MDstaffers Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Larkin, Named to Staffing Industry Analysts’ 40 Under 40 List

MDstaffers announced today that Chief Operating Officer Ryan Larkin has been named to Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) 40 Under 40 list. The list is a contemporary look at the staffing industry’s trailblazing leaders in North America. SIA, the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, recognizes honorees as, “fervent about mentoring their teams to develop their strengths so the workers, their clients, and their companies flourish.”

Larkin has overseen nearly every function of MDstaffers in his tenure—each year taking on more responsibility. Larkin recently served as MDstaffers’ Vice President of Service Delivery where he led client development and sales while simultaneously deploying technology to improve operational efficiencies—leading revenue growth of more than 5,600 percent.

Last year, he was appointed to Chief Operating Officer where he now oversees all departments, functions, and divisions of MDstaffers. A hands-on leader, Larkin still regularly speaks with clients and candidates to stay connected to the needs of both.

“Ryan is extremely deserving of this recognition; his deep understanding of the healthcare industry and what our clients need has been instrumental in our firm’s continued success,” says Tyler Covey, MDstaffers’ CEO.

MDstaffers is the fastest-growing physician staffing company in the United States. MDstaffers is a national locum tenens and permanent placement physician and advanced practitioner staffing firm. MDstaffers seeks to improve access to and quality of healthcare in the United States by providing exceptional physician and advanced practitioner staffing and consulting services to healthcare organizations. MDstaffers is headquartered in Rancho Cordova, a suburb of Sacramento, California; MDstaffers serves the East Coast through its office in the D.C. Metro Area.

Any questions regarding this release can be emailed to info@MDstaffers.com or please call 866-90-STAFF and ask for the public information officer.

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Much Needed Answers to Questions About 401(k) if Unfortunately Lost Employment

Unfortunately, one of the negative consequences concerning COVID-19, is a sharp increase in the number of unemployed people. The global pandemic has caused a great deal of uncertainty within the business community. This will lead to a large number of job losses, at least on a temporary basis. If you find yourself out of a job, one of the most important things you can do is to thoroughly examine all of the options concerning your 401(k). For many people, the balance inside their 401(k) represents a substantial portion of an individual’s retirement plan. Therefore, it becomes critically important to make the proper decisions in terms of how to handle your 401(k), particularly if you become unemployed. 

One of the most common questions among 401(k) participants involves the transfer (i.e. rollover) of 401(k) assets. This is a particularly frequent question because the rollover rules have changed during the past few years. Another reason why this topic is so popular is because there seems to be some confusion within the investment community concerning rollovers, transfers and withdrawals. Very briefly, let’s review the specific rules in regard to rollovers and transfers. Please read the following example.

Jane was recently laid-off by her employer. Thankfully, Jane has a large 401(k) balance of 0,000. She also has a second 401(k) from a previous employer. The balance is ,000. Upon speaking with her employer, Jane has determined that she will not be returning to work any time in the near future. Therefore, she has decided to transfer her large 401(k) balance into an IRA. Jane contacts the 401(k) custodian and asks the custodian to send her a check for the balance of the account (0,000). The funds are sent directly to Jane in the form of a check. This is known as an indirect rollover. In order to avoid fees and penalties, Jane has 60 days to send the entire 401(k) balance to her new IRA custodian. She successfully deposits 0,000 into her new IRA within the 60-day window.

Jane is happy with her new IRA custodian. Therefore, a few months later, she decides to transfer the small 401(k) with a balance of ,000. Within two weeks, Jane receives a check for ,000. She subsequently mails a check payable to her new IRA custodian. Unfortunately, Jane has made a costly mistake. Why? Because the IRS allows only one indirect rollover per 365-day period. This new law went into effect on January 1, 2015. Jane’s entire balance of ,000 becomes 100% taxable. Effectively, the account is no longer considered an IRA. Jane made a mistake because she was not familiar with the rollover rules. Most likely, she could have avoided this taxable event by speaking to a licensed investment professional. Licensed professionals are familiar with rollover and distribution rules. They help their clients determine the proper strategy for transferring retirement accounts.

In the example above, Jane chose to use an indirect rollover for transferring her 401(k). She also had the option of selecting a direct rollover. What is a direct rollover? It’s a transfer option which allows for the movement of retirement dollars. More specifically, a direct rollover is an electronic transfer of retirement accounts between two custodians. With a direct rollover, the owner of the retirement assets does not receive a check from the custodian. More importantly, there is no limit on the amount of direct rollovers that can be initiated in a 365-day period.

In regard to Jane, a direct rollover would have been a much better option. Why? Because she could have completely avoided the taxable event on her ,000 401(k). Jane made the mistake of performing two indirect rollovers in less than 365 days. By speaking with a licensed investment professional, Jane would have learned the difference between a direct rollover and an indirect rollover. Jane and her advisor could have discussed the appropriate course of action concerning her two accounts. In addition, by rolling over your 401k to IRA will provide more investment options.

Do you have questions concerning your 401(k) rollover? If so, you may want to speak with Angelica Roxas. Angelica has been licensed as an investment professional for almost 20 years. She is a Financial Strategist and President of Strategic Asset Preservation, Inc. Angelica is also the Founder and President of South Bay Tax Solutions. She is an expert in helping clients make the best decisions concerning their 401(k) assets. Ask Angelica about her Market Loss Recovery Program, which is designed to help clients who are struggling with their 401(k) investments.     

If you would like to meet with Angelica at no cost or obligation, she will be happy to review your financial situation. In the current situation, she also does customized review and advising virtually, provide online financial educational workshops or talk on the phone. To benefit from her expertise, contact her today. 

Feel free to download our complimentary Whitepaper on the “Top 10 IRA/401k/403b/TSP Mistakes to Avoid for a Healthy Retirement”.

Click here: https://seminar.strategicassetpreservation.com/marque/

You may also attend her free webinar by registering here https://seminar.strategicassetpreservation.com/webinar1

About Angelica Roxas

Angelica has been licensed as an investment professional for almost 20 years. She is a Financial Strategist and President of Strategic Asset Preservation, Inc. and South Bay Tax Solutions. She is an expert in helping clients make the best decisions concerning their 401(k) assets and also provide tax planning. Ask Angelica about her Market Loss Recovery Program, which is designed to help clients who are struggling with their 401(k) investments.

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Rex Academy Online Coding Courses Help Kids Beat the Covid 19 Quarantine Boredom

Rex Academy, a leading global technology academy for kids and teens, offers fun, engaging, high quality online programming courses. These courses will not only keep them occupied while being locked in at home, but also arm them with coding skills that can help them gain an edge in their future professional lives.

“Programming is sheer magic and a universal language”, says Rex Academy CEO Sandy Padala. “Kids can develop a passion for it quickly. It becomes an outlet for their creativity and helps hone problem-solving skills. In many ways, programming is the new literacy that every kid must learn in this digital world. The earlier they are introduced to it, the easier it becomes for them to pick it up.”

“Our online classes are delivered through videoconferencing,” continued Rex CEO Sandy Padala while talking with parents and encouraging them to enrol their kids for a trial online group class. “Students are placed in an age appropriate coding class. Teachers both present the material and monitor all students’ computers during class to ensure they are learning. Class recordings and student’s progress reports will be available to the parent after every class. We maintain small age-appropriate student to teacher ratios (4:1 for our youngest students).”

Parents can enrol their kids at http://www.rex.academy/online-classes/

While most working parents are adjusting to the COVID-19 work from home mandate, it is the kids that are most affected by the lockdown situation. Governments all around the world have closed educational institutions to contain the global pandemic. Kids are not only bored and restless, but they are also deprived of the knowledge-gaining process.

One of the best ways to help kids overcome their boredom is to get them into coding. It will not only keep their brains ticking but, more importantly, developing coding skills at a young age will prepare them well for the digital world they will step into tomorrow.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates from Microsoft all learned coding with a private tutor when they were in middle school.

When it comes to learning to code, it is important to choose the right place that can impart this critical skill for this generation in a simple, fun and engaging manner. Rex Academy is the best place to learn online coding skills.

The key benefits of enrolling kids in Rex Academy are:

  • Fun and engaging classes
  • Teaches critical and analytical thinking and improves communication skills
  • Teaches kids to create games, mobile apps, animations, websites and build software applications.
  • The courses are 80% percent project based.
  • Aligned with National Education standards like TEKS, CSTA and K12CS
  • Multiple ways to learn - self-paced, one on one and small group sessions

Research reveals that in 10 years there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer science, but just 400,000 qualified graduates thus creating a huge demand for quality coders. There is a growing demand for programmers in every industry. Even if your kid never chooses to be a software programmer, coding is still a fundamental skill that your child would need regardless of what career she/he is going to choose when they grow up in this digital world.

Technology is everywhere, parents must start early and prepare their kids for the digital world right away. This will help them gain a fundamental understanding of how computers think. Computer Science is a skill for life that can be used to solve problems in a variety of businesses, scientific and social contexts. Kids who understand the basics of programming will be more adaptive to the changing needs of the workforce.

For more information, visit https://www.rex.academy

About Rex Academy:

Rex Academy, a top-rated global technology academy for kids and teens offers comprehensive, fun, and hands-on coding classes. These courses are aimed at transforming kids from technology users to technology creators. There are more than 30 courses that cover a wide variety of topics from Digital Arts to Ethical Hacker Certification. Rex’s mission is to make practical high-quality coding and computer science education universally available to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

Rex is currently offering special discounted programs to meet the needs of the prevailing situation brought by coronavirus.

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Dr. Paul J. Bailo Presents ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’

Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive - Digital Strategy, Data Analytics & Innovation and Adjunct professor at Columbia University is proud to present ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’  based on data analytic research. The all-encompassing tool allows people to gain vital knowledge and tips that can help them crack the complex process of virtual interviews. 

“I am delighted to present ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’, a comprehensive tool designed to help you ace digital interviews,” says the brain behind the handbook, Dr. Paul J. Bailo. “I have tried my best to outline every single aspect of the virtual interview that should be capitalized upon. The book also includes professional tips that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.”

Dr. Paul J. Bailo has taken key principles from his first book, The Essential Phone Interview Handbook, and adapted them to meet the needs of today’s key platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and others. Dr. Bailo provides his readers with the best tools needed to crack digital interviews and land their dream jobs.

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook is split into three separate sections. They cover key areas of the interview process such as preparing, conducting and concluding. The book provides a step-by-step plan on how to prepare for and complete a digital job interview. 

With face to face interviews becoming difficult to organize and conduct, more and more companies are adapting to the remote interviewing process. It, therefore, becomes important for candidates to remain current with the processes and also to know what the employers are looking for during the digital interview. Many aspects such as appearance and external factors come into reckoning and play a crucial role in impacting the outcome of the virtual interview. 

The book covers vital aspects of a digital interview process such as:

  • How to prepare for the digital interview
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • How to establish a professional presence by using the correct microphone and camera
  • How and when to take the next step, and make a transition from virtual to in-person

Dr. Bailo states that most people come for digital interviews entirely unprepared. They sit down, turn the computer or camera on and simply begin without having any basic understanding of the processes. He opines that in a highly competitive job market job seekers need to become the actor, the director, and producer of the event. The Essential Digital Interview Handbook provides all the tools needed to produce a great storyline.  

Some of the reviews posted about this handbook are shared below:

“As promised, Paul Bailo really does provide the core components of what you need to be successful in your digital interviews as well as the information, insights, and counsel needed to prepare for and then achieve that success. The information, insights, and counsel that Paul Bailo provides in this book will be of greatest value to job candidates but much of it will also be of interest and value to those who interview them.” - Robert, Amazon

“This is an amazing book. The layout is a marvel in itself. You will find some useful practical tips for both company owners and job seekers. The detail to research, data analysis and insights are impeccable. The author shares some heartwarming stories that truly put the theory into action and immediately allows the reader to be part of the story and remember how to be a Hollywood star for your digital interviews.” - Sarah, Amazon

Digital communication is here to stay, and The Essential Digital Interview Handbook teaches you how to master it” – Annie Brussese, Syndicated Columnist, USA Today.

Packed with practical tips to help you get ready for your close-up, this book is an essential tool for any job hunter who wants to ace digital media interviews and stand out from the crowd. – Anne Fisher, career and workplace advice columnist, CNNMoney.com and Fortune.com. 

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other digital platforms. 

About Paul J. Bailo:

Paul J. Bailo is an executive of digital strategy and technology and creator of Phone Interview Pro – www.phoneinterviewpro.com , a service that helps jobseekers hone their telephone job interview skills. He has been featured in leading media resources such as CNNMoney.com, Yahoo Hot Jobs, AOL Jobs, CareerBuilder.com, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and US News & World Report. 

For more information about the book or author, please contact 

Phone Interview Pro Media at 203-258-1746.

To order your copy, go to https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Digital-Interview-Handbook-GotoMeeting/dp/1601633033 now!


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Rollors Attains NaVOBA Certification in Quest to Become the Ultimate Outdoor Game

Rollors, the family-friendly, backyard lawn game, is pleased to announce they saw a 36% increase in sales in 2019, and are poised to grow further now that they are a Certified Service-Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise through the National Veteran Owned Business Association (NaVOBA).

NaVOBA is an independent nonprofit organization on a mission to create opportunities for the over 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses looking to gain traction in corporate America.

"Now that Rollors is firmly established in the outdoor gaming market, I've been able to help other veterans with their product ideas," said Butler. "I feel like I have a duty to help the next generation, and I'm honored that because of Rollors I can do that."

Rollors has been gaining in popularity as more families look for outdoor games they can all enjoy together. Players put their skills to the test as they roll the durable wooden disks toward the goal posts, earning points depending on where they land.

Rollors Highlights:

  • Combines the unique parts of bocce and horseshoes into the ultimate game of skill and luck
  • Can be played on any level terrain from grass to sand
  • Acts as a great icebreaker or outdoor activity for parties, reunions, corporate events, and more
  • Compact carrying case makes it easy to transport
  • Fun and easy for all ages


Rollors is available for purchase at http://www.rollors.com, Amazon, Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, REI, Gander Outdoors, Camping World, Scheels, Wayfair, and other retailers nationwide.

Follow @rollors on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.


Rollors is an addictively fun outdoor game for the whole family created by US Air Force veteran Matt Butler. Butler is committed to using his brand to help other service members find employment, and happily offers his experience and advice to other entrepreneurial veterans trying to get their brands off the ground.

Rollors has received numerous commendations including the Product of the Year Award from Family Review Center, Toy Tips and Trust Award, a Best Gear for 2014 product according to Men’s Journal, and the Oppenheim Best Toy Award Gold Seal.

To coordinate an interview with Rollors, contact Brooke Daily at brooke@veteranpr.com.

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Creative Virtual and Spitch AG Announce Partnership to Bring Speech Recognition and Conversational AI Together to Improve Customer Experience, Sales and Support Service

Creative Virtual, a world leader in customer and employee engagement solutions, today announced a commercial partnership with Spitch AG, the leading developer of enterprise speech solutions in Switzerland. The collaboration will utilise the best-of-breed technologies of both companies to provide their customers with innovative self-service solutions.

The integration of Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ natural language chatbots and virtual agents and Spitch’s voice technologies brings an industry-leading voicebot offering to the market. These multi-lingual solutions empower organisations to improve their customer experience, increase revenue and deliver better support with seamless, omnichannel self-service.

“As an established leader in chatbot and virtual agent technology, Creative Virtual is proud to bring over 16 years of industry expertise and innovation to this partnership,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “By voice-enabling our virtual agents with Spitch’s powerful speech technologies, we are able to offer organisations even more ways to engage customers in their native language to improve their experience and support.”

The flexibility of the integrated technologies allows for unlimited customisation and is backed by the combined experience of the Creative Virtual and Spitch global teams. The partnership is already creating interest in the marketplace, with the companies currently collaborating on several projects.

“We are delighted to bring the voice channel to this innovative and exciting partnership with Creative Virtual,” says Piergiorgio Vittori, Global Business Development Director and Country Manager for UK, Ireland and Italy for Spitch AG. “The combination of our best-of-breed technologies and solutions will together provide voicebot solutions which are both powerful and effective in further enhancing the customer experience.”

Learn more about this powerful combination of natural language virtual agents and speech recognition by downloading the integration overview or requesting a live demo.

About Creative Virtual:

Creative Virtual, winner of Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 AI-Enhanced Customer Self-Service Leadership Award and the Queen's Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2017, is a world leader in self-service solutions that enable anywhere, anytime customer engagement between brands and their customers. Leading global organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, BT, HSBC, Chase and InterContinental Hotels Group rely on our award-winning V-Person technology to improve their customer support experience, increase sales, reduce costs and build brand loyalty.

About Spitch:

Spitch is an established Swiss company with consolidated presence in Italy, UK and Germany, and a leading provider of cutting-edge AI-driven voice technology solutions, delivering high accuracy and performance. In 2019, Spitch was recognized by Gartner as a “cool vendor” in speech and natural language, in a corresponding report.

Spitch speech technology is used by such organisations as Swisscard, Abramo, Amag and Avaloq to drive efficiency and improve the customer experience in use cases such as automatic call-steering, self-service, banking applications and much more.

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FPC of Bellwood, GA, a Nationwide Executive Recruiting Firm, Opens its Doors

F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants (FPC) a nationwide network of 65 franchised executive recruitment offices, announced the opening of FPC Bellwood. Owned by Shelly Blackman, FPC Bellwood will specialize in Distribution, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Business Development Roles.

Shelly brings eight years of military service in the United States Marine Corps, followed by over 10 years of senior leadership experience from manufacturing and distribution roles. She started her Executive Recruiting career in 2017, and has been a top performer, earning Rookie of the Year and Platinum Elite honors. Shelly will be responsible for projects that include executive search, custom talent acquisition projects, talent pipeline assessment and management, hiring process evaluation, process mapping and succession planning.

Shelly has her Bachelors in Business Administration from American Military University, and her MBA from American InterContinental University. She also has her Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

On why she chose to continue her career in the FPC network Shelly says “My admiration for FPC’s company initiatives, training program, internal network, and values have empowered me to think like an owner, and then become one! I will continue to build a strong foundation that Jeff Herzog has already established Nationwide. I am excited to be a part of FPC’s growth and innovation. I will use my military structure, my Fortune 500 accountability, and my 3PL flexibility to build and maintain partnerships within every organization. At FPC Bellwood, we Place People First!”

“We are thrilled to have Shelly as a managing partner in the FPC family. She has been a strong advocate for the FPC brand, and our #1 interoffice Exchange partner. Her background along with a continued commitment to the FPC brand, extensive military network, engaging personality, passion, energy and personal drive will be an important asset to companies looking to add talent in the Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Leadership space. Companies will be able to leverage her extensive experience, contacts and knowledge. Her passion for process improvement, efficiency and speed to market will continue to be a perfect complement to the rest of our franchise system.” said Jeff Herzog, President of FFC, the franchisor of FPC.

Contact FPC Bellwood at 912-244-0812, via email at shelly@fpcbellwood.com, LinkedIn, or visit http://www.fpcbellwood.com.

About FPC
FPC is a leading national executive search firm comprised of more than 65 franchised offices. FPC offers job seekers access to its nationwide network of professional executive recruiters and job opportunities in many industries and disciplines as well as providing job search information and assistance. The company has been providing win-win recruiting solutions since 1959. Advocates for both clients and candidates, FPC recruiters are committed to bringing together the right individual with the right opportunity. For further information about FPC, call 800-886-7839 or visit us at http://www.fpcnational.com.

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Tier One Executive Search's Duda to take over reigns of Automotive Dealership Practice

Elliott Duda will take over the reigns to lead the North American Retail Automotive Practice for Tier One Executive Search, according to Senior Partner, Mark Thibodeau. Thibodeau also said: "Elliott has done such a great job for us on the manufacturing side and this is a natural step for him". The Detroit based firm has focused on the Automotive and Manufacturing sectors for 20 years, and in recent years has pushed to grow the dealership/retail side of the business to become over 30% of the overall revenues. Duda says that the practice focuses on helping large dealership groups and independent owners solve critical talent gap problems that are a result of turnover, natural attrition, succession issues, or underperforming teams or team members. Specifically, the retail practice seeks out, attracts, and secures talent at the dealership group corporate level and store level within General Management, Sales, and Fixed Operations. "It's an exciting practice area focused on the niche area of selling vehicles and related aftermarket and replacement parts, but with a lot of variety. In any given week, we might be in the middle of searching for a CFO or COO for a 100 store dealer group, and in the middle of searches for a store General Manager, Pre-owned Manager, Service Manager, and Sales professional", Duda says.

Thibodeau says that while the manufacturing side of the business is a global practice, the retail practice remains largely focused on the USA and Canada.

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People Need People Becomes Higher Growth Search, a Staffing and HR Services Firm for the Cannabis Industry

Today People Need People becomes Higher Growth Search, a staffing and HR services firm for the cannabis industry.

For years, cannabis-based businesses comprised a small and unregulated industry, and there was therefore little need for attention to compliance and employment regulations. However, with the legalization of cannabis came both a flood of new talent into and an increased spotlight on the industry, and many cannabis businesses need outside guidance to keep up with these new demands.

People Need People was founded in 2017 in Oakland, CA by Stacy Bryant, an industry veteran who began her expansive career in the industry at the age of 16. People Need People was built as a boutique staffing company geared towards the cannabis industry, and it expanded across Northern California, maintaining relationships with some of today’s most well-known brands.

“I am excited to be joining Higher Growth Search at such a critical time for the cannabis industry,” remarked Bryant, managing director of Higher Growth Search. “Legalization has created new challenges for business owners, who now cannot rely solely on their expertise with cannabis, but must also quickly come to understand employment law and implement new policies to remain in compliance. It’s clear that not only does the cannabis industry ‘Need People,’ but it also needs to properly hire, manage, and retain them so that their businesses can grow.”

Higher Growth Search’s vision is to help legitimize the cannabis industry by giving businesses resources to manage and care for their employees, institute and maintain safe workplaces, and find and retain the right talent for each role and company.

“By staffing our company with not only experts from the cannabis space, but also from the staffing and human resources management side,” said CEO Joe Madigan, “we’ve positioned Higher Growth Search to become a strong business partner who understands both where cannabis companies are coming from and how to get them where they want to go.”

Drawing from experience in helping businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises and across nearly every industry represented in California for the last 50 years, Higher Growth Search brings a wealth of knowledge and support to the cannabis industry. Higher Growth Search also has deep knowledge of the local job markets and a wide network of highly talented workers, along with experience staffing for the wine, beer and spirit fields and other highly regulated industries, making this new company a strong presence as it enters the cannabis industry. 
To learn more about Higher Growth Search, visit highergrowthsearch.com.

About Higher Growth Search 
With nearly fifty years’ experience in the staffing, HR, and payroll space, as well as years of working directly with cannabis-focused companies, Higher Growth Search is the foundation on which businesses in the cannabis industry grow. We relieve you of the burden of providing payroll administration, compliance, staffing, and human resources services and apply our deeply-rooted expertise with HR processes and management across industries to your business. Visit highergrowthsearch.com for more information.

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Dr. Pradeep Ganguly announces 2018-19 Scholarships

Baltimore, Maryland. February 7, 2019. Dr. Pradeep Ganguly, Founder and CEO of MKK-USA, announced the winners of the 2018-19 MKK-USA scholarships:

1. Raghav Sharma, BA (Honors), 1st year
2. Shivani Badola, B.A Honors, 3rd Year
3. Vaishali Suchdeva, B.A. Honors, 3rd Year

All are students at Shivaji College, University of Delhi.

Dr. Ganguly founded MKK-USA in 1998 as a non-profit organization. The mission of MKK-USA is to provide educational support and humanitarian aid to needy and bright students – both in India and in the Washington, DC region. This non-profit organization also provides humanitarian aid.

Since its inception, MKK-USA has provided scholarships to students in New Delhi and Malda, India, as well as local students at Prince George’s Community College, Northern Virginia Community College, Largo High School, Flowers High School. Other recipients of MKK-USA donations include the Children’s Inn at NIH, The National Geographic Afghan Girls Fund and ASHA for Education, Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children, Rockville, and Central Fairfax Services, Fairfax, Virginia.

MKK stands for Manav Kalyan Kendra and translates to Center for Human Welfare. The primary goal of the organization is to provide quality educational support to deserving students through scholarships. They also provide economic support to educational programs in designated intermediate, vocational and higher education institutions in India, especially in New Delhi. The organization also has a good record of supporting humanitarian efforts and educational programs across the world.

MKK is also involved in medical and environmental clean-up efforts in the slums of New Delhi, India and has been instrumental in spreading the message of cleanliness and health among those who live in slums and shanties in this region.

MKK organizes high quality cultural events at regular intervals to help raise funds for their scholarship programs.

According to the spokesperson, they want to make a difference in the lives of children, one child at a time. “We help needy children get quality education so that the can become self-supporting and independent. We also provide humanitarian aid in emergencies.”

In September 2018, Dr. Ganguly organized “Nrityanjali” – a dance program – in partnership with the KONARK Dance School.

Press contact: S. K. Yadav, 703-450-4291

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Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP, File Lawsuit Against Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., for Allegedly Failing to Pay Overtime Wages to Their Employees

The San Diego labor law attorneys at Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP, filed a class action lawsuit against Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., alleging that the company failed to accurately calculate and record overtime compensation for their hourly employees. Furthermore, the complaint alleges that Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., failed to provide mandatory meal and rest breaks to its employees. Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., lawsuit Case No. 37-2019-00001930-CU-OE-CTL, is currently pending in the San Diego County Superior Court for the State of California. A copy of the complaint can be accessed by clicking here.

The class action complaint alleges that Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., failed to accurately pay PLAINTIFFS and the other members of the CALIFORNIA CLASS overtime wages for the time they worked which was in excess of the maximum hours permissible by law as required by Cal. Lab. Code §§ 510, 1194& 1198. Cal. Lab. Code § 510 further provides that employees in California shall not be employed more than eight (8) hours per workday and/or more than forty (40) hours per workweek unless they receive additional compensation beyond their regular wages in amounts specified by law.

According to the class action complaint, the company's non-exempt employees were also allegedly unable to take off duty meal breaks due to their rigorous work schedules. California labor laws require an employer to provide an employee required to perform work for more than five (5) hours during a shift with, a thirty (30) minute uninterrupted meal break prior to the end of the employee's fifth (5th) hour of work. The complaint alleges that the company did not provide their employees who forfeited meal breaks additional compensation.

If you think your company is violating the California Labor Code and would like to know if you qualify to make a claim, please contact attorney Nicholas J. De Blouw today by calling (858) 952-0354.

Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw LLP, is an employment law firm with offices located in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Riverside, and Chicago that dedicates its practice to helping employees, investors and consumers fight back against unfair business practices, including violations of the California Labor Code and Fair Labor Standards Act. If you need help in collecting unpaid overtime wages, unpaid commissions, being wrongfully terminated from work, and other employment law claims, contact one of their attorneys today.


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Million Dollar Resumes

Million Dollar Resumes

Million Dollar Resumes (www.milliondollarresumes.com) is the new source of resumes, cover letters, and other job search documents for Senior Executives

Jan 2019, USA:  Million Dollar Resumes provides top-level executive resumes and cover letters services with proven and assured results. Million Dollar Resumes is one of the prominent resume writing services in the industry.

Million Dollar Resumes’ cover letter and resume writing services empowers executives and corporate officers around the world with winning career-changing interviews. Their resumes and cover letters consistently produce superior results for their clients.

At Million Dollar Resumes, Greg Faherty, a top 10 certified professional resume writer (CPRW) with more than 19 years of experience, writes your executive resume, cover letter, CV, federal resume, and any other documents you need for your job search.

Million Dollar Resumes helps executives achieve success by facilitating more interviews and decreasing the employment search process by providing superior, professionally written resumes and cover letters that stand out from the competition. Owner and writer Greg Faherty is among the top certified professional resume writers in the country, with more than 9,000 resumes to his credit. He specializes in creating top-performing job search documents that propel his clients to the next level of their careers.

In addition to resumes and cover letters, Million Dollar Resumes also offers LinkedIn profiles, executive biographies, and any other job search document today’s discerning executives need to outdo the competition.

For more information, a free resume analysis, or to see executive resume samples, visit https://milliondollarresumes.com/. You can also call them at 845-942-1198 or email them at info@milliondollarresumes.com


About the company

Million Dollar Resumes is dedicated to providing exceptional results for executives and corporate officers around the world. Greg Faherty, owner and Certified Professional Resume Writer, has extensive experience writing resumes for executives and corporate officers in various industries, including the technology, security, sales, operations, finance, non-profit, and academic sectors. At Million Dollar Resumes, all your resumes, cover letters, CVs, federal resumes, and any other documents you need for your job search are individually prepared.


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City – Garnerville

State – NY

Country – USA

Zip code – 10923

Phone Number – 845-942-1198

Website: https://www.milliondollarresumes.com/

Company Email IDinfo@milliondollarresumes.com


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