniels is among the first off the block in his industry to offer online retirement-specific advice and implementation.  The Stamford-based author of Retire Reset: What You Need to Know and Your Financial Advisor May Not be Telling You is known to be among the first in his field to recommend the integration of equity investments and next-gen longevity insurance (rather than bonds) to achieve optimal  results.

“Going virtual is simply essential today to meet the needs of retirees and pre-retirees who may be inclined to wait until circumstances return to normal.  We simply don’t know when that will be and doing nothing in the interim may only exacerbate weaknesses in current financial plans, including vulnerabilities to market volatility,” Daniels explains.

Daniels believes it is vital to remain connected with clients despite the lockdown.  The pandemic has accelerated the evolution of his practice to all-online services so that now clients can work with the firm from the comfort and safety of their homes.  Starting from a virtual video consultation that progresses to shared electronic number-crunching and document review, then culminates in complete plan implementation, the contemporary advisory experience he offers is rapidly gaining acceptance among investors seeking retirement security in an uncertain world.

When the going gets tough, the tough must get going, Daniels likes to remind us.  “Portfolio allocations require review and re-balancing before market forces cause additional pain that could be long-lasting and undermine retirement plans,” he says. “That’s why we’ve launched a series of educational webinars to bring people rapidly up the learning curve on topics including social security timing, long term care funding, defensive investing and tax- and asset-protection planning.  We take a holistic approach.”

“We professionals in the financial services industry must adapt to serve pressing client needs or go the way of the dinosaur,” Daniels adds.  “The online resources are available to enable us to provide the support people need; it’s our fiduciary duty to marshal and put them to creative use.  It’s happening fast.  Now it’s the public’s turn to adopt this new approach.”

Daniels’ book analyzes a wide range of risks retirees face.  Many of his ideas challenge conventional reliance on stocks and bonds and advocate his increasingly accepted alternative. It may be ordered from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G7Z87NY.  The author was also recently interviewed on THINK BUSINESS where he shared his innovative views on the future of retirement planning.  The podcast can be accessed here: https://jondwoskin.com/2019/``/jon-dwoskin-ionterviews-nahum-daniels-certified-financial-planner-integrated-retirement-advisors.

For more information visit: https://integratedretirementadvisors.com

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Savoy Foundation Reports Its Charitable Giving Through 2020

The American Foundation of Savoy Orders, Incorporated (Savoy Foundation) today announced the list of organizations supported through its charitable contributions through 2020. This list includes local, national and international organizations focused on health, human services charities, aid to victims of hurricanes and earthquakes, education and children’s causes through its Chivalry for Children’s Causes™.

Since it was founded in 1991, the Savoy Foundation has been committed to philanthropic initiatives, following the centuries old traditions of the Savoy Orders. The diverse charitable giving list included contributions to support local, national and international charities focused on providing medical, educational and humanitarian assistance and children’s causes, as well as social assistance charities that provide services to those in need and scholarship grants to support university students in the fields of arts/humanities and international studies.

Recent beneficiaries of Savoy Foundation grants have been the following:

    •     Mercy Ships to support life-changing surgical procedures performed on hospital ships bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor.



    •     In 2019, the Savoy Foundation launched a new Initiative - Chivalry for Children’s Causes™ - with the presentation of a substantial grant to Southern California-based charity, Caterina’s Club, for its work providing meals, housing and job training for disadvantaged children and families



    •     The New York Foundling’s Camp Felix Program: to improve the quality of life of children in disadvantaged circumstances, to gain self-esteem and to develop life skills with an overnight camp experience each summer, providing a week-long adventure to change their outlook on life, their future, and their sense of pride. Camp Felix is the only overnight camp for children in the child welfare system. The Foundling’s campers immerse themselves in activities that instill feelings of self-confidence, resilience, respect and community.



    •     Stuart House at UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center: to serve the special needs of sexually abused children and their families by providing comprehensive state-of-the-art treatment to help child victims and their families cope with the traumatic effects of sexual abuse on children's physical and psychological health.



    •     Providence Rest Nursing Facility: to provide short term and long term care for the elderly in a peaceful environment.



    •     Savoy Orders Pigott Scholarships: to provide scholarships to college and university students studying in the fields of fine arts/humanities and international studies. International studies scholars participate in the Savoy Foundation NGO program at the United Nations.



    •     Savoy History Series: to fund a lecture series on subjects relating the Royal House of Savoy and the history of Italy, Italian literature, history, art, science and impact on other countries.



  •     America’s VetDogs Program, a subsidiary of the Guide Dog Foundation Inc.: to meet the needs of disabled veterans by providing guide and service dogs specially trained to provide balance, relieve stress or perform other tasks.


About the American Foundation of Savoy Orders, Incorporated

The American Foundation of Savoy Orders, Incorporated, a U.S. charitable 501(c)(3) organization, has three endowments: charitable causes, educational programs and operating expenses. The Savoy Orders Pigott Scholarships were also established by the Foundation to provide financial aid to students in the Humanities and International studies. Annual grants are also made to children’s and hospital programs. In order to raise funds for the support of its activities, the Savoy Foundation sponsors a winter event, Ballo di Savoia and a spring event, Festa della Primavera in New York City and an event on the West Coast, Notte di Savoia Los Angeles. The Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Roster Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Members of the Italian Royal Family, headed by His Royal Highness, Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, actively support, attend and lend their names through formal patronage of the Savoy Foundation’s events. The Foundation also sponsors an annual history series on Italy and the Savoy dynasty which dates back over 1,000 years and is one of the oldest royal families in Europe.

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When Urban Fu$e Meets Financial Ed And Daily Struggles, The "Broke Blues" Hip Hop/Rap International Collective Fights COVID-19 like a "Ninja"

This series is inspired by humanity's universal desires namely money, or Dough, Love and Winning, thus, the acronym DLW.  In the context of the world's current COVID-19 pandemic, the album sees the collective examines their personal issues that are so universal that one often wonders if these are the same issues that each of us also face during difficult and challenging times in our lives. 

Regardless of what your taste in music is, the mixed blend of  contemporary and old school hip hop/rap, R&B, EDM, blues, Latin, music with English sprinkled with occasional French, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese languages indeed reflects the world in which we all live, a fluid melting pot where humans' deepest connection is no longer limited by physical borders, skin colors or even our mother's tongue. Instead, we're connected by one common language that speaks our universal desires: music and the freedom to celebrate our similar happiness.

The album starts where Urban Fu$e left off in 2019 with a trap blues vibe track "Broke Blues", in observance of the nation's Financial Literacy month.  Unlike  prior  years, almost all news in April this year was about COVID-19 and the stimulus checks. Coincidentally, "Broke Blues" has painted a dire picture of how broke an individual could be to reflect the reality where our national unemployment rate is expected to skyrocket to at least mid-teens by summer due to the pandemic.  You'll find "someone" turns off the "power" and the artist has "no lights to see" inside the track.  Whoever this entity is, it sure does have lots of power over the artist.  Is that an individual who's broke or a country that's broke?  The song is written with such witty word play that it could be interpreted either way. 

In the third verse,  Urban Fu$e collective needs to "decide between shoes 'n rice".  In this case, other than their literal meaning, "shoes" represents the ability to move forward while "rice" means staying put.  During difficult times, we always find ourselves in a difficult dilemma: maintain a status quo; keep the old ways of doing things, or change and adapt to the new environment.  Which one does Urban Fu$e chose? One will find out the answer in the end but couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy because now not only he's broke, he's also got fired from his job making him broker.  

Urban Fu$e then goes on to show us how one can get out from under.  "First is a budget, no spending above it" or "can save hundreds, by cutting out costs, unneeded items can leave you at a loss".  Something as simple as that is certainly unheard of in our materialistic society prior to the pandemic but now it's a new norm, not by choice but by necessity.  All of a sudden, Americans including our government find ourselves becoming more conscious about what's essential and not essential.  

Multiple meanings in a song is a common theme in the entire album. This is most evidenced in their lead track, "Ninja", released on April 24, which highlights the mysterious persona of what it means to be a ninja, a character that everyone knows: fierce, stealthy, and determined warriors who train their entire lives for combat. The song is written to revere the different heroes we see in our society.  This could not be more relevant than in recent times where essential workers risk their lives daily for the greater good of society. In addition to fighting for survival, individuals are faced with daily struggles such as finances, poverty, and lack of opportunities. Or is the track about COVID-19, the  virus acting like a ninja assassinating the vulnerable? Or is it both? The only way to get to the answer is to watch their music video and find out.  

Urban Fu$e's music is like contemporary abstract art where interpretation is up to the listeners. They don't make music because they have a message.  They make music because they believe artists from four continents can come together and create music to have a positive impact on the life of their fans and audience.  Listen to Urban Fu$e music on Spotify at https://bit.ly/SpotifyUF

Sound Cloud:  https://bit.ly/Ninjaofficial

Youtube:  https://bit.ly/YoutubeUFNinjaOfficial

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Montenegro is COVID-19 Free, Airways Aviation Branch Remains Fully Operational and Beckons Aspiring Indian Pilots.

The Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for Europe Mr. Hans Kluge confirms the Montenegro coronavirus infection rate remains the lowest in the region. The WHO credits the Montenegro Government’s quick, decisive action and containment measures as key.

The picturesque Balkan country was the last in Europe to confirm it's first case on March 17th. A total of only 324 confirmed cases out of which 25 are active and according to Clinical Center of Montenegro are quarantined and not hospitalised as of today. 9 deaths have been reported through this time and there have been no new cases for more than a week! 

It is only matter of days when Montenegro will become COVID-19 free.

Airways Aviation Academy - Montenegro has successfully remained fully operational and delivering its flight training during the pandemic whilst of-course implementing all Government and regulatory procedures on health & safety.

The local government has removed many of the social and business restrictions and we thank the Montenegrin authorities for their trust and guidance in allowing Airways Aviation to trade and operate during the past several difficult months for the global community.

Airways Aviation Montenegro currently has many Indian students who are being trained to be the pilots of the future. There is a fear-mongering that Aviation industry is going to face a setback. This idea has been debunked by many Aviation professionals and Aviation regulatory authorities as historically there have been other influential events (9/11, Oil crisis, SARS outbreak, 2008- Recession etc.) which did not affect the doubling growth in the long term.

Airways Aviation Montenegro is preparing to receive its latest batch of Pilot Training students in mid-June 2020.


Indians aspiring to pursue a career in aviation should contact us immediately for admission to the June and September 2020 batch. Airways Aviation Montenegro is probably the safest aviation training center in the midst of this crisis. Do not miss the opportunity! Email us NOW!

Airways Aviation brings more than 30 years of aviation experience to offer world-class pilot training for aspiring pilots from a number of global locations. From entry-level theory to the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), no stone is left unturned when it comes to preparing students for a life-long career in aviation.

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Andy Gillis appointed Vice President of Sales & General Manager for Anderson & Vreeland Inc.

The appointment of Andy Gillis as Vice President of Sales & General Manager for Anderson & Vreeland Inc., leading manufacturer of flexographic print technologies, equipment and consumables, is announced by Darin Lyon, President & CEO of Anderson & Vreeland Inc.

Andy is joining the Sales Team of Anderson & Vreeland after being a part of the team at Provident as the General Manager.

“During Andy’s time at Provident, it became evident he possessed the ability to build teams, both internally and externally, by leading with compassion, empathy and the genuine care of others. He’s an inclusive leader with a strong vision and desire to compete,” said Darin Lyon. “Andy’s vast experience and relationships across the North America Flexographic printing space will serve him well in this expanded leadership role,” he added.

Prior to being General Manager for Provident, Andy was Senior Sales Engineer in the Printing, Coating and Laminating Group at PCMC, for Narrow web and Wide Web CI presses serving the tag, label and flexible packaging markets.

“I’m excited to expand my responsibilities with A&V and join an already successful team in place,” said Andy Gillis. “Our human capital, world-class portfolio and a never-ending appetite to serve the Flexographic printing industry, has us in a strong position for our customers now and in the future. I’m humbly indebted to this great industry for the experiences I’ve had the last 20+ years and eager to continue serving our valued clients,” he added.


About Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.

Anderson & Vreeland provides flexographic printers with innovative solutions that are tailored to their specific application. We do this by identifying the most effective & advanced technologies in our portfolio, educating our customers on how these products will improve their bottom line, and seamlessly integrate these solutions into our clients business. We are a privately-held company with over 50 years experience providing unrivaled customer service to the flexographic printing industry.

Further information is available on the web at http://www.AndersonVreeland.com.

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Schools are Shuttered throughout California, but one school, San Clemente Christian School, is a Shining Light

San Clemente Christian School (SCCS) is located in the heart of San Clemente, in Orange County, California. They offer one class per grade level to intentionally make learning an individualized experience. San Clemente Christian School strives to focus on educational and spiritual growth and refuses to let learning cease during this trying time. When other schools took weeks to sort out online learning, SCCS was up and running within days of California’s order to close schools.

Dr. Nicky Magnuson, Head of School, states, "Our teachers and staff are working around the clock to continue our goal of educational excellence.”

San Clemente Christian School is offering live teaching sessions, recorded workshop-style activities, and individual online conferences with students and parents. SCCS is taking education to the next level. Students are still receiving standards-based lessons that offer rigorous activities and, believe it or not, hands-on learning.

In addition, each week SCCS holds an online Chapel with Pastor Chris Bristow, with recorded worship through music and prayer. Their focus on STEAM and enrichment offerings of Physical Education, Music, and Spanish continue. Creating an opportunity for students to keep learning is vital to their continued success.

Tessa Samuelsen, Principal, shares, “Our mission is to equip young minds who will impact their world with an authentic faith, for life and eternity. This has not changed, and we are so thankful that God continues to protect and provide so we can still offer our students a quality education.”

Bill Dyer, parent, says, “SCCS is an amazing school. Our daughter, who is in Kindergarten at SCCS, is having virtual class via Zoom, watching videos from the school’s pastor, and doing worksheets. Even her teacher uses a puppet to meet with her on Zoom to cheer her and the other students up. The teachers at SCCS are truly amazing Christian men and women and we feel blessed to be part of the school.”

San Clemente Christian School is looking forward to being back on campus and continuing its student-centered instruction and using these newly developed skills to enhance learning and engage students.

If you are interested in finding out more about San Clemente Christian School's outstanding Christ-centered education, please contact Dr. Nicky Magnuson at nmagnuson@sccsstaff.com.

SCCS is accepting new students, please apply online here.

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CONCEPT Continuing Professional Studies at Palo Alto University Offers Online Learning for Summer Training Institute

CONCEPT Continuing Professional Studies at Palo Alto University (PAU) will host virtual workshops for its Summer Training Institute on Police and Public Safety Psychology due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This series of workshops for mental health and allied professionals allows participants to receive specialty training on police and public safety psychology topics from the safety and convenience of their own homes while earning live continuing education credit. All workshops will be held virtually—online in real-time—June 15-19, 2020.

Summer Training Institute is an annual workshop series offering continuing education (CE) credits for psychologists, clinical social workers and counselors. Workshops are led by internationally renowned experts in their fields. The 2020 series offers online professional training focused on police and public safety psychology and is ideal for mental health professionals who seek board certification in this discipline or want to add it as a specialty to their practice. Participants will learn about evidence-based practices in police and public safety psychology that demonstrate useful research outcomes and real-world applications.

Example courses include Evaluations of Police Suitability and Fitness for DutyEthical Dilemmas and Complex Relationships in Police & Public Safety Psychology and Wellness Resiliency and Suicide Prevention Practices in Police and Public Safety Psychology. Participants can select as few as one and up to five professional online day-long training workshops, which are approved for continuing education credit by NBCC, CPA, APA and ASWB.

"Our Summer Training Institute is a rewarding opportunity for mental health professionals," said Patricia Zapf, Vice President of CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies at Palo Alto University, "and we're grateful for the expert lineup we have planned for this year's workshop series in conjunction with the American Board of Police and Public Safety Psychology."

The online training format ensures that professionals can receive the CE units they need to maintain licensure despite the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will receive live CE credit and will be able to communicate in real-time with presenters and other participants by using their cameras and microphones to share questions or comments.

Mental health professionals interested in attending the Summer Training Institute are encouraged to sign up online at concept.paloaltou.edu or call 650-433-3899 for more information. Prospective participants may also mail inquiries to CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies at Palo Alto University, 1791 Arastradero Rd, Palo Alto, Calif. 94304.

CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies at Palo Alto University in Palo Alto, Calif. provides mental health professionals with continuing education opportunities that help them increase their skills, deepen their knowledge and gain practical experience to advance their careers. Professional training programs are offered for individuals and groups in a number of convenient formats, and classes can be taken individually or bundled for specialization or board certification.

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Much Needed Answers to Questions About 401(k) if Unfortunately Lost Employment

Unfortunately, one of the negative consequences concerning COVID-19, is a sharp increase in the number of unemployed people. The global pandemic has caused a great deal of uncertainty within the business community. This will lead to a large number of job losses, at least on a temporary basis. If you find yourself out of a job, one of the most important things you can do is to thoroughly examine all of the options concerning your 401(k). For many people, the balance inside their 401(k) represents a substantial portion of an individual’s retirement plan. Therefore, it becomes critically important to make the proper decisions in terms of how to handle your 401(k), particularly if you become unemployed. 

One of the most common questions among 401(k) participants involves the transfer (i.e. rollover) of 401(k) assets. This is a particularly frequent question because the rollover rules have changed during the past few years. Another reason why this topic is so popular is because there seems to be some confusion within the investment community concerning rollovers, transfers and withdrawals. Very briefly, let’s review the specific rules in regard to rollovers and transfers. Please read the following example.

Jane was recently laid-off by her employer. Thankfully, Jane has a large 401(k) balance of 0,000. She also has a second 401(k) from a previous employer. The balance is ,000. Upon speaking with her employer, Jane has determined that she will not be returning to work any time in the near future. Therefore, she has decided to transfer her large 401(k) balance into an IRA. Jane contacts the 401(k) custodian and asks the custodian to send her a check for the balance of the account (0,000). The funds are sent directly to Jane in the form of a check. This is known as an indirect rollover. In order to avoid fees and penalties, Jane has 60 days to send the entire 401(k) balance to her new IRA custodian. She successfully deposits 0,000 into her new IRA within the 60-day window.

Jane is happy with her new IRA custodian. Therefore, a few months later, she decides to transfer the small 401(k) with a balance of ,000. Within two weeks, Jane receives a check for ,000. She subsequently mails a check payable to her new IRA custodian. Unfortunately, Jane has made a costly mistake. Why? Because the IRS allows only one indirect rollover per 365-day period. This new law went into effect on January 1, 2015. Jane’s entire balance of ,000 becomes 100% taxable. Effectively, the account is no longer considered an IRA. Jane made a mistake because she was not familiar with the rollover rules. Most likely, she could have avoided this taxable event by speaking to a licensed investment professional. Licensed professionals are familiar with rollover and distribution rules. They help their clients determine the proper strategy for transferring retirement accounts.

In the example above, Jane chose to use an indirect rollover for transferring her 401(k). She also had the option of selecting a direct rollover. What is a direct rollover? It’s a transfer option which allows for the movement of retirement dollars. More specifically, a direct rollover is an electronic transfer of retirement accounts between two custodians. With a direct rollover, the owner of the retirement assets does not receive a check from the custodian. More importantly, there is no limit on the amount of direct rollovers that can be initiated in a 365-day period.

In regard to Jane, a direct rollover would have been a much better option. Why? Because she could have completely avoided the taxable event on her ,000 401(k). Jane made the mistake of performing two indirect rollovers in less than 365 days. By speaking with a licensed investment professional, Jane would have learned the difference between a direct rollover and an indirect rollover. Jane and her advisor could have discussed the appropriate course of action concerning her two accounts. In addition, by rolling over your 401k to IRA will provide more investment options.

Do you have questions concerning your 401(k) rollover? If so, you may want to speak with Angelica Roxas. Angelica has been licensed as an investment professional for almost 20 years. She is a Financial Strategist and President of Strategic Asset Preservation, Inc. Angelica is also the Founder and President of South Bay Tax Solutions. She is an expert in helping clients make the best decisions concerning their 401(k) assets. Ask Angelica about her Market Loss Recovery Program, which is designed to help clients who are struggling with their 401(k) investments.     

If you would like to meet with Angelica at no cost or obligation, she will be happy to review your financial situation. In the current situation, she also does customized review and advising virtually, provide online financial educational workshops or talk on the phone. To benefit from her expertise, contact her today. 

Feel free to download our complimentary Whitepaper on the “Top 10 IRA/401k/403b/TSP Mistakes to Avoid for a Healthy Retirement”.

Click here: https://seminar.strategicassetpreservation.com/marque/

You may also attend her free webinar by registering here https://seminar.strategicassetpreservation.com/webinar1

About Angelica Roxas

Angelica has been licensed as an investment professional for almost 20 years. She is a Financial Strategist and President of Strategic Asset Preservation, Inc. and South Bay Tax Solutions. She is an expert in helping clients make the best decisions concerning their 401(k) assets and also provide tax planning. Ask Angelica about her Market Loss Recovery Program, which is designed to help clients who are struggling with their 401(k) investments.

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Rex Academy Online Coding Courses Help Kids Beat the Covid 19 Quarantine Boredom

Rex Academy, a leading global technology academy for kids and teens, offers fun, engaging, high quality online programming courses. These courses will not only keep them occupied while being locked in at home, but also arm them with coding skills that can help them gain an edge in their future professional lives.

“Programming is sheer magic and a universal language”, says Rex Academy CEO Sandy Padala. “Kids can develop a passion for it quickly. It becomes an outlet for their creativity and helps hone problem-solving skills. In many ways, programming is the new literacy that every kid must learn in this digital world. The earlier they are introduced to it, the easier it becomes for them to pick it up.”

“Our online classes are delivered through videoconferencing,” continued Rex CEO Sandy Padala while talking with parents and encouraging them to enrol their kids for a trial online group class. “Students are placed in an age appropriate coding class. Teachers both present the material and monitor all students’ computers during class to ensure they are learning. Class recordings and student’s progress reports will be available to the parent after every class. We maintain small age-appropriate student to teacher ratios (4:1 for our youngest students).”

Parents can enrol their kids at http://www.rex.academy/online-classes/

While most working parents are adjusting to the COVID-19 work from home mandate, it is the kids that are most affected by the lockdown situation. Governments all around the world have closed educational institutions to contain the global pandemic. Kids are not only bored and restless, but they are also deprived of the knowledge-gaining process.

One of the best ways to help kids overcome their boredom is to get them into coding. It will not only keep their brains ticking but, more importantly, developing coding skills at a young age will prepare them well for the digital world they will step into tomorrow.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates from Microsoft all learned coding with a private tutor when they were in middle school.

When it comes to learning to code, it is important to choose the right place that can impart this critical skill for this generation in a simple, fun and engaging manner. Rex Academy is the best place to learn online coding skills.

The key benefits of enrolling kids in Rex Academy are:

  • Fun and engaging classes
  • Teaches critical and analytical thinking and improves communication skills
  • Teaches kids to create games, mobile apps, animations, websites and build software applications.
  • The courses are 80% percent project based.
  • Aligned with National Education standards like TEKS, CSTA and K12CS
  • Multiple ways to learn - self-paced, one on one and small group sessions

Research reveals that in 10 years there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer science, but just 400,000 qualified graduates thus creating a huge demand for quality coders. There is a growing demand for programmers in every industry. Even if your kid never chooses to be a software programmer, coding is still a fundamental skill that your child would need regardless of what career she/he is going to choose when they grow up in this digital world.

Technology is everywhere, parents must start early and prepare their kids for the digital world right away. This will help them gain a fundamental understanding of how computers think. Computer Science is a skill for life that can be used to solve problems in a variety of businesses, scientific and social contexts. Kids who understand the basics of programming will be more adaptive to the changing needs of the workforce.

For more information, visit https://www.rex.academy

About Rex Academy:

Rex Academy, a top-rated global technology academy for kids and teens offers comprehensive, fun, and hands-on coding classes. These courses are aimed at transforming kids from technology users to technology creators. There are more than 30 courses that cover a wide variety of topics from Digital Arts to Ethical Hacker Certification. Rex’s mission is to make practical high-quality coding and computer science education universally available to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

Rex is currently offering special discounted programs to meet the needs of the prevailing situation brought by coronavirus.

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Dr. Paul J. Bailo Presents ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’

Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive - Digital Strategy, Data Analytics & Innovation and Adjunct professor at Columbia University is proud to present ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’  based on data analytic research. The all-encompassing tool allows people to gain vital knowledge and tips that can help them crack the complex process of virtual interviews. 

“I am delighted to present ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’, a comprehensive tool designed to help you ace digital interviews,” says the brain behind the handbook, Dr. Paul J. Bailo. “I have tried my best to outline every single aspect of the virtual interview that should be capitalized upon. The book also includes professional tips that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.”

Dr. Paul J. Bailo has taken key principles from his first book, The Essential Phone Interview Handbook, and adapted them to meet the needs of today’s key platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and others. Dr. Bailo provides his readers with the best tools needed to crack digital interviews and land their dream jobs.

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook is split into three separate sections. They cover key areas of the interview process such as preparing, conducting and concluding. The book provides a step-by-step plan on how to prepare for and complete a digital job interview. 

With face to face interviews becoming difficult to organize and conduct, more and more companies are adapting to the remote interviewing process. It, therefore, becomes important for candidates to remain current with the processes and also to know what the employers are looking for during the digital interview. Many aspects such as appearance and external factors come into reckoning and play a crucial role in impacting the outcome of the virtual interview. 

The book covers vital aspects of a digital interview process such as:

  • How to prepare for the digital interview
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • How to establish a professional presence by using the correct microphone and camera
  • How and when to take the next step, and make a transition from virtual to in-person

Dr. Bailo states that most people come for digital interviews entirely unprepared. They sit down, turn the computer or camera on and simply begin without having any basic understanding of the processes. He opines that in a highly competitive job market job seekers need to become the actor, the director, and producer of the event. The Essential Digital Interview Handbook provides all the tools needed to produce a great storyline.  

Some of the reviews posted about this handbook are shared below:

“As promised, Paul Bailo really does provide the core components of what you need to be successful in your digital interviews as well as the information, insights, and counsel needed to prepare for and then achieve that success. The information, insights, and counsel that Paul Bailo provides in this book will be of greatest value to job candidates but much of it will also be of interest and value to those who interview them.” - Robert, Amazon

“This is an amazing book. The layout is a marvel in itself. You will find some useful practical tips for both company owners and job seekers. The detail to research, data analysis and insights are impeccable. The author shares some heartwarming stories that truly put the theory into action and immediately allows the reader to be part of the story and remember how to be a Hollywood star for your digital interviews.” - Sarah, Amazon

Digital communication is here to stay, and The Essential Digital Interview Handbook teaches you how to master it” – Annie Brussese, Syndicated Columnist, USA Today.

Packed with practical tips to help you get ready for your close-up, this book is an essential tool for any job hunter who wants to ace digital media interviews and stand out from the crowd. – Anne Fisher, career and workplace advice columnist, CNNMoney.com and Fortune.com. 

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other digital platforms. 

About Paul J. Bailo:

Paul J. Bailo is an executive of digital strategy and technology and creator of Phone Interview Pro – www.phoneinterviewpro.com , a service that helps jobseekers hone their telephone job interview skills. He has been featured in leading media resources such as CNNMoney.com, Yahoo Hot Jobs, AOL Jobs, CareerBuilder.com, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and US News & World Report. 

For more information about the book or author, please contact 

Phone Interview Pro Media at 203-258-1746.

To order your copy, go to https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Digital-Interview-Handbook-GotoMeeting/dp/1601633033 now!


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SIUE School of Nursing Hosts Virtual Advanced Nursing Education Workforce Conference

It’s consistently clear that nurses play a huge societal role as educated, compassionate medical professionals and abundantly so in the midst of the current world health crisis. Whether on the frontlines, as administrators, educators or aspiring healthcare workers, nurses continuously seek new knowledge and skillsets that will add value for their patients.

One of the latest examples of this dedication is the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Nursing’s (SON) innovative Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) program. Despite the suspension of on-campus activities at SIUE as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ANEW program held its first continuing education conference on Saturday-Sunday, March 21-22 in a virtual format.

Almost 300 attendees, comprising regional Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) and students, participated remotely in the regional conference as nationally-renowned speakers presented on topics of opioid crisis, non-opioid pain treatment options, recognizing addictive behavior, rehabilitation of the opioid dependent patient, and long-term follow-up strategies.

“The ability of healthcare providers, and in particular, nurse practitioners to appropriately serve a patient population struggling with opioid use disorders within rural areas of Illinois is of critical importance,” said SIUE SON Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical Site Coordinator and Instructor Melissa Bogle, DNP, FNP-BC, ACNP-BC. “I was incredibly impressed with the level of participation, engagement and best practice sharing from attendees. Despite the virtual environment, you could sense the collegiality of the group.”

“We received so much interest from healthcare providers in the bi-state area for this conference, so it meant a lot to us to be able to deliver on our commitment to provide educational credits to this group, despite current COVID-19 challenges,” Bogle added. “The majority of attendees are required to have this type of opioid-focused education to renew their licenses within the state of Illinois.”

SIUE SON Instructional Designer Jodie Nehrt helped with the successful transition to a virtual format, primarily through the use of Zoom and Mursion.

“We were fortunate to have a collection of speakers who were motivated to share their content, despite the last-minute change in venue, and attendees who were eager to engage and participate from the comfort and safety of their homes,” Nehrt said.

“Zoom was the technology that saved the day for us,” she explained. “We were able to schedule the sessions and offer virtual attendance to this free conference using a free communication tool. We coordinated with our presenters to fulfill their needs for attendee participation and question-and-answer management. Additionally, one of the sessions was a dynamic demonstration of a software we use on campus, called Mursion, which offers mixed reality for the practicing of professional skills.”

“Dr. Melissa Bogle worked nonstop on developing this conference from the beginning. Jodie Nehrt came in to work last week when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic and we knew that our live campus event would likely be canceled,” said ANEW Program Director Valerie Griffin, DNP, PPCNP-BC, FNP-BC, PMHS, FAANP, assistant clinical professor and director of nurse practitioner specializations in the SON. “These incredible, dedicated women were able to transition this large event to a virtual format without exhibiting worry or stress over the process. They remained positive that we could pull this off, and we did!”

Attendees expressed their appreciation to the SON for their creative online management and successful execution of the ANEW Conference.

“During a time when faculty are stressed to get their classes online, I am amazed at your commitment to those who registered for this meeting,” noted Margaret Faut Callahan, CRNA, PhD, FNAP, FAAN, senior vice president of Strategy and Innovation at Loyola University Chicago, in a post-conference email. “The skills required to make this happen so quickly, in just a week, are remarkable. Further, the lectures were of high-quality both from a content perspective and the technology used to bring this to us virtually. It was clear to those of us who participated that your faculty and support staff worked long and hard to provide this excellent conference.”

Funded by a four-year .75 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the ANEW program is a multi-faceted educational effort that is creatively designed to increase the number of nurse practitioners who practice in rural and underserved communities throughout Illinois by promoting a smooth and natural transition from the student role to practicing APRNs into those areas.

The SIUE SON and its clinical partners collaborated on the conference’s development. Clinical partners bolstering the success of the ANEW program are Chestnut Health Systems, OSF HealthCare, Southern Illinois Healthcare, Synergy Healthcare Solutions, LLC., and the SIUE We Care Clinic.

The SIUE School of Nursing’s programs are committed to creating excellence in nursing leadership through innovative teaching, evidence-based practice, quality research, patient advocacy and community service. Enrolling more than 1,700 students in its baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral programs, the School develops leaders in pursuit of shaping the nursing profession and impacting the health care environment. SIUE’s undergraduate nursing programs on the Edwardsville campus and the regional campus in Carbondale help to solve the region’s shortage of baccalaureate-prepared nurses and enhance the quality of nursing practice within all patient service venues. The School’s graduate programs prepare nurses for advanced roles in clinical practice, administration and education.

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If Suffering from Back Pain, See a Physical Therapist First - Get Started Without a Doctor's Prescription

In 2016, the Center for Disease control reported that about 20.4% of adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, with eight percent living with high-impact chronic pain.  Acute pain can become chronic, and recurring pain can persist and worsen, affecting other parts of the body if not treated effectively, and with long-term relief as a primary goal.  

Painkillers, injections, minimally to moderately invasive procedures, and surgery can often be prevented by getting to a physical therapist first. Physical therapy is often the safer, more effective choice for treating pain, and delivers sustainable relief with the highest rate of success.  

“Physical therapy treats the root causes of the pain experienced and focuses on sustainable relief,” says physical therapist Laura Hunter, clinical rehab director of Weston, Florida’s Quality Rehab Care.  “At QRC patients receive individualized care tailored to their intake evaluation, medical history, and recovery goals.”

Going straight to a physical therapist for assessment and treatment prevents a condition from worsening and/or spreading pain to other parts of the body.  Decreased range of motion/mobility of one body part may also affect other parts of the body if not treated early. Unfortunately, the average wait time to see a physical therapist for patients who jump through insurance procedure hoops to get a doctor’s prescription for physical therapy is 24 days.  Obtaining a prescription requires seeing a primary care physician who may give you a referral to an orthopedic specialist who may write you a prescription for physical therapy.  That’s a lot of time, effort, and co-pays, and further deficits can occur in that time when living with an injury. These compounded deficits due to injury may be more invasive, time-consuming, and costly to fix.

Twenty-eight states have direct access laws by which patients can seek physical therapy directly without a doctor’s prescription.  Florida is one such state.  Patients in Florida can go directly to physical therapists; however, this direct access does not allow physical therapists to implement treatment plans in acute care settings.  The condition must be within the physical therapist’s scope of practice.  If it is not, the physical therapist can consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner or refer the patient, and if the care plan exceeds 30 days, a practitioner of record must review and sign off on the plan.

Many of Laura Hunter’s patients at Quality Rehab Care utilize Florida’s direct access laws to access her services for injury recovery, post-op recovery, acute pain, chronic conditions, joint issues, and more.  Mrs. Hunter is a Board Certified and Licensed Physical Therapist with over 25 years of combined experience in acute and long-term physical therapy, in homecare, rehabilitation center, and hospital settings, locally and internationally.  

At the local hospital in Weston it takes 2-3 weeks to get an appointment to see at Physical therapist.   We make it a point to get a new patient in the same week as their request for service. Our therapist can help patients prevent and/or delay surgeries.  We can reduce the insurance cost by reducing/eliminating the use of narcotics.  Educating our patients in the correct body mechanics we also help to prevent further injuries. 

“This rehab facility is excellent,” reported Quality Rehab Care patient and Yelp reviewer Kay B.  “The genuine interest and care is awesome.  Laura is amazing and explains everything in detail. I had issues with my shoulder where my movement was very limited due to the pain.  I had dealt with this issue for quite some time.  After pursuing rehab with Laura, it was only a matter of weeks before I was back to normal. I honestly thought I would never go back to normal.  Laura and her team made this a possibility for me.”

“I am back for a third time,” says Quality Rehab Care patient and Yelp reviewer Meryl J.  “This time, I have lower back pain.  Pain stinks, but Laura and her staff are amazing. They are educated, kind, listen and really help make the pain go away!  You have to do your part and keep up the exercises at home, but when you are in the office, she really makes sure you know what to do.  Every single person who works here is amazing.  You enter her office a patient but leave a friend. I know many others who feel the same way.”

Yelp reviewer and Quality Rehab Care patient Maria O. agrees that it is the, “Best place to get better from any injury or surgery rehab, Laura is a caring, intelligent, and lovely therapist.  Her staff is helpful and nice.”

Don’t live with acute or chronic pain or put your treatment on hold to jump through administrative hoops.  Call Laura at 954-389-9905 or email quality.rehabcare@gmail.com to get started, and visit https://qualityrehabcare.com/ to learn more.

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Automated Marketing Services Support Businesses in Difficult Times

Atlanta – As more businesses across the country worry about maintaining customers and keeping the doors open during the COVID-19 pandemic, a variety of digital marketing services and support can help companies reach more potential customers in  an effective manner. ThinkZILLA Consulting,  an innovative branding and digital transformation agency, is helping small to mid-size public and private businesses employ marketing automation, website updates and relevant marketing channels for digital transformation during challenging times.

Certified as a woman-owned small business (WOSB) by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and as a certified minority business enterprise through the National Minority Supplier Development Council, ThinkZILLA Consulting helps small businesses to Fortune 500 companies implement digital solutions to support business awareness and growth. From the technology to healthcare industries and from education to energy, ThinkZILLA simplifies the marketing process for businesses across industries, allowing them to focus on business management.

“To meet the needs of companies across the country, we have expanded our team so we can serve as your outsourced digital marketing and branding partner, helping with everything from expanded reach to crisis communications,” said Dr.Velma Trayham, CEO of ThinkZILLA. “We enjoy helping businesses reach their goals by becoming more visible online, crafting the perfect messaging and connecting with our network of more than a million media partners to share their mission and message.”

With innovative solutions to solidify strong customer perceptions, ThinkZILLA Consulting’s services include: cultural branding to prompt more customers to identify with company culture and message; digital marketing including email marketing, search engine marketing (SEO), social media outreach, videos and mobile applications; public relations to manage reputation and boost consumer confidence to enhance credibility; business partnerships to leverage strategic marketing and help companies achieve their objectives, among others.

Beyond efficiency and greater reach, the benefits of digital marketing include greater personalization, which significantly increases customer engagement, new leads and the ability to measure effectiveness of efforts. Social media is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to reach more people across the globe, and 90 percent of consumers have communicated with a brand via social, according to a recent survey

With its growing team of experts across marketing platforms, ThinkZILLA is A Plus rated by the Better Business Bureau and recently partnered with Grady Health System as part of the prestigious George Mentor Protégé Association. The company is a member of the Atlanta Business League and the Atlanta Press Club as well as a premier Google partner.

“With a focus on value and solving complex problems, we are authentic and thoughtful when it comes to delivering solutions and helping our clients transform and innovate,” Trayham added. 

About ThinkZILLA Consulting Group 

ThinkZILLA specializes in multicultural branding, digital engagement, influencer marketing, experiential events and partnership creation. Making brands more relevant, ThinkZILLA builds meaningful connections between brands and consumers. For more information on ThinkZILLA or to schedule a consultation, please visit https://thinkzillaconsulting.com/ 

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New Home Buyers Undeterred In February, According To Meyers Research

Today, the experts at Meyers Research, the housing industry’s foremost advisors, released the New Home Pending Sales Index (PSI) for February 2020. The New Home PSI, backed by data from Zonda and Metrostudy, shows pending sales increased year-over-year and month-over-month across the United States. The index is a leading residential real estate indicator based on the number of new home sales contracts signed across the country.

The New Home PSI came in at 122.7 for February, representing a 16.4% increase from February 2019. On a month-over-month basis, new home sales increased by 3.6% between January and February 2020.

“Consumers were home shopping at cycle-highs in February,” said Ali Wolf, chief economist at Meyers Research. “Low mortgage rates and beating the spring selling season rush were two main contributors to the burst of action.”

Nine of the 10 key markets grew year-over-year. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver experienced the most significant growth compared to last year, up 57.1%, 40.1%, and 31.7%, respectively. Eight of the ten markets grew on a month-over-month basis, led by Atlanta.

Given the easy comp from the slowdown in late-2018 and early-2019, looking at the two-year trend is very telling. The national index is 8.1% higher than February 2018. The spring selling season in 2019 returned to normal levels of volume so the need to review the data on a two-year basis will only apply to new home sales for the next couple of months.

New home pending sales in Phoenix are up a strong 21.0% compared to two years ago, which highlights the strength of the market heading into March, the start of the particularly uncertain period brought on by COVID-19. Houston, a market vulnerable to the recent dramatic drop in oil prices, was experiencing robust housing demand last month, up 12.1% year-over-year and 8.5% compared to February 2018.

The strong annual clip for Los Angeles and San Francisco is less robust when put in context. Both markets are lower compared to two years ago, with Los Angeles sales 11.7% below February 2018 and San Francisco down 22.1%.

“The February data captures housing activity ahead of the increased uncertainty around COVID-19.” said Wolf. “With containment measures increasing by the day, traffic in the new home market is expected to slow in the coming weeks. Even still, the recent trend for housing captures strong demand that will likely rebound quickly when the coronavirus recedes.”

New home data is susceptible to outsized swings in contract activity based on shifts in the number of actively selling communities. As a result, Meyers Research normalizes the data to ensure consistency across the index. The New Home PSI blends the cumulative sales of active or recently sold-out projects with the average sales rate per community, which adjusts for fluctuations in supply. Furthermore, the New Home PSI is seasonally adjusted based on each markets’ specific seasonality and removes outliers. The index is baselined to 100 for June 2016. Today’s national New Home PSI is 22.7% above the base level.

The next Meyers Research New Home PSI press release, featuring March 2020 data, will be issued on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. ET.


The Meyers Research New Home Pending Sales Index (PSI) is built on proprietary, industry-leading data that covers 60% of the production new home market across the United States. Reported number of new home pending contracts are gathered and analyzed each month. Released on the 15th business day of each month, the New Home PSI is a leading indicator of housing demand compared to closings because it is based on the number of signed contracts at a new home community. Meyers Research monitors 18,000 active communities in the country and the homes tracked can be in any stage of construction.

The new home market represents roughly 10% of all transactions, allowing little movements in supply to cause outsized swings in market activity. As a result, the New Home PSI blends the cumulative sales of activity recently sold out projects with the average sales rate per community, which adjusts for fluctuations in supply. Furthermore, the New Home PSI is seasonally adjusted based on each markets’ specific seasonality, removes outliers, and uses June 2016 as the base month. The foundation of the index is a monthly survey conducted by Meyers Research. It is necessary to monitor both new and existing home sales to establish an accurate picture of the relative health of the residential real estate market.

About Meyers Research

Meyers Research represents the housing industry’s leading provider of rich data, backed by Zonda and Metrostudy, and the industry’s top advisors for residential real estate development and new home construction. With products and services geared for homebuilders, multifamily developers, lenders, and financial institutions, we provide innovative solutions to maximize opportunities in today's real estate development landscape. To learn more, visit meyersresearchllc.com.

Meyers Research, Hanley Wood, Zonda, Metrostudy, and the company logo, are trademarks of Meyers Research, LLC and/or its subsidiaries.

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Upcoming Episode of Advancements Series to Explore Innovations in Infrastructure Data Collection

Advancements with Ted Danson will focus on leading-edge infrastructure data collection technologies during 3Q/2020. Check your local listings for more information.

This segment will explore Hydromax USA (HUSA), a professional services firm specializing in advanced data collection in support of locating and assessing the condition of the country’s aging water, wastewater, and natural gas conveyance systems.

Viewers will learn how HUSA’s vast experience with new technologies and techniques empowers contractors, engineers, and utility owners to make the best decisions regarding their buried infrastructure.

“The marriage of technology and infrastructure, with verifiable mapping, is aiding the gas, water, and wastewater industries in ensuring the sustainability and reliability of energy to the world,” said Jon A. Smith, CEO of Hydromax USA. “While there remains much to do, Hydromax USA’s innovation and partnerships with leading organizations, utilities, and municipalities is advancing this industry in new ways daily. We ensure that our customers understand the present condition, while protecting the safe future of energy.”

The show will also teach viewers how HUSA utilizes the largest array of technologies, within one company, to provide the broadest capability in the country to assess buried infrastructure.

“With a strong record of performance, HUSA brings a unique ability to meet the needs for advanced data collection,” said Brett Ferrigan, senior producer for DMG Productions and the Advancements series. “We look forward to exploring how this technology is helping to improve infrastructure throughout the country.”

About Hydromax USA:

Hydromax USA is a leading national provider of infrastructure condition assessment services for the gas, water, and wastewater industries. Leveraging innovative and proprietary GIS-Centric solutions, HUSA’s comprehensive assessment and analytics platforms provide the highest level of actional business intelligence, while ensuring public safety and improving asset management. For more information, visit: http://www.hydromaxusa.com.

About Advancements and DMG Productions:

The Advancements series is an information-based educational show targeting recent advances across a number of industries and economies. Featuring state-of-the-art solutions and important issues facing today’s consumers and business professionals, Advancements focuses on cutting-edge developments, and brings this information to the public with the vision to enlighten about how technology and innovation continue to transform our world.

Backed by experts in various fields, DMG Productions is dedicated to education and advancement, and to consistently producing commercial-free, educational programming on which both viewers and networks depend. For more info, please visit: http://www.advancementstv.com.

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Trident at AIU Education Professor Receives Teaching Excellence Award

Trident at American InterContinental University (Trident at AIU) is proud to announce Dr. James “Greg” Hodges as the recipient of its Teaching Excellence Award for the Summer 2019 quarter. From the pool of faculty nominated, Dr. Hodges was selected as the winner by University leadership based on the strength of the positive feedback submitted by students.

“Dr. Hodges enhanced the online teaching tools by providing real world examples, asking for everyone’s thoughts on the scenario, and then posting what the final outcome was in the real situation,” states student Kristine Boyle. “What an amazing way to see what we are learning applied to actual situations in schools! I am very grateful for being a part of Dr. Hodges’s class and hope that I am able to benefit from his teaching style in future courses.”

Dr. Hodges joined Trident at AIU’s College of Education as a part-time professor in 2014, instructing doctoral level courses. He has held several positions in higher education including his current position as a Chief Academic Officer at a community college. Prior to this he worked as an elementary school teacher for 12 years. 

A lifelong learner and teacher, Dr. Hodges has traveled to more than 70 community colleges across the country, training thousands of faculty members and administrators through workshops on cooperative learning, guided pathways, critical thinking, developmental education reform, and the national student success agenda.

He has been a member on boards of directors for local, state, and national organizations, including his current tenure with the Boys and Girls Club of the Blue Ridge and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Dr. Hodges is a graduate of Trident at AIU’s Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program. He holds a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Bethany Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the College of William & Mary.

About Trident at American InterContinental University

Founded in 1998, Trident at American InterContinental University (Trident at AIU) is part of an online postsecondary university serving adult learners. Trident at AIU uses the EdActive™ learning approach, which employs case-based learning in an online setting to teach real-world relevant critical thinking skills designed to enhance the lives and education of students. Trident offers quality associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs and certificates, led by a qualified faculty team, over 80% of whom have doctoral degrees. Trident at AIU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org) and has more than 22,000 alumni with a military affiliation. The University has received multiple acknowledgements from Washington Monthly, Military Times, and Military Advanced Education & Transition for their dedication to student success. Visit http://www.trident.edu or call at (855) 290-0290 to learn more about Trident at AIU's wide range of educational options.

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GreatSchools.org launches new school closure learning guide

GreatSchools.org announces a new, free resource for parents as they support their families through school closures, home learning, and the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The school closure learning guide gives parents and caregivers practical advice, information, and easy-to-use tools to help prepare their child for learning at home.

The learning guide provides grade-based toolkits in English and Spanish and includes standards-aligned worksheets, vocabulary lists, book lists, and other research-based academic and social-emotional tips and guidance. The guide also includes parenting cue cards for on-the-spot help with what to do/say (and not to do/say) when faced with a tough parenting moment.

“First and foremost, parents are concerned about their family’s basic needs - how they will keep everyone safe, fed, and healthy,” says GreatSchools’ CEO, Jon Deane. “At the same time, schools are closing across America and parents and caregivers are faced with the unique challenge of ensuring children keep learning. At GreatSchools, we hope to complement local efforts with parenting guidance and grade-based resources to help families during this time.” GreatSchools will update the school closure learning guide regularly to provide fresh and relevant information for parents and families.

GreatSchools is also curating resources from other trusted organizations to include in the school closure learning guide, and in a special “It Takes A Village” feature in the GreatSchools weekly newsletter for parents.

Families can find GreatSchools.org’s learning guide in English and Spanish. They can also sign up for weekly newsletters in English and Spanish, offering parents and caregivers articles and tips to help during these trying times.

GreatSchools.org’s experts and partners are also available for media interviews.

About GreatSchools.org:

GreatSchools.org is the leading national nonprofit empowering parents with essential information to improve educational opportunities for their child. Using GreatSchools’ trusted ratings and school quality information, parents can find the right school for their family and take action to improve schools in their communities. Thousands of articles, tips and interactive tools offer parents easy-to-use resources to support their child’s learning and wellbeing every day. Families, community leaders and policymakers turn to GreatSchools for the school information they need to guide children to great futures.

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Level Up Kids Opens Its First US Franchise Location In Jacksonville, Florida

Level Up Kids is opening a new learning center in May 2020, located in Jacksonville, Florida, offering a full lineup of student programs for the summer. Level Up Learning Centers are for seven to eighteen-year-olds and focused on teaching technological skills in a creative, fun environment. Year-round programs and summer camps prepare students for college, internships and careers in programming, game development, design and robotics.

Ambre and Ed Goff are the proud owners of the new Level Up Kids Jacksonville. With a technology-loving son, the Goff’s understand the need to introduce students to STEM concepts at an early age. Ambre is excited about bringing innovative classes and camps like esports and YouTube to Jacksonville families. “One of the benefits is that kids learn how to solve problems, think creatively and gain confidence,” said Jeff Hughes, Founder of Level Up Learning Centers. “Our programs teach kids the fundamentals while encouraging creativity, and most of all - having fun!”

Level Up focuses on STEM education for children and teens, bringing STEM concepts to life through a series of engaging, fun courses and activities geared toward building excitement, interest and knowledge. With over 150 available courses available in their curriculum, the Level Up team is prepared to meet the needs of any students who seek a deeper understanding of the world around them by teaching real skills to prepare them for the extraordinary possibilities of a future that is yet unknown.

About Level Up Kids:

Founded in May 2015 by CEO Jeff Hughes, Level Up Kids is an innovative and non-traditional approach to after-school enrichment programs. The company started with just one location in New Brunswick and has since expanded globally with locations across Canada, the United States, Asia, and the Caribbean. Level Up engages students in supplemental Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, giving them a real academic advantage, along with the skills and motivation they need to succeed in life. Level Up Kids encourages children to pursue an interest in the growing tech industry through creativity, exploration and friendship in an energetic, kid-friendly learning environment.

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Ponce Health Sciences University – St. Louis to Build New Campus with a School of Medicine

On Friday, March 6, local leaders and elected officials including Congressman Lacey Clay gathered to join Ponce Health Sciences University President and CEO/Co-founder of Tiber Health, Dr. David Lenihan, as he unveiled his plans for an million educational investment in North St. Louis. Among the commitment, a School of Medicine and a hospital, will provide anchors for the City of St Louis to grow as a medical hub.

The investment will be centered around the School of Medicine as an expansion of Ponce Health Sciences University (Ponce, Puerto Rico) satellite campus in St Louis. The new campus will provide a permanent home for Ponce Health Sciences University in St. Louis as well as fulfill a commitment to improve community health via their innovative Master of Science in Medical Sciences program, a pre-medical master’s program which offers an alternate pathway for students pursuing medical school admission.

The announcement comes on the heels of reports from the Missouri Hospital Association, noting the U.S. faces an estimated shortage of 49,000 primary care physicians over the next 10 years. As population diversity increases, communities will require more doctors who possess the training, skill and cultural competency to meet demand for essential, quality health care. The high cost, testing and selection process of traditional U.S. medical schools has systemically excluded underrepresented minorities from pursuing successful paths to medical careers.

“PHSU offers a compelling solution for closing this gap between the medical school selection process and professional healthcare delivery,” says Dr. Kenneth Dobbins, Chancellor of PHSU St Louis. “Our new campus in the heart of St Louis advances our efforts as a University to be recognized as academic and research leaders. It also allows us to put action behind our vision of providing medical education and research opportunities dedicated to addressing and impacting health disparities on local and national levels."

About Ponce Health Sciences University – St. Louis

The St. Louis Campus expands Ponce Health Sciences University's global network and extends efforts to serve diverse and underserved communities. Ponce Health Sciences University is a fully accredited university dedicated to providing the highest quality graduate education programs available in medicine, clinical psychology, biomedical sciences, and public health in order to prepare world-class, culturally competent health professionals to better serve a growing population of diverse patients across the United States. Located in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and St. Louis, MO, PHSU is recognized around the world for its medical education and research achievements.

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Future of School Annual Rural Summit Focused on Digital Learning

A diverse group of national leaders in education recently gathered in Austin, Texas, to share critical insights on advancing K-12 rural education through digital learning. Online and blended learning programs have supported rural students and schools in myriad ways for years, but for many educators and advocates, the pivotal role digital learning plays in boosting student engagement and academic achievement in rural education has not been widely explored. The second annual Rural Students Digital Learning Summit, which took place on February 23 and 24, 2020, was sponsored by the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA) and Future of School (FoS), and focused on providing equitable access to online and blended learning in remote areas.

Representatives from the summit’s sponsors, including Robert Currie, President of VLLA, and Robyn Bagley, a Founding Board Member of FoS, kicked off the event with thought-provoking remarks. “The schools and districts of rural America face unique challenges related to equity and access,” Bagley said. “Technology can be the equalizer to provide those students the well deserved resources afforded the nation’s most populous and affluent areas. Enabling districts to retain teachers in onsite roles as well as tap into the expertise of those located elsewhere will transform learning for rural populations.”

Through talks, presentations and open discussions in large and small group formats, attendees from 21 states and the District of Columbia shared their experiences as educators and nonprofit leaders, and explored trends, obstacles, opportunities and emerging shifts impacting rural school districts throughout America.

A few of the Summit’s highlights:

  • Three state-level presentations by representatives from the Colorado Department of Education, the Vermont Virtual Learning Collaborative and Virtual Arkansas underscored the impact that strong or absent policy has on expanding access to high quality learning opportunities.
  • Three presentations of creative strategies in Montana, North Carolina and Tennessee that involved philanthropy, state virtual programs, and/or community organizations and directly increased access and equity.
  • The Summit’s youngest attendee and speaker who has yet to receive her diploma gave a personal perspective on digital learning. Satara Ehnes, a 17-year-old senior at Julesburg High School in Colorado, will graduate with 50 college credits and an associate’s degree from community college two days prior to her high school graduation in May—an accomplishment made possible by virtual learning programs.


“Equitable access is a work-in-progress and much more needs to be done in order to provide high quality online learning opportunities to even the most remotely located schools,” said Amy Valentine, Executive Director of Future of School. “Our students’ futures depend on it, regional economies depend on it, and the competitiveness of our workforce depends on it.”

Attendees tackled current educational policy, solutions to teacher staffing shortages, the imperative for broadband internet, emerging social and community issues, and workforce readiness, among others, aiming to shed light on topics that shape a meaningful, rigorous and relevant K-12 learning experience despite geographic challenges.

The Summit proved to be an intimate, interactive forum for national rural education leaders, leading practitioners and supporters of online and blended learning to discuss and develop meaningful approaches that will improve rural education in the 21st century.

The Future of School fully supports the evolution of America’s rural school districts toward readiness for an increasingly interconnected world. It is committed to an active dialogue on progress made in 2020 and exchanging ideas and finding new ways forward—both at the third Annual Rural Students Digital Learning Summit in 2021, and via a digital resource repository now in the early stages of development. Sign up here to receive updates on these efforts.

Future of School is a 501(c)3 public charity amplifying the importance of K-12 learning as a catalyst for student readiness and a stronger society through programs and events, including its celebrated impact summits, original publicly shared research, grants for educators innovating in their schools and a scholarship program that rewards students diversifying their educational pathway.    

The Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance is an association of innovative virtual programs in the U.S. Consisting largely of state virtual schools and several consortia, the member organizations serve well over a half million online course enrollments annually. The Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization that includes Colorado Digital Learning Solutions, Georgia Virtual School, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance, Illinois Virtual School, Indiana Online, Michigan Virtual, Montana Digital Academy, Nevada Learning Academy, NC Virtual, Virtual Arkansas, VHS Learning, Virtual SC, Virtual Virginia, Wisconsin eSchool Network and Wisconsin Virtual School.

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New Alliance Academy Announces the Results of their Parent Satisfaction Survey

Recently, New Alliance Academy has conducted a survey to measure the overall satisfaction of their therapeutic education program. Those who took the survey were asked several questions and were instructed to rate their satisfaction level based on those questions from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The satisfaction level for every question on the survey had a positive outcome.

As the word “alliance” explains in its name, New Alliance Academy works very closely with the students’ families in order to achieve the students’ goals. Due to this dynamic relationship, measuring the degree of family satisfaction is an essential tool to further the success of the program. New Alliance Academy is very proud to announce that overall, families are very satisfied with the school’s program. Full results of the survey can be found on the New Alliance Academy website.


New Alliance Academy in Paramus, NJ is a high school for teenagers who experience acute psychological distress. New Alliance Academy provides a full educational curriculum that addresses the emotional and academic needs of its students in a day school setting. The school integrates educational and ancillary therapeutic services, expertly crafted and delivered in one location. These therapeutic services are designed to eventually facilitate the adolescent’s return to a least restrictive educational setting as soon as they are ready. Students gain a deeper understanding of themselves by receiving the tools they need to move forward in their education and in life.

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Atlanta Based Alloy Personal Training Franchise Set To Expand In The Atlanta Market

Rick Mayo launched his original personal training business as North Point in Roswell, Georgia, back in 1992. After nearly a quarter-century of success in 2011, Rick and his team started Alloy Personal Training to assist major gym chains, independent gyms, health clubs, and fitness businesses around the world in deploying personal training systems for their members. At that time, the original North Point location updated its brand name to Alloy as well, and Rick entered into a partnership with long time colleague and Atlantian, Suzanne Robb, who serves as Alloy Chief Operating Officer.

Having grown their business serving thousands of fitness facilities with millions of members around the world, the team at Alloy decided to expand via franchising last year. The Alloy vision is to provide a superior personal training franchise solution uniquely focused on serving the ever-growing, "active aging" population.

The decision to pivot to franchising given their experience and understanding of the fitness industry appears to have been timely; in only months following their initial launch, the company has already sold several development deals. Now the brand has its sights set on the Atlanta market where they project eight markets are available, including Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Buckhead, Midtown, Marietta, Suwanee, and East Cobb for people interested in becoming franchisees in the fitness space.

Fitness industry expert Bryan O'Rourke, board member of IHRSA (International Association for Health Clubs) and investor in several global fitness brands, said, "The Alloy team's experience and understanding of the marketplace and business models sets them apart as a fitness franchise. I expect great things ahead for this brand."

"The name 'Alloy' is the notion of strength and motion meeting; those two things coming together to create something bigger, stronger, and longer-lasting," says founder Rick Mayo. "Over the past few years, our team wanted to do even more to meet our mission. We know a formula that works, and that is a key ingredient to a successful franchise."

A native Atlantian, Mayo has received many accolades as a fitness and personal training guru over the years. He has traveled the world speaking on fitness business trends in Australia, Europe, and the Americas. In 2019 Mayo was recognized with the prestigious AFS Fitness Business of the Year award. The AFS award honors a studio or gym that excels in all areas of business and whose owner has demonstrated the ability to create excellent customer experiences, dedicated staff, motivated clients, and leadership in their community.

"We are excited to open up the Atlanta market," says Suzanne Robb, Alloy COO, "Being in such close proximity to the flagship location or the 'mothership' as we like to call it will enable us to use our knowledge and experience of the market to help our hometown investors and set our new franchisees up for success."

"We have incorporated everything that we have learned to own and operate a successful Personal Training Fitness Business," says Tony Chemer, VP of Franchise Sales, "allowing us to provide total support for our business partners with the specifications and systems that are already proven in thousands of gyms worldwide."

Team Alloy is Founder and CEO Rick Mayo, COO Suzanne Robb, VP of Franchise Development Tony Chemer, and VP of Education Matt Helland.

Discovery days are underway, and territories are now being awarded. If you or someone you know is interested in having their own successful personal training business, the Alloy systems are well developed, and they are focusing on very discreet segments.

# # #

About Alloy:

Alloy’s fitness program was created in 1992 around a very straightforward philosophy: people who get personalized coaching get better results. Today, Alloy programs are among the most effective programs in the world for helping people, especially those over 50, who want to look and feel their absolute best.

Alloy’s established, effective fitness platform and business management solutions have delivered real results throughout the world. Alloy Personal Training Franchise gives franchisees the chance to make an impact, both on their community and their future with a branded, brick-and-mortar Alloy personal training franchise location.
Learn more at http://www.alloyfranchise.com

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New Free Webinar for Leaders to Learn the Power of One on One Meetings

On March 17, 2020 at 2 pm EST Mastery Training Services is sponsoring and hosting a webinar, presented by Amy Forehand of the Forehand Company, titled, “Leadership: The Hidden Power of One on Ones.” This free webinar is geared toward those in a leadership role interested in learning how to conduct effective one on one meetings with employees.

Throughout this interactive webinar, Forehand will teach leaders how they can help hone the skills of their team members and unlock new levels of performance via one on one meetings. Leaders will learn how to boost their own leadership skills and grow their team’s performance by focusing on each employee’s uniqueness.

This session is free to attend, and anyone interested can register here.

Mastery Training Services is eager to partner with the Forehand Company on this webinar. Leadership development is a key area for any organization serious about business growth and employee development. Mastery Training Services is committed to helping organizations utilize employee development resources, such as this session, to become more amazing organizations.

For a full list of free webinars offered by Mastery Training Services, click here.

About Amy Forehand

Amy Forehand, owner of The Forehand Company, is a leadership consultant and coach committed to growing employeeship - employee responsibility, loyalty and initiative. Amy does this by creating stronger partnerships between employees and their leaders. She is guided by a belief that employees thrive when the right conditions are created and works with leaders to ensure those conditions are created on purpose. Amy also serves as a trustee on the Chelsea Education Foundation board where she is able to impact creating conditions for students to thrive. Amy can be reached at http://www.TheForehandCompany.org or TheForehandCompany@gmail.com.

About Mastery Training Services

Mastery Training Services is a leader in the corporate online training marketplace. We help organizations grow and become more successful with our comprehensive workplace training systems and services. In this way, Mastery fulfills its mission of helping build more successful, effective and amazing organizations.

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National Certification Board for Aging and Alzheimer Care (NCBACtm) Announces Availability of Version 3 of CRTS(tm) Certified Relocation Transition Specialist Training

The aging US population brings with it a host of new challenges. In larger numbers than ever before, Senior Citizens face the need to modify or change their living arrangements. Most often this involves downsizing to a smaller home, condo, or assisted living facility. For a few, it may involve modifying their existing residence.

Change is difficult for most people. Studies show that our concept of "home" is hardwired in our brains. It's at the core of who we are. Giving up possessions can be very unsettling for Seniors as well as their families. In many cases, family homes are intrinsically tied to our identities.

NCBAC's CRTS Certification Program features an 18 module course which provides comprehensive information needed to successfully organize and manage Senior moves from beginning to setting up the new home.

The voice-over narration has just been added, as well as updated statistics and detailed on-line illustration. The information is easy to follow and is designed to provide Transition Specialists with the plans and techniques necessary to reduce stress and manage moves effectively.

CRTS emphasizes a team approach for project management. It covers topics such as working with families, communication techniques, dealing with physical limitations, downsizing decisions for personal possessions, finding appropriate housing alternatives, moving issues and resettling into a new home.

Transition Specialists come from many other professions including professional organizers, caregivers and housing personnel, real estate agents, estate sales specialists, attorneys, movers and medical personnel.

This program meets national certification standards and is the premier national certification of its type.

For more information, including special rates: http://www.crtscertification.com

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Sandhya Padala - A Rare Inspirational Journey From a Traditional Indian Background to a Modern American Female Entrepreneur

Sandy Padala, the Founder and CEO of Rex Programming, is a global entrepreneur working towards bringing high quality technology education to everyone. Her journey from a conservative Indian family, to one of the few women in major corporate IT management roles, to a start-up founder, is an inspiration to everyone, especially for minorities, immigrants and women. 

“I grew up in a 300 sq ft home that I shared with 5 people”, says Sandy. “I was an average student who excelled in Math but was not good in History, Biology, or English.  My Mom was strict and taught me the value of hard work. Dad was lenient and taught me to believe in myself.” By 11th grade, it was clear that math and computer science would be her key to a successful future.

Sandy went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Toledo.  For the first eight years she lived in the US, she played it safe. She never questioned anyone and always agreed to what her bosses said because of her insecurities about her English and finances, and her upbringing in a culture that taught girls that they should defer to men.

She improved her English by watching movies and attending classes. As her confidence grew and her financial and visa situation stabilized, she worked her way up to senior IT management positions at reputed corporations like Harley-Davidson Motor Company as well as serving on nonprofit boards, like the YMCA. In her last full-time corporate position, she ran a multi-million dollar, 200+ person project.  Of the 200 people on her team, less than 3% were women.

Sandy says “It is important to make the family a part of your journey.” Since her son was six, he wanted to learn to create video games, “I looked high and low for a suitable environment for him” Sandy explained, “when I couldn’t find one, I decided to create one.” 

She has spent the last four years overcoming many obstacles as she builds her company, Rex Programming. She says it is critical for entrepreneurs to remain open-minded and adjust their strategy with developing situations and circumstances.

Rex aims to provide organizations the best-in-class cutting-edge technology courses.

“I was struck by the comment made by Sandy, that coding is the reading and writing for the future generation. That really resonates when you realize how basic reading and writing is and what that means for coding going forward.”

Curt Hazelbaker President/CEO, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas.

Today, Rex is a huge success having impacted over 10,000 students in its short tenure and has doubled revenue every year, for the past two years and opened a second location in North Carolina. It has taught students through partnerships and pilot programs with major organizations like Girl Scouts, YMCA, as well as camps and classes at reputed private schools such as Greenhill.

Sandy had considered giving up like any other entrepreneur. Her daughter told her that if Steve Jobs had given up then the world wouldn’t be where it is today. Sandy realized that she needs to be a good role model for her daughter, nieces and many other women afraid to take the next step. She discovered her inner strength and resilience while building her business. The financial investment and support of her husband and brother helped her at every step. She also credits her success to her employees and advisory board. 

According to Sandy, the biggest challenge of a female entrepreneur is to balance societal obligations, taking care of family, and the demands of running a business. Sandy believes that women are better at business as handling conflict, emotions, empathy, multitasking and being realistic about finances comes naturally to them.

The confident entrepreneur realizes that she is the best salesperson of her product and services. She is conscious that she has a long entrepreneurial journey ahead and is poise about it. In the technology domain where there are few female entrepreneurs, Sandhya Padala has emerged as a role model that others can look up to. 

Here is a testimonial from the youngest students of Rex Programming.

Also view this news link video

To follow Sandy and her activities you may visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandhyapadala/ and for information on her company you can visit the website http://www.rexprogramming.com/

Sandy's interview on Dallas Innovates also highlighted the company's unique offerings and vision (to read, visit https://dallasinnovates.com/rex-programming-is-helping-kids-become-digitally-literate).

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Gomo Experts Reveal eLearning Authoring Best Practices in New Ebook

Gomo, the cloud-based eLearning authoring, delivery and analytics platform, has released a new ebook featuring contributions from six of its learning experts. Starting at the very beginning of an organization’s experience of eLearning authoring—selecting the right authoring tool—the ebook covers everything L&D professionals need to know to get the most out of a new or existing authoring tool.

The ebook is intended to help newcomers creating digital learning content as well as veteran content creators, with solutions for common issues that the team has repeatedly encountered in their time in the eLearning industry.

“These are the kind of topics we all revisit again and again. Even if you've been happily using your current authoring tool for years, it never hurts to consider things from a newcomer’s perspective. You could consider: are new employees being onboarded correctly? Are you helping them understand why tools were selected in the first place? Then, there’s always something new to learn about creating content and getting the most out of it,” said Gomo’s Managing Director, Gavin Beddow.

The six chapters of the ebook cover defining your eLearning authoring needs, working to your budget, how to successfully introduce a new authoring tool, do’s and don’ts of content creation, best practices for content review and testing, and measuring and tracking digital learning programs.

By reading the complete ebook, you will discover how:

  • Having a vision for where you want to take your L&D team is just as important as knowing their current skillset when choosing an eLearning authoring tool
  • Starting with a small budget can actually be an advantage
  • Training for new software tools is frequently undermined by a lack of time to practically apply learning
  • Learners primarily want content that doesn’t waste their time, and leaves no doubts about how it is relevant to them
  • You should start testing as soon as you build your first substantial prototype
  • xAPI doesn’t just mean deeper tracking – it opens up hosting possibilities that can help you deal with bandwidth and geographical hosting issues


Click here to download a copy of ‘From Tool Selection to Measurement: 6 Steps to eLearning Authoring Success’.

About Gomo

The Gomo learning suite provides multi-award-winning products that allow you to create, deliver, update, and track beautiful multi-device eLearning. With Gomo Authoring, you can create truly responsive and adaptive HTML5 content that looks perfect on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. With Gomo Delivery and Analytics, you can get content into the hands of learners instantly via websites, direct link, the Gomo LMS wrapper, social media, and more—all with full xAPI analytics.

With an ever-growing client base including the BBC, British Airways, BT, Centrica, General Electric, HSBC, L’Oréal, Royal Mail Group, Shell, Sony, Squarespace, TDK, Vodafone, Weetabix, Whatsapp, the World Health Organization and many more, Gomo is quickly becoming the established choice for global organizations seeking collaborative, future-proof and responsive HTML5 multi-device eLearning.

Gomo is part of Learning Technologies Group plc’s award-winning group of specialist learning technology businesses.

For more, visit gomolearning.com.

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Trident University Appoints New Dean of its College of Business

Trident University International (Trident) is proud to announce that Dr. Lisa Mohanty has been named Dean of the University’s Glenn R. Jones College of Business.

Since joining Trident in 2008, Dr. Mohanty has held a number of leadership positions, including Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and New Programs, Department Chair for Student Orientation and Social Sciences, and Program Director for General Education.

She most recently served as Dean of University College, a position which she assumed in 2017. In this role she led initiatives to improve student retention and oversaw the success of Trident’s Associate of Science in Professional Studies (ASPS) program and the Medical Billing and Coding Certificate. She most recently oversaw the successful launch of the Organizational Leadership concentration in the ASPS program.

“During her tenure, Dr. Mohanty established a reputation as an innovative educator,” states Dr. Mihaela Tanasescu, Provost, Trident. “Through her leadership in program launches, course development, and academic administration, she has helped to improve the student experience in many ways.”

Additionally, Dr. Mohanty is an experienced researcher whose areas of expertise include economics, business administration, and feminist economics. She has presented at the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and has seen her research published in multiple academic journals.

Dr. Mohanty holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Riverside, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Irvine.

About Trident University

Founded in 1998, Trident University International (Trident) is an online postsecondary university serving adult learners. Trident uses the EdActive™ learning approach, which employs case-based learning in an online setting to teach real-world relevant critical thinking skills to enhance the lives and education of students. Trident offers quality associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs and certificates, led by a qualified faculty team, over 80% of whom have doctoral degrees. Trident is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and has more than 22,000 alumni with a military affiliation. The University has received multiple acknowledgements from Military Times and Military Advanced Education & Transition for their dedication to military-affiliated students. Visit http://www.trident.edu, Trident’s Facebook page, or call at (855) 290-0290 to learn more about Trident's wide range of educational options.

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Online Continuing Education Now Approved by the Rhode Island Board of Examiners for Electricians

JADE Learning, a nationally trusted electrical continuing education provider, is now approved by the Rhode Island Board of Examiners for Electricians to provide electrical continuing education (CE) online. JADE Learning is the first continuing education provider to be approved for online courses making it easier for Rhode Island electricians to renew their electrical license with JADE Learning. Prior to JADE Learning’s online courses, Rhode Island electricians could only complete their CE requirements in a classroom setting.

JADE Learning's online electrical CE courses are taught by experienced instructors who are NEC experts with decades of experience. JADE Learning offers online electrical CE training in 40 states nationwide. JADE Learning is committed to assisting electricians in completing the CE hours required to renew their electrical licenses on-time by providing state approved content and expedited reporting of CE hours to the Rhode Island board of Examiners for Electricians.

Rhode Island electrical licenses expire every two years and the exact date is dependent on the licensees’ birthdate. Licensees are required to complete a total of 15 hours of continuing education. JADE Learning provides electricians with a 15-Hour Code Update course that covers the 2017 NEC. This course also covers Rhode Island amendments to the 2017 NEC and current laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to Rhode Island electricians in Title 5.

“JADE Learning’s online courses offer busy electricians the opportunity to complete their hours on their own time without having to commit an entire weekend for an in-person class,” said Amy Bonilla, VP of JADE Learning. “We are excited to be the first approved provider of online electrical continuing education in Rhode Island. We’ve attended several board meetings and worked with the state for a number of years to get online courses accepted by the state.”

Upcoming Board Meetings:

The Rhode Island Board of Examiners for Electricians holds one meeting a month to address issues and topics in the industry. The meetings are held at the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training located at 1511 Pontiac Avenue, Building 70, 2nd Floor, Cranston, RI 02920. Meetings begin at 9:30 AM.

February 19, 2020

March 18, 2020

April 22, 2020

May 20, 2020

Electrical Continuing Education

Online electrical CE courses are available any time at jadelearning.com

JADE Learning is an approved provider by the Rhode Island Board of Examiners for Electricians and the very first approved provider of online electrical continuing education in the state. Register for courses and contact JADE Learning about continuing education at jadelearning.com or call 1-800-443-5233.

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Loyalty Academy Announces Strategic Partnership with The Irish Loyalty Awards

The Wise Marketer Group, publisher of TheWiseMarketer.com and operator of The Loyalty Academy, have announced a new strategic partnership with the Irish Loyalty Awards to deliver loyalty education and training services to a pan-European audience.

The partnership begins with a featured presentation on The Six Competencies of Loyalty Marketing at the 2nd Annual Irish Loyalty Summit event in Dublin on March 12, 2020. Mike Capizzi, Dean of the Loyalty Academy, will lead the discussion and present a proprietary framework for evaluating what it takes to be great as a loyalty marketer. The awards gala will follow that evening with winners announced in multiple categories celebrating the best loyalty programs in Ireland. Information about the event and registration can be found at Irish Loyalty Awards. The Wise Marketer will serve as a media sponsor for the event.

The partnership has also announced a complete certification workshop for loyalty marketing professionals throughout the region. The 2-day workshop will also be held in Dublin in September 2020 and participants will be able to earn the credentials of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) as sanctioned by the Board of Regents for the Loyalty Academy. Details will be announced at the March Summit in Dublin.

Meeting the demand for training and professional growth among data-driven, customer-centric marketers around the world, the Loyalty Academy has conducted seminars and/or full certification workshops in 5 countries to date: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, and the US. Ireland marks the first time the educational offerings of the Loyalty Academy have been brought to the Euro Zone. Invitations will be sent to loyalty professionals throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. The CLMP workshop has helped ground hundreds of marketers in the concepts, best practices, and tools needed to successfully compete in the growing Customer Engagement and Loyalty industry.

The Dublin workshop will also be led by Capizzi, a long-time activist for the European Loyalty marketplace. “As Customer Centric marketing continues to grow in importance on the world stage, the demand for professional training is increasing,” commented Capizzi. “A new generation of marketing professionals are entering the work-place and are finding that CLMP certification can jump-start their career path with customer-facing brands. At the same time, highly experienced practitioners are seeking education on the latest trends and channels to connect with their customers. The Loyalty Academy certification programs and online courseware are designed to meet the collective needs of the Marketing professional to compete successfully in a dynamic business environment.”

CLMP certification can also be earned one course at a time through online learning. The full curriculum consisting of 15 courses has been completed by 152 professionals globally across 17 countries.

Irish Loyalty Awards Co-Founders, Eileen McGuinnes and Marian Kelly, were responsible for putting the partnership together based upon the needs of the Irish and European loyalty communities. “We have been including educational seminars and thought leadership discussions for all attendees at the Irish Loyalty Summit the past few years,” said McGuinnes/Kelly, “and training services are a natural extension of our offering. By partnership with the Loyalty Academy we can deliver a best-in-class program that can work across Europe and can be customized based upon our own expertise in the loyalty industry.”

Sponsorship opportunities are available for both the Awards event and the Certification workshop. Interested parties should contact support@thewisemarketer.com for details and/or subscribe to The Wise Marketer's newsletter to stay up-to-date with other upcoming events and critical coverage of the loyalty marketing, customer engagement, and data-driven marketing industry.

About the Wise Marketer Group

The Wise Marketer Group delivers timely and unbiased publishing, research, and educational products to a global audience of marketing professionals. The Wise Marketer Group publishes TheWiseMarketer.com, the most widely read news source for Customer and Loyalty marketing in the world, with a 15-year history serving the global loyalty marketing industry. The Wise Marketer also publishes The Loyalty Guide™ and operates the Loyalty Academy™, the first industry professional certification program, offering the designation of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) to those completing the curriculum.

For details, visit https://thewisemarketer.com/ and https://loyaltyacademy.org/.

About Irish Loyalty Awards

The Irish Loyalty Awards provide a recognition and networking platform to bring together the loyalty industry key players in Ireland. The objective of the awards is to be the premier platform for awarding excellence and achievement in loyalty for Irish companies. The awards recognise brands that are building lasting and profitable relationships with customers within Ireland and abroad across every sector. The Irish loyalty awards targets the loyalty industry across all sectors, providing our entrants with a prestigious opportunity in the loyalty field to raise their profile and be recognized as a leader and innovator in their sector.

For details, visit https://irishloyaltyawards.ie/

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NAfME Member Mickey Smith Jr. of Louisiana Named 2020 GRAMMY Music Educator Award Honoree

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) congratulates music educator Mickey Smith Jr. on being honored with the prestigious 2020 Music Educator AwardTM. The honor presented by The Recording Academy® and the GRAMMY Museum is well-deserved. Mickey is a member of NAfME and the Louisiana Music Educators Association (LMEA). This is the seventh year the Music Educator Award has been presented, and all seven years the winners have been members of NAfME: Kent Knappenberger (2014); Jared Cassedy (2015); Phillip Riggs (2016); Keith Hancock (2017); Melissa Salguero (2018); and now Jeffery Redding (2019); and now Mickey Smith Jr. (2020).

Mickey Smith Jr. is the Director of Bands at Maplewood Middle School in Sulphur, Louisiana. He is also the author of a children’s book The Adventures of Little Mickey: Keep on Going. In an interview last year with NAfME, Smith said, “I grew up in a forgotten community, and music was my opportunity to be the first in my family to go to college and travel the world. Music was my open door, so I wanted to open the door for others to discover their ‘sound.’” Describing the impact of music education on students, Smith said, “I believe music is still an essential element. It is a key component to what it means to be human. In a time where schools, industries, and economies are looking for forward-thinking individuals with the capacity to problem-solve, interpret data, and still communicate, empathize, and synergize, music remains that uniquely essential element that does all that and more for those who understand it [music]. Music opens up an entirely new dimension of understanding.”

Talking about his students recently on “CBS This Morning,” Smith said, “Sometimes I sit down in the chair with them because I always want to be cognizant of ‘what did it feel like to be 12?’ I believe that if I am familiar with that, I can connect with them more. And that’s really what it’s all about: connection.”

NAfME congratulates Mickey Smith Jr. on this distinguished recognition. Under his direction, the students of Maplewood Middle School have experienced the significant benefits of music education and the joy of making music each day. Smith’s dedication to the difference music education can make in his students’ lives is exemplary. He is an outstanding member of NAfME, and we applaud his accomplishments.

Mickey Smith Jr. was acknowledged on the GRAMMY Award broadcast Sunday, January 26, 2020.

As the GRAMMY Museum describes, the Music Educator Award was established to recognize current educators (kindergarten through college, public and private schools) who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education and who demonstrate a commitment to the broader cause of maintaining music education in the schools.

In this seventh year of the award, nine of the 10 finalists for the Music Educator Award are members of NAfME. All of these teachers’ positive impact on their students’ lives and tireless advocacy for music education are invaluable in U.S. education today. Nominations for the 2021 Music Educator Award are being accepted through March 15, and teacher applications need to be completed by March 31: http://www.grammymusicteacher.com.

National Association for Music Education, among the world’s largest arts education organizations, is the only association that addresses all aspects of music education. NAfME advocates at the local, state, and national levels; provides resources for teachers, parents, and administrators; hosts professional development events; and offers a variety of opportunities for students and teachers. The Association has supported music educators at all teaching levels for more than a century. With more than 60,000 members teaching millions of students nationwide, the organization is the national voice for music education in the United States.

Follow NAfME on Twitter (twitter.com/nafme) and on Facebook (facebook.com/nafme).
For additional information, contact Catherina Hurlburt at catherinah@nafme.org or 571-323-3395.

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US News Ranks SIUE Nursing Online Master’s Among Nation’s Top 50

U.S. News and World Report has ranked the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Nursing (SON) online master’s in nursing program 45th nationally. The SON program climbed eight spots from a year ago. To view the complete rankings, visit usnews.com/education/online-education.

According to USNews, highly ranked programs have strong traditional academic foundations based on student-instructor access, graduation rates and instructor credentials. They also excel at educating distance learners, while offering robust career and financial support.

“It’s always exciting to see the School of Nursing continue to rise in national rankings,” said Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs Andrew Griffin, PhD, CRNA, APRN. “While we have made many changes that positively affect our graduate nursing programs, I believe the key to our recent success is directly related to the strong graduate faculty who deliver the courses to our master’s nursing students. Their use of the latest online teaching tools promote excellence in instruction and sets us apart.”

The ranking methodology includes faculty and student engagement, expert opinion from high ranking academic officials in nursing, faculty credentials and training, services and technologies that incorporate diverse online learning technologies allow greater flexibility for students to take classes from a distance, and student excellence.

The SIUE School of Nursing’s programs are committed to creating excellence in nursing leadership through innovative teaching, evidence-based practice, quality research, patient advocacy and community service. Enrolling more than 1,700 students in its baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral programs, the School develops leaders in pursuit of shaping the nursing profession and impacting the health care environment. SIUE’s undergraduate nursing programs on the Edwardsville campus and the regional campus in Carbondale help to solve the region’s shortage of baccalaureate-prepared nurses and enhance the quality of nursing practice within all patient service venues. The School’s graduate programs prepare nurses for advanced roles in clinical practice, administration and education.

Photo: SIUE School of Nursing Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs Andrew Griffin, PhD.

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Resume Writing Academy Celebrates 30th Class of Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) Program

Resume Writing Academy (RWA) today announced it is celebrating its 30th class of teaching and certifying resume writers globally. RWA is the first comprehensive, strategically focused resume writing training program. As part of its core mission, it instructs novice to experienced professionals in the careers industry, teaching them how to develop resumes that get noticed by reviewers and get results. Resume Writing Academy (RWA) was founded by Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark nearly 15 years ago.

“We started Resume Writing Academy with the goal of doing things differently. The Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) program was truly the first of its kind—the first to provide in-depth instruction, the first to require extensive and progressive writing assignments, and the first to provide detailed one-on-one feedback,” said Kursmark, RWA founder. “Right away, students told us how valuable the program was and how it fundamentally changed and vastly improved their writing process and results. Now, there’s an entire community of ACRWs who have helped to raise the standards of the entire industry.”

Current CEO of RWA Marie Zimenoff has expanded its programs and resources for the community of students and graduates. “As technology use increases in the recruiting process and reader attention spans wane, the ACRW program has advanced with the tide of technology to teach career service providers how to write and design resumes that pass through applicant tracking systems and capture the attention of human readers.”

Resume Writing Academy now also offers free resources to keep writers ahead of trends in technology and recruiting, in addition to webinars viewed by hundreds of career services providers across the globe to sharpen their skills and acquire resources for helping clients navigate a variety of career challenges.

About Resume Writing Academy:
Resume Writing Academy (http://www.resumewritingacademy.com) is the first comprehensive, strategically focused resume training program that teaches writers of all experience levels how to develop resumes that get noticed and get results. Resume Writing Academy is recognized for its rigor, high standards, and accomplished graduates. To learn more about Resume Writing Academy and the Academy Certified Resume Writer program, visit http://www.resumewritingacademy.com.

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Mastery Training Services Receives Best of Elearning 2019 Award of Excellence for Content Aggregator

For the fifth year in a row Mastery Training Services has earned an Award of Excellence from the best of Elearning 2019 awards. Mastery Training Services was awarded the honor in the Content Aggregator Portal category. Learning executives and professionals worldwide vote for their favorite e-learning solutions, and Elearning! magazine recognizes the top 59 solutions across 19 categories.

The “Best of Elearning! Awards,” celebrating its 15th year running, represents the industry gold standard for excellence. According to Elearning! magazine, “The program is a User’s Choice Award whereby learning professionals vote via online ballot for best-in-class solutions. Eighty-five percent of professionals have personally recommended a learning solution to a colleague over the past 12 months and this awards program formalizes this personal recommendation process.”

“We are so proud to be an Award of Excellence winner for the fifth year in a row,” says Bill Marker, President of Mastery Training Services. “To be honored year after year based on the positive feedback from our clients reminds us how we are staying aligned to our mission of helping build more amazing organizations.”

Mastery Training Services offers employers a comprehensive library of online training resources, as well as a number of support services. Mastery is focused on delivering high-quality training resources and offering clients the option to use Mastery as an extension of their training department, to manage and maintain learners and curricula, provide rich and detailed reporting, drive training completions, and more.

All of Mastery Training Services’ Video On Demand courses are published on the MasteryTCN™ courseware platform, which provides continuity in the learner experience from one course to the next. All courses on the platform play across all devices and browsers, giving users the ultimate flexibility for when and where they can access training assignments.

Mastery Training Services offers a library of over 1500 video-based training courses covering a variety of topics for organizations of all sizes, across industries. Most of Mastery’s library features HD video. If you are looking to train your workforce, click here.

About Mastery Training Services

Mastery Training Services is a leader in the corporate online training marketplace. We help organizations grow and become more successful with our comprehensive workplace training systems and services. In this way, Mastery fulfills its mission of helping build more successful, effective and amazing organizations.

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Netgate® TNSR™ Release 19.12 Adds vRouter and IPSec Robustness

Netgate, the leading provider of open-source secure networking solutions, today announced its latest version of TNSR software, Release 19.12. TNSR is advanced firewall, router, and VPN software with breakthrough price-performance, management, and service expansion flexibility. Built on FD.io’s Vector Packet Processing (VPP), of which Netgate is a leading contributor, TNSR delivers extraordinary packet processing performance in software. This enables enterprises and service providers to scale networks far less expensively than with legacy brand solutions.

TNSR Release 19.12 expands deployment options, increases IPSec stream performance, and strengthens overall routing functionality. Notable features include:

  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) – now an officially supported platform
  • Multi-core IPSec – enables multiple encrypted streams, critical to scale up / scale out use cases including data center replication and Site-to-Site VPN
  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) with dynamic routing – identifies forwarding path failure(s), enabling rapid routing adjustments for OSPF and BGP networks
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) interface tracking – enables management of VRRP instance priorities based on the state of TNSR interfaces, thus ensuring traffic continues to flow through an available VRRP peer if an interface upstream of a VRRP instance goes down
  • OSPFv3 (OSPF6) – enables OSPF for IPv6
  • RIPv2 – provides support for legacy routing use cases


“Release 19.12 represents another significant step forward for our customers as they continue to build out high-speed routed networks,” said Jim Thompson, Netgate CTO. “We are seeing rising demand for TNSR in vRouter and high-speed IPSec use cases. And, while cloud containers may dominate the world’s networking headlines, traditional network function virtualization (NFV) is still our biggest deployment driver.”

TNSR is available for deployment on Netgate’s SG-5100, XG-1537, XG-1541 appliances; as a bare metal image for non-Netgate appliances and virtual machines; as software instances on AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces; and from AWS Solution Providers and Microsoft Azure partners.

Contact sales@netgate.com to request a free trial version of the software. To learn more, visit tnsr.com. For additional questions, contact Netgate at +1 (512) 646-4100, or sales@netgate.com.

About Netgate

Netgate is dedicated to developing and providing secure networking solutions to businesses, government and educational institutions around the world. Netgate is the only provider of pfSense® products, which include pfSense software - the world's leading open-source firewall, router, and VPN solution. TNSR extends the company’s open-source leadership and expertise into high-performance secure networking – capable of delivering compelling value at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

Netgate is a registered trademark of Rubicon Communications in the United States. pfSense is a registered trademark of Electric Sheep Fencing, LLC in the United States and other countries.

All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders.

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Trident University Business Professor Presents Research at Logistics Conference

Dr. Michael Allison, professor in Trident University International’s (Trident) Glenn R. Jones College of Business, presented research at the 2019 Logistics Officers Association Symposium, which was held in October in Oklahoma City.

“F-35 BOLT/LIT: Blended Operational Lightning Technician/Lightning Integrated Technician,” presented with Mr. Mike Miles, explores a new approach to maintenance manning that breaks down the old paradigm of strictly hierarchical responsibilities and creates a new construct where mechanics are cross-utilized and placed into small tail teams to better support the F-35 and the small footprint it will employ to fight future wars.  Two fighter units are in the early stages of fielding this new construct and this presentation serves as an update to the broader Armed Forces logistics and maintenance communities.

“The F-35 fighter aircraft maintenance support concept is currently in a reevaluation stage,” states Dr. Allison. “As the U.S. Air Force’s newest fifth-generation aircraft matures, support innovations are necessary to ensure success during future conflicts.”

The Logistics Officers Association Symposium is an annual conference designed to bring together logistics, acquisition, and technology professionals from the Department of Defense, defense industry, and academia. The theme of 2019’s Symposium was “Increasing Lethality Today, Readiness for Tomorrow’s Fight,” which gave leaders in the logistics field an opportunity to collaborate and work towards solutions to the challenges facing those in the contemporary global defense environment.

Dr. Allison has served in the U.S. Armed Forces for over 35 years. He joined Trident in 2003, and currently instructs in the Glenn R. Jones College of Business. His areas of expertise include information overload and anxiety, quality and process improvement, production sciences, ethics, high performing teams, and leadership.

In January 2019, he published the article, “Bend, Don’t Break: Optimizing a Resilient Supply Chain” in Exceptional Release, a quarterly journal published by the Logistics Officers Association. Dr. Allison and his co-authors examined logistical concerns faced within military combat situations and how supply chains can cost-effectively support warfighters in the future.

Dr. Allison earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Touro University International. He holds three master’s degrees – in strategic studies, political and military affairs, and logistics management, and a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

About Trident University
Founded in 1998, Trident University International (Trident) is an online postsecondary university serving adult learners. Trident uses the EdActive™ learning approach, which employs case-based learning in an online setting to teach real-world relevant critical thinking skills to enhance the lives and education of students. Trident offers quality associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs and certificates, led by a qualified faculty team, over 80% of whom have doctoral degrees. Trident is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and has more than 22,000 with a military affiliation. The University has received multiple acknowledgements from Military Times and Military Advanced Education & Transition for their dedication to military-affiliated students. Visit http://www.trident.edu, Trident’s Facebook page, or call at (855) 290-0290 to learn more about Trident's wide range of educational options.

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Timeshare Board Members Association (TBMA) Announces Orlando 2020 Conference, May 17-19, 2020

TBMA Orlando will mark the18th conference and TBMA’s leadership position in providing dynamic, interactive forums for education, resources, solutions, and networking for timeshare Board Members, Resort Managers, and vacation ownership industry professionals.

Timeshare Owners’ Association Board Members and On-site Resort Manager will participate in over 20 educational sessions, and network with industry professionals who support the Associations’ mission to provide education to the conference attendees to help with planning for the future of their resorts.

The spring Conference will address many of the key issues facing timeshare resorts with an interactive agenda featuring topics including:

  • Being a Local Market Disrupter - Economic Impacts, Demand Generator Relationships, and Managing Your Resort’s Brand
  • Defining and Evaluating Owner & Guest Engagement
  • Why Update Your Governing Documents?
  • Implementing Money-Making Sales & Rental Strategies - Trust Conversions, Limited Term Products, Transient Rentals & Other Guests
  • The Front Line: Managing & Motivating Your Team
  • Funding Operations - RFP’s, Reserve Studies & Banking Relationships
  • Insuring Against Losses - Workplace - Disasters - Active Shooters
  • Maximize Market Appeal: Property Improvement Planning
  • When It’s Time to Repurpose - Wholly-Owned Condominiums & Hybrid Solutions
  • Following ABC Policies - Collections, Foreclosures & Title Insurance
  • The Impact of Outside Influencers - Airbnb, Exit Companies, & Scams
  • Technology for a New Decade
  • ADA - Embracing Travelers with Disabilities
  • Legislative Update
  • Vacation and Travel Club Revenue Streams


The Orlando 2020 Conference and TBMA membership are free of charge to Timeshare Board Members and onsite Resort Managers because of the generous financial support of its corporate sponsors.

TBMA is a non-profit corporation and the leader in providing timeshare HOA Board Member and on-site Resort Management education and networking, proudly serving a growing base of participating members and providing opportunities for members and industry professionals to connect. TBMA also partners with TimeSharing Today magazine to publish resort governance and management articles which help educate its membership.

Since its inception in 2011, TBMA recognized that older timeshare legacy resorts were facing common challenges associated with aging properties and owners. At the same time, many of these resorts are located in prime locations. They offer benefits of condo-style accommodations that include kitchens. The timeshare industry has been facing a significant amount of bad press because of a lack of a strong resale market and a viable exit strategy for owners who no longer can afford the cost of ownership or are unable to travel.

TBMA is helping participating resorts to deal with those challenges and many have adopted deed-back programs for owners, shorter term right-to-use products, technology solutions for efficient communications and operations, and strategies for generating rental revenues of association-owned inventory. In some cases, resorts have determined that they need to proceed with repurposing to other uses such as wholly owned condominiums or hybrid hotel/timeshare properties.

Proactive TBMA attendees find that after attending each conference, they are better prepared to prioritize their efforts and implement changes for the benefit of their resorts and owners.
For more information about TBMA, attending the TBMA Orlando 2020 Conference and corporate sponsorships, email staff@tbmassoc.org or visit tbmassoc.org.

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Unitek Learning Announces Their Expansion to Two Locations in Idaho

Unitek Learning is proud to announce the expansion of Eagle Gate College to Boise and Idaho Falls. Eagle Gate plans to offer medical assisting and nursing programs at both locations. The Idaho Board of Nursing recently gave Unitek initial approval to create nursing education programs for these new campuses. Based in California, Unitek seeks to provide Idaho residents with accelerated and convenient courses for their health care needs. The two campuses will open in 2020, and they will offer aspiring professionals a range of programs in the nursing field.

“During the Idaho Board of Nursing meeting that was held on October 10th in Boise, Idaho, all board members unanimously voted to grant Unitek initial approval to plan a new nursing education program application for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, a Master’s Entry Program in Nursing, and a Practical Nursing program,” said Dr. Abdel Yosef, Chief Academic Officer at Unitek Learning. “The addition of these nursing programs will help alleviate nursing shortages in the state of Idaho.”

While the Idaho Board of Nursing has approved the development of these programs, they have not yet been approved by the school’s accrediting agency or the Idaho State Board of Education. Once finalized, students can benefit from a dynamic learning environment. This includes applied training, hands-on exercises, and clinical simulations. In addition, most students will benefit from class caps to maximize their learning experience. Some programs will also feature online coursework for the busy adult. Others will utilize state-of-the-art simulation centers with high-fidelity simulators and sim-view technology. The next generation can gain a well-rounded education at Unitek, effectively preparing them for successful health care careers.

“It has been another year of growth and opportunity for Unitek Learning, and we look forward to extending our reach in Idaho,” said David Higley, Chief Marketing Officer at Unitek Learning. “Through the Boise and Idaho Falls campuses, Unitek seeks to promote student excellence, strengthen support for workforce development, and help fill the need for health care professionals in the United States.”

Unitek Learning is the parent company of several distinguished learning institutions: Unitek College, Unitek EMT, Eagle Gate College, and Provo College. Unitek Learning is now expanding their presence to Idaho and Reno, Nevada. Taught by experienced professionals, Unitek programs teach clinical practices and theory used in the field today. Equipped with a multitude of sought-after skills, Unitek graduates are prepared to excel in many of the fastest-growing careers in health care and nursing.

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Students to CEOs: Social Engagement Programs Attract Millennial Talent

Alex Van Dewark, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors for Bright Light Volunteers (BLV) is spearheading an effort to bring culturally inclusive service programs to corporate clientele.

"What we want to do is give small to mid-size companies an advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent--while helping to make the world a brighter place at the same time!"

Van Dewark explains that corporations that implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs often enjoy increased brand awareness and gain global recognition in addition to heightened employee engagement, performance, and well being. Many large corporations have joined the CSR bandwagon (Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Apple to name a few), but most smaller sized firms find the prospect of implementing a robust corporate responsibility program a daunting-- even impossible- -endeavor.

Where to begin? How to start? What to do? How to measure impact and effectiveness of such a program?

"We offer the solution," says Van Dewark. "We are providing small to midsize companies the ability to compete against the large firms that dominate the market by offering tax deductible employee benefits that enable them to recruit and retain top talent while also building a globally responsible brand."

Believe it or not, these perks really can positively affect the bottom line by lowering the annual cost of employee turnover, hiring, and development that often translate into a huge loss of productivity and potential revenue.

Scott Jennings, principal and financial analyst at consulting firm Sciplin and former Bright Light Volunteers Board Member, warns that while there are varying estimates of the direct costs of hiring an employee, the Society for Human Resource Management found the average cost-per-hire was ,425 and growing in 2016. However, he also points out that, "if you’re only focused on the cost of running a recruitment process, you’re missing the bigger picture. According to Wharton management professor Peter Cappelli, 'the big cost is leaving the position vacant, bringing in somebody new who doesn’t know what they’re doing, waiting for them to get up to speed.' His colleague, Matthew Bidwell, has research showing external hires take more than two years to perform as well as someone promoted from within. When you consider the impact on the team, that may mean two years of overwork leading to increased sick days, burnout, and low morale – which may lead to additional departures.”

Bright Light Corporate programs help a wide variety of enterprises provide fun, rewarding, and impactful, and tax-deductible CSR initiatives & benefits that change lives.

About Bright Light Volunteers

Bright Light Volunteers is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, designed to empower program participants and community partners through education and service. Specifically, our programs adhere to global service-learning best practices, which combine community service with both experiential learning in the field and online coursework through our university partner. Our vision is to make the world a brighter place by creating a more peaceful, just, interconnected world where global challenges and opportunities are met by educated, compassionate, global citizens and leaders.

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Intelligent.com Announces Best Master's in Human Resources Degree Programs for 2020

Intelligent.com, a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning, has announced the Top 45 Best Master's in Human Resources Degree Programs for 2020. The comprehensive research guide is based on an assessment of 173 accredited colleges and universities in the nation. Each program is evaluated based on curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation, and post-graduate employment.

The 2020 rankings are calculated through a unique scoring system which includes student engagement, potential return on investment and leading third party evaluations. Intelligent.com analyzed 173 schools, on a scale of 0 to 100, with only 45 making it to the final list. The methodology also uses an algorithm which collects and analyzes multiple rankings into one score to easily compare each university.

Students who pursue any one of these programs can expect to gain employment much quicker in comparison to candidates without a degree. In addition to accessibility and cost, the steady job growth in this market is one of the many reasons Intelligent.com researched and ranked the Top Master's in Human Resources Degree Programs. To access the complete ranking, please visit: https://www.intelligent.com/best-online-masters-in-human-resources-degree-programs/.

2020 Master's in Human Resources Degree Programs featured on Intelligent.com (in alphabetical order):

American University
Bellevue University
Boston University
Capella University
Clemson University
Colorado State University Global
Concordia University, Saint Paul
Cornell University
Dallas Baptist University
Florida International University
Georgetown University
Golden Gate University
Houston Baptist University
Louisiana State University
National Louis University
National University
New York University
Ottawa University
Penn State World Campus
Quinnipiac University
Robert Morris University
Saint Francis University
Saint Joseph's University
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Southern New Hampshire University
Stony Brook University
Tarleton State University
Texas A & M University, Commerce
Thomas Edison State University
Troy University
University of Arkansas
University of Connecticut
University of Denver
University of Hawaii at Manoa
University of Houston - Clear Lake
University of Illinois
University of Louisville
University of Oklahoma
University of Scranton
University of Southern California
University of Texas at Tyler
University of Wisconsin - Stout
Villanova University
Webster University
Western Carolina University

About Intelligent.com
Intelligent.com provides unbiased research to help students make informed decisions about higher education programs. The website offers curated guides which include the best degree programs as well as information about financial aid, internships and even study strategies. With comprehensive, user-friendly guides and hundreds of program rankings, Intelligent.com is a trusted source among students and prospective students. To learn more, please visit https://www.intelligent.com/.

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Infolinx Adopted by Princeton University Library’s Records Management Team

Infolinx announced today that the records management team at the Princeton University Library has implemented Infolinx as a part its new, modern records and information management program.

The Records Management team launched Infolinx to enable it to manage and govern records across the University according to its information governance guidances, which cover records typically found in an institution of higher learning. In the near future, the Princeton University Library may expand coverage to bulk items like furniture and supply materials.

Infolinx enables the Princeton University Library to implement a new and expanded, modern record tracking system, providing the Records Management team greater visibility and control of active and archival records across the university’s departments.

In addition, the Records Management team will use Infolinx for improved records security, utilizing its multi-level security settings to restrict access to PII and other sensitive information based on a person’s role or department. The records management team can also activate its pre-implementation barcode tracking system to manage its warehouse space for offsite active records by assigning records to available space – this helps the team locate records faster and more efficiently utilize their storage space.

The records management team takes a proactive approach to its information management strategy by looking ahead to see how they can further expand, connect, and implement university best practices and technology for all active and archival records – paper hard copies, electronic files and tracked physical assets.

About Infolinx:
As a leading provider of records and information management software, Infolinx enables organizations to track and manage the complete lifecycle of important physical and digital records. From record creation to disposition, Infolinx provides a streamlined solution for managing records and information at any scale to meet the compliance and information governance needs for today's modern workplace. Apply lifecycle rules or legal holds, secure access at any level, and create workflow approvals - all with a legally defensible audit trail. Available in the cloud or on-premises, Infolinx is scalable, 100% browser-based and implemented across several industry verticals including healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, financial services, and education. To learn more, visit http://www.infolinx.com.

The Princeton University Library is not a part of, or affiliated with, Infolinx. The University does not promote, endorse or support any commercial business, service or product. Records Management within the University has retained Infolinx services in connection with the University’s physical records.

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Dry Eye University Selects FocalPoint Holdings as its Official Consulting and Management Partner

Dry Eye University, the leader in educating practices about the ever-expanding disease management of ocular surface disease, today announced that FocalPoint Holdings, a privately-held investment and management firm specializing in healthcare and technology companies, has been selected as the preferred partner. FocalPoint Holdings and its subsidiaries will now offer Dry Eye University’s network of practices its specialized consulting,management, and technology services to complement each practice’s unique workflow while successfully implementing an ocular surface disease program.

Ophthalmology and optometry clinics understand the need to address this growing patient segment but do not have the time or internal resources to properly strategize and manage a prosperous Dry Eye clinic. Dry Eye University attendees will now be able to use FocalPoint Holdings team of highly-qualified consultants to efficiently launch their Dry Eye clinic by educating/training the staff, analyzing unique practice data to formulate optimal workflows, and continuously monitoring the clinic’s progress for sustained growth.

“Practices want to provide their patients with the latest in innovative treatments and technology, but do not have the time or resources to put together the proper plan to make implementing a new workflow and testing protocols effective.” said Dr. Anish Kapur, President of FocalPoint Holdings. “Our team of consultants, which consists of former practice administrators, operations managers, technicians and deployment specialists, will develop a customized program for your practice and provide the necessary boots on the ground to ensure a smooth transition for your staff.”

“Over the years, it has been our pleasure to host practices and share our custom approach to the management of this expanding disease segment. ” said Patti Barkey, Founder and Director of Dry Eye University. “As part of our continuing mission to provide our Dry Eye University attendees with the latest in Ocular Surface medicine, we are proud to announce our partnership with FocalPoint Holdings and their FocalPoint Advisors subsidiary. Together we strive to redefine healthcare and set the precedence of ocular surface disease management.”

About Dry Eye University-
Dry Eye University was founded on the idea that there was a missing link in the care for the millions of dry eye patients around the world. Dry eye disease (also known as ocular surface disease) is multifactorial in nature and this adds to some chaos when it comes to practice education and implementation. Dry Eye University provides education to industry partners, providers both in the ophthalmic and optometric space as well as the staff within those offices. Dry Eye University has had the pleasure of educating individuals across the world at the programs held each year. These practices have advanced the care needed to properly manage only a portion of the millions of patients seeking assistance. DEU recognizes the job is big and there is still a lot of work to do! Dry Eye University has also partnered with Dry Eye Access to provide a comprehensive, online educational resource for practices. Information on Dry Eye Access is available at http://www.dryeyeaccess.com Additional information about Dry Eye University is available at http://www.dryeyeuniversity.com

About FocalPoint Holdings-
FocalPoint Holdings is a privately held investment and management firm specializing in healthcare and technology companies. As an experienced partner to outstanding management teams, FocalPoint helps build durable companies with sustainable value, especially within the ophthalmic industry. With their team's depth of knowledge in multiple industries, FocalPoint is the perfect partner for entrepreneurs and business executives looking to grow their business. Additional information about the company is available at https://linkedin.com/company/focalpointholdings and http://www.focalpointholdings.com

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Cogswell College students had the opportunity to sit down with one of the largest gaming companies in the industry

Founded in 1979 as the first independent video game software developer and distributor, Activision launched a series of multi-million unit selling titles in the early 1980s for the Atari 2600. Such titles included Pitfall, Kaboom! and River Raid. Today, Activision is a leading worldwide developer, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products for various consoles, handheld platforms, and PC. With such games as Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro, it is safe to say that Activision has a heavy hand in the current climate of the gaming industry.

Cogswell College students not only had the opportunity to learn about internal operations at Activision, but also what types of needs and career opportunities exist. This allowed students to gain valuable insight into what areas of focus may be most important for them as they embark on their careers post-graduation. Not only were students able to learn about the needs and opportunities at Activision, but they were able to establish relationships and plant seeds with one of the leading companies in the gaming industry. “We've talked to a lot of different schools, and I'll tell you that the students are really engaged. It was like constantly questions or even bouncing off each other and making the questions into new topics, so it was really fun as an employer coming to the campus!” says University Relations Recruiter for Activision, Erin Breslin.

Watch the highlight video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGGOSFxCkwk&feature=youtu.be

About Cogswell Polytechnical College
Founded in 1887, Cogswell Polytechnical College (Cogswell) has taken a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach that has been producing industrial-strength results for over 130 years. Cogswell prepares students for success in the creative-technology industries by providing an extraordinary, real-world education inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our Silicon Valley location. Cogswell’s project-based programs are designed to engage the students’ imagination and develop their skills in real-world settings alongside industry professionals. Cogswell is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and has an average 79% first-year retention rate. Visit cogswell.edu, Cogswell’s Instagram, or call 1-855-COGSWELL to learn more about our award-winning programs. For important regulatory information, please see visit our website at cogswell.edu/disclosures.

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Emsi releases its 4th Annual Talent Attraction Scorecard

Emsi, the industry leader in labor market insights, unveiled its 4th annual national Talent Attraction Scorecard today (click here for the full report), ranking the top small and large U.S. counties on how well they attract and retain skilled workers. Duval County, FL, (Jacksonville) knocked Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix) out of first place on Emsi’s annual Talent Attraction Scorecard, while rural counties punched above their weight.

The rankings were dominated by Sunbelt states, with over half the top ten winners in each category in a Sunbelt state. The West also made a strong showing, with Storey, NV, having the highest overall index score, and Denver, Boise, and Salt Lake City all appearing in the top 50 large counties.

Jackson, WV, and Holmes, OH, both made tremendous climbs in the rankings jumping well over 1000 places to finish in the top ten for small counties. The northeast continues to fare less well than other regions, with only two counties--Hillsborough, NH, and Richmond, NY--appearing in the top 50 large counties,

In addition to the county rankings, the scorecard expands on a six-phase talent pipeline for short- and long-term workforce strategies that communities can implement to attract and develop talent.

“Helping local leaders implement proven strategies for talent and economic development is the purpose of the Talent Attraction Scorecard, and of Emsi’s Community Insights team more generally,” said Andrew Crapuchettes, Emsi CEO. “We want to see thriving communities, full of great people and prosperous businesses. It’s a privilege to be a part of helping to build those communities.”

"As the labor market continues to tighten, talent attraction has become one of the most important issues facing businesses and economic developers,” said Joshua Wright, Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development at Emsi. “The Talent Attraction Scorecard gives communities a benchmark for where their region ranks in drawing skilled workers and provides tangible strategies they can use to attract the new residents they need to grow their economies."

The Big Leaders (population over 100k):

1) Duval County, FL (Jacksonville)
2) Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix)
3) Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)
4) Collin County, TX (Dallas-Fort Worth)
5) Riverside County, CA (Riverside)
6) King County, WA (Seattle)
7) Fulton County, GA (Atlanta)
8) Berkeley County, SC (Charleston)
9) Wake County, NC (Raleigh)
10) Denton County, TX (Denton)

The Small Leaders (population 5k to 100k):

1) Cameron Parish, LA (Lake Charles)
2) Twiggs County, GA (Macon)
3) Burke County, GA (Waynesboro)
4) Johnston County, OK (Tishomingo)
5) Reeves County, TX (Pecos)
6) Jackson County, WV (Ravenswood)
7) Moore County, TN (Tullahoma)
8) Martin County, TX (Stanton)
9) Hartley County, TX (Channing)
10) Holmes County, OH (Millersbug)

The Standout Micro-counties (population under 5k):

  • Storey County, NV
  • Butte County, ID
  • Loving County, TX
  • Petroleum County, MT
  • Alpine County, CA
  • Eureka County, NV
  • Liberty County, MT
  • Chase County, KS
  • MacPherson County, NE
  • Glasscock County, TX


Counties are ranked using Emsi’s Talent Attraction Index based on six, equally weighted metrics: job growth, skilled job growth, net migration, annual openings for skilled workers per capita, educational attainment growth (associate degree and above), and regional competitiveness. Emsi, an affiliate of Strada Education Network, provides high-quality labor market data and expert analysis to professionals in economic development, workforce development, commercial real estate, higher education, and talent acquisition. Emsi uses sound economic principles and good data to drive economic prosperity.


Clare Coffey
Data Journalist | Emsi
208-997-8503 | [clare.coffey(at)economicmodeling.com]

About Emsi:
Founded in 2001, Emsi is a labor market analytics firm that uses data to improve economic prosperity by connecting people, education and work in communities across the U.S. and internationally. Emsi works with professionals in higher education, economic development, workforce development, talent acquisition and site selection. Headquartered in Moscow, Idaho, with offices in the UK and Dallas, Emsi serves clients across the U.S., the UK, Canada and Australia.

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Monroe College Welcomes Education Leaders at 3rd Annual Beating the Odds, Building Opportunities for Students in Poverty Conference

Monroe College, a national leader in educating urban and international students, today welcomed nearly four dozen elementary and high school principals, as well as other key senior administrators and education advocates, to the “3rd Annual Beating the Odds, Building Opportunities for Students in Poverty Conference.”

The annual conference was presented by Better Outcomes, an educational research organization, led by Monroe College faculty member Dr. Manya Bouteneff. Presentations featured leaders of under-resourced public schools who are working to effectively close the achievement gap between low-income students and their more affluent peers.

Leadership from six of these effective schools – Cornwell Avenue School West, Hempstead Union Free School District; David Paterson Elementary School, Hempstead Union Free School District; N. A. Hamilton Bicentennial School, Port Jervis City School District; Elmont Memorial High School, Sewanhaka Central High School District; Richard P. Connor Elementary School, Suffern Central School District; and Moriah Elementary School, Moriah Central School District – shared their strategies and results with conference attendees during breakout sessions.

“Educational inequity for low-income students remains one of the most pressing issues facing policymakers,” said Marc Jerome, president of Monroe College. “We were proud to host this important conference dedicated to helping public schools explore innovative ways to help their students in poverty succeed.”

Today’s conference took place on the College’s New Rochelle campus. Those interested in learning more about the presentations may contact Dr. Manya Bouteneff, the host of today’s conference, at manya@betteroutcomesresearch.com.


Founded in 1933, Monroe College is a recognized leader in urban and international education. The College is proud of its innovative programs to increase college access, affordability, and completion outcomes, especially among first-generation students. The strength of its warm, supportive culture is reflected in the personal connections fostered among students, faculty, and staff.

Monroe educates close to 8,000 students each year, offering Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree programs from campuses in the Bronx, New Rochelle, and St. Lucia. Many of the College’s degree programs may also be pursued online.

Programs are offered through seven academic schools, including the Schools of Allied Health Professions, Business and Accounting, Criminal Justice, Education, Hospitality Management and the Culinary Institute of New York (CINY), Information Technology, and Nursing, as well as through King Graduate School. Liberal arts and continuing education programs are also available. For more information and admissions criteria, please visit http://www.monroecollege.edu.

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529 Education Gifting Programs Make Holidays Easy for Families and Friends, College Savings Foundation Says

As the holiday giving season approaches, 529 Education Gifting Programs and their widening array of online gifting tools, crowdfunding platforms, e-gift cards and downloadable gift certificates, are making higher education savings easier for parents, family members and friends, say members of the College Savings Foundation.

“With student loan debt soaring to .6-trillion, saving for a child’s higher education is climbing to the top of the wish list for many parents. 529 education gifting tools offer a streamlined solution by helping family and friends to save – and also feel good about reducing the child’s future need for debt,” said CSF Chair Richard J. Polimeni.

Among CSF members’ offerings are personalized websites for crowdfunding, online registries, electronic or physical gift cards purchasable online or at national retail and grocery chains, and downloadable gift certificates. Links and special features are included in this Infographichttps://www.collegesavingsfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/CSF-GIFTING-2019_20.pdf

The holidays prompt a spike in 529 education gifting contributions – although increasingly they are also being used for New Year’s Resolutions, birthdays, graduations and special occasions throughout the year. Numerous CSF members report robust year-over-year growth in their gifting program contributions.

One benefit of online gifting is that parents can include a link to a child’s customized 529 education savings platform in an e-birthday invitation or social media site. New CSF data from its State of College Savings survey show that only one in five parents say they already ask friends or family members to make a 529 college savings contribution rather than a material gift. However, when it came to making their own education savings gifts, one third (33%) of parents said they use either 529 college savings plan gift registries or online gifting tools.

“By sharing a link to a child’s 529 savings plan, a family can spread the word about these savings tools and let their friends decide. It’s an increasingly popular way to empower their broader network to participate in a child’s financial and educational future,” Polimeni said.

CSF members have implemented ways to make gifting easier:

  • At Virginia529 family and friends can access a Gift Center for digital gift cards, get co-branded gift cards available at Walmart.com or participating Target or H.E.B. Grocery locations, or download gift certificates for a variety of occasions from its website.
  • GiftofCollege.com offers a range of options (which can be used with any 529 plan) including electronic or physical gift cards purchasable online or at retailers (such as select Target, Barnes & Noble, Brookshire Brother’s, Fred's Pharmacy, Cumberland Farms, Kinney Drugs, H-E-B, Save Mart, Foodmaxx, and Lucky Supermarkets). Employers can purchase Gift of College gift cards in bulk to reward/recognize employees and to celebrate employee births and other milestones.
  • Nebraska’s NEST 529 Direct and Advisor College Savings Plans offer access to Ugift as well as a downloadable greeting card and gift contribution coupon.
  • Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Program is launching a Ugift® crowdfunding capability in mid-December.
  • Indiana’s CollegeChoice 529 plan owners can share a Ugift code with friends and family so they can “give a gift that won’t be outgrown.”


Additionally, other CSF member gifting programs have experienced robust growth:


  • Alaska 529 or T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan account holders can set up a gifting portal to share with friends and family by email or social media. They have seen a 172% increase in gifting into Alaska 529 accounts and 250% increase in gifting into T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan accounts.
  • Fidelity-managed gifting programs have soared in popularity (UNIQUE College Investing Plan, MEFA U. Fund College Investing Plan, Fidelity Arizona College Savings Plan and Delaware College Investing Plan) together experiencing 76% growth in online contributions.
  • My529’s gifting program has seen a 25% increase over the last year. Friends and family can contribute with the gift code accessed through gift.my529.org or by writing the code in the memo section of a check.
  • ScholarShare 529, California’s official college savings plan, allows account holders to establish a gifting portal profile and share it with friends and family by email or social media. ScholarShare 529 has experienced a 25% Year-Over-Year increase in gifting.


The College Savings Foundation (CSF) is a Washington, D.C.- based not-for-profit organization helping American families achieve their education savings goals. http://www.collegesavingsfoundation.org

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Principal Investigator of New OECD Report Says Empowering Children to Be Active and Responsible Digital Citizens Is Critical in the Age of AI

Children are more connected than ever before. They have access to tablets and smartphones before they learn to walk and talk. A new OECD report, Educating 21st Century Children: Emotional Well-Being in the Digital Age, examines modern childhood and looks specifically at the intersection between emotional well-being and new technologies.

In a new interview with CMRubinWorld, Tracey Burns, OECD analyst and author of the report, notes, “While some governments and parents respond by restricting access, these strategies can come at the cost of digital opportunity and skill development.” Burns says that digital citizenship is not just about building skills, it’s also about “actively and responsibly participating in the online world.” She emphasizes that parents and school communities need to adapt with technology as their children do, and also stay on top of the fast-moving technological advances. There is no going back given that children have access to technology before they learn to walk and talk. “Empowering our children to be active and empowered (digital) citizens is not an option: it is necessary to keep our children happy and healthy, both on and off line.”

Read the full article here

Tracey Burns is a Senior Analyst in the OECD’s Center for Education Research and Innovation. After graduating from British Columbia with her doctorate, Dr. Burns has been involved in multiple projects like 21st Century Children, Trends Shaping Education, and more. She is also an award-winning lecturer on infant and child development.

CMRubinWorld’s award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by most nations. The series has become a highly visible platform for global discourse on 21st century learning, offering a diverse range of innovative ideas which are presented by the series founder, C. M. Rubin, together with the world’s leading thinkers.

For more information on CMRubinWorld

Follow @CMRubinWorld on Twitter

Contact Information:

David Wine


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LAD Solutions Announces Sponsorship of Sonrise Christian School

LAD Solutions is now an official sponsor of Sonrise Christian School. The sponsorship will go directly to improving the quality of education for the students at the school. The announcement has been made as a part of LAD Solutions ongoing sponsorship initiatives that the company began earlier this year.

As part of LAD Solutions ongoing support of local organizations and community programs, LAD Solutions has agreed to sponsor the school as a part of a multi-year agreement. The partnership will ensure that Sonrise Christian School is able to invest in new tools and resources for the students with continued efforts made to develop its educational programs.

Founded more than forty years ago, Sonrise Christian School is located in Covina, California and has two campuses, located in Covina and San Dimas. The school has academic programs for preschool, elementary school, and middle school. Sonrise Christian School also has a program for international students.

Sonrise Christian School's mission is “to create an environment in which children can experience the love of Jesus as they grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and people.” The school aims to serve as a safe place for students to grow both spiritually and academically.

With support from LAD Solutions, Sonrise will be able to achieve its goals of ensuring that students have access to cutting-edge technology and enrichment opportunities. Students will be able to continue to participate in summer academic and enrichment programs, team sports, chapel programs, after school enrichment programs in music, dance, chess, and art and much more. The school also plans to initiate some new programs with the help of funding from LAD Solutions.

For interested parties who want to learn more about the sponsorship of Sonrise Christian School by LAD Solutions, LAD Solutions has requested that they contact the company to speak directly with LAD Solutions’s media contact. More information and details are also available by placing a request via the contact form at ladsolutions.com.

About LAD Solutions: Based in Los Angeles, California, LAD Solutions is a full service digital marketing firm, specializing in search engine optimization and Google Ads campaign management. As a nationally recognized firm, LAD Solutions works with clients from all regions of the country. Founders Lakshmi Kodali, Ali Pourvasei, and David Barkhordari started the company in 2009 after they met at an SEO conference. Today, LAD Solutions serves a variety of clients including top brands in various industries. To find out more about the services offered by LAD Solutions, go to ladsolutions.com.

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VertiMax Announces Internationally Recognized Wellness Expert Dana Santas As One of Three Keynote Speakers for Their 2nd Annual Summit

VertiMax, a Tampa, Florida based sports performance company, has become a global powerhouse in the past few years. The company is known for cutting edge training technology that’s used by world-class Olympic athletes, professional athletes, college, high school, youth sports athletes and fitness clientele. VertiMax improves performance on and off the field like no other sports performance equipment in the world. The business is not only an equipment company, but it is also an educational provider for trainers, coaches, parents, and athletes looking to bring their sports and fitness gains to the next level.

VertiMax is holding its second annual global summit in Tampa, Florida with sports performance and fitness professionals from around the world attending the event at the Hotel Alba on November 16th, 2019. Last year’s event was a great success as individuals and teams came from 14 states and multiple countries from around the world. This year, there will be three Key Notes presented by world-renowned sports and fitness leaders, four sports performance workouts led by the VertiMax Master Trainer team and a Sports Performance Panel conducted by some of the most elite Performance Trainers in the country. Food, apparel, and educational content will also be provided to those attendees.

One of the three Keynote speakers lined up for the event is Tampa’s own Dana Santas. Known as the “Mobility Maker,” Dana Santas is a mobility, breathing and mind-body coach in professional sports, a best-selling author, on-air health & wellness expert, and an international presenter on ways to breathe, move and feel better, body and mind for performance enhancement and healthier, happier living.

Specializing in training athletes/teams in MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, MLS, PGA, WTA & WWE, Dana also proudly works with U.S. military, tactical athletes/first responders and veterans, and previously served the Boston Fire Department. With 15+ years in professional sports, her work experience spans thousands of athletes and more than 45 teams worldwide, including the Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Celtics, Tampa Bay Lightning, Houston Texans, Toronto Blue Jays, Orlando Magic, Boston Bruins, New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, New England Patriots, and dozens more.

In addition to her ongoing role with CNN Health, she’s a recurring on-air fitness expert for the nationally syndicated morning show Daytime as well as Tampa Bay’s Bay News 9. An internationally recognized expert in physical and mental health and wellness, Dana has appeared in Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Oxygen, Shape, Quick and Simple, Red Book, and Success Magazine. She’s also been featured with her pro-athlete clients in Sports Illustrated, Hockey Magazine, USA Hockey, NHL Network, MLB.com, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and others.

In 2017 VertiMax received capital from Vedere Ventures, a leading global private equity firm that has made investments in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Fitness leaders Bryan O'Rourke, Robert Dyer, and Maureen O'Rourke are operators with a track record in the global fitness marketplace. The investment fueled VertiMax’s continued expansion as a market leader in developing and delivering cutting edge sports performance, rehabilitation and fitness training solutions. The group along with VertiMax founder Mike Wehrell have significant growth plans for the VertiMax brand.

To learn more about the event or to register, go to https://vertimaxsummit2019.eventbrite.com. A special discount code is available until October 31st. Use code SUMMIT25 to receive 25% off your ticket.

See what attendees had to say about the first annual VertiMax Summit

About VertiMax:

VertiMax provides sports, functional and rehabilitative training solutions to fitness facilities, training centers, and high school and college athletic programs including for use by student and professional athletes at home or on the field.

Thousands of U.S. high schools and 80% of D1 universities utilize VertiMax technologies and platforms including their portable Raptor product. Over 40% of professional US sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, among others, utilize the technology extensively.

To learn more visit http://www.vertimax.com or follow @VertiMax on major social networks.

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ISPE Names 2019 Facility of the Year Awards Overall Winner

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) has announced Kantonsapotheke Zürich as the 2019 Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) Overall Winner at the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kantonsapotheke Zürich (KAZ) was awarded the Operational Excellence Award Category for its new compounding pharmacy for Canton Zürich Hospitals—a leap forward for hospital pharmacy compounding operations. The project demonstrates a transformational step in hospital compounding operations and establishes a new norm for future facilities in this important step of patient therapy.

The KAZ project replaced and integrated two outdated hospital pharmacies that had been unable to continue serving the progressive needs of the community and were occupying valuable and desirable space in the medical facility. The facility is highly flexible, adaptable and expandable to easily and quickly accommodate new functions, especially the rapidly emerging field of personalized medicine.

KAZ excels financially, technically, and operationally aiming to improve patient health by outlining crucial steps towards advancing pharmaceutical science and production especially regarding patient therapies. The project features training that will support the next generation of modern pharmaceutical professionals to incorporate GMP knowledge into systems and procedures daily.

For more information on Kantonsapotheke Zürich’s award-winning compounding pharmacy and the FOYA program, please visit http://www.ISPE.org/Facility-Year-Awards.

About the ISPE Facility of the Year Awards Program
Established in 2004, the Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) recognizes state-of-the-art projects utilizing new, innovative technologies to improve the quality of products, reduce the cost of producing high-quality medicines, and demonstrate advances in project delivery. The FOYA program provides a platform for the pharmaceutical science and manufacturing industry to showcase its accomplishments in facility design, construction, and operations, while sharing the development of new applications of technology and cutting-edge approaches.

About ISPE
The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) is the world’s largest not-for-profit association serving its members through leading scientific, technical, and regulatory advancement across the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle. The 18,500 members of ISPE are building solutions in the development and manufacture of safe, effective pharmaceutical and biologic medicines, and medical delivery devices in more than 90 countries around the world. Founded in 1980, ISPE has its worldwide headquarters and training center in North Bethesda, Maryland USA, and its operations center in Tampa, Florida USA. Visit http://www.ISPE.org for more information.

For more information, contact:
Amy Henry
Manager, Marketing Communications
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)
Tel: +1-813-960-2105
Email: ahenry@ispe.org

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State-of-the-Art Medical Technology and a Highly Skilled Surgeon Bring Tampa Bay a Revolutionary Approach to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Dr. Samuel Joseph, founder of the Joseph Spine Institute (JSI) of Tampa Bay, performs the Tampa Bay area’s first Robotic Endoscopically Assisted Percutaneous Outpatient Spinal Fusion at Memorial Hospital of Tampa. This method allows access to the disk, nerves and bones of the spine.

"Together they (Endoscopic and Robotic technology) compliment each other in the perfect package for revolutionizing how spine surgery is done,” states Dr. Joseph. “I am honored to bring this new procedure, combined technology and innovative products to Tampa Bay. At JSI we are dedicated to partnering with the innovators of spine medicine in order to offer our patients the most advanced spine care."

The areas first combined Endoscopic and Robotic-Guided Spine Surgery patient was discharged within one hour of the procedure, instead of the usual 2 - 4 day hospital stay that is usually required with a standard Spinal Fusion procedure. The patient left with only a few tiny scars, 1 - 2 centimeters in length, in comparison to the large scars patients had to live with in the past.

Partnering with the innovators of cutting edge spine medicine allows JSI to provide our patients with the advantages of next-generation technology that enhances safety and allows for better patient outcomes. Combining these innovative technologies reduces procedure and recovery time as well as offer the following benefits:

  • Pre-operative planning and improved surgical accuracy
  • Smaller incision and less risk of infection
  • Decreased intra-operative radiation
  • Less anesthesia and shorter hospital stay
  • Improved patient safety
  • Reduced post-operative pain and recovery time 

Dr. Joseph utilized the joimax® endoscope which allows direct visualization of the compressed nerve with the ability to remove the pressure and disk through a 1 cm incision. The endoscope (high-resolution camera) provides optimal visualization of the surgical field in HD quality. The endoscope allows the operation to be performed with minimal trauma to any surrounding tissue, as muscles, ligaments and tendons need not be disrupted.

After disc removal and decompression Dr. Joseph utilized Mazor X robot guided technology for improved accuracy, less soft tissue damage and less radiation exposure for the patient.

The percutaneous approach is made possible by this technology as well as special expandable cage by Spinal Elements and the most low profile screws available by MiRus. MiRus has developed MoRe®, a proprietary molybdenum rhenium superalloy for medical implants, to provide an unprecedented combination of strength, ductility, durability, and biological safety that is unmatched by current materials.

About Joseph Spine Institute
Joseph Spine Institute is the advanced center for spine, scoliosis and minimally invasive spine surgery. Founded by Dr. Samuel A. Joseph, Jr., a fellowship trained, board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Joseph has assembled a comprehensive team of highly skilled spine specialists that are devoted to offering the highest level of spine care available today. He has also strategically partnered with some of the most innovative leaders in the spine care industry today in order to bring our patients the latest in technology, products and resources.

From state-of-the-art technology, to alternate therapies and interventional pain management treatments our industry leading spine care practice offers our patients a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of spinal conditions. Our highly-trained surgeons offer an integrated approach to patients that includes surgical and non-surgical options such as pain management and physical therapy.

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Visit the Haunted Hotel of Spells at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Ring the front desk bell for a spellbinding experience at the Hotel of Spells open October 11-31, 2019 at - The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. It is the nation's oldest, continually-operated haunted house.

There are hours for those who are timid and those who are fierce - but beware of surprises and shrieks that will pierce. The witch and her staff will hand you a key - how long you stay will be up to thee. The concierge recommends IPL’s Lights-On Hours (for children who scare easily) and CENTURY 21 SCHEETZ Frightening Hours (with the lights off, for families who dare to be scared).

Many fine guests have walked through these halls, the faces of some still hang on the walls. Are they real? Are they masks? It’s hard to tell—you may bring one to life if you cast the right spell.

There’s a spell on the staircase that could leave you spinning, and creepy creatures in the hallway who make you wonder why they’re grinning.

Do not disturb signs hang on the doors - be careful what opens, it may be filled with haunted horrors. Make sure you check the closet and peak under the bed - lurking at both could be something to dread.

That’s not all. Black Hat Bash will be held on Oct. 5, 2019 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Not to be missed, it’s the city’s biggest and best family-friendly Halloween party—featuring music, premier food, drinks and a cash bar, party favors, games activities and a costume contest with prizes. Advance general tickets: adult, youth; Day-of general tickets: adult, youth; Advance VIP tickets: adult, youth; Day-of VIP tickets: adult, youth. Museum members save on general tickets and children under 2 are free.

The inaugural Track and Treat will be held on opening weekend of the Haunted House. On Saturday, Oct. 12th from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m., families are invited to trick-or-treat throughout the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience®. The event will also include relay races, sports challenges for prizes, food stations, and a ticket to the Haunted House. Tickets are per person. Museum members save on tickets and children under 2 are free.

Families can enjoy a breakfast (Saturday, Oct. 19, 8:30 a.m.) or lunch (Sunday, Oct. 13, 20, or 27, 11 a.m.) “BOO-fet” with the friendliest of witches. This event includes fab“BOO”lous Halloween entertainment by Ruditoonz, a tour of Hotel of Spells during IPL’s Lights-On Hours (for children who scare easily), activities, and lots of happy, friendly witches. Tickets are per person. Museum members save on tickets and children 2 are free.

Tweens will enjoy Sports Spooktacular on Saturday, October 19 from 6:30-9 p.m. This sports focused event will feature private time in the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience®, dinner, dessert and soft drinks, sports challenges for prizes, and unlimited trips through the frightening hours of the Hotel of Spells Haunted House. DJ BK will spin the latest tracks. Kids can test their skills on the Ninja Zone course and participate in glow in the dark yoga by The Hot Room yoga studio. This event is suggested for kids 7-14 years old and requires one adult chaperone for every four children. Tickets are per youth, per adult. Museum members save on youth tickets.

Tickets for The Children’s Museum Guild’s Hotel of Spells Haunted House are at the door and are available at The Children’s Museum Box Office or online starting September 9, 2019 (those under two-years-old are free). Organized by The Children’s Museum Guild, the 56th Annual Haunted House is presented by Old National Bank. Discounted tickets can be purchased at Central Indiana Old National Bank locations between September 1 and October 31, 2019.

The Children’s Museum Guild’s 56th Annual Haunted House Hotel of Spells is presented by Old National Bank.
The Black Hat Bash is presented by AAA Insurance.
Track and Treat is presented by HACKD and Scannell Properties.
Sports Spooktacular is presented by NinjaZone and Birge & Held.
Friendly Feast with the Witches is presented by Bingham Greenbaum Doll LLP.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is proud to partner with Riley Children’s at Indiana University Health, Old National Bank, and Ice Miller LLP.

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World’s Largest Business Conference for Daycare-Preschool Industry Happens Next Week In Orlando

Over 900 child care owners, directors, and professionals will gather at the 8th Annual Child Care Success Summit and spend three days learning from some of the top business & leadership trainers in the industry. The event will attract thought leaders and game changers in early childhood education from around the globe.

Important trends in early education will be presented and discussed, such as the use of technology to bring a higher level of service to today's millennial parents, and the need for more high-quality affordable care throughout the United States.

The Child Care Success Summit is the brainchild of Kris Murray, America’s leading expert in child care business success. Ms. Murray says, “Just as a coin has two sides, child care centers and preschools have two core focuses: the child-caring side, and the business side. There are very few resources for early childhood professionals to get more training and skills to run a successful business. Our ground-breaking conference, the Child Care Success Summit, has changed all that. This event provides early childhood leaders with access to high level networking and success-oriented peer groups from all around the U.S. plus 10 international countries. We’re very excited!”

Since 2009, The Child Care Success Company has been providing much-needed training and support for child care programs to grow their enrollment and revenue, have greater operating margins, and improve employee engagement and retention. All of this leads to higher quality of care and improved levels of early education for young children globally. Over 750 child care owners and directors worldwide are currently members of a mentoring and training program with the company.

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Traliant Announces FERPA Training To Protect Student Privacy

Traliant, a provider of award-winning sexual harassment training, today announced the availability of a new online training course for colleges, universities and other higher education institutions that must must comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law which protects the privacy of student education records. FERPA applies to all educational institutions or agencies that receive funds from the US Department of Education.

For more information, please visit Traliant: https://www.traliant.com/ferpa-training-lp/

“As never before, colleges and universities need to understand the privacy rights of students and what information is protected under the law,” said Mike Pallatta, Traliant CEO. “FERPA training is an important step in ensuring compliance by all school administrators, faculty, staff,
and third-party vendors.”

The 20-minute, interactive training course provides an overview of FERPA’s key concepts and guidelines in bite-sized nuggets, with examples of the types of information that can and cannot be disclosed, and situations that fall into gray areas. The course features a host video, Twitter Q&A, interactive assessments, and includes a course-completion certificate and the school’s privacy policy.

In addition to FERPA training,Traliant offers courses on Title IX, the Clery Act and a range of other topics that promote safe, respectful learning and working environments.

About Traliant
Traliant was founded in 2016 by industry veterans from some of the world's most successful compliance training companies to meet the challenge of transforming compliance training from boring to brilliant. Backed by Martinson Ventures, Traliant delivers award-winning, bite-sized training on an eLearning platform that enables fast and easy customization. Courses are available on numerous workplace topics including Diversity Training and Sensitivity Training. For more information, visit: http://www.traliant.com.

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Technology Sales Leads Provider, Good Leads® to Attend RSNA Conference 2019

Technology sales leads provider, Good Leads® will be attending RSNA 2019 Conference held in Chicago, IL December 1-6, 2019. RSNA 2018 convenes radiology professionals from around the globe to gather knowledge through educational courses, explore the latest innovations presented by technical exhibitors, discover groundbreaking research from scientific paper presentations, and participate in networking opportunities.

The event is home to the latest trends and imaging technologies that will have the greatest impact in patient care as well as strategies on driving change through innovation. Healthcare and Medical Device customers who Good Leads supports choose to exhibit and announce their latest products for the first time at RSNA. "Having supported over 450 tech centric firms, we are attending in support of our customers and look forward to seeking new business opportunities of firms looking for phone based outreach services," said Bob Good, CEO of Good Leads.

About Good Leads:
Good Leads is a leading provider of outsourced business development services including closing sales, qualified B2B lead generation and qualified voice-to-voice and face-to-face appointments. For almost 16 years, Good Leads has partnered with domestic and international institutions, from high-tech to governmental agencies, to develop and implement a business development strategy as part of their integrated marketing plan inclusive of trade missions and inward direct investment. Good Leads can be contacted at: http://www.GoodLeads.com 866-894-LEAD.

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WealthAbility® promotes Clinton Potter to Director of Digital Technology

Leading financial education company WealthAbility® announces Clinton Potter has been promoted to the new position of Director of Digital Technology. Potter joins the company’s executive team with a wealth of experience in the latest technologies, digital architecture, product development, marketing technology, design and multimedia production.

CEO of WealthAbility® Tom Wheelwright shared, “We’re excited to have Clinton in this new Director of Digital Technology role as a ‘technology futurist’ that is critical to our growth plans. His experience and passion are invaluable to our team and vision to expand by developing new education platforms, AI, machine learning and advanced tools to better serve our clients.”

Potter’s primary focus will be on driving the company’s technology development efforts in terms of new and innovative products by utilizing significant leaps in technology and design across the WealthAbility® organization. His strategic leadership and creative thinking will ultimately serve to maintain a stronger emphasis on the WealthAbility® ecosystem, and facilitating this period of massive growth.

Prior to WealthAbility®, Potter was the Director of Marketing for The Carin Nguyen Team and ViaSol Energy Solutions, Sales and Marketing Manager at Inception Technologies. Potter is recognized as an agent of change, a strategic thinker, and an innovative technology guru.

“It’s an exciting time in the financial education space as technology provides endless ways to better engage with our clients and the world. I look forward to working with the WealthAbility® team to find new opportunities and tools to enhance our products and support our clients,” said Clinton Potter, Director of Digital Technology at WealthAbility®.

CEO Tom Wheelwright’s forward-thinking vision is to empower business owners, investors and accounting professionals with new wealth-building strategies and tools. Potter’s promotion is a key part of WealthAbility®’s long-term growth plan to invest in human capital and help clients achieve their financial dreams faster.

Media Contact, Liz Kelly, 310-987-7207

ABOUT WealthAbility®
WealthAbility® is a leading financial education company created by CPA, CEO, Author and Speaker Tom Wheelwright to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs, investors and CPAs manage global change, business growth and wealth management. The overall goal is to help clients “Make Way More Money and Pay Way Less Taxes.” To better serve clients, WealthAbility® provides a new platform of educational tools and global network of CPAs trusted by over 244,123 entrepreneurs and investors to reduce taxes and create wealth. Through these tools, WealthAbility® helps clients reduce taxes by 10-40%, increase confidence in clients’ personal ability to create wealth, and achieve financial dreams – much faster. In addition, the WealthAbility® Network for accounting professionals is educating CPAs and other accounting professionals to better serve clients and run more successful businesses. https://wealthability.com/

To help CPAs build more successful businesses, CPA, CEO and Tax-Free Wealth Author Wheelwright launched the WealthAbility® Network, a global network of CPAs and other accounting professionals dedicated to helping accounting professionals guide clients towards achieving “tax-free wealth.” After completing the certification process, professionals in this network may be referred clients by WealthAbility®. The four pillars of certification include 1) Training and Education, 2) Teambuilding, 3) Systems and Procedures, and 4) Mission and Identity. Members receive exclusive, in-depth instruction on how to apply proven wealth-building and tax-saving strategies from Wheelwright’s best-selling book, Tax-Free Wealth. In addition to private, in-person mastermind events and personalized coaching, members receive ongoing training for building a profitable, innovative accounting practice that serves high-caliber clientele. To join the WealthAbility® Network, an accounting professional must have an existing practice, tax consulting experience, a strong desire to improve the way they serve their clients and pass all necessary certification tests. https://wealthability.com/thenetwork/

Marketing Professional and innovator Clinton Potter is the Director of Digital Technology at WealthAbility®. Prior to this role, Potter helped build the WealthAbility® brand in multiple marketing roles for the company. In addition, Potter was the Director of Marketing for The Carin Nguyen Team and ViaSol Energy Solutions, Sales and Marketing Manager at Inception Technologies and a Marketing Consultant. In these roles, Potter was recognized as a one-man marketing team and a pioneering thought leader, with the ability to develop and implement marketing opportunities and processes to build and grow brands. Potter has 4 degrees, the most recent from Arizona State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a bachelors from the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance with an emphasis on digital media and technology. https://www.linkedin.com/in/clintoninc/

Tom Wheelwright is a CPA, CEO of WealthAbility®, Best-Selling Author of Tax-Free Wealth (Rich Dad Advisors Series), Speaker, Entrepreneur and Host of 2 popular podcasts: The WealthAbility™ Show with Tom Wheelwright CPA and The WealthAbility® for CPAs Show. Wheelwright is the CPA for Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) and speaks around the world with Robert to thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. Wheelwright is a Contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, and his work has been seen in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and on FOX and Friends, Marketplace / NPR, ABC News Radio and many other media. https://wealthability.com/tom/

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Just Released! [RECORDED WEBINAR] The "More" Effect on Educational Content

Associations are delivering MORE educational content than ever before. As a result, they are spending MORE time simply managing this content, and LESS time actually using it to fuel long-term growth—something that associations need to start doing on a larger scale to attract and retain young professionals.

Why is this happening? And where should associations be focusing their time and resources?

This newly-released, ten-minute, pre-recorded webinar from Omnipress, provider of print and digital content solutions for associations and other organizations, compiles insights from two annual industry reports--the State of the Conference Industry Report and the Training Trends Report.

Given that this overview is only ten minutes, it is designed to set the stage and get associations thinking. Additional resources are provided on the web page that accompanies the video to provide ideas on how associations can start tackling these challenges, including:

  • How to create more cross-team collaboration to increase the life, reach and value of educational content
  • How to attract and connect with young professionals


View the webinar

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Invitation Homes to Award Scholarships to Students Pursuing Higher Education

For many students, higher education means being away from the place they call home to pursue their dreams. Invitation Homes is launching the 2nd Annual There’s No Place Like Home scholarship contest asking students what they take to college to make it feel like home.

The contest asks high school seniors, college students, and students pursuing higher education or a vocational program to submit a thoughtful 800-word essay about what they are taking to school to make it feel like home and why it is important to them.

The top four essays will be chosen and judged by an independent third-party panel. The winners will each receive ,000 to use toward their education and will be featured on the Invitation Homes blog.

“Pursuing higher education is exciting, but it can also be intimidating, and we at Invitation Homes understand how important feeling happy and safe in your home can be,” said Dallas Tanner, president and chief executive officer of Invitation Homes. “We are once again encouraging students to share their stories about a special memento they take to college to help make that new environment feel like home.”

To qualify to enter, applicants must be enrolled in or accepted to an accredited college, university, or technical school. More details about contest eligibility requirements and guidelines can be found here.

Winners will be announced and notified by the end of the year. Deadline for entries is October 31, 2019 11:59 p.m. CT. One of the four scholarships will be awarded to an Invitation Homes resident.

About Invitation Homes
Invitation Homes is a leading owner and operator of single-family homes for lease, offering residents high quality homes across the nation. With more than 80,000 homes for lease in 17 markets across the country, Invitation Homes is meeting changing lifestyle demands by providing residents access to updated homes with features they value, such as close proximity to jobs and access to good schools. The Company’s mission statement, “Together with you, we make a house a home,” reflects its commitment to high-touch service that continuously enhances residents’ living experiences and provides homes where individuals and families can thrive. Learn more at invitationhomes.com.

Investor Relations Contact:
Greg Van Winkle
Phone: 844.456.INVH (4684)
Email: IR@InvitationHomes.com

Media Relations Contacts:
Kristi DesJarlais
Phone: 972.421.3587
Email: Media@InvitationHomes.com

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Charitable Kids’ “Olympics” Hosted at Ford Center at The Star

More than 500 students visited The Star in Frisco, Texas on July 22nd to culminate their summer activities. Students competed in a day of friendly games between nine of the local Kids ‘R’ Kids of greater Dallas area schools. The students also spent the summertime working - from dance-a-thons, odd jobs, talent shows, carnivals, and more - raising money for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

While 2018’s event raised approximately ,000 for Scottish Rite Hospital, this year's proceeds exceeded that at a total of ,442.

“It's truly heartwarming to see Kids 'R' Kids students working so hard to give back and further the work of the hospital,” said Stephanie Brigger, VP of Development for Scottish Rite Hospital. “Since the opening of the new Scottish Rite for Children Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center in Frisco, the support we receive from our community is fundamental in continuing our mission of providing world-class medical care regardless of any family's ability to pay.”

The day’s schedule began with the national anthem, sung by an alumni patient of the Children’s Hospital and a check presentation of the funds raised for the hospital. The games were facilitated by The Gym Station and included Soccer Shootout, Sack Races, 50-Yard Dash, and a Football Obstacle Course. The event ended with the announcement of the winning teams and presentation of trophies; the overall game winner, the most team spirit and the Grand Trophy for the most funds raised.

“The children have been working enthusiastically toward this day all summer,” said Tammy Huff, owner of Kids ‘R’ Kids Legacy West and West Frisco. “This wonderful experience instills core values that last a lifetime.”

About Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies
Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies provides a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children (ages 6 weeks to 12 years) to bloom into responsible, considerate, and contributing members of society. With over 170 locations in 15 states, Kids ‘R’ Kids International is a family owned and operated organization that ranks in the top 10 nationwide for franchised early childhood education centers. The local area Dallas/Fort Worth locations can be found on dfwkidsrkids.com

About Consumers’ Choice Award:
Established in 1987, the Consumers’ Choice Award® identifies and promotes businesses that deliver customer service excellence. The Consumers’ Choice Award® has retained a leading independent research firm to conduct surveys in U.S. cities; Atlanta, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dallas. The winners are determined by consumers and not by a panel of judges. The survey covers a broad range of categories of interest to both the public and business communities. Its purpose is to publicly identify those establishments that have been voted by consumers as being their choice for excellence. The Consumers’ Choice Award® is a most prestigious tribute to local businesses that serve their communities well. The program is encouraged by all levels of government and by business leaders. Find out more about The Consumers’ Choice Award by visiting http://www.consumerschoiceaward.com/

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Four Students Named Winners of NAfME 2019 Student Composers Competition

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Student Composers Competition spotlights original music written by student composers. Students in elementary school, secondary school, college, and graduate school are eligible to submit compositions, which may also be submitted for specific chamber instrumentation and may be eligible for performance at the Young Composers Concert taking place in Orlando, Florida, on November 8, at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center during the 2019 NAfME National Conference for music educators.

Selected composers receive cash awards, thanks to the generous support of the European American Musical Alliance (Dr. Philip Lasser, president) and the Double R Foundation. All entrants also receive written evaluations of their compositions.

These composers have been selected as the 2019 Student Composers Competition winners:

K-8: “Fugue and Fantasy” by Matthew Cline
Shanghai American School, Shanghai, China
Teacher: Christy Wanamaker

K-8 Honorable Mention: “Brass Fanfare” by Joseph Lim
Edgemont Junior/Senior High School, Hartsdale, New York
Teacher: John Catoliato

High School: “When All Are Singing” by Ryan Jacobs
Blue Valley High School, Stilwell, Kansas
Teacher: Paul Bessetti

High School: “Game for Five” by Jett Felder
Westmont High School, Campbell, California
Teacher: Christiana Smith

High School Honorable Mention: “Balcony” by Sam Parnin
Carroll High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Teacher: Doug Hassell

Collegiate: “Achilles” by Matt Arnett
Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

Collegiate Honorable Mention: “The Zealot’s Trial” by Nate Krebs
University of Toledo (Teacher: Lee Heritage), Elmore, Ohio

Collegiate Honorable Mention: “Music Speaks” by Kristen Goldstein
Immaculata University (Teacher: Kathleen Doutt), Malvern, Pennsylvania

Listen to all the winning and honorable mention student compositions here. The 2020 Student Composers Competition will open December 16, 2019, with a deadline to submit by March 27, 2020


National Association for Music Education, among the world’s largest arts education organizations, is the only association that addresses all aspects of music education. NAfME advocates at the local, state, and national levels; provides resources for teachers, parents, and administrators; hosts professional development events; and offers a variety of opportunities for students and teachers. The Association has supported music educators at all teaching levels for more than a century. With more than 60,000 members teaching millions of students nationwide, the organization is the national voice for music education in the United States.

Follow NAfME on Twitter (twitter.com/nafme) and on Facebook (facebook.com/nafme).
For additional information, contact Catherina Hurlburt at catherinah@nafme.org or 703-860-4000.

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Free money for everyone on Earth from solar energy

A new book introduces the idea of generating money from solar energy to pay for universal basic incomes instead of using tax money. The plan proposes to set up a section of solar panels for each individual on a local community solar farm, sell the electricity the panels generate, and deliver the money as “solar dividends” to the individual, for life. Such a program would create a new motivation to install more solar power to slow down climate change.

  • The solar panels pay for themselves through the money they earn by generating electricity.
  • The money won’t run out because the panels would be maintained and replaced as needed.
  • No international treaty is needed because every country receives enough raw solar energy to set up their own program.


The book "Solar Dividends: How Solar Energy Can Generate a Basic Income For Everyone on Earth" combines two big ideas—solar energy and basic incomes—to accomplish multiple goals: lift everyone out of economic insecurity, reduce the carbon emissions that drive climate change, and assemble a clean energy system that can sustain human society into the future. What's the catch? We all pay higher utility bills, but the book describes why that isn't such a bad thing, and how every individual will have a large net benefit despite the higher bills.

This plan contrasts with presidential candidate Andrew Yang's proposal for Freedom Dividends, which calls for new taxes to pay for basic incomes. Instead, investments in revenue-generating solar panels would supply the funds, investments that are also good for the environment.

"A thought-provoking idea if ever there was one!" says Bill McKibben, author "The End of Nature".

The author describes how solar energy gives society a unique opportunity to correct the inequality imposed by an unequal distribution of fossil fuel wealth by making sure everyone has a stake in the emerging solar energy production system. “There are not enough oil wells to go around, but there is enough sunshine for everyone” he says. Although utopian in scope, the author provides numbers to back up his ambitious plans.

More information, reviews, and ordering information can be found on the book’s website http://solardividends.org.

About the author
Robert Stayton is a solar innovator and educator with degrees in physics and science communication. His previous book "Power Shift" won multiple book awards and serves as a college textbook on energy. He has lived in an off-grid solar home for twenty years.

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FivePoint Solutions Launches the FivePoint School Safety Solution

South Carolina-based technology company FivePoint Solutions is helping states protect their schools and fortify their safety programs with a new customizable software solution that is the first of its kind in the U.S. The FivePoint School Safety Solution encompasses an online search portal and case management software that allow threat assessment teams to query critical data aggregated from several key sources as well as manage threat assessment processes in an effort to keep students safe. The Florida Department of Education is the first state to have adopted this potentially life-saving technology for all of its more than 4,600 schools this past August.

“Our FivePoint School Safety Solution unites data from disparate systems to make it meaningful for school safety-related decision making and also offers a streamlined way to organize the process of managing a threat. The State of Florida entrusted us to build this system for their Department of Education, and we look forward to continuing to share it with states across the United States that are looking for ways to improve their schools’ security,” says Ro Lucas, CEO of FivePoint Solutions.

The FivePoint School Safety Solution may be accessed only by a school district-appointed threat assessment team when an event that may pose a threat, such as bullying, fighting or an alarming social media post, occurs. This highly trained team, made up of law enforcement officers, mental health counselors and school administrators, then has the opportunity to swiftly identify, assess and provide intervention services for individuals whose behavior may threaten themselves or others.

This groundbreaking security solution encompasses two customizable software products, both fully compliant with state and federal law, for threat assessment teams to utilize:

1.    FocalPoint Suite - This is an online search tool that allows multiple data sources, such as state law enforcement, the Department of Children and Families, a social media monitoring service and more, to be queried simultaneously at the time of an event. Timely and accurate results about individuals are displayed on a dashboard, but never saved in a central repository.

2.    CaseWorX Solution – Should a potential threat be identified based on the data viewed within FocalPoint Suite, this web-based case management software provides users with a way to manage the assessment process through a personalized dashboard and automated workflows. It identifies who to contact next, any necessary paperwork to complete and more.

Authorized users of FivePoint School Safety Solution undergo extensive privacy training. There are notifications in place throughout the system to remind users about when and why they should access the system, and users themselves are monitored for these best practices.

“Protecting our children is the most important job we all have. The ultimate purpose of our FivePoint School Safety Solution is to try to keep kids safe and prevent another tragedy from happening,” says Lucas.

About FivePoint Solutions
FivePoint Solutions is a technology company with extensive experience developing software that integrates siloed data from various systems for local government agencies, such as courts, schools and law enforcement, across 28 states and growing. For more information, visit myfivepoint.com.

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After Five Decades of Expanding Business Transformation Across the Globe, Oliver Wight Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

In an era of increased globalization, and fast-changing technology, and consumer dynamics, Oliver Wight remains true to key founding principles, namely that people are at the core of true business transformation. While being people-centric, Oliver Wight has pioneered in the areas of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII), Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), and Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and continues to innovate business management processes.

Oliver Wight has helped transform hundreds of organizations to achieve its industry-recognized Class A Standard for Business Excellence. Integrated Business Planning has become the management process of choice for some of the most successful organizations in the world such as Abbott, Caterpillar, Roche, Mondelez, Otter Products, Procter & Gamble, Stryker, and the US Army, to name just a few.

“We are inspired to be celebrating Oliver Wight’s 50th anniversary,” says Robert Hirschey, President of Oliver Wight Americas. “The values and principles with which Ollie started the company remain today – simplify the complicated and integrate people, process, and technology, to transform business. We do this by transferring our knowledge to our clients’ own people, empowering change from within to enable sustainable business results.”

"As we celebrate 50 years of enabling our client’s success,” added Michael Effron, Chairman of Oliver Wight Americas, “we look forward to continuing to build up the individual and corporate capabilities of our client companies and helping them achieve business excellence and superior results relative to their peers.”

About Oliver Wight
At Oliver Wight, we believe sustainable business improvement can only be delivered by your own people; so, unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to you. Pioneers of Sales and Operations Planning and originators of the fundamentals behind supply chain planning, Oliver Wight professionals are the acknowledged industry thought leaders for Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Integrated Business Planning allows your senior executives to plan and manage the entire organization over a minimum 24-month horizon, ensuring your business is designed and structured to deliver best-in-class customer service with minimal costs. Using the Oliver Wight Maturity Model to pursue our globally recognized Class A Standard for best practice, we bring a tailored improvement journey for you to develop your organization’s processes and reach and sustain excellent business performance. With a track record of more than 50 years of helping some of the world’s best-known organizations, Oliver Wight will help you define your company’s vision for the future and deliver performance and financial results that last.

More Information
Susan Hansen
Oliver Wight Americas, Inc.

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Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group Announces Governor's Chief Economic and Business Advisor Keynotes Regional Power Summit

As the Tri-Valley continues its ascendance as a technology and innovation powerhouse, Lenny Mendonca, the Governor's Chief Economic and Business Advisor will serve as the keynote speaker at the upcoming Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group luncheon event on Monday, September 23, inspiring new ideas about housing, inclusion and how to sustain economic growth in the future.

Mendonca leads the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development and announced the State of California's Regions Rise Together initiative in May of this year, which will bring together diverse thought leaders in every region over the course of the next year to ensure that all regions benefit from California’s juggernaut economy.

The State's Regions Rise Together initiative will be unveiled in November, and its potential will be a focal point of the Tri-Valley Regional Power Summit. The regional summit is hosted by Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group, gathering business leaders in our community with city, county, and statewide leaders to begin thinking about what regional strength and regional vision can mean for the Tri-Valley in the decades ahead.

Director Mendonca will be joined in the discussion by Jim Wunderman, President and CEO of the Bay Area Council, and Linda Mandolini, President of Eden Housing. Guy Marzorati, reporter and producer for KQED's California Politics and Government desk will moderate.

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group is a business-led group that has engaged the Bay Area Council Economic Institute to develop a 2040 Innovation Tri-Valley Vision Plan for the region.

This regional summit is designed to help inform state leaders about the Tri-Valley innovation economy, business and community needs. The summit also enables Tri-Valley leaders to learn more about the Governor's goals and how statewide planning initiatives will impact the Tri-Valley.

The event is an opportunity to network with some of the most innovative thinkers, leaders and achievers in the Tri-Valley, the Bay Area and the State.

The Tri-Valley Regional Power Summit will be held from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., on Monday, September 23, 2019, at the Pleasanton Marriott, 11950 Dublin Canyon Road, Pleasanton, CA.

For tickets: https://innovationtrivalley.org/event/tri-valley-regional-summit

About Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group is a business-led organization committed to connecting the businesses, educational institutions, research labs, and civic leaders in the Tri-Valley region. ITV has positioned the region as a technology and innovation powerhouse with a terrific quality of life, now outpacing the Bay Area mega-region in both job creation and economic growth. The Tri-Valley today is now home to more than 450 technology companies, delivering a billion GDP. For more information, visit their website at https://innovationtrivalley.org.

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Good Will-Hinckley’s 2019 Fall Gala to Benefit Students In Need

After drawing more than 100 people to its 2018 Fall Gala, Good Will-Hinckley (GWH) is predicting this year’s event will generate an even bigger turnout—and a windfall for a crucial scholarship program.

On October 19, GWH will host its Second Annual Fall Gala at the Bishop Auditorium, located on the organization’s Hinckley, Maine, campus.

The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a cash bar cocktail hour followed by dinner (provided by the Heritage House in Skowhegan) and remarks from GWH administrators and alumni.

According to Rob Moody, president of GWH, proceeds from the gala will help provide annual scholarships—including room and board—for students in GWH’s Campus Living program.

“Our Fall Gala is a great opportunity for people to learn more about our history, our mission and where we’re going,” Moody says. “While we’ve always honored our mission of providing educational and other resources to boys and girls in need, Good Will-Hinckley has changed a lot over the years, and the Gala is our way of sharing our vision with donors and other stakeholders.”

In addition to serving as honorary chair for the event, Dr. Glenn Cummings, president of the University of Southern Maine and former CEO of GWH, will receive the organization’s first Helping Hands Award.

Attendees can also bid on live auction items including a weekend stay in Rangeley, Maine; Boston Red Sox memorabilia; a ,500 travel voucher and more.

Tickets to the event can be purchased by going to http://www.gwh.org/fall-gala.

Founded by George W. Hinckley in 1889, GWH offers dynamic educational resources, therapeutic residential treatment and other services for children and young adults ages 5 to 26.

Programs include the College Step-Up Program, Campus Living Program, the Glenn Stratton Learning Center and the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, which recently named Matt Newberg as its new Head of School.

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Pear Sports Is Selected by Fitness Trucking to Develop a Smart, Interactive Coaching & Wellness Platform for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

PEAR Sports, creators of the Pear Health & Fitness Platform that delivers unique smart coaching technology, today announced it has partnered with Fitness Trucking to develop a fitness and wellness program to engage, coach, and measure health progress for the 3.5 million truck drivers in America.

According to the CDC, truck drivers have the highest rates of obesity for any occupation in the United States. “Truck Drivers lead a challenging lifestyle and their life expectancy is among the lowest of any profession in the country,” said Siphiwe Baleka, CEO of Fitness Trucking. “The new Fitness Trucking Powered by Pear is a powerful digital personalized coaching platform that includes my validated custom content specifically designed to boost the health of truck drivers. Fitness Trucking selected Pear’s adaptive content delivery system because it is the only platform that offers interactive visual and audio coaching for in-the-moment exercise instruction and inspiration,” added Mr. Baleka who has been dubbed The Fitness Guru of The Trucking Industry.

Fitness Trucking Powered by Pear will provide smart coaching tools including custom training programs pushed to the truck drivers via their smartphones and smart watches. The workout and wellness content library is extensive and includes personalized fitness plans for improved strength, flexibility, cardio, guided meditation and more. Remote tele-health features will allow a coach to program and send tailored workouts to individuals or groups anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, biometric analysis can track and encourage drivers’ progress towards goals.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fitness Trucking to develop the only smart, adaptive wellness coaching program specifically designed to support truck drivers and the trucking industry,” said Bob Allison, Founder of Pear Sports. “Fitness Trucking Powered by Pear is uniquely designed to address the specific challenges that truck drivers face, and we are confident that our new interactive coaching ecosystem will provide an integral tool in the fight to improve the overall wellness of America’s truckers.”

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week, attached is a QR code demonstrating a series of exercises by Siphewe Baleka Powered by Pear in partnership with Functional Solutions. You can show your appreciation for America’s 3.5 million truck drivers by scanning the QR code with your smartphone camera and by following this link to get more information about Pear Sports, Fitness Trucking and Functional Solutions http://www.pearsports.com/fitnesstrucking.

About Pear
Pear Sports is perfecting the personalized delivery of digital health, wellness and fitness programs. Our platform and solutions deliver on-demand customized coaching that creates great experiences for customers and enterprises. For more information, visit http://www.pearsports.com.

Pear Sports
Anita Habeich, anita@pearsports.com

Fitness Trucking
Siphiwe Baleka, fitnesstrucking@gmail.com

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Pear Sports

Fitness Trucking

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OSHA Cautions Employers to Focus on Worker Fatigue to Reduce the Risk of Fatigue-related Injuries and Illnesses

The OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District, the only OSHA authorized OTI Education Center headquartered in Northern California, is highlighting an OSHA initiative focused on reducing the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses due to worker fatigue. OSHA’s worker fatigue web pagefeatures information on the impact of demanding work schedules and provides strategies to help workers and employers reduce fatigue and fatigue-related injuries and illnesses.

“Long work hours and irregular work shifts are widespread in today’s workplace and may increase the risk of injuries and accidents due to worker fatigue, increased levels of stress and poor health,” says Cari Elofson, Assistant Director of the OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District. “It’s important to address the issue of worker fatigue and its potential impact on each worker's safety and health as well as on the safety of co-workers.”

It’s estimated that 13% of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue, and 43% of Americans admit they may be too tired to function safely at work. Decreased alertness from worker fatigue has been shown to be a factor in major industrial disasters, including the 2005 Texas City BP oil refinery explosion and the nuclear accidents at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

Worker fatigue has been studied in aviation and other modes of transportation, the military, emergency response, healthcare, firefighting, law enforcement and other fields. These studies provide several key strategies that employers can implement to mitigate risk factors associated with worker fatigue, including: 

  • Examining staffing issues, such as workload, work hours, understaffing, scheduled and unscheduled worker absences and other factors that may be contributing to worker fatigue
  • Arranging schedules to allow frequent opportunities for rest breaks
  • Adjusting the work environment with lighting, temperature and physical surroundings to increase alertness
  • Providing worker education and training to address the hazards and symptoms of fatigue and its impact on health; the importance of adequate sleep, diet and exercise; and stress management strategies to minimize the adverse effects of fatigue.


OSHA’s worker fatigue web page offers many additional resources, including frequently asked questions on extended and irregular work shifts, an overview of issues related to shift work and extended work hours from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and information and ideas on how to reduce workplace fatigue from the National Safety Council (NSC).

About the OSHA Training Institute Education Center

The OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District offers high quality Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards-based training for construction, maritime and general industries in Dublin, California, conveniently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as twelve additional locations throughout California, Nevada and Hawaii. Programs offered include OSHA safety standards, Outreach Trainer courses, Cal/OSHA standards and customized on-site safety training. For more information, including a complete course schedule, visit the OSHA Training Institute Education Center website at https://osha4you.com, email otc(at)clpccd.org or call (866) 936-OSHA (6742).

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Carnegie Council Announces its International Student Essay Contest for 2019: Internet Responsibility

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces its 11th annual International Student Essay Contest, open to students of all nationalities anywhere in the world.

ESSAY TOPIC: Is there an ethical responsibility to regulate the Internet? If so, why and to what extent? If not, why not?

Please include in your analysis an explanation (in your own words) of “responsibility” and what it means to “regulate” the Internet. Your essay should consider at least one specific issue or area where “regulation” (as you define it) might be considered. For example, you may choose to address censorship, Internet accessibility, net neutrality, social media, cyber security, or other Internet-related issues. You are not limited to the aforementioned choices when discussing regulation.

Essays must identify the actor(s) that should or should not be responsible for Internet regulation. This can include international organizations, governments, corporations, online communities, and/or individuals. You are not limited to these examples when discussing actors, and you may choose to specify an agency, organization, etc. related to the particular issue you are considering.


  • Style: Persuasive, op-ed style (not academic, not footnoted papers)
  • Length: 1,000 to 1,500 words
  • Format: Essays can be submitted in .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .txt format. English language entries only.
  • Limit: One entry per person.

Before submitting your essay, please review plagiarism guidelines on CarnegieCouncil.org to ensure that your work is original and properly cited. All essays will be screened using plagiarism-detecting software.


All students, from high school students through graduate students, are eligible. Non-students are automatically disqualified.

Previous winners and honorable mentions are not eligible.


Please email your essay as an attachment to contests@cceia.org.

On the first page of the essay and in the body of your email, please include: 

  • Your full name;
  • The name of your school;
  • What level of student you are (high school, undergraduate, graduate).


The essays are judged in three categories: high school students; undergraduate students; and graduate students.


1st place: 0 Amazon Gift Certificate

2nd place: 0 Amazon Gift Certificate

3rd place: Amazon Gift Certificate

Winning essays will be published on CarnegieCouncil.org.

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DISCOVER NEW BOOK "VISION QUEST, A Journey to Happiness" Be Inspired to Follow Your Dreams

When corporate executive Jane Ramsey found herself facing sudden retirement, she embraced the opportunity to embark on a long-awaited metaphysical journey of discovery and profound reinvention. With one foot grounded in the rational world, and the other in the ether, she was free to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an artist and wisdom-seeker.

Experimenting with new mediums of painting and finding a connection with her deeper self, she yearned to explore the answers to life's big mysteries to better understand why we are here, and what life is all about. As a pupil she sought guidance from spiritual teachers Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston.

Now with the release of her new book VISION QUEST, a journey to happiness, she invites readers inside her spiritual 'vision quest' as she studies, travels, finds optimal health, deeper love and seeks answers to life's mysteries, culminating with the realization that it's an inside job––the answers are always available when we tap into our inner soul.

VISION QUEST: a journey to happiness 
by Jane Ramsey | On Sale: September 3, 2019 - Paperback 
Download your Kindle edition today.

Available on Amazon.com and bookstores.

Meditation website; https://janeramsey.co/ 
Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/jane.ramsey.568 
FB meditation page: https://www.facebook.com/janeramsey.co/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dailyjoycoach/

About the Author

Jane Ramsey spent thirty-six years in corporate life. Her last role was executive vice president of HR for a global retail enterprise. Upon retirement, Jane embarked on a course of study in philosophy, fitness, health, nutrition, quantum physics, happiness and spirituality.

She is now an author, artist and certified meditation teacher with the Deepak Chopra Center. She has been meditating for more than twenty years and helps clients create a strong daily meditation practice to help them feel more grateful, vital, energetic, peaceful, joyful and to develop great abundance and loving relationships in their lives.

Jane is currently developing a program combining meditation and art to help people live a more full-spectrum, creative and balanced life. She resides with her loving husband in Indian Wells, California.

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Career Thought Leaders (CTL) to Sponsor International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Conference in Prague

Career Thought Leaders (CTL), a global community of career service providers, announced today it will sponsor the International Coach Federation (ICF) event October 23–26, 2019, in Prague, Czech Republic. Converge, the only official ICF global conference taking place until 2021, brings together coaches from 70 countries to strengthen professional connections and offer cutting-edge learning opportunities. Attendees will gain valuable insight from CTL’s CEO Marie Zimenoff and CTL Board Member Susan Chritton who have been invited to lead a business development workshop.

On Thursday, October 24, Zimenoff and Chritton will deliver their workshop twice, giving coaches ample opportunity to learn how to differentiate themselves. “Working with coaches in CTL’s Certified Personal Branding Strategist program and co-delivering similar sessions at professional conferences, Susan and I have seen first-hand how coaches struggle to tell their stories and articulate their value,” said Zimenoff, CEO of Career Thought Leaders. “Coaches will walk out of this session with skills to assertively communicate their value and write engaging biographies, LinkedIn summaries, and ‘About Me’ website pages.”

“The coaching industry is booming right now, with more individuals and companies becoming aware of the benefits of hiring a coach,” said workshop co-facilitator Susan Chritton. “Coaches are seeking training through ICF and CTL to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. They also need tools to tell compelling stories that attract and connect with their ideal clients. Our presentation will give coaches the building blocks they need to achieve their business goals and do more transformational work with clients.”

As the leading provider of career industry trends, Career Thought Leaders shares best practices for coaching in personal branding, career transition, job search, and other career development topics. As CTL’s visionary since 2015, Zimenoff has led global expansion of the organization to train, inform, and convene coaches from 37 different countries in 2018. Zimenoff knows the specific challenges of growing a coaching business and is inspired to continue CTL’s mission supporting coaches to do the same. “I am excited to continue supporting and sponsoring ICF events. We’re eager to share CTL’s resources to improve coaches’ knowledge of career development, processes for coaching clients, and tools to build their practices.”

About International Coach Federation (ICF): 
The International Coach Federation (ICF) is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high ethical standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches across a variety of coaching disciplines. ICF is active in representing all facets of the coaching industry, including Executive, Life, Leadership, Relationship and Career Coaching. Its 28,000+ members located in more than 130 countries work toward the common goal of enhancing awareness of coaching, upholding the integrity of the profession, and continually educating themselves with the newest research and practices. For more information about ICF Converge, please visit: 

About Career Thought Leaders (CTL): 
The mission of Career Thought Leaders Consortium is to advance and professionalize the career industry by improving career management, leadership development, and career agility of professionals worldwide. CTL brings together experts from every sector and function within the career industry, sharing best practices among those in workforce, college, primary/secondary school, corporate, and private practice to raise the bar for career services internationally. To learn more, visit https://www.careerthoughtleaders.com/.

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SAFE Credit Union holds Reality Fair for Interns and Students at SAFE Headquarters

SAFE Credit Union held a Richard Myles Johnson Bite of Reality Fair at its headquarters for high school interns, employees’ children, and interns. Dozens of students took the journey from curiosity to “a-ha” moments about financial choices their families face and what they are likely to encounter as adults.

“This program provides important lessons in a topic not included in a lot of school curriculums,” said SAFE Financial Education Specialist Gina Richardson, who oversees production of Bite of Reality fairs around the Greater Sacramento area on behalf of SAFE. “At SAFE, we work hard to improve the financial health of our members, and that extends to their children and our community. This program allows teenagers to learn how to make these decisions in a safe, supportive environment. I always enjoy it when I see them personally discover what goes into making tough financial decisions. A lot of these kids are looking at getting their first jobs soon, and this helps them better understand the value of every dollar they’re going to earn.”

Bite of Reality fairs let students experience realistic financial situations through crafted simulations. Each student starts with a portfolio that details a career, salary, family size, and debt load. They use that foundation as they travel to various booths where they make necessary purchases such as child care, utilities, housing, transportation, and clothing. Participants experience a taste of independent living while temptations for additional spending and a few “surprise” expenditures are thrown in to illustrate the nature of adult financial realities.

The teens say they gain a new perspective on budgeting and spending.

“You have to make sacrifices to be able to get everything you want,” said student Jeweliannia Melendez. “You need to budget out the things you really don’t really need. A really nice car or a really big car aren’t necessities.”

SAFE Credit Union offers Bite of Reality Fairs at high schools throughout the Greater Sacramento region. If your school or organization is interested in hosting a Bite of Reality Fair, contact Gina Richardson at Eugenia.Richardson@safecu.org.

About SAFE 
SAFE Credit Union has made members an integral part of its vision since 1940. Over the years the credit union has kept the focus on what really matters, putting members first, a formula that has seen SAFE grow into a leading financial institution in Northern California with billion in assets and more than 235,000 members. SAFE is a not-for-profit, community-chartered credit union with membership open to businesses and individuals living or working in Sacramento, Placer, Yolo, El Dorado, Sutter, Butte, Nevada, Solano, San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Yuba, Amador, and Alameda counties. Insured by NCUA. http://www.safecu.org

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Innovation Tri-Valley and i-GATE Announce New Website To Activate Innovation Ecosystem: TriValleyConnect.org

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group and i-GATE launched a new website today showcasing the assets of the Tri-Valley innovation hub.

With 450 tech companies, a billion GDP, and more than billion in venture capital and private equity investment in the past ten years, the Tri-Valley area has become one of the fastest growing regions in the Bay Area.

"The Tri-Valley has an incredible density of talent and some of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area," says Brandon Cardwell, Executive Director of i-GATE. "The launch of TRIVALLEYCONNECT.ORG gives people the chance to connect with opportunities in the Tri-Valley and join one of the most vibrant and dynamic communities in the Bay Area."

The Tri-Valley is experiencing an economic boom thanks to significant growth in the tech, life science and advanced manufacturing sectors. The region's collaborative culture is proving to be a major asset for startups and later stage companies alike.

TRIVALLEYCONNECT.ORG also features a new job board in order to showcase the abundance of technology and innovation career opportunities currently available in the region. With so much of the Tri-Valley’s workforce employed in innovation and technology-driven industries, and worker productivity among the highest in the nation, the region has become a hub for job growth and innovation.

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group member Les Schmidt, of BRIIA, the Tri-Valley's AI focused accelerator, suggested ITV activate an automated job board to connect talent with local employment opportunities. "The heart of the region's economic engine is the incredible talent and companies within it. The new system has the potential to turbo-charge that engine, fueling business growth and shortening commutes, " says Schmidt.

"Connecting talent with thriving companies in the Tri-Valley is a top priority. We want more people to find great work close to home so they can ditch their commute," says Lynn Wallace Naylor, CEO of Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group. "Companies can now reach directly into our innovation ecosystem to access the top talent they need, and they all live right here."

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group and i-GATE are jointly hosting TRIVALLEYCONNECT.ORG to lead and nurture the region's innovation ecosystem. Organizations like Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group, i-GATE, and BRIIA bring together diverse stakeholders to ensure the Tri-Valley is among the best places in the world to start and grow a business.

The assets and unique features of the five cities that make up the Tri-Valley are showcased on the new site including Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and San Ramon. Innovators in every business sector will be regularly featured in news on the site. The website launched with an update from the global headquarters of Topcon Positioning Systems in Livermore, CA.

About i-GATE

i-GATE is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Tri-Valley the best place in the world to start and grow a company. Since 2010, they have made it our mission to build a vibrant and diverse network of entrepreneurs, and to provide them with resources they need to succeed. They operate The Switch and Switch Labs, as well as the NextTech Speaker Series, and Startup Tri-Valley.


BRIIA is an innovation accelerator. We deliver high-value workshops and expertise that accelerate startups and corporate new product initiatives. BRIIA’s Startup Accelerator is a 13- sprint, tailored program that propels AI-powered, B2B software startups from prototype to fundability. Their Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator helps corporate teams innovate like entrepreneurs, rapidly propelling new products from ideation to revenue generation.

About Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group (ITV) connects the businesses, educational institutions, research labs, start-up community and civic leaders in the Tri-Valley. ITV has positioned the region as a technology and innovation powerhouse, outpacing the Bay Area mega-region in both job creation and economic growth. The Tri-Valley punches far beyond its weight as it is home to 370,000 people, 450 technology and innovation companies, and delivers a GDP of billion.

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Storm Ventures Group Launches First Virtual Reality Training System for Roofing Contractors

Storm Ventures Group (SVG) CEO Anthony Delmedico recently launched the first virtual reality training platform for the construction and restoration industry. The SVG University (SVG U) Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles provide a 360-degree virtual reality environment and come pre-loaded with the SVG U VR Training App, VR Training Room and several VR industry-specific courses to help contractors recruit, onboard, and train employees. SVG assists and educates roofing and restoration contractors in the 0 billion roofing and storm restoration industry as well as the billion retail roofing and trades industries.

“The SVG U Virtual Training Platform is absolutely amazing. Our team loves it! It’s engaging, exciting, and life-like. We have successfully saved hundreds of hours of training alone, while also providing proven systems for our senior management. We have successfully scaled our company from million to million in one year by using the SVG U Virtual Training Platform,” says Nick Forsell, owner, Atlas Restoration.

SVG U (VR) courses include scouting damaged areas; conducting roof and property inspections; swiftly identifying and monitoring targeted geographic areas after a storm to help property owners recover; how to identify roof damage and determine type of damage; business sales; industry protocols; educating property owners on damage,roofing options, warranties and materials. The SVG U VR Goggles allow construction and restoration company CEOs to save hundreds of hours in training time. Rain or shine, new hires can train indoors in a real-life virtual platform with a laser pointer and a set of goggles. Learn more at http://www.SalesTrainingVR.com or call 330-57-STORM. See the VR Goggles in action at https://youtu.be/S37HOHsvyrk.

“One of the biggest challenges in our industry is recruiting and attracting new talent. The SVG U Virtual Reality goggles are great for helping roofing companies reach and attract new hires in the new millennia. We use them during job interviews, onboarding and training new hires, as well as at career fairs and job expos!” says Scott Riopelle, CEO, Interstate Roofing.

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, construction is one of the least digitized sectors in the world, and construction productivity has remained flat for decades. As one of the world economy’s largest sectors employing over 7 percent of the world’s working-age population with trillion spent on construction-related goods and services every year, the traditional method of design-bid-build has made construction disjointed and siloed. Every construction site is different, presenting its own unique set of challenges and risks. This has made it difficult for the industry to streamline processes and increase productivity the way manufacturing and retail industries have done successfully.

“It’s no secret. The construction industry utilizes an amazing array of technology to improve job safety, performance, customer service enhancements, property and jobsite monitoring. The things we can do today at the touch of a button are incredible! But, the industry is seriously lagging. Previous underinvestment in technology has been the root cause of low productivity. Innovation is key, and digital technologies are gaining traction. There is not a single business owner today in any industry that can grow their business while trading time for money. Our Virtual Reality training does the work for them, and this is just the beginning!” says Anthony Delmedico, CEO and founder, Storm Ventures Group, SVG University, producer of the annual Win The Storm Conference and Tradeshow Expo, author of the Win The Game book.

According to Connect & Construct, the top five trends in construction technology in 2019 include the internet of things, virtual reality, AI and machine learning, predictive analytics, and autonomous equipment.

“The competitive landscape is ever changing, and our Virtual Reality training has filled a massive void in the market. Companies have two choices: evolve or dissolve. This is one of many tools and systems we’ve launched in our SVG University training platform to help construction companies scale,” says Delmedico.

According to a recent report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), shipments for VR headsets reached .3 million and rose 27 percent year-over-year in Q1 2019.

Delmedico has over 25 years of experience in the construction and restoration industry, previously as a CEO to a 3M company he scaled to 18 states throughout the nation, and now as a consultant, educator, speaker, trainer, author and producer. Delmedico is the author of the Win The Game, a leading book and blueprint for contractors in the construction and restoration industry. Delmedico produced the Win The Storm Conference and Tradeshow Expo, where over 7,500 contractors, suppliers, vendors and leading experts get together to connect, learn, network and grow. Delmedico launched SVG University, a unique training platform for contractors to learn proven strategies to scale their companies.

About Storm Ventures Group 
Storm Ventures Group [SVG] is the premier catastrophic management consulting and joint venture firm. SVG is a global leader in training construction industry professionals how to help property owners recover quickly after catastrophic storm events.The SVG team brings over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential construction, insurance restoration, and best practices in construction management to the rapidly growing insurance restoration industry. SVG products include SVG University (SVG U), a virtual online training platform for general contractors, roofing, construction and restoration professionals. SVG U includes a full course library of hands-on, engaging, industry-specific training videos with courses, chapters, and testing to help contractors scale. The SVG annual Win The Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo attracts, trains and mobilizes construction and restoration companies throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia to successfully manage catastrophic storm events, build sales teams, rebuild communities and streamline operations to scale. For more information call 330-57-STORM or visit us online at http://www.StormVenturesGroup.com. To RSVP for the annual Win The Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo, please visit http://www.WinTheStorm.com.    

About SVG University 
SVG University [SVG U] is the first virtual online training platform for general contractors, roofing, construction and restoration professionals to systemize, scale, and grow their businesses. SVG U includes a full course library of hands-on, engaging, industry-specific training videos. Courses include sales management, sales training, recruiting, hiring, production, estimating, supplementing, roofing systems, detecting storm damage, large loss claims, human resources, and more. The platform is available 24/7 and provides real-time reporting and employee testing. Contractors and their teams can download hundreds of important documents including manufacturer specs, codes, statutes, warranty information, human resource documents, company forms, and more. Learn more at http://www.SVGUniversity.com.

About SVG U Virtual Reality Goggles 
SVG University (SVG U) launched new industry-specific courses only available in the new SVG U Virtual Reality (VR) goggles. Industry contractors and their teams can train from a fully immersed 360-degree virtual reality experience. Courses include scouting; conducting roofing and property inspections; roof assessments; storm damage and insurance claim process education; build and recovery processes; manufacturer specifications and warranties; business sales. Regardless of weather conditions such as rain or cold, new hires can train 24/7 indoors in a real-life virtual platform with a laser pointer and a set of goggles. SVG U VR Goggles are changing the way contractors recruit, onboard and train. Learn more at http://www.SalesTrainingVR.com or call 330-57-STORM.

Media Inquiries:

Jennifer Greenawalt 
Elev8 Consulting Group 
Ph: 386.243.5388 
Em: info@elev8cg.com 
Web: http://www.elev8cg.com

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2020 iaedp™ Symposium: Final Call for Proposals Deadline July 31, 2019

The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation (iaedp™) has announced the deadline of July 31, 2019 as the Final Call for Proposals for its 2020 annual Symposium slated for March 26-29 in Orlando at The Omni at ChampionsGate.

The iaedp™ Foundation is pursuing abstracts on inventive treatment modalities for the many phases of the eating disorder client’s journey-- from denial and resistance to treatment and ultimately recovery. The theme for its 2020 Symposium is “Vision of Hope"

According to Bonnie Harken, Managing Director at the iaedp™ Foundation, iaedp™ seeks treatment providers from all disciplines to convert ongoing research, brain imaging and treatment updates into meaningful eating disorder treatment protocols.

“At iaedp™, our intention is to provide training to as many professionals as possible in order to build and develop skills and knowledge about eating disorders,” Harken said.

The iaedp™ Foundation asks that professionals include experiential or interactive components in their presentations. Preference is given to unique presentations offered for the first time.

More information about all aspects of the iaedp™ Symposium can be found at iaedp.com.

About the iaedp Foundation: 
Established in 1985, the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp™) is today well recognized for its excellence in providing first-quality education and high-level training standards to an international multidisciplinary group of various healthcare treatment providers and helping professions, who treat the full spectrum of eating disorder problems.

The iaedp™ Symposium is held annually and attended by hundreds of eating disorder treatment professionals to experience the latest research in the field and to network with professionals from around the U.S. and the world. The 2020 Symposium, “Vision of Hope” is slated for March 26-29 at The Omni at ChampionsGate in Orlando.

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Cumberland Academy of Georgia Enhances Its Academic and Campus Experience for Students

While the students are enjoying academic and sports camps on the Cumberland campus, staff at Cumberland is also working on several projects that will improve the campus and curriculum. All projects are in preparation for the beginning of the school year in August. Students can look forward to additions and improvements surrounding academics, athletics, nutrition, social life, school layout and more.

Students at Cumberland won’t be confined to learning inside the building this year. “Thanks to the generosity and support of parents, board members, donors and the community from our 'Peace, Love ‘n Rock & Roll' gala, construction has begun on the new outdoor classroom,” said Cathi Arora, Director of Development and former Cumberland parent. The outdoor classroom provides another tool for teachers to reinforce classroom materials and will assist the counseling staff in their social and emotional growth curriculum.

High school students will have a new classroom constructed and new lockers installed. Administration added new software for more efficiency. Students and teachers will also be able to enjoy newly installed flooring in specific areas of the building. All improvements are designed to enhance the academic experience for students and assist teachers in their goals for students.

A new lunch program will be established at Cumberland, providing wholesome fresh foods that will be prepared daily from scratch. It is important that the students of Cumberland practice healthy eating habits and receive nutritious foods during the day to keep them focused on their daily lessons. Traditionally, lunch is an important time for students to socialize and enjoy their peers and faculty members outside of the classroom. “It is so important students learn healthy eating habits, both in the classroom and in the lunchroom. We feel the new lunch program provides this healthy platform and will provide an easier solution for our families for lunchtime nutrition,” said Debbi Scarborough, headmaster and founder.

Cumberland’s Cyclone athletes will be introduced to new sports opportunities. In addition to basketball, golf, soccer, cross country and bowling, Cumberland will be adding archery and tennis to the roster. Cumberland students began working on their tennis skills the past spring will now be able to compete in a program designed especially for special needs students. These additions to the Cumberland sports program continue to offer students a variety of sports for successful experiences outside the classroom.

About Cumberland Academy of Georgia 
Cumberland Academy of Georgia specializes in the needs of students in grades 4 through 12 who have high-functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities. Cumberland was founded in 2007 by Debbi and Matthew Scarborough, and is a fully-accredited, independent, non-profit school that seeks to provide a safe and supportive academic atmosphere for its students. Cumberland accepts applications year-round. To schedule a family tour, please contact Terri Brooks, Director of Admissions, at 404-835-9000, or email admissions(at)cumberlandacademy(dot)org.

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American Consumer Credit Helps Consumers Fix Budgeting Errors

Consumers make financial mistakes from time to time, even if they have exceptional personal finance knowledge. It’s important to know how to fix them instantly. To help, national nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC), explains some of the common budgeting errors and how consumers can go about fixing them.

“A budget is the cornerstone of responsible financial planning,” said Steve Trumble, President and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling. “It can be frustrating finding budgeting errors after you have taken the time to sit down and create a budget. It is important not to get frustrated and learn from these mistakes to prevent errors in the future.”

According to a poll by debt.com, 67 percent of consumers have a household budget, three percent less than last year. Most respondents who don’t budget (39 percent) say it’s because they don’t make enough money, followed by 22 percent who say it’s too time-consuming. Meanwhile, 16 percent of respondents say budgeting hadn’t helped when they tried, and 14 percent say they only need a budget for special occasions. Fewer than 10 percent say they don’t have a spending problem or they make enough money, so budgeting isn’t an issue.

Common budgeting errors:

1. Not keeping track of expenses – To make a proper budget, consumers need to be realistic and track how much they typically spend on food, clothes, travel, utilities, etc. Not getting a realistic number can cause serious errors to a consumer’s budget. To fix this problem, consumers should take a month to track their expenses so they can get back on track and set realistic goals.

2. Forgetting yearly expenses – It’s easy to forget about annual or semi-annual expenses, such as doctor appointments. Consumers should be mindful not to forget about these expenses and include them in their budget, so they are not surprised when the bill comes.

3. Is your partner on the same page? – It can be detrimental for consumers who are not on the same page as their partner about their budget and long-term goals. Be sure to talk about money early on in the relationship and try to have the conversation often, so both are up to date. Spouses should take a look at what they are each spending to come up with a realistic budget they are both satisfied with. Sometimes consumers will need to compromise with their partner.

4. Not having an emergency fund – Not setting up an emergency fund can crush a consumer’s budget if an unexpected event happens, such as a medical expense or broken-down car. Consumers can prevent this blow to their budget by setting aside money, even a little every month, to save enough for three to six months’ worth of expenses. Easy-to-use tools and apps such as Stash and Acorns can help create good saving habits with just small amounts of money each week.

5. Not seeking help – Budgeting can be hard, so it is beneficial for consumers to reach out to financial advisors for help. If a consumer is having a hard time tracking their expenses, they should consider using a household budgeting worksheet to keep track of expenses as well as their category so they can have realistic expectations with their budget.

ACCC is a 501(c)3 organization that provides free credit counseling, bankruptcy counseling, and housing counseling to consumers nationwide in need of financial literacy education and money management. For more information, contact ACCC: 

  • For credit counseling, call 800-769-3571
  • For bankruptcy counseling, call 866-826-6924
  • For housing counseling, call 866-826-7180
  • Or visit us online at http://www.ConsumerCredit.com

About American Consumer Credit Counseling 
American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit credit counseling 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering consumers to achieve financial management through credit counseling, debt management, bankruptcy counseling, housing counseling, student loan counseling and financial education concerning debt solutions. To help consumers reach their goal of debt relief, ACCC provides a range of free consumer personal finance resources on a variety of topics including budgeting, credit and debt management, student loan assistance, youth and money, homeownership, identity theft, senior living, and retirement. Consumers can use ACCC’s worksheets, videos, calculators, and blog articles to make the best possible decisions regarding their financial future. ACCC holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC®). For more information or to access free financial education resources, log on to ConsumerCredit.com or visit http://www.consumercredit.com/financial-education.aspx.

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RBMA Issues Call to Action on Surprise Medical Billing

The Radiology Business Management Association is urging its members to contact their elected officials in Congress about new bills to protect patients from unexpected out-of-network medical bills incurred while receiving care at in-network hospitals. RBMA supports the bi-partisan Protecting People from Surprise Medical Bills Act (H.R. 3502), introduced in the U.S. House by Representatives Raul Ruiz, M.D. (D-Calif.), and Phil Roe, M.D. (R-Tenn.), along with 40 other co-sponsors from both parties. H.R. 3502 is similar to legislation successfully implemented in states like New York and has proven to be an effective way to protect patients from unexpected large out-of-network bills while preserving high-quality independent provider groups as a viable part of our healthcare system. It includes provisions for an independent dispute resolution (IDR) process when providers and insurers cannot agree on a patient’s cost of care—an important safeguard that keeps insurers from simply dictating the price of care to provider groups that serve hospitals, like radiology practices.

In contrast, the Senate version of surprise billing legislation— the Lower Health Costs Act (S. 1895)—does not include provisions for an IDR process. Instead, reimbursements to out-of-network providers, like many radiology practices, will be set to the average in-network rate (benchmark rate) using data supplied by insurance companies. RBMA is asking its members to contact their Senators and push for having S. 1895 amended to include an IDR process before it is voted on. Indeed, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) has already proposed such an amendment and it only needs adoption. At the same time, RBMA members should also call their House Representatives and urge them to support H.R. 3502.

“RBMA members represent organizations across our country dedicated to serving patients with the high quality advanced medical imaging delivered safely and efficiently,” said Bob Still, Executive Director of RBMA. “We know what works at the state level in protecting patients from large out-of-network hospital bills while maintaining the quality and access to radiological services patients depend on. We believe that if we make our voices heard, legislators will listen to the experience of the radiology business experts among their constituents and include an appropriate IDR process in the final law.”

Unexpected out-of-network hospital billing (often called surprise billing) typically occurs when insurers contract with a particular hospital but not with all the independent physicians and provider practices that serve that hospital. As a result, hospitalized patients may discover that they must pay the difference (balance) between what their insurer pays an in-network provider and what the out-of-network provider typically charges for those services in that hospital.

“Limiting the amount patients at an in-network hospital can be billed for out-of-network services is sensible, but simply allowing insurers to dictate the rate without an IDR process as a safeguard can lead to unexpected negative consequences on patient care,” said RBMA Federal Affairs Committee Chair Linda Wilgus, CPA, MBA, FRBMA. “When crafting our national legislation, we should adopt what is known to work in the states for protecting patients from high cost surprise medical bills.”

The RBMA Federal Affairs Committee is actively engaged in Congress to advocate for legislation that protects patients from high cost surprise bills, settles disputes quickly and reasonably, and ensures that patients are provided ample in-network choices. RBMA members who would like to get involved are asked to: 

    •     Contact their House representative by clicking here and asking for their support of the Protecting People from Surprise Medical Bills Act.



  •     Contacting their your Senators by clicking here and asking to replace current “benchmark” language with arbitration language as considered in the Sen. Cassidy amendment and/or House companion bill.

About RBMA

Founded in 1968, the Radiology Business Management Association is a national not-for-profit association providing members with applied business information and intelligence applicable in any radiology setting. RBMA represents more than 2,300 radiology practice managers and other radiology business professionals. Its aggregate influence extends to more than 24,000 radiologic technologists and 26,000 administrative staff and physicians. RBMA is the leading professional organization for radiology business management and is recognized for its radiology-specific educational programs, products and services, publications and data. The resources and solutions RBMA offer its members and the broader health care community are helping to shape the profession’s future.

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FabriTec Structures Offers Anatomy Of A Tension Structure Continuing Education Course

FabriTec Structures announced the company has partnered with Architectural Record and BNP Media to certify, host, and distribute the company’s AIA Continuing Education course Anatomy of a Tension Structure. The continuing education course provides architects with 1 LU (learning unit) upon successful completion.

The company’s Anatomy of a Tension Structure course teaches viewers about tensile membrane structures from conceptual design through to final construction. The course covers general fabric structure forms, membrane types, concept development and analysis, material takeoff, design analysis, pricing, design considerations, engineering, steel fabrication, membrane fabrication, installation, and several project case studies. The continuing education course is available through BNP Media’s website at https://continuingeducation.bnpmedia.com/courses/fabritec-structures/anatomy-of-a-tension-structure-1/

Licensed architects are required to earn 18 continuing education credits, or Learning Units (LU), each year to fulfill AIA membership requirements. The FabriTec Structures CEU course helps architects work towards earning the credits they need while learning about the tensile membrane structure industry.

About FabriTec Structures

FabriTec Structures is an award-winning lightweight structures contractor specializing in the design and construction of complex cable and custom tensile membrane structures, and building envelopes. FabriTec Structures builds tensile membrane structures that range vastly in scope and service from massive stadiums and amphitheaters to building entryways and covered walkways. We design and develop our fabric structures from an assortment of highly engineered membrane materials, including ETFE foil, PTFE, and PVC fabrics. Our support structures are forged from cold-formed carbon steel and include specially designed cables and fittings – all manufactured in-house.

If you would like further information about this press release or to schedule an interview with Gary Taylor, please contact Gary Taylor at garytaylor(at)guard-all(dot)com or call 1-877-397-1594.

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A Concept Whose Time Has Come: One Bed - One Bill; Healthcare Industry Analysis by Loyale Healthcare

Sometimes, the complicated gap between what patients expect from their healthcare providers and what they actually end up getting can be captured in a single, simple idea. In One Bed – One BillLoyale Healthcare examines patient expectations and the procedural and technical underpinnings that enable the delivery of a seamless, satisfying holistic patient experience. This is a matter of increasing importance as patients and providers both struggle to overcome the challenges presented by patients’ increased personal costs.

Today’s Patient Financial Experience is Archaic

It’s no secret that consumers of healthcare have been frustrated by their medical billing experiences for a long time. In May, 2015, PwC’s Health Research Institute published a report titled “Billing and payment for a New Health Economy”. In it, PwC analysts noted that “the nation’s healthcare billing and payment system is an artifact of an earlier age.” The report added that “Much can be done to improve the system in the short term, but in the long term, structural change is needed to compete in the New Health Economy.”

As with other analyses of the “New Health Economy”, this report focused on the patient experience. Driven by the growing influence of patients on industry economics, the report summed up what most patients would tell you they want from their medical billing experiences. From well before 2015 to today, patients want a billing experience that is convenient, transparent, affordable, reliable and seamless. And as patients wield more and more clout, their desires are becoming demands. Healthcare providers who intend to compete for today’s consumers have no choice but to comply.

Instamed (recently acquired by J P Morgan Chase), one of the healthcare industry’s leading payment networks, issued its ninth annual Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report: 2018 this spring. The report recognizes “Healthcare’s Blind Spot: The Consumer Experience”, something Loyale Healthcare wrote about in a 2018 guest article for The Beryl Institute, the country’s leading patient experience advocacy organization.

Instamed’s research found that 70% of consumers are confused by medical bills, 50% would not be able to pay a ,000+ medical bill and 93% were surprised by a medical bill in 2018. For payers (aka insurers), 71% of consumers were confused by their explanations of benefits (EOBs) and 72% want eStatements for premium bills (42% can’t get them). Instamed’s Chief Technology Officer, Chris Seib, is quoted in the report introduction saying, “It is clear that increased consumer responsibility is one of the most significant trends shaping the future of healthcare payments for consumers, providers and payers.”

Operating with a Consumer-Centric Lens

What does a consumer-centric patient financial engagement system look like? To meet the objectives for all stakeholders – providers, payers and patients, it conforms to the following three principles.

1.    It is holistic – A patient should be able to receive one consolidated bill from all providers for an associated clinical treatment episode no matter how complex and how many providers are involved including network, affiliated physician and other service providers.

2.    It is transparent – Providers should be able to holistically tell patients what their treatment will cost and what their out-of-pocket will be. Further, and just as important, it presents patients with bills that make sense and are easy to pay. One example is the Loyale Affordability Workbench™, a patient “digital front door” that makes it easy for patients to see what their care will cost in total and to explore payment options, set up payment plans and view all their bills in one clear presentation for easy online payment.

3.    It responds to patient and provider preferences – Health system technology ecosystems are notoriously complex, so delivering a consumer centric financial experience depends on the system’s ability to seamlessly integrate with all the other systems affecting a patient’s care experience and financial responsibility. This integration must then adapt to variances between various provider settings and convert data that’s valuable for providers and payers while ensuring that patients’ experiences are personalized. Amazon, Apple and Zappos are consumer all-stars because they continually mine consumer data to optimize their customers’ experiences and their own financial performance.

Provider systems that conform to these principles give patients the confidence they need to proceed with care by demonstrating the provider’s high clinical, administrative and financial standards. Providers themselves benefit because of the improved payment behavior resulting from a more satisfying financial experience.

Making One Bed (Patient) - One Bill a Reality

Digital rendition and patient financial engagement with a consolidated bill each depends on the use of open architecture technology that can integrate and interoperate with multiple source systems in all healthcare settings, including: 

Closed ecosystem technology will never be able to achieve “One Patient - One Bill” let alone holistic patient financial engagement. By definition, closed systems reject outside data sources thereby creating holes in the patient’s overall financial experience. For this reason, the rationale behind powerful captive EMR systems is a non-starter when it comes to future success in patient financial engagement.

Another Achilles Heel for closed systems is their inability to support experimentation and the use of advanced management techniques such as champion-challenger as explored by a recent Loyale article. A closed system has no challenger and therefore rarely improves in response to competitive marketplace dynamics.

Bigger Picture Marketplace Dynamics

Many hospital networks use a number of Hospital Based Specialists outsourcing partners such as Envision for emergent services, (ER), anesthesia and other specialty practices. Often, these outsource partners do not have the same payer network affiliations as the contracting Healthcare network or Hospital.

This can lead to an acute financial disconnect with patients who learn their services are out of network. Over the long run, this practice will prove unacceptable as regulatory pressure is brought to bear and negative consumer sentiment accrues for the HCN or Hospital - which was chosen by the patient precisely because the provider was in-network. For the IDN, hospital or outsourcer this leaves four practical options:


  • Merger or Acquisition - Buy the Outsourcer and bring in-network – Highly expensive
  • Outsourcer – Establish in-network status with all Provider client partners – Again, highly expensive and not always feasible
  • Collaboration – Use adaptive platform technology such as Loyale PFM to provide integrated, One Patient - One Bill consumer value-add, with transparency to alert the patient to any out-of-network occurrences
  • Stand Alone Enhancement – Short of one-patient-one-bill, adopt system and policy enhancements to improve patient financial engagement capabilities between separate HCN/Hospital and Outsourcer domains – Suboptimal but this at least moves the needle, especially if executed with an open architecture technology that can then move to an integrated solution when ready

The reality is that once One Patient – One Bill is implemented, few patients in any healthcare market will accept sub-standard offerings. For those who intend to compete, the time to formulate a strategy is now.

One Bed – One Bill is here today and can be implemented using Loyale’s open platform technology. The concept embodies the same principles that companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix and others have used to achieve historical success and brand loyalty. Consumers expect it. Now Healthcare must step up to deliver it.

Kevin Fleming is the CEO of Loyale Healthcare

About Loyale

Loyale Patient Financial Manager™ is a comprehensive patient financial engagement technology platform leveraging a suite of configurable solution components including predictive analytics, intelligent workflows, multiple patient financing vehicles, communications, payments, digital front doors and other key capabilities.

Loyale Healthcare is committed to a mission of turning patient responsibility into lasting loyalty for its healthcare provider customers. Based in Lafayette, California, Loyale and its leadership team bring 27 years of expertise delivering leading financial engagement solutions for complex business environments. Loyale recently announced an enterprise-level strategic partnership with Parallon and has completed deployment of its industry leading technology to all HCA hospitals and Physician Practices.

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ASCP 2019 Annual Meeting to Promote Education, Advancement and Discovery

As the healthcare environment evolves, the ASCP 2019 Annual Meeting, September 11-13, in Phoenix, will provide strategies to keep pathologists, laboratory professionals and residents on the forefront of the profession, as well as offer laboratory stewardship techniques to improve outcomes and enhance patient care.

Renowned Speakers Covering Crucial Topics 
On September 11, Her Royal Highness Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, President of the Union for International Cancer Control—one of the world’s most powerful female voices in the global fight against cancer and non-communicable diseases—will present the Grand Opening General Session.

On September 12, Michael Schubert, editor of The Pathologist, will moderate a lively panel debate on test utilization management. Six experts will each present their approach to test utilization and will engage viewers with a question-and-answer session.

ASCP Immediate Past President James L. Wisecarver, MD, PhD, FASCP, will deliver the Cindy S. Johns Lecture, “Solving the Puzzle of Big Data,” on September 12. He will discuss a new data standard being developed by the University of Nebraska Medical Center that will facilitate importing the data necessary for patient care into the electronic medical record (EMR) in a user-friendly format. The goal is that once this standard is more widely adopted, it will allow clinicians and researchers to aggregate the information in their EMRs to answer a wide array of questions that cannot be easily answered currently.

Attendees won’t want to miss the featured sessions on laboratory stewardship, which include “The Who, What, Why, How of Testing Algorithms: Making an Impact One Test at a Time”; “Laboratory Stewardship Standards: Using Checklists to Improve Performance and Reimbursement”; “Grassroots Approaches to Grow a Lab Stewardship Program”; and “Utilization Management in Anatomic Pathology.”

Targeted Track for Laboratory Professionals 
New this year, ASCP has developed a targeted track for laboratory professionals in four identified areas: hematology/coagulation, microbiology, transfusion medicine/blood banking, and clinical chemistry. These are specific sessions that are designed by laboratory professionals for laboratory professionals to help them gain practical, immediately-applicable knowledge.

Rae Rader, MPA, MASCP, PA(ASCP), will headline the Barbara M. Castleberry Lecture for Laboratory Professionals on September 13 with her presentation, “Pathologists’ Assistant: History of a Highly Trained Laboratory Professional and How I Became One.” She’ll examine factors surrounding this developing profession and how the growth and changes in laboratory medicine have influenced this profession.

Challenging Areas in Pathology 
Pathologists will also be able to choose from dozens of sessions featuring education in the fastest growing, most challenging areas in pathology practice. These include artificial intelligence for the pathology laboratory, computational pathology, cellular therapy, digital pathology, genetic/molecular testing for patient care and immuno-oncology.

During the Arthur Purdy Stout Society Lecture for Pathologists on September 13, presenter Esther Oliva, MD, will highlight the new HPV system of classification of endocervical adenocarcinomas, the new classification on patterns of invasion in endocervical adenocarcinoma and changes in the latest International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics staging systems of cervical carcinoma.

Preparation for Board Exams 
The ASCP Annual Meeting presents an opportunity for pathology residents to learn from renowned educators as they navigate the challenging issues they’ll face in their future practice. They will gain insights on the field through hundreds of hours of education in dozens of topic areas, and will also be able to prepare for their board exam with the Resident Review Series. The series is a group of five, 1.5 hour sessions covering challenging, high-interest topic areas to prepare residents for exam day.

Residents can also do a deep dive by attending the Michele D. Raible Lecture for Residents on September 12, where ASCP Chief Medical Officer Dan A. Milner, Jr., MD, MSc(Epi), FASCP, will present “Cerebral Malaria: An Allegory of Disease, Statistics”, and “Buying the 9s.” Dr. Milner will discuss cerebral malaria, a disease he has studied for over 20 years, as a model to illustrate the challenges of global health and the costs of health care and public health globally.

ASCP 2019 has education that will suit the individual needs of members of the pathology and laboratory medicine profession, whether they are pathologists, laboratory professionals or residents.

Learn more about the ASCP 2019 Annual Meeting here.

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The Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC (“EMC”) announced today that it has already produced five free “Virtual Seminars” for the retail energy industry.


EMC now offers five Webinars or “Virtual Seminars” on its website for viewing and is planning many more. The five include:

1.      “HOW TO CONTAIN THE EPIDEMIC OF CHURN IN RETAIL ENERGY” – Run by Jack Doueck, CEO of LED PLUS USA.  This webinar shows retail energy providers how to reduce churn and increase customer retention simply and cost-effectively.


2.      “RETAIL ENERGY REGULATORY TRENDS – WHAT’S NEW, WHAT’S COMING SOON, and WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ABOUT IT” – run by Frank Caliva of P.R. Quinlan.  This webinar shows which states are most welcoming to progress in deregulation and which to avoid.



3.      “BOOST YOUR CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE USING MACHINE LEARNING” – run by Dr. Madalasa Venkatraman of TEG Analytics.  This webinar educates the audience on how to use AI and machine learning to increase CLTV.


4.      “THE LATEST AND GREATEST IN RETAIL ENERGY M&A” – run by Jack Doueck and Larry Leikin of Energy Marketing Conferences. This fantastic panel discussion is among Justin Courtney of Stephens investment bank, Nathan Kroeker, CEO of Spark Energy, Harold Marx of NRG, David Mirza of Medtractions, and Phillip Wills of Pulse Power.



5.      “EFFECTIVE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT TECHNIQUES FOR SUCCESSFUL CUSTOMER RETENTION” – run by Jack Doueck and Larry Leikin of Energy Marketing Conferences.  This panel discussion features Kevin McMinn of Crius, Alan Schwab of Genie Retail Energy, Bill Kinneary of Powervine Energy, Ty Benefiel of MeterGenius, Dan Seaman of Optimus and Bruce Shields of Data Communications Management.

EMC is planning many more Virtual Seminars for the coming weeks and months.  The next one is August 20th entitled: “A Software Strategy for Managing Disruptive Change.”  EMC advertises its webinars online through its social media network, at its conferences, as well as on its website and to its email list of approximately 15,000 retail energy professionals. 



The Virtual Seminars are available on EMC’s website as a free and valuable educational tool for the industry.  


“Our mission in Energy Marketing Conferences is twofold: education and networking. Our two semi-annual conferences offer the absolute best opportunities for networking in the retail energy industry.  The conferences are packed with more than 50 speakers, 10 executive workshops and 6 interactive panels – all learning opportunities,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of the Energy Marketing Conferences. “We will now reach out online to a much larger audience and provide people who aspire to have careers in retail energy with valuable information to help them innovate and succeed.”


Who should attend: CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s and CFO’s of retail energy suppliers should tune into these virtual seminars.   “We ran an EMC Virtual Seminar in June of 2019 and it generated great traction. Jack and Larry did everything they promised. We received great exposure through national press releases, social media, the EMC website and email blasts to the whole retail industry,” said Nishant Jairath, of TEG Analytics. “Thank you to EMC for hosting this great educational series for Retail Energy!”


“EMC crafted this series of Webinars to appeal to all levels of retail energy companies including: CEO’s, CMO’s, COO’s, CFO’s as well as managers of divisions, retention managers, sales managers, channel partner managers, customer service personnel and IT professionals,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC. “This program is the first of its kind in the industry and we are excited that it is already off to a great start.”


The next Energy Marketing Conference will take place at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City on September 12th 2019.  CLICK HERE to register for the largest retail energy event ever.


ABOUT Energy Marketing Conferences:

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences LLC is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.  The EMC Monthly e-Newsletter goes out to more than 15,000 retail energy executives each month with important articles written by industry professionals. The EMC Virtual Seminars are the newest program of EMC, designed to help educate the industry on a host of topics – free of charge.   



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AAOMS Magazine Editor Receives Distinguished Dental Editor Award

Daniel M. Laskin, DDS, MS – the longest-serving editor of a dental association newsletter – has received the 2018 Distinguished Dental Editor Award from the American Dental Association Council on Communications and the American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists (AADEJ).

Laskin of Richmond, Va., has been editor of AAOMS Today – a bimonthly publication of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons – and its predecessor publications since 1966. AAOMS represents more than 9,000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and AAOMS Today provides those members with specialty and association news as well as information on opportunities for education, research and advocacy.

The Distinguished Dental Editor Award honors editors who bring acclaim to their association, dentistry and dental journalism through exceptional editorial direction and the creation of first-rate publications. Laskin received the award at the 2018 AADEJ Annual Conference in Hawaii.

As the AAOMS newsletter’s first editor, Laskin wrote all the content and laid out pages. Since then, the publication has become increasingly larger with additional staff and expansive content. However, he still edits every article for content, message and grammar. He guided the 2018 redesign of the publication that featured more photos, expanded event coverage and additional in-depth features, including articles on AAOMS members who treated the Las Vegas shooting victims and an OMS who performed a complex, “miracle” jaw surgery on a young woman. Laskin’s numerous editorials over the years have dealt with healthcare issues, education and training as well as professional responsibility and ethics.

During Laskin’s tenure as editor, AAOMS Today has won journalism awards from the International College of Dentists for outstanding newsletter in 2011 and 2018 and most improved publication in 2014. The magazine also was honored with two Platinum Awards for overall magazine and writing in the 2019 Hermes Creative Awards; named most improved magazine by the 2018 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence; and presented four 2018 MARCOM Awards for feature article (platinum) as well as association magazine, overall writing and overall design (golds).

Laskin served as president of AAOMS from 1976-77 and the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons from 1983-86 as well as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (JOMS) – AAOMS’s monthly journal that covers new techniques and innovations in the specialty – from 1972-2002. Annual accolades named after Laskin include an award for the best article in JOMS and AAOMS’s outstanding predoctoral educator award.

Currently, Laskin is adjunct clinical professor and chair emeritus in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry after serving as chair of the department from 1984-2002. He also served as head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Dentistry from 1973-83 and established the college’s Temporomandibular Joint and Facial Pain Research Center. UIC annually hosts the Daniel M. Laskin Lectureship in his honor.

The experts in face, mouth and jaw surgery® — The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) is the professional organization representing more than 11,000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons, OMS residents and OMS professional staff in the United States. AAOMS supports its fellows’ and members’ ability to practice their specialty through education, research and advocacy. AAOMS fellows and members comply with rigorous continuing education requirements and submit to periodic office anesthesia evaluations. For additional information about oral and maxillofacial surgery, visit the AAOMS websites at http://www.AAOMS.org and http://www.MyOMS.org.

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Sigma/National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) Announces First Collaborative Research Grant Recipient

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) is proud to announce Linda Maldonado, PhD, MN, BSN, as the 2019 recipient of the Sigma/National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) Collaborative Research Grant. Maldonado is an Assistant Professor at the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA.

This new collaborative research grant, made possible by the Sigma Foundation for Nursing and NAHN, provides funding for qualified nurses who contribute to the advancement of Latino health through nursing research. Maldonado’s project, Use of Narrative Analysis to Understand the Stories of Resilience in Urban, Childbearing Puerto Rican Women, addresses the knowledge gap regarding Puerto Rican women who provide intergenerational care and reside in low-income areas. These women can give an increased understanding of their life experiences, specifically concerning the role of resiliency of those in this Latina subgroup.

“This research is critical to more fully understanding resilience within the context of intergenerational caregiving experiences of urban, childbearing Puerto Rican women,” said Maldonado. “This study is an essential first step in guiding the development of timely and appropriate interventions to improve maternal-infant outcomes in the urban, child-bearing Puerto Rican community.”

Of all the Latina subgroups, Puerto Rican women have higher infant mortality rates when compared to Cuban or Mexican Americans and are twice as likely to not receive proper prenatal care when compared to non-Hispanic white mothers.

“I offer my sincerest congratulations to Dr. Maldonado as the inaugural recipient of our newest collaborative grant opportunity,” said Sigma President Beth Baldwin Tigges, PhD, RN, PNP, BC. “As one of our tenets, Sigma is dedicated to the advancement of global health, and providing innovative funding opportunities is one way we accomplish this advancement.”

“The National Association of Hispanic Nurses is proud to partner with Sigma to celebrate the advancement of Latino health,” said NAHN President Norma Cuellar, PhD, RN, FAAN. “We congratulate and thank Dr. Maldonado for her significant contribution to this knowledge area through her research and look forward to honoring her at our 44th annual conference in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada.”

The 2020 Sigma/NAHN Collaborative Research Grant will open for applications in January 2020. Visit SigmaNursing.org/Grants for more information or to apply for current research grant opportunities.

About Sigma 
The Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is advancing world health and celebrating nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. Founded in 1922, Sigma has more than 135,000 active members in over 90 countries and territories. Members include practicing nurses, instructors, researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and others. Sigma’s more than 540 chapters are located at more than 700 institutions of higher education throughout Armenia, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, England, Ghana, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Mexico, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Swaziland, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, the United States, and Wales. Learn more at http://www.SigmaNursing.org.

About the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) 
National Association of Hispanic Nurses® (NAHN) is a nonprofit professional association committed to the promotion of the professionalism and dedication of Hispanic nurses by providing equal access to educational, professional, and economic opportunities for Hispanic nurses. NAHN is also dedicated to the improvement of the quality of health and nursing care of Hispanic consumers. To learn more about NAHN and the annual conference visit http://www.nahnnet.org.

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Fairleigh Dickinson University Student Blazes Trail for Gender Diversity in Computer Science; Earns Women’s Scholarship from Montclair Web Development Agency

Lform Design (http://www.lform.com) — a web design and development company headquartered in Montclair, NJ—is thrilled to announce the recipient of its second annual ,500 STEM scholarship for women studying computer science and computer engineering. Faiza Jabeen, 19, of Booton, NJ, was awarded the women’s scholarship and paid summer internship for her academic excellence and passion for computer science.

“(I am) a female from a culture where females are preferred to stay home instead of working, and if they do, their parents make sure it is a safe place for her to work there,” Jabeen said.

Jabeen was born in Karachi, Pakistan and moved to the United States in 2013. According to Jabeen, Pakistani families who allow women to work know what females are capable of doing and what is best for them. They prefer the women to study biology and believe that being a nurse and doctor is safer, as they will always be surrounded by good people.

“My family was supportive. (WE) females are really precious for our families and they want to see us happy and successful,” Jabeen said. “I really wanted to study computer science because it has many different (career paths).”

Jabeen decided to follow in her older brother's footsteps, and pursue a degree in computer science. Jabeen recalls, as a high school student, looking at his tests and homework and thinking, “I get this. I can do this.” Throughout high school and as a freshman at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ, she has excelled in this field of study.

During her high school classes, she began to recognize how male dominated the field was. In her first computer science course, there were five women. In the second, there were three, and in the third, there were two—until one woman dropped out and only she remained. Jabeen said she sat quietly in the corner, but held one of the highest grade averages in the class.

“People nowadays think that the computer field is only for men, but this is not something I believe,” Jabeen said. “No field out there is for men only. I believe women can do anything if we work hard enough, and I am willing to do whatever I can to reach (my goals).”

According to the nonprofit, Girls Who Code, only 24 percent of computer scientists are female, and that number is in jeopardy of shrinking. To help close the gender gap in technology, Lform Design launched this annual scholarship and internship program for young women pursuing a career in computer science or computer engineering. 
“As a New Jersey web development company, we see first-hand how our industry is a male-dominated field: We only have two women in our office and neither of them are part of our development team,” said Lform Design Owner and Creative Director, Ian Loew. “Because we want both men and women to thrive in this line of work equally, we created the scholarship to encourage more women coders and computer scientists to join the computing workforce. Faiza is an exemplary student of computer science and the true future of this industry. We are honored to award her this scholarship.”

Lform Design will begin accepting applicants for its 2020 women’s specific STEM scholarship starting Jan. 1, 2020. Eligibility includes a commitment to pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or computer engineering; the student must also be enrolling in or currently enrolled in an accredited four-year college or university or two-year college on track to transfer to a four-year school. The deadline to apply is April 15, 2020. The scholarship recipient will be announced May 15, 2020.

For more details about the scholarship, eligibility, and how to apply, please visit: https://www.lform.com/scholarship.

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APX Data and Fanshawe College Team Up to Lead Fire Prevention Practice of Tomorrow in Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Education Program

APX Data (http://www.apxdata.com), the leading provider of digital data management software used by fire prevention for fire inspections and preplanning, announced today that Fanshawe College’s School of Public Safety will use their software to teach future fire prevention officers starting September 2019. The APX Data CityScape Suite is a digital, mobile and field-based records-management software suite that will provide Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Education students hands-on experience with the most advanced records management techniques to help protect cities and save lives from fires before they start.

The Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Education program is a three-year advanced diploma program that prepares graduates to enter the fire service in the field of fire prevention. The core vocational curriculum is aligned with several professional credentials offered by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): Fire Inspector I and II, Fire and Life Safety Educator I and II, and Public Information Officer. Students will also graduate with the communication skills and interpersonal skills they need to function as leaders in the fire service and in the community.

According to the National Fire Inspection Database and Statistics from the Government of Canada, in the 10-year period between 2005 and 2014, there were 439,256 fire incidents, 1,733 fire-related deaths, and 12,503 persons injured in Canada alone. Additionally, Fire Prevention Canada reports that on average, fire kills eight people each week in Canada.

Access to digital information - such as inspections, building layouts or hazardous materials data - available in seconds while on route allows firefighters to leverage smart mobile technology during emergencies to save lives. Currently, the prevailing method involves pen and paper, which takes thousands of specialized person-hours in order to document and keep up-to-date.

“We’ve been called the 21st-century solution for modern firefighters by our very own customers,” said Paul Martin, Founder and CEO of APX Data. “Partnering with the advanced program from Fanshawe truly represents transformational training for the next generation of firefighters. This provides them with the most relevant and up-to-date skills and technology to help them save lives.”

“Using APX’s cutting-edge software in the classroom will ensure our students are fully-trained in electronic recording keeping when they graduate and begin careers as fire inspection prevention officers,” said Frank Donati, coordinator of Fanshawe’s Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Education program. “This software is used in the field today and we thank APX for their support.”

For more information about APX Data, please go to http://www.apxdata.com. For more information about Fanshawe College, go to http://www.fanshawec.ca.

About APX Data
Working hand-in-hand with first responders and academia for Government Technology Smart Cities initiatives, APX Data (http://www.apxdata.com) developed a suite of intuitive, mobile-based solutions that help first responders reduce risk and save lives by providing real-time access to accurate data at times of emergency.

The APX CityScape solution is being used by hundreds of fire department users across North America. The solution is backed by powerful, easy-to-use software and world-class customer support which have helped APX Data achieve a customer satisfaction score of 98 percent.

About Fanshawe College
Fanshawe College is one of Ontario’s largest colleges, serving students with a promise to educate, engage, empower and excite. For more than 50 years, Fanshawe has been helping people to unlock their potential and achieve success. The College has 197,000 alumni, attracts students from 90 countries every year and opens up a world of possibilities through more than 200 degree, diploma and certificate programs, along with apprenticeship training.

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Screencast-O-Matic Becomes Google for Education Premier Partner

Screencast-O-Matic announced today that it has become a Google for Education Premier Partner. Google selected the video platform for its intuitive video creation and sharing tools, making it easy for educators to enhance learning in the classroom.

Screencast-O-Matic is a trusted leader in video creation tools and serves millions of people around the world. With its leading screen recorder, video editor and video sharing services for education, Screencast-O-Matic is used in scenarios such as flipped learning. With the partnership, Screencast-O-Matic offers educators and students video solutions with easy integration to Google for Education products. Screencast-O-Matic integrations with Google for Education include:

Quick Share to Google Classroom - The learning environment is perfect for sharing video created with Screencast-O-Matic’s intuitive screen recorder and video editor. Educators and students can directly share videos with a simple click of the “Google Classroom Share Button.”

Video Sharing in Google Apps - Screencast-O-Matic’s integration within Google Apps allows educators to easily embed their videos in Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. These creative options can meet the needs of virtually any classroom.

Google Drive for Easy Access and Management - With a click of a button, educators and students can easily upload their screen recordings and videos directly to Google Drive, including saving media in Google Classroom folders.

Gmail To Enhance Video Communication - Screencast-O-Matic’s integration into Gmail is a powerful time-saving feature that enables quick video communication and collaboration. Videos can easily be added directly while composing in Gmail.

Use a single Google Account - Use Google Account in Screencast-O-Matic, adding the convenience of single-sign-on across services.

Screencast-O-Matic provides multi-device video creation tools, including a dedicated Chromebook app, which can be conveniently launched across devices from a Google Chrome Browser extension. Google for Education expands learning by supporting teachers, researchers, and organizations with robust, flexible technology. Screencast-O-Matic is proud to be a part of this collaborative partnership.

About Screencast-O-Matic
Screencast-O-Matic is a screen capture and video editing platform that takes visual collaboration to the next level. Screencast-O-Matic is a privately held company headquartered in Seattle, Wash. Visit here for more information.

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United Way of Frederick County and FCPS Stuff the Bus School Supplies Seeks New Businesses to Host Collection Drive

United Way of Frederick County (UWFC) and Frederick County Public School’s (FCPS) 11th annual Stuff the Bus school supplies drive kicks off on July 8th. We will be sending fifteen buses throughout Frederick on August 14th to collect Stuff the Bus bins filled with school supplies for students in need.

We are currently seeking businesses/organizations to host a school supplies collection drive at their sites. Interested businesses can sign up to collect supplies at http://www.unitedwayfrederick.org/stuffthebus.

Beginning the week of June 24, we will start to “paint the town yellow” by parking yellow school buses in various strategic locations throughout the community to promote and create awareness about the program. On August 14, the fifteen school buses will make their way around the community to pick up the collected items.

Ensuring that all students have the supplies they need to do their homework, take tests, and complete science and art projects is a simple but important way we can help them get their education and succeed in school. Over 10,000 FCPS students are in need of school supplies and financial assistance, based on free and reduced meals numbers for the total FCPS total student population.

In 2018, over 7,500 FCPS Maryland students benefited from the drive, more than 130 collection sites were set up, and 85,000+ items were collected in twelve school buses.

For more information about Stuff the Bus, visit https://www.UnitedWayFrederick.org/StufftheBus or contact Joyce Kwamena-Poh at jkwamenapoh(at)uwfrederick(dot)org.

About United Way of Frederick County 
Since 1938, United Way of Frederick County has been fighting for health, education and financial stability for every person in the Frederick County community. United Way produces the ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) Report which shows that approximately nearly 40% of households can no longer afford to live in Frederick County. Our investments and programs are aligned to support and increase the financial stability of these households.

United Way of Frederick County partners include global, national and local businesses, nonprofits, government, civic and faith-based organizations, along with educators, health providers, senior citizens, students, and others. The organization provides grants to local nonprofits, offers programs such as free tax preparation and matched savings, mobilizes volunteers, and engages in public policy advocacy. To learn more about United Way and how you can get involved, please visit UnitedWayFrederick.org.

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Viscira® Selected as a Winner in the 40th Annual Telly Awards

The Telly Awards have named Viscira as a Silver winner (the highest award possible) in the 40th Annual Telly Awards for the “Overreact2Stroke” videos produced by Viscira. The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens and are judged by leaders from video platforms, television, streaming networks, and production companies including Vice, Vimeo, Hearst Digital Media, BuzzFeed, and A&E Networks.

Viscira partnered closely with Genentech to create three stroke symptomology videos for Genentech’s Stroke Awareness website. The objective of the disease education videos was to educate caregivers about the 10 common stroke symptoms and to encourage caregivers to act quickly and decisively or even to overreact when they pick up on any signs or symptoms of a potential stroke. The videos reside on Genentech’s Stroke Awareness website and were also deployed on Genentech’s YouTube channel and distributed in the field by Genentech sales reps.

The Telly Awards were founded in 1979 and are the premier awards honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online commercials, video, and films. Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world.

This year also saw the continued expansion of new categories to further the awards’ recent initiative to rebuild the honors for the multiscreen era. New categories included serialized Branded Content and expanded Social Video categories.

“Viscira is pushing the boundaries for video and television innovation and creativity at a time when the industry is rapidly changing,” said Sabrina Dridje, Managing Director of the Telly Awards. “This award is a tribute to the talent and vision of its creators and a celebration of the diversity of work being made today for all screens.”

Viscira's Executive Creative Director, Hagop Kaneboughazian, was excited to hear that Viscira had won another industry award. “This is a great acknowledgment and nice recognition for our team given their hard work and innovation in the video production area. We are really happy with how the videos turned out and glad it has been a very effective educational tool for our Genentech client,” Kaneboughazian said.

About Viscira 
Viscira is dedicated to the design and development of digital marketing solutions and interactive software applications for the life sciences industry. Viscira provides a suite of programs that integrate best-in-class technology to deliver engaging and memorable content via various electronic channels. Viscira is part of WPP, the largest agency holding company in the world. For more information, please visit the company’s website at http://www.viscira.com or contact No?l Ashekian at (617) 429-0834.

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Eastman Foundation and STREAMWORKS Bring International Marine Robotics Competition to Tennessee

Ensuring public safety, maintaining healthy waterways and preserving historical artifacts are all on task for students participating in the 18th annual Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) International ROV Competition hosted for the first time in Kingsport. Presented by the Eastman Foundation in partnership with STREAMWORKS and Visit Kingsport, the underwater robotics competition is set for June 20-22, at the Kingsport Aquatic Center and MeadowView Conference Resort and Convention Center.

Why East Tennessee and why Eastman?

Typically held in coastal cities, the MATE ROV Competition has historically focused on robotics in an ocean environment. To bring the competition to East Tennessee presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate how underwater robots can be and are being used in inland waterways and freshwater environments such as Boone Lake, Boone Dam and the South Fork Holston River. The region’s state-of-the-art Kingsport Aquatic Center is an ideal venue for competitors to put their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to the test.

Couple this idea with Eastman’s commitment to advancing science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) education, and the decision to bring the competition to Kingsport was an easy choice.

“The location for the international championship and our partnership with Eastman and the Eastman Foundation is allowing us to expose students to new and different ways that underwater robots can be used to benefit society,” said Jill Zande, president of MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) and associate director and competition director for MATE Center.

Eastman’s STEAM education efforts hinge on strategic partnerships and initiatives to help ensure a successful workforce in the future. The company fosters opportunities that encourage innovative and productive thinking in real-world environments. Eastman’s partnerships with organizations such as MATE, STREAMWORKS and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have accelerated ocean science education in this region.

“I’m often asked why Eastman and the Eastman Foundation invest in advancing ocean science, and the answer is simple – the ocean matters everywhere,” said David A. Golden, Eastman’s senior vice president, chief legal & sustainability officer, and president of the Eastman Foundation. “There’s no better opportunity to ensure the future of ocean science than to inspire today’s students through real-world educational experiences like the MATE competitions.”

What does a MATE ROV competition look like?

The international competition will bring 1,300 of the brightest minds from around the world to East Tennessee, from Kingsport to Hong Kong. Over the last year, more than 740 teams competed in regional competitions across the globe, and 70 of those teams advanced to compete in the international competition.

The MATE ROV Competition requires students to apply math, electronics, engineering and physics skills from the classroom toward solving problems based on real-world workplace scenarios. The competition challenges students from K-12, community colleges and universities within four levels (EXPLORER, RANGER, NAVIGATOR, and SCOUT) to design, build and test underwater robots to complete specified, simulated real-world missions. They also must organize themselves into mock companies, an exercise that encourages them to develop entrepreneurial thinking and business and project management skills, while spurring innovation and collaboration to produce and compete with their ROVs.

This year’s simulated mission stems from Eastman’s commitment to do “Good for Good.” Teams must ensure public safety and healthy waterways by inspecting and repairing a hydroelectric dam; monitoring water quality, determining habitat diversity and restoring fish habitats; and recovering a Civil War era cannon while marking the location of unexploded cannon shells.

“From working to ensure that our infrastructure is safe to monitoring water quality for the health of aquatic species and making certain that pieces of our nation’s history live on, these students and their inventions are doing Good for Good,” said Zande.

“On behalf of Eastman and the Eastman Foundation, I appreciate Jill, the entire MATE organization, STREAMWORKS and Visit Kingsport for their partnership and passion to advance STEAM education, locally and globally,” said Golden. “This is an incredible opportunity to welcome the world to our region, and I could not be prouder of the work that has gone into planning a world-class event. We look forward to an exciting competition!”

To learn more, visit https://www.marinetech.org/rov-competition/.

About Eastman 
Eastman is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. With the purpose of enhancing the quality of life in a material way, Eastman works with customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability. The company’s innovation-driven growth model takes advantage of world-class technology platforms, deep customer engagement, and differentiated application development to grow its leading positions in attractive end-markets such as transportation, building and construction, and consumables. As a globally inclusive and diverse company, Eastman employs approximately 14,500 people around the world and serves customers in more than 100 countries. The company had 2018 revenues of approximately billion and is headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA.

The Eastman Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization managed by a Board of Directors, separate and apart from Eastman. The Foundation invests in initiatives that serve and strengthen communities around the world with the goal of improving the quality of life for all people. The Foundation focuses its resources on partnership initiatives in the areas of education, environment, empowerment, and economic development.

Established with funding from the National Science Foundation at Monterey Peninsula College in 1997, the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center worked with the Marine Technology Society’s ROV Committee to create the MATE ROV Competition. The first event kicked off in 2001. Seventeen years later, MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) incorporated in the state of California as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2018. MATE II was founded to support and sustain ongoing education activities initiated at the MATE Center.

Based in Kingsport, Tennessee, STREAMWORKS is a new educational program that delivers enhanced opportunities for students (grades K–12) to participate in exciting mentor and project-based programs that focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills; inspire innovation; and foster well-rounded life capabilities.

About the MATE International ROV Competition 
Established with funding from the National Science Foundation at Monterey Peninsula College in 1997, the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center worked with the Marine Technology Society’s ROV Committee to create the MATE ROV Competition. The first event kicked off in 2001. Seventeen years later, MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) incorporated in the state of California as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2018. MATE II was founded to support and sustain ongoing education activities initiated at the MATE Center. To learn more, visit https://www.marinetech.org/rov-competition/.

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DATAVERSITY Announces Agenda for New Data Governance Conference

DATAVERSITY Education, LLC announced the agenda and officially opened registration for DG Vision, its newest data governance conference that will be held December 9-12, 2019, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. For a complete list of speakers, sessions, and registration packages, visit http://datagovernancevision.com.

The four-day event will feature a variety of sessions, tutorials, full-day seminars, and five-minute lightning talks focused on data governance and data stewardship, covering everything from data quality and metadata management to data sharing, privacy, and new regulations.

“DG Vision is the first of DATAVERSITY’s data governance conferences to be located in Washington, D.C., so we’re excited by the opportunities for speakers, topics, and attendance that will come from being in the power hub of the nation’s capital,” says DATAVERSITY CEO and Program Chair, Tony Shaw. “As with all of our educational programs, the emphasis will be on peer-to-peer sharing of practical experiences through case studies, plus world-class experts providing in-depth tutorials and workshops.”

Registration options range from full event passes to just one day of tutorials or seminars. What’s more, DG Vision is certified by DAMA International to satisfy the continuing education requirements for the Certified Data Management Professionals (CDMP) credential and qualified attendees will have the opportunity to take the CDMP exam at this year’s conference. For more details, visit https://dgvision2019.dataversity.net/cdmp.

Non-attendee conference proceedings that include all presentation materials for conference tutorials and sessions are also available for purchase.


DATAVERSITY is a producer of educational resources for business and information technology professionals on the uses and management of data. Our team strives to provide high-quality content to the worldwide community of practitioners, experts, and developers who participate and benefit from our face-to-face hosted conferences, free online events, live webinars, white papers, online training, daily news, articles and blog posts, and much more. For more information, please visit dataversity.net.

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Elza Ibroscheva Named Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Associate Provost

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Denise Cobb, PhD, has named Elza Ibroscheva, PhD, as associate provost, effective July 1. Ibroscheva’s primary responsibilities in the associate provost role will include academic planning, assessment and accreditation.

Her energetic commitment to the University was developed during her 13-year tenure as a faculty member in the Department of Mass Communications, including service in such leadership positions as department chair and graduate program director. She returns to campus after serving Webster University as associate dean at the School of Communications since 2017.

“The search process demonstrated that there is genuine excitement to have Dr. Ibroscheva back as a campus collaborator and leader,” said Cobb. “I have the utmost confidence in her abilities to make a significant and meaningful impact in the Office of the Provost and for the University. She is a true teacher-scholar. Her commitment to student-centered education and quality, and her recognition of the importance of research and scholarship will be true assets.”

“I am thrilled to fill this role,” Cobb continued. “In so doing, we fill an important vacancy in the Office of the Provost, and Academic Affairs broadly, in order to provide critical support for academic planning and our faculty, staff, and deans’ efforts to serve our students and the region. Elza’s previous roles on campus and her experiences will allow her to lead collaboratively and be successful in this supporting role for all of our academic units. I sincerely appreciate the search committee, co-chaired by Dr. Joel Hardman and Dr. Mary Weishaar, for their time and thoughtful work in supporting this search process.”

“I am incredibly excited to return to SIUE, and once again experience the positive energy of the students, the many talents of faculty, and the genuine commitment of the staff,” added Ibroscheva. “I am confident that with the collective will and combined effort of the entire University community, we can move SIUE to new heights in innovative education and excellence in teaching and research. As associate provost, I hope to contribute to the University’s mission by helping develop new and exciting programs that further solidify SIUE’s position as a regional leader preparing students to tackle and solve the challenges of tomorrow.”

Ibroscheva’s SIUE tenure began in 2003 as an instructor in the Department of Mass Communications, where she developed and taught new undergraduate and graduate level courses. She later climbed the academic ranks, departing in 2017 as a professor and chair of the department to advance as a high-level administrator.

Under Ibroscheva’s leadership, SIUE’s mass communications master’s program experienced notable growth in reputation and academic rigor with increased enrollment and graduation numbers. As chair, she also saw the department through a re-accreditation site visit in 2016, and increased its commitment to serving its diverse student population with a focus on fostering an academic atmosphere of collaboration, respect, and the pursuit of innovation and excellence.

As department chair, Ibroscheva led the effort to establish a new digital convergence lab, which was successfully funded as part of SIUE’s high impact fundraising campaign. Additionally, she organized a new alumni advisory board, increased online course offerings, supported new course developments, focused on media start-ups and entrepreneurship, and initiated a new capstone course and a new laptop policy.

The Bulgaria native is a prolific scholar with significant research achievements in her areas of interest, which include international communications, specifically, media developments in Eastern Europe. Her research has been hailed as groundbreaking and original, and has been widely cited in media and cultural studies of Eastern Europe. She has published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals. She is author of Advertising and Post-Socialism: Women, Media and Femininity in the Balkans, and co-editor of the most recent volume on female politicians and media around the world entitled, Women, Politics and Media: Perspectives from Nations in Transition.

Ibroscheva is the recipient of numerous internal and external grants and awards, including a 2019 research grant from the National Communication Association, the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences’ (CAS) prestigious William and Margaret Going Endowed Professorship Award in 2015, and support from the CAS Targeted Funding Initiative for 2017 Mass Communications Week: “Diversity Amidst Adversity.”

In 2005, Ibroscheva earned a doctorate in mass communication and media arts from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She had previously completed a master’s in journalism from SIUC in 1999. Her bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication/English was achieved in 1997 from American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville provides students with a high quality, affordable education that prepares them for successful careers and lives of purpose to shape a changing world. Built on the foundation of a broad-based liberal education, and enhanced by hands-on research and real-world experiences, the academic preparation SIUE students receive equips them to thrive in the global marketplace and make our communities better places to live. Situated on 2,660 acres of beautiful woodland atop the bluffs overlooking the natural beauty of the Mississippi River’s rich bottomland and only a short drive from downtown St. Louis, the SIUE campus is home to a diverse student body of more than 13,000.

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Cogswell College Graduate Sets the Bar for Future Students

Joseph Fortuno has been a driving force within the student body by playing several key leadership roles both within and outside of Cogswell Polytechnical College. He served as the president of the Associated Student Body (ASB) from 2017-18. The ASB of Cogswell strives to be the link of communication between the faculty and students. ASB is the general student membership organization that oversees all of the clubs, helping new ones to form, and existing ones to flourish. During his tenure, he boosted the memberships of student organizations across the campus. He was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Cogswell Chronicle (the college’s newspaper), the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), and he founded and led the Cogswell Collective Photography Club.

As alumni ambassador for Junior Achievement (JA), he met with President Obama at the White House in 2015. In one of his most recent accomplishments, Joseph's entrepreneurial story was published in "The Entrepreneurial Attitude" book by Larry Ferrell and featured on Made Possible: The Business of Junior Achievement, a PBS documentary celebrating JA's 100th anniversary. You can watch the full documentary here: https://cptv.org/madepossible/

To cap off all of his achievements, Joseph landed the opportunity of a lifetime to begin his professional career working at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) -- just one week after graduating from Cogswell! Founded in 1975 by George Lucas, ILM has created some of the most memorable visual effects in history, including the awe-inspiring innovations in the classic Star Wars trilogy, The Avengers, and The Transformers.

About Cogswell Polytechnical College 
Founded in 1887, Cogswell Polytechnical College (Cogswell) has taken a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach and has been producing industrial-strength results for over 130 years. Cogswell prepares students for success in the creative-technology industries by providing an extraordinary, real-world education inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our Silicon Valley location. Cogswell’s project-based programs are designed to engage the student imagination and develop their skills in real-world settings alongside industry professionals. Cogswell is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and has an average 79% first-year retention rate. Visit cogswell.edu, Cogswell’s Instagram, or call 1-855-COGSWELL to learn more about our award-winning programs. For more information regarding completion rates, the median loan debt of students who completed each program, and other important information, please see visit our website at cogswell.edu/disclosures.

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SIUE Alumnus Savoca is Commencement Speaker for School of Dental Medicine

Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine (SIU SDM) emeritus faculty and SIUE alumnus Dr. Dennis “Denny” Savoca will address 58 SDM students receiving their doctor of dental medicine degrees at the SDM’s commencement ceremony at 10 a.m. Sat., June 1, in the SIUE Morris University Center Meridian Ballroom. The commencement ceremony can be viewed live on siue.edu/tv.

In 1976, the SDM hired Savoca as an assistant professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry. While serving as a faculty member at the SDM, Savoca also earned a master’s in educational administration from SIUE.

Savoca later served the SDM as section head of operative dentistry and assistant dean for clinical affairs, before retiring in 2006 as an associate professor and associate dean for clinical affairs. In his retirement, he continued to serve the SDM as a part-time faculty member for a number of years. He continues to serve as a member of the SDM dean’s advisory board.

Savoca began his career at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, earning a DDS in 1969. Shortly thereafter, he joined the U.S. Army as a Captain in the Dental Corps and was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia for two years.

After serving his country, Savoca joined a group dental practice in Cincinnati and subsequently started a solo private practice in Edgerton, Ohio before arriving at the SDM.

Savoca continues to enjoy an active membership in the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society and the Madison District Dental Society. He continues to serve the local chapter of the national dental fraternity Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Nu Xi Chapter.

A reception for students, faculty and family members will follow in the Goshen Lounge.

The SIU School of Dental Medicine students manage approximately 35,000 patient visits each year at its patient clinics in Alton and East St. Louis. In addition, students offer oral health treatment, screenings and education to more than 10,000 people annually through a wide variety of off-campus community outreach events. These opportunities provide students the training they need to graduate and become highly skilled dentists. The School of Dental Medicine is a vital oral health care provider for residents of southern and central Illinois, and the St. Louis metropolitan region.

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CATMEDIA Does it Again: Winner of Atlanta's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

CATMEDIA has won Atlanta's Best and Brightest Companies to Work for its fourth consecutive year!

The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For competition honors organizations that are committed to creating an excellent workplace environment through their human resource practices and employee enrichment. CATMEDIA has been on the prestigious list since 2016 and has also been named one of the National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.

Each nominee for Best and Brightest undergoes an evaluation based on categories such as communication, work-life balance, employee education, diversity, recognition, retention, and more. The nominated companies then receive an overall assessment report that summarizes how they stack up against the other participating organizations. The assessment displays scores in the three highest and lowest areas, providing each company with possible opportunities for improvement.

Other notable Best and Brightest winners include Panasonic Automotive, T-Mobile and Turner. For more information on this year’s winners, click here.

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Award-Winning, "Stranger Things" Creators Ross & Matt Duffer ('07) to Deliver Chapman University Commencement Speech

WHAT:     Matt and Ross Duffer, the 2007 Chapman University alumni who created the Netflix hit “Stranger Things,” will deliver this year’s commencement speech at Chapman. The Duffers’ speech will kick off Commencement Weekend when the class of 2019 gathers for Closing Convocation, the all-University assembly where degrees are conferred and graduates participate in the ceremonial turning of the tassels.

WHEN:     Friday, May 17, 2019 at 7-9 p.m. PDT (Duffer Brothers from approximately 8:05 – 8:25 p.m. PDT)

WHERE:    Chapman University, Orange, Calif.

WHO:     Matt and Ross Duffer (’07), award-winning creators of “Stranger Things,” with season 3 beginning on July 4, 2019 exclusively on Netflix.

DETAILS:     Although this is a sold out and ticketed event, photos and videos of the Duffer Brothers’ Commencement speech will be available upon request. Please contact Lara Wyss at lwyss@chapman.edu for more information. The ceremony will also be webcast live, which can be viewed through Chapman University’s official Facebook page.

The Duffers are 2007 graduates of Chapman’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where they collaborated on numerous projects, including the short horror film “Eater.” In 2017, they returned to campus to receive the Alumni Achievement Award at the annual Chapman Celebrates gala. As part of the visit, they also met with students and shared insights about their filmmaking journey in a panel discussion before an overflow crowd.

About Chapman University 
Chapman University is California’s third largest private university and ranks fifth in the U.S. News & World Report listing of Best Regional Universities in the West. Chapman is categorized by the Carnegie Classification as an R2 “high research activity” institution and offers personalized education to more than 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Chapman strives for diversity and inclusion by recruiting and supporting students representing a variety of backgrounds, experiences, learning styles and unique talents. The campus has produced a Rhodes Scholar, been named a top producer of Fulbright Scholars and hosts a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honor society. Founded in 1861 and based in the City of Orange, California, Chapman also includes the Harry and Diane Rinker Health Science Campus, 21 miles south in the Irvine Spectrum, Orange County’s technology hub. In 2020, the university will open its 11th college, the Fowler School of Engineering in its newest facility, Keck Center for Science and Engineering.

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Cancer Biology Conference to Show the Power of Imaging Science in Cancer Research

Some of the world’s top experts in imaging and cancer biology will present the latest research in this growing field at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research and Hood College Imaging Science and Cancer Biology Symposium, June 21-23. Cancer researchers are invited to attend the conference, to be held on the Hood campus in Frederick, Maryland.

New imaging technologies have the potential to transform cancer research and treatment by driving new understanding in cancer biology over a broad range of scales from the atomistic to the human body. The interdisciplinary symposium will showcase how leading cancer researchers leverage advanced imaging tools.

“The distinguished group of scientists leading the symposium convenes at a pivotal time. Advances in imaging technologies are revolutionizing cancer biology, providing a deeper understanding of molecular and cellular structure,” said Ethan Dmitrovsky, M.D., director of the Frederick National Laboratory, which is home to state-of-the-art imaging technologies, including the National Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility.

“This is an opportunity to get a glimpse of what the future holds for the application of exciting new imaging technologies to provide fundamental insights into cancer biology,” said Sriram Subramaniam, Ph.D., a symposium presenter and founding director of the National Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility.

The scientific symposium is the first in the planned Frederick National Laboratory–Hood College Life Sciences Symposium series. The event is in the tradition of the popular Oncogene Meeting, a national fixture in Frederick for more than 20 years.

“We are excited about reviving this symposium with Leidos, who has been a tremendous partner for Hood. They have provided research and internship opportunities for our students, and many of our graduate school adjunct instructors work at Leidos,” said Andrea E. Chapdelaine, Ph.D., president of Hood College.

Symposium presentations will explore advances in understanding the mechanisms altering cancer cell signaling—as recently enabled by imaging technologies. High-resolution imaging techniques, such as Fluorine-19 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and the cryo-electron microscopy, have also yielded new insights in structural biology. Presenters will discuss the use of these techniques and describe the research they have enabled across an array of structural biology topics, ranging from the epigenome to the immune system. The final day of the symposium will introduce attendees to novel and cutting-edge imaging methods only recently leveraged for cancer research. Attendees will have the opportunity to confer with presenters individually throughout the weekend.

The symposium will begin Friday, June 21 with a reception at 5:30 p.m. followed by a public lecture from keynote Otis Brawley, M.D., who served as chief medical and scientific officer of the American Cancer Society from 2007 to 2018. He will discuss the democratization of cancer medicine and describe how new insights in cancer researcher can benefit all Americans.

The presenters and their session topics are as follows: 

  • Frank McCormick, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, Visualizing Signal Transduction
  • Diane Lidke, Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Single Molecule Imaging Provides New Insights into Oncogenic EGFR Signaling
  • Joe Gray, Ph.D., Oregon Health and Science University, A Multiscale Assessment of Spatially Defined Inter- and Intra-Cellular Interactions in Breast Cancer
  • Helen Piwnica-Worms, Ph.D., University of Texas, MD Anderson, Imaging the Compositional, Spatial and Signaling Heterogeneity of Breast Cancer
  • Hao Wu, Ph.D., Harvard University, Imaging for Immunity
  • Angela Gronenborn, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, The Awesome Power of 19F NMR    
  • Cheryl Arrowsmith, Ph.D., University of Toronto, Structural and Chemical Biology to Illuminate the Cancer Epigenome
  • Sriram Subramaniam, Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Cryo-EM and Integrative Structural Biology
  • Wei Min, Ph.D., Columbia University, High-Resolution Imaging of Metabolic Activity and Heterogeneity in Animals
  • David Piwnica-Worms, M.D., Ph.D., University of Texas, MD Anderson, Combined Single Cell Intravital Bioluminescence and Confocal Imaging in Live Animals Identifies HOCl as a Paracrine Effector Linking Myeloid Cells to NF-κB Signaling in Melanoma Cells
  • Peter N. Devreotes, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Excitable Networks in Directed Cell Migration
  • Tom Misteli, Ph.D., National Cancer Institute, Imaging the Genome


To learn more and to register for the event, please visit the symposium website.

Hood College is an independent, liberal arts college, offering 32 undergraduate majors, four pre-professional programs, 17 graduate programs, two doctorates and 11 post-baccalaureate certificates. Located in historic Frederick, near Washington, D.C., Baltimore and the I-270 technology corridor, Hood gives students access to countless internships and research opportunities.

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Lean Enterprise Institute Executive Chair Jean Cunningham Inducted into the Shingo Academy

Jean Cunningham, executive chair and interim CEO of the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), today is the newest member of the prestigious Shingo Academy, which honors business leaders who have distinguished themselves in operational excellence.

Cunningham was inducted during a ceremony at the Shingo Institute’s annual conference on April 30, 2019, in Cincinnati. The Institute is part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University.

“I am so surprised and honored to receive this recognition,” Cunningham said. “When my books won Shingo Awards, it became a key part in creating the confidence to continue to share what I had learned so that others might learn and be inspired as well. The recognition from Shingo for my books is a key reason I feel I was able to do the work that eventually enabled me to be recognized by the academy.”

Cunningham, who became executive chair and interim CEO of Boston-based LEI in March 2019, is the co-author of the acclaimed book, Real Numbers: Management Accounting in a Lean Organization, regarded as an essential text for learning lean accounting. She is co-author of Easier, Simpler, Faster on applying lean principles to IT processes. Both books were awarded the Shingo Prize for Research in 2004 and 2008, respectively. Last year, she published The Value Add Accountant on how finance and accounting can innovate and add value in strategic improvement efforts.

Early Lean Production Success 
Between 1993 and 2005 Cunningham served as CFO at two manufacturing companies, where she pioneered integrating lean manufacturing with finance, IT, HR, marketing, and other business functions. One company was capital equipment manufacturer Lantech, an early example of lean production success and lean enterprise innovation that was featured in Harvard Business Review, business best-seller Lean Thinking, and The Work of Management published by LEI in 2017.

Cunningham’s work experience began at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where she broke ground as the first woman plant controller. In that role, she created a fully engaged team approach to create excellence in the function. She later left finance for operations.

In 2006, she founded Illinois-based Jean Cunningham Consulting, providing strategic guidance, lean management coaching, and other continuous improvement practices globally to companies in manufacturing, services, and healthcare.

Cunningham, a sought-after speaker and keynoter at conferences, was inducted into the AME Hall of Fame for Manufacturing Excellence in 2018. She teaches Lean Accounting at the Ohio State University Master of Business Operational Excellence program.

About LEI 
Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit training, publishing, and research organization based in Boston, MA, with a mission to make things better through lean thinking and practice to create more value and prosperity while consuming the fewest possible resources. Founded in 1997 by management expert James P. Womack, PhD, LEI conducts research, teaches educational workshops, publishes books and ebooks, runs conferences, and shares practical information about lean thinking and practice. Visit LEI at lean.org to learn more.

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel Proclaims Young Latina Day April 11

Recognizing the positive achievements of young Hispanic women, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel presented to Gabriela Rodil, treasurer and board member of the nonprofit Fig Factor Foundation, a proclamation declaring April 11 to be Young Latina Day in Chicago.

The nonprofit foundation’s mission is to provide educational leadership platforms, mentorship and meaningful empowering activities to Latinas ages 12 to 25. Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, the nonprofit’s founder and CEO of JJR Marketing, formed the foundation in North Aurora in 2014.

“Meeting with Rahm Emmanuel and learning of his strong support for this event was a significant milestone for the Fig Factor Foundation,” Rodil said. “Having Mayor Emmanuel make that proclamation in the third largest city in the country paves the way for future supportive advancements in the Latino community in Chicago.”

This year six other suburbs commemorated the celebration: Bolingbrook, West Chicago, Hanover Park, Bartlett, Aurora and Berwyn.

The Young Latina Day event began when it was first proclaimed by the City of Aurora in 2017. In 2018, in addition to Aurora, West Chicago and Berwyn also participated. It was also in 2018 that through the Latino affairs from the office of the Governor, former Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner presented a certificate of excellence to honor and recognize the foundation’s work in the Hispanic community. This year’s schedule of Chicago and six suburbs displays the growing support to help Latinas in their life goals.

“The fact that this year we have seven cities participating shows the importance of supporting young Latinas as they grow to be leaders and role models to their families, communities and businesses,” Camacho-Ruiz said.

The event has already made an impact on participants such as Crystal Monarrez, a senior at Batavia High School who will be entering Brigham Young University this fall. Monarrez entered the foundation’s mentoring program and graduated from it.

“Participating in Young Latina Day makes me feel grateful that people are aware of the beauty and culture that comes from being Latina,” she said. “As young Latinas, we are recognizing where we come from. We are celebrating our blood heritage, our roots, our families, our traditions and our way of life.”

West Chicago resident Gaby Hernandez, a family liaison with West Chicago’s Elementary School District 33 and a Fig Factor Foundation graduate, said that Young Latina Day is an important part of her life. For her, seeing these cities proclaim the day makes it official and a reality.

Hernandez described the day as exposing her to the amount of success Latinas have had by participating as foundation mentors or as partners who have helped Camacho-Ruiz along the years.

“It is those connections that I built through the Fig Factor Foundation has led me to be open to more possibilities,” Hernandez said.

The celebration would not be possible without the generous support of the following businesses. Northern Trust is the event’s gold sponsor. Silver event sponsors are, Ortega Business Services Inc., Victoria and Scott Severson, Berwyn Park District, JJR Marketing, Ramos Tax and Services, Advanced Wiring Solutions and Lurdez Consulting Group. Bronze event sponsors are Roger Doan, Allegiant Fire Protection, Farmers Insurance, Medhat Sbeih of State Farm, C.B. Colin Landscapes, PME Cake Decorating Supplies, 25 Unite, Vertex Resource Group, La Michocana, Delgado Rompf Bruen LLC, Latin Heritage Leadership Council, Continental Audi of Naperville, Luxury Nails Tech and City of Berwyn Mayor Robert J. Lovero.

For more information about the Fig Factor Foundation, visit http://www.thefigfactor.org.

About Fig Factor Foundation: 
The Fig Factor Foundation’s mission is to become a powerful catalyst for Latinas aged 12 to 25 to pursue their dreams by providing educational leadership platforms, mentorship and powerful experiences through a context of sisterhood. It was founded in September 2014, after six months of hard work to assemble the team, the program, build infrastructure and raise initial funding. Their positive impact was immediately felt at smaller local events and provided the impetus to grow. The foundation’s goal is to implement the program nationwide before expanding globally. Learn more about the foundation at http://www.thefigfactor.org.

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Cogswell Polytechnical College's First Tournament with New Head Esports Coach Alex Holler

With an award-winning game design program and a dynamic community of gamers, Cogswell is the natural place for esports to explode. The Cogswell College Dragons professionally compete in Overwatch and League of Legends.

Esports is a way for students to not only compete, but build skills and access opportunities to learn concepts in marketing, production, coaching, and game design & development.

Cogswell offers scholarships up to ,000 per term for players in both Overwatch and League of Legends, for those who qualify.

Esports is exploding internationally and continuing to gain in popularity every day. “Cogswell has been at the forefront of the gaming space and we are delighted to officially have a proven Coach that is able to implement innovative strategies that will take us to the next level,” said CEO Charles Restivo. Cogswell just ranked #14 in the Princeton Review’s top gaming schools and has ranked for the past 6 years in a row.

Cogswell College is looking forward to this season of competition. Check out the Dragons in action: 

About Cogswell Polytechnical College 
Founded in 1887, Cogswell Polytechnical College (Cogswell) has taken a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to the learning space for over 130 years. Cogswell prepares students for success in the creative-technology industries by providing an extraordinary, real-world education inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our Silicon Valley location. Cogswell is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). Visit cogswell.edu to learn more about our award-winning programs. For more information regarding completion rates, the median loan debt of students who completed each program, and other important information, please see visit our website at cogswell.edu/disclosures. 

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The Louisville IT Symposium Is Expected to Have Over 200 IT Leaders From Over 70 Local Companies Represented at This Year's Event

The Louisville IT Symposium is expected to have over 200 IT leaders from over 70 local companies represented at this year's event. This one-day, executive-level event is geared toward knowledge-sharing and networking for CIO's and their direct management teams. This single day event consists of 3 keynote sessions and 12 breakout sessions allowing you to tailor the day to your needs.

Kicking the day off will be Scott Augenbaum, retired supervisory special agent for the FBI. Mr. Augenbaum will share why a transnational criminal enterprise and foreign intelligence services may want to target your organization’s data or intellectual property. This eye-opening presentation will discuss ways to ensure you are prepared. Scott has responded to hundreds of data breaches and is here to show commonalities across almost all incidents. He will also provide participants with several takeaways to prevent their organization from becoming the next victim.

Over the lunch hour will be Tom Triumph, a business and technology executive who’s presentation is titled, “The Future of IT: Business & Technology Luminaries On The Next 20 Years”. We’re obligated to do our best to foresee how today’s emerging Information Technology will impact our work and lives in the foreseeable future. Having an understanding as to how these technologies are expected to impact our work gives us the opportunity to better prepare.

The final keynote presenter is Julie Rieger, President, Chief Data Strategist & Head of Media for 20th Century Fox Film. Julie, a data pioneer, will be closing the day with her successes and failures in establishing her massive data organization and blending strategy with the tactical practical. The film industry has been turned upside down during the technology and data revolution just like every other business. You will hear how Fox went from being data poor to consumer insight-rich and how 'data' pulled-up a chair to participate in critical business decisions.

Along with the 3 keynote presenters there will be 12 peer-led breakout sessions specifically addressing issues and trends the IT leaders of Louisville have told us are important to their organizations. You can view the full day's agenda here.

The Louisville IT Symposium is hosted by SIM Louisville, together we bring more of the region’s top IT executives together for a day of networking, education and collaboration. Register yourself and your management team here.

For more information about this exclusive event please contact Matt Emick at matt@louisvilleitsymposium.com or by visiting the event website, http://www.louisvilleitsymposium.com

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People Need People Becomes Higher Growth Search, a Staffing and HR Services Firm for the Cannabis Industry

Today People Need People becomes Higher Growth Search, a staffing and HR services firm for the cannabis industry.

For years, cannabis-based businesses comprised a small and unregulated industry, and there was therefore little need for attention to compliance and employment regulations. However, with the legalization of cannabis came both a flood of new talent into and an increased spotlight on the industry, and many cannabis businesses need outside guidance to keep up with these new demands.

People Need People was founded in 2017 in Oakland, CA by Stacy Bryant, an industry veteran who began her expansive career in the industry at the age of 16. People Need People was built as a boutique staffing company geared towards the cannabis industry, and it expanded across Northern California, maintaining relationships with some of today’s most well-known brands.

“I am excited to be joining Higher Growth Search at such a critical time for the cannabis industry,” remarked Bryant, managing director of Higher Growth Search. “Legalization has created new challenges for business owners, who now cannot rely solely on their expertise with cannabis, but must also quickly come to understand employment law and implement new policies to remain in compliance. It’s clear that not only does the cannabis industry ‘Need People,’ but it also needs to properly hire, manage, and retain them so that their businesses can grow.”

Higher Growth Search’s vision is to help legitimize the cannabis industry by giving businesses resources to manage and care for their employees, institute and maintain safe workplaces, and find and retain the right talent for each role and company.

“By staffing our company with not only experts from the cannabis space, but also from the staffing and human resources management side,” said CEO Joe Madigan, “we’ve positioned Higher Growth Search to become a strong business partner who understands both where cannabis companies are coming from and how to get them where they want to go.”

Drawing from experience in helping businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises and across nearly every industry represented in California for the last 50 years, Higher Growth Search brings a wealth of knowledge and support to the cannabis industry. Higher Growth Search also has deep knowledge of the local job markets and a wide network of highly talented workers, along with experience staffing for the wine, beer and spirit fields and other highly regulated industries, making this new company a strong presence as it enters the cannabis industry. 
To learn more about Higher Growth Search, visit highergrowthsearch.com.

About Higher Growth Search 
With nearly fifty years’ experience in the staffing, HR, and payroll space, as well as years of working directly with cannabis-focused companies, Higher Growth Search is the foundation on which businesses in the cannabis industry grow. We relieve you of the burden of providing payroll administration, compliance, staffing, and human resources services and apply our deeply-rooted expertise with HR processes and management across industries to your business. Visit highergrowthsearch.com for more information.

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Language On's English School in Orlando Set for Expansion

As Language On’s South Florida campuses continue to grow, so too does its newest school in Orlando. Opened in December 2018, Language On Orlando has already reached near capacity and is in the process of expanding its facilities located near the Dr. Phillips area south of downtown Orlando. Campus director Jesus Prato confirmed that Language On Orlando’s campus expansion project is well underway. Prato pointed out that “once our facilities expansion is complete, we will be equipped with five new large classrooms for up to 15 students, which is the maximum number of students we ever put together in a class, as well as a new student lounge area. This will allow us to continue to grow in Orlando and serve the increasing need for high-quality English and foreign language instruction in the region.”

Students from around the world enroll in Language On's Intensive English Course in Orlando and Vacation English Course. Language On's English school in Orlando is located at 2448 Sand Lake Road and is open daily on weekdays.

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With College Decision Day Just Around the Corner, Students Have Much to Consider

In less than two weeks, on May 1, prospective college freshmen all over the country will have to make a decision about where they will enroll next fall. But before students make their College Decision Day selection, many will need to consider and compare financial aid offers from different schools.

This can be an exciting but stressful time for families as they weigh which school best fits their student’s needs academically and socially against which school is the best fit for their family from a financial standpoint. One of the biggest factors in choosing a college is cost, but comparing financial aid award notifications can sometimes be difficult because different schools have different resources, so financial aid offers—and the way they are presented—can vary greatly.

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators has developed an Award Notification Comparison Worksheet that students can utilize to help make the process of reviewing financial aid award offers a bit simpler. The worksheet includes a glossary of terms commonly found in award notifications and provides tips students can follow when comparing financial aid offers.

“Too many students end up not enrolling in college because they think they won’t be able to afford it or don’t fully understand their options,” said Megan Coval, NASFAA vice president of policy and federal relations. “With this tool we’re aiming to demystify the financial aid process so parents and student can more clearly understand what is being offered and what the terms are of that aid. As decision day approaches, financial aid administrators across the country also stand at the ready to help answer any outstanding questions, no matter how small, about paying for college.”

NASFAA encourages prospective students and parents to reach out to financial aid offices at potential schools with any lingering questions. To request an interview with a NASFAA spokesperson about what students and parents should take into consideration when making their college-going decisions, please email powerse@nasfaa.org or call (202) 785-6959.


The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) is a nonprofit membership organization that represents more than 28,000 financial aid professionals at nearly 3,000 colleges, universities, and career schools across the country. NASFAA member institutions serve nine out of every ten undergraduates in the United States. Based in Washington, D.C., NASFAA is the only national association with a primary focus on student aid legislation, regulatory analysis, and training for financial aid administrators. For more information, visit http://www.nasfaa.org.

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Capstone Development Partners and University of Massachusetts Boston’s New Residence and Dining Hall Partnership Named Best Public-Private Partnership Development

Capstone Development Partners (“Capstone”) announced that the New Residence and Dining Hall at the University of Massachusetts Boston, was awarded the Best Public-Private Partnership Development at the Student Housing Business Ninth Annual Innovator Awards ceremony held April 11th in Austin, TX. The project was selected among 115 student housing development nominees encompassing a total of 23 award categories. The project was judged on multiple criteria including: how it solved a unique need for the university; served as a win-win-win for the school, its residents in the project and the developer; building architecture; design into the campus fabric; and the project’s performance relative to budget and schedule.

The new residence hall is the first on-campus housing at the University and houses more than 1,000 first year and transfer students and includes a 500-seat dining hall that serves the entire campus.

The UMass Boston New Residence and Dining Hall, was developed by Capstone in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Boston and University of Massachusetts Building Authority in a public-private partnership.

“This is a wonderful recognition of the vision, planning, direction and oversight of the project by the ‘public’ partners, the University of Massachusetts President’s Office, the UMass Building Authority, and UMass Boston, and the creative transaction and development execution by the ‘private’ partners, Provident Commonwealth Educational Resources, Capstone Development Partners, Elkus Manfredi Architects, Shawmut Design and Construction, and COCM,” said Jeff Jones, Capstone Principal.

The Project was designed by Elkus Manfredi Architects; constructed by Shawmut Design and Construction; and the project is operated by COCM. The engineering team included Haley Aldrich, Nitsch Engineering, WSP, McNamara Salvia and AHA Engineering. Copley Wolff Design Group was the Project’s landscape architect. The Project was financed with tax-exempt bonds and is owned by Provident Commonwealth Educational Resources, a 501(c)3 non-profit owner. 

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Blue Pillar Launches Partnership Program to Accelerate Value-Added Energy Service and Application Adoption

Blue Pillar, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) network solutions provider for facility-based data and control systems, today announced the launch of its Building Blocks Partnership Program (“BBPP”) with over 30 new members. The breadth and size of the partnership program makes it one of the largest IoT partnership programs in the market. Blue Pillar’s partners offer market leading IoT technology, system enablement, deployment, consulting, and value-added applications and services, which complement Blue Pillar’s ability to build and operate best-in-class, facility-based IoT networks via their award-winning Aurora® connectivity and control platform. The combined, fully integrated end-to-end solutions created by these partnerships will provide Commercial and Industrial (“C&I”) facility operators with lower cost IoT networking options and unprecedented flexibility in how their facility information can be leveraged to make them more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.

“Blue Pillar believes that it will take an ecosystem of companies fueled by open collaboration to accelerate the adoption of new energy services and applications,” said Tom Willie, CEO of Blue Pillar. “Traditional connectivity and control networks in the energy space have been proprietary, application-specific networks installed to support a particular vendor application or equipment type leaving facility operators with siloed data streams and limited choice amongst vendors. The BBPP program is the first partnership program which showcases how IoT networks can be completely independent from the equipment they connect, the sensors they use, and who installs them, while also being open and interoperable with value-added service provider or application providers.”

The BBPP is structured into two partnership categories: System Enablement and Solution Enablement. System Enablement partners are comprised of technology, installation, and communication services providers who are focused on the cost-effective building of facility-based IoT networks, while Solution Enablement partners are comprised of value-added services and application providers who leverage these networks to create tangible benefits for C&I customers. These value-added solution providers cover the spectrum of energy management, demand response, distributed energy resource management (DER), microgrids, energy efficiency, and centralized facility management.

BBPP System Enablement partners announced today are: 

    • Technology: Aquana, CE+T Energy Solutions, CircuitMeter, Covalen, Horner Automation Group, LeClanché, Monnit, Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., and Power Standards Lab



  • Deployment: Dailey Electric, M2 Electric, Mad Dash Field Services, The Vanjen Group and Wayne Electric


BBPP Solution Enablement partners announced today are:


    • Energy Service Providers: Customized Energy Solutions, Drift Marketplace, GreenSync, Nexant, Rodan Energy Solutions, Sparkfund, Voltus



    • Strategic Energy Consultants: Chateau Energy Solutions, GlideNet, Rexel, The Plan Consulting Group (TPCG)



  • Application Solution Providers: AutoGrid, Building Clarity, Canary Labs, Collaborative Work Environment (CWE), eSight Energy, Logical Buildings, MACH Energy


Membership in the partnership program has several benefits. System Enablement partners are given priority by Blue Pillar to be used in the implementation of IoT networks. Solution Enablement Partners will be introduced to Blue Pillar’s C&I customer base as “pre-integrated” solutions, which can be easily deployed to solve their energy or operational challenges. In addition, Solution Enablement partners have the ability to earn incentives through a built-in referral program if they utilize Blue Pillar as their facility-based network provider in their new customer opportunities. Interested partners can learn more about the program at http://www.bluepillar.com/partners

About Blue Pillar 
Blue Pillar connects the things that power our world. The only IoT solution which utilizes end-to-end software automation to simplify IoT deployments, Blue Pillar unleashes the power of real-time data to strengthen critical infrastructure and accelerate business. With Blue Pillar, companies have unprecedented insight into their energy needs to become more efficient and have peace of mind that when the grid goes down, their business will continue forward. Learn more at bluepillar.com or on Twitter at @bluepillarinc.

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Family Firm Institute Announces 2018 Quarter 4 Graduates of its Global Education Network (GEN) Certificate Programs in Family Business and Family Wealth Advising

The Family Firm Institute, Inc. has granted certificates in Family Business Advising (CFBA), Family Wealth Advising (CFWA), and Advanced Certificates in Family Business Advising (ACFBA) to a distinguished group of professionals in the family enterprise field. The FFI Global Education Network http://www.ffigen.org/curriculum has been developed by The Family Firm Institute, Inc., and is the gold standard educational program for advisors and consultants working with families in business and families of wealth. The program benefits both family business advisors and their clients by establishing and providing objective and research-based professional standards for advisors to family-owned enterprises and families of wealth.

The following students received Certificates in Family Business Advising (CFBA), Family Wealth Advising (CFWA), and Advanced Certificates in Family Business Advising (ACFBA) in the first quarter of 2019.

Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) 
Beatriz Boza 
Ernst & Young 
Lima, Perú

Tadeusz Dulian 
Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o. o. 
Kraków, Poland

Ben Showalter 
Northwest Farm Credit Services 
Cheney, Washington USA

Certificate in Family Wealth Advising (CFWA) 
Michael Blacksburg 
Independent Consultant 
Durham, North Carolina USA

Joy Chufan Chen 
Ernst & Yong Hong Kong Office 
Hong Kong

Michel Prent 
BDO Advisory BV 
Utrecht, Netherlands

Dual Certificates (CFBA, CFWA) 
Jessica J. Garner 
Stevard LLC 
Chicago, Illinois USA

Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising (ACFBA) 
David Harland 
Brisbane, Australia

Jií Hnilica, 
University of Economics—Prague 
Prague, Czech Republic

Aleš Kubíek, 
University of Economics—Prague 
Prague, Czech Republic

Built for busy professionals, FFI GEN (http://www.ffigen.org/) delivers world-class curriculum, unparalleled access to faculty and thought leaders, and connections to a global network of specialists in the field.

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Urgency of Civility--What Can Be Done to Turn the Tide? Special Conference to Be Held at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Va April 30 to May 1

Time is running out to register for the Urgency of Civility—A Springboard for Action conference. Held at the majestic George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, VA April 30—May 1, this hands-on summit will bring together organizations and individuals who are all working to restore civility in society. A reenactment of President Washington’s first inauguration will set the stage for probing discussion and innovative training with the objective of providing the resources needed to stem the tide of incivility.

Choose from six tracks:

Government – How does incivility manifest in government and politics, national, state, and local? How does incivility impede all peoples’ voices from being heard, and make it more difficult to reach common ground? Are there any positive signs that civility can re-emerge? We will explore what various actors – elected officials, government employees, and citizens – can do and are already doing to promote civility.

Workplace – How does incivility manifest in workplaces? How is it experienced by customers, employees, managers, and executives? Who are the perpetrators, targets, and bystanders in acts of incivility? This track will explore what anyone affected by incivility in the workplace can do to increase civility in workplace relationships.

Communities – How does incivility manifest in communities? What are the signs of incivility? What are practices that encourage civility to increase? We will explore what various community actors, including civic organizations, religious organizations, community organizations, and individuals can do to counter incivility and defend and increase civility.

Media (social and public) – Social media platforms and news media organizations are frequently accused of furthering incivility, by promoting, publicizing, even profiting from it. What needs to change, and how to make this occur? What are the incentives and disincentives to their doing so? What actions are social media and journalism taking to help civility stage a comeback? This track will explore the possibilities for what roles these vital institutions can play, and how all of us can be wise consumers as well as advocates for increased civility.

Education – How does incivility show up in schools – elementary, middle, and high schools – and on college and university campuses? What are schools and colleges/universities doing to teach and practice civility at each of these levels? Are they doing less than they used to? What more needs to be done? We will explore the roles that educators, educational administrators, parents, and of course students themselves play and can play to strengthen civility.

Families and Youth – Does civility begin at home, and start in childhood? Certainly, habits of behavior, how to treat others, and how to discuss and resolve conflicts are all begun early. What can family members, especially parents, do to raise children who are thoughtful problem-solvers and engaged citizens? Do families need help in doing this from other institutions in society? This track will explore the critical role played by families and youth in creating a society characterized by civility.

Among the highlights of the conference will be honoring the Father of Civility, Dr. PM Forni as a Civility Pioneer.

Register today at Civility--A Springboard for Action.

Single-day and student rates are available.

For more information: info@CivilityConvening.org

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Dr. Pradeep Ganguly Awarded the 2019 MEDA Hall of Fame

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Pradeep Ganguly, the Founder and CEO of MKK-USA, has won the “2019 “Hall of Fame” award from the Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA: www.medamd.com).  MEDA is a highly respected and economic development organization of Maryland, USA. All EDOs, business leaders, consultants and economic development professionals belong to this state-wide organization.    

Meda in its press release stated, “MEDA Hall of Fame: Pradeep Ganguly. A member of MEDA since 1984, Ganguly has more than 30 years of service in economic development. Ganguly was most recently the executive vice president of the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation. He is also a former director for the Department of Economic Development in Montgomery County. He spent 21 years with DBED, which is now known as the Maryland Department of Commerce. Through it all, Ganguly has given what time he has to MEDA while balancing the demands of a busy job. He also makes it a point to give back to the community. In 1988, Ganguly founded MKK-USA, a nonprofit organization that provides educational support and humanitarian aid.” https://www.medamd.com/program-development/maryland-economic-development-association-announces-winners-of-2019-meda-awards/

Dr. Ganguly is the only Indian-American in Maryland and the Washington, DC region of USA to have been bestowed this high recognition and honor.  The award will be presented to Dr. Ganguly on April 29, 2019 during the Annual Convention of MEDA to be held at the Hyatt Chesapeake Resort in Cambridge, MD.

Our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Ganguly, with best wishes for continued success.

For further information, contact Mr. Asheesh Jain

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SIUE’s Wilhelm Introduces Nonprescription Drug Reference Guide

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy’s (SOP) Miranda Wilhelm, PharmD, along with co-editor Cortney Mospan, PharmD, introduced the newly revised “Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs Quick Reference” at the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting held March 22-25 in Seattle.

A clinical associate professor in the SOP Department of Pharmacy Practice, Wilhelm authored four chapters and co-edited the publication. Mospan is an assistant professor of pharmacy at Wingate University Levine College of Health Sciences in Indian Trail, N.C. She also serves as a clinical pharmacist with Dilworth Drug and Wellness Center.

The quick reference handbook is intended to be a companion guide to the “APhA Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs.”

“The purpose of the ‘Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs’ is a comprehensive textbook that introduces the student pharmacist to nonprescription medicines and provides self-care faculty with a robust background for teaching,” Wilhelm said. “The Quick Reference is the next step in knowledge management and evolution.

“It provides a focus on the application of key concepts from the ‘Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs’ in a smaller, more digestible format, which allows for the development of confidence in student pharmacists and mid-level practitioners. For practicing pharmacists and preceptors, it can be used to clarify knowledge, reinforce clinical decision-making and serve as a review tool to maintain competency.”

A similar book previously had been written, but the author chose not to continue. When Wilhelm and Mospan were the first to advise the original author about their interest in continuing the project, they became partners. They accepted the project and modified the format, so that it is a QuEST SCHOLAR MAC approach to chapters.

     QuEST SCHOLAR MAC is a systematic approach to patient assessment. It helps pharmacists to gather and evaluate information about the patient’s problem or symptom(s) and overall health, differentiate self-treatable conditions from those that require medical referral, and counsel the patient regarding the best treatment option, ranging from no treatment to over-the-counter medication to referral to a healthcare provider.

A native of Garnett, Kansas, Wilhelm earned a doctorate of pharmacy in 2002 from the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy. Before joining SIUE in 2008, Wilhelm was pharmacy manager for Hen House Pharmacy in the Kansas City area. In that role, she was also primary preceptor for the University of Kansas/Hen House Pharmacy community pharmacy residency program.

Wilhelm’s clinical specialty area is community-based pharmacy practice. She is the clinical community pharmacist with Schnucks Pharmacy in Edwardsville. Her interests include delivery of patient care services, medication therapy management, disease state education and self-care. Other areas of interest relate to health and wellness such as immunizations and preventative screenings.

The “Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs Quick Reference” can be purchased at ebusiness.pharmacist.com.

Today’s pharmacists improve patients’ lives through the medication and education they provide. Dedicated to developing a community of caring pharmacists, the SIUE School of Pharmacy curriculum is nationally recognized as a model that offers students a unique combination of classroom education, research, community service and patient care. The School of Pharmacy’s areas of excellence include a drug design and discovery core; pediatric practice; chronic pain research and practice; and diabetes research and practice. As the only downstate Illinois pharmacy doctorate program, the SIUE School of Pharmacy is addressing the growing need for highly trained pharmacists in a rapidly growing field.

Photo (L-R): SIUE Edwardsville School of Pharmacy’s Miranda Wilhelm, with co-editor Cortney Mospan of Wingate University Levine College of Health Sciences.

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Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement Announces Scholarship Recipients

The Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement has announced the eighteen winners of their 2019 scholarship program. Ten thousand dollars will be awarded to each of the students for a total of 0,000 to pursue their careers in the agriculture industry. The recipients are: 

  • Laura Antizzo of Ijamsville, Maryland, a senior at Urbana High School
  • Kaitlin Bell of Nottingham, Pennsylvania, a senior at Oxford Area High School
  • Ryan Bollinger of Frederick, Maryland, a senior at Frederick High School
  • Cahlen Cheatham of Myersville, Maryland, a sophomore at Tarleton State University
  • Nyah DeValle of Damascus, Maryland, a senior at Damascus High School
  • Emily Griswold of West Chester, Pennsylvania, attending the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Amanda Grube of Manheim, Pennsylvania, a sophomore at Penn State University
  • Giulianna Kukor of Frederick, Maryland, a freshman at Cornell University
  • Karalyn Lonngren of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attending the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Justin Petrie of Stephens City, Virginia, a freshman at Virginia Tech
  • Lesa Ransburg of Finksburg, Maryland, a senior at Westminster High School
  • Olivia Richart of North East, Maryland, a junior at Penn State University
  • Jamie Stephan of New Holland, Pennsylvania, a senior at Pequea Valley High School
  • Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman of Holtwood, Pennsylvania, a senior at Penn Manor High School
  • Lynne Thomas of Fallston, Maryland, a senior at North Harford High School
  • Andrew Toms of Walkersville, Maryland, attending the University of Baltimore School of Law
  • Nathaniel Vincent of Laurel, Delaware, a junior at Harvard University
  • Leslie Webb of Greenwood, Delaware, a senior at Lake Forest High School

“We are excited to award the winners of this year’s scholarship program,” says Dale Hershey, Chairman of the Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement. “The Board is confident in the futures of all eighteen students and the agriculture industry.”

The non-profit Foundation was established in 2015 and is funded by participating association MidAtlantic Farm Credit. The Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement’s scholarship program awards scholarships valued at ,000 to high school seniors or students currently enrolled in an advanced educational program. The applicants must be planning to pursue a career in agriculture and reside in a county within MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s five-state territory.

“We received more than 100 applications again this year from students across our region, making the selection process a challenging one,” adds Hershey. “I would encourage any student pursuing a career in agriculture to apply for our scholarship program this year.”

For more information about the Foundation and scholarship program, please visit fcfoundationforag.org.

About Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement 
The Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement is a M non-profit foundation formed in 2015, created to help advance the future of agriculture. The Foundation’s scholarship program is open to all students residing in MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s five-state territory who fit the eligibility requirements. The scholarship program was announced as part of Farm Credit’s 100th anniversary, held in 2016.

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Just Released White Paper: Benchmarking Digital Advancement

mStoner, Inc., and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) announce the release of a white paper, Benchmarking Digital Advancement.

The white paper, based on interviews and a survey conducted in 2018, reflects how advancement tools, practices, and attitudes are evolving toward integrated, digitally enabled outreach and engagement for colleges and universities with their key stakeholders such as alumni, donors, parents, and others. The 2018 research builds on a decade of other surveys focusing on the use of social media and other digital fundraising and outreach tactics and strategies.

“Communications and marketing activities that support the work of advancement are key to an ‘integrated advancement function.’ CASE is pleased to once again have partnered with mStoner on this type of research, part of our overall AMAtlas initiative,” said Fred Weiss, chief research and data officer at CASE.

The survey of digital advancement focused on how schools, colleges and universities use various digital tools and techniques in alumni relations, communications, fundraising, and marketing. The white paper explores how higher ed is adopting various digital tools and integrating them into advancement more broadly.

In addition to questions exploring how colleges and universities used social and digital media and other tools in their advancement activities, mStoner and CASE researched: the reporting relationships of the chief marketing officer (CMO) and chief advancement officer (CAO); how institutional brands and campaign brands related; and which teams were responsible for important activities such as meeting enrollment goals and engaging alumni and donors.

Here are four significant findings from this research: 

  • 60 percent of institution's CMOs and CAOs report to the CEO. At 21 percent of institutions, the person acting as CMO reports to the CAO, and at 17 percent of institutions, there’s another reporting structure in place. At 2 percent of institutions, the CAO reports to the CMO.
  • 57 percent of institutions report that they have one or more staff members who manage social media.
  • At 65 percent of institutions, “create, sustain, improve brand image” is one of the most important goals for social media.
  • 65 percent of respondents say they are "somewhat successful" at using social media to achieve their goals.


The white paper identifies benchmarks for overall characteristics and specific behaviors that indicate how institutions are progressing on adopting various components of digital advancement. For example, while 67 percent of respondents indicated that their institutions have experimented with digitally powered fundraising such as crowdsourcing or Giving Days, only 26 percent of respondents said that their institution was using a scoring system for alumni and donors — a form of “net promoter” scoring.

According to Michael Stoner, president and co-founder of mStoner, Inc., and the author of the white paper, “Businesses are moving toward becoming digitally enabled — making digital tools and practices part of every aspect of the business. These benchmarks are really the first step at enabling colleges and universities to explore where they are on adopting a range of digital advancement tools and practices. We hope that they can serve as conversation-starters for staff as we move forward in an era when digital tools and practices will be commonplace and a foundation for engagement with everyone.”

mStoner, Inc. is a digital-first agency committed to tailored solutions that deliver real results. We craft powerful, tailored, human-centric experiences to illuminate your brand and allow you to tell the story only you can tell. We connect you with the right audience at the right time so you can form right-fit relationships. We position your team for improved productivity, sustainable growth, internal alignment, and proof-positive success. And we aim to make your job fun again and help you create inspired work that you are proud to show off. Since 2001, we’ve worked with more than 350 colleges, universities, and professional schools in the U.S. and abroad. For much more, visit our website at mStoner.com.

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) is a professional association serving educational institutions and the advancement professionals who work on their behalf in alumni relations, communications, development, marketing and allied areas. CASE helps its members build stronger relationships with their alumni and donors, raise funds for campus projects, produce recruitment materials, market their institutions to prospective students, diversify the profession, and foster public support of education.

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Julio Gonzalez, CEO of Engineered Tax Services is Elected as National Finance Chairman for RNHA

Republican National Hispanic Assembly Elects New Board Members and Grows its National Leadership Team.

The Board provides the organizational leadership required to carry out the mission. They promote the fundamental principles and values of republicanism throughout the Hispanic American community in the United States.

The National Finance Chairman will be Julio Gonzalez, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Engineered Tax Services, Inc., a nationally licensed engineering firm headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida with 15 offices nationwide and over 140 employees and consultants. ETS works with many of the Top 100 CPA firms and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

Julio is a well-respected leader in his field, as well as in the tax reform world. Amongst many of his talents, Julio has an extensive track record of speaking at national events on topics such as cost segregation, historic tax credits, opportunity zone, research and development, and emerging tax programs.

About Republican National Hispanic Assembly 
The RNHA is an American political organization founded in 1967 that was formally recognized by the RNC a few years later. Its purpose is to develop and effectively educate a strong Republican Hispanic constituency throughout the nation. The participation of citizens of Hispanic heritage in the American political process and the Republican Party is critical; we encourage able and qualified Americans who are registered Republican voters, to seek office at all levels of government.

About ETS 
Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) is a licensed engineering firm that focuses on federal, state, and local tax benefits. Founder and CEO, Julio Gonzalez, is an expert in tax reform whose strong presence is helping define our current tax laws. Under Gonzalez's guidance and true insight into how the industry is shaping, Engineered Tax Services is one of the largest, fastest growing, and most innovative engineering, energy, and specialty tax credit services firm in the country. Visit us at http://www.engineeredtaxservices.com

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Watch Innovations Television Series on Monday, April 1, 2019

Tune in to History Channel on Monday, April 1, 2019 @6:30 am ET for an all-new episode of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. Check your local listings for more information.

Coming up on Innovations, learn about Maryland Environmental Service (MES). Operating approximately 1,000 environmental projects and services across the Mid-Atlantic Region, MES employs over 800 teammates. The show will educate audiences on how MES benefits Maryland’s environment through innovative solutions to the region’s most complex environmental challenges.

With a look at Warfighter Hemp products, which are organic and made from cannabidiol (CBD), viewers will discover how Warfighter Hemp is helping Veterans find relief from symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation, pain, and more.

Focusing on Rivion’s dedicated team of professionals –and its holistic approach to sustainable design, planning, and building– this segment will discover how Rivion employs the latest technologies and methods to uncover issues and challenges. In addition, spectators will see how Rivion uses data driven metrics to make sure it delivers the right solution and drives value for its clients.

Innovations will also educate about Superior Tray Systems, leaders in the design and manufacturing of top-quality engineered cable bus and cable tray systems. Concentrating on its Cable Bus Solutions, a power distribution system that uses multiple parallel conductors braced in a rigid enclosure, viewers will see how each conductor is insulated and fully continuous from source to load.

“Sustainability is a major focus on our show. As such, we remain dedicated to enlightening audiences about recent advances in sustainable practices,” said Chad Densen, production manager for DMG Productions and the Innovations series. “We are thrilled to be able to share this with audiences around the country.”

About Innovations & DMG Productions: 
Innovations, hosted by award winning actor Ed Begley, Jr., is an information-based series geared toward educating the public on the latest breakthroughs in all areas of society. Featuring practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike, Innovations focuses on cutting-edge advancements in everything from health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and more.

Backed by experts in various fields, and a team dedicated to education and advancement, DMG Productions consistently produces commercial-free, educational programming on which both viewers and networks depend.

For more information visit: http://www.InnovationsTelevision.com or contact (866) 496-4065.

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April Carnegie Council Public Events Live and Online: "From Gutenberg to Google" with Tom Wheeler and "How Change Happens" with Cass R. Sunstein

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces its April 2019 current affairs programs in New York City.

To attend in person, please RSVP. Go to the online calendar: https://www.carnegiecouncil.org/calendar.

Press passes and student tickets are available. Please contact events@cceia.org.

Events take place at: 
Carnegie Council 
170 East 64 Street, New York, NY 10065.

Watch them as live webcasts here: https://www.carnegiecouncil.org/live.

Videos, transcripts, and audios are available online soon after events take place.


April 03, 8:00-9:15 AM EST 
From Gutenberg to Google: The History of Our Future 
Tom Wheeler, Brookings Institution

April 18, 6:00-7:30 PM 
How Change Happens 
Cass R. Sunstein, Harvard Law School

Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an educational, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that produces lectures, publications, and multimedia materials on the ethical challenges of living in a globalized world. Go to https://www.carnegiecouncil.org/.

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One-Day Leadership Workshop Hosted by Trium Showcased New York Times Best-Selling Author, Byron Katie and TED Speaker, Eldra Jackson

The Trium Group, a leading management consultancy that specializes in breakthrough business performance, today announced a successful Dialogues on the Future of Leadership: Bridging the Divide event on February 26. The one-day workshop was held at Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills, California and included executives from across entertainment, gaming, healthcare, and technology sectors – as well as a cross-section of general managers, human resources executives, diversity, equity and inclusion specialists, and thought leaders from the local community.

The event featured world renowned speaker Byron Katie, who addressed the dynamics and challenges of leading in today’s environment by guiding delegates through a powerful inquiry process designed to strengthen one’s clarity and connection in the midst of even the most divisive situations. Through authentic dialogues and an introspective approach, Katie provided attendees with tools, practices, and an awareness of how to create meaningful change from the inside out.

“This was a timely event, especially for those of us working in Hollywood, where so many industry veterans are struggling with how best to navigate unprecedented levels of disruption,” said Emma Whittard, former Vice President, Global Publishing and Business Development, Warner Bros. “Katie’s powerful method of ‘inquiry’ empowers us to extend our leadership impact by challenging our own beliefs and assumptions – in essence, approaching seemingly insurmountable issues by examining ourselves first.”

The event was opened by educator and TED speaker, Eldra Jackson,who spoke vulnerably about hitting rock bottom during his 24 years in the California state prison system, and the steps he took to confront his belief system of “toxic masculinity.” His journey of self-awareness and transformation not only led to being granted freedom from a life sentence; his life’s work now includes actively supporting others – both within and outside of prison – in overcoming their limiting beliefs.

“Eldra’s heartfelt testimony bore witness to the fact that if barriers can be broken down amongst those considered to be the most dangerous segment of our society, then we can all be held to a higher standard,” says Monica Chi, Partner, The Trium Group. “The need for business leaders, in particular, to have a toolkit for developing their maturity has never been greater.”

“These two speakers addressed the path to radically inclusive leadership in a profound and authentic way,” says Andrew Blum, CEO and Managing Partner, The Trium Group. “In today’s climate, with the media shining a spotlight on cultural behavior and scandals, large organizations are dealing with demands for greater transparency and accountability like never before. This workshop provided leaders with an approach to question what they are experiencing and believing in even their most challenging moments, and equipped them to become more clear, empathetic and effective in their leadership.”

To learn more about this event or other areas impacting human performance and leadership development, contact Trium.

About Trium 
The Trium Group is in the breakthroughs business. Founded in 1998, Trium is a leading management consulting firm that seeks to understand and address the human dynamics that impact performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Trium has provided consulting and coaching to leadership teams at some of the world’s most recognized companies, including Dropbox, Genentech, Cisco, Sephora, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Activision Blizzard, and more.With a mission of changing the world by changing the way business leaders think, Trium works side-by-side with clients to enable them to succeed in the white space of opportunity.

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SEOHost.net Discusses The Importance of E-A-T to Search Engine Optimization

SEOHost.net, a provider of SEO hosting, domain registration, and SSL services, today issued a statement about the importance of a website’s E-A-T score in 2019.

First introduced as a concept by Google itself, E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Expertise measures the level of skill a website and its creators have in their field and is critical for B2B organizations and businesses working in industries like medicine or finance. Authority is tied to credentials and reviews, both of which serve to validate expertise. Finally, Trustworthiness is based on the website’s hosting platform, as well as factors like SSL certificates or the presence of HTTPS.

“By Google’s own admission, the E-A-T score is one of the top factors it considers when measuring a website’s value,” explains Terry Cane, COO at SEOHost.net. “It ties back into the search engine’s concerted push towards high-quality content in lieu of technical, on-page elements like keywords. Well-written pages and long-form copy with a clear focus tend to perform very well in terms of establishing one’s expertise, but authority and trustworthiness are a little more difficult to build.”

Cane advises working hard to seek out and promote positive, verified reviews, and to engage in outreach with influencers through channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The more relevant, high-quality links, shares, and interactions a website receives, the likelier Google is to take notice and flag it as authoritative. In regards to Trustworthiness, Cane says that it’s more of an attitude than anything.

“Trust seals like an SSL certificate or a Better Business Bureau badge are a good way of establishing surface-level trust,” continues Cane. “But an organization’s best bet is to always err on the side of both privacy and authenticity. Adherence to regulations like the GDPR and a customer-first attitude are both excellent ways to inspire loyalty, and I’ve no doubt they may eventually play into a website’s trustworthiness - if they do not already.”

Cane went on to assert that SEOHost.net is dedicated to helping its clientele with every aspect of search engine optimization, including their E-A-T score. 

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Title Alliance Appoints Sharon Lontoc as Chief Human Resources Officer

Title Alliance, Ltd, a RESPA-compliant ESOP leader in joint ventured title insurance agencies, announced today it has appointed Sharon Lontoc as Chief Human Resources Officer. This announcement comes after the appointment of Maria Deligiorgis as General Counsel and Compliance Officer.

A graduate of Christopher Newport University and Old Dominion University, Lontoc’s career in Human resources began as a graduate school co-op student working in the Labor Relations Department as a Labor Relations Officer for a transportation corporation. She has since served as Manager of Strategic Staffing and Employee Relations where she led the improvement of business performance, organizational processes, and staff relationships through execution of strategic initiatives and key tactical program development. Throughout her career, Lontoc has held positions including Vice President of Employee Relations and Director of Human Resources for a top financial services firm. She has been responsible for areas of the business including talent management, employee relations, succession planning, compensation, business strategy and organizational design. She also has extensive experience with human capital functions including development, implementations and refinement of strategic and operational strategies focused on alignment with the overall business strategy. As Chief Human Resources Officer, Lontoc will be responsible for developing and executing the human resource strategy and innovative operating models in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the Title Alliance.

“Sharon is a strategic addition to our team,” says Jim Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Title Alliance. He continues, “With her extensive background and knowledge of the human resources industry coupled with her business oriented mindset, I am confident that she will help to enhance our workforce and to develop our HR department.” He concludes, “Sharon’s passion and the energy that she will bring to our team will allow us to continue to expand our footprint.”

Lontoc will focus specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, benefits and compensation, and overall employee relations.

“I am excited to be joining such a dynamic industry leader like Title Alliance as Chief Human Resources Officer,” says Lontoc. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to help create Human Resources strategies that exceed client expectations, engage people, enable exceptional performance and support an inclusive corporate culture that will further enhance Title Alliance’s reputation as not only the leader in the Title Insurance industry but as the employer of choice as well.”

Lontoc can be reached at slontoc@titlealliance.com.

About Title Alliance: 
Title Alliance, Ltd, an ESOP Company is located in Media, PA and has been creating RESPA compliant title joint ventures since 1983 with lenders, mortgage bankers, realtors, builders and credit unions. Their roots date back to 1948 when their first agency, which is still in existence today, was formed. For more information or to find out how a Title Alliance's partnership or title management skills could benefit you visit them online or contact Lindsay Smith at 800-220-3901 x 165.

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The Lawn Care Experts at Giroud and Lawn Recommend a Later Start to the Lawn Care Season After the Wettest Winter on Record

The Lawn Care Experts at Giroud Tree and Lawn have been carefully planning the official start of the lawn treatment season because the 2018-2019 winter was the wettest on record. A later start will yield better results for homeowners’ lawns and Giroud Tree and Lawn shares the reasons why it’s better to delay a lawn care treatment program.

The birds are chirping and the days are longer, which can only mean one thing- Spring is in the air! Homeowners are looking forward to enjoying time outside in the sunshine, and many may be eager to start a Lawn Care Program. However, the Lawn Care Experts at Giroud Tree and Lawn have been carefully planning the official start of the season, because this year a later start will yield better results after the wet winter.

Winter weather can affect how a lawn fares in spring and summer, but carefully timing lawn care treatments can be the deciding factor between a lush, green carpet of grass and one riddled with problems all season long. Fertilizer and weed control are only effective if applied at the optimal time.

“We have to time it just right,” explains Tom McMonagle, Giroud Lawn Care Technician. “It’s a domino effect, and if we start too early, all the other treatments will be too early as well. That’s why we start on the weather, not based on the time of year.”

There’s a Chill in the Ground

The Philadelphia area has been enjoying the spring-like temperatures this week, but it’s important to know that air temperature is different than soil temperature. It takes a lot more energy for the soil to warm up, and the soil needs to be at optimal temperature to get the best results from the fertilizer treatments. Crabgrass Pre-emergent Control needs to be applied just as the Crabgrass is beginning to germinate, which won’t happen until the soil temperature is 55 degrees or above for at least 3 days in a row.

Soaked Soil

It was a very wet winter! Homeowners may notice that the ground is almost spongy when and there are pools of water on many properties. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), “From December 2018 through February 2019, the total U.S. winter precipitation was 9.01 inches that was 2.22 inches above average. That made it the wettest winter on record beating the winter of 1997-1998.”

Giroud Lawn Care Technicians have been carefully monitoring soil conditions for 3 important reasons:

1.    An Even, Uniform Application- excess water will dilute the product, causing some sections get too much and others not enough.

2.    Maintaining the Product’s Strength and Effectiveness- wet conditions like these can dilute crabgrass controls and weaken the protective barrier.

3.    Preventing Lawn Damage: If the ground is soft and still absorbing all that water, driving heavy equipment onto the grass will only damage the lawn! In some cases, the ground is still so soaked that even walking on it could leave divots and dents.

Here are a few things homeowners can do now to get the lawn ready for a great season:

1.    Give the property a Spring Cleanup! Clear brush, rake up leaves, and pick up anything that may block the early spring sun from shining down on those little grass sprouts.

2.    Have the soil’s pH level checked. A balanced soil acidity will only strengthen the effectiveness of a lawn care program!

3.    Schedule a Lawn Evaluation with a PA Certified Lawn Care Technician! A lawn expert will analyze the growing environment, the current condition of the lawn, and check for any emerging issues.

About Giroud Tree and Lawn 
Giroud Tree and Lawn specializes in tree service, lawn care and mosquito and tick control programs that make customers love doing business with the company since 1974. Serving Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, the company offers professional tree and lawn evaluation, tree pruning, tree removal, insect and disease control, fertilizing, stump removal, traditional and 100% organic lawn programs and mosquito and tick control. Giroud Arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and have the knowledge and experience required to properly diagnose, treat and maintain trees and lawn health. The company is Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association and Better Business Bureau. Giroud has also been awarded the Angie's List Super Service Award® every year since 2005. The “Giroud Treework for Charity” program donates free tree care services to parks, historical sites and other non-profit organizations located in the Company’s service area. For more information, visit the company website at http://www.giroudtree.com or call 215-682-7704.

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PAINWeekEnd in Denver, Colorado, Offers CE/CME Education on Frontline Pain Management in the Shadow of the Opioid Crisis

PAINWeekEnd on March 30 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Denver Tech Center, 7801 E Orchard Rd, in Greenwood Village, Colorado, will be a timely and relevant program providing busy clinicians and allied healthcare practitioners with 6.0 hours of practical instruction in the management of chronic pain.

On January 1, 2019, a regulation implementing House Bill 18-1007 went into effect in Colorado that expands access to medication assisted treatment (MAT) for substance use disorder, part of the state’s effort to go beyond prescribing limitations in its response to the crisis of opioid misuse. It requires individual and group health plans to provide a 5-day supply of at least one FDA-approved drug for MAT without prior authorization for the first request in a 12-month period, to respond with a coverage determination within 24 hours, and to expedite the appeals process for patients who are denied. Senior faculty member Jennifer Bolen, JD, is the founder of The Legal Side of Pain, Knoxville, Tennessee. She observed, “As payor policies for treatment continue to evolve, it is important that providers take steps to stay current on the legal and regulatory environment that may affect their practice and their patients. To that end, I look forward to helping PAINWeekEnd attendees understand medical necessity for substance abuse treatment, drug testing, and prescribing controlled medications.” Attorney Bolen will present 2 courses at PAINWeekEnd Denver, Get Your Specimens in Order: Timely Use of Test Results, and Embrace Changes and Prevent Overdose: A Basic Blueprint for Legal Risk Mitigation and Response.

Other courses will include Rational Polypharmacy: An Update for Specific Conditions; Involuntary Tapers: Legal, Ethical, and Clinical Concerns; Lost in Translation: Making Sense of Clinical Treatment Guidelines; and Cannabis vs Cannabinoids: The Politics of Medical Marijuana.

Commercially supported activities—addressing a range of product, disease state, and medical information topics—will also be presented.

For more information about this or other regional conferences, and to register for 9, go to the PAINWeekEnd website. BONUS: PAINWeekEnd registrants may register for the 2019 PAINWeek National Conference, September 3-7, in Las Vegas, for 0 off the regular online published price.

PAINWeekEnd is provided by Global Education Group. About Global Education Group:

Global Education Group focuses on producing partnership-based CME for healthcare practitioners. The Global team works with a select group of medical education companies, associations, academic institutions and healthcare facilities to develop and accredit live healthcare conferences and workshops as well as online activities. With each partnership or joint providership, Global brings accreditation expertise, project management excellence and grant funding intelligence. Based in Littleton, Colo., Global has accreditation with commendation from the ACCME. Global also holds accreditations to offer continuing education for nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dietitians, dentists and psychologists. Global is a division of Ultimate Medical Academy.

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ReminderCall.com Announces 2018-19 Scholarship Recipients

For the second consecutive year, Reminder Services, Inc. - a provider of automated communications for the healthcare industry - has awarded ,000 in scholarships to physical therapy students who exhibit academic excellence and a strong sense of personal commitment continue their education.

Established in September 2017, the ReminderCall.com Physical Therapy Scholarship provides financial assistance to college sophomores, juniors, seniors or graduate students enrolled in an accredited physical therapy program for the 2018-19 academic year with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

The winners of the 2018-19 ReminderCall.com Physical Therapy Scholarship are: 

  • Diego Galaviz, California State University-Dominguez Hills
  • Kevin Le, Saint Paul College - A Community and Technical College
  • Savannah McMillen, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
  • Carl Meyer, Marquette University
  • Jennifer Thomas, Campbell University

“I hope to be a teacher not only in the clinic, but someday also to future physical therapists. There are few things more important than passing a passion for service to others, particularly the future generations. I also want to contribute to or perhaps found a non-profit physical therapy service that is able to narrow the healthcare disparity I see every day,” said Meyer, a first-year graduate student.

International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. (ISTS), an independent scholarship management company, hosts the online application process, selects recipients and disburses awards for the program. Learn more at https://www.remindercall.com/physical-therapy-scholarship/.

About Reminder Services, Inc. 
Reminder Services, Inc. is a Silicon-Valley based company that provides automated appointment reminders. The ReminderCall.com system lets therapists send appointment reminder calls, reminder text messages and reminder emails to patients. We work with an impressive list of Physical Therapy EHRs, EMRs, and scheduling software products. Therapists can customize everything, from voices and languages to delivery dates, times and frequencies. We help adhere to FCC, TCPA, CANSPAM, HIPAA and CASL guidelines.

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Dr. Pradeep Ganguly Congratulates Shivaji College Faculty

Dr. Pradeep Ganguly, founder and CEO of MKK-USA, congratulated Shivaji College for facilitating the scholarship process for meritorious and needy students. Dr. Ganguly stated, “I congratulate Shivaji College. Ms. Anshu Chopra and her colleagues at the Department of Economics did an outstanding job screening, selecting and awarding MKK-USA scholarships. I am very proud of this institution, its leader Dr. Shashi Nijhawan, and the Economics faculty led by Anshu Chopra.”

Dr. Pradeep Ganguly was invited to speak on “U.S.-India Business Relations” at Shivaji College. The auditorium was packed with bright and eager students, as well as faculty members, all ready to listen, engage, learn and participate. The Q&A session was equally stimulating. Dr. Ganguly further stated, “Kudos to Dr. Shashi Nijhawan, Principal of Shivaji College, and the Department of Economics faculty for organizing such a wonderful event.”

The lectures and scholarships are part of Dr. Ganguly’s proud association with Shivaji College. He personally thanked Dr. Shashi Nijhawan, Principal, and the Economics Faculty: Anshu Chopra,Mamta Datt, Iti Dandona, Reetika Rana, Sumeet Raheja,Shivani Goel,Priyanka, Md. Irfan Alam and Ms. Aditi. I look forward to working with this team for a long time.” For more information on this amazing Economics team, log on to: http://www.shivajicollege.ac.in/academics/departments/faculty.php?department=economics

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Columbus Ohio Entrepreneur Opens First Advanced Esthetics School in Midwest

Columbus-based spa owner and beauty expert, Jaclyn Peresetsky, announced today that she is opening the first advanced esthetics school in the Midwest in March of 2019. Skin Perfect University is located at 725 Buckles Court, Gahanna, Ohio, 43230, by John Glenn Airport. It is poised to pick up where beauty schools leave off by offering a roster of advanced classes for accredited estheticians including makeup techniques, permanent makeup, chemical peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, nutrition for skincare, microcurrent, nanocurrent, cryotherapy, ultrasound, radio frequency, color analysis, and much more. Estheticians can earn CEUs by attending classes at Skin Perfect University or take classes to advance their knowledge.

“There are 160 beauty schools in Ohio and none of them offer this kind of advanced training,” said Peresetsky. “In speaking with many of these schools, I have learned how much this kind of education is missing from our industry. I’m thrilled to see how excited they are to have this advanced training available for their graduates right here in Ohio. It makes it easier to keep and grow great talent right here in the midwest.”

The school occupies 3200 square feet and is designed to give students the advanced education they need to succeed and the spa experience that allows them to learn the culture and experience of a professional clinical spa. The space includes: 

  •     five treatment rooms
  •     a large theory room
  •     a large clinical training room
  •     a makeup and color studio
  •     a skin analysis room
  •     a concierge and reception space

Skin Perfect University will employ seven staff including esthetics instructors and ColoreMe Perfect Color Analysis Consultants. Peresetsky also owns Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa and is the creator of the ColoreMe Perfect Color analysis process and cosmetics line, as well as the Skin Perfect skin care line.

“My passion has always been educating clients and estheticians about skin care, color analysis, and beauty,” said Peresetsky. “After speaking at beauty conferences across the United States for the last several years, I understand what education estheticians need to further their careers, and I’m thrilled to be able to help advance the professionalism of our industry by offering it.”

The grand opening party on March 22 will host licensed estheticians and spa owners who will hear from Jaclyn about the school, receive a facility tour, experience product and service demonstrations, and leave with a goodie bag. International industry publications including Skin, Inc. Magazine, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa Magazine, and Dermascope Magazine will also be in attendance.

For more information, please visit http://www.SkinPerfectUniversity.com.

About Skin Perfect University

Skin Perfect University (SPU), located in Columbus, Ohio, was created by Jaclyn Peresetsky for the estheticians, cosmetologists, nurses, skin care specialists, spa and salon owners who want advanced training in esthetics, skin care, and makeup. Clinical and medical esthetics are career specialties that demand for a higher level of knowledge than just basic esthetics. SPU education is designed for an interactive, hands-on learning experience for licensed professionals who are passionate about achieving results and wellness in skincare. http://www.SkinPerfectUniversity.com

About Jaclyn Peresetsky

Master esthetician, author, speaker, and noted color expert, Jaclyn Peresetsky, is the founder of Skin Perfect University, Skin Perfect Spas, ColoreMe Perfect Cosmetics and Analysis, and Skin Perfect Skin Care. You can usually find Jaclyn at one of her three Skin Perfect Spa locations, traveling to train spas on her cosmetics and skin care lines, speaking at an industry conference, or sharing beauty tips on television.

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Moddern Marketing Named Top 100 Healthcare Agency in North America by MM&M

Moddern Marketing (Moddern), an award-winning independently-owned integrated marketing agency, has been honored as one of the Top 100 Healthcare Agencies in North America by Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M), one of the nation's leading business publications serving the executive healthcare market.

Moddern has had a sustained run of growth in the healthcare sector since 2013, when it won its first health supplement client. Since then, the agency has added numerous national healthcare and health-related client business in medical devices, infant nutrition, advanced wound care, nerve stimulation, menopause relief, and marketing for orthopedic device distribution. moddern is especially well-versed in the spine sector and has a specialty in marketing ambulatory surgical centers. This is the first time the agency has been honored by MM&M with the Top 100 Healthcare Agencies in North America award.

“It's a real honor for moddern to be named a Healthcare Agency of the year by MM&M. While we’ve been focused on our client business, it’s very rewarding to be recognized in this way for what we’ve accomplished on their behalf,” said Mark Kolier, co-founder and Managing Director of moddern.“From the beginning, we’ve been working diligently to tell the client story in a practical way, and to deliver observable results. It’s exciting for our team to be recognized in this way for the work we do every day.”

MM&M was first published in 1966 as Medical Marketing & Media, and today produces an essential mix of online breaking news and analysis combined with monthly print features. The content is designed for an executive audience of leaders and thinkers who work in pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, and greater healthcare marketing. Every year, the magazine produces several lists, conferences and events, and compiles an annual Agency Issue that features profiles of the top 100 healthcare marketing agencies in North America. It also runs the industry’s premier awards program, the MM&M awards, which celebrate creativity and effectiveness in healthcare marketing. Its parent company is Haymarket Media.

Moddern Marketing is an integrated marketing services agency based in New York City. With roots in direct marketing, the agency is focused on delivering strategy, creative, and media services in both online and offline environments with a watchful eye on effectiveness and driving measurable results. While moddern has clients in a variety of sectors, it began focusing on healthcare in 2013, and has since recruited against that discipline, while growing its client roster.

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Dr. Pradeep Ganguly announces 2018-19 Scholarships

Baltimore, Maryland. February 7, 2019. Dr. Pradeep Ganguly, Founder and CEO of MKK-USA, announced the winners of the 2018-19 MKK-USA scholarships:

1. Raghav Sharma, BA (Honors), 1st year
2. Shivani Badola, B.A Honors, 3rd Year
3. Vaishali Suchdeva, B.A. Honors, 3rd Year

All are students at Shivaji College, University of Delhi.

Dr. Ganguly founded MKK-USA in 1998 as a non-profit organization. The mission of MKK-USA is to provide educational support and humanitarian aid to needy and bright students – both in India and in the Washington, DC region. This non-profit organization also provides humanitarian aid.

Since its inception, MKK-USA has provided scholarships to students in New Delhi and Malda, India, as well as local students at Prince George’s Community College, Northern Virginia Community College, Largo High School, Flowers High School. Other recipients of MKK-USA donations include the Children’s Inn at NIH, The National Geographic Afghan Girls Fund and ASHA for Education, Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children, Rockville, and Central Fairfax Services, Fairfax, Virginia.

MKK stands for Manav Kalyan Kendra and translates to Center for Human Welfare. The primary goal of the organization is to provide quality educational support to deserving students through scholarships. They also provide economic support to educational programs in designated intermediate, vocational and higher education institutions in India, especially in New Delhi. The organization also has a good record of supporting humanitarian efforts and educational programs across the world.

MKK is also involved in medical and environmental clean-up efforts in the slums of New Delhi, India and has been instrumental in spreading the message of cleanliness and health among those who live in slums and shanties in this region.

MKK organizes high quality cultural events at regular intervals to help raise funds for their scholarship programs.

According to the spokesperson, they want to make a difference in the lives of children, one child at a time. “We help needy children get quality education so that the can become self-supporting and independent. We also provide humanitarian aid in emergencies.”

In September 2018, Dr. Ganguly organized “Nrityanjali” – a dance program – in partnership with the KONARK Dance School.

Press contact: S. K. Yadav, 703-450-4291

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Your Surgeon Trained Themself with YouTube -- If You're Lucky

The University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) Technology Management Program (TMP) – an academic department offering Ph.D., Master’s, and Certificates in Technology Management -- announced today newly-available insights into research conducted by TMP Associate Professor Matt Beane. Based on a three-and-a-half-year research study conducted while a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a faculty member at UCSB, Beane’s findings show that current deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), or intelligent machines, is not only inhibiting critical on-the-job learning but potentially creating obstacles to AI-driven productivity gains. In rare cases, according to Beane, workers are creating so-called “deviant” means to acquire the capabilities they need – a phenomenon he has defined as “Shadow Learning.” Beane presents his work in a newly released TED Talkavailable on the Ted.com homepage on Monday, February 4, 2019. Matt will also expand and update his findings along with potential solutions in an upcoming Harvard Business Review, available in mid-2019.

It has been estimated that between one-half to one billion workers will be required to adapt to artificial intelligence – the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” -- in their daily work by 2030 (McKinsey Global Institute). While this -- and much of the volume of research conducted to date -- has focused primarily on the potential efficiencies and growth afforded by AI (along with associated worker displacement), relatively little has been published on issues related to how workers are adapting to these technologies. In his research, “Shadow Learning: Building Robotic Surgical Skill When Approved Means Fail,” published in Administrative Science Quarterly in 2018, Beane finds that in our quest for AI-driven productivity, we are compromising critical, presupposed pathways for learning on the job. Given that most of us learn to perform our work on the job – not in formal training – this new status quo threatens workers’ ability to learn new skills and adapt to challenges presented by increasingly intelligent machines.

“Intelligent machines offer unprecedented efficiency and quality improvements. And while many of us may lose or gain jobs as a result, many, many more of us will have to adapt to these technologies in the jobs we have,” said Beane. “Unfortunately, we’ve been redesigning work to take advantage of these technologies far faster than we’ve been redesigning learning and development. Ironically, these intelligent machines are at the center of the trouble. We’re currently deploying AI in ways that are actually preventing workers from learning by doing – the most common and effective process for getting the new skills to adapt to these new technologies.”

During “TED Salon: The Next Wave,” a condensed version of a TED flagship conference featuring talks focused on the opportunities, tools, and pitfalls of AI, Matt Beane draws from the research he began while a graduate student at MIT. In those years and until today, he has done extensive field research on work involving robots to help us understand the implications of intelligent machines for the broader world of work. Any one of Beane’s projects include many hundreds of hours - sometimes years - watching, interviewing and often working side by side with people trying to work with robots to get their jobs done. Matt has completed projects on robotic surgery, robotic materials transport, and robotic telepresence in healthcare, elder care, and knowledge work. His study of robotic surgery covered residency programs at 18 of the top teaching hospitals throughout the United States.

In that study, he found that robots were used in a way that blocked a trainee’s ability to learn on the job and distanced them from a mentor or expert. In traditional or open surgery, the surgeon relied on the resident (or surgical trainee) to participate in the procedure. As a result, residents learned by doing, as they have historically. During robotic surgery, Beane observed something different. “Rather than having their hands in the work, residents and assistants watched the procedure on television. Their on-the-job learning was sacrificed for the sake of efficiency and safety,” said Beane.

The practice residents received during robotic surgery was also lower-quality because of what Beane called helicopter teaching – or giving frequent and very public feedback to residents and intermittently taking control of the robot away from them. To counter this lower-quality learning experience, Beane found a very few residents went to extreme measures, deviating from prescribed training and engaging in what Beane has called “Shadow Learning.” Residents focused on robotic surgery in medical school at the expense of generalist training, engaged in extensive practice on simulators, watched procedures on YouTube and performed robotic surgery with limited expert supervision.

“Surgeons are graduating without sufficient generalist knowledge or utilizing robotic tools due to a lack of experience and mentorship,” said Beane. One of his informants, a Chief of Urology, said this plainly: “They [new surgeons] trained in top programs that teach robotic surgery. And they suck now. I mean these guys can’t do it. They haven’t had any experience doing it. They've watched it happen. Watching a movie doesn’t make you an actor.”

In the last year, Beane has compared his findings with dozens of researchers who have examined the implications of increasingly intelligent machines in other industries such as investment banking and law enforcement. Their data showed evidence of Beane’s findings. The expanded picture and proposed solutions will be published in an upcoming edition of Harvard Business Review (expected in mid-2019).

Beane believes there is an opportunity to alleviate the learning and training problem associated with intelligent machines. He suggests they can be part of the solution: these technologies can coach learners when they are struggling; guide experts on their mentorship, and connect these two groups in smart ways. He notes that some are working on systems like these, but that they are focused on formal training, while the deeper crisis is in on-the-job learning. Making progress on these issues is both critical and daunting, he says: “On-the-job learning is essential for millions of people in countless industries, so hopefully we’ll see more attention in this direction soon. We have to do better – much better – than the status quo.”

About Matt Beane

Matt Beane is an Associate Professor in the Technology Management Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Research Affiliate with MIT's Institute for the Digital Economy. Matt studies deviance in work involving machine intelligence - and specifically robotics. He asks questions like "How do workers, organizations and even AI engage in deviance, and what happens when they do?" Matt has done extensive field research on robotic surgery, robotic materials transport, and robotic telepresence in healthcare, elder care, and knowledge work.

Matt received his Ph.D. from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Information Technologies department. His research on robotic surgery was published in 2018 in Administrative Science Quarterly; his work on robotic telepresence was published in 2014 in Organization Science. Matt was selected in 2012 as a Human-Robot Interaction Pioneer and is a regular contributor to popular outlets such as Wired, MIT’s Technology Review, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Robohub. Matt also took a two-year hiatus from his doctoral studies to help found and fund Humatics, an MIT-connected, full-stack IoT startup.

About Technology Management Program at UCSB

The Technology Management Program (TMP) at UCSB prepares emerging and experienced professionals with the management skills necessary to lead established or start-up business initiatives within fast-paced, rapidly changing, technology-based enterprises. An academic department that combines a curriculum of theory, practice, and mentorship at the intersection of technology, business, and social science, TMP offers a Ph.D. in Technology Management, a professional Master’s of Technology Management, as well as UC-recognized certificates to current undergraduate and graduate students. Doctoral students study and conduct research along with leading scholars in organizational theory, organizational behavior, technology studies, and strategy. Curriculum for professional master's students is designed to train future technology and business leaders, with a focus on providing students with the knowledge and experience to perform effectively in, and give leadership to, global technology teams. Within the certificate programs, TMP offers driven, innovative, and entrepreneurial students an in-depth understanding of business principles and professional skills vital to their success after graduation. TMP’s annual New Venture Competition (NVC) exposes students to product ideation, team formation, business model development, market validation, and the art of presentation. The new Wilcox Venture Incubator allows students to further develop new business ventures while working alongside mentors, IP and legal experts, and faculty -- preparing them for successful careers as business leaders and entrepreneurs. For more information about TMP, go to http://www.tmp.ucsb.edu.

About TED

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, usually in the form of short, powerful talks delivered by today’s leading thinkers and doers. Many of these talks are given at TED’s annual gathering in Vancouver, Canada, TEDWomen and TEDGlobal conferences, intimate TED Salons and thousands of independently organized TEDx events around the world, then made available, free, on TED.com and other channels.

TED's open and free initiatives for spreading ideas include TED.com, where new TED Talk videos are posted daily; TEDx, which provides licenses to thousands of individuals and groups who host local, self-organized TED-style events around the world; the TED Fellows program, which selects innovators from around the globe to amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities; and the educational initiative TED-Ed.

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The NAPCP Will Hold a Two-Day Commercial Card Workshop in London To Address How to Administer and Manage a Commercial Card Programme

The NAPCP will hold a two-day educational workshop, “Commercial Card Programme Management: Beyond the Basics,” on 12-13 June 2019, Inner Circle, Regent's Park, London, NWI 4NS. It is open to both industry end-users and providers.

The workshop is geared towards programme managers interested in programme improvements and industry knowledge. A quick review of the basics brings beginners up to speed. The balance of the workshop goes in to depth, related to programme practices and procedures. During the workshop, you will participate in an interactive presentation and open discussion around program challenges and successes. The workshop will be led by Heather Miller, CPCP, MBA, NAPCP Community Engagement Manager.

Many individuals can benefit from a comprehensive understanding of Commercial Cards. This workshop is appropriate for professionals from end-user and provider organisations who are: 

  • programme managers/administrators familiar with the mechanics and benefits of Commercial Cards, but are seeking to broaden their understanding of P-Card and/or Travel Card programme management
  • individuals tasked with exploring/implementing Commercial Card programme(s) for their organisation
  • managers, directors, vice presidents, etc., whose business lines include the P-Card or Travel Card programme; therefore, core knowledge is a must for supporting the organisation’s overall payments strategy
  • new relationship/account managers who provide support to end-user clients

The NAPCP is a global professional association that has been advancing the Commercial Card and Payment industry, which includes Purchasing Cards, Travel Cards, ePayables and more, since 1999. The organisation provides support for industry professionals who are enhancing Commercial Card and Payment programmes, developing policies and procedures, and seeking new products and technological advancements to create efficiencies.

The organisation's website is a robust online repository of educational materials and networking tools, containing thousands of pages of: 

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Sample documents and implementation guides
  • Recorded webinars
  • Surveys and polls
  • eNetworking

The NAPCP’s rich content, dedicated EMEA web portal, events, and virtual educational opportunities highlight the industry’s latest advancements, and help users build strong policies and procedures, meet regulatory requirements and achieve management buy-in.

The NAPCP also seeks speakers and hosts for future events in the EMEA region. Review the organisation's year-round end-user speaking opportunities and submit a proposal today.

To access the content and tools on the NAPCP's website, simply become a complimentary subscriber.

About the NAPCP 
The NAPCP is a membership-based professional association committed to advancing Commercial Card and Payment professionals and industry practices worldwide. Serving a community of more than 20,000, the NAPCP is a respected voice in the industry and an impartial resource for members at all experience levels in the public and private sectors. The NAPCP provides unmatched opportunities for continuing education and peer networking through its conferences, Regional Forums, webinars, website, virtual demonstrations, newsletters and regular communication. The association sponsors research and publishes timely and relevant white papers, survey results and other documents. The NAPCP also offers a (Certified Purchasing Card Professional (CPCP) credential.

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National Social Security Advisor Certificate Education Set for 6 U.S. Cities

Premier Social Security Consulting will host its National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®) certificate education in six cities this year while expanding its webinar and on-demand courses for busy professional advisors nationwide.

Marc Kiner, partner at Premier Social Security Consulting of Cincinnati, which teaches the Social Security education program, said professional advisors are busier than ever, but want the comprehensive NSSA program.

“We’ve found that advisors, like the rest of us, are pressed for time,” said Kiner. “An increasing number of advisors are choosing the all-day webinar option. We have the same content and the same interaction ability as a live program, but advisors can take the course in the privacy of their company conference room or the comfort of their home offices.”

NSSA is the nation’s only accredited Social Security education certificate program, with accreditation provided by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) in Washington, D.C.

The NSSA Advisor certificate is awarded to professional advisors who take the NSSA course and pass an assessment. The National Social Security Association has certified more than 1,700 advisors since the program began in 2013.

Full, all-day NSSA programming will be held in Cincinnati on Feb. 5, April 19, June 3 and 19, Aug. 15 and 16, Oct. 22 and Dec. 3; Orlando, Fla. on March 5; San Diego on March 28; Chicago on June 27; Cleveland on July 16; and New York on Sept. 23. Live Classes run from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Webinars will be held on: Jan. 23; Feb. 14; March 12; April 5; May 3; June 18; July 23; Aug. 20; Oct. 17; Dec. 11; Dec. 27.

Cost for the live class is 5, with web-based and on-demand video classes at 5. Premier also offers private, on-site classes for organizations that need to provide in-house Social Security training to multiple professional advisors.

Eight continuing education credits are available for certified financial planners, certified public accountants, and insurance agents nationwide for live classes. Education credits will be also available for on-demand and web-based education in 2019.

Premier provides ongoing gold standard Social Security education support after an NSSA education course is completed, said Kiner. Support includes monthly webinars; marketing videos; and a PowerPoint presentation.

“Baby boomers turn 65 years old at the rate of 10,000 a day, yet the majority of boomers know little about how to maximize their Social Security income,” said Kiner. “That’s why we developed the NSSA certificate program—to help advisors teach clients everything they need to know about Social Security but didn’t know they had to ask.”

Premier is finding that more financial advisors are basing their practices on the needs of baby boomers, said Jim Blair, Premier partner and a Social Security expert. The Social Security topic, he added, has become an excellent lead generation tool.

“Since retirements today can last up to 30 years, Social Security income has become increasingly more important to help retirees not outlive their money,” said Blair. “We find that NSSA advisors are better educated about Social Security and equipped to help their clients make wise decisions about claiming Social Security.”

About 75 million Americans today are classified as baby boomers.

A married couple can leave as much as 0,000 on the table in Social Security benefits by not accessing the program correctly based on their ages, health and life expectancy and not coordinating spousal benefits, said Kiner.

For more information about the National Social Security Advisor certificate program, visit http://www.nationalsocialsecurityassociation.com or http://www.premiernssa.com or call Kiner at (513) 247-0526.

# # #

Follow us on twitter @pssconsulting or connect with us on LinkedIn at Social Security Rainmaker™

About Premier Social Security Consulting: 
Premier Social Security Consulting, LLC in Cincinnati educates professional advisors nationwide on the nation’s Social Security program so they can counsel their clients on how to maximize lifetime Social Security income. Partners Marc Kiner and Jim Blair teach the National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) certification program.

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Trident University Professor, Military Veteran Assists in Recovery Operation

After three vacationers went missing in Arizona, Trident University International (Trident) professor Dr. David Alegre was called upon to take part in a ground search and rescue assistance operation.

On November 17th, three people drove into the Hualapai Peak area, near Kingman, AZ, and did not return. After an initial search, the Mohave County Sherriff Office (MCSO) requested assistance from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

In response, the Arizona Wing headquarters, ground teams, and three squadrons joined the operation. Dr. Alegre, a volunteer CAP mission scanner and aerial photographer, was part of the CAP Prescott Squadron 206 crew that located the vacationing party’s vehicle on November 20th in a canyon near Hualapai Peak.

The vehicle, which was unfortunately wrecked, was searched by MCSO recovery teams. This allowed authorities to afford the proper closure and recovery assistance to concerned family members.

The three aircrew members, including Dr. Alegre, were awarded the CAP Find Ribbon (Distress). This Emergency Services Ribbon is awarded to CAP members for who locate a subject on a search and rescue mission.

“I am honored to have Dr. Alegre as part of our cadre of talented homeland security professors,” remarked Dr. Rudolph Bustos, Department Chair, Homeland Security. “His background and exemplary conduct contribute to our mission of adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence.”

Dr. Alegre instructs in Trident’s College of Health and Human Services, teaching in the Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security program. He joined Trident in 2013 and is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, with experience in weapons of mass destruction protection planning and hazardous materials management.

About Trident University 
Founded in 1998, Trident University International (Trident) is a leading online postsecondary university serving adult learners. Trident uses the EdActive™ learning approach, which employs case-based learning in an online setting to teach real-world relevant critical thinking skills to enhance the lives and careers of students. Trident offers high-quality associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs and certificates, led by a qualified faculty team, over 80% of whom have doctoral degrees. Trident is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and has over 27,000 alumni, including more than 22,000 with a military affiliation. The University has received multiple acknowledgements from Military Times and Military Advanced Education & Transition for their dedication to military-affiliated students. Visit http://www.trident.edu, Trident’s Facebook page, or call at (855) 290-0290 to learn more about Trident's wide range of educational options.

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Aladtec Exhibiting at Expansive WEMSA Milwaukee Conference

Aladtec, a Wisconsin-based provider of cloud-based scheduling and workforce management software, will be among at least 100 exhibitors showcasing products and services to EMS professionals attending Wisconsin EMS Association's "Working Together" conference and expo, Jan. 16-20 at the Wisconsin Center.

Nearly 900 EMS agencies nationwide use Aladtec to provide 24/7 staffing coverage and swiftly fill open shifts. The platform enables members to trade shifts, request time off, and log OT hours after the fact from a smartphone or other device. The program also includes a sophisticated form tool to speed up daily routines like rig- and med checks.

Aladtec's cloud-based scheduling and workforce management software is used by more than 2,150 agencies across North America, including 138 EMS and fire departments in Wisconsin.

“Before using Aladtec, I spent a lot of time dealing with trade requests from members. Now they take care of their own trades. It's also very easy to check the schedule from anywhere,” said Dale Dow, deputy chief with Fitch Rona Fire & EMS, which serves the Dane County (WI) communities of Fitchburg and Verona. “We'll never go back to paper scheduling."

Watch a short video about how Aladtec's Forms tool can streamline inspection routines here.

Account executive Joe Ellis, Sales Director Nate Davis, and Support Specialist Jake Tormoen will offer free demonstrations of the software and answer user questions about features, such as the new capability to attach and upload files within the Forms area.

Aladtec staff will be at Booth #1020. Expo hours will be from 5-7 pm, Thursday; 11:15 am to 12:30 pm, and 1:45 to 3:30 pm, Friday; and 11:45 am to 1:45 pm on Saturday. Organizers declare WEMSA's show "the biggest Midwest fire and EMS expo." It's expected to include apparatus, airboats, helicopters, ambulances, safety gear, tools, and EMS and firefighting products.

The WEMSA gathering offers EMTs, paramedics and agency leaders several days of continuing education sessions across the tracks of ALS, BLS, critical care, educator, leadership, management operations, community paramedicine, and special populations.

Keynote speakers for the conference are Ashley Voss-Liebig, Division Chief, Emergency Services, for Travis County (TX) Starflight, and Eric Bauer, COO for FlightBridge ED, LLC. 
Following a stint in public affairs after college, Voss-Liebig served three years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic with the 101st Airborne. Upon discharge, she earned her BSN and worked five years as a critical care nurse before becoming a flight nurse. She joined Travis County Starflight as a flight nurse and rescue specialist in 2015.

Voss-Liebig teaches and lectures around the world on a variety of topics, including provider wellness, team performance, and communication.

See a brief lecture on caregiver response to stress that she delivered to emergency responders in London in 2016.

Bauer has worked in EMS for 26 years, with the last 15 spent in helicopter EMS. He is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and educator. His firm is based in Scottsville, Kentucky.

Other sessions available to attendees include topics like Sim Jim & The Barf Squad: Suction Science; Pediatric Nightmares and a Pediatric Airway Course; Car-Nage: The Kinematics of Trauma; Firefighter Down FDCPR; and How to Make Data Work for You, Not the Other Way Around.

Attendees will have the chance to participate in a variety of hands-on training experiences including a cadaver lab to teach intubation and EMS officer training.

During the exposition, Aladtec representatives will offer participants guided software system demonstrations. Interested agencies can also sign up for a no-cost 14-day customized demo by visiting http://www.aladtec.com

For information about their affordable industry specific options, or to try a free demo, please visit http://www.aladtec.com.

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Registration Now Open for R3 Stem Cell Provider Training February 15th-16th in Las Vegas

The Nation’s leading provider of regenerative medicine services, R3 Stem Cell, announced that registration is now open for the next physician stem cell therapy training course February 15th-16th 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The course offers providers all the knowledge and procedure experience needed to successfully treat patients with regenerative therapies. Each provider receives a complimentary stem cell procedure! Call (844) GET-STEM or visit http://stemcelltrainingcourse.org to obtain more information and register.

With over 10,000 successful stem cell procedures having been performed nationwide (and over 50,000 PRP procedures), R3 has been at the forefront of regenerative therapies with over fifteen current protocols, IRB approval, extensive safety record and millions of views on its YouTube channel. R3 works with its Centers of Excellence on sales and marketing efforts, Artifical Intelligence, patient procedures, data acquisition and first rate biologics.

Feedback from the stem cell therapy training course has been remarkably high. Each attendee receives a stem cell procedure along with a facial rejuvenation procedure. Providers are then able to speak with patients more intelligently, having had a procedure done on themselves to relate to.

Said R3 CEO David Greene, MD, MBA, “Attendees tell me that the combination of lectures and hands on experience is extremely valuable, providing confidence when treating patients that the methods being incorporated are effective and safe. We teach aesthetics (facial, hair, ED), musculoskeletal, systemic and intranasal methods so providers will know how to perform the procedures on patients. Having the training in Las Vegas at Green Valley Resort has been exciting as well so attendees can add in some down time too!”

The training course is broken up into one day of didactic sessions, which also include a real time facial rejuvenation procedure, and then the second day at a surgery center where procedures on real patients are performed. There are sessions on biologics, marketing, sales conversion role playing, supplements, image guidance, artificial intelligence and the intranasal technique as well.

Providers have plenty of time to work on their ultrasound imaging techniques and network with the industry leading trainers. Each attendee receives a binder with all the presentations and procedure protocols along with a Completion Certificate.

In addition to February 15th and 16th, 2019, the stem cell therapy training course is offered every two months. R3 Stem Cell offers a Partnership program for providers nationwide to assist with ongoing regenerative campaign efforts with protocols, the IRB inclusion, stem cell marketing and seminars. Visit the website for more information or simply call (844) GET-STEM for additional information!

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SubscriberWise CEO Congratulates Newly Elected Florida AG Ashley Moody while Announcing Plans to Brief the Chief Law Officer on Complex Fraud and Racketeering Scams

SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today the planning and expectation for company founder and CEO David Howe to inform, educate, and empower Florida’s newly elected Attorney General Ashley Moody on complex civil theft scams exacted against Florida residents and visitors with frequency, ease, and impunity.

Related YouTube Video: Car Rental 'Liability in Waiting' for Renting Public

“First, I’d like to publicly congratulate Ms. Ashley Moody on her election victory in the Sunshine State,” said David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and national child identity guardian. “Becoming Plant City’s highest elected official, as well as the state of Florida’s chief law enforcement officer, is quite an accomplishment and is certainly worthy of praise.

“Second, and most important, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Ms. Moody to a subject that she will undoubtedly become intimately familiar as her official tenure in public office progresses. And that subject is the complex and highly refined ‘ding and dent’ scams perpetrated against unsuspecting and innocent consumers by the under-regulated car rental industry with stunning regularity.

“It’s true,” continued Howe. “According to a representative at the FL AG Office in 2016, complaints from individuals against the car rental industry in the state of Florida are the single largest source of consumer complaints annually. Moreover, according to an investigation from Wink News’ Lindsey Sablan, ‘there's literally hundreds of these...it's truly remarkable’ the reporter noted in 2017 before going public with the following news story: https://www.winknews.com/2017/02/22/fort-myers-mans-complaint-among-many-against-rental-car-firm/

“Unfortunately, though, bringing an end to the complex money scams will be no easy task -- even for a dedicated and experienced legal professional like Ms. Moody,” Howe continued. “And that’s because the scams are indeed sophisticated and highly refined. So much so, in fact, that a cadre of sophisticated attorneys were able to dupe Lee County Judge Archie B. Hayward Jr. by suppressing an official police investigation -- including sworn witness testimony from the same individual who testified at trial after directing law enforcement to the wrong vehicle -- and directly contrary to Florida's 90.803 statute (Howe, David Edward Plaintiff vs Enterprise Holdings Inc, dba National Car Rental Defendant -- Case No: 18-SC-001768; http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0000-0099/0090/Sections/0090.803.html).

“The same can be said about the Lee Port Authority Police where a review of an official police investigation in conjunction with the official trial transcript reveals much more,” Howe added.

“But it’s not all doom and gloom for truth and justice,” Howe emphasized. “Because thanks to Florida’s broad ‘Sunshine Law’ and ‘open government’ Ms. Moody will soon be empowered with what may be the most comprehensive and detailed evidence of criminal fraud and racketeering ever amassed in the United States of America. The mountain of evidence spans a multi-year period and is remarkable in scope with unimpeachable evidence of perjury, state statutory violations, and other due process debacles all contained on Florida official documents taken under-oath and available to all.

Related: Howe Successfully Passes the Baton to USA Federal and State Congressional and Law Enforcement Apparatus, as well as Major Media Outlets, SubscriberWise Announces (AP News) -- https://apnews.com/e0a19fcbf1da4ef8a37ab2b902678b2e

“Yes, I’m certainly eager to make a formal introduction with AG Moody and I’m definitely prepared to enlighten her with overwhelming crime evidence. I simply have no doubt that she’ll address this racket with an unwavering conviction consistent with the upcoming oath and duty that she’ll swear in her official state capacity to protect her fellow FL citizens and visitors while enforcing the laws of the great state of Florida,” the child identity guardian concluded.

About SubscriberWise (https://www.subscriberwise.com)

The nation’s first Issuing consumer reporting agency (CRA) for the communications industry, SubscriberWise® employs enhanced Subscriber Level Segmentation technology to precisely identify credit challenged subscribers to ultra-high achievers to maximize sales and boost profits. By incorporating years of communications performance data and proprietary decision models, SubscriberWise delivers unprecedented predictive power with a fully compliant, score-driven decision management system. Combined with Red Flag compliance and operator-controlled rules, SubscriberWise analytics empower CSR's to instantly and accurately respond to payment and credit characteristics with appropriate options for every subscriber. With SubscriberWise, no subscriber request is ever denied because of credit risk factors.

SubscriberWise contributions to the communications industry are quantified in the billions of dollars annually.

SubscriberWise is a U.S.A. federally registered trademark of the SubscriberWise Limited Liability Co.

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Online Coaching for PTE-Academic - A New Venture by Aussizz Group, Dubai

Aussizz Group Dubai will now provide online coaching services for PTE-Academic. The news has brought cheer to aspirants who have struggling to get the right guidance for PTE-A.

The PTE-A is an English proficiency test. A good score in PTE-A is essential for those who aspire to study, migrate or settle abroad. 

Aussizz Group is one of the pioneering names in the Immigration & Education Consulting Industry.

The online coaching service will be available in two modes: Group & Personalised. An aspirant can avail any, after making a fair assessment of his/her current English skill level and learning needs. 

The online coaching service is a game-changer. It brings authentic preparation resources to aspirants' computer screens. Independent of their geographical location, they can access quality study materials, expert tutors, question banks, online PTE practice

Coaching for PTE-A will be provided by expert tutors at PTE Tutorials, the PTE education & training division of Aussizz Group. PTE Tutorials also connects with aspirants through its app for PTE preparation.

The development comes almost a year after Aussizz Group inaugurated its new branch in Dubai. The Dubai branch was then the 11th branch in the company's kitty. 

In the last one year, the company has opened eight more branches. 

This speaks volumes about its deep engagement with the community and quality services.

"A common pain-point is that most aspirants can't devote enough time to prepare for PTE-A," said Mr. Dharmendra Patel, Managing Director at Aussizz Group. 

"This is owing to other academic/professional commitments. The online coaching service aims to plug that gap," he said. 

"We have received a great response for the online coaching service in Australia and India. In Dubai too, we are going to deliver the same top-notch quality education and training. Our goal is to ensure that the community in Dubai can be served in the best possible manner," Mr. Patel added. 

About Aussizz Group
Established in 2009, Aussizz Group is one of the most trusted names offering quality immigration and education consultancy services. 

The team at Aussizz Group is accredited with many licenses and certifications including MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority), MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) and QEAC (Qualified Education Agent Counsellor).

Their expertise includes providing customised, tailor-made solutions in student visa, employer-sponsored visa, partner visa, business visa, visitor visa and GSM visa. 

The company also assists with professional year program, IELTS and PTE coaching and accommodation in Australia. 

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Fins Attached Partners with Dr. Peter Klimley for a Biology of Sharks and Rays Program: Course to Take Place on the Expedition Vessel Sharkwater

Fins Attached, Marine Research and Conservation non-profit, is excited to announce a partnership with well-known Marine Biologist, Dr. Peter Klimley, a scientist known lovingly as Dr. Hammerhead. An educational marine biology course on sharks and rays will take place on Fins Attached expedition vessel, the Sharkwater in the Eastern Tropical Pacific in the summer of 2019.

Dr. A. Peter Klimley has studied sharks for over three decades and has written over 60 scientific articles on the behavior and ecology of sharks and rays. The topics of his studies have ranged from the complex social habits and keen navigational abilities of hammerhead sharks to the feeding tactics and communication behavior of white sharks. Dr. Klimley realizes that the partnership with Fins Attached is an ideal way to help students learn about sharks and rays, studying in their natural habitat.

"Although I am now retired from UC Davis, my passion for sharks and marine biology has not waned,” stated Dr. Klimley. “Partnering with Fins Attached is a way for me to continue to contribute to the study and conservation of sharks and rays." During his graduate career, he spent many a day free diving among hammerhead sharks, and placing electronic tags on sharks to follow their movements around a seamount and away into the surrounding depths. Dr. Klimley’s pioneering studies of sharks, which in a sense is a manual on how to study sharks, “Secret Life of Sharks,” is available for purchase on Amazon.

Fins Attached has had a busy year since April 2017, when Fins Attached, acquired and launched the vessel Sharkwater, named after the documentary Sharkwater in honor of friend and award-winning filmmaker, the late Rob Stewart. Since then, the Sharkwater has hosted a few private research expeditions and even hosted the remaining Sharkwater filming crew to finish shooting Sharkwater Extinction. Hosting a college-level course on the Sharkwater vessel is a natural next step for Fins Attached.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Klimley on board with us,” began Dr Alex Antoniou, founder of Fins Attached. “This will help fulfill a key mission for Fins Attached, to educate future marine scientist to ultimately help protect these vulnerable animals."

Another Dr. Klimley book, “Biology of Sharks and Rays,” is also available for purchase on Amazon.com and it is the textbook for the upcoming course. If the public would like to learn more about marine conservation, visit finsattached.org. Dr. Klimley will be in attendance at the annual Fins Attached Gala in Denver on February 9, 2019. Donate today and help save ocean wildlife by contributing to the fight against sharks being mercilessly finned. Sharks play a vital role to the health of the marine environment, which ultimately affects all life on earth. To become a sponsor of the course and support marine biology students to enroll, contact info(at)finsattached.org.

As Rob Stewart once put it, "Conservation is the preservation of human life on earth and that above all else is worth fighting for."

About Fins Attached 
Fins Attached conducts research, promotes conservation and provides education for the protection of marine ecosystems. Fins Attached believes in the preservation of our world's precious resources and that through the protection of the ocean's apex predators marine ecosystem balance can be maintained for the benefit of all living things on earth. Fins Attached is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Visit finsattached.org, or email info(at)finsattached.org. studysharks.org.

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METAPHYSICAL at the Airliner November 29th!

About Artist : 

METAPHYSICAL  is featured on DJ Don D's the Funky Dope Records IL-Fated "Fire" ep vinyl release. Born in Pasadena and raised in the Central Valley (Goshen, the city of Visalia, Dinuba, the city of Tulare, the city of Reedly and the city of Hanford) of California, METAPHYSICAL a.k.a. Philip Singer, first turned 2 rhyming as a young child. 
Back in the day, METAPHYSICAL was known as "Phil Fresh" An aspiring 19-year old emcee. Phil Fresh gained a following by performing in local talent shows and M.C. battles. Phil Fresh's biggest moment was getting airplay with his single, "Back In Time" on the radio station B95fm in 1990.
 In 1994 a car accident put him in a coma for two weeks. Hospitalized for 6 months he had 2 relearn how 2 walk and talk again. Inspired with another chance @ life, METAPHYSICAL is now a non-fiction storytelling emcee on the lyric. The song RHYME FLOW from the "Fire" ep release is on the Lower Merion Films "Teacher of the Year" movie now on DVD. 
Rude Boy Magazine, an up and coming magazine gives METAPHYSICAL a mention in the November 2014 edition(rudeboymag.com/metaphysical-mind-blowing-messages). Combining his words with precisely produced beats 2 form mind-blowing messages with songs, get your minds ready for METAPHYSICAL!
For music, music videos, downloads, artist bio and upcoming show information go to www.reverbnation.com/metap7

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Author Ruth Finnegan Chosen As One Of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' In 2017 Book Awards

Author Ruth Finnegan has been chosen as one of 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading in the 2017 Book Awards. Finnegan was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a public voting process. The award is the latest in a string of international awards for her published works.

"I am so thrilled with this," Finnegan stated. "I have had many book awards but this is by far my most precious win because it's not for an individual book but a voted-for endorsement of myself as an all-round author and, yes, dreamer of dreams - an author of full-length fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short stories and picture books, as well as a screenplay and libretto writer."

Finnegan's previous awards include:

Folklore Society, short list Katharine Briggs Award 1992
British Academy, longlist Book Award 2003
British Association for Applied Limguistics, short list 2003
Herskovits Award, Honorable Mention 2008
National Indie Excellence, Finalist ( visionary fiction) 2016, Finalist (religious fiction) 2017
New York Book Fair, Honorable Mention (romance) 2016
Readers Favorite, 4 Awards (fiction and nonfiction) 2016
Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book, Runner up 2016
Readers Favorite, Honorable Mention
Hungry Monster, Silver award, 2016
Literary Titan, Silver award, 2017
Book Excellence, Winner (friendship) 2017
Kirkus Reviews, one of top 25 of 2017

In addition to a large number of academic works, Finnegan has written three novels.

'Pearl of the Seas' is the tale of two children building a boat from a log they find buried in the sand and sailing off to far-off fantastic lands in a stormy sea-driven adventure with their faithful - but accident-prone - dog Holly. There they learn much wisdom from a king who, like God, has many names'. After an incredible sacrifice of his dearest dream by the boy (now growing up) they return - another dream - to a family tea with their loved ones. The tale is a prequel and companion to Ruth Finnegan's award-winning epic romance 'Black inked pearl', here adapted for preteens but characterised by (in a simpler form) the same unique dream-like and enchanted style as in the original novel.

'Pearl of the Seas' received a Hungry Monster Silver Award in October 2016. The book has received a number of positive reviews. Tshombye K. Ware of Reader's Favorite stated, "If you're looking for a reader friendly story that touches the depths of your soul, this is definitely one of those books."

The companion work, 'Black Inked Pearl', tells the story of a naive Irish girl Kate and her mysterious lover, whom she rejects in panic and then spends her life seeking. After the opening rejection, Kate recalls her Irish upbringing, her convent education, and her coolly-controlled professional success, before her tsunami-like realisation beside an African river of the emotions she had concealed from herself and that she passionately and consumingly loved the man she had rejected.

The novel, born in dreams, is interlaced with the ambiguity between this world and another, and increasingly becomes more poetic, riddling and dreamlike as the story unfolds. The epilogue alludes to the key themes of the novel - the eternity of love and the ambiguity between dream and reality.

Since its publication in 2015 'Black Inked Pearl' has won five international prizes and its screenplay version is top genre winner in the 2017 Capital Fund Screenplay Contest. It was recently named as a finalist in the 2016 Best Book Awards in the "Fiction Visionary" category.

'Black Inked Pearl' has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike. Scott Neuffer of Forward Reviews stated, "If James Joyce's dream-like opuses were written from a more feminist perspective, they might look something like Ruth Finnegan's Black Inked Pearl, a rapturous fantasia of words and images set somewhere between ancient myth and the green shores of modern Ireland." Chris Fischer, in a Readers Favorite review stated "I just finished reading 'Black Inked Pearl: A Girl's Quest' by author Ruth Finnegan, and all I can say is 'Wow!' It's written in a unique and creative style, one that at times blends poetry with prose ... enviable and beautiful at the same time ... any reader who enjoys a lovely, unique and interesting work of fiction should absolutely read Black Inked Pearl. I will be eagerly awaiting the next offering by author Ruth Finnegan. If it is anything like her debut novel, it will be simply magical!" Kirkus Reviews said, "Kate's romantic quest calls to mind Paradise Lost and Greek mythology as it weaves together biblical allusions, fantasy, and details of the modern day." Like other classic and unusual literary works, the book has given rise to many interpretations and, as Christiana Fatoki perceptively put it, like its more recent prequel 'Pearl of the Seas,' it "sinks into your unconscious."

'The Helix Pearl' is currently in production and will be released in 2018.

Ruth Finnegan is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at r.h.finnegan@open.ac.uk. More information is available at her website at http://www.ruthhfinnegan.com.

Ruth Finnegan OBE is a renowned scholar and celebrated writer who is Emeritus Professor, the Open University, a Fellow of the British Academy, and an Honorary Fellow of Somerville College Oxford. She was recently elected as one of the first four International Fellows of the American Folklore Society, a much valued honor. She was born in Derry (on the last day of December 1933) and grew up there and in the remote countryside of Donegal where, as poetically recalled in the second chapter of her novel, 'Black Inked Pearl', she spent the war years; went to a literature-imbued Quaker school in York where, a fellow-student with the actress Judi Dench, she learned to read the resonant poetry of Yeats and Shakespeare and to repeat texts that, with others, she had to learn, aloud (a good training for the sonic style of her novels); earned top degrees in classics and anthropology at Oxford; and carried out fieldwork on story-telling in Africa - a revelation of the multi-sensory nature of performance that has affected her all her life, and constantly comes through in her writing. From 1969, apart from three years in the South Pacific island of Fiji, she taught and researched at the pioneering Open University. She is the author of over twenty academic books, several of them prize-winning. She has three daughters (two of them born in Nigeria), five grandchildren (one in New Zealand), and now lives in Old Bletchley, England, with her husband of over 50 years.

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Tender Hearts Announces That Admission is Open to All Classes for the Academic Year 2018-2019

Tender Hearts School, the educational institution reputed for its inspirational and vibrant learning environment and advanced teaching systems, has announced that admissions are open for all their branches for the academic year 2018-19. The admission process is simple and can be completed quickly by parents who want to give their kids a head start in academics. “We are happy to announce that admissions to all our courses in the pre-primary and primary sections are now open for the year 2018-19,” says the spokesperson for Tender Hearts School. “We welcome parents to take a tour of the school and the campus so that they can experience our professionalism and efficiency first-hand. Parents can complete the admission process by visiting the nearest branch where our friendly staff will guide them in completing the admission process accurately.”

The admission process is open in all branches at:

• Patliputra Path, Rajendra Nagar

• Dollar House, Rajendra Nagar

• Sadhanapuri

• Ashiana Digha Road

• Govind Mitra Road

Tender Hearts School offers a highly conducive learning environment at all its branches for growing children. The teachers of the academy are regularly trained so that they are well-equipped to provide all the support students need to garner knowledge and become the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

At Tender Hearts, some 5200 students have been trained for success till date across all the five branches in Patna. The Tender Hearts School community comprises over 2000 students, staff members and teachers. Over 15,000 parents have chosen Tender Hearts to empower their children academically.

The philosophy of the founders is to impart knowledge and nurture values that can help develop social-emotional and intellectual skills in every child.The school makes use of proven scientific systems and contemporary techniques to develop the physical and mental abilities of students.

The school has adapted a technology-driven approach and makes use of modern learning support mechanisms to deliver the best learning environment to all their students across all branches. The entire focus of the education methodology at Tender Hearts is to make the students of today mature and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Parents can visit the nearest branch for more details related to admission. For more information, visit http://www.tenderheartsindia.com

About Tender Hearts School:

Tender Hearts was launched in 2002 as a preschool. In the year 2013, the school started classes for primary students as well. The teaching methodology at this premier school involves a holistic approach, designed to be future-proof. Even the curriculum has been carefully designed to take care of the present and future needs of children.

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