World Estimating saves up to 60% in house expense

World Estimating Services is a Dallas, Texas-based construction estimating company. This company has been providing accurate and practical estimating and takeoff services to its clients for decades. Over the years this estimating company has earned a renowned status among contractors, engineers, project owners, and other construction-related clients. As once stated by one of its clients “our construction company has been acquiring lumber takeoff services from World Estimating Services for quite some time. Their services have always proved to be highly helpful and thus we trust in W. E. S. for our construction help.” – Mark Temseal, owner of 96 Lumber Company.

Now as the construction season is coming around the corner World Estimating Services is looking to facilitate construction companies and other related customers. The plan is to help their customers in carrying out the construction work with ease along with a game-changer 30% off on all quotes for estimation. This discount is offered in every estimating service at World Estimating Services such as sitework estimating services and electrical estimating services. World Estimating has already lowered the inhouse estimation expense of around 1200 contractors in North America.

“Our decision to provide this discount is to facilitate the construction season with its smooth and pacing work. We value in benefiting construction all around the United States of America.” As stated by Nathaniel James while talking to us “We understand that during the construction season everything is going in a pacing manner. Contractors are busy beyond what they can manage with more and more new construction projects. We are making sure that they won’t have to delay their work just because they do not have estimates.”

World Estimating Services has valued accuracy with the utmost care ever since it has been offering its construction estimating services or any other service like quantity takeoff services. With its offer to provide estimating and takeoff services with the 40 percent estimator cost, the company intends to make its services even more rewarding than before. While a former client giving his testimonial stated that “We have been W. E. S.’s client for years and have availed electrical estimating services and mechanical estimating services. Our experience with the installation of the electrical and mechanical systems through the services provided by W. E. S. is highly advantageous. We hope to continue working with the construction estimating services.” – Henry Footing, MEP Contractor.

While talking further with Nathaniel James we learn that they offer their customers facilities more than just their sitework estimating services, construction takeoff services, or any other services. He told us about the first experience customers have as they approach our website. As a reputed construction estimating company the facilities provided at World Estimating Services include:

  • Accuracy is our number one concern. We make sure that the highest level of accuracy is ensured in our services
  • Material rates we include in our estimating services are recorded as updated and zip-code based 
  • Chat and email support is available while we also facilitate calls by expert estimators 
  • Our services are apt for budget feasibility, bidding, and estimating profit margin
  • Material quantity is presented along with detailed specifications while labor with their working hours

About the Firm


World Estimating Services is a reputed estimating company with a huge team of estimators and a vast pool of customers. With their team of expert estimators, they offer these estimating and takeoff services for their customers:

  • Construction Estimating Services
  • Construction Takeoff Services
  • Material Takeoff Services
  • Quantity Takeoff Services
  • Concrete Estimating Services
  • Electrical Estimating Services
  • Mechanical Estimating Services
  • Sitework Estimating Services
  • Lumber Takeoff Services
  • Opening Estimating Services
  • Drywall Takeoff Services
  • Finishing Estimating Services
  • Duct Takeoff Services
  • and more

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RE/MAX Belize Agents Will Mitchell & Dustin Rennie Finish as 2021 Top Producers in Region

RE/MAX Caribbean & Central America (CCA) recently announced that agents and brokers Will Mitchell & Dustin Rennie, located in San Pedro, Belize, placed first and second for gross commissions for the region in 2021 year-end. The team of Will Mitchell & Dustin Rennie also finished among the Top 100 individual agents list for RE/MAX Global.

The RE/MAX Top 100 Global lists RE/MAX agents around the world with the highest residential and commercial commissions for 2021.

“We have been very fortunate to have the team we have and lucky enough to be in Belize at the time we are,” Dustin Rennie, said in a press release. “Will & I have known each other since high school, and being able to work with my best friend in paradise is an irreplaceable experience”. During the pandemic, the RE/MAX Belize team set an excellent example with a group of very dedicated and professional agents. Dustin further iterated that “The whole team here deserves to be recognized at the international level for their dedication and hard work during the trying times.”

Will Mitchell recognizes that 2021 was an amazing year for the real estate business in Belize but sees this as only the start, stating that “Belize is a small country with big waves, and the momentum will continue into 2022 and beyond”.

According to RE/MAX, Will Mitchell has spent most of his life visiting the country of Belize, which led him to establish roots and launch his professional career on the Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye (the #1 destination in Belize). Both Will Mitchell & Dustin Rennie have been recognized with several awards, including being a multi-award-winning member of the RE/MAX Titan & Platinum Club in 2020. As well as the recipients of “RE/MAX CCA Region of the Year” in 2020 and the “RE/MAX CCA Spirit Award in 2019” for the work and involvement in the community. Both Dustin & Will see big things on the horizon for Belize and see the movement the last few years as only the start of what is to come. 

Will Mitchell & Dustin Rennie have been working in Belize for years, focusing mostly on the island of Ambergris Caye and the municipality of San Pedro. Over their time in Belize, the two have established themselves as leaders in the industry. 

Dustin Rennie & Will Mitchell both joined the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Both thank their success to the team they have in place, thanking the full-time real estate agents and administrative staff members that are dedicated to the country of Belize and the clients they serve.

The Belize Real Estate market has just begun to take off, and the momentum of 2021 is already carrying over into 2022.

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Living On The Côte d'Azur is first French Riviera real estate portal with Personalized Service

Living On The Côte d’Azur, the new Dutch real estate portal, is offering the best real estate properties on the French Riviera for those looking for premium real estate purchases. The portal has been launched by the Dutch couple Ab and Jolanda Kuijer who are ‘Living on the Côte d’Azur’ themselves.

“We are proud to offer to our clients a large portfolio with the best real estate properties on the French Riviera,” says Ab Kuijer. “We have carefully created a list of top listings that include existing apartments, renovated villa’s, extreme luxury penthouses and new constructions. You can be sure of finding the kind of property you are looking for in South of France when you register with us.”

Living On The Côte d’Azur is a real estate brand from The Creative Tribe in The Netherlands and operated by the experienced Dutch couple who have been Living On The Côte d’Azur themselves since 2007. Real estate buyers can not only look forward to accessing some of the top listings with ease but can also enjoy service with a personal guidance and honest advice.

Buyers and investors looking for a property at one of the most desirable addresses in the region can activate personal service with Living On The Côte d’Azur and get started. 

The real estate company has a multi-lingual team to provide high-quality assistance to prospective buyers by offering selection and scheduling of visits. The team also offers a solid network for financing and fiscal structure.

This reputed property portal has tied up with many leading and established real estate players on the French Riviera. The site has a wide range of properties that include luxury villa listings, penthouses, new apartments, and lots more.

Real estate buyers can connect with Living On The Côte d’Azur through a WhatsApp call (0033770186203) or a video meeting to share their needs and ideas about their housing needs and budget. The company then scans the region to find suitable properties for sale in the area, both online and off-market. 

Customers are provided a fairly comprehensive list of properties that match their demand. They are presented with the location of the properties they have shortlisted before taking the discussion to the next stage.

Property buyers can find the best listings on Living On The Côte d’Azur, including top ones from the Greater Saint Tropez area, Greater Cannes Mougins area, Greater Antibes Juan Les Pins area, Greater Nice Area, and Greater Monaco Area. The portal also has listings of international properties from Monaco, Portugal, Ibiza, Italy, and Mauritius.  

For the best quality in real estate and service, visit www.livingonthecotedazur.com.

About Living On The Côte d’Azur:

Living on the Côte d’Azur is a real estate portal that connects with all brokers and real estate agents in the South of France and some international real estate destinations as well. After living for 15 years on the French Riviera, the couple knows the local players in the field well enough to help them finalize deals quickly. 

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EverSeal Roofing Reviews Their Referral Program

You won’t have to sell anything, do any of the work, or take on any liability…

Simply Make the Connection and Collect Your Commission!

Sign up now at everseal.com/partnersignup

Simple. Easy. Fun.

  • If you ever come across flat roofs, low-slope roofs, or commercial roofs…
  • If you have any connections with property owners or managers…
  • If you simply want an easy way to make some extra money…

Then you could make hundreds if not thousands of dollars with EverSeal Roofing’s Referral Program.

And it’s easier than you think…

But before I explain how it works and why we’re doing this, you might be asking yourself…

“Who or what is EverSeal?”

That’s an excellent question. EverSeal is a high-tech, specialty roofing company. They permanently seal flat and low-slope roofs with a unique, liquid-applied roof sealant system. Their system is guaranteed for 50 years. And it costs thousands less than a typical roofing project. 

It also eliminates the need to replace or repair the roof altogether. EverSeal works on flat roofs of all types and sizes ranging from small patio roofs to hotel chains to industrial manufacturing facilities.

“OK, so why is EverSeal offering to pay referral rewards?”

Simply put. They need your connections!

Your part will be to:

  1. Refer roofs to EverSeal that are flat or low-slope.
  2. Make sure the owner or manager actually wants an estimate and wants to be contacted by EverSeal.
  3. Enter that owner/managers info into your online partner portal.

That’s it!

Now that lead is permanently associated with you. You don’t have to do any selling, closing, or scheduling. Just make the connection, they do the rest, and you get a commission when the job is complete.

“If I did this, how much could I actually make?”

Based on EverSeal’s finders fee, if you referred a ,000 job, your commission would be 0.00. If you referred 3 jobs like that per month, you could earn ,250.00. If you did that consistently for a year, you could make ,000.00. 

Not bad for simply making connections!

But some of their larger jobs are upwards of 0k. Your commission on a job like that would be ,500.00. If you referred 1 job like that every 3 months, you could bring in ,000.00 in a single year … just by making referrals!

Of course, you don’t have to refer multiple jobs. You can always refer one job, collect your check, and be done. It’s completely up to you.

“How do I get paid?”

Through your portal, you can watch the progress of the sale as they quote the job, follow up with the client, and finally schedule the project.

You can also easily track your commissions and earnings. Once the job is completed, you’ll receive a check or direct deposit (however you prefer) sent straight to your info on file.

“Why would someone want an estimate from EverSeal for their roof?”

Well first of all, they may have a leak. Or they may be coming to the end of their current warranty. Or they may be selling their property.

Maybe their previous roofer went out of business. Or maybe they’d just prefer to be done dealing with their flat roof for good.

In any event, getting an estimate from EverSeal is a no-brainer. In addition to our 50 year guarantee and significant cost savings, EverSeal also offers unrivaled benefits like the benefits listed below. EverSeal is:

  • 100% Tax Deductible – (for immediate financial savings)
  • 100% Seamless – (making it virtually impossible for water to leak in again)
  • Energy Efficient – (savings upwards of 35% every single month on energy bills)
  • Not a Roof Coating – (so you don’t have to coat and recoat your roof year after year)
  • Hail Resistant – (helping prevent unnecessary insurance claims)
  • Ponding Water Proof – (staying 100% water-repellent to protect you and your valuable assets)
  • Strength-Reinforced – (transforming the weakest most vulnerable areas of the roof into the strongest)
  • Used by FedEx, Holiday Inn, and Avis Car Rentals
  • And much, much more…

“How do I find flat roof owners and managers to get in touch with?”

Ideally, you’re a person who is already in touch with building owners and managers.

Typically, that means you are either a…

REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL: Like a real estate agent, broker, property manager, maintenance manager, etc…

— or a —

SERVICE PROFESSIONAL: Like a roofer, commercial HVAC technician, commercial painter, commercial plumber, christmas light installer, etc…

If you fall into either of these categories, you’ll have a solid network of building owners and managers whom you can help and then get paid commissions for. You may even be seeing them on a regular basis already.

“Why is EverSeal paying people money like this?”

EverSeal already spends 5% of their budget advertising on sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more. But they still want to expand their reach.

Apparently they said in a meeting, “Why not offer local people in our communities the same money we’re paying large advertising platforms online?”

We think it’s a good way to reward people for helping local building owners while also growing EverSeal’s business at the same time.

“What do I need to do to be a part of this program?”

Whether you only want to refer one job or you want to refer hundreds of jobs, all you need to do is sign up today.

After signing up and creating your free online portal, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to request Free and Instant online estimates for building owners and managers and earn commissions on every single job.

To submit a new lead, simply log into your partner portal, input the contacts name, roof address, email, and phone. And that’s it.

That lead is now permanently associated with you. EverSeal will take care of contacting the client and all other responsibilities from there.

If you have more questions, you can learn more about EverSeal and their 50-year system at everseal.com or you can call them directly at (833) 203-7325.

But before you do anything else, sign up today. 

EverSeal only accepts 25 local applicants per territory. And you’ll need to fill out a short application to get started. It only takes a couple minutes and it’s completely free.

After that, they’ll be in touch with you to help to make sure you’re as successful as possible and answer any questions you may have.

Click here to sign up now at everseal.com/partnersignup

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Walls Up at Progress Labs at Center 85 Project in Frederick

Tilting of the pre-cast concrete wall panels began last week on the Matan Companies’ ‘Progress Labs at Center 85’ project. The three-building biomanufacturing development on Executive Way in Frederick is located on 54 acres, and when fully built out will total approximately 456,000 square feet, with an additional 250,000 square feet of Build-to-Suit opportunity.

Progress Labs at Center 85 is well-positioned in the heart of the Route 85 corridor with easy access north and south via the new 8 million dollar I-270/85 interchange. With amenities purposefully designed to meet the needs and tailored specifications of companies seeking biomanufacturing space, these buildings will provide ample utilities with dual electric feed, utility yards, 30’ clear ceiling height, 40’ x 40’ column spacing, 120’ truck court, and abundant parking.

“We have seen a noticeable uptick in the demand for biotech manufacturing in the I-270 Corridor,” said Mark Matan, Principal for the Matan Companies. “With limited or no new inventory, speed to market is crucial, prompting our decision to move forward with these projects ahead of the arrival of an end user. Tenants can start their TI’s on these buildings in 45 days.”

Building #1, totaling 116,000 square feet, and Building #2, totaling 64,000 square feet, are on track to deliver simultaneously in mid-June with Tenant Improvements beginning in May. Building #3, totaling 276,000 square feet, has recently commenced construction. The remaining 250,000 square feet is planned as a Build-to-Suit option and given Frederick County’s excellent Turbo Fast Track permitting process, affords a very aggressive and expedient schedule as well.

In addition to Center 85 the Matan Companies has five additional “Progress Labs” projects planned along the I-270 Corridor. In total over two million square feet of new biomanufacturing-ready space will be delivered in Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown and Frederick, with Center 85 leading the way with its delivery in June.

For more info on Progress Labs visit: progresslabs.com

About Matan Companies
Matan Companies, headquartered in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, is one of the region’s premier commercial real estate services and development firms. Founded over 40 years ago on the principle of providing a comprehensive, full-service approach, the firm’s current portfolio consists of over 6.5 million square feet of office/industrial assets, 4 million square feet in the development pipeline, several active residential developments, and a separate portfolio of multifamily units. The company delivers a full range of services to their real estate investors and tenants including asset and property management, leasing, and tenant services. For additional information about the Matan Companies, please visit http://www.mataninc.com

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Real Estate Agent Steve Rouleau of Remax Montreal Makes Buying And Selling Homes Easy for Clients

Steve Rouleau, the highly experienced and committed real estate professional from Remax Montreal is making life easy for those looking to buy and sell homes and commercial establishments. Team Steve Rouleau has an impressive record of delivering the best real estate experiences for their clients.

“For us, it is very important to offer all our clients the best quality service consistently, and that figures at the very top of our priorities,” says Steve Rouleau while acknowledging the role of his team in the success of Remax. “We offer sound advice for all your real estate needs based on our long years of experience in the industry. Our solutions are always personalized to meet your unique needs.”

Steve Rouleau is passionate about real estate and helps people get the best possible outcome from their real estate transactions. His team has helped many clients gain the maximum benefits from their valuable advice. Steve is always ready to provide customers of Remax Montreal, all the support they need to succeed in their efforts to buy or sell properties.

Team Steve Rouleau believes in establishing long-term relationships with everyone associated with Remax. The top real estate broker, Steve, believes that it is important to be transparent and honest to be able to win the trust and confidence of clients. His team always adheres to these principles, which have helped them grow their clientele and their business impressively over the past 17 years.

Those looking for their dream property can simply log on to the Remax website and find the best condo, house, or property in Montreal for the exhaustive list of genuine and vetted properties listed on the ‘Find a Property’ page.

Buying a property in Montreal is not easy. Customers can do better by seeking the advice of an expert real estate broker. Courtier immobilier Steve Rouleau helps all their customers by helping them make the right moves at every step of the property buying process. They welcome all your questions, offer accurate and reliable answers in a timely manner.

Courtier immobilier Montreal Steve is a great listener and known for his steadfast dedication. He is always available to address the queries and concerns of his clients. Acclaimed as one of the best real estate advisors around, Steve always thinks about maximizing the benefits of his clients and delivering a positive experience.

About Remax:

Remax is one of the leading and reputed real estate businesses in Montreal and has known for its sound professional advice and personalized support to customers looking to buy condos and homes. Team Steve Rouleau has helped several property buyers strike profitable deals with their expert guidance and accurate advice. Steve is an ace negotiator in both buying and selling properties. Steve and his team rank among the best teams at Remax du Cartier Villeray. They have made hundreds of dreams come true for nearly 17 years.

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Avenues at Creekside Multifamily Property under New Ownership

Sherman Residential is proud to announce its acquisition of Avenues at Creekside Apartments, a 2013-constructed Class A multifamily community located in New Braunfels, Texas.

Avenues at Creekside is in the rapidly growing submarket between San Antonio and Austin. Major corporations, such as PNC Bank and Continental Automotive, are expanding to New Braunfels and planning to add over 1,000 jobs. With additional access to both downtown San Antonio and Austin’s top employers as well as inclusion in Texas Education Agency’s top-ranked Comal Independent School District, residents benefit from a prime location.

The 32-building property boasts 395 units and a curated combination of privacy features and community benefits, including:

  • Large apartment homes offering up to four bedrooms, multi-level floor plans, and elevator access
  • Privacy conveniences such as direct entry, attached garages or assigned carports, personal patios/balconies, and complimentary virtual fitness memberships
  • Comprehensive community amenities, such as a 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center, newly renovated clubhouse with business center, splash park and playground, and fenced-in pet park


On November 12, 2020, Sherman Residential purchased and assumed the management of the property. Scott Gould, Sherman’s Senior Vice President, states:

Sherman Residential is proud to announce the acquisition of the Avenues at Creekside Apartments located in New Braunfels, Texas. This acquisition continues our long-term commitment to the Austin/San Antonio apartment markets where we expect to expand our portfolio in the coming years.

With a dedicated team, they look forward to creating a true sense of community for its current and future residents.

Sherman properties benefit from a national support team with decades of experience. The company has been family-owned for three generations, since 1922, and is headquartered in north suburban Chicago. It manages a successful portfolio of multifamily properties across the country. To learn more about its current holdings and investment opportunities, visit shermanresidential.com.

To see the difference Sherman is bringing to Avenues at Creekside, schedule an in-person or live virtual tour of the property or learn more at avenuescreekside.com.

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Kotlyar's Auction: Leading online auction website

Looking for elite goods auction site and marketplace? Kotlyar’s Auction offers endless opportunities to businesses. Electric trading platform is something innovative offering fair competition and uniform trading platform. They are one-stop solution for people in Israel and worldwide. For more expansion, they can become rewarding choice for vendors. They disable geographical restrictions. Offering best features ensures seamless transaction. Starting from availing valuable piece for buyers to achieving global platform for improved trade ROI for sellers, they are qualified choices.

History of Kotlyar’s Auction:

Their commercial experience is a result of coming up with creative approach for businesses. Intense research and analytics are backbones of creation. With passing time, they have matured to emerge as unified platform. Trading antiques, raw materials, gold, real estate, and precious stone becomes seamless with them. 

Continuous research has developed detailed insights on bidders and vendors. The international market consists of endless names. Get more information and register at  https://kotlyars.com/en/users/registration

Mission of Kotlyar's Auction:

Their mission is promotion of digital markets offering quality jewelry, extravagant, precious stones, and real estate. We endeavor to evolve and provide a space for cooperating businesses from various parts. We are primarily focused on the Israel Diamond Exchange- the advanced and largest center of diamond worldwide. Seamless trading is their prime agenda. Any owners of precious and antique piece can contact them to acquire global visibility.

Objective of Kotlyar's Auction:

This is made with the objective to bring businesses and traders together, keeping the ethics intact on professional service. Adhering to a stringent confidentiality policy along with individual approach for every client, they aim to be the need for the auctioneers and purchasers.

Their Dutch and Classical Bidding include:

It is the ultimate platform for trading luxurious property and auction luxury goods. This provides opportunity to trade via digital bidding without any intermediaries. The users require registering to put their property or goods into Dutch or Classic Auctions. With them, sellers are available from different parts of the world.

Even buyers enjoy several advantages too. Once registered and selected, they can check auction authors and purchase after creating the application and own a luxurious product. This platform becomes beneficial for fanatics with zeal to collect antiques. You are just one step away from getting access to Kotlyar's Auction, To Register on Site:  https://kotlyars.com/en/users/registration

  • Gemstones
  • Jewelry 
  • Art Objects 
  • Real Estate 
  • Antique 
  • Water Transport  
  • Cars  
  • Precious Metals

Products offered at Online Shop:

  • Gem Stones
  • Jewelry
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Antiques
  • Arts

Services offered:

  • Brokerage Services: They can be your associate in brokerage field. They endow professional assistance. Their experts to sell products worldwide. We help you will find rare colored diamonds which our experts examine at first. The brokers are available in the IDE office. You can come to enter the contracts and acquire help to choose a reliable patron.
  • Sales and Distribution: We are a solution for several large companies like law firms and other distributors who depend on us for their trading functions. We handle the selling of their precious stones. We proffer assistance in agent registration and organize their transactional service.
  • Online Auctions: We offer the digital platform to create a trading space for bidders and sellers for different services and goods. The two models of auction, including Dutch and classic, help people from other parts of the world participate. Buyers and sellers from the different parts of the globe can become a part of this digital bidding. This is where you can find modern art and fine art auctions online. Kotlyar’s Auction is the ultimate place for the business who wants to trade their luxurious goods and consumers ' who are searching for luxury items. Get in touch with us to know in detail.
  • Online Tenders 

Want to know more about their services? Register On 


Packages: https://kotlyars.com/en/packages

Trading precious components become seamless with their presence. Call us anytime for queries.


Phone/WhatsApp: +919353782377

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Marketplace for Elite Goods Kotlyar’s Auctions Helps Businesses Find Attractive Offers to Expand Reach

Israel – October 28, 2020 – Marketplace for Elite Goods Kotlyar’s Auctions, is the best place for businesses to find exciting and unlimited opportunities. The reputed and reliable electronic trading platform has become a reliable online auction website for trading and exploring newer markets.

“Kotlyar’s Auctions organizes all types of auctions including tenders, sale online store, classic auction, and Dutch auction. Their operating overheads are low because of the form of the conducts. It also ensures that very little time is needed for processing transactions. This marketplace has emerged as an advanced and modern business tool for entrepreneurs looking to explore new business opportunities.”

“Already created universal market services, which include various types of services on the market, will be available on the platform.

As industries evolve and markets move to the next stage of digitalization, the demand for unhindered access to standard infrastructure components and capabilities grows.”

Kotlyar Auctions, a marketplace meeting the new expectations of e-commerce customers in Israel and around the world, starting October 25, 2020, for all willing sellers and buyers, is launching free sections on the site, such as Yachts, Speed Boats, Ships, Luxury Cars. Retro Cars, Luxury cars and motor sports cars. Investment property, plots or individual real estate, commercial property. Space items, collectibles.

This marketplace, available at https://kotlyars.com, will include over 100 retailers and up to 100,000 items to be listed for free.

A key objective of this reputed electronic trading platform is providing the setting for a fair competition in the market and the creation of a unified platform for trading. The site allows business owners to deal in a reliable and secure manner and also profitably.



The site does business only with registered and proven suppliers and buyers from all over the world and those with an impeccable reputation in the global markets. Kotlyar’s Auction is focused on becoming an industry leader and is supported in its endeavor by a team of highly qualified professionals and staff members. The business operations are powered by advanced equipment and modern information technology. 

“We will do everything in our power to ensure that website members succeed, because when they succeed, things will change for the better.”

To Register on Our Site: https://kotlyars.com/en/users/registration

For Instruction and terms: https://kotlyars.com/en/offer

Packages: https://kotlyars.com/en/packages

For Tenders: https://kotlyars.com/en/tenders


Phone/Whatsapp: +919353782377

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YourHome1Source and Money Management, Changing How America Overcomes Financial Challenges

Two leaders in financial education have teamed to provide an array of helpful resources for U.S. home buyers and homeowners. Money Management International (MMI) and YourHome1Source (YH1S.com) are collaborating to provide practical guidance across important financial topics such as Creating a Home Budget, Repaying Credit Card Debt, Understanding Credit Scores, Preparing to Buy a Home, Recovering from a Natural Disaster, Avoiding Home Foreclosure, and more.

"This is our company mission in action. This is why we developed YH1S.com - to be a one-stop trusted resource for home buyers and homeowners on important home-related financial matters. This moment in time is so rewarding for our team. Money Management has been committed to financial counseling since 1958, and their helpful guidance has benefitted millions of families over the years. It's an honor and privilege to work closely with MMI on educational content, especially knowing our combined efforts will lead to improved, tangible solutions for more people facing real-life financial challenges. Combining our resources to reach and help more Americans is extremely rewarding, and bolsters our commitment at work each day," says Sean Stockell, Publisher of YourHome1Source.

“MMI is pleased to help YH1S.com support prospective and current homeowners in achieving their goals,” said Jim Triggs, President and CEO of MMI. “As one of the nation’s largest nonprofit credit and housing advisors, we strive to make life affordable for everyone through innovative solutions and partnerships. Collaboration with YH1S.com is a natural fit, benefiting people as they seek their own path to achieving The American Dream. Our certified experts stand ready 24/7 to help individuals and families overcome the barriers they face and increase their confidence to lead financially healthy lives.”

"Our company always brings solutions for success to families and entrepreneurs. Our partnership with YourHome1Source is an extension of that philosophy," says Kathy Ireland, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®). "Knowledge is key to empowerment, especially now, as so many individuals, families and businesses are facing difficult choices brought on by the pandemic, YourHome1Source is now able to offer everyone the education and tools needed to make informed decisions."    

ABOUT kathy ireland® WORLDWIDE (kiWW®): https://www.kathyireland.com/
kiWW® is listed at #26 in the world by License Global Magazine. Kathy Ireland is one of the most influential businesswomen in the world today and according to Fairchild Publications, Kathy is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion. Furniture Today also names Kathy one of the most influential leaders in the furniture industry. Kathy has graced the cover of Forbes Magazine twice (2012, 2016) and was featured on the cover of SUCCESS magazine in August 2019. kiWW® is the recipient of many awards including several Good Housekeeping Seals.

ABOUT MMI: https://www.moneymanagement.org/
Money Management International (MMI) is changing the way financial challenges are solved. MMI helps create, restore, and maintain a life of financial wellness through empowered choices. For over 60 years, our clients have achieved financial confidence through nonprofit programs that educate, motivate, and liberate. MMI inspires action by delivering expert professional guidance and timely solutions aligned with our clients' goals. Experiencing a financial challenge? Find your solution 24/7 at 866.864.8995 and?MoneyManagement.org.

ABOUT YOURHOME1SOURCE® https://www.yourhome1source.com/
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Energy Savings Construction Announces Duradek Vinyl Decks & Roof Decks, a Waterproof Deck Solution That Works

Duradek Authorized Professional Installer, Energy Savings Construction, announced today Duradek Vinyl Decking, a single product solution for long-lasting waterproof deck protection. The Duradek system provides the ideal solution for residential and light commercial outdoor living spaces, including decks, flat roof decks, and balconies.

“Duradek completely seals the deck substructure, so water never reaches the building envelope and completely protects everything below. That is why Energy Savings Construction recommends Duradek vinyl deck membranes that are designed for strength, durability, and slip resistance.”

Features and benefits of Duradek include:

  • Membranes provide long-lasting, low-maintenance waterproof protection.
  • Includes attractive pedestrian deck surface in one single product solution.
  • Built-in UV resistance and mold & mildew inhibitors.


Duradek vinyl decking is available for installation and immediate enjoyment, including an industry leading warranty that gives real protection for homeowners. For more information on Duradek, visit https://energysavingsconstruction.com/duradek-waterproof-vinyl-decking.

About Energy Savings Construction: After being in the construction industry for 31 years, Virgil McKenzie (Owner) realized that energy efficiency is the best home improvement anyone can facilitate for their home. Energy Savings Construction has been specializing in building performance for over 10 years and has helped homeowners save money and improve the value of their home.

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Haute Residence Welcomes Sebastian Acosta To Its Exclusive Real Estate Network

Haute Residence is pleased to welcome Sebastian Acosta to the exclusive Haute Residence Network as its representative in the real estate market of the Brickell Key and Brickell areas of Miami, FL.

Sebastian Acosta is a highly respected real estate agent, speaker, and book author. He has mastered this business thanks to hard work, strong ethics, and full dedication to his profession. He has consistently been a top producing agent in every company he has been with since he started in this business. Sebastian has helped buy and sell over 350 properties since 2013. Book author of "Make Millions with Foreclosures and Short Sales" (2008) and recent best selling new business book on Amazon (2018-2020) "The Million Dollar Listing Social Media."

Visit Sebastian Acosta's Haute Residence profile: https://www.hauteresidence.com/member/sebastian-acosta/

Visit Sebasitan Acosta's website: https://www.sebastianacosta.com/


Designed as a partnership-driven luxury real estate portal, Haute Residence connects its affluent readers with top real estate professionals, while offering the latest in real estate news, showcasing the world’s most extraordinary residences on the market and sharing expert advice from its knowledgeable and experienced real estate partners.

The invitation-only luxury real estate network, which partners with just one agent in every market, unites a distinguished collective of leading real estate agents and brokers and highlights the most extravagant properties in leading markets around the globe for affluent buyers, sellers, and real estate enthusiasts.

HauteResidence.com has grown to be the number one news source for million-dollar listings, high-end residential developments, celebrity real estate, and more.

Access all of this information and more by visiting http://www.hauteresidence.com

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Modular Building Institute-Sponsored Offsite Construction Expo is Going Digital – Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the now-digital Offsite Construction Expo – Denver, proudly sponsored by the Modular Building Institute (MBI). This two-day digital expo will start on September 16 and conclude September 17. The Expo will closely follow the format of previous in-person Expos and will feature educational presentations, digital booths from industry exhibitors, and person-to-person communication over video and chat. This event will mark the sixth year that MBI has sponsored the Offsite Construction Expos.

Attendees and exhibitors alike will benefit from the variety of modular vendors and component suppliers all in one virtual room. Past Expo exhibitors have included offsite construction contractors, traditional contractors that have integrated offsite methods, offsite factories, transportation companies, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, and consultants of all types of offsite construction processes. A number of MBI members exhibit at the Expos on a regular basis.

Exhibitors at the Denver digital expo include the following companies:

  • Modular Building Institute
  • Innovative Structural Engineering
  • Johns Manville
  • Precision Structural Engineering
  • Guerdon, LLC
  • Horizon North Logistics Inc.
  • ICC Evaluation Service
  • neUdesign Architecture
  • Z Modular
  • BestGen Modular
  • Phoenix Modular Elevator
  • USG Structural Panels


“We’re very excited to be bringing the excitement of OSCE online,” said Dave Sikora, OSCE’s business development director. “There’s no doubt that COVID has presented some challenges for us, but we think this Expo is really going to exceed expectations.”

If you are interested in learning about offsite construction, the Offsite Construction Expo is the place to be. The event is only 9 for all attendees.

Speakers at the Denver Expo include MBI member Shawn Lothrop, CEO of Innovative Structural Engineering. He’ll be speaking about the advantages and value of structural engineering for modular and offsite construction.
John Beddow, CEO of Guerdon, LLC, will be addressing affordable housing. Rhys Kane's (Horizon North) session will also explore the topic. Chris Waters from Z Modular will speak on new markets and challenges for modular construction and Troy Tiddens (neUdesign Architecture) will speak on the means and methods of offsite design.

Two additional digital Expos—each targeted to a specific North American region—are planned for 2020. OSCE Toronto is planned for October 21 and 22. OSCE Washington DC is scheduled for November 18 and 19. Each Expo is planned and run by association management company HardimanWilliams, LLC. The Modular Building Institute is sponsoring all three OSCE events in 2020.

For more information about sponsoring, attending, or exhibiting at Offsite Construction Expo, please visit http://www.offsiteconstructionexpo.com.

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LJA Engineering Nationally Ranked In Top Ten As Best Firm To Work For By Zweig Group

LJA Engineering has once again been recognized as a Best Firm To Work For in 2020 by the Zweig Group.

The Best Firms To Work For awards honor the best architecture, engineering, planning, environmental, and construction firms (AEC) to work for in North America.

“With recruitment and retention continuing to be the greatest challenges for firms, this contest, the only national best places to work for the AEC industry, is more important than ever,” said Zweig Group CEO Chad Clinehens. “Add the current pandemic to the mix and it is even more critical for firms to find measurable ways to reinforce their culture and the good things they are doing and creating. Celebrating an award like Best Firms To Work For does just that and infuses positive energy into the environment.”

Firms were evaluated comprehensively on firm culture, workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates, professional development, and more – from both management and staff perspective. Awards were given in multiple categories based on firm size and discipline.

LJA Engineering ranked at number seven overall this year and has ranked in the top ten for the past several consecutive years.

LJA is an employee-owned, full-service, comprehensive multi-disciplinary consulting firm. With 36 offices across Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma, LJA offers one-source, one-stop reliability for all of our clients, when and where they need us. Our 1,200 employee-owners stand at the ready with experienced civil, transportation, midstream, rail, flood and drainage, and coastal engineers, plus hydrologists, environmental specialists, planners, landscape architects, construction managers, GIS designers, and surveyors. We can best leverage our resources across our company, deliver expertise-driven teams, increase responsiveness to your specific needs, and individualize project solutions. LJA was recently named #65 by ENR National as a Top Design Firm and as the 2019 Design Firm of the Year by ENR Texas & Louisiana.

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Mineheart Announces Launch of New Wall Art Prints Created By Top Designers

Mineheart, the creators of wallpapers and art pieces that spell creativity and adventure, will be launching three more wall art collections over the next three months leading to Christmas. The reputed luxury wall art creators known for injecting a sense of wonder into everyday spaces and objects and crafting extraordinary stories through their creations has in total 91 new designs awaiting launch. 

“We are delighted to announce that we are introducing three new designer wall artcollections over the next few months,” says the Commercial Director for Mineheart. “The new designs will be available on our website in the next few weeks. It is our mission to create a design wonderland, where everyday objects are more than just functional, they contain stories, love, art, and poetry.”

Mineheart is a brand synonymous with luxury wall art. They are committed to creating a playground for creativity and adventure, where fantasy meets design and dreams meet industry. Launch of 91 new wall art designs has been planned in the coming months.

  • Chad Wys collection 2020 Collection

Black graffiti over brown eye  

  • Michael Banks 2020 Collection –

  • Young and Battaglia Collection 2020 - 

 The lady with the invisible face

That Day Framed Print

These are the 5 new designer wall print collectionsthat Mineheart will be launching soon. Connoisseurs of luxury wall art can access these designs from the official Mineheart website in a week's time. 

The Illinois-based Chad Wys is a creative expert, known for his experimentation in composition, color, and form. His inspiration comes from a mix media that he used to create a complimentary and at other times purposefully contradictory, or even destructive color palette.

Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia of Young & Battaglia studio focus their creativity on interiors, gardens, lighting, furniture, and accessories. The founding partners of Mineheart have won numerous and international recognition. They have participated in exhibitions worldwide and acclaimed as one of the top 10 design studios. Their work has been published in many leading design magazines, and have made it to prestigious shows and collections such as the V&A museum and the MOMA.

Kirin Young a.k.a K. Young, is a Bangkok-based artist, graphic designer, and photographer who grew up in the UK and moved to Thailand to work as a model. He studied Multimedia Design at Bangkok University and has over 15 years of experience in TV, film, and online platforms. K. Young draws inspiration from anywhere, including art, buildings, feelings, nature, light, and lots more. 

Himitsuhana, a research photography expert specializes in projecting the inner relation between photography and painting. Her source of inspiration is the Pre-Raphaelites painters and the Liberty style. She believes that photography is more than a technique or having expensive equipment.  It has nothing to do with the camera, but the eye that stands behind the camera. Himitsuhana has worked as a designer for storybooks, fashion and served the entertainment sector as well.

Those looking for the latest additions to the wall prints collection from Mineheart can look up the New Arrivals and Newest Additions menu on the website. 

For more information, visit www.mineheart.com 

About Mineheart:

Mineheart was founded in 2010 by Brenden Young and Vanessa Battaglia to provide a platform for young, upcoming, and creative artists and designers for showcasing their unusual ideas and unique styles. The platform encourages creative freedom and allows designers to explore their imagination to the fullest. 



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Phantom Screens Wins Two Top 100 Awards in Home Building Industry

Phantom Screens, North America’s leading provider of retractable screens, is pleased to announce they have been recognized with reader-choice award wins with Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines for their retractable door and motorized screens. The annual top 100 product roundups are determined by its readers and recognize the best and most innovative home building products in the U.S.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, despite the current global pandemic, the remodeling industry is seeing a growth this summer with outdoor living being a top priority for homeowners. More people are spending time at home this year, and many are turning to home improvement projects particularly when it comes to blending living spaces and creating functional, multi-purpose areas within the home.

“This is a gratifying accomplishment for the Phantom Team to be awarded by two top publications in our industry,” said C. Esther De Wolde, Chief Executive Officer of Phantom Screens. “We’re all about improving the living spaces of homeowners by delivering comfort and a greater connection to the outdoors without sacrificing curb appeal. These recognitions are an encouragement to us that we’re delivering on our promise to our clients and design/build partners.”

Phantom Screens offers a full line of screening products which includes their industry leading retractable door screens, oversized retractable door screens (for opening glass walls), retractable window screens and motorized screens for covered outdoor spaces and large openings. Phantom’s screen solutions bring fresh air, comfort, energy efficiency, shading and privacy to homeowners while keeping bugs out. Their products are fully customizable to blend seamlessly with any home design and disappear out of sight when not in use to preserve the home’s aesthetics. In addition, Phantom’s motorized screens can integrate with smart home technology, furthering ease of use and convenience.

The full list of winners can be found in the August 2020 issues of Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler. Both magazines are business-to-business publications owned by Scranton Gillette Communications that focuses on the U.S. housing industry.

To learn more about Phantom’s full line of products, please visit http://www.phantomscreens.com.

About Phantom Screens
Founded in 1992, Phantom Screens is North America’s leading provider of retractable screens. Phantom Screens offers customers a variety of retractable screen solutions for doors, windows, multi-panel systems and outdoor spaces. Phantom Screens products provide customers with insect protection, solar shading, temperature control and enhanced privacy in living spaces. For more information, visit http://www.phantomscreens.com.

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SharpLaunch Announces Matterport Virtual Tour Integration to Support Remote Commercial Real Estate Touring

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) marketing platform SharpLaunch has announced an integration with Matterport to support 3D virtual commercial real estate tours for landlords and brokers in the era of social distancing.

Matterport’s 3D technology will be integrated as a standalone module that seamlessly embeds virtual tours into SharpLaunch property websites. These tours are designed to provide a facsimile of hands-on tours of commercial real estate - something that is no longer easily accessible in the “new normal” of the post-COVID world.

“Matterport has seen a sharp rise in the demand for digital twins of properties so that buyers can tour them virtually in stunning 3D,” says Robin Daniels, Chief Marketing Officer, Matterport. “We’re excited to see SharpLaunch integrate with the Matterport platform to provide their commercial real estate customers with our immersive 3D tours and help them engage prospects from anywhere in the world.”

Matterport is the leader in virtual tour technology across all industries including real estate, architecture, engineering, travel, and much more. Their 3D platform allows commercial real estate brokers and landlords to showcase properties in a variety of creative ways - capturing the essence of an in-person tour and augmenting it with key information about individual components of the space.

“Both SharpLaunch and Matterport are focused on creating forward-looking technology for commercial real estate marketing,” says Bob Samii, SharpLaunch CEO. “The addition of the Matterport module provides our clients with another way to showcase their commercial properties, create an impactful digital experience, and stay ahead of the competition.”

As the leading marketing technology for commercial real estate, SharpLaunch is an optimal medium to display Matterport virtual tours on any device, seamlessly integrating with the marketing processes and workflow of brokers and landlords.

About SharpLaunch

SharpLaunch is an all-in-one digital marketing platform for commercial properties. It provides an easy-to-use suite of marketing tools specifically built for CRE building owners, asset managers, and brokers who want to improve asset visibility, streamline marketing activities and save time.

Visit: https://www.sharplaunch.com/

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Telos Gifting, LLC completes Global Vendor Certification Program with Mastercard®

Telos Gifting, LLC announced they will now be able to produce on-demand Mastercard Gift and Reward cards for its clients. This certification with Mastercard is a huge step forward for the company as it provides a competitive edge for corporate reward and loyalty gift cards. In prior weeks, Telos also announced its integration and partnership with the Qolo payments hub as an on-demand processor.

No stranger to the gift card industry, Telos Gifting, LLC is owned by the former founder of GiftCards.com, Jason Wolfe. He and the team at Telos have over 20 years of experience in the gift card space. Their on-demand fulfillment center which once operated for 10 years under GiftCards.com will be able to print, pack, and ship reward cards within 24 hours.

Much time and effort have gone into preparing the facility which will include new Datacard MX 6000 machines, brand new inserters, personalization equipment, and sanitized packaging capabilities.

With Qolo and the Global Vendor Certification Program with Mastercard, Telos Gifting platforms, Perfectgift.com and GiftYa can take a corporate bulk order of Mastercard customized cobrand cards at 3:00 p.m., print them by 4:00 p.m. and have them shipped out to arrive at clients at 8:00 a.m. the next day. “This is unheard of in our industry. In the time of Amazon Prime, we are leading the pack and providing a much-needed service,” commented Jason Wolfe.

More information on Telos Gifting can be found here.

About Telos Gifting, LLC
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Telos Gifting occupies the building at 495 Mansfield Ave in Greentree, Pennsylvania. Telos Gifting, LLC, owns and manages PerfectGift.com, GiftYa.com and GiftCardGranny. Telos Gifting was formed in 2019 by Wolfe, LLC a fin-tech incubator, to re-enter the gift card market after selling GiftCards.com in 2016.

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Medpricer Rebrands as Conductiv™, Unveils Category-Defining Integrated Purchased Services Optimization Suite

Conductiv™, formerly Medpricer, unveiled its new brand and integrated suite for purchased services cost optimization today with the launch of Conductiv Platform™, Conductiv Services™ and Conductiv Contracts™. The rebrand positions Conductiv, the leading end-to-end third-party services optimization company, to broaden its offerings and expand into new markets.

“Third-party services optimization has emerged as a top target for supply chain and finance executives looking to implement cost-saving initiatives,” said Chris Gormley, CEO of Conductiv. “Third-party services include purchased services as well as IT, construction, clinical, HR, marketing and administrative categories. Conductiv’s proprietary spend database shows that organizations spend 22 to 54 percent of their non-labor expenses on third-party services, representing a crucial, untapped source of margin improvement – especially with Conductiv’s ability to drive savings of 24 percent, on average.”

Conductiv empowers supply chains by integrating its technology and proven category expertise – including analytics driven by artificial intelligence, marketplace insights and express contracting negotiation capabilities – onto one integrated cloud-based platform. Its sourcing automation technologies enable members to engage with their own spend data, determine the competitiveness of their contracts, optimize group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts, unite business stakeholders, create transparency on services spend, and accelerate the speed of identifying and implementing cost savings.

Conductiv’s integrated third-party services optimization suite consists of:

  • Conductiv Platform™, a sophisticated, purpose-built procurement automation platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Drawing insights from large and comprehensive data sets on supplier quality, pricing and service regions, this predictive analytics engine works to maximize savings and gain end-user engagement while minimizing operational risks.
  • Conductiv Services™, a sourcing service that brings in more than 15 years of proven strategic sourcing results. Conductiv Services offers deep category insight, proven sourcing processes, program development and stakeholder governance delivered to meet an organization’s bespoke needs. Unlike traditional consultants, Conductiv Services are boosted by Conductiv Platform to provide specialized, data-driven insights that enhance savings based on the organization’s opportunity areas.
  • Conductiv Contracts™, a first-of-its-kind GPO that works alongside any primary GPO and accelerates the time for organizations to source, negotiate and implement contracts with third-party service providers. Membership is free and open to all organizations regardless of primary GPO affiliation. Conductiv soft-launched its GPO to its customers in April and launches publicly today with inaugural members that include Hennepin Healthcare, McLaren Health Care and Pandion Optimization Alliance.


“We see Conductiv’s rebrand and new positioning as a gamechanger for Pandion,” said Jeanie Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Pandion Optimization Alliance, which serves 17 hospitals and their related health systems in New York state. “Conductiv’s technology alone will allow our members to have greater visibility and control of a significant spend area of spend. In addition, Conductiv Contracts will enable our healthcare systems to partner with our local purchased service providers to not only improve quality and cost, but also increase jobs, within their communities. We are thrilled to be an inaugural member.”

The capability to source contracts from domestic and diversity businesses has emerged as a driving force post-pandemic, as more organizations seek ways to support local communities and improve regional economies. Conductiv Contracts’ technology-enabled sourcing process ensures that suppliers of local, regional and national presence can now compete equally for business within their respective markets.

“With access to a portfolio of local and regional suppliers, Conductiv Contracts gives us the opportunity to better support our local community and unite stakeholders across our organization in our choice of outsourced services,” said David Bueby, Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain Management of Michigan-based McLaren Health Care. “In addition, with greater transparency on our third-party services spend, we’re able to accelerate the speed of our RFPs and negotiations. We’re excited to be an inaugural member of Conductiv Contracts as we aim to increase transparency into spend data and better assess the competitiveness of our own third-party contracts.”

“Hennepin Healthcare has had a very successful relationship with Medpricer and we are looking forward to continuing and expanding our best practice journey with Conductiv,” explained Luis Valadez, Sr. Director of Supply Chain, of Minneapolis-based Hennepin Healthcare. “As healthcare changes, supply chain is looked at to ensure value and to be at the forefront of driving results. Our continued relationship with Conductiv will ensure we meet these goals. We are excited to be a part of this new offering.”

More than ever, organizations must urgently solve financial gaps with minimal impact to their future operations and local communities. Conductiv’s solutions optimize 22-54% of non-labor operating costs, helping executives solve those financial challenges with immediate impact.

For more information, please visit https://conductiv.com.

About Conductiv
Conductiv™, formerly Medpricer, empowers supply chains to optimize their third-party services. As the only end-to-end third-party lifecycle improvement company, Conductiv™ shares its strategic sourcing expertise and category best practices with multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, government, real estate, transportation and education. The company has led more than 700 bids for more than 120 organizations, exceeding billion in contracted value. Member projects have generated 0 million of documented savings or an average savings value of 24% to date. To learn how supply chains are transforming their savings strategy, visit https://conductiv.com.

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Kennedy Nhliziyo – A Real Estate Agent and Motivational Speaker

Many of you know that Kennedy Nhliziyo is the founder of Kulula Express Ltd and also a motivational speaker. However, these are not the only reasons why he is an inspiration. Another profession he is into is being a real estate developer.

Yes, apart from running his own company and his personal blog, he also deals in buying and selling of properties. His travel company, Kulula deals with travel and car bookings in South Africa and has been a successful company running for 10 years.

As Kenny Nhliziyo gained success in this field, he has been motivating the public with success related tips as well. In his motivational blog, he shares his own experiences in the professional world. This leaves us with many key takeaways from his life.

Kenny Nhliziyo says that inspiration arises out of motivation, which in turn originates from your innermost needs and wants. What is even more important during venturing a task is having an objective in mind. It may be gaining profits, growth, or awareness, any initiative you undertake must have an objective behind it. This objective itself becomes your motivation and inspiration to move forward.

Kenny Nhliziyo also says that being in a motivational state brings something more refreshing in your life. Giving yourself positive certifications is important to get going in life, towards the achievement of your goals.

In one of his older posts, he says that progress and success don’t just come to you. It takes energy, motivation, and serious action to reach that stage. The road to it starts from discovering the direction that’ll lead yourself to achieving your objectives. As you train yourself, learn from past experiences, and finally release your potential, you come to the final step of achieving your goals.

From his motivational log, understand the true meaning of inspiration and motivation, which contribute to your achievement of success.

While his travel company, Kulula Express remains on a standstill amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Kennedy Nhliziyo has not stopped moving forward. While his company promises to resume flying from November 2020, Kennedy Nhliziyo continues to inspire people and run this business of real estate as well.

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Morgan-Keller Welcomes Kate O’Hara as Director of Corporate Safety

Kate O’Hara has recently joined Morgan-Keller as Director of Corporate Safety. Within this role, Kate will work to further enhance Morgan-Keller’s safety programs and culture through safety training and risk assessment. She will be responsible for ensuring the safety of team members, clients, and subcontractors on all our project sites.

Kate comes to Morgan-Keller with 12 years of experience in the safety field. She graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Safety Management from West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. Most recently, she worked as Safety Director for one of the largest mechanical construction contractors in the United States.

“We are pleased to have Kate join us here at Morgan-Keller,” said Taylor Davis, Morgan-Keller’s Vice President and General Manager. “In her role, she will help to promote and strengthen the safety culture we have in place here at Morgan-Keller.”

Established in 1955, Morgan-Keller Construction is a privately held general contracting and construction management firm with offices in Frederick and Hunt Valley, MD. By providing exceptional construction services for over six decades, the firm has become one of the region’s most respected commercial builders. To learn more, visit http://www.morgankeller.com.

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Real Estate Educator Evie Brooks explains 11 Panama Investing Benefits on ESPN Cover Your Assets Radio Show

Former “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Trainer and Real Estate Educator Evie Brooks explained 11 Panama investing benefits in an “All Things Panama” interview on ESPN 1500 AM Cover Your Assets with Host Todd Rooker last weekend. With over 24 years of domestic and international real estate investing experience in 13 countries and 30 states, Brooks emphasized; “This trend of investing in Panama is an ongoing phenomenon that will continue for quite some time in both real estate and agriculture.”

Host Todd Rooker kicked off this educational interview by sharing; “During the global pandemic, Brooks continues to close deals every week,…not surprising. Primarily due to the soaring demand for organic smart farming investments, avocados, limes, mangoes and more, in Panama where 85% of the food is imported.”

As an educator, Rooker asked Brooks about her “boots on the ground” VIP Tours. Brooks explained; “Many are interested in Panama because it’s an emerging market where people can find additional cash flow from investment properties, gain a second income by starting a new company, invest in organic farms, find a second career in real estate as a whole, and/or retire in a tropical paradise community that speaks English, and is cheaper than living in most major metropolitan areas.”

When asked about what makes Panama so appealing, Brooks replied; “It's all about the bottom line for me, I'm always looking at how to take anything and turn it into an asset with multiple streams of income and exit strategies.” Brooks then expanded on the top 11 reasons why Panama and why now:

1. Tax Benefits – Panama has been referred to as the “next Singapore” because it’s very business friendly with low taxes designed by the government to attract people to move there and/or invest.

2. Don’t have to be a resident to invest – The Panama residency process is appealing to expatriates and retirees, but you don't even have to be a citizen to invest in real estate.

3. U.S. Currency and Protected Territory – All transactions are done using the U.S. dollar, and Panama is a U.S. protected territory.

4. Substantially Lower Prices - Panama real estate prices are typically 25-50% less for the same quality in most major U.S. cities, and the standard of living is more affordable.

5. Strong GDP (Gross Domestic Product) – Over the last 10 years, the Panama GDP before COVID-19, has been between 5.6% and 11.3%.

6. Tropical Paradise – Brooks’ VIP Tours focus on popular areas about 2 hours from Panama City, where the weather has tropical breezes and warm weather year-round.

7. Big City in Paradise – Panama City includes many things anyone would find in a major city, including metros, an international airport, and a new Johns Hopkins Hospital.

8. Panama Canal Expansion – This expansion started in 2016. A new cruise terminal is currently planned to open this winter, along with the anticipated completion of the 4th Panama Canal Bridge in 2023.

9. Hard-to-find Organic Farm Investments – Based on the global population growth estimates of 8.5 billion by 2030, Brooks explained that USDA certified organic farming is a growing investment area with smart greenhouses and long-term investments in trees.

10. Pre-Construction Investments with Low Deposits – Brooks also has access to pre-construction loans where “you put down a very small deposit 10% 20% or 30%, depending on where in the construction it is and then you hold until it's finished."

11. Lock Up and Leave – Investors can also lockup a property and leave it for long periods of time. Brooks’ company can “maintain your unit.” Properties can also be used as vacation rentals or a second home.

VIP TOURS: To learn more, Brooks added, “If you will go watch a very short video on eviebrookspanama.com, I've got two very substantial offers there. And as soon as you sign up for the video for free with your email, I’ll send you information to schedule a free one-hour consultation with me. But if you watch it all the way through, there's also a cash offer for this VIP educational tour to join us for this boots on the ground event that has a maximum of 14 people. We’ll pick you up at the airport, educate you on the country, take you to some of the best restaurants, and then review your goals and different strategies to make money. If you're looking to get involved with some of these projects or just become an expat, it’s a worthwhile experience. You can find out how to become an expat, find a place to rent, and experience Panama. We are truly 'All Things Panama'. And that's what we do.”

Media Contact
Liz H Kelly, 310-987-7207

ABOUT - Evie Brooks (Atlanta, GA and Veracruz, Panama) is an elite Real Estate Investment Educator, Keynote Speaker, Investor, Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur and former Advanced Trainer for “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, who now specializes in Panama real estate and organic agriculture investments. As a disclaimer, Brooks and her employees and affiliates are not investment or tax advisors, and do not offer investment advice. To learn more, visit https://eviebrookspanama.com

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Explore the Area’s Finest Backyards and Outdoor Spaces on the 2020 Austin Outdoor Living Tour

While Austin lends itself to residents enjoying time outdoors all year around, it’s the spring and early summer months that make outdoor living in central Texas the reason so many live here.

The Austin Outdoor Living Tour is returning for a second year to celebrate the outdoor spaces Austin residents enjoy year-round – right in their own backyards. Organized and hosted by the Modern Architecture + Design Society (the group behind the annual Austin Modern Home Tour), this summer tour gives landscape architects and designers the unique opportunity to showcase their skill and talent to the community in which they work. In turn, the self-guided tour gives the community a rare chance to explore some amazing outdoor spaces in their area, while asking questions and engaging the minds behind the design.

“This is a lighter, shorter tour than our annual Modern Home Tour,” says James Leasure, founder of the Modern Architecture + Design Society. “But the principle is the same: come see these amazing spaces. Meet the designers and builders that created them. Get ideas and find inspiration for your own outdoor living space.”

Participants and neighborhoods featured on the 2020 Austin Outdoor Living Tour include:

  • A brand-new outdoor space by Shelter Home Building in the Zilker neighborhood that features an infinity edge pool, spa, cold tub, and incredible yard space.
  • A shared outdoor space with a Mediterranean feel for a four-unit “compound” in Barton Springs, designed by Native Edge Landscape, that features xeric plantings, an outdoor kitchen with storage, and a custom entry Koi Pond.
  • An outdoor space designed by Austin Outdoor Design in the Northwest Hills that gets inspiration from Mexican architect Luis Barragan (and the bright personality of the owners) to create an Austin-inspired take on modern Mexican Architecture and outdoor living.
  • A front outdoor space in Central East Austin, designed by Open Envelope Studio, that reconciles that dual existence of the yard to function as both entry way and living space, while retaining privacy for the owners.
  • A second Austin Outdoor Design project, located in St. Edwards, boasting all the best features for year-round outdoor living, like a custom pool, stone patio framed in steel, a 32” grill built into a limestone countertop, benches with custom cushions, and a fireplace.


NEW SAFETY RULES IN PLACE: In response to COVID-19, the Austin Outdoor Living Tour will have several new rules and policies in place. Tickets will be limited for this event. Entries at each home will be controlled to allow for social distancing in the outdoor spaces. Face coverings are a requirement for all visitors; no one will be allowed entry without a mask covering the nose and mouth. No children under age 12 will be allowed to enter. This year’s tour will be zero contact, including interactions with front door staff and throughout the yards.

Participants on the 2020 Austin Outdoor Living Tour will open their spaces for viewing from 9AM – 1PM on Saturday, June 20, 2020. Tickets to this year’s event are LIMITED. Details on pricing and ticket availability, as well as all rules and regulations for the 2020 Austin Outdoor Living Tour can be found at http://mads.media/atxoutdoor2020/.

About the Modern Architecture + Design Society: Based in Austin, Texas, the Modern Architecture + Design Society was founded by James Leasure in 2010 as Modern Home Tours, to introduce modern architecture and living to people across the nation. Through fun and informative self-guided home tours in dozens of cities across the USA and Canada, the group invites people into some of the most exciting examples of modern architecture and design in the nation. With carefully selected architects, neighborhoods and architecture, the MA+DS Home Tours are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Not only will you learn about the cutting edge of home design while on our tours, but you might even get an idea or two for your next home project!

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Rentec Direct Awards Tech Mastery Scholarships for 2020

Rentec Direct, the highest-rated property management software solution, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Rentec Direct Tech Mastery Scholarship. Kaitlyn Dickinson of Oregon Institute of Technology, Kyle Coleman of CUNY’s Queens College, Elisha Mann-Robison of Northeastern University and Shanti Mckens of MIT each received a 0 scholarship through the program to pursue their education in technology.

“It’s inspiring to see so many powerful young minds express an interest in helping our society advance by choosing a career path in technology,” said Nathan Miller, President of Rentec Direct. “It’s an honor to support these students and help them continue to grow. We want to encourage future technology influencers who understand the role technology plays in our lives and how vital it is for our future.”

The Rentec Direct Tech Mastery Scholarship is offered to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing an education in computer science, technology or a closely related field. As an internet-based organization, Rentec Direct hopes the program will encourage academic achievement and assist students in achieving their future goals in technology.

The 2020 Rentec Direct Tech Mastery Scholarship recipients include:

  • Kaitlyn Dickinson, a sophomore at Oregon Institute of Technology. Kaitlyn is studying Software Engineering and hopes to help people solve problems by contributing to new discoveries and coming up with her own innovations. Kaitlyn’s dream job is to be a software developer in the aerospace industry.
  • Kyle Coleman, a junior at CUNY’s Queens College. Kyle is currently majoring in Computer Science and has aspirations of being a video game developer. He holds a CompTIA IT Essentials Certification and has created his own video game, LazyCube, which is available in the GooglePlay store.
  • Elisha (Shai) Mann-Robison, a freshman at Northeastern University. Shai is majoring in Computer Science and hopes to be a computer programmer who creates programs that change the world. Shai plans to use his education to understand, collaborate and help solve critical problems.
  • Shanti Mickens, a freshman at MIT. Shanti will major in Computer Science and Engineering and dreams of becoming a software developer that makes a difference. Before graduating high school Shanti created two apps that combine math and sports to help students improve their numerical fluency, both of which are available on the iOS and Android stores.


Applicants were asked to submit an essay judged on creativity, humor and content. The deadline to apply for the 2021 Tech Mastery Scholarship is April 15, 2021. To learn more, visit: https://www.rentecdirect.com/scholarship/.

About Rentec Direct
Rentec Direct offers industry-leading property management software and tenant screening solutions for real estate professionals. Features include online rent payments, tenant and owner portals, the industry’s largest vacancy listing syndication network, full property, tenant, and owner accounting, 1099-MISC reporting and more. Rentec Direct received the Real Estate Company of the Year Award in the 2019 American Business Awards, has been named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies for three years in a row (as of 2019), and was also included on the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Entreprenuer360 list for Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America. http://www.rentecdirect.com

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Engel & Völkers Florida Reports Successful First Quarter

Engel & Völkers Florida, Master License Partner of the global luxury real estate brand, today announced its first quarter of 2020 report. The company has seen significant year-over-year increases, a steady stream of transactions at all price points, increased its average listing price, grown advisor count through talent attraction, and is gearing up for a major franchise expansion.

“Engel & Völkers Florida has always been a very collaborative network,” said Timo Khammash, Managing Partner of Engel & Völkers Florida. “As we navigate through these unprecedented times, we continue to work with our colleagues throughout the Americas and abroad to maintain the highest levels of real estate service with the utmost care and support.”

In its first quarter of 2020, Engel & Völkers Florida reported 849 transactions across its 30 shops; a 13 percent increase from transactions seen in quarter one of 2019. The average sales price is ,095,574 among the recent transactions; a 50 percent increase in year over year from its first quarter of 2019. Engel & Völkers Florida network also saw a 27 percent increase in advisor growth.

"Engel & Völkers Americas has worked very hard to prevent layoffs or furloughs of its corporate staff following the impact of COVID-19," said Anthony Hitt, President and CEO of Engel & Völkers Americas. "Now, more than ever, our network needs support and resources, and we are delivering on that. Our business is built for sustainability, and we are very focused on providing our network what they need most today and in the future. Engel & Völkers has benefited from a very strong first quarter and we are seeing strength in consumer confidence and additional interest from real estate professionals looking to take advantage of our brand strength and offerings to build their business."

Engel & Völkers Florida is continuing its franchise expansion efforts in premium first and second home markets throughout Florida including Alachua County, Bay County, Escambia County, Flagler County, Marion County, Sarasota County and Volusia County. The Master License Partner is also working closely with its existing brokerage shops to gain additional market share in areas such as Broward County, Hillsborough County, Miami-Dade County, Monroe County and Pinellas County.

“We have noticed an uptick in our franchise sales pipeline during Q1,” said Craig Anderson, Senior Vice President, Franchise Sales of Engel & Völkers Florida. “Real estate leaders are seeing how our business has adapted during this time. Our business hasn’t stopped, it's shifted, and it’s attracting a lot of interest.”


Press contact:
Linzee Werkmeister, Director, Public Relations & Franchise Support
Email: Linzee.Werkmeister(at)evrealestate.com
Tel: (239) 348-9000

About Engel & Völkers:
Engel & Völkers is a global luxury real estate brand. Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1977, Engel & Völkers draws on its rich European history to deliver a fresh approach to luxury real estate in the Americas with a focus on creating a bespoke, white-glove concierge client experience at every stage of the home buying or selling process for today’s savvy homeowner. Engel & Völkers currently operates approximately 175 shop locations with more than 3,000 real estate advisors in the Americas, contributing to the brand’s global network of over 12,000 real estate professionals in more than 30 countries, offering both private and institutional clients a professionally tailored range of luxury services, including real estate, yachting and aviation. Committed to exceptional service, Engel & Völkers supports its advisors with an array of premium quality business services; marketing programs and platforms; as well as access to its global network of real estate professionals, property listings and market data. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated. For more information, visit evrealestate.com.

About Engel & Völkers Florida:
Engel & Völkers Florida is the Master License Partner of the global luxury real estate brand Engel & Völkers in the state of Florida. Recognized for uniquely recruiting, training and equipping some of the top professionals in the real estate industry, Engel & Völkers Florida’s exclusive franchise model positions its license partners at the top of the premium market to gain market share and support their bottom line. The company represents franchise locations in: 30A Beaches, Belleair, Boca Raton, Bonita Springs-Estero, Cape Coral, Clermont, Delray Beach, Destin, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers Downtown, Islamorada, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Jupiter, Leesburg, Madeira Beach, Marco Island, Melbourne Central, Melbourne Downtown, Miami-Coral Gables, Olde Naples, Orlando Downtown, Orlando-Winter Park, Palm Beach, South Tampa, St. Augustine, St. Pete, Stuart, Wellington, and Windermere.

Engel & Völkers Florida is continuing to strategically strengthen and expand its presence in premium real estate markets across the state of Florida. If you would like to know more about the Engel & Völkers brand or how to join its global network, which is known for demonstrating competence, exclusivity and passion, feel free to call our corporate office, located at 633 Tamiami Trl N, Suite 201, Naples, FL 34102 USA. Tel: +1 239-348-9000.

For more information about Engel & Völkers Florida, please visit florida.evrealestate.com

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Georgia PGA Recognizes The Club at Savannah Quarters® Director of Golf as ‘Merchandiser of the Year’ and PGA Head Golf Professional as ‘Teacher of the Year’

The Club at Savannah Quarters® Director of Golf Jonathan Mattox was named ‘Merchandiser of the Year – Private Category,’ and PGA Head Golf Professional Cody Carter was named ‘Teacher of the Year’ by the Georgia PGA. Both were recognized at the 13th Annual Georgia PGA Special Awards and Weir Scholarship Banquet held at Truist Park in Atlanta.

The Merchandiser of the Year Award was established in 1978 by The PGA of America and Sports Illustrated to honor PGA professionals in three categories – public, private and resort – who have excelled as businessmen/merchandisers in the promotion of golf.

“It’s such an honor to be recognized by the Georgia PGA, but I couldn’t have done it without the incredible team at The Club at Savannah Quarters®,” said Mattox, who was elected to PGA membership in 2007.

Mattox has been the Director of Golf at The Club at Savannah Quarters® since 2017.

The Teacher of the Year Award was inaugurated in 1986 to honor teachers of golf among the ranks of the PGA of America membership. The award is based on the professional’s overall performance in teaching, innovative and specialized teaching programs the professional has played a key role in implementing and articles written in books and magazines.

Carter, a former United States Marine and current member of the PGA of America, has been the PGA Head Professional at The Club at Savannah Quarters® since 2018. He has earned many certifications and accolades throughout his career.

“I’ve taught tour players and beginner golfers,” said Carter. “My goal is to help players become better players and enjoy this game of a lifetime, so I’m thrilled to be recognized as Teacher of the Year for doing something I love.”

The Club at Savannah Quarters® features a private 18-hole Greg Norman Signature course. A quintessential Southern golf course, it is playable year-round and was voted 2019’s Best of the Best Golf in Savannah by Savannah Morning News. The par-72, 7,066-yard course weaves through lagoons, natural areas and groves of towering cypress and live oak trees. The signature 15th hole offers a unique island green that overlooks a peaceful lagoon.

Learn more at SavannahQuarters.com.

About Savannah Quarters®

Savannah Quarters® is a premier new home community in the southeast located 12 miles west of the Savannah city center in Pooler. The 2,600-acre masterplan community offers charm, relaxation, beauty and recreation. The fun and relaxed Club at Savannah Quarters® features resort-style amenities such as fitness, tennis, swimming and a stunning clubhouse with year-round dining and gracious Southern service. Residents can also enjoy the 18-hole Greg Norman Signature Golf Course woven throughout the community. Future plans include new residences and new adventures for every generation. To schedule a tour and find your dream home, please call 912.450.2300 or visit http://www.SavannahQuarters.com.

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Courtyard by Marriott Hilton Head Island, SC is open for business

Courtyard Hilton Head Island Open for Business

Situated in the heart of Hilton Head Island on the southern South Carolina coast, the new Courtyard Hilton Head Island (79 Pope Avenue) celebrated its opening Tuesday, March 24th. The newest property to open on the island, the 115-room Courtyard Hilton Head Island is owned by Southeastern Development and managed by LBA Hospitality.

“We’re thrilled to add another exceptional property to our growing South Carolina portfolio,” said Farrah Adams, Chief Operating Officer of LBA Hospitality. “Hilton Head is a globally recognized destination for business and leisure travel, as is the highly respected Courtyard brand. This is a perfect fit.”

The new Courtyard Hilton Head Island offers a sleek, contemporary design with pops of coastal colors such as sunshine yellow and ocean blue. The latest lobby design where guests can enjoy an open and modern environment out of their rooms offers the brand’s newly introduced media pods with free Wi-Fi, power outlets and a flat screen TV. The spacious guestrooms and suites also feature a design that is intuitive and thoughtful, offering flexible, yet comfortable space that enables complete technology engagement. Guests also enjoy free Wi-Fi and Smart TVs streaming Netflix and YouTube TV in-room with access to a 24-hour fitness center. For outdoor space, there’s a spectacular rooftop swimming pool alongside the rooftop bar surrounded by tropical cabanas to soak in the daytime sun and evening sunsets. Guests will enjoy a panoramic view of the island and the Atlantic Ocean from this space and can relax at one of the poolside firepits. The Bistro is currently offering grab-and-go selections for our guests, as well as Starbucks Coffee and cocktails from our bar area. Be assured that we are committed to providing our guests and associates a safe and clean hotel environment. For business meetings and celebrations, the hotel features 960 square feet of space.

With recent events of the pandemic, we are taking all of the necessary precautions to protect the safety and wellbeing of our guests and associates. We are working closely with Marriott Corporate, following the guidelines of the CDC and working with the local and state health officials for our hotel.

The hotel is a short walk to the beach where guests can enjoy a stroll in the sand or a visit to the popular Coligny Beach Park area. Conducting business while you stay with us? We are a quick commute to Lockheed Martin, Sodexho, Flurida, MC, Black Rock, RBC Financial Group and other area businesses. Consistently ranked one of the top islands in the Continental U.S. by Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler magazines, Hilton Head Island is awash in outdoor opportunities. From family beach time, bike explorations and kayaking expeditions to fishing excursions, historical sightseeing and boutique shopping, there’s something for everyone.

For more information and reservations at Courtyard Hilton Head Island, visit http://www.courtyardhiltonheadisland.com or call the hotel direct at (843) 802-2180.

About Southeastern Development
Originated in 1987, Southeastern Development, headquartered in Augusta, GA is a multi-facet development company operating throughout the Southeast for over 30 years. The company develops multi-family, retail, hotel and major residential planned development communities. For information, visit http://www.southeastern.company


About LBA Hospitality

Established in 1973, LBA Hospitality is one of the leading hotel management, development and consulting companies in the U.S. With an extensive portfolio of hotels located in the Southeast and Southwest, the company is a recognized leader developing and operating the most respected brands under franchise licenses of Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide and InterContinental Hotel Group. For more than four decades, LBA Hospitality has continued to set a higher standard in hotel development, management and guest satisfaction, resulting in sustained, profitable growth for owners. For more information, visit http://www.lbahospitality.com.


About Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard is the hotel brand of choice for ambitious and enterprising guests who see business travel as a driver of personal fulfillment and professional growth. Courtyard provides opportunities for guests to pursue both their personal and professional passions on the road. With more than 1,200 locations in over 54 countries and territories, Courtyard is proud to participate in Marriott Bonvoy, the new name of Marriott’s travel program replacing Marriott Rewards®, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®, and Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG). The program offers members an extraordinary portfolio of global brands, experiences on Marriott Bonvoy Moments and unparalleled benefits including earning points toward free hotel stays and nights toward Elite status recognition. To enroll for free or for more information about the program, visit MarriottBonvoy.com. For more information or reservations, visit courtyard.marriott.com, become a fan on Facebook or follow @CourtyardHotels on Twitter and Instagram.

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Keyrenter Property Management Expands Northeast Presence

Business entrepreneurs Megan O’Leary and Chapin Hemphill are partners in Keyrenter New England. The office is based outside of Manchester, New Hampshire, and serves all of southern New Hampshire. The partners are capitalizing on the skill set they developed while building the brand’s first California location, Keyrenter Silicon Valley. Hemphill opened that office in 2015 and reached out to O’Leary, who was already a successful property manager.

Megan lives in New Hampshire and will run the day-to-day operations at the New England location. Hemphill remains in California but stays connected thanks to Keyrenter’s website and online tools. This system allows tenants to view properties, submit applications, sign documents, request maintenance, and communicate online 24/7.

“Keyrenter’s innovative business model allows us to do almost everything online, even when we’re on opposite coasts,” said Hemphill. “Before we discovered ownership opportunities available through Keyrenter, Megan and I worked together managing large residential communities with hundreds of units. We developed a great working relationship, friendship, and now business partnership.”

“The professional processes we’ve developed combines our previous property management experience with a strong franchisor like Keyrenter,” said O’Leary. “That allows us to give property owners and tenants the highest level of service and support. Chapin and I each have our own individual strengths. We’re a great team, and I’m looking forward to our success with Keyrenter New England.”

The new Keyrenter franchise is part of an aggressive three-year national franchise growth plan. The thriving franchise system anticipates growing to 130 franchise partners through 2022, representing more than a 200 percent increase in franchise partners over the next three years. Keyrenter expects to achieve million in systemwide revenue by 2022.

Keyrenter’s CEO and Co-Founder, Aaron Marshall, says O’Leary and Hemphill are incredible examples of the growth potential of the Keyrenter brand.

“Megan and Chapin are the perfect fit for Keyrenter,” said Marshall. “They have the integrity, strong work ethic, and knowledge of the real estate property management industry to succeed in a second Keyrenter location. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this incredible business partnership.”

To request a comprehensive analysis of your rental property call Megan at (603) 641-4000 or visit Keyrenter New England Property Management.

The Keyrenter franchise offers a low-overhead, high-profit, technology-based business model that is proven to generate passive recurring monthly income in the residential property management industry. For more information about Keyrenter Property Management franchise opportunities, please visit https://keyrenter.com/franchise/.


About Keyrenter Property Management

Keyrenter Property Management, based in Midvale, Utah, is the nation’s leading residential property management franchise. Founded in 2007, Keyrenter began franchising in 2014 to help aspiring business owners and real estate brokers capitalize on the more than 43 million households occupied by renters throughout the United States.

Keyrenter has quickly grown to 42 territories across 19 states. Thousands of client investors work with Keyrenter franchise partners from coast to coast to manage tens of thousands of properties in their portfolios. As the ratio of renters to buyers continues to rise, Keyrenter plans to expand to 68 or more locations by December 31, 2020.

Defined by its core values, Keyrenter is a household name known for its outstanding reputation and ongoing community service efforts powered by Keyrenter Cares. Frequently recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work,” Keyrenter attracts top talent at the national and local levels to make sure all customers receive elite customer service.

To learn more about Keyrenter Property Management, please visit https://keyrenter.com/.

To learn more about Keyrenter Franchise Opportunities, please visit https://keyrenter.com/franchise/.

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KB Investment Development Closes on Acquisition of 200-Unit East Mesa Community

KB Investment Development successfully closed a transaction to add Superstition Canyon, a 200-unit Class A low-density garden community in East Mesa, to their high-performing Phoenix metro multifamily portfolio. CBRE’s Phoenix multifamily team of Tyler Anderson, Sean Cunningham, Asher Gunter and Matt Pesch brokered the sale.

The transaction marks the fifth large multifamily project acquired by KB in the Phoenix area since they entered the local market in 2015. Superstition Canyon is located at 1247 South 96th Street in the East Mesa sub-market, one of the region’s fastest growing locations. The acquisition includes a vacant 1.7-acre parcel which will provide additional development potential in a sub-market with limited opportunities for new apartment supply.

KB’s CEO and Founder, Khosro Khaloghli, acknowledged the challenges presented by the current public health crisis, and reports that he and his team spent many days weighing the potential impacts on the near and long-term performance of this asset before deciding to move forward in an environment where the majority of similar pending deals have stalled.

“The Phoenix multifamily market is in such a strong position that we feel confident in our ability to maximize the upside potential of this new asset even during a possible period of small adjustments in rent growth,” says Mr. Khaloghli. “Our projects in Mesa and Ahwatukee have occupancies around 98% and we have similar expectations for Superstition Canyon. Looking at the bigger picture, we believe Phoenix will continue to be a powerful draw for new residents—with a cost of living less than the national average and the best job growth numbers in the country. People and companies will go where they have the best chance for success.”

Superstition Canyon Apartments is positioned to take advantage of an existing array of nearby employers, plus new arrivals moving in to East Mesa in healthcare, aerospace and tech, as the Elliot Road Technology Corridor, anchored by a new Apple data center, bolsters the sub-market’s already substantial fundamentals.

The asset will be professionally managed by Maverick Residential Company. Jeffrey Krohn, President of Maverick, joined Khosro Khaloghli in 2018 to establish a multifamily investment/management firm that would set a higher standard for asset performance. Mr. Krohn commented on the company’s readiness to meet current challenges. “We’re excited to add this beautiful community to our managed portfolio and work with the owner to really polish its value. Due to our robust cloud-based, virtual systems and company culture of creative responses to adversity, we’re well-positioned to exceed expectations despite the temporary restrictions.” Krohn came to Maverick from his role as the Vice President of Operations for Alliance Residential, where he oversaw the operations of third-party managed assets in Arizona with over 16,500 units in his portfolio. He also created the Business Development platform for Alliance and was instrumental in growing the portfolio from 60,000 to 100,000 units.

The buyer brings more than 40+ years of experience in all phases of development, and well-established relationships with major lenders. Khosro Khaloghli’s entities operating in California, Nevada, Texas and Arizona have been responsible for the entitlement/development of more than 125 commercial/industrial buildings totaling over 11 million square feet of warehouse, industrial and office buildings, and 7,000 residential and apartment units, with an estimated value that exceeds .5 billion USD. He entered the greater Phoenix market aggressively in 2015, targeting larger communities with value-add potential for acquisition. The company’s local portfolio of 1,432 units includes Stone Canyon, a 392-unit very low-density garden-style apartment complex in Mesa, Superstition Canyon with 200 units, and three communities in the premium Ahwatukee submarket: Mountainside, a 288-unit property; Arboretum at South Mountain, with 312 units and Mountain Park, 240-units. All were financed through Freddie Mac and are exceeding their operating budgets under the management of Khaloghli and Krohn’s Maverick Residential Company.

About Maverick Residential Company
Founded in 2018, Maverick Residential Company (MRC) is a premiere, privately-held real estate company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Company is a fully-integrated platform with a specific focus on the acquisition and management of multifamily real estate. MRC prides itself on streamlined operational expertise, fostering strong on-site teams and taking care of residents. For more information, please visit http://www.mavres.com

About KB Development
KB Investment Development Company (KB) is an Orange County, California based real estate development company with more than 40 years of experience in the development, construction and management of commercial and residential real estate. KB and its affiliates have built more than 7,000 residential and multifamily units and more than 11 million square feet of industrial and office properties.

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PropertyManagement.com Names Best Property Management Companies in Vancouver, WA for 2020

PropertyManagement.com, a leading resource to help property owners identify reliable, trusted, and experienced property management services in the United States, has announced the 2020 Best Property Management Companies in Vancouver, WA. The guide recognizes 24 top property management firms based on costs, customer rating, reliability, and experience.

PropertyManagement.com used a selection process that evaluated each company across 30 different metrics. After careful assessment of 158 property management companies in the Vancouver, WA area, only 24 firms were selected for the final list. The research identified companies that scored the highest in outstanding customer reviews, credibility, high-level professionalism and more.

“Our goal is to help property owners make the most of their investments,” says Joyce Collins, Recognition Manager. “A reputable property management company can help owners save time and money by advertising rentals, collecting rent, handling maintenance issues and responding to tenant complaints.”

In addition to top picks for property management companies, the website also offers tips on rental marketing, tenant screening, liabilities, and a worksheet to keep track of income and expenses. For a detailed listing of the Best Property Management companies in Vancouver, WA please visit: https://www.propertymanagement.com/companies-in-vancouver-wa/

2020 Best Property Management Companies in Vancouver, WA (in alphabetical order)

4 Elements Property Management LLC
2000 East Laurel Place Vancouver, WA 98661

Blue Key Property Management Inc
7017 NE Highway 99, Suite 216 Vancouver, WA 98665

Columbia Commercial LLC
9120 NE Vancouver Mall Loop, #210 Vancouver, WA 98662

Dove Property Management
15609 SE Mill Plain, #300 Vancouver, WA 98684

EKM Property Management
Vancouver, WA 98662

G & G Property Management Inc
3813 H Street Vancouver, WA 98663

Ginn Property Management
11202 NE 20th Street Vancouver, WA 98684

GMLC Property Management
3510 Kauffman Avenue, #E Vancouver, WA 98660

Invest West Management
12503 SE Mill Plain Boulevard, Suite 260 Vancouver, WA 98684

Key Property Services, Inc.
7710 NE Greenwood Drive, Suite 150 Vancouver, WA 98660

Northwest Management Exclusive Inc.
11715 NE Crestwood Drive Vancouver, WA 98684

Personal Property Management & Consulting LLC
301 E. McLoughlin Boulevard Vancouver, WA 98663

Premier Property Management Inc
1401 SE 163rd Avenue Vancouver, WA 98683

Proactive Property Management
4200 SE Columbia Way, Suite F Vancouver, WA 98661

Quantum Residential
601 E 16th Street Vancouver, WA 98661

Real Property Management Services
5620 NE Gher Road, Suite H Vancouver WA 98662

Real Property Management Vancouver
15640 NE 4th Plain Road, Suite 112 Vancouver, Washington 98682

RealVest Corporation
205 E 11th Street, Suite 200 Vancouver, WA 98660

Sunworld Group
9901 NE 7th Avenue, Suite C119 Vancouver, WA 98685

The Phillips Group Inc.
310 West 11th Street Vancouver, WA 98660

Utmost Property Management
1905 SE 192nd Avenue, Suite 203-B Camas, WA 98607

Wise Move Property Management
310 NE 5th Avenue Camas, WA 98607

YQC Properties LLC
211 E 11th Street Vancouver, WA 98660

Zenith Properties NW LLC
1498 SE Tech Center Place, #170 Vancouver, WA 98683

About PropertyManagement.com

PropertyManagement.com is an online resource for property owners with expert-advice and data-driven research about management of properties. The website provides a hand-picked list of the best property management companies across the nation. Users can also access free information and easy-to-use tools to help them make educated decisions about their investment property. For more information, visit propertymanagement.com.

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NG Key Works Voted Best of Dawson 2020 for Locksmith Category

NG Key Works, a locksmith company located in Dawsonville, has been voted Best Locksmith in Dawson County this year. As a local locksmith service who enjoys helping customers with their locksmith needs, the company was very pleased to see their name on the list of winners in this year’s event.

Nick Duran, owner of NG Key Works, expressed his thoughts on this award: “Thank you to each and every person who voted NG Key Works for best of Dawson 2020, in the locksmith category. Our team is very humbled to know that we have impacted so many across this great county. From the very beginning, we have prided ourselves on offering professional results and unmatched customer service. Thank you everyone! We are truly honored.”

To view the full list of winners in the Best of Dawson 2020 event, please visit: https://dawson.secondstreetapp.com/The-Best-of-Dawson-2020/.

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, there will not be a recognition event for the winners of Best of Dawson 2020. The team at NG Key will be celebrating this victory in the safety of their homes while complying with current state guidelines regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic.

About NG Key Works
As a local locksmith service in Dawsonville, NG Key Works provides fast and friendly service to the residents of Dawson County and surrounding areas. The company boasts the ability to provide 24/7 emergency services to clients in need. They also have the capability to perform real estate locksmith services for agents who are in need of durable locks for their homes.

NG Key Works’ full list of services includes:

  • Residential Locksmith Services
  • Commercial Locksmith Services
  • Automotive Locksmith Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services
  • Real Estate Locksmith Services


The company is very honored to have been chosen by the community for Best Locksmith in Dawson County for 2020. The team at NG Key Works strives to provide their customers with top-quality service each and every visit. They will be working hard this year to show clients both new and old that they are deserving of this title.

To learn more about NG Key Works, please visit https://ngkey.com/.

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StorageUnits.com Names Top Storage Facilities in Aurora, CO for 2020

StorageUnits.com, a reliable and easy guide for the most convenient, secure, and affordable storage facilities, has announced the Best Self-Storage Units in Aurora, CO. The research identifies 20 top storage unit facilities in the city based on reputation, affordability, proximity and more.

In addition to customer reviews, accreditation and expertise, StorageUnits.com evaluated each facility across 25 metrics and five main categories. Results were analyzed for 190 facilities in the Aurora area with only 20 making the final list. Consumers can access the listing for quick, clear summaries to help them find quality, affordable storage options nearby.

“Our goal is to simplify the process by helping people find the best storage solutions to meet their needs,” says Daniel Cobb, Co-Founder. “Whether they’re relocating or just need extra space at home, our guide is a quick and trusted resource for quality storage facilities in convenient locations.”

In addition to traditional self-storage solutions, StorageUnits.com also provides information and tools for full service storage, car storage, boat storage as well as moving solutions. The website enables consumers to compare the best options in various cities across the United States.

To access the complete listing of Best Self Storage Units in Aurora, CO please visit https://www.storageunits.com/aurora-co-self-storage/

2020 Best Self Storage Units in Aurora, CO

225 Self Storage
13790 E. Mississippi Avenue Aurora, CO 80012

70th Avenue Self Storage
891 Highway 224 Denver, CO 80229

Adams County Self Storage
5999 Pecos Street Denver, CO 80221

All American Mini Storage
545 Broadway Denver, CO 80203

Denver RV Self Storage
9694 N. Moore Road Littleton, CO 80125

Downtown Denver Storage
2134 Curtis Street, Suite 302 Denver, CO 80205

Downtown Self Storage
3400 Walnut Street Denver, CO 80205

Edgemark Self Storage
320 S. Birch Street Glendale, CO 80246

Guardian Storage
3633 N. Walden Circle Aurora, CO 80011

iBox Self Storage
7411 S. Gartell Road, Aurora, CO 80016

Iliff & Peoria Self Storage
2455 S. Peoria Street Aurora, CO 80014

Jewell & Sheridan Self Storage
5500 W. Jewell Avenue Denver, CO 80232

LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center
3275 Denargo Street Denver, CO 80216

Mini U Storage
16830 E. Hughes Drive Aurora, CO 80011

Monument Hill Self Storage
1895 Deer Creek Road Monument, CO 80132

Neighborhood Self Storage
2902 S. Havana Street Aurora, CO 80014

South Abilene Storage
1330 S. Abilene Street Aurora, CO 80012

Stapleton Storage
9591 E. 22 Avenue Aurora, CO 80010

STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage
370 S. Potomac Street Aurora, CO 80012

U.S. Storage, Inc.
50 S. Havana Street Aurora, CO 80012

About StorageUnits.com

StorageUnits.com is a simple solution to helping people find the most convenient, secure, and affordable storage facilities. The website allows consumers to compare the best storage options wherever they are in the United States; whether it’s traditional self-storage or a full-service storage and moving solution. The company is based in Addison, Texas and was founded on the principle that packing and moving valuables is stressful enough – choosing a storage unit should be a simple, quick process. For more information, visit https://www.storageunits.com/.

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Empowering University Offers Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Curriculum for Success

The number of women becoming entrepreneurs continues to rise.  According to a study commissioned by American Express in 2018, 40% of new entrepreneurs between 2017 and 2018 were women.  The study also found that while the total number of businesses has grown 114% over the past two decades, the number of women-owned businesses has grown 44%. 

“Women face unique challenges in the business world, whether they own their own business or work in the corporate world,” says globally recognized public speaker, award-winning entrepreneur and author Galit Ventura-Rozen.  “But learning how to skillfully navigate these challenges can lead to limitless possibilities of success.”  

Ventura-Rozen became an entrepreneur at the age of 21, stepping into the male-dominated world of corporate real estate.  During her over 25 years of experience, she has sold over $ 700 million in Las Vegas commercial property. At the age of 38, she went back to school to earn a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Throughout her career, she has received TMG Entertainment Silver State Award for Best of the Best Local Motivational Speaker/Coach, the National Association of Women Business Owners Woman of Distinction Award for Professional Services, been named one of Infinity Business Magazine’s Top 5 Female Professionals You Should Know About, and more.  Most recently she received the TMG Entertainment Silver State Award for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Even though the presence of women-owned businesses has grown, and women-owned companies have been found to deliver more than twice as much per dollar invested, female founders only received 2% of venture capital dollars in 2017, the same year women made up 2/5 of all new entrepreneurs.  Professional women still face a significant wage gap, with the Census Bureau finding that women still make just 80% of what their male professional counterparts make. Entrepreneurship offers women paths to success that traditional corporate paths do not provide.

Based on her decades of success in the high caliber world of business while raising a family, and as a high performance business coach, Ventura-Rozen authored the book The Successful Woman’s Mindset and launched Empowering University to provide professionals and entrepreneurs the tools and training needed to reach new levels of personal and professional success.  Empowering University offers professional speakers, corporate training, and executive coaching in leadership, business, the successful mindset and more.

“You don’t have to own your own business to benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset,” says Ventura-Rozen. “Empowered leadership and an engaged and unified team are what pushes any business to the next level.  Armed with the right tools and mindset, the possibilities are limitless.”

To invite Galit Ventura-Rozen to speak for you, or for more information about how her company Empowering University can launch your business or career to new levels, visit www.galitventurarozen.com 

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Cultured Stone Continues to Innovate with New Drystack Ledgestone panels

Cultured Stone, from Boral North America, the company that pioneered the manufactured stone veneer category, continues to innovate by launching a panelized version of its Drystack Ledgestone profile in three color options: Rubicon, Melrose and High Plains. As the darkest palette in the profile, Rubicon presents a strikingly contemporary blend of deep grays and carbon-inspired tones. For those seeking more neutral shades, Melrose incorporates a sophisticated assortment of light-gray hues, and High Plains showcases an earthy grouse color with tan undertones that accentuate the profile’s rustic textures. The new colors provide a variety of options to integrate with any design style, and the panelized system makes installation easier and faster at a time when labor shortages within the building industry are at an all-time high.

“The process of creating a panelized system is a deliberate and purposeful response to the current labor shortage,” said Sarah Lograsso, Director of Marketing. “By creating solutions that alleviate jobsite pressures, we’re hoping to underscore our commitment to providing dependable and versatile products.”

TWEET THIS: New Drystack Ledgestone panels from @Cultured_Stone make installation faster to alleviate jobsite pressures caused by a growing shortage of skilled labor. #stoneveneer http://bit.ly/CS_DrystackLedgestone

There is a growing need to incorporate time-saving solutions for both new construction and remodeling projects as contractors struggle to find qualified laborers and meet high construction demand. A recent survey commissioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that 91 percent of contractors, construction managers, builders and trade contractors reported having a difficult or moderately difficult time finding skilled workers. Understanding that this shortage includes a decrease in skilled stone masons, Cultured Stone takes a bold lead in innovation through the debut of a panelized system that makes installation faster and easier.

Drystack Ledgestone panels provide the same textural variations present in the non-panelized profile, which is notable for its ability to capture both light and shadow in the interplay of carefully selected and shaped stones that have been tight-fitted for drystack installation. Architects and designers prefer Drystack Ledgestone for its texture and color variation, which blends well with both contemporary and traditional design styles.

For more information on Cultured Stone and its products, visit CulturedStone.com.

About Cultured Stone
Cultured Stone originated the manufactured stone veneer category and continues to lead the industry in innovation, reliability and precision. For more than 55 years, Cultured Stone has produced stone and brick veneers of the highest quality for interior applications, such as fireplace surrounds and kitchen backsplashes, or exterior accents. Backed by a 50-year limited warranty, Cultured Stone products are engineered to meet the strictest requirements in the industry and contain an average of 50 percent pre-consumer recycled content. The company operates two manufacturing facilities in North America: Napa, California, and Chester, South Carolina, and the products are available nationwide from more than 850 dealers and globally in Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, detailed product specifications and other trade resources, visit CulturedStone.com.

About Boral North America

Boral North America, a division of Boral Limited, brings a diverse array of premium brands under one banner to deliver next generation building materials for this generation’s needs. Boral’s innovative manufacturers and passionate teams provide the highest quality architectural solutions and industry leadership in a variety of categories, including stone, brick, roofing, siding and trim, and windows. For more information visit BoralAmerica.com

About Boral Stone Division

The Boral Stone Division, within Boral North America, provides an extensive collection of sustainably manufactured solutions to match any design style and budget. With six unique brands and a global footprint, Boral Stone Division products enhance the aesthetic and tactile appeal of any project with the natural textures and authentic color palettes of architectural stone veneer. For more information visit BoralAmerica.com/Stone

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Top Dubai Property Investment Projects, Trusted Developers, High ROI & Easy Payment Plans

Since Dubai opened up its 100% ownership real estate market, the city has become home to an unbelievable and incredible number of real estate projects. With the total number of available off-plan property in Dubai, it can get unclear when it comes to conclusive where to invest your hard-earned money. This is why we’re taking a look at the top best off-plan projects in Dubai, as per searches conducted by hausandhaus.com users.

  1. Ruba at Arabian Ranches 3

3 & 4 Bedroom Townhouses for sale in Ruba at Arabian Ranches 3

Location: Arabian Ranches 3

Developer: Emaar Properties PJSC

Development Type: 3 & 4 Bedroom Townhouses

Completion Date: March 2023

Prices from: AED 1,400,000

View Payment Plan:


For More Information on Project:

Rennie Sanger

Off Plan & Investment Consultant

+971 56 553 3220

  1. Elan at Tilal Al Ghaf

3 & 4 Bedroom Duplex Townhouses for sale in Elan at Tilal Al Ghaf

Location: Al Ghaf

Developer: Majid Al Futtaim

Development Type: 3 & 4 Bedroom Duplex Townhouses

Completion Date: December 2022

Prices from: AED 1,259,000

View Payment Plan:


For More Information on Project:

Ben Brooks

Off Plan & Investment Consultant

+971 56 950 1782

  1. Al Furjan, Villas & Townhouses

4 BR Villas & 3 BR Townhouses for sale in Al Furjan, Villas & Townhouses

Location: Jebel Ali

Developer: Nakheel

Development Type: 4 BR Villas & 3 BR Townhouses

Completion Date: January 2018

Prices from: AED 3,059,000

View Payment Plan:


For More Information on Project:

Mohammad Rashidkhani

Off Plan & Investment Consultant

+971 52 188 0006

  1. Burj Crown by Emaar

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments for sale in Burj Crown by Emaar – Launch Offer

Location: Downtown Dubai

Developer: Emaar Properties PJSC

Development Type: 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments

Completion Date: October 2023

Prices from: AED 1,068,888

View Payment Plan:


For More Information on Project:

Mohammad Rashidkhani

Off Plan & Investment

  1. SEVEN Palm Residences

Studio, 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments for sale in SEVEN Palm Residences

Location: Palm Jumeirah

Developer: Seven Tides International

Development Type: Studio, 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments

Completion Date: March 2021

Prices from: AED 616,888

View Payment Plan:



For More Information on Project:

Rennie Sanger

Off Plan & Investment Consultant

+971 56 553 3220


Visit www.hausandhaus.com for more off plan & ready properties.

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Ingerman Management Company Deploys ‘One-Company’ Pothole Solution

Ingerman Management Company, an award winning developer of real estate and multifamily residential housing, which owns and operates apartment communities throughout the mid-Atlantic region, announced today that it has entered into an innovative Strategic Asphalt Maintenance agreement with PotholeRepair.com (PHR), ensuring its entire portfolio will be pothole-free.

Potholes are an unpleasant reality and a source of immense frustration for property managers. Besides the irritation for residents, potholes can negatively impact curb appeal and, even worse, cause vehicle damage and personal injuries. Under the Strategic Asphalt Maintenance (SAM) agreement, PHR will regularly inspect Ingerman’s communities and resolve problems and irregularities before there is extensive asphalt damage. This proactive approach significantly extends the life of the pavement and reduces capital expenditures for asphalt repairs and maintenance, typically among the largest budget expenses for property managers.

“The industry is reactive when it comes to maintaining asphalt,” said David DeAugustine, COO at Ingerman. “Our maintenance crews would apply temporary cold patches until the damage grew large enough to warrant costly and disruptive asphalt repairs. We now take a proactive approach with PHR to maintain beautiful communities and further our standard of excellence for all of Ingerman’s resident families.”

About Ingerman
Ingerman is a leading developer, builder and manager of multifamily housing communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Since its inception, the company has been responsible for the development of more than 100 sites representing 8,400 units with total development costs exceeding .4 billion. Ingerman was founded on a guiding principle: to bring together a highly talented and motivated group of real estate professionals to create and maintain outstanding residential communities for residents and their families that are strategically financed and managed through persistent attention to detail. Today, that mission continues to drive an unwavering focus on delivering high-quality housing and superior services to all stakeholders — investors, community partners and residents.

About PotholeRepair.com
Opposite of a paving company, Pothole Repair.com provides a proactive approach to managing asphalt repair and maintenance. PHR specializes strictly in repairing small-scale asphalt damages before they grow into large expensive repairs, significantly reducing maintenance budgets while extending the life of the pavement. PHR offers unique pavement preservation programs for property management companies that want to reduce capital expenditures.    

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Dubai Property Investment – hausandhaus.com pick on Dubai’s current top property investments

With a myriad of top developers having many off plan offerings in the market, many buyers are perplexed when it comes to spending their hard earned cash. The confusion stems from a huge variety of payment plans and options, and with releases almost on a daily basis it can be hard to keep up with the developments which will be the most popular once completed, and those that will give the best returns. To save any confusion we have hand-picked our current favorite Dubai investments from the very best developers. We have based our selection on reputation, location, successful past projects, value for money and build quality. This is an unbiased view, with no favoritism towards any particular company or brand. We always maintain that by giving rational, honest and transparent advice – clients will be happy to return.

Eden at The Valley  | by Emaar

Emaar’s first venture in this location, the strategic position of this development is close enough Dubai’s major landmarks to be a success – but far enough to offer some tranquility to the hustle and bustle of the city. These 3 and 4 bedroom luxury townhouses start at very attractive rates and the payment plan is generous with a 30 month post-handover mechanism. Very much focused on families, this development will benefit from lush parks and green areas, shopping close by at The Pavilion and the classic infrastructure that makes Emaar one of the most respected developers.

Eden by Emaar Prices from AED 1,168,888

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Marina Vista  | by Emaar

One of the most anticipated projects, Emaar’s foray into beachfront living will make a positive impact on the local hotspot of Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and JBR shoreline. From 1 to 4 bedroom apartments, classic Emaar styling and all buildings having a close proximity to water, this is one project not to miss. With multiple payment options, a 100 % DLD fee waiver and 2 year post-handover payment plan up for grabs, what is not to like? Whether an investment or to live, you will not be disappointed with what is on offer here…

Emaar Beachfront Starting from AED 1,200,888

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

Ruba Villas at Arabian Ranches III  | by Emaar

Arabian Ranches and Ranches 2 conjure mental images of perfectly executed housing and lifestyle. These incredible success stories for many Dubai expats are now offered in a more affordable package – Arabian Ranches 3. Contemporary, clean and amazing value 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses, Emaar have really hit the nail on the head with this exciting project. Sublime build and facilities, one of the real ‘wow’ plusses of this development will be the kid-friendly lazy river which circles the perimeter. Starting at 1.4m, this is a fantastic opportunity to grab your slice of the dream family playground. 

Arabian Ranches III by Emaar 3 BR’s from AED 1,400,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate  | by Select Group

With an enviable waterfront position in Dubai Marina, one of the best specifications and 5* service within the residence, Jumeirah Living Marina Gate will most certainly live up to the hype. With an expected April 2020 completion date, 100 % DLD fee waiver, 4 year post-handover payment plan and competitive pricing, it is not surprising that there is already limited availability. 

Select Group have really upped the game with this masterpiece – give us a call today to make your reservation.

Contact : +971 54 422 5050 

Expo Golf Villas 5  | by Emaar

EXPO 2020. There is no hotter buzzword today in Dubai. These prime 3 and 4 bed limited premium villas are as close to the action as you can get – how does a few minutes to the site sound? – making them an exciting investment prospect for the next year and beyond. The layouts and finish of these properties are centered around families and with supporting, extensive infrastructure in the surrounding area – make this an incredible proposal. The Championship Golf Course and Al Maktoum airport are literally minutes away… book your spot with the haus team today! 

Expo Golf Villas 5 Starting from AED 1,077,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

Signature Livings  | by Green Group

If the UAE’s first solar powered residential apartment building, eco-friendly and contemporary design in the popular Jumeirah Village Circle sounds tempting… read on. With a choice of studio’s and one bedroom apartments and one and two bed penthouses, and starting at a budget friendly AED 425,000 – this is a gem of a project. Not only that but with a Q2 expected delivery date, a show home on site, and impeccable build quality; all genuine reasons why this is fast becoming a sell-out development. Boasting up to date features such as smart phone enabled temperature control, Bluetooth enabled sound systems and smart coffee machines in the lobby – The Green Group have genuinely raised the bar with this one. 

Signature Livings by Green Group Prices from AED 425,000

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

If you require factual, current and professional investment advice from a company that cares about your money as much as you do – then get in touch. Our team of off-plan specialists will give honest, clear and tangible advice that has your best interests at heart. Whether you are looking for an entry level apartment, or a panoramic view penthouse overlooking the Arabian Gulf – we are confident that our approach is consistent so that you get the best possible guidance. Get in touch today and let us make your money work for you…easy.

Dubai Property Investment Consultant:

Contact : +971 54 422 5050

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Roger Mumford Homes receives RiverCenter 2019 Community Partner Award

Roger Mumford of Roger Mumford Homes has been named the recipient of the RiverCenter’s 2019 Community Partner Award. RiverCenter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed in 1991 to manage the Borough of Red Bank’s Special Improvement District. The Community Partner Award is given each year to an individual or organization that works to promote and/or improve Red Bank.

“We can’t think of a worthier candidate,” said James Scavone, Executive Director of RiverCenter. “The projects [Roger Mumford] has developed in Red Bank over the past several years have truly improved the landscape of our community. His housing projects have brought hundreds of people to live in our town. These people become instant customers to our downtown businesses and support the economic well-being of Red Bank. In addition, the work you did on the T. Thomas Fortune House allowed that space to become a destination and preserve a valuable piece of Red Bank history at the same time.”

Roger Mumford Homes accepted the Community Partner Award earlier this month at Triumph Brewing Company in Red Bank. “We all love Red Bank and are delighted to be part of its Renaissance,” said Roger Mumford of Roger Mumford Homes.

Headquartered in Red Bank, Roger Mumford Homes recently unveiled the Brownstones at Red Bank, authentically styled high quality townhomes between River Street and Catherine Street, and Fortune Square, new luxury apartments located on Drs James Parker Boulevard.

The Fortune Square project incorporated both the reconstruction and donation of a cultural center “Maple Hall”, the home of visionary T. Thomas Fortune, now a National Historic Landmark as well as a National Center for Historic Journalism. “The project provided a platform to do something I believe in – sponsoring a Cultural Center for education, advocacy, journalistic integrity, promoting better human relations and preserve Maple Hall,” Mumford added.

The Fortune Square project consisted of the restoration of the entire property, along with an entry area with benches and a monument commemorating Fortune, parking areas for visitors, internal walkways circulating the site and an apartment building to the rear that incorporated the French Mansard style of Maple Hall.

Looking to the future, Roger Mumford plans to develop unique projects in Red Bank with individual character that complements the area and preserves history.

About Roger Mumford Homes
Roger Mumford Homes was founded in 2005 by Roger Mumford, former President and Co-founder of the Matzel & Mumford Organization, which built over 75 new home communities in New Jersey. The builder has since earned multiple awards in recognition of its excellence in design and detail, reinforcing its brand and reputation. To learn more, please visit RogerMumfordHomes.com or call 732.842.1580.

Roger Mumford Homes receives RiverCenter 2019 Community Partner Award

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Broker, Rick Tobin, named to Leadership Team of the Fort Lauderdale Chapter of the National Association of Divorce professionals

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 18, 2019

Premier Hotel Realty is proud to announce that broker Rick Tobin has been elected to the Leadership team of the Fort Lauderdale Lunch Chapter of The National Association of Divorce Professionals (www.theNADP.com).  NADP is a new and growing association of highly vetted professionals who serve clients going through all stages of divorce. The local chapter is composed of Family Law Attorneys, Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents, Immigration Attorneys, Counsellors and others who help people navigate the divorce process.  The NADP is committed to making a positive impact on the divorce process through strategic alliances, divorce-centered education and comprehensive professional development and selected Tobin to Chair the group’s social media.

Tobin’s role in the group as a Commercial Real Estate broker is to assist the other professionals and their clients when they need to divide real estate or sell their commercial property when they go through the divorce process.  Tobin will use his experience marketing commercial properties to help make the public aware of the group, help forge internal alliances and to promote the group through appropriate social media platforms.

Tobin says, “When I originally joined the group I was unaware of how many issues may be intertwined in the divorce process when a couple decides to split their marriage and their assets.  Through my participation in the group, I’ve learned how to help couples to better navigate the process and avoid many surprises including leaving money on the table.” 

To learn more about Rick Tobin, visit his NADP profile https://www.thenadp.com/members/?id=51941586 or the Premier Hotel Realty website at www.PremierHotelRealty.com

About Premier Hotel Realty: 

Premier Hotel Realty, led by Broker, Rick Tobin, is based in Pompano Beach, Florida and globally markets a wide variety of commercial properties.  Rick also serves as a director of the Lauderdale by the Sea Chamber of Commerce and is on the Executive Board of the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce.  For more information contact Premier at info@PremierHotelRealty.com.


Rick Tobin

954-543-5411 x2

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GPR Ventures announces new acquisition in thriving R Street area of Midtown Sacramento

GPR Ventures, a privately held real estate investment firm based in Sacramento and the Silicon Valley, has announced the purchase of a 26,500 square foot office building on 9th and R Street in Midtown Sacramento. The firm closed escrow on the property in late November and will begin full interior and exterior renovations on the building in January upon lease end of the space’s current tenant, the California State Department of Fish and Game.

“The R Street Corridor has seen tremendous growth and revival in recent months, and we are excited to add more redevelopment of this historic part of the city with the acquisition,” said GPR Ventures co-founder and Managing Principal Phil Rolla. “We expect to leverage our resources and core Sacramento personnel to execute extensive renovations and updates on the building in order to add needed Class A office space to the area.”

TWEET THIS: Real estate investment firm #GPRVentures has announced the purchase of a 26,500 square foot property in the R Street Corridor in #Sacramento. A complete remodel is scheduled to begin in January 2020. #business

“We were drawn to the area because of the combination of a great redevelopment opportunity and the diverse portfolio of tenants, businesses and projects that make up this particular stretch of Midtown,” said Glen Yonekura, Co-Founder and Managing Principal at GPR Ventures. “The remodel should be completed by the end of March 2020, and we hope to see similar success as other recently repositioned office projects in the area.”

Planned exterior upgrades include a new roof, larger windows with awnings and refreshed paint. The interior will be completely converted to include design elements such as wooden ceiling beams and exposed brick and ductwork as well as polished concrete floors. The new lobby will receive enhancements such as modern furniture, artwork and other décor, and a new HVAC system will be installed throughout the building.

The property, located at 1812 9th Street, marks GPR Ventures’ 22nd purchase in Northern California. For more information on GPR Ventures and its complete portfolio, visit https://www.gprventures.com/.

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North Texas Property Management Announces Post on Strategy to be the Best Team of Property Managers in Plano, McKinney, and Allen Texas

North Texas Property Management, a top-rated property management company in Plano with service to McKinney and Allen Texas as well as other nearby communities at https://www.ntxpm.com/, is proud to announce a new post for the New Year. The new post argues that a key to being the best property management company in North Texas must include teamwork between the property manager and property owner. NTXPM professionals set up the game plan for tackling rental issues, including property maintenance and tenant management. Property owners ready to hand over daily landlord responsibilities can thus find a team willing to collaborate.

"We love a good football game, whether it's the Dallas Cowboys or the TCU Horned Frogs. One thing that inspires us is the teamwork among the players. It's something we apply to property management," explained Jason Marasco, CEO of North Texas Property Management. "Just like football, in our line of work, each member has an important role to play. A profitable client portfolio is critical."

Property owners searching to collaborate with the best property management company can review the new blog post about team spirit at https://www.ntxpm.com/2019/10/25/you-need-a-property-management-team-to-look-after-your-home/. North Texas Property Management supports owners of residential properties in the Dallas suburbs, including Plano, McKinney, and Allen, Texas. Real estate investors and single-family homeowners planning to hand over management responsibilities can find help from a group of ­­­focused professionals.


Here is the background on this release. North Texas residents can be passionate football fans. Football stands frequently exhibit a crowd of cheering, loyal fans from college up to the professional leagues. Texas residents may appreciate viewing the dynamic synergy teamwork creates on the playing field. Many hard-working Texans might find the same smart strategies work well in personal affairs. Homeowners in Plano, McKinney, or Allen, Texas, may be ready to find a 'team player' to help handle a rental property. One of the best property management companies nearby could be the right fit. For these reasons, North Texas Property Management announces a new blog post.


North Texas Property Management Company is a top-rated property management company servicing the needs of rental property owners in the North Dallas area of North Texas. The company's property managers manage residential rental properties in Plano & McKinney and Richardson & Allen, as well as other communities in the North Dallas area, for real estate investors and rental property owners who want a property management company that will take the burden off of them of physically and financially caring for, maintaining, and managing their rental homes.

Web. http://www.ntxpm.com/
Tel. 214-227-7669

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mem property management Announces Integration of New Project Management Software Solutions

mem property management, a leading property management company in New Jersey, recently announced the integration of a new cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to accelerate task and project management and enable better collaboration and between residents, employees, clients, vendors, or consultants.

The software provides state of the art tracking and e-notifications so individuals who escalate an issue or task will be able to see that the issue is being worked on, who is responsible for solving the assigned task and notification and confirmation as soon as the issue is resolved.

“The software allows us to plan our project activities, assign work, manage resources and collaborate with our team better to get things done faster and more effectively,” explains mem property management founder and CEO Martin Laderman, “we were able to find a software solution that was flexible enough to work with our existing systems.”

For over thirty years mem property management has been providing New Jersey’s top associations and residential communities with a range of services including: vendor management and contractor supervision; building inspections and maintenance needs analysis; financial management and association budget preparation and review; and day to day management and oversight. mem property management is also recognized as an industry leader for embracing new technology to better serve their communities.

“Our new software as a service (SaaS) will help mem property management create efficiencies by organizing milestones, ‘to do’ lists, and tasks to help us organize complex projects into easily manageable units,” says Laderman, “we invest heavily in technology that will help our residents and communities. We believe that integrating cloud-based project management software will allow our company to move faster and more effectively than our competitors and maintain our position as the leading property management company in New Jersey.”

About mem property management

mem property management supports a diverse range of communities throughout New Jersey, from ocean-front condominiums to large master-planned communities to age-restricted active adult communities.

Through a series of strategic acquisitions and attracting the most experienced property management professionals in the region, mem property management has become one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country, recognized in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list, while retaining the personalized touch and customized, hands-on approach that has contributed to its success serving multi-family properties in New Jersey.

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Orlando Office Solutions, LLC Set to Finalize Condo Sale for 0,000 in BMO Harris Bank Building

Orlando based Orlando Office Solutions, LLC announced that it will be finalizing its 0,000 condo sale that consists of 2,700 MOL total sq ft. The BMO Harris Bank Building is a Class A office building featuring very attractive, contemporary architecture with a strong medical and professional tenant mix. The property is located just west of I-75, minutes away from Downtown Bradenton and the beaches.

"Working with Dr. Zalepuga has been a great experience. It's an exciting process, and we always find it a pleasure to interact and meet with incredible business owners in the area. The condo itself is a very nice unit and has many stunning features to it including tons of windows that give natural lighting and great views.” states Alex Reece the manager of Orlando Office Solutions. "We will continue to buy, redevelop and sell great commercial properties, with our focus on finding value add opportunities."

About Orlando Office Solutions

Orlando Office Solutions, LLC is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and specializes in leasing and adding value to high vacancy projects that may or may not have sizable deferred maintenance issues that should be addressed.

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Celebrity Homes: Kelly Clarkson's Tennessee Lakefront Mansion Is For Sale

“Kelly Clarkson's Tennessee Lake Mansion”

Kelly Clarkson made a meteoric rise to stardom after singing and winning the first season of 'American Idol' in 2002. Kelly is now one of America’s favorite entertainers, judge on 'The Voice' and host of her new NBC talk show. Ten years after her 'American Idol' win, Kelly bought a Tennessee lake home in Henderson, 25 miles up the Cumberland River from Nashville. Her Tennessee mansion is for sale, priced at .49 million.

No vacations needed when you can live in a home designed to take full advantage of its recreational waterfront setting with a boating distance of almost a hundred river miles, water ski, fish, jet ski, swim or explore the endless Old Hickory Lake shoreline by boat or one of the Tennessee waterside parks. The Clarkson house is positioned on four acres with an adjoining useable two acres owned by the Army Corps of Engineers. With its outward curving shoreline, the water views are exceptional and a two-boat covered boathouse with a lift that is near the left property line so as not to interfere with the views. There is a long gated driveway to the entrance car park with center fountain. Grounds are dotted with mature trees, lots of emerald lawn, a sand volleyball court, English-style gardens, greenhouse and large pool/spa terrace with pavilion for outdoor dining with fireplace.

The 20,121-square-foot house has plenty of space for family, friends and stay-overs. The home’s entrance is into a grand foyer with soaring double staircases, the heart of the home is filled with family warmth and fun for casual entertaining, particularly the cowboy bar with its saddle bar stools. Included are seven bedrooms, one of which is a large master suite with seating area in front of a fireplace and stunning master bath, eleven baths, family room, movie theater and a children’s room with four built-in bunk beds and good-sized play area. There is a billiard/game room, additional seating rooms large gym, a two-level office and an elevator.

Singer, songwriter and talk-show host, Kelly Clarkson, is now living near the California studio where she is filming 'American Idol' and her weekly talk show, 'The Kelly Clarkson Show,' and is selling her lakefront home near Nashville. Priced at .49 million, Jack Miller, the listing broker, is with Stutts-Miller Properties at Parks Real Estate in Nashville.

Visit TopTenRealEstateDeals.com for more historic, spectacular and celebrity homes and real estate news.

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Beachside Gardens Convenience Suites Boutique Hotel Changes Hands

Deerfield Beach, FL- October 30 – Rick Tobin of Premier Hotel Realty announced today that Beachside Gardens Convenience Suites, a 12-unit hotel, was sold Friday, October 25th, to a buyer from New York, for just over $ 2 million.  Beachside Gardens Convenience Suites is located one block from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and is a favorite of seasonal travelers because of its proximity to the beach, and to Deerfield Beach’s popular downtown shops and restaurants. 


The seller enlisted the help of Premier Hotel Realty to present the property to qualified buyers who would appreciate the increasing values and economic stability in this seaside community. 


Rick Tobin, Broker for Premier Hotel Realty and a Director of the Greater Pompano Beach and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Chambers of Commerce said, “Lately, there’s tremendous interest from international buyers looking for a local beach-area real estate.  Investors from around the world are noticing the long term value of our area.  This is one of the many recent hotel sales that I’ve been involved in.  I'm honored to be playing a part in bringing new owners to the area and only wish I had more properties for eager buyers."


About Premier Hotel Realty


Premier Hotel Realty, led by Broker, Rick Tobin, is based in Pompano Beach, Florida and globally markets a wide variety of commercial properties.  Premier advises on hotel and other commercial transactions in South Florida's beach communities.  Tobin also markets local apartment buildings, industrial properties and other types of commercial real estate, often marketing to investors from around the world, most recently including Canada, Sweden, the Ukraine, Denmark, Israel and various countries in South America.

For more information contact Premier at info@PremierHotelRealty.com or call 954-543-5411. 

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Naples Hotel Group Has Topped Out Fairfield Inn & Suites Tampa Riverview

The Naples Hotel Group, a leading hotel Development and Management Company, announced that the roof has been topped out on the new Fairfield Inn & Suites located in Riverview, FL. The company was awarded the contract to oversee the construction of the hotel and manage all aspects of the opening and operations with owners, Riverview Hotels and Resorts LLC.

Riverview is only 12 miles to Downtown Tampa. It’s home to many corporate and local businesses and has been named Best Places to Live alongside the Tampa/St. Pete metro area. Also, Riverview is home to the brand-new James A. Haley Veterans' hospital which is expected to serve over 10,000 Veterans. The hotel is located within a mile of Interstate 75, the major highway along the west coast of Florida, at 10743 Big Bend Road.

The new five-story hotel has 108 guest rooms & suites, 512 sq. ft. meeting and event space, fitness center as well as an outdoor pool and patio area. Hotel guest rooms will feature Marriott's Guest Room Entertainment Platform, a mini-refrigerator, microwave and complimentary coffee & tea. Amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, on-site laundry facilities, business center, and complimentary WIFI throughout the property. Dining options will include daily, complimentary breakfast and 24-Hour Market that features snacks, drinks, and sundry items.

The Riverview hotel is currently expecting to open in March 2020.

For job opportunities please visit Naples Hotel Group’s careers page.

About Naples Hotel Group
Naples Hotel Group is a hotel development and management company founded in 1999. NHG has achieved superior results and has a proven ability to enhance the performance of hotels through the use of their experience, responsiveness and extensive resources. NHG, based in Naples and Clearwater, prides itself on building long-term relationships with quality people and organizations.

To learn more visit http://www.napleshotelgroup.com.

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Advice for First Time Flippers About Remodeling in NYC from Renovation Pro MyHome Design + Remodeling

New York City is a real estate investment dream. There are so many unique neighborhoods and home styles to update. It would be safe to say the phenomenon of flipping homes in NYC has had its ups and downs. While renovating a fixer upper can be rewarding in so many ways, it is important to be prepared and knowledgeable so as to not contribute to any housing issues within your community.

MyHome Design + Remodeling is an expert resource in the process of home flipping and how to best manage the project for optimal results. When you’re ready to flip your first house, you’ll need a reliable general contractor on your team. That’s when you call us. We handle everything from design to permits and materials storage to completed project --all with a 5 year warranty.

Before you take the big step on investing in fixer upper property in Manhattan, the MyHome team has some advice for you.

Tip #1 - Know Your Market

According to Forbes, you should stick to buying property in areas and neighborhoods with which you have familiarity. There are so many unknowns in fixing up homes, having knowledge of the kind of people that want to live there and the perks of the area are essential.

We’ve worked in hundreds of buildings in New York City. This means we have first-hand experience dealing with the permitting and building process.

Also keep in mind that most buyers are looking for an upgrade in space from a previous apartment or home. (Brick Underground) These buyers are purchasing due to recent life changes like a growing family. Purchasing a studio to flip will most likely result in too much money spent for little profit.

Tip #2 - Go Big, But Don’t Go Crazy

There is no “cheap” way to take an outdated home and make it sparkle and shine again like new. You have to be willing to invest a significant amount of money into remodeling the space. This is especially true in New York City where prices for housing are higher than average. This means materials and labor are more expensive as well. Generally investors looking to flip a home are working with a 0,000 budget, and even at that amount, it is advised to renovate in the outer boroughs. (Brick Underground)

It is best going into a fixer upper project with the thought, “the more you put in, the more you get out.” That being said, it is easy to get caught up in the process and splurge on things that do not really matter. There is no need to buy designer appliances that you could easily switch out for a quality made less expensive versions. (Forbes)

Tip #3 - Be Patient

The truth of the matter is, while home flipping is very popular on television, the time is not always right for a quick sell. And the longer it takes to sell the property, the higher your carrying costs will be.

The best sale prices will happen when the neighborhood starts to become popular and the market is trending. (Forbes) It is almost always the right time to begin a home flip as long as your timing expectations are in line with the current economic climate.

Tip #4 - Choose Wisely

Will you DIY or Hire a Contractor? Before jumping into your first home flip in NYC, carefully consider how much time you can dedicate to the project over the next year. A DIY flip is a full time job and there are some great options for saving time so it doesn’t take over your life. There are some important questions to ask yourself before you get started. (MyHome Design + Remodeling) The first and most important being, who will design your project? To really save yourself some hassle, you will likely need to at least hire an architect if you have no formal training. A little bit of help goes a long way with a Do-It-Yourself home flip!

If you decide to hire a company to complete your renovation, make sure to avoid scams that will end up dragging your project out much longer than anticipated. A good rule of thumb is looking up the contractor with the Better Business Bureau. (MyHome Design + Remodeling) If the company bidding on your project is not listed, you will likely run into unexpected issues. A NYC home flip already has many obstacles, there is no reason to add more!

The MyHome Guarantee

Contact us when you are ready to start this investment adventure. MyHome has worked all over New York City and its surrounding neighborhoods so we can provide you with any insider tips you might need. The showroom at MyHome’s NYC office has plenty of options for appliances, materials and more. The team at MyHome will be with you the entire length of the process from permits to touch ups, and then some, with our five year warranty.

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West Shore Plaza Hosts FREE Wicked Spooky Party for the Community with Treats, Costume Contest, and Fall Fun

Smith Land & Improvement Corporation is thrilled to announce the third Annual WICKED SPOOKY PARTY at the West Shore Plaza in Lemoyne, PA. On Tuesday, October 22, between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., people of all ages and their furry friends are invited to enjoy Halloween festivities including trick-or-treating, a costume contest, a themed photo booth, and giveaways!

“In 2018, we welcomed more than 800 community friends for the Wicked Spooky Party—and lots of pets in costumes—and this year we are expecting the greatest number yet of revelers! Halloween is a record-setting retail holiday with total spending estimated to reach .8 billion. Consumers report that they expect to spend an average of per person this year on Halloween—that’s great news for our Plaza store owners,” says Rick Jordan III, President & CEO of Smith Land & Improvement Corporation and owner of the West Shore Plaza. “We invite our friends, neighbors, and shoppers to join us in making this community celebration the spookiest and most fun yet.”

Serving as event emcee and honorary Wicked Spooky Party “Howl-o-ween” Costume Contest judge, Nancy Ryan of BOB 94.9 will be handing out treats at the BOB Booth and will award costume prizes for Best Superhero, Most Nostalgic, Best Couple, Scariest, Most Creative, Best Group, Best Pet, Best Homemade, Funniest, and more!

“Who’s ready for triple the fun at the third Annual Wicked Spooky Party? From grandparents to newborns to family pets, everyone turns up ready to trick-or-treat with friends at the West Shore Plaza,” says Ryan, who will be stationed outside Ritters True Value Hardware.

“We expect to see some throwback costumes this year, but our shoppers surprise us with their creativity every time,” says Elena Macris, Owner of Macris Chocolates in the West Shore Plaza. “We keep our team theme a secret until the night of the party, but we invite all trick-or-treaters to visit our candy destination and check out our photo backdrop for Instagramable moments!”

WHO: West Shore Plaza shoppers, tenants, and the community—fun for the whole family
WHAT: West Shore Plaza’s third annual trick-or-treat event, the #WickedSpookyParty (WSP)
WHERE: West Shore Plaza, 1200 Market Street, Lemoyne, PA
WHEN: Tuesday, October 22, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

HALLOWEEN FACTS (according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey 9/2019)

  • Shoppers will spend an average of .27 on Halloween
  • Estimated .8 billion in total Halloween spending
  • Total of 172 million Americans will celebrate Halloween
  • Consumers will spend .2 billion on costumes, .6 billion on candy, .7 billion on decorations, and 0 million on greeting cards
  • 29 million people will dress their pets in costumes for Halloween


Join the conversation online by following the hashtag #WickedSpookyParty and learn more about all the thrills and chills that await you on social media at facebook.com/WestShorePlazaPA, Instagram @WestShorePlazaPA, and Twitter @WSPlazaPA.

Celebrating 64 years of retail services to the community, this landmark center sits on two high-traffic corridors connecting Harrisburg to the West Shore. With an attractive façade, easy access, and a striking digital sign, the West Shore Plaza continues to maintain high shopper volume and be a recognized shopping destination. The 24-store property features local and national retailers, as well as family businesses.

Founded in 1961, the company has a 58-year history of responsible and responsive commercial real estate development and land ownership. With a portfolio of nearly 50 properties and over 1 million SF throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Richard E. Jordan III and the Smith Land team have chosen to concentrate 80 percent of their real estate investments in their own “front yard” of central Pennsylvania. When Smith Land & Improvement Corporation is the developer, business owners and investors can expect a productive working relationship, high-caliber site selection, and easy access to business expansion.

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Dubai Off Plan Properties: This Is What Professional Investors Do

Why sell off plan?

Property development is expensive so developers and their banks/financiers require some assurance that the units they are going to build will be sought-after by purchasers. Selling early offers a hedge against market correction or market competition. Developers assess commercial risk and will try to remove uncertainty – even at the cost of speculative profit.


Why buy off plan?

Developers are making a hedge while investors are making a call that the market will rise. It is a fact that since Dubai allowed foreigners to purchase Freehold property, almost every residential property investor who has taken a long-term view has made a sound investment, subject to the inevitable peaks and troughs that always appear along the way.


How do I form an investment strategy?

There is no easy answer as its mainly a matter of personal choice. Your budget will be one of the biggest influences though you must also consider your exit strategy, plus the length of time you plan to hold your investment and the cost of holding. The strategies are:


  • Buy to Sell (Flip)

Pay your deposit, make the instalments and sell your contract before completion.


  • Buy to Hold (Let)

Let the property on completion and collect the rental income, pay running costs and retain the profit.


Where to buy?

This has to be a matter of personal choice and your budget, to a large extent, will determine what and where. However, there are three categories to consider:


  • Established areas

The advantage here is that there should always be a ready market for either a re-sale or letting, however capital growth is generally restricted to the mood of the local market.

  • Projects From Reputed & Trusted Developers

Here are some top trending off plan projects in Dubai

Expo Golf Villas by ΕMAAR

Beachfront Living Marina Vista By EMAAR

Madinat Jumeirah Living Dubai by DUBAI HOLDING

  • Up–and-coming developments

Normally close to or within an established area where, for any number of reasons, the circumstances of the district are about to improve.

  • Future development areas

Buyers are making the greatest speculation and the view has to be that the district will become an up-and-coming area before ultimately turning into an established area.


When to buy?

Forecasting any market is always a difficult judgement call and the purchase of an off plan property is no exception – ultimately there are no guarantees.

Most investors like to buy at a time when prices are thought to be on the rise, or preferably when they are on a slow steady increase. Purchasers can then forecast the capital growth during the time they hold the property and plan a strategy rather than during a period of falling markets or very steep inflation.


When to hold and when to sell?

If you are looking to buy to flip, then it must be remembered that most buyers are looking for a property to occupy in the short term and not something that is unavailable to move into for a number of years. We advise placing a property for re-sale approximately three quarters of the way through the build programme or when it is possible for purchasers to walk into the property and see the aspect, size of rooms and general ambience of the completed scheme.

You still may not achieve the full value but you will, if purchased wisely (subject to market conditions), make a good profit on the amount paid to date.


What are the advantages of buying off plan?

For the purchaser, the potential upside of buying properties off plan is considerable. By purchasing at the earliest opportunity, the time difference between initially securing the contract with a fixed price against the value at completion can be significant and this upside is your instant profit.

Furthermore, by securing your unit(s) in the earliest phase, you can secure the style and type of property that matches your investment criteria and, in some instances, can influence the direction and specification of the finished property(ies). Looking at the pure financial implications of the transaction, you are paying a deposit and further instalments to purchase the property whilst enjoying the inflationary trends on 100% of the capital value.

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RE/MAX Advantage Plus Real Estate Agent Mark Abdel Ranks In Nationwide RE/MAX Top 100 List for Number of Individual Transactions

With nearly a decade and a half of professional experience as a multiple award winning RE/MAX Advantage Plus Realtor in the greater Twin Cities market, real estate agent Mark Abdel is pleased and excited to be included in RE/MAX’s National top 100 individual agent ranking status for March 2019.

Mark Abdel is affiliated with the RE/MAX Advantage Plus division but his top ranking status in residential commissions spans all RE/MAX real estate agents throughout the United States, including candidates from RE/MAX Advantage Plus, RE/MAX Results, RE/MAX Professionals, RE/MAX Professionals, and more.

Working with RE/MAX Advantage Plus, one of the leading real estate firms in the Twin Cities area, Mark is able to offer local knowledge with global resources. He has been awarded over multiple years as one of the top RE/MAX agents in the State of Minnesota. As a testament to his dedication to his clients and passion to his industry, Mark has received awards and honors multiple years in a row including top producer, an award he received over 300 other agents in Minnesota. This honor recognizes consistent success and places Mark at the top of his profession.

Outside of being an award winning real estate agent, Mark Abdel is also heavily involved in local philanthropy with charitable causes including St. Mary’s Coptic Church in Minneapolis, the Children’s Miracle Network, the Word Indeed Ministries, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Childfund, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. For more information about Realtor Mark Abdel, visit http://mark-abdel.com/ or call (651) 283-8251.

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Dubai Off Plan Property: This Is What Professional Investors Do

Why sell off plan?

Property development is expensive so developers and their banks/financiers require some assurance that the units they are going to build will be sought-after by purchasers. Selling early offers a hedge against market correction or market competition. Developers assess commercial risk and will try to remove uncertainty – even at the cost of speculative profit.


Why buy off plan?

Developers are making a hedge while investors are making a call that the market will rise. It is a fact that since Dubai allowed foreigners to purchase Freehold property, almost every residential property investor who has taken a long-term view has made a sound investment, subject to the inevitable peaks and troughs that always appear along the way.


How do I form an investment strategy?

There is no easy answer as its mainly a matter of personal choice. Your budget will be one of the biggest influences though you must also consider your exit strategy, plus the length of time you plan to hold your investment and the cost of holding. The strategies are:


  • Buy to Sell (Flip)

Pay your deposit, make the instalments and sell your contract before completion.


  • Buy to Hold (Let)

Let the property on completion and collect the rental income, pay running costs and retain the profit.


Where to buy?

This has to be a matter of personal choice and your budget, to a large extent, will determine what and where. However, there are three categories to consider:


  • Established areas

The advantage here is that there should always be a ready market for either a re-sale or letting, however capital growth is generally restricted to the mood of the local market.

  • Projects From Reputed & Trusted Developers

Here are some top trending off plan projects in Dubai

Expo Golf Villas by ΕMAAR

Beachfront Living Marina Vista By EMAAR

Madinat Jumeirah Living Dubai by DUBAI HOLDING

  • Up–and-coming developments

Normally close to or within an established area where, for any number of reasons, the circumstances of the district are about to improve.

  • Future development areas

Buyers are making the greatest speculation and the view has to be that the district will become an up-and-coming area before ultimately turning into an established area.


When to buy?

Forecasting any market is always a difficult judgement call and the purchase of an off plan property is no exception – ultimately there are no guarantees.

Most investors like to buy at a time when prices are thought to be on the rise, or preferably when they are on a slow steady increase. Purchasers can then forecast the capital growth during the time they hold the property and plan a strategy rather than during a period of falling markets or very steep inflation.


When to hold and when to sell?

If you are looking to buy to flip, then it must be remembered that most buyers are looking for a property to occupy in the short term and not something that is unavailable to move into for a number of years. We advise placing a property for re-sale approximately three quarters of the way through the build programme or when it is possible for purchasers to walk into the property and see the aspect, size of rooms and general ambience of the completed scheme.

You still may not achieve the full value but you will, if purchased wisely (subject to market conditions), make a good profit on the amount paid to date.


What are the advantages of buying off plan?

For the purchaser, the potential upside of buying properties off plan is considerable. By purchasing at the earliest opportunity, the time difference between initially securing the contract with a fixed price against the value at completion can be significant and this upside is your instant profit.

Furthermore, by securing your unit(s) in the earliest phase, you can secure the style and type of property that matches your investment criteria and, in some instances, can influence the direction and specification of the finished property(ies). Looking at the pure financial implications of the transaction, you are paying a deposit and further instalments to purchase the property whilst enjoying the inflationary trends on 100% of the capital value.

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The Signature Real Estate Companies Offers Hope to Bahamian Survivors

All “spaghetti models” Labor Day weekend veered a Category 5 Hurricane Dorian toward the Southeastern U.S., staring down the Florida peninsula. While South Florida was spared significant widespread loss, nearly 100 percent of the Bahamian people are in need of some sort of housing and other help. A staggering 45 percent of housing alone has been reported lost to this merciless storm.

The Signature Real Estate Companies has ramped up its disaster-relief efforts, with its philanthropic arm, Signature Gives Back, Inc. 501(c)(3) (“SGB”), as it’s done in years past with Hurricanes Maria and Irma, when it subsidized the housing for two families in South Florida for a full year.

“The monstrosity of this particular hurricane to our Bahamian neighbors has given us pause. The Signature Family stands strong with our friends and family in The Bahamas. SGB and Signature want to help provide them safe housing options, access to medical care and ample food supplies,” says SGB President & Principal of The Signature Real Estate Companies, Ben G. Schachter.

The Signature Real Estate Companies’ (all 24 brokerages) are making good on its promises. Agents have already collected more than 10,000 pounds of supplies, raised more than ,000 in cash from its #BahamasStrong bracelets, and---through its connections with B’nai Torah Synagogue and the Huntington Lakes community---delivered by private boats and airplane these supplies to ease the burden of recovery for its Bahamians neighbors just 50 miles from the Florida shore. It has elicited other South businesses to join the recovery efforts, including The Flamingo Lady Nails, LLC---which will provide 25 percent of all sales until September 22, 2019---whose owner, Rachel Bierman, says, “That [destruction] could have been us. We must help our neighbors.”

As one of the fastest-growing private companies in America (2019 Inc. 5000), The Signature Real Estate Companies has an unrivaled sphere of influence, and connections of all types through its Vendor Affiliate Program especially. Why is this of importance?

“Re-homing the influx of Bahamians seeking refuge in the U.S., is a mighty task. We have the resources available to get these families the help needed to acclimate to America,” adds Schachter.

“Through Signature Gives Back, our agents are required to devote volunteer hours each year in our communities as part of our corporate social responsibility initiative. In doing so, we’ve prepared our more than 1,100 agents to assist in finding our Bahamian population much more than temporary housing.”

Signature Gives Back, Inc. continues sales of its rubber custom-designed bracelets #BahamasStrong at each,1,000 of which are -being distributed from their headquarters at 901-C Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, FL 33487. Corporate Headquarters has also served as a drop-off site for clean clothing and unused hurricane supplies and will continue to do so until further notice.

Signature Gives Back remains the most efficient way to help with your tax-deductible donation at http://www.SignatureGivesBack.com. To place your order for #BahamasStrong bracelets, please email your name to Bracelets@SignatureGivesBack.org. Signature Gives Back continues to “be the change you wish to see in this world,” says Schachter. “The road to recovery is long, but we are up for the challenge.”

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200± AC Multi-Use Land Offered in 3 Tracts

The property, located at 820 Norway Road, Orangeburg, SC 29115, is selling to settle the estate of William Samuel Lee III. The owners are the last of the descendants of the Benjamin Lee heritage; Benjamin was the brother of Light Horse Harry Lee and the uncle of General Robert E. Lee. “The property is abundant with history including the original plantation house built in the 20’s and a large pond affectionately known as Lee’s Pond. This estate offering is spectacular,” stated Laura Slocumb, the project manager for this sale.

With over 7,000± feet of paved road frontage, the possibilities for the 200± acres are unlimited including farming, equestrian, bed & breakfast, retreat, water recreation, hunting, fishing and more.

Parties interested in bidding on this property should contact HAI immediately to receive property, auction and due diligence information, including taxes, zoning, title report, etc.

For more information on this property please contact Laura Slocumb at Higgenbotham Auctioneers (800) 257-4161 or visit our website at http://www.Higgenbotham.com.

About Higgenbotham Auctioneers: 
Founded in 1959, Higgenbotham Auctioneers International (HAI) utilizes the auction method of marketing to sell real estate throughout the United States and the world. Higgenbotham’s success is attributed to the company’s stellar track record in marketing unique properties and the firm enjoys continuing relationships with Fortune 500 clients such as Alcoa, Wal-Mart, and Albertson’s Supermarkets, as well as many publicly traded and closely held companies.

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Delphi to Handle Renovation of Historic Cape Cod Church

Multi-Market construction management firm, Delphi Construction Inc. announced today that they have been selected to handle the historic renovation and addition to The First Congregational Church in Chatham, Massachusetts.

The historically significant church was first established in 1693 with a number of meeting houses constructed over the centuries. The current project will involve extensive renovations to portions of an 1830’s building, construction of an addition for new administrative spaces, a robing room and a new location for the church pipe organ. New mechanical/HVAC systems, plumbing and electrical upgrades will be added along with a new four stop elevator to provide handicap accessibility throughout the building.

Design on the m+ project was provided by Design Associates of Cambridge with structural and civil engineering from Coastal Engineering of Orleans. Pomroy Associates of East Bridgewater is the Owner’s Project Manager. Delphi is managing construction out of their Mashpee Office.

“Delphi is thrilled to have been selected as the construction manager on this exciting, historically significant project. We look forward to working as part of the team, many members of which we have had the pleasure of working with on several other projects. Our shared goal is to help bring this project to fruition in a way that exceeds the client’s expectations. We know this project will bring value not only to the members of the congregation but to all who appreciate the rich history of Chatham and Cape Cod,” said Corey Heaslip, Project Executive at Delphi Construction.

Members of the design team commented on the design vision for the project.

“Coastal Engineering invited us to work with them at the church based on successful prior collaborations at historic properties. The clear vision of the client and strong architectural character of the church guided Coastal Engineering and Design Associates to a design endorsed by the congregation and approved by the Historic Business District Commission. We are thrilled to be working with Delphi to implement the renovation and renewal of First Congregational Church of Chatham for its upcoming 300th anniversary,” said Patrick Guthrie Principal of Design Associates.

“Coastal Engineering Company takes pride in our long-standing working relationship with the First Congregational Church of Chatham. We are honored to once again be a part of the team that is working to renovate this iconic New England church, improve accessibility, and enhance the worship experience of the congregation,” said John Bologna, Coastal Engineering President/CEO.

Owner’s Project Manager, Rick Pomroy of Pomroy Associates expressed his firm’s enthusiasm about the project and the assembled team.

"Pomroy Associates is honored to be representing our client, The First Congregational Church of Chatham, on this exciting historic renovation. We have tremendous confidence in the design and construction team selected for this project including Delphi, Design Associates, and Coastal Engineering. Each of these firms has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality projects and a demonstrated commitment to placing the needs of the client first. We know they will do the same for The First Congregational Church of Chatham,” Pomroy said.

Pre-project planning is well underway, construction is expected to begin in November and be complete by next summer.

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Social Real Estate App Rila Launches ,000 Giveaway for New Real Estate Agents

Rila, a new social real estate mobile app where agents, buyers, and sellers can connect and list homes and rentals outside the MLS for free, has officially launched a ,000 giveaway and mentorship opportunity geared toward licensed new real estate agents. To enter for a chance to win, agents can sign up at rila.io/contest. After entering, they will receive a referral link that they can send to their network. They will receive one additional contest entry for each person that downloads the app through their referral link.

In addition to the cash prize, the winner will have the option to receive 12 complementary hours of mentorship with Rila founder Ben Bacal, a top-producing Los Angeles agent with over billion in sales. Bacal will walk the up-and-coming agent through the process of marketing and selling the multimillion-dollar listing at 8474 Harold Way in Los Angeles, California. The learning opportunity will provide an overview of vital skills such as creating marketing materials and learning how to effectively show a luxury home to potential clients.

The contest is open until August 17. For more information about Rila, visit rila.io.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18 years or older, with a valid real estate license from one of the 50 U.S. or D.C.. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Sweepstakes Period begins: 07/17/19 at 12:01 am PT. Enter Sweepstakes by: 08/17/19 at 11:59 pm PT. 1 Grand Prize: ,000 and 12 hours of mentoring with a luxury real estate professional. Limit: 1501 entries per entrant. Free entry available. For Official Rules including entry limitations and prize descriptions, visit files.rila.io/contestrules.pdf. Sponsor: Rila Inc., 750 N San Vincente Blvd, Ste. 800, West Hollywood, CA 90048.


About Rila:

Rila is a social real estate app that helps agents generate leads and grow their clientele without the MLS. Real estate agents can easily list a property in a matter of minutes, post engaging photos and content, and connect with buyers and sellers—all for free. Rila also helps buyers and renters discover great new properties by accessing crowd-sourced listing information they wouldn’t find on any other portal. For more information, visit rila.io or download the iOS app from the Apple App Store.

Media Contact:

Alexander Ali 
The Society Group 

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Azure Paradise Valley Wins Two Gold Nugget Grand Awards in International Competition

At the PCBC Closing Ceremonies & Gold Nugget Awards Presentation in San Francisco on May 31, 2019, Azure Paradise Valley was selected from among the Award of Merit winners as the Grand Award winner in two categories: Residential Detached Collection of the Year and Best Single Family Detached Home – 3,500 to 4,500 SQ. FT. for Residence 1. This annual competition honors architectural design and planning excellence and draws entries from throughout the United States and internationally.

“To be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect, going into these national awards for the very first time,” said Shea Homes Arizona VP of Sales and Marketing, Ken Peterson. “Receiving the prestigious honor of being named the residential detached collection of the year is a testament to the talent and efforts of our team, which includes both the Shea architecture team and our partner PHX Architecture.”

Prior to being selected as the winner of these Grand Awards, Shea Homes Arizona earned Merit honors for Azure Paradise Valley for Best Single Family Detached Home — 3,500 to 4,500 sq. ft. (Residence 1); Best Single Family Detached Home — Over 4,500 sq. ft. (Residence 3); Best Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle for a Home (Residences 1 and 3); and Residential Detached Collection of the Year.

“Gold Nugget Award winners reflect our industry’s best, brightest and most innovative architects, planners and builder/developers,” said Judging Chairman and Gold Nugget ceremonies administrator Lisa Parrish. “We applaud them all, and we look forward to our May 31 celebration of Merit and Grand Award winners.”

Azure Paradise Valley is the first luxury community to be offered under the Shea Signature brand. Located at Indian Bend Road and Mockingbird Lane in the shadow of Camelback Mountain, this exclusive gated community will include 66 homes on 23 acres. Shea’s architecture team designed the residences of Azure in collaboration with the award-winning PHX Architecture. With base pricing from .9 - .9 million, residences feature transitional architecture with open floorplans, open riser staircases, and rolling walls of glass that offer a seamless flow between outdoor and indoor living spaces. These homes are designed for homeowners to maximize enjoyment of the available water features and stunning desert mountain views. Modern design is balanced with traditional elements like clean, cut stone and light, bright colors.

About Gold Nugget Awards
Now in its 56th year, Gold Nugget Awards (GNA) is the largest and most prestigious competition of its kind in the nation. It honors design and planning achievements in community and home design, green-built housing, site planning, commercial, retail, mixed-use development and specialty housing categories. Winners this year were chosen from over 600 entries from around the world. The Gold Nugget Awards recognize those who improve our communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development.

About Shea Homes
Shea Homes is one of the largest private homebuilders in the nation. Since its founding in 1968, Shea Homes has built more than 100,000 homes. Over the past several years, Shea Homes has been recognized as a leader in customer satisfaction with a reputation for design, quality and customer service. Shea Homes builds new homes in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Texas. For more information about Shea Homes and its communities, please visit the company’s website at http://www.SheaHomes.com. Sales by Shea Homes Marketing Company (AZ DRE #CO550381000), Construction by Shea Homes Limited Partnership (ROC #195895).

About Shea Signature
Shea Homes has always set itself apart by elevating the home experience. And now, Shea introduces Shea Signature™ its most exclusive living experience ever. Designed from the ground up to evoke incomparable elegance at every turn. With exceptional materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and sophisticated style. More than a luxury home—this is an unparalleled lifestyle. The most inspired new home experience awaits.

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Blue Chariot Now Offers Professional Residential Rental Property Management In Raleigh / Durham (Triangle), North Carolina

Blue Chariot (http://www.BlueChariot.com), a Real Estate Company located in the Raleigh / Durham (Triangle) area of North Carolina, is officially announcing their latest service offering of Residential Rental Property Management - as Blue Chariot Management (http://www.BlueChariot.Management).

Blue Chariot is a Real Estate Company founded in 2015 by Entrepreneur, Jonathan Taylor ("J.T.") Smith. Prior to Blue Chariot (and even still today) - J.T. also has other businesses, including his most successful to date: ViUX Systems (http://www.ViUX.com) - offering Websites, Domains and Web Hosting for thousands of individuals and small businesses around the world.

Having been interested in Real Estate for many years, Blue Chariot was created just prior to J.T. buying his first Rental Property located in Durham. At the time, it was J.T.'s first thought to hire a Property Manager in the area, so he began searching online for "Durham Property Management" and "Raleigh Property Management" - but he ultimately decided to self-manage, to better learn the business for himself.

Asked about choosing to self-manage his Rental Properties, J.T. stated "There's no better way of learning than to do... So, I immersed myself, essentially giving up entertainment (television, movies, sports, music) for about 3 years, to learn this business in-depth." - J.T. went on to say, "As I added properties and started encountering issues with tenants and various situations, the systems and procedures I put in place over time and the improvements I made to my lease, better tenant screening procedures and enhanced tenant on-boarding processes - It just became an easier and more efficient business for me as I progressed in my knowledge and skills... I became pretty good at both Real Estate Investing and Rental Property Management!"

Now here in 2019, Blue Chariot Management is officially offering the knowledge and skills gained and the team built by J.T. - since Blue Chariot began in 2015. This makes J.T.'s expertise, systems and team available to other Landlords in the area to have Blue Chariot provide their needed Rental Property Management Services. And we use the word "officially" [announcing and offering], because Blue Chariot Management actually started in 2018. But it was previously only promoted through word-of-mouth and referrals, as it did not even have its own website prior to now. In talking about this, J.T. mentioned, "I recently started my [... and Landlord!] Podcast to teach people about Real Estate Investing and being a Landlord. But for those with less time to learn from me and other sources to handle this for themselves - they can now hire me and Blue Chariot Management to do it all for them!"

So you can listen to the [... and Landlord!] Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast to learn how to be a Professional Property Manager. And/or you can hire Jonathan Taylor Smith and Blue Chariot Management to apply the Blue Chariot model of Professional Property Management to your Rental Property in the Raleigh / Durham (Triangle) area of North Carolina.

To this end, show #12 of the [... and Landlord!] Podcast is titled "Elevate your Real Estate Investment - Introducing Blue Chariot Management". This was the Podcast episode in which J.T. first announced Blue Chariot Management to his Podcast listeners. And the reference to "Elevate Your Real Estate Investment" is related to the impact that Professional Property Management should have on your Investment Rental Property. J.T. mentioned "The right Property Manager should pay for themselves in reduced vacancy, less frequent tenant turnover, less tenant conflict, no property damage and other avoided headaches, plus increased rents."

In consulting with J.T. it becomes clear that Professional Property Management can help Rental Property Owners to: select the right tenant / avoid problem tenants; collect rent easily and on time / avoid late rent payments; keep tenants long-term / avoid frequent tenant turnover; get the most rent for the property / avoid loss of potential rental income; have excellent tenant (customer) experience / avoid property damage and evictions; grow your rental portfolio; etc... It goes on and on - the benefits (and avoided hassles and headaches) that Professional Property Management should bring - if you select the right Property Manager.

Who better to select as your Property Manager than someone who owns a double-digit number of Rental Properties nearby themselves, with over 2 decades of familiarity and reputation in the area and years of dedication to perfecting their craft? And who is then freely teaching you how to do the job yourself on his Podcast (demonstrating his expertise in the process) - who you can hire if you don't want to learn and do it all yourself. This is why J.T. is excited to be officially announcing Blue Chariot Management to Landlords in Raleigh-Durham / Triangle, North Carolina.

J.T. and Blue Chariot stand ready to take the lead in North Carolina Property Management... Visit the Website at: https://www.BlueChariot.Management - to get a Rental Analysis Report on your Investment Rental Property and to inquire about Blue Chariot's Property Management Services.


About Blue Chariot:

Blue Chariot, LLC (dba Blue Chariot Homes) is the original Blue Chariot Company of what has become an association of privately held companies related to the businesses of: Real Estate Investing / Residential Re-Development; Rental Property Management & Realty Agency - each owned by Jonathan Taylor Smith. Blue Chariot additionally consists of: Blue Chariot Properties, LLC; Blue Chariot Management, LLC; Blue Chariot Realty, LLC (in association with Keller Williams Preferred Realty); the [... and Landlord!] Podcast by Blue Chariot Media; and other companies and partnerships - all established beginning in 2015.


About ViUX Systems:

ViUX Systems, Inc. (ViUX.com) is a privately held North Carolina Corporation established in 2002 / 2003 by Jonathan Taylor Smith - with the mission to provide individuals and businesses of all types and sizes with the Web / Internet Technology and Software Solutions required to offer their products and services to the world over the Internet with Vision, Understanding, & eXperience in Web Services. Blue Chariot would not exist without ViUX.

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The Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC (“EMC”) announced today that it will produce a series of free “Virtual Seminars” for the retail energy industry.

New York, NY: The Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC (“EMC”) announced today that it will produce a series of free “Virtual Seminars” for the retail energy industry.


EMC will advertise them as “Cyber Tuesdays” online through its social media network, (using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), at its conferences, as well as on its website and to its email list of approximately 15,000 retail energy professionals. 


EMC will send out links to the Virtual Seminars after the event takes place so that thousands of retail energy professionals can access the Virtual Seminars free of charge.


EMC will have the Virtual Seminars available on its website as a free and valuable educational tool for the industry.  


The purpose of the Virtual Seminars is to provide a valuable branding opportunity to the Virtual Seminar Sponsors as well as to educate the retail energy industry on a variety of important topics.


The Virtual Seminars will all take place on Tuesdays, hence the term “Cyber Tuesdays”.


“There are more than 100,000 retail energy professionals in the competitive energy industry. Our semi-annual conferences attract between 600 and 700 attendees each time.  Where are the other 99,000 professionals going for information, education, and inspiration?” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of the Energy Marketing Conferences. “EMC will now reach out to a much larger audience and provide people who aspire to have careers in retail energy with valuable information to help them innovate and succeed.”


The next Virtual Seminar will be 30 minutes and will take place on Tuesday June 25th at 11:00am EST and it is entitled “Boost Your CLTV (“Customer Lifetime Value”) using Machine Learning'. It is sponsored by TEG Analytics. The speaker will be Dr. Madalasa Venkataraman, the Chief Data Scientist.  The discussion will center around how retail energy providers can improve the lifetime value of their customers using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and it promises to be an enjoyable and educational seminar. 

Who should attend: CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s and CFO’s of retail energy suppliers should tune into this seminar.  “We are excited to team up with EMC to produce this valuable Virtual Seminar,” said Arvind Nagpal, Founder & CEO, TEG Analytics. “These are exciting times for retail energy professionals to drive profitable growth for their business using the power of AI and ML enabled decision support platform.”

“EMC will be crafting this program to appeal to all levels of retail energy companies including: CEO’s, CMO’s, COO’s, CFO’s as well as managers of divisions, retention managers, sales managers, channel partner managers, customer service personnel and IT professionals,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC. “This program is the first of its kind in the industry and we are excited to make it happen.”


Click HERE to register for FREE.


Log into https://energymarketingconferences.com/virtual-seminars/ to see a list of other planned Virtual Seminars that you can participate in free of charge from the comfort of your office or home.

The next Energy Marketing Conference will take place at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City on September 12th 2019.  CLICK HERE to register for the largest retail energy event ever.


ABOUT Energy Marketing Conferences:

Energy Marketing Conferences

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences LLC is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.  The EMC Monthly e-Newsletter goes out to more than 15,000 retail energy executives each month with important articles written by industry professionals. The EMC Virtual Seminars are the newest program of EMC, designed to help educate the industry on a host of topics – free of charge.  Visit https://energymarketingconferences.com/ for more information.


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Luxury Canal-Front Property Listed by RE/MAX Real Estate Group Turks and Caicos Featured on Viviun.com

RE/MAX Real Estate Group Turks and Caicos announces its newest luxury property, Dragonfly Landing, is now featured on Viviun.com, a leading online platform for international real estate investment opportunities.

Currently listed at U.S. .495 million, Dragonfly Landing is celebrated for its elegant detail and breathtaking views. This beautiful canal-front home offers an expansive 300 feet of crystal-clear turquoise water frontage, including a custom 48-foot concrete dock ideal for boating and water sports enthusiasts.

This five-bedroom residence is located in the renowned community of Leeward. The interior palette draws from a Caribbean motif that perfectly complements the unique beauty of the island. The exterior is an impeccably manicured paradise.

“The attention-to-detail, timeless elegance and inspired landscape of Dragonfly Landing truly set it apart as a coveted investment opportunity,” said Blair MacPherson, broker and co-owner of RE/MAX Real Estate Group Turks and Caicos Islands. “Leeward is well-known for its wonderful canal-front living; Dragonfly Landing is no doubt a statement property that takes this reputation to the next level.”

This home creates the perfect legacy investment through a convergence of livability, location and amenities. The estate can easily accommodate visitors in a spacious guesthouse to the left of the main home and features a saltwater pool, hardwood maple flooring and newly upgraded kitchen appliances.

To view the property on Viviun.com visit http://www.viviun.com/AD-220876/. For more information regarding Dragonfly Landing, visit our website or contact Blair MacPherson at 649-432-5677 or by email at blair(at)blairmacpherson.com.

About RE/MAX Real Estate Group Turks and Caicos: 
The RE/MAX Real Estate Group Turks and Caicos offers unique, luxury real estate opportunities on the islands that are home to Grace Bay Beach, which has been named multiple times as one of the world's best beaches. With breathtaking views, world-class spas and resorts, fine dining, local culture and the awe-inspiring coral reefs, the Turks and Caicos Islands offers unique investment opportunities in a tax-free jurisdiction. 

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MLM Incorporated Named Top Five Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in New Orleans

MLM Incorporated announced today that they have been named one of the top five best kitchen remodeling contractors in New Orleans. The distinction was awarded by GC Magazine, a national publication that highlights the best contractors in America, city by city. The magazine staff determines the rankings of contractors in a city by applying a standardized analysis that looks at the scope and history of work, customer reviews, previous awards, recommendations from others in the industry, licenses and more.

MLM Incorporated is one of the highest-rated and best-reviewed construction companies serving New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, and most of Southeast Louisiana. They specialize in both residential and commercial construction, as well as real estate development. In addition to kitchen remodeling, their residential work includes historic renovationbathroom remodeling and new construction. In 2012, MLM won a Sonata Award as the top bathroom design and remodeling contractor in the region. They maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

"We are really excited to have been awarded this honor from GC Magazine," said Machi Medrzycki, owner of MLM Incorporated. "I think most people know that there are a lot of lists and rankings available in remodeling and construction, like any industry, but GC Magazine is well respected for their broad approach that weighs a lot of different factors. So, to be counted among the best by a professional and thorough organization like that, it's a special honor."

To learn more about MLM Incorporated and their extensive areas of specialization, interested parties can visit http://www.mlm-inc.comor contact MLM Incorporated by phone at 504-322-7050. MLM Incorporated can also be visited in person at 3500 N Causeway Blvd. Ste. 160 in Metairie, LA 70002.

MLM Incorporated is a full-service general contractor based in Metairie, Louisiana. They work on projects throughout the region. MLM Incorporated provides both residential and commercial construction services, including new construction, remodeling, retrofitting, and historic renovation. MLM Incorporated also does real estate development, managing new buildings from conception to completion on behalf of clients.

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Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty Chosen to List Portland’s Iconic Floating Home on the Willamette River, The Aqua Star

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty has been chosen to list one of Portland’s most iconic floating homes, ‘The Aqua Star.’ Long hailed as an artistic masterpiece in and of itself, the 2,800 square foot home on the Willamette River was listed this week by Jason Mendell, broker, Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty.

Fondly named The Aqua Star by owners Buzz and Pam Gorder, the home has been described as a ‘floating fantasy’—like living in a sculpture reminiscent of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. The Aqua Star was the first home featured on Home and Garden’s Extreme Homes series and has since become a Portlandia icon and has been featured in movies.

The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home was built by current owner, Buzz Gorder, who combined incredible passion, design and innovation to create a retreat style of living incorporating many Well Building features. The one-of-a-kind home boasts bright light and sweeping panoramic views from every room bearing witness to nature interacting with urban living.

This idyllic dream home is perfect for an active lifestyle or enjoying the tranquility of the natural environment from your home. The interior is inspiring with artistic features around every corner with sustainable design components throughout, including silos as domes. For video lifestyle images of this spectacular home click here.

The Aqua Star has 15-foot ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows and offers both secure privacy and scenic flair for a unique living experience. Imagine watching Portland’s famed Christmas ships, spring and fall runs of chinook salmon and enjoying year-round boating, kayaking, sailing, stand-up paddling and swimming out your doorstep. The Aqua Star also offers access to the East Bank Spring trail for cycling, running past Oaks Bottom Natural Preserve to downtown Portland, swimming in the no-wake Holgate Channel, 10-acres of shoreline walking trails, and Sellwood-area restaurants and shops.

“We chose Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty to list our beloved home because of the team’s proven and creative marketing methods—and Jason demonstrates an outside-the-box style that matched our home perfectly,” says Pam Gorder, owner. “The national and international partnerships of Cascade Sotheby’s offer access to global exposure and marketing that the home so richly deserves. We wanted a one-of-a-kind iconic realtor for our one-of-a-kind home. We look forward to finding the next steward who may want to create their own Portlandia experience on the river!”

Other features of this extraordinary property include: 

  • Spacious outdoor decks and dock for boat moorage
  • Light, bright living rooms that bring the outside in
  • Energy Star heating and air conditioning
  • Open concept floor plan
  • Eclectic 3D art sculptures throughout, specially created for the home
  • Expansive windows that soak in all levels of day & night
  • Whimsical touches delight, from leopard print countertops to brightly colored walls
  • Ample space for an additional ‘Tinder’ or ADU to be built on the opposite dock
  • Relax in nature on this calming ‘liquid lot’
  • Ample space for gatherings, the current owner once hosted an event that had over 200 attendees


About Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty

For over a decade, Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty has been an innovative leader in the regional residential real estate market. Our brokers are passionate masters of their craft, combining local expertise and global connections to set the standard for real estate guidance in Oregon and SW Washington. We have grown and evolved in rhythm with market and technology advancements and seen significant progress and change in our communities. Along the way, we have never lost sight of what inspires us—the endless beauty and distinct landscape of our remarkable place here in the Pacific Northwest. It is this deep—almost sacred—sense of place that we share with our clients and compels us to accompany them on the journey to buying or selling a home. Cascade Sotheby’s is powered by the global prestige, heritage and fortitude of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand. In an ever-changing real estate market, that gives us staying power. Today, we have 12 offices and nearly 300 brokers that form the most expansive luxury and lifestyle real estate network in the Pacific Northwest. This exceptional team of brokers all share one belief—your best life begins with a home that inspires you.

For more on this stunning and unique property, contact Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty broker, Jason Mendell, at 503-349-4711.

Media Contact: Claudia Johnson, 503-799-2220

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ZOM Living Sells 366-Unit Luxury Garden Apartments in Tampa

ZOM Living, in partnership with affiliates of The Mattoni Group and New York-based Clarion Partners, LLC on behalf of a commingled fund managed by the firm, recently sold AZOLA Apartments, a 366-unit multifamily apartment community located within the Brandon area of Hillsborough County to an affiliate of institutional investor Nuveen Real Estate.

Azola at Magnolia Park was completed in Fall 2018. With convenient access to downtown Tampa, the beaches, shopping, and major employment centers, Azola Apartments are spread across 25 acres and feature well-appointed one, two, and three bedroom units in a variety of floor plans ranging from 704 to 1,457 square feet, with private yards and hard surface flooring in select units. A large resident community center and on-site amenities include a club room with cyber café, game room with virtual sports simulator, dog park and dog spa, state-of-the-art fitness center complete with cardio and cycling studio, as well as a boxing ring. The clubhouse is adjacent to an oak hammock and lushly landscaped grounds, which feature a resort-style pool with beach entry, private cabanas and grilling station.

“Azola’s community orientation and design aesthetics contributed to strong absorption of 30 apartments per month and we achieved top tier rental rates for the submarket,“ said Kyle Clayton, Senior Vice President, ZOM Living. “This was our first venture with ZOM, and to combine with Clarion Partners made for a terrific ownership team,’” added Ricardo Caporal, Founder and President of Mattoni Group. “We are very pleased with the result, and also adding this fine project to the Brandon/Riverview community.”

"Sole at Brandon, as now rebranded, offers luxury interiors and resort amenities at mid-level rents in one of the fastest growing submarkets in Tampa. The property is immediately adjacent to I-75 and the Selmon Expressway, providing connectivity to Downtown, Westshore Business District and other major employment entertainment centers within minutes. We are looking forward to continue expanding our housing platform in the main Florida MSAs as part of our investment strategy,” said Carlos A. Burneo, Senior Director at Nuveen Real Estate and lead for Housing in Florida

Newmark Knight Frank (NKF) exclusively represented the seller in the disposition. “ZOM’s ability to deliver best-in-class product in one of Tampa's fastest growing submarkets allowed for a very successful lease-up," said Patrick Dufour, NKF Vice-Chairman.

About ZOM Living 
ZOM Living is one of the most highly regarded luxury multifamily developers in the United States, and has joint ventured or directly developed nearly 21,000 apartment units nationwide, with an aggregate value of over Billion. Throughout its 40-year history, ZOM has garnered more than 170 industry awards for project design and development expertise, including the prestigious National Multifamily Development Firm of the Year award. Most recently, ZOM Living was ranked in the top 10 of national Multifamily Development Firms for 2018 by Multi- Housing News.

ZOM has 6,000 units currently under construction or in design/predevelopment throughout the U.S., with a total capitalization of .9 Billion. For more information on ZOM’s multifamily portfolio, visit http://www.zomliving.com.

About Nuveen Real Estate 
Nuveen Real Estate is one of the largest investment managers in the world with 8 billion of assets under management. Managing a suite of funds and mandates, across both public and private investments, and spanning both debt and equity across diverse geographies and investment styles, we provide access to every aspect of real estate investing. With over 80 years of real estate investing experience and more than 500 employees located across over 20 cities throughout the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, the platform offers unparalleled geographic reach, which is married with deep sector expertise.

About Mattoni Group 
Founded in 2009, Mattoni Group is a private equity real estate investment firm that specializes in placing equity and debt with experienced operating and development partners working on transformative projects. The firm has built a national reputation for transparency, reliability, flexibility, and velocity in acquiring and financing real assets. Mattoni Group exists to be the bridge between best in class managers/operators and investor capital. Mattoni’s current portfolio and realized investments consist of a diversified mix of real estate assets including multi-family, office, retail, industrial, and specialty product types.

About Clarion Partners 
Clarion Partners LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser with FCA-authorized and FINRA member affiliates, has been a leading U.S. real estate investment manager for more than 36 years. Headquartered in New York, the firm maintains strategically located offices across the United States and Europe. With approximately billion in total assets under management, Clarion Partners offers a broad range of real estate strategies across the risk/return spectrum to its 350+ domestic and international institutional investors. More information about the firm is available at http://www.clarionpartners.com

About Newmark Knight Frank 
Newmark Knight Frank ("NKF"), operated by Newmark Group, Inc. ("Newmark Group") (NASDAQ: NMRK), is one of the world's leading and most trusted commercial real estate advisory firms, offering a complete suite of services and products for both owners and occupiers. Together with London-based partner Knight Frank and independently-owned offices, NKF's 16,000 professionals operate from approximately 430 offices on six continents. For further information, visit http://www.ngkf.com

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RealtyTech Set to Expand Their IDX Software Into Bakersfield Market

Integrating the real estate marketplace with current digital marketing trends and strategies is at the heart of RealtyTech, Inc.’s mission--a company making strides in real estate software since 2002. The Thousand Oaks-based real estate software provider is releasing their IDX platform solution to Golden Empire MLS in Bakersfield, CA, which is an up and coming market for buyers and sellers alike. In recent years, Bakersfield has become a highly desirable residential location with a sizeable working class, making the real estate market competitive and in need of IDX software and a viable Multiple Listings Service. Real estate professionals must join the Bakersfield Association of Realtors to become a member of the local MLS.

For over 15 years, RealtyTech has continuously developed digital lead generation tools and assets to help real estate professionals succeed in an ever-changing market. Offering websites for agents and entire brokerages, integrated IDX home searches, SEO services, and other digital marketing solutions, RealtyTech helps real estate professionals harness the potential of search engine marketing and online lead generation, so new and established agents can grow their business and increase their ROI.

A few of the company’s achievements include the adoption of HTTPS protocol to secure their realtors’ websites and demonstrate quality assurance to web visitors and potential clients, the Agent123 Websites platform, and the development and launch of their Apex IDX listing service. Expansion into the Bakersfield area is a new initiative that will benefit both the local market and RealtyTech, Inc. itself. With the use of a geo-targeted MLS and IDX software, Bakersfield real estate professionals can increase their online leads and thrive in the growing local market. As of the 2019 census, Bakersfield is an extremely populated city boasting 380,874 citizens within 151 square miles. Moreover, the growing abundance of young adults and Millennials residing in California cities, with Bakersfield being no exception, illustrate the tremendous potential for the real estate market with many first-time buyers looking for their dream home.

Richard Uzelac, CEO of RealtyTech, says about the company’s growth into a new regional market: "We are excited to provide our digital marketing services and software to the wonderful real estate professionals in Bakersfield." Uzelac adds, “RealtyTech services allow a client to access the most efficient, effective real estate products and user-experience that home buyers and sellers are looking for right now." Critically acclaimed by business critics as well, RealtyTech, Inc. has received an A+ Better Business Bureau rating for their outstanding performance and commitment to integrity.

About RealtyTech, Inc. 
Based out of Thousand Oaks, CA RealtyTech, Inc. offers professional websites for real estate agents and brokerages as well as IDX home search software that shows listings and available properties in real-time to potential buyers online. Since 2002, RealtyTech, Inc. has remained committed to offering savvy software solutions and digital marketing strategies that give real estate professionals an online platform optimized for generating more leads and revenue. RealtyTech, Inc. keeps new and established real estate professionals on the cutting-edge for their digital marketing and advertising strategies. For more information on their software solutions and other packages, contact their team for a free consultation at (805) 413-7888 or visit http://www.realtytech.com.

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Energy Marketing Conferences announced the winners of the “2018 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award”, the “2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award” and the “2018 Vendor of the Year Award”

Energy Marketing Conferences announced the winners of the “2018 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award”, the “2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award” and the “2018 Vendor of the Year Award”.

The three awards were presented at its eleventh semi-annual Retail Energy Marketing Conference held at the Houston Hyatt Regency Downtown in Houston, Texas on April 2nd 2019.  

The Energy Marketing Conference featured a sell-out crowd of more than 600 attendees, 45 sponsors, a sold-out exhibit hall packed with 50 of the best exhibitors, more than 50 well-known industry professionals speaking on six interactive panels, ten executive workshops, a networking breakfast, luncheon and reception with live music.

The conference was the largest gathering of retail energy professionals in North America ever.

The panels included: “Successful Channel Partnerships”; “Show me the Money: How Distributed Resources make everyone more profitable”, New Competitive Markets: Foreign and Domestic”, Blockchain and Other Emerging Technologies in Retail Energy”, and the CEO Round Table focused on growth, expansion and overcoming obstacles that are in the way.

Sponsored by LED Plus USA and TrustedTPV, the nominees for the 2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award were: Agway, Direct Energy, Eligo Energy, Engie, Griddy, Just Energy, and NRG.  And the winner was Griddy. Emily Cipes accepted the award on behalf of the company.

 “The nominees for the Most Innovative Marketer Award were all extremely creative, but the industry selected Griddy for its overall value proposition for customers. They clearly broke the mold,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC and CEO of TrustedTPV.

Sponsored by Arise Digital Marketing, the nominees for the 2018 REP of the Year Award were: Constellation, Eligo Energy, Engie, Just Energy, NRG, Shell and Tomorrow Energy.  The winner was NRG and all its brands.  Kelly Fay accepted the award.

“The seven nominees for the REP of the Year Award are all leaders in the field, but NRG has proven again that their portfolio of brands led the retail energy industry across the board in so many categories,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of Advanced Energy Capital, LED Plus and Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC.  

Sponsored by Crius Energy, the nominees for the 2018 Vendor of the Year Award were: EC Infosystems, energy Services Group, Feller Law Group, Powwr, the Retail Energy Supply Association, Shell Energy, TrustedTPV, and Znalytics.  The winner was RESA – the Retail Energy Supply Association.

The nominees and winners of all three awards were voted on by the industry itself as EMC teamed up ERCG to produce a first-ever industry vote on the awards,” said Doueck. “This was a democratic process and Larry and I wish congratulations to all the nominees on a great 2018”.

The next Energy Marketing Conference takes place on September 12th at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City.

To watch the video from a previous Energy Marketing Conference in New York click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDQTi2lhXek

About Energy Marketing Conferences:

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.

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FD Stonewater Closes Sale of Mission Critical Aviation Maintenance Facility

FD Stonewater announced today that the company recently completed the disposition of a single-tenant property located on the grounds of the Grand Junction Regional Airport in Grand Junction, Colo. The company acquired the property in a joint venture along with P&L Properties and Lynxs Group in April 2015 as part of the firm’s single-tenant strategy. The facility was fully leased at the time of acquisition on a long-term net basis.

The 30.6-acre site included a 229,744 square foot airport hangar facility housing an industry-leading aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service provider. The seven-building facility is an FAA-authorized, Class 4 repair station, able to service all makes and models of large metal aircraft. Key investment attributes included the asset’s attractive, long-term lease and the tenant’s market-leading reputation.

FD Stonewater and their JV partners were initially attracted to the opportunity due to the long-term cash yields combined the tenant’s strong business prospects, along with the facility’s strategic location and mission critical functions.

During the hold period, the company renegotiated the tenant’s lease expiration date and renewal options to align with a restructured ground lease, which resulted in significant value to potential buyers. Multiple bids were received during the competitive process. The JV partners settled on a public REIT buyer who closed on an extremely aggressive timeline.

Andrew Schwartzman, a Principal at FD Stonewater, noted, “This was an extremely successful transaction for all parties involved. We’d like to thank our JV partners at P&L Properties and Lynxs Group who were instrumental throughout the deal. We knew going into this acquisition that it was a unique endeavor, but we were optimistic about the potential and confident that we had aligned ourselves with strong partners to implement and execute a robust business plan for the asset.”

About FD Stonewater 
FD Stonewater is a boutique real estate investment, development, brokerage, and advisory firm headquartered in Arlington, VA. The firm’s leadership has a collective track record of more than billion of transactions, including over 45 million square feet of leases, 21 build-to-suit projects completed, and over 0 million of assets currently under management.

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Julio Gonzalez, CEO of Engineered Tax Services is Elected as National Finance Chairman for RNHA

Republican National Hispanic Assembly Elects New Board Members and Grows its National Leadership Team.

The Board provides the organizational leadership required to carry out the mission. They promote the fundamental principles and values of republicanism throughout the Hispanic American community in the United States.

The National Finance Chairman will be Julio Gonzalez, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Engineered Tax Services, Inc., a nationally licensed engineering firm headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida with 15 offices nationwide and over 140 employees and consultants. ETS works with many of the Top 100 CPA firms and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

Julio is a well-respected leader in his field, as well as in the tax reform world. Amongst many of his talents, Julio has an extensive track record of speaking at national events on topics such as cost segregation, historic tax credits, opportunity zone, research and development, and emerging tax programs.

About Republican National Hispanic Assembly 
The RNHA is an American political organization founded in 1967 that was formally recognized by the RNC a few years later. Its purpose is to develop and effectively educate a strong Republican Hispanic constituency throughout the nation. The participation of citizens of Hispanic heritage in the American political process and the Republican Party is critical; we encourage able and qualified Americans who are registered Republican voters, to seek office at all levels of government.

About ETS 
Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) is a licensed engineering firm that focuses on federal, state, and local tax benefits. Founder and CEO, Julio Gonzalez, is an expert in tax reform whose strong presence is helping define our current tax laws. Under Gonzalez's guidance and true insight into how the industry is shaping, Engineered Tax Services is one of the largest, fastest growing, and most innovative engineering, energy, and specialty tax credit services firm in the country. Visit us at http://www.engineeredtaxservices.com

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Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC announced today the nominees for the “2018 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award”, the “2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award” and the “2018 Vendor of the Year Award

Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC announced today the nominees for the “2018 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award”, the “2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award” and the “2018 Vendor of the Year Award”.

The three awards will be presented at its tenth semi-annual Retail Energy Marketing Conference being held at the Houston Hyatt Regency Downtown in Houston, Texas on April 2nd 2019.  

The theme of the Energy Marketing Conference will be ‘Relationships vs. Transactions’ and it will feature 45 sponsors, a sold-out exhibit hall packed with 50 of the best exhibitors, more than 50 well-known industry professionals speaking on six interactive panels, 10 executive workshops, a networking breakfast, luncheon and reception with live music.

More than 600 attendees from all over the country are looking forward to hearing over 50 panelists and speakers.  The conference will be the largest gathering of retail energy professionals in North America.

The panels include: “Successful Channel Partnerships”; “Show me the Money: How Distributed Resources make everyone more profitable”, New Competitive Markets: Foreign and Domestic”, Blockchain and Other Emerging Technologies in Retail Energy”, and the CEO Round Table focusing on growth, expansion and overcoming obstacles that are in the way.

The breakfast, luncheon, breaks and cocktail reception have all been designed to allow participants to maximize their learning and networking opportunities.

Sponsored by LED Plus USA and TrustedTPV, the nominees for the 2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award are: Agway, Direct Energy, Eligo Energy, Engie, Griddy, Just Energy, and NRG.

 “The nominees for the Most Innovative Marketer Award have all created new programs, differentiated products offerings, bundled services, and overall improved customer experience,” said Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of EMC and CEO of TrustedTPV.

Sponsored by Arise Digital Marketing, the nominees for the 2018 REP of the Year Award are: Constellation, Eligo Energy, Engie, Just Energy, NRG, Shell and Tomorrow Energy.  

“The nominees for the REP of the Year Award are seven companies who have exemplified real leadership in the retail energy industry,” said Jack Doueck, Co-Founder of Advanced Energy Capital, LED Plus and Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC.  

Sponsored by Crius Energy, the nominees for the 2018 Vendor of the Year Award are: EC Infosystems, energy Services Group, Feller Law Group, Powwr, the Retail Energy Supply Association, Shell Energy, TrustedTPV, and Znalytics.  

The nominees and winners of all three awards were voted on by the industry itself as EMC teamed up ERCG to produce a first-ever industry vote on the awards,” said Doueck. “This was a democratic process and Larry and I wish congratulations to all the nominees on a great 2018”.

This promises to be an event that can’t be missed for professionals in the retail energy space.

To view the agenda - click here: https://energymarketingconferences.com/houston-2019/

To register for the Energy Marketing Conference visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/energy-marketing-conference-houston-tx-tickets-50833090141?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

To watch the video from a previous Energy Marketing Conference in New York click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDQTi2lhXek

To watch the video from a previous Energy Marketing Conference in Houston, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaPRmzrpM3o

About Energy Marketing Conferences:

The mission of Energy Marketing Conferences is to provide the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. The goal of the conferences is to bring together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors and suppliers in the competitive energy industry to network and learn more about our industry. EMC is the largest gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.


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AEC provides a ,500,000 factoring facility for Canadian-based property maintenance company

Advanced Energy Capital provided a factoring line for Pristine Property Management, Ltd (PPM) to enhance their working capital position. Pristine Property Maintenance is a mid-size company that has years of experience providing grounds-keeping and landscape maintenance services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Their focus and expertise lies largely in the grounds and snow and ice maintenance for condominium townhomes and municipal properties.

  The 1,500,000 facility was completed and funded on January 17, 2019 and provided significant working capital over and above Pristine’s incumbent lender’s line of credit.

“As a company that invoices in advance of our service and under long term contracts, we needed a capital provider who was comfortable with our operating history to structure a working capital facility that provides us the ongoing capital to propel PPM to the next level.” said Adam Watson, CEO of Pristine.

“Adam’s cooperation, history of corporate success and blueprint for long term growth made our job easy in closing and funding this cross-border transaction” Reported Richard Rudy, Principal at AEC.  “We look forward to a long term relationship with Adam and PPM as they continue to execute on their business plan” said Steven Feldman, Managing Director of AEC.

About AEC:
AEC is a commercial finance company which provides working capital financing ranging from 0,000 to ,000,000 to small and middle market manufacturers, distributors, and service companies nationwide. Based in New York, AEC is committed to helping businesses increase their capacity for business transactions. AEC’s programs provide companies with capital in a fraction of the time it would take to process a loan through the bank and in many cases provide significantly higher proceeds than the traditional factoring companies and asset-based lenders, while taking on assignments the traditional commercial finance market ignores.

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Juwai.com Launches New Retirement Channel to Help Chinese Spend Their Golden Years Overseas

Juwai.com, the No. 1 Chinese international property platform that reaches 3.1 million Chinese consumers per month, has launched a new Retirement and Lifestyle Channel on its website, dedicated to giving its Chinese users information and real estate listings related to retirement living and property buying abroad.

The new channel is the last element of Juwai.com’s fourth-quarter 2018 new product push. In total, Juwai.com has launched five new channels focused around buyer intentions in just two months: commercial property, emigration, education, investment, and retirement plus lifestyle. The retirement channel can be found at: https://lifestyle.juwai.com

Juwai.com CEO and Director Carrie Law said:

“The four top reasons Chinese retire overseas are affordability, medical care, family, and lifestyle. They can find real estate and daily expenses to be more affordable. They can access more advanced health care. They can be near children and grandchildren who are already living internationally. And they can enjoy themselves by choosing a place that has the weather, environmental quality, and lifestyle they desire.

“With this new channel, they have at their fingertip homes in all the world’s best places to retire. Developers shouldn’t miss this opportunity to introduce their projects to Chinese consumers based on targeted demographics and lifestyle

“Some recent content on the retirement channel includes an analysis of the world-rankings-leading Dutch pension system, a listing for a 5-bedroom oceanfront mansion in the California city of Newport Beach, an analysis of the pros and cons of retiring in Thailand, news about the 17th Shanghai Overseas Investment and Immigration Fair, news about a Canadian proposal to curtail birthright citizenship, and tips on outfitting a new home in Australia.

“Within 11 years, there will be 340 million Chinese aged 60 or above. That’s more than the present population of the entire United States. The potential audience for this channel is even larger than just those who are already at retirement age. We know that most people begin planning and investing for retirement in their 40s and 50s.

### Most Popular Countries for Chinese Retiring Overseas

“The countries that are most popular for Chinese retirees are the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Most older Chinese want to live near their children and grandchildren, and these are the countries with the largest Chinese immigrant populations.

“Malaysia has the My Second Home program that gives foreign retirees renewable, 10-year visas if they can meet relatively modest financial requirements. They need to have liquid assets of about US,000 and have a monthly income of about ,500. Malaysia offers a high quality of life at a low expense, quality health care and easy access back to China.

“Thailand has a one-year renewable visa for retirees over 50 years of age. It requires that you have only about US,000 in liquid assets. Thailand is close to China and within several years should be connected by a fast rail link that will make traveling back and forth much more convenient. Thai cities like Chiang Mai are already popular with Chinese retirees.

“The Philippines offers a retirement visa for people as young as 35 and in exchange for nothing more than depositing US,000 in an approved Philippine bank. The cost of living is very low at less than US,500 per month. In Manila the standard of health care is high.

"With the fast launch of these new channels, our Digital Team proved themselves the best in the industry. These five new channels went from conception to implementation in only two months. That helps our users. It helps our advertisers reach the right users in the most cost-effective way.

"With these new channels we hope to limit the number of clicks that separate users from the information and listings they are looking for. That should improve their experience. It should also lead to even better results for our customers in the form of awareness, enquiries, and transactions. We're keeping the search box and also giving consumers other ways of finding what they need.”

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Fruitful 2018 Heralds Positive Change for Signature Gives Back, Inc.

Signature Gives Back, Inc. (SGB), the philanthropic outreach of The Signature Real Estate Companies (Signature), has continued its growth pattern in 2018, garnering the national attention of charities interested in its grassroots approach and participating REALTOR® volunteerism. SGB’s goodwill measures up to a report from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), a December study indicating REALTORS®, in general, donate more money than the average American to charitable causes/organizations.

SGB has been very active with various fundraisers addressing real-time needs, including the tragedies at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Parkland, FL, and Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh, PA, and the housing expenses of two families devastated by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. SGB has been proactive as well, addressing the continual needs for volunteers and funding for local charities and causes.

Its most successful 2018 event, SGB’s Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament, Nov. 8, 2018 at Gleneagles Country Club, Delray Beach (to benefit both SGB and UnLIMBited Foundation), was wildly popular with participating golfers and Cocktail Reception attendees from Signature and the greater South Florida community.

“Our golfers enjoyed themselves immensely and expressed their appreciation as to how organized and entertaining the event was, especially considering that it was our inaugural tournament, says Event Co-Chair Jack Jaiven. He attributes the event’s rousing success to his hard-working and creative team, including Event Co-Chairs Ivan M Benjamin, Jr., Melainey Gunning, Robert Gleichenhaus and Wendy Pressner, who worked tirelessly for the worthiest of causes: children and their families.

Auction Chairs Gayle Elliott, Judith LeComte, Rachel Gleichenhaus, and Sung Knowles produced a “beautifully arranged Silent Auction that included several valuable travel packages, attractive golf foursomes, sports memorabilia, and many other valuable delights,” says Jaiven. A number of signed celebrity auction items curated by the Signature team---including those donated by a bandmember of Judas Priest and golf great Jack Nicklaus---were the centerpieces that anchored the highly successful live auction.

Produced in a brief five-month window, SGB’s charity golf tournament netted more than ,000, a standout achievement for the relatively young 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit. SGB awarded a significant grant from the event proceeds to the UnLIMBited Foundation’s “Tommy Fund.” Tommy Morrissey, the renowned 8-year-old, one-arm golf prodigy, who was Guest of Honor at the tournament, was featured by local ESPN and WPTV-5 news shortly after the event.

Earlier in the year, SGB dedicated three grants, to KidSafe Foundation, Wayne Barton Study Center, and one that was life changing to the family of a teenage survivor of the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The group continues to collect from the sales of its #PittsburghStrong #EndHate wristbands for the surviving family members of those killed during an anti-Semitic attack on members of the Tree of Life Congregation.

With recognition and gratitude for the exceptional leadership and dedication of Wendy Pressner (former SGB Committee Co-Chair) during her nearly three-year tenure, Jaiven, Executive Vice President of The Signature Real Estate Companies and Vice President of SGB’s Board of Directors, recently welcomed Dana Levy and Karen Evans as his two new SGB Committee Co-Chairs; The trio has initiated a number of new strategies for selecting its charitable causes for future grants.

With its pulse on the health and well-being of South Florida’s individuals and families, SGB continues to “Be the Change You Wish to See in This World.” For more trending info, please visit SignatureGivesBack.com, and email info@signaturegivesback.com.

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Kalyan Developers Offering Well Built Apartments and Flats at Competitive Prices

A subsidiary of Kalyan Jewellers Group, one of the leading jewellers in India and the Middle East with a turnover in excess of INR 10,000 crore, Kalyan Developers takes the trust and quality assurance of its parent company to the next level. Standing as one of the greatest developers with 10 lakh square feet of development to its credit, the builder offers a wide range of apartments, villas and flats for sale at different locations in Kerala that include Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kottayam and Kochi respectively at competitive prices. 

With the intent to put some light on the real estate development and housing solutions that Kalyan Developers offer, one of the senior executives working with it stated, "We emulate the reputation of our parent company that has been earned over the years. We lead the real estate industry in Kerala and this owes much to our uncompromising resolve to build flats, villas and luxury apartments that are sheer eye candies. However, we don't ask customers to spend exorbitantly to own and live in homes that they have always dreamt of."

Owing to the extensive experience, efforts, dedication, perseverance and adherence to industry best practices, Kalyan Developers like Kalyan Jewellers has built trust among the customers. This has enabled the company to make inroads into the real estate industry and remain in the leading position in four cities of Kerala that include Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Thrissur and Kottayam respectively. At the moment, the firm has 5 lakh square feet of area under development and adding various projects that it has completed by the end of 2017 takes the overall built-up area tally to 10 lakh square feet. This speaks volume about the dedication and success of the company. 

When asked about the availability of premium apartments in Kottayam, the senior executive further stated, "What makes our flats, apartments and villas sell like hot cakes is the fact that each construction exudes luxury, indulgence, opulence and flaunts marvellous architecture. Same is the case with each of our construction in Kalyan Sapphire, which is located at Peroorkada. All the properties are built on prime locations and are aimed to fulfil the dreams of people to own homes at special locations."

Another piece of sheer opulence and architectural marvel that comes from the house of Kalyan Developers is Kalyan Marvella Apartments. These apartments are elegantly crafted houses and are aimed at providing a life of understated luxury. Constructed at a very convenient location and in the heart of Girinagar city, Kochi, Kalyan Marvella is just 750 meters away from the metro station, which makes it easily accessible. Therefore, those who are looking for well-built apartments for sale in Kochi can count on Kalyan Developers.

About Kalyan Developers
Kalyan Developers is a sister concern of Kalyan Jewellery – a name that needs no introduction. However, the former is known for offering meticulously detailed and painstakingly built flats, villas and apartments for sale in four cities of Kerala that include Trivandrum, Kochi, Thrissur and Kottayam. Therefore, those looking to own well-built apartments for sale in Trivandrum should consider exploring the options that Kalyan Developers offer.

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Excelerat - A Google Connect Event on Digital Marketing

An estate agent’s website is their most important office. The footfall there is far higher than for any high street branch and with the market slowing, it is this reality that is pushing the most innovative traditional estate agents to embrace digital marketing and find ways to grow.

At an event hosted at Google’s central London headquarters on Tuesday 15th May, global award-winning agency Fountain Partnership and the leading UK live chat conversion experts Yomdel explored best practice digital marketing strategies employed by some of the fastest growing UK estate agents.

Attendees, who included senior executives from Knight Frank, Hunters, Carter Jones, SDL Group, Miles & Barr, Arun Estates and many more, heard presentations from the two companies -- as well as a terrific insight from Google itself – to paint a picture of low cost, high impact digital marketing strategies for estate agents.

“Yomdel and Fountain began working together on EweMove in 2014, and since then we have developed unique approaches to generating quality traffic and then turning that traffic into high-converting new business opportunities,” said Yomdel Founder, Andy Soloman. “It’s a complete no-brainer for any business – invest in getting the right clicks as well as ensuring you also put in place the ability to maximise conversion.”

The programme for the evening heard key note sessions from Andy Soloman, Fountain’s Head of Digital Alice Rose, and Roxanne Brownlee from Google.

The event was exclusive invite-only, and attendees besides being able to visit the impressive Google HQ, went away with ideas on how to carve out competitive advantage and maximise ROI through digital investment.

Alice Rose, the Head of Digital at Fountain spoke of proven digital marketing strategies for estate agents and outlined the best way to drive new business in a short space of time. She also took the audience through the most effective strategies for growth, prioritising the lowest cost with the highest return on investment.

"The Estate Agency Industry has faced a lot of disruption over recent years with the rise of online and hybrid agents, Brexit and now GDPR. Today we've shared our proven roadmap for success, discussing the one thing all Estate Agents should invest in now, as well as 4 top tips for rapid growth in 2018." 

Andy Soloman spoke of how to transform distracted website visitors into loyal customers through bringing human interaction online and then delivering an exceptional digital customer experience.

“We live in an age of distraction where people expect immediate answers to questions and if we are not there to help at exactly the time they need it, they will go elsewhere”, he said.  Andy explained how intelligently targeted managed live chat can significantly multiply results achieved via digital marketing channels. “Conversion can increase 50% or more,” he said.

Yomdel can be used on any website for online sales, lead generation or customer service and support. As well as live chat, Yomdel sets itself apart from competitors by offering extra services such as taking visitors direct from chat into phone calls, SMS engagements, integrations into CRM platforms and Google Analytics. “There are other live chat providers out there, but Yomdel is unique in the way we partner with clients to deliver the very best results,” says Andy. “Our technical platforms are built based on my experience as a former Reuters foreign correspondent and editor, and speed and accuracy are essential. We are continuing to innovate and invest in our services to help clients grow faster.”

Google was represented by Roxanne Brownley who works with Google’s high-performance clients on their growth ambitions discussed how to future proof your business in a changing landscape. She also stressed the importance of getting the Brilliant Basics right to stay ahead of the competition. The event was introduced by event compere Rachel Murray from Fountain.

For more information about how the Yomdel can benefit your organisation, contact our team on 01403 616 000 or email info@yomdel.com


Yomdel is based in Billingshurst, West Sussex. It was the first company in the UK to offer intelligent 24/7 managed live chat operator services. The service is used by over 2,000 UK estate agents, including Fine & Country, Chestertons and Belvoir, as well as many businesses in other sectors spanning finance, legal, automotive, construction, events and many more. Yomdel services can be used on any website for online sales, lead generation or customer service and support.

 Fountain Partnership

Fountain Partnership is a globally recognised digital marketing agency with offices in London and Norwich. The Partnership founded almost nine years ago has developed a unique, numbers-based methodology which takes the risk out of digital marketing for its clients. This approach led to Fountain winning the Google Premier Partner Award for Best Search Performance last year, beating thousands of marketing agencies from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Andy Soloman, Yomdel Founder & CEO, is available for interviews on +44 (0)7928 542917 or andy.soloman@yomdel.com 

 Dan Bell

Marketing & Events Manager at Fountain Partnership

E: dan.bell@fountainpartnership.co.uk

T:  020 3325 6681 M: 07843 692738

Ambrose Harcourt
Yomdel PR

Tel: 01403 616000

For more on how Yomdel helps businesses grow and generates leads please visit https://yomdel.com or call on 01403 616000

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Cummins Selects Agility Warehouse Park in Ghana for Regional DC

Cummins Selects Agility Warehouse Park in Ghana for Regional DC Agility facility to stock parts for Cummins regional operations in West Africa ACCRA, Ghana – May 22, 2018 – Agility, a leading global logistics provider, has leased warehouse space in the Agility Warehouse Park in Ghana to Cummins for a new West African Distribution Center.

Cummins, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel engines, generators, filtration and associated engine components, will use the facility to stock and distribute a range of over 10,000 spare parts for Cummins operations across West Africa.

Cummins joins other multinationals and small and medium-sized Ghanaian companies that have chosen the Agility Warehouse Park at Tema because its secure, convenient location provides international standard warehousing and services for their West African operations.

Location was a significant factor in Cummins’ selection. The Agility park is eight kilometers from Ghana’s main seaport and is adjacent to the Aflao highway connecting Ghana to Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria.

Felix Bani, Cummins Operations Manager – Central Supply Chain Operations (CSCO), said: “Product distribution can be fast-tracked, either by road, sea or air. By choosing the Agility Warehouse Park, Cummins has addressed one of the biggest constraints to companies doing business in West Africa – the lack of quality infrastructure.”

Bani said Cummins was also attracted to the facility because it meets international environmental standards and features eco-friendly construction materials. Agility used energy efficient roof and side insulated panels; wind-driven roof fans; skylights for natural lighting; LED and energy-saving bulbs; and solar-powered streetlights. The site will recycle paper, plastic, metal, and carton waste. It provides eco-friendly waste management services and carbon footprint reporting.

The Agility Warehouse Park in Ghana is part of a network of international standard warehouse parks that Agility is funding and developing across key markets in Africa to support the development of domestic and regional trade.

Geoffrey White, CEO Agility Africa, said, “We believe that the provision of international standard warehouses in Africa for storage, distribution and light manufacturing is one of the fundamental building blocks necessary for economic growth. The Agility Warehouse Parks enable companies, whether multinationals such as Cummins, or small and medium enterprises, to access quality infrastructure easily, quickly and cost effectively.”

About Agility

Agility is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics. It is a publicly traded company with more than .6 billion in revenue and more than 22,000 employees in over 500 offices across 100 countries. Agility Global Integrated Logistics (GIL) provides supply chain solutions to meet traditional and complex customer needs. GIL offers air, ocean and road freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, and specialized services in project logistics, fairs and events, and chemicals. Agility’s Infrastructure group of companies manages industrial real estate and offers logistics-related services, including customs digitization, waste management and recycling, aviation and ground-handling services, support to governments and ministries of defense, remote infrastructure and life support.

For more information about Agility, visit us @ www.agility.com

Twitter: twitter.com/agility & twitter.com/agilityafrica
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/agility & linkedin.com/company/agilityafrica
YouTube: youtube.com/user/agilitycorp

About Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business segments that design, manufacture, distribute and service a broad portfolio of power solutions. The company’s products range from diesel and natural gas engines to hybrid and electric platforms, as well as related technologies, including battery systems, fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (U.S.A.), since its founding in 1919, Cummins currently employs approximately 58,600 people committed to powering a more prosperous world. Cummins serves customers in about 190 countries and territories through a network of some 500 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 7,500 dealer locations. Cummins earned billion on sales of .4 billion in 2017. Press releases can be found on the Web at www.cummins.com.

Follow Cummins on Twitter at www.twitter.com/cummins and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/cumminsinc.

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Real Estate Blockchain Platform METRUMCOIN Announces Pre-sale

METRUMCOIN — is a new generation digital Real Estate market platform that unites B2B, C2C and B2C into a single worldwide net designed for simplicity of use.

About the platform

METRUMCOIN —  a multifunctioning, multilevel platform based on the Blockchain technology with the use of iDeals (the next generation of smart contracts). The platform is capable of bringing any participants’ business processes to life.  The main purpose of the platform is to remove geographical, bureaucratic and transactional barriers, while uniting all participants within a single digital space for the international RE market. It substantially simplifies the activities of buyers, brokers, investors, developers, construction companies, and all those who consider the RE business their lifestyle. We are making the market available in just a few clicks. Transparency, speed and safety are in METRUMCOIN’s DNA.

About the project

The idea of METRUMCOIN project belongs to Mr. Telman Abbasov, a specialist with more than 25 years of real estate experience, and the President of the World Council of Developers and Investors FIABCI 2015-2017. The project was presented to the public at significant industry events such as "MIPIM-2017" in Cannes and "BlokTex-2017" in Kuala Lumpur. It has sparked great interest among RE specialists, as well experts from the IT industry. A team of highly qualified RE specialists determines company strategy. In addition, leading international experts assist METRUMCOIN. In 2017, we obtained a patent, which protects our methodology for attracting investments in real estate objects with the help of crypto-instruments.

Why to participate?

Real Estate allows quick and safe capital investment. Unlike other assets, RE assets do not devalue. We are offering unprecedented opportunities for conducting business both online and offline. Never before has conducting deals and transactions in the RE market been so easy!  But that’s not all. Early participants of the project are guaranteed a 20% discount for purchase of METRUMS token.

Every single investment you make is your personal contribution towards the evolution of the RE market in the 21st century, as well as contributing to the project that will forever change the way business is conducted. 

For further information about our project and technical details of the platform we recommend looking at the Roadmap  and White paper.

Join METRUMCOIN’s pre-sale, and become the key to global RE market transformation

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