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Nike Basketball Camps Celebrating 20 Years of the San Domenico School Basketball Camp

This girls and boys basketball camp in the Bay Area was founded by San Domenico School Associate Athletic Director, Jeff Skaggs and is co-directed by him and San Domenico School Head Varsity Basketball Coach Mike Fulton. Joined with their staff of top-notch coaches, Skaggs and Fulton lead three weeks of day and overnight basketball camp for local and international basketball players. In the camp’s 20 years of running, both Skaggs and Fulton have helped thousands of individuals get better in the off-season and return to their teams with more confidence and improved skill sets.

"We are excited for our 20th year of camps and are proud of both our longevity and our relationship with US Sport Camps," says Jeff Skaggs. “We are happy that our camp experience has resonated with the community and parents have trusted us for 20 years to help their young student athletes train and get better at the great game of basketball."

Not may camps cater to international campers quite like this one. They have an additional component for overseas campers to train and take English language (ELS) classes during their stay. Boys and girls can not only improve their game, but receive English lessons and then practice their English with peers and coaches.

"Our staff enjoys the international component, which is a differentiator from other local camps,” Says Jeff Skaggs. “it’s a great cultural mix for our International Nike/ELS Campers who get to train with local campers. We’ve had basketball players from Russia, Peru, Brazil, China, Togo West Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, Sweden, Japan, Mexico, France, Spain, and Norway."

Campers can choose to attend one, two, or three of weeks of basketball instruction. Over the course of camp, they will work on their skill sets through drill stations, lectures, and competitive scrimmages.

Players, coaches, and parents interested in Nike Basketball Camps can visit or call 1-800-645-3266

About US Sports Camps

US Sports Camps (USSC), headquartered in San Rafael, California, is America's largest sports camp network and the licensed operator of Nike Sports Camps. The company has offered summer camps since 1975 with the same mission that defines it today: to shape a lifelong enjoyment of athletics through high quality sports education and skill enhancement.

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Is Vasil Bojkov the New Owner of FC Levski Sofia?

Vasil Bojkov to finance the professional association football club Levski Sofia His company Nove Holding confirmed the news in an official press release Pavel Kolev revealed that the debts of the football club account for a total of BGN 30 million The last couple of months have been difficult for the professional association football club Levski Sofia. Currently, it has been suffering a series of financial difficulties and it is also  threatened to be withdrawn
from the European tournaments. However, certain circumstances are finally indicating that there is a real chance for the survival of the popular Bulgarian football club. The media has been loaded with different names of potential new owners of the FC, promising to stabilize its financial status and to improve its future in general. At the end of January, Pavel Kolev, current Deputy Executive Director of the Bulgarian Football Union and the new CEO of Levski Sofia, pointed out that the football club is going to have new owners. A general meeting of shareholders is scheduled for the 6 th of March when all the changes in terms of the club’s ownership are going to be revealed. The big question, though, was who was going to be the next owner with many sources suggesting that the next in line is the richest
Bulgarian and patron of sport – Vasil Bojkov. Just days ago, his company Nove Holding put an end to all the rumors and speculations. In an official press release, Nove Holding confirmed that Vasil Bojkov was to finance the professional association football club Levski Sofia from now on. Here is what the company said in their announcement:

“Dear sports supporters and media, In relation to the increased public interest and the questions regarding the upcoming changes in the management of PFC Levski, we would like to inform you of the following: For more than a quarter of a century, Mr. Vasil Bojkov and the companies related to him have been supporting the Bulgarian sport and the Bulgarian football in particular, and have been working towards their better development.
Levski is undoubtedly the most popular and recognizable brand in the local football spheres and as such it holds the potential for a very successful business partnership. This is why the group of companies which Mr. Bojkov is part of are involved in the necessary reorganization, management, financing and long-term development of the club. The partnership will continue as long as there are opportunities for growth and the business interests of both sides share the same views.”

Due to the very brief message and no details or specifications further provided, some questions of uncertainty still seem to be puzzling the media - why, how and how long exactly will Bojkov participate in the financing of Levski? According to Pavel Kolev, its debts are estimated at 32 million leva. He also underlined the following; “Vasil Bojkov impressed me with a very clear business plan as to how Levski can at least break even – if not winning money, then at least not losing even more. Bojkov also impressed me with his desire to invest in a e better infrastructure and sports school, as well as with the desire to make the team more Bulgarian-like, so that fans can easily identify with it and will start loving it even more… Just as they used to years ago.”

One thing is for sure, though. The club is undergoing a severe crisis so the financial support is needed right here right now.

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Vanguard Software Signs with National Sporting Goods Company

With more than 150 retail stores covering 35+ states, this national sporting goods company sells sporting gear, camping gear, travel equipment, name brand and private label clothing, and almost everything needed for recreational outdoors activities.

With Vanguard Predictive Planning, the company plans to forecast needed materials and manufacturing capacity for seasons to come.

To accomplish these goals, Vanguard will support all of the collaboration and planning with their material and manufacturing vendors. Some of these activities include: 

  • Managing available material/capacity
  • Reserving material/capacity
  • Getting confirmation from vendors on reservation
  • Planning actual POs
  • Tracking material liabilities

With more than 200 users from their material and manufacturing vendors in Vanguard Predictive Planning, the “supplier portal” is vital for planning and collaborating with vendors.

“This is yet another example of an industry leading client selecting Vanguard for their mission critical supply chain needs,” said Neal Goffman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Vanguard Software.

With plans to expand into other parts of the business, Vanguard Predictive Planning is their chosen solution to support future growth. Learn more about what Vanguard can do for your business by requesting a demo.

About Vanguard Software

Vanguard Software introduced its first product for decision support analysis in 1995. Today, companies across every major industry and more than 60 countries rely on Vanguard Software’s Predictive Planning, an IBP Platform. Vanguard Software is based in Cary, North Carolina.

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UltrAspire Welcomes 2019 with a Spring Launch

UltrAspire is excited to announce the launch of the spring 2019 Collection and the introduction of the Extreme Line. For Bryce Thatcher, owner and founder of UltrAspire, it’s about pushing the limits of endurance sports to new heights. With the introduction of products or a new iteration, they are always brought to market out of need and that need is to perform better.

With innovation and the need to perform at a peak level being core values behind research and development at UltrAspire, identifying the needs of people who are actively involved in human powered sports is important. To Bryce, keeping the environment that we live and play in clean and safe is critical. Society as a whole has seen a trend of people who live very minimalist lives when it comes to belongings. People are taking endurance sports to levels never before achieved thus having certain needs in order to perform at that type of level. It is these three elements that came together to create the Extreme Line. Multiuse packs that can cross over into multiple activities built with highly durable long lasting fabrics and mesh with features that are very user friendly. The Bryce XT and the Epic XT are the two newest additions that come in the Extreme Line.

The Zygos 4.0 is a new iteration to the Race Line that is included in the spring 19 launch. With previous models being Bryce’s pack of choice the changes that this vest has undergone comes from his direct experience with the pack. Another addition is a new handheld with an incredibly easy to adjust system called the Iso Versa 2.0. A new colorway has also been introduced, ultra violet, and will be offered on certain products like the Momentum, Astral 3.0, Essential bottle Pack, and Ultra 550 handheld.

For Bryce, the ability to spot trends and gaps in the market has led to many product inventions and innovations over the years and will continue on long into the future. He does not wish to be all things to all people, but to be for those who know when something feels right and good.

About UltrAspire:

UltrAspire is a high-performance, innovative outdoor gear company. From competitive endurance sports to the casual adventurer, UltrAspire keeps to a very important code which is to create an inspired outdoor experience. Gear up with UltrAspire and experience the difference at

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80's UK Pop Star and Music Industry Veteran with Surprising Comeback!

Just like Hugh Grant in the movie 'Music and Lyrics', 80's heartthrob Mark Jones was on everyone's lips, fronting his band 'Perfect Day'. Now 30 years on, Mark is back with a bang, performing the brand new World Cup Football Anthem, 'England's in My Heart'.

Unlike Hugh Grant's character in 'Music and Lyrics', Mark Jones has since his 80's heyday been a key player in the UK music industry. As head of the legendary record label Wall of Sound, Mark has both worked alongside and released acts like Grace Jones, Basement Jaxx, Röyksopp, Propellerheads, Mogwai and Human League, only to mention a few.

Now, in support of England's trophy hunt at the World Cup in Russia, Mark Jones makes a sensational comeback as frontman and lead vocalist. The football anthem 'England's in My Heart' has all the necessary ingredients; it's an immensely catchy tune with a groovy stadium rock beat and timeless sing-along chorus. 

The official video is available here:

The song can be streamed and downloaded here:


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Archie Marvellous & Mark Jones Release This Summer’s World Cup Smash-Hit, ‘England’s in My Heart’

With the World Cup just around the corner, Archie Marvellous & Mark Jones have released ‘England’s in My Heart’ on legendary London record label, Wall of Sound and it contains all of the ingredients for a catchy, modern day football anthem.

This single, by the ‘mythical’ Archie Marvellous and music industry legend, Mark Jones, features one of the leading performers in the northern English music scene, Scott Cavagan and high profile female producer, Aubrey Whitfield. After several years of success with multiple chart hits and songs on TV and radio, Archie has decided to take on ‘mission impossible’ and write a football anthem to rival The Lightning Seeds’ classic track, ‘Three Lions’.

‘England’s in My Heart’ is set to lift the spirits of a new generation, twenty-two years after ‘Three Lions’ took to the airwaves. With an immensely catchy chorus, a ‘jump up and down’ stadium rock beat and timeless crossover appeal, the track is sure to be the go-to anthem for this year’s World Cup in Russia.

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Shammi Rana awarded with USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame award

Mr. Rana, through his work as a Public Relations Expert & Promoter of Martial Arts Organizations, has more than 20 years of promoting experience at the top levels of professional sports activity.  Through sports diplomacy, he has worked with state dignitaries around the world to promote political, social and diplomatic relations at the highest levels of government.  His work is so revered that in 2017, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization appointed him Rapporteur of the UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to promote the 2017 Traditional Sports and Games, UNESCO (TSG).In a bid to help this issue, UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) Rapporteur, Shammi Rana, does a huge amount of work to promote the UNESCO Mandate on TSG. Shammi, also the Secretary-General of the Asian Belt Wrestling Federation, spends a lot of time speaking with Governments from across the globe to promote TSG.

His unique role as an internationally respected Public Relations Expert / Promoter of Martial Arts Organizations stems from his experience as a recognized professional athlete (he has held membership in over 10 martial arts organizations throughout Asia) with over two decades of work as a promoter of sports, sports organizations, and sports diplomacy.

Mr. Rana, who also serves on internationally governing associations, such as his role as Vice President of International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports, Mr. Rana has promoted the Korean martial arts, Taekwondo in his home state of Punjab, India

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