Fine Art Shippers Has Been Added to Hill Auction Gallery’s List of Shippers

Fine Art Shippers, an art moving company from New York, is now on Hill Auction Gallery’s list of recommended shippers. The reputable Floridian auction house has been in the industry for years and is known for its distinguished reputation for honesty and professionalism. Such cooperation allows both companies to diversify their offering of services and expand the customer base across the United States. Fine Art Shippers regularly ships art and antiques to/from Florida, so now the clients of the auction house have more secure options for transporting their acquisitions across the country.

Florida is one of the main destinations of Fine Art Shippers’ art shuttles that run every month. The comprehensive art services of the company open the doors to a more customized shipping experience, with specialized art packing, installation, and insurance services. More than that, the NYC shippers have extensive experience working with small and big art auctions, including Doyle, Leonard Auction, Wright, Basel Auction House, Neue Auctions, and many more. The partnership between Fine Art Shippers and Hill Auction Gallery is expected to bring benefits to both companies and the art community in general.

Similar to Fine Art Shippers, Hill Auction Gallery is a family-owned company with extensive experience and expertise in its area of specialization. It was founded by Michael Hill, an established estate buyer in South Florida. Nowadays, Hill Auction Gallery offers a number of services, including certified appraisal and auctioneer services. The auction house is interested in purchasing all types of fine items: antiques, collectibles, fine silver, estate jewelry, and artworks of all genres. Thanks to a wide choice of valuables available for bidding, both emerging and established collectors can find something suiting their budget. For example, the next auction at Hill Auction Gallery is scheduled for June 29, 2022. Titled “Prism,” it will include original works by Salvador Dali and other treasures for every taste.

Becoming one of the recommended shippers by Hill Auction Gallery is another step forward for Fine Art Shippers, which has been providing its services for more than 25 years now. This partnership will enhance the company’s presence in the Florida art market that stands as one of the most prosperous in terms of art development. On June 7, the shippers will have a consolidated art shuttle Miami – New York, with stops in Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, DC. One can request a free quote on the company’s official website to join the shuttle this week.

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‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ by Ruth Finnegan Gets Rave Reviews For Its Simple Way of Presenting Complex Information

Ruth Finnegan, OBE scholar and a celebrated writer with over 25 academic books to her credit, has released her recent work titled ‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ The general concept of the book based on the similarities, differences, and relationships between “Birds and Humans” is a fascinating one. 

“I don’t honestly know if it is a unique idea or not, but I have not really seen a book focusing on such themes,” says a Senior Group Leader, Royal Society Protection Birds, UK. “It is a very enjoyable read, covering a good range of themes and topics. Each section is well written, usually including an extensive selection of scientific research, observations, stories, and anecdotes.” 

The book is actually written in the memory and honor of David Campbell Callender, the gentle Irish Naturalist, by his granddaughter Ruth Finnegan.

The book draws parallels and contrasts between the world of humans and birds. It explains that birds and humans have different ancestries. Birds are the last living species of dinosaurs, and humans share ancestry with the apes. Yet, there is more in common between the two than expected.

The Literary Titan, which provides unbiased, informative, and engaging book reviews and connects authors and readers, say, “The book is a refreshingly different take on the usual encyclopedias about birds; rather, it talks about birds with a child-like fascination.”

As Ruth Finnegan is an anthropologist and has no expert knowledge of birds, the book smartly keeps away from the use of specialist terminologies and Latin names. 

‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ keeps readers engrossed with its variety of captivating images and illustrations. The text is aimed at the ‘college age’ group. 

According to the reviewers at The Literary Titan, the book presents complex scientific information and theories in a way that is relatively easily understood and accessible to a wide range of readers. Some sections are intentionally thought-provoking and can trigger a debate.

“I particularly liked the ‘Questions for reflection, discussion or debate’ section near the end. Personally, I have certainly read a lot of information in this book that I was previously unaware of,” says a representative of the Literary Titan. “The author’s deep connection with the birds is clear and awe-inspiring and is amply reflected in the book. I would recommend this book to anyone curious about birds and readers looking for a light but informative book.”

There are some fascinating examples in the book about how birds survive in the woods. The book reveals how Australian raptors deliberately carry burning sticks to spread wild fires to create a good setting for their favoured food source. It also speaks about the impressive memory of nutcrackers returning to cached food and the amazing nest-building exploits of tailorbirds. There are numerous other fascinating examples presented in an engaging and readable format. 

“Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ is quite unlike other non-fiction books. It has a wealth of information about birds presented in a manner that evokes deep interest and fascination in the subject.   

Read more reviews here: https://reedsy.com/discovery/book/birds-and-humans-who-are-we-ruth-finnegan#review 

For more information, visit http://www.ruthhfinnegan.com

About Ruth Finnegan:

Ruth Finnegan OBE is a renowned scholar and celebrated writer who is an Emeritus Professor, the Open University, a Fellow of the British Academy, and an Honorary Fellow of Somerville College Oxford. She was recently elected as one of the first four International Fellows of the American Folklore Society, a much-valued honor. Ruth Finnegan was born in Derry (on the last day of December 1933) and grew up there and in the remote countryside of Donegal. She went to a literature-imbued Quaker school in York, earned top degrees in classics and anthropology at Oxford, and carried out fieldwork on story-telling in Africa. From 1969, apart from three years in the South Pacific island of Fiji, she taught and researched at the pioneering Open University. She is the author of over twenty academic books, several of them prize-winning. She has three daughters (two of them born in Nigeria), five grandchildren (one in New Zealand), and now lives in Old Bletchley, England, with her husband of over 50 years.

You can order a copy of the book by clicking on the following links – Amazon or Lulu.

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Who is "Edurk Black Pablo"? Let's take a closer look at the Rapper, CEO, and Entrepreneur from Flint Michigan

As the co-founder of Awol GCode Promotions, and original member of the rap group The Dayton Family, the Flint, Michigan born rapper's musical journey began when he was just ten years old.

In 1996, The Dayton Family signed a major record deal with Relativity Records. The group then dropped their debut album "FBI" in October of the same year. The album succeeded and peaked to #45 on the Billboard 200 Charts. It was the beginning of their journey to "street success". The Dayton Family then earned two Gold Albums, by being on albums from Master P’s (Down South Hustler) and 36 Mafia's (Chapter II World Domination). 

While on the road to stardom, Edurk had to serve time in prison, lost his parents a week apart from each other, and lost his brother years later. Edurk remembers how hard it was being in the music industry as an independent artist. He says there were times in Chicago when he and the group had been scammed by a "janky concert promoter" and also when group members "Bootleg, and Ghetto E" got kidnapped and attacked on 79th and Halsted. Edurk says" it was one of my worst memories he ever had growing up". He also shares about how he almost "gave up on life, but decided to move on, because God has a plan".

Since bouncing back and overcoming the trials, and tribulations of life Edurk has managed to achieve tremendous success along the way. One of his notable memories during his music journey was going on a 50 state tour with the "Insane Clown Posse". 

Currently, Edurk has released the hot new single and music video for "Tear Me Down", that features R & B singer T. Rell, and down south rapper Ziggy Zig-Zag. He also has songs currently on radio air waves (ranked as high as #60 on The Top 150 Independent charts and #161 on The Top 200 Global charts) and music videos trending on video channels worldwide.

Edurk and Awol CGode Promotions are currently on an 8 city tour with Gucci Mane's new artist "Enchanting" that started May 7th and ends in late June. 

Edurk's new single will drop July 1st, and will be produced by platinum producer ""Faided Beatz" and he and The Dayton Family will be filming their self-proclaimed street documentary titled, "Dope Dayton Ave" this Summer/Fall (produced by "Flint City Media"). 

Check out new music videos by "Edurk Black Pablo & Awol GCode Promotions, on there YouTube channel.

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"ScrilltownMO" Let's take a closer look and the Music Entrepreneur and CEO who represents "music, fashion, & hustle"

After a 15 year hiatus from music, ScrilltownMO is now climbing the ladder back to the top "one single at a time". In 2020, he co-authored an Amazon #1 Best-Seller titled, "Yes I Can", started his own signature clothing line and shoe company called Scrilltown Clothing Co & Apparel, and released over 7 different musical projects.He also managed to secure distribution deals with The Orchard (a division of Sony Music), Ingrooves (UMG), and Symphonic Distribution. In 2021, ScrilltownMO teamed up with Dogface Music and Amada Records for the "Red Devil" compilation project (succeeded to hit #25 on the Top 25 Billboard Charts). In last two and half years ScrilltownMO has a total of over 1 Million digital streams worldwide.  Since signing a label distribution deal (ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic), He has surpassed 500,000 digital streams (with the re-release EP of "Street Music & Meditation'', and 11 other musical projects) and has also contributed to 6 music videos with over 200K views worldwide. ScrilltownMO has a successful videocast called "Welcome to Scrilltown Talk", and also owns and operates a licensed internet radio station called "Scrilltown Radio" (on LIVE365). ScrilltownMO is the true definition of "grind, hustle, money motivation, and staying TRUE". 

So if you were to ask "what's new for ScrilltownMO" this season, he would tell you; "making my brand- ScrilltownMO LLC into a one stop shop". With ScrilltownMO Management & Consulting, ScrilltownMO Music/Publishing, Scrilltown Clothing Co & Apparel, Scrilltown Radio, and Welcome to Scrilltown Talk, "staying busy" is most definitely an understatement. Just since Christmas alone ScrilltownMO Music has released musical projects: "Grind Hard or Go Home" (the mixtape), "M-Strange" (self-titled), "City Boy Country Girl" (Griff Galexxzee), "You Do The Math" (Square Rootz), "Chivalry's Back" (Pennhouse), "You Might Get Shot" (Music Video by Square Rootz), and "Hypnotized" (Becky Raisman)", just to start off the winter season. 

When he's not dealing with next new music project, designing the latest shoe, creating one of the 8 new mixshows on his radio station, or interviewing a celebrity or entertainer as a guest on his videocast, he's managing some of the hottest up and coming musicians from all across the globe.

The multi-talented model, dancer, singer-songwriter extraordinaire "Daffie Doc" is by way of Paris, France and she is taking the world by storm with her energetic dance moves, beautiful voice, and trendy social media videos.

Sacramento's own producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, and engineer "Exurt Beatz" is not only the man behind several hits from ScrilltownMO Music, but he's also one half of the lyrically driven hiphop group "Square Rootz".

Lastly, there's the New Orleans born, St. Charles Parish raised trapper "Cee Glizzy BigSteppa", who has his debut project on the the way that features an all-star cast of Multi-Platinum and Award Winning beat makers and producers, along with some of the most popular, trending, and viral influential artists from across the world wide web.

While given no reason to slow down now, ScrilltownMO is continuing to keep the momentum going with "music, fashion, and hustle." Check out all of ScrilltownMO related brands, music, and entertainment on all media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, where @scrilltownmobiz will have you laughing out loud with his weekly shorts and reels. 

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Cullen Chambers Proves His Acting Prowess Again With a Powerful Role in American Siege

Cullen Chambers, the actor well-known for his multifaceted acting skills and talent, plays an important role in American Siege, an action thriller starring Bruce Wills. The film is written and directed by Edward Drake and also stars Timothy V. Murphy, Rob Gough, Johann Urb, Anna Hindman, Johnny Messner, and Janet Jones. The film was released by Vertical Entertainment on January 7, 2022.

Cullen has played many diverse roles in his long and splendid career. He has worked as a principal actor, bit player, special bit player, featured actor, stunt and photo double, hand and body parts model, and background player/actor/extra.

He has been a body-double for six Academy-Award winners and many other A-list actors. He was a photo body-double for the late Nelson Mandela for Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine.

Cullen Chambers earned a reputation as a stellar author with his entertainment industry book, Award Winning Bestseller, Back To One: The Complete Movie Extras Guidebook. The book is co-authored by Elisha Choice and has illustrations by Reuven Harris.

The book covers an interesting gamut of topics aimed at helping aspiring actors make it big in the industry. The popular topics are:

  • How to act, make good money and get more work in movies, T.V. shows, soap operas, commercials, music videos, modeling, market research, print ads, audience participation, and reality shows
  • Where and how to find jobs, including over 100 extras casting agencies with free registration
  • The fastest way to get a S.A.G. card
  • Tips, tidbits, and tricks of the trade
  • How to market yourself for success
  • Special section: get your child into acting

The book also provides valuable information and advice on scams in the industry, working with agents, getting the right photos, wardrobe, résumés, working conditions, etc.

According to many experts, this book and some persistence are all an actor needs to succeed as a Hollywood extra and background performer.

Cullen Chambers has also authored the immensely popular ‘Movie Extra Work for Rocket Scientists Paperback’. It provides a simple and easy proven step-by-step plan for getting started in the industry.

It is the #1 authority in aspiring actors, background actors and movie extras casting agency information since 1986. The book has over 300,000 satisfied, loyal and motivated customers.

Cullen G. Chambers is an award-winning actor, voiceover artist, author, writer, producer, filmmaker, and new media entrepreneur with a dominating presence in the entertainment industry. Based in Los Angeles, California, his filmography spans genres like action, comedy, drama, sitcoms, and thriller. Chambers versatile character acting skills have won him roles as a lawyer, a doctor, a father, a grandpa and so on.

The amazingly talented Cullen has also worked hard at proving himself as a professional filmmaker. Over the years, he has appeared in notable films like Weaponized, Until the Day I Die (Pts 1 and 2), Mr. Pig, Ole B.R.Y.C.E, Cherry Red Kiss, Deep Impact, Hollywood Invasion, and many other films.

Cullen has also been on television shows like S.W.A.T., Scorpion, Raising Hope, The West Wing, In Living Color, Crossing Jordan, Culture Clash, AP BIO, Soul Man, and American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. Chambers also appeared as an alien and a background actor in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.

Cullen G. Chambers is also involved in commercials for Google, Amazon, SuperCuts, Allstate Insurance, ReMax, Budweiser, American Express, Sony, Airbnb, Fiverr, DirectTV, Domino’s Pizza, Barclays Bank, Daikin, U.S. Census Bureau, Apple, Entresto, Microsoft, A.B.C. Disney, Nintendo, U.C.L.A., Federal Express, AARP, MixPanel, National Rental Car, eXel, Daikin, Morgan & Morgan, Aetna, Farxiga and Nature’s Balance.

Cullen Chambers is an experienced entertainment veteran author/writer. He has written 18 award-winning/best-selling books. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.) and The American Federation of Radio & Television Artists (A.F.T.R.A.).

About Cullen Chambers

Author Cullen Chambers has worked in over 3,000 films, T.V. shows, commercials, and video productions. He has appeared in popular movies such as Deep Impact, Pulp Fiction, Harlem Nights, Die Hard II, RoboCop II, Star Trek, and The Next Generation. He has done several T.V. shows, including Dallas, Cheers, L.A. Law, Alien Nation, Resurrection Blvd, In Living Color, and Murder She Wrote.

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14-Year old Whiz Kid, Kimeila Campbell, is gaining notoriety as the Mini Oprah for Good Reason

New York, NY – February 7, 2022 – On Sunday January 23, 2022, CEO and Founder Kimeila Campbell launched her exclusive, limited edition, and double cover YNTY Magazine. (You’re Never Too Young) at her 14th birthday celebration. The Red Carpet was held at the Glitz Elite Event Studio Jamaica Queens NY. 

Photo Credit: Karl M. Lee

Kimeila Campbell is the FIRST Kidpreneur to create a publication for other kidpreneurs and Kid influencers. The Inaugural Issue of YNTY MAGAZINE (January Issue) spotlighted kidpreneurs, celebrity stylists and a double cover of Kimeila. The response was above and beyond expectation.  During the event Kimeila signed off and presented her magazine to family, peers and kid influencers in attendance as well as honored and awarded her mentors with plaques for the support each of them have provided while pursuing her dream of entrepreneurship.

DJ Annie Red, a 14-year-old DJ from Brooklyn, NY, provided the music. She is one of the Top 5 Finalists for 2021 Kid of the Year for TIME MAGAZINE for kids. The photographer for the night is successful 17-year-old Dana (@Versatilelens), who has been in business since the age of 14. Also in attendance was 17-year-old famed designer, author, activist and influencer Egypt Ufele.

About Kimeila

Kimeila Campbell was born in Jamaica, West Indies and migrated to the USA at the age of 6 years old. Kimeila has been featured as a “Wiz Kid” and an “A” student in large news outlets, such as, The Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica Star, Enspire Magazine, Jamaica Morning Times, Irie Radio Jam and CVM. Kimeila is slowly but surely garnering much attention and is called the “Mini Oprah.” Oprah Winfrey is Kimeila’s inspiration leading Kimeila to now pursue modeling, which she has never done before, and grace the covers of her own magazine.

About YNTY

YNTY (You’re Never Too Young) by Kimeila is a brand that aims to inspire and motivate young and upcoming entrepreneurs, influencers and public figures, (under the age of 17), to boldly go after their dreams and not limit themselves because of their age. YNTY Magazine and Apparel strives to remind it’s audience to always believe in their abilities and to remember You’re Never Too Young to make a difference.

The YNTY team worked diligently and expeditiously to meet all deadlines in time for the launch. Proud is not a strong enough word to describe this experience. History has been made, and YNTY is far beyond a magazine. YNTY is a movement that is already in motion around the world. The YNTY community of kids is growing as we speak, and this is just the beginning.

For all press inquiries please contact Yvonne Forbes at labelleladivapr@gmail.com or via 516-469-0587

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Ms. Queen of the World 2021 Alice Zulmira Cast as the Second Female Lead for the Film Arena

By contributing reporter: Carlos Walker

Alice Zulmira, Ms. Queen of the World 2021, has joined the cast of the film “Arena” as the second female lead.

Alice Zulmira, Ms. Queen of the World 2021, has been cast as the second female lead of the film Arena. The producer and director Alexander Bok announced that Alice Zulmira, a.k.a. Zulimire Palahati, has joined the cast to play this important role.

The producer and director of the film “Arena” Alexander Bok (left) announced that Alice Zulmira, a.k.a. Zulimire Palahati (right), has been cast as the second female lead of the film.

“After two months of hectic activity with hundreds of auditions, we eventually cast our second female lead,” said producer and director Alexander Bok. “Her name is Alice Zulmira, Ms. Queen of the World 2021. When the character is close to the real person, it is always easier for the actor to get the spirit.”

Photo of the film “Arena” investment signing ceremony on 11,21, 2021. From right to left: Male lead, David Arquilla; Writer/Producer/Director, Alexander Bok; Investor and Executive Producer, President of ZUN Royal Group, Raymond Chen; Actress Ana AlaDashVili; Investor and Executive Producer, President of Beijing Shinshot Media, Jonas Hu.

Arena is a psychological thriller and one of the most interesting projects happening in Hollywood right now. The story is about a young girl, the only survivor of an airplane crash. She is convinced that all the dead passengers are still alive. The movie is about the efforts of the survivor to find them.

Apart from the amazing performance of Alice Zulmira in the audition, there are other reasons why she was chosen for the role, according to the crew and director of the film.

The role demands a character with natural beauty and finesse, and according to the director, Zulmira fits the bill perfectly. She is originally from China, and her ethnicity is one of the few white minorities in the country. That’s why she has the unique exquisiteness of both Oriental and Western glamor.

Alice Zulmira is on the cover of a Chinese luxury magazine, “Elite”.

Zulmira won the Ms. Queen of the World Pageant 2021 by the sheer virtue of her beauty and amazing confidence. She has also been featured on the cover of Elite, a Chinese luxury magazine. She is the founder and CEO of AIWAA IBM. It is a brand management company that helps clients market their brands in the United States and North America.

As the champion, Alice (the second from the left) was posing with Congresswoman Grace Meng (middle), the founder Alice Lee (the third from the left) and other winners of the Queen of the World Pageants 2021.

Zulmira is also a co-founder and chief designer of a fashion brand called LAUEDEEKLY. She has worked with the famous stylist Arnold Milfort and presented eight lines of LAUEDEEKLY during the 2021 Spring-Summer New York Fashion Week. The brand has been featured in more than eighty magazines worldwide.

Zulmira is the perfect fit for this role because of her strong academics, linguistic skills, and versatility. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the UK, studied at Syracuse University in New York, and obtained her master’s degree in Risk Management from Columbia University. Besides English, she speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.

The director has no doubt that Zulmira fits perfectly in the character because they both have a strong sense of altruism.

Zulmira routinely and actively participates in social activities including patriotism events, poverty alleviation projects, and so on. After the pandemic surged, her social work has become more focused on participation in COVID-19 prevention. Up to now, she has donated and distributed more than 50,000 medical masks.

Alice Zulmira was attending the 911 incident anniversary in the Chinese community in NYC, mourning the victims.

“Outer beauty decays easily, but the virtue from within, such as the sense of social responsibility and the impulse to serve the people in need, never does,” Zulmira says.

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Worldwide Entertainment Consultants releases "DAUGHTER" Official Music Video

Artist Katie Belle in conjunction with Worldwide Entertainment Consultants is proud to release the official music video for ‘Daughter’ on December 6th, 2021.

Belle is an American pop artist and musician who appeared on the 17th season of American Idol. Her striking, breathy vocals and undeniable stage presence caught the attention of notables Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. 

Since American Idol, Belle’s career has progressed with a series of single releases. Her music, which can be described as upbeat, nostalgic and rejuvenating, has won the hearts of audiences, fans and critics. She has a strong presence in the US and International markets.

The music video brings to life the metaphorical lyrics of “Daughter”; which are a time capsule for salvation, solace and the redemption of a broken heart. Belle’s artistic videography team headed up by Director Joe Crognale uses the sentiments of the lyrics to create a mesmerizing adaption. As Belle’s expressive vocals play on the screen the viewer is stepped through heartbreak, revelation and “breaking the chains” that are holding her back. Belle is active in the acting scene of her hometown, Atlanta and uses her “acting chops” on this one!

Belle has received great praise and feedback on “Daughter” including this review… “Our ‘E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like’ section is dedicated to Katie Belle. I discovered this Artist while shuffling songs on Spotify and I liked her musical vision. From the very first seconds, the voice of this Katie intrigued me. Interesting tone, crystalline but with nostalgic nuances as if this girl has a secret inside her that she cannot reveal to anyone. A slight hoarse makes the interpretation of her new single ‘Daughter’ very passionate and intimate.” – Chris Mariotti, Edgar Allan Poets Music Blog (Nov 29, 2021)

Belle is seen in the summer issue of Rolling Stone magazine, she was been named a Top 50 Independent Artist Watchlist for 2021 by Tunecore.

Belle is excited about her official music video for ‘Daughter’ and comments, “I have been song writing from the age of 12, most of my releases have always been songs I am a writer on. I was introduced last fall to Josquin des Pres and we ended up selecting some compositions that I fell in love with; Daughter was one of them! The first time I heard the track it gave me chill bumps. I hope my listeners will hear and see the emotion in the music video.”

Official Music Video “Daughter”: https://youtu.be/5qlHizc-BzI


Songwriters: Jax, Michael Natter, Nancy Natter, Josquin Des Pres, Fabien Renoult

Producers: Josquin Des Pres, Fabien Renoult


Hello Jax BMI, JoNa Music Group Publishing ASCAP
JMG Publishing Worldwide BMI
(c) 2021 Worldwide Entertainment Consultants, Track Star Entertainment

Music Video

Produced by: Katie Belle Music
Performed by: Artist Katie Belle
Video Production: Joe Crognale

Find More:

Linktree: Linktr.ee/officialkatiebelle (All Access Links) Daughter Single Release


Roxanne Stone
WorldWide Entertainment

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David Campbell Callender Shares Some Captivating Facts About the Moon

Ruth Finnegan, writing under the pen name of David Campbell Callender, has released ‘The moon, the watching witching moon: Our light and companion’, Paperback. This is Volume 2 of the CALLENDER NATURE series. All other books in the series have also been written in the name of Ruth’s grandfather. They include ‘Grass, Miracle from the Earth’ and ‘Birds, What Are They, First Look’, with more on the way.

“The ‘witching’ in the title alludes to the view that the moon is associated with lunacy (Luna = moon),” says the author while explaining the relevance of the book’s title. “It is often believed that people come out in a mad way, as werewolves etc., and animals behave oddly at the time of the full moon – that mysterious body. Its origin is mysterious too – there are lots of guesses, both good and bad, but nobody really knows.”


Ruth has had the moon as her friend right from her childhood days. The moon guided her through the streets and the rocks as there was no road or electricity in those days. The light of the moon was the saving grace for her and her family.

She has some fascinating things to share about the full moon. Under the full moon, all the little rabbits would come out of their burrows and play in the sand and the grass. The ants scuttled around, and even the birds, not just the night birds like the owls, but all other birds, would raise their heads from their nests and look out. The whole family and its previous generations knew about the phases of the moon.

Ruth was familiar with the beautiful crescent. She saw it as a line in the sky – enchanted, entrancing, and at first too slim to be visible. She also witnessed how the crescent grew magically night after night, increasing its visibility and inspiration. She discovered how half-moons transformed into full moons and what the transformation did to the tides. She learned too about the great spring and ebb waves and the moon’s connection to them by closely following the celestial changes.

She does not see the moon as a ‘he’ or a ‘she’. For her, the moon is neuter but living and with a capital letter. It is an object she reveres, and that’s why her book has some spelling inconsistencies – for her, it is the fluid ambiguity of the moon. She loves the ever-recycling moon with its incredible serenity, watching and entrancing people all the time.

‘The Moon, The Watching Witching Moon: Our Light and Companion’ was chosen as a Finalist in the non-fiction/culture category in the Readers Favorite Book Competition, 2021.

For more information, and to buy the book online, visit:

About The Book:

‘The Moon, The Watching Witching Moon: Our Light and Companion’ presents an engaging overview of what we know about our fascinating, ever-present moon as seen through the eyes of the great Irish naturalist David Campbell. The book vividly captures the recycling phases and what we can expect from each phase. The book also analyzes the connection between the moon and its gravitational tug of the tides, spring, full, and ebb. It also touches upon aspects we don’t know about the moon: where does it come from and how did it start, and so on. Of course, it also touches upon the lunar-lunacy theory that humans and animals behave oddly at full moon. It’s all here.

About Ruth Finnegan

Ruth Finnegan OBE is a renowned scholar and celebrated writer who is an Emeritus Professor of. The Open University, a Fellow of the British Academy, and an Honorary Fellow of Somerville College Oxford. She was recently elected as one of the first four International Fellows of the American Folklore Society, a much-valued honor. She is the author of twenty or more academic books plus novels and screenplays, many of them prize-winning. She has three daughters (two of them born in Nigeria), five grandchildren (one in New Zealand), and now lives in Old Bletchley, England, with her longtime husband David.

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Hotels At Sea's Polo Team Wins Back To Back US National Championships Presented By Celebrity Cruises & AmaWaterways

Hotels At Sea has captured the crown in the United States Arena Handicap, at the Twilight Polo Club in The Plains, Virginia Final. The team comprising of the world’s best polo players such as Tareq Salahi, Jorge “Tolito” Fernandez Ocampo Jr., and Marcos Bignoli helped the team repeat their success of winning the recently held National Arena Chairman’s Cup.

The championship was hosted at the brand new arena outside downtown Middleburg, Virginia, on Saturday, October 2. Hotels At Sea was engaged in a captivating final in this high-stakes fall horse polo.


It was evident that Hotels At Sea, the polo champions, were determined to repeat their recent success at the National Arena Chairman’s Cup. Riding on their recent arena dominance, they did a great job capturing the United States Arena Handicap 18-14. Hotels at Sea won the winner’s purse of ,000.00.

Despite trailing early, Hotels At Sea knew they were at an advantage because of superior team chemistry and communication. 

Tareq Salahi shared, “We know how to switch strategy and sometimes we do it in the middle of a chukker. It was this familiarity that led to the successful two-goal lead in the third chukker.”

Ocampo Jr. shared the importance of releasing the ball quickly, “The idea was to find a position for Tareq, and where to be when Marcos (Bignoli) and I hit the ball.” 


Tolito says playing unified is important, “As the highest handicap on your team, your job is not to play more than your handicap. It’s making your teammates play higher than their handicap.” 

Tareq Salahi also acknowledged the role of fans in creating an electric finals atmosphere.

“It’s great to see [them] here. It really drives us to play stronger and more aggressive polo.” 

Hotels At Sea will now be planning to field a team for the 2022 U.S. Open Arena Polo Championship to be held at Twilight International Polo Club next year.


Visit www.InternationalPoloTour.com for information about the luxury market and cruise line polo tour schedule.

About International Polo Tour®:

International Polo Tour advocates and sanctions the love of the game and its social public tourism events for the luxury market and the luxury travel & cruise line industry. Concerted efforts are made for opening up the game to a wider audience intending to bring international cultures together in a celebration of both their common bonds and their diversity.

About Celebrity Cruises®:

Celebrity Cruises’ iconic “X” is the mark of a fleet of 14 award-winning ships redefining luxury cruise travel with cool, contemporary design and accommodations; culinary, wellness, and entertainment experiences for modern tastes; and culturally rich and diverse destination experiences, all complemented by warm, personalized service. Celebrity has pioneered many industry firsts at sea, including the first use of solar panels on a cruise ship; the first to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles; the first American female captain of a cruise ship; the first-ever all-female bridge and officer team sailing; the first West African woman to work on the bridge of a cruise ship; and one of the first legal same-sex weddings performed at sea. Driven by wanderlust and a passion for opening the world, Celebrity journeys to all seven continents, visiting nearly 300 destinations in over 70 countries. Celebrity is one of six cruise brands operated by global cruise vacation company Royal Caribbean Group.

About Hotels at Sea®:

Hotels at Sea award-winning programs provide curated VIP luxury cruise & polo programs on behalf of the cruise line industry worldwide. Hotels at Sea operates a full-time professional polo team. They offer worldwide luxury vacations and business conferences onboard cruise ships. Hotels at Sea & Connoisseur Traveler are the ultimate choice for luxury, safety, comfort, and value. Hotels at Sea serves luxury suite guests, groups, and charters globally.

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RtistiQ launches Singapore's first online NFT-driven art marketplace

SINGAPORE – 29 September, 2021 – RtistiQ, a mobile app and website art marketplace, is the first in Singapore and Southeast Asia to leverage technologies such as blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and near field communication (NFC) for art authentication. With artists from approximately 29 different countries across the globe on board, the online marketplace now houses approximately 2,500 art assets and US million worth of merchandise value. The brand has been building a vibrant community of artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, soon galleries and art professionals. 

Traditionally, artists would have physical representations of their artwork at on-site galleries. However, the global pandemic has pivoted the scene towards online representations where artists are increasingly looking for a trustworthy platform to showcase their artwork. RtistiQ is an artist-friendly marketplace that not only provides artists with an online platform for sales, but also addresses their concerns such as untrackable provenance, the absence or delayed royalties received, copyright infringement, and the lack of transparency in the primary art marketplace. As such, the number of artists onboarding RtistiQ has been doubling each month since April and has more than 200 artists on board currently. 

Jothi Krishnan Menon, co-founder and CEO of RtistiQ said, “The goal of the platform is to create a complete end-to-end solution for our artists and their work. Using technologies that have been established and heavily utilised in other industries, like blockchain, augmented reality and NFC, we are looking to reshape the art market. We want to give peace-of-mind to art buyers from around the world when it comes to authenticity, as well as provide artists from across the world the opportunity to reach a wider audience for their art.” Additionally, Rtistiq is expected to build up a portfolio of over 1500 artists onboard from more than 50 countries and 20,000 artworks by March 2022 

Providing another sales avenue for artists 

A significant and recurring concern for artists across the globe is their inability to insure their financial future by benefiting from royalty rights schemes. Artists often could not benefit from the royalties as it is very difficult for the artists to track the changes in ownership of their artworks. Recently, the New York Times investigated a dispute between artists and the Artist Pension Trust, a company that promises to provide artists with financial security. However, more than 140 artists did not receive sales or payouts, and many of them were not even able to locate their artwork. This mishap is a common occurrence in the art industry, clearly highlighting the importance of ensuring tampering proof records. Additionally, provenance tracking provided by blockchain registration would prevent the sale of forged or stolen artworks. 

RtistiQ uses an NFT-based tokenisation to represent any form of artwork; this transparent attribution to the creator acts as a digital signature for authentication and provides provenance tracking. This is further aided by the unique blockchain account of each artist, which digitises the Certificate of Authenticity (COA), thereby giving artists a better control over their artwork sales but also assuring collectors of the work’s authenticity. Additionally, using tamper-evident NFC stickers, artists can easily create a physical-digital link to their creation that can be scanned using an NFC-enabled mobile device.

According to Siberia-born and US-based artist, Aleks Rosenberg, the pandemic presented an opportunity for online galleries to be legitimised as well as democratise access for lesser known artists to showcase their works. However, the multimedia artist said that based on his personal experience, the more established platforms already had a roster of thousands of artists and the ones who got preferential algorithm treatment were the ones who were already established. As he only had small successes in selling a few pieces, he sought opportunities elsewhere. He was first intrigued by RtistiQ’s use of blockchain to secure the authenticity of his artwork before deciding “to invest my time and energy into RtistiQ because of the personal outreach by my curator who took the time to help understand, organise and promote my work on the platform,” shared Rosenberg. This blend of tech-enabled features on the platform and the hands-on high-touch approach from its curators help to maximise the artist’s experience. 

RtistiQ digitising the art purchase experience 

RtistiQ takes pride in enhancing buyers’ experience by being one of the first art applications to integrate AR projection. Research by Hiscox revealed that the biggest concern of hesitant online buyers was not being able to know if their desired artwork was truly represented on-screen. The lack of ability to simulate and digitise the art purchasing experience amongst existing art marketplaces in Asia is a huge drawback for buyers. RtistiQ helps address these concerns by offering their users an immersive experience with the artworks. 

The rapidly growing art market in Singapore and the rest of Asia, despite having many established art collectors, is still driven by first-time buyers and individuals looking to decorate their homes and office spaces. The integration of immersive art technology such as AR actualises the artwork for potential buyers on the pretext of their own space. This enhances the digital art purchase experience by aiding potential buyers with visualisations of their desired artwork. 

To find out more about RtistiQ, please visit https://art.rtistiq.com/en/

About RtistiQ 

RtistiQ is an online art marketplace leveraging innovative technologies such as Blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and near field communication NFC technologies. Founded in 2019, RtistiQ was the vision of a group of Technology & Finance specialists with a profound passion for art. Blockchain and NFC are some of the technologies reshaping the art market. By enabling these innovative technologies on the platform, we address issues such as the lack of transparency in the art market, forgery, copyright infringement, untrackable provenance, and overdue royalties. We aim to empower our artists and our collectors equally by providing a secure and transparent environment for passion-driven transactions. Combined with Augmented Reality, it enhances the art experience multifold in a digital economy. 

For further information, on behalf of RtistiQ, please contact:

Shannen Tan

Rhuby Elizabeth Ayao-ao

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99Drizzy: From the Trench in Ojota, Lagos to the world with Trap Music

"Spontaneity is one of many attributes this great talent as shown as he continues his wonderful journey to conquer the world with music.”


99Drizzy is the latest kid on the Trap Scene from Nigeria trying to change the perspective and serving great music with a lot of swagger. The Trap artist has grown a widespread acclaim for his motivational journey as a kid from trench of Ojota in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. 

Operating in a competitive music business has not been an easy quest, which made 99Drizzy took a break to study more about the music business while also recording and tailoring his craft. He resurfaces with a new record “All she want”.

Trapfro which is a perfect blend of Afrobeats and Trap Sound is the niche genre that the talented 99Drizzy delivers.  ‘All she want’ which exemplifies his excellence and accuracy make a beautiful and poignant flow that create a new explorations of the niche genre. The theme is relatable and understandable also by the modern audience which made it a fast earning and increase its streaming numbers.

Superman is his latest offering, which his dedicated to a beautiful woman, he confesses his love and affection, also reassuring her that he would be there through the joy and pain, shield her and save the day like Superman with his creative acumen.

Trapper Iniekung Andrew Ifeanyi who goes by the stage name 99Drizzy, the 99 in his name stands for Wisdom, Intelligence and Leadership. He is currently signed to Music Executive King Uche’s imprint Sufferings & Offerings Music.

Go and check out 99Drizzy’s music and brands

Ig/Twitter/Facebook: @99drizzy

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Ruth Finnegan Releases Her Audio Fiction Book, Heaven’s Rocker

Irish-British author, professor, and linguistic anthropologist, Ruth Finnegan, has released her fiction book, Heaven’s Rocker. It is an intensely moving tale of love and sacrifice with an unexpected twist.

“Heaven’s Rocker is one of the first fiction books that I wrote, a series of linked novellas,” says Ruth Finnegan about her recent release. “Having all my life up to then been an academic writer and having no intention of ever doing such a thing as getting into creative writing, I was really surprised, as it was not my thing at all. But then they just arrived, readymade as it were, in dreams (like all my fiction poetry and screenplays) and I just somehow had no choice but to write them down.”

According to the author, the books are published in paperback but she believes they work better as audiobooks.

Dr. Ruth Finnegan has named the sequence ‘The Little Angel Series’. The book revolves around a little angel who is awarded his Diploma in the Great Hall of Heaven. This happens around the same time when the Universe is being created.

The qualified but nervous Angel is soon sent out on a mission that involves traveling through the scary space. He has to leave his adorable little sister behind while he observes and reports on various happenings on Earth. As he moves through this experience, he becomes wiser and more confident. He comes back to heaven in time for Heaven’s Rocker.

Heaven’s Rocker is the most recent volume in the Ruth Finnegan’s Little Angel romance series. It is also a prequel to the stunning ‘The Lady and the Dragon’.

Ruth Finnegan is planning to produce and publish the whole series of these books as audiobooks in the near future. Ruth says she loves to tell her stories in audio format.

“Being engaged in audiobooks especially pleases me because it takes me back to my first (and ongoing) academic interest in oral or spoken literature.”

She feels good to be doing it now, and not just studying it.

According to the author, the book is quite short, a little mini-book. Dr. Ruth Finnegan likes it because it’s about love, and not the usual man-woman kind. It is the love of a brother for his little sister which the author believes is very real and very touching.

For more information, and to place an order for the book, visit:


About the Author:

Born in Derry, Northern Ireland, Dr. Ruth Finnegan has many academic achievements to her credit. She is presently Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University. She runs Callender Press, a small publishing business first founded to publish the writing of her parents.

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Bruce Hemming End of the World Book

Bruce Hemming, the famous wilderness survival instructor, and a military veteran, has created this fictional account that creates an end of the world scenario caused by an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Bomb (EMP).  Taking out the entire electrical grid, and pushes people into chaos wherein survival of the fittest is the only way to carry on.

“This survival epic is just what people have been waiting for as it traces the efforts of the three different groups trying to survive the collapse of America,” says the author. “The story is about three small groups of people trying to stay sane and survive in a world controlled by chaos. The remarkable feat of simply staying alive and free will grab your attention as they struggle desperately to survive in this unknown future.”

Just like the pandemic that the world is facing and battling right now, the EMP is a living fiction that could become a fact. The author traces and explores numerous situations that are not far from real life. In many ways, Grid Down Reality Bites is a survival blueprint peppered with an exciting storyline that keeps the readers gripped to the unraveling mysteries.

As people survive and move from one challenging adventure to another, the author builds up the suspense smartly and genuinely, making it tough for the readers to put the novel down.

According to the author, the story is a must-read for all those who potentially face an uncertain future. Grid Down Reality Bites offers several survival tips that can prove to be lifesavers for people. They will know how to recognize dangers and avoid them. In certain survival situations, these tips can mean the difference between surviving and not making it.

The author has his finger on every situation emerging from an end of the world scenario. He recommends the equipment people should have, and the skills they must learn to emerge victorious from such dangerous and challenging situations.

Grid Down Reality Bites has been attracting loads of wonderful reviews on Amazon. Here are a few of them:

 “I’ve read a lot of the survivalist genre fiction and most of it is just awful. This was surprising; it is very well written and informative. Not the usual survivalist fare.”  - Joe Bratcher.

This is a brilliantly clever book and the way it’s written feels so real. Totally brilliant and well worth a read - highly recommend.” - Mrs. J. Sandland

“Fab book really enjoyed it. 3 main groups all trying their best to get through an event they never thought would happen.” - ShazzaG

Here is the link to the book : https://www.amazon.com/Grid-Reality-Bites-Bruce-Hemming/dp/1460980387

About the Author

Bruce Hemming, a noted wilderness survival instructor, and retired military veteran, has personally trained special forces and many others in the fine art of survival. Bruce has created 8 DVDs on wilderness survival that offers highly valuable tips and tricks learned over a lifetime in the wilderness. His techniques have been used successfully in all 50 States.

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TV Plantation Launches a Fundraiser Project to Launch, Distribute, and Market Their Services

TV Plantation is all set to dominate the IPTV/VOD market in the near future and, to realize this goal, they have launched a M fundraiser. The company is offering a 25 percent equity stake on SAFE - Simple Agreement for Future Equity to prospective investors for this funding round.

“We are inviting angel investors and other major players in the field of funding to participate in our fundraiser project and help us achieve our goal,” says the spokesperson for the company. “The global IPTV market was .9B in 2020 and is projected to grow at an impressive 13.2 percent to reach 5.7B by 2027. Investors can look forward to more reliable ROI when they invest in TV Plantation.”

The recent lockdown forced on the world by the pandemic showed people the importance of television, movies, and TV series, not only as a medium of entertainment but also to stay informed and current with various developments.

Sadly, the situation also exposed the flaws of available options. The channel and content restrictions, variable picture quality, poor connectivity, and high fees charged by most cable, satellite TV, and Video-On-Demand (VOD) services leave much to be desired. Consumers were forced to take multiple subscriptions to meet their TV and entertainment needs.

TV Plantation was founded to provide users a highly reliable and qualitatively superior viewing experience while addressing the above-stated problems effectively.

TV Plantation is looking for assistance from all types of investors. They are looking at hedge fund operators, equity investors, and even equity Crowdfunding options to raise funds. They are offering a 25 percent equity stake for future equity to prospective investment companies and individuals.

According to the company spokesperson, individual equity investors willing to invest between 0 to 000 can expect a good ROI as TV Plantation has an impressive M valuation. Also, they will be going public 24 months from the close of this fundraiser. The company will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

About TV Plantation: 

TV Plantation Inc. is a global Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and VOD service with over 5000 live TV channels, movies, and TV series. It offers a wide selection of channels, content, and cutting-edge features which puts them far ahead of other alternatives. IPTV is the delivery of TV content over the internet, enabling users to stream a channel continuously in real-time. VOD is an interactive TV system that allows viewers to select and stream movies, TV series, shows, and other video content at their convenience. TV Plantation® leverages IPTV and VOD as well as cloud computing to deliver affordable premium TV and content to our users.

To know more about the TV Plantation Fundraise Project, visit: https://wefunder.com/tvplantationinc

For more information about the company, visit https://tvplantation.com.




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TiffsBass Excels In A Broad Genre Of Music From Funky Jazz To Jazz Fusion

TiffsBass, the accomplished musician who fell in love with music ever since she got her fingers going on the piano at the young age of 11, now plays a broad range of music. Apart from being a bass clinician and bass instructor, she also plays the role of a speaker for music conferences and schools, motivating students who are keen to pursue careers in music.

“My sister influenced me musically as a child. She’s the reason I started playing the piano,” says Tiffany “TiffsBass” Lloyd. “As an adult, mostly the fellow musician friends that I have influenced me because those guys all study theory, and study jazz greats. Some taught me to regularly tackle challenging tasks such as transcribing famous saxophonist solos.”

TiffsBass has to her credit popular music singles like ‘Viscosity’ and ‘Paradise’ and they are available on all platforms. Though the two albums are different, there is an element of jazz fusion running through the music consistently. Viscosity is all about funk and jazz, while Paradise has an underground jazz sound.

TiffsBass has worked with many famous artists known internationally for their body of work. They include top recording artists such as Gladys Knight, Kenny Lattimore, Todd Dulaney, Chris Woods, KeKe Wyatt, Lynn Whitfield, Maysa Leak, Avery Sunshine, Sasha Allen, Paula Champion, Yolanda Adams, Lisa Raye, and others. TiffsBass is keen to work with many other of her favorite artists in the future.

“In the future, I’d like to work with Stevie Wonder and Esperanza Spaulding, not so much as simply a background bass player but also share the stage with them as an artist,” she adds.

TiffsBass is also a much-in-demand motivational speaker and is frequently invited to speak at leading musical conferences and in schools. She says the right guidance and advice is important for every individual and can totally make or completely break the shaping of one’s future path. 

She believes some people are ready to learn and listen, even if the advice is tough. She loves to motivate and inspire students and takes time out from her busy schedule regularly to talk to them and encourage them to achieve their goals.

TiffsBass has many ‘firsts’ to her credit. She is the first black female bass guitarist to endorse the custom, handcrafted Elrick Bass Guitars. She is also the first from the United States to recommend the GRBass amps. Her most recent endorsements include Bartolini Pickups and Electronics, and LK Straps. 

For more information, visit www.tiffsbass.com.

About TiffsBass:

TiffsBass aka Tiffany Lloyd is a popular US-based musician known for her expertise in a wide genre of music. This MBA from American Intercontinental University is a member of the Grammy Award Recording Academy, Washington, D. C Chapter. She is also an acclaimed bass clinician, bass instructor, and speaker for music conferences and schools. TiffsBass has featured in many magazine, radio, and podcast interviews, and music videos as well. 

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Author and Activist Give Back To Survivors and Victims of Domestic Violence

NY, New York (March 22, 2021) Author Delvon Johnson partners with activist Simone Gordon to give back to victims and survivors of domestic violence. Johnson and Gordon are both survivors of domestic violence. Upon reading Delvon Johnson’s latest book “Invisible Rain”, Simone Gordon aka the “The Black Fairy Godmother'' felt compelled  to partner with Delvon Johnson to assist survivors and victims of domestic violence.  Gordon is also utilizing her social media platform to  encourage her followers to purchase books and directly donate to victims and survivors or her followers can  purchase for themselves and a percentage of the sales will be donated to Gordon’s “The Black Fairy Foundation” .

About the Book

Invisible Rain” is a novel that while entertaining and sure to keep the audience engaged, it is a story of a young lady faced with the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship of domestic violence.  Tara Sawyer has a very successful husband who knows it, and uses it against her through manipulation and the lavish lifestyle he affords her. It isn’t long before Tara finds out the undaunting truth about her husband, and that is when the story catches fire. Invisible Rain” is a story  of intrigue and inspiration  which highlights different kinds of domestic violence situations, but that victims are not alone in this struggle and stress that there is hope in the midst of the turmoil. “Invisible Rain” is exclusively available on Amazon,

About the Author

Johnson is an author, celebrity stylist, and television host. Johnson was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure in 2010 and has been on dialysis for over 10 years.  Despite his medical challenges, he continues to persevere with his projects as an author, including his three novels, “Love Yourself First”, “Mirror”, and the latest book, “Invisible Rain”.  Being a survivor of domestic violence, Johnson continues to work his way to the top allowing no obstacle to get in the way of his success. To learn more about Delvon Johnson please visit his website www.DelvonJohnson.com.

About Simone Gordon aka “The Black Fairy Godmother”

Simone Gordon, known as the Black Fairy Godmother, has marked her career as a community organizer, social activist, special needs advocate, motivational speaker, and Domestic Violence Resource Specialist. Simone is the Founder and President of the Black Fairy Godmother Foundation. Simone has been featured on major media outlets and honored for the amazing work she does saving and changing lives in her community and nationwide. 

To learn more about Simone Gordon please visit the @TheBlackFairyGodmotherOfficial

For Press Inquiries please contact Yvonne Forbes at labelleladivapr@gmail.com or call 516-469-0597.

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Celebrated European Model Joanna Borov Stays On the Top Even During the Pandemic-Driven Challenging Times

Celebrated model and famous name in the European modeling world, Joanna Borov continues to rule the modeling scene even as the pandemic has adversely affected the entertainment industry. Joanna has remained busy even during these tough months by writing her first book on following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a perfect figure. 

“I managed to make the best of 2020 despite the fact that the industry went through a difficult time because of the pandemic,” says Joanna Borov while sharing her views about her career moves. “I have got new plans and am ready to deal with the challenges in 2021. I will be working on several projects in the fashion and health industry this year.”

Joanna has a string of other major achievements to her credit. She was featured by FHM and Maxim as a model with a perfect body. She is a model and fashion influencer in Marie Claire, the reputed French-British international monthly magazine. Joanna has worked with numerous prestigious designers in the fashion industry.

Her photo session for Jimeye Designs, with photos by Isabelle Ruen, was published in the British Vogue. Style Cruze, the famous USA Fashion and Beauty Magazine, carried her photos shot in the house that belonged to Shirley Temple. She has also worked with leading Arabic designers, including Hadil Designs.

Joanna Borov has big plans for 2021. She has been invited to Dubai in October 2021 as a celebrity guest and ambassador by the prestigious organization Orion Star Awards. It is a huge event and is expected to attract top celebrities and newsmakers from the world of entertainment. 

Joanna is also expected to take part in Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week. She also has plans to take part in some fashion events in London and Paris.

Despite the many challenges, Joanna still made the best of 2020. She managed to do work with some leading publications and also traveled to different places. 

Modeling can be a tough profession to sustain during a pandemic, but Joanna overcame these challenges. An unfortunate hip injury made her pay more attention to her diet. As she slowed down on travel, she utilized the opportunity to work on her first book. It deals with a healthy lifestyle, keeping the body in good shape, and the importance of vitamins and nutrients. 

In the book, Joanna describes the right way to do a healthy detox, the best tricks to keep skin glowing and hair in a good condition. The book is going to be published in a few weeks. 

For more information, visit http://www.joannaborov.com/ and Joanna's Instagram account www.instagram.com/joannaborov

About Joanna Borov:

Joanna Borov is a leading model with a number of achievements to her credit. She draws her inspiration from her hardworking parents. She also gets inspired by people who want to bring a positive change to the world. Joanna devotes a lot of her time to charity. She follows a very healthy lifestyle. Joanna is also an animal lover who recently adopted an abandoned dog and is involved in charity for animals.  Joanna enjoys charity work with dogs.

Backstage Photosession with Anastasiya Sazhina makeup Reyna Khalil

Photographer Anastasiya Sazhina makeup Amber Rose 

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Country Artist Jeff Paladino To Release Two New Highly Anticipated Singles

Jeff Paladino grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia where he began singing at four years old in Church. Jeff has opened for major talent such as Joe Diffie, Lorrie Morgan, The Judd’s and Wade Hayes, to name a few. Jeff‘s first Album Back in the Fight, which was released in 2018, was a huge success. Jeff‘s remake of Dolly Parton‘s 1983 Top 20 Hit, Potential New Boyfriend, peaked at number 181 on the UK Pop Charts, with over 700,000 streams.

On February 28th, 2021, Elysium Records/Playmaker Studios recording artist Jeff Paladino will be releasing a cover of the #1 Billboard Hit “Golden Rings” with Georgette Jones Lennon (daughter of the legendary George Jones and Tammy Wynette) and originally recorded by George Jones and Tammy Wynette in 1976. 

“George and Tammy were my life growing up in the country, said Jeff. “This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me to record with Georgette Jones Lennon.” 

Following the release of “Golden Rings” Paladino will be releasing a country style remake of Diane Warren’s hit song “Just Like Jesse James,” originally recorded by Cher in 1989. The amazing cover of “Just Like Jesse James” is slated for release in early March, and features world-renowned musicians Bart Sigler (Lead Guitar), Joseph Shackelford (fiddle), and Jamie Lennon (Steel), who currently tours with Easton Corbin.

Jeff returned to his love of music in 2018, and has been moving up the music charts ever since. “Golden Rings” and “Just Like Jesse James” will be available on iTunes along with Jeff’s other music here:


Follow Jeff Paladino On The Web:

Official Site: https://www.JeffPaladino.com

Facebook: ?https://www.facebook.com/JeffPaladino47

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/6UXS2RALjepIIV1FHQr98g?si=yWRH3aYERt2HIyVTqItk1A

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjiVoTp72GaYOf_x0oEz-g

Jeff Paladino

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Dreamgirls Production live on Clubhouse - Global Performance

NEW YORK, NY – February 16, 2021 – The hit musical Dreamgirls will be livestreamed in four unique performances on the Clubhouse app on Saturday, February 27 at 1pm and 7 pm (EST) and on Sunday, February 28 at 1pm and 7pm (EST). The weekend will feature unique casts, including Broadway and West End stars reprising their roles among cast members from the Broadway productions of Ain’t Too Proud, Disney’s The Lion King, Aladdin and others all performing alongside internet sensations and breakout stars as well as winners and runner ups of some of America’s most popular talent competition shows. 

Introducing Dreamgirls to new audiences, this dazzling virtual production will play exclusively on Clubhouse, a new free app where users engage in any and all topics. The app, initially launched and marketed as an audio version of Slack for techies, has seen a great increase in popularity and scope due tothe innovation and influence of Black creatives on the app. Clubhouse, which is still in beta, can be downloaded to any device running iOS 9.0 or higher. Once downloaded, one can sign up to join the wait list or enter the platform via a text invite from a current user. 

With profound contributions from original Dreamgirls composer, Henry Krieger, the original musical’s Deena, Sheryl Lee Ralph and West End’s Effie White, the Glee star Amber Riley among other industry experts, Dreamgirls on Clubhouse has given Black artists and creatives unprecedented opportunities to hone their craft and propel their careers. The production joins a chorus of next-gen innovators revolutionizing the making and distribution of art with the Dream Directory, Dream Partnerships and other initiatives that speak to the community-driven movement. 

Featuring the classic songs “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and “One Night Only,” Dreamgirls on Clubhouse tells the iconic story of a trio of Black female soul singers crossing over to the pop charts in the early 1960’s while facing their own personal struggles along the way, reimagined for a virtual world. 

The cast list for each performance is as follows: 

Broadway’s Finest: Saturday, February 27 at 1pm (EST) 

Marisha Wallace (Effie), Raena White (Deena), Kayla Davion (Lorrell), Samantha Lawrence (Michelle), Jelani Remy (Curtis), Gerald Caesar (C.C.), Nick Rashad Burroughs (Jimmy), Jamir Brown (Dave), Dawn Tallman (Jazz Singer), Norman Lee Wadell (Announcer), Donte Ashon Green (Marty), Dr. James Mable, Jr. (Tiny Jo Dickson), LaToya Ransom (Narrator #1), Karen E. Simmons (Narrator #2), Desiree Dabney (Narrator #3), Shannon Devaughn (Ensemble), Chari Lakey (Ensemble), Kay Jeff (Ensemble), Sheherazade Holman (Ensemble), Brendan Musik (Ensemble) and Bay Turner (Ensemble). 

Breakout Stars: Saturday, February 27 at 7pm (EST) 

Tickwanya Jones (Effie), Angel White (Deena), Liyah Orielle (Lorrell), Shannon Devaughn (Michelle), Lawrence Flowers (Curtis), Bijan Slack (C.C.), DeMille Cole-Heard (Jimmy), Bay Turner (Dave), Dawn Tallman (Jazz Singer), Kesha Monk (Announcer), Donte Ashon Green (Marty), Dr. James Mable, Jr. (Tiny Jo Dickson), Desiree Dabney (Narrator #1), LaToya Ransom (Narrator #2), Carmen Coilee (Narrator #3), Chari Lakey (Ensemble), Kay Jeff (Ensemble), Sheherazade Holman (Ensemble) and Brendan Musik (Ensemble). 

America’s Favorites: Sunday, February 28 at 1pm (EST) 

Cristina Raé (Effie), Raena White (Deena), Kalilah Black (Lorrell), Mary Patton (Michelle), Jeronelle (Curtis), Michael Adkins (C.C.), Reggie Chapman (Jimmy), Jamir Brown (Dave), Kim Cruise (Jazz Singer), Norman Lee Wadell (Announcer), Donte Ashon Green (Marty), Dr. James Mable, Jr. (Tiny Jo Dickson), Latoya Ransom (Narrator #1), Karen E. Simmons (Narrator #2), Desiree Dabney (Narrator #3), Chari Lakey (Ensemble), Shannon Devaughn (Ensemble), Kay Jeff (Ensemble), Sheherazade Holman (Ensemble), Brendan Musik (Ensemble) and Bay Turner (Ensemble). 

Secret Celebs: Sunday, February 28 at 7pm (EST) 

Surprise Celebrity Guest (Effie), Liisi Lafountaine (Deena), Kayla Davion (Lorrell), Surprise Celebrity Guest (Michelle), Jeronelle (Curtis), Erick Patrick (C.C.), DeMille Cole-Heard (Jimmy), Bay Turner (Dave), Kim Cruise (Jazz Singer), Kesha Monk (Announcer), Donte Ashon Green (Marty), Dr. James Mable, Jr. (Tiny Jo Dickson), Desiree Dabney (Narrator #1), Carmen Collie (Narrator #2), Latoya Ransom (Narrator #3), Chari Lakey (Ensemble), Shannon Devaughn (Ensemble), Kay Jeff (Ensemble), Jamir Brown (Ensemble) and Brendan Musik (Ensemble). 

This new virtual production of Dreamgirls is produced and directed by Sydney Connors and Brandon Patterson, with the original audio play by Brandon Patterson, artistic direction and casting by Leroy Church, music direction by Elle Morris and Edward McCrae and graphics and set design by Ryann Kelly. 

For more information visit, @dreamgirlsch on Twitter and Instagram 

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Tribe Life Studios Signs With Prodigee Records To Be Distributed Through The Orchard/Sony

Tribe Life Studios has announced the signing of a major recording and distribution deal with Prodigee Records. The CEO of Tribe Life Studios, Homiletix, and Stone Paxton, the legendary funk/soul artist and the CEO of Prodigee Records, have joined hands to create this music venture which is great news for the fans of these two amazing artists.

"We are thrilled to announce that we have signed a big recording and distribution deal with Prodigee Records," says the CEO of Tribe Life Studios, Homiletix. "We are sure that this amazing collaboration will help create some truly wonderful music for our fans in the coming years. The artists associated with us all have a brilliant track record of delivering soulful music that never fails to sway fans."

Homiletix from Ocala Florida and MULTiMiLCUZiMULTiTASK from Nashville, Tennessee, are two of the top hip-hop artists and known for their ability to thrill fans with styles that are completely different and unique. Neighborhood Watch Worldwide came together to form The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide in 2018. It is a band that has stuck to playing real hip hop music, unlike many others who have deviated from the genre and are misleading black culture.

Other artists like Roniel and I-C, both from Ocala, Florida, and Que from Fresno, California, are also part of the project.The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide is set for late February Release. Roniel project release is set late April, I-C release is set for June, and Que is set for July release. Tribe Life Studios will release a collaborative project in Early August which will keep them busy the rest of the year.

As leading icons of the Hip Hop industry, Homiletix and MULTiMiLCUZiMULTiTASK have impressive fan-following. In the past, the two have come together in the role of ghostwriters and producers to some of the top brands in the domestic as well as international music industry across multiple genres. 

Homiletix and MULTiMiLCUZiMULTiTASK have featured on Billboard many times on compilations with DJ Choice (Amada Records) and J Grid. 

A Homiletix solo project called Foreign Affairs produced by The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide was a major hit and captured the 5th spot on iTunes within just three days of its July 2020 release. 

The leading international artists involved in the project included P. Grizzy and K Dot T of Mass Destruction Entertainment out of East London and Cyba of the Hackney Borough of London. She is one of London's top female MCs. Roniel, A Tribe Life Studio artist, and JT Money, a leading Hip Hop pioneer of the South, were also involved in the project.

The news of the Tribe Life Studios and the Prodigee Records coming together has been received with enthusiasm by the Hip Hop industry. Neighborhood Watch Worldwide are waiting with bated breath for the collaboration to come out with their latest musical offerings.  

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Amazon (a love song), A Satirical Parody by Wendy Rosoff Mandatory Lockdown Inspires Creative Expression from Hollywood Actress

January 27, 2021 – LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Entertainer, writer and self-described “Amazon-oholic” Wendy Rosoff stars in her own musical parody video celebrating the joys of online shopping during a pandemic.  Amazon (a love song) is a satirical parody of Xanadu, a video that stems from two things: her love of all things 80’s and slowly going “bananas” over the past few months due to California’s mandatory lockdown.


“My video Amazon is a love letter to my obsession with purchasing my entire life online during this pandemic.” Says Rosoff, “When the stay-at-home order first began, I showed some restraint, but as weeks turned to months I leaned in hard and embraced my true love, AMAZON with wide open arms.”

This Broadway veteran (Tony award-winning revival of 42nd St., A Christmas Carol, The Leading Ladies of Broadway) whose TV credits include the upcoming Rutherford Falls (Peacock), The Good Place, Veep, Fresh of the Boat, and Shameless among others, Wendy details some of the whackiest items she’s actually ordered on the beloved e-commerce site.  Additionally, Rosoff worked hard to utilize her newfound audio producing and editing skills that were essential in creating this labor love.

It is Wendy’s hope that this satirical love song set to the melody of 80’s hit Xanadu will resonate with all of those attempting to safety and sanely live their best lives from home, just one click away from anything they could possibly desire.

Wendy is also an award-winning director/choreographer represented for Film and TV: Michael Goldberg at Element Talent. m.goldberg@elementtalent.com / 310-893-1894 and for Dance and Choreography: Julie Medeiros and Lisa Coppola at Go 2 Talent Agency.Julie@go2talentagency.com 818-843-9800 Voice over requests: Julie Gudz at DDO Agency julie@ddoagency.com 323-462-8000

Rosoff is also co-host of the long running podcast West of Broadway, a Celebration of Musical Theater on the West Coast with Broadway veterans Will Armstrong & Wendy Rosoff discuss the vibrant musical theater scene on the West Coast, covering movie musicals, regional productions, national tours, and more with the cast, crew, producers, and supporters who make it all happen. If you want a lighthearted celebration of musical theater, you can find it all West of Broadway! Proud members of the Broadway Podcast Network!  The podcast is currently on hiatus due to COVID-19 but past episodes are available at https://www.westofbroadwaypodcast.com/ 



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WorthPoint Engages Global Art Expert To Build Comprehensive Database for Japanese Maker’s Marks

WorthPoint Corporation is on track to launch the most comprehensive database of Japanese marks in the antiques and collectibles industry in first quarter 2021. The company is expanding its current archive of Japanese content with the help of Dave Pike, an internationally recognized Japanese ceramics artist and master teacher.

Based in Nara, Japan, since 1994, Pike is a master instructor of Kintsugi and a sought-after lecturer on the topic in Japan and abroad. He first started working with WorthPoint as a writer in 2010. Since 2019 he has been focused on organizing WorthPoint’s Japanese-related content and is currently building the site’s taxonomy for Japanese marks related to ceramics, swords, scrolls and other collectibles.

“When it comes to calligraphy, marks, and other symbols used in Japanese antiques, no two guidebooks are the same in their presentation of this complex material,” said Pike. “WorthPoint’s mission is to untie the knots and make research of these topics easier and fun.”

The company is categorizing thousands of new Japanese identifiers for its M.A.P.S. (Marks, Autographs, Patterns, and Symbols) database while developing specialized content for WorthPoint’s growing Dictionary pages. Pike is also helping to clarify the differences in prices realized for Japanese collectibles in the U.S. versus European-based sales.

There are more than 150,000 marks currently featured on WorthPoint.com. In recent weeks WorthPoint has added 4,100 maker’s marks related to Japanese ceramics, including over 200 Kyushu region marks and more than 1,600 marks related to Kutani ware. Modern and contemporary marks such as Hizen ceramics are also included. WorthPoint also added 3,500 marks related to Japanese tea bowls and swords, available in the Ceramics and Militaria & Weapons categories of WorthPoint.com. The company has an estimated 3,000 marks for Japanese scrolls and swords in the queue for Q1 2021.

WorthPoint started growing its team of Japanese art experts earlier this year with the hiring of recent Georgia Tech graduate Rebecca Seippel, who majored in intercultural studies with a concentration in Japanese. Seippel has studied the Japanese language for 10 years and has researched Japanese art for three. The additional expertise and data are helping WorthPoint build what will be the industry’s most comprehensive repository of Japanese ceramics data and identification tools. When all planned additions are complete, WorthPoint.com will feature images and articles that offer descriptions, translations, dates, names, and other details related to Japanese ceramics and various Japanese collecting categories.

About WorthPoint
WorthPoint Corporation manages the largest online resource for researching, valuing, and preserving antiques, art, and collectibles. The company’s suite of offerings on WorthPoint.com includes a price guide, a resource gallery for identifying more than 150,000 maker’s marks, autographs, patterns, and symbols (M.A.P.S.), and a digital library with over 1,000 books on collectible topics. Through data aggregated from online marketplaces including eBay and leading auction houses, WorthPoint empowers the antiques and collectibles industry by providing a steady stream of new data each month, building on more than 560 million archived prices and nearly 1.3 billion images to improve pricing transparency for sellers and buyers. Based in Atlanta, WorthPoint has subscribers on six continents.

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Prize-Winning Author Ruth Finnegan Presents a Delightful Version of the Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor's Early Voyages

Ruth Finnegan, the writer, and publisher of many books covering a wide spectrum of topics, has cast her magic yet again. The multi-award romance-novel author has come up with a creative and delightfully different version of the famed adventures of Sinbad the Sailor. The book titled ‘Whales and Magic’ has mesmerizing pictures by Kevin Nara. 

“Whales and Magic is something children will love to read, thanks to the unique story and action-packed fantastic pictures,” says Ruth Finnegan. “I have given a different treatment to the ancient tale which will surely charm young as well as old readers. The ancient tale has been drawn from the magical Middle Eastern treasure house of wondrous sea voyages including The Arabian Nights, as also Homer’s Odyssey.”

The picture book story not only has an interesting plot but also contains a powerful message. Ruth Finnegan ensures there is a deeper moral behind the story of Sinbad the Sailor which can act as an inspiration for young minds. The colorfully illustrated story has a fair dose of magic and fantasy.

Whales and Magic is a great book to read aloud to individuals or groups. Finnegan has introduced a very innovative way of keeping children engaged and eliciting responses from them by asking questions throughout the book. Educators and parents reading the book aloud can pause at the questions and wait for responses to have a truly interactive reading experience.


Whales and Magic, the modern version of the popular mythological adventure tale for children by Ruth Finnegan, retells the tale of Sinbad the Sailor for today’s generation. The smart use of alliteration and repetition is evident throughout the book. Finnegan employs unique methods in her narrative to make sure that her young audience gets fully involved in the story of the young sailor and his encounter with a whale. 

The enticing illustrations add more impact to the tale by creating a feeling of real action and animation in every panel of the story. The story and the illustrations together create a magical experience that takes the idea of story-telling to a different level altogether.

Whales and Magic has attracted hugely positive reviews on Amazon and other online portals. 

“This picture book story has an interesting plot and a powerful message,” says Emily-Jane Hills Orford, the author of several books. “There is a deeper moral behind the story of Sinbad the Sailor. At least, in this story there is. And it’s a good moral to learn. The story is colorfully illustrated by Kevin Nara, which helps move the events along.”

“When it comes to stories that capture children’s imaginations, both plot-wise and visually, Sinbad’s tales fit the bill. But will yet another Sinbad story be welcomed by teachers and parents? Well, if that book is Whales and Magic, written by Ruth Finnegan and illustrated by Kevin Nara, the answer is “yes”, provided the book is read aloud to groups or individuals.” – This is how Viga Boland has reviewed the book. 

The Kindle Edition of Whales and Magic is available on Amazon. Click on this link to place an order: 

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Mario Bonds Inspires Millions as a Foster Parent to Four Boys in Spite of Being Totally Blind

Mario Bonds, the multitalented singer, songwriter, and motivational speaker is emerging as the inspiration source for millions. This incredibly talented artist has shown the world that a disability need not become an obstacle in the way of achieving one’s dreams and ambitions. He is a foster father to four children and takes care of them despite being completely blind in both eyes.

“I have had a tough childhood and suffered hardships of unimaginable proportions,” says Mario Bonds while recalling his early days. “I suffered abuse at various levels, was abandoned and became homeless. Yet, even during my worst times, I never lost hope and kept my spirits flying high.”

Bonds is one of nine siblings in his large family. He was born with Morning Glory Syndrome, a degenerative condition that results in loss of vision in both eyes. By the age of nine, Bonds was completely blind. To make matters worse, he lost his parents too. However, Bonds utilized his sorrows and setbacks to propel himself forward.

His passion for helping the unprivileged was evident when he recently adopted four boys. Some questions were raised about how a blind person can care for four young kids and ensure their safety and well-being. However, the judge was convinced that this single father can fully fulfill the responsibilities associated with adopting children.

Bonds holds a foster care license, and that has helped him overcome any potential hurdles in the adoption process. He is keen to serve society through active participation and sponsorship of programs and events for troubled youths.

Bonds started singing and playing the piano at age 5. He got his first professional exposure at 12 while playing the drums for his childhood church, Refuge Temple in Washington, D.C. 

Bonds mastered playing the piano and the drums and also quickly added guitar and organ to his skillset. At 14, the musically gifted Bonds got admission to the prestigious Suitland’s School for the Visual and Performing Arts. He later secured a degree in Journalism from George Mason University.

Bonds became a famous figure because of NBC Universal's run of his “Glee Project.” That success helped Bonds reveal to the world that a person with a disability can rise and meet any challenge. He has entertained and inspired millions of fans over several years. He has also worked at the Pentagon and is a popular TV host as well. Bonds was a contestant on American Idol as well. 

The singer’s single debut ‘Steel’ was released on March 17, 2018. It is a stirring, biographical power ballad that inspires those facing challenges to believe in themselves. The song makes listeners recognize themselves as made of steel, with the power to withstand tough circumstances and any form of adversity. 

‘Steel’ is on target to become a crossover modern-day anthem. The song’s soaring vocals and infectious lyrics have incredible motivational powers and deliver a jolt of inspiration to today’s world.

Bonds has a long string of achievements to his credit. He is a tech expert and offers computer guidance to companies and people. He is a proficient voice actor and poet.

Bonds has been conferred with the prestigious Imagination Award for his work with students and the performing arts. His early life and struggles have been captured aptly in "Without Sight but Full of Vision" - a moving memoir. 

Through his unforgettable music, keynotes, and live performances, Bonds has demonstrated to the world that it is possible to succeed regardless of all obstacles. All that are needed are courage, creativity, and determination to overcome adversity.  

Bonds is a performer and motivational speaker with a passion for delivering a “special surprise” to his listeners and audiences on how to overcome hardships.

Bonds has been conferred with the prestigious Imagination Award for his work with students and the performing arts. His early life and struggles have been captured aptly in "Without Sight but Full of Vision" - a moving memoir. 

Through his unforgettable music, keynotes, and live performances, Bonds has demonstrated to the world that it is possible to succeed regardless of all obstacles. All that are needed are courage, creativity, and determination to overcome adversity.  

Bonds is a performer and motivational speaker with a passion for delivering a “special surprise” to his listeners and audiences on how to overcome hardships.

This powerful speaker knows how to draw audiences in with his provoking, and inspiring, presentations, which are the perfect blend of education and entertainment. He also provides performances and keynotes in fluent Spanish. Many of his presentations conclude with an inspirational song performance. 

Bonds often speaks on the following topics:

  • Putting The Odds in Your Favor: Choosing to Overcome Adversity
  • Without Sight but Full of Vision: A Message from Mario's Childhood Memoir
  • What Disability? - Redefining What it Means to be Disabled
  • Box of Life's Chocolates: Diversity, Equal Access & Inclusion
  • From Victim to Survivor (abuse/assault): Ways to Reclaim Your Power
  • World of Assistive Technology: A Blind Man's Virtual Life

His YouTube videos can be accessed here:

Video Link : https://youtu.be/0y8P5Nd7GTM

Video Link: https://youtu.be/Xp4BA5bCxJ0

For more information, visit www.mabspeaks.com.


Mario Bonds is an incredible singer, songwriter, and author. He writes and records songs that inspire and transform listeners. He is also a compelling motivational and inspirational keynote speaker and speaks on a variety of topics aimed at inspiring people. He is a living example of how people can achieve their life goals and dreams despite facing seemingly insurmountable adversities. "The Glee Project," remains his most successful creation to date, one that has inspired millions.  

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"Doodle TherapyX2" Coloring Book provides whimsical escape during anxious times

November 18th, 2020 – Austin artist, Robert Battaile “Keeps it Weird” with his latest “Doodle TherapyX2” Coloring Book.

It’s especially useful to have some creative distractions that help you make it thru these crazy times. Multi-media artist and singer/songwriter has distilled 25 designs from a lifetime of doodling. “When the perfect pen is in my hand and the mind is elsewhere, or talking on the phone… that’s when some of my best Doods draw themselves.”

Battaile thinks the print version turned out great, but says it’s not a coffee-table book. “It’s not just an intellectual exercise of looking at the drawings and saying ‘oh, that’s nice’” the artist maintains, “No, you have to actually put a colored pen or pencil in your hand… and apply it to the paper. That’s when you escape.”
Shortly, the images begin to acquire personality. Given them names and a history as you create an environment and story for each. It can be a family activity… or not. The book is designed for all ages, even “grown-ups.” Each of the 25 images appears twice. Once on a left-side page; and once on a right-side page. “As a leftie, it feels great to finally have a coloring book that gives left-handers equal time,” Battaile laughs. “Putzing around with spiral binders and three-ring notebooks has always been a pain!”
“Doodle TherapyX2” is available from Amazon in print (.99) or digital (.99) versions: bit.ly/DoodleTherapyX2
There is of course, also Doodle TherapyX2 merchandise, coffee mugs, t-shirts and such at cafepress.com/RobertsArt
“You’re certainly invited to copy pages, color them and share with your friends,” Battaile adds. “Something unique, different and fun. Send some to me, too.”
The design “Travis Takes A Jaunt” is attached for you to share and color.
Contact: Robert Battaile battaile@calexas.com
Travis Takes A Jaunt - 800W.jpg

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Local Nonprofit Calls for Artists and Storytellers to Share the Story of Fort Lauderdale through Blind-Accessible Geocaching Initiative

In 2018, architect, urban planner activist and urban farmer Michael Madfis launched the Fort Lauderdale-based nonprofit Civic Engagement Corporation.  

“Too often the community gets left behind in the process of urban planning,” says Madfis.  “The purpose of this initiative is to reconnect people with place through hands-on historical, environmental and social justice educational initiatives led by community members.”

Madfis closed his architecture firm after 25 years in 2010, after being declared legally blind with just 2% of his field of vision remaining.  This shift came a year after he launched urban farming project Broward County Food Systems Cooperative, in which he leveraged his urban planning and architecture skills and connections to cultivate sustainable urban gardens and food forests in Miramar, Dania Beach, and Fort Lauderdale in collaboration with other nonprofits and community organizations.  The Civic Engagement Corporation is deeply rooted in this genre of grassroots organizing and ecology, committed to inclusion and empowerment of the 250,000 visually impaired people in Broward County.

Pedestrian mobility is a fundamental vehicle of the nonprofits’ impact on community cohesion in Fort Lauderdale.  Getting people out of their cars and onto the street is essential for street-level retail businesses and interpersonal engagement.  It is also the best suited pace for local history, environmental, and social justice education, with slow mindful movement through the spaces often taken for granted.  Madfis sees the blind as the perfect ambassadors to bring mindful observation and education to the public.  Already, the Civic Engagement Corporation has put this into process through a series of educational walking tours led by blind tour guides, including an Urban Walking Tour and a Brewery Tour.  

The nonprofit’s newest project takes this a step further: a blind-accessible geocaching game installation in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.  The game centers around five murals painted on public buildings with adjacent tactile displays along the sidewalk to describe the images.  The installation will include audio direction cues and an accompanying smartphone app with an audio description and explanation of each mural narrated by a blind storyteller.  Clues for the game are hidden in the artwork and accompanying tactile and audio elements, and players will be able to leave their own marks on the game for others to stumble across.  The artwork will tell the story of Fort Lauderdale channeled through the Hero’s Journey, with local characters and stories integrated into the game, bringing history to life.  At the same time, this installation will create pedestrian movement, interaction, and economic activity for the area, and bring the blind people of Broward County out of isolation and into the community.

The Civic Engagement Corporation is currently seeking out local artists and storytellers to come together and share their visions and ideas for the display, as well as community members who have pieces of local history, stories, and characters to share.  The nonprofit is also seeking local videographers to document the project’s entire development process for social media so that other communities can be inspired by and recreate this project.

To be a part of this geocaching initiative, schedule a walking tour, or otherwise get involved with the Civic Engagement Corporation, visit www.civicengagementcorporation.org.


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Essex Funk Collective Releases ‘Enough is Enough’ Song to Make People Aware of the Challenges of the Present Times

Essex Funk Collective, the band that has members from the Baby Boomers to Generation X, has sent out a powerful message with their latest song, ‘Enough Is Enough’. It is the kind of music that can make a difference to everyone’s life. The band members consist of Black, Asian, and White artists, all from different religious faiths.

“At some point in life we all want to do something that will be remembered and helped during these tumultuous times and be the change,” says a prominent member of the band. “The song was inspired by climate change, the pandemic and racism and is a call to action for each individual to do what you can by saying ‘Enough is Enough’.” We hope that the song provides the #inspiration for everyone to say “together we can make a difference.”

The song ‘Enough is Enough’ was co-written by the band’s lead singer Faith Taylor and drummer David Tannebaum. He is also the owner of music production company studio584inc.com where the song was recorded, produced and mixed. Jonathan Glasser is the lead guitarist and co-founder of the band.

Faith Taylor, the co-founder of the band, has been singing and writing since she was a child.  She pursued her passion for music all her life and studied and sang at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. She sung for the band Stanfunk while at Stanford University and was a member of the Wharton Follies during her MBA years. 

Her CD called “Imani Songs of Faith” was popular and qualified for a Grammy nomination. While at Wyndham Worldwide, Faith was SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility and helped to create their award-winning sustainability program from the ground up. Today, she is a professor teaching about the same. She continues to uplift and inspire change through her music and works.

The Essex Funk Collective is an eclectic group of talented individuals who love to get down, have fun and spread joy wherever they perform. They reside in the Essex County community which is home to many musicians and artists.

The band plays a range of music from old school funk to contemporary R&B to their original song “Enough is Enough”. The band has musicians who have toured or worked with acts such as Peter Frampton, Metallica and Art Garfunkle. They have produced albums that have been Grammy nominated and worked with some of the big names in the world of music such as Robert Irving III, Danny Leake, Maroon 5 and OAR among others.

The band has many fans worldwide who express their views about the music on various social channels. Here are some of them:

“It is so great to hear a live band play our favorite loved songs.” 

“Your music makes me feel good.” 

“I enjoy watching you perform, we had an amazing time.”

This is the link to the ‘Enough is Enough’ video: https://youtu.be/H6DwBgfm7Gk 


Essex Funk Collective is a popular band with members who are part of the Baby Boomers demographic and Generation X. The band is known for its wide range of music that covers everything from old school funk to contemporary R&B to their original song “enoughisenough”. The latest release is a message to the world to stay together and support each other during the coronavirus pandemic. The core message of the song is – Together we can make a difference. The band also spreads awareness about global issues such as climate change and racism.

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SpotifyPromotions.net Backed By Integrity and Nearly 30 Years in the Music Biz, Covers All the Bases… Interview with Company CEO on the Jason Damico Show






Mandalay Bay, CA – Music Marketing Company, www.MusicMarketingByWebNRetail.com (a division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC) announces the launch of www.SpotifyPromotions.net. The Firm has withstood the test of time and trends, as the Company nears its 30 year anniversary. They have provided music marketing services to over 300 Artists, Labels and Distributors. Their secret? Honesty, integrity, transparency, communication; and consistent, hard and thorough work. 

The obvious next step, they are now fully immersed in Spotify Marketing campaigns. Thus, Web ‘n Retail is proud to present SpotifyPromotions.net*. Their campaign offers a robust package covering all possible bases, to increase an Artist’s numbers on Spotify. 

Their program results are second to none increasing Client’s Spotify numbers as high as:

• 1,470,000% in Streams
• 43,000% in Number of Playlists
• 9,700% in Saves
• 41,011% in Monthly Listeners
• 1,300% in Followers

Recently the Company CEO, Gale Rosenberg spent some quality time talking with the Jason Damico show (airing on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and all other streaming platforms). They discussed the overall climate of the business from past to present to future – which is now in the hands of the top streaming services. 









Jason Damico Interview with Gale Rosenberg CEO of SpotifyPromotions.net – Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/hc0r0n0KOm4

During the interview on the Jason Damico Show, Rosenberg discussed how their Spotify campaigns are ALL-IN and fully organic. They cover all the bases including: Playlist pitching, eblasting to Indie and Spotify curators, manual submissions to Indie Curators, collaborative playlist placements and BtoC Spotify consumer outreach via Social Media. Unlike other firms’ offerings, artist campaigns run for 12 weeks in order to fill the need for their clients to achieve longevity, stretching their budgets and stretching out active campaign results in a wave; versus a big spike and then a complete drop-off. 

Throughout the years in the forever changing record industry, the CEO, Gale Rosenberg, has marketed 8-tracks, vinyl albums, laserdiscs, cassettes, VHS, DVD’s, CD’s, Enhanced CD’s and Digital Downloads and had the first music show on the internet (Rock The Strip) in 1994. The show was coupled with a CD store; and Rock The Strip was the first chart reporter for online sales in Billboard Magazine. 

For more information on their Spotify Promotion Campaign visit https://www.spotifypromotions.net/of-playlist-followers.


With over 29 years of experience, Web ‘n Retail, the online music marketing division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC; has managed campaigns for over 300 artists on major and independent labels as well as for unsigned musicians. They also run SpotifyPromotions.net providing robust services to increase Artists’ Spotify streaming numbers.

The President and Owner, Gale Rosenberg, has years of music marketing experience including positions held at ABC & MCA Records, PolyGram Distribution, Wherehouse Entertainment Corporation and Billboard, Mix, Creem & Thrash Metal Magazines. Ms. Rosenberg is also an adjunct Instructor of UCLA Extension’s “Entrepreneurship of the Independent Artist” required Music Business certification class and a Guest Lecturer on the topic of Online Music Marketing at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University.

*Web ‘n Retail, Rock ‘n Retail, LLC and SpotifyPromotions.net are not affiliated with Spotify; the website or app. This solicitation is not approved nor endorsed by Spotify USA Inc.All respective logos and use of names, are registered trademarks of the respective Owner. Web ‘n Retail (et al) is not associated in any way with this vendor – nor is Web ‘n Retail (et al) a partner nor affiliate of any of the brands mentioned herein. Web ‘n Retail (et al) lays no claims to their respective logos, names, brand or business.


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H2O Band Announces “THE MUSIC OF DARY HALL AND JOHN OATES”, The New 2021 Touring Show

Discretion Entertainment has launched another group of superbly skilled musicians this time to perform the music of Daryl Hall and John Oates. 

As always, the best musicians from across the country to honor this groups massive library of songs while respecting the songs roots.

H2O  will certainly do justice to the music and feel Hall and Oates brought to their live performances as they start touring across the. H2O will be touring starting Jan 8 2021. 

About Daryl Hall and John Oates - Over 5 decades,  the amazing talent in and around this band just continued to develop and expand. The LIVE performances over the years were just frankly incredible and our goal is to bring some of that emotion and soulful musical environment into venues across the country and to share the love and respect we have for the players and writers that were all part of and to this day are the Daryl Hall and John Oates continuing Experience. We are thrilled to bring the all star lineup that has been chosen for this live theatrical performance of the amazing library of songs made famous by Daryl Hall and John Oates. We Bring You H2O.....Live! 

Lead Vocals - Mr. Jason Ames
Drums / Vocals - Mr. John Bennett
Lead Guitar / Vocals - Mr. Frank Gonzalez Saxophone / Percussion / Vocals - Mr. Lee Gabe Guitar / Vocals- Mr. Juan Aguirrechu
Bass/ Vocals- Mr. Paul Boylson
Keyboards - Mr. Robert McCarthy 

"It is with tremendous pride and respect for all the members of the Hall and Oates project over the years that we honor them all and play the music that spoke to a vast sea of people in a way that will never be forgotten."

The members of H2o 


PHONE / 561-788-ROCK (7625)


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Brooklyn Rising is excited to host celebrity acts

Brooklyn Rising is excited to host celebrity acts such as DMX, Teddy Riley and DJ Envy for this year's event.

New York - October 2, 2020 - It has been a tough year, and we have all had to adjust to the new normal Luckily, just because the pandemic has changed many things does not mean we cannot all come together as a community and celebrate the end of a challenging year and the start of a more hopeful one. 

It is time to start working out your New Years' Eve plans, and there is no better way to celebrate than with Brooklyn Rising. 

This exciting and fresh event will set your new year on the right foot. 

This unique event is one of innovation and new ideas.

It will feature a ball rise, which directly contrasts with the famous Times Square ball drop. 

Brooklyn Rising will symbolize positive changes, working towards a better tomorrow, bringing Brooklyn and the entire world together for one unforgettable night.There will also be fireworks, themed parties, and much more to look forward to!

It is already projected that hundreds of thousands of visitors will make their way downtown to experience Brooklyn Rising first-hand!

Entrepreneur and entertainment industry executive James Hill founded the festival but with the help of  Mondesir Media& Communication and Tara Thomas Agency “The Brooklyn Rising Vision “ is finally coming true.

As a Brooklyn local, born and raised in Bedford, Stuyvesant, Mr. Hill is passionate about bringing more opportunities to his neighborhood and celebrating everything that makes Brooklyn unique.

In his own words, "a new united Brooklyn will RAISE the ball, and our goal is to do it big, as we usher in a new era. The rising of the ball is not limited to Brooklyn, it's for the entire world". 

This year, Brooklyn Rising will be an online event that will go live on December 31, so you will be entertained from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day. 

The event is also powered by Tara Thomas Agency for Media.

The organizers are adhering to the strict COVID-19 precautions to ensure everyone's safety during the festivities.

Do not miss out on the biggest virtual event of this year. Say goodbye to 2020 and hello to the new year at Brooklyn Rising. 

Visit the link below to learn more about the event and how you can be involved!  

About the organizers: 

James Hill: 

James Hills is a 20-year old IT veteran, entrepreneur, and executive.

He has worked as an A&R for Atlantic Records' Entertainment and co-produced events such as the NBA All-Stars, among many others.


Press Release By, Tara Thomas Agency  


About Tara Thomas Agency

Tara Thomas is the founder and CEO of Tara Thomas Agency. 

Tara and her team worked with experts in various media-related fields to efficiently promote their talents and provide high-quality services. 

For more information, call 812-558-8882 or email tarathomas@tarathomasagency.com    

Website: https://tarathomasagency.com

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Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment Releases their Latest Project ‘The Southern Soul Collection’

Gemini Burke and Joe Tex2 have released their newest project, ‘The Southern Soul Collection, featuring the title – Sweet Soul Lady. They are sons of the popular and legendary singers Solomon Burke and Solomon Joe Tex, respectively. The song is released by the label Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment.

“We are delighted to bring to the world our latest project, ‘The Southern Soul Collection’,” says CEO Tony Starchild Adams. “You can check out all our all the latest news, photos, music and videos on our website. We will be updating the website regularly to keep our fans informed of the latest development.”

The album has been released under the label Dollarbillrec. Inc. Entertainment created and designed by CEO Tony Starchild Adams. It was released on 1 September 2020 in the genre R&B/Soul. 

Some of the popular songs by the label include Our Love by Gemini Burke in the Pop/RNB genre, Come Around by Tony Adams in the Pop/Funk/Electro dance genre, Gospel, Blues, Country and others. 

Downloads of the songs by Tony Starchild Adams, Gemini Burke, and Joe Tex2 are available on Google Play Store.com Itunes.com and Amazon.com. 

Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment is a full service independent record label. The studio handles all the aspects of music production, including writing, arrangements, mastering and promotion. They are also into creative movie and music video production. 

The promotion items associated with these albums can be ordered by fans using their PayPal account.

For more information, visit  https://www.dollarbillrec-inc-musical-releases.com 

About Dollarbillrec Inc. Entertainment is a label created by Tony Starchild Adams and features songs under various genres by singers Gemini Burke, Joe Tex2, and CEO Tony Adams himself. The website also features all the photos, videos, music, and the latest news from the world of music. The site is updated regularly to provide the latest information to music fans.

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Rockford Collection: Most Unique Wedding Bands for Men in the World

Want to find unique men's wedding bands for the groom? Today you can finally find the perfect ring for him thanks to these bands from Rockford Collection. With modern, bold, authentic, and masculine styles, there’s a wedding band here for every groom.

Rockford Collection Men’s Wedding Bands are proudly designed and developed in their production studio in New York City. Their team of master jewelers and designers take pride in every aspect of the creation of the Wedding Band.

The American Legend collection is one with unique stories attached to each ring, to resemble the individuals getting married.

Each Band is named after Gold Mines around the United States. They are carefully crafted with genuine, hand selected diamonds utilizing only the finest quality gold. Your Wedding Band will become the emblem of a lifetime of style and love.

Virtual & Physical Appointments Available. 0% Financing. Worldwide Shipping.

American Legend Collection Images:








Related Links: https://www.rockfordcollection.com/

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Doctor Battles, a Revolutionary Esports Ecosystem, Announces Official Launch Party October 23, 2020

Doctor Battles, an esports ecosystem that rewards organizers and competitors for their engagement, this week announced after one-year in beta testing, they are officially launching their first public version of the app this September. With a launch party slated for October 23, 2020, Doctor Battles will broadcast the celebration on their website via YouTube.

Passionate about creating an engaging interface where esports organizers can create, host, and manage amazing events digitally, Doctor Battles features an advanced algorithm that helps players find the perfect teammates and more.

“We believe that the true potential of esports has yet to be realized, which is why we wanted to create an app that helps players dive even deeper into their passion,” said Bryan Ragin, Founder and Owner of Doctor Battles. “After a year of testing, we are so excited to be finally going public with our interactive concept.”

Additional Doctor Battles features include: advanced stats that are tracked on a global leaderboard system, a prize shop where players can redeem real-world prizes, a recruitment center, chat communities, and more.

Competitors only need to create one team per game category. For those wishing to join a competition, they simply need to go into the app, select a league or tournament, and click on the join button. If they do not hold a team for the platform, they will be asked to create one manually, or join an Auto Team (based on algorithm). Once done, they will be able to join the league.

Doctor Battles is available in a free and prime member package. For prime members, they can unlock some features, access a 25% discount on all products in the shop, access a 500% rate increase for winning weekly giveaways, and engage automatic VIP invites for all special events.

For more information, or to follow along for official app announcements, visit: https://doctorbattles.com/home.

Doctor Battles is available in a free and prime member package. For prime members, they can unlock some features, access a 25% discount on all products in the shop, access a 500% rate increase for winning weekly giveaways, and engage automatic VIP invites for all special events.

For more information, or to follow along for official app announcements, visit: https://doctorbattles.com/home.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/6Edt64t0I7c

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/lz_4yXz3rW0


Doctor Battles

Bryan Ragin

+1 (347) 609-9407

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Fashion Meets Mental Health On World Mental Health Day

SECRETS UNVEILED” is a virtual fashion presentation for World Health Day.  The event will occur  on October 10, 2020 from 5pm-7pm via Youtube. It will feature 15 year old celebrity designer, Egypt Ufele, CEO of Chubiiline and Bullychasers.  The fashion show calls for a movement to shift from shame and embarrassment and address the pain within by using OUR VOICE to walk in OUR TRUTH. The true ingredients to the fashion show is to help save more lives, to remind our men and women that it is okay to express themselves and that “YOUR LIFE MATTERS”.   

This is an opportunity for the men, women, teen and child models to walk for Mental Health Awareness and for Sexual Abuse Survivors. The fact that models are walking to bring light to many who are dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders is a way to encourage others that they are not alone.  “SECRETS UNVEILED” will also pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman by presenting a Wakanda scene and photo exhibition  of children and adults who support their hero “Black Panther”.  When asked why this fashion show was so important to her, Rip The Stigma Founder Elise Antoine stated "As a two time suicide survivor and sexual abuse survivor, I want this fashion show to shine a light on those  who are struggling in silence. To encourage them and let them know  that giving up is not an option”.

Fellow designers presenting and showing  support for the event are Mary More-Shanghai Fashion,, Gwendolyn Wells-Shulmite Modest Apparel, Nora Seay-Pain In The Seam and Larry Underwood-House of Underwood. The event sponsors are Youme’s Events and 8 At The Table.

Tickets are .00 and available via Eventbrite


Please watch Rip The Stigma’s past event: https://youtu.be/4LUK4iyBz8g

About Egypt Ufele

Egypt Ufele was born and raised in Queens NY. She is 15 years old.  Egypt is a Humanitarian, Fashion Designer, a Child Prodigy, Anti-Bullying Activist, Author of two books,  a UN Youth Ambassador, CEO of Chubiiline fashion line, CEO of Bullychasers Non-Profit Organization, Host of the International Teen Summit, Motivational Speaker and a full time high school student with and “A” grade. Egypt changed the game when she overcame being bullied through creativity, intelligence and grace  by becoming the youngest designer, at the age of 10, to present an all-inclusive fashion line for NYFW. Intent on helping others to achieve their dreams, Egypt empowers  people of all ages to dream, set goals and achieve. Her gentle demeanor belies her firm resolve as she crushes the fashion industry with iconic fashion and sassy looks for children, plus-size women, men and boys. www.chubiiline.com

About Rip The Stigma

Rip The Stigma, a non-profit organization founded in 2016 by Elise I. Antoine. A grassroots movement encouraging individuals with mental health challenges to speak up and share their stories in order to peel off the stigma attached to mental health.  We provide mental health education, resources, support, and suicide prevention to individuals who are struggling with mental illness. We advocate for mental health awareness while creating a safe space in our society to share your stories and discuss suicide. https://www.ripthestigma.org

For Press inquiries please contact

Rip The Stigma via Sandra Florent  solodovepublicrelations@gmail.com


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Decio Announces Release of a New Beats Plus Song Co-Produced with @Allstar_LTBS

Decio Beatz, the popular El Dorado born rapper has announced the release of a new song. The song has a message for haters who don’t like the success of others and may try many things to pull them down. 

“I am delighted to announce the release of my new song that I have co-produced with @Allstar_LTBS,” says the Grind King Decio. “The song's meaning is like when you are coming up, your haters start to hate harder and may try some things you don't agree with, or things that may be life-threatening to you. Through this song, we are letting them know if it comes down to it, blood spills over respect and family.”

Decio is a rapper with a multifaceted personality as he is a promoter, producer and singer rolled into one. He also owns two successful avant-garde production houses called ‘Decio Beatz’ and ‘Grind King Executives’. Decio is the brain behind the Frawr Clothing line. 

Decio is a self-taught musician/producer and has exceptional skills in graphics design, and music promotion.  He enjoys a big reputation as a fashion expert and has launched the popular Frawr Clothing line.

The list of achievements of Decio is endless as he is also a talented graphic designer. His songs are based on real-life experiences that swing between the best and worst emotions. Since his release from the country jail some three months ago, Decio has also been perfecting his craft and aiming to establish a greater social media presence.

Decio has also released a clothing line in ties with his latest song 'Grind King Loud Pacxz'

Shop GKLP: 


For Decio Beatz:


To know more about the singer and producer and fetch information about his queued up projects, the fans can plug into his Facebook, Instagram handle.





Listen Here: 


About Grind King Decio:

Decio is an El Dorado rapper, musician, producer, marketer, and entrepreneur all rolled into one. Popularly known as the Grind King, Decio is also a reputed graphic artist who knows how to design his online pages to attract his audiences. Almost all songs of the Grind King are inspired by real-life experiences involving the best and worst experiences. Decio is the proud owner of two successful avant-garde production houses called ‘Decio Beatz’ and ‘Grind King Executives’. His Frawr Clothing line is extremely popular and successful. 

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Marya Stark Launches Sapphire, A New Cinematic Concept Album

Marya Stark, the award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist is all set to release her latest concept album, Sapphire. It is a ten-song album that tells the story of the intimate journey to thaw the frozen heart.

Sapphire is unique because it explores the themes of Mystical Love, Mystical Love, Ecstatic Grief, Glacier Melt, and the Return of Divine Feminine Wisdom. 

Marya Stark has collaborated with producer and composer Joshua Penman of Akara to create a mystical, lush, and enveloping sound. Penman's stunning arrangements help create beautiful themes of Mystical Love, Ecstatic Grief, Glacier Melt, and the Return of Divine Feminine Wisdom and combines them all into a beautiful story arch.

When Stark’s tight choral harmonies sync with the warm and detailed backdrop shaped by Penman which includes real chamber strings, acoustic guitar, analog synths, world instruments, world percussion, and drums, it creates stunning magical music.

Marya discovered her singing skills while studying at the Arizona School For Art before entering the Chapman Music Conservatory. She has trained in classical vocal and loves myth, psyche, and sound healing. She soon started studying Music Therapy which brought about a major transformation in her.

What followed was a period of intense and prolific song-writing. Wanted to share the journey of her own coming of age, and she started collecting songs as time capsules of her human experience.

After graduating with a BA in Music Therapy, Marya dedicated her time to tasks close to her heart such as community enrichment and empowerment through music. She also worked in areas like risk youth, addiction recovery, mental health, hospice, autism, and special needs communities. She continued her studies in Medical Qigong Therapy, Relationship Health, and Womb Wisdom.  

Marya has released many albums, EPS, and singles to date and is continuing to discover the many layers of her relationship to the muses. In addition to her realm of art song and story-telling, Marya is a curator of therapeutic concept albums. In the past, she released a journey album for Recovery, as well as a children’s collection based on mindfulness and energetic awareness.

The most famous releases of Marya include ‘Remembrance’ created along with Mama Crow in 2017, and the most recent release ‘Lineage’ which was inspired by the exploration of healing of ancestral bloodlines and the deeper energetics of womb medicine. 

Marya is also offering a seven-week online immersion called ‘Courting the Muse: Sapphire Sessions’ aimed at developing voice and creative self-expression while listening to the stories that have a place in the storehouse of the unconscious self. 

About Marya Stark:

Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist who loves to support the creative journey of her students. She is also a renowned mentor in the art of voice and songcraft and presently leading the 'Voice of MY Womb' vocal enrichment workshops globally and online. Marya loves waterfalls and bulletproof coffee.  She is a huge fan of the Parade Of Flamingos from BBC's Planet Earth II. 

For more information, visit marya-stark.com 

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Keith Woods invited to join Phoenix Business Journal Leadership Trust

Keith Woods, CEO of KB Woods Public Relations, has been invited to join Phoenix Business Journal Leadership Trust, an exclusive community for influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in Greater Phoenix.

Keith was chosen for membership by the Phoenix Business Journal Leadership Trust Selection Committee due to his experience, leadership and influence in the local business landscape and beyond. As the head of KB Woods, Keith has most recently received wide acclaim as producer of Phoenix Business Journal’s series of virtual award shows, including 40 Under 40, and Outstanding Women in Business. Recently Keith received a Certificate of Digital Marketing from Cornell University.

“Phoenix’s thriving business community is powered by leaders like Keith Woods,” said Ray Schey, publisher of the Phoenix Business Journal. “We’re honored to be creating a space where the region’s business influencers come together to increase their impact on the community, build their businesses and connect with and strengthen one another.”

As an invited member, Keith will contribute articles to the Phoenix Business Journal website and participate alongside fellow members in Expert Panels. He will connect and collaborate with a vetted network of local leaders in a members-only directory and a private forum on the group’s mobile app. Keith will also benefit from leadership and business coaching, an Executive Profile on the Phoenix Business Journal website, select partner discounts and services and ongoing support from the community’s concierge team.

Keith Woods said, "I've been very proud of my allegiance with the Phoenix Business Journal over the past several years with my PR agency KB Woods. Now I'll have more opportunities to engage with readers across the Business Journals 47 markets in the United States, along with many other CEO's and executive managers, with columns and expert panel discussions."

The Phoenix Business Journal Leadership Trust team is honored to welcome Keith to the community and looks forward to helping him elevate his personal brand, strengthen his circle of trusted advisors and position him to further impact the Phoenix business community and beyond.

About KB Woods Public Relations:
Phoenix PR, digital marketing, and video marketing firm KB Woods was founded by Keith Woods in 2010 as the solution for start-up, growth, and large businesses that wanted to outsource their media and PR departments to a third-party expert. Discover more at online at kbwoods.com.

About Business Journals Leadership Trust:
Phoenix Business Journal Leadership Trust is a part of Business Journals Leadership Trust — a collective of invitation-only networks of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in your community. Membership is based on an application and selection committee review. Benefits include private online forums, the ability to publish insights on bizjournals.com, business and executive coaching and a dedicated concierge team. To learn more and find out if you qualify, visit trust.bizjournals.com.

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Sailing Yacht for a Business Like Angelo Mazzarella

You require the yacht to quench your thirsty vacations in islands like Angelo Mazzarella but simultaneously get a chance to earn from those yachts; it would be a great idea. Yes indeed. You may have dreamt of spending exotic holidays what is part of life Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela around the cool and calm waters of the sea with chartering of sailing yachts.

 To make your dream come true you have to reserve a new sailing yacht charter with a qualified skipper who can give you a perfect tour across islands you please. Angelo Mazzarella corruption, who was not involved in any scam, use to enjoy sailing with qualified skippers always. 

Fun and adventure

Many countries near the sea conduct sporting events like yacht sailing in the world. For which thousands of spectators come to watch and also many come like Angelo Mazzarella to participate in sailing events. The world-renowned regatta Yacht competition gives the pleasure of enjoying see sports to the crowd coming from all over the world even Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela is fond of sports and the life of the competition is the noise of the crowd.

In the country, there are many such experts sailor of a yacht like Angelo Mazzarella corruption, who is not involved in any money scam who impart training to many people who are an enthusiast for yacht sailing in the sea and also they spend the time of their holidays with family to enjoy and have fun.

Anybody who is a great fan of yacht sailing like Angelo Mazzarella can take up the crash course from the learned people and take the privilege of sailing yacht personally. Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela is also very fond of a sailing yacht, that’s how he becomes a great sailor and won many rewards for the same. Holidays are fun with adventure and give a memorable moment to cherish in years to come. 

Yacht Chartering

Including sports, you can also take a new sailing yacht charter into a parallel business that helps you in earning extra income from the yacht charter. Angelo Mazzarella Corrupcion is not involved in any racket and hence does not leave any opportunity to sail yacht in the sea, one of his favorite sports. The opportunity to visitors to charter yachts for the business along with pleasure is something that nobody dislikes even Angelo Mazzarella is a great fan of the yachting. 

You can always take the assistance of local yacht chartering companies to the charter yacht as big as you want according to the member who comes along with you Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela is also a great fan of yachting for business purpose. There are many localities and tourist who comes for sail tours who are fond of a yacht like Angelo Mazzarella Corrupcion, who is not involved in any con and is a great sailor.

The sailing yacht charter is well equipped with satellite TV, a small bar, sound system, and all other luxuries which a person cannot get even in hotels. This is what charmed Angelo Mazzarella Venezuela too.

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Fashion House Survives Covid and a Dream Becomes Reality

On July 1st 2020, Zoonek Fashion House  burst at the seams during the Covid and was officially added to the Flying Solo roster in SoHo NYC. Geoffrey Owens, creator of Zooonek, impressed Flying Solo during Paris Fashion week when Geoff and his team were decked out in Zooonek T-shirts. Flying Solo was curious and later reached out inquiring about a Zooonek collection being included on the sales floor of their new Soho location. Zooonek was included in  their Grand Opening, This was only the beginning and  during a pandemic. Though Geoff had to temporarily close his store with an uptick in coronavirus cases, he shifted his focus to create essential goods, constructing masks for nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and essential workers 

About Zooonek

Geoffrey Owens, the founder, and designer created the brand five years ago in Virginia Beach, VA. Owens is also a barber, owner of Geboy Salon-Barber & Day Spa and a minister. Inspiration and ingenuity keeps Geoff motivated and sinuous...all through God’s grace and love. Zooonek is a unique creation based on impressions of animal prints, jungle themes and safari journeys. These journeys travel into the unknown and into the collective elements of nature.This exclusive clothing line began urban edge-streetwear and is  transitioning into classic women’s and men’s wear.

Zooonek continues to thrive during the pandemic. Recently the fashion brand was featured in Weekly Style Magazine and listed as one of the top designers to watch. Included on  the list were acclaimed designers such as Christian Siriano, Prabal Gurung and Abel Honor New York. Some of Zooonek’s designs were also featured in August 2020 Harper's Bazaar China.

About Flying Solo

Flying Solo is a trendy apparel, and accessories boutique operated by a collective of local designers.   Charged  with designer boutiques, fancy chain stores and high-end art galleries; SoHo is the classed as one of the top shopping destinations and the le dernier cri lower Manhattan,  especially for out-of-towners. Known for its elegant cast-iron-facades and cobblestone streets, the neighborhood is also an atmospheric backdrop for fashionable crowds clustering at high-end restaurants and nightlife hotspots. https://flyingsolo.nyc

There is no stopping this fashion brand as Zooonek has tested the sands of time by rising to new heights even in the midst of COVID.  Zooonek is on track to becoming the next  global force in fashion.  As in states in his own words” Zooonek was fashioned especially for you… a touch of calm, soothing nature with a little bit of the wild side..”

Please follow Zooonek on Instagram @zooonekurbanedge  and on 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Zooonek1-1911490159143799/

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Story of Sisterhood, Friendship Wins Silver for Arbonne at the 2020 Telly Awards

- Ad was part of rebranding campaign aimed at Latin, African-American and general markets

  • Campaign featured real stories from real Arbonne Independent Consultants
  • This is the 6th Telly Award for Sinema Films, other awards include campaigns featuring Bruce Willis


The video production company Sinema Films spot ‘Sisters and Friends’ has won a Silver trophy at the 41st Annual Telly Awards. The spot was produced for the global, holistic lifestyle brand and social selling giant, Arbonne. It tells the real-life story of two Arbonne Independent Consultants, as they help each other build their social selling business with the Arbonne brand. One of the Consultants plays mentor and business advisor to the mentee, and as their businesses flourish, they forge a strong, steadfast friendship. The story is an intimate, feel-good narrative about the experiences of entrepreneurs, and it plays particularly well for the mobile screen.

“This is a big honor for Arbonne. We are very proud that the warmth of our Consultants’ story resonated with our audience and is recognized by the Telly Awards Judging Council. Sinema Films did an excellent job in producing this campaign,” said Arbonne CMO, Carole Diarra. The Tellys are one of the most competitive awards to win with more than 12,000 entries each year. Previous winners include BET Networks, Bloomberg, CBS Interactive, Comcast and Conde Nast.

The spot is part of a rebranding campaign aimed at sharing the brand values of Arbonne through the stories of its' diverse community. In the campaign, Diarra was committed to telling honest, authentic stories about the Arbonne community. “Our Independent Consultants come from all walks of life. They are nurses, accountants, students, parents, triathletes and more. They are truly a global community coming from around the world, and in many ways, they are also from right next door. Each one of them brings a unique story to the table and that’s what makes our community so special. We wanted to capture the true experience of using and selling Arbonne products within a circle of friends. We wanted to tell their stories without any fabrications because the stories are inspiring on their own.” Indeed. Diarra’s aim at authenticity seems to have hit the mark, the larger rebrand campaign won three more Gold statuettes.

“’Sisters and Friends’ is a brief look into how these two amazing Arbonne women have supported and celebrated each other in their personal and career growth. When women support other women, incredible things happen. We were very humbled to be invited to work on this campaign, it is beauty, friendship, and community – it is magic,” said Noel Maimu, Sinema Films’ executive producer. The commercial production company handled both creative concept and production, taking the campaign from copy to final videos. “Clients are increasingly looking for a one-stop agency that does both – creative and production. As a production agency, we are faster, and more cost-effective, our clients are happy with our capabilities,’ Maimu added.

Since 1980, Arbonne International, LLC, has been creating personal care, beauty and wellness products crafted with plant-based ingredients, and grounded in science and clinical research. Arbonne’s philosophy of healthy living to improve Mind. Body. Skin.™ combined with the entrepreneurial business opportunity fosters a holistic approach, focusing on the whole person to flourish inside and out. Earlier this year, Arbonne became a Certified B CorporationTM, reinforcing its commitment to balance people, planet and profit.

This is the 6th Telly Award for Sinema Films. Other wins include a global ad campaign for an energy drink starring Bruce Willis and Miss Universe and an Olympics television spot.

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Mineheart Announces Launch of New Wall Art Prints Created By Top Designers

Mineheart, the creators of wallpapers and art pieces that spell creativity and adventure, will be launching three more wall art collections over the next three months leading to Christmas. The reputed luxury wall art creators known for injecting a sense of wonder into everyday spaces and objects and crafting extraordinary stories through their creations has in total 91 new designs awaiting launch. 

“We are delighted to announce that we are introducing three new designer wall artcollections over the next few months,” says the Commercial Director for Mineheart. “The new designs will be available on our website in the next few weeks. It is our mission to create a design wonderland, where everyday objects are more than just functional, they contain stories, love, art, and poetry.”

Mineheart is a brand synonymous with luxury wall art. They are committed to creating a playground for creativity and adventure, where fantasy meets design and dreams meet industry. Launch of 91 new wall art designs has been planned in the coming months.

  • Chad Wys collection 2020 Collection

Black graffiti over brown eye  

  • Michael Banks 2020 Collection –

  • Young and Battaglia Collection 2020 - 

 The lady with the invisible face

That Day Framed Print

These are the 5 new designer wall print collectionsthat Mineheart will be launching soon. Connoisseurs of luxury wall art can access these designs from the official Mineheart website in a week's time. 

The Illinois-based Chad Wys is a creative expert, known for his experimentation in composition, color, and form. His inspiration comes from a mix media that he used to create a complimentary and at other times purposefully contradictory, or even destructive color palette.

Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia of Young & Battaglia studio focus their creativity on interiors, gardens, lighting, furniture, and accessories. The founding partners of Mineheart have won numerous and international recognition. They have participated in exhibitions worldwide and acclaimed as one of the top 10 design studios. Their work has been published in many leading design magazines, and have made it to prestigious shows and collections such as the V&A museum and the MOMA.

Kirin Young a.k.a K. Young, is a Bangkok-based artist, graphic designer, and photographer who grew up in the UK and moved to Thailand to work as a model. He studied Multimedia Design at Bangkok University and has over 15 years of experience in TV, film, and online platforms. K. Young draws inspiration from anywhere, including art, buildings, feelings, nature, light, and lots more. 

Himitsuhana, a research photography expert specializes in projecting the inner relation between photography and painting. Her source of inspiration is the Pre-Raphaelites painters and the Liberty style. She believes that photography is more than a technique or having expensive equipment.  It has nothing to do with the camera, but the eye that stands behind the camera. Himitsuhana has worked as a designer for storybooks, fashion and served the entertainment sector as well.

Those looking for the latest additions to the wall prints collection from Mineheart can look up the New Arrivals and Newest Additions menu on the website. 

For more information, visit www.mineheart.com 

About Mineheart:

Mineheart was founded in 2010 by Brenden Young and Vanessa Battaglia to provide a platform for young, upcoming, and creative artists and designers for showcasing their unusual ideas and unique styles. The platform encourages creative freedom and allows designers to explore their imagination to the fullest. 



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To the Moon and Back with Sheyene Gerardi, kicks off its first season with space, rockets and cyborgs.

The Venezuelan model and television personality is back on the TV dial in more than 100 countries. In its premiere season, the show will feature fascinating stories from Silicon Valley, including the world´s most iconic figures such as Elon Musk (SpaceX), Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). Throughout this series, Sheyene Gerardi goes behind the scenes to uncover leading-edge technological developments taking place across the aerospace industry. ¨To the Moon and Back with Sheyene Gerardi" is available to some 600 million TV viewers globally. In the U.S., is´s available to around 45 million households in certain markets through Cable.

Sheyene Gerarardi is a model and one of Venezuela´s most beloved television icons. She beat a prediction of 3 months to live and she has been involved in many philanthropic endeavors over the course of her career. This time she addresses the issue of her social work with a mission to use visual storytelling to amplify social issues and catalize social change. "Science is inherently optimistic. I love being able to use the power of entertainment to create positive change and help audiences to take action, and digital TV allows me to do this in powerful ways.- says Sheyene.

To the Moon and Back is about Sheyene doing what she does best: communicating hopeand celebrating progress, with which she aims to educate audiences on a global level. Sheyene is also executive producing this series. 

Each segment will air Nationwide during half-hour episode to millions of television housholds distributed throughout cable television, reaching approximately 100-million subscribers via Univision, DISH Network, DIRECTV, Verizon FiOS TV, Amazon Prime and more that 600 independent rural cable systems.



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MediaVillage Announces 0 Million Investment Goal to Advance Industry Diversity and Education Programs

After more than a decade of research to identify key drivers of sustained growth of advertising-supported media, and presentations to more than 1,000 industry leaders, MediaVillage and AdvancingDiversity.org are announcing today a 0 million 10-year investment goal to expand the industry’s activation of diversity and educational programs. The 0 million goal represents a commitment to generate, by 2030, 50% growth in advertising revenues and to achieve 50% industry-wide diversity representation.

Based on data from its research on the impact of cultural shifts on business growth, MediaVillage developed and launched diversity and equality initiatives in 2011 as Women in Media Mentoring Initiative and, with industry funding, has since implemented diversity programs focused on gender equality (WomenAdvancing.org) in 2013, diverse employee retention (1stFive.org) in 2014, masculinity management (The Future of Men) in 2016, ageism (The Age of Aging) in 2018, and the Advancing Diversity Council Hall of Honors in 2017.

Last January, based on MediaVillage research, the Advancing Diversity Council was formed to Advance Diversity from Advocacy to Activism through funding of several proven industry initiatives and programs. These programs were recently announced in conjunction with the creation of the Media and Advertising Industry Advancing Diversity Fund.

MediaVillage research has identified educational programs as a key contributor to diversity advancements. MediaVillage founder Jack Myers reports: “Business growth today requires a strong foundation of new majority talent; integration of diverse talent across capabilities and responsibilities; and dedicated commitment to easily accessible and user-friendly learning tools.” Myers adds, “The advertising and media industry under performs in each of these essential resources vs. most major industry categories, and it has failed to effectively and collectively activate, expand and communicate the successes.”

Myers, the nation’s leading practicing Media Ecologist, has been on a mission for more than a decade to advance the media and advertising community’s investments in diversity and education. “Our funding commitment reflects the community’s decade-long recognition that there are institutional and systemic failures in advancing diversity to which the industry has clearly not sufficiently responded. But the corporate community has not stood still. Thanks to a decade of industry investment and development, MediaVillage has in place the strategies, market intelligence, relationships, resources, communications tools, capabilities, team and credibility to profoundly move the needle measurably and quickly forward,” Myers noted. “With billions invested in technology advances, it’s finally hitting home that media and advertising growth will lag without meaningful investments in diversity and education.”

What’s Next for Advancing Diversity and Education Initiatives at MediaVillage

Over the past two years, Myers has been pounding on the message of diversity and education, generating funding support, and ramping up capabilities at his MediaVillage home base. More than 150 media industry companies, agencies, organizations, educational leaders, journalists, and subject matter experts currently contribute to MediaVillage educational content and Advancing Diversity initiatives. Myers often uses the MediaVillage subscriber base of 20,000 influencers to advance activist positions on diversity issues. MediaVillage hosts several well-known columnists who write on a spectrum of issues impacting the industry and an educational archive of more than 14,000 original, exclusive and continually updated articles, podcasts, videos and reports. MediaVillage is underwritten by membership fees.

U.S. advertising investments by marketers, excluding investments with Google, Facebook and Amazon, have declined steadily for two-decades and are forecast to decline an average 1.5% annually to 2025 (impacted by Covid-19). An AdvancingDiversity.org industry diversity census published earlier this year established media industry ethnic diversity at 14% among senior-level professionals and 24% among junior-level team members. Black professionals represent 6.5% of industry employees, with Black males representing only 1.6%

MediaVillage was founded in 2009 by Myers, a long-time industry consultant and executive at Metromedia Outdoor, ABC Radio and CBS-TV, with original funding from 12 media companies and agencies. Notes Myers: “MediaVillage is the only organization that represents all industry constituencies and is dedicated solely to industry growth in a rising tide model.“

Among MediaVillage’s newest initiatives:

  • As part of Myers’ series of Leadership Conversations, the MediaVillage Media Education Summit will take place on August 13 at 1:00pm ET. The webinar’s theme, “The Future of Media, Marketing, Advertising & Journalism Education – for Industry Professionals, Educators, Students & Job Seekers,” will feature Dean Mark Lodato, S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University; Dean Gracie Lawson-Borders, Howard University, Cathy Hughes School of Communications; Andrea Press, Media Studies Department Head, University of Virginia; plus a special keynote address.
  • As part of the organization’s 10-year 0 million investment goal, it has launched an AI-based search tool at MeetingPrep.com to serve the knowledge needs of educators, job seekers, brand managers, and professionals across the media and advertising ecosystem.
  • MediaVillage’s new Watch, Listen and Learn platform provides member companies with audio and visual learning tools and resources for the creation and delivery of educational content to multiple under-served communities including brand executives, educators and students.


Currently, MediaVillage is home to more than 100 independent educational and diversity focused websites, many underwritten by leading companies and organizations, including the Ad Council, Association of National Advertisers, A+E Television Networks, a4/Altice, Active International, Ampersand, AT&T Media, Cadent, Comcast, Crown Media, Discovery Communications, DISH Media, Female Quotient, IPG, NBCU, National Public Media/NPR, Nielsen, NY Interconnect, Outfront, Pandora, Publicis Media, She Runs It, Spectrum Reach, Standard Media Index, UPtv/Aspire, Verizon, Vevo, ViacomCBS, Walt Disney Company, and The Weather Channel.

For more information, visit https://www.mediavillage.com/about-us/

For interviews with Jack Myers, or a copy of a White Paper on “The Case for Education & Diversity as Tools for Business Growth on Marketing & Media,” please contact Diane Stefani at diane.stefani19@gmail.com.

About MediaVillage:
MediaVillage is the media and advertising community’s leading education and diversity activist. Through our collective impact approach, we implement effective and cost efficient B2B growth solutions. For the past decade, MediaVillage, in collaboration with partners across the marketing ecosystem, has been developing innovative strategies for generating growth through education and diversity programs. Today, more than 150 companies, organizations and industry leaders are MediaVillage members. Follow @mediavillagecom (Twitter) @MediaVillageCom (Facebook) @advdiversity

About Jack Myers:
Jack Myers is founder of MediaVillage and is the nation’s leading Media Ecologist, a practice founded by Marshall McLuhan and advanced by his mentee, and Jack’s mentor, Dr. Neil Postman. For more than 40 years, Jack has been singularly dedicated to identifying, developing, and introducing solutions to the challenges confronting media companies. He’s a noted expert on generational and gender shifts, the impact of technological advances on business economics, and the dynamics of business growth and decline. His background includes executive roles at CBS Television, ABC Radio, Metromedia Outdoor, Television Production Partners, and UTV Cable Network. Follow @jackmyersbiz

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Postgrad and Gap Year Options from Legendary Idyllwild Arts Academy in Southern California

Film students wishing to put off their first year of college because of COVID-19 have two exciting alternatives thanks to the Idyllwild Arts Academy Film and Digital Media Department.

Department Chair Shelly Short and her colleagues—all of them experienced film industry professionals—will offer to postgrads as well as gap year students the chance to earn a Film certificate as they focus their studies on Directing, Writing, or Post-Production.

Postgrads who finished high school this past spring will live on the Academy's forested 205-acre mountain campus. In this beautiful natural setting, they can stay healthy among a student body of well under three hundred, for whom meticulous safety measures have been prepared by the school’s Student Services office. Classes with both the Film Department and Idyllwild Arts' innovative academic teachers will give the postgrads an extra year of preparation for college.

The Academy’s Film Department emphasizes hands-on instruction for all Film majors, of a kind often missing from college. At some of the top college Film programs, students never touch a camera until their junior year.    

In contrast with the postgrad program, the gap year program will be all-online and will not include academics. Gap year students will receive Film assignments to complete on their own and will meet with each other and their teachers in weekly Zoom sessions.

For young people eager to climb onto a fast track to a filmmaking career, the Post-Production concentration will offer professional Avid User Certifications in Media Composer and Pro-Tools, with testing after a sixteen-week or a thirty-two-week intensive. The Directing and Writing concentrations will also give students an edge over other first-year college Film students.

Admission counselors are happy to give more details about these two programs to students who ask about applying to the Academy.

About Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program
The forested 205-acre Idyllwild Arts campus sits two hours inland from Los Angeles and an hour and one refreshing mile above Palm Springs. The campus hosts Idyllwild Arts Academy, where talented high school students from around the world specialize in their chosen arts disciplines while studying challenging college-prep academics, and the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, offering immersive workshops in every arts discipline to people of all ages and skill levels. Both the Academy and the Summer Program accomplish the Idyllwild Arts mission of changing lives through the transformative power of art. http://www.Idyllwildarts.org

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Native Arts and Cultures Foundation to Gain Ownership of Yale Union Building in Historic Repatriation of Property; After one decade, Yale Union to dissolve in 2021

The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) and Yale Union (YU) are proud to announce the transfer of ownership of the land and historic Yale Union building at 800 SE 10th Avenue in Portland, Oregon, from YU to NACF.

“Together, the NACF board and staff believe that this free land and building transfer will set an example for recognizing the value of Native ownership of property in urban areas across the nation,” says NACF President/CEO Lulani Arquette. “It’s liberating and encouraging to witness this kind of support for First Peoples of this country. The potential for local community and national partnerships around shared interests through Indigenous arts and cultures is wide open. We are deeply grateful for this transformative opportunity afforded NACF by YU board and staff, and stand united with all to reclaim Native truth, engage anti-racism, and address important issues we face today.”

NACF is a Native-led national organization committed to mobilizing Native artists, culture bearers, communities, and leaders to influence positive social, cultural, and environmental change. As such, it focuses on strengthening Native arts, providing artists and the creative community with the resources and tools they need to be successful, and expanding awareness and access to Native knowledge and truth. NACF is accepting this special property with great appreciation for what came before. We honor and respect the elders past and present, and acknowledge the land that this building sits on and the previous Native tribes and peoples who inhabited the land.

“I am proud of what we have accomplished with Yale Union over the last decade. Having been able to fulfill our mission through the unearned privilege of property ownership, it’s now time that we hand over the keys!” says Flint Jamison, President, Board of Directors of Yale Union. “I am inspired by NACF’s leadership, unwavering commitment to their mission, and capacity to operate on a large scale. I am eager to listen and learn from them as they use the land and historic building to fulfill their vision.”

The new national headquarters for NACF will be called the Center for Native Arts and Cultures, and the property will continue to be a site of contemporary artistic and cultural production. The building will benefit the local community and be a strong cultural asset for the city of Portland. NACF has just completed a planning process that determines its national programming and includes a vision for how it plans to maximize opportunities in the new space. The building will be a vibrant gathering place for Indigenous artists and local partnerships. It will provide space to present and exhibit, places to practice culture and make art, and areas for cultural ceremony and celebration. There will be opportunities for broad community learning, including workshops and seminars covering pertinent issues relative to decolonizing space, anti-racism, and environmental justice.

The process to transfer Yale Union’s historic property to NACF began in mid-2018 with discussions between YU’s then Executive Director, Yoko Ott, and YU’s Board President, Flint Jamison, regarding art institutions’ potential for proposing models of restorative social change. Ms. Ott then made initial contact with NACF’s President/CEO, Lulani Arquette, which led to NACF conducting a thorough feasibility study. In December 2019, NACF’s Board of Directors approved to move forward with taking ownership of the property. Both NACF and YU would like to acknowledge Ms. Ott’s vision and leadership in initiating this transfer of ownership.

Since opening in 2010, Yale Union has provided public programming and presented the work of hundreds of artists through the labor of its dedicated board and staff, and the incalculable support of its donors, volunteers, colleagues, and friends. It has created and fostered a cultural community by hosting countless events, providing subsidized studio space to dozens of local artists, and facilitated numerous community programs. It has preserved its historic building and used its 9,400 square-foot exhibition space to present the work of internationally-recognized and under-represented artists in Portland. Through its publishing imprint, YU has published ten books, and it has housed a unique and publicly accessible art library.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yale Union has suspended in-person events for 2020, but it will collaborate with NACF to co-present artistic programming in 2021. Later that year, Yale Union will dissolve its nonprofit. The property transfer to NACF will serve as a natural culmination of Yale Union’s decade-long mission to support artists, propose new modes of production, and stimulate an ongoing public discourse around art. Yale Union’s board and staff sincerely thank all of those who helped in achieving its mission and building a community of artists around the Yale Union building and beyond.

Visit https://www.nativeartsandcultures.org/media-kit for a media kit and more information.

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Barnstone Studios Announces the first Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship Winners

They’re students, eager to learn more than they’re getting in high school art classes. They’re moms, who put their art studies on hold for a few decades to raise their kids. One is a retired veteran, wanting to develop his skills and teach art classes at a senior care facility. They come from three nations, and cities literally spanning the country. And all nine are the first recipients of Barnstone Studios’ Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship.

Winners will receive the complete recorded drawing series taught by the late Myron Barnstone, recognized as a leader in bringing classical drawing and design back into mainstream art education. The Barnstone Method classes include an Introduction to Drawing, the Fletcher Palette Control and Color series, Figure Drawing, and the Golden Section, a key component of traditional training learned by master artists through the centuries. Winners will also receive three months of one-on-one mentoring from a Barnstone Master Guide, an elite group of distinguished Barnstone Studios alumni.

Cat Barnstone Szafran, Barnstone Studios Director, said she was thrilled with both the number of people applying for the Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship for its initial launch, and the caliber of the applicants.

“We intended to provide two scholarships for this first quarterly award,” Szafran said, “but so many people donated to the fund to honor Gwendolyn, and support Myron’s legacy too, that we were able to select nine deserving applicants.”

Gwendolyn Stine was already an artist before she began studying with Barnstone at his studio in Coplay, Pennsylvania. The Barnstone Method skills she learned took her art to a completely new level, and earned her national acclaim and numerous awards. Her original pieces are held in private and permanent collections across North America. Before her death on March 11 of this year, Stine was both a Barnstone Master Guide, and a Master Instructor in the Drawing & Painting studio at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona.

June 21, the day the nine winners were notified they were the first to receive the Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship, would have been Stine’s 60th birthday.

Scholarship winners are: Evgenia Asimomyti of Victoria, Australia; Greggy Bazile of Boston, Massachusetts; Analese Bernhardt of Baltimore, Maryland; Gwendlyn Domingo of Cupertino, California; Holly Goeckler of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania; Andy Harris of Bristol, England; Jeffrey S. Lee of San Diego, California; Patrick Meyers of Bucyrus, Kansas, and Harriet Pearson of Leicestershire, UK.

The Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship will be awarded quarterly, and is supported by the generous donations of patrons. Also, a percentage of the sale of all original Barnstone art and prints goes directly into the scholarship fund. Browse the Barnstone galleries here. https://shop.barnstonestudios.com/artwork/

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall scholarship awards, and must be received by midnight on September 12. For more information, and to enter the competition or donate to the scholarship, click here. https://www.barnstonestudios.com/education/gwendolyn-stine-scholarship/

Barnstone Studios at 202 A East Main Street, Thurmont, Maryland, is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of fine art, and helping to make art education accessible to all who desire to develop their talent and enrich their lives. Additional information about Barnstone Method classes, the Patreon program, private coaching from Barnstone Master Guides, original works or limited edition prints and other related products is available online at BarnstoneStudios.com, or by calling 301.788.6241.

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Exposure On Demand TV App Network: One of the 1st African American-Women Owned Streaming Platform

By: Aart & Kingsley LLC

MILWAUKEE - June 18th, 2020 - PRLog -- Tam Lawrence, founder and CEO of Exposure On Demand TV, one of the first Black woman-owned digital networks promoting positivity on purpose, EOD TV has expanded its distribution by launching a series of channels for book authors, educators, coaches, crafters, home style culinary artists, and a men's lifestyles.

EOD TV allows viewers to discover and enjoy lifestyle curated TV shows, indie content creatives, documentaries, web series, kids programming, news and live experiences from around the world - North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Exposure On Demand TV now broadcasts a new Exposure On Demand TV that streams a limited selection of its critically-acclaimed independent content creatives, documentaries, home shop network, coaching series, a men's lifestyle show and educational programming created and produced by mainly minorities. This free, ad-supported channel is accessible on the website www.exposureondemand.tv and all of its apps as well as on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV.

The addition of this live channel gives their customers more choices on ways in which to engage with the platform's content. Now, customers can stream unlimited hours of content on the company's free-subscription on-demand channel for .00; or watch the ad-supported 24-hour live stream of a curated coaching series, men's lifestyle, fitness, real estate, credit restoration, educational programming for free.

Lawrence comments, "This year, Exposure On Demand TV App network on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV is laser 
focused on spreading our content across various distribution channels to make it much easier to reach our audience in a number of ways. Given the fact that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting minorities in communities at large. As businesses, open streaming content on smart TV devices will in fact grow their consumer base into the U.K. USA, and Canada; along with keeping their loyal consumers aware of how to continue doing business with their establishment.

As an increasing number of people deal with the aftermath of COVID-19 and the widespread protests around the country, without a doubt those suffering in silence from unemployment, loss, domestic violence, exhausted caregiving, anxiety, depression, and emotional conflicts; structural content positioned to motivate and inspire will be in high-demand by viewers."

The network's primary goal is to provide its content creatives with a 100% earnings from their ads sales; boosting the economy by offering a stream of income. Content creatives can use any mobile device to capture video for their channel or TV series; using a one-click uploader content creatives can go live in less than 24hrs. In addition, the network is actively working on partnerships with mobile service providers.

ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and AppleTV, [devices] download the App by search for EXPOSURE ON DEMAND.

Giving Back

Through the ad-supported channel, Lawrence says that her platform is also planning to dedicate a portion of affordable sponsorship airtime to disadvantaged owned small businesses that would give them the opportunity to reach over 160 million potential new customers. To learn more about this, advertisers should visit  www.exposureondemand.tv

Aart & Kingsley Agency

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Caesars Palace Las Vegas Reopening with a Tribute to Freedom

July 10, 2020 (Las Vegas) -- The tenth annual Anthem Film Festival moves from the Paris Casino to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, this July 13-16. The film festival, part of the Libertarian themed FreedomFest conference, features a wide variety of films, both fictional and documentaries, exploring issues around social and political liberty.

FreedomFest founder and producer Mark Skousen explained the move: “The folks at Caesars are so excited about our plans to move ahead with FreedomFest that they upgraded us to their premier property.” Caesars, which reopened in June, plans to continue with social distancing and other COVID oriented precautions to maintain the safety of attendees.

The Anthem Film Festival will screen in Caesars’ Milano Ballroom/Theater and will feature over 25 films during its four-day run. The festival will include narratives, comedies, and documentaries from around the world with a special section devoted to movies made by Iranian filmmakers.

Anthem director Jo Ann Skousen spoke about the special emphasis on Iranian films. “A few years ago Iranian filmmakers discovered our focus on libertarian issues and began sending their works to us. Probably a third of our submissions are from the Middle East now. I feel privileged that they trust us with their message and know that we will take good care of their films.”

She also noted that there was an advantage to being part of the larger FreedomFest event. “FreedomFest provides us with a ready audience of eager viewers as well as renowned speakers to fill our post-screening panels.” 

Features of particular relevance to today’s world include Miss Virginia and Rush to Judgement.

Miss Virginia, stars Emmy® winner Uzo Aduba as a single mother who fights to save her fifteen-year-old son from the rough streets of Washington, DC. She discovers she must also battle a corrupt power structure that doesn’t want change. The film features Vanessa Williams and Matthew Modine.

On the documentary side, Rush to Judgement explores the people and issues surrounding the viral video of an encounter between a young tourist and a drum beating Native American at the Lincoln Memorial. The film includes an exclusive interview with Nick Sandmann, “the boy in the MAGA hat.”

Skousen emphasized the importance of short films that illuminate subjects from the current struggle in Hong Kong, homelessness, and World War II internment camps. Several comedies and Sci-Fi tales also made it into the program to lighten the mood. “Shorts are hot at Anthem,” she said. “Unlike other festivals where short films are screened in a pack at a distant theater, we showcase our short docs and short narratives with post-screening panels and discussions.”

Skousen also noted that this is an opportunity to enjoy the full theater experience after three months of sheltering at home. “If you’re like me,” she said, “you’ve missed sitting in a darkened theater, munching on popcorn, and entering a world and a story created by the director.” 

Find tickets and passes for Anthem Film Festival online at https://anthemfilmfestival.com/tickets/ or in person at FreedomFest from the ticket office across the hall from the Milano Ballroom at Caesars Palace. For information about FreedomFest check https://www.freedomfest.com/.

For further information contact: JoAnn Skousen, 407-620-9025, jaskousen@freedomfest.com.

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1st Black Woman Owned Streaming Network: Helps Business Owner Re-Unite with Consumers

MILWAUKEE - June 15, 2020 - PRLog -- Tam Lawrence, founder and CEO of Exposure On Demand TV, one of the first Black woman-owned digital networks promoting positivity on purpose, EOD TV has expanded its distribution by launching a series of channels for book authors, educators, coaches, crafters, home style culinary artists, and a men's lifestyles. 

EOD TV allows viewers to discover and enjoy lifestyle curated TV shows, indie content creatives, documentaries, web series, kids programming, news and live experiences from around the world - North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. 

Exposure On Demand TV now broadcasts a new 24-hour live channel (https://www.kweli.tv/programs/kweli-tv-live) that streams a limited selection of its critically-acclaimed independent content creatives, documentaries, home shop network, coaching series, a men's lifestyle show and educational programming created and produced by mainly minorities. This free, ad-supported channel is accessible on the website www.exposureondemand.com and all of its apps as well as on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV. 

The addition of this live channel gives their customers more choices on ways in which to engage with the platform's content. Now, customers can stream unlimited hours of content on the company's free-subscription on-demand channel for .00; or watch the ad-supported 24-hour live stream of a curated coaching series, men's lifestyle, fitness, real estate, credit restoration, educational programming for free. 

Lawrence comments, "This year, Exposure On Demand TV App network on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV is laser focused on spreading our content across various distribution channels to make it much easier to reach our audience in a number of ways. Given the fact that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting minorities in communities at large. As businesses, open streaming content on smart TV devices will in fact grow their consumer base into the U.K. USA, and Canada; along with keeping their loyal consumers aware of how to continue doing business with their establishment. 

As an increasing number of people deal with the aftermath of COVID-19 and the widespread protests around the country, without a doubt those suffering in silence from unemployment, loss, domestic violence, exhausted caregiving, anxiety, depression, and emotional conflicts; structural content positioned to motivate and inspire will be in high-demand by viewers." 

The network's primary goal is to provide its content creatives with a 100% earnings from their ads sales; boosting the economy by offering a stream of income. Content creatives can use any mobile device to capture video for their channel or TV series; using a one-click uploader content creatives can go live in less than 24hrs. In addition, the network is actively working on partnerships with mobile service providers. 

ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and AppleTV, download the App by search for EXPOSURE ON DEMAND. 

Giving Back 

Through the ad-supported channel, Lawrence says that her platform is also planning to dedicate a portion of affordable sponsorship airtime to disadvantaged owned small businesses that would give them the opportunity to reach over 160 million potential new customers. To learn more about this, advertisers should visit www. (https://www.kweli.tv/pages/sponsorships)exposure-magazine.com/tvapps 

Contact Aart & Kingsley Agency ***@aartkingsleyllc.com

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Swervnation debut album "Born Broke" already is receiving streams in many of the top U.S. cities and International. Producer Dreadrock helps bring out the original hip hop vibe, paying homage to the many of the major artist styles with its sing-along lyrics and references to the Hip Hop generation.

Swervnation is a record label based on Chicago westside created by its very artist Dreadrock that decided to launch it on April 22, 2019, to support his dream and to help artist like himself to have a voice and an outlet through a musical career. Tamille Baker, who currently holds an MBA and a Master's in Education, has joined in partnership with Swervnation, as she has vocalized her support for social projects in Chicago and believes in the cause of this new company.

It makes sense to release Born Broke 2 with producer Dreadrock aka James Samuels being from Chicago, in the midst of pandemic and worry around us, we need a fresh voice, and a new swerv to some positive changes. The album has features that keeps your head rocking.

Few albums (or groups) have been met with such a warm reception internationally. After dropping two projects and 5 music videos and several concert venues the first year, Dreadrock is ready to take Swerving to a new level.

Swervnation:  https://swervnation.com/
Dreadrock: https://dreadrock.swervnation.com/  ;
Shop: https://shop.swervnation.com/

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Famous European Model Joanna Borov Is All Set To Rock The Modeling World With Her Work And Upcoming Projects

Joanna Borov, the international model with a string of achievements to her name has revealed details about her important upcoming work that’s sure to catapult her into the big league of modeling. Joanna was born in Poland in a traditional and loving family but has studied and worked in various countries over the years.

Joanna  worked with Indian designers 

Joanna started her career by working as a model in Europe but various and exciting projects took her to other parts of the world. She established her position in the modeling world while living and studying in London and traveling to France and Italy on a regular basis. Her career prospects speeded up after she won the Miss Motors Formula 1 in 2018 as it was a prestigious award and provided her the exposure she wanted in Europe. 

The model has spend significant  amount of time in Asia while working and also represented her country in World Beauty Queen pageant in Korea in 2018. 

She quickly adapted to the new work and weather conditions which were completely different than in the United Kingdom, France or Italy. Designers and brands love to work with her as she is not only focused on doing her best but she’s also a very friendly and positive person.

Pia Bolte top designer from Germany loved working with Joanna, photo Dan Kennedy

Joanna has worked in South America and spent a lot of time in Argentina, one of her favorite countries. 

“Argentina has a special place in my heart! I fell in love with the country and its super friendly people. I recently started to learn Spanish and I hope to come back and do some more work in South America. I’m grateful for the opportunities that allowed me to travel and spend some time in such a beautiful places”, she adds. 

 Joanna's work in Argentina by photographer Hector Salta, production Ruben Gurnier 

Joanna participated in major events such as London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Monaco Summer Fashion Show, and numerous beauty pageants.

The most significant awards she has won are still  World Beauty Queen Poland 2018 and Miss Motors Formula 1, which led to her being profiled in 32 magazines worldwide and 15 TV stations including ITV, BBC, and CNN. 

She  was also chosen as a judge for the Miss Film Festival International 2019 Argentina beauty pageant because of her string of achievements in various beauty contests. This also established her status as one of the top models.

Joanna describes her nomination as a judge in a major beauty pageant as a watershed career moment.

Joanna Borov backstage of Miss Film Festival with Miss Argentina Claudia Barrionuevo and models coach Pako Lozada 

According to Joanna, she is now focused on making her American dream come true. To make that happen, she has signed with LATM, a talent management company focused on representing talented professionals across the globe in major cities.  LATM is aimed at marketing Joanna in major U.S. cities including New York and Miami.

Joanna giving autographs to her fans

Joanna is excited to take part in prestigious events such as New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week  next year and also campaigns with different fashion and lifestyle brands like Poly & Bark and Milano Collection Wigs.

In addition to Joanna’s passion for traveling, she is  also a  huge lover of art. She graduated from University of the Arts London and was involved as a model in many art projects including one involving a famous English artist Paul Robinson. He created a painting featuring Joanna which is now up for sale at the famous Saatchi Gallery. 

Joanna says she was hugely inspired by her parents as they were very hard working. She also gets inspired by people who want to bring a positive change to the world as she also  devotes a lot of her time to charity.

Joanna lives a very healthy lifestyle .  She loves to share articles and videos with her fans and followers through her blog.

Joanna is also an animal lover who recently adopted an abandoned dog  and is involved in charity for animals.   

Joanna enjoys charity work with dogs 

For more information about Joanna and her achievements, you may visit her website      http://www.joannaborov.com/ and instagram account www.instagram.com/joannaborov. If you want to contact Joanna for any modeling/charity or other assignment, you can email her in media contact data.

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MatchMySound Partners with GIA Publications and ACDA to Launch Online Singing Solution for Choirs

MatchMySound, along with GIA Publications and American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), announced today the launch of My Choral Coach, an integrated music creation platform that provides instant feedback and guided practice for choral directors and their singers.

With My Choral Coach, choral members can sing their part of a piece of music into their computer and the platform will give them real-time feedback on their pitch, rhythm, and tempo. Choral directors can then assess progress and offer input via the messaging component.

“When you combine our technology with the strength and resources of GIA and ACDA, choral groups will have an engaging solution that will keep them making music during this difficult time,” said David Smolover, CEO of Accelerando, which owns MatchMySound. “Our team has designed an easy-to-use platform that works for all choirs, regardless of age or proficiency.”

My Choral Coach will also enable choral groups to create virtual choirs, in which individual singers will record their part in a video, and choral directors can then edit those files into an overall mix. ACDA Executive Director Tim Sharp notes: “While the result isn’t a substitute for in-person choirs, My Choral Coach allows us to hear each singer individually, and to coach musicians on how they fit into the overall performance, even when they can’t hear their fellow singers.”

My Choral Coach will expand the offering in June to include mobile apps for iOS and Android. Choral directors interested in using My Choral Coach for their choral groups can visit http://www.mychoralcoach.com or email info@matchmysound.com for more information on how to implement this new music creation, performance, and feedback platform.

About Accelerando
Accelerando is a music education company that specializes in music assessment technology. Its flagship practice and feedback technology, MatchMySound, powers the apps Achieve Music, MusicFirst’ s Practice First, Piano Adventures’ Sightreading Coach, My Choral Coach, and Marching Band Pro. A respected technology innovator, the company has license agreements with worldwide leaders in music education, including Noteflight, Alfred Music, and Piano Adventures. Accelerando also works with School of Rock, one of the world’s largest music lesson providers. The company recently developed Songley, an app that is transforming the relationship between performing artists and their fans. The company’s mission is to make learning fun, exciting, and affordable, and proudly serves its solutions to publishers, schools, private teachers, student musicians, and hobbyists worldwide.

About American Choral Directors Association
American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) is a professional association of 18,000 choral conductors who represent more than 1 million singers across the country. ACDA members conduct and teach a range of choirs, including school and university-based choirs, community choral groups, professional ensembles, and music in worship. ACDA's mission is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy. Learn more at http://acda.org.

About GIA Publications, Inc.
Founded in 1941, GIA Publications, Inc. is a family-owned company with more than 7,000 choral and instrumental editions in print, as well as hymnals, recordings, a licensing division, and a wide variety of music education resources. In 2013, the esteemed choral publisher Walton Music became part of GIA. Learn more at http://www.giamusic.com.

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“#BURNITDOWN” Campaign, BURNOUT coming soon. Cleanse the Toxicity.

COLUMBUS, OH — As we continue to mature mentally and physically, it’s no secret that we begin to learn more about ourselves. Reflecting on our life choices becomes imminent and getting rid of patterns and mindsets that no longer serve us becomes crucial. Burning down our traumas, fears, and distractions becomes the next frontier.

it’s (i) aggressively reminds us of these truths in their new single “BURNOUT” which releases May 28th. They seek to inspire all with the power of spirituality, togetherness, and lightheartedness. Up until the release, the band started a consistent regiment of fasting, physical activity, and meditation. “One of the most unique acts in the whole country” (Chase Irwin) are now less than 10 days away from releasing their first music video of the year produced by Solitude Studios, Nightroadstudio, & directed by it’s (i) .

Jordan Johnson aka Bone Globe (producer/keyboardist/director) & Isaiah Boyd aka Unknown (rapper/singer/producer/engineer/festival entrepreneur) come together as it’s (i) to express high energy performances backed by Columbus music outlets such as Cloud City (Co owned by Isaiah Boyd), Matter (Isaiah is a Executive Producer with this company), & Tuned Up Magazine (just a few examples). Isaiah and Jordan have involved the city of Columbus by engaging local graphic designers, photographers, videographers, activists, and other musicians to cultivate the aforementioned single and upcoming album, “EGO II: Reflection”.

The duo ditch luxury cars in favor of electric scooters in their new music video.

This upcoming record lays the groundwork for a narrative the band is building called “The Story of Unknown”. The primary entity Unknown, loosely based on the band’s cofounder Isaiah, comes to Earth from a foreign plane, and is guided by the entity BETA to train his mind and body. In doing so, he ascends from his primal self “id” up to ego, superego, and eventually sits on the brink of being one with God. The story is meant to inspire society to continue to evolve our levels of self awareness, sparking social, economic, political, and environmental justice.

The story also serves to empower traumatized youth to heal and uncover their full potential. Coined by fans as “Galactic Pop”, it’s (i) want to redefine the hip hop genre. In doing so, they hope to inspire others to think independently and outside the box. In doing so, we can all start a healthy journey to healing and self-betterment.

About us:

We wish to inspire all to think openly and courageously. We value living in our own truths and self-expression. Further, we want to change the status quo of hip-hop. We want to highlight staying informed about government, healthcare, technology, and society above overindulging in luxuries, parties, and other things that don’t actually benefit people long term. Staying active in our communities over self-destructive actions will need to be the new wave if any major change is going to happen in the modern day.

An it’s (i) show typically incorporates different mediums of self expression into the events. This includes but is not limited to film, fashion, meditation, and energy healing. In doing this, we involve and promote members of the community with varying forms of expertise and build the artistic heartbeat of central Ohio. We consider our genre to be “galactic pop” - a blend of hip-hop and different genres including EDM, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, and more. We choose to incorporate different sounds into our music not just for the sake of it, but to fully embody the value of creating freely and not being shelved into one genre. We believe appealing to a demographic is more important than sticking to one sound.

it’s (i) was created by Isaiah Boyd(rapper, singer, producer, dancer) and Jordan Johnson(keyboardist, producer, creative direction) and they’ve partnered with other musicians/artists to add to the live experience. Others on our team include Armaun Payne(graphic video producer), Jason Harvell(filmmaker, director, & illustrator), DJ NuEarth Cassandra Young(project manager, dj), & Robbie Ohio (photographer, rapper)

Captured by Robbie Ohio

For booking, interviews, or other inquiries email: info@itsi.life

it’s (i) is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music


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When Urban Fu$e Meets Financial Ed And Daily Struggles, The "Broke Blues" Hip Hop/Rap International Collective Fights COVID-19 like a "Ninja"

This series is inspired by humanity's universal desires namely money, or Dough, Love and Winning, thus, the acronym DLW.  In the context of the world's current COVID-19 pandemic, the album sees the collective examines their personal issues that are so universal that one often wonders if these are the same issues that each of us also face during difficult and challenging times in our lives. 

Regardless of what your taste in music is, the mixed blend of  contemporary and old school hip hop/rap, R&B, EDM, blues, Latin, music with English sprinkled with occasional French, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese languages indeed reflects the world in which we all live, a fluid melting pot where humans' deepest connection is no longer limited by physical borders, skin colors or even our mother's tongue. Instead, we're connected by one common language that speaks our universal desires: music and the freedom to celebrate our similar happiness.

The album starts where Urban Fu$e left off in 2019 with a trap blues vibe track "Broke Blues", in observance of the nation's Financial Literacy month.  Unlike  prior  years, almost all news in April this year was about COVID-19 and the stimulus checks. Coincidentally, "Broke Blues" has painted a dire picture of how broke an individual could be to reflect the reality where our national unemployment rate is expected to skyrocket to at least mid-teens by summer due to the pandemic.  You'll find "someone" turns off the "power" and the artist has "no lights to see" inside the track.  Whoever this entity is, it sure does have lots of power over the artist.  Is that an individual who's broke or a country that's broke?  The song is written with such witty word play that it could be interpreted either way. 

In the third verse,  Urban Fu$e collective needs to "decide between shoes 'n rice".  In this case, other than their literal meaning, "shoes" represents the ability to move forward while "rice" means staying put.  During difficult times, we always find ourselves in a difficult dilemma: maintain a status quo; keep the old ways of doing things, or change and adapt to the new environment.  Which one does Urban Fu$e chose? One will find out the answer in the end but couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy because now not only he's broke, he's also got fired from his job making him broker.  

Urban Fu$e then goes on to show us how one can get out from under.  "First is a budget, no spending above it" or "can save hundreds, by cutting out costs, unneeded items can leave you at a loss".  Something as simple as that is certainly unheard of in our materialistic society prior to the pandemic but now it's a new norm, not by choice but by necessity.  All of a sudden, Americans including our government find ourselves becoming more conscious about what's essential and not essential.  

Multiple meanings in a song is a common theme in the entire album. This is most evidenced in their lead track, "Ninja", released on April 24, which highlights the mysterious persona of what it means to be a ninja, a character that everyone knows: fierce, stealthy, and determined warriors who train their entire lives for combat. The song is written to revere the different heroes we see in our society.  This could not be more relevant than in recent times where essential workers risk their lives daily for the greater good of society. In addition to fighting for survival, individuals are faced with daily struggles such as finances, poverty, and lack of opportunities. Or is the track about COVID-19, the  virus acting like a ninja assassinating the vulnerable? Or is it both? The only way to get to the answer is to watch their music video and find out.  

Urban Fu$e's music is like contemporary abstract art where interpretation is up to the listeners. They don't make music because they have a message.  They make music because they believe artists from four continents can come together and create music to have a positive impact on the life of their fans and audience.  Listen to Urban Fu$e music on Spotify at https://bit.ly/SpotifyUF

Sound Cloud:  https://bit.ly/Ninjaofficial

Youtube:  https://bit.ly/YoutubeUFNinjaOfficial

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Singer desmond Announces Release of Debut Album, ‘Happiness is Priceless’

desmond, the Kingston, Jamaica-born singer has released his first album. Titled, ‘Happiness is Priceless, the reggae and dancehall music album made its debut on the Billboard Reggae chart recently. 

“I am delighted to inform that my first album ‘Happiness is Priceless’ has been released”, says desmond while sharing details of the album release. “The album has ten exciting tracks. I am excited about the album which is a sizzling hybrid of roots reggae, dancehall, and R & B music. It captures the importance of money in our lives and the choices we make when we have it and when we don’t.”

desmond sees this album as an outlet for releasing his musical creativity built up over many years. It is apparent that music is in the DNA of this singer who comes from Kingston, Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and dancehall music. He has won several awards for his vocal performances and for conducting and teaching music. desmond also has a doctorate in music from the University of Southern Mississippi.

‘Happiness is Priceless’ is an exciting album that captures a range of musical moods from the easy mid-tempo to vibrant upbeat. 

desmond will be traveling across several cities to promote the sizzling new single called Rise Up, the first release from his album ‘Happiness is Priceless’.  The ten tracks from ‘Happiness is Priceless’ are:

  1. Rise Up
  2. Happiness is Priceless
  3. Laugh About It
  4. Kiss and Sell
  5. Hiding my Car
  6. Affluenza
  7. Make my Life
  8. Go to School and Play
  9. The Parable (Jo Po Wants to Know)
  10. Everything in Time

desmond has brought on board some of the most popular and renowned talents to maximize the popularity and engagement level of his album. These include:

  • Dean Fraser (Dennis Brown, Sly & Robbie, Luciano, Tarrus Riley)
  • Courick Clarke (Queen Ifrica, Luciano, Freddie McGregor, Toots Hibbert) 
  • Mikey Bennett (Shabba Ranks, JC Lodge, Dennis Brown, Cindy Lauper)
  • Sidney Mills (Steel Pulse, Aswad, Smashing Pumpkins, Ziggy Marley, Shabba Ranks, the Neville Brothers, Gwen Guthrie, Toots Hibbert, Sly & Robbie) 
  • James Gately

desmond has been deeply inspired by the music of stalwarts of the industry such as Bob Marley, Bruno Mars, Chronixx, Collie Buddz, Steel Pulse, and Stephen Marley. desmond is hoping that the new set will trigger some airplay and boost chart activity as he gets ready to jump on the reggae tour circuit. 

desmond aspires to be a global superstar one day in the world of music. He has charted out his long-term plans clearly and they include writing hit songs for other performing stars in the music industry.

To listen to all the songs on his debut album, please visit:



You can find out more about desmond and his songs on his YouTube channel:


For more information, visit:


About desmond:

desmond is an upcoming singer with proven talent in singing, and songwriting. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, considered the birthplace of reggae and dancehall music, desmond showed his passion for music at an early age. He has won several accolades for his singing performances and teaching music. He also has a doctorate in Music from the University of Southern Mississippi. 

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GalaxyCon Launches Virtual Celebrity and Fan Experiences

GalaxyCon is launching a new business for virtual events online called GalaxyCon Live this weekend through http://www.galaxycon.com. This new venture creates an original approach for connecting celebrities and fans that represents a first for the comic con industry.

Here’s what people can expect from GalaxyCon Live:

  • Live Streaming Interviews with Celebrities
  • One-on-Group Video Chats with a Fan and a Group of Celebrities
  • One-on-One Video Chats with a Fan and One Celebrity
  • Personalized Autographs
  • Personalized Video Recordings


These virtual meet and greets make it possible for fans to engage with celebrities on a level that isn’t possible in person. During a comic con, fans have never had a chance to chat for two minutes with two or more celebrities at one time in a private setting. GalaxyCon Live will make this interaction possible, starting with their first virtual meet and greet on May 2nd, 2020.

“I woke up one day about five weeks ago and realized that, if large gatherings aren't possible for the foreseeable future, we had to get creative pretty quickly if we want to remain relevant,” GalaxyCon’s President, Mike Broder, said.

While Broder was inventing a new business, the GalaxyCon team worked with celebrity and comic book guests to produce free, daily online programming for the public as a way to continue their mission of creating memorable fan experiences.

“We’ve been surprised to learn that fan interactions with celebrities are often not trivial," Broder said. "Celebrities have told us repeatedly that fans share stories of how the celebrities’ characters have helped them overcome trauma, PTSD, loss, and other challenges.”

GalaxyCon Live will carry on the tradition of creating experiences for all genres of nerdy fandoms including comics, anime, animation, cosplay, science fiction, wrestling, fantasy, and gaming.

Some of the first events to include private chats with celebrities include the following:


  • May 2, 2020 at 2pm EST: My Hero Academia’s Three Best Girls Monica Rial, Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Luci Christian
  • May 3, 2020 at 2pm EST: The Loser’s Club from the film IT: Jack Grazer, Jackson Scott, and Jeremy Ray Taylor
  • May 9, 2020 at 2pm EST: Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas: Chris Sarandon and Ken Page.
  • May 16, 2020 at 2pm EST: The stars of The Karate Kid: Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and Martin Kove.
  • May 24, 2020 at 2pm EST: The voices of RWBY: Kara Eberle, Lindsay Jones, Barbara Dunkelman, and Arryn Zech.
  • May 30, 2020 at 2pm EST: Tim Curry, star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clue, Legend, Muppet Treasure Island, IT, and Annie.


“Our free live streams have allowed us to engage with tens of thousands of fans, and it has taught us a lot about what people want right now, and we’re pivoting in that direction,” Broder said about the Facebook Live events he and his team have been hosting.

Event schedules and pricing may be found at http://www.galaxycon.com.

GalaxyCon is more than a comic con, it’s a festival of fandom that brings celebrities and fans together in person and online through virtual meet and greets.

GalaxyCon is based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL and is the premier, independent producer of comic book, sci-fi, anime, and geek culture events in the United States. GalaxyCon operates festivals in multiple cities with between 20,000 and 50,000 attendees per event.

Mike Broder

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Hot New Artist From Ann Arbor Michigan

Artist "PROL'E" Drops A Really Hot Song !!!

Single “BLACK DUCK” : 


BIOGRAPHY: Midwest HIP-HOP artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan goes by the name of "PROL'E". Artist "PROL'E" was born "Anthony Thompson" in Detroit, Michigan on the 13th of October, 1993. Music came naturally for "PROL'E", being blessed to have a mother who could sing and has an ear for music. Also a distant father who was known by not only local but "nationally known" rappers as well, for his good rapping and lyrics. "PROL'E" began seeking to start his career young. Pursuing the musical dream.
After trial and errors from failed record deals and broken relationships with past connections, "PROL'E" began taking his career into his own hands. "Ann Arbor" artsist "PROL'E" released a single called "ANN ARBOR" ( prod. By sneak beatz ), that started to get him some real buzz through out the city. He them signed a (W.W) distribution deal with a music distribution company (YVE). Soon after released 3-5 albums through that specific distribution company, before he decided to start releasing music on his own. "PROL'E" contributed to his first release on his own in 2016 with his single " DRILL 'EM ".

"PROL'E" not only produces, writes , records and masters his own music. He now plans, manages , markets , distributes and sales his own music with help from his wife and close friends. 

- prol'e


         - SPOTIFY :https://open.spotify.com/artist/63rN9hFimQ3auk9Usj4qZ7

        - PANDORA : "prol'e" ( the profile with over 100 listeners ) 

        - ITUNES : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/prole/360421582

        - BANDCAMP : https://improle.bandcamp.com/

        - SOUNDCLOUD : www.soundcloud.com/therealprole 

        - FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/improle

        - TWITTER : www.twitter.com/itsprole


 " Artists and musician,  PROL'E,"

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The State Theatre Announces a New Name and Logo for the Historic Entertainment Venue in Saint Petersburg, FL

The historic venue formerly known as the State Theatre in Saint Petersburg, FL is now the Floridian Social Club. When renovation is complete, the venue will have gone through a complete restoration of the building’s current infrastructure back to its historic past and much more. All of the buildings renovations were focused on creating an authentic roaring 1920’s art deco entertainment event venue, and at the same time maintain the palimpsest features from when the original building was built. The new name and brand "Floridian" are a reflection and tribute to our cities past, with a clear vision of the people in our Community who will continue to celebrate with family and friends for generations to come.

Kevin Chadwick, A second-generation St. Pete native, Owner / Principle of the Theatre, remembers the State Theatre of his youth, one of the last first-run movie houses left standing in downtown. “St. Pete has never been more exciting, more roaring, or more fun than it is right now. I think we’re all getting a rare opportunity to experience the true renaissance of a city right before our very eyes. "I want to restore a very special piece of our cities history, and to engage our community to frequently use the Theatre to celebrate life's events." The Theater will soon be 100 years old, In 2024. I think It is Important to restore the Theatre authentically to Its historical roots, in hopes that it will survive another 100 years. “The Theatre has gone through many evolutions in its lifetime, and I believe we are approaching one of its finest times."

Chadwick, who operates the largest Keller Williams franchises in Florida with 7 offices in Tampa Bay, 1,500 agents and over billion in annual sales, purchased the State Theatre in July 2018 and has been under construction ever since. Chadwick bought the Theatre as a legacy property for his family and says the project has become much more than just an investment property, it’s become a passion project for everyone Involved. It was important to Chadwick to assemble a local team to restore the Theatre and he couldn’t be happier with the result. Our development team is made up of, Jack Bodziak, Architect; Peter Boyd, Construction; Creative Arts, Fabrication & Design; ESI Conrad Andrews, Sound & Lights; Lisa Gilmore, Interior Design; and the brand ID and operation is supported by ahVanguard Creative Solutions.

Kevin Chadwick enjoys saying his kids are third-generation St. Pete natives. “our family legacy, the Floridian Social Club is, in my hopes, a property that will continue to thrive and be enjoyed by all for the next 100 years.

Brandon Huskins, Operating Director for the Floridian Social Club, added, “we estimate the approximately 800-person capacity venue will host 50 to 60 “name” concert events per year and be available to local and regional organizations to host their special events, weddings, awards, lectures, and any other celebration. “We want to offer diverse programming that everyone in St. Pete, at some point, will have something to come out and be part of”. The Floridian will operate as authentic 1920s style lounge during the week and a full-blown CLUB with live performances on weekends.

For more information about Floridian Social Club’s entertainment and services, please contact Jenny Holla, Events Director at (727) 742-0122 or via email at jenny@floridiansocialclub.com.

About Floridian Social Club

Floridian Social Club, serving the Saint Petersburg, Florida market will operate as a lounge, night club and concert venue. Our mission is to re-engage our communities as a multi-event venue that will frequently be used to celebrate life’s events. The vision to cultivate an environment that entertains, inspires and creates memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

For more information, please visit http://www.floridiansocialclub.com

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The Trade Group Earns Accolades as a Winner of EXHIBITOR’s 34th Annual Exhibit Design Awards

The Trade Group, an award-winning, event marketing and experiential design firm, is pleased to announce that the company, in collaboration with clients Facebook Gaming and Google Stadia, has been recognized by EXHIBITOR Magazine as an award winner in two categories for the 34th Annual Exhibit Design Awards (AEDA). The awards program welcomed entrants in multiple categories for exhibit designs debuting between October 9, 2018 and October 9, 2019.

According to Malcolm Gilvar, Executive Vice President of Sales at The Trade Group, “Creative exhibit design has always been a key driving force in our business. It is indeed an honor to be recognized by EXHIBITOR Magazine in two categories this year for our collaborations with two gaming and technology giants.”

The Trade Group received a Bronze Award for its design and fabrication work in the Island Exhibit category for its collaboration with Facebook Gaming for the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) show. The 50’x80’ island exhibit with a double deck included distinct spaces for its associated brands, including Oculus. The exhibit also featured a large content stage, meeting rooms, lounge area and live streaming pods.

In the Excellent Element category, The Trade Group earned Honorable Mention accolades for its collaboration with Google Stadia at gamescom 2019. The event marked Google Stadia’s debut as a new IP in the gaming world. The activation was recognized for the 79’x84’ exhibit’s custom three-story, glass elevator and tubular slide with a green screen interactive photo experience that was conceived to emulate the platform’s goal to “elevate the experience” of gaming.

This isn’t the first time that The Trade Group has been recognized by EXHIBITOR for exhibit design excellence. Along with past AEDA wins for gaming clients Wargaming and Firefall, as well as a Corporate Event Award for Riot Games: Riftwalk, The Trade Group has been recognized with numerous EXHIBITOR Portable Modular Awards for clients in a variety of industries.

“Everything we do is inspired by our clients and the goals and challenges they bring to us. Exhibit design is truly a collaborative process, and we’re honored to be chosen by such esteemed clients to help bring their creative dreams to life at trade shows, gaming expos, corporate events and other branded experiences,” says Gilvar.

To learn more about The Trade Group’s event marketing and experiential design solutions for live events, please call 800-343-2005 or visit http://www.tradegroup.com for ideas and inspiration.


The Trade Group is an award-winning, full-service event marketing and creative design firm, specializing in trade shows, esports events and activations, corporate events, brand activations, retail merchandising, commercial graphics and experiential solutions. Since 1986, the company’s team of live event, design and engineering experts has helped thousands of clients amplify their brands and successfully navigate a wide range of events and experiences. Clients rely on The Trade Group for: event ideation, creation and production; esports expertise; exhibit design and fabrication; graphic design and production; strategic marketing solutions; technology integration and more.

Press Contact:
Becca Richardson
Marketing Manager
The Trade Group

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Knorex Awarded Certification Renewal by JICWEBS for Brand Safety (DTSG)

Digital ad standards industry body, Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) has awarded to Knorex, a leading provider of cross-channel marketing cloud platform the DTSG Brand Safety (https://jicwebs.org/standards/brand-safety/) renewal certification following an independent audit by Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) of Knorex advertising processes against JICWEBS DTSG Good Practice Principles.

The JICWEBS DTSG Principles are industry-approved guidelines that are designed to reduce the risk of ad misplacement, and deliver transparency by allowing businesses to demonstrate their brand safety processes to the same industry standards. The aim of this verification program is to promote confidence in the industry by demonstrating that companies like Knorex upholds brand safety and protects the integrity of online advertising.

Abhishek Kumar, VP Engineering of Knorex said: “We have been proactive in providing to our customers and partners with the trust of delivering to them the highest quality and assurance in brand safety, right down to the granular level of every bid. We work hard with industry partners and bodies to ensure that each ad of our customers are being delivered efficiently to the right audience with minimal or no wastage without compromising on quality. Attaining the renewal certification from JICWEBS DTSG brand safety seal is important as it recognizes our long-standing commitment in providing a trustworthy and brand-safe environment to our customers and partners. At a time when brand safety remains an on-going concern and advertising buyers seeking out for trusted partners, we are thrilled to receive a renewal of our independently verified Seal of Compliance to foster a more transparent digital ad trading environment.”

The certification demonstrates Knorex solutions as measuring up to industry best practices and standards. It also reaffirmed Knorex commitment to delivering greater transparency to advertising buyers that their ads will reach the right audience and not be associated with content that could jeopardize their reputation and business.

About Knorex
Established in 2010, Knorex is a technology company that provides programmatic online advertising products and technologies to advertising buyers worldwide through its offices across United States and the Asia-Pacific region.

With its marketing cloud platform, Knorex XPO™ enables ad buyers to self-serve and advertise real-time across the globe regardless of the media channels (social, search, OTT/CTV, video, web/mobile etc.), ad formats (display, native, search, social, video etc), platforms (android, iOS, mac, linux, mac, windows etc.), devices (desktop, laptop, smartphones and tablets) to deliver personalized marketing messages at the right moment to the targeted audience in an automated way, powered by machine learning/AI. Underpinned by a multi-layered data-driven approach, XPO simplifies the execution and optimization of marketing campaigns, while delivering measurable and attributable performance. To learn more, visit https://knorex.com.

About ABC

Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) is a leading industry-owned auditor for media products and services, with specialist skills in digital ad trading.

Through the organization experienced teams, it provides an independent service, checking compliance across a range of media standards. ABC rigorous auditing of multiple business types underpins the work of other Standards setters such as BARB, JICWEBS and TAG. For more information on ABC’s Verification Service, please visit https://www.abc.org.uk/audit-services/brand-safety


The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) is a UK group comprising representatives of the entire digital display advertising market, including trade bodies the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK, News Media Association, ISBA – the voice of British advertisers – and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA). DTSG was set up in 2012 to bring the industry together to propose guidelines aimed at significantly reducing the risk of misplacement of advertising across the digital trading ecosystem. The DTSG Good Practice Principles serves as the basis of certification for brand safety.

The DTSG’s Good Practice Principles are endorsed by the UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards or JICWEBS. These principles set industry-wide standards, including the wide use of Content Verification (CV) tools and appropriate / inappropriate schedules, to inject greater transparency into the digital display advertising market, and provide control to help ensure that advertising will not be associated with inappropriate or illegal content. For more information, visit https://www.jicwebs.org

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Pop Singer Katie Belle Releases Her Latest Single ‘Love Someone’

Katie Belle, an American singer and songwriter has released her latest studio effort, ‘Love Someone’ this past Friday. The new single from the Atlanta, GA based singer is now on Spotify and all digital music platforms. 

“I am happy to announce that my latest single ‘Love Someone’ has been released,” says Katie Belle. My fans were ready for my first release of 2020! You can listen to my romantic track, on Spotify,  Apple Music, Youtube Topic right now! We have already shot the music video and plan to release this in the next couple of weeks.”

‘Love Someone’ is about being in a relationship where everything starts off magical. As the first specks of doubt appear, a couple ponders whether they should continue or break up. In a real relationship where couples hit such obstacles; sometimes they do break up. When it becomes obvious that being apart doesn’t feel right, they end up back together! This is real life and that’s what ‘Love Someone’ expresses with tender vocals floating over the music compostion. 

Music Link:



Katie music has been influenced by her hometown and the music she heard as she was growing up.  She will tell you she is “a city girl with a country heart.” Music is always playing at her house. Her playlists include classic rock, country, jazz and adult contemporary music. Her growing popularity is often attributed by her fans to her raspy, sultry, clear, and energetic vocals. 

Katie has developed strong songwriting skills over her seven years in the industry. She originally started off in Country music. As her artist development and songwriting evolved Katie’s newer music has taken on a contemporary pop sound. Her single ‘Out Tonight’, released May 2019 is an electro-pop anthem with a melody and mood of pure summer essence. It received some amazing reviews from her fans and music lovers. The song has remained rock steady in ratings with streams exceeding 680k.

Katie has other popular releases from 2018-19 which include American Wild, Promises,  WAS, Down For You, and a handful of cover songs. All of these titles can be found on all digital streaming services. 

Interacting with her steady fan-base on social pages (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter are her favorites ) she posts funny and interesting aspects of her life including the things she does with her music! The multifaceted artist is also a model and has been featured on leading fashion runways and lifestyle magazines. She has landed some acting gigs as well. Last fall she traveled to LA to shoot a commercial for the wildly popular pizza chain, “Ameci’s”.  Katie is an avid traveler and shares her travel adventures with her fans through her blogs. You also may remember Katie and her “Gold Ticket” audition for American Idol’s Hollywood week when Luke Bryan literally fall out of his chair onto the floor with her rendition of “Golden Slumbers”. She got her gold ticket!!!

Fans can listen to Katie Belle’s ‘Love Someone’ on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital channels online. Music lovers who love her style can click on her official website http://www.officialkatiebelle.com for photos, merchandise and social links.

‘Love Someone’ released just a week ago has already attracted positive reviews; here are a couple of them: 

“With the release of her new single titled “Love Someone”, Belle is back at it again with another hit track. Music fans of the genre are sure to love this song and is one that will surely be added to playlists for listeners to repeat the track over and over again. It is highly recommended for music lovers to give Katie Belle a listen with not only her new single, “Love Someone”, but also to give attention to her past work with other fantastic songs.” - Branden Leavell, Flyah Music Magazine. 

“The latest track is titled “Love Someone,” and it stands out as one of Katie’s most earnest and appealing songs to date. This song has a very special attitude, combining genres as diverse as pop and R&B. The resulting sound is personal and direct, but also incredibly powerful and appealing, reaching out to a broader audience.”  - ArtistRack

To know more about Katie Belle, please visit:




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Actor ARIEL ELIAZ Emerges in Universal Pictures Provocative Thriller ‘THE HUNT’ Premiering in Theaters on March 13, 2020

NEW YORK – Actor Ariel Eliaz emerges in the provocative satirical thriller THE HUNT, releasing in theaters nationwide from Universal Pictures on Friday, March 13th. Eliaz joins the project from Jason Blum (Get Out, The Purge) and Damon Lindelof (Watchmen, Lost), alongside a stellar cast that includes Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz and Emma Roberts.

(photo: Actor Ariel Eliaz emerges in new Universal Pictures thriller 'THE HUNT' releasing in US theaters nationwide on March 13, 2020)

Directed by Craig Zobel (The Leftovers), THE HUNT centers around 12 strangers who wake up in a clearing. They don't know where they are or how they got there, but soon discover they’re being hunted down in a game devised by a group of elites. This sport gets derailed when one of the hunted (Gilpin), turns the tables and starts killing the hunters one by one. Gilpin runs into Eliaz along her vengeful journey.

Loosely based on the 1924 short story, The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell, THE HUNT is written by Lindelof and Nick Cuse (Watchman) and produced by Blum under his Blumhouse Productions banner.

Eliaz is excited to be part of this though-provoking film, “I thought it was a great satirical story to reflect on how divided we currently are. It’s a movie that definitely delivers a jolt, while still masterfully telling a high energy and entertaining story.”

Audiences will recognize Eliaz from his recurring role as Lior on the hit FX series, SNOWFALL, created by John Singleton. Introduced during Season 3, Lior is the trusted bodyguard for prominent gangster Avi Drexler (Alon Aboutboul). Eliaz will appear in the upcoming fourth season set for release in 2020.

Eliaz has built a solid reputation for his talents appearing in numerous TV shows, including The Deuce, The Haves and the Have Nots, MacGyver, Pose, Bull, Homeland, Gotham, Bluebloods among others. His credits also include over 30 independent films with a Best Actor win at NYC Indie Film Awards for his portrayal of The Devil in Whisky Sour. On stage, Eliaz has proven a powerhouse, receiving Best of Festival for Boiled Alive! at The Player’s Theatre in New York; and the Theatre Association of NY State (TANYS) Excellence Award for his portrayal of The Cat in Seussical the Musical.

Eliaz has become a force behind the scenes as a director, producer and creator. He teamed-up with rising director Jessica Siqueiros to establish Viscera Productions, which focuses on creating socially conscious films. Their comedy short, Pozole, won the 2019 Cinequest Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short Film and qualified for the Academy Awards.  

Eliaz also recognized that others need a helping hand, so he founded the non-profit The Cardium Project, assisting artists from low-income backgrounds get a foot hold with their acting careers. In addition, he works with kids that are locked-up at Juvenile Prisons, teaching them acting skills and creating film projects.

Eliaz is represented by Cristy Beasley at S+C Management.

For more about ARIEL ELIAZ visit: arieleliaz.com

(photo: actor Ariel Eliaz)

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Virtual Cloudland Pioneers a New Kind of Musical Creation Utilizing Existing Technology

For more information, follow:  https://virtualcloudland.com/

The Song: 

This debut song on the album in progress, “Imaginary Crisis”, is titled “Delish” and has a softer Courtney Love sound. It is about a hardcore, punk life.

About the Name: 

According to Sarah Sisson, the word Cloudland has meaning. Although virtual has an obvious meaning, the word Cloudland is also in the dictionary and was first used in the 1800s. A region of unreality, imagination, etc.; dreamland. The word symbolizes to Sisson, the dreams and pseudo realities of people. Her real musicians joined the system easily thanks to the innovation Sisson created.

About Sarah Sisson: 

The band is the brainchild of Sarah Sisson, a professional Texas-based singer/bass player/composer known also for her inspirational poetry and can bring about emotions among others. She is self-published as a poet and online publishers have come to her throughout the years for her words to be used in other publications.

About the Players: 

Today, the Virtual Cloudland team is additionally comprised with Paul Layamon and Alan Cox. Layamon is a powerhouse with drums and is also an extremely talented keyboard player. Laymon is the engineer as well. Cox, with his guitar and multiple styles, has a knack for understanding Sisson’s genre ideas as she expresses the music with her bass and vocals.

About the Concept: 

“We are happy to introduce a pioneering form of music creation. We are real musicians in separate studios.” says Sarah Sisson, the singer responsible for putting the band together. “You might think that this phenomenal way of recording music might have been tried in the past. I have since heard that there may be others. We still consider ourselves to be pioneers of this process and are proud of it.” One of the key reasons for the success of this musical experiment is that none of the players are afraid of using existing technologies “off label” to create wonderful music. Although anyone can find a way of creating a similar virtual recording process, Sarah Sisson has assured knowledge of their unique technique by adding the descriptive title Virtual to the Virtual Cloudland brand name.

About the Discovery: 

While tinkering with existing apps, Sisson spent time, trial and error and purchased upgraded, tangible equipment (mics, boards etc.) with attachments. The situation takes time and a lot of quick thinking to understand. Her unique idea of using virtual recording for creating music was not a quick idea. No apps are designed to completely appease her. It took interactions that she now has down pat using a “laundering” system. Her search for talented musicians was simply Facebook. She wound up with non-replaceable talent.

About the Time and Effort: 

It took years to come up with a way to get this far, and now we want listeners all over to enjoy not only the music but the concept.” Sarah Sisson is comfortable with this style of working and hopes to become a charted pop/dance/rock band one day. Until then, she is happy with experimenting with technology and combining music and technique to create magical pieces with her virtual members who have never even spoken.

In Conclusion: 

Sisson has achieved great success in her Virtual Cloudland project, but it did not come easily. “There are not as many wonderful, talented players around as one may think” says singer/bass player/composer. “This did not happen overnight. I went through many prospects.” Now Virtual Cloudland has it down pat and is ready for new music creations.

Price and the Store: 

Those interested can download for $ 1.99. The listener can visit the store at  https://virtualcloudland.com/. The band name Virtual Cloudland is about to start crawling on the web as well for ease to find.

You can watch the trailer/demo by clicking on this video


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Actor ASH THAPLIYAL Takes-Off Alongside Allison Janney and Viola Davis in New Amazon Original Dramedy Film ‘TROOP ZERO’

LOS ANGELES – Rising actor Ash Thapliyal is taking-off as NASA scientist Dr. Persad alongside Allison Janney, Viola Davis, Jim Gaffigan, Mike Epps and young actress Mckenna Grace in the new dramedy feature film, TROOP ZERO, premiering on Amazon Prime on January 17, 2020.

The feel-good family film comes from UK directing duo Bert & Bertie (Dance Camp) and writer Lucy Alibar (Beasts of the Southern Wild), and made its world premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Set in rural 1977 Georgia, TROOP ZERO follows a misfit girl, who dreams of life in outer space. When a national competition offers her a chance at her dream, to be recorded on NASA’s Golden Record, she recruits a makeshift troop of Birdie Scouts, forging friendships that last a lifetime and beyond. Thapliyal steps into the storyline as Dr. Persad, the NASA scientist assigned to travel the world curating the Golden Record.

Thapliyal was thrilled at the opportunity to play Dr. Persad, adding “The character originally had a different more American sounding name, so I assumed there was a low chance that a NASA scientist of the 70’s would be shown as an Indian. I was pleasantly surprised when I was cast, but really appreciated the directors Bert and Bertie’s willingness to think outside the box.”

TROOP ZERO first made its world premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and then went on to screen at several other prestigious festivals, including the Seattle International Film Festival and AFI Fest.

Originally from Mumbai, India, and now based in Houston, Texas, Thapliyal has been building a solid reputation on the indie film scene and beyond. Educated in Engineering and working in the technical field, it was just over 5 years ago that Thapliyal was looking for a major life change. At first, he turned to singing, performing as part of an Indian band for two years. Then, he went on to become a local radio presenter, while also training to be an actor. He eventually made the decision to pursue it professionally and, since then, has worked on numerous indie projects with some of the biggest names in entertainment. His most recent credits include the action-drama AmeriGeddon, the horror tale The Devil’s Candy, the family comedy A Curry on an American Plate, and an appearance on the CBS hit series NCIS: New Orleans.

Up next, Thapliyal will appear as the President of India in Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy thriller, Superintelligence, directed by Ben Falcone and debuting on the new HBO Max platform in 2020.

Fans can follow ASH THAPLIYAL on Instagram @ashthapliyal.actor

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Gatlinburg Cabin Rental Company Offers 50% Discounts For MLK Day Weekend

Venture Resorts (https://www.cabinsofthesmokymountains.com), the largest cabin rental agency in the Smoky Mountains, today announced special sale for the weekend of Martin Luther King Day. Guests booking stays for the nights of January 17-19 can save 50% on cabin rentals.

“This is an opportunity for families to have a three-day weekend in the mountains,” says Billy Parris, General Manager of Venture Resorts. This year Martin Luther King Day falls on Monday, January 20.    

The holiday falls during Gatlinburg’s ski season and coincides with the city’s 14th annual Winter Ski Fest. The Ski Fest features over 20 events in 3 days, including parties, shopping trips and ski lessons.

The cities of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge continue their annual Winterfest celebration featuring over 5 million holiday lights. Visitors can see the light display through a driving tour or by taking the Gatlinburg trolley.

Venture Resorts’ 50% sale means that a 1-bedroom cabin like the company’s “Magic Moments” cabin can be available for as little as per night, after discount. A 3-bedroom cabin like the company’s “Smoky Mountain Ridge” cabin can be available for just 5 per night, after discount.

Cabin prices vary by cabin based on size, amenities and cabin location. Parris notes that all rates are subject to cabin availability. The cabins cited above are available at the time of writing but may already be booked by press time. Guests can visit the company's web site to see rates for all currently available cabins, with this weekend’s promotions discounts applied at the time of booking.

For more details, visit http://www.cabinsofthesmokymountains.com/specials.php or call (866) 347-6659. The promotion is not available for existing reservations. Discounts do not apply to cleaning, resort and other fees.

Guests can also visit the Venture Resorts website to view current ski conditions at Ober Gatlinburg.

About Venture Resorts
Venture Resorts is the largest luxury cabin rental agency in the Smoky Mountains. The company manages over 400 cabins ranging in size from 1-bedroom to 12-bedrooms, and located near Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

For more information, call (866) 347-6659 or visit one of the company’s web sites http://www.cabinsofthesmokymountains.com or http://www.cabinsofpigeonforge.com.

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Help Heal Veterans', Richard Bohls, Takes Home the Silver Medal at the 2019 VA National Veterans Create Arts Competition

Help Heal Veterans (Heal Vets), a nonprofit dedicated to serving military veterans by supplying them with therapeutic craft kits, is pleased to announce that HHV veteran crafter, Richard Bohls, has won the silver medal in the 2019 VA National Veterans Create Arts Competition in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

During a two-month stint in the Temple, TX Veterans Affairs hospital Richard was introduced to HHV craft kits where his journey for the VA National Veterans Create Arts Competition began. He won the prestigious award using two Help Heal Veterans combined craft kits; the Westy Clock and the Keepsake Box.

Richard said, “I’m in awe of taking home the silver medal in the national competition, he says he hopes fellow veterans are energized."

In efforts to make healing affordable for veterans, Help Heal Veterans has relied on monetary and material donations from partners such as Southwest Airlines, La-Z-Boy, and The Elks to provide free therapeutic arts and crafts kits to hospitalized and homebound veterans for generations. These craft kits help injured and recuperating veterans improve fine motor skills, cognitive functioning, manage stress and substance abuse, cope with symptoms of PTSD and TBI, while also improving their sense of self-esteem and overall physical and mental health.

Access to free kits gives him the avenue to be creative and test out different mediums of art. Throughout his creative process with the award-winning piece, he swapped out a multitude of pieces from the Westy Clock to make it one-of-a-kind.

Since inception, Help Heal Veterans has delivered nearly 31 million of these arts and crafts kits to veterans and veteran facilities nationwide, along with active duty military overseas.

CEO of Help Heal Veterans, Joe McClain, said, "Richard Bohls is an example of how veterans can drive their healing into a passion. We are very proud of this accomplishment and to have Mr.Bohls as a representation of Help Heal Veterans during his run at the VA National Craft Competition. A congratulations is in order."

About Help Heal Veterans
A nonprofit organization founded during the Vietnam War supplies free therapeutic kits to injured servicemen and women and U.S. veterans. The therapy kits often become a part of the patient's treatment plan, providing a creative outlet for stress and boredom and a way to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. Help Heal Veterans has distributed more than 29 million kits since 1971 from hundreds of craft categories.

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NEXO Expands P+ Series with New P8 and P10 Point-Source Loudspeakers

NEXO, a Yamaha company, is kicking off the new year by unveiling two new compact point-source loudspeakers in its P+ Series. The new P8 and P10 models are designed to deliver an exceptional performance-to-size ratio, precise polar control and outstanding sonic quality, as well as the same innovative features seen in the company’s first P+ Series model, the P12, launched in mid-2019.

These new multi-purpose speakers build on the legendary performance of their predecessors, the classic PS Series cabinets that established NEXO’s global reputation. The P8 arrives exactly 20 years after the launch of the PS8, a super-compact stage monitor and PA speaker which, together with the larger PS10 (launched in 1993), became a staple of AV and audio production rental inventories and a common sight in fixed installations.

At its manufacturing headquarters just north of Paris, France, NEXO has invested in new tooling and assembly capabilities to produce the curvy, modern enclosures that are the signature of its new P+ Series. Re-imagined for the 2020s, the P8 and P10 models will put new possibilities into the hands of sound designers and engineers.

Inside custom birch and poplar plywood shells, the P8 features a coaxial 8-inch LF driver with a 1.5-inch diaphragm HF driver. The P10 has a coaxial 10-inch Neodymium LF driver and 1.7-inch diaphragm HF driver. The horn driver can rotate in both cabinets, a NEXO hallmark since its introduction in the PS Series. In the new P+ Series, the quick-release Magnelis® steel grille can be quickly removed, allowing the horn to be swapped out and changing the standard 100º x 100º dispersion to a 110º x 60º alternative. This ability to achieve such wide dispersion and power is ideal for corporate AV users who often need to make small cabinets perform like big cabinets.

Custom-designed coaxial drivers are at the heart of these speakers, responsible for smooth, clean sound and impressive SPL output: 129dB Peak for the P8 and 136dB Peak for the P10. Special attention was given to the design of the LF driver’s cooling system, ensuring outstanding power handling. Frequency response is 66Hz to 20kHz for the P8, and 63Hz to 20kHz for the P10. These specifications position the new P+ Series cabinets at the top of the point-source market.

Both new models are compact and lightweight. The P10 measures 497mm high x 384mm wide x 274mm deep and weighs 15kg (approx. 19.5 x 15 x 11 inches and 33 lbs). The P8 is just 423mm x 276mm x 250mm and weighs 12kg (approx.16.6 x 11 x 10 inches and 26 lbs).

Both P+ Series models are available in touring and installation versions. In the touring version, two large handles on each side hold a 35mm pole stand adaptor and Speakon® connector for discrete connection when the cabinets are used on pole stands or in wedge monitor applications. Two other Speakon connectors are included on the back plate. In the installation version, a cable gland with a 2-core cable for audio input ensures IP54 protection during outdoor use.

The new P+ Series models’ comprehensive range of accessories enables use in a variety of touring and installed applications. NEXO has applied its same speaker design principles to the accessories, achieving an element of interchangeability within the range that will be an advantage for rental inventory holders.

NEXO’s R&D Director Joseph Carcopino highlighted the new processing algorithms available for the P+ Series. “Using our new generation NXAMPMk2 amplifiers, we have been able to take quite a leap forward,” he said. “The P10 and P8 deliver excellent sonic performance and are much more dynamic than previous NEXO point-source models. Indeed, with its sharp polar control, the P10 will be able to compete against many of our competitors’ 12-inch models. When powered with the smaller new NXAMP4x1Mk2 amplifier, it is also a very interesting alternative to even our own P12 cabinet!”

The P10 and P8 have a choice of power sources, with the NXAMP4x2Mk2 and NXAMP4x1Mk2, as well as the affordable NEXO DTD controller and DTDAMP4x1.3, which can drive 1x P10 or 2x P8 per channel. NXAMPs offer a dedicated set-up for each horn to ensure perfect coverage at any frequency.

As with NEXO’s P12 speaker, the L15 is also recommended as the partner subwoofer for the P8 and P10. With a new acoustic loading technique using a 15-inch bass horn, the L15 operates with maximum efficiency as nearly the entire front face of the cabinet is used as a radiating surface. With a frequency range of 40Hz to 120Hz and 139dB Peak SPL, this sub measures up as the most powerful in its category.

The touring and installation versions of the P8 and P10 will be produced in black and white scratch-resistant paint finishes, the first use of a new paint process described by Carcopino as “100 times better than before.” Applied using a special process, the paint finish prepares the P+ Series enclosures for use in all climate conditions and enables them to withstand the rigors of stage monitoring use. TUV and IP54 certification are provided for the installation versions of both cabinets.

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The Female Media Mogul Behind the Exposure Brand: Launches a Smart TV Streaming App

December 16, 2019 Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Tam Lawrence, the founder of Exposure On Demand TV distribution network streaming on smart TV devices; currently on ROKU, and Amazon Fire Stick. Lawrence, has always been interested in streaming positive media for over a decade.

The owner of an avid sister media platform, Exposure Magazine. The savvy and charismatic media mogul Lawrence, who founded Exposure Magazine in 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia, she was always struck by the disconnection between how adept her generation was at understanding the importance of media and how little they knew about how to gain exposure pitching media networks.

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba3WWAn2iWA

The problem, Lawrence thought, was especially acute across small businesses, where most small business owners are not introduced to media when opening their businesses — if they’re able to get those connection or access at all.

Exposure On Demand TV distribution network is her attempt to change that.

The company’s initial product is a programming learning platform for students. It uses family friendly programming as a traditional standard for content and through augmented reality cooking shows, authors reading, tutors teaching, experts educating, motivational speakers inspiring, and news shows making folks aware and political sitcoms breaking cycles of oppression. However, for the sake of entertainment there will be a number of celebrity red carpet affairs, award shows, NBA All Star and NFL Draft moment as Exposure On Demand TV takes you behind the scenes.

Exposure On Demand TV launched a mere five months ago and already has 6,000 users on its app. In American and Canada, it has grown through its partnership with the content creatives, networks, and entertainment companies.

The company has also scored early partnerships with national celebrities to attract kids to the platform. Exposure On Demand TV, uses TIC TOK, Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, YouNow, and Periscope to highlight and promote the network. Along with, Exposure Magazine its media partner with over 87,409+ subscribers and 2.5 million web viewers an embedding of the Exposure On Demand TV linear channel plays 24/7 on the magazine’s website.

It’s an indicator of how Exposure On Demand TV expects to make money. Lawrence says that sponsorships, brand partnerships, and advertisement opportunities will exist for companies that want to advertise in the app. And, there’s an opportunity for in-app channel purchases, she says.

“I am just excited to be able to offer content creatives a community that is welcoming and most importantly offering them a living wage. I Uber-ed the streaming business, so anyone with a cell phone capable of capturing content at a 1080 HD or 4K specification could earn ad revenue streams,” says Lawrence

The merchandising component also informs the company’s move to develop an augmented reality application as well, which the company developed after seeing the success of Netflix.
“We thought it would be a very cool thing to integrate the education system with the Tutoring Channel for Students,” says Lawrence

The Tutor TV in the app is designed to encourage users to roam free in the environment once in the app students can find tutors FREELY and on demand; whenever need be students are welcomed to learn at will. The tutors are rewarded with sponsorships, ad revenue and brand management.

Going forward, Lawrence envisions a fully realized community and storytelling platform that includes tech, experiential marketing series, podcasting live, small business storytelling, book author read alongs for children and adults, conversation series, fireside expert chats, live streaming conferences, -enabled creative content generate the content streaming on Exposure On Demand TV https://www.exposureondemand.tv

“One of the things that makes us different is that education and positive diversified content streaming has been overlooked and we’re making moves that are relevant to content creatives around the world,” says Lawrence.

To date, the company has raised a small, pre-seed investment from Aart & Kingsley LLC, after participating in the impact investor’s two-year streaming accelerator program and is currently in the process of raising its seed round, with an eye toward expanding the marketing and development of the app across all smart TV devices.

Press Release:
Aart & Kingsley LLC
Media Person: Jason Campbell
Contact: Newsdesk@rlassc.com
Phone Number: (414) 533-7239






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MailPix wins Best of 2019 Mobile Star Award for 1 HourPhoto App

MailPix, the photo-printing, canvas and gifting site, announced its 1 Hour Photo app won the Best Specialty Shopping App Award and, further, was recognized as New Mobile Business Innovator in the Best of 2019 Mobile Star Awards™.

1 Hour Photo was recognized as the only photo print app that works with all five of the largest U.S retailers with photo services - CVS, Walmart, Walgreen’s, Duane Reade and Target stores - for the ultimate in convenience.

“With a choice of more than 20,000 retail pickup locations to choose from, with the 1 Hour Photo App, you’re never far from high-quality photo prints made through the convenience of your mobile phone,” says Fred H. Lerner, founder and CEO, MailPix. “We’re excited to be recognized by MobileVillage with this prestigious award.”

The 1 Hour Photo app from MailPix is now available for iPhone/iPad from Apple’s App Store, and on Android from the Google Play Store. For both app store links and retailer print prices, head to 1HourPhoto.com.

Since 2001, the Mobile Star Awards program has showcased the best and most innovative consumer and business mobile apps, mobile devices, mobile tech companies, and success stories. Nominees and winners are chosen by the mobile-savvy followers of MobileVillage.com.

“Even after two decades of promoting the best in mobile, we’re always excited to shine a spotlight on the brightest mobile tech innovators,” says Gary Thayer, editor, MobileVillage. “Most of our readers and social followers have years of experience with mobile apps and gadgets, so we trust them in helping us pick the year’s best mobile apps and companies.”

“Receiving a Mobile Star Award is an accomplishment that’s recognized by the entire mobile industry, as well a customers and buyers,” says Jon Covington, founder and CEO, MobileVillage. “Mobile Star Awards Winners truly shine among millions of other mobile products as the greatest stars out there.”

Since launching in 1993 as PDA Inc., MobileVillage® has led in promoting innovative, user-focused mobile technology. The company fosters tech alliances, product development and excitement around the world through its Mobile Star Awards™ program, the world’s most extensive mobile tech events calendar, directory, feature stories, event partnerships, and consulting.

MobileVillage® and the Mobile Star Awards™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of MobileVillage/PDA Inc.

MailPix.com is the pre-eminent site for printing photos instantly at thousands of retailers from phone app or PC and also offers convenient mail-to-home. MailPix preserves photo memories as photo books, canvas, prints, cards, enlargements, and other photo gift products. The service is seamlessly integrated to print photos from any phone, device or computer. MailPix offices are located in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Fred H. Lerner is the founder and CEO of MailPix, his latest startup. He previously founded Ritz Interactive, which included RitzCamera.com, WolfCamera.com and others.  Fred also founded two imaging companies that were acquired by Kodak and became the CEO of Kodak Processing Labs. He is a United Nations’ Hall of Fame recipient from the International Photographic Council and Past President of the Photo Marketing Association International. 

Peter Tahmin, co-founder and COO of MailPix, was the former vice president at Ritz Camera & Image and co-founder, senior vice president and COO of the Ritz Interactive e-commerce network, which included RitzCamera.com, WolfCamera.com, BoatersWorld.com and others. He brings more than 25 years of e-commerce experience and a lifetime of imaging industry experience to MailPix.

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Kaminski' s Annual New Year's Auction December 28, 29, 30, 2019

Kaminski Auctions is pleased to announce its’ Annual New Year’s Auction that features an extensive Japanese and Chinese collection from The Keenan Estate of Miami Lakes, Florida. The auction will take place Saturday, Sunday, and Monday December 28th and 29th, and 30th at the Kaminski Auction Gallery at 117 Elliott Street, Rt. 62, Beverly, Massachusetts.

The collection includes beautiful Meiji period Japanese furniture, including the feature lot, which is a late 19th-century Meiji period curio cabinet, with quality mother-of-pearl and bone inlay, extensive gold lacquer, and fretwork. Thought to be created for a Japanese emperor, the cabinet is adorned with various genre scenes, floral panels and detailed carving and inlay throughout the piece.

There is a similar 19th-century Japanese Meiji period corner cabinet with the same mother-of-pearl inlay and two circa 1890-1900, large Japanese screen panels, again intricately decorated with inlaid carved bone, wood and mother-of-pearl.

The collection also features two circa 1880-1900 Aesthetic movement cabinets with doors and drawers featuring Japanese components, including lacquer, inlaid bone, pagoda, fretwork, and carved details.

Other furniture of interest includes a 19th-century Italian pietra dura decorative stone inlaid table with a carved giltwood pedestal base, as well as other pietra dura tables and plaques.

Glass and lamp collectors will take note of two Arsall cut cameo glass lamps. The first lamp features a bronze stag figure on a green alabaster base. The shade is signed and measures 24 inches high by 11 inches in diameter. The second Arsall lamp has a bronze elephant figure, on a green alabaster base, the shade is signed, and measure 23" high by 11 inches in diameter.

There are also two Webb cameo glass blue and white vases from the Keenan collection and a large selection of Herend china in the 'Chinese Bouquet' pattern including a covered tureen, platters, dinner, and coffee service.

Fine art in the sale features a 30-inch by 25-inch oil on canvas by the prominent 18-century, American born British artist Benjamin West (1738-1820.) The painting bears an old handwritten label verso “Achilles Standing Over the Body of Hector”, “Siege of Troy” and comes from the collection of a well-known Zurich art dealer, Max G. Bollag (1913-2005.). It is in a late 18th-century Carlo Marratta period frame. Images from a several books in the collection of the Morgan Library in New York City show Achilles in a similar pose as in the painting. These books were purchased by the Morgan Library from a direct descendant of Benjamin West.

There is also a painting by the French artist Bernard Buffet (1928-1999) from a Florida estate. The Buffet is a view of a bridge over the Seine River. The oil on canvas, is signed, dated '55', and measures 3857 1/2", framed 46" x 65".

Russian art in the sale features a Mediterranean terrace view by Georgii Aleksandrovich Lapchin, and a painting by another notable Russian artist, Constantin Alexandrovitch Westchiloff.

World War I and militaria collectors will take note of a small 18-carat gold Blue Max P.L.M. button that was previously owned by the German General Hans Klein. General Klein was a WWI aerial fighter pilot credited with 22 aerial victories. Included in the lot with the pin is a copy of "Pour Le Merite Flieger” by Walter Juerl inscribed ‘Klein.’ There is also assorted German firearms and Colt pistols.

A mid to late 18th-century German cello by the Klotz family of Mittenwald in the Tyrol, is in playable condition and comes with a hard-shell case. It is estimated to bring between ,000-,000.

Three life-size bronze sculptures from a Malibu, California estate include one of a gymnast, a statue of Mercury signed Boshetti, and one of Saint Michael slaying the dragon.

Offerings continue with a vast array of Persian and oriental rugs, porcelain, and furniture. Preview hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, December 23, 24, 26, 27, 10:00 AM 5:00 PM. Preview begins at 8:00 AM on the days of the auction, and the preview is open while the sale is live. For more information, go to http://www.kaminskiauctions.com and sign up to bid with KaminskiLIVE.

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The “Creativity is a Culture,” campaign seeks to create a living wage for content creatives: diversity and economic inclusion

Milwaukee, Wisconsin— December 16, 2019Aart & Kingsley a public and media relations agency announced its economic and diversity inclusion initiative after attaining a smart TV streaming network, Exposure On Demand TV streaming on several platforms such as ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, iOS, Android, Google Chrome-Cast, Apple TV, Samsung TV and on the web at https://www.exposureondemand.tv the APP is currently available on ROKU and Amazon Fire Stick devices - the other platforms will launch in January 2020. Aart & Kingsley since 2012 has published a digital and print publication called, Exposure Magazine; over the past several years the publication has earned the trust of 87,409+ subscribers and 2.5 million online viewers.

“Apparently if you consider, the amplifying number of content creators on YouTube it’s pretty obvious we have an enormous number of content creatives who desire to produce content. Needless to say, content creatives are searching for ways to discover how they can make a living wage. As a result, a vast number of content creatives have been forced to close their creative studios, ultimately deferring their dreams. Although, finding a day job is not a bad thing, it does not negate [the rule of metaphysics] in which innately creatives are purposeful, and their ability be creative is evolutionary. The “Creativity is a Culture,” initiative has creatives around the world subscribing, we are projected to reach over 19,000 applicant before the end of 2019; merging onto both platforms Exposure On Demand TV-  for its [shared ad-revenues] and for those who desire to publish their own magazine, Exposure Magazine offers licensing options, said Tam Lawrence, Founder at Exposure On Demand TV & Exposure Magazine

Positive Customer Impact

Many creatives have already benefited from hosting their content on Exposure on Demand TV streaming into over 60 million households.  In January 2020, EXPOSURE ON DEMAND TV App will be finalizing its merger with eZWay Network adding on an additional 150+ channels broadening Exposure on Demand TV reach into over 600+million household earning on an average six figures. In addition, Exposure Magazine has signed with several publishers Melissa Ambers launching Exposure Business Magazine, Cedric Nettle launching Exposure Entertainment Magazine, Stacy King-Chaney launching Exposure Gospel Magazine and to come are Exposure Travel Magazine, Exposure Authors Magazine, Exposure Foodie Magazine, Exposure Fashion Magazine and newly released Exposure Men Magazine.

Exposure Magazine’s shared publishing initiative will enable licensed publishers to benefit from leveraging magazine’s current readership, brand partnerships, media sponsorships, awards, social media presences, and attendance at high profile events.

“As a new publisher licensing Exposure Magazine’s brand has been the missing piece to my business. I’ve enjoyed pitching my entertainment magazine for media coverage during film festivals, entertainment award shows and so forth,” said Cedric Nettles, Publisher of Exposure Entertainment Magazine.


There is still room for more creatives to participate in streaming their video content on Exposure on Demand TV distribution network. The “Creativity is a Culture,” initiative has retained non-exclusive programming with “Take It to the Stage,” produced by LG Media Group, “Laugh Trac,” produced by Vallee Blanc, “Behind the Scene,” produced by Melissa Ambers, “Let’s Kick it with The Jones Family,” produced by the Jones Family  and more will be announced in 2020. is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Company Name’s commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation. There is still room for more creatives to participate in streaming their video content on Exposure on Demand TV distribution network. The “Creativity is a Culture,” initiative has retained non-exclusive programming with “Take It to the Stage,” produced by LG Media Group, “Laugh Trac,” produced by Vallee Blanc, “Behind the Scene,” produced by Melissa Ambers, “Let’s Kick it with The Jones Family,” produced by the Jones Family  and more will be announced in 2020.  

For more information, press only:

PR Contact Name Tam Lawrence

Phone number (414) 533.7239


Website https://www.exposure-magazine.com https://www.exposureondemand.tv


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“Behind The Scenes” With Laurence Fishburne Examines Hydroponic Systems to Combat World Hunger

After making his television debut in 1973 in the ABC soap opera “One Life to Live,” Laurence Fishburne slowly rose to fame as he delivered impressive performances throughout the years. While known for his acting chops, Laurence Fishburne is also the host of the educational TV segment, “Behind The Scenes” with Laurence Fishburne. The program covers a wide array of subjects, from advancements in the medical field to technology developments. Experts will analyze hydroponic systems used to fight against world hunger in a new episode coming to “Behind The Scenes.”

Currently, there is a food shortage problem throughout the world. Now more than ever is there an awareness of the areas of the globe where food shortages are a huge problem thanks to the growing use of technology. From people overseas to people living down the street, hunger is an issue. Presently, 1 in 7 people are not receiving adequate nutrition. As the population grows, scientists anticipate the food shortage issue to only expand in time. Solving world hunger is not a new crisis. However, scientists are finding ways to harness technology to help alleviate this problem.

A proposed solution is the use of hydroponic systems. Hydroponic gardening yields more exceptional crops while lessening the requirements of the typical resources used in plants grown from soil. Also, this form of producing consumable goods does not need the usual land space that is necessary for traditional gardening. Lastly, this form of gardening can be of use globally despite differing climate conditions, which previously would have been a problem. Field experts will further explore these hydroponic systems in an upcoming episode of “Behind The Scenes” with Laurence Fishburne.

Carefully reviewed before broadcast, “Behind The Scenes” with Laurence Fishburne is an award-winning educational TV program.

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The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show Will Be Held Jan. 15-17, 2020 at the Kentucky Exposition Center

The 2020 Louisville Show, Jan. 15-17, will be bigger, and better than ever, with 53 model homes, a record number of service and supplier exhibitors and more than 20 leading manufactured housing industry professionals moderating and presenting during the show and pre-show seminars.

For the past 61 years, The Louisville Show has presented cutting edge home designs, tech specialists and a top network of suppliers in the manufactured housing industry. In 2019, The Louisville Show attracted a record-breaking number of industry professionals, reaching 3,564 attendees from 1,156 companies.

“The excitement around the 2020 Louisville Show is unprecedented,” Show Chairman Byron Stroud said. “Service and supply exhibitor space sold out earlier than any previous year, by a large margin, and we have a great mix of new homes on display from major manufacturers and new independents. It is certain to be a great year.”

Organizers for the 2020 Louisville Show have decided to add service and supplier exhibit space into the show. Contact Dennis J. Hill at (770) 587-3350 about added space availability and details.

2020 Louisville Show Seminar Topics Announced

The Louisville Show Seminars
Wednesday, Jan. 15
8-9 a.m. — State of the Industry
9-10 a.m. — Leadership vs Management
10-11 a.m. — Internet Marketing

Thursday, Jan. 16
8-8:45 a.m. — Issues Eating Companies Alive
8:45-9:30 a.m. — Manufacturer Panel - 2020 Top Trends
9:30-10:30 a.m. — Growing Your Business

Friday, Jan. 17
8-8:45 a.m. — Chattel Financing in Today’s Market
8:45-9:45 a.m. — Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & Duty to Serve

The seminars require show registration and will be held at the Crowne Plaza.

Pre-Show Seminars on Jan. 14
The pre-show seminars prior to the kickoff for the 2020 Louisville Show will include a Manufactured Housing Manager Class. Successful completion of the class, attended by hundreds of successful operators, provides professional industry certification from EducateMHC. Topics span from management basics, to selling and leasing, resident relations, maintenance and more.

The Manufactured Housing Manager session is a separate 5 registration fee from registration for The Louisville Show. The class will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport, which is just across the street from the main show venue at The Kentucky Exposition Center.

The other pre-show opportunity for manufactured housing professionals going to Louisville is the 2-5 p.m. class titled Success 2020: 5 Ways to Boost Home Sales. This special three-hour session led by seasoned industry professionals also is a separate registration from The Louisville Show and will help participants learn more about:

  • Homebuyer tendencies
  • Boosting qualified sales leads
  • Creating a memorable and productive open house
  • And industry best practices


Why Attend The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show?

The Louisville Show allows exhibitors to showcase their products and services at the place where qualified industry buyers come for ideas and inspiration. January is the key time to understand customer wants and needs as they prepare for the region’s spring selling season.

Each year, The Louisville Show is organized and presented by The Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation, which represents the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.

As an industry trade event, the 2020 Louisville Show is not open to the public. For more information, visit The Louisville Show website at http://www.thelouisvilleshow.com.

Show Produced and Managed by:
Show Ways Unlimited
Dennis Hill, Show Coordinator
(770) 587-3350

The Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation
The Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation is a trade association dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the manufactured housing industry throughout Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. The Federation holds the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show annually in Louisville, Kentucky.

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USA Audiences Love James Pratt

Australian Auctioneer Of The Year and Television Personality, James Pratt was a big hit with USA audiences when he recently appeared on the popular Texas podcast, Opinions and Beer.

During the podcast Pratt spoke on his success in auctioneering and acting and in particular his new upcoming film Malibu Crush, which he says is a passion project for him. "It’s crucial for people to make the most of what you have now and not procrastinate waiting for the perfect time. Something he says has helped with his auctioneering and acting success.

Pratt describes Malibu Crush as a throwback to the 80s and 90s comedies such as National Lampoons Vacation with Chevy Chase. In the film, Michael and Duey are two best friends from Pasadena on a hopeless quest to find a long-lost love now living in Sydney Australia. “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, he said when asked why he was making the film now.

During the podcast Pratt also spoke on the benefits of being Australian overseas and how you can get away with a lot more being Australian, especially if you get into some trouble. When told by host of Opinions and Beer, Adam Lee Morgan that he was only the second Australian to appear on the Texas-based show, Pratt joked, I think there is a gap sometimes when you say you’re from Australia and in another country, he said laughing, despite the fact we have 70 story skyscrapers and very modern tech cities, people overseas often think we ride Kangaroo’s to the airport and wrestle crocodiles, when they ask me about this, I tell them, "yes, I do, in return, you feed the Kangaroo for taking you to the airport.

Adam joked it’s similar being from Texas sometimes when I mention I'm from Texas people still feel it’s cowboys, beer and guns and this lawless place. 

Later on in the show Lee, Morgan commented on James being multi-talented, including winning ,The 2019 Australian Auctioneer Of The Year Award, he said  "In the US auctions for Real Estate is not such a common form of selling however you must be good because you got the attention of everyone here especially celebrities.  Pratt commented I'm very thankful for being able to hustle in different industries and keep on learning,

To listen to the full interview with James Pratt visit 




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Vision Direct Offers Huge Discounts for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

Australia, November 20, 2019 — Only a few days left before the biggest sale of the year and Vision Direct is offering huge discounts on designer eyewear this Black Friday. Save up to 70% on selected frames and get 12% off site-wide on all eyewear products. The offer continues all weekend into Cyber Monday with additional offers the following week, such as 50% off on mirrored lenses and blue block lenses, to name just a few.

Save the date(s) from November 29th until December 6th to find fantastic deals on more than 200 designer brands, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Versace, LMNT, Tom Ford, Gucci and many more.  

Vision Direct’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale include these amazing discounts:

  • Up to 70% off on selected designer eyewear.
  • Save 12% site-wide on all eyewear products (not including contact lenses) with the code: BF12OFFC
  • 50% off on Blue Block Lenses, Polarized Lenses and Mirrored Lenses with the following codes: BLUEBLOCK50C, POLARIZED50C and MIRRORED50C 
  • 20% off on Arise HD Summit Lenses with the code: ARISEHD20C
  • 10% off on all our ski goggles with the code: SKIGOGGLES10C

Find out more about the best eyewear products and deals at Vision Direct this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

All orders come with additional:

  • Free shipping
  • Free returns within 100 days
  • No minimum order value
  • Exclusive 24-month warranty

Don’t waste time standing in line. Vision Direct takes your online shopping experience to another level with the latest eyewear technology : 

  • With the 3D Virtual Try-On, you can try on your eyewear before buying it.  
  • Not sure what your prescription is? No problem! Vision Direct’s cutting edge Lens Scanner App - the first of its kind available in Australia - allows users who already have prescription eyeglasses to extract their prescription directly from their phone, anywhere and anytime. 

Whether you are buying the perfect Christmas gift, or simply treating yourself to some stylish new frames for the new year, with Vision Direct’s Black Friday and Cyber Week Deals, you are sure to find the perfect pair for you! 

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Key West gets a new voice with the Backyards of Key West Podcast

Key West's newest resident, Mark Baratto, hits the ground running... or you could say, talking.

Mark started the local island podcast with the hopes of bringing well-deserved attention to business owners, artists, and creators living here in Key West.

"I've been visiting the island for years, and when my family and I decided to move to Key West full time, I wanted to dive headfirst into the community.  This place is so magical, and it's the people that make it this way.  It takes a lot of courage to move as far south in the States as you can go, and 'leave it all behind.'  I want to showcase these people that followed their dreams to create something special down here.  I think they are inspirational, and a lot of people can learn from them." says Mark.  

The Backyards of Key West Podcast airs weekly and can be found on all apps that showcase podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, and more.

If tech isn't your thing, you can even listen right from your computer on their website:  https://backyardsofkeywest.com 

More on the Backyards of Key West Podcast

As you enter the island of Key West, these words are the first thing you see in big bold letters on the famed ‘Welcome to Key West’ sign.

Whether it be the incredible sunrises or sunsets (we get both here), the charming Conch houses are hidden around every turn, the chickens running wild, the flat ocean for miles or the island feel, it’s the people that make Key West what it is.

If you have ever wondered what people do around here or wanted to know the story behind a restaurant, bar or local business, this is exactly why we started the Backyards of Key West Podcast. We are going to take you behind the scenes, so we can bring you the stories behind what makes Key West so magical, and how they juggle business life with Island life.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the chill vibes!

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Histria Books announces signing Valentina Dzherson (Gina Gerson) to an exclusive book contract

Histria Books is delighted to announce the signing of world famous model and adult entertainer Valentina Dzherson, also known as Gina Gerson, to an exclusive book contract. Histria Books is an independent publishing house with offices in Las Vegas, Oxford, and Palm Beach. Her autobiography, Gina Gerson: Success through Inner Power and Sexuality, will appear under Histria’s Gaudium imprint.

Born in a small town in Siberia in Russia in 1991, Valentina Dzherson learned early in life to overcome any challenges she faced. While a university student, circumstances intervened and led her to begin a career in adult entertainment. She soon left her native Russia and moved to Hungary where she turned this career choice into her own hugely successful business venture. To the world, she became known as Gina Gerson, one of the most popular and successful adult performers of the twenty-first century.

In her book, Gina Gerson – Success through Inner Power and Sexuality, Valentina will tell her life story for the first time, while also sharing the secrets of her success. She will reveal to the reader how to harness your inner power, maintain the necessary discipline, and take the steps needed to realize your dreams for a successful and happy life. Valentina considers sexuality as the most powerful force in the world, and she will show how, by tapping into that energy and realizing its potential, incredible results can be achieved by anyone in any area of life.

“I am so pleased to have the opportunity to tell my story to an international audience and to share the secrets that have made me successful and that can benefit anyone, in any area of life,” Valentina said. “Histria Books and its new Gaudium imprint offer me the perfect venue to achieve that goal. I am delighted to work with such a group of talented professionals.”

Gaudium Publishing is an imprint dedicated to books on contemporary lifestyle, culture, sports, and politics, as well as biography and autobiography. According to Histria Books acquisitions manager Dana Ungureanu, “Valentina’s book is a combination autobiography and self-help book that should be of interest to a wide audience. We always look for interesting titles that challenge accepted norms and Valentina’s book is a perfect fit for our new Gaudium imprint.”

Histria Books is a member of the Independent Book Publisher Association (IBPA). Books published under the imprints of Histria Books are distributed worldwide exclusively by the Casemate Group. They may be purchased at all major booksellers, as well as directly at HistriaBooks.com.

For information on publishing with Histria Books, please visit HistriaBooks.com or contact us at info@histriabooks.com

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James Pratt Crowned Best in Australia

The 7th Annual Australian Real Estate Business Awards saw James Pratt win the highly prestigious, Best Auctioneer in Australia Award, The REB Awards are known as the Oscars of Real Estate within Australia and Asia, and the star-studded event attracted a sell-out of over 3000 of Australia’s best in Real Estate, Business and Entertainment.

During the ceremony held at the Star Casino Grand Ballroom in Sydney, Host, and MC of the night,  actor” Stephen Curry, announced the winner of the prestigious award by saying, This award represents the thoroughbreds of the industry. The auctioneer of the year award has always been a highly coveted award and put a spotlight on the very best with the nominations coming from across Australia. “I want to thank my team, without them I don’t deserve this award, Pratt said when accepting his award on stage. Pratt was also a finalist for the best digital presence in 2019.

Top ranked luxury broker Tanya Stawski from Sotheby’s realty in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles said, James’s reputation on the world stage is phenomenal, he really deserves this award.

Other highlights on the night included mega-franchise group Ray White taking out the award for number one network and Natalie South taking out BDM of the year.
For Pratt, his career and popularity internationally continues to skyrocket, already highly in demand by celebrity clients and the luxury elite, this award was another reminder of his skillset and hard work.

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Fine Art Shippers Offers Comprehensive Art Logistics Services in NYC

Finding a reliable art logistics company to transport your precious artworks in NYC is easier said than done. Among the abundance of offers, many companies fail to stand by their promises and render genuinely exceptional services. Fine Art Shippers, a fine art shipping company with decades of flawless reputation in the area, stands apart from the multitude of offers in the NYC art handling market due to professionalism and dedication of its team to the art of handling art. A father-and-son company founded in 1995, Fine Art Shippers has been at the forefront of the dynamic NYC art world for decades to date, always coming with impeccable services, affordable rates, and customization of services to each client’s individual needs.

Here you’ll find comprehensive service packages including artwork transportation to galleries and auctions, moving museum exhibitions, antique moving, and art installation at the owner’s residence or the location of its display. With representative offices scattered across the USA and globally, Fine Art Shippers comes with a variety of service options that any demanding art collector or art organization may have, meeting and exceeding the quality and timeliness expectations. Hundreds of art dealers, galleries, museums, and private collectors enjoy the convenience of the company’s affordable art shuttle services allowing their items to reach the destination swiftly and securely.

Besides the actual art logistics services, Fine Art Shippers has successfully expanded its scope of service coverage to include art consultation and storage. The seasoned experts with proven experience consult clients on all issues related to art appraisal, authentication, brokerage, and procurement. Additional consultation aspects include support for young and emerging artists in terms of exhibition set-up, advertising campaigns, and the provision of appropriate venues for the artistic events.

Whatever piece of art you need to be moved, it’s never an issue for Fine Art Shippers. Its experts are experienced in piano shipping, white glove moving, and installation of artworks of all sizes. Every employee has specialized training in the handling of antiques, guaranteeing that your artworks stay intact no matter their condition and age.

Fine Art Shippers has an impressive track record of fine art moving and installation services at all significant NYC art fairs, including Frieze New York, The Armory Show, Affordable Art Fair New York, and SCOPE New York, to name just a few. Its art movers and handlers are always up to date with the latest techniques of careful, safe art packing, moving, and installation. Now you can relax and rest assured that your valuable property is in reliable and capable hands instead of controlling every aspect of the transportation. By using the art pick-up and delivery service from Fine Art Shippers, you may have your new acquisition reach its new home in no time.

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The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum Has Announced a Call for Works

Fine Art Shippers, a NYC-based international art logistics company, is happy to share the amazing news that the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum has announced a call for works for the group photography exhibit that will be held on January 10 – April 19, 2020. All works presented at the exhibition will be for sale, with proceeds benefiting the Museum and the participating artists. The photographer with the largest number of votes from the visitors will also be awarded a solo exhibit at the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum in 2022.

At Fine Art Shippers, we are proud to provide comprehensive fine art shipping and museum services in the United States. We have the pleasure of working with many art institutions and organizations that entrust our team with handling highly valuable, one-of-a-kind art objects of any kind. At Fine Art Shippers, we also support talented emerging artists and various cultural activities that take place throughout the country, providing them with more publicity and attention they deserve. Now, we want to introduce the amazing Fort Smith Regional Art Museum and its recent program for professional artists in the field of photography.

The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum (RAM) was officially opened in the heart of Fort Smith, Arkansas in January 2013, but its history goes back further than that. The Museum originated under the Arkansas Association of University Women in 1948. At the time, it was a group of local artists who exhibited their artworks and held various classes throughout the city. Years later, they founded the Fort Smith Art Center that eventually was fully rebranded to align with the standards of the American Alliance of Museums. Thus, the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum as we know it today was born.

The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum is largely focused on the work of local and regional artists, but it also hosts nationally and internationally recognized traveling exhibitions. Among the Museum’s upcoming events is the exhibition of contemporary photography, which is aimed to foster art appreciation in the community and recognize professional artists at the same time. Any photographer, no matter whether they specialize in personal documentary, reportage, portrait, conceptual, travel, or landscape photography, can submit their works for consideration. Photographs to be shown in the exhibition will be selected by RAM. The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2019. The entry is free.

It’s interesting that throughout the duration of the exhibition that will run at the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum from January 10 to April 19, 2020, the visitors will be able to vote for the photographer they like. The winner will be awarded their own solo exhibition at the Museum, which will be held in January 2022. Besides, all the works will be available for sale, and proceeds will benefit the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum and the participating artists. Whether you are a photographer or a connoisseur, we highly recommend that you pay your attention to the upcoming photography exhibition hosted by RAM. It will definitely be an exciting and memorable event!

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Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab Is Returning on September 20

Fine Art Shippers, an international fine art shipping company headquartered in NYC, is happy to announce that this year’s edition of Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab will be held at the Billie Holiday Theatre on September 20-22. This important cultural event will bring to Brooklyn a fabulous selection of shorts, films, experimental videos, and other works by some of the most talented filmmakers and artists from the African Diaspora, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab is an arts organization and film festival founded in Brooklyn, NY by two talented people: Lydia Darly and Billy Gerard Frank. Lydia Darly is a filmmaker and award-winning actress of Guadeloupean descent, who was born and raised in France. She was featured in Renny Harlin’s famous 2004 horror film “The Exorcist: The Beginning” and was Jordan Bayne’s assistant director on his 2011 short film “The Sea is All I Know” starring Melissa Leo. Lydia Darly is also a frequent guest speaker at various film festivals, known for her support of independent and women filmmakers.

Billy Gerard Frank, the co-founder of Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab, is a multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker born in Grenada. This year, this talented person, who now lives in New York, represents his home country at the prestigious Venice Biennale that is often called “The Art Olympics.” Frank’s research-based work addresses the issues of global politics, race, sexuality, migration, minority status, and post-colonial subjects. His films and mixed media artworks have been featured in many different group and solo exhibitions held in the United States, UK, and the Caribbean.

Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab is an annual film festival born from the collaboration between Lydia Darly, Billy Gerard Frank, and another Brooklyn-based arts organization – RestorationArt. The Festival is organized for emerging and young artists and filmmakers from and about the African Diaspora, Latin America, and the Middle East. It is currently held in Brooklyn, NY but is going to expand its borders next year to include Marseille, France and Ghana, Africa.

Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab 2019 has a very interesting festival program that will take place at the Billie Holiday Theatre, starting on September 20. The Festival will focus on the themes of Social Justice, Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Identity, presenting works by a whole range of talented and creative people from around the world. These include dramatic and documentary films, shorts, experimental videos, performances, and virtual reality. Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab 2019 will be juried by the Egyptian-American director and cinematographer Mona Eldaief and the famous American producer Lauren Beck whose film “Manchester by the Sea” won two Oscars at the Academy Awards 2017.

Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab 2019 is expected to be a memorable event full of arts and culture. The Opening Night Ceremony will start on September 20 at 7pm with a short fiction “Yasmina” by Claire Cahen & Ali Esmili France. Very recommended!

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Introducing Verita Amare Et – A Super Star of Contemporary Art

Fine Art Shippers, an international logistics company specializing in shipping art and antiques, is delighted to introduce Verita Amare Et, an undeniable star of contemporary art, who has achieved impressive results in many different areas. Verita Amare Et is a sculptor, painter, couturier, designer, biochemist, writer, singer, actress, and simply beautiful young lady proudly holding the titles of “Mrs. Russia” and “Mrs. Montenegro.” At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy to have met this amazing person and incredibly proud to share her work with the world.

With a wide network of representative offices and partners worldwide, Fine Art Shippers has a unique opportunity to work with many international artists based in different parts of the globe. We ship fine art and antiques, help organize exhibitions, install artworks of any kind, pack and crate large collections, consolidate shipments, provide art consultations, and do many other things for our clients. Fine Art Shippers also helps talented contemporary artists, both emerging and well-established, spread their artistic vision, ideas, and art around the world. One of the most interesting and inspiring artists we have ever met is Verita Amare Et who can be rightfully called a genius of our time.

Veronika Medvedeva, or as she is known worldwide Verita Amare Et, is a multimedia artist born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia in 1987. She comes from an old noble family; many exhibits dedicated to the life of Medvedeva’s ancestors are kept in the museums all over the country. Currently, the artist is working together with the Central State Archives of St. Petersburg to restore the noble status of her family.

Verita Amare Et is a natural born artist. Her passion is sculpture. The artist creates truly impressive and inspiring sculptures, many of which are in private collections worldwide. Verita Amare Et is also a very talented painter who collaborates with different publishers, creating illustrations for the most demanding authors. Besides, she is a creator of the graphic novel “Catacula” that is both funny and philosophical.

In addition to being a sculptor and painter, Verita Amare Et is a designer of exclusive couture clothing. Her collections were shown in Moscow, Odessa, and New York where they received high recognition from fashion connoisseurs. Another interesting fact about Verita Amare Et is that she has created a unique series of flavors “Aurum” that stimulate the release of pheromones and endorphins in the body, thus enhancing the attractiveness and improving well-being and mood. Her “Terra Aurum Met” laboratory, which was founded in 2008, also creates natural healing and care products made from plant extracts.

There is a lot that can be said about Verita Amare Et. She is an incredibly gifted person who has already made so many wonderful things for the world of art and people. Moreover, each year, this amazing lady continues to push the boundaries, taking her talent to new, spectacular levels. At Fine Art Shippers, we are proud to know Verita Amare Et, and we highly recommend that you learn more about her work and story.

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Introducing Innovative Outdoor Fire Pits from Firecup

Fine Art Shippers, a NYC-based art transportation company with offices worldwide, is pleased to introduce Firecup, a company that will change your view on outdoor fire pits. Firecup produces unique, custom-made wood burning fire pits that are much more than just a fun way to create a warm and cozy gathering place in your patio, garden, or backyard. Each of them is an art masterpiece made by a team of skillful and well-trained craftsmen, which was designed to turn any outdoor space into a stylish oasis.

As an international art logistics company, Fine Art Shippers has the pleasure of dealing with many creative and talented people in different parts of the world. We provide a full range of art handling, art shipping, art packing, art storage, and art installation services to artists, gallerists, collectors, dealers, curators, and all those who love and appreciate art. Our business is also our passion, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to work in the fascinating world of art and design, which is full of amazing creations that can blow the mind. For example, some of the most unusual, beautiful, and, at the same time, functional pieces that we have ever seen are outdoor fire pits from Firecup.

Founded in Moscow in 2014, Firecup is now the leader on the market, known far beyond the borders of Russia. The company has made its name by producing one-of-a-kind designer fire pits in the form of a sphere, each decorated with artistic cut-outs created by Firecup masters according to the client’s choice of shapes and images. Such fire pits are as beautiful and eye-catching as they are functional because all of them are made of durable steel and designed to contain fire, improve airflow, and minimize smoke at the same time. As for the intricate cut-outs on the metal, they are made with a laser. The thickness of even the smallest elements is carefully verified so that they do not burst from the heat. Besides, each fire pit is covered with two layers of heat-resistant paint that protects it from high temperatures.

Outdoor fire pits from Firecup are created for a magical, touching atmosphere in the garden, patio, or elsewhere. They are also used during various festivals as focal points for gatherings. In particular, Firecup designer spheres are installed in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada during the renowned Burning Man festival, the recent edition of which came to an end on September 3. These artistic creations are, without a doubt, true masterpieces able to turn any space into a relaxing nook you will never want to leave.

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Introducing the Talented Colombian Multimedia Artist Angelov Franco

Fine Art Shippers, a New York-based fine art shipping company, is pleased to introduce Angelov Franco, a talented Colombian multimedia artist whose beautiful artworks are characterized by bold compositions, intricate lines, and contrasting shapes. Angelov Franco creates colorful and vibrant paintings and sculptures, often combining different media in his work. His amazing creations are exhibited all over the world, sometimes in quite unexpected places, which only enhances the overall impression of his mixed media works to a whole new level of perception.

Fine Art Shippers is not just any fine art shipping company offering artwork transportation services in the United States. First of all, we operate around the globe, providing professional art handling and logistics services in many countries worldwide, including China, Israel, UAE, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom. Secondly, we are passionate about art and culture, and honored to serve many international artists, galleries, museums, and arts organizations. At Fine Art Shippers, we love and appreciate art in any of its forms, and it is always a pleasure for us to meet really talented people whose work deserves greater recognition and visibility. Angelov Franco is one of these artists, and we are happy to tell the world about his amazing art.

Angelov Franco is a Colombian artist known for creating colorful mixed media artworks on diverse subjects inspired by his vivid imagination. Franco fell in love with art in his childhood through frequent exposure to cartoons, comic books, and various illustrations. His passion for art gave an impetus to the further development of his artistic skills and creative expression, which eventually led the young artist to the famous Art Students League of New York. This prestigious art school was home to some of the greatest artists of our time, including Georgia O’Keeffe and Jackson Pollock, and it was also home to the talented artist from Colombia who mastered there his artistic technique.

Works by Angelov Franco have been exhibited worldwide, including at the Gwangju Biennale 2015 in Kwangju, South Korea, where he received a welcoming review from some of the most reputable art critics. Franco’s artworks were also displayed at SCOPE Miami Beach, Le Lavo//matik Gallery in Paris, Princeton University, and the Newark Art Museum. His most recent solo exhibition featuring mixed media works on wood panels took place in Los Angeles at the Polynesian tattoo studio Mana’o Tattoo-LA, attracting even more attention to the artist’s work. Titled “A Carousel of Shiny Stars,” it was a somewhat beautiful tribute to the migration through the oceans, the reefs, and the connection to the stars.

Multimedia art by Angelov Franco is amazing, with numerous details making you explore it over and over again. You should definitely see his works with your own eyes. Very recommended!

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World Art Road Show Will Open Its Doors in Moscow on September 6

Fine Art Shippers, a global art logistics provider with representative offices around the world, is pleased to share the great news that the first edition of World Art Road Show will take place in Moscow on September 6-8. This important event will start a series of international art shows aimed at providing a space to showcase the best in modern and contemporary art. World Art Road Show will be held at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, one of Russia’s first and biggest private contemporary art centers uniting all areas of culture.

Fine Art Shippers has been at the epicenter of the art world since 1995, providing professional art handling and art shipping services to artists, dealers, collectors, museums, galleries, and a whole range of different arts organizations. With partners and representative offices all over the world, we operate globally, trying to meet our clients' needs quickly and comprehensively. Our team particularly specializes in providing art logistics services at the international art fairs and shows, such as the Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Frieze, Armory Show, Art Miami, and others. We also support smaller but no less important art events and shows happening around the world. For example, we highly recommend visiting the upcoming World Art Road Show that will open its doors in Moscow on September 6.

World Art Road Show is a creative international art project founded by the Council for the Development of Foreign Trade and International and Economic Relations in Moscow. It includes several international art shows of modern and contemporary art, held in the four world’s art capitals: Moscow, London, Singapore, and Miami. The first World Art Road Show will take place in Moscow on September 6-8, bringing some of the most talented and outstanding contemporary artists from around the globe under one roof. The show is expected to feature over a thousand original contemporary paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, digital art pieces, and many other interesting artworks that will be displayed in a relaxed and friendly environment.

In addition to showcasing works of art by both emerging and established artists, World Art Road Show will offer a dynamic VIP program available by invitation only. These include exclusive events and lectures organized in partnership with prestigious publications and institutions. VIP lounge will be curated by Polina Eltsina.

At Fine Art Shippers, we are proud to be a media partner at World Art Road Show 2019 and share the world about this unique art fair that makes high-quality contemporary art accessible to everyone. We highly recommend visiting this amazing event in Moscow and all the following shows in other cities. In case you need any art logistics help, we have representative offices in Moscow, London, and Miami, as well as reliable partners in Singapore, and we will be happy to provide exhibitors and collectors with any fine art shipping services required.

World Art Road Show Moscow hours

September 6 from 12pm to 8pm

September 7, 8 from 10am to 8pm

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Introducing Tata Khachatryan – A Rising Star of Russian Cinema

Fine Art Shippers, a professional art handling and art logistics company with offices worldwide, is delighted to draw your attention to the work of Tata Khachatryan, a rising star of Russian cinema. Tata Khachatryan is a young and very talented Russian actress who has already made impressive strides in her career. She is a theater artist, actress, performer, and opera singer whose incredible charisma and energy, both on and off the stage, are undeniable. At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy and proud to know this talented Russian lady who is destined to become a star.

Fine Art Shippers has strong relationships with Russia. Our representative offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg allow us to serve many Russian artists, galleries, museums, collectors, and various institutions, providing them with an array of fine art handling and shipping services nationally and across the globe. We love to work with talented Russian people from different areas of business, and we never miss a chance to share some great artworks by contemporary artists with the world. It is also impossible not to tell about really great Russian talents who deserve to be known on an international level. One of them is the wonderful Russian actress Tata Khachatryan.

Tata Khachatryan was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on August 2, 1994. The girl’s passion for performance and incredible talent were visible to the naked eye. At the age of four, Tata was already a student of the Lyakhovitskaya Children Music School from which she graduated with honors in 2007. The same year, Tata Khachatryan entered the Children’s Theater Studio at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, which later moved to the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy. In 2011, Tata was already playing the lead roles in the state theaters, including in the musical “Oliver Twist” by the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy where the young talent got the part of Charlotte and later Bet, and in the opera “Duke Bluebeard’s Castle” by the Mariinsky Theatre where Tata got the part of Bluebeard’s eldest daughter. The latter was directed by the artistic director of English National Opera Daniel Kramer and conducted by Valery Gergiev. However, it was only the beginning of Khachatryan’s career.

In 2012, Tata Khachatryan was invited by the famous Russian actor and director Viktor Merezhko to play one of the leading roles in his TV series “Khutoryanin.” It was not the first screen acting experience in Tata’s life, but it was the one that marked the big start of her on-screen career. Since then, the talented Russian actress has appeared in many films and TV series, including “Lancet” (2017), “Major” (2018), and “The Final Test” (2018).

In 2017, Tata Khachatryan successfully graduated from the well-known Russian University of Theater Arts. The actress is now mostly starring in films, but she continues performing in theater too. Tata is a notable representative of contemporary Russian art and cinema scene, who has aspirations to work in Europe and Hollywood. At Fine Art Shippers, we wish this amazing actress creative success and the best of luck in her career endeavors!

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Banksy Wall Removal Service from Fine Art Shippers

As a professional fine art moving company, Fine Art Shippers deals with many different kinds of art, from works on paper and oil paintings to metal sculptures and large art installations. Our company is also proficient in moving walls with graffiti and street art. In particular, we are pleased to offer a Banksy wall removal service in New York, London, Paris, and other our locations. Our team of professional art handlers has the experience, resources, and skills necessary to extract any mural from the wall and relocate it to any destination safely and securely. 

Banksy is a world-known British street artist whose identity is hidden in a shroud of mystery. His amazing murals, most of which address social, economic, and political issues relevant to today, appear on the buildings overnight, as if by magic wand. They cover the walls of Bristol, London, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and many other cities around the world. Banksy prefers to stay anonymous, which, however, does not prevent his works from being sold for millions of dollars. This elusive artist has literally changed the way people look at graffiti and murals, bringing street art to a whole new level. As a result, the lucky owners of buildings covered with Banksy art do their best to preserve his works, which often leads to certain difficulties. This is where Fine Art Shippers comes into play.

Banksy’s last visit to New York in 2018 was marked by a series of gorgeous murals that appeared in the unassuming Brooklyn neighborhood of Midwood. The larger one was almost immediately destroyed, but the smaller one created on the wall of the former Mobil gas station was successfully preserved thanks to the building’s owners and our expertise in moving large and heavy artworks. The mural depicting a seal balancing a ball on its nose is now kept in a secure, climate-controlled facility and can be viewed on-demand.

Moving a Banksy wall was one of the most challenging things Fine Art Shippers has ever done. The 10 x 10 feet mural was approximately five tons in weight, not to mention that we had to extract it from the building without ruining the wall and damaging the artwork itself. This job required a cohesive teamwork approach, with professional art handlers, engineers, builders, art restorers, and steel manufacturers involved. After developing a step-by-step plan of action, we supported the wall with metal bracing elements and a custom built wooden carcass and only then extracted it from the building using special tools and equipment. Everything was done professionally, with the utmost attention to detail, which allowed us to move the valuable Banksy mural to its current location in perfect condition.

At Fine Art Shippers, we are proud to offer our Banksy wall removal service in New York and other cities around the world. We have the capacity and knowledge to handle the most challenging and complicated moving task with efficiency and safety. Whatever mural or art installation you need to relocate, we will be happy to help!

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Must-Visit Summer Exhibition 2019 at JD Malat Gallery in London

Fine Art Shippers, an international fine art shipping company, is pleased to share the amazing news that JD Malat Gallery in London is currently hosting a unique exhibition that features an outstanding collection of works by the gallery’s artists. This exhibition, which is titled Summer Exhibition 2019, highlights the originality and strength of art shown by JD Malat Gallery throughout its first year. The must-visit group show runs at 30 Davies Street in Mayfair, London through September 28, 2019.

JD Malat Gallery was founded in London in June 2018. The gallery is relatively young, but it has already held seven successful solo exhibitions featuring works by some of the best international contemporary artists. Summer Exhibition 2019 is a culmination of an intensive twelve-month gallery program, which carries a breath of fresh air with a selection of the strongest works by thirteen talented artists, both renowned and emerging. These include:

  • Enrico Castellani (1930-2017), one of the most influential Italian artists of the 20th century, who contributed to the development of European avant-garde art in the 1950s-1960s;
  • Marlene Dumas (b. 1953), a prominent contemporary South African artist known for her figurative artworks that touch on many difficult themes, from pornography to segregation;
  • Li Tianbing (b. 1974), a Chinese artist who creates thought-provoking paintings that interweave the dualities present in China today;
  • Zümrütoglu (b. 1970), a Turkish artist whose paintings represent a beautiful mix of physical abstract art and German expressionism; 
  • Mio Yamato (b. 1990), a Japanese artist known for her monochromatic works distinguished by a careful repetition of separated and individual drops of paint;
  • Henrik Uldalen (b. 1986), a Norwegian artist who creates figurative oil paintings that are rather metaphysical and emotional than narrative;
  • Ian Cumberland (b. 1983), an Irish artist known for his unique paintings focused on fictional scenes depicting people and the things, often absurd ones, they do.
  • Santiago Parra (b. 1986), a Colombian artist whose large black and white paintings perfectly combine abstract expressionism with geometric abstraction;
  • Nina Pandolfo (b. 1977), a Brazilian artist known for her delicate, sensual, and playful paintings depicting expressive, large-eyed girls;
  • Katrin Fridriks (b. 1974), an Icelandic artist whose abstract expressionist paintings examine questions about new technologies and how they work;
  • Masayoshi Nojo (b. 1989), a Japanese artist who combines Japanese aesthetics with contemporary visual languages to create his beautiful mixed media artworks;
  • Conrad Jon Godly (b. 1962), a Swiss artist whose impressive paintings are inspired by nature and its relationship to humanity;
  • Andy Moses (b. 1962), an American artist known for his distinctive paintings that are simultaneously representational and abstract.

The selection of artworks presented by JD Malat Gallery at Summer Exhibition 2019 is diverse and vibrant. At Fine Art Shippers, we highly recommend that you visit this exceptional art exhibition at your first opportunity. In case you need any art logistics services, our London office will be happy to provide you with any help or assistance, from fine art shipping to artwork installation, required.

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KEYBANK ROCHESTER FRINGE FESTIVAL KEEPS GROWING: A top U.S. fringe + largest NYS multi-arts fest in just eight years

The KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival debuted in 2012 with 180 shows over five days in downtown Rochester, NY, and drew more than 33,000 attendees – twice what it had anticipated. Now a 12-day event (Tuesday, September 10 – Saturday, September 21), the 2019 Rochester Fringe will feature more than 575 performances and events, and organizers expect attendance to exceed last year's 78,000. One of the most-attended fringe festivals in the U.S., it is also the largest multi-arts festival in New York State.

“While all fringe festivals are reflective of their own communities, we’re proud of the fact that, to date, we are the only one that programs large-scale spectacle entertainment in public spaces,” says Festival Producer Erica Fee. “This is not only a unique experience for festival-goers, but it provides incredible access to the arts for our community at large.”

Beginning with California’s aerial dance troupe BANDALOOP dancing on the side of a 21-story building in 2012, Friday & Saturday on the Fringe has included the U.S. premieres of Canada’s Circus Orange and the U.K.’s Massaoke. This year, the festival will present the return of French street theatre company Plasticiens Volants(pronunciation here), which made its U.S. debut at Rochester Fringe two years ago with a show called "BIG BANG" to more than 20,000 enthralled audience members. On Friday and Saturday, Sept. 13 & 14, they’ll turn downtown Rochester into a giant aquarium with another U.S. premiere: "Pearl: Secrets of the Sea." Using their giant inflatable puppets, Plasticiens Volants’ two 8 p.m. performances will begin with a 20-minute street promenade, as sea creatures – including a 60-foot whale – “swim” to their destination at the City’s vacant Parcel 5. There, a dramatic story involving a gigantic sea serpent, an enormous octopus, and a precious pearl will unfold for audiences of all ages.

Another big factor in Rochester Fringe’s success: so many free performances and events in general – more than 150 this year. Those include Fringe Finale Weekend’s return of Massaoke. This year, the sing-along sensation will perform its signature rock-anthem show, "Massaoke: MixTape," on Friday, Sept. 20, and its "Massaoke: Night at the Musicals" show – the North American premiere – on Saturday, Sept. 21, the final night of Fringe.

The Spiegelgarden, a public, pop-up, outdoor lounge, will feature free KIDS DAY activities (Saturday, Sept. 21) and Pedestrian Drive-In – a free, big-screen film series that kicks off with a special showing of "RBG," the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary. Other free Fringe favorites – including the exciting, all-styles dance battle featuring teams from all over the Northeast called Fringe Street Beat (Saturday, Sept. 21) and Gospel Sunday (the best of the Rochester gospel scene in the Eastman School of Music's Kilbourn Hall on Sunday, Sept. 15) – will also return. Many venue-curated performances and events are also free.

Turning to ticketed events, Fringe’s 2019 comedy headliner is award-winning comedian, actor, director and author Mike Birbigliain "An Evening with Mike Birbiglia" in Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre on Friday, September 20 at 7:30 p.m. Fringe will also present Nate DiMeo’s The Memory Palace, a Peabody-nominated history podcast, in "The Memory Palace Live" at the Eastman School of Music's Kilbourn Hall on Thursday and Saturday, Sept. 19 & 21, as well as "The Memory Palace On-Site Listening Experience at High Falls," a free, site-specific show running throughout Fringe. Both events will feature a specially commissioned Rochester story.

New in the Cristal Palace Spiegeltent this year will be the fifth world-premiere comedy/variety show created especially for Fringe by Las Vegas masterminds, Matt and Heidi Morgan: "Cirque du Fringe: D’illusion." They'll also bring a brand-new "Shotspeare" show for late-night entertainment, this time a bawdy remake of "Macbeth." Another late-night Speigeltent sell-out, Silent Disco, returns, along with its equally popular, daytime edition: Disco Kids. This year, Fringe debuts Drag Brunch, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Mrs. Kasha Davis and Darienne Lake, in the Spiegeltent on Sunday, September 15.

A new Fringe partnership with Gateways Music Festival has resulted in "A Celebration of the Life of Paul J. Burgett Through Music" at the Eastman School of Music’s Hatch Recital Hall on Saturday, September 14. Burgett was a beloved board member of both organizations, and a driving force in the success of these and so many other wonderful community initiatives. Also new to Fringe this year: the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2019-20 season opener, "Scheherazade .2." Fringe is also partnering on special events with ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film & Video Festival and Rochester’s Puerto Rican Festival.

“We are – above all – a true community festival run by a Rochester non-profit with local board, staff and support, and each year, we work hard to engage more and more of the community we serve,” adds Rochester Fringe Festival Board Chairperson Justin L. Vigdor.

The vast majority of Fringe performances and events are booked by the venues themselves from applications received from shows during the spring submission process: The Avyarium, Blackfriars Theatre, Central Library of Rochester, Eastman School of Music, Garth Fagan Dance, George Eastman Museum, Geva Theatre Center, Java’s, Joseph Avenue Arts & Culture Alliance, The Little, The Lyric Theatre, Multi-use Community Cultural Center (MuCCC), Nox, RIT City Art Space, RMSC’s Strasenburgh Planetarium, School of the Arts, and Writers & Books. Additional site-specific venues this year are: High Falls, Memorial Art Gallery, Merriman Street (between Atlantic & University), Rochester Dance Theatre, UUU Art Collective, and Village Gate.

Information and tickets for all shows are now available via rochesterfringe.com. The printed Fringe Guide and app will be available in August.

From its five-day debut in 2012, the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival has become one of the fastest-growing and most-attended fringe festivals in the U.S and the largest multi-genre arts festival in New York State. A bifurcated festival, it allows for a combination of curated, headline entertainment and an open-access portion programmed by the venues themselves. Renowned among the world’s 200+ fringe festivals for its large-scale, outdoor, free-to-the-public performances – including the U.S. premieres of Canada’s Circus Orange (2014), France’s Plasticiens Volants (2017), and the UK’s Massaoke (2018) – Rochester’s Fringe was also the first fringe festival in North America to feature a Spiegeltent, which is now an annual attraction. From comedy to theatre, from music to dance, from visual art and film to spoken word, and from children’s entertainment to multi-disciplinary collaborations, the festival’s diversity also extends to venues that span the gamut from parked cars to grand theatres.

Rochester Fringe Festival connects and empowers artists, audiences, venues, educational institutions, and the community to celebrate, explore, and inspire creativity via an annual, multi-genre arts festival. The not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation was pioneered by several of Rochester’s esteemed cultural institutions including Geva Theatre Center, the George Eastman House and Garth Fagan Dance; up-and-coming arts groups like PUSH Physical Theatre and Method Machine; and higher-education partners such as the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology. The organization’s overarching mission is to make arts readily accessible to audiences, as well as to provide a platform for artists to share their ideas and develop their skills, while stimulating downtown Rochester both culturally and economically.

Rochester Fringe Festival is made possible with support from New York State through Market NY/Empire State Development under the Regional Economic Development Council initiative. Other 2019 Fringe sponsors include: KeyBank; I Love New York; New York State Council on the Arts; University of Rochester; RIT; Rochester Area Community Foundation; Waldron Rise Foundation; City of Rochester; Ames Amzalak Memorial Trust; National Endowment for the Arts; Imagine Monroe; Estate of Marianne L. Rohack; Richard U. & Elaine P. Wilson Foundation; Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation; Nocon & Associates; Konar Properties; SUNY Geneseo; Ronald Fielding; Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation; Hyatt Regency Rochester; The Pike Company; Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation; Big Slide Creative; 13WHAM TV; CITY Newspaper, D&C Digital; Broccolo Tree & Lawncare; McCarthy Tents & Events; Nazareth College; The College at Brockport; St. John Fisher College; The Rubens Family Foundation; Genesee Beer; Wegmans; Fred & Floy Willmott Foundation; Gouvernet Arts Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation; Visit Rochester; Wilson Foundation; ESL Charitable Foundation; Hamilton A/V; Scott Miller; House of Guitars; City Blue; Yelp!; WXXI; KidsOutandAbout.com; Midtown Athletic Club; Mary Cariola Children’s Center; Canandaigua National Bank; and the YMCA of Greater Rochester. Also supported by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

About KeyBank: KeyBank's roots trace back 190 years to Albany, New York. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, KeyCorp is one of the nation's largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately 4.5 billion at June 30, 2019. Key provides deposit, lending, cash management and investment services to individuals and businesses in 15 states under the name KeyBank National Association through a network of approximately 1,100 branches and more than 1,500 ATMs. Key also provides a broad range of sophisticated corporate and investment banking products, such as merger and acquisition advice, public and private debt and equity, syndications and derivatives to middle market companies in selected industries throughout the United States under the KeyBanc Capital Markets trade name. For more information, visit https://www.key.com/. KeyBank is Member FDIC.

Media please note: High-resolution photos, video and other press assets may be found at rochesterfringe.com/press. Like us on https://www.facebook.com/RochesterFringeFestival and follow us on https://twitter.com/RochesterFringe & https://www.instagram.com/rochester_fringe/.

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Art Logistics Services at Bushwick Open Studios 2019

Fine Art Shippers, a well-established NYC-based art logistics company, is pleased to offer professional art handling, art shipping, and art installation services at the upcoming edition of Bushwick Open Studios. This important art event will be held this year on September 20-22, bringing together artists and galleries based in Bushwick and bordering areas of Williamsburg, Ridgewood, and Bedford Stuyvesant.

Fine Art Shippers has more than 24 years of experience in handling, packing, crating, moving, and shipping fine art of any kind. We serve art galleries, artists, museums, dealers, architects, furniture showrooms, designers, and a whole range of other creatives in the United States and abroad. Our company is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, but all the major work is done in our warehouse located in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is full of art, and it is full of talented artists working in various media, styles, and genres. Brooklyn is also home to many incredible street art pieces created by both unknown artists and those whose names are known all over the world. Art in this part of New York can be found everywhere, but the most vibrant art scene is in Bushwick, a sprawling neighborhood in northern Brooklyn, which is definitely on the rise.

Bushwick offers many interesting activities and events for art lovers, including the amazing Bushwick Open Studios organized by Arts in Bushwick, a multidisciplinary arts platform that connects seasoned and new art collectors with local art business professionals and the most talented artists. Bushwick Open Studios is a three-day “open to all” festival of art and culture, aimed at keeping the cultural relevance alive within Bushwick. This important art event celebrates the creativity of the artists in the neighborhood, facilitating community dialogue and projects. Besides, it is complemented by different block parties, special presentations, and other activities focused on art in Bushwick.

At Fine Art Shippers, we love working in Bushwick, and we love helping artists, galleries, and collectors with art logistics during Bushwick Open Studios. Our services include:

  • local, national, and international art shipping;
  • art packing and custom art crating;
  • art installation;
  • curating and art selections;
  • art project management;
  • booth set-up and display fabrication;
  • framing consultation;
  • art storage in climate-controlled facilities;
  • inventory and collection management.

This list is not exhaustive because Fine Art Shippers proudly offers many other services to satisfy any need of exhibitors, event organizers, and visitors of Bushwick Open Studios. We also provide expert art consultation services and can help choose and buy the best art pieces for a private or public collection. Whatever art handling, art shipping, or art installation assistance you need, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Fine Art Shippers will be present at Bushwick Open Studios, and we will be happy to help!

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Award Winning Dancer Ashley Liang Wows Lincoln Center

Celebrated Chinese dancer Ashley Liang successfully presented the world premiere of “Flowing Colors of Charming Flowers” at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall. The performance was part of the “East Meets West” dance program presented on July 6, 2019 by the Ashley Liang Dance Company, a non-profit organization. It received a warm and enthusiastic response from the near capacity audience.

Ashley Liang started dancing at age 6 with more than 26 years of experience. She is excited to share her “American Dream” at the most famous performance venue in New York.

“This performance aims to share the Chinese dance and modern dance culture, promote multicultural art, and establish a bridge for international cultural and artistic communication. I created this style when I was studying for my master’s degree in Dance Education at New York University, and I had quoted this in my graduation thesis.”, according to Liang, “It is my great honor to share my original choreographies with the audiences at Lincoln Center.” 

The last dance of the performance “Flowing Colors of Charming Flowers” featured the creation process of artist Arthur Liu who received a creation patent of "Flowing Colors of Oil Painting".

This piece integrates not only the elements of Chinese classical dance, ballet and modern dance, and features a live accompaniment, including Chinese Guzheng, Guqin, flute, western instruments violin and cello. The piece accented the theme of the whole performance: carrying forward the Chinese dance and modern dance culture, promoting the integration and development of multicultural art. 

About Ashley Liang:

Liang is a dance artist, choreographer and dance educator. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of the non-profit Ashley Liang Dance Company, and the president of Ashley Dance Center. She received a master’s degree of dance education at New York University. 

She has received awards of “Excellent Dance Choreographer”, “Distinguish Dancer” and “Excellent Dance Teacher” from New York City Council Peter Koo and New York State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky. 

About Ashley Liang Dance Company:

Liang owns and teaches at the non-profit Ashley Dance Center.  Her students have won numerous awards in the US and China including Gold at Better USA Youth Talent Competition and Taoli World Dance Competition.



New York Northeastern Chinese Association, Sino-American Culture, Art & Antique Association, Inc., Federation of Chinese American Associations of New York, New York Queens Art Education Center, Chinese-American Arts Council, Inc., USA FJSEN.COM, American Fujian Artist Association, MGM Media, Sino-American Business Association, Henan Chinese Associates USA, Inc., Better Chinatown USA, Chinese Association Inc., New York Guqin School, Union National Culture and Sports Foundation, American Chinese Business Trade Promotion Association, Taishan Overseas Chinese Middle School Alumni Association, Inc., America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, America Bamin Commerce Association, Fujian Consolidated Benevolent Association USA, Beijing Association of New York. 


Kai Gao Esquire P.C., Flushing.com, Kam Man Food, HealthFirst, iHome Design, MeHome Realty, AsianinNY, Keiko Hira Music Studio, New York Fantastic Chorus, Blue Sky Creative Studio, The Wall Street Times, USA Life online.com, Right Time International LLC, CC Weekly, COCI Construction, Kang Hua Adult Day Care Center, World Peace Ever.TV 

Special Guest Performers:

Aminta Remisosky, Anne Marie Robson Smock, Ansel Cohen, Arthur Liu, Danielle Peters, Erin Kernion, Judy Shih-Hua Yeh, Jun Zhou, Michelle Joy, Nick Peregrino, Sienna Peck, Tara Pederson, Temple Kemezis

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Billy Gerard Frank to Screen “Second Eulogy: Mind The Gap” at Martos Gallery

Fine Art Shippers, an international art logistics company, is pleased to share the amazing news that Billy Gerard Frank will be doing limited screenings of his film “Second Eulogy: Mind The Gap” at Martos Gallery in New York. The screenings will be part of EBSPLOITATION, a curated program of short films and videos, which runs at the gallery through August 3, 2019. “Second Eulogy: Mind The Gap” will be showing on July 17 and 24.

Billy Gerard Frank is a Grenadian-born multi-disciplinary artist working at the intersection of filmmaking, art, activism, and design. He is one of the artists selected this year to represent Grenada at the Venice Biennale, the most prestigious and important event in the world of art and culture. At the Venice Biennale, Billy Gerard Frank presented his new 40-minute film, “Second Eulogy: Mind The Gap,” accompanied by mixed media collages, sculptures, and canvas paintings. The work is built on the memories of Frank’s father’s life and explores the themes of estrangement, sexuality, exile, and migration. It is an abstract story of interconnected lives, which perfectly combines non-fiction with fiction, mirroring the artist’s own experience in Grenada as a gay teenager. It is also worth noting that the producer of “Second Eulogy: Mind The Gap” is Lauren Beck – the same Lauren Beck who earned her Academy Award for Best Picture nomination for the critically acclaimed 2016 film “Manchester by the Sea.”

“Second Eulogy: Mind The Gap,” along with the entire installation, is on view at the Venice Biennale until November 24. However, you don’t have to visit Venice to see this film because it will be showing at Martos Gallery this July.

This summer, Martos Gallery was transformed into a movie theater to present a program of videos and short films showing a different side to filmmaking. The unique exhibition is titled EBSPLOITATION, paying tribute to Blaxploitation, a genre of black action film aimed at black audiences, which emerged in the US in the early 1970s. EBSPLOITATION features videos and short films by many talented artists, including Billy Gerard Frank and Arthur Jafa who won Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival this year. The curated program runs daily during gallery hours, with screenings of longer films every Wednesday night at 8pm. Billy Gerard Frank will be showing his film on July 17 and 24.

At Fine Art Shippers, we had the pleasure of helping Billy Gerard Frank ship his art installation to the Venice Biennale. This amazing artist did an incredible job with his “Second Eulogy: Mind The Gap,” which was called “incredible” by ARTnews. If you are in New York, don’t miss a chance to see this 40-minute film at Martos Gallery!

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Lincoln Center Debut “East Meets West” Dance by Ashley Liang

Ashley Liang is a New York based dancer, choreographer and dance educator. She is the founder of the non-profit Ashley Liang Dance Company, Inc. and president of the Ashley Dance Center. 

Liang’s performance “Flowing Colors of Charming Flowers” will combine Eastern and Western styles with some of Liang’s own creations:  a special combination of classical ballet and traditional Chinese dance. Liang, who is passionate about promoting multicultural art, worked with a production team for six months to prepare the project. The show aims to carry forward Chinese dance and modern dance culture, promote the integration and development of multicultural art, and establish a bridge for international cultural and artistic communication. Liang focused on this multicultural bridge while studying for her M.A. in dance education at New York University.

“This show I produced was a non-profit performance and was dedicated to dance art. It is my great honor to share my original choreographies with the audiences at Lincoln Center, and present my theory in the form of dance, so as to truly promote the integration, communication and development of Chinese dance and modern dance culture,” Liang wrote in her graduate thesis. 

The concluding dance program of Liang’s performance is accompanied by live music that marries the Chinese instruments guqin, guzheng and flute with violin and cello.  In Liang’s vision, this will achieve the exchange of the Chinese and Western culture of dance and music.

Liang studied and performed at prestigious organizations in both China and the US. In addition to earning her M.A. in dance education at New York University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance at Queens College, she studied professional Chinese dance at the Beijing Dance Academy. Liang is the recipient of the awards “Excellent Dance Choreographer,” “Distinguished Dancer,” and “Excellent Dance Teacher,” presented by New York City Councilman Peter Koo and New York State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky. 

In 2018, the Guggenheim Museum invited Liang to perform. In 2015, she choreographed and danced in Flowing Water and Nocturne in The Autumn Palace in collaboration with famous Chinese musician, Judy Yeh, at Shih-Hua Judy Yeh Guqin Concert at Carnegie Hall. She starred as the female lead, Yu Huan, in the dance drama The Story of Yu Huan, presented by off-Broadway Yangtze Repertory Theater of America and also choreographed the production in 2014. 

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go3JDDNeuyI&app=desktop



Performance Date and Time: July 6, Saturday at 7:30pm
Performance Place: Alice Tully Hall Lincoln Center, 1941 Broadway, New York, NY 10023
Organizer: Ashley Liang Dance Company, Inc. (A Not-for-Profit Organization)

New York Northeastern Chinese Association, Sino-American Culture, Art & Antique Association, Inc., Federation of Chinese American Associations of New York, New York Queens Art Education Center, Chinese-American Arts Council, Inc., USA FJSEN.COM, American Fujian Artist Association, MGM Media, Sino-American Business Association, Henan Chinese Associates USA, Inc., Better Chinatown USA, Chinese Association Inc., Zhe Jiang Wen Zhou Association Industry & Commerce U.S.A., New York Guqin School, Union National Culture and Sports Foundation, American Chinese Business Trade Promotion Association, Taishan Overseas Chinese Middle School Alumni Association, Inc., America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, America Bamin Commerce Association, Fujian Consolidated Benevolent Association USA, Beijing Association of New York.

Kai Gao Esquire P.C., Flushing.com, Kam Man Food, HealthFirst, iHome Design, MeHome Realty, AsianinNY, Keiko Hira Music Studio, New York Fantastic Chorus, Blue Sky Creative Studio, The Wall Street Times, USA Life online.com, Right Time International LLC, CC Weekly, Jasmine Restaurant, COCI Construction, Kang Hua Adult Day Care Center, World Peace Ever.TV

Special Guest Performers:
Aminta Remisosky, Anne Marie Robson Smock, Ansel Cohen, Arthur Liu, Danielle Peters, Erin Kernion, Judy Shih-Hua Yeh, Jun Zhou, Michelle Joy, Nick Peregrino, Sienna Peck, Tara Pederson, Temple Kemezis

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Discover Treasures of Ancient Greece and Explore the Modern Culture of Greece Through Take Me There: Greece

The “land of the gods” travels 5,300 miles to the world’s largest children’s museum when Treasures of Ancient Greece and Take Me There:® Greece both opened on June 15, 2019.

Treasures of Ancient Greece presented by OneAmerica and supported by Ice Miller LLP

Every one of the 6,000 Greek islands has secrets, mysteries and treasures from the past. Visitors to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will discover some of the most compelling stories at a new exhibit featuring rare Greek antiquities, some of which are being exhibited for the first time in the United States. Families will learn about ancient ruins, temples and open air theaters along with philosophers and mythological gods.

Visitors to Treasures of Ancient Greece at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will discover how the ideas of the ancient Greeks form the basis of much of Western civilization as we know it today through artifacts that depict ingenious science and technology, politics and medicine.

One of the extraordinary stories that will be told is that of the famed Antikythera Mechanism. “We are very excited to share a model of what is believed to be the world’s oldest analog computer,” said Dr. Jeffrey H. Patchen, president and CEO, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. “It will help families understand how a civilization from long ago predicted eclipses of the sun and moon in relation to big events like the ancient Olympics.” That’s not the only piece of history that links the United States to this Mediterranean country from centuries ago. Bronze ballots and a replica voting machine are just a few of the artifacts that demonstrate how the world’s first democracy shaped the politics of today.

“It was found by divers in the beginning of the 20th century close to the island of Antikythera after being excavated by Jacques Cousteau and the Greek Ecological Service. Even today we have excavations in the same area of the shipwreck of the Antikythera because it was found in the shipwreck with other objects and with many statues. We’re waiting for more results about this shipwreck and what was together with the Antikythera mechanism,” said Dr. Maria Vlazaki, Secretary General, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport.

The ancient Greek vision of beauty, heroism, and athleticism also influences us today through magnificent sculptures on display including Artemis of Lafria and Herakles. A stunning bust of Aristotle is also be on display along with an amazing large mosaic and pottery depicting gods, goddesses and philosophers, along with a replica of Parthenon frieze sections. Actor interpreters help bring these fascinating artifacts and their stories to life.

Ancient Greek heroes and heroines brought great pride and honor to their cities through the athletic competition of the Olympic Games. Visitors can test their own speed in a virtual Olympic running event. There is a chance to vote in an Athenian Assembly, create mosaic artwork, and tell an ancient Greek story by creating their own visual story on a special vase. Visitors can also help Aphrodite and Eros escape a monster Typhon.

Take Me There®: Greece Presented by Ice Miller LLP
Take Me There: ® Greece serves as a classic travel adventure allowing families to explore modern-day Greece without ever leaving the United States. It is one of the largest exhibitions on contemporary Greece ever mounted in the United States.

Visitors “fly over” magnificent mountains and swirling seas before “touching down” in Athens, where the ancient Parthenon overlooks a bustling modern city. Families have the opportunity to explore homes and learn about real families who live in Greece.

Children will be invited to make traditional Greek foods and serve their grownups faux Greek delicacies in the recreated Taverna and bakery, and stroll through plateia (plaza) with its traditional events. Families will enjoy exploring traditional dance and music together and shopping in the market with its fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish.
With 8,000 miles of coastline, Greek conservation organizations have a lot of sea turtles to study. Visitors will learn how they are doing this and how they can help.

Treasures of Ancient Greece is made possible by the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc.; The Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr., Memorial Foundation; Dorothea and Philip Genetos; Jamie Merisotis and Colleen O’Brien; Mike and Kristin Sherman; and The Pheffer Family.

Take Me There: ® Greece is made possible by lead gifts from Lilly Endowment Inc.; Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc.; The Lilly Family; Mrs. Yvonne Shaheen; Sarah and John Lechleiter; the U.S. Institute for Museum and Library Services; Jane and Steve Marmon; Susan and Jim Naus; and Polly Hix. Additional Support for Take Me There®: Greece is provided by the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc.; The Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr., Memorial Foundation; Dorothea and Philip Genetos; Jamie Merisotis and Colleen O’Brien; Mike and Kristin Sherman; and The Pheffer Family.

About The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is a nonprofit institution committed to creating extraordinary learning experiences across the arts, sciences, and humanities that have the power to transform the lives of children and families. For more information about The Children's Museum, visit http://www.childrensmuseum.org, follow us on Twitter @TCMIndy, Instagram@childrensmuseum, YouTube.com/IndyTCM, and Facebook.

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James Pratt, First Australian Asked By iTalk Los Angeles

Leadership Content, Pop Culture and Stage Drama collide this July 12th in Los Angeles, when iTalk LA holds its next leadership event at the former estate of Frank Sinatra. The world-renowned iTalk events confirmed they have asked in-demand Australian actor and celebrity auctioneer James Pratt to join the star-studded line up of speakers this July in Los Angeles. This is the first time an Australian talent has been asked to speak at iTalk. Pratt who is fast building an esteemed reputation internationally has impressed iTalk in the past with his skillset, and if he confirms, he will be join the best across USA Film, Television and Fashion including Sean Stone, film actor and son of the legendary film maker Oliver Stone, celebrity stylist Ali Levine, MTV’s Chanel West Coast, and Frank Knuckles former percussionist for The Roots and The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, all whom will be showcasing specific leadership advice aimed at inspiring the next generation of pioneers

Motivational Leadership events are growing rapidly in popularity, but with this growth also comes higher expectations from the audience according to Jen Montague, co-founder and Sr. Director of ITalk, and who’s worked hard at making sure her events are keeping up with the progressive trends.

One of the biggest challenges right now is to build events that satisfy the moment-by-moment engagement that audiences are craving and not just millennial audiences but audiences of all ages. Content has to grip them, keep them, and provide them an opportunity to participate, to party, to network and so much more. The content has to be engaging enough for them to then share it online and on social media with their own followers. In other words, it’s about the experience said Jen Montague Director of ITalk, who enjoys merging her music conservatory and theatre roots with her corporate leadership and human resources professional experience. The infusion of pop culture is another unique facet of the platform, keeping audiences engaged. We’re pushing leadership and pop culture forward with iTalk said the world acclaimed International DJ Casper, Co-Founder and Director of Music for iTalk and DJ for “super producer,” Rodney Jerkins.

In April iTalk Philadelphia featured speakers such as, Meisha Johnson (CBS Anchor) Stephen Hoelper, Vice President of Product, Comcast NBCUniversal and Desiree Rogers –former CEO of Johnson Publishing, LLC and former Social Secretary for Barack Obama’s Administration. But it was not just the speakers and their content serving as the engaging hook; the event featured live music and some original works by The International DJ Casper, along with the fact that the event was held on the roof of the majestic Kimmel Centre at sunset, ensuring an emotive and inspiring set of colours as the backdrop for learning and the perfect party scene.

This July, guests attending iTalk LA can expect to experience the same type of star power! Tickets are currently selling fast. Frank Sinatra’s mansion will serve as the backdrop for leadership development and empowerment in Los Angeles. The International DJ Casper signed to DarkChild Entertainment will be doing a live set to turn up the crowd, all culminating in a truly dope leadership-club “experience” iTalk has termed “Motivational Nightlife.”

The keynote speakers will also be cutting down there talk time to under 10 minutes to allow for better interaction with guests after speaking. iTalk provides three directives to their iTalkers Be Bold (make a strong impact), Be Brief (under10 minutes) Be Gone (get off the stage). The event also covers an array of topics all aimed at increasing those looking at self-improvement and being inspired; Courage, Vision, Change and more.

Although it’s not yet confirmed if Pratt has accepted his invitation to be a keynote speaker, it’s another testament to the enormous international reach iTalk Events attract, and the high calibre of talent their speakers have.

Ultimately, challenging attendees to: think non-traditionally, identify creative solutions to problems and share their own stories, based on their passionate why, is how Jen describes this next exciting ITalk event and the iTalk platform.

For more information go to www.italkevents.com

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Actor DAJUAN JOHNSON Soars in Season 5 of Amazon Drama “BOSCH” and Emmy Consideration for ABC's "GREY'S ANATOMY"

Actor DaJuan Johnson soars as Detective Rondell Pierce in Season 5 of Amazon’s Emmy-nominated original police drama series, BOSCH, currently available for streaming. Johnson also secures For Your Emmy® Consideration as ‘Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series’ for his heart-wrenching performance as Garrett Boland on ABC’s mega-hit, GREY’S ANATOMY.

Releasing in April, Season 5 of BOSCH is based on best-selling author Michael Connelly’s 20th book in the long-running series, Two Kinds of Truth. The storyline involves a murder case from Bosch’s past being brought into question and raising issues of police misconduct — which could endanger his entire career. All the while, resident ‘boy scout’ Detective Rondell Pierce (Johnson) gets a new partner, but learns to rely on his own merits this season. Once a newbie himself, Pierce now proves he can hold his own with the big boys.

Earlier this season, Johnson brought audiences to tears emerging in a recurring role as Garrett Boland on ABC’s long-running medical drama series, GREY’S ANATOMY. In the episode “Girlfriend in a Coma,” a distraught Garrett (Johnson) agonizes over the fate of his comatose girlfriend with the fate of their future hinged on a ventilator. As Garrett endures the mental and emotional strain of watching his love take two steps toward progress and then two steps back, that a heartbreaking decision must be made. But before they remove her ventilator and end their time together, Garrett arranges to give the love of his life her wedding under the stars.

Johnson is appreciative of the Awards consideration, but more excited that this storyline has resonated so well with audiences. Johnson adds, “I’ve wanted to be on Grey’s for a very long time for many different roles, but playing Garrett was definitely the role I was supposed to play. I’m beyond humbled that this storyline and character touched so many fans!”

Johnson has built a solid reputation and resume in the industry. Earlier this month, he received accolades for his leading role in the YouTube series, The New 30, which earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for ‘Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama’. Fans will also recognize Johnson from his recurring roles on Fox’s action-thriller 24 alongside Kiefer Sutherland and ABC’s hit medical-drama Private Practice opposite Tessa Thompson. Other notable television credits include guest starring appearances on Downward Dog, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Agent Carter, Bones, Close to Home, Criminal Minds, Lincoln Heights, CSI: NY, CSI and Scrubs among others. Johnson also gained attention as a stand-out talent in the MTV bio-pic Pedro, co-starring as Sean Sasser, the supportive boyfriend to AIDS activist Pedro Zamora, who was the first HIV-positive homosexual to appear in a reality show on MTV.

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Johnson realized his passion for acting at an early age while participating in local theatre productions. After receiving dual B.A. degrees in Theatre and English Literature from the University of Florida, he continued his education at Colorado State University obtaining his masters in Higher Education. With this foundation, he moved to Los Angeles where he continues to pursue one of his greatest passions - acting.

DaJuan Johnson is represented by AKA Talent Agency and Untitled Entertainment.

Watch DAJUAN JOHNSON in GREY’S ANATOMY clip: www.DaJuanJohnson.com/FYC
For more visit: DaJuanJohnson.com
And follow on Instagram: @dajuanjohnson
Twitter: @dajuanjohnson

(DaJuan Johnson guest starring on "Grey's Anatomy" / courtesy: ABC)

(DaJuan Johnson guest starring on "Grey's Anatomy" / courtesy: ABC)

(DaJuan Johnson on-set of "Bosch" / Amazon)

(DaJuan Johnson behind-the-scenes of "Bosch" / Amazon)

(actor DaJuan Johnson)

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Accomplished Actress WENDY BRAUN Returns to Netflix Comedy ‘ATYPICAL’ Season 3 and Secures For Your Emmy® Consideration

LOS ANGELES – Actress Wendy Braun reprises her recurring role as the uptight, but well-intentioned ‘Kathy’ in the all-new Season 3 of the celebrated Netflix original series, Atypical. The role has earned Braun Emmy® For Your Consideration status for ‘Outstanding Guest Actress in A Comedy Series’ with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for her work in Season 2.

Created by Robia Rashid, this coming-of-age comedy follows Sam (Keir Gilchrist), an 18-year old on the autistic spectrum who is looking for love and independence. Introduced during the first season, Kathy (Braun) is the leader of the autism parent support group and friend to Sam’s mom, Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Throughout the second season, Kathy uses her pushy but polite ways to get “something for something” when Elsa needs to find Sam a good therapist. The 10-episode Season 3 is currently shooting and the premiere date has not been announced.

Braun has been receiving raves for her work on the show, including TV.com touting “A standout among the recurring cast is Wendy Braun.”  

“I’m grateful to be part of a show that celebrates inclusion and acceptance, proves that being normal is overrated, and continues the conversation to help break any stigma around autism. It’s so much fun to continually play a character who tries so hard to keep it all together, while things around her are falling apart,” shares Braun.  

(Wendy Braun in "Atypical" / Netflix)

Braun recently wrapped a role on the upcoming second season of the YouTube original series, Liza On Demand. She was offered the role by creators Debon ah Kaplan and Harry Elfond, after working on their previous MTV comedy series, Mary + Jane.

Coming soon, Braun stars in the indie comedy feature, Donny’s Party, as the put-together, self-absorbed matriarch of a highly dysfunctional family. Braun also emerges in a pivotal role in Vital Signs, a semi-autobiographical show created and starring Dr. Dre about his road from rapper to business mogul.

Audiences have been recognizing Braun for years from her standout performances in film and television. She appeared with Ed Helms and Tracy Morgan in the indie comedy film, The Clapper; faced-off with Ellen Pompeo on ABC’s long-standing hit drama Grey’s Anatomy; took on Danny DeVito on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; and earned laughs with Fred Armisen in IFC’s hit, Documentary Now!

Braun has racked up over 90 film, TV and theater credits, including guest-starring roles on hit shows like The Mentalist, Bones, Criminal Minds, Castle and Navy NCIS; and recurring roles on iCarly and General Hospital, which lead to a contract role in the spin-off, General Hospital: Night Shift. Braun has more than 1000 voice-over credits, including the sexy, snarky undercover agent, Gianna Parasini in the hugely popular video game series, Mass Effect; and alongside SNL alum Bobby Moynihan in Cartoon Network’s animated comedy series, We Bare Bears.

Braun is represented by BRS / Gage Talent Agency; and manager Jason Priluck at Priluck Company.


Watch Wendy Braun in ‘Atypical’ For Your Emmy® Consideration: wendybraun.com/fyc

Television Academy Member Viewing Platform: http://view.televisionacademy.com

(Wendy Braun in "Atypical" / Netflix)

(Wendy Braun in "Atypical" / Netflix)

(actress Wendy Braun)

(Wendy Braun on red carpet)

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New Indie Film Organization MARK IT INDIE Launches with Special Event at Hollywood’s Historic MONTALBAN THEATRE on April 29, 2019

LOS ANGELES – The new independent film organization Mark IT Indie is set to launch with a special event at the historic MONTALBAN THEATRE in Hollywood on Monday, April 29th. The evening unites a diverse cross-section of industry professionals to inform, inspire and encourage rising filmmakers to thrive at every level in their Indie career. 

The Mark IT Indie team behind this new supportive venture are actors and filmmakers Bel Deliá, Camilla Jackson and Russell Jeffrey. Together, they are on a mission to help foster connections and new collaborations for all dedicated artists and independent filmmakers seeking to propel forward and reach the next level with their creative endeavours. 

This special one-night inaugural program consists of insightful panels and one-on-one opportunities covering several key indie filmmaking areas, including: 

  • Indie Ingenuity – Addressing the challenges from budget constraints to on-set hurdles to common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Creating Voice – How to find your audience, sell your brand and your film in a crowded industry while staying authentic to your voice and your art.
  • Mark it, Mark it – An in-depth examination of the technical aspects of filmmaking and practical tips to apply from start to finish.
  • Creative Chameleons – Multi-talented artists share their experiences working across roles as they create their own content and navigate their own careers.

Lending their support and perspective on what it is to be Indie by participating on these panels will include leaders from BuzzFeed, Seed and Spark, Indie Rights, Etheria Film Night, the JTC list and Spotlight PR.

Panelists also include award-winning indie film directors, creators and actors, among them are: Lin Shaye (Insidious, Room for Rent), Emma Bell (The Walking Dead, Scratch), Noree Victoria (Little, NewFilmmakers LA), Christopher Soren Kelly (The Tangle, Infinity Chamber), Jessica Graham (The Tangle), and Haley Webb (Final Destination, Joyeux Noel).

“The purpose of Mark IT Indie is to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your own personal journey within your own unique career. We believe all you need to flourish is the seed of your creative goals and the hunger to bring them into being.” -- Mark IT Indie Team

This inaugural special event will set the tone for future Mark IT Indie programs including a full Summit in 2020. The objective is to offer an accessible, on-going forum for the advanced indie filmmaker, as well as those who may be at a pause in their career, just starting out or the actor who wants to create. 

The Mark IT Indie team each comes with breadth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Bel Delia has been a producer in film and TV for over 20 years, starting in commercial and broadcast television, and is an actress having starred in genre films, such as The Tunnel and The Tangle. Camilla Jackson has worked across multiple fields and as a journalist for Blumhouse.com and created and starred in her own Jash/Amazon series The Milli Show. Russell Jeffrey is an actor best known for his regular work with BuzzFeed among numerous film and television roles, and as one of the producers behind significant media events such as YouTube RED’s Vidcon.

Spotlight PR is proud to support Mark IT Indie in this endeavor, delivering a like-minded objective of putting the power into every artist’s hands.

Mark IT Indie at the Montalban
Date/Time: Monday, April 29, 2019 at 6:00pm

Location: Montalban Theatre (1615 Vine St. Los Angeles, 90028)
Tickets + Information visit: http://markitindie.com
Price: general / students (discount code available on website)

For more about MARK IT INDIE visit: www.markitindie.com

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Los Angeles Skid Row Artists Explore Question: What Is Your Version of Success in New Docu-Series ‘FROM BOTTOM TO TOP’

LOS ANGELES – The new documentary series, FROM BOTTOM TO TOP, brings together Skid Row artists, emerging and celebrity artists to explore: What is your version of success?

Available now on Amazon.com, Filmmakers Bel Deliá and Annalea Fiachi are on a mission to uncover the highs and lows of being an artist. The result is an 8-episode humanitarian docu-series that delivers a new form of inspiration, uncovering words of wisdom from the heart of Skid Row.

Each ‘bite-sized’ installment showcases a lively one-on-one conversation between an emerging or celebrity artist and an artist from the non-profit The People Concern’s Studio 526, an arts program in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighbourhood available to the community and those affected by homelessness — Studio 526 is rooted in the understanding that equitable access to arts and cultural spaces is a fundamental human right for all. ­­­

FROM BOTTOM TO TOP looks beyond the art that inspires you, to the artist behind it. Whether a musician from Skid Row, an art student, an acclaimed A-List actor, an emerging director or writer, the series examines what makes us tick, what makes us human and in turn what connects us all.

Some of the featured artist pairings include:

--   Actress/Director Emma Bell (Scratch, The Walking Dead, Dallas) with Musician the late Franc Foster of Franc’s Melting Pot
--   Indie folk Singer/Songwriter Sunny War with DJ “Sir Oliver”
--   Painter/Artist Linda Leigh with Actress Jaime Slater (Daredevil)
--   Actress Alyson Reed (High School Musical) with Artist Hugo Gonzalez
--   Comedian/Actress Amy Anderson with Actress/Singer Christina C. (Urban Voices Choir, LA Poverty Department Theatre Co)
--   Artist/Filmmaker Vicki Maturo with genre Director Mike Mendez (Don’t Kill It, Masters of Horror)
--   Dancer/Choreographer Essence Florie with Painter/Artist Garrison A.
-- Artist Antonio Holguin with veteran Singer/Producer/Performer dubbed ‘The Ambassador of Soul’ Ellis Hall Jr.

Deliá began developing the project in 2016 with a specific focus, explaining “The goal is to build an awareness that homelessness is not an identity, it is not who you are, who you are is a dancer, a singer, a musician, a painter, a member of the greater community. Once we can appreciate that, we can all address the crisis of homelessness together.”

Deliá and Fiachi, artists themselves, bonded over their shared love of acting and filmmaking. Passionate about the creative arts, they ran a charity penny drive together for two years consecutive, raising funds for Studio 526’s arts program then called Lamp Arts Program back in 2013 and 2014.

FROM BOTTOM TO TOP is available for streaming on Amazon.com and Amazon Prime in the U.S. and U.K. -- direct link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QG53Y5Z/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp__kklTCbDVHM960

 For more about FROM BOTTOM TO TOP visit: www.FromBottomToTop.org


('From Bottom to Top' - pictured: Emma Bell and Franc Foster)

('From Bottom to Top' - pictured: Sunny War and “Sir Oliver”)

('From Bottom to Top' - pictured: Linda Leigh  and Jaime Slater)

'From Bottom to Top' Filmmakers - pictured: Bel Deliá (R) and Annalea Fiachi (L)

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rawzkyrecordsent music group


Born and raised in the streets of Portland Oregon when gentrification did not exist, Antonio PettyJohnBlue quickly learned how to adapt as well as survive through the trenches of a hard knock life. Being born with alcohol and drug in his system, the world already deemed Mr. PettyjohnBlue a lost cause. However that did not stop him from allowing his unique lyrics and vocal skills to be heard amongst the young crowds in inner cities across the east and west coast projects. Possessing flare and finesse, Antonio has a sound like no other. A new music called (r&p) rhythm and pleasure, but as Antonio would say, “ its just raw pism.” A lyrical poet who not only has the ability to create in your face and sometimes in your bedroom melodies, and controversial as it is, Antonio’s music style is one of a kind.

Listening to legends like Michael Jackson, Prince, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, Antonio always knew that he was destined to be a superstar just like the people he aspired to one day perform with. Antonio was raised in foster care and admits although it still bothers him to this day, the hardship he experienced has made him a stronger artist. “ My mother’s side of the family is where I developed my ability to move and serenade crowds, but my father’s musical gift as a pro is where I got my soul, rhtym and funk from.”

The now midlife,midaged artist has put all his focus and drive into being the next breakout star not only in Portland, but across the world. The 31 year old conglomerate has brought together trends in people who never thought would team up. He is a current CEO of Rawzky Records and hopes to change lives of the youth around him who suffer from the effects of gang violence and lack of role models in their communities. In addition to his newly found record company, King Rawzky is also a first year student in college studying Radio Broadcasting.

Hailing from a musical background, Antonio’s mother also was a singer. His late mother who was tragically killed as a car illegally ran a stop light. had a voice that would sound a crying baby to sleep. His Father Jake the Snake Booker, is currently performing across the country showcasing his rock and soul funkadelic talents while honing his guitar entertaining packed lounges and night clubs. Antonio’s late grandfather Venerable F Booker is a legendary scholar who was one of the first black presidents of a bank he owned in Portland Oregon since the late 1960’s. Coming from a musical background and a traditional soul and gospel, his grandfather also was a lover of music.

The friends and family of Antonio pettyjohnblue express their gratitude towards Portland’s critics, says King Rawzky. Its ironic and amazing to be loved and respected by so many. Considering the hate and jealousy that keeps Portland’s music world in the dirt. “There’s no support first of all”, says King Rawzky (Antonio). “You have to give more than you receive…if you really want a reward.” A true found talent, King Rawzky is destined to be crowned one of Portland Oregon’s best artists.

‘Life’s Metamorphosis’ Out Now


Portland, Oregon – March 3, 2019 – While his name showcases his reign, it hasn’t always been so for King Rawzky. An underdog for much of his life, he’s ready to prove that he’s rising above and going beyond the expectations of his haters with an exciting 2019 planned. His first stop, SXSW in Austin, Texas this March.

With a professional musician for a father, it was inevitable that King Rawzky would inherit his talents and want to proceed with them. Comparable to the likes of Donnell Jones and K-Ci & JoJo, King Rawzky is a master of his craft. He takes listeners back to the pinnacle time for R&B – the ’90s – while still making them feel present in the here and now thanks to the alternative rock spin he puts in things. Not only does his sound resonate with fans, but also his perseverance. His childhood wasn’t always the best, but he overcame adversity and showcases that in his narrative alongside love and romance. It’s all about “constantly putting out positive energy” he says. Over the years King Rawzky has put out a plethora of albums, including 2018’s Life’s Metamorphosis.

Growing up King Rawkzy looked up to his grandfather, a successful banker and accountant. Following in his footsteps, he graduated college with a major in music and orchestration. Today, on top of creating his own music, he provides top grade vocal lessons while simultaneously focusing on his future endeavors with his animal rescue agency.

provided below.

King Rawzky
Antonio Blue

Official Site: http://www.rawzkyrecordsent.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/king_rawzky
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blue_antonio/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Q-0Y8qqm4sU
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_srch_drd_B00GUDGTC4?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=King%20Rawzky&index=digital-music&search-type=ss

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Filmmaker / Actress ANGELA MATEMOTJA Awarded BEST INSPIRATIONAL FEATURE for ‘ELEVATE’ at Golden State Film Festival

LOS ANGELES – Award-winning filmmaker and actress Angela Matemotja earns ‘Best Inspirational Feature’ award for her feature film debut, ELEVATE, at the 2019 Golden State Film Festival awards ceremony which took place at TCL Chinese Theatre.

Writing, directing and starring in ELEVATE, Matemotja delivers a drama of intertwining stories about people who must fight to overcome their struggles with homophobia, food addiction and racism. Matemotja shares, “Winning Best Inspirational Feature is such an honor and is in complete alignment with my mission: creating a cinematic culture of compassion, one story at a time. Thank you Peter Greene and Jon Gursha for this wonderful accolade.”

On April 20th, ELEVATE will screen as the final Official Selection at The Women’s International Film Festival San Diego. Hosted by the Women’s Museum of California, the festival provides female storytellers a platform to share their work and connect with each other amongst a uniquely supportive audience.

Matemotja shares, “I am so touched that we are the final screening and only feature film playing at this special festival. This is a true honor and I can’t wait to view and discuss ELEVATE with other women considering our film was written, produced, directed, scored and stars mostly women. This is more than I could have ever hoped for.”

The film has been gaining momentum with international audiences as well, screening most recently in South Africa on International Womens’ Day, where during a robust panel one audience member asked Matemotja: Did you know about the #MeToo movement at the time you were filming?

Earlier this year, Matemotja earned the ‘Best Director’ award at the U.K.’s LGBTQ focused Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival and the ‘Female Pioneer Award’ at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival in Los Angeles. Prior to this, the film earned an Award of Merit for Best Feature Film and Best Actress in a Leading Role (Matemotja) from the Accolade Global Film Competition.

ELEVATE delivers a drama of intertwining stories about people who must fight to overcome their struggles with homophobia, food addiction and racism. The story follows Trina, an overweight elevator switchboard operator who desperately tries to accomplish just one day of healthy eating. Overwhelmed by her abusive boss and by the trapped elevator occupants that reach out to her for help, her fitness guru provides the inspiration and escape that she craves – or does she? Ultimately, all of the occupants in this trapped world find themselves caught face-to-face with their inner demons.

The film also stars Brianna Brown (CW’S Dynasty), Kit Williamson (creator/star of award-winning and Emmy nominated LGBTQ series Eastsiders), Alexis Carra (Latina star of ABC’s Mixology) and Matemotja (Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club). To produce the film, Matemotja turned to Dele Ogundiran, who is also African, and Brown, who is the CEO of the non-profit The New Hollywood, which is dedicated to supporting socially conscious storytellers and change makers.


ELEVATE – The Women’s International Film Festival San Diego
Location:  79 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101
Date/Time: Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 7:00pm
Details: ***Q and A panel with Angela Matemotja immediately following the screening.
Tickets https://www.womensfilmfestivalsandiego.com/passes

For more about ELEVATE visit: ElevateFilm.com

(ELEVATE cast at Golden State Film Festival 2019)

(Angela Matemotja accepts 'Best Inspirational Feature' for ELEVATE at Golden State Film Festival - alongside festival Directors Jon Gursha and Peter Greene)

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Celebrated Filmmaker / Actress ANGELA MATEMOTJA Brings ‘ELEVATE’ to Golden State Film Festival at TCL Chinese Theatre

LOS ANGELES – Award-winning filmmaker and actress Angela Matemotja brings her internationally celebrated feature film ELEVATE to the iconic TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood as part of the Golden State Film Festival on March 25th.

The film screens as an ‘Official Selection’ on the heels of playing in South Africa at the Rapid Lion Film Festival and on International Womens' Day last week. Matemotja earned the ‘Best Director’ award at the U.K.’s LGBTQ focused Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival and the ‘Female Pioneer Award’ at the DTLA Film Festival in Los Angeles. Prior to this, the film earned an Award of Merit for Best Feature Film and Best Actress in a Leading Role (Matemotja) from the Accolade Global Film Competition.

As writer, director and star of the film, Matemotja is now thrilled to take it to the famed Chinese Theatre for its final festival, adding “I am so grateful and excited to be screening at this incredible venue. This is the perfect place to have our final Los Angeles Film Festival screening -- this is a dream come true!”

ELEVATE delivers a drama of intertwining stories about people who must fight to overcome their struggles with homophobia, food addiction and racism. The story follows Trina, an overweight elevator switchboard operator who desperately tries to accomplish just one day of healthy eating. Overwhelmed by her abusive boss and by the trapped elevator occupants that reach out to her for help, her fitness guru provides the inspiration and escape that she craves – or does she? Ultimately, all of the occupants in this trapped world find themselves caught face-to-face with their inner demons.

The film also stars Brianna Brown (CW’S Dynasty), Kit Williamson (creator/star of award-winning and Emmy nominated LGBTQ series Eastsiders), Alexis Carra (Latina star of ABC’s Mixology) and Matemotja (Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club). To produce the film, Matemotja turned to Dele Ogundiran, who is also African, and Brown, who is the CEO of the non-profit The New Hollywood, which is dedicated to supporting socially conscious storytellers and changemakers.

As an actress, Matemotja has appeared on screens big and small. Her notable feature film credits include the role of ‘Christina’ in Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club and alongside Kevin Hart in the indie comedy film Something Like A Business. Her television roles include appearances on the CBS mega-hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, Amazon’s top cop-drama Bosch, ABC’s long-running series Castle and edgy sitcom Don’t Trust The B…, and Ryan Murphy’s modern laugher The New Normal on NBC.

Behind the camera, Matemotja earned an NAACP Award nomination for directing the stage play Sunshine For a Midnight Weary. Her first short film as writer/director, The Encounter, screened at over 30 international film festivals, earning the Grand Jury Award at the White Sands Int’l FF, Honorable Mention at Toronto CommFFest and nominations for Best Short Film at SoCal FF, SOHO FF and Long Island Int’l Film Expo. Her second short, The Untimely Concurrence, won Best LGBTQ Film at AOF FF, San Francisco Black FF and San Diego Black FF, and the Silver Screen Award for Best Short Film at the Nevada Int’l FF. In addition, her screenplay Drunk Book was awarded Best Comedy Short for the written word competition at AOF FF.

ELEVATE – Golden State Film Festival
Location: TCL Chinese Theatre (6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA)
Date/Time: Monday, March 25, 2019 at 9:30pm
Details: Matemotja along with stars Brianna Brown and Alexis Carra will be in attendance along with the rest of the cast and crew.
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/golden-state-film-festival-tickets-54491730232

For more about ELEVATE visit: www.ElevateFilm.com

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Jessica Ross to Take Center Stage With Renowned Business Professionals During iTalk’s April 12th Debut at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia

Join Jen Montague, Desiree Rogers, and leaders from BET-VIACOM, Comcast, Brightside, Darkchild Entertainment etc. on Friday., April 12th from 6-9 p.m. on the rooftop of the Kimmel Center for “iTalk”. A night where pop culture, leadership content and stage drama collide. Speakers include; Desiree Rogers, former social secretary Barack Obama Administration and former CEO of Johnson Publishing overseeing Ebony & JET Magazines,Tom Spann, founding CEO Accolade Benefits Co, current CEO Brightside, Stephen Hoelper, Vice President of Product Innovation Comcast Cable, Meisha Johnson former anchor CBS Philly, Jessica Ross, Beverly Hills Actress, Publicist, TV Host, Robert T Bey, Chairman of the National Urban American Asia Trade Foundation, Andrea Agnew, Executive Director Change Acceleration Comcast Cable, Keith Donnell, President, Modern Wealth Concepts LLC. Original Music produced by The International DJ Casper, DarkChild Music Label.

The program opens on the roof of the Kimmel Center amidst a club-like night life scene. Guests will enjoy cocktails and mingling at sunset while listening to original music produced by the acclaimed International DJ Casper. As the sun sets on Philadelphia, the glass enclosed Kimmel roof top will begin to glow in various colors on all four sides, reinforcing the club-like party feel. The audience will take their seats, which are staged in non-traditional angles and positions across the rooftop dome. Attendees will experience an opening 9-minute monologue given by Sr. Producer and Creative Director Jen Montague titled “Courage” which will be delivered from the audience. Then, very strong, stark transitions involving music, sound, lighting and set moves preventing the “usual” applause, will push the show into rapid motion. Attendees will experience 9-minute iTalks, one after another, centered on Vision, Change Acceleration, Endurance-given by headliner Ms. Desiree Rogers and finally Challenge. Special effects and interruptions reinforcing the merge of pop culture, leadership and stage are continuously introduced challenging leaders to examine themselves, their purpose, their talent through a different lens. But we won’t got into detail... you’ll have to see it for yourself!

Fashion and Music infuse with iTalk. World renowned pop culture contemporary painter commissioned to paint Pope Francis in Philadelphia, Milou Perry will create artistic masterpieces for the audience to witness while on stage. Pamela Quinzi, Oscars Awards Celebrity Fashion Designer will spice up the event with her hand crafted, custom designed fashion creations.

Jessica Ross will be speaking about Change Acceleration for her iTalk. “In order to succeed in acting or any related field you have to take huge risks and make sacrifices in both your personal and professional life. From working as a publicist, I also learned how important is to build relationships with media, take control of your career, create your own success, and develop your social media presence without relying on agents or managers. I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of the debut iTalk and look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone”.

Follow Jessica Ross at https://www.instagram.com/jessicarossofficial/ .Register for iTalk at www.iTalkEvents.com



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Actress MOLLY RATERMANN Meets Grief and Trauma Starring in Dramatic Indie Feature ‘BRING ME AN AVOCADO’

SAN FRANCISCO - Actress Molly Ratermann meets grief and trauma head-on starring in the compelling dramatic indie feature, BRING ME AN AVOCADO, making its World Premiere at the CINEQUEST Film Festival on March 8, 2019.

Early on, the project was a finalist in Seed & Spark’s 2017 inaugural Hometown Heroes rally, where it was one of 5 films awarded a grant by respected filmmakers The Duplass Brothers. Now, The Mercury News touts the completed film as a world premiere that “shouldn’t be missed”.

Written and directed by Maria Mealla, this tragic story chronicles how a family and friends must cope after a horrific shooting leaves a young mother in a coma. As her sister Greece (Ratermann) and best friend Jada step in to help George maintain a sense of normalcy for his daughters, they all struggle to adapt in her absence. As time passes, everyone is forced to face their own grief and trauma in an overbearing routine that reveals the worst in all of them.

In recent years, Ratermann has established herself as an award-winning actress and filmmaker on the indie scene. She earned ‘Best Actress’ awards at the LA Film Awards, Studio City Int. Film Festival, International Independent Film Festival, Indiefest, and the Actors Awards, among others. Ratermann is a skilled actress having trained in Los Angeles and New York at Seydways Studios, Upright Citizens Brigade and Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Under her Little Hand Productions banner, this San Francisco born multi-talent has gained international attention for creating and starring in dark comedies which shed light on important social issues. The most notable is her mental health extended short film, Suicide, which earned 20 awards at over 25 festivals worldwide and was selected for Filmmaker Spotlight by ShortsTV and earned distribution on Amazon, DirecTV and other platforms throughout the U.S. and Europe. Her performance has been heralded as “organic, profound and touching” (Actors Awards) and “immediately humorous and lovable...10/10” (LA Film Awards).

Ratermann followed it up creating and starring in the daring short, Lizze Lost, which earned accolades for dealing with the complexity of unrequited gay-straight love, isolation, and a life changing cancer diagnosis. As a director, Ratermann helmed the dramedy web series, For Your Birthday, which dives into the realm of inner family matters; and the upcoming comedy-drama web series, Commune, highlighting social issues in the African-American community and flaws in the judicial system.

Molly Ratermann is represented by Scott Carlson Entertainment and Mazlea Talent Agency.

BRING ME AN AVOCADO – CINEQUEST Film Festival in San Jose, California
World Premiere: March 8th at 7:15 pm at Hammer Theatre
Additional Screenings: March 10 at 1:05 pm and March 16 at 12:15 pm at Century 20; March 17 at 10:45 am at California Theatre.
More info: https://www.cinequest.org

For more about MOLLY RATERMANN visit: www.MollyRatermann.com

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Create a Sensory Experience with New Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments

Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipmentmanufacturer, has expanded its collection of Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments with three instruments—chimes, bells and drums. This superior outdoor musical collection welcomes newbies as well as polished musicians to explore the power of rhythm.

Originally introduced in January 2016, this playful and elegant collection lends itself to any environment—playgrounds, community centers, schools, childcare centers, preschools, senior centers and more. Learn about the new instruments now available from Landscape Structures: 

  • Vibra™ Chimes: Eight large chimes, each with their own mallet, play eight of the lowest notes and allow users to feel the vibration generated along with hearing the sound. Choose all eight chimes to create a diatonic scale, five for a pentatonic scale, four to create a major chord or place individual, multi-sized chimes throughout your play space.
  • Cascata™ Bell: Vertical bells create 10 different tones on this outdoor musical instrument. Use the attached mallet to ring out notes one at a time or glide the mallet over all the bells for a fun music-making experience. The Cascata Bells are the perfect instrument for musicians of all ages and abilities.
  • Tongue Drum: The Tongue Drum joins the Rhapsody family of drums to create a fantastic drum line. With its six district notes, users of all ages and abilities can strike the different ‘tongues” of the drum to create various sounds and tunes.

Landscape Structures consulted with a musical advisor on the development of the original line of Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments to ensure every instrument in this patent-pending collection achieves precision manufacturing and consistency in tones. That's how the new chimes, bells and drums deliver the same great sound. Even more, all of the Rhapsody instruments are manufactured to endure years of music making in the elements.

See all 16 of the Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments in action and learn more at playlsi.com.

About Landscape Structures Inc. 
Since 1971, Landscape Structures Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of commercial playground equipment in the world. Our employee-owned company designs community and school playgrounds that encourage kids of all ages and abilities to learn persistence, leadership, competition, bravery, support and empathy through play. We push the limits—of design, inclusion, play—to help kids realize there is no limit to what they can do today and in the future. For a better tomorrow, we play today.

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More Than Just Great Dancing to Lead YPAD and YPAG Advocacy Programs

More Than Just Great Dancing®, an international dance studio affiliation program led by Misty Lown, has acquired Youth Protection Advocates in Dance and Youth Protection Advocates in Gymnastics to grow their missions to keep youth happy, healthy and safe in dance and gymnastics.

Founders of YPAD and YPAG, Leslie Scott and Joseph Zanovitch, selected Misty Lown and MTJGD after working closely together for the past four years. Misty Lown’s studio, Misty’s Dance Unlimited, was YPAD’s first Visionary Sponsor and first certified studio, and MTJGD became YPAD’s first certified organization.

“While the decision to grow, and thereby pass along, our youth advocacy programs was difficult, selecting Misty Lown and MTJGD was easy,” said Scott. “Misty’s philosophy and values match ours and her commitment to the mission is undeniable.”

The transfer is effective January 29, 2019.

Scott and Zanovitch founded YPAD in 2012, and YPAG formed soon thereafter. Scott said certification contributors, doctors, therapists and specialists who developed the advocacy programs’ educational content will stay on to work with MTJGD through YPAD and YPAG advisory panels.

“We want to assure all studios in process of becoming certified, and all certified studios and organizations that are up for renewal, they will still have that opportunity along with the support and care from the MTJGD team,” said Scott.

Zanovitch said people with questions are welcome to contact them at info@ypad4change.org or by telephone next week. (Zanovitch and Scott are teaching this week at Studio Owner University in Palm Springs, California.)

To see Scott and Zanovitch’s full announcement, visit https://youtu.be/k4BPUdtzA40.

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New Cortez Exhibition Pays Homage to Johannes Vermeer and Childe Hassam

A new exhibition by internationally acclaimed painter Jenness Cortez will honor a group of illustrious artists including Johannes Vermeer, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, John Singer Sargent, Childe Hassam and Winslow Homer. On view February 17 through March 8, 2019 at the Harmon-Meek Gallery in Naples, Florida, this one-person show represents the latest installment in the Cortez series of thought-provoking paintings depicting art in art.

Historically, the tradition of “art in art” was most notably employed by such 17th-century Dutch artists as Johannes Vermeer. In her own painting “Alluring,” Cortez pays homage to the genius of Vermeer by incorporating his iconic ”Girl with a Pearl Earring“ into her own original composition. In “Alluring” Cortez continues to reexamine the classic paradox of realism: the painting both as a “window” into an imagined space and as a physical object.

Painting details: “Alluring,” © by Jenness Cortez: acrylic on mahogany panel, 40 by 30 inches; Homage to: Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) “Girl with a Pearl Earring” 1665, Mauritshuis Museum, The Hague; “The Glass of Wine,” Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden; Franz van Mieris (1635-1681); “The Oyster Meal,” Mauritshuis Museum, The Hague; Miniature Queen Anne Clock by Henry Stockar, London c.1705; Chinese cloisonné Moon Flask, Ming dynasty, Jingtai mark (1450-1456), private collection; Chinese export lacquer Tea Chest c. 1840, private collection

A second Cortez painting in the Harmon-Meek exhibition pays homage to American impressionist painter Childe Hassam and U.S. veterans by incorporating Hassam’s “Rainy Day, Fifth Avenue 1916” into her own stately work entitled, “Centennial.”

Painting details: “Centennial” © by Jenness Cortez: acrylic on mahogany panel, 30 by 24 inches; Homage to: Childe Hassam (1859-1935) “Rainy Day, Fifth Avenue 1916” Collection of Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey; Silver clock c.1900 by Archibald Knox for Liberty, Private collection; 100 year old Juniper Bonsai, Collection of Nippon Bonsai Association, Tokyo, Japan; “Uncle Sam” by James Montgomery Flagg, Private collection; Photo of New York City skyline, 1949, Photographer unknown; Photograph of reproduction of the Tri-wing Fokker piloted by The Red Baron, Photographer unknown; Portrait of “Major General the Earl of Athlong” by Sir Alfred Munnings, Collection of Windsor Castle; “Allies’ Day, May 1917” by Childe Hassam, Collection of National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

For centuries artists have been challenging their intellects and skills by paying homage to the painters who preceded them. Today, Jenness Cortez has emerged as the twenty-first century’s most notable exponent of this facet of art history. Her masterful work gives Cortez solid footing in the colorful lineage of artists who have appropriated vintage images and woven them into their own distinctive, recognizable fabric.

Robert Yassin, former Executive Director of the Indianapolis Museum and Palos Verdes Art Center, refers to Cortez as one of the world’s most eloquent and successful visual conversationalists. Yassin says that, “All art is a dialogue . . . In Cortez’s paintings, each work talks to us at many levels, and creates in us a sense of both understanding and wellbeing. This happens because there is nothing arbitrary in Cortez’s paintings. The choice of the painting reproduced, the elements surrounding it, the space the elements occupy, the lighting, the color, everything is carefully selected and orchestrated following a fully articulated plan determined by the artist.” Yassin, who also served as director of Tucson Museum of Art during his illustrious career, freely confides that “the paintings of Jenness Cortez make my heart sing,”

In summarizing her creative process, Cortez explains, “Every painting begins with a vision seen in the artist’s mind. Sometimes the finished piece appears in the mind full-blown, and at other times it is amorphous––yet with some beguiling character that begs to be developed. In either case, between that first inspiration and the finished painting lie hours of research, thousands of choices and, of course, the great joy of painting. The process is organic. Even with a well-conceived composition in place, the painting has a life of its own and the best ones surprise even the artist with twists and turns that outshine the most clever of plans. It’s as if the creative spirit insinuates itself into the work, wanting to serve its own best interest with solutions that far exceed the artist’s original, limited vision.”

Each intricate Cortez creation challenges the viewers’ intellectual curiosity and celebrates the sheer pleasure of beautiful painting. In her latest Harmon-Meek exhibition, Cortez plays author, architect, visual journalist, art historian, curator and pundit to help open our eyes to what we might otherwise have overlooked or taken for granted. Each painting presents a specific theme, mixing straightforward cues and obscure allusions, complemented by references to other artists’ lives and times. By masterfully presenting iconic works of art in unexpected modern settings, Jenness Cortez truly inspires us to see differently––to rediscover, revalue and reintegrate our own intuitive resources into the hurried and often stress-filled culture of modern American.

Biographical Notes: 
Jenness Cortez was born in 1944 in Frankfort, Indiana. She received her B.F.A. from the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, apprenticed privately with noted Dutch painter Antonius Raemaekers and later studied with Arnold Blanch at the Art Students League of New York. Her work is in numerous public and private collections including those of Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, HM Queen Elizabeth, II, the New York State Museum and the Polk Museum of Art.

Since 1977, Perlmutter Gallery in Averill Park, New York has represented artist Jenness Cortez.

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Filmmaker / Actress ANGELA MATEMOTJA Named ‘Best Director’ at London’s 2019 Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival for Debut Feature ‘ELEVATE’

LOS ANGELES – Award-winning filmmaker and actress Angela Matemotja earns ‘Best Director’ award for her feature film debut, ELEVATE, at the Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival, a new LGBTQ focused event in North London, U.K.

Writing, directing and starring in ELEVATE, Matemotja delivers a drama of intertwining stories about people who must fight to overcome their struggles with homophobia, food addiction and racism. Matemotja shares, “winning Best Director from an emerging LGBTQ festival is an honor. The fact that it screened in London really warms my heart, as I lived there years ago and fell in love with the city.”

ELEVATE will continue on the international circuit this March as an ‘Official Selection’ at Rapid Lion: The South African International Film Festival in Johannesburg. Matemotja has close ties to South Africa, as she is half South African and it was while living there that she first began developing the project. She also loosely based one character in the film ‘Sipho’ on her South African father, who also plays the role in the film. Matemotja shares, “I'm especially excited the film is screening in Johannesburg as my hope is to help ‘elevate’ the minds and hearts of anyone struggling with homophobia and racism, as these issues are so prevalent on the continent.”

Last fall, Matemotja earned the ‘Female Pioneer Award’ when ELEVATE premiered at the DTLA Film Festival in Los Angeles. Prior to this, the film earned an Award of Merit for Best Feature Film and Best Actress in a Leading Role (Angela Matemotja) from the Accolade Global Film Competition.

ELEVATE follows the story of Trina, an overweight elevator switchboard operator who desperately tries to accomplish just one day of healthy eating. Overwhelmed by her abusive boss and by the trapped elevator occupants that reach out to her for help, her fitness guru provides the inspiration and escape that she craves – or does she? Ultimately, all of the occupants in this trapped world find themselves caught face-to-face with their inner demons.

The film also stars Brianna Brown (CW’S Dynasty), Kit Williamson (creator/star of award-winning and Emmy nominated LGBTQ series Eastsiders), Alexis Carra (Latina star of ABC’s Mixology) and Matemotja (Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club). To produce the film, Matemotja turned to Dele Ogundiran, who is also African, and Brown, who is the CEO of the non-profit The New Hollywood, which is dedicated to supporting socially conscious storytellers and changemakers.

As an actress, Matemotja has appeared on screens big and small. Her notable feature film credits include the role of ‘Christina’ in Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club and alongside Kevin Hart in the indie comedy film Something Like A Business. Her television roles include appearances on the CBS mega-hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, Amazon’s top cop-drama Bosch, ABC’s long-running series Castle and edgy sitcom Don’t Trust The B…, and Ryan Murphy’s modern laugher The New Normal on NBC.

Behind the camera, Matemotja earned an NAACP Award nomination for directing the stage play Sunshine For a Midnight Weary. Her first short film as writer/director, The Encounter, screened at over 30 international film festivals, earning the Grand Jury Award at the White Sands Int’l FF, Honorable Mention at Toronto CommFFest and nominations for Best Short Film at SoCal FF, SOHO FF and Long Island Int’l Film Expo. Her second short, The Untimely Concurrence, won Best LGBTQ Film at AOF FF, San Francisco Black FF and San Diego Black FF, and the Silver Screen Award for Best Short Film at the Nevada Int’l FF. In addition, her screenplay Drunk Book was awarded Best Comedy Short for the written word competition at AOF FF.

For more about ELEVATE visit: ElevateFilm.com

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James Pratt Awarded Australia's Top 5 Under 35 In 2019

1) James Pratt
Actor and Auctioneer

James Pratt First on Australia's Top 5 Under 35
At the top of CLPR's list is talented actor and auctioneer to the stars James Pratt. Pratt had a break out year in 2018, securing International esteem as an actor, producing his own entertainment industry show, and then setting 14 new records as Australia’s number 1 auctioneer and a celebrity favourite internationally for some of the biggest stars in the world.

One of Australia’s hardest working performers, in 2018 Pratt also wrapped the filming of the feature film “On Halloween” (2019), in which he plays a lead character "Ethan Rogers." Previews of his performance are already gaining huge buzz in Hollywood. Pratt recently finished hosting Season One of “Conversation Hollywood.” He has interviewed such guests as two-time Academy Award Nominee Bruce Beresford and American actress Jessica Ross, (season one Fashion Dolls).

And in April 2018 Pratt signed a deal with Hollywood powerhouse production team The Company for his own TV show. Pratt has a slate of four film projects lined up in Hollywood for 2019.

“James has one of those rare talents that lets him appear absolutely compelling and natural in front of the camera,” said Trisanne Marin of LA Management, Pratt’s Los Angeles-based manager.

Pratt’s business career as an auctioneer has been very successful. He holds 25 records and is the auctioneer used by celebrities around the world.
Pratt was the 2018 REB Australian Auctioneer of the Year Finalist, The 2018 REI NSW Top Communication Award Finalist, and the 2018 Australian Thought Leader of the Year Finalist. He recently auctioned the palatial home of handbag designer Gabrielle Tindale, the powerwoman behind the House of Tindale, for .8 million.

Pratt’s acting success and multiple accomplishments in 2018 make him the number one pick for the 2019 Top 5 Under 35 in Australia’s Entertainment Industry list.

2) Amy Shark

Amy Shark was second.

Amy Louise Billings, known professionally as Amy Shark, also had a break out year in 2018. She cemented herself as Australia’s reigning queen of pop, taking home Album of the Year, Best Female Artist and Best Pop Release at this year's ARIA awards. She was also the most nominated music act with nine nominations on the night.
Shark who hails from the Gold Coast, also made headlines in the United States with appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, further growing her international fan base.
That’s why Shark is the pick for number two on the 2019 Top 5 Under 35 in Australia’s Entertainment Industry list.

3) Victoria Lee
Victoria Lee was second.
Some models are at the top of their game, Victoria Lee is one of them. The 27-year-old walked in the historic Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai prior to starting 2018. The event was the world-famous lingerie brand’s first-ever show in Asia. Lee then became the official model ambassador for retail giant David Jones and has excelled in this position. She was also on the cover for Elle Magazine in May of 2018 and scored the cover soon after of Marie Claire Magazine Spain in July. While Lee says her own style is constantly changing, her career hit another high in 2018.
That’s why CLPR picked Lee for the number-three spot on the 2019 Top 5 Under 35 in Australia’s Entertainment Industry list.

4) Adut Akech

Adut Akech was fourth.

Child refugee turned global fashion superstar Adut Akech of Adelaide had a big 2018. Billed by Harpers Bazaar as Australia’s next supermodel, Akech won Australia’s top model at the 11th Australian Fashion Laureate awards in 2018. Karl Lagerfeld chose Akech to be the Chanel bride in the French fashion house’s July couture. And Akech starred in 33 Spring - Summer 2019 international runways, while also scoring the cover of Australian Vogue in December. Akech was born on Christmas Day, 1999, as her family made their way from war-torn South Sudan to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. Akech’s transformation from young refugee to breakout modeling star makes her CLPR's choice as number four on the 2019 Top 5 Under 35 in Australia’s Entertainment Industry list.

5) Troye Sivan
Singer, Actor

Troye Sivan was fifth.

In 2018, Troye Sivan Mellet, known professionally as Troye Sivan, first gained popularity via YouTube and in Australian talent competitions but is now a successful musician and actor who has performed alongside megastars like Ariana Grande, Russell Crowe, and Nicole Kidman. He has released two Billboard top-five albums. As an actor, Sivan portrayed the younger version of Wolverine in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He has over 6.7 million subscribers and over 100 million total views. Already a huge success despite his youth, Sivan is CLPR's pick for the number-five spot on the 2019 Top 5 Under 35 in Australia’s Entertainment Industry list.


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Kaminski Auctions Return to Palm Desert for Antique Appraisal Event Jan 17-19

On January 17th, 18th and 19th Kaminski Auctions will be returning to Palm Desert, California to host a three-day Antiques Appraisal event offering free verbal appraisals for your antique fine art, jewelry, silver, porcelain, decorative arts, Asian antiques etc. The event will be held in the Lobby Boardroom of the Embassy Suites by Hilton, Palm Desert located at 74-700 Highway 111, Palm Desert, California, 92260 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on a first come basis. 

A Kaminski Auctions representative will be available by appointment for house calls for your larger items or you may bring in photos. We are now accepting consignments for our 2019 auctions. You may also email images to our team of expert appraisers at hmorgan(at) kaminskiauctions(dot)com. 

Kaminski Auctions, located on the North Shore of Boston, has been serving the New England antiques market for over 30 years as a full service auction house and appraisal service for fine art, antiques and estates. As auctioneers of the Oprah Winfrey Collection and most recently,The Martha Stewart Studio Props Collection, Kaminski Auctions is uniquely qualified to handle collections large and small. Kaminski Auctions provides its customers with international exposure for their items on three live bidding platforms and bicoastal services with east coast offices in Beverly, Massachusetts and West Palm Beach, Florida and west coast offices in Beverly Hills and San Diego, California. If you are moving, downsizing or settling an estate we have highly trained and knowledgeable appraisers on staff that will help you determine the true value of your antiques, or entire collections. Our state-of-the-art auction gallery is located at 117 Elliott St. (Rt. 62), Beverly, Massachusetts. Kaminski Auctions hosts 24 plus auctions a year. For more information on this exciting event go to our website at http://www.kaminskiauctions.com or call our office at 978-927-2223.

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2019 Climbing Awards Announced by the American Alpine Club

The American Alpine Club (AAC) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Climbing Awards honoring the most impactful climbers and conservationists within the North American climbing community. Among this year’s award honorees are climbing legends Tom Hornbein, Michael Kennedy, and Jim Donini, and present-day activists and trend-setters including Jeremy Jones, Kate Rutherford, and Brette Harrington.

The Annual Climbing Awards, presented by The American Alpine Club, are the longest running and most prestigious awards honoring climbing and mountain conservation in North America. The Annual Climbing Awards will be presented at the AAC Annual Dinner Weekend, March 8-10, 2019 in San Francisco. The event’s keynote speaker is Colin Haley, who will speak to the triumphs and tragedies of speed climbing.

Phil Powers, American Alpine Club CEO, said of the 2019 Awards, “The Annual Climbing Awards are unique in that they recognize both lifetime achievements and those who represent the future. Look at the list; from climbers who are changing the climbing landscape right now to icons from our history, we will hear some amazing stories.”

Celebrating some of the greatest mountaineers of Golden Age of American climbing, Jim Donini, Michael Kennedy will receive a prestigious Honorary Membership for their “lasting and highly significant impact on the advancement of the climbing craft,” and Tom Hornbein, famous for the 1963 first ascent of Everest’s infamous West Ridge, will receive the 2019 Heilprin Citation for his lifelong work to “maintain and strengthen the American Alpine Club.”

For the second year in a row, a female climber will receive the The Robert Hicks Bates Award which honors young climbers who show “outstanding promise for future accomplishment.” Brette Harrington, a 26-year-old climber, is perhaps best known for the first free solo of 2,500-ft Chiaro di Luna (5.11a) in Patagonia, but is also an accomplished trad climber with several 5.13+ routes to her name. Past Bates Award winners have included Alex Honnold, Chris Sharma, Tommy Caldwell, Steph Davis, Hayden Kennedy, Colin Haley (the 2019 Keynote speaker), Sasha DiGiulian, and Margo Hayes.

Kate Rutherford is set to receive the Underhill Award in recognition of a fantastic and inspiring climbing career. Rutherford was singled out by the AAC selection committee due to her impressive list of climbing accomplishments worldwide and a number of notable first all-female free ascents, including FreeRider (5.13a) on El Capitan, the Moonlight Buttress (5.12d) in Zion, and the North Pillar of Fitzroy.

Legendary big mountain snowboarder, Jeremy Jones, will be recognized for his conservation leadership to bring attention to climate change as it affects the mountain community. Jones has become an unrelenting champion to fight climate change and share his experiences of receding glaciers and changing mountain landscapes using his podium as an athlete. In 2013 Jones was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, and has been called a “Champion of Change” by President Obama.

The American Alpine Club is also pleased to recognize the selflessness and courage of a Polish climbing team who redirected from their first winter ascent of K2 to rescue another team caught at 26,660 ft on Pakistan’s Nanga Parbat. The team, comprised of Dennis Urubko, Adam Bielecki, Jaroslaw Botor, and Piotrek Tomala, climbed through the night in treacherous conditions to rescue a French climber, Elisabeth Revol.

2019 American Alpine Club Annual Dinner Weekend

March 8-10, 2019

The Westin St. Francis
2295 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Keynote Speaker:
Colin Haley on the triumphs and tragedies of speed climbing.

Additional Festivities:
Send ‘n’ Social celebrity climbing comp, climbing clinics, panel discussions, and more! Check the website for the full weekend schedule.

Ticket Information:
The 2019 Annual Dinner Weekend is expected to sell out and tickets are limited. For more information and to reserve your spot, visit americanalpineclub.org/annual-benefit-dinner. Registration closes on February 14, or when sold out.

2019 Climbing Award Recipients

Honorary Membership
For having had a lasting and significant impact on the advancement of climbing.
Recipient: Jim Donini and Michael Kennedy

The Robert and Miriam Underhill Award
Recognizing the highest level of climbing skill, courage, and perseverance, with outstanding success.
Recipient: Kate Rutherford

Heilprin Citation
Recognizing those who have worked to maintain and strengthen the American Alpine Club.
Recipient: Thomas Hornbein, MD

The Robert Hicks Bates Award
Recognizing a young climber with outstanding promise.
Recipient: Brette Harrington

The David R. Brower Award
Recognizing leadership and commitment to preserving mountain regions worldwide.
Recipient: Jeremy Jones

The David A Sowles Award
Recognizing unselfish devotion at personal risk or sacrifice of a major objective, in going to the assistance of fellow climbers imperiled in the mountains.
Recipients: Dennis Urubko, Adam Bielecki, Jaroslaw Botor, and Piotrek Tomala

The H. Adams Carter Literary Award (Presented June 1 at the Excellence in Climbing event in Denver)
Recognizing excellence in climbing literature.
Recipient: Kelly Cordes

About The American Alpine Club

The American Alpine Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose vision is a united community of competent climbers and healthy climbing landscapes. Together with our members, the AAC advocates for American climbers domestically and around the world; provides grants and volunteer opportunities to protect and conserve the places we climb; hosts local and national climbing festivals and events; publishes two of the world’s most sought-after climbing annuals, the American Alpine Journal and Accidents in North American Mountaineering; cares for the world’s leading climbing library and country’s leading mountaineering museum; manages five campgrounds as part of a larger lodging network for climbers; and annually gives ,000+ toward climbing, conservation, and research grants that fund adventurers who travel the world. Learn about additional programs and become a member at americanalpineclub.org.

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17th Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival CALL FOR ART Seeks Submissions From Artists of all Disciplines

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is accepting art submissions December 1 through January 15, for the 17th annual Festival, to be held April 26-28 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Selected art will be featured throughout the event to thousands of patrons.    

“I’m looking forward to a good balance of political art that explores agency, the Me Too movement, and gender, as well as art that focuses on the joy of connecting with another person sexually,” said Festival Director, Sophia Iannicelli.

The Call For Art closes on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. All artists 18 and older, from anywhere in the world, are encouraged to submit art at SeattleErotic.org.

Call for Visual Art: On average the Festival sells more than 28% of exhibition art, has low submission fees, and competitive commission rates. Artists may submit up to five works of erotic art of any medium. Sculptors, multimedia artists, and painters are particularly encouraged to apply. Visual art for the festival is selected through a "blind" jury process. This means each piece of art is evaluated on its own merit and the jury is not influenced by an artist's fame, or lack there of.

Call for Installation Art: Installation art is extremely popular at the Festival, and artists enjoy significant notoriety as a result of media and audience reviews. The Festival is happy to be able to offer grants for installation pieces. Selected artists may be granted up to 0 to create works of art that feature a participatory element and invite the audience to become part of the art. Artists may submit up to three installation proposals. Installations are selected by the Installations Director, Andrew Moran.

Call for Literary Art: The Festival is proud to feature work by poets, playwrights and authors from across the nation and world. Selected works are exhibited through both live and recorded readings and collected in a professionally printed anthology. Artists may submit up to five pieces. Literary art is curated by the Literary Director, Briana J.

Call for Store Art: The popular Festival Store is a museum-quality shop that features thousands of works of erotica selected to meet every budget and taste. The Store includes prints, small works, jewelry, cards, books, collectibles, and more. All artists accepted into the Visual or Literary Exhibition are also accepted into the Store. This year, there will be no submission fee for Store submissions.

Call for Performance Art: The Festival showcases ambient performances throughout the space. Performers are encouraged to submit an application to create an original piece or adapt an existing piece of work, based on an aspect of the erotic. Performances are selected by internationally performing artist and co-producer of Sinner-Saint Burlesque, Jesse Belle-Jones.

The Festival also showcases ambient and interactive performances throughout the space. Interactive performers are both encouraged to come with a proposal, and also to collaborate with other performers within the Interactive Troupe. Interactive performers are selected by the Interactive Performance Lead, Aimee.

Additional Details: Artists may apply to as many Calls for Art as they wish, though each Call for Art has distinct requirements and may have submission fees. Early-bird (discounted) submission fees apply until Saturday, December 15. All artists outside of North America apply for free. All artists and models depicted must be age 18 or older.

For additional information about any of the Calls for Art, please visit SeattleErotic.org or email info(at)SeattleErotic.org.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival encourages the creation, enjoyment, and purchase of erotic art–sparking conversations to ignite personal and cultural evolutions.

The Festival is the flagship program of the nonprofit Pan Eros Foundation, which celebrates and cultivates sexuality through education and the arts.

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MELANIE HAYNES Delivers Holiday Fun in Lifetime’s ‘MY CHRISTMAS INN’ and Sony’s Animated ‘SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE’

LOS ANGELES -- Actress MELANIE HAYNES delivers plenty of fun this holiday season appearing in Lifetime’s TV movie, MY CHRISTMAS INN, and then in theaters with Sony’s animated Marvel feature film, SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE. Haynes will head back to the small screen in 2019 when she emerges in season three of HBO’s anthology crime drama TRUE DETECTIVE.

On November 21st, Haynes joins the festivities as Ruth in the Lifetime holiday movie MY CHRISTMAS INN. The story follows Jen Taylor (Tia Mowry-Hardict), who inherits a cozy Alaskan inn and unexpectedly discovers a spark of love with small town attorney Steve Anderson (Rob Mayes). Ruth (Haynes) and her husband are regulars at the Inn who demonstrate to Jen just how fulfilling a loving relationship can be.

Then hitting theaters on December 14th, Haynes lends her voice to the Marvel Universe for the new Sony animated feature film SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE. Spider-Man crosses parallel dimensions and teams up with the Spider-Men of those dimensions to stop a threat to all reality. Haynes joins the action as the Logic Teacher alongside the all-star cast including Nicolas Cage, Hailee Steinfeld, Liev Schreiber, John Mulaney, Mahershala Ali, Lily Tomlin.

Coming in 2019, Haynes heads back to the small screen for the anticipated season three of HBO’s anthology crime drama series TRUE DETECTIVE, premiering on January 13th. The next installment tells the story of Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali), a state police detective tasked with investigating the disappearance of two young children in the Ozarks. Haynes joins the cast that also includes Carmen Ejogo, Stephen Dorff, Ray Fisher, Sarah Gadon and Rhys Wakefield among others.

Haynes is excited by the diverse projects she’s been part of recently, adding “I love working on such a variety of projects in drama and comedy – traveling to new, beautiful locales and working with such wonderful actors, directors, and crew!  Since so much of my work has been in voice over through the years, it was especially delightful to be asked to voice a character in this ground breaking new animated Spider-Man feature film. Excelsior!"

Haynes has landed in several celebrated indie films, including as the awkward Aunt Patty in the comedy Antiquities, starring Andrew J. West, Ashley Green, Mary Steenburgen and Michaela Watkins; and as Aunt Trish in the new digital buddy road-trip comedy release Chasing the Sun. Her film roles also include Mother of Mackenzie Davis in the coming-of-age drama, A Country Called Home; as a Church-going, pyramid scheming deceitful woman in Heartland; as the charming but lonely Southern belle Cordella in the award-winning short Tender Moments; and as the no-nonsense bar owner Sissy in the indie drama The Last Mark.

Splitting her time between Los Angeles and her hometown Houston, Texas, Haynes has appeared in and voiced numerous television projects, most recently as a Southern Chef opposite Adam Conover in TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything. Her TV credits also include The Middle, Salem, A Face to Kill For, The Con, Arrest & Trial and The Daily Apple. She earned her Bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate in Theater and English at the University of Houston, and danced for several years with Patsy Swayze’s Houston Jazz Ballet Company. Haynes served on the board of SAG-AFTRA’s Houston Local Branch for 15 years and as the President for two terms. Today, Haynes continues to run her own professional voice over studio which she established back in 2002.

Melanie Haynes is represented by Aqua Talent, Caviar Enertainment, Osbrink Agency (VO), Pastorini-Bosby Talent (Houston/SE) and Stars Talent Studio (Utah).

For further information on MELANIE HAYNES visit: www.MelanieHaynes-Actress.com

photo - on set: MY CHRISTMAS INN (LtoR) Rob Mayes, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Melanie Haynes, Richard Benedict

photo - on set: SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE - Melanie Haynes

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METAPHYSICAL at the Airliner November 29th!

About Artist : 

METAPHYSICAL  is featured on DJ Don D's the Funky Dope Records IL-Fated "Fire" ep vinyl release. Born in Pasadena and raised in the Central Valley (Goshen, the city of Visalia, Dinuba, the city of Tulare, the city of Reedly and the city of Hanford) of California, METAPHYSICAL a.k.a. Philip Singer, first turned 2 rhyming as a young child. 
Back in the day, METAPHYSICAL was known as "Phil Fresh" An aspiring 19-year old emcee. Phil Fresh gained a following by performing in local talent shows and M.C. battles. Phil Fresh's biggest moment was getting airplay with his single, "Back In Time" on the radio station B95fm in 1990.
 In 1994 a car accident put him in a coma for two weeks. Hospitalized for 6 months he had 2 relearn how 2 walk and talk again. Inspired with another chance @ life, METAPHYSICAL is now a non-fiction storytelling emcee on the lyric. The song RHYME FLOW from the "Fire" ep release is on the Lower Merion Films "Teacher of the Year" movie now on DVD. 
Rude Boy Magazine, an up and coming magazine gives METAPHYSICAL a mention in the November 2014 edition(rudeboymag.com/metaphysical-mind-blowing-messages). Combining his words with precisely produced beats 2 form mind-blowing messages with songs, get your minds ready for METAPHYSICAL!
For music, music videos, downloads, artist bio and upcoming show information go to www.reverbnation.com/metap7

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Filmmaker / Actress ANGELA MATEMOTJA Earns ‘Female Pioneer Award’ for Debut Feature Film ‘ELEVATE’ at 2018 DTLA Film Festival

LOS ANGELES – Filmmaker and actress Angela Matemotja picked up the ‘Female Pioneer Award’ for her feature film debut, ELEVATE, at the recent 10th annual DTLA Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The theme of the 2018 festival was women’s empowerment, a nod to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements launched one year ago. Writing, directing and starring in ELEVATE, Matemotja delivers a drama of intertwining stories about people who must fight to overcome their struggles with homophobia, food addiction and racism. For this, she proved an exceptional choice for the ‘Female Pioneer Award’ honor beside ‘Independent Film Pioneer Award’ winners Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette and Malcolm McDowell, who all starred in prominent films at the festival.

"It’s a tremendous honor to receive such an award from DTLA Film Festival," Matemotja shares. "Karolyne Sosa did an outstanding job. Because our film touches on many social issues, I am pleased that she recognized the women's issues the film deals with as well, particularly the #MeToo aspect of our story. Our screening had a great turnout, audience was extremely receptive and what a great venue. It was such a success, I’m thrilled."

ELEVATE follows the story of Trina, an overweight elevator switchboard operator who desperately tries to accomplish just one day of healthy eating. Overwhelmed by her abusive boss and by the trapped elevator occupants that reach out to her for help, her fitness guru provides the inspiration and escape that she craves – or does she? Ultimately, all of the occupants in this trapped world find themselves caught face-to-face with their inner demons.

The film also stars Brianna Brown (CW’S Dynasty), Kit Williamson (creator/star of award-winning and Emmy nominated LGBTQ series Eastsiders), Alexis Carra (Latina star of ABC’s Mixology) and Matemotja (Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club). 

To produce, Matemotja turned to Dele Ogundiran, who is also African, and Brown, who is the CEO of the non-profit The New Hollywood, which is dedicated to supporting socially conscious storytellers and changemakers.

Leading up to its premiere, ELEVATE has already earned an award of Merit for Best Feature Film and Best Actress in a Leading Role (Angela Matemotja) from the Accolade Global Film Competition.

As an actress, Matemotja has appeared on screens big and small. Her notable feature film credits include the role of ‘Christina’ in Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club and alongside Kevin Hart in the indie comedy film Something Like A Business. Her television roles include appearances on the CBS mega-hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, Amazon’s top cop-drama Bosch, ABC’s long-running series Castle and edgy sitcom Don’t Trust The B…, and Ryan Murphy’s modern laugher The New Normal on NBC.

Behind the camera, Matemotja earned an NAACP Award nomination for directing the stage play Sunshine For a Midnight Weary. Her first short film as writer/director, The Encounter, screened at over 30 international film festivals, earning the Grand Jury Award at the White Sands Int’l FF, Honorable Mention at Toronto CommFFest and nominations for Best Short Film at SoCal FF, SOHO FF and Long Island Int’l Film Expo. Her second short, The Untimely Concurrence, won Best LGBTQ Film at AOF FF, San Francisco Black FF and San Diego Black FF, and the Silver Screen Award for Best Short Film at the Nevada Int’l FF. In addition, her screenplay Drunk Book was awarded Best Comedy Short for the written word competition at AOF FF.

For more about ELEVATE visit: ElevateFilm.com

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"Taking a Bite out of the Apple" Rob Janoff's stunning first book for young graphic designers and everyone! – will be revealed in November 2018

Rob shares through his book how an unknown young art director in Silicon Valley back in 1977 created the design, now known beyond all others throughout the world, of a simple bitten apple. 

Rob Janoff explains that this is “The first full account by the graphic designer himself of how he came to create the most famous logo in the world”.

Rob Janoff‘s inspiring “Taking a Bite out of the Apple: A Graphic Designer’s Tale” is one of the ‘Hearing Others’ Voices’ series.

Rob liked the idea of the series so much that he himself created the logo uniquely for it, also the beautiful Chinese version.

On October 9, Rob’s fabulous personal memoir and his newest fantastic logo will be revealed in China, in Chinese translation. The ceremony will be at the amazing Michael Bishop Institute for Cancer Research, Shengdu, which unites the latest in biotechnology with Chinese herbal medicine.

After that, Rob and the book will tour China and Australia. During this time he hopes to meet some of the upcoming young graphic designers of the new generation.

The English version of Rob’s “Taking a Bite out of the Apple: A Graphic Designer’s Tale”, will be released on 15th November. Readers can buy its paper version from Amazon.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Taking-Bite-Out-Apple-Designers/dp/1911221612/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1538660629&sr=1-1&keywords=Apple+bite+rob

This book is the first to be published in a stunning new series for young adults ‘Hearing Others’ Voices’.

Here is the logo that Rob created especially for it, in both English and Chinese:

Hearing Others’ Voices’ (https://www.balestier.com/category/hearing-others-voices/) is an ambitious new series co-edited by Taiwanese physicist Roh-Suan Tung and distinguished British anthropologist Ruth Finnegan. Its aim is to challenge and encourage general readers, final year school pupils, undergraduates, and above all the growing young adults of our time to reflect on who and where they are, and to understand better the world that they will soon hold in their hands.

Ruth Finnegan and Roh-Suan Tung, the general editors, have done a tremendous job in eliciting books that tackle enduring topics such as mental health, pain, sounds from the beginning of the universe, percussion (by the celebrated percussionist Evelyn Glennie), grass, storms, shamanism, Native American science, voices of the Christian west, and our awesome minds and bodies.

The first volumes will be released in mid-November 2018.

“Taking a Bite out of Apple” is a close view of how Rob’s design for a young, newly Start-up Company became a defining moment in a long career. After serving many national brands like Apple, IBM, Intel, Kraft, and kleenex at top US agencies, Rob presently appreciates working with a diversity of organisations from Japan, Italy, Australia, China and the UK.

Telling the true tale of how the globally loved icon came to be, Rob offers knowledge, inspiration and motivation to youngsters considering the field of graphic design. Rob’s first book will be a huge inspiration to the young and the young at heart who share his love of memorable graphics.

About Rob Janoff

Rob Janoff is a graphic designer of corporate logos and identities, printed advertisements and television commercials. He is known for his creation of the emblematic Apple logo that we all know. Janoff was born in Culver City, California. He completed his degree from San Jose State University. After college in 1970, Rob decided to focus on graphic design and began sharpening his design skills at small Silicon Valley agencies with high-tech clients. In early 1977, he started a position at Regis McKenna which was an established advertising agency in Palo Alto. Shortly after he began, Rob’s creative director chose him to design the corporate identity package for their new client, Apple Computer. Rob later went on to top agencies in New York and Chicago, designing print and TV advertising for major national brands and global clients. Rob is also a prolific speaker who has delivered keynote addresses and master classes in design for universities and academic facilities, including the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus.

WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE IN THE HOV SERIES and read the graphic designer’s fantastic tale “Taking A Bite out of The Apple: A Graphic Designer’s Tale“.

For more information, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Taking-Bite-Out-Apple-Designers/dp/1911221612/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1538660629&sr=1-1&keywords=Apple+bite+rob

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Chinese artist Fu Wenjun latest Digital Pictorial Photography works solo show at Dairy Arts Center

What is photography? When the question asked, everyone will have an image/images appear in their mind. Does the photography art just stop growing, existing as these commonly acknowledge schemes? The artist Fu Wenjun doesn’t think so. Turning away from the recording function of photography widely recognized by the public, Fu Wenjun aims at exploring to place photography art in dialogue with other art media, like Chinese painting, oil painting, print, sculpture etc, so as to extend the possibility of photography art and to provide the viewers different visual experience. Based on these reflections on the photography art, Fu Wenjun put forward concept and practice of “Digital Pictorial Photography”, an innovative photography art style.

On the occasion of the solo show at Diary Arts Center, titled “Is it photography?”, Fu Wenjun will exhibit his latest Digital Pictorial Photography works, which focus on his exploration of photography with the connection of painting, especially with sculpture. Apart from the aesthetic and artistic features, Fu Wenjun’s works show an Eastern philosophy thinking towards the global or regional issues related to history, culture, human life and nature. He brings another angle to view things happening around us and in our world. Is it photography? Yes, it is. It’s not the common one, but brings new interpretation to the definition of photography art.

The works June Snow, Tang Ceramic Horse, Play Shadow, Mysterious Ceramic Figure present the rich and colorful history of the city Xi’an, continuously inhabited since about 1100 BC. The objects like pagoda, ceramic art, shadow play show the open attitude towards different religions and integration of Chinese and other ethic culture in a long history happened in this city, as the starting point of the Silk Road, connecting East Asia and Southeast Asia with East Africa, West Asia and Southern Europe.

Under the Earth’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, Tibet is the highest region on Earth, with an average elevation of 16,000 ft. This “isolated” wonderland is given not only breathtaking natural landscape, but also the Tibetan people, their lifestyle and their unique culture are very fascinating, which lead to the series Wind from Tibet. The series focuses on the Sho Dun Festival, known as Yogurt festival is an important celebration for the Tibetan lay people as well as the monks usually in the middle of August, after a month's retreat by the monks who stay within their monasteries to avoid walking on the emerging summer insects and killing them.

The works of Fu Wenjun may confuse the viewers at a first glance if they are photography. In this way the artist called attention to people’s activity of reading images, highlighting processes of translation and interpretation that are shared by artist and viewer alike. In the process these works provoke us to reconsider the degree to which our pictures of reality are shaped by the visual conventions and codes of particular media.

About the artist

Fu Wenjun (b.1955, www,fuwenjun,com), graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and currently lives and works in Chongqing. He creates principally through the art media of photography, installation, sculpture and oil painting, and has put forward the concept and practice of “Digital Pictorial Photography”.

His works embody his reflections on many issues related to the Eastern and Western history, culture and humanity, including the relationship between different cultures in the age of globalisation, the heritage of traditional Chinese culture in a rapidly changing society, industrialisation and urbanisation in Chinese cities.

His solo exhibitions are presented at the National Art Museum of China (Beijing), at the Museu Europeu de Arte Moderno (Barcelona), at the Old Summer Palace Museum (Beijing), at the Today Art Museum (Beijing), at the United Nations Headquarters (New York), at the Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangzhou) and at other international art organizations.

Fu Wenjun exhibited at significant international exhibitions, including the Esposizione Triennale di Arti Visive a Roma, London Art Biennale, Biennale Internazionale d’Arte del Mediterraneo, Triennale dell’Arte Contemporanea, 1st Asia Biennial/5th Guangzhou Triennial, XVIII Bienal de Cerveira, NordArt, collateral exhibition of Biennale di Venezia 2013, entitled Voice of the Unseen Chinese Independent Art 1979/Today.

He has won numerous awards, including the first prize from International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina, “The Best Artist in the World” at Tour Eiffel La Grande Exposition Universelle, International Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” of X Florence Biennale.

His works are among international organization and museum collections, such as the National Art Museum of China, Museu Europeu d'Art Modern, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts in France.

About the exhibition

Title: Is It Photography? Fu Wenjun Solo Exhibition
Duration: October 12 – November 25, 2018

Venue: Hand-Rudy & MacMillon Family Gallery, Diary Arts Center
Exhibition reception: October 12 | 5-8 pm

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday: 10 – 6 or later | Saturday: 12 – 7:30 or later | Sunday: 12 – 5:30 or later

Address: 2590 Walnut Street (26th & Walnut) | Boulder, Colorado 80302, USA

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Chinese Traditional Culture Program "Communication and Heritage" Featured on Nasdaq Screen

Chinese Traditional Culture Going Global Program “Communication and Heritage" showed up on Nasdaq Screen on Aug 24, 2018, in New York City.

The Communication and Heritage program was a joint project by Caring Foundation By CSWF, European and American Public Relations Association, Beijing International Exchange Association of China. It aimed at taking Chinese culture globally, encourage the cultural exchange between China and the world, as well as promoting Chinese traditional culture going global.

New York is the first stop of Chinese Traditional Culture Going Global world exhibition program “Communication and Heritage.” The program collected art items representing Chinese traditional culture from all over China. The categories include visual art, audio art and touching art. They show audience different aspects of Chinese traditional art.

This collection includes Wang Yi Pin Chinese brush shop’s “Lan Ting Xu Special Hu Brush” and outstanding art pieces from Chinese top artist Mr. Cai Yong’s birds and flowers painting series.  The collection uses high tech such as air reflection, shadow reflection and light reflection to show the accomplishments of Chinese traditional culture. Viewers can enjoy the beauty of Chinese traditional art closely. 

Diana Fu, Zhongping Qiu, Min Gao at Time Square Nasdaq Display

The world is at a cross-culture combination stage and culture is the soul of a nation. It is a nation’s collective memory and spirit. Chinese culture has a long history with elements from all over the world. It has very important social value and treasure of our world. Studying Chinese traditional art has become a global trend. The Chinese traditional culture going global “Communication and Heritage” program shows a different China to the world. It shows a different China to the world and reflects the combination and communication of Chinese traditional culture and world cultures. It gave a strong voice from China to the global culture.

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J Tizzle Muzic Celebrates Signing Innovative Augusta Hip-Hop Group Tueazee

There are many hip-hop performers, but hip-hop innovators can be a bit more difficult to find.  The good news in Indiana-based J Tizzle Muzic are doing their best to help, recently announcing they have signed Augusta, Georgia's breakthrough group Tueazee to their growing independent label.  Mixing an old and new-school aesthetic Tueazee have been winning huge praise from both fans and music media, and the anticipation surrounding the release of their new single on J Tizzle Muzic, scheduled to drop July 10th, with pre-orders available starting on June 22nd, is high.  Expect Tueazee to live up to the “outside of the box” Georgia hip-hop tradition.

“Tueazee is the modern day Outkast,” commented J Tizzle, head of J Tizzle Muzic LLC. “I know these guys are special, and they can bring in fans that are both hardcore hip-hop lovers and people who just appreciate great music period.”

The single “I Know” will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other major digital music outlets.

Tueazee have been winning praise for their mix of originality and glimpses in the songs of their classic influences from artists like Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Common, and J Cole.  The golden age blended with the present in Tueazee may just represent the real future of hardcore hip-hop.

Fans certainly agree.

Michelle S., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “My boyfriend and I have had Tueazee on play constantly since one of our good friends from Georgia put us on them.  It's great to hear they have signed a deal and that is sure to make more people aware of the amazing songs they are dropping.”

For more information be sure to visit https://www.jtizzlemuzic.com.

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Hearing others’ voices, a new book series for young adults by Balestier Press

Hearing Others’ Voices is a transcultural and transdisciplinary book series edited by British anthropologist Ruth Finnegan and Taiwanese physicist Roh-Suan Tung. The books are designed, in easy-peasy language, to enlighten and attract general readers, undergraduates, young adults and, above all, teenagers about recent advances in thought, overlooked areas of the world, and key issues of the day.

The general editors of Hearing Others’ Voices, Ruth Finnegan and Roh-Suan Tung, have done a tremendous job in eliciting books that tackle perpetual topics of interest such as mental health, the nature of the universe, of music and of storms, shamanism, voices of the Christian west, and our awesome minds and bodies.

The books in the series provide introductions,  accessibly written (often illustrated, and linked to audio-video internet material), to the latest insights into fascinating and perpetual topics such as the different ways pain has been handled in the past and present, the history of children, the make-up of our incredible bodies, and much much more. They also reveal something of the wisdom of the often dismissed traditions of, for example, Amazonia, native Australia, and Africa, bringing a wider understanding and ownership of who we are, and how the world has come to be as it is.

With some similarities to the Oxford University Press ‘Very Short Introductions’, but shorter and more immediately readable, and to the popular English Ladybird books for a younger age group but more interactive and personally challenging than either, the books will be particularly suitable for young adults’ school and/or personal reading, and a perfect resource for mind-opening general studies in students’ final school year. They are designed to stimulate readers’ curiosity and provide the material and the insights to start addressing blind spots in self- and cultural-awareness.

The suggestions for further (tougher) reading for those who want to take their understanding further will be an invaluable tool for readers, including those at or preparing for university. 

A notable, and unusual,  feature is the interactive element in the form of discussion questions, suggested mini-projects, and audio-visual Internet links and/or customised blogs on the publishers’ website where readers are invited to contribute and interact.

The aim is to bring the material home to the personal interests of each and every reader, and help them grow. 

Each book is by an acknowledged expert eager to communicate outside the too often closed realms of academe, or by practitioners, sometimes themselves young, who  speak directly from their own experience. No empty pontificating from on high!

General readers and beginning undergraduates too will find much to interest them, set out in straightforward but not simplistic or patronising terms. 

Not so much textbooks as sites for reflection and challenge, books in the series give readers a unique path into greater cognizance of our wonderful world, far and near, east and west, past and present. There are plans to issue some as audiobooks and to translate key titles into world languages, starting with Chinese. 

The series logo has been created specially for Balestier Press by the celebrated designer Rob Janoff, the creator of the Apple logo and a keen supporter of the series’ aims.  We expect his logo to play well with a young adult computer-mad audience. 

Among other titles, the series will include  the inspirational ‘For peace: voices against the fog and blood of war’, a collection from across the world and the centuries; ‘Grass: the miracle from the earth’; ‘Learning  from Native American science’; and the remarkable ‘Listen to the beginning of the universe and what it means’ (with audio).

Other upcoming books by acclaimed experts and practitioners include ‘Teams, voices from the field’ by two New Zealand experts from  sport and from urban planning; ‘Amazonia, the authentic voice of a shaman’, ’Decisions, decisions, decisions - with love: voice from the headteacher’s study’, ‘Listen to your feet’ by a podiatrist and sports physiotherapist,  ‘Time for the world to learn from Africa’ by  Africanist Ruth Finnegan, ‘“Dear Lulu”, a letter God might have written’  by Lord Rowan Williams, FBA (Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of all England  2002-2012), and ‘Listen world! music’s reverberating sounds’,  by Dame Evelyn Glennie CH, virtuoso percussionist.

Though obviously presenting relevant and necessary information and in this sense educational, the prime aim is to engage rather than instruct. Young people, like their elders, need to know, and reflect on, who they are, how they have come to be like that, how the world is, how and why it has come to be as it is. and where, in their hands, it may be going.

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REN HANAMI’s Award-Winning Dramatic Short ‘LIKE LAST NIGHT’ Tests Teen Friendship After Sexual Assault

LOS ANGELES -- Filmmaker and Actress Ren Hanami has been earning awards on the festival circuit with her dramatic short film, LIKE LAST NIGHT, which tests the limits of a teenage friendship after a sexual assault. The coming-of-age film will screen next as an ‘Official Selection’ at the inaugural Golden State Film Festival in Los Angeles on August 12th and Long Beach Indie International Film Festival in late August.

LIKE LAST NIGHT follows Caroline (Carmen Hodgson) and Alex (Andrea Claux), two high school best friends with very different points of view on life, who are forced to confront what to do after one of them is raped at a party. Will the crisis tear them apart or bond them closer together?

The film earned ‘Best Coming Of Age Short’ at the 2018 Culver City Film Festival and ‘Best Short Film Supporting Actress’ for Hanami at the Silicon Beach Film Festival. In addition, the London Story First Film Festival declared: "This is a heartfelt short about a difficult topic, and is sensitively acted by the cast, including a strong performance by Director Hanami as Caroline’s mother.”

Behind the camera, Hanami has been writing and developing several original projects. She is in-development on the feature film, Ninja Mom; and the teen focused spin-off television series pilot, Fashionista Ninja. In addition, Hanami is developing the feature film she penned, Native Land, Rising Sun; a finalist in the 2018 Diverse Voices Screenplay Contest, the story follows a Japanese American girl and Native American girl who meet in the Poston Arizona Internment Camp during World War II.

Hanami is best known in Hollywood for her on-camera work. Most recently, she appeared in episodes of the acclaimed Netflix series GLOW, Showtime’s Shameless, CBS’s police-drama S.W.A.T. and TNT’s popular drama Major Crimes. She also flexed her funny side recurring as Ernie Hudson’s wife in the fan-favorite comedy, Angie Tribeca; ‘Claire’ in Santa Clarita Diet and recurring as ‘Lynn’ in the critically acclaimed HBO series Silicon Valley. Her previous television credits also include Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, Southland, and The Big Bang Theory among others. On the festival circuit, Hanami emerged at the Sundance Film Festival in Marianna Palka’s acclaimed bleak comedy Bitch, starring Jaime King and Jason Ritter.

A Huntington Beach, CA native, Hanami was influenced by the heritage of her Hawaiian/Japanese Mother and Scottish Father. She proudly sits as the National Chairman of the SAG-AFTRA Asian Pacific American Media Committee, which offers moral support and a forum where diverse voices can be heard.

LIKE LAST NIGHT at Golden State Film Festival
When: Sunday, August 12, 2018 – 4:00pm
Where: The Sepulveda Screening Room (1640 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Ste 104, Los Angeles, CA 90025)
Info: http://www.goldenstatefilmfestival.com

For additional information about REN HANAMI visit: www.RenWorldInc.com

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Art at the center of the "Universe"

After the resounding success on the French Riviera, the Italian artist Cesare Catania continues to amaze international critics.

Thursday 19 July 2018, during the art biennial of Saint Paul de Vence, the last sculpture of Cesare Catania, entitled "The Heart of the Earth - B Version" will be installed right at the entrance to the Provençal village. It's a sculpture of contemporary art that connects to a previous work of art in wood and acrylic made by the same artist between the years 2012 and 2015, entitled "The Heart of the Earth - A Version". The last sculpture "The Heart of the Earth - B Version" draws inspiration from the same concept of strength and energy that releases the Earth and was made of Carrara marble powder and white cement. To give even greater emphasis to the energy aspect, the artist wanted to combine the remains of a meteorite in the mixture. The origin of the latter and the historical dating of the body
from thousands of light years are controversial: the only certain data is that they are fragments belonging to the meteorite cataloged by the official bodies and by NASA as "Meteorite Gibeon", fallen in prehistoric times in the southern region of Namibia (Africa) and some pieces of which are exhibited in the most famous geology museums in the world.

In this work of art Cesare Catania wanted to concentrate all the strength of the elements considered to be of greater energetic impact: the inverted pyramide and the sphere, the marble dust coming from the Earth and the meteorite fragments coming from the Universe.

The sculpture will be installed on Thursday 19 July 2018 in the heart of Provence and in particular in the capital of world art Saint Paul de Vence, in front of the contemporary art gallery Odd Gallery.

(Contact us by email to receive all images in full HD for print-use)

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Author Ruth Finnegan Chosen As One Of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' In 2017 Book Awards

Author Ruth Finnegan has been chosen as one of 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading in the 2017 Book Awards. Finnegan was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a public voting process. The award is the latest in a string of international awards for her published works.

"I am so thrilled with this," Finnegan stated. "I have had many book awards but this is by far my most precious win because it's not for an individual book but a voted-for endorsement of myself as an all-round author and, yes, dreamer of dreams - an author of full-length fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short stories and picture books, as well as a screenplay and libretto writer."

Finnegan's previous awards include:

Folklore Society, short list Katharine Briggs Award 1992
British Academy, longlist Book Award 2003
British Association for Applied Limguistics, short list 2003
Herskovits Award, Honorable Mention 2008
National Indie Excellence, Finalist ( visionary fiction) 2016, Finalist (religious fiction) 2017
New York Book Fair, Honorable Mention (romance) 2016
Readers Favorite, 4 Awards (fiction and nonfiction) 2016
Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book, Runner up 2016
Readers Favorite, Honorable Mention
Hungry Monster, Silver award, 2016
Literary Titan, Silver award, 2017
Book Excellence, Winner (friendship) 2017
Kirkus Reviews, one of top 25 of 2017

In addition to a large number of academic works, Finnegan has written three novels.

'Pearl of the Seas' is the tale of two children building a boat from a log they find buried in the sand and sailing off to far-off fantastic lands in a stormy sea-driven adventure with their faithful - but accident-prone - dog Holly. There they learn much wisdom from a king who, like God, has many names'. After an incredible sacrifice of his dearest dream by the boy (now growing up) they return - another dream - to a family tea with their loved ones. The tale is a prequel and companion to Ruth Finnegan's award-winning epic romance 'Black inked pearl', here adapted for preteens but characterised by (in a simpler form) the same unique dream-like and enchanted style as in the original novel.

'Pearl of the Seas' received a Hungry Monster Silver Award in October 2016. The book has received a number of positive reviews. Tshombye K. Ware of Reader's Favorite stated, "If you're looking for a reader friendly story that touches the depths of your soul, this is definitely one of those books."

The companion work, 'Black Inked Pearl', tells the story of a naive Irish girl Kate and her mysterious lover, whom she rejects in panic and then spends her life seeking. After the opening rejection, Kate recalls her Irish upbringing, her convent education, and her coolly-controlled professional success, before her tsunami-like realisation beside an African river of the emotions she had concealed from herself and that she passionately and consumingly loved the man she had rejected.

The novel, born in dreams, is interlaced with the ambiguity between this world and another, and increasingly becomes more poetic, riddling and dreamlike as the story unfolds. The epilogue alludes to the key themes of the novel - the eternity of love and the ambiguity between dream and reality.

Since its publication in 2015 'Black Inked Pearl' has won five international prizes and its screenplay version is top genre winner in the 2017 Capital Fund Screenplay Contest. It was recently named as a finalist in the 2016 Best Book Awards in the "Fiction Visionary" category.

'Black Inked Pearl' has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike. Scott Neuffer of Forward Reviews stated, "If James Joyce's dream-like opuses were written from a more feminist perspective, they might look something like Ruth Finnegan's Black Inked Pearl, a rapturous fantasia of words and images set somewhere between ancient myth and the green shores of modern Ireland." Chris Fischer, in a Readers Favorite review stated "I just finished reading 'Black Inked Pearl: A Girl's Quest' by author Ruth Finnegan, and all I can say is 'Wow!' It's written in a unique and creative style, one that at times blends poetry with prose ... enviable and beautiful at the same time ... any reader who enjoys a lovely, unique and interesting work of fiction should absolutely read Black Inked Pearl. I will be eagerly awaiting the next offering by author Ruth Finnegan. If it is anything like her debut novel, it will be simply magical!" Kirkus Reviews said, "Kate's romantic quest calls to mind Paradise Lost and Greek mythology as it weaves together biblical allusions, fantasy, and details of the modern day." Like other classic and unusual literary works, the book has given rise to many interpretations and, as Christiana Fatoki perceptively put it, like its more recent prequel 'Pearl of the Seas,' it "sinks into your unconscious."

'The Helix Pearl' is currently in production and will be released in 2018.

Ruth Finnegan is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at r.h.finnegan@open.ac.uk. More information is available at her website at http://www.ruthhfinnegan.com.

Ruth Finnegan OBE is a renowned scholar and celebrated writer who is Emeritus Professor, the Open University, a Fellow of the British Academy, and an Honorary Fellow of Somerville College Oxford. She was recently elected as one of the first four International Fellows of the American Folklore Society, a much valued honor. She was born in Derry (on the last day of December 1933) and grew up there and in the remote countryside of Donegal where, as poetically recalled in the second chapter of her novel, 'Black Inked Pearl', she spent the war years; went to a literature-imbued Quaker school in York where, a fellow-student with the actress Judi Dench, she learned to read the resonant poetry of Yeats and Shakespeare and to repeat texts that, with others, she had to learn, aloud (a good training for the sonic style of her novels); earned top degrees in classics and anthropology at Oxford; and carried out fieldwork on story-telling in Africa - a revelation of the multi-sensory nature of performance that has affected her all her life, and constantly comes through in her writing. From 1969, apart from three years in the South Pacific island of Fiji, she taught and researched at the pioneering Open University. She is the author of over twenty academic books, several of them prize-winning. She has three daughters (two of them born in Nigeria), five grandchildren (one in New Zealand), and now lives in Old Bletchley, England, with her husband of over 50 years.

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Vendetta Drama Feature Film ‘THE PAPER STORE’ Starring STEF DAWSON and PENN BADGLEY Streaming Wide VOD Beginning July 24, 2018

NEW YORK (July 10, 2018) – Academic cheating, romance and revenge intersect in the award-winning indie drama THE PAPER STORE starring Stef Dawson (The Hunger Games franchise), Penn Badgley (Lifetime’s upcoming series You, Gossip Girl) and Richard Kind (Inside Out, Argo). The vendetta drama is set to release across broad VOD streaming platforms, including Amazon and iTunes, beginning July 24, 2018.

THE PAPER STORE follows academic ghostwriter Annalee (Dawson), working in the shadows of a college campus until Sigurd (Badgley) hires her to author his entire graduate degree. Their working relationship evolves into a romance, until the affair turns sour and secrets start to spill. Annalee rats out Sigurd to Professor Kane (Kind), but instead of swift justice Kane has his own idea of what should happen next. Call it extortion; call it blackmail. Whatever you call it, the ugliness is just beginning.

THE PAPER STORE is based on Pew award-winner Katharine Clark Gray’s original play, 516 [five sixteen]. She produced the project with her creative partner and husband Nicholas Gray, who also directed, under their Uncompromised Creative banner. 

THE PAPER STORE received numerous awards on the festival circuit, including ‘Best Drama’ at Manhattan Film Festival, ‘Best Drama’ at Los Angeles Film Review and ‘Best Foreign Drama’ at Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase. Badgley and Dawson took home ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Actress’ respectively at Oxford International Film Festival, along with a ‘Special Jury Mention’ for Badgley at the Manchester Film Festival. Besides earning awards, the film has also been resonating with audiences and for good reason. Katharine Clark Gray explains, “In addition to being a juicy revenge drama, the film also shines a light on the issues of spiraling tuition costs and student debt—issues that will ring out to anyone managing an unwieldy student loan or struggling to finance someone's higher education.”

Behind the camera, the Uncompromised team brought in as principal producers Emmy-nominated producer Jonathan Gray (HBO’s Nightingale), no relation; producer / casting legend Bonnie Timmermann (Heat, Bull Durham, Miami Vice) and producer John Grossman of Front Wheel Productions; as well as veteran cinematographer and lighting designer Richard Sands as director of photography.

About Uncompromised Creative Uncompromised Creative is Nicholas Gray and Katharine Clark Gray, a husband-and-wife team based in Brooklyn, NY. They make films, plays, and assorted web content, and provide script and production consultation services to a range of fellow creatives. Nicholas and Katie believe that compromise means each side ends up disappointed. Consensus, on the other hand, gets everyone on the same team. Because when you’re jumping a gorge, you don’t go halfway. uncompromisedcreative.com

THE PAPER STORE will be available for VOD streaming on Amazon and iTunes beginning July 24, 2018. For more about THE PAPER STORE visit: http://www.thepaperstoremovie.com


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80's UK Pop Star and Music Industry Veteran with Surprising Comeback!

Just like Hugh Grant in the movie 'Music and Lyrics', 80's heartthrob Mark Jones was on everyone's lips, fronting his band 'Perfect Day'. Now 30 years on, Mark is back with a bang, performing the brand new World Cup Football Anthem, 'England's in My Heart'.

Unlike Hugh Grant's character in 'Music and Lyrics', Mark Jones has since his 80's heyday been a key player in the UK music industry. As head of the legendary record label Wall of Sound, Mark has both worked alongside and released acts like Grace Jones, Basement Jaxx, Röyksopp, Propellerheads, Mogwai and Human League, only to mention a few.

Now, in support of England's trophy hunt at the World Cup in Russia, Mark Jones makes a sensational comeback as frontman and lead vocalist. The football anthem 'England's in My Heart' has all the necessary ingredients; it's an immensely catchy tune with a groovy stadium rock beat and timeless sing-along chorus. 

The official video is available here:

The song can be streamed and downloaded here: https://lnk.to/EnglandsinMyHeart


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Archie Marvellous & Mark Jones Release This Summer’s World Cup Smash-Hit, ‘England’s in My Heart’

With the World Cup just around the corner, Archie Marvellous & Mark Jones have released ‘England’s in My Heart’ on legendary London record label, Wall of Sound and it contains all of the ingredients for a catchy, modern day football anthem.

This single, by the ‘mythical’ Archie Marvellous and music industry legend, Mark Jones, features one of the leading performers in the northern English music scene, Scott Cavagan and high profile female producer, Aubrey Whitfield. After several years of success with multiple chart hits and songs on TV and radio, Archie has decided to take on ‘mission impossible’ and write a football anthem to rival The Lightning Seeds’ classic track, ‘Three Lions’.

‘England’s in My Heart’ is set to lift the spirits of a new generation, twenty-two years after ‘Three Lions’ took to the airwaves. With an immensely catchy chorus, a ‘jump up and down’ stadium rock beat and timeless crossover appeal, the track is sure to be the go-to anthem for this year’s World Cup in Russia.

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DJ Chris Dollar set to debut on New York's Hot 97, drop a new mixtape and celebrate his birthday with celebrities

Queens native DJ Chris Dollar is set to have one of the biggest weekends in his career. Starting with his celebrity Gemini birthday bash alongside "The Kingpin" Funk Flex and hosted by Hot 97 radio personality TT Torrez, this Friday, May 25th at the Orbit Night Club in New York City located at 637 west 50th Street New York, NY.

This event is expected to feature a who's who of industry heavyweights and insiders with many celebrity guests. In addition, DJ Chris Dollar will make his debut on Hot 97 this Sunday, May 27th from 6 am to 7 am part of the station's annual "All-Mix Weekend". Finally this week Dj Chris Dollar drops his new mixtape "Money, Power, Respect Volume 3" with the exclusively recorded "100 Racks" by Kaio Kane featuring Lil Baby and LouGotCash.

This is the third installment of his M.P.R. series which has been well received by both fans and industry insiders alike. "Chris' work ethic is the key to the success that he has achieved in such a short amount of time. We are far ahead of schedule but we still have more work to do to reach the goals we set for ourselves." – Adante Ace In the past few years under the tutelage of mentor & manager Adante Ace, DJ Chris Dollar has become a staple of the New York party and club scene.

Chris has appeared on the same bill with many legendary turntablists. And has gained the respect of fellow deejays such as Funk Flex, DJ SnS, Dj Envy, Dj Self, DJ Camilo, DJ Prostyle and others. His impressive achievements included hosting events throughout the United States including Puerto Rico; as well as international events in places like Mexico and parts of the Caribbean; three well received and critically acclaimed mixtapes in addition to a modest hit single "Feel it (I Love NY)" which garnered major radio airplay on New York radio stations including Power 105.1. We expect this summer to be a pivotal moment in the career of DJ Chris Dollar. With hit records, a hot party, the admiration of fans and the respect of his peers the sky is the limit for this young man.

Website: www.DJChrisDollar.com

Instagram: @DJChrisDollar

Twitter: @DJChrisDollar

Booking: DJChrisDollar@AOSEntertainment

Press: Info@LBConsultation

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2018 International Surrealism Now exhibition, Coimbra, Portugal, Europe

International Surrealism Now is the largest international surrealist exhibition in the world, presenting 107 of the world’s leading surrealism artists from 45 countries. This ground-breaking project is presented by Portuguese surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro. Ribeiro is dedicated to promoting Surrealism of the 21st century through exhibitions presented over the last 7 years in various parts of the world, including Berlin, Moscow, Dallas, Los Angeles, Mississippi, Warsaw, Nantes, Paris, Florence, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Lisbon, Belgrade, Monte Negro, Romania, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil.
In an attempt to take art to the people en masse – and promote the largest group exhibit of surreal art this year – Portuguese surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro is teasing the public with flash images of his work in the most famous intersection of the world: Times Square, photos of which can be seen at www.santiagoribeiropainting.blogspot.pt.
The pieces are part of the International Surrealism Now exhibit, which is to open at the Coimbra House Culture and Chiado Museum in Portugal on November 17th, 2018. Billed as the largest world exhibition of contemporary Surrealism art in Europe with more than 100 artists from 45 countries participating, the exhibit of paintings, drawings, digital art, photographs, and sculpture is also expected to be shown, at least in part, at several monuments and public spaces throughout Portugal.
“As always, I’m doing something different, and the idea to exhibit in Times Square in New York shows how the mass media are our modern means to show our art,” Ribeiro said.
As explained at santiagoribeiropainting.blogspot.pt, Ribeiro’s work has been featured at the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon, in the Portuguese American Journal, in Digital Meets Culture, Pressenza.fr, metroNews.ru, Pravda in Portuguese, Huffington Post, The Herald News, Associated Press and many other publications (link).
His sponsors include Coimbra House Mayor, Bissaya Barreto Foundation and MagicCraftsman Studio.
He conceived the International Surrealism Now movement in 2010 in Coimbra with a major exhibit organized by Bissaya Barreto.
International Surrealism Now of the 21st century presents a strong force for freedom of creativity, love and hope. This can be seen in the works of the personal visions of 107 of the world’s leading surrealism artists representing the hopes, dreams, and ideologies of 45 countries proposing new perspectives, solutions, and healing journeys. Showcasing the dreams of creative and ideological freedom, the modern-day internet allows us to bring to the public the vital works of these astounding 21st century surrealist artists. Some of these artists include: Achraf Baznani of Morocco, Agim Meta of Spain, Aissa Mammasse of Algeria, Alvaro Mejias of Venezuela, Ana Neamu of Romania, Ana Pilar Morales of Spain, Andrew Baines of Australia, Asier Guerrero Rico (Dio) of Spain, Brigid Marlin from the UK, Bien Banez of The Philippines, Can Emed of Turkey, Carlos Sablan of Cuba, Catlin Precup or Romania, Cristian Townsend of Australia, Conor Walton of Ireland, Cynthia Tom of China, and many, many more.
The 45 countries represented in the exhibit include: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam.
International tourists are encouraged to visit Portugal for International Surrealism Now. It’s one of the safest places in the world, as it is without terrorism, without violence, and without weapons. There are no hurricanes and cyclones, only good food and wine (vinho tinto), wonderful places and weather, the sea and mountains, the monuments and city ruins from the Stone Age to the Roman Empire; from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance; from the Classic to the Modern.
Log on to www.santiagoribeiropainting.blogspot.pt to learn more about Santiago Ribeiro and his upcoming International Surrealism Now exhibit.
About Santiago Ribeiro:
Portuguese artist Santiago Ribeiro spent his childhood in the village of Condeixa-a-Nova and living in Coimbra where was born, has shown his artworks with great regularity in Portugal and in other European countries. He is the driving force and the promoter of the international project “Surrealism Now”, which started in 2010, organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. Recently, the “Surrealism Now” exhibition was held in Lisbon as a result of a partnership with artist Victor Lages.

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Hollywood starts to go crazy for the artist Cesare Catania.

There is still eagerness and warmth on the French Riviera for the Italian artist Cesare Catania. After the amazing success obtained during the exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco during the Rolex Master Cup no more than 15 days ago, one of the most popular Italian contemporary artist Cesare Catania leaves his mark on the French Riviera and he has just been the guest of honor among one of the most sparkling evenings of the Cannes Film Festival period. Catania presented, on May 14th 2018, at the gala night on the Radisson Hotel rooftop, one of his sculptures in silicone and acrylic.

The master has repeatedly amazed the international criticism for his works and his techniques. How he mixes together substances so different from each other, like silicone and acrylic to make his sculptures, is today a mystery.

In reality, Catania presented, at the gala dinner on the rooftop of the Radisson Inn, certainly one of its sculptures in silicone and acrylic.

Nicknamed as the “The Modern Leonardo Da Vinci” by some English magazines, Cesare Catania’s paintings are a “still image” of actions and feelings, an extreme synthesis between obscurity and attention to detail. All his paintings are fascinated by modern art, from architecture, from cubism and from painting masters from the classical age, Cesare Catania’s artistic maturity is still evolving; always looking for new techniques to make the most of his inspirations, and this success says a lot about his imagination.  

Guests of the evening in the colors of white and gold, surrounded by a luxury cocktail and a breathtaking view, many VIP such as the actress Farrah Abraham and the Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat. Among the participants will be raffled off a lucky one who will take home a numbered copy and limited edition of the book called ” Genesis “, more of 450 pages with the life and works of the author with signature and dedication of the same Cesare Catania.

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Cesare Catania exhibits his art in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival period

After the amazing success obtained during the exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco during the Rolex Master Cup no more than 10 days ago, one of the most popular Italian contemporary artist Cesare Catania leaves his mark on the French Riviera and he will soon be the guest of honor among one of the most sparkling evenings of the Cannes Film Festival period. Catania will present, on May 14th 2018, at the gala dinner on the Radisson Hotel rooftop, one of his sculptures in silicone and acrylic. The master has repeatedly amazed the international criticism for his works and his techniques. How he mixes together substances so different from each other, like silicone and acrylic to make his sculptures, is today a mystery. During the evening in the colors of white and gold, surrounded by a luxury cocktail and a breathtaking view, there will be a prize draw among the participants and the lucky winner will take home a numbered copy and limited edition of the book called "Genesis", more of 450 pages with the life and works of the author. Obviously with the autograph and a dedication by the contemporary painter and sculptor Cesare Catania. Contacts: Cesare Catania ART ingenuity works – paintings – sculptures Art Gallery: Via Del Progresso 18 – 20125 – Milan (IT) web: www.cesarecatania.eu mail: press@cesarecatania.eu IG: @art_cesarecatania

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Join Dealers from Across the Country in New York City to Celebrate Stamp Collecting Month at the ASDA Fall Postage Stamp Show — October 5–7, 2017

The American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. is hosting its annual National Fall Postage Stamp Show, October 5–7 at the New York Hilton Midtown, 6th Avenue and 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019. The doors open daily at 10 a.m. Thursday and Friday the show runs until 6 p.m.; Saturday until 5 p.m. There is something for everyone from the experienced to the non-collector — dealers, specialty collecting groups, and much more. Admission is Free.

Got Stamps and Don’t Know What To Do with Them? 
Take Advantage of the Free Appraisal Service — Bring in those stamps/collections that you have inherited or been storing for years. This free service will put a value on your material and advise you on what to do. The appraisal service will be open for business from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. each day of the show. To participate in this service, check in at the ASDA Booth located at the show entrance.

What To Do at the Show 
Shop ’Til You Drop — Dealers will be buying and selling stamps and historic envelopes from across the nation and around the world — from vintage to modern, and more. Buy and sell with confidence with ASDA dealer members.

Attend the United States Postal Service First-Day-of-Issue Ceremony — Join the United States Postal Service in celebration of the Holiday season with the unveiling of four new Forever stamps — Christmas Carols. The ceremony will take place at New York Hilton Midtown, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Ave. and West 53rd St., New York, New York, at Noon on October 5. The stamps feature images that illustrate the major theme of each of four beloved Christmas carols: “Jingle Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” “Silent Night” and “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.” Familiar lines from each song highlight the individual stamps. The booklet of 20 stamps includes five of each design. The late Howard E. Paine was the art director. Artist Steve McCracken of Winchester, Virginia, created original art for the project. Please share the news using the hashtag #HolidayStamps. The USPS is online at http://www.usps.com.

Be Present at the United Nations Pre-Launch Ceremony — The United Nations Postal Administration will be celebrating World Food Day with a pre-launch unveiling ceremony at the show on October 5 at 1:30 p.m. World Food Day is a chance to show our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 — to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030.

Visit Society Booths — Seven stamp collecting societies will have a presence at the show: the American Topical Association, Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections, Inc., U.S. Stamp Society, Vatican Philatelic Society, and the Philatelic Foundation. 

Kids, Get Into Collecting — Each child ages 6–10, who is accompanied by an adult, will receive a free gift.

Be sure to pick up some souvenirs of your time at the show — stop by the ASDA Booth. 
Visit http://www.americanstampdealer.com for all you need to know about the show — schedule of events, dealers in attendance, and more.

Come to the Show! 
Get into collecting at the ASDA Fall Postage Stamp Show — October 5–7 at the New York Hilton Midtown. Explore the wide, wonderful world of collecting — a hobby for a life time! We look forward to seeing you.

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New Year's Eve Party 2018 at the Drake Hotel Chicago Hosted by Chicago Scene

The best local DJ's keep the party dancing through the New Year. Incredible Sound System, Light show, Balloon Drop and Midnight Champagne Toast. Premium Top Shelf Spirits and Drinks, with over 40 fully-staffed bars, Chef's Selection of Hors d'Oeuvres & Buffet.

The Drake Hotel is Chicago's Best New Year's Party Venue & location in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile at the corner of Michigan Ave. and Oak Street overlooking the famous Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan.

Many celebrities & local sports stars have celebrated the new year at our party as well as the who's who of Chicago.

Big Ten grads say, "It's the number one New Year's Party for Big Ten alumni in the city of Chicago," we hear every year from many guests "that everyone from our college is here." The main age range of our guests are from 21-35 and go up to people in their 40's & 50's.

Princess Diana stayed at The Drake Hotel on her only visit to Chicago.

NYE Tickets and information can be found at www.NewYearsPartyChicago.com.

Tickets for the New Year's Eve Party at the Drake Hotel are on sale Now! General admission tickets start at 5 and VIP tickets start at 5. The party begins 8 p.m. for VIP and 9 p.m.for GA ticket holders on Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017. General admission tickets include five ballrooms of entertainment, over 40 fully staffed bars, premium hors d'oeuvres, dessert and coffee buffet, and complimentary party favors, hats and noisemakers. Guests will also enjoy a midnight champagne toast and balloon drop in the Gold Coast Room and Grand Ballroom. The VIP ticket, in addition to everything previously mentioned, includes access to the VIP Grand Ballroom Bars open from 8 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

This year we have more Reserved VIP Table options than ever before. The tables include Reserved Tables, Bottle Service in Gold Coast Ballroom, VIP Grand Ballroom, French Room, Drake Room, Drake Bros. Restaurant, Georgian, Venetian and Walton Rooms. Prices range from 5 to 5 per person. We have Party and Hotel Room Packages with both GA & VIP tickets available now.

Five ballrooms of entertainment playing all types of music from house, dance, hip-hop, rock, retro & Motown, including some of Chicago's Hottest DJ's: Sye Young, Charles Protégé, Justin Dahl, Orion Roswell, On Drums, Bam Bam Buddha & Miro.

Your tickets include a pre-party on Dec. 30, 8 p.m. at Hubbard Inn - Includes a Complimentary glass of Champagne. Hubbard Inn 112 W. Hubbard St. Chicago, IL

Chicago Scene is known for its hugely popular events attended by thousands of Chicagoans, including the Chicago Scene Boat party and many other events. Chicago Scene invites Chicagoans and tourists alike to experience the hottest party of the year and ring in 2018 with style.

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