Software for Hardware Publishes ROI Whitepaper for Distributors

ATLANTA, GA – December 28, 2021 – Many door, frame and hardware distributors question the value of spending money on new software and technology. They ask, “Does the cost of business software really produce a return on the investment?” Software for Hardware commissioned a study to help Door, Frame and Hardware distributors answer this question. Released today, “Does Software Investment Drive ROI?”, based on actual research and ROI case studies, clearly concludes, YES. Software investment can in fact produce a positive return on investment for small businesses. 

The largest ROI gains were found in the category of business productivity. Many small business owners found the greatest ROI by implementing productivity software to foster better time management, project management, and reduce staff workload. Productivity software also enables the company to pursue more new business. Hence, investment in business productivity software directly produces bottom line returns.

Ian Oxman, Co Owner, Software for Hardware, added “We design our software to immediately produce increases in daily productivity which drives higher profitability and positive ROI. Unfortunately, many DFH companies only see an expense and struggle to imagine the profits that expense will create. This whitepaper contains the facts and stories to help those business owners see a more profitable future.”

One such story comes from  Basnight & Sons, a multigenerational doors, frames and hardware company located in Durham, NC. Basnight shared specific experience of projects they landed, previously not possible without new productivity software. “We generated a return on the investment immediately. The first job we managed with Software for Hardware was worth the software investment.”  For Basnight to continue to expand their business, an investment in project management and productivity software was needed to facilitate faster and streamlined operations. 

The whitepaper research suggests that business managers should focus on the critical business areas that could be streamlined and run more efficiently. Closely analyze these areas of  improvement, gain feedback from employees and customers, and honestly compare your current standing to the competition. Acquiring software that addresses the identified concerns will, research shows, drive productivity gains and a positive ROI.

To download this whitepaper research please visit https://softwareforhardware.net/download-ROI-whitpaper/

For more information on Software for Hardware products and services simply visit https://softwareforhardware.com/ or contact info@softwareforhardware.com 

Based in Atlanta, GA since 1998, Software for Hardware provides software to commercial door, frame and hardware distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Nearly 1,000 door industry professionals rely on Software for Hardware to improve their business efficiency, client responsiveness, and bottom line profitability. As a result, Software for Hardware has become the fastest growing software in the industry and the software of choice for door distributors. 

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C60Evo.com ESS60 Increases Mammals Life-Span 90%, Good For "Smiling Depression", and Safe to Consume

C60Evo.com ESS60 Increases Mammals Life-Span 90%, Good For “Smiling Depression”, and Safe to Consume

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERT Public Health

“As many of you know, I am a graduate Counsellor psychotherapist [MEd University of Texas 1997], as well as a lawyer [JD Yale Law School 1967].

“In my professional opinion, I believe I have made a preliminary working discovery that ESS60 can function in specific individuals as a powerful and beneficial mood stabilizer and enhancer to “Smiling Depression”, and can contribute to high functioning euthymic positive mood and work output among individuals with a situational or chronic mood disorder, such as depression.”

What Exactly is “Smiling Depression”?

“’People with smiling depression often mask the symptoms they are experiencing’” says McKenzie. “’They can get up each day, get dressed, show up for work, and continue to interact with others in a way that belies how badly they are feeling inside.’”

“McKenzie says that smiling depression is essentially another name for high-functioning depression or persistent depressive disorder(PDD), a chronic level of sadness that can include sleep or appetite changes, feelings of hopelessness or fatigue, panic attacks, and loss of interest in favorite activities. So it’s a totally real thing, and it can leave you in serious pain.

“How Do I Know If I Have “Smiling Depression”?

“There’s no single answer here, but there are plenty of signs and symptoms to watch for. If you’re feeling totally drained at the end of every day and have no idea why, McKenzie says you may be doing a lot of emotional legwork to fight through your depression. Here’s a few physical examples of how that might look, according to McKenzie:

“It takes serious effort for you to get up in the morning, do your hair and makeup, and get yourself to work. Once there, you can play the role of happy employee (asking your co-workers about their weekend plans or accepting lunch invites) but you might feel empty and disconnected while participating.

“You can power through your work day, successfully balancing a budget or managing a classroom of kindergarteners, but you struggle to maintain your focus; when you finally get home, you’re so exhausted you neglect all your personal responsibilities and fall into bed (or asleep on the couch) before dinner.

“Your self-care has totally dropped off the charts. You spend so much energy keeping up with the bare minimum that you’re skipping workouts, making unhealthy food choices, and dodging invites to hang with your friends.

“You’re constantly experiencing a cycle of negative emotions, by either feeling guilt or shame for feeling down, or by berating yourself for being lazy when you can’t find the energy to do something.”

SOURCE: Yes, ‘Smiling Depression’ Is a Thing — Here’s How to Know if You Have It

How I blasted through “Smiling Depression” in 2021 to Euthymic Well-being with ESS60

2020-2021 has presented an unexpected set of daily “Smiling Depression” challenges to mood stability and feelings of well-being among all social age and occupations, ranging from elders [“24%”] to working adults [“7 in 10”] to students [“one-third”].

Because of work challenges, I found myself in early 2021 experiencing my own symptoms of “Smiling Depression,” which challenged my focus on my life goals and life legacy work.

As an experiment, because I had taken an 8-week hiatus from ESS60, in June 2021, for about a week, I started out by taking two heaping tablespoons of ESS 60 first thing in the morning and one heaping tablespoon of ESS 60 at night just before bed.  After this first week and continuing now I am taking two heaping tablespoons of ESS 60 first thing in the morning.

My report: I blasted through “Smiling Depression” in 2021 to Euthymic Well-being with ESS60, working daily in Joy and Harmony to achieve my Life and Legacy goals – Onward to 4/5D!

FDA NOTE: This is not a clinical or medical diagnosis and does not constitute medical advice.  


Rather it is professional observations of myself as a graduate Counsellor psychotherapist who has documented extensively the mood and neural effects on my neural system of “Smiling Depression.”

C60Evo.com Launches ESS60, Carbon 60 (C60) That Increases Life-Span Of Mammals By 90%, And Is Safe For Human Consumption

C60Evo.com, has revolutionized the world of the Carbon 60 (C60) molecule – itself awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 – that in laboratory experiments almost doubled the life-span of mammals, increasing lab rats life span by 90%, by developing ESS60 that for the first time is a C60 that is safe for human consumption. Life extension in mammals by C60 was demonstrated in the following scientific study in Paris. “The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60] fullerene May 17, 2020”


C60Evo.com ESS60 is safe for human consumption. What is ESS60? ESS60 is the formulation of C60 used in the original study that showed ESS60 to double the lifespan of rats ESS60 is raw C60 that has been processed for safer human consumption. C60 improperly processed has been shown to be harmful.

C60 Evo delivers pure C60 “ESS60” direct from the lab to the public. The EVOlution of the Carbon 60 Miracle Molecule to ESS60 is a breakthrough in the manufacturing process so that it is safe for human consumption. This molecule has been so successful that it received the Nobel Prize in Science in 1996.

Where is ESS60 Available?  Consumers worldwide can access ESS60 at https://www.c60evo.com/alfredlw/ and can

Save an additional 10% off their purchase by using the Special Code: EVALW

How is ESS60 Available? ESS60 is Available as:

  • ESS60 Supplement in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Organic Avocado Oil; Organic Coconut Oil [Recommended dosages vary from 1 teaspoon a day]
  • ESS60 Supplement for Pets
  • ESS60 Advanced Facial Serum
  • ESS60 Lip Renewal

How much does ESS60 cost?

The cost of a monthly subscription to a 4oz bottle of ESS60 in Organic Olive Oil, which maximizes the amount of ESS60 in the daily teaspoon dose, and together with the 10% discount given by using Special Code: EVALW is an affordable.

60 MINUTES WATCH ON TRUETUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npLYFyZscVs

READ ARTICLE ON TRUETUBE.INFO: https://exopolitics.blogs.com/truetube/2021/07/c60evocom-ess60-increases-mammals-life-span-90-good-for-smiling-depression-and-safe-to-consume.html


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Importance Of Online Reputation Management In Current Life Or Time

So you have set up your business and earning quite a good sum every day. Everything is going on just as your expected but you realise that your sales are going down day by day. You keep on thinking that your product quality hasn't changed, your price hasn't changed, then why are people going away from your business? What happened suddenly in every person's mind that they are not choosing your brand anymore. So to look into this, you think to google about yourself on google, and voila! You find loads of negative and potential fake reviews are being posted on various sites every day for the last few days. Pictures and some confidential matter about your company are being spread out there which people are taking into the wrong sense. Now you start to understand why people are going away.

The main point is, what should you do at this very moment? You can't just sit tight and watch your company die. You must take action, but it's simply not possible to search your name and go to every page on the internet and delete it. That's where we, Remove Your Information, comes to the rescue. We are a company that helps businesses, organizations, groups, celebrities to remove unwanted negative information about them online. We know it will be a very difficult job, possibly an impossible job for an individual to find and delete every possible negative thing about them online. And therefore, we provide our services which include:-

  • remove negative links (from any page)
  • Remove news articles from Google
  • Remove negative content from Google
  • Remove information from Google

to anyone who needs a cleanup and wants to improve his reputation online.

Why do you need to remove negative links from the internet?

Some legend said that "Rome wasn't built in one day. But it was destroyed in one". What this line means is that it takes years or maybe decades to build a good reputation in the community, whereas it only takes a single wrong deed to ruin your years of hard work. A single piece of negative thing has the power to negate decades of work. And this is something that is hard to swallow but is possible to everyone out there who has established itself as a brand amongst the people. You need to stay awake; you need to stay alert and guard your business/you like a lion saving his cub. After all, it's about you and your reputation.

So, let's take a step ahead and know how Remove Your Information helps people deleting negative things about them online and why you need it in the first place:-

Online review matters

Whenever we go to a new place, be it a restaurant, bar, school, office, etc., we always go online and search for it. We do that because we want to get a first impression about what are we going to face in the future. And that's where negative links kick in and destroy your chances. Giving people a very bad image on the very first second when they have not even chosen you is a 100% bad sign. These things will not only affect your sales but also hinder your growth since you are not generating anything because of these bad links. We at Remove Your Information will help you remove negative links and remove personal information about your business/you online. Be it anywhere on the internet; we will find the darkest of corners and remove these reviews for you.

Unwanted pictures matters

A picture says a thousand words, and we all know what a single picture can do to your reputation. And therefore, we at Remove Your Information will help you remove any image/GIF that is posted online about you or your business and is potentially harming your reputation.

Internet helps spread word like wildfire

Internet is everywhere. You can find internet in every mobile, every office, every house, and in fact in every potential electronic device. And a thing that has the capacity to reach this many people can give you a tough time if it goes against you. Google, the biggest search engine online, is like the gateway to anything. You can search for anything to everything, and you will find it. And therefore we focus to remove negative content from Google because it is the gateway to hell if it has something against you. Almost 95%+ people use it around the globe and just think about exposing yourself to this much large crowd.

We provide our services to customers around the globe. We are not only the best in the business but also price the most reasonable price that you can find online. Our goal to remove information from Google is aimed at businesses or people who are constantly getting harassed online. It's time you should take a step ahead and remove everything that comes into your way of success.

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How To Delete negative news media links from Google ?

No business or person is immune to the negative news media links of articles. The bigger the company, the more likely the media will latch some or the other unfavorable story. Just think about the bad media articles for all those renowned fitness brands, pizza chains, and coffee companies. The negative news media news cycles impact brand impact, customer’s decisions, employer's decision, investor's trust, and finally the revenue generation of the company. So these big brands and famous personalities hire online reputation management companies to delete negative news links from Google and clear the image of the brand or personality attached to it.

Google finds it recent and trendy to be on the first page, How?

It’s imperative to delete negative news article links from Google and replace them with positive content that represents your company and its leadership and creates a clean image in the mind of people. You probably must have noticed that the negative new media stories get a lot of importance in Google search engines and it requires delete negative content from Google. 

Behind negative news are the Google algorithms 

The actual reason behind this is that Google’s algorithm favors timely content. So the articles or media story that has been published recently is more likely to be on the top of the results of search engines. Furthermore, a trending pr prevailing negative article could find a home in high visibility. SERP results are more likely to project it in the uppermost space of the page, so to remove negative news media articles from Internet becomes more important.

When a high-profile newspaper or blogger writes a negative article about any company’s brand or any personality media sources could syndicate the content or write their own article about the topic, then Google will feature more articles that demonstrate that association which could be remove negative news articles from Google . Also, it’s the psychological phenomenon that drives many people to fixate on negative media news. So the negative content gets more clicks than positive content in news media. And also it becomes important to remove negative news media links from Internet, especially the one which is negatively flavored.

Removing negative media article is a healthy option

It has a long-lasting and devastating effect on the company or the person attached to it so he wants to remove negative content from Google Search. It will finally affect the buying power of the purchaser and hence also affecting the revenue generation of the company. Over time Google begins to favors the search results that earn more clicks by ranking them higher. And it starts appearing in the topmost search results. The longer such negative media content stays in search results, the greater the reputation risk to your business or your personal reputation is there so you need delete negative content from Google. 

So it’s critical to ask your ORM company to remove negative news article from Google. This will help in clearing your image and make positive links appear on the search engine results. Also gradually more news will come and that will dilute the effect of negative news but then it is important that the remove negative content from Google Search should be done at the earliest. Negative links about your brand or team influence not only public decisions but also sales, hiring, and strategic partnership. 

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To the Moon and Back with Sheyene Gerardi, kicks off its first season with space, rockets and cyborgs.

The Venezuelan model and television personality is back on the TV dial in more than 100 countries. In its premiere season, the show will feature fascinating stories from Silicon Valley, including the world´s most iconic figures such as Elon Musk (SpaceX), Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). Throughout this series, Sheyene Gerardi goes behind the scenes to uncover leading-edge technological developments taking place across the aerospace industry. ¨To the Moon and Back with Sheyene Gerardi" is available to some 600 million TV viewers globally. In the U.S., is´s available to around 45 million households in certain markets through Cable.

Sheyene Gerarardi is a model and one of Venezuela´s most beloved television icons. She beat a prediction of 3 months to live and she has been involved in many philanthropic endeavors over the course of her career. This time she addresses the issue of her social work with a mission to use visual storytelling to amplify social issues and catalize social change. "Science is inherently optimistic. I love being able to use the power of entertainment to create positive change and help audiences to take action, and digital TV allows me to do this in powerful ways.- says Sheyene.

To the Moon and Back is about Sheyene doing what she does best: communicating hopeand celebrating progress, with which she aims to educate audiences on a global level. Sheyene is also executive producing this series. 

Each segment will air Nationwide during half-hour episode to millions of television housholds distributed throughout cable television, reaching approximately 100-million subscribers via Univision, DISH Network, DIRECTV, Verizon FiOS TV, Amazon Prime and more that 600 independent rural cable systems.



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New Turnkey Project-Based Learning Resources for High School STEM Teachers

July 27, 2020, MIT BLOSSOMS, an international education initiative founded in 2008 to encourage high school STEM teachers to pursue more active, student-centered learning, has recently enlarged its focus to support those teachers in moving to Project-Based Learning. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an emerging teaching/learning strategy. The traditional teaching/learning model has students passively “receiving content” from the teacher, practicing with homework, memorizing for the next exam and then – tragically – often forgetting it all.  PBL offers a substantially different experience where the teacher helps students form small teams and then challenges each team to work on a demanding problem over the course of weeks.  The ideal problem is socially important, located in the real world -- preferably in the students’ community, and requires mature application of STEM knowledge.  The complexity of the problem is such that it has no right or wrong answer, a situation often troubling to students used to formulaic learning.  Rather, the team must devise its own procedures for problem framing, formulation, and resolution. In the course of this effort, where now the teacher is mentor or coach, students experience discovery learning -- in sharp contrast to taking lecture notes.  They also must develop 21st Century skills involving cooperation, collaboration, conflict resolution and reaching out to local professionals who work in the domain of the assigned problem.  The team’s problem resolution is typically presented in a final written report and public oral presentation, often with local stakeholders attending.  It is a learning exercise that these students will likely never forget!  

Yet imagine the challenge for a teacher to design and operate such a PBL project over the course of three to five weeks, while still having to prepare and give lectures for other required topics.  This huge teacher preparation “start-up cost” (in terms of time and energy) is certainly one reason why many high school STEM teachers hesitate to try PBL, although they may want to. Our new MIT BLOSSOMS PBL units are designed for just such a teacher – someone who wants to give PBL a try, but is not sure just how to get started.  The first five MIT BLOSSOMS PBL units listed below:

Each of these units is developed to provide a teacher with all the resources and scaffolding needed to lead a three to five-week classroom project. To begin, each unit kicks off from a BLOSSOMS video lesson, thus providing the teacher with anchoring content and clear direction. Teachers have informed us that one of the most useful scaffolds provided in these units is the “Project Calendar,” which offers a detailed, flexible day-by-day schedule for the unit.  This calendar includes downloadable resources to lead the project, such as lesson plans, teacher notes, slide presentations, student handouts, homework assignments, etc. -- thus removing myriad hours of preparation time for teachers who might not try PBL without such scaffolding.  Other valuable resources provided with each of the five BLOSSOMS units include “Video Teacher Guides,” “Summative Assessments,” “Project-Based Learning Tools,” “Teacher Questions/Answers about PBL”, and a discussion of “Common Student Concerns During PBL.”  

Education professionals are looking forward to using these new PBL resources.  According to Michael Lauro, Associate Executive Director of the Atlantis Charter High School in Fall River, Massachusetts, “We have learned much from collaborating with the MIT BLOSSOMS team over the past three years.  We think we have played some role in helping BLOSSOMS define their PBL capabilities, and we look forward to using in our classrooms these five new PBL exercises in the coming academic year.”

Financial support was generously provided to MIT BLOSSOMS by the US OPEN EDUCATION RESOURCES FOUNDATION INC of Ruckersville VA, Lincoln H. Miller, Jr., founder and president.

All content from BLOSSOMS is OER, Open Education Resources, freely available to all.  

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Complimentary Webinar to Showcase New Cone Beam CT Accreditation Standards: Presentation to Highlight Key Thought Leaders

RadSite™, a CMS-recognized accrediting agency promoting quality-based advanced diagnostic imaging, is offering a complimentary webinar called 2020 RadSite ConeBeam CT Standards Overview. The webinar will take place on June 17th, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. ET and will last approximately one hour. Click here to register.

“Cone Beam CT imaging represents a new and innovative way to image for certain specialty exams, including dental/maxillofacial, ENT, mammography, orthopedics, and podiatry,” notes Garry Carneal, JD, RadSite President and CEO. “The webinar will highlight the opportunities and challenges associated with Cone Beam CT systems, including the need for national quality and performance standards.”

The session will be moderated by Mr. Carneal and will feature the following speakers:
-William Harrell, Jr., DMD, C. DSM, RadSite Chair, Cone Beam CT Standards Committee, and Assistant Associate Professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham
-Adam Powell, PhD, RadSite Standards Coordinator and President of the Payer + Provider Syndicate
-Eliot Siegel, MD, RadSite Chief Medical Officer

The webinar is complimentary and pre-registration is strongly encouraged:
-Title: 2020 RadSite ConeBeam CT Standards Overview
-Time: June 17, 2020; 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET
-Register: Click here to register..

“The webinar will describe the two-year standards development journey which has incorporated key performance and manufacture requirements with an eye on developing uniform physics metrics for Cone Beam CT in the near future,” Dr. Siegel elaborates. “This dynamic session also will highlight what RadSite has learned about fine-tuning the final requirements during the beta-test accreditation review period.”

“The new Cone Beam CT Accreditation Program will establish the most detailed standards for specialty imaging that are available for this emerging market,” adds Dr. Harrell. “The Standards Committee spent many hours discussing key aspects of what is required to promote quality-based imaging—including scope of practice parameters for various types of dental and medical providers using Cone Beam CT systems for diagnostic imaging.”

“Utilizing the input of numerous clinical and industry experts, we have drafted high-fidelity standards that address key operational issues, such as the role and prerequisite qualifications of the clinical director, interpreting provider, imaging technologist, and other personnel,” said Dr. Powell. “The session will highlight our next steps for launching the new Dental and Medical Cone Beam CT MIPPA Accreditation Programs.”

As part of its spring webinar series, RadSite hosted two other webinars which can still be viewed by registering below:
-2020 RadSite Standards and Accreditation Updates (recorded on April 15, 2020). Click here to register and listen to the webinar.
-Overview of Cone Beam CT Imaging (recorded May 6, 2020) ET. Click here to register and listen to the webinar.

RadSite offers a comprehensive, affordable, quality-based accreditation program that evaluates providers on established industry standards and best practices. Working with health plans and their participating providers helps raise imaging standards through meaningful imaging quality and patient safety protocols. RadSite is recognized by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and more than 350 payers and radiology benefit managers.


About RadSite™ (http://www.RadSiteQuality.com)

Founded in 2005, RadSite’s mission is to promote quality-based practices for imaging systems across the U.S. and its territories. RadSite is recognized by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an official accreditation organization under the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) of 2008. RadSite’s programs help assess, track, and report imaging trends in an effort to enhance imaging procedures and outcomes. RadSite also offers educational programs, publishes issue briefs, and underwrites research on a complimentary basis to raise awareness of patient safety issues and to promote best practices. The organization is governed by an independent board and committee system, which is open to a wide range of volunteers to ensure transparency and accountability. To learn more about RadSite, please contact us at (443) 440-6007 or info@radsitequality.com.

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Former University of Illinois President Robert Easter Joins The 2Blades Foundation Sustainability Council

“We’re honored and thrilled that Bob will be working with us, given his distinguished career in academia as both an administrator and agricultural faculty member, his consultations with high-level policymakers, and his experience as a grain and livestock farmer,” said 2Blades President Diana Horvath. “He understands what we do and how we fit into efforts to feed the additional 2 billion people who will live on the earth by the year 2050.”

“I was introduced to work of the 2Blades Foundation about three years ago,” Easter said, “and I have been impressed by their genuine commitment to use the modern tools of genetic improvement to address age-old problems such as yield improvement, disease resistance, and sustainable storage of harvested food in crops critical to the nutrition of those with limited resources globally. It is a noble calling and I am delighted to have this opportunity to contribute in any way that I can.”

Dr. Easter was appointed president-designate of the University of Illinois in March 2012, and became the university’s 19th president in July 2012 until his retirement in 2015. Before becoming president, he spent his entire, nearly 40-year career as a senior administrator and faculty member on the university’s Urbana-Champaign campus, where he earned his doctorate in animal science in 1976. He was interim chancellor from 2009-2011, serving as chief executive officer of the 42,000-student campus, and also served as interim provost and interim vice chancellor for research. He presently holds the rank of President and Professor Emeritus.

From 2002-2009, he was dean of the nationally ranked College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. Before that, he served as head of the Department of Animal Sciences, where he has been a faculty member since 1976. An expert in livestock feeding, Easter has co-authored a book on livestock production and has written more than 90 peer-reviewed articles, 11 book chapters, and numerous papers for conferences and industry publications. He also has spoken to audiences in the U.S. and 30 foreign countries on livestock feeding.

In 2006, he was appointed by President George W. Bush to the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD), and was appointed as chair of BIFAD in 2007. He also is a Fellow of the American Society of Animal Science, as well as a member of the American Society of Agriculture and Biological Engineers and the Farm Foundation Roundtable. He holds an honorary doctorate from Iowa State University. Easter was also a member of the British Society of Animal Science during his research career.

The 2Blades Foundation, based in Evanston, Illinois, and with offices and laboratories in the United Kingdom, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 2Blades establishes and manages development programs addressing significant unsolved crop disease problems in collaboration with leading research institutions around the world in both the public and private sectors.

Visit the 2Blades website at http://www.2blades.org and follow 2Blades on Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook

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Potential Therapeutic Drugs discovered for COVID-19 by Dallas Startups BitCare and Lynxbio

April 30th, 2020: BitCare Technologies Inc. (BitCare), a Dallas, TX-based Biotech startup, has been working on various solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic with the recent launch of RT-PCR Lab tests and Rapid IgM/IgG Antibody Tests and has been working on potential solutions for therapeutic drugs for COVID-19.

"It has been one of the most challenging times of our lifetime; we at BitCare and our partners have been working on several solutions to fight the Coronavirus outbreak." Ric S. Kolluri, CEO of BitCare, adds, "I'm thrilled to see that the computer models have shown great success in our findings for a potential Therapeutic Drug to fight the COVID-19."

Since the onset of the COVID-19 infections is relatively recent, drugs have not been engineered to combat the illness. BitCare has been working with its research and development (R&D) partner Lynxbioscience LLC (Lynxbio), a Dallas, TX-based biopharma company and contract research organization (CRO) that provides drug discovery, drug development, and drug lifecycle management services. Hence, all efforts at BitCare and Lynxbio are directed to "repurpose" existing FDA approved drugs to find the appropriate prescription or cocktail that can help cure SARS-CoV-2 infections.

Dr. Siva Yadavalli, Chief Scientist of BitCare and CEO of Lynxbio, says, "Using the help of AI-based computer-aided models, we have identified potential drugs that are repurposed against protease targets encoded by the SARS-CoV-2 genome. These drugs belong to diverse therapeutic areas such as antiviral, antibacterial agents and have shown clinical evidence for treating respiratory disease in humans previously. Also,our team is working on novel therapeutic uses of Fullerenes and Fullerene derivatives for their potential applications in mitigating SARS-CoV-2."

Our R&D partner Lynxbio has conducted virtual screening from their highest potential and clinically evidence-based 35 FDA approved drugs from their library, and found five lead molecules that have the potential to bind proteases of SARS-CoV-2 with high affinity. Jags Porandla, COO of Bitcare, says, "This discovery is not only innovative but also revolutionary that can help in flattening the curve of the novel coronavirus cases around the world."


Lynxbio plans to make the findings openly available to experimental biologists and biomedical researchers, to investigate the findings in experimental setups, and for the clinicians to evaluate the potential of these findings for anti-COVID-19 treatment. Dr. Siva Yadavalli says, "The team is further conducting final validations in collaboration with academic researchers and hopeful that our computational findings with further validation will provide a cost-and-time-effective framework for rapid treatment trials towards an effective COVID-19 therapy."

 BitCare & Lynxbio, through its partnership, decided to file a utility patent on these discovered potential Therapeutic Drugs.

 For more information, visit BitCare

1.About BitCare

BitCare Technologies, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based Biotech startup offering COVID-19 (RT-PCR Lab and Rapid IgM/IgG Antibody test and PPE) services and AI-based precision health and wellness services through at-home DNA & Allergy testing. DNA products offer personalized insights based on a person’s DNA on Health, Diet, Exercise, Sport, Estrogen, Addiction, Behavior, and also provides some advanced DNA tests in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Dementia. All tests are simple to use at-home tests with a simple 20-second cheek swab; with free shipping. Also, BitCare offers Allergy, Intolerance, and Sensitivity testing, which analyzes up to 800 food and non-food items. All the tests are accessible through a secure BitCare’s platform.

2.About Lynxbioscience

Lynxbioscience LLC is a Dallas, Texas-based bio-pharmaceuticals and outsourcing company (Contract Research Organization-CRO), conducts research in drug development with “OMICS '' technologies. Lynxbioscience has leading scientific experts, state-of-the-art technologies as well as critical therapeutic expertise in the areas of neuroscience, oncology, diabetes, pain, inflammation, infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, fibrosis, and rare diseases. Lynxbioscience is the first biotech company in the Texas region that offers comprehensive next-generation omics technologies services for novel and repurposed drug research to diversified groups such as pharmaceuticals, academic, and biotechnology clients. Lynxbioscience intends leveraging the expertise, comprehensive knowledge-based infrastructure in multi-disciplinary therapeutic areas in a systematic and unbiased manner with “OMICS'' technologies.

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Homeopaths and Pharmacists Collaborate to Release First and Only X-energy CBD Water

Silver Springs Water, Inc. facilitated the wellness project that combined the health benefits of CBD and alkaline water for maximum health benefits through homeopathic methodologies.

Alkalized water has a high pH, facilitating negatively charged ionized water at bottling, which introduces antioxidants into the body’s system with a quick absorption rate. While alkalized water has been a homeopathic product for a long time, X-energy CBD Water is the very first alkalized water that also includes CBD.

X-energy CBD Water is the culmination of research and collaboration between Silver Spring Water, Inc., and pharmacists, homeopaths, and hemp experts spanning years. Each bottle contains an average of 10mg of CBD extracted from hemp seed and integrated into X-energy CBD Water through serial dilution and rapid agitation. Hemp is not simply added to water, it is infused into the water through this process.

Pure CBD Hemp, which is a cannabinoid that contains under 0.3% THC, is no longer a controlled substance and does not need approval by the FDA. Although “homeopathic” products are not strictly governed by the FDA, claims of health benefits of CBD are. Health benefits, including inflammation reduction, stress and anxiety relief, seizure reduction, ease digestion and more from CBD are not approved by the FDA and are purely anecdotal. Alkalized water has been found to have anti-aging properties, support the immune system and increase skin health. When combined with CBD, these benefits may be enhanced.

People taking X-energy CBD Water have done so for a wide range of purposes. Their claims of success are based on how it is ingested, and at which quantities and intervals. Direct comments from users recommend drinking the bottle in 2-3 minutes for a quick energy boost. If the goal is “general” body maintenance, one to two bottles a day are recommended. If the goal is significant improvement in overall health, immunity, or to address specific issues, drinking 2-3 bottles each day is recommended to get the necessary negative ion and CBD energy intake to meet accelerating health and wellness goals.

For more information on X-energy CBD Water, call 877-453-6223 or visit www.xenergywater.com.

Robert Quinn, PharmD, FAAO, ABAAHP

Co-Founder, President; Kohana Pharmacy and Center for Regenerative Medicine

181 Tank Farm Road Ste 120

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Office (805) 542-0864

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How to Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

The typical cause of total knee replacement surgery is a torn meniscus.  The meniscus is the disc that cushions the knee and is crescent-shaped.  While this does not always cause pain, around one third of those over 50 years old have a torn meniscus, and those with arthritis have a higher chance of this.

Sufferers of chronic knee pain are treated for arthritic knees, given medications, knee braces, and corticosteroid injections to treat the pain, but this does not always work, sometimes worsens the situation.  Medical researchers at Boston University School of Medicine found that corticosteroid injections run the risk of accelerating joint destruction and bone loss.  This common form of pain management for knee pain can actually shorten the patient’s road to total knee replacement surgery.  In fact, the Mayo Clinic found that the rate of total knee replacement surgery has doubled in the United States since 2000.  Since these replacement knees have a 20-year lifespan, 35% of men and 20% of women who get total knee replacement surgery under the age of 60 will need a revision in their lifetime.    The Washington Post reported on December 22nd 2018, “The 723,000 knee replacements performed in 2014 cost patients, insurers, and taxpayers more than $ 40 billion,” and this number is projected to continue to rise with the aging population and rising prevalence of obesity. 

Unfortunately, the needs of an aging and increasingly obese population with high rates of osteoarthritis and torn meniscuses is not the only reason the rate of total knee replacement is on the rise, and patients are undergoing this procedure at younger ages.  The other factor is greed.

“Medical advertising is a big part of the problem,” says orthopedic surgeon Nicholas DiNubile.  “Its purpose is to sell patients on the procedures.”

Surgery is sold as a quick-fix solution that gets the patient back to doing what they used to do before severe knee pain.  Following surgery, chronic pain persists in one third of total knee replacement patients, and one in five report being dissatisfied with the results of this major – and costly – surgery.  While the efficaciousness of total knee replacement surgery is being oversold, the possible risk factors are at the same time underreported in medical advertising.  Generally, about 0.5-1% of patients die within 90 days of undergoing knee replacement surgery.  The University of Florida published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that for total knee replacement surgery patients 60 years and older, 48 hours following the surgery, 25% of these patients showed a decline in brain connectivity in at least one brain region, and one in seven patients showed connectivity declines that spanned all brain networks, while patients 60 years old and over who did not have this surgery did not display these same declines.

If treating patients with chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis with knee braces, physical therapy, and pain management medications and injections does not prevent total knee replacement surgery, and total knee replacement surgery does not always work either and comes with notable risks, maybe we’re missing a crucial piece of the knee pain puzzle.  While osteoarthritis in the knee is generally present with severe knee pain that leads to total knee replacement surgery, and tends to be treated as the cause of knee pain, Kim Gladfelter reported in the Los Altos Town Crier in November of 2018, “There are millions of people walking around each day who have arthritis in their knees but no pain.”

But what if osteoarthritis is not the root cause of knee pain?  What if something else is going on?

Florida wholistic physical therapist Craig Cohen sees the problem of knee pain in the context of the whole body.  In his experience, knee pain is an indicator that the root cause elsewhere in the alignment and mechanics of the body.

“So many of our healthcare choices are aimed at turning off the pain, rather than heeding its message,” explains Cohen.  “With integrative physical therapy, we don’t treat the arthritic knee; we treat the entire person.  We identify how excessive strain is put on the knees from body misalignment, poor body mechanics, and muscle weakness, and develop an individualized treatment plan that starts in the office and continues at home.”

As it turns out, listening to knee pain and opting for physical therapy that identifies and addresses the root causes of the knee pain can work just as well as total knee replacement without risk of complications or pain persisting after surgical intervention.  A study published in September of 2018 in the Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Journal that used two parallel randomized and controlled trials to test the outcomes of total knee replacement and non-surgical treatments on knee pain.  The study followed 100 adults with a mean age of 66 who were eligible for knee replacement surgery and had moderate to severe levels of knee pain.  Half underwent total knee replacement right away, and half were treated with physical therapy.  Researchers found that patients who were diligent in their physical therapy improved as much as those who had knee surgery in just six months to a year and avoided the risks patients with surgery endured.  Those who underwent surgery instead of physical therapy were four times as likely to develop blood clots, infections, and require another medical procedure that required anesthesia.  Of those who underwent physical therapy instead of surgery, two years later only one third opted to have knee surgery.

Study leader Dr. Jeffrey Katz reported, “It would be quite reasonable to try physical therapy first because the chances are quite good that you’ll do quite well.”

Researchers in a federally funded study at seven major universities and US orthopedic surgery centers followed 351 patients with torn meniscus and arthritis, some who were assigned immediate surgery and other who were assigned physical therapy.  They found physical therapy is most successful when a patient has an average of nine session and keeps up with regular physical therapy exercises at home.  Persistence is the key to success, and it is much cheaper with far less risk factors. 

Following knee surgery, those who have the most success with pain management and regaining their abilities from before chronic knee pain are the ones who adhere to their physical therapy regimen, and whose providers look at the big picture of their health and wellness rather than just the knee.

“We offer patients a physical therapy immersion program tailored to the root causes of their knee pain,” says Cohen.  “It’s an intense program where a patient might come in for three, four, five days in a row for therapy.  They’ll receive five hours of therapy per day, we bring in a lot of modalities.  From there, we send them home with exercises to do on their own.”

 Physical therapy directed at the actual root causes of chronic knee pain can be just as effective as total knee replacement surgery, even in patients with advanced osteoarthritis.  Physical therapy runs a lower tab and less risk of complication if the treatment regimen treats the whole body and not just the knee.

Craig Cohen and his team have two Integrated Physical Therapy and Wellness Florida locations, one in North Miami, and another in Hallandale Beach.  To learn more about working with Cohen to develop an individualized physical therapy regimen to meet your health and wellness goals, visit https://www.iptmiami.com/ or call 305-967-8976 for the North Miami Location or http://www.westfloridamfr.com/ or call 954-458-5700 for the Hallandale Beach Location. 



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Keystone Expands Strategic Suite of Services with New West Coast Hires

Keystone Strategy, which delivers transformative ideas in strategy, economics and technology to the world’s most influential companies, has expanded its West Coast leadership with two strategic hires.

Jennifer DeWhitt Graves, of Seattle, and Ryan Drake-Lee, of San Francisco, have been named Principals at the firm effective immediately. They will augment the firm’s Digital Transformation and Digital Operations practices, respectively; supporting client strategies related to Data Science and Analytics-enabled operating models. They will also support Keystone’s strategic growth and people development across its West Coast offices.

The duo brings extensive consulting and tech industry experience to the forefront, coming from Google, Starbucks, Bain & Company and McKinsey & Co.

Prior to joining Keystone, Graves was a Senior Program Manager, U.S. Operations, at Starbucks overseeing the margin, inventory and field analytics for 10,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada. While at Starbucks she implemented and led a 0 million waste management program, digitally redesigned inventory, and overhauled reporting for all 10,000 US and Canada stores. Earlier, she worked at Bain & Company in private equity, consumer products, retail, manufacturing, and education.

Graves brings a wealth of knowledge in operations, innovation, and digital transformation. Her focus is on expending the firm’s offerings and leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within supply chain, inventory, manufacturing processes, and distribution networks. Graves is a guest professor of Business at the University of Washington, lecturing on operations management and on finance for non-finance majors.

Drake-Lee joined Keystone after working at Google, where he led a 15-plus person team, driving million of incremental revenue. While at Google, he also scaled the vendor team from 14 to 200 plus agents across four locations. He was involved in an operating plan that secured a million budget.

Prior to Google, Drake-Lee was a Director and Project Manager at Tomra of North America, where he advised the Senior Leadership Team. He also performed acquisition due diligence for two potential targets in the hardware and equipment segment, ranging from million to million. Prior to this, he spent five years at McKinsey & Co., where he was an engagement manager and business analyst.

“Both Jennifer and Ryan are critical additions to our leadership team,” said Keystone President, Jeff Marowits. “Keystone was created to advise technology companies on how best to approach challenges associated with the next wave of business transformation be it through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), or more general digital transformation of strategic business objectives,” he said. “Jennifer and Ryan are wonderful additions, who will expand our reach on the West Coast while offering new and current clients unequaled talent, insights and technology fluency.”

About Keystone
Keystone is an innovative strategy and economics consulting firm delivering transformative ideas and novel solutions to global enterprises and law firms on leading-edge challenges in technology, business, and science. The firm’s expertise in information strategy & risk, economics, product development, digital transformation, AI/ML and antitrust is ideally suited to developing bold strategies that have a far-reaching impact on business, consumers, and public policy. Keystone combines the strategic insights of leading experts from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton and other top universities with the practical industry expertise of its accomplished professionals to deliver extraordinary impact. Learn more about Keystone at keystonestrategy.com.

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QUANTUM GENOMICS Is Making Significant Advances in the Development of a New, Groundbreaking Drug to Help with Treatment-resistant Chronic Hypertension

Quantum Genomics are the creators of Firibastat, a first-in-class brain aminopeptidase inhibitor (BAPAI) that could potentially treat treatment-resistant hypertension by acting in the brain to interfere with the renin-angiotensin system.

It is estimated that there are around 150 million people worldwide that are affected by treatment-resistant hypertension, resulting in almost 10 million deaths per year from complications due to high blood pressure. With such a high number of people dealing with this chronic condition (around 1.1 billion people). For those with treatment resistant hypertension, they can be more susceptible to complications associated with hypertension such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, stroke, kidney disease and peripheral artery disease.

Standard treatments for hypertension include extensive lifestyle changes to address potential factors that may have contributed to the disease and multi-drug regimens, based on preference of the treating doctor.

Firibastat works by crossing the blood-brain barrier and modulating the brain renin-angiotensin system (RAS). RAS is a hormone system that controls blood pressure in part by modulating dilation and constriction of the blood vessels throughout the body, there is a RAS system in the brain, and at the peripheral level (kidney, heart…). By modulating the brain RAS, Firibastat decreases vasopressin release, decreases sympathetic nerve activity and improves baroreflex. These effects lead to a vasodilatation and an increased diuresis, thereby decreasing blood pressure.

In the brain, Firibastat causes the inhibition of aminopeptidase A (APA) which is a key enzyme in the RAS. By inhibiting APA, Firibastat decreases levels of angiotensin III in the brain, a key protein that drives vasoconstriction. It is because of these actions that take place in the brain due to Firibastat that the drug could potentially address hypertension in the population of patients that have been resistant to current treatments of hypertension that act at the peripheral level.

Quantum Genomics has concluded NEW-HOPE, which is phase 2b trial in difficult-to-treat hypertension. The trial included 256 overweight and obese patients with primary hypertension across the US including 53% of minorities patients (of whom 38% of African-American) , 44% are female, and 26% are above the age of 65 years old. This kind of population is more likely to suffer from resistant hypertension

Indeed treatment-resistant hypertension is not equally common across all demographics and ethnicities and was more prevalent in black, Hispanic, elderly and female populations. Obese patients with hypertension were 5 times more likely to be resistant to treatment. 
Results of the trial indicated that treatment with Firibastat for 8 weeks resulted in significant (p<0.0001) decreased office systolic blood pressure by 9.5 mmHg (from 153.9 down to 144.4 mmHg) and was determined to be safe. Firibastat’s efficiency was similar in black (-10.5mmHg) and non-black (-8.9mmHg) populations, contrary to other anti-hypertensive classes

The trial also showed a larger blood pressure decrease for patients with higher baseline hypertension, a predictive factor of resistant hypertension. Based on the outcome of the NEW-HOPE trial, Quantum Genomics will initiate a phase 3 pivotal trial in resistant hypertension with Firibastat.

Based in Paris and New York, Quantum Genomics trades on the OTCQXt in the United States and Euronext Paris.

For more information, please visit http://www.quantum-genomics.com ,or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Media Contact: 
NAME – Jean-Philippe MILON 
EMAIL – jean-philippe.milon@quantum-genomics.com

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Longxing Platform Gets listed on Exshell, Kicks Off A New Era of Mineral Digital Trading

Singapore 2019. Mar.1- Longxing Global Mining Assets Digital Trading Platform attended The Block Challenge Event held by Dubai World Trade Centre(DWTC) in Singapore. During the event, Longxing announced that Longxing is officially listed on ExShell (token: LXS). The Longxing platform is the first digitized trading platform for mining assets based on blockchain in the world. Relying on blockchain technology, the Longxing platform recognized the upgrade from the traditional local offline trading mode to global online trading mode.

Depending on the technical advantage of the Longxing platform, cross-border transactions can be realized, purchasing qualifications can not be relied on, transaction thresholds can be lowered, liquidity and transaction efficiency can be improved, and transaction cycles can be shortened. As digital money payment has formed a good ecological environment, online iron ore, digital assets trading and linking to global mining assets intermediaries can not rely on traditional currency. In the future, with the help of the Longxing trading platform, online trading of iron ore, coal mine, non-ferrous metals, rare technology and other resources, will all launch on the blockchain and trading can be completed only with digital money.

Combining the latest technologies such as blockchain, Internet of things and AI, Longxing has cooperated with taoken bitcoin company to develop the global blockchain mining digital trading platform system. Based on the characteristics of mining, generating sales business process and mining assets, two blockchain systems are developed respectively: the system of business chain and the system of assets chain. Among them, the business chain system mainly needs to display company information, financial data, business and technology, production data, etc., and at the same time, give senior investors a real-time view of production and operation data; Assets on the chain system mainly include the creation of equity, audit and issuance functions, as well as information bulletin functions. Distributed nodes are located in issuers, law firms, accounting firms and all private investors, etc., providing investors with a transparent and untamable platform for operating data and assets.

“ExShell is a global leading digital financial exchange founded by two ex-senior executives of Huobi. The listing on Exshell is a new milestone for Longxing, it marks that  the company is entering into the capital market and a new stage of development. We will make persistent efforts to constantly climb the peak.” Said by Oliver Ran, Chairman of TokenBit & Secretary General Director of Longxing.

For more information, you can follow us on Telegram at?https://t.me/lxtoken, or visit our business system? http://www.dysysep.com and our assets system?http://www.dysysgp.com .

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Monumental Carbon Tax Court Case Kicks Off in Canada As Friends of Science Issues New Report on How Big Green Money Skews Climate Change Policies

A monumental carbon tax court case kicks off in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal this week (Docket: CACV3239) as the Saskatchewan Party challenges the Canadian federal government on its carbon tax legislation, as reported by Global News, Feb. 10, 2019. This coincides with the release of a new report by Friends of Science Society entitled “Big Green Money vs Conventional Energy Advocates.”

The new report is critical of the ‘big green’ foreign-funding of environmental groups, many of which, like Ecojustice, a law charity representing intervenors in the carbon tax case, engage in ‘law-fare’ to block energy development and push for carbon taxes.

“Big Green Money…” report shows that common sense think tanks are vastly out-funded, out-lobbied and out-maneuvered by green billionaire foundations and their Environmental Non-governmental Organization (ENGO) fundees.

Robert Lyman authored the report which states that some .8 billion in foreign funding to Canadian ENGOs has been used to push the carbon tax and climate apocalypse agenda. Lyman is an Ottawa energy policy consultant and former public servant of 27 years, a diplomat for 10 years prior to that.

Most of the ENGOs reviewed in “Big Green Money…” have federal charitable status, thus subsidized by taxpayers. As reported by Global News, Aug. 30, 2018, one such charity, Ecojustice, successfully blocked Trans Mountain pipeline in the Federal Court of Appeals, resulting in the further loss of thousands of jobs in Alberta’s oil sands industry and other sectors.

As noted in the report, the National Energy Board publishes annual data on total investment (i.e. domestic and foreign) in the upstream Canadian oil industry. Investment in oil sands was .6 billion, down 60% from the peak level of annual investment of .4 billion in 2014.

Friends of Science says a carbon tax is irrelevant to climate change issues as more and more research demonstrates that carbon dioxide is not the control knob that can fine tune climate. They say the UN Climate Panel (IPCC) reports relied upon by proponents of the tax are based on Faulty Premises, as detailed in their Oct. 30, 2018 report by the same name.

As revealed by Donna Laframboise in her book “The Delinquent Teenager,” UN Climate Panel reports are heavily infiltrated by green activists from Greenpeace and WWF, whose organizations have been funded for millions of dollars by the billionaire ClimateWorks Foundation and partners who are pushing a global cap and trade system, as reported by Matthew Nisbet (2018) in “Strategic philanthropy in the post?Cap?and?Trade years: Reviewing U.S. climate and energy foundation funding“.

Friends of Science Society says a global carbon tax would be a road to ruin.

Another recent Friends of Science report issued Feb. 5, 2019, entitled “Carbon Pricing Consequences for Alberta” reveals a trail of destruction following the implementation of the provincial carbon tax.

Human industrial carbon dioxide emissions have greened the planet according to an April 26, 2016, NASA report. Growing climate science consensus shows carbon dioxide’s impact on warming to be nominal says French Emeritus Professor of physics, François Gervais.


Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens who are celebrating its 16th year of offering climate science insights. After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).

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NASA CLASS Announced Collaboration with Actress Sheyene Gerardi to Address Technological Literacy

Sheyene Gerardi, a well-known Venezuelan soap opera star and model, has been appointed a member of NASA’s Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS) as the Lead for Robotics Outreach. This world-class institution of planetary scientists and space technologists invited Sheyene to join them because of her visionary work fusing space robotics technology development with humanitarian development on Earth.

Sheyene’s program addresses technological literacy in under-developed regions, creation of jobs in robotics, and advancement of technologies needed off-Earth. The program addresses a much larger concern, too, one that few have even considered: robotic industry on the Moon and Mars has such great potential for rapid scale-up that it could widen the gap between privileged and under-privileged to the point of causing great harm. Sheyene’s team is working to broaden the ownership of in-space industry as it develops, which will help solve all these problems.

Sheyene founded and operates a school to serve at-risk youth in an under-developed region of Venezuela. There, she has found systemic problems due to inadequate community support for education. Sheyene realized innovative methods are needed to motivate her students when she found out most of the children have very little hope for advancement in jobs or careers, and they do not see how education will change that.

In 2017, she met with the University of Central Florida. Sheyene recognized the space industry has great potential to improve life on Earth, but there is a strong chance the plight of people in underdeveloped regions will grow worse instead of better.

The concern is that once a supply chain is established through robots mining and manufacturing on the Moon or asteroids, it is outside the social and economic controls we have evolved for civilization on Earth. Within a few decades, advances in machine intelligence will make the robotics more autonomous, reducing the cost of labor to control the robots from Earth. According to a 2012 NASA study, it takes about this same amount of time for industry on the Moon or Mars to become an adequately self-sufficient supply chain to enable affordable scale-up, reducing the mass of materials that must be launched from Earth. The marginalization of labor from economic production is already a concern for terrestrial industry, but in space the isolation from normal economic and social restraints makes it much worse. Robotic space industry has potential to grow according to its “metabolism”, its throughput of matter and energy, without the usual economic and social controls. This can rapidly widen the gap between capital and labor, or between privileged and under-privileged following the lines of those who can participate in space and those cannot. Studies suggest this can occur as early as the middle of the century.

“As the economic revolution proceeds and production begins shifting first to robots on Earth and then to robots off-Earth, workers who don’t share ownership of the robots will be reduced to political powerlessness far worse than their conditions today. We have the opportunity to solve this problem during the bootstrapping period while human labor is still needed for space industry,” Sheyene says. Sheyene has added to this vision the theme of entertainment, to connect the creative community with scientists and thus educate the public to support science. “I also came to believe I can have the greatest impact for change by focusing on my area of expertise: what entertainment contributes to solving these problems: a lot, as it turns out, we have the ability to show people what they can do to address these problems widely and efficiently. I have been working with my production and marketing team to develop an ‘educational entertainment production for social change.’ My team sees fantastic opportunities to produce content in and around the program we have started,” she added.

Sheyene’s concern for the plight of the economically disadvantaged grew out of her unique life story. She started as an actress and became internationally-known for her roles in Spanish telenovelas until she was struck by serious personal tragedy. A year after losing her family in an automobile crash, she was diagnosed with a Stage 4 lymphoma that had spread to 85% of her body. She survived after three years of difficult chemotherapy to become the only know survivor of a rare form of the disease. These experiences convinced her to focus the rest of her life on helping people in need. She founded and now operates two non-profit philanthropic foundations including Sheyene School, which began in Venezuela and has now expanded into multiple countries to expand technological literacy and to create a pipeline to jobs and economic participation in underdeveloped regions. Sheyene recently started a socially-conscious business to broaden the ownership of space industry as one of its major goals. The business plans to accelerate human expansion into space by advancing the robotic technologies, doing so in a way that conveys equity to all the participants.

Shashi Jain, from TiE young entrepreneurs, said of Sheyene’s work, “As a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for over 18 years, I am deeply impressed by the value of the work that Sheyene is doing through her non-profit. She understands how to inspire people to not just love the subject matter, but to see the possibility of contributing to it in themselves through a few simple steps. This is a rare skill; you often get two of these at the same time, not all three.”

Sheyene’s work advancing robotics education globally resulted in her invitation to join the planetary scientists of NASA’s CLASS. The CLASS team consists of leading planetary scientists, geologists, geochemists, dynamicists, engineers, physicists and other researchers from across the world, and is headed by Prof. Daniel T. Britt at the University of Central Florida. The CLASS network incorporates domestic institutions across the USA and international partner institutions in different countries. An integral part of the CLASS mission is to give back to the wider community.

“I have been following with great interest Sheyene’s activities in organizing world-wide robotics competitions. Her vision for expanding the scope and the impact of space science and engineering outreach dovetails strongly with the objectives of the Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science. We are looking forward to working with Sheyene and are excited about the possibilities of the robotic competitions,” Prof. Daniel Britt said.

“People, in general, are unaware of the danger they are in, that with no way to personally go into space, no need for their labor in the face of robotic artificial intelligence, and no way to gain an ownership share in the industry, they will be left behind both economically and politically, creating a vastly deeper rift between the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have-nots’. While the rift is already big today, it is seriously nothing compared to what it will be when industry is started in space and grows to massive proportions, unless steps are taken during the startup period,” Sheyene says. “Many solutions require an understanding of local pain points to solve economic and standard of living challenges every country is trying to solve to provide a better quality of life. I am glad and appreciative that with this synergy we can turn this initiative into a win for everyone. I feel the time is right,” she added.

Sheyene is advancing her plan to support both technological literacy and direct participation in space, through a robotics curriculum, which will be made freely available through her non-profit school. The team is also creating a series of robotics competitions, including secondary, college, and post-college events, with the goal of replicating it on a global scale. The technological progress achieved through the robotics competitions will be funneled back to NASA missions through her position in CLASS. Her participation with the SSERVI/CLASS network will facilitate her access to its cutting-edge scientific advances, enhancing the existing partnership she has with the Florida Space Institute, enabling her program to reach more people with the excitement of NASA space exploration to make a tangible difference their lives.

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Art at the center of the "Universe"

After the resounding success on the French Riviera, the Italian artist Cesare Catania continues to amaze international critics.

Thursday 19 July 2018, during the art biennial of Saint Paul de Vence, the last sculpture of Cesare Catania, entitled "The Heart of the Earth - B Version" will be installed right at the entrance to the Provençal village. It's a sculpture of contemporary art that connects to a previous work of art in wood and acrylic made by the same artist between the years 2012 and 2015, entitled "The Heart of the Earth - A Version". The last sculpture "The Heart of the Earth - B Version" draws inspiration from the same concept of strength and energy that releases the Earth and was made of Carrara marble powder and white cement. To give even greater emphasis to the energy aspect, the artist wanted to combine the remains of a meteorite in the mixture. The origin of the latter and the historical dating of the body
from thousands of light years are controversial: the only certain data is that they are fragments belonging to the meteorite cataloged by the official bodies and by NASA as "Meteorite Gibeon", fallen in prehistoric times in the southern region of Namibia (Africa) and some pieces of which are exhibited in the most famous geology museums in the world.

In this work of art Cesare Catania wanted to concentrate all the strength of the elements considered to be of greater energetic impact: the inverted pyramide and the sphere, the marble dust coming from the Earth and the meteorite fragments coming from the Universe.

The sculpture will be installed on Thursday 19 July 2018 in the heart of Provence and in particular in the capital of world art Saint Paul de Vence, in front of the contemporary art gallery Odd Gallery.

(Contact us by email to receive all images in full HD for print-use)

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UK MedTech wearable wins global award in 150bn USD sector

ViCardio®, (http://www.vicardio.com) a unique blood pressure monitor developed in the UK, has beaten global competition in the prestigious IDTechEx awards, held in Berlin. The judges were impressed by Tarilian Laser Technologies’ patented biosensor used in ViCardio, which is central in allowing ViCardio® to be the world’s first non-invasive, beat-to-beat, blood pressure monitor. Winning the Best New Wearable Technology Device Award at IDTechEx comes on the back of parent company, Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT), being just one of six firms chosen by PwC to represent the UK in the Great Festival of Innovation in Hong Kong last month.
TLT & ViCardio CEO Dr Sandeep Shah said: “We are delighted to win the Best New Wearable Technology Award, especially coming so quickly after being part of the PwC delegation to Hong Kong. This reflects the potential of ViCardio® to transform the patient experience, as well as the strength of the UK technology sector. The global wearables market is growing rapidly and we’re confident that ViCardio® will become a key player in the sector, creating valuable export opportunities and jobs along the way.”
IDTechEx have estimated that the global wearable technology will reach over 150bn USD annually by 2027, across a number of categories, including medical devices, fitness trackers and smartwatches. UK companies such as TLT are well-placed to take advantage of this growing market. The judges at IDTechEx, Matthew Heasley, from GSK, and Dr Akira Sakaigawa, from Huawei commented that “ViCardio’s device has the potential to be revolutionary in blood pressure monitoring, so we are delighted to recognise this potential via this award”. Dr David Pearce, accepting the award in Berlin, said: “We’re very proud to have been honoured by the largest emerging technologies conference in Europe. UK wearables technology is becoming a global leader and we are playing a major part in that growth.”
ViCardio Website (http://www.vicardio.com)
About IDTechEx
The IDTechEx Show! is hosted by IDTechEx. Since 1999 IDTechEx has provided independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technology to clients in over 80 countries. From the IDTechEx judges: Each year at the IDTechEx Show!, two companies are honoured for their achievements in developing and commercialising different aspects of wearable technology. This year the awards were judged by Mr Matthew Heasley (GSK) and Dr Akira Sakaigawa (Huawei) with support from the independent analyst team with IDTechEx Research. As the ecosystem around various wearable products matures at different rates, significant developments at both the product and component level that are required to move the market towards the next generation. Both the high volume and wide diversity of applicants to the award reflected the ongoing spirit within this industry, and the judges commented as to the difficulties selecting just two winners from a list of impressive achievements. The winner of the Best New Wearable Technology Device: ViCardio Reasons for choice: Blood pressure remains one of the most challenging vital signs to characterise. ViCardio’s non-invasive technique does not require the traditional inflating cuff, and also removes the need for individual calibration which has been a requirement in previous attempts at cuff-less, non-invasive monitoring. The device is currently being tested in clinical trials, with the aim of confirming the quality of the data. ViCardio’s device has the potential to be revolutionary in blood pressure monitoring, so we are delighted to recognise this potential via this award.
Global, wearable technologies market ID TechEX Review (https://www.idtechex.com/research/reports/wearable-technology-2017-2027-markets-players-forecasts-000536.asp)
Background to the development of ViCardio®
Tarilian Laser Technologies Ltd (TLT), a global Innovator in medical device, digital technology and engineering, announces the 2018 planned market launch of its remarkable and unique Cuffless continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring solution, ViCardio® (www.vicardio.com). ViCardio® is based upon TLT’s State of The Art engineering platform delivering both a high performance and aesthetic Medical Wearable Device. The outstanding TLT device is based upon its proprietary and internationally patented opto-electronic sensor which instantly – within a second of application – delivers a continuous and highly accurate* blood pressure reading – similar to the output that is generated from an internal invasive arterial line. In contrast to all other technologies, TLT is easy and extremely comfortable to apply – with no cuff, no application pressure and no calibration required at all. Unlike other attempts at cuffless technology over the past 50 years – which have relied on invasion of energy into the body and reflection back to a detector – which is problematic and highly inaccurate – ViCardio has broken a major barrier in sensor technology and developed a high-fidelity system that accurately* and effectively generates the most important surface physiological parameters that determine blood pressure.
This technology which has over 37 patents is a paradigm shift and will create a whole new series of applications in consumer and hospital care. The regular and accurate measurement of blood pressure is crucial for patients wishing to achieve the best understanding and control of this condition, that now touches the lives of over 50% of the adult population. Current cuff-based products are not well liked by patients as they cause discomfort and are cumbersome to carry. They also require frequent calibration to remain of any clinical value. Other emerging devices rely on light based invasive sensors (similar to the common heart rate wearable sensors) are highly inaccurate and are not serious contenders to gain FDA/CE Mark approval. The TLT sensor will be available to clinicians and consumers and its ViCardio® brand are now set to disrupt the dynamic and evolving multi-billion dollar Medical Wearable and Luxury Technology markets. Following the conclusion of its final clinical trial (details below), it is anticipated that initial orders will be delivered to clinicians and consumers in Q4 2018. People Tarilian Laser Technologies is led by a family team, Dr Sandeep Shah and Nita Shah. They have combined their medical and electronic engineering backgrounds over several years to pursue the development of the ground-breaking TLT sensor.
Having achieved clinical trial results in 2012 within the CE/FDA approval tolerances, they have since focused on the further miniaturisation of the sensor and improvements in accuracy* so as to allow TLT to enter the sensor into a second clinical trial using the highest scrutiny possible, that of comparison to intra-arterial lines used in intensive care environments using the SP-10 protocol. This trial, currently in progress at The Barts Heart Centre, is anticipated to complete in Q2 of 2018 and its results will form the basis of their CE/FDA certifications. Steve Schaefer, patent attorney and engineer by training, moved from his position as the Head of MedTech at the prestigious US patent firm Fish and Richardson in September 2017 to become the third executive director of TLT and the lead of its North American operation. Steve had led the team that had worked on securing the extensive patent portfolio since 2007. Dr David Pearce, a leading Physician, Entrepreneur and expert in digital technology and communications, has recently joined the TLT Non-Executive Advisory Board.
*All claims of accuracy are subject to, and will in due course be certified to, an international recognised medical grade approved standard. The TLT sensor is undergoing strict regulatory clinical testing to the highest standards, with CE Mark and FDA regulatory filings to follow.

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